Anarchy in the USA: Is Civil War Looming?

By Lasha Darkmoon
January 7, 2021


It has been impossible for me to find any YouTube videos that present the recent scenes in Washington objectively. All the big media outlets, without exception, are anti-Trump and pro-Biden. The front page headline in The New York Times is typical — “TRUMP INCITES MOB.” A British tabloid screams: “ANARCHY IN THE USA.”

The video below is hopefully a bit more objective since it comes from DW, a German public broadcast service.

Even this, however, takes the line that Trump’s millions of supporters—though burning with righteous indignation at what they perceive to be a fraudulent election—are nevertheless in the wrong and need to cool it. 

The assumption here is that the election was as fair as fair can be, and that Trump is a bad loser. He is accused of “inciting” his supporters to violence while at the same time pretending to counsel calm and  responsible behavior. Most of our readers will reject this line of argument as spurious. They are welcome to speak their minds freely here, either defending the scenes of violence as morally justified or deploring them as unnecessarily provocative.

Will civil war break out?

We don’t know.

One thing is sure. The next four years in going to be a rough ride for America. This great and beautiful country seems to be on the brink of financial ruin and existential destruction, pulled apart between two warring ideologies and by racial tensions that can only get worse in the foreseeable future. 

This is a breeding ground for violence, and, ultimately, for war. For once the perception gains ground that our leaders are unfit to rule—and God only knows this perception is now becoming almost universal—the iron enters the soul and anarchy runs riot. The old Latin adage springs to mind: Quem Deus vult perdere, prius dementat. — Literally, “He whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad.”    

All I say is this, with all the passionate sincerity I have at my disposal: GOD BLESS AMERICA.      

VIDEO   :   13.17 mins

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  1. Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz defends Trump after storming of Capitol building

    After a mob of demonstrators stormed the Capitol building on Wednesday interrupting a joint session of Congress to certify president-elect Joe Biden, Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz defended President Donald Trump, who called for protests to be “peaceful” before they turned violent. Gaetz also claimed facial recognition software detected people breaching the Capitol who weren’t pro-Trump, a claim that has not been verified.


  2. Supporters of Trump and plenty of FIB(cia) hires.
    Someone put those pipe bombs there (wink wink).

  3. Contrast the media and public response to BLM protests with this. Were BLM and Antifa referred to as mobs?

    And will there be mass demonstrations throughout America and elsewhere (how about London, Paris, Berlin?) to protest the murder of an unarmed peaceful protester Ashli Babbit by the police? Will these be murals of her? Statues? Posters? etc. etc.

    1. Contrast the media and public response to BLM protests with this. Were BLM and Antifa referred to as mobs?

      Good point, CM.

      The ‘Daily Mail’ goes even further than ‘The New York Times’ in referring to the Trump supporters as “mobs”.

      It refers to them as “hate mobs”.

      1. What exactly is Antifa? I barely have a clue. So, I decided to look it up and get the answer below.

        ” The word stands for anti-fascist, and it appears to have originated in Germany in the 1930s and then resurfaced again in the 1970s. With the election of President Donald Trump in 2016, small organizations with that name have cropped up in a few American cities. But, for the most part, labeling protesters as members of “Antifa” — or, as Trump likes to say, “professional anarchists” — is often either a red herring or a false flag operation used to frighten gullible citizens.”

        I would like what. New Orleans Pelicans head coach Stan Van Gundy’s tweet about storming the Capitol.

        He expressed my exact sentiment when he said, “If you are an American and aren’t embarrassed by the domestic terrorism taking place at the U.S. Capitol there is something wrong with you,” Van Gundy tweeted. “This is a shameful day for our country.”

      2. Mahmoud, the anti-fascist rebellion originated in Germany in the 1930s from the KPD, the communist party of Germany. The same “communist idea” that took power in Russia, East Germany and some other strategic parts of the world and that “educated and prepared” German chancellor Angela Merkel as the Deutsche Mutti Queen. A shameful day for USA and the rest of the world is everyday until Patriots finally notice that RED & BLUE are part of the same COIN of division that has polluted the mind of the human family. Time to open ones own eyes and stop looking through colored lenses of tunnel view deceit. May God prevail and not the sick minds of man.

      3. The Daily FAIL is unfit for human consumption….
        which is no doubt why it’s a top-selling rag in INGZOG

  4. The big picture of what is happening in the word today is that the USA is losing its grip on the world. That’s the real thing, folks. If you don’t grasp this, you won’t be able to understand anything.

    What happens next? Do not address this question to Barking Dogs, Yukon Jackasses and other similar animals. They don’t know shit. Here is what happens next:

    …And when you lose control, you’ll reap the harvest you have sown
    And as the fear grows, the bad blood slows and turns to stone
    And it’s too late to lose the weight you used to need to throw around
    So have a good drown, as you go down, all alone
    Dragged down by the stone (stone, stone, stone, stone, stone)

    Roger Waters, Pink Floyd – Dogs

  5. Yesterday was a shameful day in America’s history. However, many people are entirely too casual with the fact that TWO bombs and a cooler full of Molotov cocktails were found at the Capitol yesterday.

    Do they need to EXPLODE for it to be a really big deal?

    Unless 45 is forced to step down or impeached, 12 more days……

    1. My Muslim brother Mahmoud is in the wrong here: Yesterday was a day when the better part of American people has made a desperate attempt to regain its lost soul… first time ever in American History.

      Unfortunately, it has failed.

  6. Amerika is the new Weimer Republik going into cardiac arrest. Trump was no Hitler, he was only a prelude to the chaos yet to come as the Demonrat Neo-Bolshevik Jews take full control of the Amerikan insane asylum and impose their “new deal” which will cement in place full Communist control. Amerika is about to be “locked down” into full Communism unless someone pulls a counter coup.

    Trump does have one last chance or he will go down as the worst president ever unless he pulls a counter coup by having the military arrest the whole shebang, march the entire government into Gitmo. This is being speculated all the time but may be unlikely since Trump is not radical enough to do it. Trump could be the greatest president ever if he rescues the republic and he must also arrest the entire media establishment and all the Jew owners, but since he is a big Jew lover, that doesn’t seem likely, so he might try escaping to Israel.

    I think the revolution will continue in steps, what will really energize the patriots is another Great Depression which is certainly possible, as a huge DEFLATION could easily happen because debt levels are so high (the world is about 500 trillion in debt!) and with the coronahoax lockdown drying up all the jobs and forcing millions into bankruptcy, that could snowball into the a humongous default wave across the board, which will scare the shit out of the average Joe who will panic and start saving every penny and not spending a dime.

    Amerika is full of wealthy property owning capitalists who are in for a big shock, as the Jews want all the wealth for themselves. That is why the Alberta councilman leaked the corona hoax debt forgiveness plan, where you get out of debt free but must get the vaccine injections and sign a statement you will never own property again. That leaked intel makes perfect sense because in the last (engineered) depression, the Jews took all the gold away and imposed their fiat FRN’s on the unsuspecting public, thus turning the entire nation into debt slaves.

    So is Amerika in for a civil war? Quite likely. If the Demonrats try to do a harsh gun control crackdown then things may go hot, gun fire. Once someone starts to fight back others will join in. Once all hope is loss, as is the case now, then the average redneck Joe (like me) who is armed to the teeth (like me) is going to get so pissed we are going to throw in the towel and say the hell with it. Then with great resolve we will walk away from our slave jobs and start k—ing all the mother f—-ers who did this shit to us.

    I can tell you one thing that half black KaliKumho ain’t getting my guns, my diesel pickup, or my last can of beans.

    1. Trump said today : “there’s going to be a an orderly transition on Jan. 20th” [ to paraphrase Trump ] , which means he conceded the election to Biden-Kamala. He didn’t actually use the word “concede” but in effect he conceded.

      He had to the know that the criminals who stole the election from him weren’t going to change how the Electoral College vote would go just because his supporters were in Washington on the same day of the Electoral College vote. And he had to know that ANTIFA would be there waiting for his supporters to show up. And he knew he had no control over ANTIFA. And he knew all those things the very day he first started to encourage his supporters to be in Washington on Jan. 6th. I realized that day that Trump is a real snake alright.

      I’m eating alot of crow. I was wrong about Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. Pat and BMan were right about Trump from the very beginning. I was wrong. Turns out, that story about ‘The Snake’ he told during the 2016 campaign was really about him. I see that clearly now. Pat and BMan knew ‘The Snake’ represented Trump the same day Trump told the story . Pat and BMan were right about Trump all along. I was wrong about Trump.

      Trump probably owns a big plot of land in Trump Heights Israel and will probably build a large gaudy mansion and retire there in his “holy” town in his “holy” land . He’s greatly loved and admired in Israel. He can play “King Cyrus” in Israel. After screwing/cluster-f*cking his White American supporters REAL HARD, REAL REAL HARD. It would take a Shakespeare or a Dante to write the story of Trump’s double-dealing betrayal of his supporters justice.

      1. TROJ

        To the surprise of absolutely no one, the Crybaby Terrorist-in-Chief will not be attending Biden’s inauguration.

        He’ll probably be too busy making his escape to ISISrael or Russia.

  7. President Joe Biden said yesterday’s US Capitol rioters: “don’t DARE call them protesters. They were a riotous mob, insurrectionists, domestic terrorists.” I can’t agree more!


    1. I am no Trump fan. Strange that those who hate Trump endorse Biden/Harris who are israeli firsters. Do you know what you are doing?

