America: The Doom To Come


By Finian Cunningham — July 07, 2021 ” — “ICH”
Presented by Lasha Darkmoon with brief comments


“The real and only issue is to end all criminal US wars that are being waged in multiple countries simultaneously. American lawmakers and the American public need to realize that their government is guilty of war crimes, not just guilty of glossing over human horrors.” — Finian Cunningham 

The Pentagon has been castigated for undercounting the deaths of civilians in its foreign military operations. That might seem like ethical criticism. But it’s woefully not enough. Ending illegal US wars should be the real focus.

Two US lawmakers have this week complained to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin over a Pentagon report which purports to account for civilians killed accidentally by American forces.

Representative Ro Hanna and Senator Elizabeth Warren, both Democrats, rebuked the Department of Defense (DoD) for minimizing the number of casualties. The lawmakers cite open sources that indicate the Pentagon underestimated deaths by a factor of five. 

Calling for a further investigation into the Pentagon’s admissions, the lawmakers stated: “We need to openly consider all the costs, benefits, and consequences of military action, and that includes doing everything we can to prevent and respond to civilian harm.”

The Pentagon report in question is an annual accounting of civilian deaths caused by US forces in foreign operations. It claims that there were only 23 civilians killed during the year 2020 in military deployments across six countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Nigeria.

It is by no means the first time that the Pentagon has been accused of underestimating its “collateral damage”. In a previous report for 2019, it claimed responsibility for 132 civilian deaths in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria whereas open-source figures put the death toll for the period at nearly 10 times higher. 

On reading the latest US military report, it sounds like the epitome of legal probity and humanitarian scruples.

It states (page 5): “All DoD operations in 2020 were conducted in accordance with law of war requirements, including law of war protections for civilians, such as the fundamental principles of distinction and proportionality, and the requirement to take feasible precautions in planning and conducting attacks to reduce the risk of harm to civilians and other persons and objects protected from being made the object of an attack.”

However, to get hung up on the narrow issue about the exact number of unlawful killings inflicted by the American military, or on whether those deaths amount to war crimes or not, is to miss a much more important point. That is, the entire US military presence in these foreign countries is illegal and arguably amounts to the supreme war crime of aggression.

The Pentagon report admits to operations in just six countries. No doubt there are more nations where US covert forces are deployed. But let’s just take the six admitted to.

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were the result of US lies and fabrications about the perpetrators of 9/11 and weapons of mass destruction. There was no justification for these wars which caused millions of deaths over a span of two decades. Doing an annual audit on civilian deaths is obscenely misplaced. 

Those entire military operations were “permitted” by ad hoc US laws known as Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF). Under international law, the only foreign military deployments that are legitimate are those mandated by a right to self-defense from imminent attack, or by the UN Security Council, or by a request from an allied government for assistance. Arguably, the US launched its wars on Afghanistan and Iraq without meeting any of these criteria.

In the cases of Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Nigeria, the illegal presence of US forces is even more salient. The invocation of AUMF laws by Washington is grotesquely tenuous. It is simply a carte blanche to invade foreign nations and bomb at will. That is nothing less than aggression and state terrorism.

So, while Democratic lawmakers in the US may sound ethical in their criticism of the Pentagon over counting civilian casualties, their concern about “proper accounting” and “costs and benefits” is really a sham.

The real and only issue is to end all criminal US wars that are being waged in multiple countries simultaneously. American lawmakers and the American public need to realize that their government is guilty of war crimes, not just guilty of glossing over human horrors. 

American leaders shouldn’t be receiving letters of complaint. They should be receiving warrants for prosecution over war crimes. 

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ENDNOTE BY  LD:  The heroic Drone Warrior, invincible in his omnipotence, kills people in distant Third World countries while relaxing in his shirt sleeves at his keyboard: wedding parties, villagers shopping in market squares, women in hospitals having their babies, schoolchildren in their playgrounds—he kills them all without a qualm of conscience. He doesn’t stab you to death in a dark alley with a Florentine dagger. He presses a button on his keyboard and—PHDOOM!—entire families vanish in a puff of smoke. 

The ultimate Keyboard Coward.

But shushh! you mustn’t say so! That wouldn’t be “woke”, would it? That would be hate speech.  You can’t call this creep a coward. You’ve got to pretend this mass murderer is a bit like the Head Butcher in a slaughterhouse, doing a distasteful job that has to be done. A model citizen! He needs a pat on the back for keeping his nerve: relaxing in his spare time by collecting butterflies,  teaching Boy Scouts how to pull up their socks, and cooking vegan sausages for the homeless in Salvation Army soup kitchens.

This is America’s so-called  “war on terror”.

If they don’t get you with Covid-19, slowly and insidiously  sapping the will to live among the old and vulnerable, huddled in their lonely rooms like caged animals with nothing to do all day except dull the ache of existence by watching toxic TV programmes, junk food for the mind intended to create a nation of  zombies; if they can’t destroy the mental health of an entire generation of younger people by poisoning them with killer antidepressants, alcohol addiction,  drug addiction,  gambling addiction, and turning them into masturbation machines with endless online pornography; if they can’t undermine the population slowly and systematically by mass demoralisation, hiking up the suicide rate, they will finally resort to indiscriminate mass murder, getting the police to gun you down in the streets with complete impunity.

