BLOODBATH: Black Psycho Slaughters White Female in Killing Frenzy

Beautiful student Samantha, age 21, dies under 120 stab wounds and loses over eight pints of blood.

By Anastasia Katz
The Unz Review
August 6, 2021

Edited for brevity by Lasha Darkmoon,
with pictures, captions and brief commentary

In March 2019, Samantha Josephson, a white 21-year-old from New Jersey, was finishing her senior year at the University of South Carolina. When she learned she had been accepted to Drexel Law School on a full scholarship, she decided to celebrate at the Bird Dog, a pub in the Five Points night-club area of Columbia. Her boyfriend Greg Corbishly was not with her that night, but she kept in touch by calling and texting.

Samantha (pictured here)  called to tell her boyfriend him she had sent for an Uber to take her home, and he tracked her ride, using the Find My Friend app. He knew the route from the Bird Dog to her home; he had taken it many times himself. He noticed that she was going in the wrong direction, and that the app stopped tracking her. He assumed she had left her phone in the Uber car. Josephson’s roommates called him the next morning, saying she had not come home, so he drove two hours to Columbia to look for her.

Josephson’s roommate testified in court that she began to worry about her friend when she learned Josephson had not showed up at work that day. She and the boyfriend went to the Bird Dog, where staff let them look at security camera footage that showed Josephson getting into a black Chevrolet Impala, which she appeared to think was her Uber ride. They called the police.

Miss Josephson’s body was discovered that day by hunters in the woods of New Zion. She had been dumped not far from the home of the parents of the 27-year-old black man — Nathaniel Rowland — who would be charged with her murder.

Samantha Josephson, age 21, is killed after getting into a fake Uber taxi. Who was driving the taxi? Was it  Nathaniel Rowland,  age 27, who was later charged with her murder? 

The Trial begins

Mr. Rowland’s trial, which brought to light many details of the murder, began on July 19 and ended on July 27. It was largely ignored by national media; the New York Times never mentioned it, though the Washington Post and New York Post wrote about the trial’s conclusion.

The presiding judge, Clifton Newman, was black, and several of the jurors were black.

In opening statements, a white public defender said testimony would show that Mr. Rowland’s car had been used without his permission, and that his father would testify that he was at a party that night, so he could not have been the killer. In the end, the defense called no witnesses, and Mr. Rowland did not testify.

Surveillance video from a nearby Wendy’s showed Mr. Rowland in his black Impala that night. Several cameras caught the car in motion, as Mr. Rowland circled several times around the Bird Dog, making U-turns, “like a shark hunting for prey,” as an officer later put it. At one point, he went the wrong way down a one-way street. Cameras also caught a sheet tied to the driver’s side headrest.

In the videos, Josephson is standing by herself on the sidewalk in front of the busy restaurant, talking on her phone, as Mr. Rowland’s car drives past her and pulls into a parking space to turn around. His Impala jumps a curb to pull into an empty handicapped space next to Josephson. She opens the rear, driver’s-side door, says something, and gets in.

Cell phone towers tracked both Josephson’s and Mr. Rowland’s phones, which traveled together for 20 minutes before her phone turned off at 2:33 a.m. Rowland’s phone was traced to the Rosewood neighborhood of Columbia, where his sister lives.

Later that night, surveillance cameras from two ATMs caught a man of the same size and build as Mr. Rowland unsuccessfully trying to withdraw money using what the ATMs detected to be Josephson’s bank card. His face was not clear because he pulled his jacket up to cover his nose and mouth.

A phone tech from Cellular City testified that a man came to his shop that night, wanting to sell a rose gold iPhone 7 Plus for $300. There was no password lock on the phone, and he saw a photo of white woman. He was not willing to pay $300, so he gave it back. During the trial, the Cellular City employee identified Mr. Rowland as the man who tried to sell him the phone.

Mr. Rowland’s girlfriend and the mother of his child, Monica Howard, testified that Mr. Rowland came home the night before the killing, but when she woke up the next morning to go to work, he was gone. She no longer went partying with him, she said, because she was working double shifts at McDonald’s to support the daughter they had together. Miss Howard was annoyed that Mr. Rowland was gone that morning, because she had given him her work shirt to launder, and had left her McDonald’s visor in the back seat of his car. Her story was corroborated by phone records; at 5:31 a.m., she sent him a text, “Wya,” meaning, “Where you at?”

Mr. Rowland eventually showed up in his black Impala. Her work shirt was still wet from being washed, but she put it on. She asked where her visor was, and he replied, “In the country.”

She asked, “Why is it in the country?”

He told her that it had blood on it. When she asked why, he said, “Mind your business.”

As her boyfriend drove her to work, Miss Howard noticed dried blood on the dashboard and the back seat. She asked if he had hit a dog. Mr. Rowland again said, “Mind your business.” She also noticed a spotted sheet, covered with blood, tied to the driver’s side headrest.

After she came home from work, Miss Howard saw Mr. Rowland wearing blue surgical gloves and cleaning his car with wipes. She asked why he was washing the car with wipes. He said, “Mind your business.”

Their daughter was at Miss Howard’s mother’s house, and they went to pick her up. Miss Howard drove while Mr. Rowland sat in the passenger seat, cleaning a multi-tool that had two knife blades. Miss Howard noticed that the car smelled of chlorine, and she saw a bottle of bleach in the car. Mr. Rowland told her he did not want to put their daughter in the back seat because of the blood, but it was the only place the booster seat would go, so they strapped her in. The child’s shoes had blood on them when they got home, and Miss Howard texted her mother about that.

Miss Howard noticed that Mr. Rowland had a rose-gold iPhone, in perfect condition, which she assumed was a woman’s phone. She asked him where he got it, and he said he had found it. Mr. Rowland left home at about midnight.

When Miss Howard saw a news report about Samantha Josephson’s disappearance, and saw a video of her boyfriend’s car, she knew what had happened, but she was afraid to call the police. She was awakened later that night when the police came to her house to question her. She told them everything she had seen.

Mr. Rowland was sitting in his car alone when police found his vehicle at about 2:30 a.m. There was a strong smell of marijuana coming from the car. The officer asked him to get out and he complied, but kept his hands in his pockets. The officer said, “Get your hands out of your pockets. What are you, crazy?”

Mr. Rowland started running but was caught two blocks away. Samantha Josephson’s DNA was found on his bandana, shoes, and socks, and under his fingernails. Miss Josephson’s iPhone was in the car and child safety locks were turned on. Police concluded that Mr. Rowland had used this feature to trap his victim, because Josephson would not have been able to open the rear doors or windows. Josephson’s bare footprint was on the car’s rear window, a sign that she had tried to kick her way out.

Samantha Josephson’s blood and DNA were found all over the car: the rear seat, the rear center console, the driver’s side headrest, the gearshift, the seat backs, and the roof. Miss Howard’s McDonald’s visor was found in the trunk; it also had Josephson’s blood on it.

Police searched the backyard of Mr. Rowland’s and Miss Howard’s apartment and found the murder weapon inside a plastic shopping bag left in a trash can. The double-bladed multi-tool had both Mr. Rowland’s and Samantha Josephson’s DNA on it. There was also a spotted sheet in the bag with Josephson’s DNA on it. This appears to have been the one visible in the videos. The bag also contained blue surgical gloves, a shirt, and a pair of pants that had DNA from both people, and paper towels that tested positive for Josephson’s blood. Her blood was also found on Mr. Rowland’s daughter’s shoes.

This bloody sheet (pic) was found in the bag.
Mr. Rowland’s shirt (pic) was also found in the bag.

There was an envelope in the trash, with Josephson’s blood on it, and these words, in Mr. Rowland’s handwriting: “Duck tape – tape whole body/gloves/All black/Flip phone/Gasoline/Matches.”

Despite this list, Josephson’s body was neither taped nor burned. She was found on her back, fully clothed, with her shirt pulled up toward her head. That probably happened when she was dragged by her feet to where she was dumped. Her shirt, which was orange, was so soaked with blood that it looked red. She had stab wounds from head to toe. The toe straps were broken off, but her sandals were still attached to her ankles. Markings on her face were consistent with being dragged. There was no sign of a struggle at that location where she was found. Forensic investigators determined that she was killed in the car.

