Blacks Invade New York Restaurant Demanding To Be Served Food as a ‘Natural Right’

Linked from the David Irving site,
September 22,  2021


This is all about Covid restrictions. You now need to produce a vaccine card to gain entry to New York restaurants. But what happens when Blacks, claiming exemption from vaccination on religious grounds,  storm into a restaurant and demand food  “because every American has a right to a meal’?

New York life . . . Today New York starts demanding vaccine cards to eat in restaurants. A couple, Black out-of-towners, beat up a White hostess for denying them entry.  At the 2:20 mark it shows another Black being denied service at a restaurant — and he claims it’s “segregation”.

Black Family From Texas Jump A Restaurant Hostess In NYC
For Demanding Vaccine Proof!

VIDEO   :   4.42  mins

53 thoughts to “Blacks Invade New York Restaurant Demanding To Be Served Food as a ‘Natural Right’”

  1. The blacks do have a point being this is all created by the government for the benefit of a few corporations.
    Those blacks are going about it all wrong.
    When asked for proof of vaccination blah, blah, blah, that’s when the bill book should come out, get the hostesses/managers name and address and give them a bill for around $3200.00.
    When the bill goes undisputed and unpaid then just file a suit in small claims.
    The restaurant has two options: Pay or go to court and fight.
    Going to court and fight an unbeatable charge is more expensive than just paying it.
    Blacks 1 Whitey 0

    1. JH –

      NOT SO FAST!! It will cost less than $200 for a $3,200 claim.

      In NYC, Small Claims Court helps individuals or corporations resolve disputes when the amount of the claim is $10,000 or less. All defendants must have an address in New York City.

      Judgment Collection and Orders of Seizure:
      If you were awarded a judgment by NYC Small Claims Court, but have not been paid after 30 days, you can ask the Department of Finance (DOF) Sheriff’s Office to help collect the funds that are owed to you. The Sheriff can also carry out Orders of Seizure to collect funds or property.

      When judgments are “executed” by the Sheriff, the defendant will be charged additional fees and must pay them along with the original debt.

      The Sheriff will not collect judgments from a Small Claims Court outside New York City unless it was docketed in the New York State Supreme Court.


    2. How about this strategy: When asked for your vax passport, show your phone, either blank or whatever you want it to show (and one can be creative), then quietly say, “I hope we’re both on the same side on this unjust and tyrannical law.” In many cases the waiter, etc. will go through the motions and pretend like you’re OK. If they don’t, before you exit the door, say very loudly, “People — I mean Sheeple — how long will we continue to forge our own chains before we end up either completely enslaved — or dead!! Remember “Braveheart”? Freedom!!”

      1. Darrell,
        Yep. Why bother with confrontations? There is of yet no standard VAX PASSPORT. Most of Donaldos family in Georgia, USSA, against his advice, got the (((JAB))) and are ok……for now. The toxins and nano-particles are slow-release and who knows what the mortality rate will be over a 5-10 year period. Don’t look good. But that’s another subject. Back to VAX Certificates. Members of Donaldos family showed him theirs. They were just simple laminated cards showing the name (no photo) of the vaccinated, the site of vaccination, the signature of the person (no medical license necessary) administering the JAB as well as the TYPE of jab. Falsifying the card is extremely easy. Even Pat’s belligerent, verbally-abusive 🐒 on-a-leash, Raylan, could do it from the printer in ITS cage. Not a lotta work folks. Just show the junk card to the hostess at the restaurants front door and stroll to your table to enjoy the sloppy food which is even MORE unhealthy than the JAB. The hostess…..only trying to earn a few shekels….will take a half-hearted glimpse at the card at let you enter. AND if you feel irritated, ask the hostess AND the pompass manager to show their VAX cards as well. That’s how it works folks. 😉🤠

