America in Humilistan: Apocalypse Yesterday, Apocalypse Tomorrow

As mothers throw their babies over barbed wire fences to their erstwhile invaders, the big question is: ‘How fast can we run?’

By Lasha Darkmoon
August 23, 2021
(Includes 12-minute video)


“America is a mistake, a giant mistake!” wailed Sigmund Freud long ago. Perhaps Papa Sigmund was on to something. Recent events have borne him out. Because please take note: the current situation in Afghanistan is Saigon 1975 on steroids.  America’s ignominious retreat from Vietnam 45 years ago looks like a nun’s picnic in comparison. It is humiliation writ large.

“It is an apocalyptic scene,” raves Saturday’s leader in The Daily Mail. “The pandemonium sparked in Kabul when Joe Biden shamefully handed Afghanistan back to the Taliban is reaching crescendo. Insurgents stalk and murder their enemies. Frantic mothers pass babies over barbed wire fences at the airport so they can reach safety. And as our front page pictures vividly depict, our troops desperately try to contain panicking crowds fleeing the barbarians.” (The Daily Mail, August 21, 2021, p.18).

The Daily Mail never learns.


Who becomes a legitimate target for abuse when one country invades another and tells the local savages,  “We are here to deliver you from your darkness and bring you the delights of Western civilisation!”

Do the ignoble savages decide to hand over their turbans in gratitude and exchange them for baseball caps? Do the nasties suddenly become nice, embracing their rescuers from medieval feudalism? Do they go down on their knees and request their noble benefactors for greater access to Hollywood porn movies, miniskirts, and radical feminism?

Frankly, I don’t think so.

Not if they are Afghanis. These people have a different code book.  They are warriors from the past, marching to a different drum.  They tell their benefactors: “Will you get out of our country? We give you six seconds. If you don’t, we’ll make kebabs out of you!”

Hell’s bells, what horrible people! Let’s exterminate them! 

—     §     —

Lin Dinh, in a recent article on the Unz Review called ‘White Flagged America’—republished this morning on Truthseeker—echoes the above sentiments.

America has egg all over its face. Its barefaced lies over the last twenty years, and well before that too, are there for all to see. Its abject humiliation at the hands of the Taliban is beyond dispute.

“Do prove me wrong, ” Mr Dinh concludes cuttingly, “but the only country that’s going down without any fight whatsoever is the United States of America.”

“The Taliban regime is coming to an end,” announced President George W. Bush at the National Museum of Women in the Arts on December 12, 2001 — almost twenty years ago today.

Five months later, Bush vowed: “In the United States of America, the terrorists have chosen a foe unlike any they have faced before. . . . We will stay until the mission is done.”

Four years after that, in August of 2006, Bush announced: “Al Qaeda and the Taliban lost a coveted base in Afghanistan and they know they will never reclaim it when democracy succeeds. The days of the Taliban are over. The future of Afghanistan belongs to the people of Afghanistan.” (Quoted here)

For two decades, Americans were told by their government that America was winning the country’s longest war. The Taliban were always on the verge of permanent obliteration. America was helping to prop up Afghan security forces.  They couldn’t do it own on their own. Not yet. So America was giving the interim government a helping hand. Ulterior motives? Beady eyes on the opium crop? Perish the thought!  How dare you suggest America was in Afghanistan for any other reason than altruistic benevolence?

None of this was true.

America was losing the plot, and it didn’t have the guts to say so.

—     §     —

Fast forward to July-August 2021 and the reign of the kindly Joe Biden. The somewhat forgetful new inmate of the White House (who kept tripping up on steps) had nevertheless delivered America from the evil clutches of tinpot dictator Donald Trump.  Just five weeks ago, on July 8, nice Uncle Joe—no connection, by the way,  with Uncle Joe Stalin!—had stood in the East Room of the White House and announced that there was absolutely no chance of the Taliban taking over Afghanistan. Not on America’s watch. And certainly not on his watch.

To a question from a reporter who showed legitimate concern that the current situation in Afghanistan had ominous similarities to the dire situation in Saigon in 1975, when the U.S. was driven out ofVietnam by the North Vietnamese, Uncle Joe lost his cool and snapped back at the reporter:

REPORTER:  Mr. President, some Vietnamese veterans see echoes of their experience in this withdrawal in Afghanistan.  Do you see any parallels between this withdrawal and what happened in Vietnam in 1975—

UNCLE JOE:  None whatsoever!  Zero!  . . .  The Taliban is not the south—the North Vietnamese army. They’re not—they’re not remotely comparable in terms of capability. There’s going to be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy in the—of the United States from Afghanistan.  It is not at all comparable. 

Prophetic words? IF ONLY! Uncle Joe was lying.  Nothing he said was even remotely true.

Veteran reporter Glenn Greenwald sums it up neatly: “Any residual doubt about the falsity of those two decades of optimistic claims has been obliterated by the easy and lightning-fast blitzkrieg whereby the Taliban took back control of Afghanistan. ”

BIDEN  LIES:  VIDEO  CLIP  (10 seconds) 

“It is vital not just to take note of how easily and frequently U.S. leaders lie to the public about its wars once those lies are revealed at the end of those wars,” Greenwald concludes his devastating analysis, ” but also to remember this vital lesson the next time U.S. leaders propose a new war using the same tactics of manipulation, lies, and deceit.”

—     §     —

The simple point I am trying to make is that the Emperor  no longer has any clothes.

The American government has been outed as a consistent liar for the last two decades, something many of us know already but which the general public apparently does not know—though this easily duped majority are rapidly learning to be more mistrustful of their rulers.

This 12-minute video I have added below gives context to the Afghanistan situation by making two important points that the mass media have failed to make with sufficient clarity so far.

First, the point that the Afghan people are unique in history as being a people who will brook no interference in their internal affairs. They have never yet been conquered by a foreign invader. They saw off the Brits, slaughtering them down to the last man in the time of Queen Victoria. They saw off the Russians in 10 years (1979-1989) with Stinger missiles (pictured) supplied to them courtesy of America. And it was inevitable that they would soon or later see off the Americans and the Brits who barged into their country as uninvited guests—under the pretence that they were there to shower them with lovingkindness and make them happier.

Any country rash enough to march into Afghanistan, in order to thrust “democracy” down the natives’ throats, can expect to be driven out ignominiously in due course.