Dr. Thomas Beaver, a forensic pathologist, did the autopsy and found that Josephson had 120 stab wounds, mostly on the right side of her body. He testified that the average human has over a gallon of blood in his body, but Josephson had only two tablespoons, making it hard to get a large enough sample even for toxicology tests.

Dr. Beaver found three wounds he considered lethal:

  • A stab wound behind her ear, through her skull, and into her brain.
  • A stab wound that damaged the hyoid bone in her neck.
  • A stab wound that cut her carotid artery and made her bleed out.

The doctor also found:

  • A collapsed right eye.
  • Many stab wounds to her ear, lower back, side, arms, elbows, and leg, including a 7cm deep wound on her thigh, which was the deepest.
  • A defensive wound to her palm that went completely through her hand.

Samantha’s  bloody underwear (pic) is shown to the jury.

The doctor testified that a pattern of close stab wounds showed she had been stabbed very rapidly. He also found wounds that were exactly parallel to each other, which came from Mr. Rowland’s multi-tool. She was stabbed with both the double and single blades.

The murder weapon (pic) is shown to the jury.

Mr. Rowland faced three charges: Murder; kidnapping; and possession of a weapon during a violent crime. He was not charged with a hate crime, nor was he charged with rape. No one mentioned his motive during the trial.

Was Mr. Rowland pretending to be an Uber driver? He might have known that ride-share services are popular with students who get so drunk they can’t drive. An Uber customer gets a photo of his driver, but Josephson’s driver that night was a black man of the same build as the killer. In the dark, she probably couldn’t tell them apart. The real driver testified at trial that when he showed up, she wasn’t there. Her killer got to her first.

Closing and verdict

Mr. Rowland’s defense had weak closing arguments. Instead of the seemingly competent white woman who gave the opening statement, a black woman handled the close. It was almost as if the team had decided the case was hopeless, so the black woman might as well get some experience.

Her arguments made no sense. “I’m almost confused. After all these years, why it is that we even bother with DNA testing?” she asked. She continued:

Why do we take swabs and submit them to analysts if we’re going to stand here and try to convince y’all that it doesn’t matter what they say? Then why do we do it? I don’t have an answer to that. If we’re not supposed to pay attention to what the scientists tell us, then why are we sending stuff to science?

She tried to sow doubt by saying that Mr. Rowland had run from the police because the officer shouted, “Are you crazy?” and not because he was guilty. She said that riding in a car with blood in it does not make you a murderer, and that if it did, Mr. Rowland’s girlfriend should have been charged. She reminded the jury that when Mr. Rowland was arrested, he had no injuries, and a scraping from under Josephson’s fingernail did not show Mr. Rowlands’s DNA, which suggested she did not fight back. (There were scratches on his jacket that showed Josephson had been clawing at him as she tried to fight him off.) After less than two hours of deliberation, the jury found Nathaniel Rowland guilty of all three charges. The Josephson family hugged each other and cried.

The sentencing hearing was held immediately after the verdict. In her victim impact statement, Marci Josephson, the victim’s mother said,

“Her dreams were my dreams, and her death was my death. I close my eyes and I feel what she endured at his hands, 120 times, over and over and over, fighting for her life, locked in his car . . . The final moments, her bare feet kicking and fighting for her life. I visualize the blood flowing from her body. . . . For what? The $35 a college student has in her bank account? . . . I was planning my trip to Columbia in 2019 to watch my daughter graduate from college. Instead, I went to Colombia to gather her belongings. . . . I try to move forward each day, but forever will be broken.”

Josephson’s father tearfully said that the loss of his daughter was so terrible he considered suicide several times.

Mr. Rowland said, “I know I’m innocent, but I guess what I know, what I think really doesn’t matter. I just wish the state would have done more in finding out who the actual person was, instead of being satisfied with detaining me and proving my guilt.”

Mr. Rowland’s mother tried to tell Judge Newman that her son was innocent, but he cut her off. “Ma’am, I’m not going to hear any claims of innocence,” he said. “He has been convicted by the jury.”

Judge Newman also said he was convinced of the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. “All roads led to you,” he told Mr. Rowland. “Every speck of evidence led to you.” The judge added that this was the “most severe” murder he had seen, and that leniency was not part of his DNA. He sentenced Nathaniel Rowland to life in prison. In South Carolina a life sentence means there can never be parole. Prosecutors, for reasons they did not disclose, did not seek the death penalty.


“White  lives don’t matter.”
— Anonymous Black, quoted below

LD:  Endnote. The reason why white-on-black rapes are exceptionally rare, with some American states  having zero such rapes a year, is that most white men do not find black women all that attractive. They prefer white women. Black men, on the other hand, find white women extraordinarily  appealing and often lust after them far more than after their own kind, much to the annoyance of the black female.

The case discussed above is an anomaly, in that the black killer did not actually get round to raping his victim in what was obviously a sexually motivated crime fuelled by race hatred. He had already worn himself out in  his killing frenzy after inflicting 120 stab wounds on his victim and shedding eight pints of her blood.  Incredibly, forensic experts were unable to obtain more than two tablespoons of blood from her mangled corpse. Move over Count Dracula. 

The writer concludes by offering this speculation:  “My guess — and it’s only a guess — is that Mr. Rowland wanted to humiliate, rape, and kill a white woman. The sheet over the front seat was surely there to catch blood. Did she fight back and send him into an uncontrollable, murderous, ‘How-dare-this-white-bitch-fight-me?’ frenzy? We will probably never know. Probably, we are not supposed to know.”

It’s also possible that the exquisite thrill of killing a “snow bunny” (black slang for a sexy white woman) was enough to send the killer into paroxysms of pleasure, causing him to ejaculate without the need for actual sex.

The callous  brutality of this black-on-white murder is illustrated by this deleted comment from Facebook by an anonymous fellow black:  “White lives don’t matter. Give the nigga extra points if he raped her first  lol.”

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    1. Does this happen a lot to White women in South Africa, proving LD’s bizarre comment that black men fancy white women more than black women? This revelation from LD came as an eyeopener to me. I find it hard to believe:

      The reason why white-on-black rapes are exceptionally rare, with some American states having zero such rapes a year, is that most white men do not find black women all that attractive. They prefer white women. Black men, on the other hand, find white women extraordinarily appealing and often lust after them far more than after their own kind, much to the annoyance of the black female.

      I find this comment objectionable in many ways and the article is racist propaganda. LD should think twice before stirring up hatred against black people by posting such inflammatory articles. Not all blacks are going around butchering white women like there’s no tomorrow.

      1. Personal disclosure.

        I went for a wilderness holiday 12 years ago to Pacific Rim National Park in British Columbia and was set upon by three skinheads who tried to gang rape me. All three were White with swastika tattoos splashed on their bare chests. I was on my own that morning. My boyfriend was back at the tent rustling up breakfast for us, while I took a short stroll in the pinewoods. This guy comes up to me out of nowhere, the leader of the pack, and says “Heil Hitler!, I’m gonna rape you for the Fuhrer!”

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        My black rescuers were real charmers. Beautiful white teeth, gorgeous smiles. I went weak at the knees and wanted to hug them. Anyway, they escorted me back to the tent. I invited them to have brunch with me and Alan, my boyfriend. Alan had cooked up some scrambled eggs and organic sausages. They declined politely, because one of them was a vegan and the other was a nutritionist who said sausages were killer food and advised us not to eat them. Quite considerate of him, also proving he was an educated guy with a higher IQ than my White trash Nazi attackers.

        Anyway, the idea that all blacks are potential rapists is nonsense. I don’t buy it. I’ll forever be grateful to my black rescuers.

          1. Of course I complained about the sex attack! Wouldn’t you? But most complaints of sexual assault get nowhere.

            1. Pat,

              ALL the cops in the police station were *GASP* White — so of course they covered up the crimes of their *GASP* fellow White NATIONSOZIALISTISCHE DEUTSCHE ARBEITERPARTEI WHITE NAZI BRUDER KAMERAD who tried to *GASP* RAPE sweet innocent lamb Madame in the woods — in The Fuhrer’s die Ehrung!