  2. Anybody who fights the vaxx mandate is doing the right thing…
    What’s up with the guy in the red underwear?
    What does it prove about a man that he walks around in public with his pants pulled halfway down with his whole ass hanging out?
    Where I live the local government pushed for the moving of restaurant tables out onto the sidewalk, taking up parking places in the street like 20 years ago….
    Wasn’t that around the same time the Rockenfelders made their statement about this virus thing?
    I remember starting seeing film and pics of Chinese people wearing masks in China right around the same time…
    Fascism is what you have when state policy is written at the behest of corporate nabobs…
    Mandated masks and vaccines are state fascism…
    You can fight that…
    Now, the State of Texas is being thrust into the breech on this immigrant crisis…
    And the time has come for it to take the necessary action required to secure its borders…
    If that means secession from the union, then so be it…
    If it means war with the federal government, then it’s about time…
    And I would bet volunteer fighters would be streaming into Texas from all over the country…
    The Bidens are not our people, they’re Globalists pushing the New World Order agenda….
    The governor needs to call for volunteers from all over the state to come down to the border and build the Texas Wall…
    And the force must be put together to guard the wall, if it means having an army of 500,000 men standing over it with mace and rubber bullets…

    1. Bark –

      “What’s up with the guy in the red underwear?
      What does it prove about a man that he walks around in public with his pants pulled halfway down with his whole ass hanging out?”

      BLACKS wearing their ‘pants on the ground’, showing underwear, means….. “The white man can kiss my ass!”

      However…. the guy in the video was wearing pants that were DESIGNED & FABRICATED to look like his red underwear was showing. Now, using those ‘designer’ pants…. their pants won’t fall off anymore when running after snatchin’ a purse. 🙂

      1. Pat,
        The lowered pantalones showing half the ass actually originated as a part of prison culture in USSA. The inmate walking like this was declaring himself AVAILABLE for sex… essence…. I’M YOUR BITCH! Ironically, nowadays, hoodlums on the OUTSIDE, consider it a show of masculinity not understanding the original meaning. In Donaldos humble opinion……much better to cover your arse. 😀🤪😉

  3. Then —> “Give me Liberty or give me Death”

    Now —-> “Gimme sum fwee suffern friii’ed chick’n… or YOUSE die muthafcker!”

      1. Acid Queen,

        “The hostess who was beat up was Asian not White.”

        Oh golly gosh, what a relief it is to know this! It would have been so AWFUL if she’s been a nice white hostess, wouldn’t it? (*IRONY*)

        Beating up an Asian lady is not that bad, right? It’s them slanty eyes and high cheek bones, emanating pure Asiatic evil. Glad you seem to agree with me that beating up non-Whites is quite acceptable in your neck of the woods! 🙂

        It’s high time we Whites started beating up Asiatic hostesses. And while we’re about it, it’s time we shut down all those millions of Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants, Vietnamese restaurants, Indonesian restaurants. And ship all these slants back to the Evil Orient whence they came, roughly 50 million of them — if you count all the half-castes and quarter-castes.

        The Trouble is, Acid Queen, many of these Asian ladies are damn good looking! White men can’t have enough of them! They find them irresistible! They prefer them to obese White chicks. If only those pasty white fatties knew how to lose weight, they’d stand more chance with men in search of the exotic.

        The slim, attractive, and inscrutable Oriental woman is hard to beat as an object of delicate beauty.

        1. I’ve gotta hand it to you MB…

          you have a GENIUS for grabbing hold of the WRONG end of the stick.. and then extrapolating a simple statement into an incoherent diatribe that only a fevered imagination such as yours – where, for instance, the Waffen SS is perpetually prowling amongst the petunias to abduct you outta your trailer-park 😂 – could possibly concoct!

          If you had the slightest capacity to “read between the lines”, you’d understand that AQ’s statement was DEFENSIVE in nature – as in “White oppressors can NEVER be victims… not even in this case!!” – thus making AQ either an anti -White BLM’er and/ or an anti-White “chosen one”… which therefore makes YOU – with your over-the-top faux-virtue-signalling & misplaced histrionics – a laugable NITWIT!!

