Brave German Politician Spills the Beans: Merkel Plans Total Corona Dictatorship

IWB – April 28, 2021
Via Truthseeker

Merkel is the new Hitler, warns a dissident German politician (AfD). Using the pretext of Covid-19, the plan is to drastically reduce the global population. Moreover Merkel isn’t alone in this. All the West’s political leadership, and most of the rest are in on the plan. 


“Wir schaffen das . . . We can do it!” 

A brave female German politican says that mass vaccination’s only aim is global depopulation —and that total dictatorship  lies ahead, with plans to confiscate all private property by nationalizing it. 

Here is a snippet from her speech:

“And I’ll tell you now very clearly: It has never been about Corona. It’s just about a single goal: To implement the plan, Corona was just a pretext the whole time. And I have to say that very clearly here. I’ve seen everything in black and white myself. I know what I’m talking about.

Everything should be nationalized. We should all become dependent on the state. The point here is clearly to minimize and reduce the world’s population.

The whole thing was already planned in 2019, where Merkel met at the Bilderberger meeting. There are many country leaders involved. Merkel belongs to a certain kind of elite who want to implement the “Great Reset” plan – you have probably already heard about it. Everything should be nationalized. We should all become dependent on the state. Our property is being taken. The Greens have already programmed that into their election manifesto. You can read all that I am telling you now.

They want to take everything from us if we survive the vaccination.

Just think about the rapid pace at which the whole thing has been whipped through since last year. Think about it and look at all the statements: “No, there will be no compulsory vaccination.” Now it’s an obligation: You are no longer allowed to do this without a vaccination. You are no longer allowed to shop. You are no longer allowed to go shopping without a vaccination certificate. All of this has been planned for a long time. This is the first.

After the corona lockdown, they will introduce the climate lockdown.


Machine translated transcript follows:

Merkel plans total corona dictatorship after the Bundestag election:
AfD politician unpacks
Transcription by Michael Mannheimer
By Andrea Haberl AfD district board member Freising-Pfaffenhofen April 2021

“I would now like to enlighten you about something important. I’ve been in politics for 3 years. I am on the board of the Pfaffenhofen / Freising region. What I’m telling you now, I know exactly that it’s true, because I’ve seen it with my own eyes – because I’m in politics and work with it. For some it may be too much now. But it should just open your eyes.
First of all, I want to tell you something about the Disinfection Protection Act.

Merkel – you know what she’s up to. That she has now initiated this in the Bundestag in the Bundestag. This law is due to be passed on Friday. And I can tell you with 1000 percent certainty: It will be passed. Because parties – CDU, CSU, SPD, the Left, FDP and the Greens – are in conformity with the Chancellor. We already know that this law will pass. It was the same last November that they introduced this. And it will go through now too. Please don’t be under any illusions: it will take a while. They can’t do it yet. Because they now need a two-thirds majority. And they get a two-thirds majority. It’s all set.

It has never been about Corona

What does this law mean? The law means that Mrs. Merkel overrides the states. That is, she has sole power and control. In practice, women determine all of our lives and all of our rights. She can now override anything she’s already done. And I’ll tell you now very clearly: It has never been about Corona. It’s just about a single goal: To implement the plan, Corona was just a pretext the whole time. And I have to say that very clearly here. I’ve seen everything in black and white myself. I know what I’m talking about.

Everything should be nationalized. We should all become dependent on the state. The point here is clearly to minimize and reduce the world’s population.

The whole thing was already planned in 2019, where Merkel met at the Bilderberger meeting. There are many country leaders involved. Merkel belongs to a certain kind of elite who want to implement the “Great Reset” plan – you have probably already heard about it. Everything should be nationalized. We should all become dependent on the state. Our property is being taken. The Greens have already programmed that into their election manifesto. You can read all that I am telling you now.

They want to take everything from us if we survive the vaccination

Just think about the rapid pace at which the whole thing has been whipped through since last year. Think about it and look at all the statements: “No, there will be no compulsory vaccination.” Now it’s an obligation: You are no longer allowed to do this without a vaccination. You are no longer allowed to shop. You are no longer allowed to go shopping without a vaccination certificate. All of this has been planned for a long time. This is the first.

After the corona lockdown, they will introduce the climate lockdown.

The second is: we should all become dependent on the state. That means we should be given food. Apartments are to be divided. The next thing to come is a climate lockdown. They will take everything from us. I have to say that very clearly here. And we all run out of time. We have no more time.

The governments and all the politicians who sit in there – I’m going to say that blatantly – they are so afraid for their armchair, afraid of being disempowered and no longer earning the money: So they all agree. Because they know exactly: if you agree, you have to go.

If you don’t play along, Merkel will take away your children.

And I can already tell you that we are getting a green chancellor. That’s all, that’s all decided, stipulated, and everything is going according to Merkel’s plan. Once the law has passed, there will be no going back to normal. I tell you that very clearly. She will rule over us. She has usurped the power – over our body, over everything. If we don’t play along, if you don’t play along as parents, it will deprive you of your children. This is also stipulated for those who do not conform to it and do not accept this system.

It would actually be in the hands of the people. But the people are too cowardly

I have to say again that it is actually in the hands of the people. But the people are too cowardly. The people follow this woman. As a result, it is deeply divided like never before. And for this reason it will continue like this. I’ll tell you honestly: She’ll be the grocery store. It is supposed to run in such a way that this lockdown that she is now announcing – that we also get curfews during the day, that we are only allowed to shop once a week. We are no longer allowed to leave the house. Starting next week, Monday, we’re not even allowed to go into our own garden after 9 pm Please keep that in mind! Of course you sit and say: “That can’t be! It can’t do that! “ Yes, she can do that because it’s part of her plan.

We have a second 1933.

At that time, federalism was specifically anchored in the constitution (Basic Law) so that there could never be rulers like Hitler again. But Merkel can simply override anything. And we have a second in 1933. It’s like this: We are back as far as we were then. But people just don’t want to see it. And that’s the bad thing. And we’re definitely running out of time.
The only thing that can save us is to overthrow this system.

And I’ll be honest: demos where you dance and sing and jump don’t do anything. The only thing that can save us is to overthrow this system. I have to say that very clearly, even if I say things here that can cost me my collar in politics. But I don’t care. Because it’s about all of our lives. It’s about the future of our families. If we get up now and do something, it will come down to us in such a way that all of you cannot imagine. As we all cannot imagine.

This woman is sick. Söder – they are all part of it. You want sole power. And that’s what they get. And believe me: this law will be waved through on Friday. she has disempowered the judges. She had 16 years to install all of this. She overruled the judges. It has put everyone who conforms with it to the most important levers, you have to keep in mind what is actually happening here.

Merkel’s Germany today is worse than the GDR

It is a system that is even worse than the GDR. You have to be very clear about that. And if you don’t take action now and get up, then it’s over. From Monday next week. I would like to make that very clear to you here again. I could tell you so much internally, what I know myself, what I know in my work in politics. And I’m telling you in all honesty: I would never have thought, never! That all of this would come at us at such a rapid pace. We already knew that last year. And I’ve tried so many times to wake people up. But they don’t even want to be woken up. That is the problem because many cannot even imagine it.

And I can only tell you again: please don’t get vaccinated!

This vaccination serves only one purpose: That the world population is reduced. That’s so. And this vaccine is absolutely life threatening. But that is also part of it (note: on Merkel’s agenda). Because otherwise you won’t whip through a vaccine that had been banned all the years before. This MRNA vaccine had been wanted to introduce all the years. but it had been banned because it is just too dangerous and interferes with DNA and genes. And now they inject it through and get vaccinated – despite all the deaths. So what is happening here is absolutely insane. You just have to say that very clearly.
There is no longer any need to hope for politics itself

Politics, I am now also making this very clear, politics no longer have any leverage and will no longer help us.That is because they all belong to the system, unfortunately I have to tell God. Make your own picture. But you’re running out of time. You all want to protect your children. then we have to do something and oppose the system. I just wanted to say that now.

Via machine translation

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149 thoughts to “Brave German Politician Spills the Beans: Merkel Plans Total Corona Dictatorship”

  1. The depopulation agenda is not a Hitler Nationalist Socialist agenda. The ones who are promoting the depopulation agenda are deeply ANTI-Hitler, deeply ANTI-Nationalist Socialist. To compare any Western leader in the world today to Hitler is absurd, as all the leaders of the Western world, including Merkel, are deeply ANTI-Hitler and deeply ANTI-Nationalist Socialist.

    1. “To compare any Western leader in the world today to Hitler is absurd, as all the leaders of the Western world, including Merkel, are deeply ANTI-Hitler and deeply ANTI-Nationalist Socialist.”

      And rightly so. Anyone who still beats the drum for Adolf Hitler today as if he were a much misunderstood Messiah, is an intellectual troglodyte. He’s still in the Dark Ages but doesn’t know it.

      For a start, why hide being the euphemism “National Socialist” when the correct way to describe these people is “Nazi” or “Neo-Nazi”?

      Hitler himself never ceased to refer to himself as a “Nazi”. Same with Goebbels and every other Nazi leader. They were PROUD to style themselves “Nazis”, not ashamed of it! So why do their namby-pamby followers shrink from this term and try to camouflage their Nazi origins by hiding behind the euphemism “National Socialist”?

      If the term “Nazi” is good enough for Hitler and his henchmen, why isn’t it good enough for the Hitler fan club today?

      1. I am by no means suggesting that Merkel is to be praised. On the contrary, Merkel is a neo-Bolshevik from East Germany. She is closer to Stalin than to Hitler. And as were all know, Hitler and Stalin were polar opposites ideologically.

        Hitler never ceases to rail against “Bolshevism” which he regarded as the ultimate evil. He tried to have Stalin assassinated several times but failed. Stalin himself loathed and feared Hitler. When he heard the big news that Hitler had committed suicide in his bunker in Berlin, he didn’t weep for the Nazi messiah. No way! He said he felt cheated of his prey. Hitler, if he had been taken alive by the Red Army, would have been tortured to death in the Lubyanka or in one of Stalin’s Jew-run gulags.

        Merkel is slightly mad, diagnosed as mentally unbalanced by one of Germany’s top psychiatrists. This is because of her stupid quasi-Christian idealism in throwing open the gates of Europe to millions of Third World economic migrants pretending to be helpless “refugees”. Her famous words: “WE CAN DO IT!” Meaning: we can find enough space to accommodate millions of dysfunctional, sex-crazed Africans, Asians and Middle Easterners who are now engaged in the mass rape of European women.

        We are still suffering from the consequences of Merkel’s “pathological altruism”.

        And guess who supports the moronic Merkel to the hilt? The Vatican! Under the leadership of an equally mentally unbalanced pope born in Argentina.

        God help the sheep when it has such Shepherds.

        1. Luv Merkels blue contacts. Blue to the core. She’s the bitch from hell.

      2. Saki

        You have to make distinctions with how the word “nazi” is perceived. On the one hand, the word is simply a shortened version derived from the German, “(na)tionalso(zi)alistische”. Hitler and co. simply went with that.

        On the other hand, those Zionists whose purpose was to sabotage the efforts of German leadership, and by extension all things German, used the word “nazi” to perpetuate an entire aura of disparagement, and subsequently promoted the lie that it was HITLER and his cohorts who were the evil ones, and that the German people were misguided and brainwashed by them. (not that they didn’t have their share of shady characters that could have served the cause better. Hitler was one of the few “truehearts”)

        One of many examples concerns the infamous Einsatzgruppen units – the “nazi” death squads. They illustrate a facet of the BIG LIE that falsely attributes acts of wanton murder to men of the SS, when those who know the truth understand that the vast majority of them were honorable and were forbidden to engage in evil acts properly attributed to remnants and progenitors of Bolshevik scum.

        The true culprit is ZIONISM, not “Nazism”.

        Readers who know of what I’m saying need to speak up. My own understanding doesn’t come from books, but from accounts related to me from a good friend whose grandfather was a high-ranking member of the German Abwehr. This is info that I learned of shortly after coming upon the darkmoon site. I think of the coincidence of this being an interesting form of synchronicity. Like it was meant to be somehow, in order to relate things such as what’s in this post.

      3. @ SAKI
        I do not prescribe to the School of Thought that “Hitler and Stalin were polar opposites ideologically” Ideologically, they were the same! Only that their ideologies were baptized differently, but they basically were the same “Totalitarianism” While Hitler’s Nazi; “National Socialism” pursued domination of the World by “The Aryan Super Race” Stalin’s Communism pursued domination of the World by “Dictatorship Of The Proletariat” So, both were elitism.

        Just as the Nazi murdered all “inferior element” the lame, the blind, Gypsies, etc, the Communists murdered all “Enemies of The People” the Priests, the Scholars, the Police, Politicians etc. So, bother followed the age Old New World Order Script, which is today being implemented through “The Great Rest” of Covid-19” Same Sh*t, different ……….(Excuse the language, but I find it apt)

        1. @ Bigfoot

          I am saddened to see that you, whom I highly respect, fail to understand me. We are in basic agreement, yet you try and pick a needless quarrel with me. I’m not sure why you do this, since I am in full agreement with you on all the most important issues.

          Of course Hitler and Stalin were out-and-out totalitarian dictators. Both ruled their respective countries with a rod of iron, with no thought for human life. Both were psychopaths in the sense that they were willing to sacrifice the lives of millions of their own people in order to achieve their different aims. In this they were NOT in any way “ideological opposites”. In the pursuit of absolute power, Hitler and Stalin were indeed identical, as you rightly maintain.

          So in this I am AGREEING with you — not disagreeing with you! Understand?

          Both leaders were totalitarians, with a complete contempt for democracy — though both used the trappings of democracy to con their countrymen into believing that they were ruling on behalf of the people, e.g. by plebiscites and frequent votes that involved vote rigging. Remember Stalin’s own famous words: “It’s not the votes that count, it’s those who count the votes.” He was speaking from personal knowledge, cynically admitting that his own apparent popularity came from the fact that his own faithful commissars counted the votes.

          However, Hitler was strongly against Stalinesque Bolshevism: i.e., against state ownership, nationalization of assets, confiscation of private property, collectivization of land, destruction of the small farmer. Surely you know all this? If so, Hitler and Stalin are NOT identical “ideologically”? How can they be? They were identical only in their pursuit of absolute power, but they were NOT identical in what they hoped to achieve with that absolute power.

          I am at a loss to understand how you fail to see what is so blindingly obvious.

          1. Saki
            What you and so many others don’t understand is the nature of Hitler’s absolutism, which is that the situation in Germany CALLED for rule with an iron fist. Not to mention that you’re flat our wrong about calling Hitler a psychopath with his disregard for human life, or you’re failing to understand that Democracy was a luxury Germany could ill-afford, given the reality of creeping Communism.

            I see Hitler’s brand of totalitarianism as reflecting an emergency situation, and one that would’ve been put to bed had Germany won the war.

