Carnage in Kabul: At least 12 US Soldiers Among Dead, US Promises Savage Revenge

By Lasha Darkmoon
28 August 2021
(Contains video)

This is only the beginning.
Expect the barbaric bloodbath to continue.

“We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay.” — President Biden (August 26), after the latest carnage on the streets of Kabul,  The US Prepares To Strike Back

Latest news based on multiple news reports from different mainstream sources: 

—  At least 60 people killed and 140 injured in suicide bomb attacks at Kabul airport.

—  Young children among the victims as Afghan families tried to flee the Taliban rule.

—  12 US servicemen among the dead after Isis explosions near American and British forces.

—  Huge crowds of Afghans  build up at border with Pakistan as people try to escape overland.

—  Faster withdrawal of remaining US troops ahead of Tuesday’s deadline now more likely.

—  More Western nations say they can no longer rescue their citizes amid airport chaos. These include Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Hungary. 

—  US and Britain continue airlifts . . . but UK’s final civilian flight could take off today.

—  Britain gets the booby prize for its farcical incompetence in dealing with this humanitarian crisis. A special helpline launched by the British government last week for vulnerable non-British nationals trapped in the Afghan inferno redirected  all callers to a washing machine repair shop in Coventry. Presumably these frantic individuals stranded abroad  were then locked in dialogue with helpful workers anxious to advise them on the virtues of various laundry products. Repeated calls failed  and led them next to an answering machine for the hardware chain Wilco, according to a report by The Courier.  The government apologised profusely and blamed it all  on a “technical glitch”.  Labour MP David Lammy tweeted angrily: ‘You can’t make this up. This government’s incompetence is ludicrous and dangerous.”   (See “Isis-K Jihadist network who think the Taliban soft, The Independent [‘U’], 27 August 2021, p. 7).     

—  After the surprise attack on the Afghan capital on Friday at 6.30pm local time, Biden issued a grim warning to the terrorists:  to expect the United States to hit back soon and take its revenge. “We will  hunt you down and make you pay!”, he threatened,  his voice shaking with emotion. (Scroll down to the 1-minute  video featured HERE).  

It is important to stress at this point that the latest terrorist attacks were carried out by Isis-K, a terrorist organisation banned by the Pentagon in January 2016.  This is a relatively small group of fanatical extremists, numbering perhaps 1000-2000 at the most,  who regard the US-backed puppet government in Kabul  as “dangerous liberals”. Unbelievably, they think the official Taliban regime too soft and easy-going in its approach.     

It has already been suggested by imaginative conspiracy theorists that the official Taliban government and Isis-K are secretly in cahoots, working in collusion to establish Sharia law and impose it forcibly on the rest of the world. As things stand, there is no basis whatever for this exciting conspiracy theory,  given that hard facts and common sense contradict it absolutely.  However, this will not prevent this thrilling theory from gaining ground among those who prefer fantasy to fact.

Here are some verifiable factual details about Isis K that need to be considered carefully before we proceed any further. 

Founded in 2015, Isis-K was the local Afghan branch of the notorious global network known as “Al-Qaeda”. Its specific aim was to establish an Islamic caliphate across Khorasan — hence the initial ‘K’ — an historic region covering vast tracts of central Asia. This fictitious country does not as yet exist. In this sense, “Greater Khorasan”, as it is known to its devotees, is remarkably like “Greater Israel”. It exists only in aspiration, in the minds of those who long to see the dream come true and turned into a reality.

The territories that comprise Greater Khorasan consist not only of Afghanistan as its hub and centre but extend also to Pakistan, parts of historic Persia (Iran), Turkmenistan, Tajikstan, and Uzbekistan. These currently independent countries, which have no wish to be gobbled up by Isis-K and become puppet statelets within Greater Khorasan, are targets for takeover by a hardcore of zealots who set no value on human life, including their own lives.  Dying in battle is for them the crowning glory. Every single member of Isis K — and that includes women and warrior children as young as 12—is only too happy to commit suicide for the glory of Allah.

Suicide in battle, after all, is not only the noblest of deaths according to this ancient code of honour, but also happens to be the quickest way to get into heaven — where everlasting bliss is guaranteed. 

It seems on further examination, however, that Khorasan is only a stepping stone to  a far vaster Islamic caliphate in which Sharia law and  “the banner of al Uqab [will be raised] above Jerusalem and the White House“.

The map below will give you an idea of the shape of things to come — if all goes according to plan: 

This is only the beginning.  Our children and grandchildren have an exciting life ahead of them. One thing is for certain. They will not die of boredom.

All we can do now is wait and see.

This poem of mine expresses my deepest thoughts on this subject.                                   

VIDEO     :     16.57 mins

77 thoughts to “Carnage in Kabul: At least 12 US Soldiers Among Dead, US Promises Savage Revenge”

  1. Are you all now convinced that ISIS isn’t an American created entity? Nor is it an Israeli asset? So terms like “ISISrael” (or “al CIAda”, another group) are just conspiracy theories created by Iran in order to defame and create confusion in the heart of the sunni world because these groups are Iran’s enemies. All sunnis hate Iran because Iran has killed more Sunnis in Iraq, Yemen and Syria than Israel even.
    One would think that Netanyahu is probably jealous of Iranian asset Bashar Assad except he won’t trade places because Bibi never killed a Jew when Bashar has killed at least a million of his own.
    Jews in Israel marched to get rid of Bibi for a year and a half and not a single jew was killed during these semi/riots by the police. Not a single one. But in Iraq and Syria the Iranian run rulers kill 500 youngsters in only days !
    ISIS was born during the US aggression on Iraq, and the Americans were so stupid they handed Iraq to Iran who is way worse than Saddam Hussein. The US did Iran a big favour in getting rid of the Sunnis control of Iraq which is what Iran wanted for the longest so that they can expand.
    Shia Arabs betrayed their sunni Arab brothers thinking they would get benefits over them ..but look at them now, broke, hungry, oppressed by shia Persian Iran who use them ..ISIS is still alive and no, they don’t work for the Saudis neither.
    They are totally independent and they recruit youngsters from the 2 billion Sunni world population…they are in Africa too….
    All this thanks to the US obsession with being the world police because they won WWII. And it’s gonna get worse because of post pandemic effects, hunger, unemployment, stress, hate, more oppression ..

    I mean who would wanna live in a frickin planet like this struggling to get food and pay rent when you can be hugging and kissing 66 virgins while sitting all day by a land flowing with milk and honey ?

    So Israel and the Saudis have the same 2 enemies, Iran and ISIS (and Al Qaeda too) but ISIS and Iran also hate each other..
    And the US is in the middle like the stupid idiot country it is … You got oil, stop the scavenging, you moron..
    That’s the truth and anyone who claims ISIS is Israel or ISIS is the US is an idiot or an Iranian hasbarat troll.

    1. @ Sarita

      I am relieved that you have had the first comment. This is because, unlike most of the commenters here who are capable only of off-topic chatroom trivia, your comments are always ON-TOPIC and touch on all the vital issues.

      What you argue here is not new: ISIS is the child of Israel and the man who founded Isis (now dead) was allegedly a Jew. Is this an established fact or a “conspiracy theory”? I’m not sure. There are so many conspiracy theories swirling round that I have lost track of their number! 😉

      However, please note: this is NOT the original Isis. This Isis is an entirely different Isis called ISIS-K. Its fanatical members without exception are jhadi Muslims.

      If you can prove that even ONE of these fanatics is a Jew, I would invite you to do so! If you argue instead, “Oh, they are all crazy Muslims, but they are all under Jewish control and financed by Big Jewry”, this too is a statement which I invite you to prove. If you are unable to prove it, aren’t you just guessing?

      Surely people who say things they cannot prove are not in a position to order the rest of the world to treat them respectfully and believe what they say.

      I’m not saying you belong in this category, this is just a general statement.