            2. Darkmooners,
              Recently Donaldo was given a SPANKING by ADMINISTRATION Toby for being “fictitious.” But what is REALITY anyway? Also. According to Donaldos life experience of 53 years, the TRUTH is stranger than fiction. He could relate countless stories but won’t. Madame was supposedly almost raped by Nazis years ago. Really? Ok. But a woman wouldn’t exactly divulge such sensitive information on a website such as Darkmoon would she? Anyway, on topic. It’s time for American society to wake up and smell the ☕. Women should not be walking the streets late at night unaccompanied by a large 💪 white male who knows how to take care of business. The DARKIE negroe who committed this crime will be locked up for the rest of his animal life. Good. Anyway. Survival instinct isn’t given. The weak perish and the strong survive. 🤨🤠

        1. ROTFLMAO!!!!! 😂😂😂😂

          If this offering by Mdm Butterbrain isn’t the MOST CONTRIVED piece of DRIVEL you’ve EVER read, I like to know what is!!!!

          Looks like she made a list of every counter-factual PC Dogma imaginable – even shoe-horning in “nutritional advice” from a vegan! ( which she somehow remembered verbatim after such a horrendous ordeal! 😂) – to stitch together this litany of pathological lies into a ludicrous “Femme Fatale” hallucination – likely alcohol-induced! – that deserves NOTHING LESS than complete contempt and total DERISION!!
          Oh yeah… didn’t you just LUUVVV that “organic sausage” line!

          1. @ stimpy

            Offer PROOF that it’s a “blatantly fabricated story”.
            If all you can do is belch out an ad hominem insults,
            it’s best to keep your foam-flecked lips BUTTONED! 🙂

      2. That’s liberal-ass bullshit, Madame Butthole. Your mind is skewed (perhaps with alcohol??). That nigger needs slow-hanging, over a fire.

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  1. Madame is doing a better job playing the role of a female victim of the NAZIS than the acting job Meryl Streep did as Zofia “Sophie” Zawistowski in “Sophie’s Choice” .

    ” Heil Hitler!, I’m gonna rape you for the Fuhrer!” ROFLMFAO!!!!! ONLY a JEW script writer could come up with that line, lol. Madame is a great actress and a great script writer!

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  2. The story is so good maybe the Hollywood jews will buy the story from Madame and turn it into a movie — I hope the jews get Meryl Streep to play the role of Madame. Streep did such a great job in Sophie’s Choice! We need a great actress to do this story the justice it deserves. *grin*

  3. Madame
    I agree and disagree with your above comments.
    It isn’t only about how pretty one woman is and how ugly is the other like the article states, most of these men are very sick; they are psychos.. they aren’t looking for beauty. You might ask.. . Why then only white women are victims of these black sexual predators ?
    Here you will find two things if you research further ..1- they attack black women too but the rape on white women gets more attention because of the racist divisions in America.
    Add to their sexual derrangment their inner hate for whites and you get this; a monster.
    It’s the perfect Love/hate relationship. Or better yet: Sex/ Hate.
    Let’s be honest The system does punish these wakos pretty hard, but like I said, they are sick and sometimes beat the system come out and do it again even worse …
    They use to castrate men in the US but it was a long time ago..
    Here is what they did to these gentlemen in Rome

  4. Madame,

    How come you never railed/rail against the Pakistani grooming gangs in the U.K. raping White girls and throwing White girls into sex slavery? How come you never railed/rail against the Islamic Muslim RAPE JIHAD against White women going on in Europe? You live either in Norway or the U.K. or have homes in both places, as you sometimes say you live in Norway, sometimes you say you live in the U.K.. Yet, you NEVER have a word of complaint about the RAPE of White women/White girls in Europe and in the U.K. by BLACKS and BROWNS.

    Personally, I think you live in either Los Angeles, Plano Texas, Austin Texas, or Israel.

    1. @ TROJ
      @ Other attackers of Madame Butterfly

      [TO TROJ] Wrong! SEVEN of your ranting comments have been posted today. Most of them attack Madame Butterfly. Without providing a shred of evidence, may I add, that the lady is lying.

      I have no reason to doubt her veracity.

      She isn’t the first female on this website to tell us she almost got raped by white guys and was rescued by a black man. A poster called KAREN told us a very similar story about 3-4 years ago. She said she was attacked in a Toronto park by two WHITE TRASH Canadians when a handsome muscular black guy (who looked like a bodybuilder) intervened and drove them away. Karen wasn’t trying to put in a good word for blacks because she was actually a neo-Nazi White Nationalist (sympathetic to Adolf Hitler) and a regular poster on The Occidental Observer.

      So you guys need to explain why none of you attacked Karen for telling us that blacks rescued her from white rapists, when here you are attacking Madame Butterfly for telling the same story.

      MB’s story sounds pretty authentic to me. Why doubt it when you haven’t an iota of evidence that she’s lying? Jeering at her isn’t going to prove her guilty. 🙂

      1. I’m telling the truth, Toby.
        Cross my heart and swear to die.
        I’ve no motive for lying. CUI BONO?

        1. @ MB

          I have no problem believing you. Your story has all the hallmarks of authenticity. Those who mock and execrate you are fools and knaves.They have no credibility whatsoever, since every single comment from them is an ad hominem attack — an infallible sign they have lost the argument.

              1. Sorry, I had no idea the name ‘Morningstar’ had already been taken. I’ve had this name on other sites but only for a few weeks. I’ll change it to temporarily to ‘Daystar’, then probably find a completely different moniker.

                Admin, apologies for any confusion caused.

      2. Yes… “Karen’s” script DOES sound eerily “similar” doesn’t it…. as if the two parties allegedly on the receiving-end of “White Supremacist attacks” were, at the very least, singing from a shared Hymnal…. one of obfuscation & misdirection…

        Hmmm… 🤔

  5. “LD: Endnote. The reason why white-on-black rapes are exceptionally rare, with some American states having zero such rapes a year, is that most white men do not find black women all that attractive. They prefer white women.”
    “Black men, on the other hand, find white women extraordinarily appealing and often lust after them far more than after their own kind, much to the annoyance of the black female.”
    Blacks rape and kill white women because they are of a different race, which blacks can consider to be sub-human, even if more adorable, especially when they’ve become overwhelmed with the rape urge… Sex has a certain amount of aggression inherent that eventually manifests as violence in society where deprivation exists, and it is possible that pornography actually acts to ventilate those aggressions on the psychological level first… It is a common protestant/catholic religious ethic that the sexual urges be subliminated into work…
    At the same time the woman of the different race is actually more desirable as an unconditional encounter….
    Men, and women too, often want sex free of attachments… Not having that is a form of confinement… And prostitution should be legal, if well regulated… And it would be if it were not for religious influence/control over government… Their legalized form of it is called marriage…

    “The case discussed above is an anomaly, in that the black killer did not actually get round to raping his victim in what was obviously a sexually motivated crime fuelled by race hatred. He had already worn himself out in his killing frenzy after inflicting 120 stab wounds on his victim and shedding eight pints of her blood.”
    I would ask if he had actually ejaculated at any time during the attack…
    After the deprivation has continued long enough it can happen without much contact…
    If you saw ‘The Last Detail’, Jack Nicholson and Otis Young are navy lifers taking Randy Quade from their installation to a naval prison… He got 8 years for a petty crime… Things happen and along the way they start acting like sailors rather than cops and take him to a whorehouse… He gets with the woman but he ejaculates before the insertion is made…
    One thing I’ve noticed with females is that they often lose the border between reality and fantasy…
    It’s kind of a poetic thing, you might say…
    I’m not saying men can’t do it too, the bun-heads are picked up on it, tying to work the female four-flusher political angle for themselves, more reward, less effort…
    But I have seen it clearly with females… Rape fantasies are common…
    They can make all kinds of other stuff up too, and believe it, when it serves them in various kinds of court actions… On a psychological level they consider themselves inherently cast into a state of exigency, which gives them survival-license to make things up… Their know they’re responsible for the infants too… Their survival, coming out on top, is more important to them than playing by the rules, one of which is – you cant lie… In fact prosecutions for perjury in civil trials, where lawyers do most of their robbery, are pretty much unheard of anymore… I’m betting that’s because most females are lying about stuff all the time and it’s too rocky on the lawyer$$$$ apply cart actually pushing the perjury thing…
    One thing that was brought out – blacks are never prosecuted for Hate Crimes against white people… And SARITA is right, hate for whites is common…
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    Their idea of ‘equality’ is that whites have to give back centuries of grief to the blacks before the scales can re-balance… In their one-sided view of history, blacks have the basic right to hate whites…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      “LD: Endnote. The reason why white-on-black rapes are exceptionally rare, with some American states having zero such rapes a year, is that most white men do not find black women all that attractive. They prefer white women.”
      HAHA – WRONG…

      This is not LD’s personal OPINION you are saying is “wrong”. This is an official report. Several opinion polls and surveys show that very few white men molest black women in public places (e.g, in parks, subways etc). The huge number of black women who get raped get raped mostly by black men.

