Deadly Condo Collapse: Miami in Mourning

A disproportionately large number of Jews have been killed, or are still missing under the rubble,  in the deadliest building collapse since 9/11. Israel has flown in its paramilitary rescue squads  and insists on playing a leading  role in the  coming investigation

Links courtesy of the David Irving site
June 30, 2021
Includes video

“Remarkable, to see a [Miami] building collapse like that in real time,” says the newscaster on CBS News; and Rabbi confirms that “most of” the high-rise’s missing residents were Jewish. (Otherwise, it was just like Gaza) | Some 20 Jews said to be among 99 missing, following Florida building collapse– Times of Israel      The other thirty-odd don’t count | Collapsed building in Miami had serious concrete flaws– nyt | Luxury condos: zillow | The first lawsuit        A civil lawsuit was filed by a unit owner who was not at the building at the time, seeking more than $5 million in damages for victims of the “collapse” who escaped.         Hmmmm. The first “collapse-survivors”?        Miami rabbi: At least 50 Jewish missing in Surfside collapse– forward      So this shonky building was also owned by Jews ? | Jewish Federation CEO on collapse: “it’s a communal wound”– forward | Jews in Florida demand Israeli “specialists” be allowed to take over rescue operations        Gov. DeSantis and the Firemen will not allow the Israelis near the rubble

VIDEO   :   2.46 mins

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  1. Wasn’t this the complex where John Mcafee had his condo holding all the terabits of information he released with his deadmans’ switch with his death?
    Just askin’

  2. One can only wonder. Unlike the WTC 1 and WTC 2 collapses (“dustification” more accurately descriptive), was there no predictive warning by cell phone sent to those who supposedly lived in the building? Maybe no one was home!

    Jim Stone, intrepid world-class investigative journalist, has followed this story, too. ( Link ) In several posts, we learn that Biden’s “Energy Secretary” — tossing aside dark and salacious thoughts inspired — suggested on CNN that “climate change” caused the Florida building collapse [no mention of Jewish involvement noted]. Earlier, speculation of a “leaky deck” of a swimming pool a hundred feet from the building ran rampant. That was after the “sink hole” theory sunk.

    Jim Stone also noted the remarkable lack of appropriate rescue equipment and efforts. “The tower that collapsed started with 199 units and was down to 135 or so. How many walls gone? Buildings of this sort can be bombed to oblivion in wars before they collapse like that. Jenga is in effect the exact same thing. It is all fairly simple, with one thing to consider: The complete lack of concern for rescuing anyone. That makes it all look like a hit job.”

    ACD note: One might also inquire as to insurance claims and their validity. Mr. Silverstein could serve as a consultant. Finally, Mr. Stone referenced the game “Jenga”. Jenga is listed by the kidSAFE Seal Program [ ]. Jenga does not seem a “safe game” for real-world play by adults.

  3. I have been watching the rescue crews from the beginning. When collapses have occurred in the past, there were so many rescuers crawling all over the pile of debris that it looked like ‘a red-ant bed’ full of helpers. NOT THIS TIME!!! There are only a handful working on removing the debris, and only one crane. They are stalling!!

    Steel girders are seen exposed and loose.

    This looks like still another efficient precise ‘pulling’ of a building using thermite. And there were $15MILLION reasons to take it down with thermite, which produces NO noisy explosion when cutting steel girders in the basement and other areas. That could be the cause of the smoke that was emanating from deep in the pile for the first two days. The estimate to bring the building up to meet safety standards was $15MILLION!! Now, the insurance money will be paid out for the damages and removal expenses. Letting the thermite burn completely out is a good reason for STALLING!!

    Grand jury probe into Surfside condo collapse should start with that mega $15 million repair bill

    “The Surfside disaster may become the deadliest accidental building collapse in U.S. history. There will be a lot for a jury to consider.”

    1. Pat,
      Yep. Something is awry. Donaldo SMELLS insurance shekels indeed. The building obviously didn’t simply collapse….too much charring and lateral displacement of debree. Also the Israeli interest in the event is quite curious. Perhaps the perp is infesting the crime scene. Anyway, before the building even fell, insurance claims emanated the media. Ok. Well. We shall see what happens. 🤔🤨🤠

    1. “In response to a [Miami] Herald request for 40-year inspection documents, Town Clerk Sandra N. McCready said the town has not yet received any from the building owners.”

  4. The first closeup videos of the collapse showed numerous light flashes as the building came down in what looks like a controlled demolition.


    They are sure taking their time to remove the rubble.

    No cranes doing a damn thing. They are intentionally NOT removing the debris.

    Reeks of a coverup and soon a hundred rotting bodies in the Florida heat.

    We need a ownership tax list of ALL the tenants vs the missing ones. All the units were private condos and they have owners, they must pay property tax, the county keeps an up to date list. The residents know who lived there. So do the pizza delivery boys.

    Jared and Invanka live next door. Happened coincidentally in time with McAfee assassination and his dead man switch. A whole thing is very suspicious. Coverup? Destruction of McAfee evidence? Advanced weaponry like 911?