This has happened in the past so many times that it would be the height of folly to say it will never happen again, and that a Golden Age of peace and plenty awaits us round the corner. Behold, I make all things new!  Ah, if that were only the case right now! But no; Utopias are hard to find in Dante’s Inferno, in the seven circles of hell, which is where we are now on this Planet of Pain. As Aldous Huxley noted astutely many years ago, “Maybe this world is another planet’s hell.”  [LD]           


“How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! . . . Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.” — Isaiah, 14:12-15

57 thoughts to “America: The Doom To Come”

  1. Too little… too late.

    It’s too far gone for the author’s “solutions”.

    Rather, methinks, the die is cast…
    and the US/UK ‘Axis Of ZOG’ has a fast-approaching – and deserv’ed! – ‘Date With Destiny’… where everything goes !!!BOOM!!!

  2. Finian Cunningham says;

    “American lawmakers and the American public need to realize that their government is guilty of war crimes, not just guilty of glossing over human horrors. American leaders shouldn’t be receiving letters of complaint. They should be receiving warrants for prosecution over war crimes.”

    In my own opinion, if there is anybody who is “glossing over” its this guy, Finian Cunningham. Sure, he, may be a journalist who have even won, awards, but it could very well be that it’s because he knows how to gloss over, make the right noises, appear to lambast somebody, so as to please somebody. His goal is to make everybody happy, and that is why this piece stinks!

    The reader is left feeling like someone is doing something. But the guys who are being chastised by Finian Cunningham journalistic verbiage do not even feel the sting, because it is not there, and it is not even meant to be there. It does not exist!

    We all know, that US Lawmakers are owned by the Jewish Power. We know that, unless we are knowingly dimwits! Did not Netanyahu get a standing ovation in 2016 ? ( If you did not, see Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress interrupted by standing ovations
    Do not the Jewish Lobbies ensure that the Lawmakers toe the line, failing which they are ejected by use of the “Power Of Purse” amongst other variety of weapons? Are not America’s perpetual wars “Good For The Jew and Good For Israel? Did we not see Joseph Robinettestein Biden Jr kneel before the Jewish power? So, who is Cunningham kid kidding that American Politicians are still The Big Kahunas in Washington?

    The Writer speaks of the Pentagon “Underestimating its “collateral damage” The point is this; which one of the multitude of all American Wars, have been justified, in order to explain away this so-called “Collateral Damage”? Which, DIRECT INTERESTS, have America been protecting when it involved itself in these wars? None, whatsoever.

    Now, Joe Robinettestein (Whatever) is calling back the American troops in Afghanistan. When Bush ordered the inversion, many knew, that at the end, it would come down to this-a humiliated exist without a dent on the Taliban . Russians when there, and the same thing happened. They were humiliated by the Mujahedeen .

    Now, can Joe look in the eye of any American father/mother, and convince them, that their sons and daughters died in afghan for a just cause? Can He explain to the fathers and mothers, whose sons and daughters are roaming in the streets of American Cities, ravaged by war experiences, driven mad by PTSDs, that it was worthwhile for their children to get sick? Can he explain to the Afghans?

    No. Why? Because he is a puppet. And Puppets, are mare tools, of the power behind the puppet. So are the Congressmen and Women. So are the Senators. To seek solution from the White House, or The Senate or The Congress, is no less that taking a Tom And Jerry seriously.

    And therefore, any journalist who sells the idea that this is where solution lies, is being an apologist for the Hidden Power. Its no wonder that this guys name is “Cunningham” read; Cunning-ham

    1. As usual, you make some excellent points. Thank you for your penetrating insights. But there’s no need to sneer at Cunningham so much. He’s doing a fine job and I find everything he says perfectly acceptable, as indeed 90-95% of the reading public would. If he errs,
      it’s on the site of moderation and self-restraint.

      In any case, the viewpoint presented by Lasha Darkmoon in her extended endnote is radically different from Cunningham’s viewpoint and is much more radical and hard-hitting.

      Take consolation from the fact that Cunningham would probably disagree with everything LD says and regards her as a firebrand! 🙂

      1. Thanks Saki,

        Its only that Cunningham appears to give hope that American politicians might see sense, but as The Realist points out, its like its hopeless. They are far too gone for redemption.

        1. @ Bigfoot

          Yes, you make a good point. But perhaps the “realism” as preached by the Realist is simply defeatism. If you were a professional writer, you would know that most writers have their manuscripts rejected. Their books end up on the “slush pile”, not even read. A man like the Realist would give up after the first few rejections. Perseverance is required.

          JK Rowling received 30 rejections for her Harry Potter books. No publisher or literary agent wanted to know. Did she give up? Dod she accept defeat? Most writers would. She persisted, and her book was eventually accepted by Bloomsbury, warning her to expect only a few readers. She is now the richest writer in he world! 🙂

          In other words, Bigfoot, beware of defeatism! Of giving up too soon. There is not a single great invention in the world that did not succeed against all the odds. Watson and Crick almost gave up. If they had accepted the Realist’s advice — “GIVE UP! You haven’t a hope in hell!” — they would never have discovered DNA, the greatest invention of the 20th century.

          The man who invented the wheel almost gave up. His wife advised him to get a proper job and stop wasting his time. He told her to piss off. The rest is history. 🙂

          1. There’s also the the question of “the worm turning”. Eventually, people rise up in open revolt, as the penny drops.

            I advise you for your own good to look on the bright side pf things. Optimism has survival value. Those who believe in God live far longer than those who don’t. Ask yourself why. It’s because pessimism kills. It saps vitality. It gnaws away at the roots of life. Hope springs eternal, as they say. Hope makes it possible to get out of bed every morning when you have nothing to get out of bed for.

