Cannibal Planet

The trauma based mind control of malignant mainstream media

9 January 2021


“The swamp ate Donald Trump,
and it’s coming to eat you, too.”
— John Kaminski

Think of a brain enclosed by a giant fist, which squeezes, then relaxes, its grip on the squishy gray matter it can crush at any time it chooses. This is a portrait of your thoughts being massaged by the omnipresent hand of the giant banker in the sky who routinely rearranges the shape of your soul by atrocities that cause you to cringe and look the other way in fear and revulsion, yet in your nausea you keep silent in order to continue to receive the paycheck which you insist keeps you alive. And then you wonder why your kids grow up unable to tell you why they are in distress.

Yes, I used the pronoun “it” to describe a banker, for bankers are not really human and to them, you are not a “he” nor a “she”, but only a neutered number in a billionaire’s bankbook. To put it bluntly, you are to be completely expunged from the records of the world. This is the fate of all us idiot sleepwalkers who are soon to be disappeared by order of the very rich who have decided we are simply too poor to live.

That’s right, soon we will have to pay the government for the right to live unmolested (as if we didn’t already).

Nurse Nancy, Wicked Witch of the West, has just officially banished the words mother, father, sister and brother from the Congressional lexicon, further morphing us all into worker bees.

Most teenagers think the principal function of masks is to prevent kissing, which is as diabolical a plot as has ever been hatched, portending genetic disaster in the very near future.

It might seem funny to mention this formula for massive self destruction is mentioned in a certain holy book that recommends disappearing all other folks who disagree with its supposedly sacred screeds, which is really a formula practiced by most it not all the religions of the world. But it’s not funny at all.

The real news in Deep State Land is that the Swamp just ate Donald Trump, crushing all hope for the future existence of freedom. Or so his millions of stunned and seething fans believe.

How long have you known?

A rule of thumb I’ve always used is that dating from Albert Pike’s 1871 prediction of Three World Wars that we as generally semiconscious citizens are operating about 150 years behind the perps with all the money. This has never been more vividly demonstrated than the events which engulf us now — a perfectly executed plan to steal our freedom by terrifying us with a plague that doesn’t exist and finishing us off with a vaccination that actually is the plague which DOES exist.

As a former liberal, I’ve come to understand that people are liberals because they don’t really understand how things work, but pretend that they do. That is why their policies are so imprecise and why they inevitably decay and malfunction. And also why liberals need safe spaces where they can go to soothe their ruffled feathers after being routinely demolished for being unable to coherently explain their ideas.

But with a populace dominated by total strangers to complex thinking, this is not a big problem for the deviants who manipulate our minds.

Our real enemy are the major media who are owned by absolutely the worst, most grandiose megalomaniacs in the world, who twist the facts and trick everybody into making self-damaging decisions. Many centuries of bad choices by manipulated minds now propel us toward a worldwide catastrophe of death and dismemberment that is actually advocated and facilitated by the richest humans on the planet, attempting to actualize their deranged desire to be literal gods on the ravaged planet they have savaged.

Back in the day . . .

I happened to be driving a cab around 1970 on an Ivy League campus at about the time two Jewish provocateurs on the same campus named Donella and Dennis Meadows produced the Club of Rome’s landmark Limits to Growth philosophy that laid the conceptual groundwork for Big Pharma’s world extermination program that we are witnessing destroy us today.

In this momentous philosophy that has now taken control of the world, the basic line was that there were too many people on the planet. The white population of the Western world has been severely injured by another Jewish stratagem known as Zero Population Growth which guaranteed that Muslims from the Middle East with their prolific birthrates would one day dominate Western Europe. That day has passed.

The shadow of desperately violent Third World behavior is about to affect the U.S. in a big bad way as chippy blacks funded by George Soros and cheered on by the fanatical psycho Commie Kamala are committed to debauching all white communities. The roadmap to follow on this is the situation in South Africa, where blacks have passed laws legalizing the murder of whites and expropriation of everything you ever owned.

Laugh nervously if you must, but this is coming to a neighborhood near you, White America, thanks to the people you have just elected to control you with barely a murmur of protest.

One cannot help but notice the similarity between the behavior of financial kingpins trying to control the world in whatever era they exist, and the depraved recommendations found in the Talmud, Zohar and other creepy Jewish “religious” tomes.

Have you figured out yet that the only people who are really successful in the USA are Jews, and people who act like Jews and suck up to Jews in the process?

And who are the Jews? Someone you can never know, or they’ll kill you for it. It says so right in the Talmud.

Silence about this subject is suffocating the world.

In other news . . .

Finding somebody else wrong doesn’t necessarily make you right. But it can keep you alive.

Celeste Solum says that PNT, a position, navigation and timing for precision targeting and kill system, is replacing GPS. She says we are headed toward human-to-machine interface devices by 2025, followed by 6G and AI-human.

Did Jews live in Atlantis, later become the Phoenicians and later but still before the widespread practice of actual writing seed all the populations of the world with their mastery of navigation?

Or is this all just a bad dream, much like our present election snafu where the population is being coerced to accept a blatantly rigged election, which would only be consistent with the continuing disasters manufactured by our blatantly rigged Congress, executive branch and judiciary, really, throughout American history.

In any culture at any time the bankers have always operated the leaders, no matter what they are called and how they are chosen. It has been a very long time, if ever, since the bankers actually lost a battle. 1837 would be my guess.

At least in modern times, real leaders don’t choose themselves; real leaders are chosen by the financial elite to protect their money and create subservience wherever possible.