As I have said elsewhere in an extended note:

Right now we hear the Feminist Brigade clamouring for Afghan women to be given “equal rights” to men, with all the perks and privileges given to women in the West. That Afghan women should be treated kindly and respectfully none can deny. But Western feminists never stop at equality; give them an inch and they will take an ell. Never satisfied with equality, our feminist viragos  insist on ruling the roost and becoming the dominant sex. 

The right to wear miniskirts and look like whores—the right to burn their bras and go topless in protest at the way they are being treated by “male chauvinists pigs”—the right to commit adultery and have their husbands support them and their children with crippling alimony exactions—the right to “go on strike” in the bedroom and deny sex to their husbands unless their husbands  toe the line and indulge all their whims and fancies—all this, and more, will be the fate of Afghan men if they allow the morally bankrupt West to meddle in their internal affairs. Hollywood movies, with porn shops sprouting up on every corner, are unlikely to become a common sight in Kabul in the near future.

Afghan men, it seems, have a long way to go before they allow their womenfolk to wear the trousers and wield a whip hand over them. Good for them! America, meanwhile, seriously needs to clean up its own house and let the Afghan people manage their own affairs without interference. 

This leads on to the second point, made eloquently in the video below by the second speaker, political commentator Scott Bennett.

He concedes that the Taliban simply cannot go on behaving like a bunch of savages, abducting and raping 12-year-old girls and  stoning women to death for adultery (picture). In order to survive they need to modernise and  clean up their act. The days of the Old Taliban are over.  They are a relic of the past. What is needed, Bennett argues, is a New Taliban with a kinder face.

A tall order? Not necessarily.

Only a very small minority of Muslims, in my humble opinion,  are crazed fanatical jihadis wearing suicide vests and blowing innocent civilians up on street corners. Most of the Muslims I have met in my personal life have been model citizens, anxious to please and fit in, generous in almsgiving, and far more prudish about sex—in other words, extremely anxious to avoid the sexual decadence to which their Western counterparts are so prone.

Before I beat my own hasty retreat, let me quote America’s greatest comedian Charlie Chaplin: “I have no further use for America. I wouldn’t go back there if Jesus Christ was President.”

I will leave you now, dear reader,  to your own conclusions. If my Victorian  values and rejection of radical feminism gives you offence, my sincerest apologies.

Go in peace and God bless.

E.Michael Jones and Scott Bennett
interviewed on PressTV : 12.30 mins

74 thoughts to “America in Humilistan: Apocalypse Yesterday, Apocalypse Tomorrow”

  1. The question may not be ‘How fast can we run?’ as LD, puts it, but “Where Can We Hide”? because of embarrassment that will meet the Americans all over the world.

    Granted, The Hidden Hand does have a policy in works to end “American Imperialism” And while the debacle that was the withdrawal from Afghanistan without strategy, my actually have been a Big Blunder, by the Big Blunderer, who knows, somehow, if the deconstruction of the American Imperialism was in the works, WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY? They have a clueless Old Joe as the president, and he looks like a character straight from Tom Sharp comedies.

    This may explain the unthinkable surrender of High Tech Military Technology to the Taliban. China is ecstatic. And Trump will have a field Day screaming himself horse, “I TOLD YOU IT WAS A COUP!” If one did not even know it, this Bidden Administration looks like the decisions are being made by committee of Bureaucrats. There does not appear to be an effective Central Command.

    The buck is being shoved around. Given this scenario, will this guy finish One term really? Any bets? America’s image was not good with Trump as the Top Guy…………BUT THIS? This is beyond, way beyond compare! Even a Third World Country would have executed withdrawal with more dignity.

    1. Excellent comment, Bigfoot.

      As you say in your opening paragraph,

      The question may not be ‘How fast can we run?’ as LD puts it, but “Where Can We Hide”? because of embarrassment that will meet the Americans all over the world.

      That’s true. LD would be the first to admit that “Where can we hide?” is likely to be uppermost in most Americans’ minds right now. But this question does not REPLACE LD’s question, “How fast can we run?”. It simply follows from it.

      After all, there would be no question of Americans asking “Where can we hide?” unless they were ON THE RUN in the first place. 🙂

      1. Brilliant riposte, Sister Monica! 🙂

        QUESTION 1: ‘How fast can we run?’
        QUESTION 2: ‘Where can we hide?’

          1. American’s have indeed been running. Running to get their very own grade #1 covid clot shot and kill injection. There still may be some hope. It was reported on Stew Peters’ interview with Dr. Jane Ruby (must watch), that 50% of the injections may be or have been saline. So what may happen is that 50% cohort with no side effects will reason that it will be OK to take the booster shot(s) . That will be their fatal error. The Pfizer death shot is now certified the FDA. God help the American people as they seem to be incapable of helping themselves.
            Run and hide from the kill shots. Can you imagine criminal big pharma trying to inject the covid kill shots into the arms of the Taliban.

            1. This Covid hoax, more then anything else, indicates the herd stupidity of the American people. Like cattle in a loading shute, many are going to their slaughter without a kick.
              Mask-wearing compliance is the first step.

    2. Couple comments.
      Nothing happens in gov’t or foreign policy that wasn’t planned. As a side note the taliban “leader” is a US citizen trained by our military and many of them are jews wake up.

      Secondly- look this up, when Vietnam ended and Nixon (I think it was) had an emergency meeting to try and rescue our soldiers there was one vote “No”……. IT WAS BIDEN , THE UNDEAD.

    3. “The question may not be ‘How fast can we run?’ as LD, puts it, but “Where Can We Hide”? because of embarrassment that will meet the Americans all over the world.”

      I see foreign inflated self-importance still thinks Americans give a half a shit about foreign opinion or feel embarrassed by the actions of an illegitimate foreign government occupying them. Or that ZOG projects are somehow viewed as American projects.

      What no one here seems to realize is the plan was to can Joe and let Indian Kamaltoe take over, and has been since the beginning. Because everyone hates she-who-slept-her-way-to-power, they couldn’t run her, so Joe is her beard. That’s why they picked a mentally incompetent person they could easily remove later.

      Most have been so distracted, they missed the completion of the audits, which found the fraud we all know happened during the stolen election. And all the foreigners who have been interfering with the US elections and trying to kill and destroy it’s people. That is slowly rolling it’s way to the proper authorities thought creeping bureaucratic channels. I’m gonna call it, Trump is getting back in.