          2. Saki, am not attacking anybody, and especially, not you. It’s a point of view, anyway, which is an interpretation of History, based on the now revealed facts, which have always been hidden. Of course Bolshevism and Nazism, had to be “different” just as Mensheviks and Bolshevists had to appear different, even though they were both pursuing “Dictatorship Of The Proletariat” Hitler and Stalin, were different only in the sense that they pursued different paths to absolutisms. But they were both the same in the sense that they were implementing ideologies from the Hegelian School of Political Thought. For me, the bottom line, is that they did not in any sense give the people “choices” Neither was out for the people. And both were secret Agents of the Messianic Idea of Judaism. That is why, the Elite Jews were both comfortable with Hitler and Stalin.

            1. Bigfoot, thanks for explaining it al so well! We are in full agreement, I believe, on all the essential points. I liked this particularly in what you had to say:

              “Hitler and Stalin were different only in the sense that they pursued different paths to absolutisms. But they were both the same in the sense that they were implementing ideologies from the Hegelian School of Political Thought. For me, the bottom line, is that they did not in any sense give the people “choices” Neither was out for the people.”

              This is true, but it’s not what the Stalin and Hitler supporters want to believe.

              They have this rosy picture of Hitler and Stalin as starry-eyed national heroes, noble and good servitors of their respective peoples, positively oozing with all the moral virtues. In short, saviors of mankind — if only given a chance.

              Herein lies their wishful thinking folly: that “IF” they had not been cut off in their prime, “IF” only they’d been given a bit longer to create the Communist or Fascist Utopia, the world would have been transformed into a new heaven on earth. Universal peace would have reigned, as predicted in the Book of Isaiah — though only after the mass murder of tens of millions of innocent men, women and children.

              Millions of eggs would have to be cracked to make such a Perfect Omelette. So said Comrade Stalin, though in slightly different words.

              Anathema the simple truth to the Hitler and Stalin cheerleaders: that both these men, though highly gifted political geniuses, were morally unscrupulous and narcissistic megalomaniacs who managed to claim more scalps than any of the other major tyrants in world history. Worshipping such human monsters and putting them on a pedestal shows very bad taste, if not moral degeneracy. All worshippers of Hitler and Stalin have to be mentally unbalanced.

              1. Thanks Saki for the feedback. Ignorance is a terrible disease., and enemy of everyone. Trouble is, wrestling with it is a “Do It Yourself” kind a thing, which requires one to deconstruct his illusionist view of reality, and reconstruct it with facts as you search for them and discover them

                All the best.

      4. It’s time to debunk the “Nazi” epithet, and to show you where it came from, who invented it, and why. The fact is, that the term “Nazi” was created by the enemies of the National Socialists (the NSDAP). It was a pejorative term; an insult or a slur. The Germans, not even Hitler nor any other top party officials ever called themselves “Nazis”! They called themselves “National Socialists” and nothing else. Those who can read German and have studied any of the original documents and speeches know this already, but most don’t.
        “The term “Nazi” (along with “Nazism”) is a political epithet invented by Konrad Heiden (7 August 1901 – 18 June 1966) during the 1920s as a means of denigrating the NSDAP and National Socialism. Heiden was a journalist and member of the Social Democratic Party. The term is a variant of the nickname that was used in reference to members of the SDP at the time “Sozi” (short for Sozialisten). “Nazi” was a political pun, based upon the Austro-Bavarian slang word for “simpleton” or “country bumpkin”, and derived from the fairly common name Ignatz. It would be like saying “nutsy”. So, if for no other reason, one should easily understand why the term was regarded as derogatory by the National Socialists and why they would never use it to describe themselves. One should also see why it would be used and popularized by Marxist-Bolshevik agitators and understand how it was seized upon by various other political opponents and subversive types, both within Germany and abroad, including the international media and political leaders of the western powers.”

      5. Saki
        May 2, 2021
        — [Quote:] Hitler himself never ceased to refer to himself as a “Nazi”. Same with Goebbels and every other Nazi leader. They were PROUD to style themselves “Nazis”, not ashamed of it! So why do their namby-pamby followers shrink from this term and try to camouflage their Nazi origins by hiding behind the euphemism “National Socialist”? [End of quote]

        What you are saying is not true at all. Years ago, I listened to approximately 60 hours of speeches by Hitler and other NS leaders, and I don’t recall ever hearing the word “Nazi”. Unless I am very much mistaken, they always said “National Socialist”.

        1. Carlos,

          I concede your point. I was mistaken in saying that Hitler and his supporters were “proud to style themselves ‘Nazis'”. I was under the false impression that they did this from reading Alan Bullock’s monumental biography of Hitler which is meticulously sourced. Bullock also wrote a 1200-page book called “Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives”, which I have yet to read in full. Here he argues the point that both leaders were ruthless totalitarian dictators who caused immense loss of human life, and who cannot possibly be regarded as benefactors of mankind. Though of course each leader has found his cult worshippers who would kill you rather than admit that their heroes were psychopathic killers.

          Unlike the cult worshippers, I refuse to sneer at the meticulously documented mainstream accounts where a near universal consensus is reached on rational grounds by the best scholarly minds, rather than relying on the wishful thinking of conspiracy theorists spouting their poorly sourced poppycock. I don’t believe it is wise to get your historical information from the internet. Too many nutcases quoting each other do not inspire confidence! 🙂

          Please note that I respect your work as a dedicated scholar and don’t regard you in a negative light at all, as I do the other promoters of piffle on this site. And God knows there are enough of them here! Half of them are on cannabis or have had their frontal lobes systematically destroyed over the years by LSD, cocaine or similar mind altering substances.

      6. You know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about Adolf Hitler. “As if he were a misunderstood messiah.” NSDAP were not murderers nor did any gas chambers exist in any of the camps. You’re only proving to everyone else that you just like hearing yourself talk (or reading your own words). No one is impressed by the word “troglodyte”, as you appear to be. The ones who still believe in 75 year old allied propaganda about Hitler are the “troglodytes”.

        1. @ Stevie

          I don’t think much of your comment for this reason. You haven’t said anything to refute Saki’s reasoned arguments. Your only response to Saki’s arguments is vulgar abuse. The ad hominem attack. I guess that’s the typical response one might expect from a neo-Nazi hooligan: the skinhead abuse, the jackboot on the neck, the SS Brownshirt thuggery.

          You also foolishly attack Saki for allegedly mentioning “gas chambers”. Why did you do that? SAKI DID NOT MENTION THE GAS CHAMBERS. NOT ONCE! SO WHY DO YOU BRING UP THE GAS CHAMBERS WHEN SAKI DIDN’T EVEN MENTION THEM?

        2. No need for Saki to read when he gets his stuff perfectly regurgitated from “meticulously documented mainstream accounts where a near universal consensus is reached on rational grounds by the best scholarly minds”.

          And of course hovering over all of this is the specter of the Holocaust and its disastrous effects upon world Jewry. I therefore, in my dotage and in a looking back mode, purchased a book by Allan Bullock, the British historian, entitled “Hitler and Stalin, Two Parallel Lives” and read all one thousand pages of it avidly. Bullock’s talent is to interweave the lives of these two monsters together and show how they almost by themselves created the disaster that was Europe for a large part of the twentieth century. It is a masterpiece of detail and research and so easily readable that it turns into a page turner.

          From Jewish History blog.
          Oy gevalt, Saki nails it again!

          NB: i can likewise prove that despite his frequent quotes, he never read Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago either … but i won’t be allowed, ad hominem seems to be a one way street (quod licet …).
          At least others are finally catching onto his nauseating sycophancy of “meticulously documented mainstream accounts where a near universal consensus is reached on rational grounds by the best scholarly minds”, effeminate in style and substance, a mind perfectly tuned for neverending ad hominem.
          And nothing else.

          1. Lobro –

            To decrease ambiguity and mistakes, please use the names of the commenters you reference….. instead of pronouns….. since their sexes are unknown.

            I have noted before that Saki’s writings are “effeminate in style”, which is no big deal to me. Females have an intuitive edge sometimes.

            1. Ill agree that women SOMETIMES have an intuitive edge, but the question is with regards to WHAT exactly?

          2. @ Lobro

            Your comment adds nothing to the debate. You and “Stevie”, a skinhead neo-Nazi you naturally support, are doing your best to score cheap points by the use of the ad hominem attack. Your comment, as expected, is simply an hominem attack on Saki: a pure and simple sneer at a man who is effortlessly your intellectual superior.

            I note that he doesn’t even deign to enter into debate with you.

            1. I am saddened to see that see you have nothing to say that dents Saki’s viewpoint in the slightest. His [or her] argument stands. Yours argument — if one can dignify it by calling it an “argument” — falls by the wayside like a dud bullet.

              You fatuously assume that the respected historian Alan Bullock has to be on the Jewish payroll just because a Jewish site praises his book. You conveniently forgot that 99.9% of the mass media praised the book, and that the overwhelming majority of reviewers are highly respected NON-JEWISH historians. They are not even predominantly Jewish. They are goyim almost to a man.

              I notice your full approval of the mainstream when the mainstream happens to endorse your viewpoint. Hence your praise in the past of Wikipedia and the New York Times when it suited you. Your hypocrisy is clear for all to see.

              These mainstream historians, most of them NON-JEWISH, have been working in academia for several decades. They are in universal agreement that both Stalin and Hitler were psychopathic mass murderers who claimed an incalculable number of innocent victims.

              If you have any convincing evidence that these two serial killers were benefactors of mankind, you need to produce it. Puerile abuse of these highly resected scholars will not do.

              1. @ Sardonicus

                Well said, Sard!

                There is absolutely no reason why Lobro should be taken seriously. What are his academic credentials compared to the academic credentials of the respected mainstream historians he vilifies with spit running down his chin?

                What has HE written that the world can admire as one could admire the output of Alan Bullock, Robert Service, Robert Conquest, and dozens of other mainstream historians who wouldn’t give this loonie the time of day if he gatecrashed one of their public meetings and engaged in his attention-seeking, foot-stamping tantrums.

                Even on this site, his is now becoming a bit of a bore. He is respected by no one here except by one or two ill-informed extremists like himself. At least his handful of fellow fanatics know how to behave with a certain dignified restraint — a quality in which he himself is totally lacking.

                1. @ Lobro

                  This is no longer an extremist Jew-bashing site for Canadian old age pensioners who happen to believe that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion must be placed on the same altar as the New Testament.

                  You can’t even win a bet over Donald Trump — “the new Stalin” in your own words— to prove you have any credibility left.

                  Take a back, seat, sir. Show some humility. You have a lot to be humble about.

              2. Sard
                Just so you know, those who are in “universal agreement” that Hitler was a psychotic mass killer aren’t basing that on evidential truth. Sounds more like confirmation bias to me.

                I’d be careful with whatever you may be placing on “altars”.

                1. Scholars can impress with their many voluminous works, and yet the whole time they’re barking up the wrong trees.

                2. @ Brownhawk


                  Just so you know, those who are in “universal agreement” that Hitler was a psychotic mass killer aren’t basing that on evidential truth. Sounds more like confirmation bias to me.”


                  Just so you know, those who are in “universal agreement” that Hitler was NOT a psychotic mass killer aren’t basing that on evidential truth. Sounds more like confirmation bias to me. 🙂

                  The same applies to Hitler fans like yourself who like promoting the Anunnaki conspiracy theory, without the slightest “evidential truth” for either of these poppycock beliefs.

                  1. Still, you must be pleased to know that you and Lobro have the full support of the TheRealOr1g1nalJoe (TROJ) who not only proudly admits he is a “neo-Nazi” Hitler fan but also happens to be the most ardent promoter of the Flat Earth theory on this site! With super-intelligent allies like TROJ behind you, you and Lobro are really doing well! 🙂

                    1. SARDONICUS: “With super-intelligent allies like TROJ behind you, you and Lobro are really doing well!” 🙂

                      As they say, birds of a feather flock together. Like minds, united in their likeness to each other by their fringe lunacy, tend to gravitate towards one another. As you and Lobro gravitate towards your ideological comrade-in-arms TROJ — the devout Hitler fan, Flat Earthist, and bestiality porn enthusiast.

                      We know where you three are coming from and we also know where you’re going — into Spamblinka where all you loonies belong.

                    2. Sardonicus, as crazy as Joe appears or is made to appear, he’s still ultra-conservative if a person were to compare the Flat Earth with the Bhu-Mandala.

                      “Being multidimensional, the ancient Vedic “flat” earth concept is even further removed from the mainstream narrative.”

                      Hmmm, I’m guessing this just might be one of those ‘things’ Heisenberg was alluding to when he said . . . “There are things that are so serious that you can only joke about them.”

                    3. Grammar Fiend’s unattractive smugness is well noted as well. Tell me, brother, why choose such a moniker as that anyway? Could it be that you get your kicks out of correcting people, even when the “correction” shows a sad lack of open-mindedness and thinking outside the box?……just wondering 😏

                    4. Be careful, hp. You may be getting dangerously close to the crosshairs of Sardonicus and his champion Grammar Fiend. 😄

                  2. Sard
                    Without being in possession of the truth, why call something “poppycock”? Why not be open-minded to that which would reflect the old cliche, “the truth is stranger than fiction”?

                    For example, why come to the conclusion that the Protocols are in effect, poppycock, when I’ve written that according to my Iroquois ancestors they are authentic? Are you OK with being dismissive of THEM?

                    1. @ Brownhawk

                      I used to believe in the Protocols once. Most fervently. But that was when I was young and foolish and looking for a good reason to hate the Jews and scratch the sores of my sickly antisemitism. But, to quote St Paul, “when I became a man I put away childish things.”

                      I am no longer an antisemite, but I remain a committed anti-zionist with a passionate love for Palestine.

                      Which is more than can be said for that traitorous snake-in-the grass Lobro, the Ultimate Judas, who was quite happy to sell the Palestinians down the river when his hero Donald Trump handed Netanyahu the keys to the White House and stabbed the Palestinians in the back.

                      That shameful betrayal of the Palestinians will not be forgotten either by me or by Lasha Darkmoon who is equally committed to the Palestinian cause.

                    2. Re ‘The Protocols’

                      No intelligent White Nationalist or anti-Zionist believes any longer in the authenticity of the Protocols. Kevin MacDonald certainly does not. Nor do any of his numerous writers on the Occidental Observer, including his star writer Andrew Joyce. Even the open Hitler supporter on KMD’s site, Hadding Scott, considers the Protocols a satirical spoof — albeit a brilliant one. Ditto for David Duke.

                      Lasha’s attitude is similar to David Duke’s: that the Protocols is essentially a work of inspired fiction like Orwell’s “Nineteen-Eighty-Four” or “Animal Farm”. In other words, this work was NOT written by a committee of evil Jews meeting in secret conclave and planning world domination under the tutelage of Lord Rothschild. On the contrary, it was written by a very clever Jew hater with mischief in mind. Probably a secret agent of the Tzar in order to foment Jew hatred and stimulate Jewish emigration to the United States. Which is precisely what the book did.

