As the US Suffers its Greatest Economic Crisis Ever, Israel Screws More Blood Money out of America

“Israeli Officials Not Worried
About Additional $1 Billion in US Military Aid”

— Title of article on

By Dave DeCamp,
September 22, 2021

Presented by Lasha Darkmoon with brief commentary

Israeli officials told Haaretz that they expect Congress to approve an extra $1 billion in US military aid for Israel even though it was removed from a stopgap funding bill in the House on Tuesday.

The stopgap funding bill was pushed through to avert a government shutdown.

The $1 billion was removed due to pressure from progressive Democrats. Because no Republicans were expected to vote for the legislation, Democratic leadership needed support from the progressives.

An unnamed Israeli official told Haaretz that the situation was nothing to be concerned about since only a few lawmakers oppose the aid.

“This incident wasn’t connected to Israel at all. In a situation in which the American administration needs every vote in the House of Representatives to pass the budget proposal, a single-digit number of legislators seized on this political situation to exert pressure through it. Does that mean we won’t get the money? Quite the contrary,” the official said.

After the House stripped the aid from the bill, US lawmakers were quick to assure Israel that it would get the money.

Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) said he would bring a vote on the $1 billion to the floor of the House as early as this week, and Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) introduced a bill on Wednesday that would give Israel the funds. In the Senate, some Democrats are considering painting the $1 billion with aid for the Palestinians.

The $1 billion in aid would be on top of the $3.8 billion the US already gives Israel each year.

Israel requested the additional amount in June, after its bombardment in Gaza in May, which killed over 250 Palestinians, including over 60 children.

The Israelis say they need the money to replenish the Iron Dome missile defense system. But when the request was first reported, Israeli officials said they also need the money to purchase munitions, including precision-guided munitions for the air force.


LD :  It’s worth noting that Israeli sources  deny the authenticity of all the above quotes. Apparently they are all made up—”fake quotes”.

What do you think?

One thing is certain. Right now, as the US suffer its greatest economic crisis ever as a result of the Coronavirus fallout, Israel is screwing the last drop of blood money out of the American people.  Congress capitulates without a murmur, lavishing yet more taxpayers’ money on the Jewish parasite. When will it end?

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  1. Well, the squeezing will not just be isolated to America. They want to squeeze all they can from every country in the world.

    By the time the Goy realize it, they will have colonized Mars, where they will disappear and live “Happily Ever After” No? They must be behind this interest in finding Mars hospitable to life.

    Speak of the guy who saws off the branch he is seating on, smiling gleefully with Chutzpah because he expects somehow to defy gravity, because allegedly, he is “Chosen”! Some mothers have them!

    1. The truth is they are serpents from elsewhere. Perhaps Alpha Draconis? They lost the war in heaven aeons ago.
      They are the “fallen angels”. Been trying to get off and out of our realm for a long time. We’re their creation or native to this place and ate just collateral damage.
      Look at all the dragon and serpent symbology the world over. Of course they would seem like gods to the beings here. They are our long term nemesis and we have many tales of the Dragon Slayers.

      They selected a desert tribe to ally with. They were chosen all right, not by god but by the exiled ki
      Operation fish bowl and the nuclear tests were to try and break through the glass ceiling above us. Yep, there really is a firmament. There are so many videos of Hilary railing about not being able to break through it. They know. They laugh at us for believing in the globe nonsense. Why do you suppose there is a firmament? They were kicked out and locked up here. The rest of the galaxy doesn’t want them either.
      Then there’s the covenant the tribe signed with God. I don’t think it’s god at all. They were directed to build an ark. From the description and properties of the thing it sounds like a directed energy source with receiving and transmitting capabilities. They went about invading and committing genocide as directed by Yahweh. Ugh. How can Christians worship this God? He’s a murderer and liar. Jesus was right but I’m not sure about his role at all. Divine or not?

      The enemy is way more than a mythical or spiritual one. They are a real life race that wants us gone. I think the Jews and Dracos are thoroughly mixed by now and dream of leaving earth and being able to travel among the stars. And to take their booty with them and trade with it. Why do you think they hoard precious metals, minerals and gems and even take those words for their names? What was Afghanistan about? Rare earth minerals.