      1. Also, adding what was state before: Opium is worth less at murdering whites than fentanyl China has weaponized and used against Americans. Muslims trash in restaurants have dropped this shit in drinks in order to kill Americans, and you probably haven’t heard a word about it.


        1. Between the Democrats and the Republicans I bet we get at least 2 million Afghani refugees in the United States, probably more. Then they will want all of their relatives here in the United States then we’ll wind up with an additional 4-5 million Afghanis and then they will have A LOT of babies, more millions of Afghanis in the United States. We lost American soldiers so the Afghanis could get a foothold in the United States. After making enemies with the Afghanis bring them into your country in large numbers and give them everything for free so they can procreate real easily without having to worry about how they’re going to support their children. American soldiers gave their lives for this, were maimed and crippled for this. After the war, LESS Americans in America, MORE Afghanis in America.

          The disgrace is not leaving weaponry behind for the Taliban, the REAL disgrace is American soldiers gave their lives so us Americans could experience LESS Americans in the USA and MORE Afghanis in the USA. And both political parties are A-Okay with that, including Trump and Marjorie Green.

          There were hardly any Afghanis in the United States before the Afghan War, now there’s going to be millions of Afghanis in the United States — and it would be the very same situation if Uncle Sam had won the Afghan War, the United States would get flooded with Afghanis. Win or lose, the USA always get flooded with immigrants/refugees from countries Uncle Sam starts wars with.

          And with the Communist Federal government in Washington, they’re going to knowingly let in A LOT of Afghanis who have a deep hatred for the United States and want revenge. Uncle Sam wants that.

  2. This was announced by the Taliban a few days ago, notice the pristine English…

    -“For the last 40 years, we have struggled to establish peace in Afghanistan. We have defeated the forces of the atheistic Communists and the Zionist West, and we have liberated our country.

    We invite all Afghans to participate in our Islamic Emirate and we promise we will work for the betterment of our people. Our priorities are to bring peace to all regions of Afghanistan and to ensure the fairness of law. We will punish those who have done evil, and we will pardon those who fought against us, but have now submitted themselves. Allah is the most merciful and we can only thank Allah for our victory. Islam will be upheld in Afghanistan.

    We have but a few things to say to the world. If you want peace with us, end your hatred for our government of Afghanistan and recognise our rule. We are the rulers of this land graced by Allah, and no matter how hard you have tried, you have never defeated us.

    To the people of this world, especially the Palestinians, we hope that our victory over the superpowers of mankind will inspire you, as our faith in Allah has been confirmed for all to see. How can you deny Allah and his will, when he has delivered such a great victory to the believers?

    We dream of a world in which there is peace between all and we ask all world governments to recognise our government.

    Our message to the American people and people of the Western powers who fought us, who we know are hurt by this defeat, is simple: we do not have any hatred for you. Your governments, ran by Zionists and atheists, who want to spread their anti-Islamic views here, were our enemies, not you. We will pray for the day when you liberate yourselves from their grip, and there can be peace upon this planet.

    One day, in the future, we hope the whole world will see the truth of Islam.
    Allah is the most merciful. “—

    When I read the part where the announcement mentions ‘the people of Palestine’ I remembered that rev. Hagee said a couple of days ago that what happened in Afghanistan “was a very sad day for Israel….”
    Could this very powerful man of God, chairman of the Christian-Zionist organization “Christians United for Israel” (🙃) be prophesying that this is gonna snowball and spiral out of control and bring down every puppet regime in the middle east…? Puppet regimes
    that treacherously protect Israel instead of siding with their brethren in Gaza?
    A Muslim spring 2.0 is gonna be evolving y’all…
    Oh, and also, very possibly a Red White and Blue too

    1. @ Sarita

      This was announced by the Taliban a few days ago, notice the pristine English…

      Your comment is by far the best here because it provides valuable on-topic information, but your opening sentence is not to my taste.This is because of that barbed phrase of yours “notice the pristine English.” By this you seem to suggest that there is something fishy or suspicious about this whole operation, as if the Taliban had been taken over by the CIA or by the American Deep State — or even by Mossad! 🙂

      If this is your game, please don’t go that road. It’s quite unnecessary.

      What do you expect the Taliban to do? Issue a statement in pidgin English? using bad spelling and punctuation and lots of typos? sounding like savages? or worse still, like online terrorists?

      If every single Western leader nowadays has his own speech writer, do you think the new leader of the Taliban is too poor to hire his own team of speech writers and interpreters? Of course not. The world s full of highly educated bilingual Muslims with university degrees who write far better English than most white Americans can. It makes good sense for the incoming “New Taliban” to have a sophisticated public relations team.

      Do you think Ronald Reagan wrote his own speeches? No, his best lines came from his speech writers. Even the silly gags by which he is known were probably invented for him by some ex-comedian on the government payroll.

      Conclusion: there’s nothing suspicious about the “pristine English” of the New Taliban. It’s what you would expect from a vibrant new organization that hopes to create a positive image of itself: an image of competence, efficiency, moral rectitude, humanitarian compassion, and the desire to live at peace with its neighbours.

      For centuries the Afghanis have lived in peace with their womenfolk who knew how to dress modestly and confined their activities to housework, gardening, child rearing etc etc. The last thing they need, as LD points out in her stimulating article, is bossy little feminist whores in miniskirts cracking the whip and telling their warrior-like husbands what to do! 🙂

      Different countries, different customs.

      Don’t impose your rotten Western values on these Oriental countries, you degenerate Yanks! If you can’t even control your own wives and daughters, what gives you the right to stick your big noses into other people’s domestic lives in foreign countries? Stay away and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

      1. Well said, Saki!

        I ain’t no prude or prim Victorian schoolmarm, but I do think most men would prefer their wives and daughters to dress modestly. Experience has taught me that legs kept hidden under long silky skirts are far more sexy than legs that are bared to the crutch, leaving little to the imagination.

        Those Taliban women under their burkas … WOW! they must be driving their hubbies mad with lust! … Just their eyes peeping out of those slits are enough to turn their raunchy husbands into rampant stallions!

        Ye White women, ye don’t know what ya missing! You wanna get hold of a good ‘Victoria’s Secret’ burka catalogue! 🙂


        DESIGNER BURKAS ….. ‘Come and get me, Ali!’

        1. @M Butterfly
          “I do think most men would prefer their wives and daughters to dress modestly.”

          That is very true, but unfortunately most men prefer other men’s wives and daughters to dress immodestly.