                      No other book has created more sustained Jew hatred, especially among the Muslim nations of the Middle East. But you know something, Brownhawk? One doesn’t need the Protocols to hate the Jews. Jewish misbehavior is enough. As is the theft and plunder of Palestine.

                      As for Lobro, let him continue to shoot himself in the foot every time he quotes the Protocols to prove how unspeakably wicked the Jews are and how depraved and disgusting the Old Testament is! I will continue to read my Old Testament with admiration and awe, even the “bad bits”, because I know why the bad bits were written. And Lasha Darkmoon will continue to do the same, without paying the slightest attention to the temper tantrums of a half-witted Jew hater from Toronto. 🙂

                    3. Sard –

                      “No intelligent White Nationalist or anti-Zionist believes any longer in the authenticity of the Protocols.”

                      I haven’t in many years, since I concluded they are simply a written mirror of human nature at its worst extremes. They were likely Ed Poe’s source for material. 🙂

                    4. Sard
                      Think what you will about the authenticity of the Protocols, or lack thereof. I’ll simply quote my fellow loony TROJ (an honor, Joe) when he intimated that whether genuine or not, what we’re seeing play out in the World certainly reflects the Protocolian text. Funny coincidence that, eh?

                      P.S. I’m happy to see that you’ve put away your childish things and become a grown-up. As for myself, I’m happy in my little sandbox with my playmates, TROJ and lobro. We have alot of fun there, contrary to how it may sometimes appear🏃‍♂️🕴🕺😄

                    5. @ Brownhawk,

                      RE THE PROTOCOLS

                      You persist in misunderstanding what I am saying about the Protocols. But I think you are intelligent enough to understand, so I will make one last attempt to get through to you. I make no such attempt with Lobro because his comprehension levels are now extremely low, as I discovered to my sadness when even the highly gifted Franklin Ryckaert failed to convince him that the way he was looking at the Protocols was the wrong way.

                      Let me explain in simple terms that you cannot fail to understand. Firstly, you are making the classic mistake of thinking there are only TWO attitudes to the Protocols: one of acceptance and admiration (your attitude and Lobro’s) and one of contempt and dismissal. This is wrong. Neither Ryckaert nor I (nor Lasha for that matter) reject the Protocols with contempt or dismissal.

                      You see, dear Brownhawk, there is a THIRD INTERMEDIATE ATTITUDE to the Protocols which ought to be acceptable to you. Though I doubt it would be acceptable to the narrow and doctrinaire mind of the intellectually obtuse Lobro. This is the attitude of one who believes the Protocols is an inspired work of fiction, a literary masterpiece comparable to Orwell’s “1984”, written by a consummate political genius. This intermediate attitude has no contempt or hostility toward the Protocols but regards it as one of the top ten political treatises ever written, along with Plato’s “Republic”, Aristotle’s “Politics” and Machiavelli’s “The Prince”. It recognizes the fact that the Protocols is uncannily accurate in regard to its predictions, that it is more true than false. This is what Lasha believes. It is what David Duke believes.

                      The crucial thing is this, and if you can accept this you will still be able to retain your admiration for the Protocols: the book was NOT written by a secret conclave of JEWS. It was written by an ANTISEMITIC NON-JEW who was an extraordinary political genius … and it was written for polemical and propaganda reasons to stir up Jew hatred.

                      You will have to admit that the book was successful in this aim. It was used in Nazi Germany to stir up Jew hatred. And it was also used in the Soviet Union to stir up Jew hatred. Naturally the Jews are against it and want people to dismiss it as a “worthless hoax”. It may be a “hoax” in the technical sense, Brownhawk, but it is a hoax that succeeded in its primary aim of fomenting antisemitism. As you can see.

                      If you can accept this positive spin on the Protocols, you will then see that there are not just TWO attitudes to the Protocols: FOR or AGAINST, BLACK or WHITE, HOSTILE or SYMPATHETIC. There is a third INTERMEDIATE attitude, and it’s the attitude I’ve just outlined: the Protocols is seen as a work of literary genius, a political masterpiece, but nevertheless as a “work of fiction“.

                      What we have here, in other words, is not a dichotomy but a trichotomy: a 3-way choice.

                      Thank you for listening.

                    6. BHawk –

                      “Funny coincidence that, eh?”

                      The ‘protocols’ could have bee written anytime over the last 5000 years…. because they are a reflection of distorted human minds and emotions. Human nature contains NO “coincidence”… !! 🙂

                      Even the bible contains much EXPECTED perversion and violence of those times in the past.

                      See just one example:
                      Judges 19:29 When he reached his house, he picked up a knife, took hold of his concubine, cut her …
                      … , he took a knife and cut up his concubine, limb … limb, into twelve parts and sent them into all the areas … Israel. When he got home, he took a knife and …

                    7. Pat
                      I used “coincidence” simply as a figure of speech regarding what TROJ observed. But yeah, brother, you nailed it. Except you left out the part about the Annunaki….but that’s OK. 😎

        3. @Sardonicus
          It is very interesting to me that you noticed one side of the inequality, Sardonicus.
          Namely that ONE time in my entire DM opus, I attack someone seemingly out of the blue, i.e., otherwise not privy to the debate and not addressing the topic (NAZI, where Saki did not cover him/herself with glory), you react in outrage—innocence violated—The Rapist Returneth (LOL), watch out for the falling sky!

          And yet, you among this sad train (Grammar Fiend, Silent Reader, Miss Gombrich, Bradley Arnold, Ruth, numerous others who strangely share particular Limey lexicon and expressions) have in over a decade done nothing but ad-hominem, literally dozens if not well over hundred times against me—nothing but, do you hear (I don’t entertain hopes that hearing leads to understanding). But oh, how sensitive you are when one time your beloved weapon is turned against you, rolling on the floor and howling in anguish, so typical of your breed.
          And never observed how Saki, whatever sex or gender the entity as Pat likewise wasn’t too sure of, persistently joined this train of losers with nothing original to add to debate apart from endlessly quoting “respectable mainstream consensus of finest scholarly minds”, language typical of New York Times food and wine critic, Jew (not saying Saki is a Jew, doesn’t even matter to me, since Ralan for all his faults sounds a lot more reasonable in his text) forever despising the work of farmers, delivery men, cooks and waiters who combine for the final product takes it upon himself to archly pronounce indisputable judgment, the privilege of the Chosen.
          But ask him (or you) to define the “finest scholarly mind” and you will both be utterly stumped, logic and inference not being your long suit. And maybe this is why I stick in your craw, isn’t it, because I don’t rely on phony gravitas of others to protect me from fallout, but on my own wits and possession of facts that can be examined, verified or contradicted by more solid facts—if I fail, I will be carried out on my shield, like the time Monica caught me in making a sloppy though somewhat excusable mistake of attributing a website to Dave Irving (because it very much resembled his style AND content)—and a baker’s dozen of you instantly jumped in screaming LIAR! LIAR!

          Saki leading the sorry parade, oh, how happy she was, twirling her parasol gaily, skipping and giggling, you followed instantly, GF, Ruth (typical female betrayer in the long line since Eve, Esther, Judith … Karen LOL) and the rest … how quickly forgotten, no?
          Which is why I referred to “feminine mind“, not because I despise women (absolutely and by no means I do not but in fact insist that they be women in order to let men be men, something I would like to address separately if allowed, a deadly serious topic on its own—hint, Herr Adolph was well aware of it—am I right or wrong, Carlos?).
          Women need protecting in certain type situation but it also means that they should not interfere with man’s work (sudden infatuation with MAINSTREAM, i.e., mediocre/quotidian/appeasing, celebrity worship, Madonna and De Niro bloviating on political and social matters in Beverly Hills soirees and gossip sheets), just as the reverse holds equally true in other type situations, like left and right foot alternating toward progress, rather than scrambled stumbling and skipping.
          And wouldn’t it be nice if instead of the utterly predictable multi-throated response of hackneyed invective posted hundreds of times by the usual suspects, you each contributed something authentic and original.
          Growing a sense of shame is the first step to honor (a man’s turf if I may add).

          1. @ Lobro

            I commend you for the moderate tone you have adopted here. But you still persist with the aggrieved tone of someone who is being picked on by a whole battalion of demonic entities who, instead of talking to you nicely, specialize in the ad hominem attack. I would sympathize with you more had you not attacked Lasha Darkmoon in precisely the same way, i.e., using the direct ad hominem attack against her. You did this more than once. And your attacks on her were published, with no attempt to delete them. They are still here for all I know. Though where they are, on what back threads, I have no idea. I’m not going to waste my time trying to find them.

            Why do you indulge in this sanctimonious hypocrisy, Lobro? Why do you keep whining about ad hominem abuse directed against you when you have attacked Lasha in exactly the same way?

            No, don’t say I am “evil” and that I am “lying”. I am neither evil nor am I lying. You attacked Lasha. Viciously. On her own site. Abusing the gift of free speech. If you don’t believe me, ask Admin.

            You used to be a nice guy, Lobro. Affable and charming. Why have you let yourself go to pieces? For your own sake, I suggest you go back to Canada and settle dowm. Too much loneliness and irregular living in the Far East has taken its toll on you.

            I prefer the old Lobro. The debonair cigar smoker and bon viveur with a smile on his lips. Not this demon-possessed rabid dog you have let yourself become. Please, please, pull yourself together for your own sake! And remember these wise words of Sardonicus: God loves you, especially when everyone else is baying for your blood.

            1. SRD,
              once again you seem unable to distinguish between the messenger and the message.

              For me to attack Lasha, I would have to say something like
              Lasha is a cheap … (fill in your favorite smear, I neither did nor will)”.
              I never did such a thing, despite several provocations such as “Stalin/Trump/Hitler cultist” or “camp follower” (this is a particularly hurtful one to me, a true cleaver buried to the hilt in the back, i.e., Mark Glenn’s concubine, though I do think that he was the finest blogger in my experience, a terrible loss).


              Take your time SRD and learn to differentiate between the two.
              And yes, I did respond in anger aroused by unjust persecution by the various FeMen with nothing to contribute but mindless insults, incoherent scratching, tearing hair and foot stomping with spiked heels.

              Here is one example, note well and give it a bit of psycho-analysis (the site seems either blessed or cursed with a whack of professional analysts and therapists).

              When you/Ruth/Saki/etc/etc make the oft-repeated claim:
              You (Lobro) are stupid, he (Saki/Conquest/Pat/Circassian) is much more intelligent“,
              what you are in fact saying is
              I (Sardonicus) do not like you (Lobro), I much prefer (Saki/Conquest/Pat/Circassian)“.
              Since you provide no documented basis for this assessment one must assume that it is entirely emotional.
              If I were to make the same (equivalent, directed diametrically opposite) claim, I would ensure to provide supporting evidence, whether documented or logical, especially highlighting internally disastrous contradictions and inconsistencies in your narrative.

              If you think that your method beats mine, so be it but I thought to clarify this little issue, not that it matters an effing iota to me whether you think I am stupid or even whether I am factually stupid.
              Because at the end of the day I am still who I am and no man (or woman) can judge me—this is my prerogative and sacred duty (yes, on many occasions I cursed my stupidity but the details are and will remain private).

              Bottom line: I never, ever attacked Lasha as a person.

              Even my email correspondence with her is nonsense if you think about it.
              What makes anyone think that receiving an email from “”darkmoonATdarkmoonDOTme” originates with Lasha and not one of goodness knows how many others have access to this address? Certainly Lucy, Toby, Monica, Montecristo, webmaster … maybe you, Butterfly, Ruth, heck, who knows? Maybe I never corresponded with Lasha at all but some guy just having vicarious fun.

              But the fact is that on certain topics I am in total disagreement with Lasha, and these topics are widely known:
              Stalin, first and foremost, Trump, Old Testament, now it also turns out Hitler and who knows what other divergences lurk in future—and I never shied away from dissenting, not my style to go Stockholm, put my head down, facemask and silent self-quarantine.
              In fact, were I to pretend craven agreement with something that violates my precepts, would that be sign of respect for Lasha?
              You tell me, if she is unable or unwilling.
              I say just the opposite, it would demonstrate my contempt for her as an independent entity worth entering into a discussion with.
              But you call it RAPE (careful there SRD, it may win me female followers who like bodice-ripping fantasies like 52-shades of gray or whatever😍).

              (Yes, you too shockingly responded in a civil manner—carry on, the way of the goy, just like I am, a proud goy, antisemite or whatever Jew deigns to call me, as long as I am differentiated from the synagogue of Antifa, good enough for me.)

              1. @ Lobro

                “Bottom line: I never, ever attacked Lasha as a person.

                Yes, you did! You lie through your back teeth. Your memory has as many holes in it as a sieve.

                For a start, you accused Lasha of intellectual dishonesty over Stalin’s destruction of Christian churches, a subject about which you knew absolutely nothing at the time and about which she had all the knowledge at her fingertips. There was no need for her to lie about such a closely documented subject.

                Secondly, and even worse, you suggested sneeringly that she was now “getting on in age” (just over 40) and could be as ugly as sin, overweight and hirsute like a 6-ton gorilla with a beard. How charming of you! I would like to tear your eyes out for saying that about my stunningly beautiful sister who has never lacked for male admirers. She still can’t fight them off fast enough.

                I can only hope that you (a relatively old man) are even one-tenth as attractive as my sister is.

              2. Lucy (and later, Monica & Sardonicus, since one answer fits all)
                As far as I can recall, the church issue was something like this: the claim was made that Stalin burned down 10k churches and killed 100k monks or some ridiculously inflated figure like that and it was through quoting someone else—I disagreed and questioned that figure—and still do.

                Regarding Lasha’s putative ugliness, you TOTALLY misinterpret my words, either thru being dumb or wicked.
                Pull that comment out for everyone to see, I challenge you.
                I said (paraphrasing) the following:
                The Chinese proverb says that a person’s physical attractiveness is God-granted to the age of 40 but after that it is up to them.
                What it means is that after 40, one’s face reflects one’s inner spirit, character and goodness—it can go either way.
                Because I felt quite bitter over the way the Darkmoon tribe has treated me and her background silence, allowing gallons of daily venom daily ever since Grammar Fiend’s first HUGE, totally unexpected ad hominem on June 16, 2017 coupled with official beatification of Harold Smith’s (always in direct comparison to my failings) right up to this day—courtesy of YOU, 1421 days of total ad hominem.
                And I used to consider her one of my best 3-4 friends, gave her my total trust (look it up in suitable reference if meaning unclear) up until about Christmas of 2017 when I simply could no longer maintain that trust in face of biblical proportion betrayal. And told her so.
                And yet you also remember but are silent about my defended both of you sisters at the Truthseeker when at least one commentator dumped on you—yes, you remember but also conveniently forget, just in your bitchy mind MISremember suitable to momentary need.
                And it is precisely this that I warned Lasha about, your twin sister—that an ugly soul will be reflected in facial ugliness, i.e., self-inflicted because this is what faces are designed for—a walking curriculum vitae.

