Big Trouble Brewing in Washington: Violence Now Inevitable

Exploiting the Capitol Riot to Kill Trump

By Patrick  J. Buchanan
CNS News Commentary
January 12, 2021 

Includes a 650-word update
by Lasha Darkmoon, “A New Nightmare”.


Donald Trump has stumbled and fallen, and the establishment is not going to let slip this last opportunity to stomp him and his movement to death.

On Sunday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a startling ultimatum:

Either Vice President Mike Pence and the Trump Cabinet invoke the 25th Amendment, declare the president “unfit” for office, and remove him within 24 hours, or House Democrats will vote to impeach him again.

As the Senate, which would have to hear the case and hold the trial, does not meet again until Jan. 19, the day before Joe Biden is inaugurated, what is going on here? It sounds absurd, like rushing to hang a man who is going to die the next day.

But such is the blind hatred of Pelosi’s House for Donald Trump.

Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina suggests holding off sending a bill of impeachment to the Senate for 100 days, to give Biden a chance to get his appointees confirmed, and then indict and convict Trump of sedition when he is a private citizen.

What would be the purpose of impeaching a president who hasn’t been president for three months?

Answer: A conviction would strip Republicans of the right to reelect the man who got the largest number of votes in their party’s history.

House Democrats want veto power over whom Republicans can nominate. And this is the crowd that does not cease to bray about its devotion to “democracy.”

What are the specific grounds for impeaching Trump?

In the first draft of the resolution of impeachment, apparently, the crime is “incitement to insurrection.”

Yet, in his Wednesday speech on the mall, Trump declared:

“We’re going to cheer on brave senators and congressmen and -women, and we’re probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them.”

Trump added, “Everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

Nowhere in Trump’s remarks was there a call to violence or to invade the Capitol building, or to engage in the mob criminality that took place under the Capitol dome Wednesday afternoon.

But the effort to disgrace and drive Trump from an office he will vacate in 10 days is only a part of the general purge that is underway against conservatives, Republicans, and Trumpists.

Twitter and Facebook — the social media megaphones Trump has used to communicate with some 80 million followers — have terminated the president’s personal accounts.

Apple, Amazon, and Google have cut ties to the social media website Parler, which is popular among conservatives.

The goal of Big Tech is censorship — to circumscribe Trump’s capacity to communicate with his followers, and then to cripple the capacity of the right to communicate with one another.

And this is being applauded by individuals who see themselves as acolytes of the First Amendment.

Now calls are coming from home-state newspapers and colleagues for Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz to resign from the Senate. And for what?

During Mike Pence’s reading of the count during a joint session on Jan. 6, Cruz and Hawley called for debate on the electoral vote counts of Arizona and Pennsylvania.

What Hawley and Cruz did was not only permissible under the statute, it was also supported by more than 100 GOP members of the House.

Now, Cumulus Media, which has more than 400 radio stations and employs some of the most popular conservative talk-radio hosts in the nation, has warned its on-air personalities to stop suggesting the election of 2020 was stolen from Trump — or face termination.

Said Brian Philips, vice president of content at Cumulus, in an internal memo: “We will not tolerate any suggestion that the election has not ended. The election has been resolved and there are no alternate acceptable ‘paths.'”

“If you transgress this policy,” says Philips, “you can expect to separate from the company immediately.”

Major corporations have begun to instruct their Political Action Committees to halt contributions to Republican legislators who support Trump. And some of Trump’s Cabinet officers and White House staff have bailed out on him.

“Count your friends when you’re down,” Richard Nixon said.

On Jan. 21, Democrats will control the Senate, the House and the White House. Big Tech, Big Business, Big Media will all be on board.

They will be led, however, by a president and vice president who are in their offices not because of the great campaign they conducted and the brilliant case they made — but because Americans voted in the most massive turnout in history, 74 million for Trump and 81 million against Trump.

As for the GOP, it should follow in these difficult days the counsel of LBJ when things were going bad: “Just hunker down like a mule in a hailstorm. And let the wild wind blow. And the sun will come out again in the morning.”

In two years, the pendulum will swing back to the right, for it now has nowhere else to go.

—     §     —


by Lasha Darkmoon
January 14, 2021

It doesn’t look like the Monster is drowning!

Trump’s lasting legacy is this: roughly 50 per cent of American voters have now lost all confidence in the democratic process. Why vote at all if votes can so easily be stolen and elections rigged?  For this vast swathe of disenfranchised  Americans,  there can now only be one alternative: violence and guerrilla warfare. You either fight for your country or you lose it. 

Trump remains adamant that he won the Election. His failure to admit defeat and concede victory to Biden has outraged his opponents and constitutes  “inciting insurrection”.  Trump is the only president in American history who faces the prospect of being impeached twice. And yet his words in his own defence sound disarming, emollient, even peaceable. Which enrages the Democrats to a further fever pitch of fury. 

As he boarded the plane for the border wall at Texas the day before yesterday, Trump claimed quite calmly: “If you read my speech, many people have done it, it’s been analysed and people thought what I said was totally appropriate.”

Imagine the rage! “Totally appropriate!” A speech that whipped up his followers to converge from all the corners of America and march toward the Capitol in Washington with mutiny in their hearts — like the angry mob that stormed the Bastille on 14 July 1789, ushering in the French Revolution. On that occasion it had been 98 killed and 73 badly wounded. The storming of the Capitol in Washington on January 6, though far more subdued on the Richter scale—only five people dead—can nevertheless be seen as a warning to the hated elite who run America: “Watch out, you bastards! We, too, have our guillotines—400 million firearms thirsting for blood!”    

My eyes almost popped out on stalks when I read these inflammatory words in a mainstream newspaper:

“Large, armed groups are set to converge on Washington DC at the weekend. One plan is said to involve 4000 “patriots” encircling the White House  to “protect” Mr Trump, the Supreme Court and the Capitol building. Police discovered talk of blocking access to the Capitol to any Democrat, plus any Republican who failed to support efforts to overturn November’s election, and even potentially killing them.

Another event planned in Washington is being billed as “the largest armed protest ever to take place on American soil.” And 16 hardline groups aligned to the Trump cause have registered to stage protests in the capital from Saturday until the handover of power to Mr Biden next Wednesday.” 

The Daily Mail, January 13, 2021, p. 20 

What makes all this violent sentiment on behalf of Trump all the more intriguing is that Trump appears to have turned his back on his own ardent protectors “by ordering 15,000 National Guard troops TO TURN OUT AGAINST HIS OWN SUPPORTERS.” (Emphasis added). At the same time, however, Trump blamed the Democrats for causing “tremendous danger and anger” and described the move to impeach him as “the greatest witch hunt in the history of politics.”

Meanwhile the FBI has warned of “armed protests” planned at all 50 state capitols in the country, including the Capitol in Washington, by Trump supporters who refuse to accept that he lost the election.

The Washington Post reports that the FBI were warned by Trump extremists that they actually “wanted war”. They were now at he end of their tethers. All further discussion, including peaceful demonstrations, were futile.  An online threat on January 5, according to the mainstream media, reads as follows:


— Quoted in The Daily Mail, January 13, p.20 

So here we are now, at a watershed moment in history. It could all fizzle out. And be remembered like a bad dream one day.

Or this could be the beginning of a new nightmare.

158 thoughts to “Big Trouble Brewing in Washington: Violence Now Inevitable”

  1. About 15,000 Guard troops are expected to be deployed in the city.Ms. Pelosi, according to congressional staff members, demanded that the Pentagon take a more muscular posture after a mob, egged on by President Trump last week, breached the Capitol.Now, Drunken Nancy can “demand” whatever she wants, but only the President can authorize the Pentagon to arm those National Guardsmen

    — WHICH THE PRESIDENT Would ALSO BE COMMANDING — that are coming to Washington.

    The White House had signed off on the decision to arm some of the National Guard troops coming to Washington to provide security. Pentagon officials have underscored that the National Guard — not active-duty military troops — will be assigned to those duties.
    Now, why in the world would Trump authorize such an unnecessary militarized presence aimed at intimidating any of the always-peaceful pro-Trump protestors — who won’t even be there, except in small numbers? It is very difficult to imagine that Trump, in his final days, would order the Pentagon to appease Drunken Nancy like this — she being the hated nemesis who just had him impeached for the second time in the span of just one year. What’s really going on here?

    DC is now crawling with NG troops — under Trump’s direct command — who have just been given arms upon the order of Trump’s new Defense Chief, Christopher Miller.

    Trump has the NG under his command, the Stupid-19 “state of emergency” still in place, the EBS at his disposal, and 80 million pissed-off “sleepers” already on his side. Now consider this: Even if “The Donald” is not the selfless, dauntless, patriotic hero that we hope he is — when faced with the choice between “pushing the buttons” and crushing the evil enemies arrayed against him; or quietly putting his tail between his legs and leaving DC to forever be reviled as “the worst president ever” and condemning his own children and grandchildren to endure vicious personal and business reprisals — it would seem that Trump, if only out of pure self-interest and self-preservation, would crush these sons-of-bitches once and for all — generals permitting.

    And what easier way (“clean and swift” ) to round up the vindictive vermin and treasonous trash in one fell swoop that at the inauguration itself? Or perhaps the night before, when certain out-of-town scum are in the fancy hotel rooms?

    As a corollary to our hopeful and cautious optimism that Trump’s “button men” will soon be cleaning house and activating the EBS — members of the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) have been equally worried about Trump’s emergency powers, or so it seems.
    This is why (((they))) are trying so hard — but in vain — to have Trump removed by next Wednesday. Let’s all hope that their worst nightmares are about to come true.

    1. Premanidhi –

      You wrote:
      “…..but only the President can authorize the Pentagon to arm those National Guardsmen
      — WHICH THE PRESIDENT Would ALSO BE COMMANDING — that are coming to Washington.”

      Trump will NOT be able to command US troops!!

      Pelosi, Top General Discuss Preventing Trump Military Actions !!

      Past and present Pentagon leaders have also said they would not obey an illegal order from the president.

    2. Well premahmidi,
      that drunken woman is Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, a very successful job! She is a star !
      How do you know she is a drunk? Did you attend one of her binges?
      Were you spying on her or stalking her? Do you have connections in washington that inform you so that you can come here and expose this info?
      What else do you do in life aside from typing contradicting paragraphs -using a cheap Lenovo laptop- from a nursing home?
      Be careful covid is hitting nursing homes like fire in hell.. type stuff that makes sense and stop showing your room-mate (all proud) when you get a response here at Darkmoon ..

      Keep your eye on the ball.

      Avi, rolling my pretty semite eyes
      Medellín, Colombia

      1. Hello sorry if i am going to make some English grammar mistakes… I live in buenos Aires Argentina where unchecked inmigration and high fertility from the lower classes has completely destroyed the mediterranean phenotypic race of the southern cone… We already know who has destroyed , peronistas party are simple a charade for Illuminati control agenda

      2. The whole argentinian people has Been deluded in believing that the criminals who govern us reserves respect… Argentina has always Been a semicolony first of great britain ( we have already know that half of Argentina reserves un the oligarchic period was controlled foreign) and Bartolomé MITRE an Many others were simply MASONS who redacted our constitution ( it is commonly believed that Juan Bautista Alberdi, scion of cádiz merchants, wrote the constitution almost equal yo that of us constitution..

        But this founding fathers of Argentina Even controlled by foreign interests and banks were more reasounable healthy than this Maniac peronist jesuitic racket mafia , i am so tired of Monet going to this mafia ( fiscal presión si a whropping 106 percent) education si a simply of rult of inculcation, My own adolescent was destroyed bu this cabal, in the last years of high school My ilussion was to ve Genius like ramanujan or Alan turing, a turing point for Glory but i hace Been deceived and today we are completely broken by the dame cabal who enforces” diversity ando multiculturalism” in western nations, Hand Made grenades un crazy sweden and Many more… Generally if argentines and britons are found in the internet the only ” type” of discusión is the Falklands war…for me Falklands war was a racket a racket by Argentina military junta ( operation rosario was organized by the chief of Argentina navy with the aircraft Carrier ara veinticinco de mayo ( originally esa a british colossus class destroyed) the Two type destroyers brought from britain to Argentina with the dame SEA DART missiles ( montoneros rey to sabotage the deployment of this destroyers) and dime Drummond class corvettes… It is perfectely know that Argentina weapons we’re not local production, the only aircraft that fábrica de aviones ver produced das pucara counter insurgency aircraft, not suitable por combat type role, much less for attacking royal navy ships…BUT returning yo the reality of this ten week war all countries we’re fooled: Argentina invaded the Falklands islands because of the completely economic disaster ( 4000000 business failed, 1 billion lending that Rockefeller gived yo Martínez de hoz was not enough) and britain das deluded to vote Margaret thatcher, a typical liar now considerely dar better than labourists who hice pasaports only to people ” suitable” yo destroy britain and the other nada thatcher ( like reagan) was simply an ilussion in avanced and promoting NWO agenda ( but the dame cartels, foundations like Ford and Rockefeller and masónico tinga), we should not belief that neoliberalismo ” Fosters our natural creativity aspects” but simply advancing the reality of today of state capitalism

    3. WOW! This is a stunning article all round. Lasha Darkmoon’s extended update at the end is the really inflammatory bit, almost seeking to justify violent resistance. Patrick Buchanan’s short article, though factual and informative, is tame in comparison to LD’s rallying call. Buchanan nowhere hints that violence is either necessary or inevitable.