      They want the non life resources of the earth. They don’t give a damn about us. We are beyond inconvenient and they’ve been busy poisoning us, ruining the environment and spreading religions that forbid us from seeking genuine knowledge and spirituality. Christianity especially keeps you in the dark and preaches weakness. Jesus said his people suffer from lack of knowledge. So true. I’m afraid the Bible is unreliable and used as a psyop. Jesus didn’t write it. Remember that.

      In spite of all this, the eagles rise and defeat the dragon from time to time. Look at flags, shields and coats of arms. You will see it there. The coat of arms of the city of London features dragons. Its telling you how it really is. I hope you can see it.

      Learn to read the code. Most of it is there if you can see it.

      Another clue of deliberate misdirection. The UN map. Something is missing. Antarctica. It’s not a continent. It’s a wall of ice. Our realm is flat and there are lands beyond the wall. Admiral Byrd saw it. And was murdered for revealing it. They don’t want the hideous Dracos either. Byrd and crew were thoroughly demolished. Operation High Jump was a stunning failure. But there is a clue if you can see it. It’s in the name. High Jump. As in jump over the wall.

      Read the code. Learn to open your eyes open your mind. It’s all right in front of you if you can see it.

      Final clue. A covenant was signed. For 70 generations. Time is about up. That’s why the push to kill us off. The remainder will be gmo humans and subject to gmo property laws. They do this with crops. They raid crops and destroy them if they’re found to have patented seeds in them.

      It’s their sneaky way of keeping a slave race of just enough gmo humans to mine the earth for them.

      There is a time limit on them and they’re scrambling to secure what they want from our realm.

      Yes, the earth is flat. Ask a pilot. They fly in straight lines. Railroads are built for a flat stationary non moving surface. No allowance made for the curvature of the earth.

      There is no gravity. Things fall because they are denser than air.

      De-educate yourselves and seek true knowledge.
      And most of all, become a Dragon Slayer in this final battle.

      1. So, Alisadoll, you are mixing Flat Earth with David Icke’s Lizards – interesting [sci-fi] story.

        I won’t comment on Lizards but Flat Earth is a decoy, half lies and half trues, the best way to mud the waters BTW. I’m interested in the truthful half.

        “There is no gravity” is an absurd statement. Flat Earthers should refrain from commenting on gravity, they don’t have to. Interesting enough “experts” on Einstein’s General Relativity will agree with you “there is no gravity.” Does that mean we can jump off a cliff? Bollocks!

        However, Flat Earthers are correct in that no physical experiment could ever prove Earth is actually moving. We can actually build a working model of the Solar System with the Earth at the center. Prove me the Ptolemaic (Greek) model doesn’t work! Then came Nicolaus Copernicus’ (1473–1543, Polish) revolution.

        If there is a revolution there is a Jew involved. “It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.” – Henry Kissinger. The Deceiver uses sophism and relativism to achieve its political goals.

        Back then it wasn’t a matter of physics but theology. Copernican Revolution crushed common sense. Look at the sky, what do you see? These days they put you in a loony bin for advocating common sense.

        Tom Van Flandern (1940–2010) was a professional heretic astronomer. This is a quote from his book ‘Dark Matter, Missing Planets & New Comets,’ preface:

        “…events in my life caused me to start questioning my goals and the correctness of everything I had learned. In matters of religion, medicine, biology, physics, and other fields, I came to discover that reality differed seriously from what I had been taught.”

        This is happening with those trying to break free from the matrix of lies, they are in pain and confused, they are suffering from cognitive dissonance.

        A quote from the astronomer Edwin Hubble (1889–1993) when he realized red shifts were concentric – an observation that leads to a Geocentric cosmology:

        “…Such a condition would imply that we occupy a unique position in the universe, analogous, in a sense, to the ancient concept of a central Earth… This hypothesis cannot be disproved, but it is unwelcome [why is that?] and would only be accepted as a last resort in order to save the phenomena. Therefore we disregard this possibility… the unwelcome position of a favored location must be avoided at all costs [???]… such a favored position is intolerable… [for satanists and atheists]”

        What Copernicus did was an unscientific Humanistic revolution.