                Now, as to what she looks like, I have no clue, except your and Sardonicus’ words and frankly I don’t care because I will never see any of you.
                I bear you no intended curse or spell, cast no evil eye that you need to ward off, wish you all the good health and certainly hope that the Chinese paradigm spares your looks—but it is up to you, can you understand that?

                You can have thousands of male admirers crawling into your house through cracks, crevices, rappelling down chimneys, out of drains, slobbering mouths and faces against window panes—wish you the joy of well-earned adulation.

                But I can only go by what I see in these pages.
                And what do I see—unalloyed spiritual beauty?
                You tell me, I’ll take your word as I used to almost 4 years ago to the day.

                don’t rattle my chain because an instant riposte is begging for air; it goes like this:
                Yes, my head is hung in shame but let me make amends by calling an ugly woman beautiful … got suitable candidates?
                As you can see I didn’t say that, i unsaid it and left it unsaid.
                And even if what you throw at me (quite inanely) were true, no, accusing a beautiful woman of ugliness is not a sin, not even venial sin, it would only expose my dementia like saying that a rose stinks.
                What’s in a name? That which we call Lasha
                By any other name would cure Lobro’s dementia.

                Kind of interesting that both of you to say the least have borne me this totally unknown grudge since those “Stalin” days …

                (please God, don’t reincarnate me into a woman, not even a beautiful one nor Jew, not even a shrewd Jew genius, a 2-headed black gay crack addict is okay😰)

                i see that my cautionary words about ad hominem fell on deaf ears, petrified mind—what can i do.
                Except this: as you persistently call me stupid/idiot etc., what you actually achieve is
                declaring the entire Darkmoon readership stupid.
                Because if after all my posts, they are still unable to see what is crystal clear to you, it means that they are definitely stupid and need your kind guiding hand to form judgment. I don’t doubt for a moment that they are infinitely grateful to you for uncovering this otherwise blindingly obvious fact.
                And what does it say for the Darkmoon site if it caters exclusively to stupid people, cannot attract any other kind—you Sardonicus being the sole bright exception? (Cant wait for Lucy to totally twist and misinterpret what I just said)
                Jeez, they should chain you to the server because what would everyone do if you disappeared like I do for extended (never enough) periods—flounder in darkness of ignorance, where is Sardonicus to bring the torch of wisdom into our benighted lives, there is this poster Lobro and we have no clue what is he about, is he bright like Sardonicus or stupid like the whole of DM commentariat—where is that nourishing ad hominem, we are starved for some spicy wickedness—Lobro never uses profanity that we crave so badly, come back—pleeezz.

                Admin: please give this bastard Lobro the well-deserved boot, who does he think he is by denying us our required dose of vulgarity??? Bring back stalwarts like Dr Parker (we like men of letters), Emma Kirby, Silent Reader, Yggdrasil (lizard tree of some sort).

                1. As far as Admin is concerned, these off-topic internal fist fights must cease at once.

                  We are not here to demonstrate how intellectually superior and morally impeccable we are in comparison to our numerous critics. We are here to discuss the serious topics of the day.

                  So let’s keep our eye on the ball, OK?

    2. You’re right, and any comparison of these prostituted political scumbags to Hitler is a great insult to him. He’s been unjustly slandered beyond measure.
      1933 was the beginning of Germany’s liberation from Jewish financial destruction and cultural and moral subversion. M.S. King has some good books, articles, and videos on the subject, as well as on the real history of WWII, e.g.—jewish-partisans.html (Female Jewish Terrorists in Nazi Germany) (Auschwitz) (brought us into WWII)

      1. @Moderator
        Would you kindly add “www.” to the links above so readers can more easily access them? Thank you, and sorry for the neglect.

      2. Sardonicus :

        So why were the “bad bits” written? And what is it about the “bad bits” that you even admire and reverence the “bad bits”?

    3. There’s a lot of bullshit being pushed on this thread. The Protocols are genuine. Merkel is just another crypto male to female transgender Sabatean jew and Hitler was a crypto female to male Sabatean jew. Jews, neo-fascists and socialists (communists) all run from this. The truth hurts. PS. The Earth is flat.

    4. There’s a lot of bullshit being pushed on this thread. The Protocols are genuine. Merkel is just another crypto male to female transgender Sabatean jew and Hitler was a crypto female to male Sabatean jew. Jews, neo-fascists and socialists (communists) all run from this. The truth hurts. PS. The Earth is flat.
      (As I expected my comment has been blocked. The interesting question is why?)

      1. What makes you think your comment was “blocked”? I’ve only just seen your excellent comment in our monitoring box and approved it for publication. Surely you don’t think your comment is so daringly original and edgy that we are too scared to publish it? “:)

        All you have said is so commonplace and predictably outstanding that we not only approve your comment but would like to give you a gold star. We absolutely agree with you that the earth is flat. As flat, in fact, as the Protocols is flat! 🙂

        Your cutting-edge comment that both Hitler and Merkel are both crypto-Jew male-to-female transgenders deserves an extra gold star for originality. Welcome to this cutting edge website where you more than welcome to share your insights with us. 🙂

        Oh yes . . . before I forget . . . isn’t Merkel supposed to be Hitler’s long-lost illegitimate daughter?

  2. Hitler bolsjevik and zionist, book written by Bjerknes, An enlightening reexamination of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power which compiles mountains of evidence, including scarce sources and new translations, to explain:

    Why Hitler hid the fact that he worked for Kurt Eisner’s revolutionary government and was an elected liaison and propagandist for the Communist Soldiers’ Councils of the Bavarian Soviet Republic.

    Why Hitler was a Communist informant, intelligence agent for the Reichswehr and spy.

    Why Captain Karl Mayr and General Erich Ludendorff chose Lance Corporal Adolf Hitler to lead an anti-Semitic and anti-Bolshevik National-Socialist party, and how they made him into a “German Joan of Arc”, dangerous demagogue and belligerent dictator.

    Why Hitler infiltrated the German Workers’ Party, changed its name to the National Socialist German Workers’ Party and replaced its leader Anton Drexler.

    Why Hitler let the British escape at Dunkirk, why he lost the Battle of Britain and why he opposed Operation Sea Lion.

    Why Hitler collaborated with the Soviet Union, then attacked it and ensured his own defeat.

    Why Hitler, who never declared wars, declared war on America.

    Why Hitler wanted Lebensraum in the East as living space for his dead German soldiers.

    Why Hitler let Hermann Goering deliberately lose the war he helped Hitler deliberately start.

    Why Hitler repeatedly sacrificed his soldiers to the Soviets and provided Stalin with foreknowledge of his plans.

    Why Hitler refused to negotiate a peace at war’s end and instead issued the Nero Order calling for the suicidal destruction of Germany by Germans.

    Find the unexpected answers to these and countless other conundrums in the Rosetta Stone of WW II history Adolf Hitler: Bolshevik and Zionist Volume I Communism

    Hitler just another psyop a double agent for the jews as many ‘leaders’ in the west etc. are.

    1. I suspect that Erica is Jewish. Her comment smacks very much of smoke-and-mirrors conspiracy theory agitprop. Soon Erica will be telling us that Adolf managed to escape death in his Berlin bunker and hightail it to Argentina!

      What next? Let me guess. Merkel is a crypto-Jew also! And lo and behold, she is also Adolf Hitler’s illegitimate daughter! 🙂

      Gimme a break.

      1. It’s all on the internet, honey.
        If you’re read it on the internet, it’s gotta to be true! 🙂

        1. And it wouldn’t be “a show” without sycophant Saki brown-nosing batsh!t Butterfly for the umpteenth time!

          What a cretinous combo! 😂

          Je suis Le Realist. Merci!

          1. @ The Realist

            Your comment adds nothing to the debate, Mr “Realist”. At least Saki and I make a valid point and argue for it rationally. Something you, it seems, are quite incapable of. All you can do is utter guttural animal sounds to suit your baser nature: eructations, belches, snorts of derision, flatulence.

            What a cretinous combo! 🙂

            You should sign off in future as — “Je suis Le Grand Idiot.”

            Merci! 🙂

          2. The fact is that madame Butterfly hides that she has a jewish husband. She is one of them as many commenters here belong to the tribe. Of course madame butterfly is a “christian” and a “psychologist”, perfectly jewish masks.

            1. I have a “Jewish husband”, eh? Is this how the wily Jewess unsheathes her claws? 🙂

              You’ll have to do better than that, “Erica”. We’ve had many Jewish trolls on this site. I can spot them a mile away. If you’re not a Jew with an axe to grind, you are a brainwashed Useful Idiot for the Jews. All your ideas are unpacked from conspiracy theory sites. Not one of them shows a spark of originality. Yawn, yawn . . . we’ve heard them all before! 🙂

              Garbage in, garbage out. That’s your mind, darling. A cesspool of toxic ideas.

              1. @ Erica

                Madame Butterfly has been on this site for over five years. If she’d been “Jewish”, she would have been outed long ago as a crypto-Jew. Her anti-Zionist credentials are impeccable. She backs the Palestinians. She questions the Holocaust. She supports traditional Christian values. What Jew would do that?

                1. @ sardonicus, the jews talk alot, always blabla bla (advocates of both sides as usual) but they don’t deliver the goods! Pretending to be a “christian”, denying the holocaust, pretending to support the palestinians. Words don’t cost the jew a shekel and gives them, “credibility”. Capisce.
                  Sardonicus you must reincarnate many times before you will understand their tactics/templates they have always used. They act as wasps when they are found out that they are jews.

                  1. @ Erica

                    According to your twisted logic, Jews are so smart that they even disguise themselves by denying the Holocaust, supporting the Palestinians, and imitating all the worst habits of the most virulent antisemites.

                    In that case, Erica, EVERYONE ON THIS SITE IS A JEW! Because everyone on this site supports the Palestinians, denies the Holocaust, and engages in non-stop Jew bashing.

                    You are the ONLY kosher non-Jew here! 🙂

                    Congratulations. You need a medal. For stupidity.

                    Why don’t you toddle off to some appropriate low-IQ site for brainless females? You are wasting everyone’s time here.

                    1. @ Sardonicus, what about your nice poem, Girl in the train, you disguised psycho. You think you are so jew wise but your iq is very low. Go protect the disguised jewess madame butterfly another jewess as many jews on this site are. All “christians”? don;t let me laugh. Do You know her personally. Have you seen her real personal data. You old fool. The jews eat jew wise people as you for breakfast. They laugh about you. You are no match for them.

                      That’s why the west is in big shit by stupid people like you who don’t know who the jews are,( you are surrounded by them and you can’t see), and their tactics. Dream on in your dreamworld.

                    2. @ Erica

                      Gosh, you got me really scared!
                      Been reading my psychopathic poems, I see.
                      Doing your homework, huh?

                      Good thing you ain’t that dishy girl on the train.
                      Careful how you go, Erica Goldstein! 🙂

                    3. As a matter of interest, are you an atheist or a believer? And what do you think of Christianity? Positive or negative attitude?

                      BTW, if you don’t like Merkel, why are we quarrelling? I don’t like her either.

            2. Wow… thanks Erica!

              THAT perfectly explains “Madame’s” psychosis!
              And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Saki is her personal Rabbi!


      2. Her real name is Kasner. She is the daughter of two polish jews. Holocaust survivors I think. So she is actually a jewess.

    2. Bjerknes gets a lot wrong and will not admit to his errors or correct them. He’s very deceptive.
      There was an in depth critique, debunking, of C J Bjerknes’s writings and statements about Hitler, The National Socialists, by They did an excellent job IMO. It’s a 4 part series.

      The Lies of Christopher Bjerknes
      The Lies of Christopher Bjerknes, Part 2
      The Lies of Christopher Bjerknes, Part 3
      The Lies of Christopher Bjerknes, Part 4 – Hitler Was NOT a Zionist Dupe
      The Idiot Bjerkness: Hitler infiltrated Communist Parties as a Military Intelligence Assignment
      Hitler Democrat by Léon Degrelle (There is a link for pdf download)

      1. I think Hitler was a very shrewd jewish double agent/chameleon with a talent for obtaining many oscars as an actor if he would have been just an actor. I believe the german people and especially the german aristocracy, german military were duped, destroyed, by Hitler for believing in him. Hitler was necessary for the british jews to break the german structure, german aristocracy and german army, german spirit. The german military, aristocracy, didn’t trust Hitler and was duped by Hitler. It’s not for nothing that Hitler created his own troops the SS as counterblance against the german military and aristocracy. To destroy Germany, the core of Germany, he was hired by the jews as double agent to start wars and lose them!!!! The victim is/was the german people, german military, german aristocracy, german spirit. Germany is as we know now a jew occupied land.
        It remains very strange that Hitler who knew that England was/is ruled by the jews had so much trust in the “brits”. Why did he let escape the british troops escape as Germany and England were already at war, why didn’t het attack Moscow, why did he have so many jews/cryptos (jewish surnames) at his court instead of german aristocrats etc etc. There is a story of Bridget Hitler who related that he was in England for obscure reasons. For training as a british/jewish agent???? Are we sure that Hitler was such a “military genius” that he won the blitzkrieg or were circumstances made to make him credible???
        There is something spooky about him, a man from Austria with an obscure genealogy, etc. It doesn’t make sense only people helped and groomed by secret services can make such a carriere out of nothing.
        We probably will never know the real truth.

        1. @ Erica

          You present not a shred of evidence for your wild-eyed conspiracy theories in regard to Hitler being a secret double agent for the Jews, working hand in glove with British Jewry for the destruction of Germany. I challenge you to supply a single respected link from a reputable source in support of your thesis. Bet you can’t do that! 🙂

          Instead, you will rave on about me being a “crypto-Jew” for rejecting your silly ideas. Backed by no substantial evidence. You might as well sneer at Carlos Porter at the same time for being a “crypto-Jew”. He rejects your views too, as most sensible people would. There is not a single poster on this site who would accept that Hitler was a scheming Jew trying to destroy Germany to help out his fellow Jews in England. You must be stark raving bonkers. 🙂

          1. @ SAKI, do not be hasty to attack Erica. There is enough historical evidence that does strogly suggest that Hitler, was a Deep State agent. You want evidence, I will site just a few, because of lack of space. Here we go;

            Why Did The Bank Of England Help Hitler Loot The Czech Gold?

            Adam LeBor states; “During the war, the BIS became a de-facto arm of the Reichsbank, accepting looted Nazi gold and carrying out foreign exchange deals for Nazi Germany. The bank’s alliance with Berlin was known in Washington, DC, and London. But the need for the BIS to keep functioning, to keep the new channels of transnational finance open, was about the only thing all sides agreed on. Basel was the perfect location, as it is perched on the northern edge of Switzerland and sits almost on the French and German borders. A few miles away, Nazi and Allied soldiers were fighting and dying. None of that mattered at the BIS. Board meetings were suspended, but relations between the BIS staff of the belligerent nations remained cordial, professional, and productive. Nationalities were irrelevant. The overriding loyalty was to international finance. The president, Thomas McKittrick, was an American. Roger Auboin, the general manager, was French. Paul Hechler, the assistant general manager, was a member of the Nazi party and signed his correspondence “Heil Hitler.” Rafaelle Pilotti, the secretary general, was Italian. Per Jacobssen, the bank’s influential economic adviser, was Swedish. His and Pilotti’s deputies were British. (Tower Of Basel. by Adam LeBor)

            Was There Really A “Miracle” At Dunkirk?