      Of course there are some VERY attractive black women (e.g, Naomi Campbell, Beyonce, etc) that lots of white men wouldn’t say “NO!” to. 🙂 But such black bombshells are exceptional. Ask the average white guy if he finds the average black cleaner or MacDonalds cook attractive and he will tell you “No”.

      On the other hand, a White scorcher like Taylor Swift is a sensational SEX OBJECT for almost EVERY man, both black and white.

      1. Por favor Sr Monica… include me OUT of “EVERY”!

        Granted TS is LIGHT YEARS ahead of your typical – black or white – fat-slob loud-mouth tattoo’ed tramp… but when you’ve “been around the block” as many times as “yours truly”, you know a vacuous dime-a-dozen (at least in my milieu) painted tart when you see one!

        And that’s assuming anorexic specimens (not enough “organic sausages” for breakfast, I guess! 😂) like Taylor, even manage to make a “blip” on my personal “radar”… BEFORE being assessed for what’s “between the ears”! 😎

  6. “Nabila Riffo is a Chilean woman who barely survived after her former partner took her eyes off, battered her, and left her moribund on the pavement. Lucia was 16 years old when she died after being drugged, raped, and impaled in Mar del Plata city, Argentina. Between 2013 and 2016, in El Salvador, 90 percent of cases of rape to girls 15 years-old or under have resulted unpunished; Indeed, judges have considered the victim “seemed a grown-up woman”, have “recognized” the rapist embraced good intentions, and they have even encouraged marriage between offender and victim. Florencia was 9 years old when her step-father locked her in the woodshed, burned her up, and buried her. Yuliana was 8 years old when a wealthy architect abducted her, drove her to his apartment, and killed her by suffocating. Since the early 1990s, around the Mexico-U.S. border close to Ciudad Juarez, hundreds and hundreds of teenagers and young women have been kidnapped and killed. Just a few of their corpses have been found in the desert surrounding the city. Many of them have died as a result of grotesque and sexualized torture and most of the cases are still unsolved due to a pervasive impunity. There are countless likely cases of Latin American women brutally raped, battered, and killed by their partners or by other relatives and strangers”
    I have had to pull my little friend a couple of times on punks here in Colombia ..
    Yes I got a pretty israeli made Desert Eagle (i use Magnum .44 ) and because I am kinda short not very short but what I mean is that my size makes it look really big, very, very big.
    Upon meeting it they stutter “No señorita, que pena, yo no quise decir eso, no se preocupe, por favor por favor”

    me: “hágale gonorrea hijueputa, pirobo!!! Vuela de aquí!”
    I didnt point it at them, i just waved it, it feels good.!
    Thankgod i haven shot no one yet but if they step up it will be in the stomach because that’s where it hurts the most ..
    The other day a man came complaining to my mom “oh señora, your daughter, she pulled a gun on me, i didn’t do anything to her, buhuu u buhuu hu”
    Then my mom as usual believed the punk and was like “you got a gun? Give me the friking gun!” I just left and stashed it at a girlfriends house, who by the way was a victim not long ago, i am looking for the punk.
    So this situation is no laughing matter and the ugly part is that some women are just pussies and my advice is to resist and yell and slap and kick, do not expect mercy because men like that are evil, they are very sick and if given the opportunity that guy that abused my friend i am gonna castrate him and stick his flubby piece of meat inside his mouth.
    And take a pic. Upload it in TiC TOC.
    Desert Eagle, baby !
    I love how it sounds when you pull it and charge it chak Chak!! That’s how it sounds: ..Chak Chak! And what I love most is to see the look of surprise and fear in their faces
    “Hágale gonorrea hijueputa, pirobo!!”
    You’re not touching me, hair on toes stinking punk!

  7. God get over yourselves!! Not every black person is obsessed with you people. Most of you wanna be like us, you talk like us, act like us and think like us. Especially young people.

    So cut it out, I know you won’t even post my comment because you’re a racist POS. The age of your race is over!!!! You’re no longer the image of beauty, black is beautiful. Pale is lame.

    1. Black may be beautiful, tan might be grand – but white’s still the color of the big boss man! 👌

  8. After reading the article, I would like to apologize to you and everyone. Please delete the above comment I made, it was very insensitive. I only commented that as a reflex without having read the article. Now that I read the awful, painful brutallity inflicted on that young lady by that filthy POS. I feel very sorry. Im deeply saddened by what that poor child went through. No one deserves to die like that.. I can just image her screams, holding her palms out, begging for mercy.

    I really cannot understand how anybody can do such a thing to any human being. As a 27 year old black man living in South Africa, I read these kinds of stories now and again in the Newspapers but still can’t explain what drives a man to commit these sickening acts. This must be bigger than this realm, it has to be some kind of demonic possession.

    I pray for that poor child’s family, I hope they find peace and harmony in their lives. May God be with her, may she rest in peace. 🙏🙏🙏😢

  9. “White men don’t find black women appealing…”

    Lasha you need to cut the B.S and focus on the subject at hand. This article is about a disgusting murder and all you’re interested in is pushing your race based garbage to your ignorant, nit witted audience. JUST STOP THAT!!

    If you have problems with your unappealing, horrid physical features.. don’t try to project that our way as a whole race. There are more white men in interracial marriages and relationships than every other race COMBINED!! And that’s statistical fact.

    You’re just mad that you missed the Mandingo gravy train in your earlier years. Now you’re sitting there wherever you are fixated on getting raped by an Ape man hell bent on white domination. Lol!

    That’s not gonna happen. We’re satisfied with who we are and aren’t interested in you old lady. You’re aren’t all that. 💯

    1. I don’t think Lasha’s mild comment was in any way meant to be offensive or racist. Be thankful that your ad hominem attack on her has not been deleted. You are lucky to find yourself on a site that believes in free speech. However, I would advise you to exercise self-moderation and watch your tongue if you wish to join the commentariat here. if you cross our red lines, you will be banned. So watch it!

  10. 2 Timothy 3:1-5

    “But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. 2 For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, 4 treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.”

    We don’t know exactly when the end will come, but certainly.. judging by the events we see everyday, It will come very soon. That is according to Scripture. God is allowing this earth to simmer & fester in wickedness until all of us cannot take it anymore, only when life upon this earth becomes totally unbearable ( like in The days of Noah or Sodom & Gommorah ) will God then act to destroy all wickedness.