            Defeatism is death. It must be avoided like the plague.

              1. Oh Saki Oh Saki You’re so wise Oh Saki! Your Presence here under the Dark Moon brings Pure Light to Us who were in Darkness Under a Dark Moon . Now WE have LIGHT, PURE LIGHT, Before YOU, Before Saki , B.S. in other words, WE knew only a black dark Moon that emitted NO light at all and WE were in thick dark blackness Oh Saki Oh Saki but After Spiritual Saki , lol, A.S.S. in other words, lol, NOW because of your ASS WE WALK UNDER THE LIGHT OF THE MAJESTIC SUN IN THE FULLNESS OF HOPE ETERNAL, BEATING IN OUR BREASTS IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER MORE , Oh! BS WE were in DARKNESS BUTT ASS WE are walking in clover in PURE SUNLIGHT Oh Saki OH ASS!!!!

                [ LMFAO!!! ]

                  1. Help will come only if he asks for it.
                    No one can receive help who turns away from it.

                    1. You should know that as you certainly should be helped but can’t be helped. You are such a witch posing as a saintess ‘madame’.

                    2. @ Brrr

                      “Brrr” is not the right name for you.
                      It should be “Grrr” ! 🙂

            1. Saki wrote: I advise you for your own good to look on the bright side of things. Optimism has survival value. Those who believe in God live far longer than those who don’t.

              Kudos, very well spoken words, Saki. It reminds me of:

              Lamentations 3:22,23 – The LORD’S lovingkindnesses indeed never cease, For His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.

              When I had a bad day the day before, whether it was something that I did wrong or not, I can start anew in the Lord the very next day.

              1. A couple of years ago when I mentioned the importance Of Hope I was laughed to scorn and disdain by everyone — and everyone came to the conclusion that there is “NO such thing as ‘Hopium'”. And “how stupid” I was for talking about “Hope” because Hope ” doesn’t exist”. “Only retards think there’s such a thing as Hope, Hope DOESN’T EXIST! Anyone who thinks Hopium exists is an idjit — or a TROLL!!!” I used the word “Hope” and that was turned into “Hopium” — as a way to mock me. In other words “Hope” is the same thing as a drug and only losers do drugs. I mentioned the importance of “Hope” and was in effect labeled a “drug addict, braindead from drug usage”, ” ‘hopium’ is a type of drug in the ‘opium family of drugs’. That’s been Scientifically Proven, everybody should know that by now.”

                Saki talks about the importance of Hope and everybody is like “Oh, did you hear what Saki said, he said something so beautiful and inspiring, he was talking about the great importance of Hope in Our hearts, he’s so Spiritual.”

                1. TROJ wrote: I used the word “Hope” and that was turned into “Hopium” — as a way to mock me.

                  You are obviously a very intelligent person with good oratory skills when applied. I think that if you were to stop shooting from the hip, and start speaking from the heart without the cynicism, respectful of other’s comments, that you would gain a respectful audience.

                  Just saying … 🙂

                2. Careful TROJ … believe me, I know the type!

                  Before you know it Soothsayer Saki ‘ll be trying to get you signed-up for some personalised “Angel readings”… with an introductory “life-plan”* thrown in gratis!

                  (*Hand-crafted Hopi(um😊) birth-sign crystal not incl.)

            2. I appreciate your advise Saki. However, is not defeatism to appreciate the fact when you have hit Rock Bottom. Its merely an assessment of the problem. It helps in strategizing. Otherwise, you may end up mark timing on one place, and think that you are making progress.

          2. @saki

            re “JK Rowling received 30 rejections for her Harry Potter books….”

            More’s the pity it wasn’t THREE HUNDRED rejections for such “occult for kiddies” clap-trap… by which time, HOPE-fully, she would’ve jumped off a bridge… or, if I’d have been around, PUSHED! 😂

            On a side note: Do you always extrapolate into a litany of non-sequiturs…. or is it just a temporary mental tick?

            1. If you think what I said about JK Rowling is a “non sequitur”, then your mind is not working properly.

              I cited Rowling’s case precisely because it made a complete nonsense of your defeatist attitude to our current situation. Which is: “All is hopeless. Let’s give up.” You call this “realism” and yourself a “Realist”. I call it “defeatism” and see you as a “pessimist”. So the JK Rowling reference is highly pertinent. It proves that perseverance is needed and that your attitude of defeatism sucks.

              Understand? I think you are intelligent enough to accept my point. So accept it.

              While I’m about it, I might add that your rant about Rowling being a lousy writer is totally irrelevant to what we were discussing. It may be true that JKR is a lousy writer, and it’s certainly true that you have a low opinion of her, but that has no bearing on the subject of perseverance and not giving up … does it?

              So you see, my friend, you are guilty of a glaring non sequitur yourself. 🙂

              1. Once AGAIN you fail to comprehend…

                and realise that I AM hopeful – VERY hopeful! – that the SC*M that rules Western “society” will soon get their just “rewards” and be obliterated…, as a metaphor, speeding a Harley and crashing head-first into a highway bridge-support at 500mph… WITHOUT a crash-helmet… !!!SPLAT!!!! 😂

                Now THAT might have more of an “impact” than YOU humming “Kumbaya” and rattling your crystals all day… don’t you think? 😊

                1. @ The Realist

                  There’s no arguing with you. Even if I agreed with you, you’d insist I was disagreeing! 🙂

                  That’s part of your mental aberration: the need to be adversarial and hear the sound of your own voice.