            Revisionist Historian Charles Lutton states; “Harmon re-examined the on-going controversy concerning Hitler’s order of May 24, halting or two days the German advance in the direction of Dunkirk. After the war some German officers claimed that they were “shocked” when they received the order to stop their tanks at the river Aa, which permitted the French to establish a defensive line on the west side of Dunkirk. At the time, however, Panzer General Heinz Guderian visited his leading units on the approaches to Dunkirk and concluded that General Von Rundstedt had been right to order a halt and that further tank attacks across the wet land (which had been reclaimed from the sea) would have involved a useless sacrifice of some of his best troops. In his post-war memoirs and discussions with Sir Basil Liddell Hart, Guderian tried to blame Hitler for the suspension of the advance. From his discussions with Guderian and other German generals, Liddell Hart concluded that Hitler permitted the British Army to escape on purpose, hoping that this generous act would facilitate the conclusion of peace with Britain.” (See The Miracle of Dunkirk By Charles Lutton Reconsidered

            Why Did Hitler Disband The French Troops?

            It is also under this background, that one revisits Hitler’s policy on the French army. Again, once he overrun France, there was an armistice with the French, and it was agreed that the French troops would be disbanded and confined to the Harbors. Yet, if he had not disbanded them and under his command, he could have easily overpowered the English and ended the war quickly. So, from a Military Strategic point of view, it does not make sense for a man who is facing enemies from all sides, to refused an opportunity to strengthen his forces, unless Germany was never planned to win. And Hitler, may possibly have been given a script, with which to operate, and make sure that Germany lost. Disbanding the French Troops, guaranteed this! Meaning that other parties, had orchestrated the War, and wanted it to run and end as their plans dictated!

            Why Did The Allied Betray German High Command Plans To Replace Hitler?

            Roosevelt’s son-in-law, Curtis B Dall claims in his book, that German High Command sought help from America in their Endeavour to remove Hitler, but president Roosevelt refused any help. Why? Curtis B Dall states in his book, that Germans were willing to surrender, honorably, two years earlier, in 1943. He states in his book; “In 1943, just before FDR and Churchill met at Casablanca to announce the shortsighted “unconditional surrender” policy for Germany, FDR appointed Commander Earle as his personal naval attaché to Istanbul, Turkey. It was a sensitive spot. That was why FDR’s friend, George Earle, was sent there. As our luncheon opened, I told Commander Earle that I had also served in the Navy, Army and Air Force in the two World Wars, and had been duly placed in the Air Force “mothball brigade” in 1956. I referred to him as “Governor”, which seemed to please him more than “Commander.” The Governor opened, as a Naval Gunnery Officer should, with a direct salvo! He said, “Dall, I told your former father-in-law, FDR. When I was his naval attaché in Istanbul, how we could greatly shorten World War II (almost two years). He wouldn’t listen to me, or shall I say, he wasn’t allowed to listen to me! Can you believe it?” I blinked; then replied, “How was that, Governor?” “Well”, he said, “did you happen to read what I told Fowler, of Human Events in Washington, and what he wrote about this matter?” I replied, “I have not read it, but I did hear something about it from a friend.” The Governor then proceeded to unfold an amazing story…The Governor told me that one morning there was a knock on his hotel room door. He opened it and there stood a broad shouldered, medium-sized man in civilian clothes, who requested an informal conference. He presented himself as Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, head of the German Secret Service. The gist of his conversation was there were many sensible German people who loved their Fatherland and who greatly disliked Adolph Hitler, feeling that Hitler was leading their nation down a destructive path. Admiral Canaris, continued, saying that the “unconditional surrender” policy recently announced by Roosevelt and Churchill at Casablazica was something the German generals could never swallow. He said, however, that if President Roosevelt would merely indicate he would accept an honorable surrender from the German Army, tendered to the American Forces, such an event could be arranged; that the real enemy of western civilization (the Soviets) could then be stopped. The German Army, if so directed, would move to the Eastern Front to protect the West against the crunching drive of the Soviet Army coming from the East, powered, fed and armed by Roosevelt’s land-lease equipment. The Soviets aimed to establish themselves as the supreme power in Europe and were obviously deceiving the American people, aided by their many high-level agents placed in the U. S. The Governor remarked that at first he was staggered, but was extremely cautious in his reaction to the Admiral and to his startling proposal. Then followed a meeting with the German Ambassador, Fritz von Papen, a devout Roman Catholic, and strongly anti-Hitler in his feelings. A secret rendezvous was arranged late at night at a lonely site under some trees, five or six miles outside of Istanbul. There the Governor and the German Ambassador talked alone for several hours. The Governor told me that he soon became convinced of the sincerity manifested by the anti-Nazi Germans. Becoming further informed concerning the hidden designs of the Soviet-led Russian Forces, he promptly dispatched a coded message to FDR in Washington, via the Diplomatic Pouch, reporting the whole matter. He then waited for the requested prompt reply. None came! Thirty days later, as agreed, Admiral Canaris phoned him and asked, “Have you any news?” The Governor replied, “I am waiting for news, but have none today.” The Admiral said, “I am very sorry, indeed.” Then there was silence. ……….Then followed another meeting with von Lersner who came up with an added plan to surround Hitler’s remote Eastern Military Headquarters. Then move the German Army to the Eastern Front, until a cease-fire could be arranged. Governor Earle said he then prepared and sent a most urgent message to PRESIDENT Roosevelt in Washington, not only via the Diplomatic Pouch, but through Army-Navy channels this time to make sure the important message got through to FDR. He said he felt that FDR and his top advisors were under the spell of Joe Stalin, or that he, Roosevelt, mistakenly felt that he could “charm” Stalin. Furthermore, the Governor observed, the White House was certainly no place to try and expose the truth about Soviet Russia! At that startling statement made by the Governor, I blinked again and sat quietly. He continued, saying he felt sure that strong White House “influence” had the President’s “ear”, willing to see all the German people wiped out, regardless of how many American soldiers’ lives would be sacrificed on the battlefield, on the sea, and in the air, to achieve that monstrous objective. Plans had been established in Istanbul, he said that upon receipt of the hoped-for favorable reply from FDR to a form of honorable surrender, Governor Earle was to fly to an undisclosed spot in Germany, there to receive more details leading to surrender terms with Hitler’s enemies to be sent at once to the White House for further action. A plane near Istanbul awaited that next step, and it waited and waited! (Curtis B Dall “Franklin Delano Roosevelt My Exploited Father in Law”) Canaris and other corroborators were later brutally tortured and executed at the command of Hitler.

            Hitler The Executor of Marxism
            In spite of his perceived hatred of Communism, Hitler, was actually a proud Communist! His version of Communism was Socialism, which itself, leads to Communism. According to Douglas Reed, Hitler referred himself as “The Executor Of Marxism (not its executioner); ( Douglas Reed: The Controversy of Zion— 269 —)

            Does that give you reasonable doubt ? If not, there is no need to argue with you over Hitler. You are entitled to your opinion!

            1. @ bigfoot, thank you for your input. I would like to add the strange order of Hitler to field marshal Paulus at stalingrad. By this order Paulus and his troops were not allowed to retreat and regroup. Because of this order Paulus and his troops were captured and taken as prisoners of war, 265000 if the information is correct.

              Would a real, I repeat, a real german, give such a disastrous order to his troops???. No of course not. Hitler a double agent a jew, what an irony. I am certain that many jews know this information but don’t talk about it. Do you understand also the implication if Hitler was jewish???
              In the meantime the jews use Hitler also as the boogey man and the ‘ neonazis’ fall again in the trap. I told someone on this site already that the jews eat some jew wise people for breakfast. Think out the box when you are dealing with jews. A lot is not what us is told AND presented.

              1. @ ERICA;

                According to a Jewish Rabbi, and a former Chief Justice of a Rabbinical Court, one, Marvin Antelman; “Hitler was really the product of an adulterous relationship between his mother, Klara Polzl, and a Sabbatean Frankist (1861-September 21, 1928), who was Hitler’s real father..” (See Marvin Antelman, M, (2002). To Eliminate the Opiate (Volume 2). The Zionist Book Club. ISBN-10: 9657186056. )

                That means that it is baseless to have a kneejerk reaction, rejecting the notion of Hitler being Jewish. You will need to read the interesting history of Sabbatean Frankists, and the deep hatred which simmers and explodes in the Jewish community, which is sometimes blamed on the None Jews. And remember Hitler has 150,000 Jewish soldiers some who were allowed to rise to positions of Generals, while he was at the same time, allegedly murdering the Six Million. Can’t make this stuff up.

                1. @bigfoot, yes I know the books of Antelman. I am convinced Hitler was a jewish double agent duping Germany, the Germans, Europe etc.

                  Another strange thing of Hitler was that he was supposed not te be disturbed while he was sleeping on the day D-Day had begun. One of the most importants events of the war! The man who supposedly was so “afraid” of an invasion, (even when it was certain that this was the real invasion), was not to be disturbed.
                  Do we believe this strange story???

                  I repeat, I think jews, a lot of them, must know that Hitler was a jew. Why are they so quiet? Talk about this. Break the silence.

                  1. I repeat, I think jews, a lot of them, must know that Hitler was a jew. Why are they so quiet? Talk about this. Break the silence

                    Should be/read: I repeat, I think jews, a lot of them and also jewish “christians”, must know that Hitler was a jew. Why are they so quiet? Talk about this. Break the silence

                2. Bigfoot and Erica
                  Way back in 2017 I commented on this here on DM, I think you will find my take more or less similar yours:

                  When all is said and done, what’s left for a critical thinker? Can he/she speculate as to the intention of that person; was he a loyal patriot; was he fighting the good fight….?

                  People may say absolutely anything but more often than not, money speaks more truth than the tongues of men.

                  My comment was based on the starting point: “Follow the money”.
                  Secondly, “Who benefitted?”

                  As much as there are many sincere and loyal folk who give Mr. Hitler the widest benefit of the doubt, would those same folk not acknowledge that the main beneficiary are the Jews and co.?

                  Is there anyone else in history that they’ve benefitted more from?

                  If you follow the money, the answer is loud and clear, without ambiguity.
                  And, if you see who benefits, that too is loud and clear, without ambiguity.

                  I can’t speak as to the man’s heart or motives but I can speak about these two points; at least we owe it to all the innocent lives that are gone.

                  My guess was that Mr. Trump’s role was the same; he may yet make a second appearance when the heat turns up some. Those two questions work for Mr. Trump as well.

                  Their main purpose: to round up the last of the true resistance.

                  1. @ SEEB

                    I am disappointed in you. This is very poor reasoning. Your argument fails every test of logic and common sense.

                    You begin by invoking the Cui bono argument (‘Who Benefits?’) and state correctly that the main beneficiaries of Hitler’s Third Reich were the Jews. So far, so good. The Jews ended up as Top Dogs after World War II, thanks to Hitler. First, they got Israel. Second, they got victim status for the Holocaust and endless compensations for so-called “survivors”. Third, they were on the winning side of WWII along with the US and Britain and now dominate the media and government in both those countries. So undoubtedly, the Jews did exceptionally well out of the War.

                    But this is only because Hitler lost. If he had won, it would have been totally different. The Jews would then have been on the losing side of WWII. Far from being “beneficiaries”, they would have been the biggest losers.

                    If you are suggesting that Hitler DELIBERATELY LOST WORLD WAR II, even sacrificing his life in the Berlin bunker, just so that the Jews could live happily ever after, you are quite frankly going past the bounds of common sense and logic. Hither hated the Jews. Passionately. Every single statement he made about the Jews in Mein Kampf, in his speeches, and in “Table Talk”, was virulently anti-Jewish. You would then have to argue, most implausibly, that this was all a put-on act of fantastic deception. You would have to prove that Hitler secretly loved the Jews, was himself a Jew, but for some weird reason spent his entire life cussing and swearing at Jews and calling them vermin fit for only for destruction.

                    Any evidence for this? No, of course not. Not a shred of evidence.

                    Just because the Jews “benefited” from Hitler’s career does not mean that he INTENDED them to benefit! Can’t you see that? Take yourself. Say you make your will and intend to leave all your property and assets to a particular person you love, excluding a certain relation of yours you hate. And say it turns out that, in spite of all your efforts, the person you hate ends up with all your money. And the person you love gets nothing. That sort of thing happens constantly in this life. The most unexpected.

                    Well, who has benefited? The person you hate has benefitted. Did you secretly intend this evil person to benefit? No, of course not! So why, pray tell, do you jump to the bizarre conclusion that Hitler secretly INTENDED the Jews to benefit?

                    You can’t do that. It is bogus logic. It sucks. It’s the way conspiracy theorists think.

                    Understand this. Hitler’s hatred of the Jews was 100% genuine. He was the ultimate antisemite. Which is precisely why Hitler’s supporters support him. Because they, too, share his loathing of the Jews. It’s a nice little Hate Club, isn’t it?

                    As for you, it is easy to understand why you are an antisemite. It is because you are a Muslim who resents the theft and plunder of Palestine by the Jews. I don’t blame you for hating the Jews. They stole Palestine from the Arabs. That’s why you hate them.

                    But don’t blame Hitler for the loss of Palestine. He had nothing to do with that. Nor did he INTEND to lose World War II. He lost because his enemies were militarily stronger and had made fewer mistakes. Stalin and Churchill were better and more skillful warlords than Hitler. Which is why they won, and which is why the Jews are so powerful nowadays.

                    1. Excellent comment, Saki. Your logic is impeccable.
                      I defy anyone to fund fault with it.
                      You will see: their only response will be ad hominem abuse.

                    2. Saki is in a class of his own. (Or HER own).
                      I wish this person would reveal their sex.

                    3. Hitler lost the war by his strange decisions to deliberately lose the war, a few examples I have given, bigfoot and Bjerknes.

                      You say he hated the jews. Yes he was a very good instructed actor by the ‘ brits’. loved the theater by the way. Always training gestures for the mirror. He was very good in playing this act. Hitler was always surrounded with jews, from his youth on, art dealers, his court were jews, half jews, quarter jews,Emil Maurice his chauffeur founder of the ss was jewish, his astrologist was jewish, soldiers many, jewish generals, his secret service was suspicious Canaris called the greek jew, his half sister working in a jewish restaurant etc etc etc. No aristocrats in his court maybe because they were not jewish and could see through his act? I could go on and on and make a book about it. A lot of jews were in his life for someone who says he hated them. Isn’t it always jews who hate jews they say.

