Address to the lemmings

On the disintegration of our country

By John Kaminski
10 April 2021

About your plan to be free?
That ship has sailed.

“Be advised that your life is in your hands.
You can choose to save it, or bow down
and let your life be taken by psychopaths.”
— John Kaminski

One prediction is that because of that shot you took upon the recommendation of your doctor, your newspaper, your evening news and even your presidents — and also God himself, according to the son of Billy Graham — you will now come down with Mad Cow disease in six months and soon cease knowing everything in your remaining moments as your melting mind screeches into delirium and darkness. 

The mRNA vaccine took away your soul, you see. You allowed it to be stolen by not paying attention to what your so-called leaders were telling you over the course of your entire life. Thus, this disaster was totally preventable had you really zoned into what they were saying and doing. In fact they were sabotaging life itself.

Now you are really the zombies. Never having realized all the flu epidemics we’ve ever seen, from smallpox on down, were and are spread by those who have received vaccines. They are the ones who become contagious. The karmic multiplier effect means this could be curtains for even the monsters who invented this plan. They wish to rule a graveyard and we really can’t understand why.

The danger is great when you pretend to know something that you don’t really know. This inevitably leads to bad diagnoses, bad medicine and tragic outcomes.

We have been badly misled by those we think we selected to represent us, but really they were selected for us, but we never realized that until it was too late — which it is now.

This is how I can say that America was destroyed by those who paid their taxes and supported their government without really knowing the crimes that were being were committed in their names.

These two deceptions converge today in the destruction of the USA, ordered by the international corporate powers that now control both governments and media, and with the collective weight of 50 years of corporate propaganda we have damn few people left who even understand what a social conscience is, never mind how you should act if you happen to have one.

The corporate propagandized multitudes remain mostly unaware of the destruction they have by their silent acquiescence approved.

If we want to remain unadulterated human beings, we have to overthrow or otherwise remove all the governments of the world at once — all at the same time — and recalibrate them not for profit but for purpose. The profit motive simply makes no sense when those who follow it are destroying the world.

The people who are the one supposed to be protecting you are the greatest threat to your life. They look at you with paternal concern as they stick a poison needle in your arm. One prediction is that because of that shot you took upon the recommendation of your doctor, your newspaper, your evening news and even your presidents — and even God, according to the son of Billy Graham — you will now come down with mad cow disease in six months and cease knowing everything in the few agonizing moments that you have remaining.

Be advised that your life is in your hands. You can choose to save it, or bow down and let your life be taken by psychopaths.

There is no more time to think. Make your choice and live or die with it.


41 thoughts to “Address to the lemmings”

  1. “The danger is great when you pretend to know something that you don’t really know. This inevitably leads to bad diagnoses, bad medicine and tragic outcomes.”

    Thanks to Trump, the vaccines can be fast-tracked and approved in a few weeks now….. not years. That is “bad medicine” for sure! How much was he paid by pharmas and meds to do THAT??

    Now the vaccine makers, who also made the disease, have a turn-key profit in the $$$Billions. They can do it several times a year…. as they push the FEAR!

  2. Wonder how did he come up with this sentence: “vaccine took away your soul…allowed it to be stolen by not paying attention…over the course of your entire life. Thus, this disaster was totally preventable…”

    How do you “totally” prevent a flu season? I don’t get that at all! He claims that “your leaders” did it to you? My “leaders” must’ve been totally different than his because I was always told to “think for yourself and question everything!” And, as far as the accuracy and motives behind said vaccines? I don’t subscribe to mass “depopulation” theory!

    1. “don’t subscribe to mass “depopulation” theory!”
      Therefore it must be for the money, which can be printed at will?

      Actually it is not a theory. Pulling legs off ants for fun and curiosity may be judged acceptable for a boy but “scientists” pulling the fabric of life to pieces, beyond their comprehension, and injecting the whole of humanity with a concoction based on this “lego-brick” knowledge is very likely to cause depopulation.

      Seems like you trust your “masters” implicitly.

  3. Awk, C’mon John, take heart. Look at the Brighter side. We are, Seven Billion, and growing. And that is a good thing. to borrow from Satanyaho, very good! I like Large Numbers, especially when I think of the Secret Government. Annoying them like zillions of Mosquitoes on a hapless Hyena, screaming him, until he disappears in his hole.

    The thing is, we really do not have to be overwhelmed by fear, (Which I think is what John wants) True, the Virus is deadly. And the Vaccine might be deadly too. At its worst, it might have nasty side effects. But lets face it. The so-called Virus, has not even reach 3 Million, and that is, One Whole Year down the line, and some months now. And we are not even counting those who were labeled as having dies of Corona, even though they died of something else. We saw it. Governments encouraging the hospital to name everything as “Covid” case. Could the Virus have been that deadly if they needed to help it along? Commonsense.

    There is hardly any data of those who died of Vaccine side effect. Possibly the reports could be suppressed. But if there were large number who dies of Vaccine side effects, it would hardly be possible to hide this number.

    So, the fact is, when it come to The Masses. we are dealing with Large Numbers. The optics looks good. Vey good. We have the numbers!! It will be very difficult for the sinister powers, to conceal their hand, and succeed in the process, decimating large number of people. Tough putting a dent in 7 Billion!! Even 10 Million is on the higher side. These Large Numbers could be our strength.

