Countdown to Wednesday: America at Fever Pitch as Biden and Kamala Head for White House

By Lasha Darkmoon
January 18, 2021


Will America survive ‘the New World Order’ to be ushered in on Wednesday by a Deep State  dictatorship disguised as a democracy?

Los Angeles Times. (Cliff Hawkins, Getty images.)

I almost fell out of my chair when I opened my inbox yesterday and read the title of a sensational new article some helpful correspondent had emailed me for my perusal. 

Inauguration Cancelled, Trump Remains in Office,
ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN, MSNBC to Lose Licenses

“Joe Biden’s Inauguration has been cancelled,” the article announced portentously.  “President Trump [will] remain in office and the Chinese Communist Party propaganda media outlets of ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, CNN and MSNBC [will] soon be off the airwaves according to President Trump.”

My eyes almost popped from their sockets.

“These entities pose a direct threat to national security, ” Trump declared.  “I will remain President indefinitely until all domestic enemies are arrested.”

I tried my best to compose myself. It was a losing battle.

“During President Trump’s four years in office.” the article continued breathlessly,  “he [has] been fighting this Cabal – a Satan worshipping force composed of thirteen Satanist Bloodline families out of Italy, the Vatican, UK Monarchy, British M16, Chinese Communist Party, CIA, FBI, Department of Justice, Antifa, Black Lives Matter and certain Republican and Democratic Lawmakers. Another attempt on his life was the last straw.”

I was by now giggling hysterically. Lasha, get a grip on yourself, calm down!

“I’m [now] drafting an Executive Order,” Trump went on magisterially, “to take the following propaganda media outlets off the airwaves: ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, CNN and MSNBC. I am also working with the FCC to pull their licenses. We have evidence that all of these media organizations employ agents of the Chinese Communist Party as well as embedded CIA Agents whose sole purpose is to brainwash, hypnotize and direct public opinion toward certain agendas that support the Left and Deep State. These organizations are a threat to national security and virtually nothing they report is actual news.”

WOW! What next? I asked myself. Trump the new Robespierre? Guillotines galore for the Architects of Evil? Firing squads for all the Hidden Slitherers in Darkness?

The article ended reassuringly:

“Military and Special Forces units have been deploying all over the US in 400+ cities. Right now there [are] over 15,000 troops in DC according to Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy. Special Forces units have covertly infiltrated Antifa and Black Lives Matter and made silent covert arrests.”

Alas, more fool me for letting myself be taken in by this preposterous hoax! Here it is — this abominable satirical spoof.

—   §   —

IT MAY INTEREST READERS TO KNOW that the article linked above, with all its outlandish claims, was reportedly written by a disillusioned Trump supporter who had been duped for a long time by QAnon, the mysterious conspiracy theorist and alleged ex-CIA agent who has practised mass hypnosis on the minds of millions.

The memes within the article are identical with the memes found in dozens of QAnon articles—articles even more bizarre and mindbogglingly sensational than the unlikely things encountered by Alice in Wonderland when she plunged down the rabbit hole.

Enough said about wishful thinking.

I am myself guilty of this to an almost embarrassing degree. If the truth be known, we all are. We all end up believing what we wish to believe, gravitating toward the beliefs that suit our temperaments and help us to survive.

And now for some hard facts.

Inauguration day, Wednesday 20 January 2021, is like no other Inauguration day in American history. More than 20,000 National Guard troops will be deployed in Washington DC for Joe Biden’s inauguration. Is that a lot? Yes, it’s positively enormous. It is 50 TIMES more than the number that was thought to be necessary only two weeks ago.

What Armies of the Night are marching forth, armed to the eyeballs, to patrol the streets of America to deal with the alleged insurrectionists?  For a start, regular army troops from nearby Fort Myer in Virginia. Then the Marine Corps from their base in south-east DC. Next, we have the police, both in uniform and plain clothes. Finally, there are specialist units to deal with potential chemical and biological attacks. Over all these disparate forces looms the Secret Service, carefully monitoring and coordinating all these high security precautions.

The Enemy is no longer a foreign country. It is America’s own citizens, mostly White Republicans who had placed their faith in Trump. Trump was to be their deliverer.  Their charismatic Messiah who would build a Wall for them and construct a brave new Utopia for them within its boundaries.

What happened to their Messiah? Where was he when he was most needed? Ah, disillusionment most bitter! Will the beautifully coiffed Conqueror ever return, riding in to glorious victory on a white horse, or must there be wailing and gnashing of teeth for the next four years?

We’ll have to wait and see.

—   §   —

THIS IS SERIOUS, because even during the American Civil War in the 1860s “which claimed the lives of over 750,000 Americans, or the Vietnam War, which provoked civil unrest across the country in the 1960s and early 1970s, no presidential inauguration was accompanied by such a military deployment as the one which will be on display next week.”

Next week = Wednesday, 20 January = 48 HOURS FROM NOW!  (See also ‘Washington Highly Militarized Ahead of Biden’s Inauguration.’) Nor are these enormous military measures confined to Washington DC. All 50 states are taking similar measures.

New Mexico, for example, has declared a state of emergency.

Other states—Michigan, Oregon, Washington State and Wisconsin—not only have plans to deploy their National Guard around government buildings but have offered local politicians their personal bodyguards.

All this costs money. Astronomical sums. How many more trillions can America afford to go into debt? Who will pay for all this?

You guessed correctly: American taxpayers. To be precise: your children and grandchildren.

The peaceful transition of power from one president to another is what Americans have always expected and gotten from their government ever since George Washington handed over the reins to John Adams in 1797. This has happened 44 times over 224 years. Trump is the first president in US history to have trampled on this age-old tradition. Not only this. He has petulantly refused to attend the Biden inauguration.

Trump may not know how to make walls. He certainly knows how to make waves.

—   §   —

THINGS ARE AS BAD AS THEY CAN BE, and one cannot help wondering how much worse it will get before it becomes better.

A new crime wave is convulsing American cities. Last year saw the biggest recorded rise in murders: 41 per cent up in 21 major cities.

“Violent hard-left protestors,” a well-known political pundit reports, “have been able to take control of parts of some cities, such as Seattle and Portland, SEEMINGLY WITH IMPUNITY AND WITHOUT SUBSEQUENT PENALTY, which gave their equivalent on the hard Right the idea that perhaps they [too] could do the same on Capitol Hill.” (Emphasis added)

Note the words in block capitals above. Left-wing violence is tolerated; right-wing violence is taboo. The violence emanating from BLM and Antifa is not only connived at and condoned, it is also covertly encouraged. The retaliatory violence from the White nationalists who support Trump, on the other hand, is to be shown zero tolerance. It is to be cracked down upon. Hard. The iron heel on the White neck is a symbol of what awaits roughly 50 per cent of Americans. It is conveniently forgotten that “hundreds of violent left-wing rioters smashed windows, set limousines on fire in Washington DC during Trump’s inauguration in 2017.”

The combined might of the National Guard, the armed forces, the police, the Secret Service,  and specialist units in biochemical warfare, all these are now being deployed at enormous expense to keep America safe for the smarmy  Emperor Joe Biden and his honey-tongued consort Kamala. And highly dangerous for the vast number of dissident and disenfranchised citizens, mostly white, who want no part in this new American dystopia.

An emerging group, known by the catchy name Boogaloo, incensed with what they regard as a “stolen election”, are now openly advocating civil war. More than 23 million firearms were bought by Americans in 2020. Is that a lot? Yes, it is. It’s a 68 per cent increase on 2019.

That tells you something. There are millions of itchy fingers on triggers right now, aiming at tin cans. It won’t be at tin cans for much longer.

—   §   —

Before I end this article, let me offer some insights by Yukon Jack, a former columnist on Veterans Today whose blog has recently been wiped from the internet by Persons Unknown. I do not myself sympathize with Yukon’s more extreme views, but he speaks for many and so his insights have particular value at this watershed moment in history:

Like the Covid mask hoax, troop presence will probably not go away. DC will now be converted into a Zionist fortress. This is one of their final moves at making it a Jewish totalitarian world.

They will build a big wall around DC just like in Israel. Works good there, so since the same people are in charge.  DC is now a fortress that will be fortified and made into a Green Zone type walled camp. And these will become standard worldwide as they put their Zio tyranny governments into place.

That protest in DC on 6 January is the last. 

The tech companies have all been infiltrated by the ADL and SPLC.  They are part of the plan to censor anyone with a counter narrative. Soon it will be the death penalty for questioning the Holocaust or 9/11. Questioning the death of six million Jews will be sacrilege under the executive orders that Trump signed. And see what happens to Trump now. Big Jewry says, “Thanks, sucker!” as they throws Trump and his family under the Jew train to hell.

Lucky for me my blog was deleted. I have no access to it anymore. Those hosting their own domain will soon get a visit from the jackboots. They’ll  be going door to door to destroy any private server not toeing the official line. All school kids will soon be taking field trips to the Holocaust Museum.

Some have moved their servers to Iceland. That won’t last much longer either. They want total control, not partial control. When Iceland arrested the bankers, the British government seriously suggested bombing Iceland for bucking their system. How dare Iceland arrest and prosecute banksters?  Isn’t that “antisemitic”? 

Bombing Iceland for antisemitism could happen for real. All avenues of dissent are going to be rapidly shut down as soon as Biden and Kamala are sworn in. Big trouble brewing. 

It is going to be way worse that anyone is saying —  just as the current situation is way worse than the most paranoid conspiracy theorist could have possibly imagined. I tell my children that the situation is unimaginably bad. Frankly, I don’t think I’m paranoid enough. The situation demands paranoia. Hey, there could be something abnormal about people going around pretending to be normal! 

Bottom line. The end times boot is on. We keep making the mistake of thinking the last days lie in the distant future. Wrong! 

The end times are now.

(Comment on Darkmoon site,
18 Jan 2021 @ 3.58am, edited for brevity).

Seeing America and the world  through Yukon Jack’s wild eyes—the eyes of a self-confessed paranoid who thinks being abnormal is the new norm—is a sobering experience. I have often myself noted that the patients have taken over the asylum. So Yukon’s comments strike a chord with me.

Maybe there’s a kernel of truth in what he says.


THOSE  JITTERY  WHITE  NATIONALISTS who expect Biden and Kamala to start throwing their weight around and behaving like tinpot dictators, are, I feel sure, worrying themselves needlessly.

Biden is more likely to be a lame duck president.

This is because he has a narrow margin in the House and will have to depend on his Vice President Kamala’s casting vote in a 50-50 Senate. He is also hampered in his movements by a conservative Supreme Court. In other words, he’s weak. Kamala may shoot her mouth off, but she won’t have the power to start shooting from the hip. It’ll be all mouth and no trousers.

There’s a strong likelihood that any violence on Wednesday will be sporadic and muted. Anyone who is expecting something big—on the scale of a new French or Bolshevik Revolution—is, I think, going to be sadly disappointed. If forced to stick my neck out and predict  what will happen on Wednesday, my guess would be that all this tohubohu will fizzle out after some token violence—a violence whose only objective will be to “save face” and give Trump the opportunity to hightail it to Mar-a-Lago, muttering darkly: “Watch it, America! I’ll be back!”

And maybe he will . . . 

167 thoughts to “Countdown to Wednesday: America at Fever Pitch as Biden and Kamala Head for White House”

  1. Excellent article. Had me on me tenterhooks. I too think that Trump’s a goner and will now fade away into the Florida sunset among he fleshpots of Mar-a-Lago.

    I don’t share LD’s view that Trump will stage a comeback at some time in the future. He’s going to concentrate now on making big money for the Jewish bankers and raking in millions on the lecture circuit.

    In four years’ time, Ivanka Trump will be running for the White House.
    Or maybe it will be her nice Jewish husband Jared Kushner.

    I was surprised to see Yukon Jack quoted at such length in the article, he being a self-confessed paranoid who doesn’t think he’s paranoid enough!
    I welcome his fascinating viewpoint, however, that being abnormal is now the new norm! That made me smile. 🙂

  2. the cowardly suicidal fake right is now puking out…the Chinese are the enemy while the bolshevik jews are in the process of taking over. US always diverts attention to a manufactured foreign enemy to hide what the jews are doing. I heard some right wing guy say the Chinese taking over the media and schools. can you believe that? the jews have a 150 year start on them.
    I have said before I am so glad the fake war on terror is coming home to be used against the fake right. I say they are fake cause 60 years ago they would be rightly called communists for their support of the multi trillion dollar police/spying state trillions spent on fighting wars for pissrael 29 trillion dollar deficits. the right cheered on little iraqi girls getting bombed into protoplasm. they got wargasms watching the destruction of iraq syria . the starvation of palestine yemen iran .sanctions on iraq killing one million with 500K of them kids. they got off on the fact that cops got tanks grenade launchers and machine guns.
    now the WOT will be turned against them which I predicted 15 years ago. I will take a personal interest in seeing them suffer

    1. Yeah… they’re absolute idiots these so called, pathetic little ‘right wingers’, they cluster-up, then smugly sit there mocking the ‘maskabators’, that, according to them, have been duped by the Chinese / CCP controlled media, and then, when you try and point out a real life quote like this…

      From the Times of Israel:

      “LONDON — There are so many Jews at the top of Britain’s Conservative party, Prime Minister David Cameron once quipped, that it should be known as the Torah party rather than the Tory party.”