      For this we have to thank the firebrand Lasha Darkmoon who seems to be treading on dangerous ground. Lasha needs to be careful. I think she is going too far. Risking too much

      Words like these are asking for trouble:

      “Trump’s lasting legacy is this: roughly 50 per cent of American voters have now lost all confidence in the democratic process. Why vote at all if votes can so easily be stolen and elections rigged? For this vast swathe of disenfranchised Americans, there can now only be one alternative: violence and guerrilla warfare. You either fight for your country or you lose it.”

      Lasha, you are tying a noose for your own neck! Be careful!
      It is ILLEGAL to suggest that the only alternative is “violence and guerrilla warfare”.

      1. I think she’s dreaming, mainly because an armed revolution would take a lot of dedication, hard work, and self-sacrifice which would cut into people’s TV and movie watching time.

      2. @ SIGRID

        I agree. Lasha is going too far. Where is the calm and moderate tone we have come to to associate with this poetic nunlike Christian with her otherworldly poetry? Hasn’t she been preaching “passive resistance” in the style of Gandhi?

        I am disturbed by this bizarre change in her personality.

        Suddenly this meek and mild, dovelike, saintly Christian lady has morphed into a firebrand.

        She is beginning to sound like the bloodthirsty Robespierre,
        the terrorist leader of the French Revolution who made the guillotines work overtime. Here she is, putting in a good word for the terrorists by glamorizing the guillotine.

        I don’t think this is responsible behavior:

        Imagine the rage! “Totally appropriate!” A speech that whipped up his followers to converge from all the corners of America and march toward the Capitol in Washington with mutiny in their hearts — like the angry mob that stormed the Bastille on 14 July 1789, ushering in the French Revolution. On that occasion it had been 98 killed and 73 badly wounded. The storming of the Capitol in Washington on January 6, though far more subdued on the Richter scale—only five people dead—can nevertheless be seen as a warning to the hated elite who run America: “Watch out, you bastards! We, too, have our guillotines—400 million firearms thirsting for blood!”

        It’s that shocking last sentence that gives me the creeps. It’s incitement to violence, pure and simple. I’m outa here before I get infected by this incendiary language.

      3. go hide under your bed. this shows the sickening state that men of the West are in when women have to come to the forefront to lay out what needs to be done. Lasha the Slasha is 100% right

      4. It’s hardly worth fighting for Trump. I’m supposed to go out and kill people and maybe get myself killed fighting for Trump who pardoned the most disgusting jew mobster criminals? Because he surrounded himself with swamp creatures while tweeting about draining the swamp? For always going on and on about how he loves blacks and jews and hispanics and legal immigrants from the third world and the only time he mentioned White Americans is when he wanted to lecture us about how he’s opposed to racism and anti-Semitism? For luring his supporters to Washington so the Deep State could conduct a black flag operation besmirching White Americans forever while in effect handing us White Americans over to the Communists. I’m supposed to be gung ho to fight in the streets for Trump, killing people and maybe getting myself killed fighting for Trump the controlled opposition bastard who only cares about Israel and minorities and couldn’t care less about White Americans? Lasha is off her rocker, lol.

        Lasha should go tell the Jew Zionists the blacks the hispanics the legal immigrants from the third world the Chinese Communists the Jew Communists to go out into the streets and fight for Trump. He was working for them all along.

      5. What Lasha says is very true. Quit admonishing her! This site is, supposedly, about TRUTH, after all…
        Now, many of us feel we are at the place where NOTHING except armed resistance can have any effect. Why yell ourselves hoarse over issues which are ignored, or constantly opposed??
        Today, I have been practicing with a couple long-range rifles which may very well come in handy in the near future. It matters not what uniform is worn by agents of a communist regime. They’re ALL fair game/targets. The rural, mountainous area wherein I reside will not be healthy for them.

      6. “. . .they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.. . .”

        Not my words, but from the Declaration of Independence. Interesting document, but it should be read in its entirety and not quoted out of context.

      7. @Sigrid

        It MAY be “Illegal” BUT it is NOT UNLAWFUL and THAT is what is important. BIG Difference.

        You would never have made the list of PATRIOTS back in 1776 !

        There are ONLY 2 FORMS of LAW in this UNIVERSE : NATURAL, which is REALITY and as Religious individuals call it,”God’s” Law and the second is MAN’S (Corporate, Maritime, Military, Admiralty/Martial, Statutory etc.) LAW, which is FICTIONAL and in TRUTH only has JURISDICITION over CORPORATIONS and MUST GET CONSENT from a Living HUMAN before courts can “LEGALLY” deal with him or her.

        NATURAL LAW, explained by MARK PASSIO : and FRANK VAN DUN :
        The INDIVIDUALIST : and the TRUE SOVEREIGN Anarchist:

        “The constitutional republic of the united states of America and its sovereign “state” Citizens are the de jure government and lawful authority, while the legislative democracy of the federal United States is presently a de facto government having extended its power by coup d’etat and deception.”

      8. “…It is ILLEGAL to suggest that the only alternative is “violence and guerrilla warfare”…

        I am quite certain that if you talk to a lawyer you will find that the above statement is not true.

        When John Kennedy (or his half-Swedish Jewish speech writer) said “When you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable!”, was that illegal? Was that a crime? Was he prosecuted?

        The Extreme Left has been obsessed with violence and guerrilla warfare for over a century, and never hesitate to recommend it as a remedy against everyone except themselves.

      9. “This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper.”

        Was any line in world literature anywhere ever more prophetic?

        1. @ CARLOS PORTER

          Tut tut, you spoil the melodic structure of the TS Eliot quatrain by misquoting it.

          “This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper” sounds dreadful! 🙂

          You have inserted the unnecessary word “with”. This spoils the rhythm completely and turns poetry into prose. If you tried doing this with music, introducing a surplus note into a Bach or Mozart sonata, the whole thing would fall flat.

          Here is the verse as it OUGHT to be read:

          This is the way the world ends
          This is the way the world ends
          This is the way the world ends
          Not with a bang but a whimper.

          — TS Eliot, The Hollow Men

          Even the absence of commas is important.
          Insert unnecessary punctuation at your peril!
          (Which is what you have done most abominably!) 🙂

      10. @Madame Butterfly

        …you spoil the melodic structure of the TS Eliot quatrain by misquoting it.

        Here is a strange train of thought that was triggered in my mind by this excellent note by MB.

        Take the following three mundane observations:

        (1) There is a Dark Moon.
        (2) And there is a Flat Earth.
        (3) Between the two there are some mental oddities like TROJ, Pat, Barking Dog, Yukon Jackass and multitude of other, no less odd mental handicaps.

        How would Omar Khayyam transform the above three dull observations into a divine quatrain known as rubaiyat?

        One Taurus is hanging high in the sky,
        The other is holding ashes of who die.
        Between the two calves, – pray look, –
        What multitude of asses is herded by The Guy!

        Imitation of Omar Khayyam by Circassian

        What do you think of Circassian sense of melodic structure, Madame?

      1. Carlos W. Porter
        January 14, 2021 at 11:57 pm

        “Let the storm burst” is a quote from President Paul Kruger of the Boer Republics, just so you know.
        In South Africa, people like me are known as “verkrampfters”. Look it up.

  2. I do not think much will happen there are over 15K heavily armed troops and thousands of every type of cop from state county city. the suicidal cowardly right is just starting to figure out the cops are not on their side. the rotten traitor multi millionaire “right” wing talk show hosts businessmen actors athletes etc should pool millions to plaster Ashli Babbitts face all over the country. try to make her like george fentanyl floyd. but they wont.

    the white hating communists do not hate rabbi trump personally they hate the movement he started and the people that voted for him. he woke up the white people who are being genocided who were meekly accepting their demise. all of this from the communists has one purpose. the elimination of the white race.

    I am glad the war on terror will be turned onto the right being they cheered on the patriot act cops getting tanks machine guns grenade launchers. they got off on seeing little girls in Iraq bombed into protoplasm while they were waving the flag of a govt that wants them fired spied on deplatformed fined arrested then dead. I said for 15 years the WOT will come home to be used on us and they laughed at me you know the ones preaching fire and brimstone for law and order

  3. Report: ‘Isolated And Angry’ Trump Refuses To Pay Rudy Giuliani For Legal Work

    Is this true or not? It’s hard to rely on anything coming from the USA – the epitome of lie, deception and chicanery.

    One thing is certain though: whether it is true or not, one cannot help but feel disgust with America and everything American – its president, its mass media, its way of life, its legal and political system, and – last but not least – its dehumanized, arrogant, ignorant and morally bankrupt citizens.

    1. Yes, Circ. Even I am re-thinking my patriotism to this abode of hypocrisy! 🤔
      Were it not for the circumstance of having been born here as a descendant of some of the founding Virginians, I’d probably applaud your cause.
      As anyone should, though, I have to try and guard my native soil, even though my own blood might fertilize it.

  4. “In two years, the pendulum will swing back to the right, for it now has nowhere else to go.”

    Pat Buchanan is in his 80s. He has lived long enough to garner at least a modicum of truth on how the world actually works. And yet, he still writes with the naivety of a school girl.

    No, Pat… the pendulum will not swing back in two years. Why? Because the system is rigged against any such possibility. It could be 140 million votes for Trump and the Dominion systems and the unaccountable mail-in ballots will all be there to correct such a travesty for the advancement of communism. How can you be so blind?

    1. Joe –

      Pat Buchanan is a deflector….. He is a member of Knights of Malta…. sworn to defend the pope with his life.

      Buchanan is KOM….. along with MANY powerful jews!!

      Knights of Malta serve the Vatican….. and cannot serve two masters.

      An old Membership List of the Knights of Malta:
      Compiled by Eric Samuelson, J.D.

      See a few of his companions in KOM – now and before – lots of CIA heads & jews – and the main Rothschild:

      Tony Blair
      Michael Bloomberg
      John Robert Bolton
      Nicholas Brady

      Pat Buchanan
      William F. Buckley, Jr.
      George H.W Bush
      George W. Bush
      Jeb Bush
      Precott Bush, Jr.

      Michael Chertoff
      Bill Clinton
      William Colby
      (Cardinal) Terence Cooke
      Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank

      John Danforth
      Bill Donovan
      Allen Dulles
      Avery Dulles

      Rudy Giuliani

      Gen. Alexander Haig
      Otto von Hapsburg
      William Randolph Hearst
      (Baron) Conrad Hilton
      Richard Holbrooke
      J. Edgar Hoover

      Lee Iococca

      Joseph Kennedy
      (Senator) Ted Kennedy
      Henry A. Kissinger

      Nelson Mandela
      Lord Christopher Walter Monckton
      Rupert Murdoch

      Oliver North

      Thomas ‘Tip’ O’Neill

      George Pataki
      Juan Peron
      Peter G. Peterson(Agenda 21)
      Augusto Pinochet
      Eric Prince

      Ronald E. Reagan
      Nelson Rockefeller
      David Rockefeller

      Rick Santorum
      Antonin Scalia
      Phyllis Schlafly (Dame)

      Joseph Edward Schmitz (Blackwater)
      Clay Shaw
      Frank Sinatra
      Frederick W. Smith
      Cardinal Francis Spellman

      George Tenet
      Fritz Thyssen

      Amschel Mayer von Rothschild
      Robert Ferdinand Wagner, Jr
      Kurt Waldheim
      Gen. William Westmoreland

      Robert Zoellick
      Gen. Anthony Zinni

      See many more:


      1. It’s all a big elitist club and we peons are made to think we have membership when we don’t.

        Their game, run by the Shield, using their ball (funny money) that we foolishly have been made to play

      2. It’s all a big elitist club and we peons are made to think we have membership when we don’t.

        Their game, run by the Shield, using their ball (funny money) that we foolishly have been playing

  5. Netanyahu attacked the United States on 9/11, he played a substantial role in the JEW false flag, and he gets something like 25 standing ovations in Congress. Trump legally wins an election in 2016, he’s hated. He wins another election legally in 2020, they steal it from him, they hate him. If you want to be liked and respected in Washington just take part in a false flag attack against the United States, kill around 3,000 Americans. Congress will give you standing ovations.

    From my point of view Trump was/is controlled opposition and sold-out and handed over his supporters to the Deep State . If the Democratic politicians know that about Trump, that’s not why they hate him. He said a few things in support of heritage America [ things he didn’t even mean ] but just saying a few things in support of heritage America , even if you don’t mean it, even if you’re controlled opposition and you’re dog whistling to White Americans for all kinds of bullsh*t reasons, is enough to get you hated in Washington. They really hate us White Americans in Washington. Even the White NON-jew “Christian” politicans in both political parties hate us White Americans. Amazing!

    911 was a very violent event. The poiticians in both parties hate Trump because Trump “incites violence”, they all gave Neyanyahu who played a huge role in the very violent event of 9/11 around 25 standing ovations in Washington. They also encourage ANTIFA/BLM violence.