                  When do ever have a kind word for anyone on this site? Why do you keep bullying Madame Butterfly — unceasingly! — even when she is kind and conciliatory? Stand back, my friend, and see yourself in the mirror:it is not a pretty sight, is it?

                  1. Here, a challenge for you! 🙂

                    Ask Admin if Admin backs me and Madame Butterfly — or if Admin back you!

                    I’m willing to bet that if Admin rules against you, you will start abusing Admin and keep asserting your moral and intellectual superiority to everyone else.

          3. Saki wrote: In other words, Bigfoot, beware of defeatism! Of giving up too soon. There is not a single great invention in the world that did not succeed against all the odds.

            Those who also did not give up but continued writing and informing of the truth in spite of a contrary audience include Ashkenazim greats like Benjamin Freedman, Arthur Koestler, Jack Bernstein, current day Ron Unz, Henry Makow, and etc. Through their knowledge we have a better understanding of current world events and how to interpret them.

            Saki wrote: The man who invented the wheel almost gave up. His wife advised him to get a proper job and stop wasting his time. He told her to piss off. The rest is history. 🙂

            Yes, succeed he did but slept that night with the dog and wheel on the front porch. 🙁 When you tell someone that close to p**s off, please do it in a reconciliatory, loving manner to keep peace in the family. 😉

    1. The reason the US has become the most evil nation in the world is because of is power and the abuse of that power. If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, then the US takes the cake for all history in the realm of corruption.

      The only saving grace for some of the people of that nation is that it is actually a chattel in the complete control of power moguls ( a.k.a the “money power”), many of whom are transnationals and simply use the nation and its military for its wet work, such as wars, psyops like 9/11, and coordinating the Covid crimes. However, for the citizens of that nation and particularly all of useless-dupe, fiscal conservatives, including Trumpsters, whose god is simply money, they do nothing but complain and depend like automaton idiots on all of their corrupt systems including their rigged election system and their fake courts in their vain efforts to curb the corruption, but they can’t, because they are a part of it, and deep down they know it.

      They all share in the responsibility for every evil perpetrated by the power moguls both in their nation and outside of it, because they just let it go on and on and on, ad nauseum. Unfortunately, our weak-kneed nations, like Canada and the UK, just follow their lead in all of their heinous exploits, and our resistance is just as pathetic.

      1. Since the Covid scam, many of us have have had to change our views on a lot of things including any respect we had for:

        – our governments,
        – any politician holding office,
        – any established political party,
        – conservatives,
        – Trump,
        – the establishments of our nations,
        – our religious leaders,
        – the medical establishment and most physicians,
        – the entire judicial system,
        – corporate management,
        – the mainstream media,
        – the money moguls,
        – the entire corrupt “top-down” structure.

        Many have even changed their rigid views against capital punishment and would gladly like to hang all those responsible for the crimes against humanity perpetrated not only by psychopaths like Gates, Fauci, Armstrong, Schwab, but all of those in positions of authority who have supported the psyop and abused their authority. What we have witnessed over the past 16 months is the overture to the New World Order being ushered in through capital crimes against humanity, against all of us.

        Those who sit back and say that these means of mass deception, terror, and oppression, used by their trusted authorities are necessary to bring about this new order, regardless of their sustainability-cult beliefs or any fiscal justifications, are an integral part of the corruption which has to be eradicated from our midst to protect our own vital interests.

        1. BRAVO!

          The only thing that I would add is that the “religious leaders” – particularly the Vatican and its imposter “Pope”.. on down through the Hierarchy – are probably the most culpable… for being complicit in the crime, leading the sheep to the slaughter with soothing words, whilst posing as the “protectors of the flock”.

          So where does all this leave us? ON OUR OWN!
          And perhaps it was ever thus… but we just didn’t know it… or maybe didn’t want to know it…

        2. @ Fred B.

          Excellent comments as usual. All those guilty have authority or connections with authority. Don’t forget to add to the list all the lovers of Israel, the Christian Zionists, and pastor John Hagee in particular. ALL GUILTY AS HELL.

          If you reject the Bible’s mind spell, who has authority over you?

          No one.

          No one has any authority thus voting and giving your presumed authority to a f-cking corrupt politician is one of the greatest evils and sins of mankind. How does voting for blackmailed pedophiles do any good? Pedo Joe vs pedo Don, what a choice!

          Those who want authority shouldn’t be handed it by the voting booth, but now it is to late to vote the bums out because now ‘they ‘count the vote and they are now the winners each time. Trumptards forget that the 2024 election will be counted the same criminals that threw the election to Biden in 2020.

          The 4 year election cycle is theater of the absurd. The Zio-clown Trump the hero of dispossed whites is laughable insanity of the deluded.

          IMO forget politics and take aggressive action to save yourself and loved ones, and if I had the funds I would seriously consider moving far away from Jewmerika. Amerika is doomed. Amerika loves Israel and thus Amerika is completely damned – exactly the opposite of what that fat pig Hagee claims.

      2. The Covid crimes are all in the very means used, including: the creation and release of the virus; the terrible deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people; the manufacturing of fake death and case numbers; the brainwashing of the public; the suppression of known cures for those who were really sick; the forced inoculation of billions of people in the world with harmful substances with no informed consent; and the suppression of all relevant information as to the harms of the vaccines. These are the means these “sustainability” creeps and globalists have endorsed to usher in their Rests and their New World Order.