          1. Your childish rants mean nothing me, sirrah. I confess I fund them tiresome beyond belief. With one exception of course. When you happen to be railing against me, the subject matter then becomes of interest to the world. Suddenly immortalised by the deathless prose of Limerick Laureate Archibald Krackpott Tosharoo, aka “The Realist”, I feel I must be doing something right to elicit such noble rage in your ignoble soul. Begone, lackey! And the devil take your hindleg! 🙂

          2. Wow. You sure read a LOT into my one line post.

            I was correcting the article which stated that a White was attacked, when it was an Asian that was attacked.

            And, from that one line, you extrapolated what you think I am:

            “thus making AQ either an anti -White BLM’er and/ or an anti-White “chosen one”…”

            You couldn’t be more wrong….More Wrong….

        2. Madame Butterfly,

          Acid Queen is simply making a factual statement. It’s a neutral statement. There is nothing in Acid Queen’s statement suggesting he or she is happy an Asian hostess got beat up. It’s a neutral statement, a factual statement, it’s simply telling us the hostess was Asian, that’s all.

          You’re obviously incapable of comprehending a simple basic English sentence. Honey, Alzheimer’s and alcohol never leads to any kind of comprehension of anything.

          (For provoking MB into using obscene language in response).
          Don’t call a woman a “dyke” when you known damn well she isn’t one.

          1. Lesbianism has never appealed to me, m’dear. If was a “dyke”, I’d be outing myself here. That’s what trendy gays like doing, isn’t it, in accordance with their Gay Pride philosophy.

            I did have a schoolgirl crush on a girl in the Sixth Form though. Our Head Prefect, the tall and statuesque Portia. That’s pretty normal. I offered to write a letter on her behalf to the Headmistress, complaining about the dreadful state of the school toilets. I knew Portia was’t much of a writer and I was known for my literary skills. She accepted my offer with aristocratic aplomb. “Jolly hockey sticks!” she drawled, ruffling my hair affectionately. Our romance never went further than that.

            Ah, Mallory Towers! Those were the days…..! The buns and the scones and the high teas! 🙂

            1. I rest my case!! 😎

              But puleeze do everyone a favor…
              and spare us any further salacious scribblings of your sophomoric sapphism! 🙄

            2. PROVOKING COMMENT DELETED, though not particularly objectionable.
              Simply questions MB’s vaunted “literary skills”.

              1. They are on full display on this website. Unlike YOUR literary skills, which are conspicuously lacking. You have all the charms of a staggering mediocrity, just like your buddy ‘The Realist’. He is, however, ten times more intelligent and interesting than you……….

                ADMIN TOBY: The rest of this comment has been deleted at the suggestion of Darrell who objects to its obscenity.

                1. Madame B, you are very capable of more noble ways of expressing your disagreement, with words more consonant to your noble feminine nature. If this website seeks to uphold at least moderate standards of moral decency, if not higher, and keep and attract readers with the same, the above comment should be deleted.

                  1. @ Darrell

                    Thank you, Darrell. You give good advice. And it will be taken. MB’s obscenity will be deleted right away, but so will the provoking comments of two other posters who have ganged up against her. After all, why should The Realist be allowed to call MB a “dyke” when she has explained politely and sincerely that she is happily married and that lesbianism has never appealed to her?

        4. MB, Acid Queen said only this : “The hostess who was beat up was Asian not White.” Even is she/he is wrong, you try to put your words in her/his mouth. Not right!

      2. Sardonicus,

        Go to the New York Post. The NY Post has an article about the incident at Carmine’s. There is no pic of the hostess but the manager of the restaurant told reporters that the hostess is not White, he specifically said the hostess is an Asian. That’s enough proof, Sardonicus.

          1. I figured it was common knowledge by now, don’t know where you are but it’s been all over the freaking news in the U.S.

      3. No photo released. But maybe all these msm sites are lying and the hostess is really White.

        NBC News:

        The representative also insisted that no racial slur was uttered by any of the three hosts working that night — a Black woman, an Asian American woman and a Latina.

