21 thoughts to “Bill Gates backs process to ‘dim the sun’ : Tucker Carlson reacts”

  1. MSM distractions are to be avoided.

    Seriously folks, prepare for an extended mini ice age with magnetic pole excursion (much more serious(.

    I recommend electroverse and climatedepot.com for information:

    “New Zealand Suffers All-Time Record Cold, as Greenland Snow & Ice GAINS head Off the Charts ”

    EVERY key data point now indicates a cooling planet.

    How long will it be before the likes of the IPCC and their MSM lapdogs report on the facts?

    How long will it be before the masses are awoken from their manufactured psychosis and have it revealed to them that everything they were ever told was based on lies and agendas?

    AGW can never explain a cooling planet — that simply won’t fly — folks are set for a brutal awakening.


    The most convincing scenario that explains current madness of “leaders” is they know we are entering this turbulent and dangerous period for minimum 40 years, probably followed by a mini-supernova when the Sun reboots. Elitists absolutely do not want starving useless eaters digging them out of their luxury bolt holes, hence their current “vaccine” genocide methods.

    1. Will people accept the ravages of geoengineering at the hands of man? How do we stop these people from damaging the weather? Blaming civilization for weather variations is to be avoided. If you come up with an answer, let us all know.

  2. Gates and his pals are a bunch of mad scientists straight out of a horror film.

  3. Even Gates’s wife hauled ass from the eugenics pushing family which partnered with Margaret Sanger & started Planned Parenthood.

  4. Bill Gates may have a god complex, he wants to dim the sun – while we are in an ice age. That will be the last thing our specie does before it goes extinct.

    Global warming scam has many people confused, they have gotten in their heads that we just magically transitioned out of the ice age and we are in some runaway warming trend.

    It took the earth 50 million years to cool since the age of dinosaurs, you can see this in the charts, and you should be skeptical that a slight increase in a trace gas, CO2, is going to somehow reverse that trend. The truth is humans can not warm the planet even if they wanted to, such nonsense reeks of egocentricity.


    We are in an interglacial period during an ice age, we never left the ice age, and in this current period, called the Holocene, temperatures right now are LOWER than the Roman and Minoan warm periods, and far lower than the Holocene Optimum 8,000 years ago. So forget dinosaur temps when the current warm period has not even exceeded previous warming blip of the current interglacial. See chart:


    If you want a metric to worry about, there were no polar ice caps 65 million years ago when T-Rex roamed the earth. Just think about it, how warm it must be for a huge multi-ton lizard with no fur to run around South Dakota (where they find the fossils of such creatures). If you take an surviving specie from that period, say alligators, and put them in the Dakotas they wouldn’t last the first night.

    Not to long ago they grew grapes in more northern climes, since you can not do that today that means it is cooler than it was, say 985 AD when Vikings colonized Greenland. So if we are in a runaway warming period, as claimed by the Jew liars on the Jewtube, then how come alligators and palm trees can’t live in Minnesota? Because the entire narrative is total bullshit. And they got caught because their computer models predicting warming have no basis in the real world because the assumption of CO2 as a warming gas is a crock of sh-t.


    I have a real life Yukon Jack story for ‘ya that illustrates how you should be worried why you are a furless hominid on a throw away ice age planet. You should be worried that Biden and company want to cancel fossil fuels, not some ridiculous warming scam promoted by pathological liars, pedophiles, corrupt politicians, Jew banksters, and windmill unicorn fairies.

    So way back when I used to hunt elk horns in Arizona after spending the winter surfing the big waves in Oregon and California, when March would come I would drive inland and hike around the wilderness gathering up these sheds and sell them for quick cash then head back to my cabin in Idaho. So one time I started out at noon near Sedona and went way in, and when it got dark I got lost as I tried to circumnavigate a canyon on the way out. I wasn’t wearing a coat and the warm daytime temps suddenly changed to freezing in a matter of hours, and by the time I got to my rig I thought I would freeze to death that night.

    That got me thinking, where did all that heat of the day go? Well, I looked it up, it radiates out to space. The clear skies of Arizona do not keep the heat, and regardless of the CO2 concentration in the air, the heat of the day goes into space and is lost forever.