          Immodesty in dress is a much more serious thing than most modern “boiling frog” morally desensitized, jaded, and culturally conditioned people think. Our Lady of Fatima revealed to the young visionary Jacinta Marto before she died in 1920 (the beginning of the “Roaring Twenties”), “Fashions will be introduced that will offend Our Lord very much. Those who wish to please God should not follow these fashions…. Woe to women on account of immodesty!” Why? Because men are easily provoked to lust through what they look at, and as Jesus said, “He who looks upon a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” This is a highly unpopular thing to say, but purity of heart is a sine qua non of a healthy spiritual life, in fact for the very life of the soul. “With man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

          1. Thanks, Darrel. You have articulated perfectly all that I believe myself. I had no idea, by the way, that Our Lady of Fatima had voiced an opinion on immodest. fashions. That’s interesting to know. I am aware, too, that E. Michael Jones had commented on masturbation in ‘Libido Dominandi’ os being a habit incompatible with a deep prayer life. Lasha wrote a long article on this same subject several years ago from which I learnt all these things. It was published on The Occidental Observer and also mentioned Wilhelm Reich. I can’t remember the title of the article offhand…

            1. I believe you’re referring to “Wilhelm Reich and the Wanking Women: Sexual Politics and Social Control”: (the kind of title hard to ever forget!)

              C.S. Lewis wrote, “A man with an obsession is a man with very little sales resistance.”

              There are people who want to keep our sexual appetite aroused not just to make money out of us, but also to make us docile slaves to our passions, and thus easier to manipulate and control.

              “It is clear that sin is the primary cause of servitude. Thus a good man, though a slave, is free; but a wicked man, though a king, is a slave. For he serves, not one man alone, but, what is worse, as many masters as he has vices.” (St. Augustine, City of God)

          2. @ DARRELL
            The current problem of women wearing immodestly has everything to do with the Hidden Government which endeavors to destroy all previous social structures and modes of behavior in order to install its own warped “Modernism” Most people, especially women have no clue how they are being used.

            The problem with the average citizen is that they never understand the Psycho-Politics Of Intellectual Morons , which is based o the use of Hegelianism. This involves the manufacturing consent through predictive Programming of the Masses. It starts with some noble sounding agenda such as “Women Rights” “education of girl child” “Democracy” “Human Right” “ “Minority rights” etc.

            Now, the principle of “Boiling Frogs” is introduces. You agreed, that women have a “right” to self-determination” you agreed that “Their body their choice” Then, you really, cannot be for “women rights” and be against “Feminism” precisely because “we are on it together” No?
            Then, they introduce “Multiculturalism” “Immigration” “Diversity” Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Transgender, Paedophilia, Necrophilia, Sadomasochism, bestiality, Gay Movement” “ Gender Torrance”

            How can you be against all this, and yet, you agreed to “Women Rights”. You see, Transgender, Qeers, Crossdressers Pansexuality, have rights. No?

            So, if a guy wakes up and decides that today he will be a woman, “who are you to judge?” If he decides to use women restrooms, and somewhere along the way he decides to revert to a Man,” who are you to judge?” Women now are finding that me are intruding in their privacy, and THEY CAN DO ZITCH!! The men claim they are women see?

            It for the same reason that if a woman decides to wear scantly, “who are you to judge?” The society can do nothing.

            The fact is, all these so-called “rights” being sold to the masses are illusions. They are not meant to last. Previously, every individual belonged to a group. And membership to that group required the surrender of some “rights” for the benefit of the group, which in turn gave the individual the sense of belonging, and also security by numbers.

            When now the individual, falls to the Illuminati ruse, whether man or woman, and embraces, the “freedoms” and “Rights” given by the State, as “Human Rights” to the detriment of the cohesion of his former group. he/she consequently surrenders his membership to his group, by denying the group any influence over him/her!. For that reason that the group cannot thereafter impose its influence on the individual. The Individual will sue the group! That is what is happening!

            By purporting protect the individual though “Human Rights” and “Freedoms,” the State, is alleging that the previous arrangement between the individual and the society was in error. It is also selling the idea, that whatever the society or the individual held as “revered” such as morals, modesty, decency, humility etc, or any other ideal that made up the previous structure of the society, stable, was now up to be questioned, criticized, and trashed.

            So, by cleverly disguising its campaign as “protection of individual rights” the Illuminati Marmon Government is hiding its true motive, which is to disintegrate the society! It leaves the individual exposed to the shenanigans of the government, without any protection from the social system and structures which are now being disintegrated.

            That is why, women are slowly finding that the protection which was promised by the government is inadequate! Yet the same government claimed that it liberated them from “oppression by men” and “oppression by patriarchal society” only to place them under its tyranny.

      2. Hi Saki,
        Yo misunderstood what I meant when i wrote “notice the pristine English”..
        Normally we people don’t need to get upset until we find out, after further inquiring, what the other side meant..
        I meant two things..
        1- in Spanish culture when you tell someone “is it pristine clear?'” it means something like “get it in your head, and don’t forget it, it can’t be clearer than this!”
        2- I meant to say exactly what you explained later ..they have very prepared people, educated, smart, intelligent, into technology, etc … Lots of Pakistani influence ..Pakistan has nukes technology, many people in the silicon valley, universities..
        So, I meant to say “don’t be fooled by their humble clothing, by the poor landscape .. NOTICE how their English is pristine”..
        So basically, I was praising them.
        But it’s ok,
        we can blame it on something Americans call
        “Lost in translation”

        1. My sincere apologies, Sarita, for misunderstanding you. No excuses for me! I stand guilty and will do penance in sackcloth and ashes. 🙂

          But no, joking aside, I’m so relieved to learn that you are thinking along the same lines as me on this point in regard to the Taliban. At least you are always polite, which is a great blessing!

          Are you a professional translator, by the way? Spanish is your native language, I take it. If so, what languages are you asked to translate? If you wish to remain silent on this point, that OK with me. I don’t wish to pry. I’m just interested.

  3. LD: “Fast forward to July-August 2021 and the reign of the kindly Joe Biden. The somewhat forgetful new inmate of the White House (who kept tripping up on steps) had nevertheless delivered America from the evil clutches of tinpot dictator Donald Trump.”

    Please note that in calling Donald Trump a “tinpot dictator”, LD is not taking taking a swipe at Donald Trump or denouncing him as an evil tyrant. She is simply being ironical. I need to point this out because, unfortunately, irony detection is not something our American cousins are particularly good at. They simply don’t know when you’re kidding and when you’re being serious. They often get seriously offended when all you’re doing is teasing, jesting, or pulling their legs.

