Arch Stanton Reflects: Is This World Another Planet’s Hell?

August 4, 2021


With further additions from Lasha Darkmoon 

(I howl, therefore I am)

LD (Introduction) :  This beautifully crafted prose poem came my way the other day. I decided to post it here because it comes at just the right time, when the need for a radical reassessment and a marathon spring clean of the mind seems to me of paramount importance to us all. 

Without a change of focus, there is little hope for us.  We all need, desperately, to have the sawdust knocked out of our brains and the lumber carried away; in short, to be born again, and find the God in little things — including ourselves.  

Arch Stanton reminds me of an Ancient Mariner adrift on a sea of infinite sighs, in search of a lost paradise beyond the horizon. It is a chill day in winter, and a chill  wind blows over the watery waste,  and the Mariner looks up at the scowling sun, shaking his fist at the God hiding behind the clouds. “Ubi Deus ….. Ubi Deus ….. Where is God?” , he mutters darkly, as a passing albatross flaps its giant wings over his head. [LD]


I’m not taking sides. I am merely observing. And frankly, aside from praying, I see little else one can do these days.

The fact is no matter what we do, no matter how we do it, no matter how quickly or how slowly we do it, we are all going to die.

Whether it’s global collapse, vaccination, cancer, 5G waves, rampaging Kneegrows, food shortages, or we fry like eggs under a UV burner, at some point we’re all going to die.

The question at any point after birth is this: are you willing to return?

Do you want to return?

If so, you most assuredly will.

One cannot imagine what the next life might look like. I know I could never have imagined this one. I have made my decision in this regard, which is why I came back this time. I had to see, experience and at last understand the folly of my former lives.

From my earliest memories, I never felt any attachment to this world, only profound alienation.

I look at life on this planet; I look at the natural order, I look at the pain, misery and suffering, I look at the struggle in which all life forms engage merely to survive another day.

I look at human history and know this is the design. This is how it works now and how it has always worked. It’s never been any different and never will be any different in this existence. It’s the design of this world.

Therefore, I focus my efforts on using my remaining time in this version of hell to learn and work at transcending this existence and to help others as much as possible within my means.

The one thing of which I am absolutely certain, existence here is cyclical until one is willing to work to stop the process.

The first step I took in this regard was not to reproduce, not to bring new life into the continual suffering of the old life. I did this intuitively not intentionally. The intention came later.

Like the Buddha, at the end I want to say, “Now I will never again enter another womb.”

—   §   —

LD:  Since we are now in the right mind space and mood to reflect on the eternal verities, let’s pass from Arch Stanton’s existential pessimism to the bleak stoicism of the Buddha’s more bracing worldview.      

Based on extracts from The Gospel of Buddha,
complied from Ancient Records by Paul Carus, 1883

NOTE: The term ‘Tathagata’ is a title of the Buddha.  Ananda, the Buddha’s cousin, was his closest and most devoted disciple.



I am now grown old, O Ananda, and full of years; my journey is drawing to its close. I have reached the sum of my days, I am almost eighty years old.

Just as a worn-out cart cannot be made to move along without difficulty, so the body of the Tathagata can only be kept going with much additional care.

Therefore, O Ananda, be ye lamps unto yourselves. Rely on yourselves, and do not rely on external help.

Hold fast to the truth as a lamp. Seek salvation alone in the truth. Look not for assistance to anyone besides yourselves.

We must separate ourselves from all things near and dear to us, O Ananda, and must leave all behind; for everything that is born and comes into being contains within itself the seeds of its own dissolution.

This mortal existence, O Ananda, must now be relinquished, cast away, renounced, rejected, and abandoned by the Tathagata.

Practise the earnest meditations I have taught you. Continue in the great struggle against sin. Walk steadily on the path of saintship.

Behold, O brethren, the final extinction of the Tathagata! It will take place soon, it will come before long.

I now exhort you, saying: ‘All component things must grow old and be dissolved again. Seek ye for that which is permanent, and work out your own salvation with diligence.’

I will end this article with a related Christian meditation on the same theme. This is by John Donne (1572-1631), the great metaphysical poet and Christian Divine whose verse was unmatched for its sonorous sound effects.

“No man is an Iland, intire of itself; every man is a peece of the Continent, a part of the maine [sea]; if a clod bee washed away by the Sea, Europe is the lesse, as well as if a Promontorie were, as well as if a Mannor of thy friends or if thine own were; Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde;  And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.”

— John Donne, Meditation XVII, 1623, original spelling.
(source of the title of Ernest Hemingway’s 1940 novel)

VIDEO  :   1.30-mins

111 thoughts to “Arch Stanton Reflects: Is This World Another Planet’s Hell?”

  1. I have said for years humans are in hell. the devil controls this world I guess that is why it is hell. I see no indication of god but every day for millions of years the devil has been at work. either there is no god or he is utterly useless

  2. @ Arch Stanton

    Brilliant! I really enjoyed reading your beautiful prose. As LD generously notes, you are a highly talented wordsmith. And this is certainly the best piece, in my humble opinion, that has ever issued from your inspired pen. This is because you avoid all facetiousness, one of your besetting weaknesses, and speak here with total sincerity. Straight from the heart.
    A bit like the Emperor Marcus Aurelius on a good day! 🙂

    1. LD was quick to see that your reflections were very similar to the moving last words of Gautama Buddha. In fact, you sound just like a Buddhist here. Except that you hold out no hope, whereas the Buddha does. Your basic pessimism in fact means that you view Buddhism through the same spectacles as Arthur Schopenhaueur.

      The Buddha above all preached the Middle Way of moderation. He was also the ultimate Skeptic. Believe nothing, he advises, unless it works for you. Be kind, he counsels. Be compassionate. Practice ahimsa, non-violence. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

      The Christian meditation of John Donne which LD appends to the tail end of the article would have found favor with the Buddha. This shows that core Christianity is totally compatible with Buddhism. Christ and the Buddha could have sat down at the same table and had a friendly conversation.

      We must not confuse true Christianity, as espoused by Jesus Christ, with the grotesque Churchianity of the Borgia Popes and the corruptions that set in later, including the tortures of the Inquisition and mass burning of witches.

      I think you would agree that it is most unfair to conflate true Christianity with the corrupt and sanctimonious Christians we see all around us today. They can be found even on this site. Hopefully LD is not among them, though I believe she despises herself and regards herself as a failed and dysfunctional Christian — who openly admits she is “clueless” and “sees through a glass darkly”.

      We must not confuse the best and noblest Christians with the dreadful pseudo-Christians who give Christianity such a bad name.

      1. Rubbish! All Christians are bad. By definition. This is common knowledge to all the Jews in Israel, for example, who spit on Christians in the streets. I have been in Tel Aviv myself and seen it happen on more than one occasion. This only happens with Christian clergy, however, where the guy is dressed like a priest and can be easily identified as a Christian.

        The Israeli government would crack down hard on any Jew who spat in the face of a Christian tourist, especially if the guy is a Christian Zionist. That would be a disaster for the tourist trade! And donations from Christian Zionists in America would dry up.

        Sure, we Jews despise Christians. It’s part of our culture. And let’s face it, Christians ARE despicable. As Yukon Jack, our loyal supporter on this site, is quick to point out. If Yukon isn’t a Jew himself, by the way, I’d be surprised. After all, he’s making it unnecessary for us Jews to attack Christianity openly on this site and Truthseeker, because he’s doing it so well for us!

        Keep up the good work, Yukon. If I knew your address, I’d send to a big donation! 🙂

        1. Obviously you never read my numerous essays on Jews and Israel, and I am the proud promoter of nuking Israel because Israel is an existential threat to all other nations. I named Bibi Netanyahu the antichrist, I said the throne of Satan is Israel, etc. Pastor John Hagee, leader of Christians United for Israel, says the antichrist will be a Jew, and is best friends with Satanyahu.

          The reason I attack Christians (not Christ like the Mad Butfly accuses) is because so many Christians have been led astray into Zionism. I said the philosophy of Jesus is incompatible with mass murder and genocide – thus so many Evangelical Christians who are supporters of Israel are under a strong delusion and allied with the antichrist.

          You say Christians are despicable. If there is a problem with Christians it is with the origin of their faith, Judaism. From that hell religion sprung the new myth, that the only path to salvation was through a Jewish man. That link has led to Christian Zionism, as Christians will do anything to get into heaven, and if it means supporting the demonic hell state of the Heebs, they will turn a bling eye to the suffering of the Palestinians – which of course Christ would not.

          Thus the quick and easy soulution to the problem of Christians and Zionism is to take some B-52s and load them up with the lastest dial a yield B-61 nukes set on the maximum setting and drop them on the Knesset and Jerusalem. There is no quicker way to end the black magic spell holding western Christians in a mind lock than to nuke the “holy city” of the Abrahamic hell religions. The world needs to nuke Israel and fast.

          1. Notice how the devious jew sidles up beside one he thinks is as his shabbos goy.

            There is nothing a jew writes or says that can be thought of as truth.