      Yep… real life quote, still there:

      … the wretched little ‘right-wing’ pukes, go screaming in horror, playing the 1930s proxy race card with eye blazing fury… whilst they turn a blind eye to all their own cities being gifted all away… by ‘the Left’.

      They might as well just put full grown male lions in their children’s bedrooms.

      That’s why I’m having a great lockdown. I am a deeply nasty sadist, when it comes to deranged people and their default, auto-reflex, double standards, in particular, the eye blazing, twisted racial types.

      Being nicey-nice won’t help them, their mental defences are at least three foot thick, thanks to senile Thatcher’s 1980’s laws… so nothing gets through to the… ‘Tory Jack’s doing very alright, thank you very much’… selfish Thatcherists, in their 1950s, 95% White villages and hamlets.

      That leaves only one choice: you have to be crual to kind, when dealing with wealthy people that have been TV brainwashed for 60 years into being more loyal to another race, than their own children’s race. So all this distressing fake Trump / fake Farage / fake Tory party / fake Brexit… true theatre… is good news in the long run… from my ruthless – fuck the selfish mutant Tory trash – point of view.

      [Disclaimer: not aimed at this site, as people actually read the comments here, if you know what I mean?].

    2. @ SPQR70AD

      Stop blaming China for the failures and crimes of the jew-controlled U.S. “government”; the Chinese are no “enemy” of the people of the U.S. At most they are reacting (in a very restrained way) to U.S. “government” provocations against them. If the Chinese navy was doing “freedom of navigation” provocations in the Gulf of Mexico and deploying missiles and missile defense systems in Canada and Mexico etc., you might have a claim, as it is you’re just parroting butt-hurt jew propaganda. Jews hate China because in general the Chinese are an intelligent and industrious people who refuse to take orders from jews, and Satan promised the whole world to the jews.

      1. This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so ridiculous…….oh, I guess that MAKES it hilarious (:>)

      2. Harold
        You like to quote from the Bible as it pertains to the actions of governments, especially regarding war and that which threatens war. Yet there’s a quote of Jesus where he says to his followers that they will hear of war and rumors of war, but not to be troubled by it. So why are you, or ANY of us for that matter? It makes us all a bunch of rubberneckers who can’t resist looking at a mangled wreck with the added “bonus” of a chance to see bodies strewn all over the road.
        At this late date virtually nothing regarding the policies of the vast majority of nations is in the best interest of the individuals inhabiting them. We, the humble goyums are the ones caught in the middle of power plays involving one elite ruling class or another “all the wide world over”, to paraphrase from one of Ibsen’s plays. So what’s the point in bashing Trump, unless you’re an “equal opportunity basher” who’ll now set your sights on Biden, who will probably prove to be more worthy of being bashed anyway. Either him or his equally repugnant VP that will soon succeed him, if it comes to that.

        Remember, Faith “Trumps” the whole damned “Lot” of it…..pardon the double pun.

      3. @ Brownhawk

        You like to quote from the Bible as it pertains to the actions of governments, especially regarding war and that which threatens war. Yet there’s a quote of Jesus where he says to his followers that they will hear of war and rumors of war, but not to be troubled by it. So why are you, or ANY of us for that matter?

        First, apparently you’re referring to Matthew 24:6,7 but you’ve misconstrued it. The discussion was about the chronology of “end time” related events, not the moral propriety of war per se. That is, Jesus wasn’t telling anyone not to be “troubled” by war (in general) but making the point that there will be wars and rumors of wars before “the end.”

        Second, given the situation in the world today, if the president of the U.S. directly or indirectly starts another war, it could very easily become a nuclear war, which would mean the end of the world as we know it. You’re implying that this is somehow not a legitimate concern to those of us who inhabit this planet?

        It makes us all a bunch of rubberneckers who can’t resist looking at a mangled wreck with the added “bonus” of a chance to see bodies strewn all over the road.

        On the contrary it would make “us” just the opposite. We have a patriotic and moral duty to speak out against such carnage and those who would cause it, whether it be drunk drivers or demon-possessed politicians drunk on power.

        At this late date virtually nothing regarding the policies of the vast majority of nations is in the best interest of the individuals inhabiting them.

        That’s just a bare assertion (which is easily proven wrong by preponderant circumstantial evidence IMO), and it’s a typical example of the type of “moral reasoning” that I hear all the time from deep state agents and apologists. In its most basic form it can be stated something like this:

        “There is no such thing as “right” vs. “wrong” or “good” vs. “evil”; at most these concepts are some kind of irrelevant academic abstractions. In the real world all people are the same everywhere and no matter what we do or how we act, we are all morally indistinguishable.”

        Based on this Satanic fundament, any evil under the sun can be “justified.” For example: “If ‘we jews’ weren’t oppressing the Palestinians, they’d be doing it to us, so we might as well be the oppressors rather than the oppressed, right?

        Or “if I wasn’t working on the assembly line at Lockheed-Martin making bombs and missiles that the U.S. “government” uses to murder people in far away places (in its hopeless quest for world domination and control), my neighbor would be doing it, so I might as well do it for the nice paycheck.”

        And on and on ad nauseum.

        So what’s the point in bashing Trump, unless you’re an “equal opportunity basher” who’ll now set your sights on Biden, who will probably prove to be more worthy of being bashed anyway.

        First, what we’re dealing with here is all about morality and patriotism, not partisan politics (with the stakes being the survival of the world as we know it).

        Second, as I’ve stated here more times than I can remember: I voted for Trump and he betrayed me (and those of us who gave him the benefit of the doubt that he would steer the ship of state away from the iceberg). But Trump didn’t just “betray” me; he went out of his way to make things worse. By his reckless acts he basically tried to kill me and my family and destroy my country. But according to you criticizing him for such evil is an example of some kind of unjustified “bashing”?

        (And BTW I’ve already criticized Biden and I will continue to do so unless he starts acting like a reasonable person),

        1. @ Harold Smith

          You make many good points as usual, very lucidly expressed, but I’d like to ask you a question. Or rather 2-3 related questions.

          (1) Since Trump was your big bête noire, surely you have reason to rejoice now that Trump is gone. So why are you so agitated about a man who, to all intents and purposes, is a “has-been”?

          (2) Do you hold to the view that Trump is NOT a “has-been” and can still cause big trouble for America by being an agent provocateur on the sidelines? For example, if he starts up his own Patriot Party and keeps inciting his White militias to covert (or overt) violence?

          (3) Even if Trump should suddenly die of a heart attack, surely you don’t expect Biden and Kamala to be an improvement on Trump? So surely your animosity toward the new regime is going to be as bitter as your animosity toward Trump? Yes or no?

          I ask you to consider the possibility that life for ordinary Americans could now become far worse than under Trump. For example, the US is new being invaded by hordes of illegal immigrants from Guatemala through Mexico. Though Trump wants to turn them away, it seems Biden and Kamala are taking no preventative action whatsoever. This is bad start, isn’t it?

      4. @ Saki

        (1) Since Trump was your big bête noire, surely you have reason to rejoice now that Trump is gone. So why are you so agitated about a man who, to all intents and purposes, is a “has-been”?

        Because Trump was not only evil but impulsive and reckless (and therefore very dangerous) IMO, of course I’m glad that he is no longer in a position where he could bring about TEOTWAWKI (or lesser catastrophes) tomorrow on a whim. But he is still responsible for what he did (and/or failed to do). It’s not like he repented for anything and tried to undo some of the damage he caused, e.g. he didn’t try to mend damaged relations with any country. He squandered an historic opportunity to roll back the “deep state,” made the world a more dangerous place and “greased the skids” for more of the same if team Biden should so choose.

        Moreover, it seems some of the damage that Trump did to America will manifest a few years from now and probably cannot be undone. For example, Trump’s effort to prevent Chinese manufacturers from having access to U.S. semiconductors has resulted in a massive Chinese investment in their own semiconductor industry in an effort to become self-sufficient. Eventually they will succeed and will then probably take market share away from the U.S. semiconductor industry, which will make the trade deficit worse and eliminate even more U.S. jobs. (It is estimated that Trump’s impulsive and ill-considered trade war has already caused the loss of about 250,000 U.S. jobs).

        (2) Do you hold to the view that Trump is NOT a “has-been” and can still cause big trouble for America by being an agent provocateur on the sidelines? For example, if he starts up his own Patriot Party and keeps inciting his White militias to covert (or overt) violence?

        I honestly don’t know what to think at this point. However, being that Trump is completely unprincipled and didn’t actually do anything good for Joe and Jill Sixpack, I don’t see how he would have any standing to criticize Biden about anything, unless Biden does something really bad.

        (3) Even if Trump should suddenly die of a heart attack, surely you don’t expect Biden and Kamala to be an improvement on Trump? So surely your animosity toward the new regime is going to be as bitter as your animosity toward Trump? Yes or no?

        I’ve already criticized Biden for his foolish anti-Russia rhetoric and his foolish choices of state dept. personnel, both of which portend trouble, but to be fair we need to wait and see what he actually does (or fails to do). For example, if he doesn’t reverse Trump’s nuclear brinkmanship then he’s just as bad as Trump in that regard and I will be pointing it out.

        I ask you to consider the possibility that life for ordinary Americans could now become far worse than under Trump. For example, the US is new being invaded by hordes of illegal immigrants from Guatemala through Mexico. Though Trump wants to turn them away, it seems Biden and Kamala are taking no preventative action whatsoever. This is bad start, isn’t it?

        As far as I’m concerned, America is doomed to become a failed state (if it’s not there already) because a majority of the people are corrupt beyond redemption. For example, housing and health care – which are both necessities of life – have become practically unaffordable for the average person, and it just continues to get worse, while the “government” squanders trillions of dollars on militarism in pursuit of a hopeless agenda of world domination and control.

        Every indicator of societal health in the U.S. is moving in the wrong direction. As I unfortunately see it, America is like a terminal cancer patient in hospice care just waiting to die. So as a practical matter what difference does it make whether it’s the hypomagnesemia or the hypercalcemia (or whatever) that finally kills the patient? The way things are going, they might as well let the Guatemalans in as it won’t make much of a difference at this sorry point…we’ll all be homeless or radioactive together.

        The only way America might possibly be saved IMO (if it’s not too late), is if a leader
        would emerge who would lead by good moral example. For example it would take somebody who’s neither a crook himself (or herself) nor a moral coward – to take on the corrupt medical establishment in the U.S.

        1. @ Harold Smith

          Thank you for your exceptionally comprehensive answers to my three questions. You write beautifully. Not a word wasted. You have said more in this one comment than I can find in many a full-length feature article on the internet.

          HOWEVER, I confess I was totally floored by your acronym “TEOTWAWKI” and had to look it up on the internet! 🙂

          I’m just hopeless at deciphering acronyms and “TEOTWAWKI” was the ultimate jawbreaker. Though it has an impressively evocative Japanese sound to it and reminded me of “Nagasaki” and “Harakiri”. (Actually, it rhymes with my name, so I ought to remember it).

      5. Harold
        OF COURSE these are all legitimate concerns of which we have a moral duty to speak out against. Christ would expect no less of us. But for you to say I misconstrue his words is wrong. He said “all these things must pass”, implying there’s only so much we can do about reversing the inexorability of Evil running its course.
        The reality of a 2nd coming implies the need for a “revisit” for the precise reason that his words of where true authority lies fell on deaf ears 2,000 years ago. Now, we reap the whirlwind where those who survive it HERE will constitute the “flesh to be saved”.
        As for my “bare assertion” that can easily be proven wrong, if this is only
        your opinion as you stated, then what would make it easy to see a “preponderance of evidence” existing in whatever nations that reality would apply? And for you to conclude that a Satanic myopia of “moral reasoning” can be logically derived from an opinion just doesn’t jibe. What nations? What determines genuineness of those WITHIN them? Politicians can only speak with forked tongues because they’re “forked” by the one that owns them all. Those who would resist the “Shield” don’t last very long on this earth.

      6. Harold
        Just to be clear, I wasn’t insinuating that the vast majority of govt.’s national policies reflect the mindset of psychopaths like Netanyahoo. YOU made that leap with your cited examples of psychopathy – Good vs. Evil, Right vs. Wrong, etc. I was simply indicating that what is in the best interest of individuals is not reflected by an authoritative elite ruling class in positions of authority existing in virtually ever corner of the globe – the curse of creeping totalitarianism. Given that, had you understood what I was conveying, only a fool would see it otherwise.