      1. This opening paragraph by LD touches on all these matters and comes straight to the point:

        It has already been suggested by imaginative conspiracy theorists that the official Taliban government and Isis-K are secretly in cahoots, working in collusion to establish Sharia law and impose it forcibly on the rest of the world. As things stand, there is no basis whatever for this exciting conspiracy theory, given that hard facts and common sense contradict it absolutely. However, this will not prevent this thrilling theory from gaining ground among those who prefer fantasy to fact.

        That’s putting it politely, even though it is bound to enrage the hypersensitive.

      2. ISIS, ISIS K, BBC, HTV, CNN, RT, all run by one, the one and only jew.
        Only one thing can sort out this world and that’s all out war. Climate change, bullshit, let’s fight to the death, last nation standing because the white race in general has nothing left too lose.

    2. صح النوم

      Can you tell us about an incident , just one , where ISIS attacked Israel during the 10yr war in Syria? Didn’t Israel take care of the wounded of ISIS(داعش( in the Golan Hights,now,( TRUMP Hights)?And how did ISIS men come into Syria? Did they apply for a visa through the Syrian embassies? or did the NATO of which Turkey is a member open the borders for them ?
      Iran hasn’t attacked any country in 200 yrs . Iran is helping my people in Gaza against your beloved Israel , and the poor people of Yemen who were attacked by Saudi Arabia with out any provocation and from what I see now the Saudis have lost the war against young primitive Yemenies .
      I have been asking for years why don’t ISIS just turn around south and help the Palestinians against Israel instead of killing Syrians .
      Saudis collected the criminals from their jails , told your families would be taken care of , and every one of you will get a 1000 USD for fighting in Syria and that they did .

      Wake up
      and this is the meaning of the two Arabic words above .

  2. quote: “That’s the truth and anyone who claims ISIS is Israel or ISIS is the US is an idiot or an Iranian hasbarat troll.”

    It is very clear you are the Israeli troll. It is well established that ISIS is an Israeli operation, the fact that these Muslim fanatics never criticize or threaten Israel is the first clue, secondly ISIS in the Levant has never attacked an Israeli target, thirdly Netanyahu visited wounded ISIS fighters in the hospital and shook their hands.

    ISIS is being funded by the USA and run by the Mossad. They are false opposition. ISIS is hated by Iran and the Taliban because both know who they are – Israeli proxy maniacs.

    Take a look at how ISIS is used to destroy ancient archelogical sites, like Sumerian artifacts in Syria and Iraq. Only Israel is desperate to erase our past and establish their false Bible narrative over the world. Jewish history is a fabrication, no King David (See Shlomo Sands books). Thus Israel directs idiot Muslim jihadists to destroy any evidence of our real origin because it conflicts with the fake Bible narrative. ISIL jihad is for the Greater Israel lands, the two are one in the same, ISIS/ISIL is securing the Levant for Israel, Eretz Israel.

    The Invention of the Land of Israel: From Holy Land to Homeland
    by Shlomo Sand and Geremy Forman | Nov 20, 2012

    The Invention of the Jewish People
    by Shlomo Sand and Yael Lotan | Aug 4, 2020

    Sarita, I have been very suspicious of your intentions since you showed up, thanks for revealing yourself as a Jewish troll. You have been found out now go away.

    1. “Sarita, I have been very suspicious of your intentions since you showed up, thanks for revealing yourself as a Jewish troll. You have been found out now go away.”

      Well said . I second that .thx.

      1. @ al

        I must be a bit dimwitted, because I fail to see how Sarita is a “jewish troll”. Maybe I’ll be accused of being a Jewish troll myself for defending her. But I’d love to know what Sarita has said that is so wicked that she is called a Jewish troll. Will someone explain?

        Sarita, do you plead guilty? 🙂

        1. @ SAKI

          The opening statement :

          “Are you all now convinced that ISIS isn’t an American created entity? Nor is it an Israeli asset?”
          As I said above ISIS never attacked Israel . To the contrary the Israeli army were attacking the Syrians on ISIS behaf.

          Here’s a translation of the news piece from the link below,
          ” August 30, 2017 14:15
          The Hebrew “Anyan Markazi” website said that Libyan security authorities had arrested an Israeli Mossad agent who held a leading position in the terrorist organization ISIS in the city of Benghazi, northeastern Libya.
          The site indicated that the Jewish agent was among the Israeli undercover forces and infiltrated the Libyans after the revolution that overthrew President Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.
          The “undercover” are the Israeli forces whose members speak fluent Arabic and are distinguished by their Arabic features and their proficiency in the various local dialects.
          It was known that the undercover activists had infiltrated the Palestinian demonstrators and arrested them, and carried out assassinations against activists in the resistance.
          Information indicates that the Israeli spy, named “Ephraim Benjamin”, became the imam)religous leader) of a large mosque in Benghazi, the second largest Libyan city, and later became a leader and responsible for 200 ISIS fighters.”


        2. She said only an idiot thinks ISIS is an Israeli front when in fact it is. Only a Jewish troll would try to hide the truth that ISIS is just an Israeli proxy. Remember when we accused Obama being the leader of ISIS right here on this forum? Obama was not the leader of ISIS, the Mossad is, under PM Netanyahu. Obama was just the underling of Jewish power, being told what to do, which is fund it and give it intelligence, etc. ISIS never attacks Israel but goes all the way to Europe and sets off terrorist bombs. How do they do that? By USAF airlift. If you attack ISIS then Israel says stop attacking us.
          Need proof? All the proof in the world from multiple sources:

          Hospital Confirms: Israeli Doctor Joined ISIS
          Othman Abed Elkian, an intern at Barzilai Hospital disappeared 5 months ago. Israel security officials determined he joined ISIS terrorists.


          Thus, I conclude in a sober fashion that Sarita is a Jewish troll trying to spin reality like Jews do, she does not want you to believe these vial ISIS lunatics are really Jews or Jewish proxy. I am not making a personal attack on Sarita, I am objectively stating what I think she is doing, and I have noticed it right away since she started posting here.

          And no one should doubt for a second that Jews would be active on this site trying to stop the truth being discussed on this site.

          The last thing Jews want is for us to find out the truth and turn our guns on them, for they are the instigators of all this hell on earth.

          Thus they are desperate and on the cusp of madness trying to stop us from discussing reality like ISIS is just another god damned Israeli ploy.

          ISIS just took credit for the latest bomb blast that killed 175 people including US Marines, Navy, Taliban, and civilians. Who benefits? Not Biden. Not the Taliban. Not the Marines or Navy. Who? Israel! Israel is the only party that would benefit because Israel does NOT want the US of A to leave.

        3. Sarita, like a typical kike Jew piece of garbage, is trying to tell us that Jews are not responsible for all the crap in the world. Jew bankers even created mao tse dung, mass murderer par excellence. Read the Jew Marcus Eli Ravage’s A Real Case Against the Jews.

          ADMIN: Polite request. Kindly read the rules of our website and keep them. We have explained why these rules are important to us, and we expect our readers to obey them. Thank you in anticipation.

          # 11. RACIST TERMS like “nigger”, “nigra”, “groid”, “coon”, “baboon”, “wog”, “raghead”, “kike” and “yid” should be avoided at all times. Apart from the fact that such gutter language lowers the tone of our website and gives it a bad name, we object to the use of such vulgar terminology on humanitarian and philosophical grounds.

      2. Al,
        And so what if Sarita is a Jewish troll? The duty of a responsible Darkmooner is to both receive and give information. Believe or disbelief what you want. Jews. Love 💕 us or hate us…..but we are a diverse group. Jews, BTW, are much more knowledgeable than their Goy counterparts. Donaldo, though not religious, has been open about his partial Jewish lineage but has been warmly received by administration. Anyway. Let’s please not attack Jewish posters any longer. Don’t attack an ethnic group. But carefully analyze the information provided apon which you can scrutinize with an open mind. Anyway. Donaldo will drink another great European 🍺 and call Sarita in Columbia to comfort her against these incessant attacks. While exquisitely beautiful, she is also very proud. Maybe, tal vez, she will answer his call. 🍺💕🤠

    2. And let’s not forget that while US/UK ‘Axis Of ZOG’ was supposedly “hunting ’em down”, ISIS was driving around the desert in Syria, seemingly without a care in the world, in FLEETS OF TOYOTA TRUCKS for about FIVE YEARS..before Putin stepped and kicked a$$!