    2. Relax, Mahmoud, calm down.

      Trump gave the DEEP STATE [ COMMUNIST JEWS ] a gift. He set things up that his White American supporters would be seen to be “terrorists” and “enemies of the United States” — a gift the COMMUNISTS consider a great gift. He lured his White supporters to Washington and between him and the Deep State jews cluster-f*cked his White American supporters REAL HARD.

      He knew when he called upon his supporters to come to Washington and be in Washingto on Jan. 6th that the Deep State would conduct a black ops/false flag to make it look like White American Trump supporters caused the violence and mayhem– the breaching of the Capital Bldg by Deep State agent provocateurs, ANTIFA. The Capital Bldg wasn’t even breached, Security let the “invaders” into the Capitol Bldg. Nancy Pelosi’s son-in-law was the leader of the “invaders” who “breached” the Capital Bldg. [ see Jim Stone about the son-in-law ] .

      Trump set it up that his supporters would be labeled “terrorists” and “enemies of the United States” forever more. He helped arrange the black ops/false flag. I believe he did this in order to save himself and his family from the COMMUNIST DEEP STATE that was always threatening to persecute him — and his family — after he left office. I think that was the deal he made with the JEWS. To help the jews arrange a black flag ops/false flag violence making it “look like” White American Trump supporters “did it”. Those of us who are White Americans will now forever more be labeled by “terrorists” and “enemies of the United States”.

      As far as Pence is concerned, he really didn’t betray Trump. He did exactly what Trump wanted him to do, let Biden-Kamala win the election.

      I knew something horrible was going to happen the first time I heard Trump calling his supporters to Washington for the Jan. 6th Electoral College vote. I knew it was a set-up [ similar to the Deep State set-up of Charlottesville, that black ops operation to make White Americans look like “terrorists”]. I knew there was going to be some sort of false flag opeartion and the Trump supporters would get blamed for it. I don’t know how I knew it. Just intutition I guess.

      Relax, Mahmoud, relax and be happy, for yesterday [ The Feast of The Epiphany no less ] you got EXACTLY what you wanted, JEW that you are. “They cry out in pain as they strike you”. That’s you Mahmoud. Crying out in pain — as you strike White Americans — and Trump gave you the prefect reason to strike us White Americans — and forever more, not just for a day or two. And you know it. Jew that you are, you got exactly what you wanted yesterday.

      This post is just to let you know I know — I got your number and I can read you like a book. And I only read a small part of your “holy” talmud and I only read some of The Protocols and I got your number and I can see right thru you. Videre Licet.

    3. One of your former comrades in the Air Force, an unarmed woman protester, was murdered in cold blood by the cops, execution style, just like the IDF does to unarmed Palestinian protesters, and you call her a terrorist. What is wrong with you? Sure it’s illegal to raid government buildings but it is legitimate as far as civilian protests go and has been practiced throughout history everywhere. I suppose many of the things that Palestinian protesters do are illegal under Israeli law but so what!? I wonder what it is that you hate so much about those American protesters at the Capitol? It’s something other than that they broke the law, or that they were supporters of Trump, or that they waved the Stars and Stripes, or … I think it goes a little deeper than that – if you would be truly honest with us.

  8. Mick Mulvaney and Elaine Chao resigning today are clear evidence that rats DO flee sinking ships.

    But Trump’s stink lasts FOREVER.

    12 more days, unless he steps down or removed.

    1. Yea, yea – let’s get one in who can start a war in the Middle East or North Africa again. A guy you can really love!!

  9. The scene at D.C. must have been literally crawling with instigator- infiltration. CIA, Mossad, paid-off Soros-whores like Antifa members, etc. Who knows if the shooting of a White, Female veteran, by a black male, was even real? The Tribal social engineers are goading us into full-on riot-mode, then they can declare Marital Law, and get us acclimated to seeing Darth Vader on every corner. Circassian, why do you hate White people so much? Do you really think it was White people coordinating the destruction of the Middle East? Try researching the Israeli Oded Yinon Plan, and then research the Project For A New American Century, (PNAC) a think tank made op of Ashkenazim whose parents were all Trotskyite communists. PNAC- the infiltration and destruction of 7 nations in the M.E. and Northern Africa. And what a cohencidence! The PNAC plan perfectly matches the Israeli Oded Yinon Plan. Always a hidden agenda. VIA PNAC, the Tribe can coordinate the flooding of angry Muslims into the Western nations, wherein the Muslims take out their vengence on Whites. Even though the Muslims have been so malevolently manipulated, you somehow think your region is immune and you are above it all? If your nation has a central bank, your people are not immune from malevolent social engineering . Sadly, too many White Americans watch way too much TV & read too much mainstream news, all purchased by the Tribe, long ago. Americans have been thoroughly mind controlled, and if you think your neck of the woods is immune, then your gloating is truly foolish. Right now you might gloat, tomorrow it could be your own behind and the people sharing your heritage.

    1. @bumpercrop

      Circassian, why do you hate White people so much? Do you really think it was White people coordinating the destruction of the Middle East?

      You do not strike me as a malicious or dishonest person. I believe you are sincere in your confusion, so I will give detailed answers to your questions.

      Hating people is such a stupid idea that – to be perfectly honest – I am a bit insulted by your question. Hate is not a healthy feeling to begin with. If you care about your health, you should not succumb to the feeling of hate… even towards an individual, much less to a whole people, which – as I stated above – is a totally irrational idea. I may be disgusted with a person, I can intensely dislike someone, but I don’t hate anyone or anything – hate is good for nothing: it clutters your thoughts, it reduces your ability to think rationally and effectively, it destroys your health.

      However, never confuse hate with passion, fury, rage, anger, wrath, ire etc. – these are healthy and useful in certain circumstances feelings, but hate is not.

      Let’s take your second question. People (white, yellow or green) never coordinate things like wars or destruction of whole regions – states do; and the decisions on such matters are made not by people but by ruling elites, i.e. by the oligarchs through a plethora of institutions created by these same oligarchs – secret services, think tanks, military, all kinds of brainwashing machines like fake-news media, movie industry, books, bought and paid for “scientists” that mass-produce misleading theories and dehumanizing ideas, etc. etc. etc.

      But you seem to think that the “Tribe” – as you put it – is the ultimate entity that coordinates it all. In other words, for some mysterious reason, you think that “Tribe” as a people can do and does something what cannot be done and never is done by any other people – white, black, yellow or red!

      Have you thought this through, brother? It does not look like you have.

      1. The Jews made a religion out of sheer malevolence toward others who were not in their Tribe. They worship characters in their playbook, that engaged in vice and stealth to gain the upper hand over those whom they considered beneath them,which is everyone not in their Tribe. They even created a name for us, the Goyim, or cattle. Their entire book is based on psychopathic aggression and anything good or wise in the book was lifted from our ancestors. stolen, and claimed as their own. It is all plain to see if one has not been brainwashed via trauma-based mind control, IE if you don’t accept this God then your flesh will literally burn forever. That was Jew Religion #2. love your enemy but hate your family, even hate yourself! If it is unclear to you the Tribe interprets the lifted Ten Commandments as pertaining to how they should treat a fellow Jew and not how to behave toward the Goyim, then perhaps you should read the Talmud, the book they admittedly, really follow. The Rothschilds took over the issuing of U.S. money in 1913, after the 3rd attempt, creating the private bank known as the Federal Reserve, which has never been audited by a government official. They loan money to our gov, at interest, thereby perpetually in debt, and beholden to them. Do White Caucasians have our percentage of genetic psychopaths,estimated at between 1-4%? Indeed, like all races. these ambitious and greedy, Whites are identified, vetted and sufficiently black-mailed to do the Elite (cough!cough!) Jew’s bidding, those at the top of the Pyramid. Are there so-called “good Jews”? I don’t see many of them standing up and calling out the truth of the situation, do you? Yet they are supposed to be so intelligent so hip to a given situation.How many of them will admit the Jews ran the African slave trade? How many of them admit that Jews created, funded, and carried out the Bolshevik Revolution, responsible for the death of appx 100 million innocent people? Where are the Holocaust memorials, Hollywood movies, books, TV programs, and academic curriculums for the millions of tortured, starved and or worked to death, Russian and Eastern European’s who were eliminated in the jew Communist Revolution? Those on the lower-rung of the Tribe seem to be content enough, although we are repeatedly told, the Jews fight for truth and justice. They fight for whose truth and just us? The difference between Jews and Gentiles? The same race that created such genius as classical art, music. architecture, math, science, philosophy, and literature, if we were ever to be freed of the organized criminals, we would swiftly remove the psychopaths just as our ancestors before us. Now the same psychopaths are promoted and placed into positions of authority, encouraged to reproduce themselves, and join Judaic Freemasonry. You know, the big club that you ain’t in? (at least I would hope not) If science had not been long ago corrupted by their greasy little hands, and ill-gotten gained monies, instead of studying AI we might have already developed the successful Isolation and identification of the psychopathic genes within the brain, and gone on to develop an effective test for ID. But no, instead we are being told by purchased, controlled science and mainstream corporate media, we must take a vaccine, that can and will alter our genetics on a permanent basis. Just as one child in 54 is now born with some level of autism in the U.S. So please, dear Circassian, spare me the, “White people do it too” fallacy of logic. Virtue signalling at this point, is just annoying and unbecoming of your seemingly authentic or perhaps genuinely inauthentic sharing of useful information.

