Beyond This Darkening Shore [*POEM*]



There will be no last look, I was told;
There will be many more,
In the sunlight of a new world
Beyond this darkening shore.

Wait for it, oh wait!—it will come
Like thunder heard from far,
Like the din of a distant drum
Draws nearer where you are.

You will see those those kind eyes again,
Those precious gems of light;
And there’ll be an end to all pain
With the passing of night.

Soon, soon, ah soon let it be!—
My lovely lost and gone!—
New life, new love, new sun, new sea,
When this dark day is done. 

18 thoughts to “Beyond This Darkening Shore [*POEM*]”

  1. Thank you for this touching poem. It comes like a breath of fresh air after all the malodorous articles on this website.

    I don’t approve of the articles, especially the bizarre rubbish about space aliens. The poems I like. The articles I find hateful and verging on the obscene.

    Who is “Xanadu”?

    1. I agree. The poetry section of this website is like a calm oasis in a desert of wild storms. The well-polished poems, with their lush imagery and mournful majesty, just don’t belong in the same universe as the political articles.

      1. “Beyond this darkening shore” there is an afterlife [ we like to think ] . Though there is NO guarantee that we will see our lost loved ones in the afterlife. Maybe we will, maybe we won’t. Nobody knows for sure. I mention this because Lasha obviously had a loved one die on her and she dreams about being reunited with her loved one in the afterlife. There is NO guarantee of that happening. Maybe Lasha will see her loved one in the afterlife, maybe she won’t. There is also the possibility that maybe Lasha’s loved one won’t want to see her again and refuses to see her in the afterlife. Maybe Lasha’s loved one is happy to not have to spend anymore time with her and wants to keep it that way. *grin* 🙂

        1. What an uncharitable comment. It gives you great pleasure
          wounding other people’s feelings, doesn’t it?

          1. Now all we need is “The Realist” to enter the fray,
            armed with his rotten eggs and ripe tomatoes.
            Lasha, pay no attention to these vile gutter vermin.

            1. In other words, Lasha spends TOO much time and energy daydreaming about being reunited with her lost loved one. After like 3 million poems about this, we get it : Lasha had a loved one, the loved one died on her, she misses her loved one, she wants to see her loved one in the afterlife. How many millions of poems is she going to compose about this? So many poems [ all of the poems are tedious ] about this boring topic of Lasha wanting to see her long lost loved one in the afterlife I’m at the point I hope there’s NO afterlife. That would be a Hoot, no afterlife, no loved ones waiting for us. NO reunions, NOTHING, LMFAO!!!!!!

              1. I mention all of this because Lasha has her hopes up so high to see her long lost loved one in the afterlife but there is NO guarantee of that happening and I would hate to see her hopes dashed, that would be a shame, lol, the millions and millions of death poetry poems for naught , for nothing, a waste of time in other words, nonsense, garbage, litter, lol….

                1. @ TheRealOriginalJoe

                  The fact that a well-known sexual pervert like you doesn’t like this poem tells us all we need to know about the excellence of the poem. If you were to approve of the poem, that would be a sure sign there was something seriously wrong with it. I’m surprised that someone who spends all his time jerking off to bestiality porn, featuring dirty sex between horses and human females, as you do, should bother to read poetry at all.

                  1. The perv into kinky sex you refer to is definitely a Jewish troll from Florida.
                    Pretending to a White Roman Catholic in order to discredit Christianity.
                    Pay no attention to this bestiality porn dregs from the sewers.

    1. Better to have a significant other simply get up from the couch and make up a story about having to go to the store for some cigarettes and/or beer and never come back from the store and leave you forever than watch a significant other get devoured by a lion right in front of you — and on your wedding day no less like 10 minutes after you married the joo. Sad.

