$500m to Israel in midst of Covid relief bill sparks ire

By James North and Philip Weiss
January 2, 2021


JARED KUSHNER (right) GLOATS: gets his name on plaza
at new US Embassy
in Jerusalem—“Kushner Courtyard”

We regularly try to say it’s controversial that Israel receives nearly $4 billion in military aid from the United States every year. Well, when the Covid relief bill in the Congress began circulating today, many commentators including in the mainstream have jumped on the fact that the massive legislation is bundled alongside other appropriations that include $500 million in military aid to Israel.

The Israel funds are evidently routine portions of a foreign aid bill that was linked to the Covid relief funds, but Israel aid began trending on Twitter and many expressed shock over it.

“$600 for you, $500,000,000 to Israel,” Sven Henrich, a trader, writes.

A Democratic activist, Amanda Siebe, writes:

$500,000,000 could restore the at-home caregiver program that got cut under Trump and the GOP.

It could be used so schools have funds for distance learning.

It could be used to get the 32,000,000 uninsured people healthcare for 2021. 

But nope. It’s going to Israel.

“$500,000,000 for Israel whilst the citizens of Flint still have poisoned water,” says another commenter.

Glenn Greenwald addresses the power of the Israel lobby: “Israel has universal health care while Americans — transferring yet more of your money to that foreign country — do not: they also have an excellent Lobby that wields more power than you do in the halls of Congress.”

Margaret Kimberley of Black Agenda Report noted reports that the actual Covid relief funds aren’t going to Israel.

So Israel didn’t get COVID money. They still got our money just the same. And yes it is $500 million. They couldn’t maintain their apartheid state without your cash and mine.

Another tweeter asks, Why are people so surprised that this money is going to Israel when Israel named a neighborhood after Trump in the occupied Golan?

The news earlier today —

The US Embassy courtyard in Jerusalem has been named in Jared Kushner’s honor. The US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman unveiled the plaque. Kushner was in attendance for the ceremony.

This caused Andrea Harrison to respond on twitter:  “So is this why we are including $500 million of our stimulus package to Israel?



TRUMP :  I’ve given you the Golan Heights as a special gift!
NETANYAHU : And I’ve named a neighborhood  after you in the Golan  in special thanks!

82 thoughts to “$500m to Israel in midst of Covid relief bill sparks ire”

  1. After all those Billions and Billions spent on Military Aid to Israel, American Citizens are only just starting now to see the ridiculousness of their government ? When everything was peachy, before the layoffs, cut backs and business shutdowns, They couldn’t care less about a government that’s robbing the working poor and giving to the rich.

    What makes these stupid sheeple believe a government, which they allowed to expand massively beyond their control, would ever give heed to their wishes after so many years ?


      I hope Trump keeps his campaign promise ” if I lose to Joe Biden, I will leave America!”

      Will he keep his campaign promise and leave America? Inquiring mind wants to know!

      I sincerely doubt any other country will let him through their border. I know for sure that most European countries would not.

      My suggestion is Trump should go reside in Israel after his term expired on January 20th and take TROJ along with him.

      Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu has already named a new settlement in the occupied Golan Heights in his honor. It is called ” Trump Heights.”

      1. After 5 years in Florida I’m ready to get out! Heck, I’d go to Israel with Trump if he asked me to. Any place has to be better than Florida. Florida sucks. And just wait ’till biden-KAMALA get into the Oval Office. They want to flood Florida with Haitians, they want millions and millions of Haitians in Florida. Florida already sucks, just wait ’till biden-KAMALA are finished with this state.

  2. So you would like your Jewish serfs work for free for you, ah? What a cheap bastards you Americans are!

    If nothing else, just for using the Jews as a scape goat for all the evil and shitting you do in every corner of the world, you should be paying that measly amount of money to that bastard state of Israel.

    What is $500m when you fleece and defraud Russia, for example, for more than one billion dollars every f*cking day!

    1. Circ –

      “What a cheap bastards you Americans are!”

      I claim… “What REALLY cheap bastards you Russians are!!!” 🙂

      Half of Working Russians Earn Less Than $550 a Month!!!

      Half of Russian workers earn salaries of less than 35,000 rubles ($550) a month, despite a small increase in average monthly income over the past year, according to newly released official data.

      Stagnation in real disposable income has led to a slow deterioration in the quality of life for ordinary Russians and is feeding a growing propensity for social unrest. Russians have named wealth inequality as the biggest reason why they’re unhappy with Putin.


  3. The United States only exists to serve Israel, when Netanyahu his tribe of Talmudic supremacists are done using their whore, they will toss her in the ditch. If you doubt this you are a fool because Israel did 911 and got away with it scott free. Not one Jew involved in 911 has ever been prosecuted.

    So when you hear about Congress not approving money for the sheeple, yet send hundreds of millions if not billions to Israel, that is part of the plan, and there is nothing you can do about it, because our selected officials are installed by Israel intelligence services using electronic voting machines. They got caught rigging the 2020 election, and so far not one Jew arrested – just like 911.

