America vs. Russia: If WWIII broke out, the U.S. would be Annihilated and Major Cities Reduced to Rubble

Russia launches largest submarine to be built in 30 years with enough firepower to take out an entire city and a fleet of mini-subs to cut undersea internet cables.

Jacob Thornburn – Mail Online June 25, 2021
Via Truthseeker, July 4, 2021


A new Russian submarine packed with nuclear firepower and capable of taking out an aircraft carrier or even an entire city has sailed for the first time.

The 604ft Belgorod, the largest submarine to be built in the last 30 years, was put to sea for the first time yesterday as Russia flexed its naval muscles in the wake of an incident with British destroyer HMS Defender in the Black Sea.

Experts fear the 79ft-long torpedoes – dubbed Poseidon – could be detonated underwater to cause a radioactive tsunami and threaten coastal cities with waves up to 300ft high.

The enormous vessel is reportedly operated on behalf of the nation’s secretive Main Directorate of Undersea Research, and is understood to be central to Russia’s intelligence gathering operation.

But it is also believed to be equipped with up to six nuclear-armed torpedoes, each capable of carrying warheads with an explosive power of two megatons – equivalent to two million tons of TNT, or more than 130 times the power of the Hiroshima bomb.

Dr Sidharth Kaushal, from the Royal United Services Institute, told The Mail on Sunday he believed the fleet of UUVs could be of strategic value for President Putin.

Dr Kaushal said: ‘The Belgorod is large enough to act as a mother ship for a unique set of smaller vessels which have deep-diving capabilities and the ability to tamper with undersea infrastructure.

‘It’s well equipped for sabotage and clandestine operations. Its Poseidon nuclear torpedoes could also be a very effective means of attacking an aircraft carrier in wartime – one against which at present no defence exists.

‘The Belgorod will not be part of the Russian Navy per se, meaning its covert and aggressive actions will effectively be deniable.

‘The submarine appears set up for non-attributable Special Forces warfare with its commanders answering directly to the [political] leadership and bypassing the Russian naval command structure.’

Continues . . .

LD:  Americans wary of “fear porn” make take comfort from the possibility that no such lethal submarines actually exist but have been invented for the purpose of striking terror into the hearts of millions of Americans. The American deep state, after all, benefits enormously by creating mass anxiety in the U.S., thereby driving up the profits of Big Pharma. If we are indeed living in Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’, as suggested by this recently published article, then a population of mass medicated slaves would be just the thing needed by America’s shadowy totalitarian elite. [LD]

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  1. This means even more $$$ for the Federal Reserve through increased corporate profits as displayed on Wall Street. They even named the torpedoes ‘Poseidon’ after the missiles THEY made for US submarines 50 years ago. Go figger… 🙂

    The US companies, such as GE in Russia, have done well in building military equipment for puny punk criminal ‘Put-On’ the thug dictator, using cheap labor there.

    The Belgorod…..
    “The Poseidon weapon will also take a few years to be deployed, so it may take Belgorod several more years before she is truly operational. Recent Russian media reports suggested that the submarine will serve in the pacific, as opposed to the Arctic-based Northern Fleet. This seems counterintuitive as it would stretch the logistics for the deep diving submersibles which are based in the Northern Fleet. All the same she is a unique and impressive submarine which analysts will be following closely.”

  2. If Belgorod exists, (And I highly doubt it) it’s likely that Western Corporations are still assisting Russian to be “The Best Enemy Money Can Buy” ( See Anthony Sutton Of Western Technology And Soviet Economic Development)

    But as Madam Lasha points out, its more likely that is propaganda. I know Putin is a thug. But he is, I give it to him, a very smart thug. I did not hear him having any desire for MAJOR conflict with the west. In fact, he appears to be all for peace, (Following his comments about Libya, Afghanistan, And Syria.) This is a guy who wants stability, and predictability, and not conflicts.

    But the, The Deep State may find this detente. boring and dragging their New World Order agenda. They might need something to stir things up for psychological manipulation of the masses in readiness for the next step to their goal.

