Bill Gates and the End of America

Naomi Wolf, The End of America and Bill Gates

By Vid Rebel
Posted on March 24, 2021 by horse237

Naomi Wolf wrote The Ten Steps to Fascism  during the Bush II regime as part of her 2007 book End of America: A Letter to  a Young Patriot. At that time, she said we had already gone through the first nine steps to Fascism. And also at the time in her lectures, she promised us she would warn us when we got to Step 10 and complete Fascism. She has issued her warning. Naomi Wolf now believes we are all living under Fascism. And she says it was the covid pandemic that pushed us over the edge.

She listed ten steps every coup takes to set up a dictatorship. They are:

1.  Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy.
2.  Create secret prisons where torture takes place.
3.  Develop a thug caste or paramilitary force not answerable to citizens.
4.  Set up an internal surveillance system.
5.  Infiltrate and harass citizens’ groups.
6.  Engage in arbitrary detention and release.
7.  Target key individuals.
8.  Control the press.
9.  Cast criticism as espionage and dissent as treason.
10. Subvert the rule of law.

She is now writing her newest book Step Ten because she believes we are in the final step, the transition to worldwide Fascism. We now live under Fascism because there is no rule of law with covid emergency measures. Even the London Telegraph defends “No jab, No job.”

Vaccine passports are being developed. We will be living in a controlled society. Great Britain is in far worse shape than America. I believe this is so for two reasons, which Wolf as a  Jewish intellectual who graduated from Yale and Oxford and has only resided in San Francisco and the US Northeast, does not understand.

First, America is a federalist nation. Our state governors have said No to Lockdowns and masks. The Republican governor of South Dakota rejected Lockdowns. Many Republican governors are now following her lead and even rejecting mask mandates.

Secondly, we have a Second Amendment that guarantees all the others. The Guardian told us that last year Americans owned 493 million guns. Because of covid and the BLM and ANTIFA riots gun sales have surged. USA Today says that 40 million guns were legally purchased in 2020 and 4 million more were bought in January of 2021. Liberals do not seem to understand that if we did not have more than 500 million guns, we would have lost our freedoms long ago.

An example would be the Bush II administration’s plan to round up 8 million Americans on their Main Core list of people to be disappeared without trial if there is a National Emergency. That means if the Dollar Dies due to the Greed and the Stupidity of Bankers and their Pet Politicians, they plan to round up 8 million dangerous people who will refuse the dictates of Wall Street, the DC Swamp Creatures and Bill Gates.

What Naomi Wolf cannot see is that according to that Guardian article 7.1 million Americans own 40 or more guns. What do you think would happen if someone in DC gave an order to 20 or even 30,000 armed federal agents to go door to door and arrest 8 million Americans without trial? Do you think that someone would resist torture and death without trial by grabbing a few of those 500 million guns and shooting some federales? Don’t you think a few million well armed Americans would go on the offensive against Globalists by Day 3 or 4 of the illegal arrests?

Wolf also omits any discussion of the origins of covid as a bioweapon in a lab at the University of North Carolina. It was then perfected in a military lab in Wuhan China with $3.7 million in NIH grant money from Dr Fauci and President Obama in 2014.

She does say that under Step 10 there is no rule of law. Pfizer and Moderna have developed experimental treatments that under US law could not be called vaccines. They are probably far more dangerous than covid. The CDC, if you believe their lies, told us that wearing a mask could reduce our covid death rate by less than 2% but did not tell us how many would die from bacterial infections. During the Spanish flu epidemic, millions of mask wearers died from infections and not the flu. A far better response would be to tell the 70% of Americans deficient in Vitamin D to get some supplements as they did in Spain. The Andalusia region reduced their covid death rate by 82% with minimal Vitamin D-3  daily doses.

It is not surprising to me that as a Democrat Wolf never mentioned the theft of the 2020 Presidential election as an example of the loss of rule of law. In 2016 the Democrats stole 8 million votes for Hillary and she lost. In 2020 they probably stole something like 14 million votes and won because no court was ever willing to even hear documented evidence of massive vote thefts. One example would be from Milwaukee Wisconsin where precincts with 1,000 voters recorded 7,000 votes. That could never happen if we had rule of law and a free and responsible press.

“If you want to know what America is about, take a look at her Presidents”. Brady Hartfield

“When liars lead, only cowards, accomplices, and the enfeebled minded follow.”  Author Unknown. This tells us all we need to know about American politics in the era of Biden and Harris. We have a corrupt, pervert, liar, thief and senile leader in Biden. And the press and most people are OK with that.

I should point out that I objected to many of Trump’s policies. I opposed his Zionism and his acquiescence to the covid scamdemic and vaccines. But he was surrounded by Swamp Creatures and Zionists in DC.

Where does Bill Gates fit into this picture? Those vaccines were ruled to be acceptable because we were supposedly in a state of emergency meaning they would never have been implemented if we still had rule of law. Mr Bill Gates gave $750 million to GAVI ( Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization) in 1999. He is the one who gave us the vaccines which Dr Vernon Coleman said are weapons of mass destruction.

Mr Gates does believe in population reduction. The Georgia Guidestones (pictured) tell us we have to reduce the world’s population to 500 million. Some say Our Great and Glorious leaders would allow a billion of us mere Commoners to continue living. Of course that means 7 billion or more Common Folk would have to die.

You must realize by now that the Bosses believe
you were created to make life better for Uber Billionaires.