      And we’re supposed to believe that AOZ had NO IDEA where ISIS was operating….even though AOZ claims their surveillance satellites can tell what you’ve had for breakfast by the crumbs in your crotch! 😂

      Nevertheless, here’s the point:
      I’ll be charitable to Sarita, however, and not castigate her with the calumny of being a Jewish Troll… I would suggest then what she definitely is, is one utterly-clueless Dumb Broad!😂

      1. @ The Realist

        You don’t score any points by using the ad hominem attack as your preferred modus operandi. Even if Sarita happens to be wrong, you don’t prove she is wrong by resorting to cheap abuse. How can one be sure that the phrase “One utterly clueless Dumb Broad” doesn’t apply to you? There in nothing in your name, after all, to prove your gender.

        I am personally convinced you are “one utterly clueless Dumb Blonde” of indeterminate gender, though I would hesitate to use this as an argument against you. This is because I believe in the need for compassion and kindness toward all God’s creature, including skunks! 🙂

    3. Israel is desperate to hide the fact they aren’t Israel, but Babylonian parasites and assorted Edomites and Mongols. They don’t want us Western European ethnics to find out WE are the actual Israelites.

  3. Not only is ISIS a creation of Israel and the ZUS, but also AL CIADA and all off shoots thereof ie AL Nursa, etc., and the debacle in Afghanistan has it roots in the Israeli and traitors in the ZUS governments attack on the WTC on 911, which was used as the excuse to destroy the middle east for Israel.

  4. So now we’re supposed to think Obiden is taking up Trump’s said ‘swat-the-fly policy, belatedly, with this narrated hit on the airport bombing Mastermind… From what we can gather they hit him with a couple rockets or maybe even a 2000 pound bomb… The 2000 pounder would eliminate any traces of evidence and any pesky neighbors, like the ones who said Osama didn’t live in the compound the SEALs hit… You might remember 30 or 40 of them were killed not too long after that incident, most in a very suspicious helicopter rocket ambush, one by friendly fire, the leader of the mission, I believe, Job from Pottstown, and another in a parachute accident… So they say themselves…. You would think the terrorist Mastermind would have thought twice about going to sleep in his own house for quite a while after he made the attack on the airport that they say killed 13 US military personnel and well over hopeful Afghani ex-pats… If there were any Americans killed in the bombing, I haven’t heard yet.. Likely not Obiden bombed some poor devil goat rancher and called it that…
    The dem feces is really starting to pile up in DC now, kinda like the Streets of San Francisco…
    And the question now gets louder – by whatever means can the short-eyed bumbling zombie be removed from office… In the past about all we’ve seen legally have been possible calls for impeachment, which doesn’t actually remove the guy, and in Nixon’s case some other kind of pressure that forced him to resign… Those have so-far been about differences of political opinion, maybe with rumors of but no real proof of any national security issues…. Of course there are unlawful methods… Eight presidents died in office… Four were shot, three poisoned, in my opinion, and one who dropped dead of an burst anurism, FDR… Him being a Jew a Bolsheviki and a Zionist, he probably died a natural death, if that’s what you can call cigarette poisoning…
    I’m saying it’s time officials in high enough positions of power, presidents, governors, mayors, who by their implementation of certain policies really do instigate serious national security or local law and order problems…
    In the case of failed border security at some point in the invasion you have to call it a national security issue…
    The border crime is now pushed way beyond common sense, if your common sense is based on US sovereignty, what’s best for the USA as an independent nation…..
    Now recently the Supreme Court comes to life and rules squarely against the Biden border policy, among other things…
    In a properly functioning constitutional republic at some point a police organ has to step up and arrest the public official responsible for whatever egregious conduct he’s responsible for….
    The SC is giving Biden time to adjust his border policy but that’s too soft…
    The crime of treason should get no such quarter… And and massively impactful and deliberate violation of the constitutional oath, where there are being ignored clear national security implications, like foreign gangsters involved in people smuggling and moving their operations on to this side of the border, severe damage to the economic and social fabric, voter fraud by illegal immigrants, massive drug smuggling and law and order breakdown, should be considered not just bad policy but treason… In which case perpetrator Obiden and whoever is controlling him ought to be arrested immediately…
    So who’s duty is it to arrest the president, the governor, the nutcase mayor? Trump said he couldn’t send guardsmen to Portland or Seattle unless the governors requested it… I guess much less can he order the arrest of the mayor for a national security breech or much less a violation of his constitutional oath….
    I don’t believe that though…. i don’t know where it says who can do it but there has to be that accountability under the law… The mayors of Portland, Minneapolis, San Francisco and dozens of other dem cities should have been thrown in jail a long time ago, because they broke their oath to the constitution, which is treason… Maybe they appoint their own police chiefs but not the county sheriffs…
    You would think the FBI, maybe the US Marshals…. But I would think too any constitutional sheriff who sees him in his jurisdiction… I’ll bet a lot of people in Texas would agree… They should have warrants out for his arrest there, and in any county impacted to a criminal extent by the open border policy…. Really, wherever we see capital crimes committed by repeat offender immigrants, the sheriff, the chief of police, the governor should all be looking to arrest the violators who abetted it… County Judges should be able to order his an arrest like that… They issue bench warrants all the time and the police will act on them, depending on if you’re still in an American county town that isn’t being run by enemies of the republic, national saboteurs… There is also the whole big wtf-is-really-happening-here with County Judges being actual federal officers operating in annexed courthouse.. But even if so they have to obey the Supreme Court dictates… Who among them will say when its time to arrest Biden, are him and his anti-national globalist cabal operating dangerously close to a federal bench warrant now? I know there are destructive behaviors that have no laws written against them, but that a sheriff has the duty to arrest perpetrators in such cases anyway, not that you ever hear of it done…
    I have to say I don’t know of any public official or other oath taker who’s ever been prosecuted for breaking his oath to the constitution… But innovation time is clearly here in that respect…. Can the congress vote to order the arrest of the president, the speaker of the house or some destructive governor, all the above, and would the FBI or whomever be required to do it? The Biden fiasco will be getting a lot worse, the destructive effect will become unbearable… There probably is not much chance he’ll be in the chair much longer, we’ll have the Kamel next.. But her policies won’t be any different, they might be worse… There has to be a real remedy for these treasonous officials…
    I heard guy on Gutfield yesterday, the Irishman, I forgot his name… Gutfield is pretty good, except when he starts with the scatology, stop it… He should remember people are eating dinner. Anyway, the Irishman said recalls should be a regular part of the process, like at six months or so into the term… I heard my father say the same thing 60 years ago…
    Well the Supreme Court has ruled Biden’s border policy unlawful, he’s breaking the law…
    More terror hits in Afghanistan are really going to drive home the point what a crime the Biden presidency is…
    The Afghanis are not only sending us home with our asses kicked, they’re kicking us out with our asses bleeding…

    1. Inter arma enim silent lēgēs is a Latin phrase that literally means “For among arms, the laws are silent” but is more popularly rendered as
      “In times of war, the law falls silent.” Cicero said that 2000 years ago.

      “We’ve always been at war with (fill in the blank)”
      Orwell (and I) said that 2000 years later.

    2. Agree, Bin Laden died on December 15, 2001 in Afghanistan of kidney failure and his death was reported on the Egyptian newspaper Al Wafd. The seal team that was supposedly in on the raid on the fake Bin Laden, 30 seals and 8 others were set up and ambushed and killed and the ones who survived the shootdown, were killed outside the helicopter, dead men tell no tales.

      See Charles Strange’s interviews on youtube, he is the father of Michael Strange one of the seals killed, there is at least 3 interviews that I have watched, he states that his son and the others were set up to be killed and his son knew it.

      The government of the ZUS is communist infiltrated through and through and this latest debacle proves it once again.