    Not all Americans, I must add, but quite a large number who have an atrophied sense of humour.

    However, there are some Americans on this website who are so mentally miswired that they cannot make up their minds if Trump is the best president America ever or the worst president ever! One such kook we are all familiar with on this site. He changes his tune all the time, loving Trump and hating him on alternate days. 🙂

    This eccentric genius will have the next comment.

    1. (OFF-TOPIC but relevant)

      Trump was booed the other day at his rally in Alabama when he told his die-hard supporters to “take vaccine”, his die hard supporters booed him [ya’ gotta love it, lol]. I hope the pharisees aren’t planning to make him the president again. He pushed White Americans under the bus on Jan. 6th, he handed his White Americans supporters over to JEW COMMUNISTS to be persecuted. If the pharisees make Trump the president again that could be the spark that sets off Civil War, for the Left will react very violently to another Trump presidency.

      If the pharisees make Trump president again, that means the pharisees want CIVIL WAR in the United States. Trump is actually on the side of the pharisees. He couldn’t care less about his supporters, especially his White supporters and they make up probably 90% of his supporters.

      Trump couldn’t care less about White Americans. He’s looking forward to the day White Americans are a small small minority in the United States. H’s no different from the COMMIE JEWS on the left.

      1. The left are jabbed, whining, satan worshiping, gender-confused crybabies and pedos. The nonwhites will bash their heads in before they get out of the hood before the whites have time to load their shotguns. They have and will continue to prove themselves useless and incompetent so long as they are breathing.

    2. (OFF-TOPIC)

      Sister Monica,

      I take umbrage at your “Preface” post to my “ANTI-Trump” post.

      ADMIN: OK, Joe. You’ve made your point. But do you really need so many WORDS to say it in? I guess you’re under Tolstoy’s influence. Every single comment you make is like you’re trying to write your own version of ‘War and Peace’. Please try to be briefer and to the point in future. Thank you!

      It’s true I changed my tune about Trump, but I changed my tune because of what happened on Jan 6th. , Trump lured his supporters to Washington to set them up so the Commies could blame White Americans for “terrorism”. Now, because of Trump White Americans are labeled “terrorists” . Plus, he did next to nothing to contest the stolen election. I find that very odd. I find that suspicious. I liked Trump in 2016, I voted for him in 2020 also, but I wasn’t at all gung-ho to vote for him. I look back and I realize I made a mistake to vote for him in 2016 and another mistake to vote for him again in 2020.

      I do NOT change my mind “all the time”. I rarely change my mind. I’m usually very consistent with my thinking. There are times, however, I am quite capable of changing my mind. If given solid evidence, objective evidence, a situation is not what I think it is, I can change my mind. I changed my tune about Trump. I also changed my tune about Hitler and National Socialism.

      At one time I didn’t like Hitler/National Socialism. Now I like Hitler and National Socialism. I was greatly misinformed about Hitler and National Socialism. When presented with solid evidence that I was misinformed and I was wrong about Hitler and National Socialism I changed my mind. At one time I liked and admired Pius XII, how stupid I was. Yes, I changed my mind about Pius XII also.

      Neither my change of thinking concerning Trump and concerning Hitler/National Socialism and concerning Pius XII can be called “changing his tunes all the time”. I change my mind when presented with factual information my position about a subject matter is wrong, and when I change my mind I explain why I changed my mind. I don’t just change my mind at the drop of a hat or for no reason at all. I do not change my mind just for the hell of it, as you imply.

      It’s actually a sign of intelligence to be able to change one’s mind — if given solid evidence one is wrong or mistaken. It’s a good character trait, thank you very much.

      I never really gave Hitler and National Socialism much thought. I was a typical kwan, I had a knee jerk reaction against Hitler and National Socialism. But thanks to Darkmoon I started thinking more and more about Hitler and Nationalist Socialism and that got me researching The Third Reich more and more.

      Darkmoon at one time focused on Hitler and National Socialism a lot, almost every day for years and years. That constant focusing on The Third Reich is what started me on my journey of delving deeper and deeper into what Hitler and National Socialism was really all about. After studying the matter a lot over many years, i now like Hitler and National Socialism very much — and I have Darkmoon to thank for it. I am grateful to Darkmoon for it was here at Darkmoon I started learning about Hitler and National Socialism. It was here at Darkmoon I was inspired to delve deeply into The Third Reich and learn as much as possible about it.

      Before Darkmoon I was a typical kwan very ANTI-Hitler very ANTI National Socialism. After Darkmoon, I am a National Socialist, at least in my heart I am. How wonderful it is, how freeing it is, to be able to change one’s mind! I’m quite consistent in my thinking but I’m not what you can call a small-minded hobglobin. I can change my mind, and when I do change my mind, I change my mind in an intelligent way based on factual objective evidence. NOT in a crazy way, like some retarded airhead. In an intelligent way if you don’t mind. I continue to pray for you nonetheless. Nothing can ever stop me from praying for you!

  4. “America is a mistake, a giant mistake!” wailed Sigmund Freud long ago.”

    He hadda know he was covering for his criminal pharisee-jew banking buddies…. blaming NO ONE!!

  5. Though she makes a valid case, LD meticulously LEAVES OUT Uncle Sam’s all-too-eager Yapping Poodle in his post 911 “escapades”… and THAT would be none other than that perennially sanctimonious hypocrite ZOGUK.

    Thank You!

  6. I am not embarrassed, angry, or in need of hiding because the Zionist Occupied Criminal Government of Police State Amerika decided to pull out of some loser war it found itself in. And as a matter of fact every anarchist Libertarian government hater said we shouldn’t be there, we said it would end badly, we said those Mooslims would never adopt our values, and we said we had no business there, and we said the war was a crime based on a false flag crimes, and we said the war was for profits and never about any moral reason and that everything ever said from the MSM was a coverup, misinformation, and a lie.

    So, I for one, am not embarrassed in any way shape or form and I am glad we are getting the hell out of that Muslim sh-thole because I am a loving person who does not want the young men and women, who foolishly joined the ZOG army, to be killed or damaged in any way so that Antony Blinken and his Jewish buddies can make bank raping the world.