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  1. Naomi Wolf’s The Ten Steps to Fascism

    1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy.
    2. Create secret prisons where torture takes place.
    3. Develop a thug caste or paramilitary force not answerable to citizens.
    4. Set up an internal surveillance system.
    5. Infiltrate and harass citizens’ groups.
    6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release.
    7. Target key individuals.
    8. Control the press.
    9. Cast criticism as espionage and dissent as treason.
    10. Subvert the rule of law.

    I guess she translated it from the Italian original.
    Here is another translation (maybe Gianfranco can help decide which one is closer to the source)
    The Fascist Manifesto

    For the political problem: We demand:
    a) Universal suffrage polled on a regional basis, with proportional representation and voting and electoral office eligibility for women.
    b) A minimum age for the voting electorate of 18 years; that for the office holders at 25 years.
    c) The abolition of the Senate.
    d) The convocation of a National Assembly for a three-years duration, for which its primary responsibility will be to form a constitution of the State.
    e) The formation of a National Council of experts for labor, for industry, for transportation, for the public health, for communications, etc. Selections to be made from the collective professionals or of tradesmen with legislative powers, and elected directly to a General Commission with ministerial powers.

    For the social problems: We demand:
    a) The quick enactment of a law of the State that sanctions an eight-hour workday for all workers.
    b) A minimum wage.
    c) The participation of workers’ representatives in the functions of industry commissions.
    d) To show the same confidence in the labor unions (that prove to be technically and morally worthy) as is given to industry executives or public servants.
    e) The rapid and complete systemization of the railways and of all the transport industries.
    f) A necessary modification of the insurance laws to invalidate the minimum retirement age; we propose to lower it from 65 to 55 years of age.

    For the military problem: We demand:
    a) The institution of a national militia with a short period of service for training and exclusively defensive responsibilities.
    b) The nationalization of all the arms and explosives factories.
    c) A national policy intended to peacefully further the Italian national culture in the world.

    For the financial problem: We demand:
    a) A strong progressive tax on capital that will truly expropriate a portion of all wealth.
    b) The seizure of all the possessions of the religious congregations and the abolition of all the bishoprics, which constitute an enormous liability on the Nation and on the privileges of the poor.
    c) The revision of all military contracts and the seizure of 85 percent of the profits therein.

    I can see why some may find this manifesto so existentially terrifying, it provides no comfortable environment for the poor parasite historically unjustly persecuted in 110 fascist nations.
    Naomi in sheep’s clothing … baa, baa, fascist sheep, why are you such fool? ♫ (everybody knows this nursery rhyme)

    1. Naomi Wolf,
      Oh well. Can anyone smell the Zio ☕? Oh yes. The Zios have a strange habit of “airing” their dirty laundry “in the face” of the goy. No one knows a Krustie better than another Krustie. Anyway. The best way to understand the current state of affairs is to listen to a Naomi krustie. They will definitely keep you better informed than a dorito-gummy-bear-chomping obese American Joe 6-pack. G_d bless Ms. Wolf. 🤠

  2. Vid Rebel is putting too much hope on Governors and Guns, forgetting that, when as of now you deny people the right “ to freedom of assembly and association ” as the Covid Emergency Law has done, you choke the development of effective opposition, armed or otherwise. They have done it, in the name of “Social Distancing” You think they will give it back to you? This Social-Distancing, is actually a terribly inhuman and Devilish idea. Making people afraid of one another. You walk in the midlist of a mass of Humanity, and yet…… are so lonely, so alone! Many people might actually die, of loneliness. Or give up and accept whatever that is thrown at them. Social Distancing need to be opposed! Even animals do not practice it!

    Vid Rebel also places his hopes on guns. Many guns. Millions of guns! So, you have a gun? Big deal! So what? A Gun is useless when faced with the terror of shadowy government agents determined to smoother you, or Whack you when you are “Social Distancing”. In the meantime, prepare first for “ Gun Permits”

    Secondly, it is dangerous to place hopes on Governors, without realizing that a number of them, are “controlled opposition” vibing the right words, for the purpose of creating false hopes “Oh, someone is doing something about it” That is a Communist tactic. Communists always have some benign appearing government making way for it……….like this Grandpapa led “Build Back Better” whatever. Or some “Radical” voicing and practicing what appeals to the ” disgruntled masses” It offers an avenue to release Social pressure. Do not place hopes on them. Remember Kerensky government? Therefore, in my own opinion, it is always safe to be skeptical with any radicalism from some government progeny, such as governors. Its best to believe the worst of them, because they hardly ever fail to live it.

    So…………….. what was this guy saying again ? I forget.

    1. Bigfoot –

      “Guns” are useless without snipers, in this instance. Are you assured that those manning “collection points” will not get sniped by a lone rifleman?? If he knows the terrain – and watches habits – he can make them live under constant terror. If he’s good enough to place a shot to critically wound, he doubles his effectiveness. War by attrition, waged by millions of determined riflemen, will be very effective. I know my territory. I know my rifles. “They” might kill me, but I guarantee to take at least a few with me. (I have many friends, too, who think the same as I.)

      1. Sure, sure Huntly. No one has the monopoly of terror. And that makes its a zero-sum game.

  3. The biggest himiliation for Trump was losing to a zombie; similar to Woody Allen beating Michael jordan on a one on one

  4. Gates + Bezos = deadly duo!!

    Amazon is buying grocery stores across the United States to tie up food supplies and prevent customers from buying food unless they have a vaccine passport.

    Survival nutrition – Amazon is more evil than Microsoft

    This report may seem far fetched but the technology is available right now and is being implemented by Amazon CEO and sociopath Jeff Bezos.