    “However, please note: this is NOT the original Isis. This Isis is an entirely different Isis called ISIS-K. Its fanatical members without exception are jhadi Muslims.”
    That may be true but not all arabs are acting like the enemies of Israel, as I’m sure the Palestinians would agree…
    I would bet Afghanistan is full of guys who wouldn’t mind the lucrative relationship the Jews have with Saudi Arabia and the USA, and would be working with the Jews to be the ones to wind up with it… The question might be whether the K Isis people think they’re in line for it now or if they would rather have the USA come back in and wipe out the Taliban..
    None of us knows for sure… Maybe the long term money wants another big invasion…

  6. Al, et Al
    You ask why hasn’t ISIS attacked Israel..
    Have you looked at a map of the middle east lately?..
    ISIS was (and still is) in the eastern part of Syria (and border with, and deep inside, Iraq) and Israel is south and West of Syria..
    IN BETWEEN ISRAEL AND ISIS IS THE SYRIAN REGIME which ISIS failed to defeat because Russia interfered! ISIS couldn’t reach Israel because of that physical/ geographical impediment.
    It’s like Canada trying to invade Mexico but the US is in between.
    how in hell is ISIS gonna reach or attack Israel otherwise when they don’t have the planes, the missiles, the warships, the submarines that IRAN your heroes, for example possess? They are only foot soldiers, just like crusaders in the middle ages. Or the vikings.
    Iran and it’s Syrian regime are in the way! You’re giving ISIS too much credit, they were and are too disorganized and weak to attack Israel; the only thing that makes them dangerous is that they do what no other soldier in any army does: they do suicide bombings, a weapon no one has!

    On the other hand The corrupt, oppressive Syrian regime has never fired a bullet at Israel since they took over in 1965 or so, not a single bullet! on the contrary, word is they sold the Golan Heights to Israel ! But that’s another story, and I don’t wanna guess because i have no prove of that.

    Where did ISIS come from!?
    do you know who these 👇guys are? (hint: they defeated the US army in Iraq)..

    1-Army of the Men of the Naqshabandi Order.
    2- Islamic Army of Iraq.
    3- 1920 Revolution Brigade.
    4- Jaish (Jaish means army) of al-Rashideen.
    5- Islamic Front for the Iraqi Resistance.
    6- Hamas of Iraq.
    7- Jaish (army of) Muhammad.
    8- Ansar al Sunna.
    .. and 15 other resistance groups?

    Where did they go After the war?
    They went back to their western Iraq villages and to cities like Bagdad, Fallujah etc.. their hometowns. (By the way, they killed almost 5.000 American soldiers and injured 50.000 with suicide bombings and I.E.D.s)…
    They were quite for a while
    but they flared up when their (Sunni) families in neighboring eastern Syria were being slaughtered by the Genocidal maniac Bashar Assad and the Iraqi government -which had been taken by the shia after the war- stopped sending budget to the Sunni so they regrouped and ISIS was born! This was all happening against a background of a general uprising called the “arab spring’ all over the middle east.

    What’s so hard to understand about that?
    😂 ISIS didn’t come from the moon, Tel Aviv or Texas, they are local Sunnis defending their ancient Sunni neighbors west of them!

    Why did Netanyahu visit some ISIS guy who somehow ended up in the border with Israel?
    Not a big deal!
    Bibi happened to be in the area!
    See, JEWS INVENTED PSYCHOLOGY! they know how Arabs think! Bibi wanted to send a message that “yes, we Jews know that this Syrian regime is an oppressive regime, we stand by you people of Syria, we seek peace, but look! look! You see!? We are helping the injured, we are not bad, we have mercy in our hearts, help him, help him please, he is a human being after all, blah blah blah”.. . “my enemy’s enemy is my friend” and you might add “for now” . …
    If the Jews were financing ISIS they wouldn’t make it so obvious you know.. …why pose in front of a camera exposing your “secret plan”?
    What did you want the IDF to do with the poor guy? Shoot him on site? He was unarmed and bleeding for god’s sake!
    Lol 😂
    But Iran used it to attack ISIS because ISIS was attacking their Syrian asset so they started to spread the lie that this was prove that ISIS was created, trained and financed by Israel. And unbelievably, the gullible bought it.!

    Some even claimed ISIS is the CIA even as ISIS sliced Americans heads off.. lol, so basically they are saying that the CIA was paying Arab terrorists to slice Americans heads off like butter, then the same CIA would turn around and order their air force to bomb ISIS and ISIS would just accept that and wait for their paychecks..and the bombs on their heads…
    why none of the thousands of ISIS operatives jailed in Iraqi, Syrian, jordanian said a word about this! 50 thousand of them died, many were doctors, engineers etc who came from Europe to join the war against Assad et al… They never said a word about being hired and trained by Israel..they were not all stupid goat herders, you know. No, they were not taken for a ride.
    So the question i would ask is “what’s in it for me?” Why did they go to a certain death if not for
    Jihad, to die for Allah and the nationalistic ideal of establishing an Islamic state?

    So is it the Mossad or the CIA financing ISIS? the theorists can’t make up their minds…
    Besides, how do the theorists know all this? Do the theorists have secret satellites, drones and spies that see and hear everything beating the Israelis at it or are they just bored people guessing, repeating what Presstv used to write and being too paranoid to think straight?
    So Al, please don’t take away or erase the efforts of the downtrodden Sunnis who fight against all those who oppressed them including their own Sunni regimes in every country in the middle east, they all attack the poor sunni Muslims!. Yes, Israel in Palestine, the US, Iran, the Saudis … Egypt, Morocco, Jordan etc etc
    everybody is oppressing the Sunnis even though they are the absolute majority.
    They are oppressed in places as far as India and china!
    Yes, ISIS are too extremists and committed and still do commit barbaric actions, i am not defending them ..but ….maybe it’s because in those Arab (and Iranian) regimes’ prisons they stick a whole two litter bottle of Pepsi up their ass when rioters are dragged to secret underground prisons?. Arab regimes have a whole menu and catalog of torture methods.

    Wake up and smell the coffee.
    I am having a cup of good Colombian coffee as i write and try to figure out how to convince you i am not a Jew, but hey thank you, they say Jews are smart ..
    So smart they have been able to do all of what the theorists claim, too much credit 🙄
    I am thrilled..

    1. a classic exmple of,
      when a harlot lectures us about chastity and morality.

      The land thieves you’re defending have killed two of my nephews , demolished their big house and imprisoned three of their brothers .When I was growing up I witnessed many incidents when the Jewish soldiers that adore and dote over would casually grab a man in the street who did nothing , beat him up and strip him naked and leave him back on the street , just because they could do it .
      So don’t lecture me about the kindness of your idol netanyahu who just happened to be making the round hunting for a soul in need of help and charity .
      I know the Israelis,I worked for them , they imprisoned me and beat me up and called me like they called all of us in Palestine ” mukharrib” or terrorist . So many times they kicked my door after mid night claiming to be looking for weapons .Then they would come back another night to make sure we didn’t have any .Finally we’ve had enough , and all the families in that neighborhood pooled in their money and put an iron gate and when those soldiers came back they would go crazy knocking and kicking but to no avail. Finally they left us alone .

      Sarita, you can’t give what you don’t have . You’re like what we say back in Palestine:
      a shivering fool , yet farting blankets .

    2. It seems that IDF incursions in the Gaza open air prison from time to time are rather barbaric. As was the attempted sinking of the USS liberty navel vessel in 1867. Does ISIS stand for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service? Just asking.

    3. quoting Sarita “…how in hell is ISIS gonna reach or attack Israel otherwise when they don’t have the planes, the missiles, the warships, the submarines…”

      True, but they have the USAF to ferry them around. How many time did we hear that when ISIS was defeated by Russia in Syria the USAF quickly airlifted the ISIS command to safety? I heard that several times when Obama was president. Why is the USAF moving ISIS fighters around?? Because the Pentacon is using and funding ISIS for their Zionist objectives.