        1. NBTT –

          FYI…. Hubble’s jew operators admit the Hubble pics are part of the NASA fraud for $$$. They are taken as ‘black & white’ images, and colorized later by a computer. People praise the fake color pics and want to spend more $$$BILLIONS to get them. 🙂

          Hubble site info:
          “Individual images from Hubble’s cameras retain no color (NO COLOR!!!) information as such, other than the color of a filter, which selects a range of wavelengths from the full spectrum of light. A black and white (monochrome) image most realistically represents the range of brightness in such a single image. Color images may be reconstructed by combining several images made through different filters and assigning a distinct color to each image. Even without the added color dimension, the wide range of gray tones in the black and white image reveals a great deal of the nebula’s finely detailed structure.”

          SEE Zoltan Levay(jew): Turning Hubble data sets and scientific images into breathtaking COLORED art:

          It has been documented, removed from youtube, that the pics are taken by a camera from a 747, at night, high above the thick atmosphere, instead of a telescope somewhere(????) in space.

          The jews at NASA happily gloat about their fraud!!

  2. The public fight over this aid to Israel is a smokescreen to make people believe Israel is being treated unfairly, as many $$$Billions pass to Israel due to being a Free Trade Zone with the US since 1985, thanks to ‘Red Ronnie’ Reagan!

    Some in congress have claimed that Israel gets a commission on ALL goods passing through the FTZ, sold by the US to many other countries, including Russia and North Korea, bypassing sanctions. The figures below are 11 years old. They have been greatly expanded since then.

    The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed by the United States and Israel in 1985 affords American products the opportunity to compete on an equal basis with European goods, which all have free access to Israel’s domestic markets.

    The FTA eliminated all duties and virtually all other restrictions on trade in goods between the two countries. The FTA was signed April 22, 1985 and… the two countries completely eliminated all duties and tariffs on manufactured goods.

    The FTA also includes a Declaration on Trade in Services, a non-binding statement of intent to eliminate barriers to trade in services such as tourism, communications, **banking & insurance**, management consulting, accounting, law, computer services, and advertising. The U.S. and Israel also signed an Agricultural Agreement, to reduce trade barriers on agricultural products and boost agricultural trade between the two countries.

    Both the United States and Israel have benefited immensely from the FTA as can be evidenced in the exponential growth of their bilateral trade over the past 25 years. Between 1986 and 1996, the first decade of the FTA’s implementation, bilateral trade in goods more than tripled, from $3.9 billion to $12.4 billion, with U.S. exports to Israel totaling $6 billion. In the following fourteen years, from 1996 to 2010, the bilateral trade nearly tripled again, rising to an estimated total of $32 billion. Over this time, U.S. imports from Israel have jumped from less than $2.2 billion in 1984 to more than $22 billion in 2010, an increase of 954 percent. Meanwhile, Israeli imports from the U.S. have risen from around $1.8 billion to more than $13 billion. (2010 figures!!)

    Due to the success of the FTA, Israel is now among America’s 12 largest export markets per capita. Despite having a population under 8 million, ranking just 96th highest in the world, Israel is still among the U.S.’s 25 largest export markets by value, ahead of much largers countries such as Russia, Spain and Argentina.

    The FTA gives American companies exporting to Israel an advantage over competitors by virtue of the elimination of all tariffs on American exports to Israel. In addition, as one of only three countries (Jordan and Mexico are the others) with free trade agreements with both the United States and the European Community, Israel can act as a bridge for international trade between America and Europe.

  3. Amerikans will defend Israel until their dying breath – and nobody knows the real reason why. Israel did 911 and our Congress knows this but denies it, doesn’t care about the truth at all, and when Bibi Netanyahu comes to town – one of the master architects of the 911 dirty deed – he gets a record 29 standing ovations – more than any sitting president.