    Already Bezos and Bill Gates have heavily invested in buying the best agricultural land in the US.

    Gates owns more than 220,000 hectares of farmland and will soon be in a position to dominate the grains and beef markets.

    Gates of course is a eugenicist and vaccine manufacturer and now he and Bezos have total control over supposed President Creepy Joe Biden and the Democrat party food supplies will be controlled without opposition from the government.

    Gates will ensure vaccine passports will be required for every citizen to survive.

    1. I’m Jeff (Amazon / WholeFoods / BlueOrigin / WaPo / (cia)) Bezos
      and I do not approve this comment!

  5. Satanist Bill Gates is the tip of the spear for the real demons behind the curtain, the zionists, this is their doings, the covid scam and psyop, the wars, the debt, the destruction of America, all of it can be blamed on the zionists, destroyers of nations and humanity.

  6. Without being organised the powers that be will be will pick off a heavily armed populace one by one. Simple tactic.
    Just look at when a fracas with the police or even at a store level happens where individuals are assaulted ,the bystanders do nothing but film the episode on their phones without intervention, no matter how inhumane the victim is being treated.

    1. hate to hear myself say it but you are right, joe.

      Trump’s problem is the essential problem of the white beta male, which is pretty much all that is left after the massive ww2 cull, jew made sure precious few alphas were left.
      Up until the last minute i harbored hope that he is an actual alpha and will do the right thing in face of the election heist, which is to call the martial law to restore what’s left of the republic, now gone into solid rigor mortis—NO WAY BACK.
      At least a limited insurrection act in the 6 swing states until the honest count was arrived at, which would have kept him in office and opened the path to fixing things without worrying about Hymie press and judiciary support, which not only utterly failed him anyway but was four-square against him every step of the way.

      he failed to act, hiding under the desk, begging Pence to save him—a likely story.
      His problem is the problem of the white maledom—ABJECT COWARDICE, waiting for someone to step in and save the day, too busy vacuuming, laundry, plucking eyebrows, ready for when the breadwinner arrives for dinner.
      I could have, and did forgive all his cosmetic ass-licking the global plague bearing rat, figuring the window dressing will eventually drop to reveal the HE-man behind.
      Even as he was shuffling out of office, HE COULD HAVE AT LEAST PARDONED ASSANGE.
      AT LEAST.
      it would have cost him zero and had a giant impact, truly the shot heard around the world.
      And he could have rescinded a bunch of sadistic sanctions that his neocon coterie pushed him into—yes, i know that the deep Jew is 100x more powerful than even we feared and must be placated with daily supertanker of goy blood and newborn adenochrome.

      I still think that he is a good man at the heart and for this reason suffers—as well he should—heart and brain are not enough unless counter-weighted by brass clankers.

      Male cowardice is a sin against God.
      and will be punished accordingly.

      Who in America might have the right caliber balls and public profile?
      Rev Louis Farrakhan.
      Or let’s import Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò from Italy.

      Because Trump is washed out, not only did he not walk the walk but ended up crawling on his belly, a regular gastropod.

      Still, he did mortally wound the Jew MSM, a global, wall-to-wall monoply used to apocalyptic effect, which took almost 200 years to construct and this is the single greatest damage to Kabbala Tikkun Olam since the Crucifixion (anniversary a week today).
      For that I thank him.

      1. LOBRO you are right.

        Cowardice is not a virus that attacks just the “Male White”. It’s the weakness of the propertied middle-class of whatever background. Faced with a tyranny from the government, instead of wealth giving people power, wealth de-balls men, and turns them to whining jackasses. That is how your “right caliber balls” gets castrated. (Excuse the language, but its more to the point)

        As long as majority of Middle Class fears that they have something to lose by opposing tyranny, The Tyrants can rest easy. All they got to do, is threatening anyone propertied who opposes them, by threatening what they value; wealth. And the Alpha Male turns into meowing pussycat.

        But they live a lie. And the truth is every day, is a potentially the Day of the Crash like that of 29, which can wipe away their years of sweat, on which is laid the foundation of their world. The middle Class “whites” or generally every middle class dimwit lives in a dream, a fantasy that as long as they do not “rock the boat” their dream will continue. But the Boat, will be rocked anyway. Booms and Slumps are not natural business cycles. They are scientifically engineered Kabbalistic economic Hegelianism which helps shift wealth to the more wealthy. Wealth never gets destroyed. It shifts to those who have more. And that reduces the Middle Class to migrating Salmons.

        When the spawning season arrives, like during the end of an orchestrated economic bubble, all the Illuminati Bears will do, is to stand strategically on the stream, perhaps on a water-fall, and open his mouth.

        The Middle Class dimwit will never know what hit him. It does not pay, to be a coward.

        1. Would not a simple legal manoeuvre solve this? Placing property ownership with the first born female, or even better into a family trust. Thus freeing up the male to fight.

          The weakness of this proposal is family ties are poor in the West. Families off-load 95% of child care/influence to the state/mass-media and those children cannot be trusted.

          Thus a return to natural family organisation is a prerequisite – which cannot happen in with brainwashed Western women.

          1. Yeah, O’brien,

            That’s the reason why the Deep State hates Family and anything that holds the Society together. The reason for “Women Liberation” easy abortion access, and skewed anti-Father divorce laws, etc.

  7. None of the bastards are bullet-proof or bomb proof. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 🙂

    1. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”
      George Patton knew that….. so they used their “will” and their “way” ON HIM…. before he could use his. Before he railed against Ike for Prezzy.