    I also said again and again that Trump was a tool and a liar, because he said we should get out of Afghanistan, then didn’t – who is now such an ass he criticizes Biden when at least Biden did something positive and stopped the bleeding. If blow hard Trumpenstein was re-elected we would still be there and never get out, because Trump is Israel first all the way.

    Finally, do you think the average dumbass Amerikan, who hasn’t a clue about foreign policy, who can not name the Secretary of State, who can not find Afghanistan on the map, who could not name 5 presidents, who barely passed through school partying and smoking huge amounts of weed, gives a crap about any of this or even knows what happened!

    I leave you with some humor, just to prove to you that know one in Amerika knows or cares in the least about Afghanistan, Jay Leno’s J walk:

    Jay Leno JayWalking: Geography Test

    Jay Leno’s Science quiz

    Jay Leno Astronomy Quiz

    1. “I am not embarrassed, angry, or in need of hiding because the Zionist Occupied Criminal Government of Police State Amerika decided to pull out of some loser war it found itself in.”

      I think this is the majority sentiment among those paying attention. Americans have been calmer than usual about this because they know this entire thing was ZOG framing Afghanistan.

      And this whole thing gets weirder:
      See the 7:00 marker.

  7. “…America’s greatest comedian Charlie Chaplin: ‘I have no further use for America. I wouldn’t go back there if Jesus Christ was President’.”

    He couldn’t return even if he wanted to. In 1952, the communist comedian was banned from re-entering the United States due to his subversive political activities and immoral behavior. And being a faithful red Talmudic hater of Christ, his statement is beyond deceptive, it borders on the diabolical. Here’s the real life Charlie Chaplin many readers may not know about: (and several links)

  8. The arming of the taliban aka isis aka al ciada was all in the zionist plan, Biden and Trump are puppets of the zionists and the zionists control the ZUS and have since The Act of 1871 and then they put the final nail on the coffin lid with their privately owned FED and IRS in 1913, America is a zionist plantation.

    Now the taliban aka isis aks al ciada will be turned loose on Russia and Iran, surprise, surprise.

      1. Pat:

        How on earth did you manage to morph from the topic under consideration – The US Collapse In Kabul – to expounding on John Hancock’s Massachusetts distillery circa 1794???

        Surely this is a “stretch too far” – even by YOUR tangential “standards” ! – wouldn’t you say? 🤔

        1. “…wouldn’t you say?”

          NO WAY! You would do better to mind your own mostly off-topic “tangential standards”… since D Fox thanked me for my contextually logical comment to his claim. 🙂

          FYI – Every topic has a history attached.

          1. “Every topic has a history attached.”

            In THAT case – to take it to its logical conclusion – why not go ALL the way back to the first amoeba to crawl outta the slime and ‘survey the scene’ to ask “Where the fck AM I ???” 🤔

            1. Great IDEA!!! Be my guest! 😂😂
              Be sure you put it under my comment to help me grab more attention!!! Just like I trained you!!! Keep whining!! 😛😛

      2. @ PattyBoy Blue

        Name a Jewish distillery in 1794 Patty Boy Blue or go blow your horn ? Can’t, why Its as simple as the cat in the fiddle and the cow jumped over the moon. Obviously the cow jump was a false flag to set the cat up for the Jew banksters skimming the mother goose company for all they had. You should know all this Patty Boy because it’s right up your alley. If not you can google it captain 🙂

  9. Darkmooners,
    The above photo of the Taliban is curious. It strikes Donaldo as a photo-op to say the least. They are supposedly inside the Presidential Palace. Ok. But why are they armed with AK-47 assault rifles? These weapons are useless at close range. Why don’t they carry 9mm handguns with holsters? Much more practical. Also. They dress like Afgan hillbilly 🐑-humpers from the remote mountain villages. Didn’t anyone of them actually think of wearing a professional-looking uniform? Anyway. Something ain’t right….it’s Donaldos (((sense))). And all of a sudden everyone stops to pose for a lovely family photo. How cute! Anyway. Donaldo formally invites HIS Madame to some much needed and long-awaited drinks and, if he’s lucky, he’ll once again SCORE under the covers. His plot is very simple and transparent. Political covers, however, are much thicker and very murky. What’s happening underneath them now is much more complicated. The viewer can only see movement but doesn’t know who is underneath nor their intentions. Only time will tell. 🍷🍺🤔🤨🤠

  10. Afghan women get beaten for usung ice cubes?
    What’s that all about?
    Look, the first cracks in USA and the rest of the white west came with the cooption and corruption of the females…
    The ruination of the American family started with television and the massive media onslaught against the American housewife….
    Now, a few decades later we’ve got small kids designated transgender and given hormone blockers to stop their natural sexualizaion at puberty, pre-teen girls planning to have their breasts removed before they even have them, drag queens on parade in grade schools, sexualization of children and pedophilia common in the more untouchable levels of the power structure, fatherless kids everywhere, mentally ill drug addicts nodding off on city sidewalks amid piles of human feces, totally out of control borders and a 90% breakdown of law and order, with a national debt approaching $30,000,000,000,000…
    Insert swear words here….
    I don’t know what western man or thinking woman sees no merit in the cautious approach the Taliban take to protecting their females and themselves from the same dirty mthrfkrs who ruined the west by poisoning and exploiting the female….
    And I don’t know what nun in her cloister, somewhat similar, could disagree that western females and western society need a big dose of discipline if they are to redeem themselves and survive in a worthy world…
    The truth is the average American man harbors a respect for these said barbarians and knows he’s really an infant by comparison when it comes to the higher grades of national defense by militia, realizing as he does that it’s probably coming to that with him…..
    4 wives?
    Who’s to say not?
    Is it not common in nature and would not many be better off by it?

      Re- the ubiquitous moral corruption and present moral insanity, in their own writings, some published, some confiscated by civil authorities, such as “The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita” and others, the Jews and Freemasons clearly state their need to corrupt morals in order to attain their goal of “overthrowing throne and altar” and establishing the Kingdom of Lucifer. Some examples:

      “It is corruption en masse that we have undertaken: the corruption of the people by the clergy, and the corruption of the clergy by ourselves; the corruption which ought, one day to enable us to put the Church in her tomb. I have recently heard one of our friends, laughing in a philosophic manner at our projects, say to us: “in order to destroy Catholicism it is necessary to commence by suppressing woman.” The words are true in a sense; but since we cannot suppress woman, let us corrupt her with the Church, corruptio optimi pessima [the corruption of the best is the worst]. The object we have in view is sufficiently good to tempt men such as we are; let us not separate ourselves from it for some miserable personal satisfaction of vengeance. The best poniard with which to strike the Church is corruption.”