    It’s going to get worse, far worse than we can currently ever imagine. Like Alex Jones always says: “We need to get our hearts right with God…”

  11. ADMIN
    “This is not LD’s personal OPINION you are saying is “wrong”. This is an official report. Several opinion polls and surveys show that very few white men molest black women in public places (e.g, in parks, subways etc). The huge number of black women who get raped get raped mostly by black men.”
    Thanks for your reply…
    The reason most black women get raped by black men is not because white men don’t find black women ‘attractive’… It is because white men are generally not as prone to such criminal activity… Sure, there are plenty of white rapists on the books, but I would bet the stats say per-capita that blacks are ten times the rapists whites are, just the same as the murder rates… Black females are getting raped by black men because black men are violent rapists, not because of anything white men do or don’t do…
    Rape is a crime of violence, always with a sexual kicker…
    Murder is not necessarily sexual… And blacks murder each other at a terrible pace too…
    The crime addressed below is even more egregious than the one above, in that there were two victims and five perpetrators, and the torture was done on purpose over a prolonged period of time….
    It was a racial hate crime – no doubt about it… Committed by inhuman 2-digit blacks whose collective score came out even smaller…
    Their crime was barely touched by the Jew media – because it doesn’t fit the SPLC ADL BIDEN CHICOMMIECRAT political narrative of blacks as always only innocent victims of white supremacists…
    “Something is very broken in our national media, and there is no place this is more evident than in the selective reporting of black on white vs. white on black crime.”
    Something is broken all right… What’s broken is – Jews control the media and they censor it for their own purposes… The ZOG Jews’ main concern is that their faction stays in power over the USA, like Chuckie Shumer says — “I’m here for Israel”…… Compared to that, blacks committing all kind of hate crimes against whites just doesn’t count…
    If that means they censor black on white crime for political purposes, that’s what they do…

    1. Totally accurate your response is. Thank you. And for the “black deniers”…they are no more or less of the same spirit of the murderer of this innocent young woman. No one escapes the JUSTICE OF ALMIGHTY GOD in the realms of eternity…and if there are those who in so many words or no words…deny the truth of the history of black on white rape and MURDERS in this country…then they shall be with the same in eternity with the liar and murderer from the beginning

      This history has been spiritually engineered by the synagogue of Satan Jews who have used blacks when the bought and brought them here documented (blaming whites no less) for their own new world order of Latter Day Sodom and Gomorrah which they are the authors and promoters of targeting Whites in particular. This is why Jesus said their father was the DEVIL!

      1. Jyoji on August 17, 2021 at 10:22 pm

        @lewis jones, who on August 15, 2021 at 6:00 pm wrote:

        * To Lucy Skipping– “Madame Butterfly” [MB] invented a fake name and may also have invented a fake propaganda piece. Even if it is 100 per cent true, we call this kind of thing “anecdotal evidence”, with a statistical value of zero. We have to look at the overall situation. *

        A very astute observation, lewis. What I find more astounding on the site is a change that occurred about 4 years ago. Certain administrators (Admins) of the website have taken on pseudo names like MB, but “pseudo” moderators, even one claiming to be an ex-Catholic nun claim that these Admins are simply regular posters.

        I have seen those comments stated and submitted initially, received by E-mail, to be different than those finalized. I have also seen posted message time stamps changed, causing preferred posts to occur earlier to submitted ones.

        It would be different if they logged in as a regular user, then it could be argued that their comments are subjected to the same ground rules as of regular commenters.

        For example, Admin “MB” had this to say in Darkmoon topic,

        * It is up to the discerning reader to distinguish between the wheat and the chaff, between the gold dust and the dog shit. Unfortunately, many readers here don’t know the difference between the two. Yukon Jack is a lunatic at large, and those who follow this pied piper of poppycock will fall into the ditch. Don’t make the mistake, dear friends, of sucking this sociopath’s syphilitic dick. *

        Then Admin “MB” makes this hypocritical comment:

        * You use of New Testament quotes to in the context of a rational discussion involving medico-scientific questions is not only inappropriate but positively embarrassing. And I say this as a Christian, a committed Christian. *

        Then, another Admin “Alice” chimes in with:

        * You are easily shocked, Flan. MORE ON YUKON JACK Personally, I found Madame Butterfly’s “ad hominem attack” on Yukon Jack bracing and refreshing. In fact, I wish it had been stronger. Yukon Jack is a known sexual pervert who has abused several women in his area. *

        This type of trash talk reminiscent of a Jerry Springer episode has no place in what would normally be considered as sane, adult discussion in politics, world events and literary art.

        Then, to top it off, Admin “moderator” Sister Monica at time had this to say:

        * The moderators have not addressed a single word of criticism to you. The only person here to lecture you on your misuse of the scriptures was Madame Butterfly and she did so politely. Sardonicus then agreed with her. Neither Madame Butterfly nor Sardonicus are moderators. They are ordinary commenters and they happen to be Christians like yourself. So why you should have a fit of hysterics is a mystery to me. If you were a genuine Christian, you would not have taken offense. You are more concerned with saving face and refuse to accept constructive criticism. You also accuse the moderators falsely of criticising you.

        * As to how we moderate this site, that is up to us. We do our best but lack the time and resources to read every comment we pass, especially the long ones which e tend to skip. It is not for arrogant pipsqueaks like you to lecture us how to run our website. A final word for you sir. You are a poor advertisement for Christianity. What has all that scripture reading done for you if all you can do is have hissy fits when you are criticised for your Bible-thumping mania. Frankly, as a former nun myself, I think a non-Christian like Pat is a far nicer person than you are, you bad- tempered, sanctimonious pseudo-Christian.

        * If heaven is full of self-important pseudo-Christians like you, I’d rather be in hell. GOOD RIDDANCE! You are unfit to keep company with the saints. *

        All of this diatribe is uncalled for. But, the current version has all this edited out, what remains is very benign. Basically these Admins change the goal posts by editing their comments, which is not permitted by standard users. (They are under a timed limit of approximately 10 minutes after submittal, in which the basic user is allowed to tweak their messages, correct formatting and spelling errors, after which no more editing is permitted and the language is fixed.)

        The one writer’s only comment that was dealt with harshly with severe criticism was to call these “Admins” as moderators, which in essence they are, no matter what they claim. And, given these admins display very crude manners unbefitting that of web leadership, it is no wonder that many of the quality posters have left

        But, here is the kicker with audacity, Admin Sister Monica had this to say:

        * I get this email from Lasha today. A very strange email that makes me think my dear friend is deeply troubled, if not slightly deranged:

        ** If it’s bad to show reverence to Jesus Christ and his teachings, and if it’s really stupid to love a man whose very existence is questioned, then I confess to being extremely bad and extremely stupid. This is why the Darkmoon site is now hated. Because we love Christ here, and people have gotten to know our guilty secret! Too bad we couldn’t pretend to detest Christianity and announce to the world that we wished to destroy it. That would have made us extremely popular. ** *

        What remains is mostly tribal babble talk, with an occasional good poster who tires and moves on. This is why some have commented that Lasha’s home site is false opposition and not worthy to comment on.

        1. Re JYOJI

          I hate to engage in dialogue with this compulsive wan*er, probably writing from Tel Aviv, who uses the Truthseeker site as his platform for attacking Lasha Darkmoon. I note that he accuses me of working for “Admin”, or of being part of the administrative team on the Darkmoon site. Without bothering to offer even a shred f evidence for his defamatory statement.

          Vile trolls like this don’t need evidence. Their stock-in-trade is ad hominem abuse. The first thing I’d ask this moronic mugwump to do is this: OFFER PROOF for your filthy defamations or SHUT YOUR FOUL MOUTH!

          My second point is this: Lasha Darkmoon can hardly be “Controlled Opposition”, or taking the Jewish shekel as you imply, since she has CROSSED ALL RED LINES as far as the Jews are concerned. She is not only a well-known Holocaust revisionist (i.e. “Holocaust denier”) but also a staunch supporter of the Palestinian cause.

          Here, cretin, read this from the Darkmoon site’s ‘Comment Policy’ info sheet. And tell me if you think this offers proof that Lasha Darkmoon is on the Jewish payroll:

          # 3. This website has been advised by Lasha Darkmoon to stop accepting donations. Anyone who values the work we do is urged to send their donations to a suitable children’s charity, preferably to a charity for crippled children in Occupied Palestine.