        Yahoo News:

        Tourists claim their alleged attack on Asian hostess was instigated by use of the N-word, lawyer says

        NY Post:

        Texas tourists were arrested Thursday for assaulting an Asian American hostess who refused to allow three of the group inside without proof they’d had coronavirus vaccines.

        Asian – Dawn:

        Three Black Women Attack Asian Hostess Over Vaccination Proof

  4. Let’s fill up the country with Haitians and give them everything they need to live and prosper and also give ALL the White military men THE JEW JAB so the whiteys in the U.S. military die on us, then lets’ start a war with China and Russia and Iran with a military full of blacks and browns and women “warriors”. I know that will result in the USA winning WW3, because the jews thought up THE PLAN and the jews have HIGH IQ’s!!!! What could go wrong?

    I bet the blacks and browns and yellows and redskins in the military aren’t forced to get the JEW JABS. JUST the Whites, both male and female Whites in the military.

  5. The click-bait headline (which surely will vary site-to-site as this piece goes viral) raised in my mind the image of a HORDE of [well-to-do] BLACK NYers storming an up-scale restaurant, sitting at tables, and demanding service, refusing to depart until properly nourished. Preventing this episode from rising to the highest level — which I call “quintessential irony” — upon reading, numbers reduced drastically (a “couple, Black out-of-towners”, capitalized “B” noted) and TEXAS (reportedly) proved the origin of this micro-mob. Nonetheless, to have ANY couple standing up for themselves and, by extension, all of us — we are all in this together, like it or not — warrants notice and accolade. That the couple had dark skin also merits close attention. I for one certainly welcome Blacks fighting, literally, on behalf of all in this War Against Humanity.

    Well, what would you expect from TEXANS? some may ask. White or Black [note that I hedge bets by placing the descriptor noun “white” at the start of this sentence], poor and rich alike in Texas have suffered reverse Kultural Marxi$m during the past year, quickly resuscitating expectations of freedoms denied by the still newish normality. Nowadays people have drastically short attention spans. This alone underscores the absolute need for COVID booster shots! And, just a COUPLE of Blacks, for GOD’s sake! You’d think the world had ended — and on a slow news day to boot! /sardonic

  6. I can’t wait, another few years the whole population of Haiti will be in the United States — joining the blacks in America in fighting “this War Against Humanity” “on behalf of all” of us! Sure, the blacks think about the good of everyone when the blacks start fights. Sure thing, Alan.

  7. I’m glad my American Greatest Generation ancestors defeated Hitler, now we have a Pope in Rome cheering on the YUGE numbers of blacks and browns from all over the third world pouring into the United States.

  8. I hedge my bets by placing the descriptor nouns “troll” and “JEW” before the name “Alan Donelson”.

    [ note : Not all trolls are jews, but ALL jews are trolls ].

        1. @ Gilbert Huntly

          Gosh, look who’s shown up again after a long brooding silence! Glad to see you again, you gun-toting scoundrel! But you really must try to be kinder to others about their poetry. None of us write in the same style, Gilbert. Next thing you’ll be ticking me off for the dreadful doggerel I write, throwing me into total despair!

          The one person who admires my poetry, my greatest fan, is my pet parrot Pollypoo. She keeps repeating the best lines I have written. This is because I read out my verse to Pollypoo, not once but several times, soliciting her approval and requesting improvements. She has never yet suggested an improvement, which I am naturally glad of! But often she will repeat a line I have written, throwing me into ecstasies of delight.

          So this is what I will say, Gilbert. As long as you have a pet parrot who quotes your verse, you’re not doing too badly! 🙂

  9. It sounds like Jew George Soros is pulling another stunt to further divide the nation.
    Where in the Bill of Rights does it mention a ‘meal’?

    1. The black guy is making a theological statement even though he doesn’t know it. He is saying no one should be hungry in America, the land of plenty. Everyone who lives on American soil, he believes, has a right to a full belly. To deny anyone food in America the Good is to deny him his human rights.