    If you object to sending money to demonic Israel you are obviously a dirty anti-Semite and Jew hater. Jews have been chosen by god over all other peoples, and if you don’t believe that then you must hate god and the bible. Only evil atheists have the gall to question god’s secret divine plan.

    I have news for you all, Amerikans will fight wars for Israel even if it means they go bankrupt in the process, even as Israel genocides white European nations the majority of sheeple will defend Israel until their dying breath. This is due to whites being converted to the Jewish religion of Christianity and belief in a Jewish man as their god.

    That is just the way it is and there is no changing the situation, for the next one hundred years white people will be rubbed out by the Jews and they will do little to resist. Where I live I see many white women proudly dating black men or have their babies, and they do so as a sign of virtue. Look at me, look at me, I have a mud child they beam.

      1. Is the famous Mel Gibson visiting the tumultuous DM website or is it the “old flamer” other Mel reencarnate? Donaldo wants to know. 😃🤠

        1. There are lots of Mels in the world, Donaldo.
          But there’s only ONE Donaldo. 🙂

  4. The Democrats and the Republican NeverTrumpers are going to do everything they can to make Trump absolutely miserable after he leaves the White House. They’re going to hound him forever until he dies. He doesn’t deserve it. I feel sorry for him. I also feel sorry for his family, especially Barron Trump. The Leftists are going to make Barron’s life miserable also, they’re going to hound Barron all of his life also. It’s all very unfair, extremely unfair.

    Trump has faults, but he’s not being persecuted for his faults. He’s not hated for his faults, like the alternative media points out his faults. The faults of Trump the alternative media points out to us is NOT the reason Trump is hated in Washington. He’s a Zionist but he doesn’t like Communism. The jews want a president who is BOTH a Zionist and a COMMUNIST. That’s why he’s hated, he’s not a COMMUNIST. He thinks Zionism and Communism are two different things.

    The jews hate him because the jews know Zionism and Communism are two heads of the same hydra snake trunk and they don’t understand why Trump can’t see that. By supporting Zionism [ in the narrow sense of supporting Israel ] but not supporting Communism [ for domestic policy in the USA ] Trump stands in the way of the jews imposing their Globalist NWO on the world — that’s the way the jews see it. If you disagree with that, go tell the jews, NOT me. I’m just explaining how the jews see the situation with Trump.

    1. Dear Madame,
      Is this an invitation? May Donaldo finally suckle Madam’s bosom of knowledge? No! No! Too good to be true! Please Madame. Don’t tease and torment Donaldo this way. Leave him as he is please. May he DREAM in peace this night from a lonely truck stop in Virginia tomorrow morn waking up and fantizing as to what could have been. Madame….love ya. Always have. 🤗😘🤠

  5. $500 million is hardly a DROP IN THE BUCKET folks. Donaldo has spent the last several days at home for the New Year. Not much to celebrate at ALL as I watch the World descend to the (Bill) “gates of hell.” Anyway. Woke up this morning and read a short article about one of his favorite artists, singer and song-writer of the Irish rock band U2. His name is Paul David Hewson……popularly known as “Bono.” He has enjoyed an enormously successful career and is also a philanthropist. And quite notable is his net-worth to-date. $750 million folks! That’s right. Just one man and a goy. Imagine that. So Donaldos point is that the $500 million going to Isreal is just pocket change going to SOMEONE in the Khazar mafia (Isreali gov.) Don’t know who. But nothing to get excited about. 🤨🤔🤠

    1. Bono a goy? Then so is a bagel! HAHAHA!!!!
      And that money he collects for his “charity” concerts STAYS in his pocket!!!😂😂😂

      Guess Donaldo’s never “done the rounds” in Dublin… where, incidentally, they can’t stand the preening, posturing no-talent mutha flocker!😂

      1. Realist,
        Ok. Donaldo is honest (((sometimes))) and humbly admits he doesn’t KNOW Bonos background. He APPEARS to be 100% Irish…the fair skin and countenance. But the World of show biz is murky by nature….AND….who knows how he manages the shekels. Supposedly he a philanthropist who invests MILLIONS in Africa (especially Ethiopia) teaching the black hordes how to properly use toilet-paper, Life-Boy soap and Colgate toothpaste. Hope his mission is successful. But, agreed . Donaldo isn’t “in the loop” as the REALIST apparently is. One thing that humours Donaldo is why celebrities invest the shekels in DARK corners of the world instead of closer to home. Why doesn’t Paul David Hewson open homeless shelters in Dublin or Belfast for the destitute and drug-addicted white folks? Donaldo doesn’t have the answer but suspects it’s all about FASHION. Much more fashionable to help a 3-rd World darkie who actually hates you and openly spits in your face as opposed to someone of your OWN race. Oh well. In fact, just as Donaldo was reading the predictable and expected attack by another of his DM enemies, a poor white guy parked his old 80’s-something model Ford pickup truck beside the rig, approached and asked for some $$$$$$. Donaldo, having the ❤️ of a philantropist, gave him a generous $2.00. Anyway REALIST. How would YOU manage $750 million? Us Darkmooners wanna know. 🤨🤔😎🤠