                      I repeat he lost the war because he made deliberately stupid decisions because that was his mission by the ‘brits’. To lose the war, destruction of germany. Domination of whole germany by the jews. By ruling over germany the jews control europe. European union etc as you know, a jewish invention.

                      What about the suspicious death of Hitler with all those books and stories about skulls here and there. Even the ‘ russians’ played this game. Why is it so difficult to find his remains and because of dna conclude that he died in Berlin? I think he didn’t die in Berlin but escaped and that a double was killed. Did he escape in an Epsteinian way for rendered services to the jews?? Everything is possible when you deal with the jews.
                      And yes the Germans believed his act but that doesn’t mean he was for real. As I said a calculating jewish double agent who destroyed Germany, germans and europe. I know it’s hard for many to swallow this. Another ‘hero’ gone but there is still ‘ trump’ another ‘ savior’. And still there are people who believe in ‘trump’. Always the same templates used by secret services adjusted and polished by the media/promoted as they did for their jewish double agent Hitler. Wasn’t Hitler made man of the year in Time magazine???
                      An advantage knowing that Hitler was jewish is that the germans could say/realize they were deceived by the jews. Isn’t that something to think about and work on???

                    4. Dear Saki,
                      I just checked in, didn’t realize you had a response to my comment.

                      I am sorry to disappoint you and I know this issue will never be solved. Keeping that in mind I was trying to stick to provable things – the facts of the case as it were, kind of like following the money with Mr. Gates.

                      You know, like his money in GAVI, WHO, Monsanto, Pfizer…… What he presents to the public, the great philanthropist, the lover of humanity, the savior of the planet. If we are to judge by what is presented then, you know….

                      While you agreed with me that the Jews were the most to benefit, there was also the first part: the money part. I was trying to stick to observable, countable facts.

                      Like I said in my comment above:
                      “I can’t speak as to the man’s heart or motives but I can speak about these two points; at least we owe it to all the innocent lives that are gone.”

                      In short I know there will always be people who think he was ‘the good guy’ and there will always be others who think he was an ‘agent’. While I am convinced of the latter, to me at best he was a ‘useful idiot’ but it’s also possible I may be wrong. The point is, it is impossible to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt either side and so we follow the money, then we see who benefited.

                      This was perhaps the most momentous event in the history of the rise of their world order. After the Jews were given the mandate that they were free to move to and live in Palestine, the majority of European Jews did not move. The planners had to create an environment to make it happen. The usual: Problem – Reaction – Solution.

                      This new move to Palestine then takes on an emotional, spiritual dimension of mythic proportions: the evangelicals were just heating up. This was easy to envelope the whole of the non Muslim world in a Moses-like deliverance of God’s chosen people and all the blood-sucking reparations that are still going on.

                      The problem-reaction-solution model also set the seeds of justification for world organizations. First the forming of the League of Nations that then blossomed into the United Nations, NATO….not too long after, The Bretton Woods Agreement, the IMF and the rest.

                      For the folks who believe Hitler hated Jews, would they accept he had Jewish officers in his army?

                      It is silly to divide the ‘resistance’ into two camps, those who support Hitler and those who don’t. This should not be the main focus, we divide ourselves when we should be one voice against oppression, wherever it is.

                      To say that I hate the Jews was difficult to swallow, because in my heart I really don’t ‘hate the Jews’. I hate oppression from tyranny and in this context that is what they represent. When I look at these monsters, Jew or otherwise, I swear by Allah (I am taking an oath) my heart breaks, to see ‘human’ or ‘Adamic’ potential become wicked, deceitful devils and loving it – I don’t know if I can hate, maybe I should hate but I don’t.

                      This is what real ‘jihad’ is about, removing oppression and it does not matter if it’s in Palestine, Europe or Yemen and it does not matter whether the people are Muslim or not – they still have the same God and He witnesses all.

                      Jihad is at the core of the believer’s heart, struggle in all its forms. The teaching of Islam is that the world is not something to be saved from. We are here to develop and transform our selves to be Godly, we are theomorphic beings. If we are able to develop Godly attributes, being just and respecting the rights of others will be central to how we interact with the world.

                      Palestine is a just another one in their long, unending list of crimes against humanity and the natural world. And, at the root, the land is not the biggest issue, foremost is the oppression of the people.

                      If they were sincere and truly wanted to live in equity, that would be different, but we KNOW otherwise. This new 500 year old European led Jewry (Judeo/Christian) is different, it is simply satanic.

                      Is there any honest historian that could refute the fact that traditional, religious Jews generally prospered in Muslim lands more than anywhere else?

                      We know the endgame is total enslavement of natural peoples all over the world.

                      I would ask that you give some space in your heart for me and my difference of opinion and not be too disappointed.

                      I believe in inspiration and I believe God speaks to the heart of the truthful and sincere. When things get cloudy I tend to trust my heart – we know who the masters of deception are.

                      One of the men of the first generation, Maalik said, “True knowledge is not the memorization of verses. It is a light that God puts in the heart of the believer.”

                      My heart will never trust a man who was raised up and financed by the evil plutocrats and especially so when it is clear who reaped the benefits, whether it’s Hitler, the Saudis, Trump, Putin…………. or my blood brother.
                      May God bless you and count you among the people whom He loves.

                    5. @ SEEB

                      To say that I hate the Jews was difficult to swallow, because in my heart I really don’t ‘hate the Jews’. I hate oppression from tyranny and in this context that is what they represent. When I look at these monsters, Jew or otherwise, I swear by Allah (I am taking an oath) my heart breaks, to see ‘human’ or ‘Adamic’ potential become wicked, deceitful devils and loving it – I don’t know if I can hate, maybe I should hate but I don’t.

                      I am glad you said this. We are on the same wavelength. To me you are a living example of a good Muslim. The numerous Islamophobes who throng this site (and indeed almost all White Nationalist sites) simply don’t have a clue that Islam is a noble religion and the Qur’an a Holy Book that will confer sanctity on all those who follow the Straight Way faithfully to the end, without deviation.

                      Evil Muslims there are, but there are just as many evil Christians and Evil Jews around. These are the ones who have never been touched by he divine flame.

                      Rumi or Rabi’a the Mystic do not need to say sorry for being Muslims.

                    6. Is there any honest historian that could refute the fact that traditional, religious Jews generally prospered in Muslim lands more than anywhere else? We know the endgame is total enslavement of natural peoples all over the world.I would ask that you give some space in your heart for me and my difference of opinion and not be too disappointed.

                      Whatever you have said in his long post has my full agreement, especially your definition of the true meaning of “jihad”. All conquest of others is futile unless it is preceded and accompanied by self-conquest.

            2. You guys can quote researchers like Alan Bollocks, er I mean Bullock, until the cows come home and think you’re accessing truthful accounts. Hey, I get it. We all want to believe that’s what we’re getting, which usually includes the authors themselves. All I can do is convey what was related to me by a friend whose grandfather actually sat in on one of Hitler’s “Table Talks” (apparently one was enough, given that Hitler could ramble on incessantly).

              I’m all worn out commenting on this subject. I’ve said this before, but as Michael Corleone said in Godfather III, “just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!” So the very last thing I’ll mention addresses what Bigfoot brought up regarding the BIS and the BOE’s collaboration with Hitler and the confiscated Czech gold. You have to understand that no matter what occurs in the geopolitical scheme of things, bizness is done as bizness is done. It only APPEARS that this would indicate Hitler being in cahoots with the Pharisee bankers. At some point Hitler had to know the high stakes cat ‘n mouse game he was in the middle of and realized he was being played. But the only thing that mattered to him was DEFEATING THE SOVIET MILITARY ON THE BATTLEFIELD! With that, everything else would have been rendered moot. And as I’ve written many times here, the treachery of the Zio snake Bormann and his ilk in an infiltrated German Intel doomed the endeavor which epitomized Hitler’s life mission.

              1. @ BROWNHAW
                You say that; “bizness is done as bizness is done.”

                I say Bollocks!! You, my friend, have taken a fistful of Blue Pills, and you are soo deep asleep, that I do not think I can wake you up. But I can at least point to the right direction. Just download “ Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time” by Carroll Quigley. While you are at it, also download and read; Red Symphony, by Josif . Landowsky.

                I think that can start you up. But in case that’s too much for you, enjoy your sleep. But do not come and lie to us that “bizness is done as bizness is done.”

                But then again, you have admitted that you have no respect of historians who tell a different version of history, which disagrees with you. What can I say? “Some Mothers Have Them”

                1. Thanks for the info, BF!

                  If time and money are limited for the 1100 pages, I suggest the very inexpensive(under $10) condensed version titled “The Naked Capitalist” by Cleon Skousen…. which I bought when it came out in 1970. It even has numerous pictures of most of the biggest government criminals. 🙂

                  The Naked Capitalist by W. Cleon Skousen

                  “The Naked Capitalist” by W. Cleon Skousen – A Review and Commentary on Dr. Carroll Quigley’s book: “A Tragedy and Hope- the History of the World in Our Time.”

                  Billy Clinton believed in Dr. Carroll Quigley and his beliefs written in his book, “Tragedy of Hope”. Clinton made this comment in a campaign speech during his first run for office…. and he often referred to his professor, Dr Quigley, as his mentor while he was attending Georgetown.


                2. Bigfoot
                  First of all, you failed to understand the context of “doing business as business is done”, simply based on what I see a false premise that you’re going by. And it’s not a matter of slamming those who disagree with me, but of questioning those such as yourself who only THINK they know the truth. And I’ll kindly ask you to refrain from calling me a liar, or trying to “start me up in the right direction”. Apparently you haven’t a clue as to how obnoxious that is in making you sound like a know-it-all.

                  1. @ BROWNHAWK
                    You claims that I am following “A false premise”
                    Please, why don’t you clarify? I am not aware of any “False premises”
                    I am going by. I just revaluate my point of view based on any new fact that suggest otherwise. Its called, “Aristotelian Methodology”

                    1. BF
                      The way I read your comment suggested Hitler to be in cahoots with the Zionists. “In cahoots” meaning he was fully on board with their diabolical plans to destroy Germany and put the massive Soviet state and U.S. on the ascension with the Zionist “outpost” Israel as a geopolitical “pivot point” and a money “clearinghouse” under the auspices of the C.O.L. (and of course the ubiquitous B.I.S.)Yet as far as I’m concerned this is simply not true, and I wish there were books I could reference to indicate that. But alas…..

                      My understanding is that yes, of COURSE Hitler was playing footsies with the Zios, in the beginning, and with all its attendant financial ramifications. (Bizness is done as business is done). Hitlers rise to power WAS orchestrated by them, and in his view this reflected their acknowledgement of his coming to power as a phenomenon INDEPENDENT of their aforementioned machinations.(i.e. he was being duped).

                      Hitler saw HIMSELF as being in the catbird seat, and this arrangement of “strange bedfellows” eventually came to involve the “Jewish Question”, which beforehand started with the round-up into the camps. But when the Germans came to the conclusion that there would be no takers of its inhabitants virtually anywhere in the World (surprise surprise), THIS is when the plan for a “Final Solution” came to involve the Zionists directly with an “agreement” (made by the Germans with fingers crossed behind their backs, kind of like “Ribbentrop-Molotov” in 1939, only then BOTH sides were crossing fingers) to resettle the Jews in Palestine.

                      But this was an agreement that Hitler had no intention of keeping, and for him everything, and I mean EVERYTHING hinged on defeating the Soviet military forces after the launching of Barbarossa in June of 1941. With that, he could put the WELL CARED FOR Jews (so long as things went well in the war, that is) wherever he chose, most likely in the area of the old Pale of the Settlement)

                      P.S. Aristotlian methodology, eh? Yeah well, sometimes that’s the only thinking method we have at our disposal. And oftentimes it can be woefully inadequate 😎

                3. Interesting book, Hitler redux by Mikael Nilsson.

                  After Hitler’s death, several posthumous books were published which purported to be the verbatim words of the Nazi leader – two of the most important of these documents were Hitler’s Table Talk and The Testament of Adolf Hitler. This ground-breaking book provides the first in-depth analysis and critical study of Hitler’s so-called table talks and their history, provenance, translation, reception, and usage. Based on research in public and private archives in four countries, the book shows when, why, where, how, by and for whom the table talks were written, how reliable the texts are, and how historians should approach and use them. It reveals the crucial role of the mysterious Swiss Nazi Francois Genoud, as well as some very poor judgement from several famous historians in giving these dubious sources more credibility than they deserved. The book sets the record straight regarding the nature of these volumes as historical sources – proving inter alia The Testament to be a clever forgery – and aims to establish a new consensus on their meaning and impact on historical research into Hitler and the Third Reich. This path-breaking historical investigation will be of considerable interest to all researchers and historians of the Nazi era.

                  1. @ ERICA

                    The bottom line about Hitler, is that, whether he knew it or not, he was deftly positioned to power by “The Unseen Hand” Some history book claims that Chancellor Paul Ludwig von Hindenburg had dismissed him as someone he could not appoint even for the position of “Post-Man”! Imagine that. And let us remember the historical precedence set by “The Hidden Hand” King William of Orange was not a Briton. He was a Dutchman. He was made King of England by The Hidden Hand and was used by the Hidden Hand to wage war, which enabled The Hidden Hand to establish The Bank Of England! Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was not a French National. He was Corsican! He was made Emperor by the Hidden Hand, and used by the Hidden Hand to wage war on the European Paternalistic Old World Order, and The Church, ruining them Debt. Having sank France in Debt, he was removed, and pasties placed in his place, until the Hidden Hand brought “The French Revolution” which imposed Communism and the rule by Secret Societies. That, was precedence which was set, which points to the fact that, The Hidden Hand, helped an Austrian Nation (Hitler) who was not German, to wage war, in order to remove the remnants of the Old World Order, make way for Communism and Zionism.

                    This was revealed by Churchill, the same guy who told us about “The High Cabal” “Time and the Ocean and some guiding star and High Cabal have made us what we are.”

                    Churchill reveals in his book, that the Second World War was planed immediately after the 1st World War. That means that The Hidden Hand needed to ensure that whoever became Chancellor of Germany, was a Patsy who had to lead Germany according to some hidden script. ,

                    Churchill claimed. “Herr(Walter) Rathernau had, during his tenure of the Ministry of Reconstruction in 1919, set on foot, on the broadest lines, the reconstruction of Germans War Industry.
                    “They have destroyed your weapons” he told the generals, in effect. “But these weapons would in any case have become obsolete before the next war. That war, will be fought with brand new ones, and the army which is least hampered with obsolete material will have great advantage “Herr .Water Rathernau (See The Gathering Storm” The Second World War, by Winston Churchill, Pg 49)
                    Hitler being a Freemason, must have known the direction that was required for Him. He, just like the rest of Illuminati puppets, had a handler. His was one Martin Bormann

                    1. William of Orange secret helperes were the “dutch” merchants and we know who those “dutch”merchants are.
                      Some time ago I read an interesting article about the book a jewish princedom in feudal france by Arthur J. Zuckerman. He claims that the ancestry of William of Orange was jewish and so I conclude that the house of Orange is secretly jewish, but claiming to be “german”. But in public they present themselves as”christians, “protestant”. I believe Zuckerman even if the evidence is not all there. I think the house of Orange has a possible motive to scrub their real ancestry and that’s why you will not find find hard evidence. But decide for yourself

                    2. @ Erica

                      You have an absolute obsession about everyone you don’t like being a “crypto-Jew”. Why does everyone have to be a Jew before Erica (aka ‘Frau Germanica’) decides they are very hateful? Are there no hateful goyim?