    2. nobody expected a door breach involving 10 or more people
      who could have imagined such a thing
      the force pressure to much to withstand
      predator superman nor even batman could have stopped these savages
      passports where found all over the ground proof enough
      white terrorists waving trump flags
      some of them shouted syria
      some iran
      many clearly confused on medication
      fires where started
      fbi and secret service as a safety measure
      the building
      like world trade 7
      may need to be pulled to protect the technocracy
      we may never know how the fully staged and supervised breach occurred

    3. Trumls “UNSUBSTANTIATED” claims that the election wss stolen?
      “IGNORED” would be more accurate..
      If the claims were ignored, which they were, it would lend a little credence to the Trump supporters, and tend to clarify the situation, which is the least the media should do… in fact it’s really all the media should do.

  10. CIRC
    “The big picture of what is happening in the word today is that the USA is losing its grip on the world. That’s the real thing, folks. If you don’t grasp this, you won’t be able to understand anything.”
    That might be a fair enough statement…
    The longer the dishonesty went on, the more unavoidable became the choque…
    Things are heating up here now…
    Out of this the USA may regain its grip on itself, the Real USA…
    “President Joe Biden said yesterday’s US Capitol rioters: “don’t DARE call them protesters. They were a riotous mob, insurrectionists, domestic terrorists.” I can’t agree more!”
    You will notice Biden referred to antifa as “an idea”, he refused to condemn them, while Harris was bailing them out of jail in the rare cases where they did get arrested…
    Without honesty there’ no real leadership, and the jews will always be in charge…
    Think about that…
    Because as long as they are things will only get worse for the arabs in the ME and the real citizens of the USA…
    People like HS who refuse to see the mountain of evidence of theft of the election are a dishonest as any of the lying politicians and media ventriloquist dummies…
    Dishonesty is the problem… Is it some kind of emotional problem?
    Hopefully, this is not merely a rah rah site for blind zealots…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      Without honesty there’ no real leadership, and the jews will always be in charge…
      Think about that…
      Because as long as they are things will only get worse for the arabs in the ME and the real citizens of the USA…

      So what’s your point? You’re implying that Trump is “honest”? He’s a real “leader”? He doesn’t do jew dirty work?

      People like HS who refuse to see the mountain of evidence of theft of the election are a dishonest as any of the lying politicians and media ventriloquist dummies…

      I don’t know what your point is (if you actually have one) but your statement is misleading. As I see it (and as I have previously stated here IIRC) the political process in the U.S. has been completely subverted and our elections are generally nothing more than a contest between deep state agents accordingly. Neither American patriots nor morally competent people of any stripe have a horse in this race.

      If the traitorous Soros faction somehow “stole” the election from the traitorous Adelson faction I’m sorry but I can’t get anymore worked up about it than I could if Baby Face Nelson stole some of John Dillinger’s loot from the last bank job.

      Of course it’s no secret that I believe Trump is the most evil and most dangerous person to ever occupy the White House and I would like to see him removed from power ASAP, but I criticize any and every U.S. president for the evil he does. I criticized Bush, I criticized Obama, I criticized Trump, and I will criticize Biden for his evil (if he is inaugurated).

      1. I am not surprised by these latest events. In fact, nothing that happens surprises me anymore. I expect bad things to happen in a world like this.

        I can understand the thinking of Trump supporters. They believe that the electoral process has been subverted and that an election that should have been Trump’s has gone to Biden instead. They are outraged. They are rioting and revolting in response. Unfortunately, these people are misguided.

        1, Trump is a Snake and has been a HORRIBLE President. Why fight to defend him? I could see defending him if he actually did something for America but he did nothing but Tweet. He does not deserve another four years of the same.

        2. The entire American political process is owned by Jewish interests. It was this way long ago and it is certainly this way now. Whoever wins serves Jewish interests and the Jews make damn well sure of it. Nobody who is hostile towards Jews stands of chance of getting in the White House. Only Jewish puppets become President. So stop crying Trump supporters and wake the fuck up.

        3. There are reasons to Revolt against the System but this is not one of them. If you are going to revolt, revolt for the right reason, not in defense of a lying Jewish scumbag like Trump.

        4. Trump is directly to blame for this violence. He incited his followers to do this and then he accepts no blame for it afterwards. Very typical behavior for a lying narcissist like Trump who wraps himself in the American Flag when he is really just a selfish Bastard who wants to remain in the White House for his own Egotistical reasons.

        5. As a former Trump supporter, all I can tell current Trump supporters is that you have to wise up and realize that the man you are supporting is not worthy of being supported. You have to wake up to Trump as I had to wake up. He is not who he says he is. He is a liar and deceiver who plays on your ignorance and uses your Patriotism to get you to support him personally. See through his con game.

        6. I suspect that this rioting in Washington D.C. is not spontaneous but has been carefully planned in advance by the Jews who use Trump Supporters the same way as they use Antifa. Its all controlled opposition being used to sway the opinion of the American public in a direction that the Jews will use in their favor to further divide Americans from each other.

        IMO the events of Wednesday January 6 were STAGED. These riots were planned and executed in the same way as the George Floyd riots were. Never trust a lying scheming Jew not to be behind these tricks.

      2. @Zar

        IMO the events of Wednesday January 6 were STAGED. These riots were planned and executed in the same way as the George Floyd riots were. Never trust a lying scheming Jew not to be behind these tricks.

        The last part of this statement shows that Zar’s head is firmly fixed in the Jewish ass, therefore he can observe and comprehend no more than can be seen and comprehended from that vantage point. In this regard he is no different from Lobro, Harold Smith, Barking Dog, Yukon Jackass, and everyone else here… with the possible exception of Brownhawk.

        But his conjecture that “the events of Wednesday January 6 were STAGED” is not without merit. How could we know the truth? At this point I see only one way to figure that out.

        If it was staged, then Trump was playing his role in this performance, therefore he shall be perfectly OK after he leaves the office, i.e. he will not go to jail, or suffer any kind of setback in his social and/or business standing.

        On the other hand, if Trump went out of control and was playing his own game, then I would think that, in doing so, he pissed off so many people in powerful places that we shall see him utterly ruined financially, or in some other way, which, I presume, is not difficult to do at all.

      3. HS
        My point is – a proper evaluation of the election as a fraud would be a good place to start the big reform process, without which, under the fake democratic party, the 🇺🇸 will continue to slide into the CCP grip…
        If you block that step by dismissing the evidence of the fraud, because you are blinded by hatred, you’re not helping..
        If we had heard one word of honest discourse from you about the biden fiasco, your assertion that you’re current position (they’re both bad) is merely circumspect might be believable..
        Maybe I missed something but you’ve been all TDS, with no equality of criticism for biden…. you’re in the 2-digit camp with the rest of the Trump haters in that respect….
        Yes, they’re both Jew-Boys, that in fact has been my position all along, wiih the realistic caveat, granted, that Trump is by far the lesser of the two inadequates….
        Clearly, one party rule under the dems will spell the end of the 🇺🇸 as a free constitutional republic….
        Whereas under DJT we’re only halfway in the quicksand, might get back out without a violent revolution… now it looks like that’s the only recourse…
        The so-called insurrection in the District of Criminals was entirely called for..
        I guess you would agree with that already, warranted for years….
        Your dishonesty, if you say there’s no evidence the election was stolen, is disingenuous, can not be evaluated, can never be creative of real social progress….

      4. @ Circassian

        The last part of this statement shows that Zar’s head is firmly fixed in the Jewish ass, therefore he can observe and comprehend no more than can be seen and comprehended from that vantage point. In this regard he is no different from Lobro, Harold Smith, Barking Dog, Yukon Jackass, and everyone else here…

        Being that you’re here too goofball your statement is at least partially correct. Now please do the darkmoon readership a favor: crawl the rest of the way in and disappear.

      5. @ Barkingdeer

        If we had heard one word of honest discourse from you about the biden fiasco, your assertion that you’re (sic) current position (they’re both bad) is merely circumspect might be believable..

        Yo shit-for-brains, being that you don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re” and you can’t construct a meaningful sentence, you’re obviously way too stupid to understand anything I’ve said about the matter.

        Maybe I missed something but you’ve been all TDS, with no equality of criticism for biden…. you’re in the 2-digit camp with the rest of the Trump haters in that respect….

        LOL! You apparently “missed” everything I ever said about the situation, you illiterate moron.

        1. Barkingdeer is not known for being the sharpest pencil in the box! 🙂
          His logic is on the same level as his appalling grammar.
          The internet is swarming with these disciples of the Goddess Moronica! 🙂

            (No idea why it ended up there).

            There are some ex military who think Trump will have a second term, based on the idea that Trump is the king of the art of the deal, and now that all who have committed treason, Trump is about to close down the deep state.

   stories that Trump is running a secret operation to restore the republic:

            Trump Did NOT Concede! Lin Wood Explains “Many Traitors” To Be Arrested Shortly! Final List of Confirmed Traitors Acquired Last Night During Congressional Vote! – Mike Adams Must Read! + Videos

            Did Trump Concede? Top Extraterrestrial Commander Ashtar Comments And Says It Is A Galactic And Exopolitical Issue Now, And To Expect Change!! Quantum Financial System Update!! Will JFK Jr. Emerge To Be First President Of The Restored Republic?

            UPDATED 1-7-21 SIMON PARKS VIDEO: Military Intelligence Operations Have Exposed the Cabal’s Plan to Takeover the USA – Calm Before the Storm?

            The idea here is that this is a Communist Coup taking place, and our liberty is non-negotiable, so the military is working with Trump to restore the republic by allowing the coup plotters to expose themselves and commit treason, so in the next 2 weeks Trump will have to make his final counter coup move.