          I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that your almost pathological hatred of the Darkmoon site stems from the fact that you were booted off the Darkmoon site for gross misbehavior in the past. I’m not suggesting you are part of a team of Jewish trolls working under the guidance of a Jewish operative known as “TheRealOriginalJoe” (aka “TROJ”) who has plagued the Darkmoon site ever since its inception. They specialize in Christ hatred, Hitler worship, and bestiality porn — in that order! Of course I have no evidence you are part of this vile team of Jew trolls working for Mossad, but you are certainly you up to no good.

          Nothing you have said about the Darkmoon site is true. Everything you have said about the site is grossly offensive and false. Toxic hasbara and poisonous lies!

          It must be so comforting for you to know that you have total anonymity and can hide here being your name “JYOJI”. Cowards like you are beneath contempt. If you had dared to speak to me in a public place as you have done here on this website, with my bodybuilder boyfriend beside me, I’ll tell you this: I’d be sorely tempted like to break every bone is your body, smash your rotten teeth in, and stick my finger into your eye.

          But no, I don’t think I’d bother to go that far. Not worth the risk of getting into trouble for your sake What I’d probably do is just spit in your ugly face.

          Begone, scum!

      2. You’re a delusional Anti-Semitic & racist lunatic.

        I wonder which Bible do you read, because the book of Acts teaches us that God is not partial. Yet each and every man who does His will across the nation’s/races is acceptable to him

        Your senseless tirade only shows your absolute ignorance. You probably don’t even read the Bible yet you have the audacity to consider yourself a Christian. Urgh! 🤢🤢🤮

        1. @ Craig

          No need to sound so snottily superior, sir, as if you had a monoploy on the truth. Your comment is exactly what one would expect from an Israeli or American Jew infected with the rabid Islamophobia one finds in Occupied Palestine today. Come, do tell us how evil the Palestinians are under benign Israeli occupation!

          There are 1.8 billion Muslims in the world and I’d like to inform you that not every single one of these Muslims is a bearded jihadi fanatic chopping off heads in the street with a machete! 🙂

          Only in your diseased imagination, sir.

          Most Muslims live quiet, exemplary lives and are law-abiding citizens.

          I am myself a white Christian. And I have read the Qur’an — not once but several times — and it hasn’t turned me into a bloodthirsty psychopath! 🙂

  12. Madame Butterfly’s account of her near rape sounds specious, particularly the part of her noble black saviors, but let’s give her the benefit of the doubt, at least temporarily. The alleged perpetrators may have been “Nazis” but they sure as Hell were not National Socialists. “Nazi” is a pejorative term dreamed up by the Chozen Pipple. I always found it interesting that the majority of Jews in Israel and the main practitioners of genocide against the Palestinians are Ashkenazi. Please note the last two syllables. Just as no true National Socialist hates anyone strictly because of his or her race, no true National Socialist would ever rape or even harm anyone without cause. The German, National Socialist military of that fratricidal maelstrom effectuated by the Yids known as World War Two was the only one that did not hesitate to execute its soldiers found guilty of raping civilian females.

    1. “The German, National Socialist military of that fratricidal maelstrom effectuated by the Yids known as World War Two was the only one that did not hesitate to execute its soldiers found guilty of raping civilian females”


      Whereas the UK/US/USSR ‘Axis Of ZOG’ forces were ENCOURAGED to go on the ‘rape’age!

      1. @ The Realist
        @ Hereticdrummer
        @ Other Neo-Nazi devotees of Adolf Hitler

        You sad deluded souls are welcome to inhabit your little cocoon of self-deception. Your comments are all factually incorrect, the result neo-Nazi brainwashing — the result of too much reliance on pro-Hitler conspiracy theory sites. Let’s face it, you guys are Hitler fans. That’s where you’re coming from.

        Firstly, it’s true that the words “Nazi” and ” neo-Nazi” are now derogatory terms of abuse. But you can’t hide behind the euphemism “National Socialist”. The idea that National Socialists treated Soviet prisoners-of-war (POW’S) with humanitarian compassion and never raped Soviet women is laughable.

        The horrendous atrocities committed by the German invaders of the Soviet Union after Operation Barbarossa got underway is a matter of record. Soviet women were savagely raped by the invading “Nazi” troops. Tens of thousands of Russians were starved to death. Entire Soviet villages were burnt to the ground with Soviet civilians in them, including women and children. Soviet women had their breasts cut off and Soviet men had their eyes gouged out. By whom? By the German invaders who knew no mercy.

        The result of these Nazi atrocities in the Soviet Union? Savage reprisals by Stalin’s Red Army when they regained the upper hand against Hitler’s hordes of Supermen in search of lebensraum (more land) in the East. 2 million German women were raped by Stalin’s Red Army in the 1944-1945 period, going on until 1947. That is quite true. But these were seen as “REVENGE ATTACKS” against Hitler’s regime.

        The Nazis brought these attacks on themselves by the bloodthirsty atrocities of German troops in he Soviet Union in the previous 2-3 years. The idea that the Nazi invaders of the Soviet Union were “noble warriors”, oozing with humanitarian compassion and high moral principles, is not only laughable. It is factually false. It is manufactured Nazi propaganda, and a thousand documents and eyewitness reports confirm this.

        I repeat: Stalin’s Red Army was guilty of horrendous atrocities against German civilians, including the rape of 2 million German women. But these were REVENGE ATTACKS or REPRISALS against PREVIOUS NAZI ATROCITIES in the Soviet Union.

        Your failure to understand this is proof of your inadequate knowledge of WWII history. It is also proof that you have been thoroughly BRAINWASHED BY NAZI PROPAGANDA. You are neo-Nazis through and through, easily duped admirers of Adolf Hitler, and therefore you have NO CREDIBILITY whatsoever!

        1. @ Hieronymus

          I am in total agreement with this comment. And I’m pleased to see that Admin is not allowing this site to be taken over by the Hitler Brigade.

          Sure, the Allies behaved badly. Especially Stalin and his Red Army. But note that neither Churchill nor Roosevelt were enthusiastic supporters of Stalin, though Roosevelt buttered up Stalin by referring to him flatteringly as “Uncle Joe”. After the War, however, both America and Britain cooled off toward Stalin and eventually ditched the Soviet Union after Stalin’s death in March 1953.

          No side ever emerges from a deadly war like this smelling of roses. All sides have blood on their hands. But some sides have more blood on their hands than others.

          The idea that Germany under Hitler, the defeated side, should be regarded as the noblest and best of the bunch, is too ridiculous for serious consideration. In my humble opinion, anyone who still sings the praises of Hitler and his regime today, is mentally unhinged in some way. As well as spiritually impoverished.

          1. @ SAKI

            Beautifully put as usual.
            Eloquent, succinct, and expressed in measured terms.
            For this you will be hated and reviled by Usual Ranters. 🙂

      2. Yes Realist, very true, horrendous and pathetic. This is just conjecture on my part but I believe that the German high command did not execute rapists in the ranks out of any compassion for the female victims or to effectuate justice. The Germans, in particular the National Socialists, were paragons of efficiency and pragmatism. A soldier who could not control his sexual impulses would be considered a weak, degenerate. Such a man was a severe liability to his squad and company. In combat when all Hell breaks loose, every troop must depend upon his comrades in his unit to not falter. Like the weak link in a chain, the one that breaks puts them all in grave jeopardy. Rapists are not known for heroism or proclivity to maintain their nerve under fire. Therefore, it was necessary to expunge them from the ranks when revealed for the integrity and discipline of the fighting force.

  13. “We must realize that our Party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races, that for centuries have been oppressed by the Whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party … In America, we will aim for subtle victory. While enflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will instill in the Whites, a guilt complex for the exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negroes will be able to intermarry with the Whites, and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

    Israel Cohen

      1. Pat –

        Whether the Jew Cohen said it, or not, the script is obviously being followed. Our only possible reaction is to consciously and actively avoid helping the negroes.