        P.S. It shouldn’t take you long to commence with the Biden bashing, and by extension the fools in Congress conducting their mockery of an impeachment trial. Say what you will about Trump, but for these frightened idiots to try and keep him from ever running for POTUS again based on the ludicrous charge of inciting a riot on the Capitol, that in all likliehood was a Soros stage production, is a direct slap in the face of our 1st Amendment rights. You know, the one that says in exemplifying it, “I may (vehemently) disagree with what you say, but I will defend with my life your right to say it”…..that one.

  3. The far right has a lot more reason to detest Trump than the far left.

    Trump’s betrayal of his supporters on Jan. 6th was a GIFT he gave to THE LEFT. His Betrayal of his supporters served THE LEFT/THE DEMOCRATS/JEW COMMUNISTS 100%.

    But Yukon is right, the left will go on hating Trump.

    At this point, everyone can hate Trump. I don’t care about him anymore. NOT for Leftist reasons, but because he BETRAYED his supporters.

    1. joe…you are right. rabbi trump betrayed the whites who believed in him. he is a servant of the jews and is piling sanctions on Iran sending b-52’s there once a week in the last few days. he spent billions bribing and forcing arab countries to make peace with pissrael who they were never at war with. all within his last month in office he did more for bibi satanyajoo then other presidents did in 8 years

    2. Time and time again people will realise that Trump was nothing but a talk phenomenon.An empty-shell peanut , a flute that produced only the tunes that the zionists blew into it . People trust politicians like they trusted their parents when they tucked them in saying , good night sweet heart tomorrow morning everthing will be alright .and so they went to bed smiling with happy thoughts and hymns dinning in their ears.
      Iam thinking seriously of subscribing to every cooking channel on jewtube .

      1. @ AL

        Time and time again people will realise that Trump was nothing but a talk phenomenon.

        You’re being very generous. If that’s all he was he might have been reelected. His aggressive “foreign policy” and reckless nuclear brinkmanship brought the world much closer to nuclear war than ever before. He had an historic opportunity to reverse “deep state” treachery but he squandered it. He could’ve established good relations with Russia, China, Iran, Syria, etc., and put an end to the wars and interventions, as per his promises and his election mandate, but instead all he did was tell lies and rearrange the deck chairs – as he steered the ship of state toward the iceberg.

      2. I had a good feeling when Trump seemed to get along with Putin; but that got him only critcism from you Trump haters, and he felt the need to reverse his seeming intent. You said he was “in collusion” with “the Russians”, and tried to impeach him. What-the-hell do you expect????!

    3. @ TROJ

      Trump’s been betraying his supporters practically since the day he was inaugurated. But when I tried to point this out you called me a “communist,” remember?

      I blame Trump for the rise of Biden. Only a deranged and duplicitous scumbag like Trump could reanimate the political corpse of Joe Biden.

      1. @ HAROLD SMITH

        FUN FACT: By this time tomorrow, trump can officially be arrested and prosecuted, as is commonly done to known criminals.

        21 hours and 18 minutes…

    4. It does not look like TROJ will not be attending the inauguration.

      He doesn’t seem to be right mentally anyway.

  4. I agree: Protests in D.C. and any U.S. state capitol will be gone for a long time–that is, unless you are a true, blue (and I mean true Blue) Democrat. Democrats can protest all you want. Any person, though, who has contributed to a Republican or Conservative cause or a cause that doesn’t have the approval of the Party ruled by oligarchs will end in arrests, detentions, stripping of rights, and what you see in front of you. Things could not be clearer.

    I am sorry for the Jewish people who really haven’t a clue what their wealthier and neo-con zealots are doing. Maybe it is willful ignorance. No country in the world has had a more open door policy toward the Jewish people than the U.S. It really was the promise land. Now this! What is the Chinese saying that people can’t stop quoting…something like, know yourself and know your enemy to win a battle, not know yourself and not know your enemy you lose every time. The Americans don’t know their enemy, but the jews don’t know themselves.

    1. WOW!! Quote of the century….!! (as usual from Kapoore)

      “The Americans don’t know their enemy, but the jews don’t know themselves.”

      1. kapoore is mentally damaged made no sense. jews were treated the best of anywhere in the world in the US and that is why the US is self destructing
        remember the jews devil god (satan) in the OT saying….I will bless those who bless israel and curse those who curse israel

        1. SPQR70AD

          Kapoore is a highly talented writer from California who has been contributing to this site for many years. She has never once in this time been called “meentally damaged”. You may not like what she says on this particular occasion, but what she says is intellectually permissible and could do without your personal abuse.

          1. @ SPQR70AD

            Kapoore understands the Jews far more than you can ever hope to do. For it seems to me that a man who needs ad homenem abuse to make his point has lost the argument before he even opens his mouth.

      2. Tomorrow the entire planet will celebrate the departure of disgraced, defeated, despised, deranged Donald from the White House.

        Worst. President. Ever.

  5. The ZUS is now with Biden and Harris in place an openly communist state, before it was under cloaked communist control but now the cloak has been thrown off.

    1. SPQR70AD





  6. I am saddened and outrage by the knife attack at a church in the French city of Nice. It is brutal, and evil to murder innocent people.

    Islam, the religion of tolerance, holds the human soul in high esteem and considers the attack against innocent human beings a grave sin, this is backed by the Qur’anic verse which reads: ‘Who so ever kills a human being [as punishment] for [crimes] other than manslaughter or [sowing] corruption in the earth, it shall be as if he has killed all mankind, and who so ever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind’ (Al-Ma’idah:32).”

    Any attempt to blame Islam or Muslims for this vicious attack is counterproductive and it would instill fear and hatred in the hearts of nonMuslims.

  7. Mahmoud :

    Did Kamala resign her Senate seat yet? And if not, what is taking her so long? It’s as if she’s not sure if she’s going to be the Vice-President. If she really is the Vice President elect there would be no reason for her to be so hesitant to resign her Senate seat. Don’t you think so? Why is she so hesitant to resign her Senate seat? I ask you because you’re our in house expert on ALL things Kamala.

    1. TROJ:

      1- Call your White Supremacist-in-Chief @ The White House Switchboard: 202-456-1414

      2- Senator Kamala Harris national office @ 202-EATSHIT

      Glad I could help!

      1. Some “White Supremacist” Trump is, he TOTALLY SCREWED WHITE AMERICA. Yeah sure, Trump is a “White Supremacist”. All he did was lecture us White Americans about the evils of “white racism against blacks/NON-whites” and lecture us White Americans about the evils of “Anti-Semitism” , always wagging his finger at us Whites and lecturing us about our “evil white racism and evil white Anti-Semitism”. And he fully suppported even more black and brown immigration into the USA. He’s good friends with Kanye West and the Kardashians. He LERVS A$AP. Yeah sure, White Supremacists LERV A$AP, it’s a White Supremacist thang, u NON-Whites wouldn’t understand. 😀

        1. @ TROJ

          May I remind you that you were Trump’s most ardent supporter only a week ago, and here you are now stabbing him in the back and saying how evil he is. You change your mind pretty quick, don’t you?

    2. BREAKING: Two Army National Guard members were pulled from inauguration duty because they were found to have ties with extremists.

      Keep Joe and Kamala SAFE.

  8. “All mouth and no trousers” is a very fine metaphor. Not sure I have encountered it before. Thanks for expanding my vocabulary, Lasha.

      1. Hmmm… got me thinking there must be a Scottish equivalent out there…
        something like “All Jock and no strap”… 🤔

        1. Well said, Donaldo….But “All bark and no bite”
          was exported to America from England!
          We’ve been using it here for hundreds of years. 🙂
          (“His bark is worse than his bite”… etc etc.)

      2. I have just encountered the expression “Much cry but little wool” in a story by Somerset Maugham. Somewhat old-fashioned, perhaps?

        1. “Much cry but little wool.”
          Never heard that one before!

          “All bleat and no backbone.”
          Just made that up myself right now.
          Am not too impressed with it! 🙂

      3. In the passage in question, Maugham was discussing the view that artists, writers, etc. are notoriously unsatisfactory as lovers. Perhaps “all mouth and no trousers” would have been a more expressive choice of words.

      1. Noticing that Trump BETRAYED his supporters BIG TIME on Jan. 6th is NOT stabbing Trump in the back. It’s Trump stabbing his supporters in the back. I happened to notice that Trump stabbed his supporters in the back — so now I don’t like him, that’s all there is to it.

        Noticing a crime being committed is NOT stabbing anybody in the back. Geeeeesssh.

        If you have a friend you like, then one day your friend back stabs alot of people in the back and then you think “Gee, this friend of mine is a horrible person to be such a back stabber , I didn’t know he was a backstabber, but now that I know I can never be his friend anymore, he’s a monster”, so you break off with your friend and don’t want to have anything to do with him anymore, that is NOT stabbing the backstabber in the back, or stabbing him anywhere on his body. It’s simply NOT wanting to associate with a back stabber, not wanting to give your friendship and support to a backstabber.

        Madame sometimes gets overly dramatic, very actressy, about things. That’s how females who are heavy drinkers are, like Elizabeth Taylor “Martha” in “Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?” 😀

  9. I do not think it is “wishful thinking” to understand that nothing is as it seems on the surface when it comes to any institution, whether they be governments, churches, corporations. Even the professions are like this, whether they be lawyers, doctors, clergy, publishers. There is a public face and then there is the way things really work.

    There is no shame therefore in considering the possibility that Trump recognizes that this is a war and that he is practicing the principles of the Art of War as outlined by Sun Tzu: “Appear weak when you are strong.”

    In order to get the National Guard into DC, Mayor Bowser had to formally make a request to President Trump. The troops have been federalized and are under his control. If I were a member of congress I would be very careful of entering the temporary compound that the Guard has built around the Capitol building. You may never get out unless it be in chains.

    The President has already said numerous times, “We will never concede.” Not because he wants to be a dictator, but because the election was fraudulent and rife with foreign interference, as most Americans realize.

  10. For the record I do believe there are Space Force(s) and Quantum A.I.(s) armed with Sci-Fi weapons and machines, but I don’t believe they’re there to protect us hoi polloi which rhymes with goy. Easy cipher, that one.

    Back on Earth I believe a upcoming world-wide conflict (regardless Trump or Biden) will commence to fully blossom as China keeps growing into an materialistic Atheistic Dragon, hell-bound and fated to collide head on with most particularly the Islamic religionists / umma and their Indian neighbors on the other side of the Himalayas.

    The old enemy of my enemy trick currently employed (wink wink) by Islam will backfire just as it almost always does. Shucks, it’s as though there’s an inherent smidgen of masochism embedded into the human DNA and it’s determined to get have its say, lol. Yeah, Mother nature and all that jazz.

    Russia? Did someone say Russia! An easy cipher. Same old, same old for Russia. Forever defending those 11 time zones filled with natural resources from the likes of (fill in blank) is a full time job! But come right down to it and the Russians are Christians and Muslims, are they not? An easy enough cipher for Ming, innit..

      1. Realist, sorry I initially missed your extra perceptive comment, which to tag along with Brownhawk’s might also be more perceptive than you realize. More fun too! Yes, I twisted my back a week or so ago and the neighbors came rushing to my rescue! Helpful, if not downright illegal..

  11. It is surreal to me that Biden was be inaugurated. Nonetheless, it will happen. The only thing wrong with the invasion of the Capitol is that a mob didn’t drag Harris, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, and others outside for a lynching. Now, harsh reality is setting in, and ONLY civil war can set things right. 😡

  12. Let it be noted & recorded for posterity that The Realist – Yes! Yours truly! – was the FIRST to affix the appellation “President Jo’Ho” to the incoming DC Duo Of Duplicity.

    That’s all for now. Thank You!

    1. @ THE REALIST

      Congratulations! You’re a genius.

      Perhaps you should patent your invented phrase.
      You could be entitled to royalty every time the term is used.

      1. You are yo be commended for recognising genius when you see it Mahmoud!

        Rather than patenting my appellation though, I think it’s best left out in the ‘public domain’ where the likes of MB can always use it to spice-up her “cut ‘n paste” lexicon for when she gets disillusioned with her new heartthrobs in the White House… wouldn’t you say… 🤔

      2. Good comeback by THE REALIST!

        Hey, you’re getting better, Mr. No Longer dull!

  13. The things I agree with trump on are policies that make sense, logical items, priority issues:
    1- trump is right about china, why would a dog allow another dog to come and urinate all over his street? America is a pitbull, it shouldn’t allow a silly chow chow to take over …
    2- trump is right about the border. True, america is a great country, it helps many nations in need, but times have changed, believe it or not, there are american citizens going hungry, those people in nicaragua, el salvador, mexico, honduras should attack their version of the Capitol and drag those corrupt so called presidents and hung them, dont come to america, fight to make your country better.
    America is in trouble, not now, not now.
    3- trump is right about banning muslim countries that have had links to terror, america has had enough of it, stay there fight your regimes, do what americans did..
    4- trump is right about abortion, lgbtqi, drugs, drug dealers, crime in ghetto neighbourhoods…

    What trump was wrong on, I think, is his language, the way he expressed his thoughts, as a president he should’ve been gentle, pragmatic, kind but tough.
    But he is a new yorker and new yorkers are very direct and rough, N.Y. is a tough city.
    My whole family lives in brooklyn, we Jews own New York; I know how it is.
    Go with god, donald
    Medellín colombia

    1. @ Get Real

      1- trump is right about china, why would a dog allow another dog to come and urinate all over his street? America is a pitbull, it shouldn’t allow a silly chow chow to take over …

      Sorry but Trump is wrong about EVERYTHING. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but anything that Trump has ever touched in his whole “life” has turned to shit.