    1. the jews didnt kill 3000 americans that is more jew propaganda. WTC towers were INTERNATIONAL buildings with people from all over the world there. that is as dumb as saying if they destroyed the UN they killed 3000 americans but you are right about everything else

  6. How or when the armed resistance starts is anybody’s guess, but the Jewish parasite will not relent, and will keep encroaching and taking every bit it can until all hope is lost and those on the losing end throw in the towel and say the hell with it and take to arms to save themselves.

    We should take a deep breath and philosophize for a moment on how we got here, and it wasn’t just this one incident of a stolen vote. Ruby Ridge and Waco were earlier incidents that enraged and shocked fair minded people. What is really going on, why has the government become so draconian and evil? Well, if you read Libertarian literature or daily essays on the Lew Rockwell website, government is evil from the moment it is created. But that is not what you are taught in church or public schools.

    Far worse than the election being stolen is the coronahoax mask mandate. That is evil off the scale because the government is mandating wearing a mask when there is no virus threat and masks do not stop virus transmission – but regardless you are required to where them to go into a grocery store to buy food. The very real evil here is the compulsory nature of the State, where a small group of psychopaths can order the rest of society to do something they do not want to do or against their personal morals, philosophy, religion, or interest.

    I do not believe in the State, I do not think it is a necessary evil, I do not want cops intervening in my disputes, nor do I want to pay fines, or get permission slip to build my own house, nor do I want the government putting millions of children in jail for smoking pot even though I do not smoke pot myself. My philosophy is live and let live, and no one has any right to initiate force, including the state. But since so many humans are such bastards they do use force, everywhere and every which way against each other, then I can see why men have instituted governments amongst themselves to keep the peace.

    The United States governments put 50 million children in jail for marijuana possession, ruining their lives and employment opportunities and now they are legalizing this plant. They are f-cking insane on the face of it, what the hell right did they ever have to regulate and lord over a plant in the first place? What about building permits? Does a beaver need a f-cking permit to construct a house? No? Then if I do I have less of a god given right than a rodent. Government is outrageous on the face of it, so why in the hell do all these sheep keep voting for their own enslavement?

    Well one reason is government schools, another is catechism. Churches teach this external authority just the same as public schools. I know, I went to Catholic school which taught this same subservience to authority. And what does bowing down to authority get you? Taxes and war, and wearing of face diapers and compulsory vaccinations.

    The Vietnam War was to stop Communism and now we are adopting world wide Communism. All those soldiers died for nothing. The insane USGov, all drunk on it’s authority and power, manipulated the nation into war (Gulf of Tonkin hoax) then took it’s entire military to the other side of the planet and bombed the sh-t out of the third world subsistence rice farmers living in straw huts in muddy rice paddies.

    Vietnam was not the threat, the real threat was government itself. The people protested, the government pulled back, reorganized, was internally taken over by the Zionist movement, did 911 against itself, then went to Iraq and bombed the sh-t of of it for Israel. In the process of this horror it bankrupted itself, and elected a yellow haired orange faced crazy man to the throne, who is now leaving the nation in utter chaos. They have a name for this type of personality in the business world, a CRAZY MAKER KING. A crazy personality was able to say the right words to get elected, play along with the deep state, keep the system going and appease Israel.

    So who and what is Trump is but a footnote in future history lessons as a nation seeking freedom became enslaved into a Jewish directed military empire that eventually collapse into a dark age. How it goes down will be a long process, and they people will suffer like never before because the State will never voluntarily give up it’s power or authority, it will kill tens of millions to stay alive, as it is a parasite. And as Amerika goes down in an an epic death spiral, the world will reorganize and change adapting to new conditions. Governments will continue for as far as an eye can see, and thus the new dark age will be worldwide for centuries to come.

    1. The DEFINITION of “ANARCHY” – Simply put-“ABSENCE of RULERS” and I and others agree with you ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. 1968 RANDOM HOUSE Dictionary DEFINITION of “ANARCHY” :“A THEORY which PROPOSES the Co-operative and Voluntary ASSOCIATION of
      INDIVIDUALS and Groups as the PRINCIPAL mode of an ORGANIZED SOCIETY” and from Mark Passio: and an OATH by True ANARCHISTS:


      It is EASIER and MUCH CHEAPER, to DESTROY and MURDER than it is to BUILD and CREATE, aided by INDOCTRINATING the “Useful” MASSES to WORK HARD, CREATE ,BUILD, HAVE CHILDREN and BE HONEST, making them easy victims. LOCKDOWNS are the perfect answer ,for them.Eventiually there will be less than 10 percent of the previous jobs available causing most people to be without a form of income. A so-called UNIVERSAL income will then be offered and about which Governments have already stated you must sign over ALL OF YOUR ASSETS to the Banks , take the poisonous Vacciens and whatever else they demand of you, thus making the ROTHSCHILDS, et al, Wealthier and more powerful andYOU poorer and weaker and in essence SLAVES. THAT is the next step to GENOCIDE, because do you believe for one minute, the Rothschilds are going to continue to support billions of you with FREE UNIVESAL BASIC INCOME ? The GEORGIA GUIDE STONES tell the TRUTH for those willing to think.

      THAT is the type of world you are handing your children if you DONT LITERLALLY FIGHT NOW.

      There is ONLY ONE perfect SOLUTION for Humanity- GET RID of those SUPREMACIST PSYCHOPATHS, starting with the Houuse of Rothschild, House of Windsor and the Vatican JESUITS and then turn away from their CORPORATE Legal system and RETURN to our NATURAL COMMON LAW, System, which they don’t control. There are many more of you than there are of them.

      The PROBLEM is those SAME Supremacist Psychopaths have TRAINED the majority of US NOT to do that and WE must NOT be VIOLENT.Only THEY Can be VIOLENT via their PROXIES, such as , but not lmited to, the Police and MIlitary

      A PERFECT SYSTEM, for THEM unless you WAKE UP NOW, and do what is NECESSARY

      PRAYING didn’t work AGAINST the LIONS, for the Christians, in the ROMAN ARENAS and it wont work for you now, against Supremacist HUMAN PSYCHOPATHS.

      The ZIONISTS and FREEMASONS who have planned this GENOCIDE are preparing for the FUTURE to RECORD that a “Terrible” PANDEMIC called COVID wiped out all of Humanity, EXCEPT them and their families, OF COURSE, just like only NOAH, a Jew, also, ( what a coincidence) and his Family, were the only survivors of possibly, the LAST GENOCIDE called the Great FLOOD!

      Yeh, I made that part up, but what if……………………….?

      WHY was EVERYTHING we, in the WEST recognize today, recorded as STARTING 2021 YEARS ago with the YEAR “0”,in effect, when a MAN Called CHRIST was supposedly BORN? After all, the HEBREW year begins approximately 3071 years BEFORE the Roman/Christian Calendar “O”. THAT alone should indicate something is amiss or at least CONTRADICTORY ! Is one Right and the other Wrong or Are they BOTH Wrong or BOTH Right?

      WHAT IF?

      1. FREESPIRIT – “Is one Right and the other Wrong or Are they BOTH Wrong or BOTH Right?”
        Look at truth itself if you like. There is “the truth” one has established through ones own journey in a “life experience”, mixed with State education, external influence, science, Religion, faith, spiritual experience, ones own LOGIC mixed with emotions and (at times) unbalanced chaotic hormones, the environment, the pressure to be dependent on others and on MONEY to live a life and lots and lots other bits and pieces that affects and changes ones own version of truth constantly, which naturally does not affect universal truth but still has a “tiny” part of it.
        “THE LITTLE I KNOW IS NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT I DON’T KNOW” wraps truth up quite nicely – at least for me. Stuck in a physical existence, with occasional glimpses of love & eternal life, freedom, God, harmony and the multilayered universe while seemingly being pasted into illusionary purgatory, what is truth made of in the first place?
        Sure one can blame ‘Injustice and deceit” on the Joos, the Red Schild, the Masons and the money changing infested Vatican, dream about remedies and solutions but one easily forgets “the human condition” which is ones own. This is where solution is to be found within. Inside the conditioned individual man! To unconditionally love ones “own” God, deity or ones own self, ONE needs to be UNCONDITIONED from ones own established truth completely. A near impossible task – to rebel against ones own egocentric mind and its survival truth that “solely” depends on “the mortal flesh” of an ever dying body. How can the very same mind that worships death love life? Religion made it possible. Is truth in religion? Yes, there is! But the most important part of truth in life itself is not.

    2. YJ
      A Dark Age for centuries to come? Not with the level of oppression that implies. Not with an understanding of metaphysical undercurrents running parallel to everything as we speak. Why do you think it’s called the “end-time”? I can assure you there’s way more going on than meets the eye.

  7. A grand PHONY show is being played on the world’s stage. Impeachment is being used again to allow BIDEN to avoid STRICT SCRUTINY.

    Few really know…. for statutes to have force and effect in the US they must be filed in the Federal Register.

    U.S.C. TITLE 44, Chapter 15 § 1505 is where the rubber meets the road…. It allows the President to do what he pleases with statutes in an emergency…. which he alone can determine.

    **BIDEN will have this power soon!!

    U.S.C. TITLE 44, Chapter 15 § 1505:

    (c) Suspension of Requirements for Filing of Documents; Alternate Systems for Promulgating, Filing, or Publishing Documents; Preservation of Originals.

    In the event of an attack or threatened attack upon the continental United States and a determination by the President that as a result of an attack or threatened attack—

    (1) publication of the Federal Register or filing of documents with the Office of the Federal Register is impracticable, or

    (2) under existing conditions publication in the Federal Register would not serve to give appropriate notice to the public of the contents of documents, the President may, without regard to any other provision of law, suspend all or part of the requirements of law or regulation for filing with the Office or publication in the Federal Register of documents or classes of documents.

    The suspensions shall remain in effect until revoked by the President, or by concurrent resolution of the Congress.

    The President shall establish alternate systems for promulgating, filing, or publishing documents or classes of documents affected by such suspensions, including requirements relating to their effectiveness or validity, that may be considered under the then existing circumstances practicable to provide public notice of the issuance and of the contents of the documents.

    The alternate systems may, without limitation, provide for the use of regional or specialized publications or depositories for documents, or of the press, the radio, or similar mediums of general communication.

    Compliance with alternate systems of filing or publication shall have the SAME effect as filing with the Office or publication in the Federal Register under this chapter or other law or regulation.

    With respect to documents promulgated under alternate systems, each agency shall preserve the original and two duplicate originals or two certified copies for filing with the Office when the President determines that it is practicable.

    Also SEE:

    Emergency Banking Relief Act – Wikisource, the free online library

    1. There are ONLY 2 FORMS of LAW in this UNIVERSE, NATURAL, which is REALITY and as Religious individuals call it,”God’s” Law and the second is MAN’S (Corporate, Maritime, Military, Admiralty/Martial, Statutory etc.) LAW, which is FICTIONAL and in TRUTH only has JURISDICTION over CORPORATIONS and MUST GET CONSENT from a Living HUMAN before it can LEGALLY deal with him or her.


      1. FS –

        Quite correct!
        However, men in black robes, whether civil, military, corporate, private, public, religious or eleemosynary capacities…. are PAID to NOT agree with you and me… or Icke & Smith!!

        Disobedience to “MAN’S (Corporate, Maritime, Military, Admiralty/Martial, Statutory etc.) LAW, which is FICTIONAL” will bring great struggles, harm and death.
        In musselmen countries disobedience to their religious LAWS will bring much physical pain, injury and death.
        Everyone should – wisely – choose their actions according to the venues and the jurisdictions where they stand.

        Basic Common SENSE rules include:
        “If ya can’t do the time… don’t do the crime…”
        “When in Rome…”

  8. Very happy.
    A lot of people, including myself are happy, very happy, at these developments in America, the greatest and most murderous empire that ever existed…
    This turmoil, and the covid pandemic are like 2 armies attacking one target.
    But Covid deaths aren’t enough to make up for what the murderous Wasp did to Iraq…
    IF KARMA TRULY EXISTED, 18.000.000 AMERICANS SHOULD DIE TO MAKE UP for what they did to that poor country as they cheered and waved their stupid flag and it doesn’t matter if the dead include black or latin people because they all serve the u.s. army.
    The u.s. army even got Arabs whose job is to torture their own race …
    Talk about treachery !

    Avi, the avatar
    Medellín, Colombia

    1. @ (((GET REAL)))

      Hey Shlomo Mo, I see you’re rearing your ugly face again.
      Displaying the American flag upside down is an officially recognized signal of distress or you’re in extreme danger. Hope you get run over by a car in the Israeli Occupied West Bank or someone mistake for a Palestinian and shoot you between the eyes.

      If you cross paths with the Jewish traitor, Johnny Jon Pollard, tell him, America is better off without his treacherous ass.

      You’re a lucky dog that this website allows you to post your shit here.

      1. Mahmed,

        What did i say that is against Arabs?
        Like every other arab and muslim, I cursed the u.s. … You are an arab and you should be happy at my comment.
        Actually, i expected maybe american patriots gilbert huntly or troj to be upset but they probably understand that the whole planet is upset at such savage attack on Iraq, worse even than Hiroshima … They know that as a human and a good jew my anger is justified because they, even, are probably upset too…
        But, why are YOU angry?
        You remind me of the 67 million evangelist americans who being christian DEFEND israel (ISRAEL, WHICH AMERICAN PATRIOTS HATE) and seem more zionist than my uncle Abba Shamuel even!
        You are upset that i exposed the entity (the u.s.) that kills muslims (which you are) faster than when a pop corn machine starts going …
        What are you?
        A sicophant who gets humiliated by the ones he flatters yet attacks those who defend him?
        Do you even make sense? What do you have for brains? Sawdust?