            I myself remain skeptical that this grandious patriot theory has any merit. I recommend this site: which linked to this excellent article about the Q-Anon fail that TheRealOriginalJoe brings up:


            Here are some out takes:

            “Q and Q-Anon with their delay tactics of “He’s playing 3D Chess” and “Trust the plan” turned out to be a totally false LARP, and we’re supposed to . . . what? Let them go on their merry way?

            The whole “There’s tens of thousands of sealed Indictments, he’s going to pull the trigger and round-up all the pedophiles” was false too. What do we do with the people who pushed that bullshit on all of us?

            “Law enforcement has raided underground tunnels and are saving thousands of sex slave children” turned out to be phony as well. What do we do with the people who pushed that horseshit on all of us?

            “There was a raid in Frankfurt and Special Forces seized the servers used in the election fraud, we have all the proof we need, just wait . . .” how about those liars and cheats? What do we do with all of them?

            There were more than sixty lawsuits to challenge the election, and corrupt judges at both the state and federal levels blocked ALL of those cases from ever even getting into Discovery. NONE of the evidence of election fraud was ever ALLOWED BY COURTS to be put into evidence. They actually prevented the introduction of evidence! What are we supposed to do with those judges – trust they are doing fair and impartial justice when each and every one of those particular case judges – barring NONE — is a no good, lying, scumbag, cheat?

            How about the “Release the Kracken” girl, Sidney Powell? How about the “All the evidence will come out” nonsense from Rudy Giuliani? What’s to be done with Powell and Giuliani?

            People who CALL themselves “Republican” and then went out of their way to harm, usurp, sabotage, obstruct, leak (mostly lies) to media, stabbing ALL of us in the back over and over for four years . . . what about them? What do we do with them?

            How about the “Russia Collusion” hoaxers? Tore this country apart politically for almost three years. What is to be done with them?

            Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s right hand child sex pimp, locked away where she can do no harm to anyone powerful, and absolutely nothing taking place from all the info she has about child sex predators in Hollywood, politics, and law enforcement. I wonder how long until she “kills herself in prison?”

            After the totally phony “Russia Collusion” hoax, we were told that a real go-getter was finally on the case: US Attorney John Durham. He was going to uncover the misuse of Constituted Authority which attempted to overthrow a duly elected President.

            Durham turned out to be as useless as tits on a bull. A distraction “prop” of a US Attorney who accomplished nothing. … Attorney General William Barr. Useless. Did NOTHING to hold accountable anyone of consequence. The guy seems to have been a complete piece of political swamp-shit.

            Let’s not forget the wars in Afghanistan, Syria and God only knows where else. Trump said he’d get us out of those places. We’re still there.

            Yes, President Trump ORDERED the Pentagon to withdraw the troops. They didn’t. And no one is fired. No one is relieved of duty, no one is Charged, no one is in jail.

            Pardon me if I’m sick of it all.

            There’s more, but you get the idea.

            Now, it appears our President is rolling over. No arrests. No legal challenges pending. Just a wrecked nation, a completely deceived people, and a President now saying there will be an orderly transition, PRESUMABLY to the very people who pulled it all off.

            What a complete f–k job. The whole thing.


            Bread and circuses.

            All at our expense.

            Pardon me while I go throw up for about a month.”


            So there you have it folks, I assume Hal Turner is a MAGA Trump supporter having to face reality, that Trump has conceded. Unless Trump has an ace up his sleeve, and has been playing 4d chess all along, there is going to be massive mental depression for half of the nation when the Communists are sworn in Jan 20th.

            All hope is about to be lost.

      6. @Harold Smith

        You get offended too easily by the truth about you personality traits; this is a clear sign of a little man, Harold. You demonstrate also an amazing lack of the faintest trace of sense of sharp word, irony and good humor – another telling sign of embittered little man.

        Lighten up a bit, brother, that’ll make your life easier and more pleasant. I would recommend also less Bible and more fresh air – that might be of great benefit to your health as well.

        Trust an old and wise man, Harold.

        1. @ Circassian

          “Trust an old and wise man, Harold.”

          I would readily do so if I thought you were a wise old man. 🙂

          Unfortunately, I doubt you are a wise old man for two reasons:
          (1) No wise old man ever refers to himself as a “wise old man.’
          (2) No wise old man sneers at another man as a “little man.” 🙂

      7. Circ –

        You should spend more time with puny punk criminal ‘Put-On’ getting the US & US CIA & US Bankers & US TOTAL Media control out of Russia…… instead of being a whining, complaining ‘blockhead’ here!! 🙂 🙂

        Please help puny punk criminal ‘Put-On’ get Americans out of the Russian Government. He certainly cannot do it without your ‘wise man’ help!! 🙂


        (Fedorov is a member of Russia’s State Duma – akin to US House of Reps.)

        PUTIN AND GCD. 

        How EA Fedorov interacts with VV Putin

        National Liberation Movement:
        GCD is in every country in the world and under international law the activities of GCD are enshrined in the UN Charter.
        NOD in Russia is fighting for Russia’s sovereignty. 
        Each member of the NOD fights for Russia’s sovereignty at its own level. 

        Putin participates in the National Liberation Movement at the state level.
        **Evgeny Fyodorov provides Putin with reports, letters, memoranda, on which Putin makes his decisions.

        United Russia is the party of power, the party of Putin. At the same time, propaganda links this thesis with the previous lies that the President is the king. In fact, United Russia is just as “Putin’s” as everyone else. And even more so, it is not a party of power, because all power in Russia belongs to the Americans, and the party is just an instrument. 

        All major political parties are under the systemic control of Americans. After all, the political process needs funding, which can only be provided by big business, and it is in foreign jurisdiction and controlled by the United States. 

        Therefore, through the financing mechanism, political parties are also controlled. Therefore, all parliamentary parties are systematically controlled by the Americans.

        All officials are corrupt. 
        This thesis is suggested in order to hide the truth that such a phenomenon as corruption is an element of external control. After all, all thieves flee to London and they are not given out from there. Over the past 20 years, hundreds of thousands of corrupt officials have gone there, and they are not going to extradite them to the Russian prosecutor’s office.

        This is a standard story in colonial politics. The USA allows robbing Russia and bringing the stolen goods to the metropolis.

        Fedorov wants to end American control of Russia

        Objectives of the GCD:
        Liberation of the Russian Federation from the colonial dependence of the United States by
        restoring Sovereignty through a referendum on changing the Constitution.

        ”The Americans exercise control over the Russian media using the following mechanisms:”

        1. Rating system;
        2. Agencies among the leadership of the media;
        3. A system of grant support for media and individual journalists.
        Rating system. 

        The ratings of TV channels are measured and published by the only company – the  American company TNS. The higher the rating, the more expensive the ad is. 

        Accordingly, if a TV channel begins to violate American censorship, then its rating will be immediately downgraded and this will automatically reduce the company’s revenues. That is why the channel, in order not to close, is forced to pursue its editorial policy based on the American order. 

        Agency among the leadership of the media. All the heads of the largest TV channels come from the team of the ex-oligarch Gusinsky, who was responsible for ideology in the American-controlled “seven bankers”.

        And the director of NTV, Mr. Kulistikov, in general a military agent, he himself confessed to the camera that he worked in a CIA unit.(!!!)

        The United States is buying up the largest internet portals in Russia. Now the audience of pro-American sites is comparable to the audience of federal channels (over 12,000,000 people a month). And ideological indoctrination is acquiring completely different scales, openly dangerous for Russia.
        The Americans carry out occupation propaganda through the Russian media.
        Her(America’s) goals:
        • covering up the occupation status of Russia, so that people do not understand that their country is a colony;
        • information support for the process of implementing the strategic tasks that the
        • Americans set before the modern Russian government, namely:
        ◦ liquidation of Russia;
        ◦ genocide of the Russian people;
        ◦ tribute payments by Russia to the United States.
        The occupation propaganda is carried out in two directions:
        • creation of a general negative information background by the Russian media;
        • replicating lies that American agents create in the Russian media.

        *** USE Google Chrome for translation…. So you can MORE EASILY read this info directly, BLOCKHEAD!! 🙂

      8. MB,

        I have to admit that the mistrust, which you have expressed for the old wise man, made me sad. If you have told me “Trust an old and wise woman, Circassian”, I would trust you without hesitation – that’s how I trust you. 🙂

        And how do you pay me back? Sad. 🙁

      9. Pat,

        I have told you this before, but I can’t thank you enough for being the most useful… how shall I put it?… guy here. 🙂

      10. Circ –

        Glad to help!! Anytime, musselman ‘wise’-guy!! 🙂

        Never stop telling me that… so I can help you and puny punk criminal ‘Put-On’ remove the US CIA from Russia’s jew Government!! 💥 😎

      11. @ Circassian

        You get offended too easily by the truth about you personality traits…

        LOL! Well look what’s talkin’! You wouldn’t know “the truth” if your boyfriend assaulted you with it. (BTW the only way you could actually “offend” me knucklehead would be if I had your approval).

        this is a clear sign of a little man, Harold.

        Indeed it is, but being that your profound manhood deficit comes across loud and clear in your every comment, there’s no need for you to waste any more bandwidth explicitly promulgating it here.

        You demonstrate also an amazing lack of the faintest trace of sense of sharp word…

        LOL! Whatever that nonsense is supposed to mean…

        …irony and good humor – another telling sign of embittered little man.

        Keep your fantasies confined to your bedroom, knucklehead.

        Lighten up a bit, brother, that’ll make your life easier and more pleasant. I would recommend also less Bible and more fresh air – that might be of great benefit to your health as well.