  8. One thing not mentioned in Naomi’s fear that the American’s may, and that’s a big maybe, rise up and throw off this Gates-Bezos-deep state-Zionist dystopia, is the wide open U.S. Southern border. Immigrants from the turd world will kill off America and Western Civilization faster then Gates can blink his eye.
    Without referring to Gibbon one wonders how many of the Emperors in the later stages of the Roman Empire, were as senile as Sniffer China Joe Obiden. Ho Harris is just right down evil.

  9. Governors yes, but the county sheriffs are a big factor too… they’re not beholden to anybody in office, only the constitution and the county jury…. that’s IF everything’s working the way it was designed by the anti-monarchical White Magic Masons back in the late 1700s… there’s not much diff between a king and an out of control security state government, which in our case is now fascized with the corporate hierarchy and big religion…
    Not sure exactly what Naomi’s motives really are…
    But it’s hard to trust jews in general…
    I think those who say the USA 🇺🇸 is a dead duck as a constitutional republic, with no suggestions otherwise, are trying to lay the pattern for the very thing…
    You hear a lot of it….
    The real American people can and will reacquire their country at some point in the process of decline, when they can no longer ignore the dilemma…
    Most likely though, rather than get sucked into a civil guerrilla war, the globalists would just come up with the ‘cleanser virus’…

  10. Suffice it to say…

    that you just KNOW there’s a mental-issue “problem” (to put it mildly) with Bwill Gwait- as my local Chinese Takeout proprietor refers to ‘The Dweeb That Would Be Dictator’ – when, with all the $Billions he’s got, the best he could do was end up traipsing around with a tranny….

    which – having to look at a mug like Melinda’s all day – MIGHT explain his rage at the rest of the world!

  11. Too bad that Naomi, who is now bemoaning the impending Totalitarian State, was one of those instrumental – via her earlier firebrand feminism – in seeing it through its gestation period.

    Disclaimer: I always had the hots for NW – might even have feigned converting to The Tribe to gain her “favours” – before she inevitably, like the rest of them, turned into a fat frump. 🤓

    1. Reminds me of (gasp) another fond anecdote. The one when Sharon Stone had that big crush on me, but I don’t want to talk about it, lol..

  12. Good morning to everyone,
    probably I already wrote some comments in the past about the issue of “fascism”.
    I cannot understand why in the USA many people think the american society is going to have “fascism”.
    This is a wrong word used in wrong terms for a country like USA.
    Fascism is something born in Italy (same as national-socialism born in Germany). These two ideologies cannot be “exported” or “transfered” to any other place on earth because they belong to specific national situations and people culture of the 20th century. You can try to copy it but it will not work.
    Even the spanish and portuguese regimes of Franco and Salazar cannot be identified in “fascism”.
    They were far-right “conservative” government. They had sympathies with the fascism but they were not “fascist”.
    The 10 points described above in this article are more pertaining to “communism” or a “state of police”.

    1. @ Gian Franco

      I cannot understand why in the USA many people think the american society is going to have “fascism”. This is a wrong word used in wrong terms for a country like USA.

      As a native of Italy, you would of course be eminently qualified to speak of fascism in Italy. But the word “fascism” in English is widely used as as a synonym for any totalitarian government or dictatorship in which democracy has been suspended. Neither Winston Churchill nor Roosevelt were dictators. Their power was limited, they were elected to office and they could easily have been replaced if they had been incompetent and lost the backing of the government and the armed forces. Not so in the Soviet Union, where Stalin gave the orders and no one dared to oppose him; not so in Germany, where Hitler was in a similar position of absolute power; not so in Italy, where Mussolini was the Big Boss and gave all the important orders; and not so in Spain, where Franco reigned supreme.

      In all mainstream English and American history books, Germany, Italy and Spain are described as “fascist nations”. That is to say, nations that were not democratically ruled but where ONE man was supreme leader whose authority and prestige were absolute. This is not to say that Italian fascism was the same as German fascism or Spanish fascism. Each form of fascism was different, just as there are different flavors of ice cream. The significant fact is that the common people in each of the three “fascist” countries — German, Italy and Spain — gave their supreme leaders (Hitler, Mussolini, Franco) their full support and admiration and regarded them as national heroes.

      Hitler was the kingpin, at the top of the pyramid of the Axis power group. He found it easy to control and manipulate Mussolini who stood in complete awe of him and usually ended up doing what Hitler wanted him to do. In the last 2-3 years of Mussolini’s reign (1943-1945), Mussolini became Hitler’s helpless puppet. Hitler tried to exert similar dominance over Franco in Spain but Franco stood up to him.

      You will possibly disagree with me about all this, but this is to be expected, as we are getting our history from different history books. I see Mussolini in many ways as a tragic figure. His death, and that of his mistress, was truly tragic.

      The same tragic death awaited Adolf Hitler in his Berlin Bunker with Eva Braun.

      Sic transit gloria mundi.

