We Will Meet Again, by XANADU

Tradotto in Italiano
da Gian Franco Spotti


(‘We Will Meet Again’)

Si, un dì ancor ci incontreremo
Laddove furia di tempeste più vedremo,
E tu sarai la Regina di Cuccagna
Ed io il tuo paggio di compagna.

Mi dirai “prendimi del vino,
Portami biscotti al miele
E dolce fior canino,
Serviti con fior di bucaneve”.

E ti ubbidirò, mia Signora,
Stai sicura,
Il tuo fedele schiavo, sempre pronto ad ogni ora,
Tuo devoto zerbino di fede pura.

E dalla lontana Fangchow un ventaglio di seta prenderò
Fatto per qualche cortigiano dagli occhi a mandorla
E al tuo viso aria soffierò.

E forse mentre cadrà la sera,
Alla tua porta mi affretterò
E dell’Eterno Dorate Sale entrerò.

(poesia originale trovata scritta sul risguardo
dell’edizione del 19° secolo I Fiori del Male)


  1. Don’t aim at any impossible heroisms. Strive rather to be quiet in your own sphere. Don’t live in the cloudland of some transcendental heaven; do your best to bring the glory of a real heaven down, and ray it out upon your fellows in this work-day .

  2. Beautifully translated, Gian! What can one say except that it comes as a great relief to me to turn away from the horrible stupidity and foul air of the Commentariat on the other threads devoted to politics and world affairs. It’s the Poetry and Translation threads that appeal to me most. Here one can breathe pure air and the sublimest thoughts, untouched by the ephemeral concerns of the Commentariat on the other threads.

    1. This was once a Poetry site, you know. Exclusively for Poetry. No politics at all. Hardly anyone came here. Suddenly it began publishing LD’s first political articles and the site suddenly shot up in the Alexa ranking figures. Seems no one gave a damn for Poetry.

      All the new influx of readers wanted was articles on politics, current affairs, conspiracy theories, with huge dollops of Jew bashing and doom porn added for good measure! Poetry went out of the window.

      But Lasha remained true to her first love: poetry, music, philosophy, and otherworldly mysticism.

      Let’s face it. God is the most interesting subject in the world, even if God doesn’t exist.

    2. ADMIN: Comment held up because of typo in email address.
      Loved your poem. Couldn’t have put it better myself!

      All the talk of sluts and whores
      Stifles poets’ lovely lore…
      And while we suffer through the slime,
      We overlook the true sublime! 😖

      1. Gian’s translations are always worth considering (even though I can’t read a lick of Italian!). I can look at the original, compare it to the translation – and understand. The Italian language makes it all even more beautiful. 🙂

  3. Eyes window to the soul as may be, the notion and service of translations, to me, extend to alterations of neural function: As from one language to another, so one landscape to another, transfigured. The eyes, conduits and lensed projectors both, capture reflections and beam projections. Which am I? I have asked, sharing here.

    A Splendid Shower of Light

    Taking a path less traversed
    By blessed and those perversed,
    I happened upon a shower
    Raining down within the hour.
    I doffed clothes, clinging things,
    Tossed jewelry, my wedding ring.

    I strode along that golden way,
    Listening for a Voice to say
    Wherefore, whyfor such is so.
    Hearing naught, I chose to go
    Sans order, guiding or directing,
    A reflection, subject to projecting.

    acd, February 27, 2021

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