        Sorry chumpy but I only accept advice from other humans, which leaves you out.


      Who is the banana Republic now?
      Page 3 of today’s Daily Nation of Kenya.

      One of the countries that were referred to by trump as shithole countries.

  11. The purpose of this electoral farce was, having built up the myth of democracy for a couple of hundred years, to destroy it. Under the Great Reset, there is no role for electors or politicians. Elite Technocrats and Artificial Intelligence will control every resource and every person on Earth.

    Those in this thread glorifying a “victory” are in for a rude awakening.

      1. Madame is really an injun squaw. Madame speakum like injun squaw. pale faces give Madame some wampum & lots and lots of fire water to make singing sounds like the birds makum chirping sounds as she flutters around what the pales faces call a “stage” like a butterfly for the pale faces… pale faces call that “entertainment” in forked-tongue language of the pale faces, 😀

    1. “Under the Great Reset, there is no role for electors or politicians”. Yepp Flan that’s what will happen.
      When that penny is finally dropping by opposing voters in a dreamlike democracy they are already voted out of history. Just like any career politician that will deny their treason. Until then it will be like ALL other days in American political history: “It feels like a brand new day. For the first time in six years, Democrats will operate a majority in the United States Senate — and that will be very good for the American people,” Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer.

    2. Yes, Flan. And I believe Trump was part of the scheme – ‘paper ballots so bad’ – to drive states toward MORE electronic voting machines and voting by smart phones in the futurer…. China-style!!

      1. If correct, Flan’s observation would tie into the idea that the Fed Reserve system was implemented to serve as a vehicle to make money essentially obsolete in paralleling POLITICIANS becoming obsolete.

        The end game completing what’s reflected by the infamous Rothschild quote: “Give me control of a nation’s wealth and I care not who makes its laws”……pure communism

    3. Yeah how right you are Flan. If one takes a couple steps back and look at European history for the last 500 years or so, it is not too difficult to see how the (((money manipulators))) “brothered-in” with the ‘royals’ to help them control and grow money. Of course the ‘royals’ were in competition with the Church for control of the bulk of the wealth of Europe.

      Surreptitiously Protestantism was born; the ‘royals’ for the most part was okay with it since they thought they would be the main beneficiary, at least so they thought, and some like ole Henry started up his own branch (Anglicanism). But the money brotherhood was always hidden behind, getting fatter and fatter. After the Church was weakened it was not in the interest of the brotherhood to destroy it since it controlled so many of the the hearts of the people, all that was needed was a little ‘encouragement’ now and then.

      In time when the time was ripe for the plucking of the royals, eloquent pens like Voltaire, Locke, Jefferson were put to use creating the movement for independence and nation states, pulling the rug out from the royals. The simple (people) thought it was their win, a win for democracy and liberty…..all the while the wealth kept being consolidated by the brotherhood.

      And like the Church it was not in the interest of the brotherhood to get rid of the royals, they only needed to be placed a few notches lower down. They continued to suck the blood of the people … only a little less. While the brotherhood steered the simple (people) in every direction, they did so so that they didn’t ever focus on them; like the devil himself they are never to be seen.

      The concept of communism and consumer capitalism – two of the most dangerous philosophies that destroy the planet – kept consolidating more and more wealth for the brotherhood, not just wealth but most important: control and power. To be sure, consumer capitalism is not lassez-faire capitalism, it is simply monopoly and despotism.

      Now that they have complete powerplay the time is ripe for the old fuedal system to show itself in the open again only this time with sugar crystals. It was never truly abandoned, the people (siimple) were only given a short taste of freedom so that their energies could be further harnessed for complete conquest of the planet for the brotherhood.

      Now that the world is under its foot it will use all its staged tricks to show how silly it is for people to rule themselves….obviously they can’t, they’ll just keep killing each other. Compare that to the fine world they are generously bequeathing. They provide food, education, health care……an automated world of pure ease…..or is it dis-ease?

      I guess Malcolm would have said the whole friggin world is full of house ni**ers.

  12. American patriots should storm aipac instead of the capitol.
    i cant believe a bunch of ragtag (5 million) rock throwing Palestinians drive 5 million Jews armed with 300 nuclear heads, 100’s of f35s, nuclear submarines, 100’s of merkava tanks, CRAZY!

    120 million whites cant deal with 3 million Jews!
    all they do is complain in forums when they grow older!
    One Jew, Mark Zuckerberg probably got more money than 100 million Americans!
    but white children in the hills of Montana and Kentucky are going hungry and don’t even have internet now that they need online teaching.
    maybe white Americans should borrow some testicles and brains from those Palestinian kids.


    an Israeli soldier refusing the officer’s orders to go to military service at the Gaza border for fear of death.(at the time of this incident we were NOT fighting them in a battle)

    The video showed an Israeli army officer forcing a soldier to ride in a bus to go to a military post on the Gaza border, but the soldier was frightened and fell to the ground and refused to obey the officer’s orders.

    the officer rubbed the soldier’s nose in the dirt because he refused to get up.

    The following is a translation of the dialogue between the officer and the soldier:
    Officer: Go to the bus
    Soldier: I don’t want to go, I don’t want to die
    Officer: Go with me to the bus, we are stronger than them
    Soldier: I do not want to go to the border, I do not want to die
    Officer: Go to the bus they have stones and we have weapons
    Soldier: They are not afraid of death I do not want to die

  14. Whomever instigated the Capitol storming, yesterday (crisis actors were definitely spotted), it was done by agents provocateur. I had friends who attended the protest/rally, and they said it was quite suddenly orchestrated and incited, and that participants of former BLM riots were identified. Still, I applaud the action, but am sorry it fell short of the insurrection described and promoted in Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence. Read it. It is a very “radical” document.
    The People are in a rebellious mode. Blood WILL flow (as Yukon Jack previously declared), and our country will be a mess – wide open for attack by foreign interests. TPTB are using this for a pretext to further persecute Trump. It is likely to backfire on them.

  15. This video was posted on 3 star General Michael Flynn’s Twitter feed today.
    He has been working day by day for weeks with the President so I feel that
    this information is good. I checked out the woman who gave the interview
    and she checks out. Soli Deo Gloria

    “The Italian Job”


    1. Addendum

      I meant to leave a quote Maria Zack made on this video that I found particularly good —

      “This is not the smoking gun. This is the hand that held the smoking gun”

      1. Thanks Ramm Stein for this excellent video. Some say the Leonardo encryption satellites are actually contracted out and controlled by the Vatican. Do you think this is true?

    2. Ha….This video has been removed for breaking You tube’s ‘community guidelines’….

  16. most psy events need stand down
    in this case s s and the cops gave those actors a tour
    when i say actors i mean extras and some bit parters

    all fakery mockery
    all the money they have stolen 100s of trillions and they cannot seem to employ a director
    like christopher nolan

    infamy infamy

    i have seen better flickering images
    on the walls of platos cave

  17. Jim Acosta said one of his WH sources described Trump’s current state as “unstable…ranting and raving.” LMAO,

    Add to that, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have temporarily blocked Trump’s accounts in the aftermath of the failed coup attempt.

    I wonder if the WH has a tranquilizer gun in the event 45 needs to be sedated?!

  18. If there were any sort of legit hearing or debate as per the Ted Cruz idea on the floor of the chamber, it might give the real Republicans a chance to present Sidney Powell and her team whereupon they would have the opportunity to make plain their long list of sworn complaints and other evidence that the case exists against the bidens ccp election theft…
    I would let her bat first…
    Throw in the appropriate appeal to honor…
    That way the public might finally get the chance, or be forced, to understand just how blatant and egregiously criminal the fraud really is….
    It would make it much harder on that level for her info to be ignored…
    Of course the dems can’t have ANY genuine discussion, which is why they would throw the antifa thugs into the mix, escorted to the scene by the CCPDC Cops, of course….
    Just like they had no genuine campaign, and no genuine candidates….
    It becomes a riot, of sorts, on purpose….
    Just enough to throw the genuine process off the track…
    They probably murdered the women just for emphasis…
    And, when this is over and if biden gets in and you see Trump prosecuted to the hilt by the full force of the federal government for years, and you see a toll taken on him, then I guess at that point we’ll have to reconsider just who he was and what really was the game…

  19. Not even the “conservative” news is reporting the truth that fake Trump supporters broke in and the security let it happen. They are following the script of the Cabal too. Everyone is lying. Who benefits from this staged deception? This should convince you:—false-flag-breach-of-congress.html

  20. ADMIN: Tidy up your language please if you wish to comment on his site. Your expletives and potty language is totally unacceptable here. I won’t stand for it. (Sr. Monica)

    Jew schmoo! Does the ass licking ever quit on this site? Yanks were served a turd burger ..or no a shit sandwich from the party of one! Ha ha the coronation takes place on the twentieth??? Maybe a rock from space will stop all this very droll kubki theater. The cognitive dissonance here arguing over two decrepit sniveling groveling ass holes is like watching a bunch of monkeys throwing shit at each other ,and Armageddon is nigh…well maybe when the hoe usurps the throne from the good Catholic boy and his team of pick pockets. Bibi must be near orgasm at the thought of a nuclear delight heading Iran’s way. Be careful what you wish for schlomo. Nobody mentions the fourth rail here… Xi ping pong. He must be laughing his commie ass off with put on. Time to quote PCR or use some stupid big word like insouciant or better yet Ricky Nervous I just don’t care. A little less bickering please ,its getting like the Irish Savant,one or more commenters from section 8200.