      2. “We must not confuse true Christianity, as espoused by Jesus Christ, with the grotesque Churchianity of the Borgia Popes and the corruptions that set in later”. SAKI, corruption in “religious” man did not set in with Borgia. It was well before. When looking at any religion one eventually will detect corruption and misguidance from within. The question one should ask is what God has to do with religion? The only “true” way to God seems a venture through a representative (body) of a church/establishment, that is prone to corruption since time began. The few ‘heroes/saints’ of all religions in time and space should be identified by man as his own personal direction/choice and to choose the same path willingly. Instead sin has become organized contraband, run by “chosen men of God” that have prepared the way through one of their own representatives to reach God itself.
        Why so many middlemen when God is a very personal “thing” – for every living being?

        ‘All component things must grow old and be dissolved again. Seek ye for that which is permanent, and work out your own salvation with diligence.’
        To grow old and be dissolved again will be an incredible life experience especially when “in the end” one can say to oneself: “Now I will never again enter another womb.”

        1. Jo,

          You sound very knowledgeable about Borgia type Church activity. Why was Pope John Paul I given The Borgia Cup?

          1. Dying of a blood clot to the heart sounds a little like taking an Astra Zenaca jab, Joe. Conspiracy terrorists naturally would claim arsenic poisoning as John Paul the first promised to “clean up the holy bank of the church”. CIA must have feared for their accounts therefor the moral of this incident is: “Don’t make promises one can not keep!” especially when old Venetian bankers care more about the coin then Holiness and religion.

      3. From where I’m standing I have to agree with anubhavananda on christianity (spoken when he was a youth, to an adamant christian) … you are talking about a puddle when the ocean is nearby.

        (misquoted but similar)

        All of the abrahamic religions, and christianity including christ teachings of new testament, deal with duality, materialism, good and bad labelling of individuals (labelling is used by our tribal overlords a sure method of turning off your cognition)….in short, you are dealing with the illusion, maya,

        At some point you have to graduate from kindergarten.

        Christ may have been on the true path and never got past the siddhis (miracles, etc)… or who knows he may have made it and the jewish lawyers of rome who wrote the NT left the truth out.


  3. “Thus the faithless people were made to believe in God in the form of Lord Buddha. That was the mercy of Lord Buddha: he made the faithless faithful to him.”
    O Kesava! O Lord of the universe! O Lord Hari, who have assumed the form of Buddha! All glories to You!
    O Buddha of compassionate heart, you decry the slaughtering of poor animals performed according to the rules of Vedic sacrifice.

    “Lord Buddha deluded the atheists because such atheists who followed his principles did not believe in God, but they kept their absolute faith in Lord Buddha who was himself the incarnation of God.”

    ADMIN: Hp provides a link, but unfortunately it’s defective and damages our site formatting.

  4. It true, that as the Biblical Philosopher warned increase in knowledge only brings more pain. Like King Solomon, you might wonder whether all this search for knowledge is really worth it. And like Him, you might find yourself shouting; Vanity!, It’s all Vanity!

    It is in avoidance, of this pain, that one is tempted to savour the breeze of ignorance, even if you might unknowingly be staring doe-eyed at your end with total oblivion. We shall all die someday, anyway! Wont we? Why bother?

    The World has become like the sea, and you a Mariner, stranded in the High Seas, and drifting wherever the wind blows your improvised raft. In your search for knowledge, you realize that our International Credit System which masquerades like money, is like sea water. Its salty, and full of poison. Yet there is nothing else to drink. Like the Ancient Mariner, you cry out; ” Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink!”

    The scorching sun, of our daily needs, and the fear of lack, drives us almost insane, and we cannot help imbibing in this poison. No wonder, we are all going slowly Mad!

    But hope springs eternal. And the wheel of Justice, may turn slow, but it turns all the same. And those who have brought ruin to the World shall one day pay! What goes round, will come around. And The High And Mighty shall one day fall!

    And what a great fall it will be!

    1. Bigfoot, based on your last 2 paragraphs; when will it happen? After living a pitiful, useless life, barely scraping by then when dead? Whoever metes out this kind of justice is either a retard or sadist.

      1. @ SAKI

        Thanks for the compliment.

        @ GREMIONIS.
        It does not have to be in my lifetime or your lifetime either. Just do you part of making the world a better place.

        You may not believe it, but I suspect, from what I have learned so far, that we all are going through a metamorphosis just like butterflies. My vision of hope my appear as the ranting of a retard, but are you sure that Consciousness ends at the death’s door? Would you bet your eternity on THAT? What if that which you call life is but just a dream, and dying is actually waking up into another Realm of Consciousness?

        The Universe is created by a Logical God. And I am almost certain that a nightmare awaits the fools who now are terrorizing humanity. A Nightmare hell which will appear as lasting forever. Do not envy them or copy them.

  5. Is this world another planet’s hell? There is a parallel theory, earth is a prison planet, and in the book ‘Alien Interview’ by Lawrence Spencer, the captured Grey Alien says that if you looked at any planet in the Milky Way, earth is the most hellish.

    quote “From my earliest memories, I never felt any attachment to this world, only profound alienation.”

    The reason for this is also cited in the above mentioned book (free online you can read it right now if you wish see

    Earth, a prison planet, is where space empire captures and dumps unwanted souls. Earth is not your home, it is your prison, where you live life after life, constantly reincarnating. The way this is purportedly done is through soul traps, when your soul leaves your body upon death, it goes to the light and then is tricked into returning to earth. Souls are eternal and can not be destroyed and thus the need for a way to keep them confined on a prison planet).

    So if earth is hell, and souls are forced to reincarnate, for all practical purposes you have already been condemned to hell by (god – space empire). There is no escape unless you figure out a way to beat the soul traps, not go to the light, get memory swiped, and sent back here. This theory is well developed online and I suggest you all research it further. Seeing that earth is being taken over by power mad Jews, it is imperative not to come back as life on earth is becoming intolerable.

    Thus the hysterical drive to get “saved” and get the hell out of hell. If this theory is true, religions can be explained, especially salvation doctrines. The reason you are so desperate to get saved is that you are not from earth, and you do not want to incarnate back here again and be tortured in hell again. Thinking about this logically, you are already in hell, you have already been condemned to hell, and thus the theology that this life is a test for the next life is a big ruse to confuse you and make this life acceptable. So the Christian toils hard to be a good citizen in this life with the unproven hope of getting to heaven in the next life. But it is all in vain, as you are trapped and being fooled by religion.

    So naysayers I am not attacking your faith because I hate Christianity, I am a scientist explaining why your faith is constructed as it is, so f.o with your extremely immature and rude remarks. The psychological fact that your ego is attached to your faith, making it impossible for most of you to think your way out of a wet paper bag. Religious faith is the green pasture where you put your mind to rest. If you believe in God, why think at all, just believe and be on your merry way. Belief is how you maintain your sanity while being held captive as a slave on earth. So religion has a purpose, pacification of earth’s slave hominid population.

    You are not from earth, you are literally an extraterrestrial who wants to go home – to your home planet, but you are unable as your soul’s memory has been swiped clean, and you can not remember your past lives. You are trapped in a matrix, wake up Neo, wake up – is about you waking up from the spells put over your mind.

    Selected quotes from:


    “I thought that status or power was reserved solely for the Father, the Son, and the holy Ghost. And, because I am a devout Catholic and subject to the word Jesus, and the holy Father, I have never thought of a woman as an immortal spiritual being either – not even the holy mother Mary. Yet, when Airl thought that thought, I became vividly aware for the very first time that she, personally, was an immortal spiritual being, and so are we all!

    Airl said that she sensed that I was confused about the idea. She said she would demonstrate to me that I am also an immortal spiritual being. She said, “Be above your body!” Immediately, I realized that I was “outside” of my body, looking down from the ceiling at the top of my body’s head! 54 (Footnote) I was also able to see the room around me, including Airl’s body sitting in the chair next to my own body. After a moment, I realized the simple, but shocking, reality, that “I” am not a body.”


    “So, when the body of the IS-BE dies they depart from the body. They are detected by the “force screen”, they are captured and “ordered” by hypnotic command to “return to the light”. The idea of “heaven” and the “afterlife” are part of the hypnotic suggestion – a part of the treachery that makes the whole mechanism work (read “The Invisible College – War in Heaven – A Completely New And Revolutionary Conception of The Nature of Spiritual Reality”).

    After the IS-BE has been shocked and hypnotized to erase the memory of the life just lived, the IS-BE is immediately “commanded”, hypnotically, to “report” back to Earth, as though they were on a secret mission, to inhabit a new body. Each IS-BE is told that they have a special purpose for being on Earth. But, of course there is no purpose for being in a prison – at least not for the prisoner.

    Any undesirable IS-BEs who are sentenced to Earth were classified as “untouchable” 75 (Footnote) by the “Old Empire”.

    This included anyone that the “Old Empire” judged to be criminals who are too vicious to be reformed or subdued, as well as other criminals such as sexual perverts, or beings unwilling to do any productive work.

    An “untouchable” classification of IS-BEs also includes a wide variety of “political prisoners” 76 (Footnote). This includes IS-BEs who are considered to be noncompliant “free thinkers” or “revolutionaries” who make trouble for the governments of the various planets of the “Old Empire”. Of course, anyone with a previous military record against the “Old Empire” is also shipped off to Earth.