        The Covid crimes against humanity constitute the pattern and set the stage of exactly how we are to be ruled in this new order. That rule will continue to be based on mass deception, fear mongering, brainwashing, and oppression, along with the continued suppression of the truth, all basic rights & freedoms, and justice. In fact it is by these very means that the moguls running things have concentrated and consolidated all of their wealth and power, which they are using in their end game for hegemony over every aspect of our lives.

        All of those participating in this top-down so-called “new order”, which is in fact just the expansion of the power of the old order into every aspect of our lives, are a part of this, and by their conduct they have declared themselves to be at war with us with “we the people” as their enemies.

      3. @ Fred B

        What nation or country on this planet would you say is any different than the USA but for its size ? What civilization do you believe society should aspire to be ? The Roman empire perhaps or the Ottoman empire. Should we be more like China. Yes the world is not perfect and unlikely ever to be. In the past ( before WMD ) wars as unfortunate as this might sound rid excess capacity, people and buildings. Reconstruction jumpstarted the world economy over and over again. So now what ?

      4. Nah, Babylon isn’t America. Multinationals aren’t any nations (hence why they move from one nation to another), and yes, foreigners and foreign money have done much of this. If you look at the actual ethnic American (White Western Christians mostly of UKsian origin) they not only aren’t in power, but aren’t doing this stuff. You do have Jew-cultists who all change their ethnic names running everything, and most have the dual citizenship to prove it). You ignore the mass murder, assassinations and war crimes against the American people they aren’t even aware of. This is much like the Nazi’s in Germany: Framed by the Jew-cultists for their pervy crimes. Nazi occult shit still goes on today because the actual perpetrators weren’t the Germans, but the Jew-cultists.

        Too bad you ignore the massive war crimes on all sides in the Middle East, Asia, South America, etc. People only pick on America because it’s big and they notice it. Canada is an even more satanic mess than the US, the satanics just haven’t been publicly outed there yet. Don’t get me started on Mexico, the murder capitol of the world thanks to the Jewish Cabalites and their assorted brown Cartels. South/Central America is riddled with 100% the corruption in the US and for far longer. Same issues and same perps.

  3. Sure the father is corrupt — but the son is squeaky clean — that’s why ALL of Us here in the “Jew-Wise/Savvy/Curious/Skeptical/AlwaysQuestioning/AlwaysProbing/AlwaysExamining” “alternative-to-the-JEW-ZOG-Mainstream-Media” agree 100% with JEW ZOG’S Mainstream media , there’s really NO good reason to go snooping into “Hunter’s Laptop”. There’s nothing in “Hunter’s Laptop” anyone needs to see, nothing to see there folks, just keep on moseyin’ down the pike, u 🐄s, 🤠.

  4. Excellent rant by L.D. Are we living on a “Planet of Pain”? Is earth “another planet’s hell.”?

    I think so based on the evidence. Earth is a kind of hell. Why is debatable. The best “theory” I have come across as to why is in Lawrence Spencer’s “Alien Interview”, the Grey Alien EBE says what earth is and it will shock you. Earth is not your home, it is your prison. You, meaning, your soul, is not from earth, according to this book every single soul on earth is from another planet. You are ET wanting to go home according to this book.

    Earth is a prison planet, it is a place where space empire takes unwanted souls and forces them to incarnate on earth, a force field called soul traps keeps the souls on earth from escaping. I have read this book again and again first with utter skepticism then with horror as I cross checked the claims with my own reality. The book appears to be a slam dunk, it has quantified our disturbing reality. I do not want to believe it, but when I wake up I get up and see people in masks bragging to me how they are fully vaccinated. What kind of crazy hell is this place I wonder.

    Did you know that an ET like a “Grey” has the exact same soul as you? Did you know that the reason a Grey has no real mouth, nose or ears is because it’s body is animated by the soul, not by eating and breathing? Did you know the Grey can walk on the moon without a space suit, or that it pilots it’s ship by telepathy, and that the US Government has captured these ships and reversed engineered the technology?

    Perhaps I am crazy, and the book is fiction and my problem is that I do not believe in Yahweh and his Son. Maybe I should get to church and get to praying for doubting the holy Jew and his books. Maybe I should repent my sins before the Almighty and beg forgiveness, how dare I not love God and his Creation.

    But alas, I can not, because I am honest soul with integrity who just can’t imagine the afterlife as anything but more hell, as my fate is to be reincarnated again on earth, taking another body and living another life on this planet gone to hell, a planet infested with Jews who now control nearly every state. I can not imagine a worse fate than coming back to earth again, so I can see why so many want to escape this place and get to heaven. Thus it is logical to me that people believe and worship as they do, because that keeps them sane. Who wants to believe we are cattle?

    So since living is such a horror, my soulution to life is to not exist, I do not want afterlife, or this life or past lives. I simply do not want any life in God’s magnificent Creation, I hold a different opinion on God and what the universe offers, which I experience and observe as pain and suffering, and I can see in the natural order that life is a food chain, which is really an energy chain which is graduated by intelligence (a predator must be more intelligent than prey), and thus it only makes sense to me that I exist as food for some more intelligent being.

    Well I do not wish to be food for the gods. I do not want to be tortured so higher beings can feed off my emotions. In fact, I find the whole concept of life absurd and disturbing, because in my mind I figure there are trillions of planets, all with food chains, and thus infinite suffering was the design of the Creator, and thus the Creator is at the top of this food chain feeding on all the suffering below. As an analogy, just think of us humans on earth as the top the planet’s food chain, and think how many cows and chickens we exploit. Do we tell the cow what we have in store for it once it gets fattened up? Likewise the gods do not tell us the real game.