      1. Dear Saki,
        I understand the word “fascism” in english is widely used to describe a totalitarian government but why not to use the word “communism”? Germany, Italy and Spain had people support. In Germany Hitler came to power after normal democratic election procedure. In Italy Mussolini received the “green light” from the king and in the elections of mid twenties the support was 67% to reach more than 90% during the thirties.
        Spain was a little different because they had an internal civil war.
        But communism in Russia was a system imposed with the brutal force and terror and the same happened in the rest of the world where communist systems ruled.
        It is moreover not true that Hitler found it easy to manipulate Mussolini (this happened from 1943 only). From 1933 till 1940 Hitler was a fan of Mussolini. He considered him as a second Julius Caesar and he praised the economic and social achievements in Italy from 1922 till 1939. There were of course divergences between the two men, some of them very important. The biggest military mistakes of Mussolini were the greek and the russian campaign. Hitler never asked Mussolini to invade Greece and never asked to be helped in Russia. He knew that Italy was not ready to fight a war due to reasons that are too long now to explain.
        I also disagree when you say that Franco stood up to Hitler to avoid dominance. This is what you find on wikipedia and school books but the truth is much different. As a matter of fact it was Franco that tried to offer his military help to Germany asking Germany in exchange a lot of territories and further absurd demands. Germany refused. They both met on a train in Hendaye (border between France and Spain) in October 1940. Hitler knew that, military speaking, Spain was much worse than Italy.
        Hitler was disgusted about Franco’s behaviour and proposals and at the end he is quoted to have said that he would rather have one of his teeth pulled out without anaesthesia than meeting with Franco again. About relationships between Germany and Spain at that time there would be many and many other things to say. My father was an officer that fought in the Spanish Civil War from January 1937 till December 1938 on Mussolini’s side and he kept many contacts there for many years until Franco’s death.
        But coming back to this strange use of the word “fascism” in english, the problem is when you translate this into italian language. You must translate it “fascismo” but the italian reader cannot understand how USA can be threatened by fascism when it was a country that fought against it.
        The only explaination can be that the word “fascism” is unsuitable but it becomes suitable to describe every kind of evil action.

        1. @ Gian Franco

          Dear Gian,

          I agree with 99.9% of what you say. The only difference between us is your objection to the word “fascism”. You want this word to be used in a highly idiosyncratic way as a complimentary term for the type of government in Italy during the time of Mussolini. You admire Mussolini and you admire the way he ruled Italy during most of his career, and so you object to such terms as “authoritarian” and “totalitarian” because of their derogatory / negative connotations.

          And yet, I regret to say, dear Gian, the word “FASCIST” always has derogatory/negative connotations in ANY DICTIONARY in ANY LANGUAGE! 🙂

          I fully accept everything you say about Mussolini’s popular support. The people loved him. (But not after 1943 when he became Hitler’s helpless puppet, a shadow of his former glory.) Hitler and Franco also received similar endorsements from their respective people. Known as plebiscites or votes of confidence. Overwhelming popular support was received. (Hitler would often get 95% + support from the German people because of his mesmeric control over the popular imagination through his electrifying speeches).

          As you correctly say, the situation in the Soviet Union under Stalin was TOTALLY DIFFERENT and cannot be compared to the situation in Germany, Italy and Spain where power was LEGALLY acquired through the voting system. It would be totally wrong to apply the word “fascism” to the totalitarian rule of Stalin in the Communist USSR. And yet the terms “fascist” is wrongly and stupidly applied to Stalin’s Communist regime.

          1. To summarize.

            This is a hugely complex matter, dear Gian. I know exactly what you are saying. You don’t like the word “fascist” being used in an abusive way. Because to you “fascism” is associated with the hero-worship of Mussolini … with what you perceive as the benign rule of the heroic Benito, adored by most of his people as a symbol of the nation. Italy’s Julius Caesar.

            The underlying conflict between Hitler and Mussolini, with Hitler doing his best to force his will on Benito, can be seen in Ciano’s Diaries. Ciano was of course Mussolini’s faithful son-in-law. Also his most trusted chief negotiator / ambassador who must have had dozens of private meetings with Hitler in which he constantly describes Hitler as completely out of control. Verging on madness. Especially after he began to lose the War in late 1943 and refused to accept reality.

            Hitler would be constantly shouting at these private meetings, which involved a very small number of participants, including secretaries and shorthand typists who would take down every word of Hitler’s ravings. Hitler would frequently fly into a rage, shout crazily, bang the table, terrifying everyone in the room. He often had foam on his collar, as he gave way to his hysteria. These meetings could vary between half an hour to 6 hours, including a break for lunch. He would allow no one else in the room to speak — except to agree with him. Ciano would record all this meticulously in his Diaries and later report all Hitler’s antics to his father-in-law Mussolini when he got back to Rome.

            Mussolini was well aware that he was dealing with an extremely dangerous and mentally unbalanced man who had passed his sell-by date. In three years Hitler had aged 20 years, a completely broken man. Mussolini by now knew he was trying to negotiate with an insane megalomaniac whom he had to be extremely careful not to offend.

            But of course you must be aware of all this, dear Gian. It’s all in Ciano’s carefully kept diaries. Their authenticity cannot be doubted. (I don’t think they were even intended for publication, being used as personal memoranda). I assure you, I’m not getting my knowledge from Wikipedia or from other dubious sources! Still less from internet conspiracy theory sites which I avoid like the plague. 🙂

            1. Dear Saki,
              I appreciated what you wrote me and I agree with you as far as many points are concerned but regarding Ciano my opinion is different. Problem is not his diaries (which are true and authentic) but the man himself. Hitler did not like Ciano and he did not like King Vittorio Emanuele III as well. Ciano was a megalomaniac. He came from a noble and rich family. He loved good life, good food, nice women, he took advantage of his position within the fascism and thanks to his relationship with Mussolini. The idea to invade Greece came from Ciano. Mussolini had many doubts about this initiative but he gave his approval and made a big mistake.
              Ciano was the man who betrayed Mussolini and he was shot for this crime.
              Do not forget that Ciano insisted to agree a pact with Germany (Steel Pact) that was signed in May 1939. Mussolini was more reluctant.
              We can say that Ciano was a fascist “outside” but not “inside”.
              As far as my sympathy for fascism is concerned it comes from the stories told by my father, my mother and my grand-parents (I was born after the war in 1956).
              They all were farmers and their economic situation during fascism slowly improved every year. Better work conditions, more money for the crops, better and free health system, new retirement system, week of 40 hours work, extra month salary in December, unemployment money, retirement age at 55 instead of 60, free sea and mountain summer camps for youth and so on…..