The shadow of past corrupt American chief executives looms large in the analysis of our present leadership squabbling over who gets to live in the White House and continue to supervise Big Pharma’s satanic lockdown and fleecing of the entire population of the planet all at once.

Hillary and Huma

Prominent among the fake news mainstream media exhort us to ignore are the contents of scumbag Anthony Weiner’s laptop, supposedly reducing hardened New York City cops to tears watching what nearly president Hillary Clinton and her lover Huma Abedin (Weiner’s now ex-wife) allegedly did to a little girl. (See ‘Is Hillary Clinton a Cannibal?‘)

This whole tangent of the power elite’s connection to missing children has been deemed “fake news” by mainstream media which the power elite own. Same with all U.S. military invasions.

The forces of evil are in control of the world and we are in their grip, totally but not perpetually. Don’t expect them to release us from their control for we are too profitable to them to do that. But they will take everything we have, or try to, unless we are able to stop them.

Vaccine hysteria

If you get the shot, please say goodbye to everyone before you get it.

If you don’t realize the Jews are running everything then you are unwittingly participating in a scam to destroy yourself in the long run by participating in their unhealthy practices, which after hundreds of years of clever consolidation they have honed into subtle tools of mass murder disguised as health care.

You are witnessing the supreme example of it now with the lockdown of the whole world and a vaccine given without proper trials being mandated by governments eager to comply with the lucrative perks that come with efficiently making old people disappear.

By their thought-free acquiescence mask wearing morons march to their own time-bomb objective of their own destruction.

Tattoo this onto your forehead:
America is run
by a foreign power

Americans are a bunch of malignant narcissists who don’t really care about their country or each other. And they’re too stupid to really realize that their country is run by criminals corrupting and swindling anything that moves.

Unknowing and unweeping we shuffle into the future under the yolk of a tyranny of lies which we are forced to believe. All who disagree will be eliminated. Thus ends the storied history of human individuality, and dark new chapter of thoughtless kamikaze pilots all controlled by the central source now begins, to the everlasting sorrow of the universe which had such high hopes for humans.

Universal conflict with the powers that be has now begun.

The new curriculum

People embarrassed about their own immoral behavior are not likely to criticize it when they observe it in others, which is why politicians can get away with anything.

Patterns of predictive programming I am beginning to see in my mind as predisposing if not guiding us to all the perceptions we have and all the decisions we make. Notably, when polls over the summer of 2020 showed Biden slightly ahead of Trump, and yet Trump was getting 10,000 a night at his campaign events while Biden, when he was not cringing in a senile stupor in his plush cellar, could barely attract a dozen spectators to his appearances in major cities. This is a clear case of obvious reality negating whatever media commentators might want to call it.

The real winner of this election was calculated unreality, produced by computerized imagery so vivid and convincing that totally made legitimate third-dimension reality completely disappear. To wit: the color of Biden’s eyes.

All lesbians, homos, transgenders, Communists, socialists and anarchists are all really Jews because they all preach the destruction of the social order. All Jews favor the destruction of the social order. They all seek to pervert everything. They all should be thought of as one colossal anti-human group that should be shunned by all for the purpose of completely eliminating them from the roster of humanity.

If the media can convince you that Donald Trump’s landslide victory was really a close win for Joe Biden, then it can convince you of anything.

What I can’t understand is why everybody can’t see the people who claim to be in control of us are doing everything in their power to make sure we don’t live very much longer.

I’d say that makes them our enemies, and we should stop fooling around — principally, stop listening to mainstream media — and get rid of all them, permanently, in any way we can.


Throughout history it is written that monsters always eat their own.

There is no pandemic. This is a Communist lockdown of your mind.

If not by a robot doctor wielding a lethal syringe or a raging black meth-head anarchist trying to burn down your house, all normal human beings of any race are now in danger of being devoured by the state that claims to be our friend. Remember that both the politicians of the state and the thugs who are coming to kill you are both paid by the same Jewish billionaires.

So the Swamp ate Donald Trump, and it’s coming to eat you, too. It’s about time you knew.

63 thoughts to “Cannibal Planet”

  1. The cartoon up there seems to depict Trump facing trouble in a sand hole in one of his golf clubs. The man owns or operates 17 different golf courses or properties around the world, including 12 in the United States.

    So Trumo is out and Biden is in.

    Please support Biden, as he has clearly said what he believes:

    “My Name Is Joe Biden, And Everybody Knows I Love Israel, I am a Zionist. You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist”

    Whatever hole YOU are in, (((WE))) won! 🙂

  2. Bull shit Kaminski!!! The swamp didn’t eat Trump.
    Trump is one of the many actors on behalf of the jews. Biden and Trump thesis, antithesis all leading to a jewish dictarorship/communism. All confusion, smoke and mirrors according the Protocols.

    1. I don’t necessarily endorse Ellie’s vulgar language… plus, there is a lot of confusion in that head. And yet, he (she?) is much closer to the truth than John is.

      Just like Pat, John Kaminski is, basically, what I call ‘useful to the system [unwitting guy]’.

      1. The cartoon up there seems to depict Trump facing trouble in a sand hole in one of his golf clubs. The man owns or operates 17 different golf courses or properties around the world, including 12 in the United States.

        So Trumo is out and Biden is in.

        Please support Biden, as he has clearly said what he believes:

        “My Name Is Joe Biden, And Everybody Knows I Love Israel, I am a Zionist. You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist”

        Whatever hole YOU are in, (((WE))) won! 🙂

      2. @The Realist

        I have known women who preferred to have it from the circumcised but you are the first man in my life who is begging for the same.