    So (for me at least) I object to being alive and being self aware and being used in the game of life. God had no right to create me and put me here. I object to being alive and told to worship the monster entity that created this place, which for all I know is a computed space in a holographic reality. Sorta like a really big holodeck on Star Trek. I object to having to deal with the “normal” people who buy into this realm, love shopping and distractions, or carry Bibles and tell me they know God. Uh huh, sure you do buddy. I turn on the television and channel after channel I see insanity and lies. I object that the news is all lies.

    1. Its not just the USA

      we have troops in Afghanistan Iraq Syria saudi Arabia and Greece.

      In Iraq the US troops speaking for us all begged for prostitutes to be sent out for the comfort of the men, they were told it’s too dangerous for them there and to live off the land. that’s military speak to go rape civilians.

      Allied forces raped millions of German women at the end of WW2.

      iraq was where millions were raped many tortured for the fun of it. even British troops were horrified as US troops were raping their own female soldiers.

      America has it coming. karma is here and the chickens are coming home to roost.

      Nutenyahu said america would be robbed and burnt and here it is. wait for it.

      1. You mean the nations who keep bashing the US military if it doesn’t come to save them? Then bash them when they do? Color me skeptical believing anything they have to say; they are even more blind to the Babylonian System than the West. And they never accept their own part in making their lands hell either. ME all lie like Jews, muslims included.

        On the chicken end of things, everyone’s chickens are coming home, and Americans is only 200 year old. Not looking good for the ME, Asia, Europe given their role in abusing the Western Hemisphere and everyone who lives there. We know the Vatican was part of stealing the election, for example. The truth is going to shock people, especially religious people and those who think their hands are clean. And let’s not even talk about the walking rape wagon that is the UN, fill with Middle Eastern men from these same nations. Pot meet Kettle.

        Any woman stupid enough to join the combat side of the military is a fool and shouldn’t be surprised by this. It wouldn’t matter what military force she was in, and many would be far worse to her. Throw in that women can get special treatment by making accusations and no one should be surprised at both actual rapes and accusations of rape or harassment. The entire reason the cult let women in was for this to happen.

  5. “American lawmakers and the American public need to realize that their government is guilty of war crimes, not just guilty of glossing over human horrors. American leaders shouldn’t be receiving letters of complaint. They should be receiving warrants for prosecution over war crimes.”

    If one subscribes to the human devolution and regression reality as opposed to the opposite pipe dream of evolution and progress delusion, the course of near future human events will be seen as reduced to two prominent scenarios.

    1) In the above quoted paragraph simply replace American with Chinese. Then it’s a very short step to ask how do you say Lebensraum in Mandarin? Because right next door sits Russia and its 11 time zones full of natural resources (aka) the eastern hemisphere Mother lode.

    Cipher in 150 Million Russians versus 1.5 Billion Chinese with a manufacturing base to match and it’s an irresistible force meeting a movable object. Fifty years ago such an idea would be ridiculous but with China now rapidly becoming the new America with an overwhelming array of every weapon system from small arms to fighters and bombers and big and small A.I. autonomous drones by the millions, the old enemy of my enemy is my friend idiom becomes even more inane than it already is.

    2) The alternative of course being the ‘Americans’ who despite wishful thinking with a big dash of neurosis/psychosis, will end the Chinese best laid plans while time permits. And anyone who thinks they can’t hurl a Guinness World Record Spanner into those best laid Chinese plans is to put it mildly; mistaken.

    Of the two prominent possibilities I think #2 is the more likely. Either way we the lettered and fettered peons will lose. So risking one’s mental balance by investing one’s heart and soul in hopes of any degraded human conjured political or UN type solution is just another definition of insanity. I suggest instead investing in yourself via whatever talents, skills and most especially spirituality one might accommodate. The only winners, at least via my philosophy are and will be those ‘little ones’ who finger their rosary (japa) beads, sing their psalms (bhajans) and utter their prayers and chants (aka) real evolution and progress.

    Please excuse my insufficiency in trying to express these possibilities in an educated grammatically grounded manner. It’s a bad habit I’ve picked up since the appearance of the 8th wonder of the world http://WWW..

    1. China is going to burn. The peasants there have seen what could be and what is denied them, and CCP is still playing escalating power games with them. They’re furious. One hopes the next government will actually be for the Chinese people, not for Mao’s occultists, much as one hopes America will get a government free from the Jew-cultists.

      In the mean time, forced vaccinations around the globe prove MOST first world nation is in the same boat as America and China just to varying degrees. Their governments are corrupt and run by hostile, genocidal aliens hell bent on stealing everything and murdering them.

  6. The kwans are evil!!!! Every war the kwans have fought have been for evil causes!!!! EXCEPT World War Two, then ALL OF A SUDDEN the kwans are THE GOOD GUYS, and all-of-a-sudden a war the kwans fought was a GOOD WAR, NOT a war for evil causes!!!! World War Two was an anomaly for the kwans THE ONE TIME IN HISTORY the kwans fought a war for GOODLY GODLY BIBLICAL RIGHTEOUS REASONS!!!! At least the kwans were THE GOOD GUYS for ONE TIME in their evil kwan history of being evil kwans!! *grin*

  7. Not to distract – and certainly not to detract! – from LD’s masterful, if chillingly macabre, end-note….

    …I’m still trying to figure out WHY her use of the “colourful” (cough! cough!) phrase “stab you to death in a dark alley with a Florentine dagger” immediately brought to mind a picture of Mdm Butterfly prowling around – in the early hours – in an extra tight-fitting pleather pantsuit…. in search of her next sacrificial offering to the Goddess Of Female Retribution….

