31 Reasons Why I Don’t Take the Vaccine

This article by Rabbi Chananya Weismann (pictured) was published on reddit.com a month ago and has since appeared on other websites. Here it is republished on Bishop Richard Williamson’s site, Eleison Comments, and brought to our attention by Lobro. 

Bishop Williamson writes approvingly of the article: “On the Internet appeared recently an admirable list of 31 reasons coming from an Israeli Rabbi, explaining why he won’t take the notorious Covid “vaccine.” Many congratulations to the Rabbi!”

“Sir, had there been a few more men like you,
We would not be in this appalling stew!”
— Bishop Willliamson


1 It is not a vaccine, providing by definition immunity, but a medical treatment providing merely some protection from a virus. I need no medical treatment for an illness I do not have.

2 Big Pharma, the political and medical establishments and the media have conspired to call it a “vaccine” in order to deceive the people. I want nothing to do with such deceitful manipulators.

3 The presumed benefits of the medical treatment are minimal and would not last long in any case. Already the establishment is talking of repeating and mandating a variety of injections. No thank you!

4 I can protect myself from a virus merely by strengthening my immune system naturally, and in case of need, there are vitamins and proven drugs like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine to ward it off.

5 The establishment cannot possibly know that their “vaccine” is safe because the long-term effects will not be known for many years. I do not trust them. I want no part of their treatment.

6 Big Pharma and the politicians behind the “vaccine” are no way legally liable and cannot be sued if anything goes wrong. If they will not risk anything, I will not risk my health.

7 Israel’s Prime Minister has openly admitted that Israel is the world’s laboratory for this experimental “vaccine.” I am not interested in being a guinea-pig.

8 To accept a “vaccine” for Israelis, Israel also agreed to share the results with the foreign drug company involved. I never agreed. I will not contribute to this sleazy enterprise.

9 The executives and Board members at Pfizers (company producing the “vaccine”) are on record that they have not taken their own “vaccine” – “not wanting to jump queue” – preposterous excuse!

10 The mainstream media accept this ridiculous excuse with no problem. They even praise the Pfizer executives for their self-sacrifice. Since they take us for such fools, I will trust none of them.

11 Bill Gates claims vaccines are essential to mankind’s survival; he wants to depopulate the world; he also has not been “vaccinated.” No thanks to anything proposed by Bill Gates!

12 The Establishment has been entirely one-sided in promoting the “vaccine.” They have been deceitful and manipulative. I will not gamble my personal well-being on their integrity.

13 There is, to promote this “vaccine,” the most widespread marketing campaign in all history. That is inappropriate for any medical treatment, let alone a brand new one. It makes me recoil.

14 The masses are following along, feeding peer pressure to do likewise. It is alarming and sick.

15 Anyone who objects to the “vaccine” is bullied, slandered, mocked, censored, ostracised, threatened and fired from their jobs. I will trust these brave people over the establishment every time.

16 This is the greatest medical experiment in the history of the human race.

17 Yet the fact that it is an experiment is being severely downplayed.

18 If people knew what is really going on, very few would be agreeing to participate.

19 The medical establishment is telling nobody about all this. They are corrupt. I don’t trust their drug.

20 Such pressure to “vaccinate” violates all medical ethics and democratic rights. Count me out!

21 The US government is sealing all the “vaccine” records for 30 years. What are they covering up?

22 They share these records with foreign corporations but not with their own people? I’m out!

23 The establishment is setting up all kinds of people to harangue non-participants. How dare they?

24 Nobody “vaccinated” that I know really studied the question beforehand. I am suspicious of cults.

25 Big Pharma is notorious for pushing its products, even against all contrary evidence.

26 The horror stories come in, thick and fast. Nobody heeds them. I won’t be the next “coincidence.”

27 Nobody is allowed to imply that any death was connected to a preceding “vaccination.” Really?

28 The religious cult-like worship of a “vaccine” repels me.

29 My medical doctor badgers me to get the “vaccine.” But he has given me no contrary information. 30 I see this whole disreputable scene. I will trust God, and the mind and natural instincts He gave me.

31 The whole thing stinks.

Kyrie eleison

Eleison Comments
from reddit.com


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  1. “…21 The US government is sealing all the “vaccine” records for 30 years. What are they covering up..?”