        How does it feel now, sweetheart? Is it more satisfying?


        I am sorry, lady, but The Realist is in the reality which is slightly different from the one you might have hoped for. 🙂

    2. Errmm…. “Ellie”… were you, perhaps, separated-at-birth from another fulminating foul-mouthed female that “contributes” to this site? 🤔

      1. Hmm . . . Could this be Ellie K (aka ‘Katnelson’), the sensational Rothschild Jewess who used to post on this site a few years ago? Somehow I don’t think so. Unless she’s learned to shorten her incredibly long sentences.

        @ The Realist

        Ellie K was here long before your time and was known for her unique literary style, which was like something out of the 18th century. Her posts were incredibly long, unlike mine, only equalled by the length of her sentences. One of her sentences, I remember, went on for 963 words. You would have loved her, as she was into lesbian porn. Just up your street, dear boy! 🙂

  3. I see Trump as the ‘leader’ of the swamp creatures. He certainly ‘fast-tracked’ the vaccines…. to benefit pharma’s ‘swamp jews’ with $$$BILLIONS.

    His voting kerfuffle and disruption is a part of the plan to do away with paper ballots and implement Electronic Voting Machines throughout the US, and eventually use ‘smart phones’ for voting…. following the ‘China swamp’ members.

    1. Darkmooners,
      Donaldo once said that THERE IS NO SWAMP. A swamp by definition is an inpenetrable area of marsh. Uninhabitable by humans but mysterious creatures are said to inhabit the depths. Swamp folklore of the Southeastern U.S. is abundant and interesting. Donaldos point is that no political swamp exists. What exists are networks of well-embedded and connected people who exert their power in all areas of American life. They are really quite easy to identify….”in -your-face” actually. So. There it is out in the open….no swamp. 🤔

  4. A truly mind-blowing magnificent ‘Tour De Force’ by John Kaminski.
    We owe this man a debt of gratitude for his vision, foresight & courage… and if this, his latest rallying- cry, doesn’t open your eyes & spur you to action, then NOTHING ever will.

    And since this JK quote – “If the media can convince you that Donald Trump’s landslide victory was really a close win for Joe Biden, then it can convince you of anything” – applies to so many – both at DM and ‘at large’ – I fear there is little hope for them as they’re only “too happy” to wallow like sows in the swill of self-congratulatoty sanctimonious self-imposed ignorance… at least until the butcher comes calling. THEN it will be too late.


  5. Reports are filtering out of Italy, maybe the pope got arrested, if true, oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo ….. [ I’m crying alot over the arrest of francis 😉 what’s going to happen to the West without our Noosphere nancy boy francis!!! ]

  6. Please don’t kill me because this was true in its inception 5000 years ago (onset of Kali yuga), it’s true now and becoming more brutally true with each passing day. The downward spiraling path of nothing but enmity and wars and more wars against both animals and human beings all throughout history. Here we are 5000 years later and it’s gotten so bad one might just as easily add human beings to the same category as the animals because I don’t see but a modicum of nonviolence towards humans either. Rather the opposite. It’s Karma all the way down..

    “To be nonviolent to human beings and to be a killer or enemy of the poor animals is Satan’s philosophy.

    1. Deeply moving comment, Homer. None could doubt your sincerity. But I’m wondering if this laudable concern for animals means we should all give up eating meat? Does this mean you are advocating veganism? What about fish, eggs, and dairy products?

      1. I think HP is correct and HP and the website he links to has THE CORRECT VIEW. Inflicting all kinds of violence and pain on the animals because us humans have “souls” and the animals “don’t have souls” is a disgusting way of looking at it. If the animals don’t have souls that’s between God and the animals and is really not my business. The roses bushes in my backyard don’t have “souls” but it would be pretty stupid of me to dig up the rose bushes and throw ’em in the garbage can because they don’t have “souls”.

        I’d rather leave the “soulless” animals alone and box in the ears of uncle who has a soul. I would just LERV to hear him crying, lol, soulfully –> as I 👊 his ears in. Just wait ’till I get out of prison! *grin*

      2. Saki, I can’t say vegetarianism is meant for or even possible for everyone. How might an Eskimo or a desert nomad (karma) be vegetarian! Many other examples as well. But for the fortunate such as you and me, people who have incredibly easy access to practically every food under the sun, it’s a piece of cake! Then again, vegetarianism in and of itself is not the final goal.
        No vegan for me, Krishna wants His milk!

        “…. we should not waste time encouraging vegetarianism as opposed to meat eating. We want to encourage prasadam taking and that is automatically vegetarian.” (Srila Prabhupada)

        Is Killing Vegetables Wrong?

        Beyond vegetarianism

        Prasadam (aka) anti-matter. It’s what’s for lunch!

        1. Thanks, Homer. Most enlightening! I hope fish are allowed?
          I mean, Christ ate fish, And all his disciples were fishermen.
          (An excellent brain food, too, though now sadly polluted with toxic chemicals.)

      3. Joe, the difference between a living body and a dead body is the animating soul within every living being. Whether a human, an elephant or a germ. When the soul leaves the body, so too life.

        Consciousness is the symptom of the soul.

    2. HP: “It’s Karma all the way down”

      If you think it’s bad now, wait til you get a taste of “KAMALA all the way DOWNER!”
      That Hindu-Hillary Hag from Hell ‘ll have you PRAYING for World War… to put you outta your misery!