      To the extent that China may be said to be “urinating all over [the U.S.]” in some sense (and I disagree that it is), it is because that’s what the Satanists’ agenda has wrought. The madmen that run the U.S. set out to destroy the middle class, and that was not China’s fault.

      Trump’s trade war for his jew-supremacist handlers has already damaged America and if Biden continues it, the damage will continue until U.S. dollars are totally worthless.

      The U.S. establishment must give up on the satanic agenda to rule the world by force and fraud and accept a peaceful multipolar world or the U.S. will cease to exist.

      1. The U.S. establishment must give up on the satanic agenda to rule the world by force and fraud and accept a peaceful multipolar world or the U.S. will cease to exist.

        This statement by Harold is highly cogent IMO. I would even say: a statement of almost mathematical precision… if not for that word ‘peaceful ‘. The world, as far as we know, never was peaceful in the entire history of mankind, so there is little reason to assume that it will – or can become – ‘peaceful ‘ anytime soon.

        That’s just a common sense conclusion. The only way for the world become ‘peaceful‘ is go extinct; and that, I presume, is not exactly what anyone of us would want. Just my opinion.

  14. MB re Your reply to SQPR above:

    Any particular reason you use an ‘ad hominem’ attack – and this is hardly the FIRST time! – to rail against a supposed ‘ad hominem’ attack…. other than that you’re a non self-aware nattering nitwit? 🤔

  15. LD
    “More than 20,000 National Guard troops will be deployed in Washington DC for Joe Biden’s inauguration. Is that a lot? Yes, it’s positively enormous.”
    Not unlike the way the FBI sent 15 agents to investigate the noose (it was just a loop) tied in the race car driver’s garage door pull rope…
    And where were l these troops when the blm antifa thugs were burning cities and looting, killing innocent people?
    Not only were they to use deadly force to protect the victims, they weren’t even sent to the scene…
    From what I gather now however, these guards are quite prepared to use deadly force against whomever at the inauguration…
    “For it seems to me that a man who needs ad homenem abuse to make his point has lost the argument before he even opens his mouth.”
    I couldn’t agree more…
    “If I were a member of congress I would be very careful of entering the temporary compound that the Guard has built around the Capitol building. You may never get out unless it be in chains.”
    It looks like a pretty log shot now…
    But Trump does have plenty of judges he appointed, who could back him up…
    I would have no doubt that the big majority of these federal office holders are all guilty enough of one thing or another to go to prison for the rest of their lives, if not be hung, from kick-back graft to pedophilia and child murder…
    Maybe Trump has all their personal charges typed up and ready to go…
    Hard t believe though, that prep work like that could be kept quiet in the meantime…
    “Back on Earth I believe a upcoming world-wide conflict (regardless Trump or Biden) will commence to fully blossom as China keeps growing into an materialistic Atheistic Dragon, hell-bound and fated to collide head on with most particularly the Islamic religionists / umma and their Indian neighbors on the other side of the Himalayas.”
    That gives the Jews and the Chicoms a common enemy…

  16. It appears the Capitol riots were a stage false flag, a setup to wall up the city:

    Dems Demand Public Locked Out of Capitol Grounds Forever – Publish Bill to Install Fence Despite Claiming Walls Don’t Work (

    “The bill – H.R.339 – seeks to “direct the Architect of the Capitol to design and install an appropriate fence around the perimeter of the United States Capitol, including the East Front and the West Front.” ”


    quote “I was surprised to see Yukon Jack quoted at such length in the article, he being a self-confessed paranoid who doesn’t think he’s paranoid enough!”

    If Trump doesn’t act aggressively and arrest all the deep state traitors then we are all finished and my paranoia was quite insufficient. Normalcy Bias will get ya every time.

    “Normalcy bias, or normality bias, is a cognitive bias which leads people to disbelieve or minimize threat warnings. Consequently, individuals underestimate the likelihood of a disaster, when it might affect them, and its potential adverse effects”

    Anyways back to my paranoia. I wrote that intentionally and was glad some caught it. I was not nearly paranoid enough I said, and I was speaking the truth because when I started writing in 1984 I had no idea how bad things were going to get. That is what I told my kids, I was not even close to what I thought on how bad things could get. What I am doing is trying to warn you all that things could get far worse than any of us now thinks. For instance, I did not see the 911 attack coming or the horrific war on Iraq. I never imagined the USGov would use depleted Uranium on the Iraqis and cause massive birth defects. I did not imagine that the USA would allow Israel to do 911 and get away with it, nor did I expect the huge deficits that followed. Never did I imagine when Trump was elected that he would be such a whore of Israel or run the debt up in the tune of trillions a month. Nor did I think the Federal Reserve would ever do QE on the scale that it has.

    And who expected that we would all be FORCED to wear obedience masks for a virus hoax just a year ago?

    Likewise what am I and everyone else failing to see what could happen if Pedo Joe and his Kali Ho could do in 2021. I mean the Jews could just play a repeat of the Bolshevik Revolution, since it worked so well the first time why the hell not?


    So if Trump fails to act to stop the Communist Coup, then why is the stock market still in the stratosphere? Communists seize property, kill capitalists (and capital itself). What are stocks worth after the Commies take over? Just wondering. Trump stands to loose his mansions. Remember the Czar? His lavish abode was turned into apartments after him and his family arrested, jailed, then executed. Looking at the vicious seething hatred of Trump by he Left, you’d think he’d do something to preserve his skin and his assets.

    Somethings caught my attention this afternoon on GLP:

    2000 National Guards sworn as US Marshalls last night

    FBI Moves Against OATH KEEPERS!

    1. Go and watch this movie “New World Order: The End Has Come (2013)” and tell me this couldn’t happen. Far-fetched?

      (It’s not a good movie, bad acting, cheaply done B-grade style, but it’s worth watching just to see how things might develop, and even being superparanoid may not help you).

  17. “Michigan, Oregon, Washington State and Wisconsin—not only have plans to deploy their National Guard around government buildings but have offered local politicians their personal bodyguards.” This is the true face of global democracy in times of the “Ministry of Plenty”! Protect & love corrupt unworldly Politicians that were installed/voted into a well paid job to serve the “Ministry of Love” while the consumer hamsters dressed as all sorts of patriot citizens serving the corrupted state faithfully and in organized opposition, trustworthy and reliable as the unworthy minions that they are. Any opposition against the “Ministry of Peace”, peaceful or not will advance from now as an act of terrorism. In the meantime during further official cancellations of human worldly rights, all acts or thoughts of doubting AUTHORITY will be punished immediately. Light at first but severe towards the purifying pandemic end. As the man made virus drags on too inefficiently and slow for the Ministry of Plenty”, another old/new candidate is being prepared to reach a quicker goal. Mexican cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez said about Bill Gates: “He warned about this coronavirus pandemic, and now he says that another smallpox pandemic may come, a disease that was believed to be over, but it turns out, coincidentally, that in a laboratory in Atlanta, of which Bill Gates is a benefactor, they have a strain smallpox; So let us also be prepared for this new pandemic, a new threat”. Said that, the “official education department of the Ministry of Truth – FACEBOOK” comes to the worlds rescue again and only AUTHORIZED TRUTH will prevail.

    1. Good one, Jo…..
      As a new horde of illegals work their way across Mexico to fulfill Biden’s claims of ‘open arms’ to all. I wonder where they will be quarantined for 14 days!! 😨

      1. PAT, please remember that most of the central Americans have been “missionaried” by North American Evangelists – for some hefty fees and the God of Mammon of course. The hordes are going/coming “home” before the “rapture”. A bummer that Trump did not complete his wall along the Texan border otherwise the new “Americans/Oceanians” would become stuck in Mexico during the coming “confusion”. Political correct Detention centers will become the new political and popular fashion, on all sides of the border and anywhere in the world. The detainees will include some illegals but the majority will be resident Citizens who need re-EDUCATION and for the first time in their lives ALL will be EQUAL to all others in the Gulag.
        Bark, nothing is straight anymore these days. That applies to all including COVID, Small pox, vaccinations, Men & women, leaders of the State, Billy Gates of Hell, etc, etc.

  18. JO
    IT won’t be straight smallpox..
    It will be a genetic freak, called smallpox maybe…
    They’ve probably got dozens of weird genetic abberation diseases now…
    No likely only the one…
    Been working on that for decades at DARPA…
    Probably all knds of complicated disease and lockdown scenarios on tap for the big reset…

  19. “Colour includes being black or white”


    Section 9… The UK 2010 Equalities Act. Maybe look it up, Toby, Lasha, et al? Yeah… “White”. Read it again please… we call it law and order.


    Bad news Toby…the real Christians of Poland, have passed a law to control Satan’s delete key criminals… so there could be trouble ahead.

    Or will the good old English middle class corruption system, steal the moral high ground yet again… go on Toby… steal the comment again, theft is the moral high ground in the decent middle class world of (very carefully) race profiled, human rights violations… oohh no…. us good Christian thieves can’t have the dog chained to the wall spitting in his plate again can we… eh? Let’s break the law and the dog’s human rights again…. as good ‘Christians’. You degenerate fake middle class Judas Christians destroyed the West. Face it please, now delete the comment, like you deleted the West. You vile wretched fakes.

  20. Sorry about the rage fit about the deleted comment misunderstanding, I’ll retract it all and refrain from further, as long as my human rights are respected the same as everybody elses are… but given the greater situation, the new Polish law, the class system, and Nelson Mandala’s enraged hero status, it seems that the time is right for everybody to get a say in the ‘last days of the West’, so I get angry when I don’t.


    And that Polish law justifies my misdireded rage. Laws like that, are born out of rage.

    1. @ Asian — The Roaring Pleb

      We don’t approve of public masturbation on this website. If you need to jerk off compulsively in public as a substitute for civilized discourse, maybe you should check in to your local lunatic asylum and do it in the lobby. The warders will do the rest. 🙂

      1. first it’s eating shit, now it’s wanking,

        here’s another one of those quaint little sayings,
        “all fur coat and no knickers”

        1. @ TeeJay

          First it’s eating shit, now it’s wanking.
          Here’s another one of those quaint little sayings,
          “All fur coat and no knickers”.

          I’m sorry for any offence given by my language.
          My excuse? Stress and anger caused by this lockdown.
          I use cheap demotic language. Sincere apologies.

          “All fur coat and no knickers” is a brilliant phrase.
          Better than “All mouth and no trousers.” 🙂

      2. Freshly coined, right from the Mint (specifically for the likes of Pat, Gilbert Huntly, Yukon Jackass and Co.): “All rectum and no guts”

      3. Madame,
        There are NUMEROUS “Roaring Plebs”…..but only ONE Madame. Luv ya sweetie. 🤗

  21. JO
    Not the weather either, it’s all geo-engineered…
    Nor the idea that a country is built by the people who live there, as they improve themselves…
    Commies think the government does everything…
    And I don’t know about you all but I’m not going to any re-education facility..
    I’m not taking any mandatory vaccines and I’m not giving up my weapons…
    I will not be paying any reparations money either, not for slavery or anything else…

  22. One more day to FWEEBIES!!!!

    Everything is goin’ to be FWEE!!!!

    FWEEDUMB means Everything be FWEE!!!!


    1. Aside from trump, which member of the administration are you the most excited to see leave?

      A- Kayleigh McEnany
      B- Stephen Miller
      C- Ivanka & Jared
      D- All of them equally

  23. PCR has finally gotten bolder since the events unfolded over the last year.

    Here is a good one:
    Don’t Fall For The Establishment’s Tall Tales. There Was No “Violent Assault on the Capitol” and There is Abundant Evidence of Electoral Fraud
    Paul Craig Roberts | January 15, 2021

    In this important column I provide you with evidence that there was no assault on the Capitol, and I provide you with so much evidence that there was massive electoral fraud that it will take you all weekend to go through the evidence.

    Think intelligently.  The rally for Trump on January 6 was massive, which is why the presstitutes did not show it to you.  No other politician anywhere in the Western World could produce such a turnout of support.  For the rest of the politicians in the West, such a turnout would be in opposition like the long-lived “yellow vest” protest in France and the massive protests in Germany against the Covid restrictions.  

    Here was the situation on January 6, 2021.  Members have applied rules that require the House and Senate to listen to the evidence of election fraud. As Lew Rockwell points out, this means the public would also hear the evidence for the first time.  

     The evidence will show enormous fraud in the swing states where the election was stolen. Regardless of the evidence, everyone suspects Biden is going to be found the winner, because that is what the Establishment demands and has the means to enforce with media, Antifa, and BLM as threats to be unleashed and campaign contributions to cut off`. 