    A list of “untouchables” include artists, painters, singers, musicians, writers, actors, and performers of every kind. For this reason Earth has more artists per capita than any other planet in the “Old Empire”.

    “Untouchables” also include intellectuals, inventors and geniuses in almost every field. Since everything the “Old Empire” considers valuable has long since been invented or created over the last few trillion years, they have no further use for such beings. This includes skilled managers also, which are not needed in a society of obedient, robotic citizens.

    Anyone who is not willing or able to submit to mindless economic, political and religious servitude as a tax-paying worker in the class system of the “Old Empire” are “untouchable” and sentenced to receive memory wipe-out and permanent imprisonment on Earth.”

      1. Me too. But I’m not sure if I’m from another planet. Rather another dimension where time does not exist. Nonetheless, I want to go back home too. Can’t stand this hellhole anymore. Another lifetime here starting from scratch again is unbearable.

        1. @ Morningstar

          I can understand your pain, dear. but if you’re frightened at the prospect of rebirth on this planet, there are far worse alternatives.

          Rebirth (or reincarnation) is not that bad if you are reborn into happy circumstances.

          Far worse is Eternal Recurrence: an idea originating in Ancient India, taken up by the Roman stoics, and preached enthusiastically in modern times by Nietzsche. Also known as “The Eternal Return”, this theory of the afterlife states that there is only ONE life, the life you have just lived, and that it is your fate to be born again in another parallel universe where you will live the IDENTICAL LIFE all over again — down to the smallest detail.

          You will be born into the same family, go to the same school, have the same friends, do the same jobs, marry the same husband or wife, have the same children and pets, commit the same sins, get the same illnesses, experience the same pleasures and pains — all over again, world without end.

          You will reread the same books forever and watch the same movies again everlastingly, as if for the first time.

          Not only will you go on returning to the same life AD INFINITUM, but you have in fact lived the same life an infinite number of times in the past. You just don’t know it! Because each time you come back, you think it’s the first time.

          This explains the deja vu experience … when you get the uncanny feeling that something is going to happen a few seconds before it actually happens … and then it happens exactly as you imagined it would.

          1. Even if so there must have been an original life. One where we commited the crime that sentenced us to this hellhole life. One life that we are not allowed to have memories from. One life where we were actually happy until we came here. That is where I want to go back to. I’m not sure if that is even possible. Hell is supposed to last forever and ever. But I’m a prisoner and like all other prisoners I dream of The Great Escape. One day, even if it takes aeons, I will get the hell outta here!

      2. some G-nostic faiths provide theurgetic enchantments that can help the immortal soul avoid the reincarnation reboot into this realm run by the demiurge… one or two of these techniques are described in the freedom enchantment *on What is* ( – a Gnostic tour-de-force which describes well the deeds of the sons Of Beliel (those sOb’s) and their dark magic of statecraft, etc… as well as many other things

        1. All very erudite, but completely divorced from reality and scientific empiricism. Anyone who believes in esoteric “incantations” to ward off rebirth in a world allegedly created by a “demiurge”, must have more than a few screws loose. 🙂

          No offence meant. Just a polite observation.

          1. there are no screws… only a very elaborate dance of many k-nots of light in this realm… if one is to be *scientific* about it

  6. Balls. Pure shrivelled shrunken balls. White men allowed kikes to take over Whitey world. Period. We are living in JEW WORLD, due to pussies like Stanton.

    1. @ Anghard

      A pathetic comment demonstrating your intellectual poverty and vindicating Arch Stanton completely. Why? Because you have NOTHING to say except SNARL and SNEER and try to rubbish Stanton with an AD HOMINEM attack.

      That’s all you White Supremacist scum are capable of: hitting below the belt, defecating in public. You bring White Nationalism into disrepute. No respectable White Nationalist site like the Occidental Observer would even bother to publish your juvenile neo-Nazi shit. Don’t think the Darkmoon site approves of your bilious bullshit just because it publishes your crap comment.

      “Ya boo snubs!” That’s all you’re capable of, you old potty-mouthed pipsqueak!

  7. Just look at the Native American thought and you will know we are intimately connected to the Earth (also through the work of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin). We have been given this Earth paradise by the Creator to take physicality further and higher through our spirituality (as Jesus—who also said we shall do greater things than he). Unfortunately, the Children of Satan have taken our rightful abode and made it theirs and have turned it into their hellish design of domination, enslavement, impoverishment, cruelty and destruction. Religions came to help us, the rightful inheritors of the Earth, to claim the Earth back and free ourselves of our oppressors both internally and externally from the Satanic grip and domination. Why then aren’t we, the Children of God, Humanity, the Human Race, obeying or following the path given by the Creator—our Father–to lock in our Paradise on Earth and do the evolutionary work of Joy, Light, and Love TOGETHER (as One Love, One Race)? The American Founders started it, and now we need to finish it:

  8. Perhaps this world is another planet’s hell, for we live in world where the terrorist organization ANTIFA owned and controlled by JEW COMMUNISTS is a branch of our American government :

    It says: “Page 404. VIDEO NOT FOUND.”

  9. Other than in war or similar strife,
    if careful and fortunate we die
    because we grow old.
    Death fear empowers the Jew.

  10. A dark and depressing view of life and concomitant death is simply that, a point of view. The opposing view is a joyful, magnificent and awesomely beautiful view. Summed up wonderfully by the illusion here:

    Nothing within the intellect can assist in transitioning to a mode of beauty, gratitude and awe. Experience and natural surroundings can help.

    There are some intellectual realisations that can undermine a dark view.

    1. Predation, that can be viewed as an energy exchange, is absolutely necessary for without it the material universe would be dead. We now know that removal of apex predators such as wolves causes the WHOLE eco system to die.

    2. The existence of sickness, a messenger that something has gone awry, is clearly absolutely necessary for without it a healthy state cannot be maintained.

    3. The brain and human mind is puny. Rebelling against the mind of the Creator for perceived design flaws is laughable.

    4. The mess we are in on Planet Earth is Tribe induced.

    Buck up Arch!

  11. Well, as long as we are hanging out laundry . . .

    The quote above was taken from an ongoing discussion I have with an dear friend who is forever hopeful for the future. I am not pessimistic nor am I optimistic. I am simply realistic. I write about those things I observe. Here are a few other thoughts in the exchange.


    Everything dies and disintegrates, including the earth, the solar system in which it resides, the galactic star system that envelopes all of it and everything else. If it exists now, at some point it will not. All stars transit a process analogous to birth, maturity and death, which for a star is the red giant stage that will envelope our entire solar system. It’s just a matter of the scale of time of which we have very limited perception. In the end, the existence of this planet will not have even registered as a blip on the cosmic time scale.

    In time, the earth will have come and gone in less than the briefest flash. From the cosmic perspective, far briefer than that which can register on the senses. Everything cycles and when the Milky Way we see at night finally turns to dust, as it most assuredly will, there is no telling what will arise from the dust, but it will not be anything like what we now experience.

    All one has to do is look for evidence of biological life elsewhere in the cosmos and much time and effort has been spent doing just that with no discernible results. What has resulted is the knowledge of just how rare this thing called earth is in the visible universe. It is one of those odd human traits that we want so desperately to prove we are not alone in our existence.

    Despite the evidence, or lack thereof, we continually come up with the flimsiest excuses to believe otherwise. It is as if we are somehow terrified at the prospect of being alone. Yet our most profound endeavors, our best minds and resources, have always been directed at developing the most effective methods of killing each other that paradoxically results in our being alone. Such is human insanity.

    There is time enough – (3:37)

    Earth is a cosmic anomaly never to be repeated in the same form. And like our mother earth, in time we too will have come and gone.


    Arch – I don’t know about stars and galaxies and neither do you. You may have read some nonsense in some jew-invented book about stars and galaxies and whole lot more. But my knowing is that the Creator’s creations are ETERNAL. Everything in nature regenerates itself without our having to give it a second thought — unlike everything in the technocratic world that constantly breaks down and requires our attention to keep it up. It is up to each one of us which “universe” we want to exist in — the world of death and decay (the technocratic reality) — or the Creator’s realm. More and more I am seeing that the Creator’s realm is where I want to live, and it is eternal. We are not supposed to get old, get sick, and die. This is not natural. It is an aberration and an abomination. And so is death. We have the ability to constantly regenerate ourselves, and so does nature. Things may look like they are “dying” during winter, but in spring, everything is alive again. Have you noticed that Arch. That the cycles of nature just keep going. It is because they are eternal. And so are we.


    So then how do you view the extinction of species like the dinosaurs or the more recent dodo bird and platypus? The fact is large swaths of insect species and vegetation are now becoming extinct. You are correct, everything does reform and regenerate at some point from the remains of the old. Our bodies are recycled by the worms, insects and plant life that consume them. Yet, are these new life forms a regeneration of the original or a different form of life?

    Everything ~ everything ~ that exists is cycled by the process of entropy. I challenge anyone to provide an example that defies this natural law. Therefore, this essential truth must hold true for the celestial bodies as well. Stars have been witnessed to nova, expanding thousands, perhaps millions, of times their original size. Clearly, the nuclear process of a star’s energy, by its inherent nature, is self-consuming and collapsing, therefore at some point such an entropic process must end in dissolution and decay of the star. I do not have to believe what any “Jew book” says on the matter, I can witness this natural process surrounding and enveloping my existence.