  7. Agree with Pat and Ellie , Trump is a swamp creature and a zionist puppet and an immoral pedofile as is Pence.

    1. Gee, thx HP. I 😉 never would have figured out that there’s no animating soul in a dead body if you hadn’t been so pedagogic and instructional and professioral to educate me on the matter of 𝓛ife and 𝕯eath.

      As you’re so knowledgeable, maybe you know why “cannibal” [ indicating meat based ] and “cannabis” [ plant based ] have the same ROOT? Thank you, TROJ.

      1. @ TROJ

        Gimme a break!

        I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that TROJ makes heavy use of cannabis. Which would explain the unpublishable nature of most of his comments. These would be the comments he’a writing when he’s as high as a kite. Spaced out.

        He’s also probably into cannibalism. Which world explain some of the many missing kids in Florida. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that TROJ has had complaints from neighbors of the strange smells emanating from his kitchen. This would also explain why TROJ keeps mentioning his dog. Dogs can be useful critters for getting rid of unwanted bones. 🙂

      2. Well Joe, if you hadn’t said animals (and roses) don’t have souls five (5) times I might have said nuttin’ but I figured it was the least I could do! Besides, I thought the pictures would help, lol.

        Here’s another big one. Pay attention, you get distracted too easily, lol.
        In the photo is a soul covered by a human body and a soul covered by an elephant’s body.
        Both of them (and every other living entity) have the same quality spiritual spark (soul).
        Same quality soul as God. Of course the quantity is immeasurably less.
        The gold ring from the gold mine analogy.

        Hope this helps!

        1. Thanks Homer … this is an exceptionally useful and relevant link.
          It takes one into a totally different mind world. Exhilarating.

  8. Strengthen up soldier you are still breathing, aren’t you?

    Enough of pessimism and defeatism! Let’s face it, this Military isn’t that good fighting guerrillas, especially against its own people. When the shooting starts, the mutiny starts. Just stay away from the enemy’s exceptional Artillery, will ya?

    They’ll make all they can to distract the boiling frog until he is baked alive. When the passivity finally ends the Policeman have to step aside for his own good.

    I hope you can keep your rifle until that point, fine soldier. This is no time to pacifism, anyone trying to disarm you have to cross a red line. Your rifle is your best friend, keep him close.

    Know something, a well-designed ambush is infallible, there is no way out for those on the killing zone, dead meat they are.

    It’s up to you and your best friend the destiny of the free world. Don’t screw this up!!


    1. uncle :

      May I ask you why you’re not featuring my “Trump Is Complicit/He’s as Guilty As SIN, He’s Not Upset He’s Banned from Social Media” post? If it was Pat who wrote the post it would be up already and you and quite a few others would be like “`o`o`o`o`o`o` Pat is so smart, Pat always has such keen insights, thank God for Pat he’s so smart” . Am I annoying you by asking you why you’re not featuring my post?

      ADMIN TOBY: Your post is just coming up. Reading it took me a long time. Because I’m a slow reader, and brevity is not among your other numerous accomplishments! 🙂

      Please be briefer if you can. You’d get more comments published that way.

      1. Trump lured his supporters to Washington and promised them to lead them to overcome the steal and win victory over the swamp creatures — this “victory” was going to take place the day of the Electoral College vote, as per Trump to his supporters. He knew the Deep State would send out ANTIFA goons pretending to be “Trump supporters” to make his supporters “look like domestic ‘terrorists’” — and he knew of course that a lot of his supporters marching in Washington protesting THE STEAL would not have any influence on how the Electoral College voting went. He lured his supporters to Washington so they could get cluster-f*cked by the Swamp creatures he supposedly is “opposed” to. Trump was to integral to the black flag/false flag operation.

        Now he can’t communicate to the public because he’s been banned from the social media platforms. How very convenient for Trump. He’s banned on the social media platforms, now he doesn’t have to explain to anybody his role in what happened on Jan. 6th. Maybe someone would have asked him why he encouraged his supporters to Washington without taking into account that ANTIFA would be there in Washington also and ask Trump why he didn’t make any plans to protect his rally from being usurped and taken over by ANTIFA.

        I knew his rally was going to get taken over and usurped by ANTIFA the very first day Trump started encouraging his supporters to be in Washington on Jan. 6th, and I’m a low-level nobody. Trump and his people had to know his Jan. 6th rally was going to be taken over by ANTIFA. Trump didn’t even make any plans to even try to protect his rally in any way, not even in the smallest way, from an ANTIFA take over. That shows complicity right there, especially after what happened at Charlottesville.

        Now he’s banned from social media. How very convenient for him he is BANNED and now can’t explain himself , explain the reason why he wanted a Trump MAGA rally on Jan. 6th, explain why he abandoned and deserted his supporters right after his speech and left his supporters at the mercy of DEEP STATE ANTIFA.

        He’s banned from social media. He can’t tweet anymore. But no one, not even his supporters or former supporters, can ask him any questions anymore either. And that’s works to Trump’s favor — as he is complict in the ANTIFA takeover of his Trump “Maga” rally and now his supporters will forever more be labeled “domestic terrorists” and hounded and Trump himself is GUILTY as SIN in colluding with the Deep State to cluster-f*ck his supporters BIG TIME. He’s banned now from social media, I don’t think he’s upset about that. If one thinks about it deeply : The Deep State is protecting him by banning him from social media. No one can ask him anything anymore. How wonderful is that for someone who is as GUILTY AS SIN — his complicity is a HUGE CRIME against the American people. Not only against his supporters but all Americans.