      How did ISIS set off all those bombs in France? How could they if they are landlocked in Syria? Because ISIS is a Mossad front and those bombs going off in France are being set by Jews or one of their many minions like Jews/contractors who work for the CIA.

      ISIS bomb makers do not have to be Muslim or even religious, the meme of ISIS is just used whenever the Mossad, CIA, Mi6 need a scapegoat to cover their attacks.

      Any fool knows this. ISIS is just a convenient patsy that can be used anytime they want.

      You know Sarita, you must really hate Putin for stopping ISIS in Syria. Putin sent the Russian Air Force in and bombed many a Jew (ISIS poser). Bits of holy Jew went flying threw the air, oh the humanity of holy Jews being shredded by Russian smart bombs. LOL

      How Jews word a headline when Putin kills Jews in Syria;

      “MAD VLAD STRIKES AGAIN Putin’s war jets pound ‘secret’ anti-ISIS SAS base in Syria with cluster bombs”

      Why he’s mad I tell you, mad! ROFL Putin’s cluster bombs sent kippahs flying.

      Putin’s forces also killed many a Mossad commander in Syria. Imagine this: Jews in tears, Jews at Wailing Wall crying crocodile tears. Oh veh, how could ‘dis happen, vee are the holy chosen ones.

      1. Agree, at the site they have a video of the ZUS airforce evacuating ISIS out of Syria to Iraq, this is the ISIS airforce in action. This is just one example among hundreds over the course of the Israel ZUS war on Syria.

      2. “Imagine this: Jews in tears, Jews at Wailing Wall crying crocodile tears.”

        That’s another Jewish deception. The so-called “Wailing Wall” is not even part of the Jewish Temple destroyed by Titus and his legions in 70 A.D., it’s actually part of the Roman fortress Antonia. The Big Jews know this, but want the little Jews and the rest of the world to think the words of Jesus were not fulfilled that “one stone will not be left upon another that will not be thrown down,” and also help maintain the hope of rebuilding the Temple again, even though the last attempt in the mid-4th century with the blessing of the Emperor Julian (“the Apostate”) was thwarted by fireballs coming out of the ground killing scores of workers, and earthquakes and other mysterious (many call “miraculous”) phenomena. See Giuseppe Ricciotti’s book, Julian the Apostate; also this informative interview, which includes Jewish plans for rebuilding, but not on the original site. An amazing story, and very little known:

      1. Yep, the Jewess Sarita is trying to spin ISIS as Muslim front. Sorry Sarita, you have been defeated by the very knowledgeable commenters on this site.

        But, if you want, get a job as a Mideast Policy Analyst on Fox News, where good looks and spin sells! A new career awaits you, especially if your avatar is true to your actual looks.

        Cheer up, all those Goy in Goyland are waiting to be fooled by the likes of you! They love to be fooled, they want to believe ISIS are evil towelhead Mooslims that we need to be eradicating, why their preachers said so, just after the preacher told them to be good citizens and get vaxxed, the preacher said join the army and kill Mooslims for God!

        How’s Tel Aviv anyways?

  7. “Because Russia Interfered” ? (In Syria)
    Crack on Sarita, comedy gold.
    & you wonder why people question your comment.

    anyway, never mind that garbage,
    I thought some would have picked up on the Wild propaganda of that ’60 minutes’ Ozzie show.
    Cheery picked accusations from a pre ordained script,
    mealy mouthed patronizing about Afghani womens ‘rights’,
    What about the ‘rights’ of Australian women & kids , forceably man handled by police & military for non-compliance. (& heavily fined ?) Houses raided for social media comments in support of the right to protest.
    & I believe between 2o ot 24 thousand kids hustled into a Sydney sports stadium & jabbed by force, & ‘security’ forces present to make sure no parents were able to be with their own kids during the procedures.
    Now those are facts.
    as is..
    The exploitation of British youngsters by Jimmy Grant gangs.
    Same as elsewhere within Caucasian cultures, The authorities do NOTHING, but ram foreign dilemmas down our throats, which by & large, Our governments have caused.

  8. The late Senator John McCain was very friendly with ISIS — he helped bankroll ISIS. Hillary as Secretary of State used ISIS to destroy Libya and she also, like John McCain, helped bankroll ISIS. She LERVED using ISIS to try to overthrow Assad for the benefit of the JEWS and of JEW ISRAEL. The head of ISIS in Syria was a JEW, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, I don’t know what happened to him but he is a JEW, was a JEW if he’s dead. ISIS from top to bottom is full of jews [ pretending to be Muslims of course ] .

    Wounded ISIS sub-animals in Syria were taken to Israeli hospitals in Israeli ambulances and nursed back to fighting health by JEWS in JEW hospitals in JEW Israel. ISIS, looks like a JEW organization to me. If ISIS was truly ANTI-JEW Israel and wanted to push the jews into the sea and really wanted to harm and kill jews do you really think the Jews would bring wounded ISIS terrorists to hospitals in Israel and nurse them back to health?

    Funny, but ISIS never attacks the oil wells/ oil pipes/ oil infrastructure in Syria now controlled USrael and the oil goes to JEW Israel. If ISIS was truly ANTI-USrael ISIS would make the oil fields in Syria MAJOR target of attacks, but ISIS NEVER attacks USrael’s oil fields in Syria.

    Hillary’s closest advisor for many many years was Huma Abedin from a wealthy Saudi family who are known to start and bankroll Islamic terrorist groups and they also helped bankroll ISIS. The Bush family is business partners with the Bin Laden family.

    1. Agree, McCain met with ISIS on Memorial Day May 27, 2013 and was pictured with several ISIS leaders, ISIS aka AL CIADA, et al, are all creations of the Mossad and CIA and MI6 the unholy trinity and have been destroying the middle east for Israel.

  9. Egypt’s president Sisi , his mother is Jewish named Malika, from Morocco.
    King Abdullah of Jordan , his mother is Jewish named Antoinette from the UK.
    MBZ of UAE , his grand mother was an Iranian Jew.
    MBS of Saudi Arabia was raised by an Ethiopian Jewish nanny , in fact the whole Al Saud family is Jewish who came from Iraq and settled in Arabia .
    Even Castro was a Jew , and so was Che Guevara who was the immediate cousin of the late prime minister and murderer Ariel Sharon.
    that’s all I have to say about that , borrowing a line from Forest Gump . lol.

    1. @ al

      No disrespect to you, but are you sure all the people your name as “Jews” were actually Jews?

      In your estimation, was Stalin a Jew? Because many articles on the internet claim Stalin was a crypto-Jew … whereas every single major biography and mainstream newspaper and TV channel state that Stalin was a Georgian, not a Jew. What is your own belief? Who is right?


        From what I know I Stalin was NOT a Jew . In fact he hated the Jews . His mother was a maid working for a Jewish family and was mistreated and abused . He did not like it when his son Jacob married a Jewish ballerina dancer and was so angry that he kicked his son out of the house . Another reason , Stalin hated the Jewsbecause they were competing with him for power after the demise of Lenin , Trotsky was one of them who Stalin assassinated in Mexico.

        Here’s an interesting Jewish link about guevara:

        1. @ al

          That’s a brilliant comment. Most informative. But you must remember that Stalin also got on with Jews who supported his policies and promoted his Marxist agenda. I refer to Jews like Lazar Kaganovich and Ilya Ehrenburg. The only Jews Stalin hated were the ones who refused to listen to him. They were usually Trotskyists. Trotsky had been a thorn in the flesh to Stalin right from the beginning and remained his deadliest enemy to the end.

          Stalin could not be described as “anti-Semitic” in his earlier days, given that he appointed so many Jews to high positions in the NKVD (secret police) and in the administration of the gulags. He became increasingly anti-Semitic, however, after 1948 and the establishment of the state of Israel.

          One more question: was Beria a Jew?

          1. @ MADAME BUTTERFLY
            I don’t believe Beria was a Jew . His mother was a devout catholic . In fact Beria made the Jews of the time look saints . He’s a murderer and a sexual predator and a paedophile . He would have his men pick up girls and young women to be raped and tortured and killed and buttied in his residence . Stalin trusted him but at the end , Beria suspected that he would be the next on Stalins hit list And so , I believe , he poisoned Stalin .