      How is this a “theological” statement?

      It’s obvious. Figure it out. This is what his statement implies: God allows half the world to starve. Famine and starvation and hunger have been man’s lot ever since the beginning of time. And it’s still with us in the 21st century. ERGO, God is guilty of denying people their “human rights” for not laying on the grub and keeping our plates full.

      Christ says to his Heavenly Father: “Give us this day our daily bread.” So Christ is demanding this human right also: the right to food. “You made us. So feed us!”

      But God ain’t playing ball. He’s denying folks their human rights by letting ’em go to bed hungry. Hey man, that’s not right! 🙂

      1. Exactly. God creates humans and lets them starve. Now what kind of god does that? A bad one, an uncaring one. Only a psychopath would create the Universe the way it is.

        Billions of people have starved since man was put on earth. Billions more raped. Billions brainwashed, misused as war fodder, etc. Earth is a human meat grinder.

        So either god is extremely evil or the other choice is it doesn’t exist. Humans curse god billions of times a day, because they are conscious creatures that don’t like the conditions they live under.

        So along comes Christ and tells humanity to feed one another. That is a good message, but the part of about saving our souls from the monster god who wants to burn us all in hell (for eternity) if we don’t obey his commands is a bad message. Obviously the writers were playing good cop, bad cop … love thy neighbor and feed him, do it or go to hell.

        If our souls are eternal they are not threatened, they are just trapped on earth. The only thing that matters to anyone is how to get off earth and never come back. Earth is hell, and you don’t want to reincarnate in hell. The only way to save your soul from the evil of earth is never to come back, and that means you have to beat the soul trap that recycles you back here.

  10. MB
    Acid Queen was merely making an observation…
    Maybe you could have wondered what she meant by it, ok…
    But one gets the impression you really believe all this White Supremacist nonsense, you feel it’s a real evil in the world…
    Do you hate the USA and White Culture in general Madam?
    Anyway, glad to see you getting back on topic…
    With your last comment you bring up an important point…
    The non-white commie culture has it that every human being has a basic right to be fed and clothed, housed and cared for…
    The average WASP thinks no such thing…
    He will agree that any citizen who becomes disabled and incapable of working to support himself does come under the basic human decency obligation, and should be provided the basics by the state….
    I would add – that’s only if the person didn’t do it to himself with dope and booze….
    Religion is supposed to prove itself legitimate by helping people who really need it…
    The state allows religious organizations to operate tax free, but it should only do that if they can show where they’re actually helping handicapped people, and you should see some genuine political innovations from time to time…
    By handicapped I don’t mean paying the rent for stupid and lazy drunks and drug addicts…
    And definitely not aiding and abetting illegal immigration…
    The WASP understands that ‘Free Country’ means citizens thereof are born with the right to EARN a living…
    They don’t believe it’s the state’s job to make sure everybody has equal outcomes…
    The problem now is the chicommiecrats have cultivated huge demographics, non-white racist commies in all the cities they control, and they’re now moving millions of non-white foreigners into the USA across the Southern border, while Joe Biden states plainly his goal is the diminution of white people in general as a relevant political force….
    Indeed, he brags this has already happened and it is irreversible…
    TC had film tonight of Biden saying these exact things…
    Governor Abbot of Texas is a Jew and a Zionist…
    He may act outraged and talk a pretty good game but where push should come shove-back by now, he’s a lot like Trump… Short on bold and decisive action, and not about to really hinder the Jews NWO ‘diversity’ program…
    Which is – flood all the white countries with non-white foreigners…
    Yes, Trump started building the wall but it was too little…
    He could have put the army on the Southern border the first week he was in office…
    Abbot could do the same with the Texas Guard…
    Until someone does that, the invasion will continue, the USA will be filled up with non-white racists, who will be given the right to vote along with their drivers licenses, and who will cast every vote they ever make along racist lines… The democrat party is the anti White People racist party… Eventually they’ll be moving into your house…. For Equality…

  11. Some people have “money” and some don’t. Those with lots of the Federal Reserve Notes, i.e. central bank worthless script, can eat at fancy restaurants while those who don’t can starve. Then at the end of the cycle when the plebs wake up there is violence. No one stops to consider that this whole top down system is unnatural and doomed to fail on the face of it. Humans are not meant to be living the way we are living now.