    More likely the reason for this cry wolf cry Belgorod is the persistent desire to make the masses in the west believe that Cold War games are still on and Putin, is a bad, bad guy. I would tell them to try China. It would be more believable, (That is if China was not holding $1.26 trillion worth of U.S. government securities.

    And I think China is not stupid enough to endanger its own investment by destabilizing America) So, where are they gonna get an enemy worth of terrorizing the minds of the masses so that they may purchase their security with tyranny? Must be the reason they are happing on UFO. Can’t make this stuff up!

  3. This feature article is 👍 the most fun Darkmoon’s Cold War U.S. Navy submarine Commander Pat has had since the movie of The Hunt For Red October came out in 1990! 😊

    1. …. **grin**…..

      I hated that movie and all other totally fake movies with nuke subs.

      Fires onboard produce blinding and choking smoke. No sailors can see the men next to them….. much less down the passageways!! All are reaching for an EAB…. the Emergency Breathing Apparatus face mask….. with a quick disconnect hose hooked to an air manifold in the overhead.


    2. Or at least since he played “Battleships” with his rubber-ducks in the bathtub! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. R –

        Thanks for noticing!!
        You & TRO’G’ keep me relevant.
        You cannot resist. You are under my hypnotic spell.
        Your comment proves that I STILL own you. 🙂

    1. Sounds like HP was never a U.S. Navy submarine Commander. HP isn’t so uptight and supercilious he can’t enjoy a fun entertaining movie. Some movies aren’t meant to be taken TOO seriously.

      Let us pray : God, please grant us the discretionary powers to figure out what movies are to be taken literally and what movies are not meant to be taken literally, what movies are not meant to be taken TOO seriously. What movies we can watch and simply enjoy the movie without getting hung-up about every little detail and simply enjoy the overall entertaining effect of the movie so we can have a good time at the movies. And please, Spare us Oh Lord from the uptight military stick-in-the-mud squares when we’re trying to enjoy a movie. lol…

  4. If war breaks out between Russia and the ZUS, the zionists believe that they can survive in their DUMB’s aka deep undergound military bases that they have through out the ZUS and Israel and the EU, these are connect via maglev underground railways.

    The zionists are destroyers of nations and humanity, so they care not if billions are killed, in fact this would go hand in hand with their covid-19 scam and psyop and their genocide injections of mRNA, so in their satanic minds this would be a win, win.

    The zionists believe they can then build a new world on the nuclear rubble and at last have their satanic zionist new world order.

  5. Speaking of rubble, the remainder of the Surfside Condo (that collapsed the day McAfee was assassinated in prison) has been demolished by controlled demolition, watch it here:

    Uh huh, nothing suspicious here, there are over a hundred missing in the previous rubble, the IDF shows up “to help”, then the remainder of the building is wired in record time. That is not even remotely possible.

    It takes months to wire a building for controlled demolitions, first you have to hire a architectural and engineering firm to do a structural analysis, then a demolition firm, and none of this can be done before you get permitted, and no way any politician would permit a controlled demolition during a rescue operation.

    not to mention the current residents would have to remove their personal effects and property first. And what about the permits and current rescue operation? Permits take years to get. There is no way in hell you would do a controlled demolition when you are already doing a rescue operation!

    No way any of this is not part of some operation, this is 911 all over again, and like WTC7, the rest of the building which was already wired was detonated. It was probably supposed to come down initially but didn’t so they brought in an Israeli specialty crew to finish the job.

    Note how no patriot group left or right will call Israel on this one. This is a Jewish run kill op.

    Here is the Chemtool Lubricant plant (near Chicago) being demolished:

    This is warfare, and this plant is a strategic wartime asset.
    Factories being blown up on a regular basis:

    One Dead, 29 Injured From Bangkok Factory Explosion





    1. Agree, the zionist bankers took control of the ZUS via The Act of 1871 which turned the ZUS into a corporation and then they sealed the deal when the saddled the people of America in 1913 with the zionist privately owned IRS and the FED.