  21. Trump supporters are cooked, whichever way they respond to show their outrage, as long as they do not understand the Trump is a false opposition. And there could be an underlying reason, why he encouraged his supporters to storm the Capital. It was not necessarily because of his support for their outrage for the rigged elections. I may be wrong, but Trump may be deliberately instigating Anarchism, to pave way for Communism!

    Anarchism, Fascism, Zionism, Communism, are all variants of the same hidden Jewish Messianic Ideology. One should remember that Anarchism paved way for Communism in Russia. It pave way for Communism in China, and it paved way for Communism in Vietnam, and Cambodia. Anarchism is the left hand for Messianic Despotism, which holds and steadies the victim nations with paralysis as the right hand which is Communism brings down the Guillotine!

    Remember that Anarchism of Bakunin, (who was Jewish) appeared to compete with Communism of Karl Marx and Leo Trotsky, (Who were also both Jewish) all this, however, were mere appearances. And a deeper level, both communism and Anarchism were variants of Sabbateanism and Frankism, which finds its validation in The Talmud!

    One of the evidence (If it is true) shows that the storming off the Capital was done, and probably financed by the same clique that promoted and finance the Black Lives Matter movement. (See; “Viking” who stormed the Capitol Building previously photographed at BLM rally wearing the same outfit ) The whole charade was choreographed to bring out the difference between “White Rioters/demonstrators” and “Black Lives Matter” rioters/ demonstrators .

    While the police was very restrained which “White Rioters” it was not the same with “Black Lives Matter” Rioters/demonstrators or whatever. A Woman was accidentally shot, and nothing happened. With Black Lives Matter thugs, they were about to “Bring down the House” I may be wrong, but I see it all as Mind game. Funning conflict between races and sit back and watch as people precipitate their own enslavement when the National Guard, or United Peace Keeping forces, are called to “Restore peace”

    1. Yes of course, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t real issues out there affecting most citizens which cannot be solved by peaceful means. So what is the solution? Supporting the status quo from those who would use violence against it? But the status quo isn’t the status quo and is changing for the worse daily becoming more despotic, inequitable, decadent … So only ideological purists who reject all those ideologies you list should be allowed to participate in any uprising against the system to win your approval?

      A lot of people go out and protest on specific issues and many are not followers of any specific ideology or members of any organisation. So many, like that “Viking” could well have been on BLM protests against police brutality, MAGA protests against electoral theft, climate change protests, animal rights protests, etc. – sort of like a professional protester with nothing better to do. And one would hope that now many MAGA supporters will also protest police brutality seeing one of their own was murdered by the cops.

      1. YEP, CM – there are PAID Crisis Actors available for every event and have been for decades:

        This guy in Capitol was at BLM march last year!!

        ‘George Floyd’ & others – Crisis Actors EXPOSED…. Crippled lady in wheelchair later walks just fine!!

        Houston Chronicle:
        FBI addresses social media posts calling for crisis actors in Houston

        Houston’s FBI office has attempted to assuage concerns over social media advertisements calling for crisis actors in the city.

        The FBI’s announcement came just hours after Twitter users attempted to link more than 40 illnesses at a Third Ward school Thursday morning to at least one alleged Craiglist “gigs” post titled “Crisis event (Medical center).”

    2. @Bigfoot

      Remember that Anarchism of Bakunin, (who was Jewish)…

      What is this absolutely idiotic tendency to identify almost every widely known person in history as Jewish… without a shred of evidence to support the assertion! Do they simply count that no one will ever bother to check?

      Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin was born to a Russian noble family in the Pryamukhino [ru] village situated between Torzhok and Kuvshinovo. His father Alexander Mikhailovich Bakunin [ru] (1768–1854) was a career diplomat who served in Italy and France, and upon his return settled down at the paternal estate and became a Marshal of Nobility. According to the family legend, the Bakunin dynasty was founded in 1492 by one of the three brothers of the noble Báthory family who left Hungary to serve under Vasili III of Russia. But the first documented ancestor was a 17th-century Moscow dyak (clerk) Nikifor Evdokimov nicknamed Bakunya (from the Russian bakunya, bakulya meaning “chatterbox, phrase monger”). Alexander’s mother, knyazna Lubov Petrovna Myshetskaya, belonged to the impoverished Upper Oka Principalities branch of the Rurik dynasty founded by Mikhail Yurievich Tarussky, grandson of Michael of Chernigov.


      If anything, he was more like you, blockhead:

      Marcel Stoetzler claims that Bakunin “put the existence of a Jewish conspiracy to control the world at the center of his political thinking.” He points out that, in Bakunin’s Appeal to Slavs (1848), “he wrote that the ‘Jewish sect’ was a ‘veritable power in Europe,’ reigning despotically over commerce and banking and invading most areas of journalism. ‘Woe to him who makes the mistake of displeasing it!'” Stoetzler explains that “Conspiracy thinking, cult of violence, hatred of law, fecundity of destruction, Slavic ethnonationalism and antisemitism … were inseparable from Bakunin’s revolutionary anarchism.

      Alvin Rosenfeld, the Director of the Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism, agrees that Bakunin’s antisemitism is intertwined with his anarchist ideology. In his attacks on Marx, for instance, Bakunin states:

      “the communism of Marx wants a mighty centralization by the state, and where this exists there must nowadays be a central State Bank and where such a bank exists, the parasitical Jewish nation, which speculates on the labor of the peoples, will always find a means to sustain itself.”


      1. Bakunin was right in that respect and whatever he was writing about then is far worse now. But conspiracies abound (and not just Jewish ones); capitalism itself is a conspiracy, intelligence agencies, the military, police, governments, corporations, criminal organisations, all act conspiratorially to undermine their competitors, rivals and enemies, and of course Bakunin and his anarchists were also hatching conspiracies.

        The other great anarchist, Proudhon, didn’t much care for Jews and their corrosive influence either.

    3. @ Bigfoot

      A brilliant comment.
      Covers just about all the angles.

      Are you saying this is fundamentally a case of Good vs. Evil? With the Jews batting for Evil? (To simplify drastically).

      If so, I can’t accept that. Not all Jews are anarchists or secret supporters of Sabbatianism or Frankism. As you must know, the dividing line between Sabbatianism/Frankism and Satanism is almost non-existent. Sabbatai Zevi believed in the doctrine of Salvation through Sex. His disciple Jacob Frank took this one step further: Salvation through Sin.

      Remember Raskolnikov in Dostoevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment’. He killed an old lady for no reason whatever. A motiveless murder. A sin committed for sin’s sake — to see if ‘salvation’ would come out of it. I don’t think Raskolnikov was Jewish. He was just a revolutionary anarchist.

      1. @ SISTER MONICA
        Am not saying that “Jews batting for Evil” It’s a matter of following logic; As Conan Doyle, says; “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” (Conan Doyle, Shylock Holmes, in The Sign Of Four) And what is the Truth? All people who identify themselves as “Jews” are susceptible to be recruited by the Satanic element in their midst to “batting for Evil” It is very difficult to identify this satanic element in “The Jews” just as it is difficult to identify the Satanic element amongst any other group of people.

        The problem is not “The Jews” as human being, rather it is the religion that inspires their engagement with those who are not “Jews” Judaism is simply, Pharisaism, which has metamorphosed over centuries and it has become more virulent than it was during the times of The Christ. And remember what The Christ spoke of Pharisaism?

        The collective entangles unconsciousness of people who call themselves “Jews” is clannish, separatists, and which seek what is “good for the Jews” It has a tendency to respond with e kneejerk protectiveness of “everything Jewish” It is, a rather complex Trauma based Mind control Programing which finds it very difficult to see anything wrong with Judaism, even when they are direct victims of this ideology. Have Jews suffered in the hands of other Jews? Absolutely” Have Jews killed Jews for the sake of some sinister agenda? A few quotes, and by Jewish writers will help;

        “And in no other country except Poland did the Jewish community wield such great legal powers over the Jews or used them so widely and publicly, including the power to inflict capital punishment. From the 11th century the persecution of Karaites (a heretical Jewish sect) by flogging them to death if unrepentant was common in Castile.” (See “Jewish History Jewish Religion The Weight of Three Thousand Years” Israel Shahak)

        “I write this article for the same reason I wrote my book: to tell the American people, and especially American Jews, that Jews from Islamic lands did not emigrate willingly to Israel; that, to force them to leave, Jews killed Jews; and that, to buy time to confiscate ever more Arab lands, Jews on numerous occasions rejected genuine peace initiatives from their Arab neighbors. (Naeim Giladi Ben Gurion Scandals: How the Haganah and the Mossad Eliminated Jews)

        “In 1951, the director general of the Israeli Health Ministry, Dr. Chaim Sheba flew to America and returned with 7 x-ray machines, supplied to him by the American army. They were to be used in a mass atomic experiment with an entire generation of Sephardi youths to be used as guinea pigs. Every Sephardi child was to be given 35,000 times the maximum dose of x-rays through his head. For doing so, the American government paid the Israeli government 300,000 Israeli liras a year. The entire Health budget was 60,000 liras. The money paid by the Americans is equivalent to billions of dollars today. To fool the parents of the victims, the children were taken away on “school trips” and their parents were later told the x-rays were a treatment for the scourge of scalpel ringworm. 6,000 of the children died shortly after their doses were given, the many of the rest developed cancers that killed them over time and are still killing them now. While living, the victims suffered from disorders such as epilepsy, amnesia, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic headaches and psychosis. ”.(100,000 Radiations – A Review by Barry Chamish)