        Avi, fasting in
        Medellín, Colombia

    2. @ (((GET REAL)))

      If Americans don’t stand against the Fascist Collectivists, called COMMUNISTS, , MORE than 18 million will die, including CHILDREN

      Not-with-standing, ” 2 WRONGS DON’T make a RIGHT” Do you honestly believe that Children should suffer for their parents deviance, arrogance and ignorance???

      1. i don’t understand your question…
        children aren’t suffering from covid in the u.s. or elsewhere…
        i am wishing karma on the retard grown-ups…
        you should’ve asked that question to Madeleine Albright.

        read his interview:
        ” We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that is more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?

        To which Ambassador Albright responded,
        “I think that is a very hard choice, but the price, we think, the price is worth it.”


        Avi, the Avatar,
        throwing up in
        Medellin, Colombia

      2. @ (((GET REAL)))

        Hey Firewood, Arabs don’t need you to defend them, Your likes are baby killers, cheaters, and ungrateful.

        Remember Shlomo Mo, When you insult, disparage, and belittle American people, you’re targeting me two.

  9. The # of days it took for Mitch McConnell to move Amy Coney Barrett from the Senate floor to confirmation: 4

    Days until the end of Trump’s term: 7


    1. It will drag out for months to cover Biden & Son lies and criminal acts.

      Trump is obviously in on it. He protests too little!!

    2. Today Mahmoud’s post sounds like it could be a Hillary Clinton twitter twatter tweet. 😀

  10. If Trump had actually put America first, he would’ve won the election with such a huge margin that cheating wouldn’t have changed the outcome. But he didn’t put America first; he betrayed too many people, just like he’s been doing his whole life apparently.

    Failing that, things being what they are, if Trump was even just a flawed, semi-righteous person he could address the nation and hammer the “deep state.” For example, he could point out the hypocrisy of those “democrats” who denounce “insurrection” when it happens here, bloviating endlessly about an attack on sacred “democracy” blah blah blah, while they foment and cheer it on elsewhere, e.g. in Libya and Ukraine.

    Alas deep state agent Trump won’t do anything of the kind. His pushback is carefully circumscribed; muted. Even if he had the motivation (which as as an idolator of jewish power he doesn’t), being a criminal himself (e.g. the man who would cheerfully destabilize and overthrow the governments of Venezuela, Syria, Iran, etc.) he doesn’t have the moral standing to do anything about it.

    IOW Trump is completely morally defenseless against vote fraud, impeachment, etc., and I blame him for the rise of Biden, just as I blame Obama and Clinton for the rise of Trump.

    Apparently Biden’s state dept. will be top heavy with jewish interventionists (surprise, surprise) whose hands Trump could’ve effectively tied, had he conducted the kind of foreign policy he promised. Instead, he squandered an historic opportunity to reverse course and effectively greased the skids for the next set of scumbags.

    I really don’t see how decent people have any dog in this fight.

    1. If Trump had put America first, the traitors like Hillary and Biden would be in jail, already! (Or better yet – HANGED)

  11. Proud Boys member arrested in Queen, N.Y after allegedly threatening to kill Senator-elect Raphael Warnock

    Proud boys is a domestic terrorist organization

    BLM is not!

    1. who are you to talk about America? you are to alien to this country and if I had the power I would throw all of you people out

  12. I agree with Trump that it is the “Left” that is violent. All summer long in the George Soros funded “summer of rage,” Leftists have been raging through “Blue” cities, burning everything in sight and terrorizing anyone who is unfortunate enough to live in the targeted neighborhoods–usually once cute series of blocks with diversity and left leaning people.

    Notice how when it goes for Democrats the Supreme Court will do whatever it can to count every last vote, but when it comes to Trump the overwhelming fraud barely caused a ripple on their docket sheet. They did nothing. So, a million people go to the capital to protest the fraud and right the wrong. They are completely unarmed, its freezing cold, no porto potties, no restaurants, no hotels, and no police. Even though it was a legal protest the capital didn’t provide police. Before Trump had even finished his speech, in fact, he had barely begun it the “non-Trump” group of whomever were beginning to go into the building. They say it would have been physically impossible for that level of crowd to have accomplished what they have been accused of… So no justice, no justice, no justice, and certainly no insurrection.

    Hmmm I’m so sorry but the “deplorables” are the “goyim,” the very same language, the very same dismissal. The haughty superiority is so familiar. They say they care about something other than power. I don’t believe them. But they are not that energetic and we will never stop “fighting” the good fight, not the violent fight which they want us to so they can strip people of their guns. I mean the good fight of forming coalitions, fighting for election integrity, and hopefully some day turning California red.

  13. This uber-farce Guinness Book Record Cream Pie to the face of hoi polloi Left and Right alike was eminently predictable and predictably inevitable. In 2016 Trump drew supporters from every crack and crevice, hill and dale and sleepy hollow across the looted plain. He overwhelmed the rig parameters set for the routinely predicted and trumpeted 90% Mata Hillary victory. What really happened was the sheer weight of historic numbers condensed into a hoi polloi turnout for the ages, swamping Mata Hillary and Co. (they’ll be baaaaaack) Yes, an anomaly, a miracle, a divine intervention indeed!

    Fast forward to 2020 and those vulnerable algorithms (with a lotta help from their quantumly new and improved Google(cia) A.I.) friend) were re-arranged and re-rigged to re-account for the same tidal wave of both Left and Right frightened hoi polloi for Trump. Shucks,even that didn’t work. Another miracle. So it was on to Plan B (outright theft) complete with red panic button. And what a sloppy theft it was. What we saw and are now seeing and soon to be feeling is Plan B and as defined by its very name we all know Plan B ain’t exactly ideal. Plan C, anyone..

  14. the suicidal right is in on this disaster. I see “conservative” writers talk show hosts politicians saying China is the cause of the communist takeover. they are running cover for the bolshevik jews who have 150 year start on the Chinese. I heard one idiot say the Chinese control the media and the schools. can you believe this? the bolshevik jews are in the middle of taking over but the enemy is the Chinese. I wish the Chinese took over. no more gay rights gay marriages affirmative blaction quota hires muslim problem feminism trannies gays adopting kids. they would allow you to rip blacks jews etc with no fear of retribution. all that is allowed in China you just cant say anything about the govt which never got no one anywhere. also the Chinese women are among the most feminine gorgeous women on the planet

  15. Some timely advice for staying alive in the new Judeocommunist America where the following is now becoming commonplace:

    “Massachusetts teen turns in her own family as Capitol rioters | ABC7 – Massachusetts teen turns in her own family as Capitol rioters – Help Helena Duke pay for college”

    (See rules two and three below.)

    This from a former Soviet captive – Rules practiced for survival while living under Judeocommunism in the Soviet Union

    I am aware of “Russia, Russia” screams from the Democrats in the last years, but those are just foolish screams of ignorant people. What is coming will devastate them as much as you and I. Those are irrelevant to the advice I am giving you here, once the US is entering a very special era of socialism and total control/punishment, it is the end of the American Dream.

    Here are the rules we followed in the USSR (not sure what will be applicable, but you need to know and practice in advance):

    1. Stop expressing ANY your private opinion publicly. You should express happiness and smiles, and not words, all the time when you are in public. You are a builder of Communism.

    All your private thoughts are just for you, not for others. Remember – if you discuss anything private with your spouse in your own kitchen – that can be reported during a divorce for a larger alimony, or for promotion at work, or for other favors for her. Please be sane and restrictive in what you say out loud. NO, I am happily married for 30Y, but I have to be cautious now going forward, USA or not. NO, I am not paranoid, it is just new era for the USA (old for us, immigrants).

    2. Please follow your leaders and memorize what they say. This is important, as this is what you should repeat when you talk in public or in private about politics, or even with a friend – and if you recognize that someone says the same as other communist’s leaders say – cheer.

    If you do not cheer, you will be blamed for not being politically correct. Your friend or your wife or your neighbour will report you. He/she will be rewarded, you will go to jail/gulag/FEMA camp forever.

    3. If – God forbid – your child says something that is not in-line with the Communist Party line (at kindergarten or school) you will loose your job, your place of living, and – your child. Please be cautious in what you train your child to say once your teach him or her. What is permissible to say or not should be very clear. Please be politically correct at home.

    4. Never complain about what you have – job, work, home, wife, child (children). If you are not happy you immediately become a dangerous element. You will be eliminated.

    5. NEVER read books or whatever is not allowed. I, once, have seen an outside cover of a prohibited by the USSR Communalist Party book. The person who was carrying it secretly (16 years old girl) has spent 2 days at KGB solitary cell, I have spent there about 4 hours – I was not dangerous as I did not read the book. 2 adults were sent to Siberia for the incident (parents, and not mine).

    6. Remember, all elections are fair and right. If you ever doubt, god bless your dead body. Seriously, please never talk about it. Everybody knows anyway – elections are fair.

    7. Play stupid always when you talk to your boss, especially if he/she is in the Party.

    The vast majority of Americans won’t have to worry about “playing stupid.”

  16. Lasha is an American citizen. She was born in the United States — she went to the U.K. when she was a college aged young adult [ she went to the UK after studying art in Italy ] . She can come back to the United States and be a guerilla warrior fighting against the totalitarian FEDS, the Communists here in the USA, all the enemies of the USA here in the USA — she’s very sure violence and guerilla warfare in the streets of America is the answer, she’s a very patritiotic American, she’s a women’s libber “women can do anything men can do and women can do it better”, so she can come back to the land of her birth the USA and pick up a weapon, go out into the streets and start fighting that guerilla war. We know she would win the war becuase she’s a patriotic American liberated guerilla woman warrior who is very sure of herself.

    As far as Madame Butterfly is concerned. She’s a Scandanavian, a Norwegian. She is NOT an American citizen. She was born in Norway, lives in Norway, is a citizen of Norway. She is NOT an American citizen. She’s needs to mind her own goddamned business and shut the f*ck up.

    As per her, it’s what she implies, she has a lot of good ideas about how to save countries. In that case she can start by saving her native Norway and leave us Americans alone. The USA is NOT her country. If Madame the NON American citizen likes guerilla warfare in the streets so much and likes a lot of violence and likes a lot of killing and bloodshed she can start a guerilla war in Norway and be a Viking Warrior Goddess in Viking Norway and leave us Americans the f*ck alone. We have enough problems as it is here in the USA, we do NOT need Madame adding to our problems.

    1. @ TROJ

      You sound like a broken record!
      You do not have to tell us 6 times that Madame Butterfly is not an American.
      Actually, without MB this website will never be the same.

      What is wrong with you today? Did you fell from the wrong side of the bed?
      You need to chill, dude!
      You could die from high blood pressure, Then it would be boring and lonely here.
      Have a coke and smile!
      Life is too short, Jewy Joe!

  17. Robert Keith Packer, 56, of Newport News, Virginia, who as at the riot was released yesterday on his own recognizance and ordered to stay out of Washington, D.C. He is identified as the man wearing to Neo-Nazi “Camp Auschwitz” sweatshirt.

    What could the Justice Department possibly charge him with?

    Let me guess!

    Hurting the feeling of Jewish Americans?

  18. Six days to go ’till big brown mama kamala be grantin’ BLM de FWEEDUMB to keep on riotin’ and keep on burnin’ down those mom-and-pop stores owned by NON Whites inculding MUSLIM immigrant owned stores… 6 mo’ days and sheeeeiiiiiit!

  19. This is the sort of nonsense you are forced to endure, when colonised and ruled by crazy wealthy jews their fellow travelers and insane institutions..

    it seems that ezra pound was correct about so called democracy.

  20. There will be no violence in DC as the communists are in power and have rolled in the troops as is always the case when communists take over, and by the way DC is via The Act of 1871 a sovereign state and the US has 2 constitutions, the US is a corporation, not a country, see

  21. Where is ballshitter Gilbert Huntly when the country needs him? Is he marching to DC with his rifle to fight for his beloved America? No, sir! He is more likely hiding his ass somewhere in the pigpen on his farm. That’s exactly what all other Americans, who “make noise and have guns”, will be doing on the inauguration day of Jan 20. You can bet your ass on that!

    Pat will be busy that day cutting bush tops around his house in Florida 🙂

    That’s a shame!

    1. Yeah, Circ; I’m staying at home. No more going to DC for me!! 🤐
      The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

    2. Circ –

      Bushes all cut now. I’ll be planting blue junipers for a while.
      So, you go for me. You’re collecting US $$$!!! 🙂

      1. @ Circassian

        It’s a shame. PAT could be working cutting bush tops around my house. I live in Florida also and I got quite a few bushes all over the place that need trimming and I got some bamboo in my backyard that needs trimming, it’s growing crazy and needs some serious trimming. Maybe Pat will do it for me, because I’m “lazy”. Pat is not lazy, he likes to work — God knows, I got a lot of work here that needs to get done, 😎.