      2. bonio he be a goy
        i taut he was oirish
        i saws him kissin der blarney stone so he must be oirish

        i did meat his rabbi once or twiice rabbi bob gelding golden geldoff
        doin a concert raising money and caanan for the local dublin branch of the synagogue of satan
        bonio a goy A

    2. I always get a chuckle outta the time that Frank Sinatra threatened to have Bono (whose U2 happened to be the introductory act) whacked for imposing himself – in a trademark act of self-aggrandisement by association – by walking on stage and joining in when Ol’ Blue Eyes was giving a rendition of “My Way”.

      How do I know this? Well maybe I knew the promoter of the event… and maybe he told me!

  6. After Trump leaves the White House and goes to Israel to reside, maybe Lasha should leave her baronial estate in the U.K. and go reside in Transylvania — she LERVS vampires so much she dreams of being a Babylonian Kabbalah jew lilith type female succubus vampire [ feeding off of men’s blood in order to survive, lol ] ruining any chance the men may have had of finding any beauty in this world and dragging them down into the pits of hell when they close their eyes for the last time on this cursed earth, LMFAO!!!! This is Lasha’s idea of what Catholicism means — that’s because she’s an intellectual! LMFAO!!!!

    `o`o`o`o`o`o`o`o`o`o`o`o Lasha is a ‘Catholic intellectual very well-educated at the finest schools’ so she must be right when she equates Catholicism with babylonian/jew qabalah female succubus vampires doing everything they can to make sure the men have a miserable life on this earth and then go to hell after they die, that’s “real Catholicism” yes sirree bob and don’t you doubt it! LMFAO!!!!

  7. Israel is a creation of the zionists and is the biggest terrorist state on the face of the earth and has caused every war in the middle east and is the state sponsor along with the ZUS and ZBritain of AL CIADA aka ISIS and is running a genocide program on the Palestians.

    Read these books, The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed, By Way of Deception by Victor Ostrovsky, Blood in the Water by Joan Mellen and The Committee of 300 by John Coleman , all can be had on amazon.

  8. Hello to all Darkmooners! Long time no see! I wonder if anyone missed me here? Anyway, let us see who is the first to welcome me back.

    1. Welcome back, Mahmoud! Nice to see here again. Our Palestinian expert!

      This is a website on which many, many commenters are attacked. Including many vicious attacks on Lasha Darkmoon. The only way to survive these attacks is to ignore them. Remember this in future if and when you are attacked.

      I have often thought of leaving this site myself when the heat in the kitchen became too much for me. But I hung on, hoping things would calm down soon. Now that Trump is gone, a major cause of infighting has been removed. Thank God for that!

      Soon everyone here will be attacking Biden and Kamala. But that’s OK. Because very poster here is united in their hostility to Biden and Kamala.

      Unfortunately, you are the only one here who voted for the Democrats. So you won’t find many supporters here. It all depends, I guess, what Biden and Kamala decide to do about Israel. If they are as bad as Trump in this respect, or even worse than Trump for the Palestinians, you won’t be supporting them much longer.

      Myself, I can’t see Biden and Kamala being any nicer to the Palestinians than Trump was. The same subservience to Israel will continue. All we need now is for Netanyahoo to move into the White House and become the first Jewish president.

      But who knows? A few years from now Ivanka Trump could be president, with Jared Kushner being her Chief Adviser. 🙂

    2. ADMIN: We don’t agree with this ad hominem attack on Mahmoud. However, we see no reason to censor this comment (and attacks on other posters) as long as similar attacks are made on Lasha Darkmoon and the Administrators of this wrbsite . Anyone who can’t stand the heat in our kitchen is free to leave.

      Mahmoud :

      No one missed you, keffiyah-head. In fact, we were happy you left and we were hoping you wouldn’t come back. We do fine without you and we really don’t need you for anything. Your opinions ~ your “insights” ~ are the average common tedious dull opinions of your average ANTIFA Communist useful idiot. You always state your viewpoints as if your viewpoints are unique, when in fact your viewpoints are pedestrian and common [ among Communist useful idiots ].

      I don’t like the way the jews are treating the Palestinians. Although I don’t like how the jews treat the Palestinians, becoming a Communist and destroying the United States by turning the USA into another JEW COMMUNIST Soviet Union because the jews aren’t treating the Palestinians fairly is NOT going to change the way the jews treat the Palestinians. The jews are NOT going to all-of-a-sudden start treating the Palestinians fairly because the United States turns into another horrible JEW COMMUNIST country.