    Everything new is built on the old. It’s that physical principal that matter can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed. Thus it is with everything in existence. Gasses become liquid, liquid becomes solid before eventually returning to liquid and gaseous form. On and on the process goes, never stopping, never pausing to perfect, only changing to different forms that once again decay from the continual entropic process. There is no need to believe any of this as it is easily observable in the world around you.

    Perhaps the best metaphorical statement about the intricacy of this process is found in the works of various sand painters.

    As for Jew sayings, here’s one – “Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”


    While I was referring to the cheesy soap opera, it was pointed out that this was actually said by Socrates. Here is the full quote:

    “Our lives are but specks of dust falling through the fingers of time. Like sands of the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”— Socrates

    I should have know such profundity was beyond anything the Jew media could dream up. (((They))) hate us ’cause we’re smarter.

    1. @ ARCH STANTON You said;
      “Everything ~ everything ~ that exists is cycled by the process of entropy. I challenge anyone to provide an example that defies this natural law.”
      Well, I keep being fascinated by the emergence of Life, in a Universe which is subject to the Second Law of Thermodynamic, (i.e Entropy) The Law postulates that the Universe started at High Order, and from that high order, it expands, subject to entropy. Meaning, disorder, disintegration and death started with the Big Bang. And therefore the High Order Universe existed only in the Initial Singularity before the Big Bang.

      But, how come, that as the Universe expanded towards it ultimate D-Day with Entropy, complex high order self-organizing systems such as life forms, emerged in some pocket of a presumably a dying and a disintegrating Universe?

      And I actually am not really persuaded by the so-called closed system theory, which factors the presence of energy producing source such as the Sun. To me, emergence of life in the Universe subject to entropy, IS an anomaly.

      And that is, in my own opinion, an example that defies this natural law. Could be wrong, though, since am just a curious searcher of knowledge, and not a physicist.

  12. Maybe Pike had the right idea —
    “Shalom: Peace –that comes with blessing to carefretted men, when death’s dreamless sleep ends all suffering and sorrow.”
    Things can become unmanageable in the immediate…
    But on the grander scale we all have the option of being optimistic or the other way around…
    Whether that means some kind of afterlife or not….
    It’s up to us…
    The events that come into your life are manifestations of the thought patterns you have been holding…
    My advice – take the little gifts with gratitude… The Universe will notice…
    Respect anything of value, even if you don’t know what use you have for it…
    The Universe is constantly expanding, that’s pretty much agreed on…
    That means there’s pressure coming from somewhere pushing the solid stuff together and causing the big clock to turn… You might call it Gravity or the Zero Point Energy…
    But it is also the force that keeps the atomic particles separated, keeps the moon at its distance in orbit…
    The question is – will the Universe run out of expansion force some day and begin to implode again?
    Or will it continue to expand until eventually nothing is anywhere near anything else, including the particles of atoms, not near enough to make atoms?
    Some say – What Does It Matter?
    Hard to say – but you gotta hand this guy something…

  13. Once all you Debbie Downers & Moaning Minnies realise your “existential angst” is the product of a psychic parasite – Yes! Nothing but a mental virus! – requiring what LD rightly refers to as “a marathon spring-clean of the mind”…

    then the sooner you’ll be able to identify the culprit – and Yes! it’s a nasty little fooker! – lurking in the subconcious depths… address it… and ORDER it OUT!

    Be aware that when the slimy p.o.s. slinks away it’ll be taking a LOT of “baggage” with it – some dearly held! – so be prepared to LET GO… and then, once the shock 😳that you’ve been an unwitting vessel for this psychic pathogen wears off – you’ll be able to Live, Love and…. LAUGH!👌😘😅

  14. Pat:
    If you, having for a lifetime been privy to the classified hush-hush ‘inside intel’ on ETs & “other worlds”, were to once again “peer out of you periscope” (as it were) to the periphery of the physical panorama and put this matter to rest for our benefit… can you verify that we do, in fact “belong” on Planet Earth… and if so, do we have – at least according to your “sources” – a future as Human 1.0 ? 🤔

    1. “….do we have – at least according to your “sources” – a future as Human 1.0 ?”

      “Human 1.0” was millions of years ago. We are version 22.5A….. and will not survive longer than another 400,000 years, at the most, because of Artificial Intelligence gains. The CIA’s Brahmans know this.

      1. Pat, the (cia) demons poorly disguised as Brahmans are pretty much spot on. But then I’d imagine they would be since they’re not at all stupid or ignorant, rather diabolically intelligent.
        (D-Wave told them so)

        “The cyclical time of the Puranas operates only within the material cosmos. Beyond the material cosmos lies the spiritual sky, or brahmajyoti. Innumerable spiritual planets float in this spiritual sky, where material time, in the form of yuga cycles, does not act. Bhagavata Purana 3.11.19

        “And the last, the Kali-yuga, is 1,200 × 360, or 432,000 years.”

        Puranic Time and the Archaeological Record

          1. Pat, the natural born usurpers are also close by plan.
            As is their MO. I don’t believe Mr. Hall had access to undiluted Vedic sources.

            According to Puranic sources, Krishna left the planet on 18 February 3102 BCE, the day Kali yuga began.

  15. A good God of eternal love, mercy, light, and truth would never create a realm wherein billions of sentient beings have to die horrible deaths and suffer so that billions of others can live. Concomitant with this, humans are not at the zenith of the chow chain. There are malevolent entities that feed on us, quite literally. The Gnostic Cathars put forth an excellent point by saying that the true, eternal, good God, would never inhabit an animal body that has to defecate. Obviously the God that created our spirits is not the god that created our physical bodies and this material, “Veil of tears”. In a humorous vein with regard to our bodies, god put the snack bar too close to the outhouse. Eternal existence is not a given. It must be fought for and won in cosmic combat. There is no cookie cutter scenario at the cessation of physical life.
    “Whereas, as things stand at present, amongst all the spirits that incarnate these days, only a handful comes from Heaven. All the others come straight from Hell. This is because the doors are closed to Heavenly Spirits: they cannot incarnate in bodies that have been prepared in conditions of evil and chaos.”

    1. HereticDrummer :

      It’s “Vale” of tears, not “Veil” of tears. “Vale” means “Valley”.

      1. TROJ,
        Vale means “value.”
        Valle means “valley.”
        BTW. Your COUNTLESS betrayels of Donaldo have left him perplexed 😕.
        Anyway, Donaldo is finished with you TROJ. He WILL NOT vanquish you from our luxurious apartment overlooking the South Florida beach. It’s paid for and your room+balcony will remain YOURS until your demise from this prision planet. Donaldo is noble and a man of his word. But from now-on you are to be considered a roommate….not a friend. 🤨

        Sister Monica,
        ON TOPIC. We Buddhists believe in the law of opposites…..yin and yang ☯️ if you will. Heaven and Hell could not exist without each other. They are both necessary and compliment one another. Simple example for the novice:
        If a man never experienced cold ❄️ and hunger, he could never learn to appreciate the warmth of a 🛏️ bed in front of a fireplace during a severe Winter storm while he enjoys a hot 🔥 plate of lobster, rice and shark fillets smothered in garlic and 🍋 juice. Folks want HEAVEN but avoid HELL. But, sorry……us mortals need both as they are 2 sides of the same eternal coin. 🤔🤠

  16. Oh, life sucks! I want to kill myself, blah, blah, blah…

    One lives in a Jew hell but wrongly blames the creator for it. God gave us free will, some decided to use it predatorily, it’s their choice.

    Would you prefer to be a dumb animal?

    1. The essay is great, Arch is a brilliant writer!
      I just disagree with its premise: ‘Is This World Another Planet’s Hell?’

  17. Thank you, Joe, I appreciate the correction. Ironically, veil, one definition of which is, “to hide or obscure something” is also appropriate, albeit in a metaphorical sense. Best regards.

  18. Many here at Darkmoon keep complaining about this being a Jew world but knowing the way humans are we should realize that there will always be a race that rules the rest; that’s unavoidable.
    The Jews are the best suited for this task. It looks like most races agree; Russians don’t have a problem with it, neither do the British who went as far as killing hundreds of thousands of their own in WWII (i didn’t know the Anglo and Saxon were German tribes that had spread to Britannia, in other words england killed their own people ..phew! talk about Saddam Hussein accused of the same)…
    The U.S. doesn’t seem to care that Jews run their country and the world ..just go tell any American that Dick Cheney or Israel did 9-11 and see what happens. They will call the fbi on your ass.
    Texas is happy with them Jews, they are in full mode Christian/Zionism waiting for the day when they will follow the chosen up to heavens while kissing their ass as they go up.
    Arabs are making peace deals left and right with Israel while turning their backs on Palestinians who seem to be the only ones who confront the Jews in the whole planet!
    The Chinese are marrying Jews and thanking them for having convinced American companies to move to china and creating a horrible vacuum in what used to be “the land of opportunities” ..
    The Japanese are too busy commiting suicide, indians got too many poor people and their rulers keep em busy hating each other..
    Latin america? Busy getting drunk to the tune of champeta, reguettón and rap while preparing the tons of cocaine our neighbours to the north need to snort every weekend because they “need to relax, oh it has been a very tough week at work and all, give me another hit”..
    Arab and Latin and Indian and Russian rulers and are very very corrupt and just love the status quo, more than half of the people in those countries just love their “leaders” even as they literally rape them…
    Replace the Jews, who some say rule us, with any of the races I mentioned and things will get ‘pretty hectic’ around here.
    All of the above i write assuming the Jews rule us.
    I don’t believe that, I believe the Jews have only managed to survive Because they developed a chameleonic State of being and don’t waste time on trivial shit like tic toc, rap, cool Nikes, picnics, etc etc etc
    They will sell it to you, they will create it, they will produce and market it but they live a humble life to the point they are called ‘cheap’ …
    The only people/race that can replace Jews are aliens from space whom Darkmoon crowd now call “our creators”..
    (And you wonder why aliens fly straight passed us)..
    all this reminds me of a phrase my cousin told cops when they arrested him in new York on suspicion of being a member of the Cartel of Medellin..
    “That’s bull shit shit”..