      The government is a communist criminal kabal.

    2. It’s not all suspicious that IDF and Mossad turned up there. Probably just a cohencidence. It was the chicoms that pulled it down as Alex would have said.



    “Amerika the police state has an Achilles Heel, it is a nation built on petrol, the fail is built into the system, if anything disrupts the flow of this one commodity then the whole nation fails. Gasoline is pumped around the nation in completely unprotected open air pipelines.”

    Achilles Heel of the West

    “My advice to anyone who still chooses to remain living in Hebrew Amerika is to buy a generator, because it is almost time for Israel’s ISIS to shut down the grid. When you hear on Faux News that ISIS is going to blow some shit up, make sure to understand what that means: Jews are taking down your nation.”

  7. Dr Sidharth Kaushal, from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) – the world’s oldest and the UK’s leading defence and security think tank!
    “Our mission is to inform, influence and enhance public debate to help build a safer and more stable world!”
    “Since its foundation in 1831, RUSI has relied on its members to support its activities. Together with revenue from research, publications and conferences, RUSI has sustained its political independence for nearly two centuries.
    Hasn’t the world got enough of “Independent Think tanks” that all think in the same direction of where and how the the money flows most efficiently into the coffers of the City of London?
    Enhancing public debate (programming) to help build a safer and more stable world (War on Russia) surely is not the main agenda of UK nor RUSI.

  8. On a lighter note, off topic, and apologies to the ladies. I could not resist it!

    Police responding to disturbance offered look at woman’s breasts

    I saw this piece of “News” and I wondered;

    “If only it was the only major “Breaking News”

    Don’t you think it would presuppose that the world was at last, on its way to true peace? Just musing.

    On second thought, I really do not think its off topic!

  9. Until Putin lays out his paradigmic vision for the world, when it finally grows up, and until he makes it plain he wants a global symposium with all the rest of the world’s leaders on amelioration and progress toward peace and the better world, then even for all his level headed logic and intelligent oratory, he’s not who we need…

    I believe all skyscrapers are wired for demolition when they’re built…
    The PTB won’t think twice about mass killing the inhabitants…
    In fact they want to be able to and they don’t care how hideous it will be…
    they fear the mob… Actually they demonize the public, in case the public ever get its game together on the distribution of wealth and power, something other than the typical pyramid….
    i wonder if the condo-complexes are wired when they’re built too…
    BLDG 7 was the nerve center from where the 9-11 hit was directed…
    Taking it down got rid of the evidence, like JFK’s limo…

  10. Here is your President Amerika:

    Biden gets on his knees and begs Israeli President Rivlin:


    Btw Russia does not have to do anything, Amerika is allowing Israel to rape her to death.

    Rabbi pastor John Hagee and founder of CUFI says “Praise the Lord and may Gawd protect Israel” “Gawd is the Lord of Power and Might!”

    CUFi = Christians United For Israel

    the most patriotic organization in Amerika

    1. Yukon Jack wrote: Rabbi pastor John Hagee and founder of *CUFI says “Praise the Lord and may Gawd protect Israel” “Gawd is the Lord of Power and Might!”
      *CUFi = Christians United For Israel

      According to various Internet sources, one being: , John Hagee divorced in 1975 and married again in 1976. , Hal Linsey has divorced 3 times and is now with a 4th wife. (These 2 links are shown because they are devoid of seedy advertisements.)

      Both are ultra wealthy. Hal Linsey has a net worth of $42 million. John Hagee owns an 8,000 acre ranch and his 2001 ministry revenue was $18.3 million dollars filed with IRS. Yet, according to the Bible,

      Matthew 19:4-6 – 4 He [Jesus] answered, and said, “Have not you read that he who made them from the beginning made them male and female, 5 and said, ‘For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother, and shall join to his wife; and the two shall become one flesh?’ 6 So that they are no more two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, do not let man tear apart.”