  22. Finally good news from our national capital.

    The D.C. Council has introduced the Jamal Khashoggi Way Designation Act of 2021 by the D.C. Council.

    Introduced by D.C. Councilmember Brooke Pinto, the act seeks to rename the street in front of the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington, D.C., after Khashoggi and would designate New Hampshire Ave NW between Virginia Ave NW and F St NW as “Jamal Khashoggi Way.”

    This kind gesture by the city of Washington, D.C. provides great comfort to the family of Jamal Khashoggi

    Justice delayed is justice denied.

    1. Quite a few American news journalists have been murdered over the years. How come Brooke Pinto never introduced a bill to name a street in Washington after a murdered American journalist?

  23. I always admired Pat Buchanan’s courage. He always tells the truth.
    If you ever wonder why he disappeared from the media, now I know, it is because AIPAC runs American foreign policies, plus the Zionists run the media, banking systems, and Hollywood is theirs too

    That said, I should add that Lasha too is a courageous woman who is not afraid to state exactly what’s on her mind. She is not only a truth-teller Christian, soft, lenient, and kind-hearted. I have known her for over 12 years and I have learned from her how to be tolerant.

    @ SIGIRD,

    Lasha is guarded by two Angels. One from the right and the other from the left. When you tell the truth, Allah will protect you from all evil.

    1. Excellent article, Henry:

      Succinct, precise in every detail, all to the point, with a beautiful final accord: “A real revolution takes work – and that’s why it’ll never happen in the US again”.

      This RussiaToday article is orders of magnitude more intelligent than anything one can read on any Western media outlet.

      Perhaps, Darkmoon should have featured this article.

      1. RT???? The articles are more intelligent because it is run by jews and not circassians and mongolians!! 🙂

        The jew Murdock’s Sky News and Russian jews control RT!! It is non-profit and does not have to report earnings.

        RT, also known as Russia Today, is an international multilingual Russian-based television network. It is registered as an Autonomous Non-profit Organization.

        RT cost $30 million to establish in 2005 and $30 million for its first year of operation. About half of the network’s budget came from the state and the other half from US JEW BANKS AND JEW COMPANIES friendly to the government. Its budget in dollars was approximately $80 million in 2007, $120 million in 2008, $380 million in 2011 and $300 million in 2012.

        In 2009 Russia Today rebranded itself to the more neutral RT. Margarita Simonyan denied it was an attempt to hide its Russian origins, saying the corporate logo was changed to attract more viewers and commenting “Who is interested in watching news from Russia all day long?”

        One RT newscaster even did a ‘PROMO’ for the NEW JEW PAPER opposing her… Those Pharisee-jews are smart and they know our weaknesses…they give us RT….and ALSO their NEW JEW PAPER on RT…

        The classic ‘double-speak’ is used when RT admits private investment used, but claims money comes from ‘Federal Budget of Russia’ and then lists all of jew Murdock’s SKY NEWS OUTLETS carrying it!!!!

        So… ‘East & West’ – $$$$ money-money-money-money….. IS still ‘the’ game… and even YOU admit to taking $$$USD from the US Govt!! 🙂

  24. I was a chump for Trump
    Lovin’ The God Emperor to me came easy
    Now losing Him will change my life no doubt
    I can learn to live without Him
    Give me time and I can make it on my own
    I was fooled, I was used
    I’m battered and bruised
    all the promises he made, what he said!
    but the Sun will come up tomorrow,
    there’s a new day ahead! 🤕

  25. The dems and their steno media fed each other their politically correct sht about Hillary winning that election hands down… as it drew closer they turned up the volume, each trying to prove his dedication to “The Party”
    by increasing the margin…
    I heard Matthew Doud say Hillary had a 96% chance winning..
    Uncle Joe Stalin would have been proud…
    They were all totally clueless in their mutual BS..
    And if you are jivving yourself likewise anout what’s happening now, saying the ection wasn’t stolen, you’ll end up as big a fool…
    Since that, they knew they had to steal the next election, and they plotted it for 4 years… There was no campaign…
    Lots if things hard to believe..
    Trump was too dumb to see it coming?
    Or does he really have those specily marked ballots waiting to tell the tale?
    How could his majority Supreme Court refuse to look at thd evidence… Roberts is an Epstein blackmail pedophile, ok… But what about the rest of them?
    Relatively little damage was done at the Capitol, nothing like that meted out by the dem thugs in the last year…
    Maybe this kind of civic disrespect is what pelosi should expect when she says she doesn’t care much about statues…
    The real damage is being done to the county by the people sitting in the chairs inside the building, where the intention is to destroy the 🇺🇸 and merge it with Red China under the CCP….
    If the Biden Circus-So-Macabre is allowed to get into power you wiil never see another free and fair election in this country… Indeed the 🇺🇸 will cease to be an independent nation… They will flood it with millions and millions of third world immigrants, not white people… They will steal your property by moving onto it…
    That is unless we real Americans do revolt, no BS…
    I hope that, if Trump has it anywhere in his authority, he will invoke the Insurrection Act for real and commandeer the entire building… And that would be just for openers… There are many corrections to be put in…

  26. Sniff, sniff —

    I smell a counter coup in the air.

    Time to purge the Commies.

    FISA Declas is Step 1

  27. I wish that motormouth Jewy Jo would shut up instead of attacking everyone who different than him

    You are as annoying as the next person in the theater talking on the phone during the movie.

    1. No one thinks it’s necessary to be tolerant towards Flat Eathers. Muslim Mahmoud is so “tolerant’ he has NO tolerance for any of his fellow Muslims who are Flat Earthers. No tolerance, not even for the Great Muslim Scholar al-Biruni. Mahmoud learned “tolerance” from Lasha, Lasha who has NO tolerance for anyone who questions heliocentrism. Lasha taught Mahmoud “well”. I guess Lasha is the one who taught uncle his “tolerance”. You all are so tolerant, don’t make me laugh.

      1. MAHMOUD –

        Thanks to Lasha and Madame, WE now know that guerilla warfare is THE ANSWER, so ANSWER THE CALL, Mahmoud, and go back to Palestine and liberate your downtrodden people with guerilla warfare which WE know is THE ANSWER to Our problems.

        If you got any qualms about waging guerilla warfare , go speak to Lasha and Madame about your qualms. 🙂

      1. Pat, and Hines still says Bart talks too much and better watch it.
        Ohhh riiiight, too late.. (;>)

      2. Homer, Bart has a talking head job on ESPN, and Hines doesn’t… So, he is correct.

        But comets kill faster than words. 🙂

    2. Darkmooners,
      Donaldo doesn’t SENSE violence on the horizon. The Biden-Kamala duo will witness TONS of opposition from the States as they ATTEMPT to exert radical policies such a firearm confiscation and forced-lethal vaccinations. Pedophiles and Hookers live in alternate universes along with their Zio masters. A Universe they invent as ACTUAL REALITY unfolds. AND the two camps aren’t compatible. Trump was a swamp creature from start-to-finish….but at least he wore a mask. But with the next (((presidency))) the mask will be off and the totally nude deep-state harlot finally EXPOSED for what she actually is….a withered, chain-smoking (Virginia-slims cigarettes) old hag….broke, ugly (wearing 🧣 to hide wrinkled throat) and trying to pass herself off as to what she once was…or pretended to be….the high-school cheerleader who could do deep-splits, back hand-springs and command attention from all the male high-school football players black and white. Well…her reality is a myth… doesn’t exist. She will simply be chasing shadows to complete her sinister agenda. Believe Donaldo. Americans simply can’t DIGEST sharing the dinner-table with the nude and exposed HARLOT. Americans…the herd….are docile by nature…but when backed into a corner will respond accordingly. It reminds Donaldo of his childhood. He once had a Siamese 🐈 named Henry. Very peaceful and affectionate. Donaldos neighbor had a black Labrador-retriever…very aggressive. One day the 🐕 jumped its fence, entered Donaldos back yard and began chasing Henry….the Siamese 🐈. The cat was terrified, ran but was at-last cornered at the back-door balcony of little-Donaldos 🏠. The 🐕 sensed victory and closed in for the kill. But Henry, enraged and with no further option, spun around and bit of the dogs nose 👃 and the aggresor fled whimpering back over the fence to it’s house. Afterwards, Henry entered Donaldos house to a heroes welcome. He deserved it. Anyway. This Siamese cat lived to the ripe old age of 15 years. Ok. Well. The ancient past. Back to the present. How will the American people react when cornered? Good question. Will they react as Henrythe Siamse cat once did? Possibly so. Biden…the American people probably won’t be as easy to victimize as all the children in your past. And Kamala, don’t know how MANY you’ve sucked on in the past but put your 💄 lipstick on Honey. A HUGE American flesh-sword of insur(erection) may be waiting you as well.🤔🤨🤠

  28. OK folks I found another huge pro-Trump hope porn coming from none other than internet pastor Paul Begley, who has an “apocalypse app” and he got an email about what Trump is going to do (soon)

    click on –> Jan 13 202_Potus “The Storm” .mp4

    He says he got an email forwarded to him from an Make America Great group, from a USAF pilot who sent it to his father in law.

    The email says they want everyone indoors when the US Military broadcasts to every TV and phone worldwide an Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) message(s) that will be very painful …

    President Trump will authorize the broadcast on Sunday or Monday (that would be 17-18 Jan 2020)

    Trump will be on Air Force One when he sends out 7 Presidential messages

    When the military activates the EBS system the internet and all regular programming will be shut down

    The USMil will broadcast 3 hour video confessions for 10 days

    During this 10 broadcast over the EBS (tagged the STORM) the USMil will be making global arrests of the guilty parties in the coup attempt


    My opinion? As a skeptic that anything like this will happen, because my rule of thumb is that if it sounds to good to be true, then it is disinformation. Of course if it does happen I would be elated. But I think that Trump is in on it with the deep staters and that these hopeful ideas are being ciruculated on the web to get patriots to stand down.

    Jim Fetzer covers this very strategy with insider “John Drake MI6”

    The Raw Deal With Jim Fetzer 2021.01.13


    The alt scenario to the hopeful one is that Trump fumbles, does nothing, no arrests, and flees the country leaving the nation in limbo, allowing an illegitimate election to stand and thus pushing the nation into civil war.

    The elite want America to fall and leave the world stage, and Trump was hired to do his part fooling his conservative base, leaving the nation in ruins, setting the stage for the rise of Israel

    Riots then ensue nationwide during Biden’s illegitimate swearing in. This is depicted in a Simpson cartoon which has the date Jan 20, 2021 –> The apocalypse horsemen pestilence, famine, war

    WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN JANUARY 20TH 2021? – The Simpsons

  29. Trump White House begins packing up

    The Orange Clown hijacked the white Americans’ intuitive feeling that something is terribly wrong in America and there is an urgent need for some kind of resistance to the looming replacement of whites by blacks, browns, yellows and every other hue of immigrants, he then discredited the movement which could potentially arise from that feeling of unease by the whites, led the real original joes of America to the blind alley, and dumped them to the garbage can.

    Well done, Don! As a matter of fact, MEY should be thankful to you. I am certainly thankful to Donny for Making America Grotesque Again.

    1. @ Circassian

      The Orange Clown hijacked the white Americans’ intuitive feeling that something is terribly wrong in America…

      Exactly. After eight years of team Obama, the political disaffection of the masses (especially the right-leaning masses) was palpable, and Trump and his handlers skillfully tapped into it. During the 2016 campaign, con man Trump – apparently guided by handlers smarter than he is – pushed all the right buttons and came across as “one of us” deserving of the benefit of the doubt (at least when running against Hillary Clinton).

      And the betrayals started almost immediately after his inauguration, but were mostly in the realm of “foreign policy” which Joe and Jill Sixpack often don’t pay very much attention to or don’t actually care about (until it affects them directly).

      The plan may have been to let Trump win the 2016 election and then use his ignorance, stupidity, fecklessness, moral turpitude, executive incompetence and manifest personality disorders to discredit the “deplorables” (i.e. white nationalists, patriots, generally reasonable people, etc.) – while at the same time taking advantage of his idolatry of the jewish collective and his child-like manipulability – to get him to do reckless things in the realm of foreign policy to advance the hopeless agenda.

      This could explain Obama’s attack on the Syrian Army at Deir Ezzor in Sept. 2016, Comey’s “investigation” into Clinton’s email improprieties, and the toothless first impeachment proceedings.

  30. Only 6 days to go for sleepyjoe-kalikamala’s face mask Presidential Executive Order LEGALLY MANDATING face diapers for everyone in the USA 24/7/365! Gee, how exciting, I can’t wait! I simply can’t wait to get pulled over and ticketed by some overzealous cop because I was driving in my car without a face mask. God knows how much that ticket is going to cost.

    I bet eventually they will try to get rid of our dogs and cats and horses and other animals, because Covid. They’re such filthy dirty bastards, They are NOT human. Biden, Kamala, “Doctor” Jill, and so many others in Washington.

    1. yesterday I went to a DMV office . i do not wear a mask , unless i really need something badly .the masked girl behind the glass asked me if i had a mask , i said no , but you can order one very cheap on Ebay .she wasn’t amused and handed me a mask . i said to her can i expose my nose? yes , said . then she added , i think it’s all BS , but people had been snitching on us .