      1. Sarita is – or at least claims to be – a female.

        What else – prithee Sirrah! – would you therefore expect… apart fom a state of “mental confusion”… Mdm. Butterfly, for instance, being a prime example ? 🤔

        1. @ Sarita

          Ignore the Realist’s comment. Note his intellectual poverty. A sexist ad hominem attack is the best he can do. Tell me, moron, what motive would she have in claiming to be female if she was male? What does she get out of it? CUI BONO?

          Sorry, I shouldn’t have sprung that Latin on you. You can barely understand English. 🙂

          1. Dear Madame B.

            In case you haven’t noticed, “males claiming to females” has evolved from somewhat of a backwater “cottage industry” to a full-blown craze… promoted, in no small part, by that idiotic-looking specimen “Rachel” Levine… currently parading around as US Asst Sec Of HEALTH!

            Yes Torquemada, the Tranny Totalitarians are going for the whole enchilada… and it’s high time it stopped… so that, once again, we can safely assume the someone with an avatar of “Trump in a cowboy hat” would also be “packing a pistol” in the nether regions.

            1. @ THE REALIST

              You make some good points, dear. But you are wrong about Sarita. You’re just “guessing”. Give her the benefit of the doubt. After all, how do we know what sex YOU are? What if Sarita was to suggest you were a transgendered freak? 🙂

              Wouldn’t that be a nasty suggestion? Of course it would be! And Sarita is too polite to do that to you. She doen’t stoop to tit-for-tat games.

              I have no doubt you are “packing a pistol” in your nether regions, dear boy! But whether your pistol contains bullets within it — or blanks — is a different question! 🙂

      2. @ NBTT

        I am confused too. Confusion is an intellectual status symbol. The best minds have been confused. NOT to be confused is a sign of cognitive stagnation and sclerosis.

        Are you honestly saying you are “unconfused”? You know everything? You have certitude? You have “found the Way”? You have attained omniscience?

        1. No, Li Shi, I’m not claiming omniscience, not my kind. Think about it, as humans we can barely explain how a seed turns into a plant.

          Since this site is run by women I knew was walking in thin ice. BTW, I tried “darkmoon” on duckduckgo, an ordinary word, and this site came as first result! A remarkable job these women are doing, after all, females are competent communicators. I’m grateful and also privileged.

          I’ve learned here how futile and wearisome is to confront others commenters, to try to convince them. I don’t do that anymore. Wasn’t my intention to intimidate Sarita but let’s not forget this kitchen is hot, it is supposed to be this way.

          She said “there will always be a race that rules the rest; that’s unavoidable… The Jews are the best suited for this task.” Among all peoples in the world Jews are the best rulers!? NO WAY!! I couldn’t let that pass unchallenged. 🙂

  19. Pat:

    Any thoughts – that are not stamped “Classified!” of course – on Niburu, Planet X, the return of The Annanuki etc…

    and, more importantly, how much time we might have left to stockpile tins of baked-beans & Spam? 🤔

    1. “…more importantly, how much time we might have left to stockpile tins of baked-beans & Spam?”

      I have a precise timetable for you there. You have until your death. That time will be shortened by tapping into the Spam too much. 🙂

      I prefer dark red kidney beans with plenty of salmon, mackerel & sardines. Toss in a few cases of ‘Vienners’ and Corn Nuts, too.


    It is true, we control money and always have. We even created crypto currency for crypto Jews.
    It is true, we control big pharma, and created covid so that we can sell you our vaccines to profit. We even placed nano technology in them to control your bodies and minds at will.
    It is true, we staged 9/11 to get the west to fight our wars in the middle east.
    It is true, that we control all the governments of the west and the world and can at will create any policy to benefit the tribe
    It is true, the Holocaust was fake and this we perpetuate to facilitate our evil plans.
    It is true that Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt and all leaders have always been under our power and continue to be. Since the ancient pharaohs to the present, we are here.

    It is true that we dominate, control, and enslave you but it is also true that we do so not because any of my statements above are true.
    In fact, they are all lies and vicious allegations nonetheless because you believe them to be true the rest is true.


    1. Your Amaurotic Idiocy has surfaced again …. STILL, but I know you, and other jews, cannot help your flawed genetics.

      “Amaurotic Idiocy” in the jew encyclopedia:

      “Idiocy and imbecility are found comparatively more often among Jews than among non-Jews.”

      1. @ PattyBoy

        Troubled Patty Boy, perhaps they will let you out of the chair today. Keep stroking those keys. Every time you google you are making the Jew founders richer and richer.

        See Patty Boy you are like a mouse getting food as a reward for going through a tube or walking on a wheel.
        Regardless you are nothing 🙂

          1. Pat,

            I’m greatly surprised you’re not saying anything about Hiroshima today, for on this day of August 6, on August 6, 1945 the U.S. Air Force dropped an Atom Bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. What say you about the NUKING of Hiroshima — and also Nagasaki August 9, 1945 ? What’s your opinion? We want to know!

            And while we’re at it, why EXACTLY did the level of NUCLEAR radioactivity in NYC metro area SKYROCKET off the charts the very same exact time the Twin Towers IMPLODED on 9/11? The level of NUCLEAR radioactivity in NYC metro area is still much higher than it was THE DAY OF SEPT. 10th, 2001, the day BEFORE 9/11.

            What is your honest opinion about, lol, the russkie Dimitri Khalezov? We want to know!


            1. Yes Pat….

              to paraphrase TROJ: ‘Enquiring Minds’ would like to KNOW!

              So we’d appreciate it if you’d take a momemt to delve into that “Classified!” pouch under your pillow and tell us what the “inside Intel” reasoning was for dropping Fat Boy & his brother on Hiro. & Naga.

              Rest assured, Pat, that though such an action might mean your Military Pension takes a hit – and you might not be able to replace your dentures quite so often – you would, nevertheless, be performing a Service to Humanity – not to mention History! – and lauded as being the one that finally “blew the lid” off perhaps the greatest remaining mystery of World War II… an accolade for which, I’m sure you’ll agree, “having to chew your Cheerios an extra 30 seconds” would be an exceedingly small price to pay… wouldn’t you say?🤔

            2. For all the flat earth and moon landing believers – CULTISTS – who like being scared…… as does TRO’G’ 🙂 …….. you can see 800+ pages of proof of phony A-BOMBS and Sampson Options!!!

              People enjoy scaring others and many enjoy being scared. Horror movies are the most popular & profitable.

              The nuclear bomb lies are the plots in real horror movies…. very popular & profitable.

              “My Atomic Bomb Findings – The grand manipulation 1945-2021”

              Summary: (partial)
              1. Here on the Internet you learn a lot about the past and the present lies. Many Americans believe, 2021, that USA is a nuclear superpower that cannot be defeated by anyone. All US enemies will be wiped out by US nukes!!! In reality USA has no nuclear weapons of mass destruction at all. Any bullshit to the contrary is US lies and manipulations since 1945. What to believe, me or US bullshit? Read on!

              2. The 75 years old bullshit from 6 August 1945 about nuclear, military explosive fission was created by Potus Harry S. Truman and his predecessor FDR and is still working well today by several foreign governments like Russia, France, China and North Korea (!), media, crazy armed forces and plenty physicists incl. plenty Nobel prize winners that cannot get any better jobs than lying for their governments – the only real job many physicists can get apart from being low paid school teachers – and by mainstream media that are experts in publishing fake info or news what they call it. Truman created the CIA and the NSA to look after the bullshit and to secretly collect the money from it.

              3. 10,000’s of fake (but secret) atomic bombs have since 1945 been built, transported around, mishandled, dropped by mistake, we are told, but none has ever exploded. Reason is that a real atomic bomb cannot explode. It is physically impossible. Military explosive fission is pseudoscience! I assume Hitler (see below) realized this already 1941 and tried to conquer the world without nuclear weapons. The International Atomic Energy Agency , IAEA, is part of the bullshit since 1957. Gangsters always take over international agencies. It is easy. ****Today it ALSO works with CDC & World Health Organization (WHO)!!!!