    That says it all. Within those 30 years they hope they will have completed their global depopulation plan. The 500 million people that remain (as per the Georgia Guide stones) will be so much zombiefied (by those same “vaccinations”) that they will offer no resistance. That will usher in the global “reset”.

    There are 31 reasons to like this rabbi. You don’t need to be a medical expert to distrust this whole operation. As this rabbi shows, just common sense will do.

    1. FR –

      “…21 The US government is sealing all the “vaccine” records for 30 years. What are they covering up..?”

      I don’t doubt they want to hide the info. I cannot find validation of that claim by the jew. His kol nidre oath chanting may be in play here….. and in other places in his list of scary stuff. 😨

  2. Rabbi:
    “24……. I am suspicious of cults.”
    HA!! Me too, ya jew CULTIST …. chanting kol nidre under the menorah candles each year!! 💥 🤢

      1. CORRECT!! I trust none of the bastards!! Blame it on their indecent shitty kol nidre chanting!!

        Kol nidre chanting allows them to LIE to you & me!! 💥 🤢

        1. Pat,
          Many people IDENTIFYING as Jews practice kol nidre. Many have never heard of kol nidre. Donaldo didn’t until later in life but never understood much less practice it. Mr. Chananya Weismann may or may not exist. But at least the article gives us a sample of truth as to why reasonable folks shouldn’t take the poisonous jab. Donaldo, actually, believes Jews more-so than their goy counter-parts because they are better informed. Anyway. It’s up to ALL intelligent folks to receive, digest and analyze the information provided to them. Common practice. BTW. Donaldo consideres Pat, though stubborn as a donkey, to be the most reliable source of info on the DM site. 😁🤗🤠

    1. Good point.

      But you see, if the article would have had a heading like ‘A white heterosexual male gives you 31 good reasons to not take the vaccine’ would have been strangled by the big tech giants as rayciss.

      So you’re left with one part lead by oily tongues being attacked by another part with an oily tongue.

      I miss his reason number 32 – (((we))) know the vaccine is meant for the goyim. Just to be smart, we promote it to the useful idiots amongst our own in Israel. That way nobody can attack us.

  3. “Vaccination” is a fraud from two points of view:

    1. Risk/Benefits – just look for yourself – the adverse effects versus the benefits , which are theoretical and minuscule.
    2. Peer reviewed medical literature – slog your way through the 3 hour technical/medical “Vaccination the Hidden Truth” documentary.

    What is truly mind blowing is what has come to pass in the last 5 years – a Copernican revolution in biology – as referenced in a previous thread – look up the 2 hour (again technical) presentation from the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH):

    – microbes are our friends, 3.4 trillion in number throughout the human body, in symbiosis for the past 20 million years, KEEPING US ALIVE

    – “viruses” are exosomes excreted by cells as a rapid bodily genetic adaptation mechanism to ward off toxins and environmental threats.

    I am half way through “The Contagion Myth | Book by Thomas S. Cowan, Sally Fallon” and recommend it to all.

    I did have doubts about the “terrain” theory (as opposed to “germ theory” but Cowan has ticked off all of them so far. For example apparent contagion of flu, apparent contagion of North American Indians on contact with Europeans, etc. I still have some doubts but terrain theory has greater explanatory power and an orderof magnitude less contradictions than germ theory that was kicked off by the infamous fraud Louis Pasteur ~ 150 years ago.

    Not only is vaccination a fraud but almost the whole medical industry over the past 150 years appears to be in the same state.

    1. Right, Flan

      Essentially, viruses are “information packets” that “go viral” throughout the body’s immune system, whose “mission” is for the preservation of health. Nature’s signature reflecting the will for LIFE

  4. “When your enemies come to your dressed as friends (wearing hospital gowns, doctors, nurses, etc.) say ‘No! thank you! I neither want your honey nor a sting'” ~~ Rabbi Weissman….cough! cough! (*cough* part emphasized given the source of the quote…BTW, I’m not really sick) 🙂

  5. FR
    The economic re-set is already in motion, starting a year ago with the “covidohoax”. As for the infamous Guidestones, if 500 million zombified vaccinated people are “slated” to survive (however that would work), how is it that 14 TIMES that number would die, if they were to take the jab?