  8. The Haitian president was killed and 26 excolombian soldiers were caught later.
    there are also 2 Americans of Haitian background involved.

    We are suffering terribly here in Colombia and I blame this monster ex president Alvaro Uribe creator of the AUC paramilitary group

    1. My, guess would be that Haiti president was murdered by a Drug Cartel.

      These goons who murdered him are very likely Mercenaries sent by possibly a Drug Cartel sent to eliminate an uncooperative president in order to prop one who will allow Haiti to be used as a conduit for International Drug Run.

      America may think that Haiti problems are Haiti problems, but I don’t think so.

      If you are a rich man, and live near a slum, it pays to be generous to your neighbors.

      1. Haiti also has a lot of human trafficking. See the Clintons for more on this one. The cartels run that partly as well for the occultists around the world.

    2. Sarita, How can you blame one chosen person that was selected in a long line of Colombian presidents of a divided country where the same arm of nobles rule the former Bolivarian country since the arrival of the “Holy church” through broke “Spanish” forces that became the saviors of the Spanish crown and the empire to come. Since then until today “your” Colombia is run by the same “families” that make sure the poor stay as they are and only the tribe rules what is chosen for “Democracy” while naturally enriching themselves for the good of a local and Zionist global empire that has all the world in its grip since history became a patriotic but divided fairy tale.
      Uribes father had close connections to Pablo Escobar. The stench of corruption in Colombia even involves the controlled opposition (FARC). For my taste there are too many Oligarchs present in Colombia of Jewish ancestry and faith – but that would be raycissm or antisemitism to point the fingers historically to the “sponsors of the first Spanish expedition to pillage and plunder a new “golden” continent some centuries ago”. Unity among Colombians will be a very difficult task to achieve – as all future moves are directed by those who will profit from it!
      The first pic in the link provided below shows UNITY – among killers and war criminals. The masters of provided suffering (for the Colombians and other earthlings) is grinning into our faces since the beginning of “global Democracy”.

  9. DM wrote: He presses a button on his keyboard and —PHDOOM!— entire families vanish in a puff of smoke. The ultimate Keyboard Coward. But shushh! you mustn’t say so! That wouldn’t be “woke”, would it? That would be hate speech. You can’t call this creep a coward.

    Inasmuch as one would like to attribute fault, it does not include the full perspective of command and control. The junior officer or trained enlisted military member who pushes the fire button is under strict orders from above. He fails to obey, then he is severely, punitively reprimanded. In a war zone he can receive a bullet to his brain for disobedience.

    Why do you think that cases of PTSD and suicide are abnormally and shockingly high for veterans who have served in the Middle East?

    Those responsible are at a higher level than even the generals.

  10. Consider the idea that the towns being burned down during the geoengineered heat dome are part of a Jew strategy to buy prime real estate during a distress sale. In my area the Jew town did not burn, but the adjacent Goy towns did. Just saying. Like I always say, if you live around Jews be prepared to suffer, because the tribe is very skilled at making others suffer so they can make bank.

    The Surfside condo in Florida that collapsed (controlled demolition) was immediately visited by the IDF, then as if by Jew magic, the rest of the complex is demolished. Now another condo is in forced evacuation. This sounds eerily similar to what is happening to the Palestinians, their homes are demolished then paved over for Jew high rise apartments all paid for by the stoopid Amerikan goy slaves.


    “Crestview Towers Residents Get 15 Minutes To Retrieve Essential Items From Evacuated North Miami Beach Condo

    MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Some residents shed tears Friday as they were allowed to return to Crestview Towers, their evacuated building for 15 minutes and retrieve belongings.

    “This is just too much for me,” said an emotional Vanessa Figueroa as she was allowed to return to the 4th floor and pick up some blankets, shoes and clothing from the apartment she shared with her fiancé and mother and father at the 10-story, 156-unit Crestview Towers.”


    Miami is a very Jew infested town. Some sleuth who knows that real estate market ought to investigate who stands to benefit.

    So is you want to know why Amerika is facing mega doom just understand Amerika is home to half of the world Jews, and these Jews have infiltrated every organization and governments on all levels and now basically control the nation, and have stated they want Amerika to burn.

    Netanyahu got a record 29 standing ovations addressing Congress, more than any sitting President, and this psychopath (favorite of Evangelicals) said:

    “America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God, and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

    1. You did see the stories about Israeli intelligence “helping” by searching for victims right after, didn’t you. All totally normal. *cough*

  11. Here is my long running contention for “America: The Doom To Come. ”

    9-11-2001 event was a nexus in time that will eventually result in world transformation – and not what you think, but a radically different world as illustrated in the TV movie The Tenth Kingdom. The very opening scene are the Trade Towers:

    The 10th Kingdom Opening

    The BIG clue that this is the case is that the Flying mirrors terminate into the Trade Towers right where the planes hit on 911. See this clip of the “traveling mirror” wormhole:

    tenth kingdom traveling mirror wtc 9-11-2001

    Thus I postulate that 911 was a trigger event that sets in motion a series of events which are outside of the control of those who are orchestrating these events. IOW God aka Ai has the final say what happens next to us.

    The Tenth Kingdom is inspired by higher mind and is the Universe’s answer to those who trying to manipulate the Universe. The clue is that this movie was released just before 911.