              4. So it is big business 2021. And very big money! Collected by CIA and NSA! US Congress approves and provides the funds.

              5. Soviet union (Stalin & Co.) prior 1991 never had any nuclear weapons. They too were also just propaganda at the request of USA 1945. Russia made a mistake when it carried on with the bullshit after 1991. It is one reason why Russia is not so popular today in East Europe.

              6. So when USA (Potus GWB) said that it was attacked on 11 September 2001 by poor Arab terrorists, so USA had to defend itself by conventional bombing and invading Afghanistan and Iraq instead of using nukes. That war against terrorism in 2021 is still on. Etc, etc. And no nuclear weapons are used!

              7. Japan has today a new PM an opportunity to stop the bullshit. We will see. Listen!

              8. “Research into the development of nuclear weapons was initially undertaken during World War II by the United States (in cooperation with the United Kingdom and Canada), Germany, Japan, and the USSR. The United States was the first and is the only country to have used a nuclear weapon in war, when it used two bombs against Japan in August 1945. After surrendering to end the war, Germany and Japan ceased to be involved in any nuclear weapon research ‘??). In August 1949, the USSR tested a nuclear weapon, becoming the second country to detonate a nuclear bomb. The United Kingdom first tested a nuclear weapon in October 1952. France first tested a nuclear weapon in 1960. The People’s Republic of China detonated a nuclear weapon in 1964. India conducted its first nuclear test in 1974, which prompted Pakistan to develop its own nuclear program and, when India conducted a second series of nuclear tests in 1998, Pakistan followed with a series of tests of its own. In 2006, North Korea conducted its first nuclear test.” Source. Actually none of these countries exploded any nuclear bombs.

              9. Because there is no evidence that above countries have developed nuclear weapons at all! It is just stupid propaganda!
              No atomic bombs, e.g. exploded over Japan!

              MORE LISTED AT THE LINK above…….

                1. Pat is such a 🤓 genius I bet U.S. Navy Intelligence snapped him up real fast back in 1965 and he’s been a U.S. Navy Intelligence man ever since. Good for him. 😎

                  1. 1965??? Fuggedaboutit!!

                    INTEL must’ve snapped him up years earlier – probably right outta his baby-buggy! – when word filtered thru to Spook Central that, while being wheeled about by his nanny, his pudgy little hand always had a particular penchant for reaching out to snatch the latest copy of “Cryptography & Cybernetics Weekly” off the local newsstand!

                    We can thank out lucky stars that the Ruskies – remember, we’re talking the Height Of The Cold War here! – didn’t get to him first!

                2. Moon landing??!!?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

                  It still takes a truckload of generators, fuel, equipment and HUGE satellite dishes to send TV signals 200 miles to satellites, even after miniaturizing over the last 60 years…. But the moon is STILL….244,000 miles away!! 😂😂😂😜😜👅👅

                  You do the simple deductions……

                  1. Hmmmm….

                    you seem to be implying Pat that since we can barely “get off the ground” – let alone go to the Moon! – we are in fact, for all intents & purposes, on a PRISON PLANET!

      2. It’s not genetics, it’s Talmudic ideology imbibed from infancy with which most Jews are brainwashed. Even long before the Talmud was compiled, St Paul called Jews “enemies of the human race,” or as another translation has it, they “are opposed to all men.” (1 Thes. 2.15 and they “displease God.”

        Then there are the Jews like Bro. Nathaniel Kasper who see through the insidious ideology and abandon Judaism, and pay a price for it. He courageously, and provocatively, exposes the evils perpetrated by his former co-religionists/ideologues.
        “Why I Left Judaism”:

        See also his recent “Pandemic of the Vaccinated” and others:

        1. “It’s not genetics, it’s Talmudic ideology”

          It’s BOTH…. with “ideology” in-FORMING “mind”… and “mind” in-FORMING genetics.

          Which is WHY a person’s face, physique, appearance & mannerisms EXACTLY match/reflect their internal “mindset”. Take anyone you know, for instance, and try to imagine them looking any different – given their particular “personality” – from how they physically, especially facially, present themselves: you CAN’T!

          Which goes a long way in explaining the curious “predator” facial characteristics of certain “groups”.

  21. According to Bhagavad Gita:

    From the highest planet in the material world down to the lowest, all are places of misery wherein repeated birth and death take place. But one who attains to My abode,never takes birth again.

    In this verse, Shree Krishna states that all the fourteen worlds of this universe are within the realm of His material energy Maya. Hence, the occupants are subject to the cycle of birth and death. Only those who attain God-realization get liberated from the clutches of maya. Upon death, they leave their material bodies and go to His divine abode to stay there forever. They receive divine bodies and participate in the divine Pastimes of God eternally. They need not take birth in the material world. However, some saints and pious souls come back to the material world. Although liberated, they do so to engage in the divine welfare of humankind. These pious souls are the great Masters and Prophets. They descend on earth to help others get out of the bondage of maya and guide them on the path toward God-realization.

  22. PAT
    I would have said the tetragrammaton is the coded symbol, a pyramid, bearing hebrew letters, which are generally read as YHWH or JHVH….
    Y and J are two leaves from the same branch…
    My Columbian dentist used to greet me – “How are JUU”?
    The actual name of the Hebrew God has 72 syllables and is said to be ineffable…
    The Windsors are Germans…
    Their real name is Gotha, specifically Saxe-Coburg-Gotha…
    I guess that’s where you get GOTH…
    They moved from there to what used to be England but is now called Great Britain, sometime during the world wars… They were put there to make sure the common people all slaughtered each other off according to the master plan…
    Mountbatten is Battenberg…
    You make some good observations…
    But Jews aren’t better rulers…
    Somebody else is always in charge, when they have control…
    That’s not the same thing…
    Spam is good for you because it is made of a lot of cartilage stuff, that people wouldn’t normally eat, like noses, lips…
    Yeah, that too…
    But it’s full of nitrate and nitrites…
    All that pressed meat, including the pygmy peters, is carcinogenic as hell, especially when exposed to microwave radiation……
    I won’t touch it again and I hope MB never gets that dreadful disease she wishes on others…
    Elie Weisel – “Jul 03, 2016 · 7.3.16 ‘Some stories are true that never happened’: Notes on my teacher, Elie Wiesel. Memory is a cautionary thing. We say to ourselves, “I remember that” and speak of what we experienced as if there has been no space between what was done and the remnants we hold close in our minds. Yet I have memories of things that I do not trust …
    “However, some saints and pious souls come back to the material world. Although liberated, they do so to engage in the divine welfare of humankind. These pious souls are the great Masters and Prophets. They descend on earth to help others get out of the bondage of maya and guide them on the path toward God-realization.”
    Why would this not put the other higher-ups to shame?

    1. YHVH appears 41 times in 33 of the Rgveda’s 1028 hymns.
      Yahvah, the name of the God in the Judaic tradition, occurs as an epithet for Agni in the Rigveda a total of 21 times.
      “The tribe of Ioud or the Brahmin Abraham, was expelled from or left the Maturea of the kingdom of Oude in India and, settling in Goshen, or the house of the Sun or Heliopolis in Egypt, gave it the name of the place which they had left in India, Maturea.” (Anacalypsis; Vol. I, p. 405.)


    “ somebody else is always in charge when they ( JEWS ) have control.” WTF ? Every racist POS on this site bitches and moans about the Jews controlling the world with our evil plans. So, after the confession of a Jew we are no longer in charge, WHAT ? You are all, Patty Boy, Madam Butterbean, Arch Stanky, BigToe, Yukon Schmuck Donaldo Duck and the rest a big fucking joke. Excuse me but you can’t make this shit up.

    All of your intellectual BS amusing one another. Well my work is done here. Thank You for clearing this all up. Have to go now, need to let the tribe know that we are outta work.

    OH, one last thing. Now that you brought up SPAM the analogy to this website is uncanny. Uncanny, get it !

    RALAN, signing off 🙂

    1. Dyslectic ‘amaurotic idiocy’ afflicted jew, Ralan –

      Keep up the FREE advertising for ME!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. Ralan,
      Donaldo, throughout the ages, has never addressed you directly. Never felt the need. But do your homework schmuck. Donaldo is of Jewish ancestry himself though never considered it a part of his necessary existence. He is well-off because he’s diligent and never sits on his ass. Entiende? He has homes and commercial properties on 2 continents schlomo. And what do YOU have? Pat, is right about you…loser. You’re a dyslexic person claiming to be Jewish….oh well. Go sleep on a park bench in Haifa. Hope there’s a public library nearby to charge your cheap $300.00 Dell computer schmuck. 🤔💕🤠

  24. The idea that Earth is a hell planet is no different than the idea that some entity called god created it for man to live on and enjoy. This is when the whole problem started – Man decided that the whole universe was created for his exclusive enjoyment (or punishment). But nature’s laws know no reward, only punishment.

    There has been no qualitative change in man’s thinking; we feel about our neighbors just as the frightened cave man felt towards his. The only thing that has changed is our ability to destroy our neighbor and his property. Love and hate are exactly the same, which is why all religion are hypocritical, including the beloved Christianity which in recent times masquerades as all innocent, neighbour’s loving philosophy.