    Amerikans are obviously suicidal when it comes to Israel. But do you know the real reason why, and it ain’t the money, it is not political pressure from the lobby, it is caused by their core religious beliefs. Amerikans are a fully Christianized nation, and thus they support Israel because they believe (incorrectly) the Bible narrative about Jews, chosenness, and God’s favorite nation, which Pastor Hagee says is the Apple in God’s eye.

    Yesterday, during the Congressional debate on whether to pass the extra billion for the Iron Dome defensive missile system for Israel, there were a few brave souls that spoke out against it. They were denounced as anti-semites and unpatriotic. So Amerikans view defending Israel as patriotism when in fact Israel is the greatest existential threat to the nation – which is proven by this Bibi Netanyahu infamous golden calf quote:
    “America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God, and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

    (This is a quote taken from an audio recording of Netanyahu in Fink’s Bar in Jerusalem in 1990.)
    Yesterdays vote was pro-Israel on both sides of the aisle. Fools. Supporting Israel will be the end of the United States and it is caused by saturation of the Christian religion in the Goyim consciousness. There are 32,000 different Christian denominations just in the United States, and they all preach loyalty to Israel first, loyalty to home nation as something that doesn’t even matter. Suicidal to the say the least.

    When it comes to getting into heaven, belief is a disease, a type of reality blindness that can’t be fixed. Thus Amerikans are sleep walking into a death trap supporting Israel. Furthermore the vote was based on money for the failed Patriot missile “Iron Dome” system – which had a 90% failure rate when Saddam launched his outdated Scuds. And do not forget, if Israel is God’s nation, then why do they need any defenses at all? Isn’t Almighty God defending Israel, is that not God’s will, is that not exactly what the holy book says? Then why the need for the missiles, is that not testament to lack of faith?

    Amerika is in a death spiral, a Bible caused self inflicted wound, the suicidal faith based insanity possesses the nation and it is caused by the selfish desire to get into heaven. No one asks why humans are so desperate to get to heaven in the first place. No one asks why Israel needs defensive missiles if it is chosen. People have stunned with a mind poison, they are incapable of thinking rationally. They believe in heaven, they believe in salvation, they believe in Israel – and they have no clue why.

    I will tell you something and it is the absolute truth, humans are damned, they are a damned specie. God didn’t make us, aliens did, and the proof is our chromosome count, 46, unlike all the other monkeys and apes which have 48. We are a domesticated slave specie, we were cast to earth like Satan, space devils are our father in the “heavens”. So good luck getting saved, when religion is the primary control mechanism put onto our minds by our superiors in heaven, we are slaves spoon fed a slave religion so we do not revolt, so we are pacified, so we work for them for free.

    No one gets saved, getting to heaven is an illusion, no one in heaven wants you, you were never supposed to exist in the first place, you are not part of the natural order, which is why you are not fit: no fur, no fangs, no claws, you are a hopelessly manipulated domesticated specie that has gone rogue or feral on the planet’s surface. Religions are delusions that we entertain so we do not have to examine our real origin, religions are not the path, they are the darkness that keeps our minds in bondage, word spells that are custom designed to keep us docile. And if you think what I am saying is some fantasy, try to get a gorilla to dig a ditch. It will not. A wild animal is not a slave.

    Humans are slaves because they are not wild, they are domesticated, they have big brains and speech, thus they can be told to dig ditches, follow instructions, etc. That is not natural, and if you want proof just go visit nature and see how everything is free, not paying taxes, not getting permits, not following orders.

    This irrational loyalty to Israel is caused by a Jew written book, a mind spell. The Bible is not about you, it was written by those with half-baked brains in the desert. Those gods are not your gods, you need to swear off that book – do yourself and progeny a favor – burn it. Stop believing Jews as special, they are not, they are completely insane and so are you if you follow them.

  4. The zionist privately owned FED and the IRS are the way America has been destroyed and also The Act of 1871 where the US was made a corporation with 2 constitutions and DC was made a sovereign state, all of this is unconstitutional and opened the gate for the zionist satanists to destroy America.

    They are monsters and are behind the covid-19 scam and psyop and the genocide injections of mRNA.