    Now what about this carbon dioxide gas? Does it warm the earth during a 24 hour cycle?

    CO2 is measured in parts per million, ppm, and it has gone from 280 to 415 ppm since the industrial revolution, but it started it’s upward trend long before man industrialized the world, thus skeptics say we are not causal. It does nothing to warm the earth, at night any positive warming effect is radiated to space, and come winter the utterly freezing cold has shed any accumulated heat from CO2, which is doubtful. So even if CO2 is somehow capturing heat in the day, that heat disappears at night with NO accumulated effect. But there are other theories.

    So how does the earth maintain it’s daily energy balance?

    Dr. Karl Zeller and Dr. Ned Nikolov theory, the determining factors to a a planet’s temperature is not related to atmospheric composition.

    Sun output
    distance from sun
    atmospheric pressure (regardless of gas composition)


  5. People find Bill Gates and his hair-brained distractions unnerving even as the real thing goes on for the most part unnoticed and unreported (aka) (mum’s the word).

    Pay no attention to the shenanigans going on at CERN.

    These reports are 3, 4, 5 years old. Makes a person wonder what they’ve been up to lately. I doubt they’ve hit a dead end..

    1. Legend has it that this is the kind of thing that destroyed the Anu’s home planet, which prompted them to bring their menace here…..and then there was Atlantis, and here we go again

      Gives new menace to “evil genius”.

  6. ~ be not concerned and do not fret about the dimness of the sun ; but be ye deeply concerned and very worried about how dim your brains are, dimwits ~

    [ Joseph 1:1 ]

  7. Tucker Carlson doesn’t like anyone who questions ZOG’S official government story about 9/11. He doesn’t respect 9/11 truthers. We disrespect our government if we question the government’s 9/11 narrative — as per Tucker who knows who butters his bread, that’s for sure. His truth telling is very limited truth telling. I don’t like him. I never liked him, even before I found out about this stance on 9/11 Truthers which was yesterday I never liked him. Now I know why.

    Kaminski is right. If a politician or journalist won’t question what happened on 9/11 and encourages the public to accept and believe the government 9/11 narrative, they’re useless to bring about any change for the better — they’re about keeping the JEW MATRIX ZOG status quo. [ I paraphrase Kaminski ].

  8. The MSM mocks us with CO2 the warming molecule. A trace gas is not controlling earth’s thermodynamics and energy balance, yet because of massive propaganda not only does the public think CO2 is a pollutant, Bill “Kill” Gates wants to blot out the sun, kill off the human population with death jabs to save the planet from carbon dioxide, a trace gas that measures 415 parts per million.

    The media wants you to believe increasing CO2 going up 20 ppm is an existential crisis, when in this next chart you can plainly see that the first 20 ppm is the greatest effect, and that at current levels, an increase in 20 ppm has almost no effect:


    And they do not tell you that as recent as 50,000 to 18,000 years ago, CO2 levels go so low that plants were dying, which is now a cutting edge new theory that the megafauna died out because CO2 levels were to low! When CO2 drops below 240 ppm plants are in a CO2 deficit, below 200 grow stops, below 140 ppm plants die. See for yourself the next chart:


    The goal of reducing carbon footprint is batshit insanity, but it has become mainstream, and like mask wearing (which does nothing beside poison the user with their own exhaust) the public has been conditioned to accept carbon footprint data on car purchases, etc. That is completely crazy, double top secret batshit insanity because CO2 is not a pollutant, it is a life gas, and it does not warm the planet.


    The entire CO2 warming narrative is complete bullshit, they got it wrong, but of course they intentionally lie for their agenda, so they got it right to screw us over. The earth took 50 million years to cool since the dinosaurs, human activity can not warm the planet even if we wanted to. If warming was a threat, we would have real world data like growing grapes in northern areas during previous warming periods.