      Titus 1:6-7 – namely, if any man is above reproach, the husband of one wife, […] For the overseer must be above reproach as God’s steward, […] not fond of sordid gain [free from the love of money].

      There is more to say, but for starters, their manner of lifestyle do not fit that of a man of God, nor are they doctrinally sound.

  11. The clown president takes the knee wherever he gets the chance, to keep the Kapernick baloney movement alive…
    Maybe he’s just looking for an endorsement contract with someone, like the hammer thrower…
    Meanwhile, the US military has worms…
    The Bolshevik kind…
    Apparently now the SPLC (ADL) controls the Pentagon…
    Where are the real Americans?
    Here’s what’s up in the USA…

  12. What this article DOESN’T mention – and NO surprise there since it IS the Daily Fail – is that Uncle Sam’s yapping poodle would be squashed like a bug in seconds… and THAT would be the END of Dear Ol’ Blighty!

  13. The Zionist USIsrael Hegemon is failing, Russia and Iran can just sit back and watch the empire implode. Does anyone think the USA can fight anymore wars in the M.E. for Israel?

    How long until the empire falls moment like when the Soviet Union collapsed after it left Afghanistan, the graveyard of empires? If you think about it, is Biden even living at the White House? What is the real roll of Biden the installed pedopuppet?

    The Biden Administration is allowing the IDF to waltz right into Florida and demolish the remainder of the Surfside Condos, Biden in on his knees in front of Israeli President Rivlin, and who is stupid enough to own US Treasury Bonds which pay 1.5%?

    Amerika is unable to protect it’s factories from Zionist skullduggery. California intentionally drained it’s reservoirs during the drought, now 5500 huge farms will not have enough water this season. DEW weapons are unleashed on hapless villages. Amerika is going down and white people are being set up for the big purge. Things are going to get ugly.


    It’s Saigon in Afghanistan
    By Ron Paul, MD
    July 6, 2021

    “The end of the 20-year US war on Afghanistan was predictable: no one has conquered Afghanistan, and Washington was as foolish as Moscow in the 1970s for trying. Now, US troops are rushing out of the country as fast as they can, having just evacuated the symbol of the US occupation of Afghanistan, Bagram Air Base.

    While perhaps not as dramatic as the “Fall of Saigon” in 1975, where US military helicopters scrambled to evacuate personnel from the roof of the US Embassy, the lesson remains the same and remains unlearned: attempting to occupy, control, and remake a foreign country into Washington’s image of the United States will never work. This is true no matter how much money is spent and how many lives are snuffed out.

    In Afghanistan, no sooner are US troops vacating an area than Taliban fighters swoop in and take over. The Afghan army seems to be more or less melting away. This weekend the Taliban took control of a key district in the Kandahar Province, as Afghan soldiers disappeared after some fighting.

    The US is estimated to have spent nearly 100 billion dollars training the Afghan army and police force. The real number is likely several times higher. For all that money and 20 years of training, the Afghan army cannot do its job. That’s either quite a statement about the quality of the training, the quality of the Afghan army, or some combination of the two.

    Whatever the case, I am sure I am not the only American wondering whether we can get a refund. The product is clearly faulty.

    Speaking of money wasted, in April, Brown University’s Cost of War Project calculated the total cost of the Afghanistan war at more than two trillion dollars. That means millions of Americans have been made poorer for a predictably failed project. It also means that thousands of the well-connected contractors and companies that lurk around the US Capitol Beltway pushing war have become much, much richer.

    That’s US foreign policy in a nutshell: taking money from middle-class Americans and transferring it to the elites of the US military and foreign policy establishment. It’s welfare for the rich.

    Meanwhile, the Costs of War Project also estimated that the war took more than a quarter of a million lives.”

  14. Regardless of military, it’s the greatest waste of time, energy, money and is nothing but destruction for those who are making the money and those who provide the weaponry to kill. The memorials are all frauds as the money men and providers of death are the only winners. Military brass should be put in a cage and left there to perish as they have done to others over time.