    Violence is an integral part of the evolutionary process because existence is all that is important, not how to live. We have created the “how” to live, which in turn has created this dilemma for us. Your thinking has created problems–what to eat, wear, how to behave–the body doesn’t care.

    1. You sound highly intelligent and educated to me, but nevertheless on the wrong path. The real Krishnamurti would not have spoken like you. It seems to me that you are preaching a simplistic Darwinism, a Darwinism that is now totally out of date and needs to be transcended with some of the new insights of quantum physics. Your crude Darwinism is the Darwinism of Hitler and Stalin. It’s not going to take you anywhere except into a dog-eat-dog dystopia.

      You are welcome to your self-created hell on earth. To your godless universe of “nature, red in tooth and claw”. Even Darwin rejected this extreme distortion of his original theory, especially in his final years. He was not a “Social Darwinist”, which is the extreme Darwinism you preach. Darwin rejected Social Darwinism as a crude distortion of his theory, almost a parody of it.

      You seem to be completely unaware that Darwin’s beloved wife was a Unitarian Christian, and he loved her most devotedly and gave her 10 children, many of whom grew up to be orthodox Christians and pillars of the Establishment. Darwin today is buried in England’s holiest shrine of Christianity: Westminster Abbey. Not far from the tomb of Isaac Newton, a devout Christian who read his Christian Bible every day.

      1. @ SAKI

        I don’t know what this site would do without you, dear Saki. You remain effortlessly above the crude ad hominem attacks of Yukon Jack and his godless crew of fatuous followers. The sooner these loathsome reptiles are put out of their misery the better. These hissing serpents need their poisonous fangs extracted.

        1. Well I can tell you what I’d do without “dear Saki” around:

          Breath a gargantuan sigh of RELIEF! 😂

        2. I like reading Yukon and Arch Stanton and a few others who make good insightful comments. I don’t like your constant bickering you old hag. If anyone is ruining this website it is you.

          1. @ Joe Talache

            Maybe you’re right. But I can only present my own viewpoint. What do want to do: muzzle me? Are you in favor of free speech for yourself and censorship for me?

            Anyway, Joe. I didn’t knock Arch Stanton. On the contrary, I praised him. So you need to get your facts right.

          2. Mdm Butterfly might be a lot of things JT… but definitely NOT an ” old hag”… quite the opposite in fact!

            I’ve always thought that something like “a sultry, temperamental temptress – dressed in a black cat-suit and 6″ spikes whilst wielding a riding-crop” – would be closer to the mark…. at least from what I’ve been able to glean from Senor Donaldo’s comments on the matter….. not to mention my own wild imaginings! 😍

      2. Westminster Abbey MIGHT have been “England’s holiest shrine of Christianity””….

        BEFORE it was STOLEN by that serial syphilliptic wife-murderer Henry VIII

        Not to worry though Saki.. you’re ONLY about 500 years off!😅

        1. On second thoughts… hmmm…. 🤔…..

          I think you’ll find that Canterbury Cathederal was, for pilgrims, “England’s holiest shrine of Christianity” – ever heard of “The Canterbury Tales”? (I particularly liked the “salty” Wife Of Bath’s tale 😊) – before it too was STOLEN by that syphilliptic usurper for his own “Church”

      3. Darwin’s theory is not to be considered at all – his basic statement that acquired characteristics are not transmitted from generation to generation has proved to be wrong. Maybe there is something to evolution – maybe – but what exactly do we mean by “evolution?” Man has become such a complex individual today that he has to move in the opposite direction.

      4. There is sooo much you seem to “know” Saki. So much acquired theoretical wisdom collected from all great minds of humanity that ever existed. All these “forgotten lifetimes/deja vu’s”, the re-reading of the very same books over and over again, just to be repeated the next time the body ceases to exist. The natural choice that is offered and which decision to take when the path of life has split into two directions.
        When a believer of ones own theories prays to the imagined and tailored God that is desired by ones mandating intellect, can there be a heart and soul connection taking place during prayer while overriding all the burden the body/intellect brings? Or will ones strong willed “understanding” intervene as usual, just to keep the inner egoistic peace and the lid on ones own kingdom’s tyrannical LAWS, leaving the heretic king (ego) on the mighty throne of life? OR will one drop all “resistance and hesitation” and the feel of time, “take a knee or two” before God and let go of all what was once known to embrace the emerging Love that starts to overflow ones own heart in true prayer while instantly crying joyful tears that stream down rosy cheeks in a bliss, that an “answered” prayer usually brings while happily floating in the timeless current of love that was longed for in every worship that was ever dispatched to the heavens? Who will rule Saki? The heart and soul connection or the mind that seems to know where ALL and everything comes from? Or is it the old body that tires and hurts being on its knees and forces this so desired connection to cut short in emerging physical pain?
        Have you ever felt the love of God dear Saki? Have you ever loved God with ALL your heart during your life long readings and “your life” that meant so much to you?
        Life is no competition for different races or gender on who is right or not – proven by books and man made laws. Life is a personally conditioned journey until one has learned that life is much bigger than Saki or Jo or any other individual in any human given form.
        And now surely you must be offended again as an illiterate, uneducated low life village idiot as Jo has dared to question your well studied, rehearsed and adapted theories. How can one know something at all while bathing in intellectual poverty besides being an illiterate book despising male?
        KRISHNAMURTI knows what he is talking about. “Man” created how we live through thinking of oneself. Self importance above all else is a selfish killer that prefers neighbors rather then oneself. There truly has been no qualitative change in man’s collective thinking and neither religion nor all books of this world and their intelligent reader acquired intellect have been a great help to assist in this task.

        1. @ JO

          Stop patronising Saki, you pompous prat. You don’t hold a candle to Saki. How DARE you ask her (or him) condescendingly:”Do you love God?” What is that snotty comment supposed to imply? That YOU have a hotline to God? That you are the apple of God’s eye? That you know things Saki doesn’t know?

          Every single comment you write reeks of self-importance. You really admire yourself, Jo, don’t you? I’d love to know if you are male or female.

          Let me tell you this, you arrogant little creep. I get no pleasure reading your cocky little comments. Because you lack humility. You preen yourself too much. You puff yourself up like a constipated turkey. Saki doesn’t do this. She is closer to God than you are. Than you could ever be. Because she doesn’t put you down like you put her down. Saki has more wisdom in her little finger than you could ever possess in a month of Sundays.

          If I was looking for a guru here, Jo, the last place I’d look would be in YOUR direction! You are far too pompous and self-important for me. You lack those essential human virtues: kindness and modesty.

          1. Frankly, Jo is a pain in the ass. Jo has read a few books and probably has a university degree. And he thinks he’s the cat’s pajamas. The classic pub bore who thinks he’s Plato. Yawn, yawn. 🙂

            1. Jo is trying very hard to impress us all.
              Give her (or him) the credit for trying very hard.
              One day, with any luck, Jo may actually succeed. 🙂

              1. @ Madame Butterfly

                Jo is trying very hard to impress us all.

                And not succeeding very well, if this snotty little snippet of wisdom is anything to go by. 🙂

                “And now surely you must be offended again as an illiterate, uneducated low life village idiot as Jo has dared to question your well studied, rehearsed and adapted theories. How can one know something at all while bathing in intellectual poverty besides being an illiterate book despising male?”

                @ JO

                Saki is most unlikely to be “offended” by your attack on her. As far as I know, Saki has not even noticed your existence. Your description of yourself as a “villsge idiot” is nice. It show you are trying your best to sound modest. Be careful though. Some here may actually take you at your word! 🙂

              2. MB, I am neither a Guru nor someone looking for disciples, nor is it my snotty task to teach anyone anything about spirituality here at DM – through seemingly offensive comments. On the contrary. All I am doing is to offer a different perspective, a different string of personal “life” experiences that can be either thought about or discarded instantly by the DM commentariat without any real effect on what I am or always will be, though this has nothing whatsoever to do with an individual named Jo. So please feel free to make up what to think of me and the comments on DM as you are the thinker of your thoughts and Jo is and always will be completely irrelevant. I have to admit that my “style” of commenting is very handicapped in the use of English words and that if I could write as beautiful as Saki, always choosing right and very polite words, no offense would be taken whatsoever. Unfortunately there are no IF’s. Neither do I belief to know more than Saki or anyone else here at DM nor is it my intention to willfully insult either Saki nor anyone else that thinks differently then myself.
                I am a strong believer that at one point in time ALL of humanity will find together undivided and in peace in the many layers that God has offered to his children since time for man began. “Spirituality” will not be suppressed or guided anymore by groups with special interests in matter and time. A new dawn will bring man closer to perfection than ever before and to the image of God that was imprinted in every man that ever wandered Earth. This is “my faith” that I trust more than the “shady” world of humanity in ageless conflict that physical eyes see and hefty logical and very earthly influenced minds think.
                @Manfred the “Guru” you are looking for is closer than you think. Just go to your bathroom and look back at the guy starring at you from the mirror. “He” will take you anywhere you definitively want to go or be, after a little “housecleaning”.