    We are in an interglacial period during an ice age, we never left the ice age, and in this current period, called the Holocene, temperatures right now are LOWER than the Roman and Minoan warm periods, and far lower than the Holocene Optimum 8,000 years ago. So forget dinosaur temps when the current warm period has not even exceeded previous warming blip of the current interglacial. See charts:


  9. You do gotta ask yourself – how mentally eccentric would you be, or anybody else, if you had bill gates’ dough?
    And the question remains – if the Earth is warmed by man and his industry, what melted off the last ice age?
    Because, if the sun is what does it, then man-made global warming is just another phony cause celebre, invented crisis contrived for political expedience…
    Not Tucker Carlson, nor any other corporate media mouthpiece will ever step over a certain line on the narrative…
    Guys like him are good only as far as they go, which is always short of the journalistic point, where the right questions would lead to political reform and salvation for the human race and the planet…
    No way we get past the quagmire without media reform, which will lead to government reform…
    That really is the only hope…
    Your AK isn’t going to save you, once TS HTF…
    Biowarfare – much more efficient at threat reduction from the population, masses…
    You’ll be starring in a real live zombie movie…

    1. Pay no attention to those huge volcanoes on the seabed right under Antarctica. Not to mention elsewhere around the entire world. Hundreds of thousands of underwater volcanoes! (some say 1,000,000) Pretty this is a great clue.

          1. Homer –

            I REALLY wish those guys on the other side – the hot side – of this flat earth would stop pumping the molten lava over into our side’s oceans!! REALLY!! 🙂

  10. Ok, you want proof Bill Gates is highly uniformed about geologic science, how CO2 is still extremely low for earth history, well here is the proof, and extremely detailed chart of conditions during the last 200,000 years of earth history:


    1. temperatures of the current interglacial (the Holocene) are far lower than the previous (Eemian) see the red line

    2. CO2 levels fell way below 200 ppm for over 10,000 years (yellow line between 30,000 to 20,000 years ago)

    3. Dust storms ravaged the earth during the late glacial period (purple line)

    4. Ice volume peaked in the last glacial period about 18,000 years ago, then it took 10,000 years for the ice to melt (see gray shaded area) This huge mass of ice that melted raised ocean levels 120 meters (not shown) This is no doubt part of our Flood memory.

    5. CO2 levels recovered when temperatures rose without any help from man, and allowed agriculture to even happen (see essay below)

    Here is an archived essay on how low CO2 levels caused the megafauna extinctions:


  11. How does a pressurised system exist next to a Torr-19 vacuum without a separating membrane?
    Magic ball earth physics?

  12. Shellengberger says, “….I think his intentions are good, nobody doubts his intentions….” Really? And he is supposed to be someone in the ‘know’?

    Well I know his intentions are bad. He is intentionally in the business of killing a lot of people on the planet and he admitted so, with his ‘heath care’ and ‘vaccine’ programs, among countless others. He is intentionally experimenting with human beings just like they are lab rats. Everyone taking that jab is willingly allowing themselves to be used in an experiment, giving his companies the right to take over the biology of their bodies to become pathogen makers and infect the free world.

    The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal Part 8 is here but I strongly recommend looking at the whole series:

    He intentionally wants to commodify every single person and wants to own and control everyone’s lives and resources on the entire planet. Everyone of his shots contains 100s of thousands of nano-particles which aren’t organic, they’re magnetic and can later be manipulated and relocated to different parts of the body, especially the brain for later 5G manipulation. And of course this means you’re patented and legally owned.

    He intentionally wants to control and limit movement of everyone on the entire planet. The vaccine passports are like a lock on the cage, they allow you to move temporarily to where and when they approve. The idea is to trap the free and kill them off. This goes in tandem with him (them) buying up all the fertile farm lands around the world. If the free person wants to move or get options to look after himself it will not be there. It’s not just the passports, the nano-bots in injected people allow them to be tracked anywhere in the world. When the full spectrum hydrogel grid is in place they would literally be able to pull the plug when they see fit.

    This is only the first phase of implanting the hydrogel-grid. The reason why they made the bodies of injected people create the pathogen via their bodies manufacturing the spike is to create another round plandemic. A lot of those implanted folks will have their own bodies attack itself, thereby necessitating the booster shots to come……multiple times; the real aim is further grid laying.