  5. Jimmy Carter explained why people in Amerika support Israel:

    “Now, people in the United States, including me, are naturally inclined to support Israel. I’m an evangelical Christian who teaches the Bible every Sunday at my church. I teach half the Old Testament and half the New Testament. We Americans identify the Hebrews, the Israelites, with ourselves.”
    “We have a special relationship with Israel. It’s absolutely crucial that no one in our country or around the world ever doubt that our number one committment in the Middle East is to protect the right of Israel to exist, to exist permanently, and to exist in peace. It’s a special relationship.” (Presidents News Conference, May 12, 1977)

    (Saint) Jimmy Carter’s admits his greatest sin was having lustful thoughts of a woman, in his 1976 Playboy interview President Jimmy Carter admitted to having “looked upon a lot of women with lust” … “I’ve committed adultery in my heart many times. This is something God recognizes I will do — and I have done it — and God forgives me for it.”

    LOL, if that is his only sin he is a saint amongst men. BTW as man lusting after a woman is 100% perfectly natural and not a “sin”, as there is no such thing as a “sin” that separates you from the godhead, that is only a religious construct being used to control you. Jimmy Carter is a devout Baptist, and in his construct of reality, he believes that he must be right by God in order to get into heaven. He thinks God is watching him, and giving a sh-t about what he does.

    Jimmy Carter the Baptist (as opposed to a Muslim, or Buddhist) is making a crucial error by thinking God cares what he does or even what he thinks. There is absolutely no proof any god cares about anything we do – it is only the human ego which would make that connection between mortal life and the gods. Jimmy Carter’s great mistake as an evangelist is to associate his personal salvation with the nation state of Israel and the welfare of Jews in particular. As president he should only have been concerned with his nation, and not cucked to Jews and Israel.

    “Christian Zionists have always been the most consistent supporters of Israel’s cause — more consistently pro-Israel, in fact, than the generality of those who identify themselves to the U.S. Bureau of Census as Jews. Christian Zionism reflects a basically pro-Israel disposition rooted in America’s Puritan beginnings, still recognizable today in the general public’s belief that the well-being of America requires her leaders to display a preference for Israel’s cause in all the challenges that she faces. ”

    So why does Israel get billions every single time? Because Christians (who are the great majority in Amerika) associate Israel with their ticket to heaven. They think they will be a shoe in into heaven into the next life if they support Israel in this life. That is a widespread illusion cultivated by modern priests like that fat bastard preacher John Hagee – who specifically aligns his flock with Zionism and his Protestant salvation message. Hagee says if you go against Israel you are going against God.

    Because humans are in a desperate state to get the hell out of hell – they want out of earth hell – and they will do anything to get free – which includes believing in theologies which promise them heaven. Note how the lack of proof of such a place is completely ignored by billions of humans over many thousands of years.
    quoting Sister Monica from the previous birds-of-paradise-sing-poem:

    “Heaven is not a “myth” invented by the “Evil Vatican”. It exists as a REAL supernatural realm in ever single religion since the dawn of time. Because it exists in the Collective Unconscious or Supermind.

    If heaven doesn’t exist, billions of highly intelligent people have been living in a fool’s paradise since time immemorial. That would include all the greatest philosophers, scientists, sages, artists, musicians and poets who have lived on this earth. ”
    Humans believe all sorts of things without a shred of proof or are now scientifically discredited. Humans have believed in:

    1. flat earth
    2. witches
    3. the sun revolving around the earth
    4. rain coming from above the stars
    5. heavy objects fell faster than light ones
    6. Earth is 10,000 years old and was created in a week
    7. God protects the earth from asteroids and other catastrophes

    So the idea that billions of people believing in an unproved place called heaven is not out of line with the human capability to imagine a pleasant place (which is like earth but doesn’t have all the violence and death). The great fallacy is to believe something when it aligns with your own wishful thinking but is not supported by any proof. You can see that right now with the willingness to get vaccinated, that this concoction is going to somehow save you when you know the government is lying about the disease.