  2. TROJ,

    Hey REAL ORIGINAL HO, I’m jealous of all the people that haven’t met you. Your repeated unwarranted attack on Lasha is annoying and bellyaching, to say the least.
    Believe it or not, there is life after death and people would be grouped together with the one they love. With your attitude, I do not know who wants to be with you? Could you please confirm or deny what someone told me privately? Is it true your significant other went to the store to buy a pack of cigarettes 20 years ago and she never came back?
    Hypocrites are banned from Heavens. People who get into Heavens are the ones who have more good deeds than bad ones. If you backstab someone or gossip about them, you lose some of your good deeds, which will go to them. In addition, God will deduct some of their bad deeds and add them to your account.
    At your age, should do more good things, like charity and be nice to others, especially the one smarter than you, and quit being a nerd and saying mean-spirited things about others.
    Since you will be getting your third stimulus check in about two weeks, remember the homeless, orphanages, and less fortunate people. That would be one way to wash away some of your sins and misdeeds.

    Finally, you are a lucky dog that Darkmoon does not have the same policy as THE UGLY TRUTH. Otherwise, you will be thrown out faster than you can say Jackie Robenson.

    1. Tragically, most people will meet their loved ones in hell, since very few repent of their sins, especially sins
      against chastity, since except for adultery they seem victimless. “More souls go to hell on account of sins of the flesh than for any other reason,” said Our Lady of Fatima. If you don’t know the crucially important Message of Fatima, see — It is so important that the traditional enemies of Christ and of the human race and their Masonic foot soldiers replaced the one surviving visionary, Sr Lucia, with an impostor, most likely murdering Sr Lucia, in order to prevent her from revealing the real Third Secret of Fatima when they, who had taken over the visible structures of the Catholic Church, including the papacy in 1958 by means of a nuclear threat against the Vatican, wanted that Third Secret buried, since it exposed their diabolical plans.

      For evidence for the nuclear threat against the Vatican on Oct. 26, 1958 (two days before jolly, fat “Good Pope John” appeared before the world to the praise of the international media), forcing a validly elected pope to invalidly abdicate and leading to the long prophesied “Great Apostasy” and “Eclipse of the Church,” see

    2. “Is it true your significant other went to the store to buy a pack of cigarettes 20 years ago and she never came back?” -Mahmoud

      Sounds a LOT like my ex… though in her case she went to take out the bin and THEN disappeared!

      Some have conjectured that she ran off to Swaziland with the local swarthy swami swindler from Swindon… though I’ve always thought (admittedly “less romantically”) that it’s more likely she actually fell into that bin – trying to retrieve the dregs of an empty bottle of gin – and got carted off with the trash. 😎

      1. @ THE REALIST

        I feel really sorry for you that you were treated like this by your girl-friend or partner. It explains your cynicism in regard to the female sex. I would say that, without necessarily admitting it to yourself, you are still suffering the effects of PTSD.

        You need to exorcise these inner demons for your own good. I’m not suggesting antidepressants or anxiety drugs, still less counselling. Though many go that arduous route. I’m suggesting meditation and a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise to boost morale. In my experience, that works just as well. If not better.

        A belief in God would also help. But this cannot be forced. Thunder strikes the tree only when the tree is ready.

  3. I don’t know about “new life, new sun……… and new seas”, but I know a lot about new loves.
    A former dilettante and womaniser, I know how easy it is to move from place to place and find new love, infatuation, pelvis thrusting, lust, respect, interdependence or whatever values you place upon LOVE.
    In fact, as I drove out of towns I always played the Eagles’ “ Take it Easy” as the words rang true: “Runnin’ down the road tryin’ to loosen my load, I’ve got seven women on my mind. Four that wanna own me, two that wanna stone me and one says she’s a friend of mine.”
    I genuinely love my new wife and maybe I would suffer much if she were to suddenly pass away.
    But life moves on and whilst memories stay with us, there is opportunity around every corner…… “A new smile, a new love, a new sunset and a new view.”

  4. The poem is of hope, during gloomy and depressing times. And it reminds one of the promises from the Bible, of Resurrection, The New Earth, and Hell for those that sin. Judgment will come to all, even those who do not believe in a god.

    “For as the new heavens and the new earth I am making
    Will endure before me, declares Yahweh,
    So will your race and your name endure.
    From New Moon to New Moon,
    From Sabbath to Sabbath,
    All humanity will come and bow
    In my presence, Yahweh says.
    And on their way out they will see the corpses
    Of those who rebelled against me;
    For their worm will never die
    Nor their fire be put out,
    And they will be held in horror by all humanity.” Isaiah 66:22-24

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