    These Georgia Guidestones are “euthanasia wet dreams” soiling the underwear of creeps like Bill Gates. Throw enough shit against the wall and see how much of it, ahem, sticks. 🤮

  6. 32-
    Don’t take the vaccine we need to reduce the goy population now that we got our flock protected in Israel.
    Believe me, trust me, I am a Rabbi, Jesus wasn’t the Messiah. I am a Rabbi. dah

  7. “31 The whole thing stinks” as there is no disease causing virus at all (see Dr. Stefan Lanka, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Amandha Vollmer etc.)
    The whole thing is a gargantuan fraud and the by far biggest crime of all time.

  8. Because #32, I will never surrender, buuuut
    #33, I’m open to compromise to get the monkeys off my back.

    Not that I dislike the little bastards or anything and I actually feel like a million dollars even as a million dollars ain’t what it used to be. Fingers crossed I hit the poverty line!

  9. It’s a well known fact that for the fake jews (Edomites, Khazars, Ashkenaz and a few others) it is permissible to do their daily Torah study, which is obligatory, to use the Talmudic doctrine and an excuse to not to do it themselves but to pay somebody else to do it for you…and in the eyes of their Rabbis it counts as…”two good deeds!” One..because you pay for it and two…because you didn’t break the Covenant! What do they say about the snake in the rabbit hole? That he always finds its way out of it? How is this what I have just said related to the article? No! It is not? Not really? It’s just an FYI and a friendly reminder about who/what is it that we’re dealing with here from KR!

  10. I do not wish to commit suicide by taking an obvious genocide vaccine that is designed to destroy the immune system.

  11. Was invested in a company here in Aus that was granted a fast track approval by the fda on 7 March 2017.On 2nd October 2020 they were given a decision a cra even after odac meeting was 9 to 1 in favour of approval.So the fast track was 3.5 years after the phase 3 trial was completed and this is after 12 years developing the drug and doing costly phase 1 and 2 trials.How the hell do they expect people to believe a vaccine was developed and tested within 12 months?The fda is as corrupt as they come and do not care for peoples wellbeing only profits for their big pharma buddies.

  12. Is there a spiritual truth to be learned in this covid crackdown madness? Yes. Do not get vaccinated when the entire narrative is based on lies and deception. An honest person sees all of what is going on then makes a decision to not take part in a game being promoted by serial liars. Doesn’t the Bible tell you not to put your trust in liars?

    First of all, there is no proof to the claim that Covid-19 is real, there is no test to prove you got it or not, and Dr. Fauci says you can have the Covids even without symptoms. This virus is “make believe” and media hyped. There is no scientific proof of this virus, and if there are the same number of deaths now as last year, then it is highly doubtful that any new virus is on the rampage.

    Then we find out that infuenza deaths went to zero. Because of the relabeling of a flu or pneumonia death as a Covid-19 death. So if all of the Covid deaths are from re-labeling normal deaths, then what is the vaccine supposed to do or cure? Wow, you have to be a real risk taker to get jabbed for a thing that isn’t even real, or detectable, and then if you do, it doesn’t protect you from it.

    Covid deaths are an even bigger lie, anyone dying of anything is labeled a Covid-19 death, hospitals are directed to fill out death certificates fraudulently and collect money. Then the media hypes the death toll WHICH IS COMPLETELY CONTRIVED.

    And we have the President of Saint Louis Federal Reserve Bank James Bullard who said that Covid is contrived and invented as an excuse for the financial reset. Bullard flat out said it was a hoax in March 2020.

    Then these ass clowns like Fauci say you will still need to wear the mask even if you are vaccinated. So what was the point in getting the shot in the first place? And in this clown world, Fauci then says wear 2 or 4 masks. Obviously we are being toyed with by psychopaths. Fauci is never going to let this shit end, he will spin the narrative to new covid mutations and more lockdowns forever, as this crisis has made him the king of the world.

    For myself, I want none of any of this vaccine or quackery. The government has gone mad, the people in charge are evil beyond my most paranoid fears. My only instinct is to flee to some safe area because if they are willing to do the covid dance, are they willing to start WW3 with Russia and China? I have been 100% aware we are ruled by real evil for at least 40 years, and now this evil is being exposed, and it is far worse than I ever imagined.