    So, what we can observe here in this Corona thing, (Whether its the Virus, or whether it is the Vaccine) is a tad-bit increase in the risk of dying, which was there in the first place anyway! No?

    Truth be told. Vaccine may not have been there. And the Virus may also have never existed. But the probability that you or me, could have died from-let us say, a rock falling off the cliff, that risk still existed. The probability that you or me, could have died in a plane accident, car accident, Motor-cycle accident, or choking from some roast beef, still existed, before the Covid thing. Many people are dying as a result of such causes, than those who are dying of Covid, or Vaccine Side effects. Besides, we will all die,…..some day. we can only postpone it.

    So, the issue is not whether you could or could not have died before your time, is neither here nor there. That risk was there, but now, it has just been increased a tad-bit , tiny-winy by Corona or the Vaccine .

    But because of the Large Numbers, the risk is still, considerably small.

    So……. do we listen to Kaminski and prepare to go gaga Zombie like?

    Nah! Just pass me the Salt as John continues with his rant. He is entitled. But I too, am entitled to ignore him.

    1. Just an old-time WAR will do the trick! We’ve come a lo-o-o-ng way in fashioning modern killing tools. No need for any “covids” or “coronas”. 😉

    2. (Kaminski) “overwhelmed by fear, ”
      I believe John is a God conscious man and therefore immune to fear.

      “True, the Virus is deadly. ”
      So is a march up 100 steps for the obese and heart attack prone aged.
      The Virus is simply well know “influenza A and B”

      ” … sinister powers, to conceal their hand, and succeed in the process, decimating large number of people. ”
      Not if the agent of destruction is systemic and transmissible through bodily fluids. This is why I suggested in this forum, at the start of this farce, that oligarchs and “royals ” need only lock themselves away for a couple of years to rid themselves of useless eaters.

  4. Covid-19 was a trap that lured the people into getting a vaccine that is not a vaccine and is an operating system designed to change DNA and destroy the immune system and all of this using the myth of covid-19.

    This is a Jim Jones genocide agenda.

    1. Well, the problem is that it is unknown WHAT this non-vaccine mRNA medical device is going to do. UNKNOWN at this time because there just hasn’t been enough time since it was unleashed for it’s effects to show up.

      But we will know eventually. It may be catastrophic. Or it may be next to nothing.

      Much speculation and science fiction has been written. Eventually we will have the facts.

      Myself, I thought it was insanely risky to take a basically untested medical product to try to avert effects of a virus that for most, if contracted, is asymptotic and the odds of survival 99.75%.

      I guess we will just have to wait it out to see if this was the ultimate Darwin Test.

      1. There is been deaths as the direct result of the vaccines and as a result of the vaccines destroying the immune system, as time goes on there will be more and more deaths from these vaccines, here are some sites that tell the truth about these vaccines,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc..

      2. Yep Ramm.
        Only time will tell. Donald HIMSELF will never take the jab. If necessary, he’ll buy his Covid Certificate from a corrupt nurse. No problemo. Donaldo is comfortable with corruption when it suits him. But ok. 5 months ago Donaldos rebellious Mexican wife DID take the jab in Georgia, USSA without him knowing. Just found out about it last week. Donaldo was furious. So far she seems healthy and fine. But who knows the long-term effects. These are truly murky waters indeed. 🤨🤔🤠

  5. You’re probably right, Desert Fox! I’d be so much more at ease with this “pandemic” if Bill Gates was concentrating his efforts on things he knows best, such as…improving Cortana’s algorithm, as oppose to making vaccines!

  6. Corporations want very much to act like totalitarian dictatorships, they’ll tell you what to do and you’ll do it…
    They definitely do not want to be accountable to the common law…
    The Bush Cheney 9-11 atrocity was a ploy to increase the immunity of corporations and further classify them as National Security entities, their activities being critical to the National Interest…
    “Everything changed after 9-11″…
    That’s what underlies the official prohibition against lawsuits against vaccine producers, no law for the rich,
    Corporate Omnipotence…..
    Banks have always been allowed to do things with money that people are not…
    Executives and owners at the top of the corporate pyramid are akin to generals now…
    And they run their Intel Ops for whatever purposes they deem…
    They are in fact who the CIA was created to serve in the first place…
    And lately we are beginning to see some awareness in some of the media that corporations are not always up to the best…
    The democrat party complicity in corporate predation and general un-American machinations is outed now…
    They’re the errand boys for the owners, who don’t mind the Chinese model of corporate control at all…
    The whole government functions for the corporate bosses, and with their blatant censorship of adverse opinion the Lords of Big-Tech make it pretty plain the fascist arrangement…
    You will now be subject to a visit from the police, if you disparage AOC, disagreeing is taken as a threat…

    1. “Banks have always been allowed to do things with money that people are not…”

      Yep. Such as borrowing hundreds of BILLIONS of $$$ dollars from each other overnight….. aka REPO:
      A repurchase agreement (repo) is a short-term secured loan scheme, where banks lend reserves to each other overnight.