      I don’t know what it is with you Palestinian advocates. You would win more Americans over to your side if you all weren’t Communists. Palestinian advocates want us NON jew Americans to take their side while they simultaneously call for a JEW COMMUNIST overthrow of the United States. They don’t use the word “Jew” or use the word “Communist” but in effect that is what they agitate for, a JEW COMMUNIST takeover of the USA [ and for Europe and for the whole Occident as well ] .

      “We’re ANTI-Jews — because WE don’t like how the jews treat the Palestinians — that’s why we are calling for an ANTIFA/BLM takeover of the USA, when the USA is a total ANTIFA/BLM country the jews will start treating the Palestinians fairly”. ANTIFA/BLM is a cover the jews use to push their JEW COMMUNISM on the United States and you know that, Mahmoud. Your type of Palestinian advocacy is from the JEW COMMUNIST Globalist NWO George Soros “Palestinian advocacy” playbook and you fully well know that, Mahmoud. Take a hike, Mahmoud, get lost.

      1. @ TROJ

        Yawn, yawn! Your endless repetitions and hot air bloviations belongs in a loonie bin!

        Take a hike, TROJ!

        Get back to your padded cell! 🙂

        1. BTW, That was not an attack on Gilbert. As far as I’m concerned, Gilbert is trying his best to be moderate, and his sincerity as a true blue American conservative and patriot cannot be doubted for a moment. But I don’t think it’s fair to say that Mahmoud is a “Communist” just because he sticks up for the Palestinians.

          For Christ’s sake, what do you expect him to do? He IS a Palestinian!

          His entire family were driven out of Palestine in 1948 by the jews. Their houses and orange orchards and olive farms were stolen by the invading Jews from Europe.

          How would YOU feel, Gilbert, if you were driven off your farm by the Jews? and if all your land and equipment were stolen by the invaders? You wouldn’t like that one little bit, would you?!? 🙂

          So give Mahmoud a break. Of course he isn’t a Communist!

          I mean, c’mon! Lasha Darkmoon is a great defender of the Palestinians. Is she a Communist? No way! She hates the Communists with every bone in her body! That’s why she is !00% against Lenin and Stalin and the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 which unleashed the Communist menace into the world and that now threatens the peace of America. Which shows that you can support the Palestinian cause and also be 100% against Communism.

          As far as I know, Mahmoud has not made a SINGLE comment here in praise of Communism. That’s just a malicious lie invented by TROJ. TROJ needs to be watched carefully. Especially when he hasn’t taken his medication! 🙂

      2. Snakes have blood clotting compounds in their fangs, the bombardier beetle has corrosive liquid in its abdomen, and jellyfish have venomous, harpoon-like structures in their tentacles.

        However, the current word Islamophobe is weak and does not seem adequate to describe TROJ’s hatred of Muslims on this site.

        Hey, Maybe Lasha and SAKI have thicker skin than me, after all.

  9. We’ve lost over 340,000 Americans, cyber-attacked by Russia, and had an American city bombed on Xmas without a response from the golfing “president,” and Mike Pompeo thinks we’re “safer.”

    1. I hope the Spam Monster doesn’t someday decide to start eating Madame’s posts. We always 😉 learn so much from her mentally unbalanced emotionally unstable booze-fueled illogical comments she likes to send in to Darkmoon when she’s sloshed, which is very a common occurence with her, lol….

  10. USA is like a shivering man who is farting blankets . Broke but still gives money .What may I do with 600 usd?I think I’ll spend it on gadgets from Amazon.The average citizen here in the USA has no clue about what’s going on around him . He is heavily medicated and always smiling,they spit at him($600) and he thinks it’s raining and keeps walking about smiling like a blind man in a fish market(HI LADIES).

  11. Americans get a $600 stimulus check and Israel gets $500,000,000.

    I find it thoroughly OBSCENE that Republican Senators are all of a sudden worried that people “who don’t need” $2,000 will get it, but they shelled out MILLIONS in aid to people like Kanye West and Tom Brady, no problem.

    The sad part is that lawmakers debated for several months whether to giving struggling Americans a $600 or $1,200 stimulus check but they have no problem giving $4 billion dollars of US taxpayers’ money in ‘political freebies’ to eleven foreign nations, for which there are no returns.

    Even though the aids are going to Cambodia, Myanmar, Egypt, Pakistan, Central America but the media conveniently did not mention Israel by name who is getting $500,000,000.


    1. Thanks, Mahmoud! Nice to see you back. Hope you had a peaceful holiday season. How are you going to spend your generous $600 check from the US government? 🙂

      1. Stick that 600 bucks under your mattress Mohmoud… sounds like MBs looking for a handout!😂

        1. Mahmoud: Pay no attention to “The Realist”.
          He’s obviously an extremely dangerous man.
          (Needs careful watching).

  12. Just learned that Trump STILL hasn’t called the Mayor of Nashville yet after that Christmas Day bombing.

    18 more days!

  13. News Flash:

    Americans are fed up and they are showing their disdain for how legislators handled the latest stimulus package.