    And, let me remind you all, that this was all caused by central banking, and when John Maynard Keynes was asked how deficit spending ends, he said (at the time) he would be dead – so why worry about it. Well, Keynes is dead and now we are at the end of the line of fractional reserve banking and endless deficit spending. So here we are, the bankers are transferring all the wealth to the top 1% and in the process of killing off the bottom 99%.

    Central banking was a theft scheme, and once they have stolen all of what you are worth, the next step is your elimination. It smell like a Jew scam to me, just like in the Old Testament, kill them all (except for the virgins, take them as wives) and take all their shit.

    We are at the end of history and how it ends is mass death by evil that is obviously not human. Whoever or whatever is controlling the human population is not human. The elite bloodlines are something that are alien to a normal compassionate human being, I like what Dean Hendersen says in this interview:


    The Nephilim Crown And The Family Bloodlines Who Control The World
    Dean Henderson

  13. Good Points Rabbi…
    The governors and other politicians who hype the vaxx, the lockdowns, travel restrictions, the vaxx passports, and censor the vaxx casualties – they’re all on the big-pharma corporate-commie payroll…
    you can bet on that…
    those who jack it the most get the greatest compensation…
    there’s no media outlet anywhere on tv that will tell the truth on the vaxx, none will buck the corporate owners’ motive, which is to further subject and rob the peons, if not exterminate them……
    if you think fox news is anybody – look at their hypocrisy on the border subject…
    they’re so shocked at the invasion, and they should be…
    but they’re constantly presenting catholic clergymen as some kind of icons, whatever…
    newsmax does it too, in between their pitiful jews commercials…,
    they run bible segments now, and what to you know – shannon bream has her own religiously themed book out…
    and guess what – it’s already a best seller…
    we all should know by now the catholic church is the main driver of illegal immigration into the usa…
    anybody who doesn’t know that – doesn’t want to know it…
    but it’ll be a cold day in hell before the jews running the fox network will point out the vatican culpability on that subject…. the zion took over catholicism long ago, probably invented it…
    it’s just like the KKK always said… Jews, Masons, Catholics – get em outta here…

    1. Bark –

      KKK are Masonic deceivers and liars also.

      Kuklos, which means “circle” in ancient Greek, morphed into Ku Klux and added to Klan….. Kuklos Klan. They were offshoots of Knights of the Golden Circle. Their costumes were also inspired by the Sons of Malta and Kuklos Adelphon, which were influenced by Mardi Gras traditions in New Orleans and Alabama.

      The Knights of the Golden Circle – KGC:

      Albert Pike KGC & KKK……

      Freemasonry is very important to understanding the Knights of the KGC. There certainly should be an inclusion in the article about Secret societies and Freemasonry.

      Pike: creation of the KKK –

      The leading pro-KKK historian, Walter L. Fleming, disclosed and praised the kingpin role that Pike had played in the Klan’s terror spree against U.S. law. (An academic darling of the eastern elite, Fleming was considered the pre-eminent historian of Southern Reconstruction.)

      Pike was the KKK’s “chief judicial officer,” Fleming wrote; Pike thus ruled officially over the Klan’s internal disciplinary or counterintelligence department. In the KKK birth-state of Tennessee, Pike was the president of the Bar Association and publisher of the main racist newspaper.

      Two famous members of the KGC were Frank and Jesse James. It is also suggested the KGC had conspired to kill or kidnap Abraham Lincoln. His assassinator, John Wilkes Booth, was a KGC member, which suggested the KGC was involved in Lincoln’s assassination.


      1. Knights of The Golden Circle should NOT be confused with The Knights of the Golden Horseshoe, organized by Gov. Spotswood in Madison County, Virginia, in the early Eighteenth Century, on Arrowpoint Farm (where my daughter keeps her horses).
        An anonymous poet penned the following poem about it:

        The knightliest of the knightly race
        That since the days of old,
        Have kept the lamp of chivalry
        Alight in hearts of gold;

        The kindliest of the kindly band
        Who, rarely hating ease –
        Yet rode with Spotswood ’round the land
        And Raleigh ’round the seas;

        Who climbed the blue Virginia hills
        Against embattled foes,
        And planted there in valleys fair
        The lily and the rose

        Whose blossoms scent the evening air,
        Whose beauty starrs the earth,
        And lights the hearths of happy homes
        With loveliness and worth.