    Note, these shots also have DNA fragments of many different animals – chimera comes to mind. Also this verse in reference to Shaitaan:
    “And most certainly I will lead them astray and excite in them vain desires, and bid them so that they shall slit the ears of cattle, and most certainly I will bid them so that they shall alter God’s creation; and whoever takes Shaitaan for a guardian rather than God, he indeed shall suffer a manifest loss.” (Qur’an 4:119)

    He intentionally wants to control everyone’s money and how they spend it. As Robert Kennedy said, “He who controls your bank account controls your behavior.” This means everyone will have to be vetted before being able to sell or trade anything and with the full spectrum surveillance-control grid, it means all who are not worshiping them will be choked to death.

    And yes he wants to control everyone’s thoughts on the planet and so their “pursuit of happiness”. I am guessing everyone has already seen how Musk’s bots work with the brain. So what’s left of “We hold these truths to be self evident……..Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”? In this dystopian, devil-world truth is an inversion and is most certainly not self-evident.

    These guys, Gates, Musk and company are the left hand vs the right hand, the Juedo/Christian messianic religious devils. Both the right hand (atheists) and left (false religion) leads to the same: absolute enslavement and both created by the same. No different by what they call Capitalism(Monopoly) and Communism. This is the manifestation of the pyramid-pharaohnic-satanic element which they have chosen and the good took on the misplaced virtue to become ‘meek’.

    In Muslim terminology this is what Jihad is about. You cannot remove the branches of evil by being meek and praying. If you think so you’ve missed the true purpose of religion at least for a Muslim, I can say you’ve missed the purpose of Islam.

    Muslim story from the first generation: A man once came to Said ibn Musayyab and said to him, “I just saw the most excellent form of worship.”
    Said asked him, “What was it?
    The man said, “This fellow came to the Prophet’s masjid and prayed continuously, without stopping from Zuhr (midday) to mid afternoon (‘Asr).”
    Said said, “Shame on you, you’ve missed the whole point of worship. Worship is to establish what is right and remove oppression.”

    Just like their ‘vaccines’ we don’t know what’s all in them, so too with the dimming of the sun project. We know it’s more than just calcium carbonate, there’s barium, aluminum (one of their favourite killers)…… They are seeding the environment so that people will be forced to buy his Monsanto engineered seeds.

    He is making HIS world where ALL life is under HIS operating system; all food from HIS seeds only and HIS fake meat. Expect the beef industry to see a big hit coming, most probably related to the ‘virus’.

    Shame on Tucker for painting Gates as “someone out of touch”..oh he’s in touch all-right, he’s literally too much in touch….all the way to our DNA. If these people aren’t removed, human history will end.

    Oh! and his wife is the same, it’s only a game to distance herself from him now that he’s in the spotlight, so that the benevolent project will continue, without him, in case they have to pull an Epstein-like disappearance.

    She’s trying to paint the naive picture when asked about DNA manipulation, “Oh people can really do that now?” Yeah, right! As if ‘brilliant’ killer-boy would marry an imbecile? She is the ‘feminine soft face’, all the while she is the ‘Mother Theresa’ of the devil. What philanthropy! I wish they wouldn’t care so much. In Qur’anic terms they are Shayateen/Devils. These are the ones you fight not just the ones you don’t see.

  13. I’ve heard a great deal of garbage. Here are the facts: http://arctic-news.blogspot.com
    Methane is a far greater green house gas and this is just the arctic. It’s is coming up from all around the deep oceans and the antarctic. I’ve known of the death of insects. https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0185809

    Now you think it’s damn funny that global heating is a lie? What created the methane problem is not CO2 but ionospheric resonators, EM steering mechanism and the extremely toxic smart dust (look it up).
    Dr. Pall of Washington St. and Barrie Trower can give you the best explainations of frequencies and their effects. G6 is going to go beyond the 60Ghz. The University of Maryland has some information at https://user.eng.umd.edu/~neil/dust/total1.pdf

    Is it funny now?

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