    Large majorities of both parties would prefer not to see the evidence than to have to vote against the evidence.

  24. Anyone who doesn’t realize that “Q” is a creation of the Cryptocracy, designed to corral white resistance and channel it into a dead end, doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together. Back in 2012, two charlatans named David Wilcock & Benjamin Fulford (these assholes are still around) were blathering the same BS as “Q”. They even used the same term, “The White Hats”, the alleged good guys in the government and military who were (still any day now) going to round up all of the criminals, pedophiles, and corrupt slimebags in positions of power and indict, try, convict, and lock them away in the graybar hotel forever after while restoring freedom, the constitution, motherhood, and apple pie. What a puerile, con-artist-servative wet dream. Analogous to Trump being the savior of the white race. Dearest Lasha, don’t count on the Supreme Cult (a.k.a. The Nine Swine) bucking the brain dead, serial girl groper and his mongrel, slut, bolshevik, white hating, running mate/de facto master. The Three Stooges Time Three, epitomizing cowardice, stupidity, and corruption would not even review legitimate claims of election fraud against the communist party USA, (excuse me, I mean the Democrats.) Not that the scumbag Republicans are any better. They can all rot in Hell.

    1. HD –
      Correct about Fulford. He was friend of David Rockefeller and other elites. He is a power wanna-be. He is the one who claimed ninjas were training to take out bankers and other officials circa 10 years ago! He pushes NESARA hoaxes with George Green, who claims Lord Hatonn is feeding him instructions from his spaceship orbiting the earth! Nut cases ALL! 😳
      I spoke with Green numerous times in the early 90s. Dangerously nuttty… 👎

  25. Breaking News 1.19.2021, 13:15

    The speech of the Chairman of the State Duma V. Volodin at the opening of the spring session of the Duma was unusually edgy and bristly:

    This is another clear sign of a looming US-Russia confrontation, which – as I have being predicting lately – all but inevitable now. Most likely, it will burst into open stand-off before this year draws to an end.

    V. Volodin didn’t mince his words – here are some crisp, pointblank excerpts from the speech:

    Colleagues, elections to the State Duma will take place in September.

    It is important for us that they are held openly, competitively and legitimately, in strict accordance with national legislation. At the same time, everything must be done to prevent foreign interference in our election campaign. Based on the past elections and the current situation, we understand that they will intervene, as before. And at the head of these processes are the United States of America and its NATO allies.

    But today the question arises. I would like to say about this at the opening of the session and dwell in more detail. If yesterday their interference in election campaigns in our country and other countries was covered up by the need to introduce high standards of democracy based on their own experience, today it has become obvious to everyone that the United States of America itself does not have these standards.
    The electoral system [of the USA] is archaic. There is no openness in it. It is beyond the control of society. There is no single and effective institution for international election observers. We have talked about this many times. The mail-order vote does not hold water. Broadcasting of ballots to voters is uncontrollable. It is impossible to verify who and when voted on these ballots.

    In the last US elections by mail, 65 million people voted. This is 40.6% of those who took part in the voting. 35 million, 21.9%, came to the polls during the early voting period, which in different states, I emphasize, ranges from four to 45 days.

    The voting procedure for more than 62% of the total number of those who voted in the US presidential election was closed from the public. This does not correspond to any of the rules prevailing in democracies and the requirements that we have defined as the standard. A state with such a non-transparent electoral process has no right to impose anything on other countries, let alone interfere in their election campaigns.

    We will not allow those who have led their party-political system to degradation, the result of which was an encroachment on the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens, to speak with us in a mentoring tone. Today it is correct to give not only an assessment of what happened, but also to analyze the current situation.

    Its causes lie in a deep internal split in American society, based on enmity unleashed throughout the country. For many years, the US political elite pitted Americans against each other, opposing people to each other according to racial, religious, gender principles, and political preferences. In the course of the presidential election race, this has become extremely acute and dangerous for both sides.

    The use of these tools by one political force could not but lead to the radicalization of the supporters of another; in this case, supporters of the outgoing President.

    We have always been against it. And we believe that this is unacceptable. The power struggle that unfolded between the two leading parties in the United States led to the storming of parliament and human casualties.

    We have always, and today I want to emphasize this, opposed violent unconstitutional actions. And the United States of America, on the contrary, encouraged and supported these processes in many countries of the world, interfering in their sovereign affairs: in Europe, the post-Soviet space, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

    And everywhere the participants in unauthorized political actions were called by Washington fighters for freedom and democracy. When the same thing happened in the United States itself, they called these people internal terrorists who face 15-20 years in prison.

    These will be the real political prisoners. Let’s call a spade a spade. Washington will have to admit: either this is a policy of double standards, or they have suffered for their political views.

    Today it has become obvious to everyone that the country, which teaches the standards of democracy to the whole world, has itself crossed them out. She crossed them out herself. Colleagues, think about what happened. The incumbent president, for whom nearly 75 million Americans cast their votes, and his supporters have been deprived of a fundamental right – free speech. They blocked access to communications with voters through the largest social networks.

    By whose decision did this happen? Maybe by court order? No. And it should be by court order. Political opponents of the outgoing President are behind this decision.

    And this is nothing more than a direct encroachment on the fundamental rights and freedoms of US citizens. The violation by the United States of America of its assumed, I emphasize, international obligations in the field of free exchange and access to information.

    We are against encroachments on freedom of speech. But, in the end, this is their internal affair. And, it would seem, God is with them – let them do what they want. But it’s not that simple. American information platforms and IT companies are global, international, and essentially monopoly.

    If they behave so arrogantly and unceremoniously in their own country, then how they behave and will behave in relation to other countries. Especially considering the idea of alleged American exceptionalism they are promoting. And no longer imaginary, but obvious arrogance.

    We need to do everything so that international technology companies in Russia work only within the framework of our national legislation.

    This conversation is especially important for us today, so that such lawlessness – and there is no other way to call it – on the part of American social networks does not repeat itself in the Russian Federation.

    It is quite obvious that what happened requires an assessment by international organizations. Their silence speaks not only of weakness, but also of double standards. The European Parliament is also silent, which instantly made various statements on Russia, on the situation in Ukraine, Venezuela, Belarus, Hong Kong. The list goes on.

    The same is true in their statement regarding a person sent to us from Germany. Here we see pre-coordinated actions.

    And the EU should start with itself. Stop shooting people with rubber bullets, poisoning them with gas, watering them in winter. In general, this all resembles the torture of the Second World War. And finally, restore the rule of law with human rights in your countries if you want someone to listen to you and if you want to maintain international order and stability.

    Returning to the US elections, let us instruct the State Duma Committee on International Affairs to prepare proposals for international organizations to analyze the current situation with freedom of speech and work out solutions to prevent this from happening in the future. Stop taking the ostrich pose as if nothing is happening. We need to initiate this work and try to do everything so that international organizations finally wake up from hibernation.

  26. I respect Trump supporters because they meant well; they saw hope is this populist man who offered many Americans what they longed for, for the longest time…a great America with no wars and respect for the working man, a dignified country, an honourable nation…
    But it turned out to be an illusion, smoke and mirrors by this specific individual …
    But If he was a Zionist asset mocking white nationalists he made a big mistake because regardless of what happened the idea has been planted

  27. This Presidential Kali-yuga Countdown surpasses in suspense, anticipation (and dread) every Presidential inauguration, American Idol winner or New Years Eve ball drop I’ve ever witnessed. Surpassing even those monumental New Year’s Eves when we were at the brink of nuclear war! Which, come to think of it was, yeah, practically every New Years Eve, Doomsday Clock included! Imagine that..

    1. P.S. OK troops, now remember above all else our mission is to protect SanFranNan! Forget anything, Barney? Uhhh, like your damn bullet!

      Reminds one of when Ptesiden T oBarnum would visit Afghanistan and the troops would be disarmed as well.
      Can’t be too careful, now can we. Imagine being a Marine and being disarmed because the President’s people don’t trust you and yours. Hmmmm..

      The commander, Sgt. Maj. Brandon Hall, told reporters he was acting on orders from superiors.
      “All I know is, I was told to get the weapons out,” he said. Asked why, he replied, “Somebody got itchy, that’s all I’ve got to say. Somebody got itchy; we just adjust.”

  28. BEFORE IT’S NEWS was always a DISINFORMATION agent.

    I followed it ,off and on , for about a year in total , and was even mildly deceived by 2 articles, which was enough for me.They are not disillusioned.They are trying to back-off as VICTIMS, like TRUMP is trying to do, otherwise they will lose all of their followers.

    The FAKE DISILLUSIONMENT defense will get them “off the hook” with many of their younger DECEIVED patrons.

  29. Melania trump has broken tradition by NOT inviting the incoming First Lady to the White House.

    That’s not very “Be Best,” is it?

  30. Great article Lasha.

    Biden is more likely to be a lame duck president.

    This is because he has a narrow margin in the House and will have to depend on his Vice President Kamala’s casting vote in a 50-50 Senate. He is also hampered in his movements by a conservative Supreme Court. In other words, he’s weak. Kamala may shoot her mouth off, but she won’t have the power to start shooting from the hip. It’ll be all mouth and no trousers.

    This is my hope as well, at least when it comes to domestic issues. What worries me is Biden’s tough talk on Russia and the prospective lineup of hard-core jewish interventionists for top state dept. positions, including Victoria Nuland.

    What kind of a message is this sending to Russia? Not a good one I’m afraid. Russia has been vigorously rearming and preparing for war with the U.S., and by all indications – largely thanks to Trump’s provocations and nuclear brinkmanship – it is now running low on patience. If Trump was an example of a U.S. president being “too soft” on Russia (in the eyes of Biden and his handlers) we are in big trouble, IMO.

  31. Hey… Muslim Biden lovers…!

    Sec of State Pompey has increased sanctions on China for committing GENOCIDE AGAINST MUSLIMS! Biden should do the same!

    1. @ Pat

      But please remember that genocidal acts are okay when the victims are Palestinians, Yemenis, Syrians, Iraqis, Venezuelans, etc. and the perpetrators are the U.S. “government” and/or its client states.

      1. Sure, HS… It is ALWAYS okay for the ‘genociders’, but not EVER for the ‘genocidees’. 🙂

    2. Hey… Smart pants, I do have a name and I am no Biden lover. He is my duly elected president

      Sec of State Pompe has increased sanctions on China but designate Houthis in Yemen as a terror group, and he put Cuba and Venezuela on the US T-List. So please, no selective morality by you. That is pick and chose what tells us and whatnot. We all read the news daily. Maybe you should tell us Why Pompeo never designated, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE as terrorist sponsor nations for their daily war crimes in Yemen and in Palestine? I read last month that Emirates pilots flew bombing training mission over Gaza US-made F35 aircraft.

      all but guarantees a resurgence of Saudi-backed extremists in the region and could serve to galvanize the group as a stalwart against US-Israeli designs for the Middle East reports

      Your fat ass Pompeo will go down as the worst, stupidest Secretary of State in the history of America. He is and was always Israel’s most faithful bitch.

      Thank you, Harlod Smith!

      1. MEY –
        My comment did not single you out at all. You have no reason to cry to me.
        However….. Pompeo is also YOUR FAT ASS SOS right now! 😜👍

    3. Sorry for being off-topic, but that is what propaganda looks like. Even if an earthquake were to hit anywhere in the world, you’ll find someone blaming it on Muslims, and some people may even believe it. Below are examples from newswire services today

      4 killed in Madrid gas explosion – CBS News

      A tower of smoke rose from a building, where repairs were being done to a gas boiler, and billowed through Toled…

      big explosion in Madrid today – Bing

      5 hours ago · 4 killed in the Madrid gas explosion on January 20, 2021 / 5:15 PM / AP A powerful gas explosion tore through a residential building in central Madrid on Wednesday, killing four people and ripping the …

      Wednesday, January 20, 2021
      Muslims Set Off Bomb In Madrid – Several Dead

      “We are trying to locate a volunteer who works with us.”

      The missing volunteer…..where have I heard that one before?

      Of course a gas explosion.

      Occurred on the top three floors?
      You can bet there will be no apology or a retraction.

  32. “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the President.” Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States.

    Give it up trumptards!

  33. This is all staged theatrics like 9/11 where cameras are so conveniently placed to capture the event. One of them being what to the trained eye sees the holographic image of a plane supposedly plowing into one of the WTC towers, and timed precisely to the remote triggering of explosives planted inside, probably weeks or months in advance. Then 2 weeks ago is a troupe of actors having a good ol’ time after crashing into the Senate chambers as a few Capitol cops play their own roles in “beseeching” them to stop the shenanigans. And again, a conveniently located camera is there to film it all.*

    What we’re seeing is the on-going psy-op charade of a totalitarian tiptoe starting to lengthen its stride as the water in the pots of human lobsters gets hotter and hotter. These are some serious hardo motherbleepers.