        It’s to Pat’s credit and to BMan’s credit that they both saw right thru Trump from the very first day he showed up on the scene to announce his run for the presidency. They both were very perceptive to see Trump’s true serpentine treacherous nature from the very start. They both warned everyone about Trump. I voted for Trump twice, how stupid. [ Though I never would have voted for him if the Democrats weren’t so die-hard COMMUNIST ].

        Unfortunately, Trump handed his supporters over to the COMMUNISTS on Jan. 6th and he did so knowingly. He planned it, to hand his supporters over to the COMMUNISTS. He is complicit and he is GUILTY AS SIN [ to use an old-fashioned expression ]. I was very naive to think he was actually an Anti-Communist. If they’re Zionist, they’re Communist ; If they’re Communist they’re Zionist. I forgot that both times I voted for Trump.

      2. TROJ –

        ” If they’re Zionist, they’re Communist ; If they’re Communist they’re Zionist.!~

        EGG-ZAK-LEE!! CORRECTO!! 💥 😨

    2. Madame :

      They, lol, let us smoke cannibas here in Spamblinka every once in awhile — when the guards think we’re on the cusp of getting unruly, lol, the warden figures some kanev bosem makes us prisoners mellow — less chance of of a prison uprising if the prisoners are mellow, lol.

      I assure you I am NOT the cannibal in Florida. I’ve been up here in Siberia in the gulag in the tundra in Spamblinka about Oh, about a half-mile from where the North Pole region starts, a million miles from Sunny warm Florida, for a long long time. About 6 months ago the temperature reached a record high of 10ºF above Zero with a wind chill factor makng it feel like a balmy minus 10ºF. We’re talking Fahrenheit here, because I’m a kwan and I’m not a scientist. I know you’re a scientist so you must be accustomed to talking Centigrade or maybe you prefer I use ther word “Celsius”, take your pick. I know you’re a scientist because you’re very smart. You’re a real smarty pants alright.

      When you’re a prisoner in Spamblinka the prison guards think it’s okay to hit you below the belt, they get off on that, especially the big burly female camp guards built like bulldozers, they’re the worst. That’s been my experience, very much so. ☹️

      1. TROJ –

        You are surely not a scientist. Nor an astronomer. 🙂
        Scientists and astronomers use the Kelvin Scale for recording temperatures.

    3. HP,

      My whoodle doodle, his name is Teddy, but he’s so cute and so sweet, he’s very cute, my nickname for him is “Angel”. I call him “Angel” sometimes. If that helps me maybe a little bit from getting ganged-up on and beat-up for not being Spiritually Perfect, like Madame is, lol, Spiritually “Perfect”, 😉.

      Teddy the Angel, he got A LOT of Christmas presents from me. If truth be told, The Dog is the only one I actually enjoy buying Christmas presents for. I LERV going to pet stores and picking out gifts for him [ I do that all year round, lol ] . I don’t think anyone else I know deserves any presents, not even at Christmas. I would never tell that to a Catholic priest or Protestant minister, lol, But I tell you because you’re a Hindu Guru so I know you will understand . I might not have good Karma, but my dog certainly does, he’s got it made in the shade and he’s doing alright for himself. 😊

      1. Joe, you have it backwards, islexicday. It’s God first and Dog second. (even Teddy knows that)
        Other than this and that petit tourette thing, you’re good to go!

    1. Agree. and Steele also pushes a lot of Q psyops, which is a CIA front, I do not trust him.

    2. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if that rattlesnake PERFIDIOUS ALBION was behind the plot to steal the Election…. especially since it’s MI6-produced “Trump/Russia Collusion” plot failed so miserably.

      Those dumb-a$$ Thick Brits are soon gonna be staggering around clutching cracked skulls after Trump puts on his Uncle Sam outfit for ANOTHER 4 YEARS… rolls up his sleeves and starts swinging that Louisville Slugger!
      YeeHAAA!!! 😂😂😂

  9. Heck, I think everybody is CIA. The more “Freedom Loving ANTI-NWO Truth Tellers” who flood the Noosphere the worst things get, the more totalitarian NWO-ish everything gets, the LESS freedom there is. I like the internet, but in a way life was better before the internet *GASP* did you hear what he said!!!! OMG!!!!! 😱

  10. The first step in the scientific method is observation. How difficult can it be at this point in our collective human history, to observe that genetic psychopathy is real, and has plaqued us all throughout history? Genetic psychopaths have taken over our planet. It has been stated that 1% of any given non-incarcerated populace is psychopathic, (the estimate used to be higher-4%) and the numbers for psychopathy within a populace of convicted criminals is 21%. And how many genetic psychopaths in positions of authority/power have not been incarcerated because they are protected by higher echelon psychopaths? Do you think the science of isolating and identifying the DNA of psychopathy/and creating an effective test for ID, has not been placed on “warp speed” because ironically, psychopaths have purchased & thereby gained control over science? Enter the words “science and fraud” into your favorite search engine. Speaking of our Earth being referred to as a “Cannibal Planet”, all our efforts might be for naught at this point. I suggest the following video, it is well worth a listen. Oh and just where was this supposedly holy advice written? “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

    1. @BUMP

      “The first step in the scientific method is FUDGING THE NUMBERS* to suit the officially-designated narrative” – FIXED.

      (*Ever heard of “Covid Stats” ?)