      On average, $2 trillion to $4 trillion in repurchase agreements – collateralized short-term loans – are traded EACH DAY!!

      The Federal Reserve uses repos and reverse repos to conduct monetary policy. HA!!!! 💥 😜

    2. Bark,
      Dr. Robert Hare, world renown psychopathic expert says that mega corps and multinational corps are by their very nature psychopathic.

  7. Good Info….
    Yeah, the whole fractional reserve lending thing is pretty dishonest…
    Honest banking And secured currency 2 musts for a solid society…
    It’s all slid pretty far from the religious prohibitions against usury…

  8. Noted, John was doing well complaining about government, but finished by still calling for central government:

    … remove all the governments of the world at once — all at the same time — and recalibrate them not for profit but for purpose.

    Following an electoral farce, the committee deciding purpose would be, by definition, communist.

    Only individual decision making is compatible with individuality that we were all born with. The only known systems that allow for that are barter and money. The money system would be perfectly fine if the parasites were removed from it. Regarding policies, only non-coercive peoples congress with no representatives is compatible with Individuality,

  9. Admiralty law must be abolished and the institutions with it. That means the means of production of wealth belongs to the people as in credit union, municipality or coop. People should never pay interest on a loan as it is their money. The end of the Ponzi scheme of the law of the sea means the end of all corporation who are not people and the end of limited liability. No speculation would be permitted.

    The father of modern management, Peter Drucker stated the CEO should not make more than 20x the average wage. The job creators are also the people themselves, those who develop a skill, with the help of mentors, sharpen their skills as education is supposed to do so that any man or woman, regardless of any differences, should be able to make a decent living that is conservative in it’s work and liberal in it’s working with one another and this also goes for not only people and the next generation but is liberal in the love of all creatures as we must keep our earth healthy and all creatures that exist we depend upon, from the smallest to the largest, as well as the next 7 generations that is the wisdom of the elders of many Native or Indigenous peoples of the western hemisphere (the concepts are identified by the wisdom of the Hopi elders in

    Leadership has been hidden and knowledge mean nothing without the wisdom on how to use it and when to stop as the end never justifies the means and just because something can be done doesn’t mean is should or even ever be done.

    Land, water and air are for the benefit of all life and as admiralty law is eliminated and the law of the land is reinstated, the speculation of the value of any commodity must end. Information must be passed honestly between people and communities, something that the MSM has not only failed on, but has followed a wide spread elite of the distribution of all institutions that have worked for the destruction of all and everything for themselves of which John Kaminski and others such as American Vagabond, James Corbett …points out so well and the farther we dig for the truth, the uglier the lies of history get in ever facet of life.

    The destruction of the indigenous life on 4 continents is the greatest example of greed and contempt for life ever seen by anyone or anything in history as what happen to the “Americas”, Africa and Australia have been stripped of life for profit. Our fruit identifies who we really are and that is rotten to the core. The love of money and the need of money supersedes all needs and this is only a recent development in the incorporation of how it has been handled since the use of gold and silver for those who call themselves the teachers of what their false gods want as shown in history when one reads as in the article . Wealth should never be a goal, or power, access and control. These are diametrically apposed to what love and decency is. From thousands of generations we know what social mores are as these protected us from crossing into criminal behavior. No it is the psychopathic criminals that megalomaniacs, as well as sociopaths and sycophants that run the world and these people call themselves the illuminated, as in the books from the great fraud of who would listen to their god “Baal” for that is the sacrifice that was ordered. No creator would ever do this as this is uncreation, just as El Shaddai means God of Desolation. In fact, the OT and NT are filled with passages that condemn the shedding of blood of any animal (even people who are considered as such) as an abomination. Collectively, we need to get out from under false indoctrination and do what is best for not only other people but keeps the web of life alive so future generations can enjoy and be in joy of the beauty (and sometimes it’s hard to see the beauty in spiders, mosquitos and microbial creatures), of the magnificence of the interdependency of all life as when one link is lost, it is lost forever and to replace it takes more years than anyone can foresee.

    1. The US was turned into a coporation via The Act of 1871 and via this act was turned over to the zionist banking kabal, see