    Memorials are the monuments of our greatest failures, as there are no victors in this fraudulent garbage of war. The masonic wars from the US, France, Russia, China, Germany and the genocides by the Crown, France, Dutch and the rest are a memorial of the desire for no peace but for profit motives only and plunder other countries and fill the vacuum with dictators which can be eliminated any time these behemoths want.

    The religions that take sides and push for their own dogma are an abomination to their followers who have been brainwashed or become brain dead in reverence for life. The literature of the “word of god” is all a sham as blood sacrifice, regardless of what and where and the innocent lives of nature shows the real putrid aspects of their real selves, inhuman and worthless, or parasites that are to the death of all living things.

    I’ve read, heard and seen enough to know that history is written by liars and whatever the “wining” side is, it is surely evil and are of those who should not be allowed to walk this earth (Dr. Barrie Trower has stated the same for EM especially now as G5 rolls out, as those people too, are liars). Bias of Priene – All men are wicked and most are evil. This is the most honest observation I have ever found. The leaders are a legal criminal class and the secret societies should be eradicated as well as those who wish harm to all of life in their god damned dogma of their gods of hate, war, blood and death which has brought this earth to near term extinction. If you don’t understand this, you are unobservant, and willingly ignorant, making you the most damaging part of humanity.

  15. —-Joke of the month—-:

    The General Assembly adopted a resolution a few days ago addressing the decades-long United States embargo against Cuba, as delegates called for an immediate end to the sanctions.
    by a recorded vote of 184 in favour to 2 against (Israel, United States).

  16. It’s a joke ok….
    No trade but our borders are wide open..
    But who’s laughing?
    Who’s laughing is the ones you’re not allowed to criticize…

  17. The currently occurring Third World War was not mentioned in this thread, so here goes:

    (breaking news of the past few days)

    Spanish scientists have examined vials of pharma Jabs and found then to contain 98% graphene oxide nano particles that resonate at 5G frequencies, explaining “COVID”, Wuhan/New-York/Milan initial media phenomena and all “vaccine” damage phenomena.

    A good write up here:

    A full scientific report is being prepared but enough scientific information is present on the source site to be confident that this is true.

    Why did it take independent scientists 18 months to examine the content of the poisonous vials?
    Get angry and distribute this information.

    1. Thanks, Flan! It is important info. Few mention it.

      BUT….. Heaven forbid!!! You inserted a link, which will draw criticisms from the known jew trolls here. They don’t like validation. 💥 😨

      BTW – I distributed it to my list last week. Horrific! 🤢

  18. Excellent James Reinhart! But it will offend many.
    “If you don’t understand this, you are unobservant, and willingly ignorant, making you the most damaging part of humanity.”
    Understanding (little bits and pieces) seems the easy part these days but taking personal action is of a different perspective as there is too much “DEMOCRACY & LAW & lifestyle education” attached to the necks of the (un)willing “citizens” before a massive fear “for life and existence” will set in. To actual change ones own (privately or Government funded) dependency as a daily habit and moving into “independence” while cutting ALL or most attached invisible cords of “AUTHORITY” – is the first but most difficult step into a change for the new unknown “freedom”.
    As long as like minded “freedom seeker” quarrel about all and everything that is or ever was while arguing their heads off about contradicting words and details in history as a hobby, just to demonstrate ones own superiority through knowledge over others – no changes will ever occur in the forcibly divorced and shattered family of man. Unity can come only with a very heavy burden. Taking responsibility for much more than ones own selfish self, a fragile body and the need of “coin for well being” that is taken away legally from others in need.
    Time is truly overdue to shed eternal light on the ghosts in the dark and on purpose divided closets of centuries that have ransacked all of mankind ANYWHERE over and over again – since time began. The change/mutation/evolution of man has to come naturally and not as it always came: Designed, programmed and (currently) directed by the management of the “human mental health department”, covering live for the global department of peace – straight from the worldly asylum headquarters for the mentally insane/insecure in the foggy streets of London.
    The UK global crime syndicate with its promoted face of “honorable” PM Bojo, who was/is famed more for becoming a dog toy (Biden’s wife surely bought one while visiting) during his reign than being a plandemic Prime Minion minister of the Royal Empire surely shows signs of a needy and speedy relocation to the “far east” as the shady imperium crumbles into ruins and more profits are too be made elsewhere. A war of mighty Britain and their canon feed material allies in US and other subjects of all “former” global colonies might just need a war against any made up enemy to turn all English lights of in the commonwealth for selected noble oligarchs.