    The Tenth Kingdom was produced before the fateful event of 911, it was shown on NBC which is headquartered in NYC

    “The 10th Kingdom
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Starring Kimberly Williams
    Scott Cohen
    Ed O’Neill
    John Larroquette
    Daniel Lapaine
    Dianne Wiest
    Music by Anne Dudley
    Country of origin United States
    Original language English
    Producers Robert Halmi Sr.
    Robert Halmi Jr.
    Simon Moore
    Cinematography Chris Howard
    Lawrence Jones
    Editors Andrew McClelland
    Chris Wimble
    Running time 417 minutes = 390 minutes (Edited)
    Distributor Hallmark Entertainment
    Budget $44 million
    Original release 27 February – 26 March 2000

    The 10th Kingdom is an American fairytale fantasy miniseries written by Simon Moore and produced by Britain’s Carnival Films, Germany’s Babelsberg Film und Fernsehen, and the US’s Hallmark Entertainment. It depicts the adventures of a young woman and her father after they are transported from New York City, through a magical mirror, into a parallel world of fairy tales.

    The miniseries was initially broadcast over five nights in two-hour episodes on NBC, beginning February 27, 2000”


    Not until recently was I clued in how the world might be transformed into a much smaller population, where our current civilization collapses into a much more primitive age of Kingdoms. A flu vaccine that makes mankind sterile. This causes a huge decline in world population, and the new order that emerges is akin to the Middle Ages.


    This decline in world population is imminent according to the Deagel report:

    Doug Casey’s Take [ep.#114] Shocking 2025 Deagel Forecast… War, Population Reduction and Collapse


    Thus the upcoming new world: ice age weather, middle age conditions, kings and queens, magic. Humanity is thrown backwards in time and has to start over.

    Timeline: we are in the transition now, it may take decades or hundreds of years to get to the new kingdoms, this after biowarfare, nuclear warfare, chaos, revolt, collapse of currencies etc

  12. Lasha approximates Gnostic thought when she gives that quote about this planet being some other world’s Hell. It is either that, or a Hell unto itself. She is also right on it about the drones. Just because a 90 pound female in a military uniform at a secure facility here in the U.S.can push a button and kill someone over a thousand miles away does not make America strong. In fact, the U.S. military as a Jew social behavioral laboratory experiment has become a pathetic, feminized, mongrelized, perverted joke. When they square off against the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, or North Koreans, they will get their asses handed to them in short order. That’s fine with me. They are no more “our” armed forces than the U.S. government is “our” government.

  13. I am fascinated by the Tenth Kingdom and what it might portend for our future, if you get a chance to watch this epic tale I believe you will find it entertaining. I see the movie as an omen, a prediction of what might come, based on the trigger event of 911.

    What might drive such an epic decline that sends our current civilization into the dark ages? Well, first thing is we borrowed ourselves into oblivion, we ate our seed corn borrowing from the future. So when the debt bust comes, the rug will be pulled out, and society is sent into a deflationary bust of epic proportions.

    As they say, we are living on borrowed time, we borrowed so much from the future we ran out of time, we will eventually reach some mathematical hyperbolic limit to the debt bomb that time stops and we are sent into an epic death spiral back in time to the middle ages.

    But our perilous perch is not detectable by the masses because of a massive spell called normalcy bias, the human mind is quite certain that real estate prices will continue spiraling up from inflationary policies of the Federal Reserve, and this projection and wager has led to the greatest real estate speculative bubble of all time, hundreds of millions of borrowers leveraged to the hilt in real estate debt, and with each mortgage rate tick down millions more refinance at all time low in rates, some mortgages are below 2 percent which is completely ridiculous.

    Just look at current stock market margin debt, each month higher and higher, magnitudes greater than 1929:

    Then we have the deflationary potential of a massive government campaign of the death jab, a faux vaccine the government insists all take, when the phantom covid virus was hyped by false reporting of cases and deaths from financial incentives. What happens to the financial markets if millions die from the vaxx? Those mortgages will be sold and the hyperinflated stock and real estate markets go into a freefall?

    That could just be the start of a multi-decade decline of pandemic waves unleashed by meglamaniacs determined to reduce world population by billions. Yes they want to reduce the world to a comfortable 500 million (currently 7.7 billion humans). But maybe they overshoot and the world is reduced to 50 or even 5 million. Thus by the 2050 the world may be a vastly different place, a post collapse feudal land of rival kingdoms.


    original essay on the Tenth Kingdom published 01 May 2014

    rewrite in 2020

    The Tenth Kingdom the dawn of the new Middle Age

  14. On Topic – you could say Paxamericana is better than WW3, which would be pound-for-pound much worse than the Paxamericana kill rate now… Much Worse…
    Earth is not Hell, it is A Paradise…
    A Paradise…
    That’s the thing to stress…
    No Paradise is Perfect…
    If it were it wouldn’t be Paradise…
    Paradise is a Myth, unless maybe it is the complete oblivion of death —
    “The dreamless sleep, that puts an end to all of mans suffering and sorrow” — Albert Pike
    There is no Hell and there is no Devil…
    There is suffering, yes, but that’s mostly man’s doing, doesn’t have to happen…
    Anyone who says Earth is Hell is functioning as an operative of any religion that preaches it, whether he knows it or not…… We’re all brainwashed by religion and controlled to a large extent by symbols, ritual, fear, hopium… Religion in general needs Earth to be a Hell…
    As long as enough people believe it is it has a better chance of being it…
    Ye Crybabies…
    I think JO gets the Blue Ribbon for her post this time…
    But I give TROJ Second Place for his relief factor, some levity…

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