    *Ibsen would marvel at this magnitude of duplicity being perpetrated:

    “Fools are in a terrible overwhelming majority, all the wide world over.” – An Enemy of the People, IV

    While Huxley would be making a cogent observation:

    “We participate in a tragedy; at a comedy we only look.” – The Devils of Loudon

  34. Nevertheless, Q maintained the corrective narrative, about what should be done, whether it was ever real or not… And GET REAL is right, the Trump populists aren’t going away…
    What was possibly Q’s real motive otherwise?
    What was the motive behind the torture of the prisoners at Abu Ghraib, the pictures and videos of the West Virginia hillbilly soldierette from the chicken slaughterhouse holding the Iraqi prisoner by the leash, smeared all over the media for months?
    I guess that’s a big insult in a Muslim country…
    The purpose is to create and maintain an opposition, without which your dastardly tactics are much harder to excuse… The invader often must hype an opposition to excuse his aggression…
    Generally speaking, those holding the hammer inside the beltway do not fear any violent uprising from Trump supporters, or anybody else… And I doubt at this point they have to rely solely on US Military to protect them…
    If anything they’d be happy to have the excuse to wipe out a million or so of their perceived enemies, which they figure they would have no trouble doing… White people, real Americans…
    And you could get the impression that’s pretty much what they’ve got in mind for the 80,000,000 populist Trump supporters, first administratively, then physically…
    They provided the provocateurs for the protest at the capitol, then called it an ‘insurrection’, just what they needed to smear the Trump followers…
    And they’ve been overreacting to it ever since…
    Also – don’t be too surprised to see somebody change party affiliation in the Senate, in order to make himself more important and that the critical person in the balance of power position would then no longer be only the Kamel…
    I think it was Jeffords, from Vermont?, who changed to Independent during the GWB administration…

  35. Amazing!
    Joe Biden was in delaware saying goodbye to the national guard and his constituents when he reached for the microphone but instead he grabbed a 16 oz bottle of coke and started talking through it; he did it for a good 5 minutes (a whole ‘heaven and hell’ black sabbath featuring Dio song) before a soldier (he looked Arab, the soldier) came up to the stage and managed the situation.
    About Black Sabbath, no, they aren’t Jews, nor is Ozzy. Sadly.
    but Bob Dylan is and so were Amy Winehouse and Elvis Presley.
    back to my birds.
    Avi, The Avatar
    Medellin, Colombia

    1. Madame,
      There are NUMEROUS “Roaring Plebs…..but only ONE Madame. Luv ya sweetie. 🤗

    2. Get Real,
      Whatever. You claim to be a Jew. Ok. Your right. But many of us of authentic Jewish blood don’t necessarily subscribe to your antics. Donaldo is a trucker and can sincerely tell you from his experience traveling the USSA that the people of Delaware hate Bidens guts. Donaldo delivered a load to a Delaware warehouse last week. Started a conversation with the security guard who related to Donaldo that he PERSONALALLY knew the Biden family. He described Biden as a POS (piece of sh*t) Pretty strong language. Interesting what common people, Jew and goy, discover with our boots on the ground. But anyway “Get Real”…. please don’t pretend to be a mouthpiece for ALL the Jewish people. We are gifted and diverse but don’t like representation from wanna-bes. 🤔🤨🤠

      1. Where did I say I am a Jew?
        Wassa matter with you!
        Delirium tremens?

        Medellín, Colombia

        1. @ (((Get Real)))

          You have yourself admitted to being a Jew.
          You have been OUTED as a Jew pretending to be a Palestinian.
          You took the Muslim name “Jalid” on Mark Glenn’s site, The Ugly Truth.
          You were also exposed as a mischief-making Jew on THIS website.
          Even your user name (((Get Real))) tells us you are JEW!

  36. Twitter suspends Michelle Malkin on Inauguration eve.

    I feel safer already!

    Michelle Malkin, promote hate and fearmongering on her two hate sites, and The following comments which she promoted the following:

    1- Most blacks want just a free ride
    2- A “jihad” against Democrats — including arresting them for treason and seizing their bank accounts
    3- Calls for American Muslims should be banned from government
    4- She accused John Kerry of shooting himself in Vietnam:
    5 -He hates sites that promote violence, rank bigotry, jihad against Muslim Americans,
    6- Her hate sites traffic in content is the hallmark of white supremacism and violent groups targeting Muslims.

      1. Pat –

        Mawmood is nothing but a cowardly old fart, hoping someone pays him a compliment. He’s already shown his ignorance when chastising me in the previous post (as if the president doesn’t sign bills into law). He pretends to be a knowledgeable soldier/patriot, when all he’s ever done is flee his own country and get a cook’s job in the U.S. Air Force in order to get the benefits and a steady paycheck. I really can’t blame him ’cause he’s probably not capable of better; but I resent the fact that the ignorant bastard can vote and help his leftist agendas.

      1. Hey Gill, since you attacked me personally, you have given me permission to do the same.

        First of all, don’t ever bastard, you M.F.
        Secondly, this is not the first time you attacked me personally and you need to get off my di*k
        Thirdly what did in the military and why I came to America in not of your beeswax. My post was not about my life.
        Thirdly, I could care less what you do for a living. You could be a pimp as far as I am concern. That is your business.

        My comment was in response to what Pat said. It was not directed at you. I was respectfully explaining the difference between the “executive order” and the “law.” You suddenly butted in by hurling a personal insult at me as appose to contribute to the discussion in a civil manner.

        #4- You have been used as a punching bag by Circ for the last month. Don’t take your anger at me, dude!
        #5- For the last 2 weeks Shlomo Mo has been posting insulting and degrading comments about Americans on this site. He gets 3 people to respond to him and your lazy patriotic ass was not among them.
        6- Why do you fucking bother which way I voted during the election? Have I ever questioned your choice?
        Can you know to see the difference? You were acting as an a$$ hole and disrespectful.
        I suggest you should take anger management classes.

        Please don’t ever mention my name on this site. Make no difference if is good or bad.
        Next time you attack me personally, you white supremacist a$$ would be mine.

        @ Admin.
        I am sorry to use such language. However, GH crossed a red line. He started and I did not. And in fairness to me and other commenters, please do not delete this comment. Thanx.

  37. Oh c’mon! You didn’t really fall for that did you? I’ve seen so many hope-porn articls in the last 6 weeks I finally stopped looking at them . First I thought maybe there was a chance the military would uphold the Constitution and step in with the voting machines, but nope! Then I thought the SCROTUS would side with the evidence-holders. But they ‘didn’t want to get invlved’. They didn’t even view the evidence. All the courts that dismissed the cases did so on ‘standing’ = technicality. Not on the evidence.
    Then I started to wise up. See, this is the same military who has stomped all over the world for the last 2 decades destroying nations at the behest of Jewland – and loving every minute of it. Why on earth would they stand in the way of another crack at beating up the little guys?? Of course they won’t.
    That Sullivan guy who was ‘arrested and released’ is the son of a retired Military general. Inside job? Plant provocateur?
    Maybe Trump was blackmailed into stepping aside. But the Kosher Nostra has the goods on almost everyone in that hell hole of a city.
    And don’t believe for a minute Biden is a ‘lame duck’. It’s Shiksa Nancy Pelosi who is the power behind the throne. She is a mafia Don and a Kosher Shiksa. She’s got both the mobs on her side. And she has the goods on everyone in DC. She’s reputedly very good at ‘whipping up the vote’. That’s insider speak for blackmail.

    Naah….it’s over. The last selection-type thing was the last. From here on in it’s all a placebo. Put on your feed bags and nod and bleet and take your ‘shot’. Mommy government will tell you what’s good for you……and you WILL believe it!! Or you’ll go to ‘re-education’ camps.
    It’s the New Bolsheviks in power now. Stalin is gloating in Hell right now.

    1. @Amerikagulag

      It’s the New Bolsheviks in power now. Stalin is gloating in Hell right now.

      What’s the most telling feature of blockheads? Blockheads think… let me take that back, for blockheads do not think,… blockheads operate in clichés: «слышал звон, да не знает, где он» goes the Russian saying about such individuals («heard the bell ringing, but has no idea where it is»).

      This blockhead, who calls himself Americagulag, evidently heard the words ‘gulag’, ‘golodomor, ‘Bolshevik’, ‘Stalin’, ‘Solzhenitsyn’ (and, perhaps, few other related words) ringing in his long donkey ears, but has no freaking idea of the real facts behind any of it.

      Why would you think that Stalin is in Hell, idiot, when every patriotic Russian, i.e. more than 90% of all Russians in today’s Russia, holds him as the greatest national leader Russia ever had?! Do you know better? Have you ever heard of the Great Purge of the 1937-39, blockhead, and do you know what it really was all about? Who did the ‘purge’, and who was ‘purged’ and for what?

      Think and not just repeat, like a dumb parrot, what lifelong ‘America’ propaganda put in your stupid head about ‘gulag’… to make you what you really are today – ‘Americagulag’.

      1. The Great Purge of 1937-39 was to purge the no-longer-necessary useful idiot Jews who did the Zionist’s bidding in furthering their agenda. With Uncle Joe overseeing it in his complicity. Hopefully you and 90% of your blockheaded compatriots will wake up and smell the 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 some day

      2. The Great Purge of 1937-39 was to purge the no-longer-necessary useful idiot Jews who did the Zionist’s bidding in furthering their agenda. With Uncle Joe overseeing it in his complicity.

        That’s right, chief. And Uncle Joe was complicit with whom? He was working for the Anunnaki, of course! How do chief and I know this? Well, the revelation came to chief from the Elders of Native America during heavy pipe smoking, and then chief revealed the revelation to me.

        Piping too much, chief, too much, bro!

        Btw, have you made up your mind yet, chief? Are you going to the mountains to wait out the hurricane up there, or going out in a blaze like some crazy mule on fire*?

        *FYI, chief: Mule is the offspring of a donkey and a horse (strictly, a male donkey and a female horse), typically sterile and used as a beast of burden.

      3. “….and Uncle Joe was complicit with whom?”

        Why do I bother with you? Why does ANYONE? I guess we all have the zeal of a missionary. That, or all it amounts to is emboldening you by the mere fact of paying any ATTENTION to you. Kind of like voting. Don’t do it, it only encourages politicians who are all compromised to BEGIN with.

  38. The STOLEN Election, the Bolshevik takeover of the USA : Stalin “is gloating in Hell right now” and Mahmoud is gloating here on Earth right now.

    1. The federal government has been paying $3000/mo to provide toilets for Ivanka and Jared Kushner’s Secret Service security detail because the Kushners wouldn’t let them use any of the 6.5 bathrooms in their mansion.

      This is INSANE!

    2. @ TROJ

      The shorter your posts the better they are and the more likely others will read them. Plus, the website will have them framed, so others will take notice of them.

      Keep it that way

      1. Mahmoud :

        At RENSE :

        “Brother of Leftists Who Stormed U.S. Capitol Says Hundreds of Antifa Members Started The Riot”

        Read the article and let us know what you have to say about it. You like to blame Trump supporters for the Capitol Bldg riot but it was Anfifa goons who started the riot. The Antifa you support. So it was your side who started the riot, NOT Trump supporters. It was a black flag/false flag type operation done by the Democrats you fully support.

        Explain why you support Antifa and blame Trump supporters for riots/violence you fully know were started by your own side. Explain why you like being very very underhanded and unfair, deceitful, scheming, crafty. You’re like a Prince around here, ADMIN gives you so many special priveleges . What’s your favorite book of all time, “The Prince” by Machiavelli?

        Don’t like injustice in the world? Then stop contributing to injustice.

        Next :


        “Obese jewish Tranny Is Biden’s New Assistant Health Secretary ”

        Got a problem with a JEW tranny “health” assistant to Biden-Kamala you love so much? Go tell your problem to The Squad. The Squad loves Palestinians, especially Muslim Palestinians. They’ll listen to you and will empathize with your concerns, I’m sure.

        You’re a moral upright traditional family man pillar of the community type, because you’re a Muslim, yet you fully support the VERY ANTI-traditional-morality ANTI-family ANTI-Allah ANTI-religion ANTI-Quran ANTI-Bible Biden and Kamala and their Democratic Party which is vehemently virulently ANTI-religion. Please explain why you support politicians and political agendas that are diametrically opposed to what you claim to hold dear and opposed to what you claim is very important to you and goes against your deeply held Islamic reilgious beliefs. Shukran, TROJ.

        1. I don’t trust either Rense or Renegade Tribune as reliable sources of information. Both are crap sites working for the Jews. Pure disinfo sites. I don’t know which site is worse.

  39. As a Vet, I strongly believe there should be more extensive background checks for people entering the military.

    Scary seeing 10 National Guard members removed from the Inauguration detail because of ties to extremist groups.

    Yet 32% of Republicans called for Muslims to be barred from military service.

    Someone is barking at the wrong tree!