  31. The set-up is such for us Americans, especially those of us who are White Americans : If you want to be a Palestinian supporter, you also have support the destruction of the United States, that’s how the Leftist Palestinian advocates want it. The Palestinian advocates want the destruction of the United States. If you don’t want the United States to be destroyed, then support Jew Israel. But most Americans do support Jew Israel and that hasn’t resulted in God blesssing the United States, quite the opposite, the USA is being destroyed [ if not already destroyed ] .

    So : If one is a White American and supports Jew israel, the USA gets destroyed. If one is a White American and supports the Palestinians, the USA gets destroyed.

    The situation is such in Washington ; The debates and the controversies have to do with what the jews think about the issues, if jews are divided over any issue the issue becomes controversial. If the jews are united on any issue, no controversy, no debate. The jews are divided about Israel-Palestine and how best to handle Israeli issues in a way that’s best for the jews.

    The issues in israel, including the Palestinian issue, the debate about what to do with the Palestinians, how to handle the Palestinian issue, how to solve the Palestinian issue, how to help the Palestinians or how to simply get rid of the Palestinians has nothing to do with us White Americans, NOTHING, for no matter what is decided about the Palestinians situation , the USA gets destroyed.

    If you supported Trump the “MAGA” really MIGA Zionist, the USA got destroyed. If you support the Pro-Palestinian Biden-Kamala the two plan on destroying what Trump and the other presidents didn’t get around to destroying in the USA. Some Democrats are making noises now about being Pro-Palestinian. The Squad. So Palestinian advocates are supporting the Democrats and Biden-Kamala because of The Squad. Biden-Kamala themselves I don’t think give a sh*t about the Palestinians but The PRO Palestinian Squad might be able to exert pressure on them to help the Palestinians.

    Again, supporting the Democrats because some Democrats are PRO Palestinian is not going to save the USA from destruction. I don’t even think supporting the Democrats and the Squad is going to save the Palestinians, but that’s for another post.

    The Jews want us White Americans to support them and not care the USA is getting destroyed. Mahmoud and all the other Palestinian advocates want us White Americans to support the Palestinians and not care the USA is getting destoyed. A POX on BOTH of their houses.

  32. Something to look forward to in less than 6 days, we’ll have our FIRST EVER Madam Vice President.


    1. Be keerfull, MEY – Kamala has YOU in her sights!! 🙂

      Kamala Harris vows support for Israel and protection against Iran!!!

      Kamala Harris Vows To Fund Israel’s Enemies

      Harris’ 10-year record reveals that she is a traditionally pro-Israel Democrat who supports Israel’s security, self-determination, and opposes the BDS movement.

    What a difference a week makes to Biden-Harris & AOC!!!

    On Wednesday, we discovered that House Democrats actually support police. They are against mob violence. They believe in law and order. They believe in harsh punishment for rule breakers. They believe in accountability.

    They care deeply about civility. They believe words matter. They abhor intemperate rhetoric. They are against coarse language. Fancy that.

    They believe in a peaceful transition of power, at least this time, as opposed to 2016. They believe in the Electoral College. They believe in the legitimacy of the people’s vote.

    They believe in walls, at least when it comes to protecting their own place of work. They even believe in bringing in the National Guard to quell civil unrest, at least when it comes to preserving their own peace.

    They believe in guns, at least when their own safety is at risk.

    They revere American history and institutional norms. They honor the Founding Fathers. Hah! 🙂

    This is what we learned while watching the Democrats in the House impeach President Trump for the second pointless time in 13 months.

    1. Of COURSE they support the ol’ blue line. It wasn’t politically correct before….now it is. Pathetic

  34. At least some of Trump’s true colors will be shown if and when he de-classifies certain information after leaving the orifice. After all, we’re all dyin’ to see SOME serious and interesting shit hitting the proverbial fan……… 🛸?

  35. Something to look forward to: In less than 5 days, we’ll have our FIRST EVER Madam Vice President.


    1. MEY –

      Your ‘GooseBumps’ will not keep her from funding Israel to defeat Iran. She will likely bomb Iran & Syria & Lebanon & Libya…. just as ‘Madam’ Hillary & ‘Madam’ Albright wanted to.

      1. Pat-

        Dude, I was playing devil’s advocate in order to get a discussion going.

        You should know by now how I feel about the Jewish ass-kissers, war criminals, and Islamophobes!

        The notion of having a woman as VPOTUS is historical.

        Anyway, how is her Jewish husband going to be addressed?

        Second Shlomo?

    2. Not forgetting of course our (unofficial) co-Presidents Bill and Hillary, all those years ago. Yes I remember.
      For one, I sure do remember how co-Presidents Bill and Hill and Mad Maddie Albright sanctioned to death those half of a million (500,000) “we think it’s worth it” Iraqi kids.

      For two, I also vividly remember how China (finally) achieved total success with their ICBM systems via Bill + Loral Space Systems (wink wink) bidness dealings, with a big or little dash of (cia).

      For three, how about when Bill and Mata Hillary were co-Presidents, Chinese Intelligence would use the White House like a Motel 6. Hot one, innit!

      The only thing I ever really wondered about the scurvy scoundrels was if Poppy Bush adopted the Hilldog too!
      I’d have to guess no way Jose..

      1. Yes, Homer, I remember when General John Shalikashvili was the go-between and bag-man for Clinton selling arms and top secret hi-tech weapons info to China’s PLA in the 90s. 😨

  36. #FLOTUS found out she will not be attending the Inauguration through her husband’s last tweet

    Does anyone remember when Trump mocked a Muslim Gold Star Mother as she stood silently next to her husband as he gave an emotional speech to the 2016 DNC?

    Trump then said Mrs. Khanh is not allowed to speak.

    Hypocrite and Indecent Trump

  37. Sorry, MEY….. here’s what YOU REALLY GOT!!
    Israel’s most popular newspaper shows….
    Kamala’s jew husband looks just like Chuck Schumer!!! 🙂

    Kamala Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff is our hot Jewish dad crush!!
    November 7, 2020

    Editor’s note: We’re republishing this story, first published in July, 2019, after Kamala Harris was named vice president-elect on Nov. 7, 2020 — and Doug Emhoff, her hot Jewish lawyer husband, was standing right next to her to celebrate.

    If you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention: We’re living at the near-height of anti-Semitic incidents in American history. We’re also living during the most Jewish presidential election in American history. 🙂

    He’s worth $$$Millions, and supports israei jews with it!!!

  38. That Indio/negress whore won’t do anything she isn’t told by her communist superiors (who are legion). Adding to the Israhell favors she dispenses will be draconian gun-control efforts. Hopefully, THAT might be the fuse to ignite the powder keg. Either way, this country will be weakened. That’s the Plan!

  39. The entire right wing/left wing paradigm is a control cage. There is no right or left, the only issue is freedom or slavery. The Republicans and Democrats of all stripes, conservative, liberal or moderate are all treasonous slime. If they weren’t scum, they wouldn’t be politicians. I’m hard pressed to think of even one that doesn’t deserve a rope around the neck. As for the misanthrope bipeds who infest the Jewnited States of Scumerica, if God did not want them shorn, he would not have made them sheep.

    1. Hectic drummer, Mahmoud, –

      I realize that the United States citizens have become soft and pliant. We have become very comfortable by way of ingenuity and industry. Like pigs and sheep to slaughter, we are attractive game to superior predators. If we have something they want, it is relatively easy to coax an inferior population to help do their bidding to obtain it. It seems that every nation which has been “conquered” has fallen via those same wiles. (America was once occupied by the Red Man who had become so used to his blessings that he didn’t protect them until it was too late.). Maybe some of us have learned from his demise, and we might become formidable adversaries for awhile. BUT, we will ultimately lose.
      It is time to reconcile ourselves with facing violent death – but we needn’t go out alone… 😉

        1. @ PAT

          Please take a quick look at this sensational article and let me know what you think. Is this a hoax of some kind? Or a satire? Or what…?

          Inauguration Cancelled, Trump Remains in Office,
          ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN, MSNBC to Lose Licenses

          BEFORE IT’S NEWS,
          January 14, 2021

          Joe Biden’s Inauguration has been cancelled, President Trump would remain in office and the Chinese Communist Party propaganda media outlets of ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, CNN and MSNBC would soon be off the airwaves according to President Trump.

          “I have invoked the Insurrection Act of 1807 (Section 10 U.S. Code 13 251-255) to address the treasonous rebellion conducted by Democrat and Republican lawmakers, CCP Agents (Chinese Communist Party), FBI, Department of Justice, CIA and others to dismantle the United States of America and it’s Constitution,” President Trump declared on Thursday 14 Jan. “These entities pose a direct threat to national security. I will remain President indefinitely until all domestic enemies are arrested.”

          President Trump invoked the Insurrection Act after another assassination attempt on him last Sat. morning 9 Jan. According to his Intel, Chinese Communist Party Agents, the FBI, Department of Justice, CIA and others of the Deep State have – with the help of the Main Stream Media – long been planning to dismantle the US and it’s Constitution.

          Of course, none of these treasonous acts have been reported by the corrupt Main Stream Media. Trump had evidence that the MSM was “embedded with CIA and Chinese Communist Party agents whose sole purpose was to direct public opinion toward a Deep State agenda.”

          During President Trump’s four years in office he and what has been referred to as the Alliance have been fighting this Cabal – a Satan worshipping force composed of thirteen Satanist Bloodline families out of Italy, the Vatican, UK Monarchy, British M16, Chinese Communist Party, CIA, FBI, Department of Justice, Antifa, Black Lives Matter and certain Republican and Democratic Lawmakers. Another attempt on his life was the last straw.

          Since that Sat. 9 Jan. the US has been under an abbreviated Martial Law with President Trump as Commander in Chief and General Flynn in charge of the Military. As such Trump has signed multiple Executive Orders that among other powers, allowed for Military arrests and Tribunals.

          By law with the Insurrection Act in effect, Trump would remain President indefinitely until all domestic enemies were arrested. He would soon take down the Main Stream Media.

          “I’m drafting an Executive Order to take the following propaganda media outlets off the airwaves: ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, CNN and MSNBC. I am also working with the FCC to pull their licenses. We have evidence that all of these media organizations employ agents of the Chinese Communist Party as well as embedded CIA Agents whose sole purpose is to brainwash, hypnotize and direct public opinion toward certain agendas that support the Left and Deep State. These organizations are a threat to national security and virtually nothing they report is actual news.”

          It’s no small task to take down the Cabal. Military and Special Forces units have been deploying all over the US in 400+ cities. Right now there were over 15,000 troops in DC according to Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy. Special Forces units have covertly infiltrated Antifa and Black Lives Matter and made silent covert arrests.

          Any comments?

      1. Saki, how about a semi-serious comment? Maybe even a bite your tongue comment!
        Something like . . .


        Space Force and Quantum A.I. included.. Cipher that, commies!

        That’s at least as serious a comment as is the article itself, innit..

        1. Thanks, Homer. Guess I’m gullible.
          For a moment I thought this was ‘BREAKING’ news! 🙂
          Not quite sure how to classify it.

          Either it’s (a) Wishful thinking satire; or
          (b) An April Fool’s joke in January.

      2. Gil
        Given the reality of the situation, unless a giant asteroid beats us to the punch, there’s no better way to go out than with guns a blazin’. I figure that way, an entry into the happy hunting grounds will make for an exciting arrival. To be welcomed by all those warriors who went before in a similar fashion.

        “Today is a good day to die” – Crazy Horse

        SIC SEMPER TYRANIS! 😡….😆

      3. Saki, then again it ain’t over ’till the Bullfrog croaks.
        As in actually croaks.
        Either the exhilarating croak of victory or (gulp) yeah,
        the old croak of death, trick.. (;>)

      4. “Today is a good day to die” – Crazy Horse

        That’s for crazy horses, chief. We, the Anunnaki, are a bit subtler:

        “Today is one of those inexplicably terrific days when one is not terrified to die… yet terribly wants to live” – Tizzy Circassian

  40. I get goosebumps all over me thinking about the upcoming biden presidency because he has dementia and that scares the bejoosus outta the joos so dementia joe whose brain is pretty much shot will defeat the jews for us and will naturally FWEE the Palestinians after he defeats the joozzzz. Yes sirreee, things are looking UP for us Americans with the upcoming presidency of dementia man! orange man bad to dementia man good! Things are certainly looking rosy! I am like sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo optimistic about the future of our country! The best thing that could happen for the United States right now — a president with dementia! Yipee! 😀

    1. SAKI-

      That all sound like Trump’s wishful thinking. However, I am more concern since Trump and Satanyahu are both facing corruptions charges, the only way out is to carry a limited nuclear strike against targets in Iran, by using W-54 small nuclear warheads. The US already moved B- bombers to Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar to protect the US forces and assets at the base. It is possible to use that base from which to lunch the strike.

      Israel will also take parts in the attack by using the Saudi airspace, which the Saudi consented to. Both Israeli and US military would have to lunch the attack on Friday during the Muslim holy day, where it is a day off from work in most Muslim country. Just remember when the Israeli carried the attack on Iraq nuclear reactor in the early 1980s. They did it on Saturday to avoid killing French personals working at the reactor.