    Congressional leaders’ homes, including House Speaker Plastic Face Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Moscow Mitch McConnell, have been vandalized.

    1. I thought a person like Pelosi would have top security, guarded night and day by squads of security guards. So how can anyone break their way into her home to vandalize it?

    2. @Mahmoud El-Yousseph

      “We’ve lost over 340,000 Americans, cyber-attacked by Russia…”
      “…Senate Majority Leader Moscow Mitch McConnell”

      Mahmoud, are you ok, my Muslim brother? If you think that you are cyber-attacked by Russia, and that Mitch McConnell is a Russian agent, then I am afraid I have to agree – albeit with great reluctance – with Lobro’s take on your reasoning skills.

  14. Well, that’s just to pay for the cost of the BOMBS Jewland dropped on the Palestinians in GAZA on Christmas.

  15. Israel needs as much $ as possible as it continues its preparation for the rebuilding of the Third Temple in Jerusalem in preparation for their long-awaited “Messiah,” which will require some special changes made to the Al Asqa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. I heard there are already tunnels dug underneath them in preparation for bringing them down. The big Jews know the Temple can’t be rebuilt on the original foundation after what happened in 363 A.D. under the Emperor Julian the Apostate, who wanted it rebuilt to prove Christianity false. Miraculous occurrences took place making the project come to a halt. It’s highly documented by Roman, Jewish, and Christian sources, an amazing story which one can hear about here, along with its significance for today:
    bitchute.com/video/ulh0kRCSdMvh (youtube deleted it). It’s part 4 of a 4 part interview, the other 3 parts dealing more with the Judeo-Masonic takeover of the Catholic Church.

  16. TROJ
    “The jews hate him because the jews know Zionism and Communism are two heads of the same hydra snake trunk and they don’t understand why Trump can’t see that.”
    The Swamp has been all about the Russian Myth since the end of WW2…
    The Beltway is full of suckers and leeches using the Russian threat to aggrandize themselves along with the whole big-hole money flow-pit, that’s been going of for decade… Up, up and away out of the working class and into the pockets of the traditional bloodline warmongers…
    While the central bankers certainly appreciate the debt arrangement…
    Trump screws for the jews, yeah. but he’s not part of that big fake Russian threat endless money pit swamp hole, where the trillions and trillions disappear every year through the pentagon bilderberger war contractor network…
    The 2-bit media is all about the second grade mouthpieces for the warmongering swamp complex…
    It’s possible Trump and Putin are the two great hopes for the world, to at least finally move us all past this Russian Bear thing that’s been the main attraction in Dirty City since the WW2 alliance…
    Trump is a White Nationalist…
    So is Putin?
    They should, maybe would like to, get together and bury the hatchet between these two powerful white countries… Then build an alliance of trade and defense against the Chins and the Muslims…
    The Jews who don’t want to see an end to the traditional war contract money flows and who also hate the white race and understand it is still their main threat, just like the German were, they’re the ones who have it in for DJT, even if he does give BiBi Malekovsky his symbolic gifts…
    There have been several Jewish Presidents…
    Is it that hard to believe?
    Have you heard of the Roosevelts?

  17. Scenario : We find out for sure that Stalin was a NON-jew, no one disputes it, the proof we have is so ironclad everyone agrees : Stalin was a NON-jew. So Stalin being a NON-jew, how does that change anything? He was still against Nationalist Socialist Germany and was planning to invade Nationalist Socialist Germany. He wanted Nationalist Germany totally destroyed [ like the jews in London and NYC wanted the same thing ] . He did not want anyone to put up any resistance to JEW COMMUNISM [ just like the jews don’t want anyone to put up resistance to their jew communism ]. He wanted all of Europe to be JEW COMMUNIST [ that’s what the jews want also ] . He despised Russia’s Christian Orthodox and persecuted them [ just like the JEW Lenin despised Russia’s Christian Orthodox and persecuted them ] .

    It’s like saying Joe Biden [ or MItch McConnell ] isn’t a jew. Okay he’s not a jew, so what? Like not being a jew means he’s a good person and is on our side and is watching out for our interests? Telling us Stalin was a NON-jew and then not explaining how that’s a good thing for us that he was a NON-jew, just saying he was a NON-jew and expecting us to praise him just because he was a NON-jew is retarded.

  18. I know this is not a religious site, however, I would like to share this beautiful “hadeeth” saying with all.

    “Reach out for those who ignored you, give to the one who deprived, and forgive those who oppressed you.” ~ Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him).

    @ SAKI

    Thanks for the sound advice. You’re unequal!

    @ AL

    Bro, I will not leave you alone! Just like a lion cub surrounded by hungry hyenas, the likes of THE REALEAST.

    @ MB

    Since you asked for my $600 stimulus check:
    A- I bought a $240 lamb from the butcher shop for my family
    B- I gave $150 to special people who did not get a check


    Hey, dude, I heard Comedy Central is taking applications for comedy writing jobs. I see after all those years, you still don’t know how to spell my name!