  19. LD: Americans wary of “fear porn” make take comfort from the possibility that no such lethal submarines actually exist but have been invented for the purpose of striking terror into the hearts of millions of Americans.

    I think that the US population overall has been led to a false sense of security, that they really don’t care, being more concerned with their Covid Stimulus Payments, milking the unemployment benefits because they pay more than work, and 20 years of education that has already left children uncompetitive compared with foreign schools. Plus, changes to labor law that discourages children from earning after school, where teenagers cannot even ride their bicycles to deliver newspapers because they are considered unsupervised.

    Lately with Covid restrictions raised, I have been seeing people riding bicycles and jogging, but few are young people, most are senior citizens. They were of the generation when as children, bicycle riding was a normal activity to school, to friends houses, and all this without parental supervision. In the 1960’s, a first grader could walk to school without parental help, being escorted by older children in the same elementary school. During the same time, schools had a Junior Police Officer Corps (JPO) made of top students in 5th and 6th grade, who with a teacher supervising, the children with special vest and hat would hold stop signs and escort other children safely across the street. Nowadays, all this has been replaced with adult parent volunteers.

    The changes in law and increases in lawsuits, increased power given to state social services department who can confiscate children from parents, have stunted the leadership ability training in children. Over 50% of marriages in US now end within 3 years, very few make it “to death do you part”. The following 1963 Goals of the US Communist Party have already been accomplished:

    38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].
    39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.
    40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.
    41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

    20 years of couch potato raising has left a stunted, socially immature young adult population, as further documented here:

    About 75 percent of America’s 17- to 24-year-olds were ineligible for military service due to lack of education, obesity, and other physical problems, or criminal history in 2009, according to a report issued by the Mission: Readiness group. Since Congress ended the military draft in 1973, the U.S. armed services depend on a constant flow of new volunteers every year. While that figure has since dropped to 71 percent, the problems with military recruiting remain the same.

    It is just my mental perception, but I really wonder if the US could respond to defend itself to another major world war. US no longer has the manufacturing capability it once did, from ore to finished product. Excessively restrictive environmental laws have lead to export of work to countries where these restrictions do not exist. Silicon Valley electronic chip manufacturing has been transferred overseas. (The used car market is booming because manufacturers have massive inventory of unsold new cars stockpiled because they lack the final computer chips.)

    With the US military concentrating instead of diversifying military resources into mega bases with large troop populations, it is not hard to imagine that the US has left itself in a very vulnerable position to attack. Russia does not need mega subs, when a few key placed nukes by various technologies to these bases delivered by Vietnam era equipment, plus destruction of key shipping ports would render the US crippled for years to come.

    However, I come from a generation that was taught from first grade to college, to critically think. Nowadays, that skill is no longer taught. I was even taught racist counting beyond ten. The late George Carlin is correct in stating that the owners want people that are just smart enough to accomplish the work but dumb enough to not ask questions.

    1. Györgi –

      I agree with you on much of what you wrote, especially about being taught to think critically, and how to solve problems. I started in Catholic kindergarten and then grade school in Chicago in the 40s. I often walked to the Biograph theater by myself at age six, in an era where even gangsters looked out for kids.

      You wrote:
      “Russia does not need mega subs, when a few key placed nukes by various technologies to these bases delivered by Vietnam era equipment, plus destruction of key shipping ports would render the US crippled for years to come.”