      Tomorrow is the last Friday before Trump leaves office. If Iran does not get attacked tomorrow, then it is safe to assume there will be no strike against Iran. And US forces in Iraq, Syria,Qatar, and those aboard the US craft carriers will be safe as well.

      If I were to place a bet, I would say there is not going to be an attack on Iran, because the result is going to be devastating to Iran, Israel, the US and to the Saudi and Emirates’ oil fields.t is going to. Not to mention Iran would shower Israel with long range missiles, which is more devastating than the 39 scud-missiles Saddam fired at Israel during the First Gulf War. Practically, every one will lose, not to mention if it turns into WWIII.

      Keep in mind the Speaker of the House already called the Pentagon top officials and urged not to carry a Trump rash order to start a war with Iran. Israel will be happy if they US launch a unilateral strike. But Iran will strike back at Israel first because it considers Satanyahu as the instigator. That is my two cents.

      For the love of peace, I hope I am right.

  41. I knew a guy from Texas who was an army medic in nam… proud to say he was like a brother to me..
    he was a big strong guy, 6 feet tall, 220 pounds… played center on the high school football team… he won the silver star, a couple bronze stars and a purple heart… he died of cancer about 10 years ago now, something in his chest they said they couldn’t cure… I’m suspicious, what with 145,000 vets said to have ‘committed suicide’, just since 2001…. one of the women we knew went down to see him before he finally died … she said he weighed 100 pounds, didn’t recognize him at all except for his teeth, where that jacksss kicked them in when he was a kid…
    I’m thinking a hail of bullets sounds preferable to suffering away like that…
    The crooked politician biden says he’s going to take down the NRA…. it’s not an illegal organization and that’s not a legit use of state poeer… But he’ll use the weight of the federal government, lots of well paid jew lawyers, to do it…
    Veterans would be the Americans the globalists would sweat the most…. i think they want us all dead…
    I don’t know what veteran doesn’t support the National Rifle Association….
    So biden wants to take them/us down too….

    1. Bark –

      You wrote:
      “I don’t know what veteran doesn’t support the National Rifle Association….”

      I am a veteran who has been shooting firearms since the age of 10, or younger. I have shot many thousands of rounds of ammunition over the years. I was on the rifle team in ROTC.

      I have NOT supported the NRA since I found their real purpose was/is…. TO IMPLEMENT GUN CONTROL IN THE USA!!! 💥 😨

      We are hog-tied when resisting the against the governments at ALL levels. The NRA has guaranteed that the good people cannot use ANY firearms against the government.

      They have been ‘at it’ here since 1871… when Union General George Wingate formed the National Rifle Association on Nov 17, 1871.

      NRA Supported the National Firearms Act of 1934.!!
      In fact, they’ve supported gun rights infringements “SINCE founded in 1871.”

      Don’t take my word for it… take THEIRS:
      “The National Rifle Association has been in support of workable, enforceable gun control legislation since its very inception in 1871.” —NRA Executive Vice President Franklin L. Orth from NRA’s American Rifleman Magazine, March 1968, P. 22

      In the 21st century… from 2007:
      The REAL NRA

      I can think of a multitude of reasons not to join the NRA. One among the top reasons, is that they are not a ‘2nd Amendment Rights’ organization. The NRA has been behind most of the gun control legislation.
      Wow, that’s incredible and hard to believe you say. Surely that man must be nuts. Well, if you enjoy firearms history like I do, please do some reading.

      The NRA has ‘covertly’ worked in the past to take away 2nd Amendment Rights. That’s a cold hard fact.

      The NRA helped craft the 1934 NFA act, the 1968 Gun Control Act just to name a few.
      These laws help restrict the 2nd Amendment.

      The NRA tried unsuccessfully to scuttle a rare 2nd Amendment victory — U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled that D.C.’s gun ban violates the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

      “The attorneys involved in litigating the case have stated that the NRA acted as an obstruction.”
      Attorney Alan Gura has commented on the NRA’s “sham litigation” to have Parker consolidated with NRA controlled litigation, and stated that “the NRA was adamant about not wanting the Supreme Court to hear the case”. Cato Institute senior fellow Robert Levy, co-counsel to the Parker plaintiffs, has stated that the Parker plaintiffs “faced repeated attempts by the NRA to derail the litigation.”

      What kind of gun right organization actively undermines a case so important to gun ownership nationwide?

      “The National Rifle Association has been in support of workable, enforceable gun control legislation since its very inception in 1871.” —NRA Executive Vice President Franklin L. Orth, NRA’s American Rifleman Magazine, March 1968, P. 22

      “The NRA supported The National Firearms Act of 1934 which taxes and requires registration of such firearms as machine guns, sawed-off rifles and sawed-off shotguns. … NRA support of Federal gun legislation did not stop with the earlier Dodd bills. It currently backs several Senate and House bills which, through amendment, would put new teeth into the National and Federal Firearms Acts.” —American Rifleman, March 1968, P. 22

      Now in 2007, the NRA joined forces with the very people who would love to disarm
      American’s — the Brady Campaign. Who helped craft H.R. 2640? Why Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) and FORMER NRA BOARD MEMBER Rep. John Dingell (D-MI). 💥 🤢

      “So why on God’s green earth would firearm collectors want to support an organization that seems dedicated to removing an inalienable Right to own firearms?”

  42. SAKI
    That’s all good news, if it’s true…..
    I doubt it…..
    All kinds of creative people exploiting sensationalism all over every forum of media…..
    It equates to $$$$$$ somehow…
    It is good though that some people understand the problem and know what trump should be doing about it, write that narrative..

  43. We might not hear from Madame anymore, our Viking Warrioress. 23 Norwegians just died in Norway from the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. She might be up on the snow-capped Valhalla Mountain top right now being inducted into the Hall of Valhalla Warrior Women! In which case if anyone wants to communicate with her you will have to say prayers to her. Lift up thine eyes to THE Mountaintop where your help comes from! 🏔

    1. TROJ –

      Or, she might have been careless in trying to emulate the horse intercourse she described indulged by Catherine the Great. (She seemed envious.)
      She would probably LOVE to be invited to one of the “breeding parties” at some of our Olde Virginia estates, where famous, pedigreed stallions and mares are led into the manor’s main hall to breed on display for the invited guests. (One of my favorite grand houses has the obvious floor chips and dents made by the shod hooves.) (I’ve often wondered how much other damage might have been done by two, excited 1,000 lb. athletes! 🤔😄.)


        “TROJ – She [MB] might have been careless in trying to emulate the horse intercourse she described indulged by Catherine the Great. (She seemed envious.)”


  44. Sister Monica:

    May I humbly suggest, at least to bring some semblance of civility to what have devolved into a caterwauling cacophony of clowns, that you – in your “Admin” capacity – call an immediate timeout to further comments…

    at least until you intercede for us – in your “Ecclesiastical” capacity – with Divine Providence for deliverance from our distress. Maybe Mdm Butterfly might even deign to lead us in a virtual rendition of “Onward Armchair Warriors” (always one of my dear-departed Aunt Diedre’s favorite hymns!) to stiffen out collective spine for the task the lies ahead….hmmmm…🤔

    1. @ THE REALIST

      I look forward to the day when you can make an intelligent on-topic comment devoid of personal abuse. I approve of Madame Butterfly and I think you suck.

      1. @ SILENT READER

        You’ll have better odds winning the lottery than reading an intelligence comment by THE REALIST.

        All his comments are limited to bitching, whining, and hurling insults. I do pity him!


      TROJ’s nasty and distasteful comment about MADAME BUTTERFLY should not have been allowed in the first place.

      MB is a highly respected commenter and it makes no damn difference where she lives.

      Meanwhile, TROJ is the ” joker” of this website. He’s been tolerated here for that long because he is good for comic relief.

  45. On a lighter note, San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh made history yesterday when he signed a 5 years contract to be the head coach of the New York Jest. Saleh, 41 is the first Muslim head coach in NFL history. He was according to the Washington Post to be the first Arab American coordinator in league history.

    Robert Saleh is Dearborn, Michigan native and traces his family’s history back to his grandfather, who first immigrated from Lebanon.

    TROJ, East your heart out!

  46. Trump said last Tuesday in Alamo, Tex., “don’t impeach me for fomenting violence because that would foment more violence.”

    This bully never gives up!

    He misled his supporters for 4 years and he betrayed on January 6
    Now is time for his supporter to get even and show their true colors.

  47. Are you wondering when all hell is going to break loose. I am. I thought about this for some time, like decades of pondering this topic on how Amerika ends. I had long talks sipping whiskey with my friends on winter nights in backwoods Idaho for many years, salt of the earth types who never voted, never talked out loud about their political views. These old timers keep to themselves, they work hard, never complain, and don’t care for the government.

    I learned much from old hippies also. Most people are not going to take up arms unless things get really bad. They ain’t that bad yet, and Uncle Sam is mailing out checks – and under Pedo Joe and his Ho they probably will make that a routine thing. So why would people rebel when the check is in the mail? They won’t. So long as they have beer and groceries it is unlikely that the masses are going to rise up.

    Then we have the Federal Reserve which is enriching the upper crust with quantitative easing. That is a misnomer, it is the FED shoveling money in the form of zero interest loans to corporations who are buying their own stock. Corporations are being bailed out and the little guy is being thrown under the bus.

    What about the bottom half of Amerika? Poor people are completely screwed in crony capitalist Amerika, where the top 1% are getting richer by the trillions and bottom are being booted out of jobs because of the manufactured Covid crisis. What is happening will cause a severe trauma, the entire bottom half of Amerika is being completely impoverished while the rich are getting super rich. No jobs for the bottom half while the top 10% are trading stocks that only go up.

    Then we have this 1-5% minority of true patriots, who are well aware of our current position in history, who many trusted Trump, and they are mightily pissed that the election was stolen and are taking up arms and making threats to stop the inaugeration. Biden is a completely phony candidate and everyone knows it. So is the entire nation just going to take this humiliation and roll over and do nothing?

    So how does this revolution get going? Someone has to make the first move and start a real assault on the Federal Government forces which is protecting the evil rich and Jewish manipulators. Someone is going to have to take the first big step and take on the media or Jewish organizations. Once the fighting starts others will join in, and I know that they will because people are really pissed and have been so for a long time. There is a whole lot of rednecks in Amerika that want blood. Believe me on that one.

    Maybe Biden goes after the guns and the patriots start taking on the ATF gun grabbers. That would be a good place to start the shooting, because you know that if the guns are taken the camps come next. And those FEMA camps are like the roach motel, once you check in you won’t check out. I think that once the shooting starts it will be like the Revolutionary War, young braves will just walk or drive to the battle front. Like who wants to miss killing the pricks that are screwing us? Not me!

    You have to understand something, there still exists true grit in this nation, there is a hard working class that is still moral, they do not like nor do they consent to homo perv and transexual Jews telling us what we can do and how we should live. They know its the Jews. This is exactly the same situation during the fall of the Weimar Republik, the Germans already knew it was the Jews, but they were polite, and the Jews took this as a weakness, then AH came along and voiced outloud what they already knew to be true, and thus with great energy they took to the uniform and formed up ranks to fight the Heeb parasite.

    It is going to happen again, someway, and somehow, there just needs to be a way to organize the moral people who are being screwed to death. So at some point, which we are getting close, people will realize that they are good as dead and thus why not throw in the towel in an march to the front, and start drawing blood from these freaks that run government and the media.

    This is going to happen, and probably sooner than we realize and I will tell you the mathematical reason why. This huge energy flow is forming up like an asymptote limit. It’s going to reach fever pitch and blow. The guns will start sounding and all the civil war that Amerika caused in other countries will be chickens coming home to roost in Jew infested Amerika. If I was a Jew I would be gettin’ the hell out and going to Israel.

    1. Right you are, Yukon! However, we must be ready to operate alone, with no boasting or broadcasting to gather fellow patriots. Just rest assured you’re NOT alone, and if a million men operate as quiet guerillas, the effect will be mighty. Imagine if gov’t road checks were always nervous about being sniped at by a stealthy rifleman! (They ‘d maybe cease their intrusion – or at least they might rethink their mission.) (They don’t wear Kevlar on their heads or legs…)
      A sniper friend described to me his strategy for maximum one-shot effect: He’d WOUND one man, and it would render at least one other out-of-commission to tend to his buddy.

    2. YJ –

      “Are you wondering when all hell is going to break loose.”

      I am not wondering anymore…. and have not wondered about it for decades.
      My dad was sure it would happen if JFK won the election… but… no “all hell” happened.

      I served in the US Naval Submarine Service in the 60s & 70s and was sure it would happen then….. but…. even with all the violent protests…. no “all hell” happened then…. they missed the last chance.

      There will be no “all hell” breaking loose anymore. The people are not tuff toady and are satisfied with venting on social media platforms now. TPTB have us herded into ‘smart-phone cages’ and positioned on the e-clouds.
      Hell… It’s even hard to get a good bar-fight started anymore!!! 🙂 If ya really want to crush someone…. just hide their cell phone!!

      Women, ‘rainbows’ & wimps are in charge!! NO “all hell” needed. Stick a fork in resistance.

      1. There will be no “all hell” breaking loose anymore.

        My older brother Pat is right on the money this time: America is cooked, well-done – it will go out with a whimper not with a bang. Big bang in America is not a healthy thing for the rest of the world – we shall help you to defuse this bomb safely. No worries!