            1. Many thanks, Al. You are a goldmine of information! Yes, I’d heard all about Beria’s predatory sexual habits in an old article written by LD where Beria is mentioned in passing. In an interview with Israel Shamir in November 2011, almost 10 years ago, LD gives this crucial information in an interview with Israel Shamir:

              The most conservative figure for the Russian Holocaust, now agreed upon by specialist historians and even cited in the Times newspaper (UK) is 50 million dead Russians. This figure was achieved within a 36-year period of mass murder (1917-1953), initiated by Lenin the quarter-Jew and continued by Stalin, a Georgian non-Jew, who surrounded himself on all sides by Jewish commissars and sexy young Jewesses he liked to bed.

              If you think fifty million deaths is an inflated figure, I assure you it is not.

              One Jew alone, the infamous Lazar Kaganovich, personally claimed responsibility for killing twenty million. It was he who stood atop the rubble of a Christian church and proclaimed, “Mother Russia has been cast down! We have torn away her skirts!”

              Apart from Kaganovich, there were other Jews who contributed to the massacre of Christians under the cruelest circumstances: Ilya Ehrenburg, Natalfy Frenkel, Mathias Berman, Genrikh Yagoda (lingerie pervert), and, last but not least, Lavrenti Beria—though Beria may or may not have been Jewish. Mainstream historians assert that he was not. But they would, wouldn’t they? — given that Beria was not only a mass murderer of peasants, but also a bloodthirsty sex maniac and pedophile who buried children in his basement — probably alive. (See here and here, pp. 516-519 ).

              At no other time in the history of the world has a country been so saturated with Jewish influence as it was between 1917 and 1953 in the Soviet Union: the time of the great gulags and the merciless slaughter of the peasants.

              America now faces a similar saturation problem. There have been no Soviet-style massacres in America — not yet, thank God. But who knows what grisly surprises history has up its sleeve?

              If the Jews can kill 50 million people in Russia and get away with it, they can kill 50 million people in America too, but maybe they won’t get away with it so easily next time. If they can do it once, they can do it twice — unless the leopard changes its spots.


              One final question for you. Assuming you agree with all the above, do you think Stalin was fully aware of Beria’s shocking sexual activities and turned a blind eye to them? He could hardly have been ignorant of them, given that he had his secret agents in the NKVD spying on everyone. We know for a fact that top secret info was hidden away in secret archives in the Kremlin and that these facts only emerged after Stalin’s death when Krushchev decided to reveal them.

              QUESTION: Was Stalin aware that Beria was a pedophile sex killer? and was he hiding this info to protect Beria’s reputation (because he still needed his services) or to have an emotional (blackmail) hold over Beria?

              1. As paradoxical as it may seem , Stalin prohibited abortion and at the same time he encouraged sex outside marriage , then the state would take the new borns and do what ever they wanted with them .
                Stalin certainly knew Beria was a sexual predator and paedophile . When Stalin’s daughter was at Beria’s house one day , Stalin was so worried and furious that he himself called his daughter and told her to immediately leave Beria’s house .
                Stalin trusted and needed Beria , and like any other dictator, he needed corrupt men around him and looked the other way as long as they served him . Our late Yaser Arafat of the PLO KNEW THE MEN AROUND HIM WERE THIEVES AND CORRUPT .But he let them do what they did in order to keep them loyal and under his control.

                1. AL,

                  The political leaders of Israel throughout Israel’s history always surrounded themselves with thieves and crooks and mobsters and killers and very corrupt criminals, Naftali Bennett is no exception. “Our” late Yasser Arafat of the PLO is not unique in the “Holy Land”. He did the same thing ALL the jew political leaders of Israel have always done, up to and including Bennett.

                  Do you think the jew political leaders of Israel are pure and sterling characters? LMFAO!!!!

                2. Thanks for this fascinating info. I knew none of this. Where did you get these nuggets of nformation from? What books, articles, or videos?

                  1. most of the information came from a program on RT called
                    A Journey down Memory lane .
                    by a presenter called Khaled Al-Rushd.I was following his youtube channel.Alas,youtube shut down his channel and all the videos were deleted.I also read about Stalin in some sites that published excerpts from his grand daughter’s memoir. Unfortunately they were all in Arabic .
                    Many thanks to you madam and to this exceptional forum and of course to THE GREAT LD.

                    1. As they defend and protect Free Speech they defend and protect the jews — while the jews shut down their favorite Youtube channels and deplatform them all across the social media. So lets denounce Yasser Arafat and Levantiy Beria as being our biggest problem, even though Arafat and Beria have NOTHING to do with present day JEW CENSORSHIP in the United States.

                      AL and Madame, Darkmoon’s comedy team. They’re hilarious!

      2. “…every. … mainstream newspaper and TV channel state……”

        Oh dear… here we go AGAIN! 🙄

        If something is sourced from (((mainstream newspapers))) or from (((TV))) then, according to Bubblehead Butterfly, it’s “Holy Writ”… or, probably more accurately put in her case, “100% AAA KOSHER!!!”😂

        1. @ The Realist

          You are too dense to understand a simple point! WAKE UP!!! 🙂

          I am NOT saying or even suggesting that the truth is to be found on the mainstream media; that the mainstream media is Holy Writ; that the ultimate source of all wisdom and knowledge is the mainstream media. This is what YOU are saying I am saying!!! You are attributing false ideas to me which you THINK I have. This is YOUR problem, not mine, if you deliberately choose to misunderstand me.

          In effect, you are attacking me for saying things like “Fairies exist, and the moon is made of green cheese!” when I never said anything like that! This is known as a “strawman’s argument” and it s pretty worthless.

          If you attack Darwin for saying something he never said, you are wasting your time making a strawman’s argument. If write an angry article denouncing Einstein’s ideas and saying you can do better, as the conspiracy theorist Miles Mathis has done, you are wasting your time if you don’t have a clue what Einstein really said and have got him completely wrong. Understand?

          Similarly, you are attacking me for saying something I never said in the first place or even implied, i.e. that the mainstream media offers the gospel truth. No, I think the mainstream media is full of lies and black propaganda and uses its power to brainwash people into believing falsities and adopting degenerate values. As LD does.

          What I am saying is this, and your failure to understand this is infuriating: I am saying that CONSPIRACY THEORY SITES ARE EVEN W O R S E E!!! Most conspiracy theorists are making WILD GUESSES … IRRESPONSIBLE SPECULATIONS … they have no “SOURCES” at all except their OWN “HUNCHES”. They produce NO EVIDENCE. If you go to their sites, you find that most of them are uneducated fantasists quoting each other. They often fabricate quotations and MAKE UP FACTS!!!

          Mainstream reporters cannot do this. If they are caught out fabricating quotations or pretending they interviewed someone they didn’t interview, they lose their reputations and are sacked from their jobs. This has happened both in the US and UK. Conspiracy theorists however can do this and get away with it. Because they have NO REPUTATIONS TO LOSE!!! Many are anonymous hacks writing under pen names on such crappy social media sites as Facebook and Twitter.

          So who would you listen to more respectfully: an acclaimed expert with a reputation to lose bring interviewed on the BBC, or an anonymous entity on Facebook or Twitter who calls himself ‘Red Devil FuckYou”???

          I’m NOT saying the guy on the BBC is RIGHT. He could be wrong. He could be biased. But most people would prefer to get their information from Professor X’ of Oxford University than from ‘RedDevil FuckYou’ who is probaably an inmate of a loony bin.

          Home you agree, Dimwit Genius! 🙂

          1. Mdm Butterbrain:

            Once AGAIN you fail to realise that the ONLY ‘raison d’etre’ (look it up!) for the MSM is to push “The Agenda” by promulgating propaganda to The Plebs (like you!) that fits the nefarious “narrative”…. your beloved BBC -and the dime-a-dozen bought & paid-for “experts” it trots out – being ‘non pareil’ (look it up!) in that regard.
            Thank You!