    Maybe Trump will keep his campaign’s promise, ” if I lose to Joe Biden, I will leave America! ”

    PM Bingi Satanyahu has already named a new settlement in the occupied Golan Heights in his honor. It is called “Trump Heights.”


    Lasha @ Tobby

    I could not take your advice to stick around off my mind during the last two months.



    Last but not least, I am glad you are still around and have not been gobbled up by a crocodile in a Florida swamp.

    Finally, does anyone know what happened to Ruth, Ingrid, and Sard? I really missed reading their comments. Plus, is LOBRO, the man with comments longer than the Nile River, is still around?

    1. Mahmoud –

      I see you still have a lot to say. Fine. I can’t blame you for seeking justice for your homeland, but TROJ is correct when he points out the futility of constant repetition of your fault-finding of America. Frankly, I don’t have a clue what needs be done, either, except a lot of righteous killing. It might as well start here, at home. We’re in for domestic trouble with a Biden/Harris Administration. That is why, for want of a better reason, I support Trump.

    2. You ALREADY spent your stimulus check Majmoud?

      That’s STRANGE… since those checks DONT GO OUT until WEDNESDAY Jan 6th!!!! 😂😂😂

      1. You have badly missed this shot at my Muslim brother Mahmoud, butthead. My wife, I and each of our kids have received $600 each by direct deposit on Jan 1 already (ACH CREDIT IRS TREAS XXTAXEIP ON 01/01 $600).

        If we, in Russia, have already received it, then why Mahmoud couldn’t receive it the same way?

        Aim better next time, lousy shooter.

      2. Circ –
        You wrote:
        “My wife, I and each of our kids have received $600 each by direct deposit on Jan 1 already (ACH CREDIT IRS TREAS XXTAXEIP ON 01/01 $600).
        …..we, in Russia, have already received it…”

        NOW…. I can see why you hate US & Americans so much…. They have hurt you & your family by throwing razor sharp $$$$ thousands at you when it is 80 below zero!!! Poor DISGUSTED & whiney weakling BABY Ruskie on the dole!!!! 💥 😜

        BTW – got mine also.. 👍

  19. This should come as no surprise to anyone. Any elected member of CON-gress (the opposite of progress) is required…er um….expected to sign a pledge to support Jewland.

    Cynthia McKinney found out the hard way what happens when you refuse. Your political funding dries up. Of course, since Cynthia exposed this corrupt extortion practice, it has since been changed. Now each member of CON-gress is required…..er um, expected to ‘write a paragraph’ on their own promising their support for Jewland, most assuredly dictated by the Shekel-grabbers. You simply can’t get into the upper realms of government without sellinK your soul to Moloch, or at least to those who worship it.

    And while the 50 Mil is outrageous, every year we give BILLIONS in ‘aid’ to these leeches in complete violation of the Symington Amendment. And still they refuse to sign the NNPT.

    1. CIRCASSIAN said, ” Aim better next time, lousy shooter.”

      You tell him CIRCASSIAN! He is not only a lousy shooter but also a lousy speller.

      Благодарю вас товарищ



  20. A jew in Crooklyn, NY was just arrested. What did the joo do, you ask, to get himself arrested? The jew criminal vandalized 4 synagogues in Crooklyn, NY. The joo got caught vandalizing the jew synagogues of his fellow jews, that’s what the joo crook did to get himself arrested in Crooklyn, NY, LMFAO!!!!!!! joos are a Hoot! They’re always committing hate crimes against themselves, LMFAO!!!!!!

  21. Israel is the most condemned by the UN in 2020.

    The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted 17 resolutions against Israel this year, compared with six for the rest of the world. It looks like “the only democracy” got the lion’s share of more than 70%, thus making Israel the most condemned by the UN in 2020. This record is equivalent to three times the condemnation of all other nations combined.

    In addition to bombing Iraq, Tunisia, and Sudan in the past, Israel has also attacked every neighbor that it has, some multiple times. Make no mistake about it, those UNGA condemnations along with Israel’s oppression of Palestinians, underscore the fact that Israel is a lawless nation like no other!

    Congratulations to Israel for setting a new record! The $500,000,000 recognition award by U.S. Congress last December is hardly enough to cover the cost of a bombing run on Syria or Gaza.

    1. Yep the biggest violators of UN resolutions on the PLANET. And what do we hear? Crickets.

      1. U.N. (aka) Glorified $anctuary city for foreign (and domestic) $hakedown artists.
        For starters..

  22. Just learned that Trump STILL hasn’t called the Mayor of Nashville yet after that Christmas Day bombing.
    The Nashville mayor is a democrat, the suicide bomber was a Trump supporter. Yes, Trump’s conduct is appalling. 17 days…

    Spread Trump’s Shame!