  40. I don’t know about you but this is like my 4th, maybe 5th POTUS inauguration while here at Darkmoon -on and off – and everytime this event happens americans are like…
    “this is it! This is our man! We finally nailed it! We got a kennedy, reagan, carter, GEORGE washington COMBO all in one, yeah baby” .. THE NATIONAL ANTHEM PLAYS IN THE BACKGROUND, FIREWORKS AL OVER THE PLACE, AND JENNIFER LOPEZ SHAKING IT ON STAGE!
    But then..
    They always end up doing what I did when colombia lost to uruguay 6/0 this last October ..
    and that’s just what’s gonna happen with Biden, just wait till summer

    Avi, watching my grandpa’s American Philip’s tv
    (It still works!)

    1. Get Real, the comparison of American hope for a change in politics and Colombia’s los Cafeteros chances of winning a major tournament is a good one!

  41. @ Mahmoud :

    It’s “barking up the wrong tree” NOT barking “at” the wrong tree.

  42. The Pastor Hagee Christian Zionist (oxymoron) Rapture crowd thinks the Jews are going to suddenly see the light and convert to Jesus, when we enter the end times and he finally does come back down out of the sky..
    Believers find ways to hang on…
    Trump was as good as you’re likely to get as long as it’s about the ZOG …
    And he wasn’t bad, as far as he went…
    He just didn’t go far enough….
    Should have put the army down south and commandeered the border, in his first week in office……
    He should have axed the fIat fed bank and IRS…

      1. @ YUKON JACK

        @Speaking of pastor John Heage, this man has repeatedly argued that the United States must join Israel in a pre-emptive military strike against Iran to fulfill God’s plan for both Israel and the West. According to this “man of God,” Christians United For Israeli CUFI is a lobby intended, he says, to be a Christian version of the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC.) In other words, CUFI is acting as an unregistered foreign agent group, better yet, a mouthpiece for the Israeli Foreign Ministery.

  43. People keep calling Trump a White Nationalist, like that’s some sort of insult…
    But what White Nationalist does not much with the power he has as president, when 100,000 Americans OD on hard dope of one kind or another smuggled into the country every year, stands by and watches while sanctuary cities like SF and Seattle become stinking shitholes?
    Trump was no White Nationalist, and he had his chance to be somebody real on the scene in that respect…
    If someone wants to rise up in his place and save the country, the person should realize he has to use every bit of authority he has to secure our borders, if he’s to be taken seriously as any kind of Nationalist…

    1. LOL. 3 smiley faces to announce the stroke of doom! 🙂

      KAMALA (last words on death bed) : *%91 O#4! 🙂

      (Expletives redacted out of politeness).

  44. Well, it was like watching water boil, wasn’t it, the anticipation of it, it seemed like we were waiting and anticipating for a million years BUT now we’re so close!

    Just 1 more day to a “Hunter’s Laptop, Biden’s Deep Ties To The Chinese Government, Biden’s Deep Ties To The Ukranian Mafia, Biden’s Deep Corruption” DM feature article!

    And just 2 more days to “Biden Is Incapable of Being The President. Biden Has Severe Dementia. Use the 25th Amendment To Get Rid Of Him” DM feature article!

  45. I hope they fumigated, bleached, and sanitized the entire White House before the Bidens step in there.

    1 hour and 39 minutes

  46. Trump is accepting membership applications for his new “Patriot party.”


    1. A draft dodger
    2. No previous military service
    3. He has to be white only
    4. Believes U.S. soldiers are suckers and losers
    5. No affiliations Gold Star parents
    6. Provides aid and comfort to the enemy
    7. Takes a loyalty oath to Israel
    8. Berating those who kneel during the National Anthem

  47. Gotta make the White House real clean and shiny, for when Hunter visits his daddy. The son is such a sterling character. The Bidens don’t like dirt., lol….

  48. There’s no more morality in world affairs, fundamentally, than there was at the time of Genghis Khan. A true Christian will not waste time to write or comment on politics and world affairs. You hear that Lasha Darkmoon? It’s time for you to enter in a monastery and become a true disciple of Christ.EVERY man naturally desires knowledge; but what good is knowledge without surrender to Christ.
    Indeed a humble rustic who serves God is better than a proud intellectual
    who neglects his soul and wasting time by analysing world affairs and politicians. HAPPY is he to whom truth manifests itself, not in signs and words that fade, but
    as it actually is. Our opinions, our senses often deceive us and we discern very little.
    What good is much discussion of involved and obscure matters when our
    ignorance of them will not be held against us on Judgment Day? Neglect of things which are profitable and necessary and undue concern with those which are irrelevant and harmful, are great folly.SHUN the gossip of men as much as possible, for discussion of worldly affairs,
    even though sincere, is a great distraction inasmuch as we are quickly ensnared and
    captivated by vanity.
    Many a time I wish that I had held my peace and had not associated with men.
    Why, indeed, do we converse and gossip among ourselves when we so seldom part
    without a troubled conscience? We do so because we seek comfort from one another’s
    conversation and wish to ease the mind wearied by diverse thoughts. Hence, we talk
    and think quite fondly of things we like very much or of things we dislike intensely. But,
    sad to say, we often talk vainly and to no purpose; for this external pleasure effectively
    bars inward and divine consolation.
    WE SHOULD enjoy much peace if we did not concern ourselves with what others
    say and do, for these are no concern of ours. How can a man who meddles in affairs
    not his own, who seeks strange distractions, and who is little or seldom inwardly
    recollected, live long in peace?
    Blessed are the simple of heart for they shall enjoy peace in abundance.
    Why were some of the saints so perfect and so given to contemplation? Because
    they tried to mortify entirely in themselves all earthly desires, and thus they were able to
    attach themselves to God with all their heart and freely to concentrate their innermost
    We are too occupied with our own whims and fancies, too taken up with passing
    things. Rarely do we completely conquer even one vice, and we are not inflamed with
    the desire to improve ourselves day by day; hence, we remain cold and indifferent. If we
    mortified our bodies perfectly and allowed no distractions to enter our minds, we could
    appreciate divine things and experience something of heavenly contemplation.
    The greatest obstacle, indeed, the only obstacle, is that we are not free from
    passions and lusts that we do not try to follow the perfect way of the saints. Thus when
    we encounter some slight difficulty, we are too easily dejected and turn to human
    consolations. If we tried, however, to stand as brave men in battle, the help of the Lord
    from heaven would surely sustain us. For He Who gives us the opportunity of fighting
    for victory, is ready to help those who carry on and trust in His grace.
    If we let our progress in religious life depend on the observance of its externals
    alone, our devotion will quickly come to an end. Let us, then, lay the ax to the root that
    we may be freed from our passions and thus have peace of mind.
    If we were to uproot only one vice each year, we should soon become perfect.
    The contrary, however, is often the case — we feel that we were better and purer in the
    first fervor of our conversion than we are after many years in the practice of our faith.
    Our fervor and progress ought to increase day by day; yet it is now considered
    noteworthy if a man can retain even a part of his first fervor.
    If we did a little violence to ourselves at the start, we should afterwards be able to
    do all things with ease and joy. It is hard to break old habits, but harder still to go
    against our will.
    If you do not overcome small, trifling things, how will you overcome the more
    difficult? Resist temptations in the beginning, and unlearn the evil habit lest perhaps,
    little by little, it lead to a more evil one.
    If you but consider what peace a good life will bring to yourself and what joy it will
    give to others, I think you will be more concerned about your spiritual progress.

  49. Trump’s a Zionist American…
    Not what we need..
    Somebody else needs to show up, a real Nationalist Patriot, who actually does put America First, not Yisrayel…
    Trump’s supporters, the Republican Party, are waiting for that person…
    Half of them understand at this point Trump isn’t the guy, He’s BIBI’s BOOBOO BOY…
    But BiBI wants someone even more pliable now…
    Trump talked well, he may have even meant well, he did some good, but he didn’t go far enough…
    Biden will be an even bigger Zionist American…
    He’ll give you more and bigger attacks against Muslim countries in the Middle East, where Trump did not…
    And we’ll all be interested to see how our Biden loving posters react to that…
    The Jews own an even bigger piece of him than they did of Trump…
    And they’re all in deep with the CHICOM…
    In the meantime, nobody sees the bigger picture, has any vision of the peaceful world, nor any plan to get us there… Without that there’s no goal… What is the Biden goal, filling the country up with welfare immigrants?
    The first imperative is real economic security for all, the elimination of massive poverty. overcrowding, slums…
    The correct ratio has to be established between jobs available and workers to do them…
    Real jobs… It isn’t a job if it doesn’t pay enough to provide life security for the worker who’s doing it…
    And where the corporate elite are making 2000X workers pay, ‘donating’ billions in ‘philanthropy’ every year – don’t tell me that can’t afford to share the wealth….
    But the continued free growth of the human population has to be halted and reversed…
    Idiots like Gavin Newsom going way down South to instruct welfare nobodies on how to get to the USA illegally need to be put in jail immediately… It’s beyond bizarre, he’s got no plan to make gainful workers out of them, as if we have plenty of jobs wanting now… His only plan, the whole democrat plan, is to give them welfare and build them tiny houses…
    The human population has to be reduced to the point where there are fewer workers available than there are jobs to be taken… The shoe needs to go onto the other foot, with who has the best bargaining position….
    Corrective adjustments have to be made to the traditional corporate methodology, to the extent that worker exploitation is eliminated… I’m not sure that happens just by mandating colored people and females on the control boards…
    The democrat party should have been making this kind of progress in the last decades, but it has become the tool of the globalists, whose vision looks more like the big CHICOM chain-link wage-slave camp… With the usual retinue of elite overseers controlling everything from cushy positions at the apex…
    The Republican Party has the chance now to come alive with the patriotic American worker and lay out its Nationalist platform, a lot of the stuff Trump talked about, but with real fire this time…
    Securing the border for real is the first step…
    Let the next candidate point out where Trump fell short on this and he’ll be in…
    If course, that’s all assuming we’re to have actual free and fair elections ever again…
    You can bet every crooked dem city and state in the country is already perfecting the plan for the next debacle…
    Maybe if the Bush-Cheney jew Roberts were to get replaced somehow at SCOTUS complaints would be heard…
    He’s the one who ruled out examining the complaints on the big election heist…
    Apparently the Supreme Court is ruled by the CJ…

    1. “Congratulations, @POTUS Joe Biden and @vp Kamala Harris, on your inauguration, which was a celebration of American democracy” – on behalf of the German Government & A.Merkel
      Celebration of American democracy!!!!! Oh Yeah! The American swamp was pardoned – again!!
      “I look forward to working with you to further strengthen the US-Israel alliance, to continue expanding peace between Israel and the Arab world and to confront common challenges, chief among them the threat posed by Iran”, Netanyahu tweeted.
      “On the occasion of your inauguration as the forty-sixth President of the United States of America, I extend cordial good wishes and the assurance of my prayers that Almighty God will grant you wisdom and strength in the exercise of your high office,” Pope Francis’ message said.
      This is what has happened Bark: Groundhog day instead of change/rebellion.

      1. Jen Psaki gave his first White House press briefing of the post-Kayleigh McEnany Era, and it is SO refreshing not to be treated to a firehose spray of lies.

        Glad the White House Barbie is gone!

  50. Regardless of who you voted for …today makes history. If you didn’t watch the inauguration, you missed out on seeing something that the future generations will read about in textbooks!

    VP Kamala Harris said today, ” while I may be the first woman in this office. I will not be last.”

    Let’s hope the next woman will also make history too by being the first the President of the United State.

  51. Bye-bye Muslim Travel Ban!

    Today marks a new beginning for countless American families who have suffered the unmeasurable pain of being separated from their loved ones.

    It’s official! Joe Biden just signed the Executive Order officially terminating the Muslim Ban, keeping his promise to make this a day one priority. Muslim Americans have much work ahead to fully restore the rights of our community and prevent any future ban. For now, Muslim Americans like me are expressing our gratitude for Biden upholding his commitment.

    Today marks a new beginning for countless American families who have suffered the unmeasurable pain of being separated from their loved ones.

    On a personal note, that was one of many reasons why I voted for the Biden/Harris ticket.

    Say it with us!
    # ByeBan

      Its a process, a charade, they both (Biden, Trump) serve the same master; even your Hero genocidal maniac George Bush (who today attends Biden’s inauguration) was part of it.

      Bush: Shock and Awe. (bad cop).
      Obama: Say Salam u Aleichem in Egypt but finish the job/introduce drones. (BAD COP).
      Trump: Ban 7 Muslim countries, put pressure, get them to bow, attack the last one (Iran).. BAD COP.
      Biden: start by playing nice. Bye ban. try to play nice at the beginning (just like Obama did, unless Muslim and other resistance groups somehow reincarnate). Biden was vice-president when Obama dron Obama was president, lol.
      and on and on …

      people gets old but they never wise up.

      “The Old Will Die And The Young Will Forget”
      David Ben Gurion

      read this one:
      While Americans are divided over the presidential election and political parties, Israel benefits regardless.
      Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

      Medellin, Colombia

  52. Pat,

    British Accredited Registry – is it the same meaning as the acronym of BAR lawyers?