              1. Thanks for this brilliant comment, dear Gian, from which I have learnt a lot. Being a native Italian, your knowledge of Mussolini and Ciano is obviously far greater than mine. I had no idea that Ciano had such a bad character and I had been under the false impression that he and his father-in-law Mussolini got on very well together because of their family connection. I saw this, mistakenly it seems, as a father-son relationship.

                I fully accept your point that your own father benefited hugely from Mussolini’s socialist farmland reforms. So in praising Mussolini’s “fascism” you are in fact praising a benign form of socialism in which the lives of the working classes are improved.

                That’s fine. I approve of benign socialism: i.e. the welfare state, the old-age pension, a minimum wage for workers, a safe environment at work for everyone, and a respectful attitude to the working classes. This is Orwell’s attitude, and it’s also mine. I am against cut-throat Capitalism and the Law of the Jungle. I am against the exploitation of the poor by the obscenely rich. At the same time, I do not believe that all men are equal. I believe strongly in a class (or caste) system in which there has to be ruling elite; in short, a benign aristocracy doing its best to produce “the greatest happiness of the greatest number”.

                Your insistence however that the word “fascist” should always be used in a nice way, as a compliment, is doomed to failure. Surely you can see that? Every single dictionary in the world, in very single language, regards the word “fascist” as a term of abuse. As a derogatory term, a term of contempt. It is now universally used as a synonym for “authoritatian”, “totalitarian”, “tyrannical”, “bossy”, “dictatorial”. It is conceived as the very opposite of “democratic”, a term of lavish praise for what is assumed to be the best form of government.

                Be reasonable, Gian! If a young man wished to compliment his girlfriend, the last thing he wants to say to her is: “I really admire you because of your fascist mentality.” 🙂

                The word “fascist” now belongs firmly in the same evil lexicon as the word “Nazi”. You can no longer uses such words to compliment the people you admire! 🙂

        2. Gianfranco & Saki,
          Even though you are perfectly right to decry the use of “fascism” as a wholly inappropriate term to describe a brutally repressive regime—see my post early on where i quote the Fascist Manifesto to set the record straight—in fact by design, fascism is THE FINEST definition of socialism in service of a nation rather than an elite—its present day use must be understood in the context of Jew’s subversion of English and other European languages, just as forewarned in Orwell’s “1984”, where his tyrannical character upends the meanings of such words as “truth”, “freedom”, “goodness”and so on.
          Note that language shapes human thinking and perception, eventually sublimating into unquestioned subconscious presence and Jew knows this perfectly—another stealth weapon in his toxic arsenal.

          You are perfectly right to say that instead of “fascism”, the word “communism” should be used to describe such remorseless, genocidal tyranny over masses but consider that communism as practiced is a form of Judaism, invented by Jew to serve global hegemony by Jew, therefore no negative connotation is allowed.
          Whereas fascism and National Socialism are its polar opposite, aiming to enshrine, improve and protect the welfare of the common working man, which is another phrase for Gentile, i.e., goy in Jew terminology, i.e., a beast to be domesticated and downtrodden forever.
          Thus no wonder that fascism and National Socialism are loathed antitheses to everything Judaic.
          Unfortunately, due to Jew’s tireless efforts to erode our speech and awareness, we have totally bought into his plague of uncritical hysteria.

    2. GF –

      All governments ARE Monopolistic-Capitalistic-Oligarchies.

      They need to monopolize businesses to make money and are controlled by a few bankers.

      Even kings and popes have economic policy and military advisors and financial aides…. and do not act on their own.

    3. Hi Gian Franco, I would like to ask you about those so called fascist parties in Italy, like Forza Nuova which is led by Roberto Fiore. Is he for real or just controlled opposition working with the english secret service as has been suggested? What about Movimento Fascismo e Liberta, controlled oppostion?

      1. Hi Eva,
        Forza Nuova is representing nothing as far as the fascist issue is concerned. Roberto Fiore has almost disappeared from the scene but in the past (I mean in the eighties) he was directly involved with british secret service MI6. He has many contacts within the Vatican. He is almost a religious fanatic and he represents more a far-right movement and not a fascist one. Personally I do not like him.
        Movimento Fascismo e Libertà is today a small group of people mainly based in the north of Italy but their presence is even smaller than Fiore’s movement. Today the best movement representing fascism in Italy is CasaPound headquartered in Rome. They are all young people (average age is 30) and they can rely on more than half a million supporters all over Italy.
        If you need more informations please do not hesitate to ask.

        1. Hi Gian Franco, Thanks for your information about the situation in Italy. What do the so called fascist parties/movements think about the jews, jewish power in italy as Italy is as almost all countries ruled by jews, full of freemasons (loggie) which the common people don’t know. Wasn’t Mussolini surrounded with jews (even in his counsel) and have a jewish lover, Sarfatti, a modern Esther???.