        “But the whole truth was that there existed Jewish community organizations and Jewish party and welfare organizations on both the local and the international level. Wherever Jews lived, there were recognized Jewish leaders, and this leadership, almost without exception, cooperated in one way or another, for one reason or another, with the Nazis. (Eichmann In Jerusalem, A Report On Banality Of Evil, By Hannah Arendt)

        One can quote many other works, (by Jewish Historians) to show that Jews have been as much, victims of Judaism, as has been non-Jews. But, their blind hatred of the gentiles, and blind acceptance of their so-called leaders, make them knowingly or unknowingly, accomplices to the Messianic shenanigans of their leaders. As long as they benefit from the largesse from their patrons whoever they got it, and they do not raise their voices against it, they endorse the works of their leaders. Those Jews who have recognized that Judaism is a deadly religion have opted out. Those Jews who stills identify themselves as “Jews” place themselves at the disposal of their leaders, whatever sinister plans they have, even for the Jews! Allow me to add;

        “It may be slightly difficult to understand today, but in the beginning of the Nazi rule in Germany, way before anyone could have imagined the horrors that would be committed by the German people, there were some Zionist Jews who saw Hitler’s political doctrine as an advantage. The Nazis didn’t conceal their desire to get rid of Germany’s Jews, and some Zionists saw it as an opportunity to boost the rate of Jewish immigration from Germany to the Briths Mandate of Palestine, Land of Israel. (See Itay Ilnai| ‘A Nazi travels to Palestine’,7340,L-5072424,00.html; Published: 01.21.18 )

        “This was, for me, incomprehensible and even fantastic. Thus, I got insights which left me speechless, for “my Jews” knew full well, what world Jewry had in store for them and they were as helpless as the German people themselves.” (Hoyer Memorandum, By SS Lieutenant General Horst Hoyer, Appearing in the Rese Article “Wartime Collaboration Between Zionists And The German Government By Dr. Harrell Rhome 7-17-8)

        “ In the year 1905, the riots and pogroms were welcomed with blessings by the Jewish socialists who together with Russian counterparts consoled themselves that Jewish blood was good grease for the wheels of the revolution. Zionists leaders saw the spilt Jewish blood of holocaust as grease for the wheels of the Jewish National State. And as a general sacrifices thousands of soldiers for the sake of capturing a fortress, so did the Zionist leaders bloody their hands in building the state of “Israel” and sacrificed Jewish children of the Diaspora in the fortification of its walls( Reb. Moshe Shonfeld: “The Holocaust Victims Accused”. Documents and Testaments of Jewish War Criminals. p24 Also; (, pp. 28, 24. ; )

        So, are Jews “Batting for evil”? The Fact is that Judaism was hijacked by “Satanists” A clique who are the owners of the Global Credit System which masquerades as “Money System” And that is where the Power comes from, which is extended, to all people who call themselves “Jews” Anybody, Jew or gentile who is beholden to this Satanic Clique places himself/herself at their disposal as “Helper” And since Judaism has been recrafted with Kabbalism and Hegelianism in order to engineer the New World Order Messianicism, all those who call themselves “Jews” are knowingly or unknowingly, “Batting for evil” Those who refused to see that Judaism is a dangerous Ideology will become victims of the leaders misguided pursuits and they will have nobody to blame but themselves.

    4. @ Bigfoot

      Trump supporters are cooked, whichever way they respond to show their outrage, as long as they do not understand the Trump is a false opposition.

      I’ve been pointing out Trump’s traitorous fraudulence for the last 3.5 years but most Trump supporters won’t even consider the possibility that he doesn’t work for them. To a diehard Trump supporter, observation and reasoning = blind “hatred” of Trump. Both the bad thing he’s done and good thing he’s failed to do – are always someone else’s fault. And to the extent anything can ever be blamed on Trump to some degree at least, they argue that anyone else e.g. Biden, would be much worse. Moreover, they don’t realize that their misguided outrage and blind support for con man Trump is working against their legitimate grievances.

      And there could be an underlying reason, why he encouraged his supporters to storm the Capital. It was not necessarily because of his support for their outrage for the rigged elections. I may be wrong, but Trump may be deliberately instigating Anarchism, to pave way for Communism!

      Exactly. Our masters were probably hoping for much worse than what actually happened. I believe they are looking for any pretext to crack down on the “terror threat” posed by “White nationalism.”

  22. Lasha; I don’t know it in Latin but the proper saying is, “Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.” It is plural, not singular, my Lady.

    1. @ Heretic Drummer

      Yes, I absolutely agree with you that the correct translation is “Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.” If you click on this earlier article of mne published on ‘The Occidental Observer’ in September 2016, you will see that this is in fact the way I translate the Latin phrase in the first line of the article which forms the epigraph:

      — “Whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.”

      Unfortunately, a stickler for linguistic precision, Franklin Ryckaert by name, somewhat pedantically insisted that te Latin word “DEUS” was singular (= God) and not plural (gods). Technically speaking, he is right.

      The plural of DEUS (god) is DEI (gods). To cut a long story short, a tedious dingdong of an argument between me and Ryckaert took place in the Comments section of the article, with me trying to explain that the singular word “Deus” in the original Latin (referring to the Roman supreme god Jupiter (Zeus in Greek) was not the same as the monotheistic God of the Christians and that “Deus”, though singular, had to be translated as “Dei” (gods). He generously conceded, finally, that I was correct.

      You will find all this all discussed in the Comments section of the article linked above.

      So yes, I accept your emendation absolutely! 🙂

      P.S. I did specify in the article above that my translate was “literal”. But “literal” does not mean accurate. In this particular case, it would be more stylish and correct to use the plural form: “gods”.

      1. ADMIN: Yes, I know who you are.
        You’ve been on this website under 10 different disguises.
        Use ONE name please. Sock puppets are NOT allowed.
        The name ‘Avatar’ or ‘Jalid’ will do.


        ‘Those whom God wish to destroy first make mad’

        This is similar to the Koran versicle

        “This is how We make the wrongdoers ˹destructive˺ allies of one another because of their misdeeds”…
        But lasha, you still quote franklin richaert as an “erudite” and “genius” when he denies the existence of god while calling yourself a ‘devout catholic’ .
        He also denies palestinians their identity quoting wikipedia while you said over and over that you support palestinians..
        Isn’t all that a contradiction?
        (((The ava tar)))
        Medellín, Colombia

  23. From someone who was in DC….. estimates over 500,000 gathered there:

    Footage: US Capital Breached; Clash with Police; 4 People Perish; Videos Are Censored | Facts Matter

    In Washington DC, a giant protest (maybe over half a million strong) rallied in support of President Trump.

    Unfortunately, at the end of the parade, at the US Capital, 4 people died after some protesters breached the Capital Building and had skirmishes with the police.

    We were there live on site, and have the footage of what happened.

    After this all went down, social media initiated a blanket ban: President Trump was locked out of his personal Twitter account. Facebook and Instagram both kicked him off their platforms.

  24. VIDEO of ANTIFA being escorted into DC by police ahead of Jan 6th MAGA Stop The Steal rally!!


    President Trump delivers a message after the storming of the U.S. Capitol. Twitter also deletes tweet for “Violence.”

    This guy in Capitol was at BLM march last year!!

    Antifa was live-streaming.

  25. Is Civil War looming?

    Uugh? I thought everything was gonna be “peaches ‘n cream” now…. at least according to Moron McMomood and that birdbrain MaDUMB Butterfly… and her Legion Of Limp-wristed Lickspittle Lackies 🙄

    1. Tut tut, may I remind you that you yourself in a previous comment gloated about the prospect of an imminent “civil war”. You couldn’t wait for it, rubbing your hands with glee at the idea of unlimited gore to come!

      So your present objection to the idea of a gory civil war is just plain stupid and contradictory.

      But then, to expect intelligence from you would be like expecting someone from Planet of the Apes to win the 2021 Nobel Prize for Physics! 🙂

    1. Thank you for spelling the word “a” correctly.
      I hate it when people spell it “er”.
      As in: “Your heroe is er coward.” 🙂

  26. I’m kinda depressed with later events, had some hope things could unfold in a good direction. Better admit latter than never it’s impossible to defeat the Jew in the soft political arena, the house always wins.

    What can we expect from now on? Judeo-communism all over the world including gulag camps for dissidents… Oops! Sorry, Covid patients. The scenario is set to a bloody purge. If we look at the “French” Revolution after the TERROR chapter there is the GREAT TERROR, imagine that. One of the first Jew targets is the intellectualized middle class – I’m afraid to say Darkmooners are in that class.

    The hypocrisy we observe, even among friends, is astonishing. The same guys defending “Cancel Culture” and the incendiary BLM are now law and order paladins. These people are under mass hypnosis. It’s shocking, perhaps they believe their shit! Should I be sorry for their useful idiocy?

    One thing doesn’t add up is the amount of firearms in the hands of the target population though we can see a suspicious ammo shortage going on. Do you think the Taliban sustain a fight because they stockpiled food and ammo 20 years ago? No, in an armed conflict a continuous flow of supplies must be established. A good question is this – will these firearms turn up to political power?

    Taliban’s political targets:
    – Media outlets
    – Political meetings
    – Judiciary forums
    – Recruitment centers
    – Supply routs

    Not Taliban’s political targets:
    – Shopping centers
    – Gay clubs
    – Musical concerts
    – Kids at school

    1. NBTT –

      “….in an armed conflict a continuous flow of supplies must be established.”