  53. Patriot Party Membership Requirements Update

    Trump is accepting membership applications for his new “Patriot party.”


    1- Draft dodgers are accepted
    2- No previous military service
    3- High School or GED is preferred
    4- No police or credit checks required
    5- “Suckers and Losers” are welcome
    6- No Blacks, No Mexicans, No Muslims
    7- Fluent in Russian is a plus
    8- Takes a loyalty oath to Israel

    The deadline for taking the application is February 30, 2022.

    1. Mahmoud :

      Trump was a draft dodger, this is true. And Joe Biden you admire so much was also a draft dodger. How come Trump is to be denigrated for being a draft dodger, but Biden WE never denigrate for being a draft dodger? Heck, WE don’t even mention Biden was a draft dodger. And by the way, there are more Jews in Biden’s administration than in Trump’s administration, and that’s saying a HELL OF ALOT.

      You know , Mahmoud, I don’t think I’ve ever told you this, but you’re actually a very good actor. Sometimes you actually sound like a real “Muslim Palestinian”, you’re a very good actor, you got real acting ability. A LOT of jew trolls are horrible actors and really suck at it, but you’re one jew troll who really knows how to act and play your character convincingly. You deserve an Oscar you’re such a good ((( actor))). Did you take professional acting lessons? Or, your acting talent is innate and comes to you naturally and WE don’t need no stinkin’ professional acting lessons WE’RE naturals ? 😎

      1. @ Mahmoud

        TROJ makes two good points in uncharacteristically lucid language:

        (1) The fact that Biden was a draft dodger just like Trump. So why berate Trump for being a coward when Biden is just as bad?

        (2) Biden’s administration has more JEWS in it than Trump’s administration. So why do you welcome Biden as the new President when he is far more likely to be even MORE UNFAIR to the Palestinians than Trump ever was?

        These are questions worth considering, Mahmoud.

        1. @ MAHMOUD

          My feeling, Mahmoud, is that your initial reaction of joy at the defeat of Trump at the hands of Biden will be short lived. It won’t last. You will be soon become badly disillusioned, I fear. There has never yet been an American president who has been fair to Israel. Kennedy was the best, but he got killed for tangling with the Jews.

          White Nationalist Americans themselves, as you can see from those Whites who frequent this website, have no passionate regard for the Palestinians and their plight. They would gladly sacrifice the Palestinians. Their main concern is mass immigration of foreigners into America. They want to keep America White. Period. This does not make them “racists” or “White supremacists”. Because, you see, they were quite happy as long as the number of foreigners in the US was limited to roughly 2% of the total population. They could cope with that number. But not with over 50-60%!!!

          That is NOT reasonable. 🙂

          How would you like to own a nice house of your own in Palestine, for your wife and your Muslim children, and be forced to hand over HALF your property to JEWS or WHITE CHRISTIANS who hated Islam? Would you like them living in your house and being nasty and unpleasant to you and your wife and attacking your children? No, you wouldn’t.

          Remember this, Mahmoud. America is basically a country for White people. This is their home. They are naturally concerned about mass immigration. They want it STOPPED. Can you blame them?

      2. Mawmood has already posted TWENTY-EIGHT comments on this thread, alone. He is not only boring in his repetitive ignorance, but is needful of attention. Like a dog which needs kicking from time-to-time, he invites it. I don’t believe he is “acting”. He just can’t help himself.

    those 2 have got to be the best adjectives Trump used in 4 years! -aside from when he rightly called the Salvadorian criminal gang ‘MARA SALVATRUCHA 13’ “animals” after they decapitated a man in Washington in broad daylight a while back.
    Why “suckers and Losers”? Well, to discourage them kids (in the future) from signing up and going to wars to serve neo-con, bankers, the mic (military industrial complex) and Israel wars.
    How much do these kids get paid? very low wages that are in no way worth it to go and risk their lives so that slick people who sit in top floors of skyscrapers counting money non stop and screwing those soldiers sisters back home GET STUPID RICH!
    Stupid rich, they make so much money they throw up IN GOLDEN TOILETS JUST LIKE IDI AMIN DADA.! That’s aside from committing murder by slaughtering innocent civilians overseas! (dont do that, it grows PTSD in your brains and you will become a violent drug addict back home).
    So what does that make those kids and men who are actually, literally doing the destruction of those countries in order for the banks to later lend money to those same destroyed countries for rebuilding and reconstruction projects? (create the problem-offer the solution).
    Trump didn’t want war. He slipped and said those two words (compulsive guy) and the comment was leaked but that’s how he really felt because he knew that 80.000 American kids who came back limbless from Iraq and were now drug-addicts and drunken monsters (ptsd) shooting at the police and dying back home were just that!
    that’s called “hard cold truth”, baby, hard cold truth.
    Wait until the Hollywood crowd stop the singing on CNN.
    omg, i am watching it and the most inmoral woman ever (Jennifer Lopez) is singing the national anthem half naked!

    Avi, The Avatar
    Medellin, Colombia

  55. Whooza CHIN?
    National Security Advisor?
    Don’t tell us the the CHINS are now replacing the Jews as the president’s handlers…
    Speaking of the “Pope Francis” —
    Photo (left to right): WJC Governing Board Chairman David de Rothschild, WJC President Ronald S. Lauder, Pope Francis, WJC Treasurer Chella Safra, President of Latin American Jewish Congress Jack Terpins, WJC CEO Robert Singer and Executive Director of the Latin American Jewish Congress Claudio Epelman.
    Lemme Guess Now — You Don’t Suppose — Pope Francis is JEW-ISH TOO — DO YOU?????
    “British Accredited Registry – is it the same meaning as the acronym of BAR lawyers?”
    I know you didn’t ask me but I’ll answer – yes…
    Only, the way I heard it – It’s British Accreditation Registry …. The BAR…
    The Rotheschilds own the BAR Association, like the Post Office… The pope owns USACORP…
    The Queen Reigns over it, silently, the President Rules in her stead…
    Every American Patriot still supporting Catholicism is a fool…
    You can’t do both…
    All so-called Lawyers are Attorneys at Law, meaning they’re permitted to act through the court as money collectors… As one of mine once told me “Lawyers don’t care about Justice”…
    There are no constitutional Lawyers in the USA, and nobody is allowed to bring a copy of the US Constitution into any courtroom……
    the action or process of officially recognizing someone as having a particular status or being qualified to perform a particular activity.
    “the accreditation of professionals” · [more]
    official certification that a school or course has met standards set by external regulators.
    “the first fully online university to receive national accreditation” · [more]
    an acknowledgment of a person’s responsibility for or achievement of something.
    “both parties create authorship, and to make this clear I have always used joint accreditations”

    1. Bark,

      Thanks for looking it out.

      “There are no constitutional Lawyers in the USA, and nobody is allowed to bring a copy of the US Constitution into any courtroom……” But why?

      1. Dmitry –

        No jurisdiction to allow it. The constitution is considered by judges to be a political issue. They are correct.

        Federal Judges judge only the statutes placed into the Federal Register….. the Code of Federal Regulations… C.F.R. They need “Enabling Legislation” to rule on. There is NO force & effect without it.

        The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is the codification of the general and permanent rules and regulations (sometimes called administrative law) published in the Federal Register by the executive departments and agencies of the federal government of the United States. The CFR is divided into 50 titles that represent broad areas subject to federal regulation.

        The CFR annual edition is the codification of the general and permanent rules published by the Office of the Federal Register (part of the National Archives and Records Administration) and the Government Publishing Office. In addition to this annual edition, the CFR is published in an unofficial format online on the Electronic CFR website, which is updated daily.

        Under the nondelegation doctrine, federal agencies are authorized by “enabling legislation” to promulgate regulations (rulemaking).

        The process of rulemaking is governed by the Administrative Procedure Act (APA): generally, the APA requires a process that includes publication of the proposed rules in a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM), a period for comments and participation in the decision making, and adoption and publication of the final rule, via the Federal Register.

    2. Bark, according to Catholic teaching Jesus promised the keys to heaven to Saint Peter, empowering him to take “binding action”. Moving forward through “Apostolic succession”, “Peter” the pope as the bishop of Rome, the chief pastor of the worldwide Catholic Church and head of state of the Vatican City State did a lot of binding after 1965. The perfect link you provided indicates those “binding actions”. If Jesus’ (spirit) does agree with those is a complete different matter than asking if the pope is Jewish. What matters is what is quoted as Jesus’ words to Peter: “Whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on Earth shall be loosed in heaven.”
      To make a pact with “the devil(‘s advocates)” and bind him (them) in heaven while loosing “him” on Earth might be a great idea of twisted human minds – just like the statement of the “Family photo of money changers and the bishop of Rome – the head of Jesus’ church”. Great Progress of the “holy” church!

  56. It’s my understanding that the USA as a constitutional republic was sold out to the british/king prince way back after the revolution, for some reason, probably the personal gain of the people who did it… It’s now a corporation, as per the pope’s modus operandi, he owns it, thinks he does… the british monarch controls it, does the milking and oversees all the laws passed… the District of Columbia is not part of the United States… And neither is your County Courthouse ANNEX… The pope’s agent, the Archbishop of Canterbury, crowns the British monarch… ‘British’ means ‘Covenant with israel’… It’s not England…
    PAT has all the straight dope on the TREATY of PARIS….
    “White Nationalist Americans themselves, as you can see from those Whites who frequent this website, have no passionate regard for the Palestinians and their plight. They would gladly sacrifice the Palestinians.”
    Where on Earth did you get that idea?
    WE all understand that freeing the Palestinians from the Zion will be the proof that we have freed the USA from the Zion… They both will go together…
    “Their main concern is mass immigration of foreigners into America. They want to keep America White. Period.”
    We see clearly the intent of the globalists is to negate the USA as a free and independent nation, with borders and boundaries, operating under the rule of law… Does anybody here deny that? It is obvious to us that the globalists are using racial hatred against white people as their method of massing and empowering the anti-white movement against what’s left of the USA as a constitutional republic, which most real Americans still believe it is, regardless of whatever shady deals may have been made otherwise…
    This does not make them “racists” or “White supremacists”. Because, you see, they were quite happy as long as the number of foreigners in the US was limited to roughly 2% of the total population. They could cope with that number. But not with over 50-60%!!!”
    We understand the racial facts of life – that race is a demographic factor, and that for the most part all non-whites are racially bigoted against white people in general, gasoline constantly poured on that by race-card politicians and sensationalist media, and that as soon as they get the majority in government they will immediately pass laws intended to transfer wealth and ownership from whites to non-whites… The push for ‘reparations’ is already happening, and the biden government will be hard pressed to refuse it… Furthermore, we can see that government under democrats has degenerated into one big extortion scheme, where at first the reps used tax money to buy black votes through the institution of welfare programs (LBJ – War On Poverty Great Society) and maintain and exploit that demographic.. And now the blacks are using their threats of violence to extort ever more and more such payoffs from the democrats…
    Look – there’s nothing wrong with pride in race and maintaining racial integrity…. And we see clearly the effort to smear all races into one non-specific mongrel mass… This the globalists do under the banner of ‘diversity’, but if successful it will in fact eliminate the characteristics defining it…. This they want to do on the national level too, elimination national boundaries …. And we understand this is being pushed by the Jews, who do not consider themselves as White and in fact maintain their own racially xenophobic kingdom in Israel, where immigration is strictly controlled…
    lots to pick from…
    To say that the motives of White Nationalists are totally stuck in senseless bigotry is rather ignorant…
    In Fact – economic depressions, like the one in the thirties and the one being cooked up now, are orchestrated on purpose by the fiat bankers and their warmongering allies, for the purpose of instigating wars for profit and political control…

  57. JO
    ““Whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on Earth shall be loosed in heaven.”
    I can agree with that…
    But be advised, they’ve just given you the inside scoop….
    The quote means there’s no difference between Heaven and Earth, one certainly no more important than the other…
    And as they say additionally – “The Kingdom of Heaven lies within You”…
    It’s not a place you go, it’s something you discover about yourself, if you can…
    As far as the Catholic Church goes, I’m betting the Jew bankers control that too….
    It’s immigration policies work lockstep with the yahudi plan to fracture the USA into racial enclaves, then cause civil war and destroy constitutional government… Lawlessness is becoming the order of the day now…
    Biden will increase the foreign militias into the country, call them gangs…
    White Americans will soon be totally outnumbered and the law will cease to protect them, like South Africa…
    At that point they’ll be forced to organize…
    The Vatican is just another Kingdom, the Jesuits are its CIA…
    It was big in the Treaties of Verona, where the monarchs of Europe laid their plans to sabotage the USA in reaction to the Monroe Doctrine, or the monroe Doctrine was a reaction to their plot…
    Here’s Senator Owen – 1916, for the record…
    All monarchies despise the Constitutional Republic, and we’ve got no greater enemy than Great Britain…
    The intel operatives maintaining its power are sworn to the monarch… Not the Rule of Law…
    The Jesuits make no pretense…

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