      No nukes(sic ) are needed to cripple the US. Here is a ‘critical thought’ to ponder. There are less than a dozen highway and railroad bridges crossing the Mississippi River. Removing them would be disastrous. Thermite would easily do the trick.

      Another ‘critical thought’ to ponder is the use of just a few ounces of botulism placed into key water supplies around the country, possibly killing millions of people. The resulting mass hysteria from the unseen deeds would be worse than explosions, while keeping the expensive buildings and infrastructures intact so troops could move in.

      BTW – I don’t believe there are any nuclear explosion producing weapons anywhere in the world. The faked and photo-shopped pictures are impressive, though: 🙂

      Here is just one for fear in France:

      See 800 pages of PROOF….

      1. Pat,

        I thought you were from Arkansas, Pat. Did your family move from Chicago to Little Rock Arkansas? Similar to, lol, to how Hillary Rodham’s [ probably a jew ] mobster father moved the Rodham family from Chicago and the JEW mob in Chicago to Little Rock, Arkansas and to the JEW mob in Little Rock?

        [ About 5-6 years ago you were giving everyone the impression that you grew up in Los Angeles and were of Protestant Christian heritage, of Southern background but you grew up in Los Angeles with the standard generic mainstream American culture, but forget about that, that was along time ago it doesn’t matter anymore ].

        You always gave the impression that you were a Southerner, from a long line of Southerners, and you always gave the impression that you come from a Southern Protestant Christian family, of Southern Protestant Christian founding stock heritage, Pat. Now you come from an Catholic ethnic immigrant family who settled in Chicago. Chicago is not exactly a bastion of The Confederacy, Pat. Catholic ethnic immigrant background is NOT Southern Protestant Christian founding stock background/heritage, Pat. Growing up in Chicago is NOT growing up in the South, Pat. Catholic ethnic immigrant background growing up in Chicago is NOT Protestant Christian Southern founding stock heritage growing up in the South, Pat.

        This is TOTALLY NEW THING, you being from Chicago up North and being of Catholic background. It’s going to take some getting used to, so please be patient with me. Thank you, TROJ.

        1. TROJ, I think you are jumping to conclusions regarding Pat’s life. A kindergarten attendance at age 4 doth not a Catholic make. (I’ve known Protestant parents who sent their kids to Catholic school.) Pat is well senior in age and has been around to a lot of places I gather, has a lot to relate to during his life. Your imagination of his whereabouts is amazing, though. 😉

          1. Györgi –

            He has been pestering me about my roots for over 5 years…. no Sherlock Holmes, this one. Maybe a crazed version of Watson, though. 🙂 He has had time to get it much more accurate. It IS fun for me to see his wild-ass guesses. He will do it to you if you stay here long enough.

        2. TRO’Giuseppe’ 🙂 –

          “I thought you were from Arkansas, Pat.”
          I am.

          “Did your family move from Chicago to Little Rock Arkansas?”

          Yes. That’s the last part you’ve gotten correct. That was after my dad got his doctor’s degree. We lived in Little Rock for three months while my dad took his state board exams. We moved to Hot Springs after he passed and got his license. My mom and I were born in Arkansas. She wanted to move back there.

          I was raised Lutheran. Catholic schools were the only decent schools in Chicago. That’s because the nuns were meaner than the students. 🙂 I went to public schools in Arkansas.

          I never wrote that I lived in Los Angeles. I did live in San Diego for 8 months, courtesy of the US Navy.

          I have had over 100 addresses where I could receive mail in my lifetime. I’ll bet that’s almost as many as your buddy… Lobro! 🙂

          1. Hot Springs area is one of my favorite places, environmentally speaking. Compared to Austin it was 10%-20% cheaper for practically everything except gasoline. The incredible water alone (none better East or West of the Mississippi) makes it worth living there.
            If not for those damn ticks.. They’re everywhere I know but in Arkansas, yikes!

            1. YESSIREE-BOB! And those ubiquitous red-bugs called chiggers…. which the politically correct ‘woke ones’ call….. Chegroes!! 🙂 🙂

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