        We thought they slept, the sons who kept
        The names of noble sires;
        And slumbered while the darkness krept
        Around their vigil fires…

        But, aye, the Golden Horseshoe Knights
        Their Old Domnion keep –
        Whose foes have found enchanted ground,
        But not a Knight asleep.

  14. glad that it wasn’t me who had to raise alarm flags about good rabbi‘s—as oxymoronic as it gets—ulterior motives for presenting this list, though i did speculate to myself at length.
    It gets tiresome being called an irredeemable antisemite and all those technical terms.

    Msgr Williamson, being a kind soul and man of God, did his best to extend generosity and benefit of doubt to the rabbi, but he erred on the dove side in “be ye wise as serpents and innocent as doves“, in my opinion.

    1. So what would be the ulterior motive of this rabbi by publishing his refusal to take this vaccine? All his objections make sense to me, but you seem to think: If a Jew says “take the vaccine” then that means he is part of the conspiracy. But if a Jew says “don’t take the vaccine” then that also means he is part of the (same) conspiracy. Can you say “paranoia”?

      1. yes i can say it and can spell it:
        G A T E K E E P I N G.
        Noam Chomsky wrote the textbook, George Soros added a chapter (Israel “bans” entry to both, *LOL*).
        Ilya Ehrenburg was sooo anti-Zionist all his life, wasn’t he.

        What about other such saints that dedicated their lives to serving goy welfare, Bernard Kouchner or Joschka Fischer—yeah right, don’t look the gift alligator in the mouth, right?
        anybody that pushes Torah+Talmud+Zohar is worth a closer inspection regarding their ulterior motives when acting Darkei Shalom to the goyums, don’t you think?

        Like i said: I don’t know. But that doesn’t mean I have to give him my unqualified trust, mom taught me not to accept candy from strangers.

        here is another bit that shows how the master sorcerers dance Hora:

        A Website visitor comments on the book Tangled Loyalties by Joshua Rubenstein, a biography of Stalin’s own notorious “Dr Goebbels,” the war-propagandist Illya Ehrenburg:

        Ehrenburg willed his estate to the State of Israel where he is considered a “hero” (NB: the Dr Baruch Goldstein from Brooklyn who shot fifty-eight Arabs to death while they were at prayer in a mosque is now also commemorated by a memorial in Israel). Ehrenburg was “tainted” by having once been a close favorite of Stalin and because Ehrenburg was the Editor-in-Chief of “Pravda” after the war. Now Ehrenburg must be “rehabilitated” by showing that:
        His being an “apologist” for the antisemitic dictator, Stalin, and his being a hard-line anti-Western Communist ideologue during the Cold War in the 1950’s was entirely contrived for the sake of his own survival under the murderous anti-Semite Joseph Stalin, and
        Those “stories” about his having called for the mass-rape and murder of German civilians during the final phase of the Second World War were (a) entirely false and contrived by Nazi propaganda; (b) mostly exaggerated; (c) really done by Stalin and not Ehrenburg; and (d) entirely justified, since it served those German Nazi bitches right anyway.

        1. Well, I think you are paranoid if you believe that all Jews are member of a vast Jewish conspiracy, aiming all at the same thing. If that were the case, then there wouldn’t be so many political parties in Israel, all quarrelling with each other. Right now Israel has gone through elections four times already, because they can’t agree to form a government. A fifth election is a possibility. That doesn’t look like a people constituting one united Mafia. Not all Jews are criminal, not even all rabbis. You can get the best information on criminal Jews from other Jews who criticize them. We can judge this rabbi only by his words, and those sound good. I can for the life of me find no “trick” in them.

          BTW, “F…” as the name of the former commenter was me Franklin Ryckaert. For some reason my full name was not written down.

          1. P.S.

            BTW, Chomsky and Soros are Globalists, not Zionists. Of course their agendas are destructive, but they are prepared to sacrifice Israel to that destructive agenda, reason why they are hated in Israel. As a young man Soros used to betray his fellow Jews to the Nazis, and he is even proud of that. In short, not all Jews are criminal, and if they are criminal, they don’t work all together. That means some Jews can be trusted, either wholly or partially.