            1. You still fail to understand.

              I have NOT endorsed the BBC!!!

              All I have said is that SOURCE ‘X’ (the mainstream media) is far better than SOURCE ‘Z’ (the crappy conspiracy theory nexus).

              There are only TWO sources of information available: (1) Mainstream. (2) Non-mainstream = Dissidents, most of them crackpot conspiracy theorists.

              If you’re NOT getting your information primarily from mainstream sources, where the f**k are you getting your information from? You can’t answer that, can you? Nor will you.

              I will answer for you, dimwit: you are getting all your your info from a bunch of cranks and crackpots like yourself.

              Too bad. Jabber on, crank! No one is listening to you! 🙂

              1. “There are only TWO sources of information available: (1) Mainstream. (2) Non-mainstream…”

                Oh dear… 🙄….. you DO have a LOT to learn… DON’T you… Butterbrain?

                Ever thought of just sticking to crocheting? 🤔

                1. @ The Realist

                  No, it’s you who are the Butterbrain. Madame Butterfly’s logic is impeccable. You are just wasting everyone’s time here with your arrant stupidity.

                  All MB is saying is that one’s sources of information are either reputable or disreputable; for a writer cannot be a reputable writer and a disreputable one at the same time. You can’t be an orthodox thinker as well an unorthodox one at the same time; you can only be one or the other.

                  So a newspaper can either be mainstream or non-mainstream. There are no other alternatives. MB’s logic is irrefutable.

                  1. Thank you, Saki.

                    I’m not going to argue with this clunkhead again. As you say, it’s a complete waste of time.

                    It’s like playing chess with a village idiot who doesn’t know the rules of the game — who thinks the object of the game is to grab as many pieces off the board as possible and chuck them in your face, the winner being the person who scores the most hits! 🙂

                    What a silly-billy sausage-head!

                    1. Madame,

                      What do you think of “strangerinajewishworld” ? Do you find it to be an annoying blog? A blog not to your liking? It’s TOO thought-provoking and the last thing you want to do is give anything any kind of serious thought because you’re not capable of serious thought because you’re an old set-in-your-ways old valley of the dolls airhead pill popping old run down bedraggled boozer? So “strangerinajewishworld” is not your cup of tea because it requires serious thought and you’re an airhead who dreams of making it big in Hollywood which is a TOTAL pipe dream. But wait! I could be wrong! Saki thinks you’re brilliant, so maybe you will make it in show business after all, LMFAO!!!!

                  2. forever writing nonsense, then when called out on her nonsense backtracks and writes of how, of course she didnt MEAN it like that!
                    the person calling her out is obviously wrong and a looney.
                    she would rather take notice of an “expert” on the bbc she writes,
                    if that isnt endorsing the bbc what is?
                    then up you pop and attempt to explain her nonsense as if to a class of school children!
                    you’re are as barking as she is…
                    are you vying for the title of teachers pet from sourdonicus or something ?

  10. Must be quite fun to just sit back behind your computer and blowhard as much as you want, blaming Biden, Israel and Jews for everything you yourselves would fail to do.

    None of you have ever went to military service, none of you live next to cruel, Arabian savages hell-bent on torturing, killing innocent civilians in the name of a child molesting, false prophet called Mohammed.

    Why would you people forsake your freedoms and privileges just to cater to these terrorists ? Stop supporting Terrorists. Act like an American, God doesn’t support Apostate nations deceived by false religion.

  11. Abu baker al Baghdadi …

    Abu baker al baghdadi, ISIS maximum leader, was hiding in a cave near the Iraqi- Syrian border…somehow the US army found out his whereabouts, -maybe Putin’s intelligence services found out first and gave the details to Trump as a favor- maybe someone sold him for the money (there was a price on his head) …whatever, they moved on him and chased him down a tunnel inside the cave..

    His two boys were with him (ages around 8, 10) …
    The US army had German shepherds, they gave chase and ….

    ATE THE KIDS ALIVE! In front of him! He was obviously yelling in pain and anger and sadness; what a tragedy! How painful for a father to see this!
    What did Trump say when he announced his victory?.
    “He was screaming and crying like a woman” “crying like a pussy” lol lol lol..
    He laughed!
    no money in the world is worth this, that’s why I know ISIS isn’t somebody’s asset.
    but of course, Iran will continue repeating the lies because ISIS is the entity that defends sunni Iraqis against Iran’s financed shia iraqis’ 56 paramilitary militias that systematically oppress sunnis in Iraq.
    Iran spreads propaganda against the sunni resistance in order to create doubt and slow down the groups recruiting…
    So, Keep reading Iran’s hasbarat work, you’re doing just fine, you look good in front of people with common sense.

  12. SARITA
    Your story about the dogs doesn’t prove anything about who ISIS is or even who Abu baker was one way or the other… Not to us….
    Trump’s reaction does show the cretinish mentality common among the ownership hierarchy of the world controlling the political processes….
    You remember Hillary’s sick laughter…. “We came, we saw, he died”… Then the Cackle…
    Anybody who laughs at the victims of war has not the genuine understanding of it and not the proper psychological factors appropriate to real intellect…
    Maybe these people just have too much R-Complex and maybe they’re all hybrid reptilians…
    Maybe they’re just everyday psychopaths…
    You seem to be motivated by a need to stop war, which you think might happen if enough truth could come out about the who’s who of it all…
    I hope we all agree on that much….

  13. I heard the talking heads on Democracy Now! call the Kabul crisis “catastrophic” and that is extreme language for fellow Demonrats to use about one of their own. Old man’s Biden days are numbered and my intuition tells me his entire team is in trouble, the empire may be in a far bigger crisis than we think. The unraveling is slow at first then everyone realizes that Amerika is a paper tiger – no longer able to do a big war, etc.

    So here is my crappy poem about the end of Biden admin.

    Title: Winken, Blinken, and the Nodding Chief

    Pedo Joe has got to go,

    along with laughing hyena Kumaloho,

    Pelousi and Chucky too,

    followed by Garland, Nuland, and Rachel Levine – ew!

    then to be suicided Cohen, Yellin, and Sunstein

    just like their tribal brother Jeffrey Epstein.

    Off with their heads say I,

    They stole the election from the Donald Trumpet guy.

    Oh the troubles that lie ahead,

    for a nation gone to dread.

    For we forget to steer clear,

    of the Jewish infestation here.

    Amerika’s innocent days are no more,

    when I hiked the woods in nature’s splendor.

    Someday soon I will return to the shady stream

    back to peace and tranquility where there is no mean.


    Oh yeah baby, a tsunami of troubles is rising up and when it breaks the whole shebang is going to be flushed away in a storm of Biblical proportions. Biden stole the election, everyone knows it, and it makes perfect sense his entire troop will be flushed down the toilet just like Trump was.

    Jews in Biden admininstation:

  14. @John Kaminski

    In your latest essay ‘On course for oblivion’ you say “So yesterday I watched a video where men in turbans and scarves, presumably Afghan, were executing a line of kneeling men by first shooting them with pistols one by one in the back of the head, but then demolishing the whole line of victims — 15-20 or so — with automatic weapons fire so completely that the bodies began to disintegrate and turn to jelly in the rising dust caused by the rain of bullets.

    It is neither my habit nor preference to forward fear porn of this type, so I moved on, but the image remained in my brain throughout the day.

    Of course when I went back to find the clip this morning in my email history I couldn’t find it, and it’s probably just as well.”
    Here is the lost video clip:
    (Warning: extremely graphic and disturbing)
    When I saw this I said that will soon be common in Amerika after the fall. Also, I think we just ended a golden age and now we are headed into a new dark age. No one is ready or willing to admit to this.

  15. Uughh?
    How come that map didn’t include Englanistan (aka Greater Pakistan) as part of the ISIS Caliphate??? 🤔

  16. “This is only the beginning.
    Expect the barbaric bloodbath to continue.”

    Correct! The mohommetan musselmen like ‘bloodbaths’ and always have!