      1. The US was almost always run by private bankers. Alexander Hamilton, a treasonous evil and against the Bill of RIghts, sold Script to foreign and domestic investors for the Bank of North America in 1783. In 1791, 65% of the First Bank of the United States went to foreign investors and 25% to domestic with 10% as fractional reserve. His Bank of NY was headed by Isaac Rosevelt who changed his name from the earlier Van Rosenvelt and before this, Geldersman. The influence of Jewish finance over the US was overwhelming as the “founders” were all Kabbalist Freemasons from different groups from Jefferson’s affiliation with the Bavarian Illuminati, Ben Franklin’s Hell Fire Group and those that were of the Kabbalah which was the secret society of the British Empire and also the French Empire of the Templars and Cathars, later known as the Scottish Rite and York Rite which are a large but just 2 of hundreds if not thousands of groups which go all the way from the treasonous and degenerates that are in the Congress, Senate, White House and Supreme Court. Haym Solomon was the largest investor and many other financiers paid for the American Masonic Revolution which turn the US from the British Crown to the Bankers of the City of London Corporation, a Jewish dominated organization since Cromwell who welcomed the fleeing Jewish moneymen as they were being run out of Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Russia. The US is the military arm of which is entirely based on the Kabbalah as well as every constitution of every state of the US and their monuments and accomplishments can be seen from Hoover Damn, to the Creation as you say of Washington DC which is absoutely demonic (not satanic as this is a different realm as El Shaddai is Yahvveh (double v which the english use double u and their is more to this with the tetragrammaton which a four letter acronym that the Jews have no clue of which is Father, Mother, Son, Daughter and is Minoan or Macedonean). The origins is Ymvvh (there was no vowels in original Hebrew. This is because it is totally stolen from the Vedic and Egyptian religions of Hindi (Yam “Baal the Storm God – hebrew is Baal Haddad”, Tiamat the god of the Oceans, Seas and water, Asura aka Divas Asura which became Asherah, wife of Yahweh, but their god is El Shaddai the god of desolation in the Pentateuch). Brahma is .Brhm and Saraswati is Sara which is know thoughout higher level divinity lessons that are available from Yale, Harvard and other elite schools. There are no less than 15 to 20 god of the Hebrew/Habiru/Hyksos/Arayn-Brahmans which are the Indo Scythians, and their origin is that of the Mongol Turks, a marauding entity known later as the Khaganates and Khanates.

        1871 – The Organic Act. Lincoln was a Marrano, just as Rosenvelt, Bush (see Mathias Bush and his six sons and what they did), Truman, Eisenhower. Trump. Lincoln set up the Uncivil War and put he US into such debt that it went broke. The South paid their debts of the Revolution but Alexander Hamilton stole more from them as the debts of the North were not paid and though Hamilton’s demand along with that of Washington, and Adams (#1 – Federalist and the ultimate enemy of freedom of any sort, puppet of Rothschild tried to outlaw the Anti-Federalists). It is THIS act which is why Virginia never allowed the completion of the 10 mile square of Washington DC, a wholly owned entity of Rothschild and Associates, to be created and was settled in the North ONLY. The Federalist were found out by the Anti-federalists and has 2 options, death or dismantlement.


        US went bankrupt in 1871. In 1933, the US went into RECEIVERSHIP during the banking holiday of 1933 by FDR and the reason for the elimination of the gold standard and later the confiscation of all gold. Exposed by James Trafficant, and part of the Congressional Record, just as the Organic Act of 1871 and the First US Bank CORPORATION in 1791 second session – Senate record, this is what was stated:

        The Bankruptcy of The United States
        United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H1303
        James Traficant, Jr. (Ohio) addressing the House:
        “Mr. Speaker, we are here now in chapter 11.. Members of Congress are official trustees presiding over the greatest reorganization of any Bankrupt entity in world history, the U.S. Government. We are setting forthhopefully, a blueprint for our future. There are some who say it is a coroner’s report that will lead to our demise.
        It is an established fact that the United States Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency
        Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89719;
        declared by President Roosevelt, beingbankrupt and insolvent. H.J.R. 192, 73rd Congress m session June 5, 1933 JointResolution To Suspend The Gold Standard and Abrogate The Gold Clause dissolved the Sovereign Authority of the United Statesand the official capacities of all United States Governmental Offices, Officers, and Departments and isfurther evidence that the United States Federal Government exists today in name only.
        The receivers of the United States Bankruptcy are the International Bankers, via the United Nations, the
        World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. All United States Offices, Officials, and Departments are now operating within a de facto status in name only under Emergency War Powers. With the Constitutional Republican form of Government now dissolved, the receivers of the Bankruptcy have adopted a new form of government for the United States. This new form of government is known as a Democracy, being an established Socialist/Communist order under a new governor for America. This act was instituted and established by transferring and/or placing the Office of the Secretary of Treasury to that of the Governor of the International Monetary Fund. Public Law 94564, page 8, Section H.R. 13955 reads in part: “The U.S. Secretary of Treasury receives no compensation for representing the United States?’…

        This all means that the US has been operating illegally in Washinton DC from which it is not even part of the United States, and has no Jurisdiction over any of the states. The actual power is from the ground up from Posse Comitatus which is the supreme law of the land for each country though the Sherif of which those counties in states such as California that has eliminated the Federal mandates through the illegal executive orders (which should be rolled back entirely as this is not a monarchy). Each State can do the same through it’s legislature. Since the US is an illegal entity running admiralty law which is wildly illegal and would put an end to Wall Street, Corporations, Speculation, Interest on our own money…which would end the power of the MIC, the misinforamtion of all of the history and US / UK wars of aggression against the people of the world for their one world order with Israel (Egyptian and Judah was never a part of Israel (Samaria and Samaritans) after 931BC and the schism of the two which were never together as Archeology has proven a much different people of Phoenicia (Samaria) and Canaan (Judah), the underhanded aid of Judah and the takeover of Phoenicia by Assyria by Sargon II who did not cause any diaspora as the Samaritans stayed there of which only 1000 are left today along with their Torah, and the desacration and destruction of the Temple Mounts by John Hycranus, King of Judah in 112-111BC of Mt. Gerizim and Mt. Alba. Solomon is manufactured as is Moses, Abraham and all the stories of which are written into the Torah (Judah), Septuagint (Greek expansion of the Torah in 1st century AD as the Hebrew translation was impossible with the dependency on guessing what the names inferred and any relationships and why God is spelled g.d and the book is nothing but lies and plagiarized Hindi (pre-Happara) and Egyptian codes and divination down to the Menorah and the 7 sided polygon calendar of Enoch and 10 commandments which was 42 in the Egyptian Book of the Dead 700+ years and probably thousands of years older, along with the book of wisdom from Amenamope (Proverbs), Solomon’s Temple of Ramses II Temple at Habu Medinet and the fact that Jerusalem never amounted to much of any metropolis with little wealth throughout the Semitic period from 2000BC through the Roman occupation (Excavation at Gezer by RAS Macalister shows exactly how sick these people were in their blood lusting sacrifice of humans and animals as well as no weights, measures, education and were dependent on the Philistines for any trade which was civilized in one direction, from the Philistines to Judah).