      2. Yes, Pat, ‘Put-On’ and I need and love $$$USD almost as much as we need and love you and the other 350 million American bums sucking our blood. However, our need and love for $$$USD is not boundless, brother: we are not ready to go down with you when you f*ck up your $$$USD and then drag down the whole country with it. What ‘Put-On’ and I need more than $$$USD is to make sure that – when it happens, and it will happen, take Circassian word for it – we are fully prepared to detach Russia from the boozer headed for the bottom.

        The initiative to rewrite the semi-colonial constitution of Russia – which was ‘gifted’ to us by the US – to a sovereign one that was launched last year, followed by sacking the entire cabinet of ministers and the establishment of Госсовет (The State Council), are just the first steps in that direction. The process has started and it cannot be stopped now – it can only accelerate.

        As I have stated multiple times, expect a rapid deterioration of US-Russia relations after the inauguration of Sleepy Joe. In fact, a significant ramp up of confrontation is likely to follow immediately after the return of ‘poisoned’ Navalny to Russia followed by his ineluctable arrest by the Russian authorities:

        Watch it unfolding in real time.

      3. Some are saying Washington DC is being turned into the Green Zone in Iraq. A walled fortress that rules over the countryside. I wonder if anyone will be allowed to protest again in DC. An illegitimate government is being setup right in our faces. The election was stolen, Trump does not do what he needs to do, which is to declare martial law on the Communists and their takeover. It is inconceivable that a capitalist nation would allow itself to be rolled over into Jew communism. Property rights are being negated by the day, landlords can not collect rent, they can not pay their own mortgages nor can those out of work. The scale of the crisis is epic and Biblical. Pedo Joe and his Ho are going after the guns. Trannies are on every channel. Yes, I think Amerika is ready to explode. Just wait and see. The only way the crisis will not spiral out of control is if Trump does what Simon Parks (CIA-MI6?) claims.

      4. YJ –
        If your neighbor, or anyone else, believes you are not storing your firearm(s) or ammo properly… expect a SWAT visit & confiscation, fines & jail time.

        H.R.130 – To require the safe storage of firearms and ammunition, and to require the investigation of reports of improper storage of firearms or ammunition.

        Rep. Jackson Lee, Sheila [D-TX-18] (Introduced 01/04/2021)

        House – Judiciary

        Latest Action:
        House – 01/04/2021 Referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.

      5. Breaking News: Kremlin critic Navalny arrested after landing in Moscow
        Just like I have predicted!

        That’s how you tell a man of science (like your humble servant) from idle blabberers like Pat, Barking Dog, Yukon Jackass or Gilbert Huntly – blockheads blabber while a real scientist makes correct predictions.

        What happens next? The West will cry foul that Putin is poisoning, jailing, torturing and killing his opponents, then an ultimatum will be issued to the Russian oligarchs: remove the evil dictator from the power or else. These filthy rich bastards know very well what ‘or else’ means – freezing their billions$$$ in the ‘safe’ western banks.

        Poor Russian oligarchs! Putin had warned them 15 years ago that this is exactly that would happen to them down the road. They have laughed at him back then. Now it is Putin’s turn to laugh.

      6. A good bar fight. Ahh, waxing nostalgiic
        fer the good old days. I remember them well!😆

  48. A ((( cabal))) of (((liars and thieves))) who stole an election with MASSIVE vote fraud and the inauguration of their president and vice president, hardly anyone is going to be there [ covid is the excuse hardly anyone will be there ] only a handful of people will be at the inauguration, a handful of people AND 20,000 ARMED National Guard troops. And Mahmoud is so excited because this ((( cabal of liars and thieves))) are somehow going to make the United States and the world a much better place, even for the Palestinians. Nay, especially for the Palestinians. The (((NEOcons))) in ((( the cabal))) who have just taken over the federal government of the USA really really really care about the the well-being of the Palestinians. LMFAO!!!!

    Sure, okay, I believe you, Mahmoud is NOT a jew pretending to be a “Muslim Palestinian”, whatever you say. I’m very easy-going so I’ll play along, of course Mahmoud is NOT a jew.

    Biden won the election with the most votes of any president in history [ as per the jews and as per in-house keffiyah head who is *wink* *wink* NOT a jew ] dementia-addled Biden is so loved by the American people, he’s very popular with the American people. That’s why there’s only going to be about 4 or 5 people at his Inauguration AND 20,000 ARMED National Guard troops to protect “the most popular” presidential elect in the history of The Republic! Actually there’s going to more than 4 or 5 people at his inauguration. There’s going to be 20,004 or 20,005 people at his inauguration, 20,000 of ’em ARMED to-the-teeth lol…. [ but WE don’t like guns, lol ]

    Mahmoud who is very “Jew Wise” and also “Anti-Jew” because he’s a “Muslim Palestinian” believes EVERYTHING the jews have to say about THE ELECTION. The jews LIE about EVERYTHING BUT, BUT the jews would NEVER LIE about what really happened concerning THE ELECTION. The (((NEOcons in the cabal of liars and thieves ))) represented by biden-kamala, ((( the Washington ZOG NEOcons ))) now [ inexpicably ] LERV the Palestinians, as per in-house keffiyah head . LMFAO!!!!!!

    1. @ TROJ

      This is exclusive to Darkmoon’s joker and babble mouth, Jewy Joe.

      As per the US Constitution, the new president is sworn in on Inauguration Day: 20 January 2021 @12:00 Noon. This effectively acts as a hard deadline to the end of Mr. Trump’s one term as president. His presidency will come to an end on that day, whether or not he has conceded.

      Per the Constitution, this is when Biden will officially take the oath to become president. After that, the outgoing president and his family will take his final helicopter ride from the Capitol to Andrews Air Force base from which he will take his last trip aboard Air Force one to his residence in Florida. Hopefull America does not hear from him again.

      At that moment, Americans will breathe a sigh of relief.
      No Trump, No KKK, and No Fascist USA

  49. TROJ
    “Biden won the election with the most votes of any president in history ” –
    Yes, because they had to best Trump’s count…
    He won the election by a landslide, he got the most REAL votes in history..
    Therefore the ccp dems had to come up with even more votes…
    In the crooked states they waited until all the Trump votes had been cast, then they shut down the process, went out and found all the mail-in votes they needed to get the majority…
    The Pedo Pence should have made a huge issue of all the dirty details on the theft of the election, even of he didn’t have any real power to call it off…
    But he’s never been for real anyway…
    He’s there to protect the swampy pedo culture….
    What was Trump doing with him in the first place?
    Like so much else of what Trump has and hasn’t done – good question…
    You may know quite a bit about the NRA, and there have probably been a few double deals…
    If it exists and its image is preserved, it’s only a question of reforming it in the places where it lacks…
    Once it was one completely, what with the power of the fed being constantly pressed against it, it might be impossible to get it going again… In which case we’d be without any big advocate…
    On the surface of it Biden’s stance against it puts him in the same car with the New York State AG, who is obviously a blm antifa ccp black reparations immigration invasion davos rothen commiecrat…
    There’s no way that flies with the people I know…
    Biden doesn’t say he wants it gone because it’s crooked…
    He says the ccppc line – he wants the NRA gone because it’s an impediment to gun confiscation…
    And the JACK is right – as soon as the guns are gone here will come the big boxcar round-ups…
    The Brother has the right take on what’s up with resisting the gun-grab, curing the hard dope/gang problem, even getting rid of the IRS-FED BANK….
    I’ve been saying the same thing for years….
    Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time until you have one of these people ruining your lives on the covid hoax…
    That detail is where a huge root of the problem grows…
    The covid plot is a partnership between the commiecrats and the rinos and the big international corporate predators in general… It’s worth trillions…

  50. If anyone wonders what happened to Shlomo Mo, better know for (((GET REAL))), he is on bereavement leave to mourn more the death of the former Ashkenazi chief rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau who was tested positive for coronavirus.

  51. Big trouble in DC??? DC is in a military lockdown.:

    Like the Covid mask hoax, troop presence will probably not go away. DC will now be converted into a Zionist fortress, this is one of their final moves at making it a Jewish totalitarian world.

    They will build a big wall around DC just like in Israel. Works good there, so since the same people are in charge, DC is now a fortress that will be fortified and made into a Green Zone like walled camp – and these will become standard worldwide as they put their Zio tyranny governments into place. That protest in DC on the 6th is the last. That was much too close for comfort for Jewmer and Pelosi. Can’t have anyone with guns protesting at the capitol anymore, sorry citizen your rights have been made null and void.

    The tech companies, have all been infiltrated by the ADL and SPLC, they are part of the plan to censor anyone with a counter narrative. Soon it will be the death penalty for questioning the Holocaust or 911. Questioning 6 million poor wittle Joos will be sacrilege under the executive orders that Trump signed, and the Jew says thanks sucker as he throws Trump and his family under the Jew train to hell.

    Lucky for me my blog was deleted and I have no access to it anymore, those hosting their own domain will soon get a visit from the jackboots who will be going door to door and destroy any private server not towing the official line. And you’d better believe the earth was created in 6 days just like the Rabbi said in the Bible. All school kids will soon be taking field trips to the Holocaust Museum, then to the Arkansas Ark museum, and don’t cha know Adam had a pet velociraptor that ate fruit.

    Some have moved their servers to Iceland, that won’t last much longer either. They want total control, not partial control, and when Iceland arrested the bankers the British government was calling to bomb Iceland for bucking their system. How dare Iceland arrest and prosecute banksters, that is antisemitic. Bombing Iceland for antisemitism could happen for real. All avenues of dissent are going to be rapidly shut down as soon as Pedo Joe and his Ho are sworn it.

    It is going to be way worse that anyone is saying – just as the current situation is way worse than the most paranoid conspiracy theorist could of imagined. I told my children that the situation is far worse than I ever imagined. I was not paranoid enough, and I am sure I am not taking enough action to save myself now, as we all suffer from Normality Syndrome or Bias – we just can’t imagine that the end times boot is right now, we keep making the mistake it is far off in the future. No, it is now, right now.


    All those pumping Q-Anon and Trump did the patriots the worst disservice, they got us to stand down while they took full control. Mike Adams summarizes our real situation just as the last few wisps of hope disappear in front of the horrible reality of the totalitarian Kumalaho Kali crackdown:

    “(QAnon) … is in fact a CIA psyop agent who was tasked with running disinformation campaigns to pacify patriots by telling them there is a secret plan for Trump to achieve a last-minute victory. There are, in fact, a few individuals who we now know to be bad faith actors who are spreading deliberate disinfo to pacify patriots into non-action while their nation is conquered by communists.

    There is now no question that we are being run by a similar psyop in America, complete with fake names, mysterious identities, double agents and bold deception operations.

    As a result, it appears the deep state has managed to run delays for four years, preventing any real day of reckoning for left-wing traitors, while rigging the elections and stealing the White House, even managing to prevent patriots from rising up by claiming people should “trust the plan.”

    The real plan, it seems, was to pacify patriots and overthrow our constitutional republic, and that plan is now mere days from being wrapped uppsyop agent who was tasked with running disinformation campaigns to pacify patriots by telling them there is a secret plan for Trump to achieve a last-minute victory. There are, in fact, a few individuals who we now know to be bad faith actors who are spreading deliberate disinfo to pacify patriots into non-action while their nation is conquered by communists.”


    Trump did nothing to stop them, nor will he because he is blackmailed. Not surprising to me, because Trump was a ZioPOS all along, and all his appeasement to Israel got him nothing. You can not make Amerika great by appeasing Jews. MIGA Trump will go down in history as the final President of the Republik, who betrayed us for a few shekels more.

    Trump and his family will be hunted down like the Czar Nicholas family as I have been predicting for some time now – and already he has told his family to leave DC. What does that tell you? He is not in charge of jack shit. Trump and his “beautiful” family better git to Israel before Pedo Joe and his Kumalaho gits them first.

    1. Yukon,

      Your posts are invaluable.
      Thank you for these penetrating insights.
      I can only hope that things are not as bad
      as you think they are. Cheer up! 🙂

    2. YJ –

      “They want total control, not partial control, and when Iceland arrested the bankers the British government was calling to bomb Iceland for bucking their system.”

      True. The paid protesters & duped Icelanders threw red paint on bankers’ houses & cars, as if that would show them.

      And all the while… Iceland was a member of Bank for International Settlements(BIS) and still is!!!

      That proves to me that Iceland’s leaders were paid provocateurs, and were to be held up as a warning to the world by London Bankers. Nothing has changed except even more control!! London’s jew Bankers and IMF still run Iceland.

  52. Yes, cheer up, Yukon. The jewsuitjesuit NEO novus ordo church is going to save America and the world! U just wait and see! WE know this is true because NEO mama says “Cheer up!” Blessed MATER M😇THER even includes a smiley face so that must mean everything is going to be coming up 🌹s for you and for me! 😉

    1. Carlos W. Porter
      January 19, 2021 at 11:17 am

      Madame Butterfly
      January 17, 2021 at 11:06 pm


      The point being that it is an irony of history that the most powerful country in the world, a nation blessed with unique advantages of almost every kind, and at one time a very nice place to live, should be destroyed because of the character defects of one useless, worthless person.

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