          Wasn’t Mussolini paid by the english secret service for his work as journalist in the first world war?
          Weren’t Hitler and Mussolini maybe just double agents working for the English jews and were they double crossed by their masters?

          Is fascism not just another psyop of the elite jews???

          1. @ Eva

            Tut tut! I don’t think Gian Franco will approve of these wild-eyed speculations of yours! 🙂

            They sound like the irresponsible ravings of a conspiracy theory nutcase.

            Gian Franco is a serious historian of WWII. He will have no time for some silly internet idiote savante who suggests that Hitler and Mussolini were double agents working for the Jews.

            1. Yes, poor Eva! she’s totally beyond the pale. She needs to live in a carefully constructed fantasy world of her own. Stick to Harry Potter, darling. 🙂

            2. I think Gian Franco is old and and wise enough so he doesn’t need any “warnings”from you or MB for answering my questions and “speculations”.
              May I remind you that Hitler was very fond of the english “upperclass”. . Wasn’t he or maybe should I mention Hess (the substitute of Hitler who flew to England) double crossed by their English/jewish “friends”?

              1. @ Eva

                Yes, Hitler was fond of the English aristocracy and many of his admirers came from the English upper classes, but I doubt if any of them were British Jews. If you think there were any British Jews among his admirers, name one!

                As for the Hess affair, your knowledge of history is derived from worthless conspiracy theory sites. Hess was NOT acting as a “substiture” for Hitler” when he flew out to Britain on a foolhardy peace mission. Hess did this on his own initiative, without consulting Hitler, thinking he would surprise and please Hitler.

                If you have even a shred of evidence that Hess was acting as Hitler’s “peace ambassador”, produce your evidence! You cannot do so. Because there is no such evidence.

                Hitler was truly astonished at Hess’s foolish mission and did nothing to rescue him. The Brits were also smart enough to know that Hess was NOT acting on Hitler’s orders but on his own initiative. Hess had good intentions: to bring about peace. But he was a fool even to try. It was now too late to stop the war.


                “To Hitler, who had known nothing of Hess’s preparations [to fly to Scotland on a peace mission] the news came as a shock. It was as if a bomb had struck at Berghof. Hitler was both angry and mystified . . . Keitl later described how he found him [Hitler] walking up and down in his study at the Berghof, tapping his forehead and declaring that Hess must have been crazy. (…) Hitler was inclined to believe that Hess had acted quite sincerely while suffering from some mental derangement.” — Paul Schmidt, Statist Auf diplomatischer Buhne, Bonn, 1949, p. 537

                Going to conpiracy theory sites for historical information is like going to the Sahara desert for spring water. One must always consult the original documents and give meticulous source references.

                1. You read what you want to read. I wrote Hess was the substitute of Hitler as he was his substitute until he flew to England. Do you really believe that Hitler was not acting/pretending when he called Hess stupid when he saw that he was double crossed by the so called english friends. Wasn’t it Arnold Leese who wrote that the english aristocracy was heavily jewish? Don’t you think that the german secret services wouldn’t know beforehand about Hess departure? Do you think Hess was locked up for nothing all the time if it wasn’t to shut up his mouth, knew too much. Do you really believe all those ‘ official’ documents such of the one of Paul Schmidt ( who is he by the way?), who also appears to be jewish as Schmidt as surname is very common under the jews. Even ‘ official’ documents can be forged or produced/sold especially when it was convenient for both sides the English and Hitler to sell the idea that Hess acted on his own and must have been mad. History is many times very different than the people is made to believe. Everybody lies and has ulterior motives especially in warfare.

                  I think we should be cautious to believe ‘ original’ and ‘ official’ documents at face value. Ever heard of deception in warfare? So naive to believe these ‘ official’ documents. By believing the ‘ official’ narrative we become automatically promoters of this narrative.

                  1. I agree with Saki also. His views are 100% correct.

                    Eva is not only mistaken, but like all conspiracy theorists completely hostile to serious historical investigation. She cites no reputable names or sources for her views. Ignore this opinionated woman completely. She is beyond reason.

                    As the poet Alexander Pope once famously said: “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

                    1. I readily concur with Saki as well. Hess did this on his own initiative because he knew Hitler didn’t want war with the Brits, whom he regarded as brethren, and indeed they are.

                      Hess was an odd duck whose ill-advised good intentions superceded any thought of running this by Der Fuhrer, who he had to know wouldn’t have approved his mission.

                      More’s the shame of it’s outcome😞

          2. Hello Eva,
            thanks for your reply. The so called fascist parties/movements in Italy never speak about jews or jewish influence. This is an issue that brings you no advantage. You immediately become antisemitic and no space is left for you on any media or talkshow. Of course there is a jewish influence in Italy but it is not so strong and powerful like in France, Germany or US. The jewish community during the Twenties was more than 90% with Mussolini. Many of them took part to the March to Rome on 28th of October 1922. Until 1938 there was no “jewish question” in Italy. You have to consider that in Italy there were approx. 50.000 jews during fascism (nowadays they are approx. 25.000). Italy in Mussolini’s time was a big farmland country with very few industries. Jews normally are not very much interested in agriculture. Yes Sarfatti was one of Mussolini’s lovers who had a certain influence on Duce but limited in time. The issue about Mussolini and Hitler as double agents paid by english jews is one of the many lies told to divert serious historical and revisionist research to other paths completely not reliable and fake. I can assure you that fascism was not just another psyop of the elite jews.