    The government is offering you heaven (a return to normal) if you only get vaccinated. Like the preacher offering the afterlife heaven, there is no proof that his offer is legitimate. The solution to the Israeli problem is to forget about being saved in the next life and try to save your nation FROM Israel in this life. The afterlife is a delusion we entertain in this life. That is the only proof of what it really is.

    No one knows what happens when we die. Probably nothing. I’ve said a million times that if you watch an animal die, you don’t automatically conclude that the animal has a soul which goes to the afterlife. You see the animal die and observe that it is dead, the eyes glaze over and the body stiffens, then if rots. The same thing happens when a human dies but you do think that person went somewhere because that idea has been placed in your head by the priests who were manipulating your mind in this life.

    So because we humans do not want to continue suffering on earth, we bear our suffering by imagining a heaven in the next life. By holding the ideal of heaven in our head, we bear our day to day suffering and the humiliation of being alive as conscious beings while treading water in hell. And because we are in hell, we want out, and we are willing to do anything to get out, believe anything at all so long as the authority or the church says it is true. That is why Israel wins every time, because we westerners associate heaven with Israel. That is our fatal mistake. Israel is anything but our salvation.

    Thus Amerikans will defend Israel until their dying breaths, and they will ignore the crimes of Israel against their own nation, all because of their wishful thinking of getting into heaven. Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth, Israel is bringing hell unto the world, and Israel will destroy your nation because that is the stated goal of the power mad Rabbis who want to rule the world from Jerusalem. So if we were sane we would use atomic bomb on that town – thus destroying their dream before their dream destroys us.

    If you doubt what I say is true, if Amerika was a nation of Buddhists or Muslims, they would not care in the least about Israel. It is only because Amerika is a fully Christianized that the nation could be turned into a Zionist camp. Amerikans believe in a Jewish holy book for salvation and that will be their downfall and lead them into total ruination, the Christian flock is literally following the Judas goat straight into hell.

    1. Wow! Who do you associate with who believed that? The first three just happen to have been scientifically proven.
      Ever hear of the Michelson and Morley experiment?
      Airy’s failure? Michelson and Gale’s experiment?
      If not ,do yourself a favour and read up on them.

    2. @ Yukon Jack

      Your comment below is superficially very plausible and convincing. Most people would agree that you had made an excellent point. The fact that billions of people believe in heaven in no way proves that heaven actually exists, you claim, given that this could be “wishful thinking”. Billions of humans have also believed in many silly things that science has since disproved, e.g, that the earth is flat and that witches who fly on broomsticks exist. Your argument Sounds good, as I say, but only to the superficial thinker and the lazy mind.

      I quote you in full below:

      Humans believe all sorts of things without a shred of proof or are now scientifically discredited. Humans have believed in:

      1. flat earth
      2. witches
      3. the sun revolving around the earth
      4. rain coming from above the stars
      5. heavy objects fell faster than light ones
      6. Earth is 10,000 years old and was created in a week
      7. God protects the earth from asteroids and other catastrophes

      So the idea that billions of people believing in an unproved place called heaven is not out of line with the human capability to imagine a pleasant place (which is like earth but doesn’t have all the violence and death). The great fallacy is to believe something when it aligns with your own wishful thinking but is not supported by any proof.

      When Jung was put this question in an interview in the 1950s, “Do you believe in God”? he refused to be caught out by falling into the trap by saying “Yes, I believe in God.” Because then you yourself could have mocked his belief in God by saying, “But how does your ‘belief’ or ‘opinion’ that God exists prove God’s existence? This is no more than wishful thinking!”

      Jung neatly avoided falling into this semantic trap this trap by saying:

      “No, I don’t believe in God. Nor do I disbelieve in him. “Belief” doesn’t enter the picture. I KNOW! I KNOW that God exists, so the question of “belief” doesn’t even arise.

      When you KNOW that your that name is ‘Carl Jung’, and that the name in your passport says ‘Corl Jung’ under your own passport photo, this is not an “opinion” you have — it is not a vague “belief” — it is direct KNOWLEDGE.