                      Erica, tell me: was Peter Kurten, the German mass murderer, a Jew? No, he was a nice German proto-Nazi and probably an avid fan of Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Peter Kurten, Germany’s most notorious serial killer, was the White Supremacist proto-Nazi who cut off the head of a goose in a public park and drank the gushing blood straight from the goose’s neck. He was not a Jew. He was not a crypto-Jew. He was a typical German GOY.


                      I assure you, Frau Germanica, one doesn’t have to be a Jew or a crypto-Jew to be a psychotic killer! There are lots and and lots of goyim who are equally capable of the most filthy and flagrant crimes. Many of these crimes took place in Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler’s watch.

                      Switch on your TV today and you will see the faces of the criminal classes on your screen. How many of these faces are Jewish? Very few!

                      99% of these sickos are goyim. 🙂

                      I am myself a goy, a White man, and I say this because it happens to be true.

                    3. Wickedness is universal; it is not a Jewish monopoly. The sooner the loonies on this site realize this, the better.

                    4. If I were forced to live on a desert island forever and was given the choice between two books I could take with me — the “Old Testament” or “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, I would choose the Old Testament any day. God help the fool who decided to spend the rest of his life cuddled up with the Protocols.

                    5. There’s no accounting for tastes. I know a man on this site who would ask the nurse in his geriatric ward, as he lay dying on his deathbed, to read him a few inspiring lines from the Protocols. He would then die happily, foaming at the mouth as he slipped into nirvana! 🙂

                    6. I hear through the grapevine that Saki is definitely a female, a female academic on sabbatical from an Oxford college. Just letting you guys know. Her speciality is Medieval English.

                    7. BF
                      I’ve said as much and more about Bormann numerous times on this site. But my own understanding has it that the famous line uttered by Don Corleone to his son Michael comes into play here, “find a man’s weakness and exploit it”. Hitler’s weakness was misplaced trust. Many in his circle implored him to check out Bormann but he refused to believe the rumors. So yeah, Hitler was “handled” all right

  3. Saki, if she doesn’t already live in Portland Oregon, should move to Portland Oregon — and join ANTIFA and enjoy herself. She’s such a JEW COMMIE. She would fit right in with ANTIFA. ANTIFA goes after the bad guys, THE NAZIS!!!! ANTIFA is protecting us kwans from the big bad NAZIS!!!!

    1. Saki is against Antifa and is equally against BLM. Both these organizations, Saki believes, are dangerous and should be stopped.

      Get your facts right. Saki is a White patriot in full support of indigenous Americans.

      (Saki’s best friend)

  4. I guess THE NAZIS stole and ran off with Lasha’s masterpiece poem posted early this morning and now gone. THE NAZIS HOLOCAUSTED LASHA’S POEM ABOUT PRELAPSARIAN PARADISE!!!!! THE NAZIS DON’T WANT US TO KNOW THE JOYS OF PRELAPSARIAN PARADISE!!!!!! JE SUIS LASHA!!!!!!! poor Lasha, she’s such a great poetess and THE ***&&&^^^%%%###@@!!! NAZIS won’t let her share her poetic masterpieces with us!

    1. The poem you refer to was indeed published this morning. It was Lasha herself who removed it. Don’t ask me why. Maybe she was in two minds about it and thought it needed revision.

  5. Merkel is a communist and the covid-19 is an imaginary virus, a scam and a psyop being used to install communism world wide, covid-19 does not exist, it has never been isolated therefore it does not exist, this is the biggest scam and psyop in the history of the world.

    The so called great reset is UN Agenda 2030 and the 10 planks of the communist manifesto and the Protocols of Zion all wrapped in one satanic package and unless enough people wake up to this, we are facing hell on earth, satan has unleashed his demons from hell on the earth.

  6. Merkel is a dyed-in-the wool bolshevik. She was on a career path under the communists in Central Germany (I am not saying “East Germany”, as East Germany is at this time under occupation by Poland, Russia and Lithuania, each of which took a part of it, and what is commonly called “East Germany” is a strategic renaming of Central Germany in order to cloak the territorial mutilation of Germany realized by the Second World War) and had a nose for coming change in the mid-1980s when she already published some papers in the Journal of the American Chemical Society – quite a feat for a rising star in the Communist Party to peddle one’s goods in an organ the “ideological foe”. She continues the way politics was made and conceived of in the former Soviet-occupation zone of Germany. This led in 1953 to a popular uprising which was bloodily suppressed by the same government in which Angela Merkel intended to cinch her career. It is known where she is coming from, it is known what she approves of, it is therefore known what she is capable of and where is is now obviously going.
    That Merkel’s behavior doesn’t simply stand in its own judgment as condemnable shows what has been made of the substance Germany by the post-war measures to erase German identity: A basket case. It’s not enough that she is a mean liar and deceiver, doesn’t even give a formal damn about the supposedly so important German constitution -which she either ignores or has altered by her willing monkey parliamentarians who act as her shield and spear. Such human and character failings are apparently pale flaws in her , only a comparison with the hack image of Hitler will do.
    It seems that the world is in a very bad place with the only way out through a catastrophe of some sort.

  7. I’m still amazed that people would rather believe the MSM political narrative 🙄 on the hitler episode, rather than all the information that’s come out with the free media…
    I guess they really think pearl harbor was a total sneak attack, people walked on the moon, Oswald killed kennedy, arabs did 9-11 and covid is a deadly disease…
    What’s behind this willful ignorance?
    I guess if you think the Jesus actually walked the earth, and the water, you might be a little confused 😕 in your heart, when it comes to reevaluating your extrapolations… it’s a lot to ask, that a person apostate his lifelong religious beliefs and it can be a mighty 😉 fine line between that and political ideology…
    Lots of people know they don’t actually know any of it, and are convinced of their place as believers, peons all, claiming their status as supporters, members of the cult, the first to cast aspersions and projectiles at heretics…
    They’re afraid 😨 to leave the herd…
    I don’t know if ERICA is a stieny or not…
    But i don’t see why she would provide pertinent research materials on the real history of Germany 🇩🇪 if she was… i agree with her on that…
    But then, I’ve looked into the subject further than the MSM…
    What jew wants to out hitler as bankster double agent ?
    The whole story on the real hitler is out there now, at least enough of it to raise reasonable doubt…
    It compares logically to the outcome for Germany on account of ww2… Hitler killed Germany when he let the British army escape at Dunkirk… his own generals tried to kill him at one point… what’s that tell you?
    Now here we have the Frumpy bloodline Fraulein pulling another obvious globalist heist, the spitting image of Adolf himself, which you have to be half-blind not to see for yourself….
    It isn’t that people don’t think it possible she could be his relative, is it?
    Why could it not be possible?
    In many cases they’re just too asinine to put down their flamethrowers for a few minutes……..

  8. Interdasting. Seems only “appropriate” that the Juden would choose Deutschland as the leader-state to bring forward their long dreamed about JudenEuropeanSuperState.

  9. @ sardonicus, i don’t like Merkel, just another ashkenazi jew, in disguise, a communist with a ‘ christian’ ( another ‘ nice christian’) father who maintained the surname of her husband she once married from which she had no children. Very suspicious, i would not be surprised she worked for a security service on behalf of the jews of course. Making the welt besser as the jews say. They say so much. i repeat all ‘ leaders’ ( selected by secret service) in the west are double agents( pied pipers), with a jewish background, working against ‘ their’ population in secret. We all are living in a silent, subtle, jewish dictatorship as they have and maintain the keypositions. And as you all should know all opposition is fake or non existing. The lower jews, many of them ‘ christians’, are the watercarriers, gatekeepers and spies. They hide behind ‘ christianity as a cloth. They change their clothes and ideologies very easy.
    We live in a jewish status quo.
    Quit, always, analysing what the jews present you on their tv, with their jew commenters etc. That’s what they want to follow a path that has no outcome. Don’t follow their spectacles. Think independent and critical.
    Don’t trust a jew until he has proved himself, not one time but many time. Test the jew as a jew always tests a Goy. Testing to know if you are one of them, if you are stupid so he can make a profit, hear things to tell his tribemembers etc etc. Words are cheap especially coming from a jew. Listen to his words, are they contradictory, is he one of the tribe, what could be his motive, does it make sense , what does the jew hide behind his words, his agenda/tactic etc etc. I could go on and on. We don’t need jewish words, blablablabla.
    The goyim should have organized thenselves long long ago and of course not with stupid swastikas and nazitalk which is not intelligent.

    Shalom or should I say namaste.

    1. @ Erica (re Brownhawk)

      I can see you are very sincere in what you believe. But I also notice Brownhawk’s skepticism about you. He dismisses your views as “claptrap”. I can understand why. Let me tell you why Brownhawk, who is a well-respected poster here of several years’ standing, finds your views repugnant.

      It is because Brownhawk, like so many other White Nationalist Americans, has a soft spot for Hitler. He doesn’t say so openly, but it’s clear from everything he has said, that he regards all Hitler bashing as deplorable. In other words, he thinks that people who “demonize” Hitler are narrow-minded brainwashed individuals with an insufficient knowledge of history. He rejects the mainstream negative attitude to Hitler.

      For this reason, Erica, you can see why Brownhawk and other White Nationalists like him totally reject the extreme view you promote that Hitler was not only a psychopathic scoundrel but a CRYPTO-JEW psychopathic scoundrel working for the destruction of Germany from within.

      1. I must say, Erica, without wishing to give you needless offense, that your negative views on Hitler as a malevolent “crypto-Jew” would not be accepted by ANYONE posting on this website! Nor would Admin sympathize with such extremist views, even though Admin is not particularly fond of Hitler. Admin does not see Hitler as a tragic hero “Aryan Messiah” who came to a sticky end for reasons beyond his control.

        As for Lasha Darkmoon, she certainly does not take instructions from Hitler or Stalin supporters or regard them as intellectual guru figures. Let them worship who they want and cease to impose their adoration on others by blustering coercion. That is her attitude to these intellectual bullies and she stands by it.

        She has told me so herself: “I am not looking for Mr Svengali! 🙂

        I put it to you, Erica: you’re not going to make any converts here by denouncing EVERYONE on this website as a “crypto-Jew” for failing to agree with your weird and loonie fringe views! 🙂

        Be more cautious, dear lady! This is not a site run by crypto-Jews for hundreds of other crypto-Jews! It’s a straightforward anti-zionist site, pro-Palestinian and highly critical of the Holocaust — but in a moderate, well-balanced way.

      2. Hear, hear! And if you’re a vegan or a vegetarian you cross the street before passing a McDonalds all the while making whatever is your favorite sign or chant to ward off the miscreants, cretins and goblins. Pretty sure us non-conformists all do this though some are shy to admit it for the usual personal reasons. Fear, mockery, estrangement, envy, violence, etc. Oh, and the very superstitious will always be with us too. You might even say we have met the very superstitious and he is us, lol..

        1. I bet you’re not as superstitious as I am! 🙂

          I never walk under ladders.

          Which is why I was rejected many years ago as a job applicant for a firm of window cleaners! 🙂

          1. I’m superstitious about the Sun’s claw grabbing me in its’ clutches that sounds like it could hurt which is why I was rejected many years ago as a job applicant for a lifeguard on a Sunny beach, lol, and I once lost a job as an applicant to be a night watchman because I’m scared the moon may beat me up with its’ fist which also sounds like it could hurt, lol….

            It’s not easy getting a job when you’re afraid of the Sunlight and also afraid of the Moonlight. I only leave the house when the sky is very grey and overcast, NO sunlightclaws, or when it’s raining, then it’s safe to go out, and at night I only go out when there’s a DARKmoon and everything is pitch black, LMFAO!!!!

          2. Sardonicus, without a fear of being too very superstitious, either the last part of your comment (McDonald’s part) to Erica went into the black cyber-hole of huh? or I’m hallucinating, again.. (fingers crossed)

            1. @ Hp

              Homer, you read my comment while I was still editing it! We now have 10 minutes instead of five to edit. (Maybe more, for all I know). I have no idea how this darn site works, I gave up long ago! . . . But yes, I did mention McDonalds in my original comment while still editing, but edited it out of the final version. This is because the comment was too long and rambling and I didn’t want to confuse the issue by dragging in carnivores and vegans! Capisce? 🙂

              1. @ Hp

                Hey Homer, I’ve just figured out what must have happened. First you must understand that none of my comments are published automatically as soon as I press the ‘Send’ button. This is because Admin has put me on monitoring, so I have to wait (sometimes hours) for approval by Admin before my comment appears. It’s darn inconvenient but … there it is.

                So what I did was this: I posted my original comment with the McDonalds reference. Admin saw it and approved it at once. So you were able to read the comment and respond to the McDonalds reference.

                However, I’d saved the comment and decided to send it in AGAIN broken up into TWO SEPARATE COMMENTS with no reference this time to MacDonalds. Admin saw the two new comments and approved them both. So both were published. Then Admin deleted the first long comment containing the McDonalds reference. That’s why it’s gone. Because Admin deleted it as an unnecessary duplication.

                1. That’s correct. I deleted your original comment because you were sending in the same material twice, with only a slight variation in content.

      3. Sard
        I remember my very first post responding to you noted your eloquence of pen, and this most recent one is no exception in reflecting the reasonableness shown by those who run this site.

        Having said that, I find it humorous that you would refer to me as a “White Nationalist”. If anything, call me a RED Nationalist, seeing that IN SPIRIT my allegiance is to the Iroquois Great League, of which I see a commonality with German National Socialism in representing the crucial importance of maintaining a national identity

        Insofar as history is concerned, the honorable Red man holds no grudges, and above all else wants healing and forgiveness to be the #1 priority. And Although seriously misguided, like Rodney King said back in the day, “can’t we just all get along?”😆

        1. Yes, dear Brownhawk, I take your point that you in fact have some Iroquois blood in your veins. We all know this. But to all intents and purposes you pass as a fully assimilated White American with White Nationalist values.

          I didn’t mention your Native American ancestry to Erica because it would only have muddied the waters and confused her. I wanted to keep it simple.

          There are other White Nationalists on this site with a soft spot for Hitler and you could break bread with them quite easily at the same table — without having to apologize to them for having a tomahawk tattooed on your forearm! 🙂 🙂

  10. Erica makes the all so common mistake of believing the claptrap she finds in books that claim to offer an “enlightening reexamination”. Yet another clear example of the rampant disease known as “confirmation bias”.