            1. Says a Jew

              ADMIN RESPONDS:

              This sort of childish abuse of Franklin Ryckaert will not in future be tolerated on our website. If you have any evidence for your accusation that Ryckaert is a Jew, produce it.

              Franklin Ryckaert is NOT a Jew and is the author of this highly recommended article on our website:


              Do you think we would have published this article on our website if we thought Franklin was a crypto-Jew? FR has been writing comments for the Occidental Observer and other well-respected White Nationalist sites for over 10 years now. In fact, he is one of the three best commenters this site has ever had.

              1. Unlike most other commenters here, Franklin Ryckaert has never had a comment deleted or been put on monitoring for bad behavior. Nor has he treated this site, like most of our other far less talented commenters, as a chatroom for off-topic trivia.

                1. Toby,

                  You must makes allowances for all the senile delinquents who have gravitated to this site like dung flies. None of them seem to know or care what the article is about. They don’t know the difference between “ON-TOPIC” and “OFF-TOPIC”.

                  They just want to talk, let off steam, brag about how smart they are, and bore everyone silly with their off-topic rants.

                  50% of the commenters here are compulsive wa*nkers. I defy anyone here to prove me wrong.

                  1. Let me get this straight, mr toby
                    You are saying that if the named poster tried to slide in some subliminal stuff like “oh Palestine never existed the Jews are the chosen, whites were in America and Africa first but the Jews, oh the Jews they are the true owners of Palestine errr Israel they haven’t killed anyone in “Israel proper”..”
                    And someone goes “????” (Like a 1000 posters have and have also shown him maps that precede Abraham even, yet he insists ) administration gets aaaalll upset ? Who else would say something like that if not a Jew?
                    You are upset?
                    Why is that? I didn’t call him an s.o.b….
                    What I see here is that Toby and mb ( does she work here?) Are imposing F.R. statements who is trying to change history, that’s called propaganda…
                    What’s up with that?
                    Thank God no one in this site takes him seriously and knows the truth about Palestine which doesn’t seem to be the case with a few.
                    Thank you
                    (What did I do? (Head scratching)…

                    1. @ JohanMalkum

                      Listen buddy, I didn’t like what that Rabbi said about Palestine either. Feel free to call him a son-of-a-bitch. But your disapproval of the rabbi does not entitle you to make false and defamatory statements about Franklin Ryckaert. Do you understand that?

                      If you have solid evident Franklin is a Jew, give the evidence. If you can’t, shut up! You are a guest in our house. Don’t spit in our soup and think you have the right to tell us how to run this website.

                      You have no free speech to insult our best commenters on this website. And you have no free speech to insult Admin.

                      Save your next comment, sir. It is going straight into Spam.

        2. look Franklin, let’s bring some clearcut logic into this otherwise as meaningless as it is loud, squabble.
          WHAT IS JEW? You tell me in your words, but make sure Jew is clearly delineated from non-Jew.

          Hint: for me, a Jew is someone who is not non-Jew.

          A non-Jew will reject everything in any way linked to the following (a tiny sample from a huge body of literature sacred to Jew, just about all of it driving home the same directive: Tikkun Olam cannot come to pass nor arrival of Messiah without utter obliteration of non-Jews):

          10 When you march up to attack a city, make its people an offer of peace.
          11 If they accept and open their gates, all the people in it shall be subject to forced labor and shall work for you.
          [so if you are nice to Jews, crawl on all fours and beg for mercy Franklin, they will kindly make you their slave, so be endlessly grateful, not paranoid like me]

          12 If they refuse to make peace and they engage you in battle, lay siege to that city.
          13 When the Lord your God delivers it into your hand, put to the sword all the men in it.
          14 As for the women, the children, the livestock and everything else in the city, you may take these as plunder for yourselves. And you may use the plunder the Lord your God gives you from your enemies.
          15 This is how you are to treat all the cities that are at a distance from you and do not belong to the nations nearby.
          [i.e., they get nice treatment, “Good Goyim”]

          16 However, in the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes.
          17 Completely destroy them—the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites—as the Lord your God has commanded you.

          Anybody who gets all evasive, “it is just old texts, open to interpretation, not to be taken literally except by antisemites and Holocaust Deniers, I lost 188 members of my family in gas chambers, let’s talk about something else, UFOs, stock market …”, they might be Good Jews to you but not to me.