  23. the cash monies have to flow
    is real is such a fragile creature
    only with the stolen cash monies of the goyim

    can the askanazim grow
    the oded yinon plan
    and satans temple are a big idea who’s rime has come

    alas a paultry 500 million is not enough already for even the most modest
    of protections from another 1939.
    we can ever again have another schindlers lists

  24. OMG!!!!! I don’t believe this!!!! orange man bad is so bad he hasn’t called the Mayor of Nashville yet after the Christmas Day bombing!!! I always knew orange man was bad but I didn’t know orange man could possibly be so goddamned bad not to pick up a phone and call the Mayor of Nashville who is deeply deeply mourning the Christmas Day bombing!!! And to think, the Democrat Mayor of Nashville is such a nice guy, it’s just awful how rude orange man bad bad bad is treating the poor dear!!! We have a president with NO manners, it’s an OUTRAGE!!!!! 😉


      You are such a silly goose!

      Perhaps my Palestinian Christian friend Ray Hanania could explain it better. We met once about 10 years ago. Ray is a patriotic American who also served in the US Air Force. He eloquently summed his article by saying, “That’s why it seems so easy for the West to condemn and kill Arabs and Muslims in response to violent acts while deliberating long and hard about similar acts of violence committed by non-Arabs and non-Muslims.”


  25. It looks like Anthony Warner, the 63-year-old Nashville bomber, was a nice guy:


    Obviously he didn’t want to hurt anyone. My guess is that, being a decent man, he was disgusted with America and everything it stands for, he couldn’t stand it anymore, so he blew himself up to redeem America’s sins.

    This is what Pat, TROJ, Gilbert Huntly, Yukon Jackass and every other decent man in America should do – blow up his ass and America with it.

    1. If I had Ted Kazenski’s skills, I’d mail you a correspondence about that, asshole.

    2. Circ –

      “This is what Pat, TROJ, Gilbert Huntly, Yukon Jackass and every other decent man in America should do – blow up his ass and America with it.”

      Your communist terrorist nature is showing through more and more in every comment these days. This is typical of you communists, as it demonstrates the way the puny punk ‘Put-On’ eliminates his political foes. It’s no wonder why he is your hero.

      You give musselmen a bad name. Musta lost your prayer rug!!!

      1. @ Pat

        Your comment to Circassian made me smile,
        Even though you left out your usual smiley face!
        You’re slipping! 🙂

  26. After the violent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017. Trump called them “very fine people.”

    Now, you are calling Anthony Warner the Nashville suicide bomber “a NICE GUY” because he did not want to hurt others. Are you out of your mind? May you have had one too many vodkas, Comrade Circassian!

    Then you have the audacities to urge every decent man in America to commit suicide bombing?. Are you out of your mind? Maybe you have one too many Vodka, Camrade CIRCASSIAN. You sound like you are advocating violence. Perhaps you should come to America and set an example. Otherwise, thanks 4 your uncilitted advice.

    There is no bad or good terrorist. There is only one terrorist, which has no religion.
    As a wise Chinese many once said, ” as long as your dog takes a dump in the backyard, it makes no difference what color the dog is.”

    1. There was no “violence” on the part of those protesting the removal of Robert E. Lee’s statue, you mis-informed fool. The violence was carried on by the Antifa ilk like yourself, and condoned by the Jew commie media. The fat bitch who died was killed by a heart attack in her excited state. Harlotsville has become a harbinger of snowflakes which many of us Virginians try to avoid.

    YES Israel is the bad actor in the ME, and in the DC Swamp…
    They have ignored dozens of UN Sanction Directives against their criminal activities…
    Jewish Zionists, supposed enemies of Christo, abhor the USA as a White Nationalist Republic…
    The Vatican, supposed enemies of the Juden on account of the whole SOS thing, despises the USA as a Constitutional Republic…
    They also hate any independent nation with secure borders…
    Both Judaism and Christianity are Abrahamic religions, like Islam…
    All three are now and have always been a huge drag on human progress…
    Islam may be the worst of the three, for its total disregard for constitutional government and individual freedom…
    The Palestinians will never be free of the Zion until the Jews have been kicked out of Washington DC…
    Try getting that through your head…
    Nobody wants rid of the Jews more than the White Nationalists, who understand they are behind the open borders, destruction of racial pride and diversity, biological role destruction and sexual immorality, being pushed in schools…
    If you think the Muslims are going to take over the USA by eliminating all the White People, you’re off on the wrong track… Remember – White Nationalists are willing to share with other races, but not with subversives and saboteurs, who think they’re coming here to take the place over…
    stick with the common positives…
    “After the violent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017. Trump called them “very fine people.”
    The White Nationalists at the rally in Charlottsville did not bring the violence, they only stood up to the chicom blm antifa thugs and idiot college brainwashed dupes, who started the violence….
    the white guy who was convicted stepped on the gas when his car was attacked, most likely he hit the girl by accident, hardly a premeditated killing, and charges should have been brought against the dem thugs who attacked his car…
    the cops did not murder george floyyd.. he died of a drug induced heart attack, while he was being arrested for trying to pass a counterfeit 20 dollar bill… the knee on the neck is not necessarily an abusive hold…
    the media is lying about the lack of cause – president trump is not trying to overturn an honest election, he is trying to prevent the biden chicom forces from stealing the presidency.. you should care, because if they do, the palestinians and everybody else in that neighborhood will be in big trouble with the ZOG war machine…
    A biden presidency will mean war on iraq…
    19 arabs didn’t do 9-11… the zion did it… NYC is full of them…
    the commercial media is a pack of liars… and you should know that by now…
    Truth and honesty may be our only shot at the light here brother…
    Don’t kill America, Help America dump the Zion…
    Don’t bring Islam to America, replace it with a better religion…