        Anyone should understand that Abraham and Isaac is Baal Haddad (Storm God) worship. Melech or Melech (meaning king) is much worse. Carthage is of the same people as the other “Semitic” peoples of the period. Greece which originated as Minos is the foundation of the Alphabet which is acknowledged by Jewish Scholars as well as the manufacture of the state of Israel of which Egyptologists cannot find the name in their history, and Darius, King of Persia, in his writing upon a massive wall which still stands, mentions in this document of his reign, the people that lie. Darius was son of Cyrus. Just as what the Hyksos did to the Indus Valley, Egypt (King Ah Mose ran them out of Egypt after 200 years of Hyksos domination especially after the abomination of Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV) whose name was never to be mentioned after the end of the 200 year nightmare.

        All Abrahamic faiths have a history of hate (in the extreme of the books of the Jews regardless of date and name and the end to all goyim (cattle) also known as Akum, Kush and other slang with are even more degrading. Nathanael Kapner at Jesus was an essene and did not eat any flesh with blood which is automatically dead flesh and rotting the same as Mohammed. Their stories have been utterly inverted. The Essene book of Peace is a good place to start. Gospel of the Holy 12 may have errors, but it does identify what was meant by the 1 command of Adam by God after bringing all his companions to greet him, that you shall eat of the tree of life which is written exactly to mean and states you shall eat no flesh with blood in it. The Tree of Knowledge and forbidden fruit is that of which, to be wise as a serpent is to eat flesh. Who is the serpent that lives on his stomach? Have you heard that man in the military or otherwise lives on his stomach.

        The ancients were wise and have shown contempt for any blood sacrifice of any creature. This searing of flesh and rendering of fat is an anathema and is idiotic, only for Neanderthals. For those that believe this, put a bone though your nose and wear the teeth of you victim around your neck, because you are a Neanderthal.

        1. @ JAMES REINHART
          You were doing well, until you decided to mix what appears as well researched article with spurious misinformation , most of which, I believe is lack of understanding. These statements are not true;

          “Anyone should understand that Abraham and Isaac is Baal Haddad (Storm God) worship.”
          “All Abrahamic faiths have a history of hate”

          “Jesus was an essene and did not eat any flesh with blood which is automatically dead flesh and rotting the same as Mohammed. Their stories have been utterly inverted.”

          “The Essene book of Peace is a good place to start”. (Never heard of it)

          “Gospel of the Holy 12 may have errors, but it does identify what was meant by the 1 command of Adam by God after bringing all his companions to greet him, that you shall eat of the tree of life which is written exactly to mean and states you shall eat no flesh with blood in it.”
          ( Gospel of the Holy 12????)

          What can I say, “it would have been a nice article if you stopped at;

          “The U.S. Secretary of Treasury receives no compensation for representing the United States?’…

  10. How is central banking related to the Covid hoax? Well, I have a story to tell you all how this crazy world of finance led to the world’s biggest pandemic hoax. So get a cup of Joe and spike it with some whiskey and gather round to hear a tale of how we got where we are.

    Our story begins with the bankers, who invent central banking as a way to create money out of thin air, lend it to governments after their agents start wars and force governments to borrow this newly created fictional money. We have all heard that story, how bankers took over the state by lending money to the state during the war. Soon, all the politicians work for the Fed, the Federal Reserve, not we the people. Our politicians are Rothschild whores, and since Rothschilds created Israel, our politicians are also Zionist whores.

    The Federal Reserve is an inflation engine, when people borrow money they bid prices up. A good example are home prices, which have gone way up because interest rates went down and thus monthly payments went down and thus the loan amount went up. If only cash were available to purchase homes, house prices would be 98% lower than they are now. Home prices are in the stratosphere because of cheap money (home loans are at the lowest in the history of mankind) PLUS the public has been induced to borrow because of inflation of the currency.

    So this process of lending money to people willing to borrow more and more went on for decades. Those that borrowed much got rich, because they were leveraged, entire television shows were dedicated to get rich with no money down, thus infinite leverage. As a result of people trying to beat inflation, they used debt to short the dollar and thus we are where we are now, a world highly leveraged in debt expecting ever more inflation so they do not have to actually pay back their mortgages in real dollars.