            1. Hi Gian Franco, I thank you for answering me. It’s a shame they don’t talk about the jews in Italy as in this way they can’t talk about the big problem in Italy. It also demonstrates that the jews rule in Italy, you can’t critize them. Italy has way more jews than you suggest, do you know th book of Samuel Schaerff, i cognomi degli ebrei d’italia. It’s full of jewish names. The jews are and were always in the middleclass, commerce, shops etc. You know this and the real italians were working the land or were poor in the cities or emigrating as they now still are doing. Yes the Talmoed doesn’t prescribe labour law for the jews. Let the italians do it.

              Sarfatti nee Grassini had an enormous influence on Mussolini from 1922 until 1938 according Wikipedia, if that is correct,
              According Wikipedia the father of Sarfatti was good befriended with Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto (Sarto a jewish surname by the the way), later take note pope pius X. It is obvious the elite “catholics”are allways very near to the jews. Fascism was/is always interesting for the jews, italian jews for the centralization of their power.

              I disagree with you about Mussolini and Hitler, I think they were double agents who betrayed and sacrificed their fellow men on behalf of the english jews. Mussolini sent his soldiers without shoes and weapons to fight for him. I repeat that Mussolini was very good paid as a journalist by the “british” as reporter during the first world war. Not everything is being told and most writers and researchers, high recommended of course by the jews, are jewish who must sell the jewish narrative to fool the gullible european people who are ruled by jews who are in possession of all the keypositions in Europa.

              If possible could you elaborate more about your idea/conclusion that fascism wasn’t a jewish psyop. You know by losing the war Italy has become de facto a jewish colony with the jews on all keypositions and all major industries, hotels, etc etc are in hands of the “americans’and “english’ as the common italian people is told by witholding the information that these “americans’and ‘english”are jews.

              1. @ Eva

                As a self-confessed Jewish American who has been openly commenting on this site for the last 5-6 years, I am naturally concerned at your obvious antisemitism. You don’t seem to like us Jews very much. In a way, this is to be expected, because this is an anti-Zionist White Nationalist site in which a lot of Jew-bashing goes on, much to my anger and regret.

                I just want you to know that I hate Hitler because he hated Jews and killed 6 million of them. I suspect you are a Holocaust denier as well as a Jew hater. Listen Eva, the Nazis were evil. I repeat: EVIL. So how can you defend them?

                This is not why I am writing to you, Eva: to help to persuade you that Jews are just like other people. No, the reason I am writing to you is to say that I am shocked by your revelation that Hitler and Mussolini were actually “double agents” working for the Brits and the Americans. I am staggered by this news. And you say Hitler and Mussolini were “double-crossed” by the Brits and the Americans. This is news to me.

                As a Jew, your shocking revelations interest and fascinate me greatly. This deserves further investigation by me and other Jews in my circle. Can you please therefore do me a big favor, Eva, and send me a few links to articles on the internet stating your viewpoint. Obviously you have read about all this on the internet somewhere, or there are books about this topic, so can you please provide 2-3 online sources for your information?

                Thank you, Eva. I look forward to hearing more from you with 2-3 good links.


                Seymour Zak

                1. Zak you seriously undermine the myth that “all Jews are intelligent” by stating that you are prepared to believe the obvious nonsense that Hitler and Mussolini were “double agents”, charged with the task to destroy their own countries.

                  Now get this: people always act from a motive. That motive should be plausible. If Hitler and Mussolini acted to destroy their own countries, then they could possibly have only two motives:
                  1) They hated their own countries.
                  2) They didn’t care about their own countries, but betrayed them for money.

                  Nothing in the career of these two leaders betrays hatred for their own countries. On the contrary, they made great sacrifices to attain power, and then to reform them, which they did splendidly.

                  And if they were prepared to betray their own countries for money, then why did they stay on their posts to the very end, instead of fleeing to a foreign country, and enjoy the rest of their lives with the money paid by their secret masters ?

                  Zak, you could do better!

                  1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

                    Yes, you are right. That was a dumb comment of mine. I can’t believe I was so stupid.

                    Anyway, this is what the highly intelligent Eva believes: that Hitler and Mussolini were double agents working for the Jews. And then, she says, they were double-crossed by the Brits and the Americans. Seems unlikely, now I come to think of it.

                    Which is why I asked her to supply 2-3 links giving us her source references. But she’s done a disappearing trick. She has no intention of supplying us with any documentation. So I have to conclude she is a fake. An irresponsible conspiracy theorist.
                    I should never have trusted this seemingly intelligent woman.
                    I guess she comes here to spread disinfo. We have all been taken in by a timewaster.

              2. OK Eva if you want to keep on believing that Mussolini and Hitler were psyop agents of british and american jews it’s your right to believe it. Many people believe that 9/11 was made by 19 arab terrorists armed with cutters or engineered by Osama Bin Laden hidden in a remote cavern of Afghanistan armed with satellite phone. Many people believe that Saddam Hussen in Irak had weapons for mass destruction. Many people still believe that Katyn massacre in Belarus was made by the Nazis. There are even people believing that earth is flat and not round. Probably there are people believing snow is green and not white!!

                1. 🙂

                  Believe it or not: there are some people who actually believe that they do not exist. They are found in asylums! And there are others who believe that they alone exist and that no one else really exists except themselves! (Solipsists). 🙂

  13. Naomi Wolf’s notoriety in chronicling–without mentioning the tribe–the application of PROTOCOLS to parasitize the US serves the ego interests of those who like to boast of their conquests.

    Wolf’s background should provide the insights needed to shed light upon La Kosher Nostra connections to satanism and communism.

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