      There are only 10 RAILROAD bridges crossing the Mississippi River…. which if only one were taken out would greatly cripple supplies.

      No municipal water supplies have been targeted.
      No food store products have been sabotaged.

      The tactical list is huge.

      1. The Biden/Harris years will make Obama’s regime looks like moderate socialism. The political realm is moving to the left therefore the right is becoming radical right even if standing still.

        When the boiling frog eventually realizes he is gonna die he desperately fights. If these Judeo-communists think the transition from covert to overt control is going to be a walk in the park they may find a brick wall ahead.

        Even foreign army planners have to deal with the question of 400 million privately owned firearms, enough to dissuade a ground invasion. As they say – a sniper every corner.

  27. The Civil War is ALREADY on, and say hello to a new 3rd party that will be the demise of the Republican party in a similar manner that ended the Whig party in the mid-19th century. While in the 1980’s we saw the “Reagan Democrats”. the equivalent could be called the “Trump Republicans”, only the name will be something like the “American party”, or the “America First” party. Maybe the “Patriot party”.

  28. PAT,

    Of course, but we cannot dismiss protests just because of the presence of crisis actors, agents provocateurs, plainclothes policemen, or because others may wish to infiltrate them, derail them or use them for their own ends. I guess we have to be judicious in our choices and assessments. The road to Hell can be paved with good intentions but it still seems better then actually setting out on the road with evil intentions. People can get pissed off with their condition and want to do something about it but it’s not easy to decide what to do, and change can end up resulting in even a worse condition. Hard decisions.

    1. CM –


      I never dismiss protests. I want more of them. Like in the 60s.

      When the protestors commit criminal acts….. jail the bums!! If needed, the police and landowners should shoot them with rubber bullets & rubber buckshot…. and DOGS!!!

      Pain is the best teacher. The PAID goons will run when hurt. They always do!!

      There are hard decisions to be made to protest correctly too.

    1. Jeopardy 2021

      Treason for 30 Trillion Dollars please Alex.
      Answer: The U.S. carny Congress.
      Uhhh, who is Public Enemy No. 1?

  29. My apology to all! I don’t know what happens. Whenever I post a link from a foreign country, this shit happens.

    I will avoid doing this in the future.

  30. News Flash:
    Twitter permanently suspends Donald Trump’s account.

    All praise be to Allah!

  31. Twitter was okay with Trump threatening on this platform to bomb Iranian cultural sites in violation of international law.

    So why do “they” hate “us” ???

  32. Florida congresswoman conveys violent threat against US Rep. Rashida Tlaib

    U.S. Congress has Kat “ISIS” Mamack and Darkmoon is stuck with The Realist!

    Catch you tomorrow, hater! I can’t take any more fun.

  33. HS
    You asked what my point was…
    I made it clear, that your dishonesty, repeating the CNN line that there’s no evidence the election was stolen, isn’t contributing to the cure for anything, only demonstrates your bias…
    I’m just trying to raise the level of discourse…
    But of course you didn’t address the point…
    You had no logical counter for my assertion, so you did what all lightweights – you attacked me personally…
    I’m stupid because of a spell app typo, really?
    That’s your reply?
    The immature don’t take criticism well…
    I’m afraid you flunked the maturity test…
    I hope you’re not just another hate-mongering bully, probably an antifa thug, who runs up and kicks a down man in the head… First you hate Trump, then someone who points out where he thinks you’re mistaken…
    As for JOE, I’d love to hear how smart he is, if he would just make a comment of his own…
    Do you have any observations, suggestions?
    Maybe you’d like to give us your vision for the post-paradigm world…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      You asked what my point was…
      I made it clear, that your dishonesty, repeating the CNN line that there’s no evidence the election was stolen, isn’t contributing to the cure for anything, only demonstrates your bias…

      Please point out where I stated that “there’s no evidence the election was stolen.”

      I’m just trying to raise the level of discourse…
      But of course you didn’t address the point…
      You had no logical counter for my assertion, so you did what all lightweights – you attacked me personally…

      LOL! Anyone reading this thread can see that you’re the one being dishonest here, and you’re the one who started with the ad hominem attack in the first place, you stupid fool.

      1. You said that back a few posts…
        I might look it up for you later…
        Look, you can disagree and criticize, that’s what this site is about…
        Try to take it constructively, don’t retaliate…
        After all, there’s more going on here than any of us know –
        If you can’t take it constructively, explain why not – don’t attack the person…
        I’m not trying to change your opinions, just hoping your opinion of yourself improves…
        When you start calling people names, you’re sabotaging the effort here, dragging the thing down to the level of the commercial media…..
        Would you agree we should be on a better level here?
        I didn’t call you any names…
        That’s the difference…
        You notice I don’t call people names, I wish the management would trow people off who do…
        I admit I have responded like that in the past, to people who insulted me…
        I’ve grown…

  34. German broadcast, TV and the press aren’t unbiased. Allmost all of the media are infiltrated by former Stasi, offspring and other up-and-comming young
    extremists from the leftists. By the way, Germany is a kind of American colony and a relay station for drone attacks in the middle east and in general a hub for warefare against heartland (Halford Mackinder).

  35. I LOVE CAKE.

    Biden/Harris winning the election: cake
    trump banned from Twitter: the frosting
    Getting impeached a 2nd time: the cherry

    Mmmmmm, CAKE.

    It tastes like WINNING.

  36. “He whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad.”
    Contrary to what Shlomo accused Lasha of quoting the Quran, she did not. Because the Quran does not say God makes people mad first before He destroys them. That makes no sense. What the Quran said, God, sends first prophets, signs, and Books to warn the people. Here is one of many quotes.

    Quran 17:16 – “And when We wish to destroy a town, We send Our commandment to the people of it who lead easy lives, but they transgress therein; thus the word proves true against it, so We destroy it with utter destruction.”

    Perhaps Shlomo (Jalid, Avatar, HoSane) should tell why does he keep posting under a different name and the reason he keeps changing his profile pictures from David Star to Trump. Plus, he never told us which one of the 3 sholomos he was in the picture he shares here a few days ago.

    My advice to him is, quit posting Israeli propaganda here and Islamophobic b.s.

    1. MEY –
      You wrote:
      Quran 17:16 – “And when We wish to destroy a town, We send Our commandment to the people of it who lead easy lives, but they transgress therein; thus the word proves true against it, so We destroy it with utter destruction.”

      Who is the “We” who “wish to destroy” and do the destroying.??


    The term “We” is a reference to Almighty God (for glorification). Like when you say, Your honor or Your Majesty.
    However, when God addresses his messengers directly, he uses the pronoun “I”. Examples:

    1 ) Quran 97:1-5 ” We revealed it (the Quran) in the Night of Destiny. How awesome is the Night of Destiny! The Night of Destiny is better than a thousand months. The angels and the Spirit descend therein, by their Lord’s leave, to carry out every command. Peaceful it is until the advent of the dawn.

    2) Deut. 6:6, The book of Torah ” I command you this day ”

    3) Genesis 6:13 ” Then God said to Noah, the end of all living creatures has come before Me because through them the earth is full of violence. Now behold, I will destroy both them and the earth.” So God said to Noah, “I am going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them.”

    4) Quran 5:116) And ˹on Judgment Day˺ Allah will say, “O Jesus, son of Mary! Did you ever ask the people to worship you and your mother as gods besides Allah?” He will answer, “Glory be to You! How could I ever say what I had no right to say? If I had said such a thing, you would have certainly known it. You know what is ˹hidden˺ within me, but I do not know what is within You. Indeed, You ˹alone˺ are the Knower of all unseen.
    Dr. Mustafa Khattab, the Clear Quran

    5) Quran 27:19
    O, Moses! It is truly I. I am Allah—the Almighty, All-Wise.
    Dr. Mustafa Khattab, the Clear Quran

    6) Quran 17:16′ When We Wish To Destroy A-Town…’ – Noah

    Hope that answers your question, Pat! I do want to share this info earlier when Shlomo attacked Lasha’s article.

      1. Sister, do you think perhaps that old Latin saying needs some revising? I sure do!
        As in . . . Whom the gods would destroy they first make madder and madder and madder..

        Because everybody knows everyone, ‘ceptin the anomalies, the truly righteous and the divine),(who make up about .02%) are already more or less nuts.

        1. Sister, do you think perhaps that old Latin saying needs some revising? I sure do!

          Revise away, Homer!
          How would you rephrase it?
          I challenge you to improve on it. 🙂

          1. IMO, the challenge is not to distort the seriousness of the saying, or the truth it represents, by turning it into a wisecrack or witty epigram in the style of Mencken, Mark Twain or Oscar Wilde.

            As an example, take the last words ascribed to the dying Gautama Buddha: “Seek out your own salvation with diligence.” Does this pithy comment really need “revising”? How would you “revise” it? Would you even try?

            BTW, you will love Oscar Wilde’s last words. There are two different reports of what Oscar said at the end:

            (1) “This wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death.
            Either it goes or I do.”

            (2) “Alas, I am dying beyond my means…”
            (When brought a glass of champagne on his deathbed).

      2. Sister, I gave it the old college try, I really did, but everything I came up with was just a bit too mad or a bit to lazy. Maybe I actually should have tried college, or Zen..

  38. If I may add one point for clarification to my last post, using ” we ” is often used for example by people with authority to show they are in charge. Like for example when the President or the head of a state or an organization speak, they say: We will, we do not, we shall not, etc, etc,”

    1. MEY –

      Since “We” means “Almighty God” and people…… then the people have the same duties as “Almighty God” in Islam.

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