      “Let us, then, not make martyrs, but let us popularise vice amongst the multitudes. Let us cause them to draw it in by their five senses ; to drink it in ; to be saturated with it ; and that land which Aretinus has sown is always disposed to receive lewd teachings. Make vicious hearts, and you will have no more Catholics.”

      Various sources:

    2. Bark –

      “4 wives?
      Who’s to say not?
      Is it not common in nature and would not many be better off by it?”

      You forgot to add 900 or so concubines…. 🙂 as in the case of biblical notables…. made to be powerful kings by breeding their own LOYAL armies from their offspring through the generations.

      The limits were placed by fearful, mostly religious, leaders who could not AFFORD 800+ wives and 900+ concubines, each pumping out a baby every year from age 10-12 on, to fill their armies…. as their rivals did.

      Wealth was measured by money and wives and livestock holdings and armies back then.

    1. TheRealOriginalJoe

      Barkingdeer: Donaldo is right now fuck**g *&[email protected]$^ long and hard 😲 in some Motel 6 in Georgia to be bothered with world affairs ….. etc….. etc….. etc…..

      ADMIN: Your comment has “censored” for gross obscenity.
      Don’t bother to post again until your medication has been changed.

      1. Troj,
        Ok. You’ve managed to lure Donaldo from his silence. Let’s begin. Regarding the subject of LONG AND HARD….Donaldo can be both…physically 😲😉 and mentally. A good Darkmooner should think LONG AND HARD about content before posting and Donaldo does. But YOUR posts are SHORT of valuable content and intellectually LIMP. Is it possible that your posts are just a manifestation of your physical self TROJ? SHORT and LIMP. If so, this would definitely explain why MY Madame resisted your advances in our South Florida beach 🏖️ 🏡 while he excused himself to buy 🍺 and 🍷 at the nearby QuikTrip and also why you have never managed to keep a decent and attractive girlfriend. Anyway. Donaldo is finished with his OFF-TOPIC post. In the future, TROJ, just learn to, intellectually at least, be LONG and HARD. Do us Darkmooners a favor please. Ok. Done. Your fate ultimately lies in Administration Toby’s hands 👏 🤨🤔🤠

    2. Bark,
      Nothing like that in USSA. Everything’s normal…..if anyone even knows what NORMAL is anymore. But everyone, in Donaldos opinion, should keep a months supply of food hidden away. Nothing fancy…… just the basics like bulk rice, beans and most importantly….fresh 💦 . 🤗🤠

      1. Bark,
        Also. Up to this point, truckers in USSA have been immune to travel restrictions or quarantines able to travel freely in all lower 48 States. Vaccinations haven’t for the most part been made obligatory by employers. But in the future who knows? But if the JABS do become obligatory things could get interesting. For now Donaldo isn’t worried. Why? CORRUPTION……..and the lack of a reliable verification process. Many vaccination sites in USSA don’t even require an identification. The employees of some vax sites, such as pharmacies, can be bought. Just slip them a crisp $100.00 💵 and get your vax certificate. Very simple. Very easy. In Donald view, unfortunately, most people are gullible sheeple unaware of the sinister forces at work. They therefore willingly take the toxic jab at face value without being forced. HUGE mistake. Anyway. Before the sh*t really hits the fan, Donaldo will be living high in a remote Mexican pueblo with firearms, plenty of food, water, beer, wine 🍷 and Cuban cigars. Come vax him if you dare. 🐑💦🦐🏜️🍷🍺🤠

  11. PAT
    There’s more to that story too Swabbie…. And maybe the Taliban are up to some of the following?
    Some authors say the Kings were also using the harems as blood farms, consuming human blood provides the ultimate in nourishment, if not some mystical kicker…. Long land battles wear people out, endurance is often the deciding factor… Some of the first aid station nurses, battlefield attendants called Ravens, were blood maids… They brought it along and collected it where they could… One point of the Guidon (you remember that) held aloft was that both sides got so covered with blood they couldn’t tell each other apart… The Italian name Guido means Leader… Remember Al Gore carrying vials of blood around with him on his campaign tours with Bill Clinton? I remember it was actually mentioned on network news at one point, they said he was a hemophiliac…. And he was noted for his stamina…
    Other authors go further… They say there are super benefits in the ingestion of vaginal secretions and that was also part of the mystical menu round the palaces… It’s described how they collect the stuff, suck it up straight from the source… The uterus would be the most alchemical place around anywhere…
    Those organs were eaten as part of Reptilian religious rituals way back when they used to sacrifice Virgins to the Gods…
    It’s all about the blood, and the bloodlines… That’s why the dignitaries always roll out the Red Carpet…
    We know what is really meant by Carpenter, as in Jesus was actually a Sarpent-er…
    So where did we get the word-sound for Carpet, is that a form of Sarpent, with no N?
    I’m thinking there’s a connection… A lot of the word-sounds we use are derived from the deified monarchy and feudal exploitation playbook… And you’re right, the big warlords bred their on armies, while they wiped out everybody else… I’ve read 1 out of about every 30 people on Earth is a descendant of Atilla the Hun…
    The Skull and Bones graphic actually depicts 2 people… The crossed femurs are those of a female, while the skull is male… He is intended to be juxtaposed at the woman’s uterus…
    The skull bones contain organic metal residues that are good for you too…
    If you saw the movie ‘Fast Food Nation, I remember the cow skulls in the slaughterhouses were numbered… Wonder Why… I don’t know why but I don’t see Bone Meal in the healthfood stores anymore.. I used to eat that…
    Supposedly, the Bonesmen grind the skulls up into a fine powder and eat them…
    I’ve read Napoleon was a Mummy Grinder, when he took Egypt he went straight to the mummy tombs and ate the cadavers of the Pharaohs preserved there…
    Sorry I got off topic Sister…

    1. You might have “got off topic”… but more’s the pity you hadn’t “got off the booze” before posting that drivel! 😂

        1. That’s the big question, BD. Which is worse?
          Living in Afghanistan or living in Melbourne?

          It’s up to you to choose the alternative you prefer, right? 🙂

          Different men, different choices. No?