  11. The real news in Deep State Land is that the Swamp just ate Donald Trump…

    I would have to disagree with this view. I think Lasha got it EXACTLY RIGHT back in April of 2017 when she chose the following cartoon as a header to a Trump article:

    At first the monster did a lot what they wanted it to do, but then it became an end in itself, putting itself above the sacrosanct agenda (and everything and everyone else) and had to be stopped…

  12. John Kaminsky, I didn’t set out to hijack your article (or the comments) which is moving and fitting and I apologize if this you feel this is the case. I’ll try to be more careful. I think you’re a highly intelligent heartfelt writer and I hope you find some peace of mind even amid the miasma.

  13. There is no white genocide in South Africa. There is no Law that makes it legal for whites to be killed by Black’s. There is no law for forced expropriation of Land YET, It is still what it was for the past 26 years, “Willing buyer and willing seller.”

    Stop trying to get these racist rednecks on this site all riled up for no reason using blanket statements and fake news to drive your point in.

    If White Americans wish to change their current political status, There would’ve been way more than just a little over 500 000 Trumpturds marching at the White house that day, When your soon to be Ex President claims there’s over 75 Million votes won for the Rebumblican party in Mid November.

    Your time is done. You had a good run. accept the defeat and allow real leaders to run the country instead of a retarded orange clown.

  14. When the real killing starts, it will go on for awhile. Guns and ammo are being almost frantically stockpiled, and most gun stores I know stock mainly “black guns”, now. The next move of our illegitimate government is to seriously try to impede private gun ownership. Patriotic Americans must make opposition as bloody as possible. All confidence in government agencies such as FBI or CIA – or even Secret Service – has been destroyed. It became obviously impossible to stop since SCOTUS avoided its duty to hear the cases against election fraud.

    1. I don’t think there’s going to be any violence, Gilbert, not unless Trump incites his supporters to such violence. Trump seems to have deserted his supporters and many of them have in fact voiced their disappointment in him. When he was most needed, he seemed to chicken out and ordered them to disperse peacefully and become nice little model citizens — after first whipping them up into a frenzy of rage and indignation. He doesn’t have the makings of a charismatic leader — except to his most besotted followers. And they are getting fewer and harder to find.

      The civil war you think is needed, if you are correct, requires coordination from someone else in the White Nationalist movement. A Trump replacement, in other words, a REAL patriotic American who doesn’t chicken out and leave his followers in the lurch when he’s badly needed.

      If you can find such a heroic figure, only then will coordinated resistance become possible. It’s hard to see how this can come about when everyone of any stature in the patriot community is under close surveillance by government snoops. Your very comment above (and mine too) is probably being monitored by some NSA snoop who knows exactly where we live and can turn up on our doorsteps at any time.

      No kidding, Gilbert. Talk is cheap. Gun sales may be going through the roof. Someone’s making big money out there with such sales. But few shots have been fired. It’s like stocking up food for a siege and the food just keeps piling up in storage rooms, cellars, freezers. Unused.

      Mind you, violence could indeed erupt spontaneously if a boiling point is reached. Maybe the government is deliberately whipping up the masses to a fever pitch so as to have an excuse for declaring martial law and a military dictatorship.

      I can’t help wondering who the new Hitler or Stalin is going to be.

      It could even be Trump! Somehow I don’t see that happening.

      1. Trump is in Cheyenne Mountain with the military special-op teams, etc.
        Now that the traitors have all crawled out from under their rocks and made their statements (testimony),
        declaring themselves domestic enemies, even bragging about it, there’s going to very soon be a fell swoop.
        The military brass, DIA, etc., when it comes right down to it, don’t like communists even a little bit.

        The Capitol fiasco was partly a distraction for special-ops to get into Pelosi’s office and confiscate her laptop(s), which they did. One already sprung a leak.

        (word on the street)

      2. Saki –

        “But few shots have been fired.”… THAT YOU KNOW ABOUT. The reporters don’t report them.

        There are NOT many shots fired in the UK…. since there are few guns.

        There are many shots fired in the US every day.

        One fed up man blew up AT&T and himself in Nashville less than 2 weeks ago:

        The FBI said the agency had found “no records at all.” And the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said that Warner “was not on our radar” before the Christmas bombing.

        Also, it appears that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was not informed. Now, however, they’ve got information on him, he’s on their radar, and they have commenced investigation — unfortunately, after the fact. And he still won’t be answering the knocks on his door. (no shit!)

        FBI Says Nashville Bomber Mailed Material to ‘Acquaintances’

      3. Saki –

        What you say is likely, but “civil war” is not the prospect. Anarchy is the prospect. The “foiling point” is NOT about Trump, but more about the lack of accountability of America’s leftist government officials. The “authorities” are the cause. SCOTUS, FBI, DOJ, etc., have betrayed the law. “Lawlessness” is the natural result.

  15. “‘We were stupid beyond belief to have that lion in our house’: Tippi Hedren reveals her regrets at letting beast share family home – and even letting it sleep in daughter Melanie Griffith’s bed!”

    Daily Mail link:

    She really went to that level of stupid. That level, is also called ‘insane’.

    You know that. Don’t you?

    So how’s your picnic in the Globalist’s arena going?

    ‘… well… John Kaminsky is wrong, our Globalist arena picnic is being ruined by rude lions like you, and not the Globalist arena owners that control everything.’

    Same mindset as Tippi Hedren then, don’t quite grasp things you should?

    But then again, she made sure the lion was in her kid’s bedroom, and not her own, which says something.