    If you think you’re accessing truth from books whose very PUBLICATION should throw up red flags, then you have to consider just how duped you are.

    When it comes to the subject of Adolf Hitler, those who are otherwise savvy observers of the depth of deception and lies in this world simply don’t know how foolish they sound

  11. I wonder which facet of the derogatory label ‘White Nationalist’ our detractors dig the most…
    These days, as the globalist corporate chicommicrat blm and antifa marxist rioters would have it all white people are racist bigots and slave mongers, guiltily of and culpable on every rotten thing that was done to colored people in the past, no matter how distant… as if white people were never enslaved or victimized otherwise anywhere and as if every bit of the wealth white people might have now was produced by slaves and should be given back… this is what they’ll be telling you, something along the lines of the crap the zionists hand the arabs, when they confiscate your income property…
    it’s really ours, not really yours.. so get out…
    ‘Nationalism’ is a dirty word now too…
    Individual nation states are incompatible with the globalists conrtol collective, and there’s absolutely no way whatsoever that the kind of rights and god given freedoms we cherish in the USA will be allowed to keep breathing in the upcoming planetary superstate…

  12. I’m sure the definitions ‘Nazi and White Nationalist’ are different in regards to what the adherents to these movements believe…
    Nazi sounds extreme while White Nationalist sounds like any regular white person who has self-respect, pride, love for his children and his homeland.
    You don’t have to say ‘i am a white nationalist’
    to be one because it’s in you, it’s natural..
    While to be a Nazi you have to be extreme and probably racist . ..

    1. @ Sarita

      Let’s not argue about words. If you don’t like being called a “Nazi”, by all means call yourself a “National Socialist”. By doing so, you align yourself with Adolf Hitler and all his policies: totalitarian rule, fascism, anti-democracy, physical violence in order to police the population via the SS or Brownshirts/Stormtroopers. You then favor the Nazi era flag with its swastikas. And you naturally then support Hitler’s Aryan ideology of the White Master Race, the blue-eyed blond Ubermensch or Superman with his “divine” right to world domination and endless Lebensraum.

      What is this, pray tell, if not “White Supremacy?”

      Anyone nowadays who calls himself a “National Socialist” is simply hiding behind a pretty little euphemism. He is using this verbal camouflage to acquire a veneer of respectability. There is no difference in practice between a Hitler fan and a neo-Nazi. In fact, most emotionally immature Hitler fans today are in their teens and twenties and are known as “skinheads”.

      Tens of thousands of skinheads and leather-jacketed bikers, covered with swastika tattoos, are proud to call themselves “Hitler fans” and collect Hitler memorabilia. You are aligning yourself with these thuggish street gangs once you start calling yourself a “National Socialist” and have a portrait of Adolf Hitler on the wall above your bed…

  13. @ SAKI
    “Hitler himself never ceased to refer to himself as a ‘Nazi’ same with Goebbels and every other Nazi leader”.
    As ASGARD and Carlos Porter made clear, it’s the other way around. Third Reich’s Germans called themselves National Socialists to emphasize the components that were part of their ideology. The journalist Konrad Heiden named by ASGARD was born in Germany to a Jewish mother, he left for the U.S. where he again spread the term there, promptly used in a Niagara of Hollywood films and wildly used in Anglo-American media.
    (Pa Oberg, 24 February 2016 [email protected]).

    “I’m sure the definition ‘Nazi and White Nationalist’ are different in regards to what the adherents to these movements believe”.
    Today the term “Nazi” is used to attack any European [and Euro-American] who does not hate his race, culture and history, and who wishes to protect and preserve his own people and children’s future. Somebody who opposes enforced Mass Immigration of Non-Europeans into his ancestral homeland [these are not to be confused with the leather jacketed bikers covered with swastika tattoos evoked by Saki]

    I suggest that the epithet NAZI would more aptly apply to another sort of human:
    NA(tional) ZI(onist).

  14. I mean can you take this article serious?

    quote: “Merkel is the new Hitler, warns a dissident German politician”

    Merkel (or Trump) is not the new Hitler. What a laugh to even compare any modern leader to A.H.. Merkel is working to destroy Germany for the Jewish World Order, as was Trump, as both of these two fake leaders are promoting the vaccine that will decimate the volk. This constant comparison of modern leaders, who are hacks, to Hitler is really annoying and really stupid.

    How stupid are these Trump supporters who are still blind to “warp speed” vaccines Trump who now complains Biden is too slow in getting the jabs administered. Trump is really a raging moron – not some great leader like Hitler who took on the system.

    Hitler would have most definitely opposed having the people injected with poison and genocided for foreign Jewish bankers, Bill Gates, etc. Hitler stopped vivisection, he told businesses they couldn’t produce products that harmed the German people. Hitler would have had his storm troopers haul Fauci, Gates, Trump, Clinton, and big pharma CEOs off to the camps – which is exactly what we need to do if we are going to survive as a specie. And something else, I think it is high time we make Jews wear clothing with yellow stars of David so we can identify these subversives in our society.

    Hitler had many good ideas, my favorite was the VW bug, made to last a lifetime and came with a set of tools so that it could be fixed by the owner – compare that to modern cars which come off the assembly line and within a few months are being sent to the wrecking yard. They call it planned obsolescence, when it is really just greed. Have you seen what happens to a modern car in a wreck, the car shatters into a million plastic shards.

    I’ve read this conspiracy theory that Merkel is the secret child of Hitler, well if true, then Hitler must be rolling in his grave. During the Trump years they portrayed “the Donald” as George Washington. Uh huh. I think the Founding Fathers of the USA are probably spinning like turbines in their graves if they could see the leadership we have, nothing but low life criminal scum.

  15. Pío and saki
    no need to get upset and harsh lest you become an editorial Nazi 😊
    I am not white, so it really isn’t of my business. …All I was saying is that ‘white nationalism” (not ‘national socialism’) seems like a harmless phase that doesn’t even have a political tone.
    Let’s put like this: Octoberfest in Germany or the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in Texas or the great British beer festival ..are these not white nationalist tendencies or traditions almost ONLY celebrated by people that could be called “white” ? .I mean that’s all i see when I go there…and no, they never bother me, actually they are curious and courteous …
    Anyway, maybe I am getting mixed up because of the similarity of the word NATION with the noun NATIONalism .. i mean the only non Arab -for example- who wore a Keffiyehs was that British guy, Laurence of Arabia until recently … Keffiyehs are an Arab NATIONAL item …. The dot on the forehead is an Indian NATIONAL feature etc etc
    That’s where I was coming from
    “Nationalism: advocacy of or support for the political independence of a particular nation or people”..
    Thank you

    1. Sarita –

      This may help:
      Black’s Law Dictionary clearly shows that NATION means RACE….. not a piece of land!

      What is NATION?

      A people, or aggregation of men, existing in the form of an organized jural society, inhabiting a distinct portion of the earth, speaking the same language, using the same customs, possessing historic continuity, and distinguished from other like groups by their racial origin and characteristics, and generally, but not necessarily, living under the same government and sovereignty. See Montoya v. U. S., 180 U. S. 201, 21 Sup. Ct 358, 45 L. Ed. 521; Worcester v. Georgia, 6 Pet. 539, 8 L. Ed. 483; Republic of Honduras v. Soto, 112 N. Y. 310, 19 N. E. 845, 2 L. R. A. 042, 8 Am. St. Rep. 744.

      What is RACE?

      A tribe, people, or nation , belonging or supposed to belong to the same stock or lineage. “Race, color, or previous condition of servitude.” Const U. S., Am. XV.

      1. Cool
        And here is the word ‘Nazi’ origin:

        “The term Nazi derives from the first two syllables of the name given in German to a party member Nationalsozialist and was coined in response to the German term Sozi, an abbreviation of Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (Social Democratic Party of Germany).”

        1. National Socialist Worker Party….

          Nationalsozialistische Arbeiterpartei…. NAZI.

          The ‘A’ in Nazi was for ‘Arbeiter’…. Worker.

  16. Here are some outtakes from an excellent essay of what will happen next:

    What the Progressive Socialist Liberals have in store for Conservatives (part 1)

    “When the new progressive socialist government takes control, one of the first things that they do is hunt down and slaughter their opposition”

    “once you are disarmed, then comes genocide. It always happens. Always. ”

    “Every progressive liberal socialist movement eventually goes full-on Pol Pot.”

  17. As far national socialism goes, I think in its ideal form, which does not include avarice and exploitation as systemic factors, if that could ever be found, it might be the ultimate operating system…
    I think the Germans of the 30s had had enough of the outside world, being robbed and infiltrated, they fell back and regrouped and were rallying and adhering to themselves on the basis of race and national origin with pride in themselves, their culture and their homeland…
    And they were aware of the very real threat of anti-god bolshevik communism, having observed the holodomor 2 doors down in ukraine, which they knew well was perpetrated by jewish communists….
    In and of itself, I don’t see where anybody has the right to criticize the germans’ national movement…
    Maybe there is a higher driving motive, more creative, something besides competition…
    their evolutionary nationalist movement was co-opted and sundered by the nazis/zionists, who were really only a small percentage of the population…
    My information so far says -That’s where you got Hitler…
    It is not mandatory that the white race or any other become mongrelized, and in the end the loss of racial distinctions, diversity, would be unfortunate…
    The Jews and Catholics are working on that here now with red-hot hammer and tongs…
    And it’s not automatic that racial and national preservationists are bigots and ‘skinheads’…
    But those who invade these white countries and intend to take them over push that idea and it will be programmed into kindergarteners’ heads with the new infrastructure plan…

  18. Thank You Sir…
    Replies will be appreciated…
    Disagreements ok too, but please don’t call
    Me names..

  19. There’s a body of thought suggesting that unwittingly or not, Hitler’s aim was to preserve a White “nation” that would reflect how the World emerged after the Great Flood 12,000 or so years ago. This is in keeping with Cayce’s vision of a 4th root race when the 5 races of man (White, Red, Black, Brown, Yellow) settled in their respective continental areas. For the White race this would have included all of Europe west to the Urals, and from there south to encompass all of the ME.

    When seen in this context, the term “White supremacy” would have meant Whites “reigning supreme” in that part of the World thought to originate in the Carpathian Mt. region around present-day Iran.

    The spurious notion of “endless lebensraum” with an intent to subjugate all non-white peoples under the nazi jackboot is a tired old canard perpetuated by the usual fear-mongering suspects.

    And then there’s the term “master race”, as if this is SUPPOSED to imply the master to be a SLAVEmaster, when a better implication would be, say, having a “mastery of”, which in this context would apply to whatever is considered to be the FORTE of the White race.

  20. 1 more thing, it should not be overlooked.
    I see that SRD (i must think of a suitable abbreviation to “Sardonicus” to save typing callouses) in his eagerness to augment the already bloated pile of charges and accusations said something about timeless sanctity of the Old Testament (doesn’t want to call it by its true name, the Torah, already an interesting chink in the armor) and how I presume to rubbish it in order to somehow yet again attack Lasha who thinks a great deal of it, whether in memory of her father or whatever, no real interest to me—but it constitutes a verbal rape, don’t it SRD, that I dare not slam my forehead against the Wailing Wall whenever mention of OT is made. Else I am a bigoted NAZI as all these Antifa wannabes suddenly thronging the site aver.

    Let’s do it proper.
    If you don’t challenge me to an open DEBATE regarding this matter, resting on IRREFUTABLE FACTS, statement against interest (Note this well for future reference, ask me or Pat to explain further if unclear: “statement made by a person which places them in a less advantageous position than if they had not made the statement and is, as a consequence, deemed credible as evidence”) being the most precious tool of all.
    Or if you don’t challenge me, I challenge you and not just you but all the untold millions out there that think that Old Testament is the very word of God, (our God presumably of humanity, justice, truth and beauty) and say loud and clear that

    the Old Testament is nothing but Torah shapeshifted like Jews named Smith, Gordon, Green and so on, yet despite the disguise is the manifest of the Devil himself.
    And that all of you are tragically deluded, adding to the existential misery of this world.

    Is that “mealy mouthed” or is it clear and simple?

    It will by no means be a simple debate, though the issued challenge be simple enough.
    I am well aware of certain statements in the New Testament alluding to retroactive reference to Old Testament, e.g., Jew Jesus, observing Sabbath, etc.
    But after presenting the essence of my argument, it will be like comparing a shaving nick to fall of a guillotine blade, forcing the suspicion out in the open that there was at least one heavy well poisoner among the early Christians, whether it was Paul-Saul or someone else, I don’t know but am most curious.

    In fact, this is of fundamental importance, to root out this great traitor, as bad if not worse than Judas Iscariot for all the damage done.

    So there you go, SRD (and everybody of the like mind and mentality), this is how I operate, out in the open instead of skulking behind some Mainstream powdered wig flashing ivory tower credentials

    Woe to you, Pharisees, because you love the uppermost seats in the synagogues, and salutations in the marketplace.

    (Luke 11:43)
    —so come at me bro.

    NB: if allowed, I would LERV to prove something entirely new, for which no one has had the opportunity to attack me—yet—sure to come though.
    Namely, that there is one or more deep and powerful traitors, moles as it were, cryptos even deeper and more insidious than the current antipope Francis in all the sects and branches of Christianity that conspired to poison and pervert the entire biblical body as sold to the goyim.
    Since no one has made an issue out of it, it follows that I am the first.
    And that makes me Mainstream👺 (I used to have a t-shirt that read Home school valedictorian that I wore proudly even to work and meetings at various teaching hospitals, used to draw laughs).

    Just a question, somebody must know the unequivocal answer or at least is able to argue it coherently:
    Was Jesus Mainstream? (it goes to the very root of the issue)

    1. Lobro.

      I offered you an olive branch. You refused to take it. Arguing with you is pointless as long as remain incorrigible. All I know is this: I have Admin’s full support, and you do not.

      Your failure to understand this blindingly obvious fact — that you are in the cuckoo in the nest here, an undesirable interloper trying to use this website as a vehicle for your own pathologically racist and antisemitic views — is truly staggering. Why don’t you get your own extremist website? What is stopping you?

      Why use someone else’s website on which to deposit your intellectual and emotional excrement? Why not try taking over Niqnaq? Maybe the guy who runs Niqnaq, Rowan Berkeley, will let you rave on ad nauseam on his website? Why have you selected the Darkmoon site on which to parade your sores when Admin has already made it clear that they like you to take your obsessive-compulsive hysteria elsewhere?

      Can you answer this question? Why treat the Darkmoon site as your cesspool? Why not see if you can get away with this shit on Niqnaq?

      1. I used to read The Protocols and then I found Catholic-inspired JEW-WISE Darkmoon and now I only read Nostra Aetate. My all time favorite papal bull! Thank you Lasha Lucy and Monica for making a good Catholic out of me! Our holy trinity of Catholic girls, Lasha, Lucy, and Monica!


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