          When a Jew stands up for all to see an hear and distances himself in disgust to everything that defines Jews, including love and loyalty to Israel and its anti-religion, to addiction to lying, acknowledges the crimes past, disowns lies of Holocaust, usury, swindles, rejects G-d Yahweh and his “gift” of birthright supremacy and Choseness, is ready to contribute to material benefit of society, not merely parasitically arbitraging and brokering exchanges of goods produced by others—then they are no longer Jews!
          When will this become clear to people?
          What kind of rabbi is this rabbi in question, does he subscribe to Pentateuch or not?


          Maybe you don’t have a problem with this, Franklin Ryckaert, but I do (if there is a synagogue of Kumbaya that this rabbi attended, show it to me and I will accept your criticism).
          Call me paranoid, thanks.
          Call me wanker, I am reliably told it is a great compliment in England.

          1. I am not denying the immoral ideas and practices of Judaism, I only don’t rush to the conclusion that every Jew or even every rabbi endorses them and that therefore everything he says must be deception. I don’t know that rabbi, I only say that what he said about the vaccine is true and that he should be credited for that. Whether he really is part of a world wide plot to exterminate the goyim should be based on information, not on dislike of his group.

  15. The fact that this rabbi warned us about the vaccins is a good thing. The fact that he is jewish is not relevant. The goyim need as many jews as possible who are on the goyim side or maybe I should say the human side.
    The irony is that only rebel jews or jews who have a corrective emotional experience can save us as the Goyim
    are not in the keypositions to change the jewish status quo.

    1. I cannot trust anyone who chants kol nidre – ‘all vows’ – every yom kapur. That chanting allows the chanter to invalidate/disavow all vows, oaths, contracts made during the year. Their testimonies are no good. The jews should be banned from holding political offices.

      The kol nidre services are now even held online and instant payments can be made by cards, ach and paypal….. etc.

      U.S. Congregation Plans World’s Largest Online Kol Nidre Service
      Oct. 4, 2014
      Organizers Rabbi Rabbi Naomi Levy and her Nashuva organization expect over 100,000 people to participate in the virtual Yom Kippur service.

      The organization has been live-streaming the Kol Nidre service in partnership with JewishJournal.com for the past five years.

      More than 60,000 people from around the world participated in the service in 2013, according to Nashuva. (Maybe a million by now for just one synagogue!)

      1. In effect, kol nidre DEFINES personal irresponsibility, and a lack of conscience. It says, “I am flawed, doomed to always be so, yet I am atoned through this realization, and therefore, ‘do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law’ is the edict I am bound by’.

        It doesn’t get any more chilling than that. The very antithesis of what Jesus taught, and the greatest “scourge of mind” EVER.

        1. “It is hard to believe that a man is telling the truth when you know that you would lie if you were in his place.”
          (H. L. Mencken)

          Was the Sage of Baltimore prematurely suggesting a natural born prevarication thingy as a result of (gulp) human DNA..

          Hmmm, when I ponder this implication for about two seconds a bell does starts to ring. Pretty sure that’s a clue..

  16. “The Good” Rabbi’s seemingly logical points in his attempt to counteract Covidhoax19 phobia is to draw attention away from the people responsible for said propaganda, namely….political zionists and their tool of oppression of choice known as mass media! O! Look! I am one of them but not like them! See Goyim…there is a division and discord amongst us (fake) Jews! If he was in fact an honest person he’d say something like….”hey! Look, my political ZOG brethren of China invented it as a tool of oppression and diversion! May YHWH burn their souls in the eternal fire for this crime! End of the article! See? That simple!

  17. @PAT
    ..is one hundred percent correct in his statement! The true Aryan Israelites, people of pure blood of decent from Abraham and Isaack and the 12 tribes (now a days known as Christians aka People of the Covenant) do not mix nor take advice from Edomite mongrel tribe (self professed fake Jews) in any way or form!

    1. OH, NO!!! 100,000,000 masks ARE needed!!!

      The Kumbh Mela is a Hindu pilgrimage held every 12 years at sacred tirthas, or river-ford sites, along the Ganges River in India.

      This year the government expects over a million pilgrims a day to bathe in the sacred river. Over 5 million people are expected per day on the most auspicious days – April 12, 14 and 21 – for a total of a 100 million celebrants.

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