  16. Saki , In my opinion Q is a CIA front and its purpose is to pacify the patriots by telling them that people are going to prison, etc., when fact nothing is being done, and so the zionist controlled deep state rolls on.

  17. So, Trump signed the Insurrection Act, just like we said he would…
    The military now runs the country, congress is ineffective…
    Trump is the CIC..
    The pope hss been arrested..
    Many traitors will be arrested, some maybe already have…
    IF all this is true, it’s good news for the USA..
    IF not, the US is done as a constitutional republic…
    We’re gonna find out soon enough…
    But, if Trump is a jew stooge, how could he arrest the big shiksa pelosi?
    How about that maggot Schumer?
    A pretty hip guy I know says there are 2 jew factions vying for the controlling positions…
    He also says SEALS he knows say by next summer the public will be no longer shocked at the site of summary executions in the streets.

    1. Bark –

      You wrote:
      “IF not, the US is done as a constitutional republic…”

      The Crown jew Bankers dictated the rules for the US Constitution anyway.

      Read the Treaty of Paris – Treaty of Peace of 1783 – and you will see it right there. That’s where the loser(sic) dictated ALL of the terms of the treaty to end the Revolutionary FAKE but deadly ‘resistance’ in the colonies. The US and jew bankers in London had to have the, so called, war to establish CONTROL of the money….. as much as FDR did in the 20th century!!!!!

  18. The Swamp ate Donald or Donald Trump was a Swamp King Snake you took in and betrayed you. Remember that snake poem Trump read?

    “”You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in”

    Why did Trump read the snake poem several times in the 2016 campaign and again in the 2020 campaign? Is it a reference to himself, and the lady in the poem a reference to Lady Liberty – ie the Statue of Liberty or America?

    The current patriot narrative (which seems to me delusional since there is no evidence that it’s real) is that Trump signed the Insurrection Act this weekend and arrests are taking place. Also, Pelosi’s laptops got seized by special forces embedded in the antifa rioters.

    “I saved you,” cried that woman
    “And you’ve bit me even, why?
    You know your bite is poisonous and now I’m going to die”

    Did Trump read that poem because he knew he was going to betray America and her Liberty and let her die? Certainly if Trump doesn’t act now then the Republic is officially dead.

    That is what my intuition says, as Trump in my view is that Snake in the poem. We’ll see, less than 10 days to the inaugeration. Tick tok, tick tock. Time is running out for Trump to act. What will Trump do?

    How about nothing, as he was the great betrayer, that snake in the poem. We shall see and hopefully I am wrong about Trump.

  19. I have always liked Chris Christie even though I never voted Republican. He is a straight-shooter who is not afraid to state exactly what is on his mind. After he was criticized by Islamophobic bloggers in 2015 for appointing a Muslim American to a state Judgeship, the former New Jersey Governor said in defense of his appointment, “I’m tired of dealing with the crazies.” He then eloquently said, “Sharia law has nothing to do with this at all. It’s crazy. The guy’s an American citizen who has been an admitted lawyer to practice in the state of New Jersey, swearing an oath to uphold the laws of New Jersey, the constitution of the state of New Jersey, and the Constitution of the United States of America.” He was dead on!

    Once again, Governor Christie is 100 percent right about the need to impeach Trump. So did 65% of Americans who said Trump should be removed from office, according to an ABC News/Ipsos poll released on Sunday.

    Govern Christie, a longtime friend and ally of President Trump, publicly said, “If inciting to insurrection isn’t [impeachable], then I don’t really know what is.”

    1. @MEY
      “I have always liked Chris Christie……”

      Doesn’t surprise me in the LEAST that you’d “like” that felonious fat-fck Chris “Crispy Creme Donut” Christie… Gubbner of the Gangster State of “Nu Joisy”!!

      Keep ’em comin Mahmood… your cluelessness is ALWAYS a joy to behold! 😂

      1. @ THE REALIST

        First, it took me some time to find this nasty ass comment of yours.
        Secondly, you said you are surprise the least that I like Chris Christe. Then you called the former NJ Governer,

        “that felonious fat-fck Chris “Crispy Creme Donut” Christie… Gubbner of the Gangster State of “Nu Joisy”!!”

        You don’t know Jack!

        Chris Christie was one of Trump strongest allies. I am surprise you did not know that since you are a Trump die-hard supporter.

        I will be you do not know that Christ Christ persecuted Charles Kushner, father of Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, while US attorney. Why? because Kushner Senior lured his brother-in-law to a prostitute and have the encounter recorded and send it to his sister. He then threatened his own sister to release the tape if she testifies in a grand Jury.

        He sends him behind bars for two yours, then You Jewish puppet President has since issued him a full pardon.

        You said, Keep ’em coming Mahmood… your cluelessness is ALWAYS a joy to behold! 😂
        I’ll say you are as dumb as a rock and infact you’re the least inteligent commenter on this website.

  20. Pat,

    Pence was given a coin on Jan. 6th by a lawmaker in Congress [ Jan. 6th Electoral College Vote day to decide who the president was going to be, tweedle dum or tweedle dee, also just happened to be a Blue Tie day in Congress, but that’s “not” a cohencidence, it’s just a mere coincidence lol. ] I forgot the name of the lawmaker who gave Pence the coin. In Freemasonry, what does the coin Pence received on Jan. 6th by a Congressman symbolize?