  12. For those who identify with ZOGmerika they might be humiliated that the pullout was botched, like this fool Congresswoman:


    Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene filming a video in which she calls Joe Biden a “piece of s***” over the US pullout of Afghanistan. (screengrab)

    Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has once again stirred up fury after posting an expletive laden video lashing out at Joe Biden over the US’s chaotic pull out from Afghanistan.

    In the video, which was posted to right-wing social media site Gettr, a sweat soaked Ms Greene says “Joe Biden, you’re not a president, you’re a piece of s***.”

    “Thousands of Americans are stuck over there in Afghanistan, and you’re letting the Taliban kick your ass, while you’re lecturing governors about masks and vaccines. Do your job, bring these Americans home,” she said.”

    The Left wing are fools and Commies, the right wing are also fools and statists. Notice how she doesn’t say anything about prosecuting those who got us in that botched war. How about those Americans she wants home – who are taking part in managing the biggest drug running operation in history? She doesn’t mention the heroin. She doesn’t rant against the 911 false flag, nor the illegal war, nor the wasted trillions. She is the problem as much as Biden – and probably just another CIA asset installed to fool you. And no doubt this elected fool loves Trump and his “warp speed” vax program.

    If you want to hear some hardcore reality talk, not the endless bullcrap on the MSM, listen to John Kaminski of the Fetch radio:


  13. The painting on the wall behind the Taliban leadership, does anyone know the name of the painting? Who is the figure in white in the painting? I think it’s a beautiful painting. I would like to learn more about it, but I don’t know the name of the painting. Thank you, TROJ.

    1. Thanks for the help everybody! Y’all have been very informative, very helpful! Greatly appreciate all the information! Blessed it is when brethren help one another out by sharing information with one another! Y’all have a bless’d day ya hear. 😊

  14. “Women dressing immodestly” from above

    The MAIN problem with “women dressing immodestly” is that the GREAT MAJORITY of women simply DO NOT HAVE the physical assets to be “advertising ” so brazenly… and would, therefore, stand a much better chance of snaring some sorry sap if they covered up their fat a$$es…at least until the prey has been hooked by the more traditional feminine blandishments of fluttering eyelashes, sighs and sweet whispered nothings.

    Thank You!

    1. It’s been 24 HOURS… and I’m truly “Shocked!!!!” that my tossing the above grenade into the smug, self-satisfied inner-sanctum of the “Fair Sex” hasn’t – at the very least! – elicited a caterwauling cacaphony of blood-curdling curses! (Besides which, I’d hate to think I was losing my “touch”! 😂)

      C’mon girls… don’t hold back! Let’s hear some vituperation from the Voodoo Vamps of Vindictiveness… at least for Ol’ Times sake! 😍 😃

    Nobody’s paying attention to you, because you’re always insulting people….
    Why don’t you try being nice for a change?
    Don’t lower yourself…

        1. Great. That’s good to know! 🙂

          So this broken English “meme” in pidgin Japanese can have no possible relevance to the Taliban today whose leaders and spokesmen make a point of speaking perfectly correct English. Which has impressed quite a lot of people.

          They may well be terrorists, but at least the new bunch of Taliban leaders believe in sophisticated press conferences in which the official spokesman has higher degrees from an Ivy League university and can speak better English than most average Americans do. The “New Taliban” (as opposed to Old Taliban) also employ highly educated speech writers now. Gone the good old days of Hitler and Churchill who actually wrote their own speeches! Neither of these leaders would have dreamt of letting some faceless hack in their background write their speeches for them.

          It so happens that most American speechwriters tend to be Jewish nowadays because Jews belong to the higher intelligentsia. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that both Trump and Biden have Jewish speechwriters. Interesting fact: At least Trump agreed to take the “Dementia Test” and passed it, so we know for sure that Trump has his wits about him. Bidden, on the other hand, flatly refused to take the Dementia test — on the advice of his minders no doubt. Go figure! 🙂

          1. All your speech writers are belong to us.. (;>)

            P.S. I’d bet my last euro Biden would also fail the
            Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised. Or is it pass?
            Now I’m confused..

  16. ISIS took claim for the bomb attack in Kabul. ISIS is the Israeli Proxy Army – so what is it doing in Afghanistan, and how did it get to the Kabul airport when it is surrounded by Taliban.

    So why would ISIS set off a bomb and kill a dozen Marines? Because Israel does not want the USA to leave. The Taliban would not set of the bomb, and the US would not bomb it’s own soldiers when it is leaving and has no fight.

    So why did Biden dismiss the Israeli delegation at the White House today? Biden to hold emergency press meeting tonight, I am on the edge of my seat waiting for our glorious leader to speak.

    This botched withdrawal might get ole Joe fired.

  17. IS RA EL ISis RA ELohim (3 Egyptian Gods combined into one unholy thing)

    ISIS is an Israeli proxy. How do we know? Netanyahu visited wounded ISIS fighters. ISIS never condemns Israel or threatens to attack Israel. Thus ISIL Islamic State In the Levant wants to secure the exact same territory of Greater Israel.

    See Smoloko/YJ meme:

    Netanyahu Transferred Injured ISIS Terrorists From Syria To Israeli & Jordanian Hospitals

    Thus, rest assured that the ISIS bomb attack that killed US Marines in Kabul is a Netanyahu / Israel production and meant to stop the evacuation of Amerikans from Afghanistan.

    So if you are there, head for the border of another state, because Team Biden fudged it good and you’re screwed and you are on your own. What pilot is going to land when bombs are going off at the airstrip? NONE NOTA ONE Zero

    Once again Israel gets away with murder and they are not even mentioned.

    Loser Goy Army Amerikastan up sh-t crick with no paddle.

    CCR-Fortunate Son.
    This one is good, our boys having a fire fight with the Taliban in a marijuana patch:
    U.S. Army’s Fortunate Son (CCR) Afghanistan

    US Troops Protecting Opium/Heroin in Afghanistan

  18. Not that he’s the ideal, but lately I’m wondering how many people out there now are sorry they didn’t vote for DJT? We’d still have a much more secure border, a million less illegal immigrants, and i doubt we’d be watching this retreat debacle….
    I hear it’s 12 Marines and 1 Sailor now, the Corpsman…
    So here’s the magical Jew Mason mystery number again – 13…
    Maybe the 13 does things for itself, it being a magical number…
    But anytime a big deal like this happens and the number 13 defines it somehow – check for Freemasons…
    Notice the 13s everywhere…
    Icke pointed it out – Princess Diana’s limo hit the 13th pillar in the tunnel….
    Just a coincidence I guess…

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