  25. RAYLAN
    You have a lot of nerve calling anybody else racist, with your xenophobic gangster-state pseudo-theocracy, that pushes destructive immigrant invasion for every other country in the world…
    The white ones are easier, since masses of people never want to migrate to the dark ones….
    This while you continue to exterminate the Palestinians and seal the land they’ve lived on for thousands of years, mostly in peace with their Hebrew neighbors – before Zionism….
    While draining the income of the working people all over the world with your totally dishonest clepto-communist banking system and it’s income tax robbery…
    Jews are second to none on the racial bigotry front… I guess we all know that…
    You notice they’re very careful about exactly whom they let into their shitty little country….
    They do like to push the racial issue though, which they do relentlessly over their commercial media….
    It’s one of their favorite ways of sowing civil discord and screwing things up for the goyim in general…
    You ought to get something through your head – someday there will be hell to pay…

  26. Some readers, Lasha included, will be familiar with the writings of John Henry Newman, leader of the Oxford Movement in England in the early to mid-1800s, a great scholar, very deep thinker, and masterful writer of the English language. He wrote what many call the second greatest autobiography of all time, his Apologia Pro Vita Sua (the greatest being the Confessions of St Augustine, of which I just happen to have published a new translation — search “darrell wright on Amazon to see a good sample 🙂

    In his Chapter 8 entitled “General Answer to Mr Kingsly,” Newman has some very profound thoughts relating to the subject of the present article by Arch, as well as many of the comments. I will let him speak, but keep in mind as you read, that when he mentions the Catholic Church, Newman is referring to the Church as it existed in his time, which is a different Church than what the world has seen since a takeover of its visible structures, a relatively little known fact precipitated by a takeover of the papacy by Judeo-Masonic powers in 1958 (

    This may seem rather long for a comment here, but I believe the reader will think it a worthwhile read merely from the quality and beauty of Newman’s prose, even if he doesn’t agree with some of what he says.

    “To consider the world in its length and breadth, its various history, the many races of man, their starts, their fortunes, their mutual alienation, their conflicts; and then their ways, habits, governments, forms of worship; their enterprises, their aimless courses, their random achievements and acquirements, the impotent conclusion of long-standing facts, the tokens so faint and broken, of a superintending design, the blind evolution of what turn out to be great powers or truths, the progress of things, as if from unreasoning elements, not towards final causes, the greatness and littleness of man, his far-reaching aims, his short duration, the curtain hung over his futurity, the disappointments of life, the defeat of good, the success of evil, physical pain, mental anguish, the prevalence and intensity of sin, the pervading idolatries, the corruptions, the dreary hopeless irreligion, that condition of the whole race, so fearfully yet exactly described in the Apostle’s words, “having no hope and without God in the world,” —all this is a vision to dizzy and appall; and inflicts upon the mind the sense of a profound mystery, which is absolutely beyond human solution.

    “What shall be said to this heart-piercing, reason-bewildering fact? I can only answer, that either there is no Creator, or this living society of men is in a true sense discarded from His presence…

    “And so I argue about the world;—if there be a God, since there is a God, the human race is implicated in some terrible aboriginal calamity. It is out of joint with the purposes of its Creator. This is a fact, a fact as true as the fact of its existence; and thus the doctrine of what is theologically called Original Sin becomes to me almost as certain as that the world exists, and as the existence of God.

    “And now, supposing it were the blessed and loving will of the Creator to interfere in this anarchical condition of things, what are we to suppose would be the methods which might be necessarily or naturally involved in His object of mercy? Since the world is in so abnormal a state, surely it would be no surprise to me, if the interposition were of necessity equally extraordinary—or what is called miraculous. But that subject does not directly come into the scope of my present remarks. Miracles as evidence, involve a process of reason, or an argument; and of course I am thinking of some means which does not immediately run into argument. I am rather asking what must be the face-to-face antagonist, by which to withstand and baffle the fierce energy of passion and the all-corroding, all-dissolving scepticism of the intellect in religious inquiries? I have no intention at all to deny, that truth is the real object of our reason, and that, if it does not attain to truth, either the premise or the process is in fault; but I am not speaking here of right reason, but of reason as it acts in fact and concretely in fallen man. I know that even the unaided reason, when correctly exercised, leads to a belief in God, in the immortality of the soul, and in a future retribution; but I am considering it actually and historically; and in this point of view, I do not think I am wrong in saying that its tendency is towards a simple unbelief in matters of religion. No truth, however sacred, can stand against it, in the long run; and hence it is that in the pagan world, when our Lord came, the last traces of the religious knowledge of former times were all but disappearing from those portions of the world in which the intellect had been active and had had a career.

    “And in these latter days, in like manner, outside the Catholic Church things are tending,—with far greater rapidity than in that old time from the circumstance of the age,—to atheism in one shape or other. What a scene, what a prospect, does the whole of Europe present at this day! and not only Europe, but every government and every civilization through the world, which is under the influence of the European mind!

    “…Supposing then it to be the Will of the Creator to interfere in human affairs, and to make provisions for retaining in the world a knowledge of Himself, so definite and distinct as to be proof against the energy of human scepticism, in such a case,—I am far from saying that there was no other way,—but there is nothing to surprise the mind, if He should think fit to introduce a power into the world, invested with the prerogative of infallibility in religious matters. Such a provision would be a direct, immediate, active, and prompt means of withstanding the difficulty; it would be an instrument suited to the need; and, when I find that this is the very claim of the Catholic Church, not only do I feel no difficulty in admitting the idea, but there is a fitness in it, which recommends it to my mind. And thus I am brought to speak of the Church’s infallibility, as a provision, adapted by the mercy of the Creator, to preserve religion in the world, and to restrain that freedom of thought, which of course in itself is one of the greatest of our natural gifts, and to rescue it from its own suicidal excesses. And let it be observed that, neither here nor in what follows, shall I have occasion to speak directly of the revealed body of truths, but in reference to the sanction which it gives to truths which may be known independently of it,— only as they bear upon the defence of natural religion. I say, that a power, possessed of infallibility in religious teaching, is happily adapted to be a working instrument, in the course of human affairs, for smiting hard and throwing back the immense energy of the aggressive, capricious, untrustworthy intellect:—and in saying this, as in the other things that I have to say, it must still be recollected that I am all along bearing in mind my main purpose, which is a defence of myself.

    “I am defending myself here from a plausible charge brought against Catholics, as will be seen better as I proceed. The charge is this:—that I, as a Catholic, not only make profession to hold doctrines which I cannot possibly believe in my heart, but that I also believe in the existence of a power on earth, which at its own will imposes upon men any new set of credenda, when it pleases, by a claim to infallibility; in consequence, that my own thoughts are not my own property; that I cannot tell that tomorrow I may not have to give up what I hold today, and that the necessary effect of such a condition of mind must be a degrading bondage, or a bitter inward rebellion relieving itself in secret infidelity, or the necessity of ignoring the whole subject of religion in a sort of disgust, and of mechanically saying every thing that the Church says, and leaving to others the defence of it. As then I have above spoken of the relation of my mind towards the Catholic Creed, so now I shall speak of the attitude which it takes up in the view of the Church’s infallibility.

    “And first, the initial doctrine of the infallible teacher must be an emphatic protest against the existing state of mankind. Man had rebelled against his Maker. It was this that caused the divine interposition: and to proclaim it must be the first act of the divinely accredited messenger….”

    The whole highly acclaimed chapter from the Apologia can be read here:

    1. ALL persons born start their ‘latter days’ here on this planet. All of their days are numbered differently.

      1. I must admit I haven’t read “Confessions of St Augustine” Sr Monica…

        …but I HAVE read “Confessions of A Window Cleaner” and it’s follow-up ” Confessions of A Plumber”!
        Both are hilarious rib-ticklers – even if a bit on the “salty side”! – and played a large part in my formative adolescent.years.

        If you think they might be appropriate and of interest to the DM Commentariat, I’d be more than happy to see if I can dig them up and give you the basic gist… though I certainly can’t promise anything like the exegesis that Darrell provides! 🤓

  27. “Is This World Another Planet’s Hell?”
    Kali yuga effects every religion, every people, every nation. This seems fairly obvious if only via a rudimentary observation of current events here, there and everywhere.

    No exemptions, the epitome being the ongoing degradation of India, the Land of Knowledge.

    Only small groups or rare individuals seem to be able to advance spiritually during Kali yuga. And no I am not one of either. Rather a neophyte drowning in a sea of entropy with one finger clinging to the the life raft of salvation. Pretty much like everyone else.

  28. Very thought-provoking Arch. Thank you for the challenge.

    Just two comments:
    If you look into Norse mythology, which I sometimes do, you have the creation of Sleipnir, Odins eight legged horse that can fly anywhere. More than one interpreter understands Sleipnir as a vehicle up towards the higher realms. He is Odins horse after all! The interesting bit with respect to this discussion is that Sleipnir is an offspring of Loki, the vicious god. What they seem to imply is that, even if we are in prison/hell, the very fact that we are here gives us a better chance to develop into higher spirits faster as the struggle will be so much harsher here than anywhere else. Gives the prison sentence i slightly more optimistic angle.

    Secondly, given your insight, would it not to the contrary be an excellent idea to have children, and give these trapped souls (which will be birthed through someone else if you do not do it) a head start towards freeing themselves from the eternal chain of bad karma?

    Thanks for sharing, anyways.

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