    Basically, the Fed corrupted the moral values of an entire nation then the planet. People who saved money got robbed by inflation, and those that speculated with leverage got filthy rich. Thus the lesson was learned, those who save money and pay cash are fools and those who borrow are kings. The very real evil of central banking led to a world full of borrowers who cared nothing about thrift or value. That is where we are today, and the entire world is 100% convinced that the Fed will inflate forever, but they are wrong.

    Scary MI chart:

    As a result the world is panicking into Bitcoin:

    The danger to the model as described above is that there is a limit to this ever rising prices of real estate, and that is if interest rates go up and/or people decide to factor in risk. A change in perception could bring the house of cards down, and that might happen if interest rates continue to go up, which is very likely by those who study the Elliott Wave as applied to bond market. Treasury yields reversed in March 2020, and now are going up for many decades.


    The current Fed chief, Jerome Powell says he want 3% inflation, but the FED quantitative easing programs have not spurred inflation, and thus the Covid plandemic was unleashed to FORCE inflation up, but it is really on an illusion of inflation. Take lumber prices, they have gone way up in the last 12 months not from monetary inflation but because the Covid rules shut down lumber production.

    Ammo prices have skyrocketed not because it costs any more to make a bullet, but because demand has gone through the roof because Communists have unleashed terror on white people in major cities. So what is driving ammo prices is not M1 (money supply) but political unrest. Having remembered Waco and Ruby Ridge, the public sees the Portland Oregon riots and is reacting. Threats of gun confiscation has led to record gun and ammo sales. The public has matured since 1992 and the shocking events of the FBI burning children alive at the Koresh fortress, they are arming themselves for war.

    The clue to the central banking strategy with the plandemic was revealed by Saint Louis Fed chief James Bullard who said Covid was totally fake and the pandemic was part of the great reset. They shutdown the economy to force inflation, because without inflation the entire debt bubble will implode, because remember all those people who borrowed never expected to pay back in real dollars. We are literally in the era of fake inflation before the crash. Once the crash starts, deflation will overwhelm the Fed and the prices of everything will fall, as borrowers will not borrow if there is no inflation, and cash will be king.

    1. YJ –

      “The public has matured since 1992 and the shocking events of the FBI burning children alive at the Koresh fortress, they are arming themselves for war.”

      I have proof that “war” will never happen. The heavily armed “matured” people won’t even shoot people burning down their own stores and killing people right in front of them. That is the case in every state!!

      1. Yes, you are right, in today’s world, but the energy is building for a revolution, and it is only a matter of time before the failed state is unable to raise money in the bond market, and they will start losing control of the empire, and they will start attacking any pro-liberty, pro-family, pro-heterosexual, pro-Christian, pro-decency, pro-conservative, white peoples.

        Then there is the Covid die off, if that starts killing millions people will figure it out and lose trust in the state.

        And then in a wink of an eye the people will have had enough, and they will rise up. Just wait and see, and another condition is a financial crash in which they lose everything.

        I think it is coming, it takes some time, lots of hardship before people throw in the towel and say screw it, I am fighting back. But you are right, we are not there now.

        Ruby Ridge and Waco events shocked the nation, just as the Vietnam atrocities. The character of the Amerikan people is changing from the horrors unleashed by the state. Eventually people will not care about life and will kill like animals when push comes to shove. Our civilization is ending, the entire multiculutral hell hole is turning ordinary people into barbarians.

  11. TV Lemming…. died soon after she took the first Pfizer’s experimental mRNA vaccine for COVID!!

    TV personality who boasted of being vaccinated, pressuring her mom to do the same dies after receiving jab
    CNN and MSNBC contributor Midwin Charles passed away at age 47 after complaining of not feeling well after her inoculation.

    BROOKLYN, New York, April 9, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Celebrity legal analyst and television personality Midwin Charles has died at age 47, her family confirmed in a tweet posted Tuesday. Charles’ untimely death comes just over a month after receiving her first injection with Pfizer’s experimental mRNA vaccine against COVID-19. No cause of death has yet been announced.

  12. Will the U.S. / NATO fly those Choppers, A-10s, F-16, Typhoon etc. into and over those hills and dales and woods and hollows with not only S-300 and S-400 but also MANPADS under every clump of moss? VERBA / IGLA-S.

    I remember ‘Apaches to the rescue’ in Kosovo more than twenty years ago and they were rendered literally impotent in them there hills and dales and woods and hollows? Fly a chopper, an A-10 or any aircraft into and over those hills and dales and woods and hollows?

    Honorable Commander Sir!
    Are you out of your effing mind?!

  13. The state is the biggest borrower of all, setting the WRONG example…
    The more debt they accumulate, the more they devalue the currency, the less they pay back..
    While the insiders operating the scam geat richer and richer on the plot…
    But interest rates have to hit zero at some point, whereupon the money has become worthless…
    What’s Up Next?
    Great Depression, Civil War, Huge Reduction In Population?
    Don’t be too surprized…
    After that, when the human population has been reduced to Guidestones levels, the ruling elite will have shifted to the BTC Blockchain super-surveillance and control currency…
    Humans, the few, will be working with an entirely different interactive…

  14. Did you hear the news this morning?

    One thing known by Astrologers is this: the observable sky makes a movement with a period of 26,000 years. Astronomy and cosmology are in the rein of physics but astrology is meta-physics. This period is remarkable.