    “No side ever emerges from a deadly war like this smelling of roses. All sides have blood on their hands. But some sides have more blood on their hands than others”.
    Yes, they’re called the winners…
    “War doesn’t prove who’s right… It only proves who’s left”…
    In investigations into war crimes by the British after ww2 the expression ‘War Criminal’ was not allowed to be applied to any Russian…
    The ZOG continued to support their fellow bolsheviks in Russia after Stalin’s death…
    Fred Koch built Russia’s oil infrastructure…
    We shipped tons of hundred dollar bills to Russia to help them pay for everything…
    If it wasn’t for US financial support, the Soviet Union would never have gotten off the ground, probably because the Jews who founded it, set up their ideal state bureaucracy, stole everything in sight…
    The whole Russian threat was played up as a cash cow by the MIC….
    And there’s nothing the Zion like better than white countries fighting with each other…
    As we saw lately, their political stooges still scream about the Russians whenever it suits they lying purpose…
    Pentagon war materials contractors made untold billions hyping the Russian threat….
    “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” — former CIA Director William Colby
    And Probably half of the money that went through the Pentagon in those decades was off the books, still can’t be traced, never will be found… You never hear it prosecuted, as if it never happens, but large portions of every big government aid package are filched off and stolen by insiders…

  15. Omg 😱 Darkmoon!.
    Social media is on fire!
    The nazis, neo cons and hard core genocidal maniacs are very very upset the u.s. is leaving Kabul exactly the same way they left Saigon!
    2 things:
    1-at the time, (some nice guy explained) the u.s. invaded Vietnam and killed 2 million people because …. ready? … the u.s. “disapproved” that the country had a desire to try communism. ..and that it was dangerous to America ..
    The same with Afghanistan, they don’t want them to be Muslim, they disapprove of that .. they used to say they wanted bin Laden, “give us bin laden” but 15 years later they were still there! Same in Iraq! The People, the government everybody are telling then leave, get out, and they are still there, it’s like an addiction!..
    So, the hard core nazis and neo-cons “disapprove” that the u.s. is leaving Afghanistan. ..One of them whose name is Steve said “nuke them, nuke Afghanistan” and the funny thing is that he got a rose next to his name !!! (Like this: Steve 🌹)
    😂 nukes and roses!
    But they are leaving as we speak!
    Even the stupid president of Afghanistan took off, probably to Saudi Arabia, that’s where they all go.
    2- one of the neo-cons was repeating genocidal maniac George Bush’s latest cynical lie “we are so worried about the girls, we are worried about the women”.. 😟
    But. …
    Thank God Somebody hit him with this tweet :
    “On average, there are 463,634 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year in the United States.”
    In other words..
    Stop the hipocrisy, go fix your problems for you got plenty of them.
    And if you feel all cocky and warrior like..

    It looks more and more that, without moving a finger, China is taking over the planet thanks to America’s blood thirst ..
    (Why do they kill so many kids everywhere they go?)

    1. @ Sarita

      Omg 😱 Darkmoon! Social media is on fire! The nazis, neo cons and hard core genocidal maniacs are very very upset the u.s. is leaving Kabul exactly the same way they left Saigon! ETC … ETC … ETC…

      Though these comments about Afghanistan are more than welcome, Sarita, they are not strictly relevant to both the threads on which you have posted them : one article about climate change, the other about black-on-white sex crimes.

      I am not scolding you for being “off-topic” on this occasion, however, given the high quality of your comments and the fact that we need to discuss Afghanistan. Because what is happening in Afghanistan right now is of tremendous political significance.

      So I want to thank you for bringing up this extremely important topic and to tell you that you will be able to return to this subject tomorrow when we publish a sensational new article on Afghanistan. Until then, cheers! 🙂

      1. Uuuups!
        So that’s where it went, to the other thread !
        I was saying maybe they didn’t like it or maybe I did something wrong with the computer so i reposted!
        Sorry about that!.

        1. I was saying “She thinks she’s so important and she thinks what she has to say is so important she’s sending her crappy comment to every commentary thread to make sure everybody reads the crappy comment where instead of telling the truth and saying jews are upset by ZOG’s retreat from Afghanistan she says “NAZIS” instead of saying “jews” so Sarita is full of sh*t”. That’s what I was saying. Then I said “Yeah sure, there’s NAZIS in Washington D.C. and they’re very influential and powerful” and then I starting laughing, like this–> LMFAO!!!!!

  16. MB: It just occurred to me that you give NO mention of your “boyfriend’s” reaction to your “ordeal”…. 🤔

    Since he doesn’t exactly sound like the type who would’ve rushed out to hunt down the perps, I can only assume he gave a sigh and went back to sautéing the sausages….. or, more likely, got down on bended-knee – BLM style – to blow his black benefactors…. assuming, if course, that YOU hadn’t already… Oh NEVER MIND!!😂

    1. @ THE REALIST

      If you think you are scoring points by making tiresome comments about blowjobs, you are wasting your time. You are not only failing to impress the locker room boys on this site, the intellectual riffraff, but bringing needless discredit on yourself. This is because you are obviously an educated man, going on your literary style when you are being sober and serious. So I would urge you to lay off the booze or the cannabis next time you comment here.

      You and I, with any luck, will then be able to discuss things in a more civilised manner. 🙂

    2. MB: It just occurred to me that you give NO mention of your “boyfriend’s” reaction to your “ordeal”…. 🤔

      I made my boyfriend’s reaction to my ordeal quite clear in a comment I made to Pat. I said that I had duly reported the incident to the National Park authorities in an attempt to get my attackers caught and punished. They said they would launch an immediate investigation and that “they took the matter very seriously” and that “the safety of the public is our top priority.”

      However, they got nowhere in their enquiries. My White trash attackers had done a bunk and had sneaked into the camp without even registering as campers. This happens all too often. Would-be rapists don’t usually reveal their identities before striking!

      As for my boyfriend, he was there beside me when I filed my report, giving me all the moral support I needed. What more could he do in the circumstances?

      I don’t really care if you doubt my story. Because I don’t give a damn what you think. Neither dies Admin.

    1. @ Bigfoot

      “Anastasia Katz”. Sounds Jewish to me. So……………..go figure.

      With all due respect, I don’t follow your logic.

      Even if the writer of this article (“Anastasia Katz”) is Jewish, and even if the victim of this horrendous crime (“Samantha Josephson”) is Jewish, so what? How is this relevant? You appear to be suggesting two things:

      (1) that the whole article is fake, since no Jew can be trusted in your opinion, in which case you need to explain why this article was published on the Unz Review, a distinguished AltRight website highly critical of Jews and edit-owned by Ron Unz who is Jewish. Are you saying the Unz Review can no longer be trusted because it publishes articles in which a Jewish woman happens to be the victim of a horrible crime?

      (2) Are you suggesting, even worse, that Samantha Josephson DESERVED to die because she is Jewish? Are your sympathies with the evil black killer rather than with the innocent Jewish victim?

      If so, there is something seriously wrong with your attitude.

        1. Bigfoot

          Saki made a valid point. Your response is rude and evasive.
          You will lose credibility if you behave like a spoilt child.

          1. He can’t answer Saki’s comment. So he offers a sneer instead. He reveals himself as just another sad wanker who makes a dumb point and hasn’t got the moral fibre to admit it.

            Yeah, the article is crap because a Jew wrote it. And the Jewess (Samantha Josephson) deserved to die. Because she is, um, Jewish. So hats off to her black killer! He’s doing us all a favor, init? By ridding the world of them evil Jews! 🙂

            Thanks, Bigfoot! Nice to know where you’re coming from!

            You were one of my favorite posters. No longer. You reveal yourself as a total jerk.

            1. Hieronymus,

              Please moderate your language. Bigfoot is a respected poster who doesn’t like to be pushed around by loud-mouthed thugs. At no point dod he suggest that he took pleasure in Samatha Josephson being bumped off just because she’s Jewish. So don’t put words into his mouth.

              1. @ SISTER MONICA


                You do make a difference because you show that you have something special between your ears.

                However, there seems to also be a lot of mimicry stuff going on here. No?

            2. @ HIERONYMUS
              Read PREMANIDHI comment above about racial tension. ………….and get the drift. Racial tension. is a weapon. A very effective weapon.

              It does not help that wickedness is pretty much to be found in every race.

              The idea of making people feel “Victimized” is also a powerful Hegelian tool. One has to be careful not to fall in to such traps.