    Please don’t tell me about Judas and the 30 pieces of silver. From a Christian perspective the coin Pence received symbolizes that, but from a Freemason perspective it means something else — or if not completely different something slightly different than the 30 coins Judas received. If slightly different in meaning,I would like to hear what that slight difference in meaning is . [ not exactly the best sentence structure possible , sorry ]

    In Freemasonry, what does that coin Pence received symbolize and represent? What is the name of the coin Pence received so I can do a search and maybe find a close-up picture of the coin, maybe close-up photos of both sides of the coin. Is it an American coin, or a foreign coin? If it’s a foreign coin, what foreign country?

    Israel, Freemasonry, Blue Ties & A Coin :

    1. TROJ –

      I’ve forgotten the exact name for it, but in the U.S. Navy a ship’s captain is given five gold “call coins” which, when given, command special consideration requested by the captain. They’re beautiful gold coins, about the size of a Double Eagle, and are considered quite prized by anyone to whom they’re presented. (If a captain has an unusual request, it may be granted upon tender of one of these special coins.). (These coins also represent special favor granted from the captain.)

    2. TROJ –
      A payment for the contract….

      The “Token” is symbolism as a form of payment for a debt that derives first from the shoe as a symbol of a transaction and payment for something of “value”.

      This tradition is part of the color and romance of shulchan aruch (freemasonry later) tradition and life…. hence the reason an entered apprentice gives his left shoe as payment for entering the lodge and initiation. The shoe is later returned and replaced with a Token (handshake).

      After the 3rd Degree, the Master handshake is given to the brother. He is then given a coin to keep in his pocket to give as favor or repayment to another brother for “on the square” transactions at a later date.

      What you witnessed was the handshake and the payment.

  21. Thank you, Gilbert and Pat both. I appreciate your replies. I learned a lot from both replies. Now I can start researching and getting more information about The Coin and Freemasonry and Navy traditions – because the info you both were considerate to share with me. Thank you both, TROJ.

    Maybe someday Yukon Jack will learn how to be considerate and share with us the name (s) of his website(s). I don’t think it’s asking for a lot. And I know he’s a busy man, but come on, it only takes a minute to give us the info. It’s not like it takes an hour to answer the request.

    1. I shared my websites many times over the years, unfortunately they are now deleted but survive in archives:*/

      I probably won’t put them back up because we lost. WE LOST THE STRUGGLE and now we are in for hundreds of years of darkness, a new dark age that will make the last one look like a boy scout outing. I wrote much about why we lost, we as White Europeans lost when our tribes were forcefully converted to Judeo-Christianity. Many Christians on this website will not want to hear that, but it is the truth nonetheless.

      We lost when we made a Jew man our God. We lost when we prayed to the Jew man for our salvation. We lost when we followed the Gospels and turned our other cheek to the Jew predators. This obsession with external salvation has been one of our great downfalls. I was taught to have great reverence for Jews. That is a fatal teaching of my elders. They were wrong and in denial of reality.

      Now you may get very mad at me for saying these things but I was raised Catholic, I spent 12 long years in Catholic school. I was taught Jesus non-stop when I was growing up, but since that didn’t resonate or make sense I left the faith. I spent most of my high school years living outside hunting and fishing and sleeping in a cabin down by a creek. Nature became my god. I have no use for organized religion, especially the ones that suck up to Jewish money and power and call it Christ worship. Really, it is silly. Most religion is really statism in disguise.

      Christians obey the State, and the government is the most corrupt institution ever invented. The New Testament (Romans 13) says God ordained the government. Seeing how corrupt it is, do you believe it? If God is intervening into our government like so many preachers say, and seeing how evil they are, why do you trust God? But I digress.

      Let me explain how these wanting beliefs in external salvation are playing out in real time. The patriots have a (I believe false) narrative that Trump is going to act in the last hours of his presidency and save the Republic. This is an ongoing running narrative and you can see it live on Before It’s News.

      According to this narrative Pence was going to certify the EC vote. When that narrative failed, Pence became the Deep State traitor. The new narrative pushed by UFO Michael Salla and others is that Trump signed the Insurrection Act. There is no proof of this, but it is now widely believed. Salla has about the same level of integrity as David Wilcocks, the self proclaimed reincarnated Edgar Cacye.

      Simon Parks is another pushing this narrative, he says he knows the real Q and that the military has been working on a long term plan to save us.

      Robert David Steele is another. Former CIA. Simon Parks looks like an intelligence officer to me. They seem like good people but offer no evidence Trump is going to act in a significant way to stop Joe Biden from being sworn in.

      What I am saying is that people want hope, they are in denial that the nation is collapsing into a communist dictatorship. So they latch onto hope, and a seemingly logical narrative of salvation by Trump. This is very similar to salvation as a religious belief by Jesus. Indeed, Trump is often portrayed as Jesus in patriot splash art. If you think someone outside of yourself is your savior, well, you are in a cult. It doesn’t matter if it’s Jim Jones, John of God, Donald Trump, Donald Duck, or the Lord.

      Since Trump has done nothing to stop any of this disaster thus far, it seems to me you ought to be taking drastic action now if he doesn’t come through. Since Trump is fully embedded into the Jewish enemy camp then it seems unlikely that Trump will turn on his Jew buddies who are causing all the problems. Notice how Trump doesn’t act, he does not take positive action to save us, he makes all kinds of statements but (just like Jesus who never returns) never delivers.

      Over at Truthseeker they have an article IS TRUMP A CONMAN? Why now? You didn’t see that until now? All of us bloggers have been screaming it at you for the last several years, but now in the last few hours of his regime, the sheeple are starting to question Trump’s motives. They have been betrayed, and when Trump disappears to Israel (or jail) then all hope will be lost.

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