    In the small town I now live in southern Oregon, I watch the absurd – the local fancy hotel serves food on the sidewalk and inside the tables next to the street where many homeless in abject filth roam bent over immersed in garbage cans for a scrap. Who in the hell wants to eat dinner when their are starving people scrounging around at arm’s length? I point this out to my friends when they come to town for a visit and we go out to eat. Now we don’t go out because of these insane rules, wear a mask to get in, then once sitting down you are permitted to remove the mask, but if you go to the bath put it back on. If only the school kids could remove the mask when they sit at their desk.

    In Oregon they have this militant homeless food group call Food Not Bombs which has to do battle with police just to feed the homeless. One rainy winter day years ago in Eugene Oregon I watched the proto-antifa throwing rocks at police cars which were trying to stop their soup kitchen under the freeway overpass. Dirty hippies with soup ladles in battle with our peace officers. LOL

    The whole system is going to come crashing down, the slaves are in revolt, all the imported brown, blacks, and these deranged Abrahamics from far off lands – who are used to extreme violence – have been stationed all across the land. Now they are bringing in 80,000 Afghanis who have only known violence and rape their entire lives, and the ones they are bringing in were the collaborators.- the traitors during the illegal occupation of their land by ZOG. Congress latest spending bill has $78,500 ear marked per head for these illegals.

  12. I believe Biden will be removed from office this winter – he is a disaster dividing the country, and these mandates are going to become the biggest disaster ever for the history of the nation. And let me be clear, when I say Biden, I mean the Israelis that are running the White House behind the scenes, he is a video in which you can clearly see the rubber mask on the pretender president:

    I think Joe Bidens face is falling off BITCHUTE

    Secondly, withholding food based on vaccine mandates, will cause riots. A German man went to get a beer and was refused service because he did not have a vaccine card, so he killed the store owner on the spot. Expect much more of this. When you can’t get food out comes the aggression, instantly, uncontrollably. Denying an alcoholic his brew is a death sentence.

    Blacks are emotional and display what is in all of us. Some people are so civilized they will starve to death before they fight back. Blacks still have a strong tribal mentality – everyone in the tribe gets to eat, not just the rich. The bumper sticker “EAT THE RICH” is an accurate meme describing the real situation. Over half of the Amerikans are two weeks to total financial ruin: no job = no money, no home, no food, no gas.

    Biden is now saying courts martial and dishonorable discharge for pilots and servicemen who do comply with his corona hoax mandates – the armed forces are being gutted as we speak. This is a national security issue – Biden needs to be removed just for this ASAP. This epic level of job ruination is highly deflationary, those people cast out will be forced to sell assets, they will not be able to get credit to buy cars, they will be desperate and will sell whatever they have for pennies on the dollar.

  13. The Power$ That Be must have fun herding sheep — hard work notwithstanding — directing their assets to this or that “crisis” or “dialectic”. For example, it would seem that opposition to “VAX mandates” in New York (of all places!) just got a big boost in staffing and media coverage.
    Introductory induction to this story: “Hawk Newsome, the co-founder and chairman of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York (BLMGNY), says New York City’s vaccine mandate is fundamentally racist, given the low rate of vaccination in the black community. A whopping 85.6 percent of black people in the state of New York are completely unvaccinated, according to state data. ‘I think, in a perfect world, [vaccine requirements] should be business by business. But it could be a slippery slope, so the mandate should be removed completely,’ Newsome told the Washington Examiner.”

    Please GOD, do not return me to the “perfect world” Mr. Newsome envisions! Langley might seriously consider replacing whoever got tasked with writing that man’s script for this show! Such nonsense.

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