    Today, the Masonic Shriners glorify them for it:

    In the mohommetan system there is no distinction between church and state, no distinction between religious and civil duty.

    In the early 8th century, Muslim hordes overran the Moroccan city of Fez, shouting, “There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.” There, they butchered approximately 50,000 Christians. These men, women and children were slain because of their faith in Christ, all in the name of Allah, the same demon god to whom every Shriner must bow, with hands tied behind his back, in worship, proclaiming him the god of his fathers in the Shrine initiation , at the Altar of Obligation.

    The Shriner’s blood oath and confession of Allah as God is documented in the secret Lodge document, THE MYSTIC SHRINE, AN ILLUSTRATED RITUAL OF THE ANCIENT ARABIC ORDER NOBLES OF THE SHRINE, 1975 edition, (pages 20-22). Remember that Allah is not just another name for God. Allah is the name of another god. In usual occult fashion, the initiate swears that he will be inseparably obligated to this “most powerful and binding oath”, in advance, and that he may NEVER retract or depart from it.

    During the butchering of the people of Fez, the streets literally ran red with the blood of the martyred Christians. The Muslim murderers dipped their caps in the blood of their victims as a testimony to Allah. These blood stained caps eventually were called Fezzes and became a badge of honor for those who killed a Christian. The Shriners wear that same red Fez today.

    The greatest tragedy is that the Fez is often worn by men who profess to be Christians themselves.

  17. And these are the people who are going to save us from the nutty Muslims…
    What a World….
    But have things changed?
    ISIS is really a Jew terrorist organization, fighting Muslim terrorists…
    People speculate the jews set off the bomb at the airport to keep the 🇺🇸 involved in Afghanistan….
    The woke crowd do come off as anti Israel and pro Palestine 🇵🇸….
    Where’s the line between Palestinians and the killers in the execution video?
    “The moderate Muslim holds you down while the radical Muslim cuts your throat”…
    Where’s Biden in all this, his bosses?
    More woke than sayanim?
    How Taliban is Woke?
    If the exit policy is not what the jews want, maybe their power has slipped with the regime change now in the usa..
    The Musselmen don’t separate church and state and they don’t stop until they take over the whole world…. It’s convert or be killed… Biden just gave them Afghanistan and armed them with our weapons…
    One thing for sure – our borders needs closed….
    If we don’t get some real Americans in power in this country – we’re headed for Hell…

  18. The retaliation for the Kabul bombing was mass murder.
    Antiwar headline: US Drone Strike in Kabul Kills 9 Family Members, Including 6 Children

    A US drone strike in Kabul on Sunday killed nine members of one family, including six children, the brother of one of the victims told a journalist in the city working with CNN.

    The US claims the strike destroyed a vehicle carrying “multiple suicide bombers” from Afghanistan’s ISIS affiliate, but witnesses said it hit two cars parked at a residential building. “We are not ISIS or Daesh and this was a family home — where my brothers lived with their families,” the brother said.

    The brother said the youngest of the dead was a two-year-old girl. The journalist said family members told him that one of the cars that were hit contained a father and three of his children.

    The United States committed mass murder in Afghanistan

    no one from Afghanistan was involved in 911

    the 911 lie was used to justify the imperial invasion

    and control the world opium trade and oil pipelines

    the war was base on complete lies, 2.3 trillion is the latest estimated cost

    2,300,000,000,000 dollars wasted. Now the Taliban have a massive pile of free weapons.

    The parting shot was the last drone strike which killed 9 family members who were not ISIS

    the drone strike hit 2 parked cars in front of a residence

    there was no threat from the cars and if there was a problem they could of just sent a patrol car


    mass murder

    based on lies


    Because Jews control Amerika.

    Jews are the evil that infest Amerika.

    1. Ten people from a Kabul neighbourhood killed in US drone attack –

      “The Ahmadi and Nejrabi families had packed all their belongings, waiting for word to be escorted to Kabul airport and eventually moved to the United States, but the message Washington sent instead was a rocket into their homes in a Kabul neighbourhood.

      The Sunday afternoon drone attack, which the US claimed was conducted on an Islamic State in Khorasan Province (ISKP, or ISIS-K) target, killed 10 members of the families, ranging from two to 40 years old.”


  19. Remember Vietnam and all those POW’s left behind? All across Amerika our former soldiers still fly POW/MIA flags. I’ve seen them my entire life in every state.

    Well now ZOGmerika says we are out of Afghanistan. Last plane is wheels up they said today. Well how many of those 30,000 trapped Amerikans did they get out? Zero. One hundred? Not many, probably less than 5%.

    They just forgot about them. Included are many women who face a horrible fate with the stone age stone throwers. Yahweh loves the Taliban, they execute people Old Testament style, just like those Heeb Semites did back in their glory days.

    1 Samuel 15:3 (King James Bible)
    “Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.”

    If you think about it, the Amerikan ZOG government should mandate Bible indoctrination for all Goyim for upcoming wars of Jewish conquest. Get ’em while their young, teach them killing all is what God wants. Jews don’t want their soldiers to be wimps like them, they want the Amerikan Goyim to be vicious, malevolent, merciless like Saul’s armies and the modern Taliban.

    I saw a video today that the Taliban are using one of the left behind Black Hawk helicopters to hang a traitor that worked with the US Military during the illegal occupation. That seems like a waste of fuel, as in other videos they like to cap the traitor with a handgun then spray the dead body with Kalishnikov rifles. Obviously they have no shortage of ammo either.

    And that family of 9 that got waxed by a drone strike as retaliation for the Kabul bombing – they were inside their residence. But the MSM said they were enroute to the Kabul airport and posed an “imminent” threat.


  20. I’d like to say I found the comments here useful and (I hope) informative. May I just make a few points:
    Many people by now have worked out that Christianity was and is entangled symbiotically wit Jews, of course through Jewish money. But the same is true of Islam, which was more or less another Jewish money-making scheme.
    NB China, and ‘Chinese Communism’, was and is a Jewish set-up. Perhaps amazingly, the Chinese are subject to publicity – guess where from! – promoting what’s presented as Talmudic stuff.
    If anyone can manage it, it would be wonderful to have summaries of (e.g.) costs in Afghanistan, separated into Jewish (subscript j in symbolic calculations) and the rest. My guess is Jews made money from it all, including their interest payments. And my other guess is everyone else lost.
    . if you’re interested/

    1. Here is another good link there. Rae West.. as the ‘ReRevisionist’ has commented here on DM in the past.


      “Talk about Hiroshima, giving reasons for believing it was a fake. And that ‘nuclear weapons’ were faked. Part of the reason is Jewish networking and lies, notably needed to prevent the Jewish USSR from invasion, and investigation.”

      1. Hi, Pat!
        Yes, Rerevisionist is me, Rae West. I’m afraid the bitchute link doesn’t work; Ray Vahey, the jew who seems to run bitchute, is connected to the British Army lies and fakes dept, apparently in Newbury. Well, they need Jewish money of course.

        The best nuke truth video is lords-of-the-nukes but I won’t give a link. 3 1/2 hours long. It’s had plenty of downloads but of course was removed (with all my videos) a few years ago. Looks like a jewess with a polish name has inherited the eternal jewish attitude to truth.

    1. I do not know, Dmitry. Thanks for asking. But it may not be good for those wanting to leave.

      I believe more US troops and CIA ‘advisors’ – out of public view – will be sent back there within a few days, to help those still there, to work with the Taliban….. and their $$Billions in new US military arms, equipment and provisions.

      Gen Milley says ‘it’s possible’ the US could partner with the Taliban

      Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Wednesday it’s “possible” the United States could work with the Taliban in operations against the Islamic State affiliate based in Afghanistan, but cautioned that the “ruthless” group may not change its ways.

      He made the comments during a press briefing one day after the United States ended its withdrawal and evacuation from the country. The Taliban captured the capital of Kabul in the days leading up to the United States’ departure.

      When asked by reporters whether the United States would cooperate with the new Taliban-controlled government in counterterrorism operations against the Islamic State-Khorasan Province, Milley responded: “It’s possible.”

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