    Human civilization has been governed by this period which is related to precession of the Universe. As it seems humans are unable to maintain a civilization older than 26,000 years. The pyramids were built by a civilization from another cycle, not Egyptians. The human species is old but its civilization is not.

    A three dimensional body rotates not around a point but a shaft. Precession is the shaft’s movement crated by mass unbalance in the system. A point in this shaft is described mathematically by an ellipse. An ellipse also describes Earth’s interaction with the Sun. Our ellipse has a period of one year.

    This 26,000 year cycle is highly relevant indicating few humans were able to survive its climate extremes. Some of those somehow could make it taking shelter inside the tunnels of Europe, for instance. If we cut 26 by 4, like our seasons, we get a 6,500 years winter. At the opposing side of this ellipse we have a 6,500 years summer. Values of these extreme atmospheric temperatures experienced here on Earth are unknown. Until now, civilization as a whole couldn’t make it through this cycle.

    This 26,000 year climate change passes as quasi-static to humans, imperceptible in our lifetime. It’s a question to be solved in centuries, perhaps millenniums. Earth’s climate won’t change a bit in the life time of every living human being. No pole shift, super nova or meteor.

    Somehow we were lucky this cycle because our technology is quite superior to cutting rocks with diamond tools. Some of these ancient people make it through the ages and had made descendants, which are all of us.

    1. Yep….. I am familiar with the 26,000 year cycle.

      We should all know…..
      —The present is not the key to the past.—

      Dr Donald Patten, a geographer, astronomer and more, suggests that a large planet came near this planet and its gravitational pull caused the molten magma and flimsy crust tides of several miles in height, which caused the rearrangement of this planet’s surface. It also cased the spinning of this planet.

      Some observable ‘sort of’ proof is the mountain ranges run north and south around the globe….. as they were pulled in wave-like fashion from east or west….. as the planet, maybe Mars or Jupiter, passed so close.

      Genesis: “The fountains of the deep were broken up.”

      This cataclysm would have destroyed the food sources for “YUGE” critters. but not for prehistoric small reptiles and amphibians and fishes…etc.

      This is the most fascinating video of a speech I have ever seen:
      Cataclysm From Space, 2800 BC – The Cause of the Biblical Flood

      (Intro narrated by Ed Griffin)

      More about the video:
      This is a video adaptation of a documentary filmstrip presenting evidence that, less than 5000 years ago, a stray planet from deep space, along with its tiny moon of ice, nearly collided with Earth.

      An analysis is made of the gravitational forces that would have flexed the Earth’s crust, creating volcanic ruptures, mountain ranges, and oceanic tides of such heights as to cover almost all of the Earth’s land surface. Human survivors, indeed, would have been few, and countless species of magnificent prehistoric animals would have perished…

      not due to failure to adapt, as is commonly claimed, but simply because they failed to find high ground.

      It would be difficult to enter into an informed discussion on such topics as Earth History, Geology, the Biblical Flood, Evolution, or Creation itself without knowledge of the facts and theories presented in this program.

    2. This subject is fascinating, indeed, involves Cosmology, Archeology, Anthropology, Biology, Theology, etc.

      No solid body is exactly solid but rubber-like. To vibrate, to rotate or to reciprocate are movements intrinsic to nature, any system has a pulsation. Our Universe has a very low frequency pulsation, low frequency leads to long periods of time to complete one cycle. This pulsation, or vibration, takes 26 thousand years to complete one cycle, or one cosmological cycle.

      Every system vibrates in many distinct frequencies, many modules of vibration. Here on Earth, besides the cosmological cycle, there are two relevant types of vibrations, the day and the year. The day has a higher frequency than the year which has a higher frequency than the cosmological cycle.

      In order to go further one little assumption has to be made:

      (a) Earth’s environment, or habitat, is correlated with the cosmological cycle.

      A new world arises when we assume (a) to be true, a paradigm shift.

      The cosmological cycle is responsible for some sort of quality control of life on Earth. Evolution! Those species incapable to survive centuries of natural climate extremes are extinct. Annual seasons are expected even when the macro weather gets extreme. All living creatures today had passed that test. That’s another case of God’s fine tuning, a too difficult test would kill all life in the first cosmological cycle and Earth would be a dead rock by now. On the other hand creatures from the beginning of time like dinosaurs, giant humanoids or huge tigers would be ruling the land if the test was too easy.

      This theory can explain “anomalous” archeological discoveries, such as:

      – Millions of years old human skeletons;

      – The pyramids are older than the Egyptians. They didn’t have the technology to build the pyramids. Whoever built them has lived in an older cosmological cycle, not ours. The pyramids are 20 thousand years old minimum;

      – The mining industry uncovered many anthropological findings imbedded in millions years old geological terrain. Human skeletons, primitive iron spheres, deep down man-made stone wall and many others;

      – Old mammal wounded by an arrow in an era when humanoids were, supposedly, apes.

      Definitely, history of life on Earth cannot be explained linearly, the cyclical approach is the correct one.