          2. Madam, what “Valid points” could you by any chance be talking about to be found in Saki’s rant?

            I did not say “that the whole article is fake, since no Jew can be trusted” He did.

            I did not say that “Samantha Josephson DESERVED to die” whoever she was! He did.

            I did not say “ Unz Review can no longer be trusted because it publishes articles in which a Jewish woman happens to be the victim of a horrible crime?” He did!!

            JEEZZ! Let’s check the flow of logic before we jump to help guys who just want to rant….. but make no sense .Pleezzzz?

            1. @ Bigfoot

              I am open to reason, dear, and so I admit that every point you make above is valid. You are saying Saki put words into your mouth, suggesting you held viewpoints that you do not hold. For this, please note, he has already received a rap on the knuckles from Sister Monica. So you are the winner of this particular chess game. Congratulations.

              The point I am making is nevertheless as valid as all the points you have made above. It is this. Though Saki was wrong to attribute sentiments to you that you do not hold, he did so with total sincerity that you held those sentiments. And he also did so with scrupulous politeness. My complaint against you is that your response to him was short-tempered and needlessly rude.

              Instead of responding to Saki in measured tones, you decided to treat him with unnecessary harshness by the tone of your response. You have the right, dear Bigfoot, for getting angry with your wife if she treads on your corns. But I don’t think you have the right to punch her in the face if she does so. My complaint against you is overreaction. You tend to overreact to perceived slights. Saki didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, dear. but you certainly went out of your way to hurt his.

              That is wrong of you, and I think you should apologise to Saki for jumping down his throat so unnecessarily.

              1. Your comments are certainly among the best here. But Saki’s comments are also among the best, apart from one or two exceptions like the above. So please don’t run away with the false idea that Saki is a low-quality commenter just because he has trodden on your toes on this one occasion.

                Saki is in no way your inferior. Remember that in future, and treat him with the respect the deserves. Stripping him of his dignity, which is what you have done. is a black mark against you.

                I hope you accept my criticism of you without getting angry again, since what I say is well meant and for your good.

                PAX. 🙂

                1. @ BIGFOOT

                  I am truly sorry for hurting your feelings and wish to apologise to you wholeheartedly for misinterpreting you. Your initial comment to me, a one-liner, was in fact scrupulously polite. You said:

                  @ SAKI

                  If you make up my mind, for me, you are responsible for it………….not me.”

                  What’s rude about that? As far as I’m concerned, that’s a polite comment. And it’s also factually true, as I’ve admitted above.

                  So my sincere apologies once again, Bigfoot, for getting the wrong end of the stick.

                  Mea culpa. My bad. SORRY! 🙂

                  Let’s move on now to more important matters……….

  17. Bigfoot,

    The flow of booze is MUCH STRONGER than the flow of logic. Booze always wins over logic, especially if you’re a Valley of the Dolls girl. For Valley of the Dolls girls, the flow of booze is like a Tsunami.

    Go easy on Madame, everybody, she’s had it rough in life, she never made it BIG in Hollywood. Her agent got her a gig once doing an ALPO dog food commercial, she was excited, it was her first role in Hollywood, when she got to the set the director wanted her to play the role of the dog enjoying wolfing down the ALPO. LMFAO!!! Of course she was insulted and ran off the set. Unfortunately, she was never offered any role ever again and the dog food commercial gig, that was her whole Hollywood “career”, so of course she turned to booze, and lots of booze [ and pills, and lots of pills ]. *grin*


      Be careful now with the good lady.

      You well know what they say about women and elephants, don’t you? They never forget………


    You say………….”My complaint against you is overreaction. You tend to overreact to perceived slights. Saki didn’t mean to hurt your feelings,” ( Really?) Three you go AGAIN,

    I could wrong, but, I would have though Saki would have been in a better position to make this point …..about not wanting to hurt my feelings and stuff.

    But, I am sure he wont. Let is go………….its not important. I accept your apologies (if it was there……somewhere. Guess I missed it.)

    Good to know, about “what I say is well meant and for your good.” My be THAT was the appology. No?

  19. I’m just seeing your outrageously funny comment now. Boy, TROJ, you are sometimes absolutely hilarious! I’m laughing through my tears, really. Oh, man! You’re something else, and this site would definitely be impoverished without you…. Which reminds me, did you ever seem my poem, “Laughing through Her Tears”? That could be M. Butterfly in the pic after reading your comment! *grin* (No offense intended, MB. I hope you were able to laugh at it too… or is it a guy thing?)

    1. Hey Darrell, I enjoyed rereading that old poem of yours “Laughing through her tears”. You have a natural gift for rhyme and meter, achieving the right rhythm without seemingly trying. However, I have to tell you this. I have yet to enjoy the experience of “laughing through my tears”.

      If my little daughter was killed in a car accident, Darrell, the last thing I would do is laugh at it through my tears. I wouldn’t find that particularly hilarious. I wouldn’t find my daughter’s death so tragic that I burst out laughing at it.

      You are a poor psychologist, Darrell, if you think most people explode with laughter when their children die in car accidents. 🙂

      1. Damn, I shouldn’t have put a smiley face after that final sentence!
        Silly me! Who ever breaks the news to her boyfriend that she’s dying of cancer and is dumb enough to put a smiley face after her announcement?

        Like this:

        Darrell, my love, you must learn to live without me. Today I had sad news from my doctor. He told me I had cancer of the uterus and had six weeks to live. 🙂

        Ooops! ADMIN ….. please delete smiley face!

      2. I’m sorry if it appeared to be a callous disregard for the tragic murder, but I was only commenting on TROJ’s hilarious comment about you, of course all made up in his dark imagination, since as you must know, the comments section here sometimes goes off in semi or unrelated tangents, and it was such in this case. I am shocked like (almost) everyone about the murder. I just got imaginatively sidetracked by TROJ’s outrageously funny comment. I guess I should have prefaced my comment with a few words of empathy. I’ll try to be more conscientious in the future. “Errare humanum est, perdonare divinum, sed perseverare diabolicum!”

  20. @ Sarita


    Many others here have attacked you (some quite viciously) for speaking up in defence of vaccines. I commend you for your courage in ignoring their attacks and keeping your cool. I am myself in two minds about the vaccines, not knowing what to believe.

    As I am well-disposed toward you and have refrained from crude ad hominem insults against you, please answer this question of mine as honestly as you can. I have perceived a serious flaw in your argument about the safety of these vaccines.

    First, why are you attacked? Because your entire argument is based on the false premise that ALL ANTI-VAXERS are gullible fools who have been brainwashed into refusing the Covid vaccine by letting themselves be duped by the credulous “conspiracy theorists”.

    Here is the flaw in your argument, Sarita.

    As many as 25% or 1.5 MILLION DOCTORS AND NURSES in British hospitals have so far REFUSED TO TAKE THE VACCINE and have THREATENED TO RESIGN EN MASSE if the government tries to force them to take the vaccine against their wills. Consider that, Sarita! These are not ignorant members of the public you can sneer at from a superior vantage point. These are TRAINED DOCTORS AND NURSES who all have first-hand everyday experience of Covid-19 — unlike you, Sarita, who seems to have no medical qualifications whatever.

    I speak here only of the 1.5 million MEDICALLY QUALIFIED ANTI-VAXERS in the U.K. where I happen to live. There are even more in the U.S.

    The total number of doctors and nurses who have refused the jab could therefore number as many as 5 to 10 million, if you add all the anti-vax medically qualified rebels in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and other European countries.

    Are you honestly telling me that YOU — a medically unqualified member of the public who has been going round knocking on doors in Colombia trying to persuade people to have their jabs by offering them free meals (!!!) — can you honestly tell me that MILLIONS OF DOCTORS AND NURSES have got it all wrong and you have got it right? 🙂

    Are you claiming to know more about the safety of these vaccines than 5-10 MILLION DOCTORS AND NURSES?

    If you can address this polite question of mine, my esteem for you will grow. If you cannot answer my question satisfactorily, or refuse to answer it, your credibility will be severely damaged.


    Madame Butterfly

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