      You don’t “believe” you have two legs, you KNOW it for a fact!

      So it is with God. I don’t believe God exists, I KNOW God exists. Because I have personally experienced God, in the same way I KNOW that I have two legs only by looking at them.”

      I paraphrase Jung; these are not his exact words, but the gist of what he says. Has it never occurred to you that your “disbelief” is itself a form of “wishful thinking”? 🙂

  6. Many people are obsessed with “end times”, whole industries are thriving because of belief in the end of days. Hundreds of books, dozens of movies, vacations to the holy land, television programs dedicated to Bible prophecy and it all centers around Israel. That is just another reason no one dares not to support Israel because when then Jesus god comes back he is apparently going to visit Israel. So if Jesus was a Palestinian, I guess he won’t be to happy with what he finds.

    No one asks why humans are so completely obsessed with their own end. No other animal on this planet has churches, prays to god, has holy books, believes in afterlife, goes to war over religious beliefs. And no one asks the obvious, why in the hell are the way we are, a fragile specie with a really big brain, a non furred specie that sunburns and can easily freeze to death – yet we are told we evolved in the ice age, why are we lacking those big fangs like an ape or chimp, how come we have blue eyes, or blond hair, or why we can speak. No other animal can carry on a conversation like we do with vocal chords. And how did humans all of a sudden get civilized and develop abstract thinking like mathematics.

    Not one person in ten million even has a clue why any of this even happened to us, but I am going to give you the real reason why humans are so weird as to be obsessed with their own extinction. Humans are not a natural specie, we did not evolve on this planet, we were put here, or better created here with genetic engineering. We are crossbred hominids and our holy book even says so in Genesis. The Elohim created us in their image – and that means the gods created us using their DNA. And from that point forward, we were doomed, on autopilot to our extinction.

    The reason we are a totally damned specie is because we shouldn’t exist, what the gods did was create an illegal specie, an abomination on earth, they took a local hominid and mixed in their own DNA and made a race of slaves – humans. We were created as a slave race by the Elohim, then we were taught to worship these creators as God. That is what slaves are taught, to look up to and adore their masters.

    Think of how a puppy adores you. Well you are the puppy who adores his master – the gods. This misplaced adoration – like singing hymns to the Lord, is the fate of domestication. If you are wild you have no such need to do such a thing, as you are fit, you fit into the natural order. What I am telling you is this, once you wrap your mind around the obvious – humans are a domesticated slave specie. It fits the facts and the evidence, the truth is right before you but your myths kept you from seeing it.

    At the center of our doomsday prophecies is Israel, because when the end comes, the final battle is going to take place in Armeggedon according to Christian scholars. And we can see that clearly, Israel is hated by the world, because Israel is a Jewish supremacist nation committing egregious crimes against humanity – so the world will eventually have enough of evil Israel and turn on her.

    So because that is the holy script we are programmed to believe as god’s revelation to us, we dare not to not support Israel. So Israel can get anything they want from us, because we are completely brainwashed slaves of the Holy Bible, a book that tells the slaves what they can and can not do. And since Jews are the keepers of this holy book, they have this special status with the believers. Thus Israel gets the billion bucks every time.

  7. It’s sad, but explains things. Whoever the Elohim really are. But I think there’s way more to the story. We just don’t have access to the information.

    The Bible? Just one book that’s been rewritten and altered how many times? Why believe in it? Revere a book written by your oppressors and destroyers? Worship their god? By the way the tribe claims they are god now. Beyond comprehension. The other books?

    I’ve wondered about the chromosome thing too. What a horrible thought that we are an unnatural condemned specie. I’ve often thought our bigger brain didn’t really help us much and as a specie we are doomed. Then I look at the tribe and think no, it’s only some of us.

    In the end, not enough information.

  8. IT is very good now that jew inspired criminal BLACK LIVES MATTER
    (mostly violent children from white taxpayer breeded wellfare mothers)
    and traitorous generals under Milley and leftist antifas bring down USA
    to ruins. putin + china now would have the best chance to be winner
    over USimperialism but they watch that the west disintegrates by
    itself .

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