      Are we heading to a hotter weather or a colder one? To find that macro trend we have to compare decades, perhaps centuries, of atmospheric temperature data. Is evolutional culling made by extreme hot environments or extreme cold ones? I tend to believe the later. Who is doing the seeding? Earth was seeded only once in a distant past or every cosmological cycle?

      1. Yes! Very interesting.

        Patten said he saw mountain ranges as waves from west to east which were pulled up by the movement of Earth’s inner plasma by the huge planetary body’s attraction. That made the ranges like Rockies and Andes run North and South. It also set the Earth spinning like a top, from west to east, which it still does now, since friction is negligible.

        “– The mining industry uncovered many anthropological findings imbedded in millions years old geological terrain. Human skeletons, primitive iron spheres, deep down man-made stone wall and many others;”

        And the FBI and other agencies rush in and confiscate all finds!! Hidden from the public!! Can’t let us see the facts.

        1. Pat, another coinky-dink! (3102 BCE) is same time frame / period Krishna left the Earth and the Kali yuga began, officially.
          (mum’s the word)

          “The rise in the sea-level in Dwarka is a scientific truth. Studies have proved that the sea considerably and suddenly rose to submerge the city. Harivamsha describes the submerging of Dwarka saying Krishna instructed Arjuna, who was then visiting Dwarka, to evacuate the residents of the city as the sea was going to engulf the city. “On the seventh day (of Krishna saying this), as the last of the citizens were leaving the city, the sea entered the streets of Dwarka.””

          1. Well, now, Homer. Lotsa suff happened back then, I guess. Maybe even more than today. 🙂

            From your interesting article with very good pics:
            “Gulf of Khambat Exploration (Gulf of Cambay)”

            In 2001, the students of National Institute of Oceanography were commissioned by the Indian Government to do a survey on pollution in Gulf of Khambat, seven miles from the shore. During the survey, they found buildings made of stones covered in mud and sand covering five square miles. Divers have collected blocks, samples, artefacts, and coppers coins, which scientists believe is the evidence from an age that is about **3,600 years old.

            Some of the samples were sent to Manipur and oxford university for carbon dating, and the results created more suspicion since some of the objects were found to be 9000 years old.

            It is indeed overwhelming to find that what had been discovered underwater at the bay of Cambat is an archaeological site, dating back to **7500 BC and older than any previously claimed oldest sites of civilization.

      2. To build a working scientific model is a hard task but to play one is piece of cake. Let’s play! When it was the last time Earth had the same climatic condition we are living at this present moment? That’s when Earth was in the same position in the cosmological cycle. Position inside the cycle is called PHASE. Easy task, we simply subtract from the present date the time to complete one cycle, which is called PERIOD.

        Answer: in the year of 23,979 BC (before Christ) Earth had exactly the same climate we are experiencing today. The same FLORA is expected with a different FAUNA living in it. Fauna is still experiencing evolution but flora has adapted long ago.

  15. God does not want us to take the vaccine. Franklin Graham is a false teacher and a liar. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. In the book of 1 Corinthians God is telling us NOT to take anything into our bodies that does not glorify him so Franklin Graham is a liar. And the Jews who are the bankers and are not God’s chosen people are actually the children of the devil just like Jesus Christ said in John 8:31-59 to get the whole context. Yes indeed God does not lie and man does lie.
    1 Corinthians 6:19-20 “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.

    1. Since the ‘Elites’ are terrified with THE PLAGUE, elite of thieves, traitors, murderers and liars are SO horrified with CLIMATE CHANGE, they can go straight to the nearest DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) and lock themselves down there for good, ASAP.

      While they protect themselves against their own paranoia we regular people are free to live a NORMAL life in the surface fishing, playing, partying, having kids… you know, things NORMAL people do normally. And the so called ‘Elites’ can **ck themselves in their DUMBs down there.

      The GREAT reset in few words.

      1. Yes. Sadly, we ALL are intentional victims of THEIR paranoia….. their FEAR.

        Here is one example of the Elites’ intentions:

        Harvard’s Viewpoint: Prioritizing racial minorities for COVID-19 vaccines!

        Racial minorities have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Prioritizing access to a vaccine for these minorities can be justified!!

        The October 14, 2020 article noted that the ethics and legality of race-based policies in the U.S. have been controversial, but offered thoughts on how to prioritize vaccine allocations ethically and legally.

        They wrote that rates of COVID-19 deaths, COVID-19-related unemployment, housing evictions, and hospitalizations have all been higher among minority groups, including Black, Indigenous, Latino, Pacific Islander, and Asian populations. “Ignoring these effects in allocating vaccines could exacerbate these differences, with an influence lasting likely far beyond the end of the pandemic,” they wrote. They also pointed out that both the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine and the World Health Organization have recommended that policy makers allocate vaccines so as to reduce health disparities.


  16. I’ve been thinking along an exact the same rational you are, NBTT, What if we could negotiate? What if we to give incentives and concessions? What if we were to build our own ark and just take off leaving them behind in the dust? It is not going to happen, They want and demand two things from us, and that is….everything we have or be dead!
    My ancestors made this very same mistake on at least 109 different occasions in the past 1000 years! I intend to not to repeat any of it! That is the only answer!

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