    1. Bark –

      “19 arabs didn’t do 9-11… the zion did it… NYC is full of them…”

      The circumstantial evidence of that is the fact that MANY jews working in the Twin Towers got the ‘memo’ and stayed away from work on September 11, 2001!!!

      Howard Lutnick, who was the jew CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald, stayed away . The company lost over 600 employees when their two floors were wiped out.


      I take offense by your comments, ” Don’t kill America,” and ” Don’t bring Islam to America, replace it with a better religion…” If TROJ has said that, I wouldn’t have been surprised, but from an intelligent commenter like you! Give me a freaking break. You lost my respect Bark. For your information, the Defense Department’s Science Board concluded in a 2004 report that “Muslims do not ‘hate our freedom,’ but rather, they hate our policies. The overwhelming majority voice their objections to what they see as one-sided support in favor of Israel and against Palestinian rights, and the longstanding, even increasing support for what Muslims collectively see as tyrannies, most notably Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Pakistan, and the Gulf states.”

      Hope that would help you better understand why people like you hate Muslims.

      1. Mahmoud :

        The PRO-Palestinian Squad girls in Congress voted the other day to keep the virulently ANTI-Palestinian Nancy Pelosi in the very important and very influential and very powerful position as Speaker of The House. What say you about how the PRO-Palestinian Squad girls in Congress voted the other day? The Squad girls aren’t White, aren’t Christian, aren’t White Christians, they are NOT White “Christian/Freemason” Zionists, so how do you explain how the PRO-Palestinian Squad girls voted? One of ’em is actually a Palestinian, Rashida Tlaib, she’s a Palestinian MUSLIM, and she voted for ANTI-Palestinian Nancy Pelosi. How do you explain this, Mahmoud?

      2. Two thumbs up for Mahmoud!

        A Third Stimulus Check? Biden Says $2,000 Checks Will “Go Out the Door” if Democrats Win in Georgia


        Sleepy Joe is trying to bribe American bums, which, I presume, won’t be too difficult. Indeed, Americans like BARKINGDEER, for whom money is everything, would sell their own mothers for $2000 check in a blink of an eye.

  28. Biden-Kamala want massive Haitian immigration into the United States. If Biden-Kamala win tomorrow the Muslims in the United States will soon be living side-by-side with Haitians, and lots of Haitians, not a just a few Haitians, but A LOT OF HAITIANS. Mahmoud wants Biden-Kamala to win so I guess he wants to live around LOTS AND LOTS of Haitians. Good luck with that, living around A LOT OF HAITIANS. Have fun! May all of your dreams come true!

    1. @TROJ

      I don’t know what is your educational background or what grade level you finished at school.

      You just mentioned the term “Haitians” seven times in two short sentences. That is poor English!

      Glad you’re not a newspaper editor.

      By the way, I did not want Biden and Harris to win. I just wanted Trump to lose even if I would have voted for the devil. Besides, no one gives a shit about which way you voted. Why do you bother how others cast their votes? You should stop being nosy!

  29. DC mayor activates National Guard ahead of pro-Trump demonstrations.

    Roughly 340 personnel will be activated for support in the city from Jan. 5-7 as local officials respond to the scheduled pro-Trump demonstrations

    Please, say a prayer!

  30. DC mayor activates National Guard ahead of pro-Trump demonstrations
    Roughly 340 personnel will be activated for support in the city from Jan. 5-7

    Please, say a prayer!


    As far as I am concern, attacking family members during a discussion or in a debate is not only low but also a red line.

    You really should retract your comment about BARKINGDEER’s mother and apologize to him.

    I don’t know how other Darkmoones feel about this, but that is my two cents.

  32. A persons brain is the basis of their mind. A society also has a mind. The mass media in all of it’s manifestations is the basis of the societal mind. But, a harrumph, America has lost it’s mind. The Jews took it over. The Jews have made it their business, since, I would adjudge, the late nineteenth century, to own and or control the newspapers, the broadcast media, TV and radio, and now, also the major internet sites. That said, but, the people have begun to catch on. But alas, the hour is late, our people have long since been mind controlled. It is probably too late for America to save herself. The Jews have pretty well divided and conquered us.

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