    Jim Stone comments:


    “FOUR DAYS (4) FOUR DAYS after the condo collapse, the rescuers are SO AFRAID of lawsuits only 9 bodies out of a total of 160 are out of the rubble

    Are they REALLY afraid of lawsuits, or is it something else? This is starting to look like a hit job. At this rate the “rescue” will take 71 days, a timeline only made possible by wanting EVERYONE DEAD. This is taking so long it really looks like this was a hit, EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING should have been cleared away two days ago if there was any objective at all of saving people, and it could have been done with the right cranes, there are plenty of mobile cranes up to the task, probably at least 50 within a 20 mile radius. Even 3 of those would have cleared this mess by now.”

    1. In my previous career I was a professional fire fighter. I served at the OKC bombing also. The last thing you would do, if your goal is saving lives, is to just start using heavy equipment to remove debris. You would kill any survivors doing that. No, you have to do this largely by hand (and with tools) tunneling within the debris to get to potential survivors who, if they exist, are trapped within void spaces in the rubble.

      This is dangerous, dirty and hard work. The scenes of workers crawling all over the debris like ants, is what you would see in the first hours as those who can be rather easily extricated from the rubble are pulled out. But after that, this will be accomplished by small teams of dedicated men working deliberately and methodically WITHIN the rubble. It took us nearly 3 weeks to recover the bodies that could be recovered. Some were never recovered.

  5. A lot of jews from New York City are moving down to Florida permanently , jews are fleeing NYC, even the Upper East Side and the Upper West Side, — because their collective jew thinking/behavior/political agitation over the many many years for all kinds of LEFTIST causes has basically turned NYC into a third world garbage dump crime-ridden place. One has to worry all the time, there’s so much crime. And now NYC is no longer safe for the jews, just like NYC is not safe for White Americans. The crime rate is off the charts.

    In their jew desire to screw White Americans — they do succeed in screwing White Americans — but they also screw themselves. They’re supposed to be smart, as per the propaganda, but they can’t see that their jew machinations with the goal of screwing White Americans also ultimately has a negative impact on them. The jews are too stupid and blind to see that.

    On one hand, they can be very intelligent [ in a way ] , at the same they’re as stupid as the niggers and can’t see what the results of their thinking/behavior will eventually lead to. And when it leads to garbage results and the jews are immersed in the garbage results, they seem incapable of connecting their their garbage thinking/garbage behavior to the garbage results they find themselves immersed in. Jews like to think they’re exciting and trendy, I find them to be boring and lacking in true imagination and true intelligence. They have a type of intelligence, but it’s not true intelligence. It’s more a cunning way of interacting with the world. Its a very tedious type of intelligence if you want to call it “intelligence” and it’s just really boring and not all inspirational. It’s not even inspirational for them, they’re never happy, in spite of all of their machinations to control the culture.

    The Jews now totally control the culture and no one is happy — not even the jews themselves. They seem more miserable than anyone else in this jew culture we live in.

    1. Very good observation TROJ. The same can be said of the Jews of South Africa. They destroy a society with their cunning and then suffer themselves the consequences of their destructive behavior. Thus they are clever and stupid at the same time. They do that everywhere. They can’t help themselves. It’s in their DNA.

    2. You are right Joe.

      Parasitism always has a way of treating the parasite just as nastily as the parasite treats the host. As you correctly put it; “Garbage In Garbage Out” The end is the death of the Host, and the parasite.

      People who are parasitic do not understand that applying the “Live And Let Die” principle, leads to death of everybody.

      And if people have nothing to lose, because you have taken everything, they become very dangerous, both to the New World Order cryptocracy Oligarchs , and their minions.

      You cannot run away from the Hell you help create!

    1. Has “Rummy” now gone into the “known unknown” or is it the “unknown unknown”?

        1. As punishment, Ol’ Rummy will be required to drink a thimble full of aspartame a day to get a clue of what that sugar-substitute poison does to the physical body, even though he’s no longer inhabiting one. Which is ironic, seeing that reports are that it acts like formaldehyde! Talk about getting a head start to the (not so) great beyond ☠

          1. I should have mentioned for the uninformed that Rumsfeld got filthy rich behind the manufacture of aspartame. Between that, and his dirty hands all over the 9/11 ruse leading to the Iraq war and the ensuing Orwellian dystopia of “perpetual war” against the “evil axis”, it warms the cockles of my heart to imagine that the misery he heaved on others is now being visited on him. 👿

              1. Pat,
                Thanks! The posts about Rummy’s aspartame seem true indeed! Donaldo stopped drinking sodas 30 years ago. But for the last 2 years over-the-road in trucking he’s started each day of driving with a 44 oz cup of diet Coke. Afterwards he’s felt edgy, aggressive and unpredictable throughout the day. He thought it was just the stress of driving the rig on the highways. But, perhaps now, he has an explanation! Anyway. No more diet Coke for Donaldo! Donaldo, therefore, extends an eternal olive-branch of friendship and solidarity to our DM website as well as it’s knowledgeable posters….. especially his Jewish brethren who also post frequently provide valuable insight. Blessings 🙏 💞 to all Darkmooners!

                Post note:
                Rummy. Donaldo enthusiastically lifts a glass to your farewell. It ain’t a glass of diet Coke…..but of Mexico’s finest tequila. And he puffs a great Cuban cigar as well. As the cigar smoke rises, Donaldo can’t help but wonder…..has your father Lucifer afforded you a last drink of spirits and the puff of a cigar? Tell us please. We Darkmooners wanna know! 🤔🤨🤠

                1. Donaldo, next time you find yourself in our area (Lake Chapala), please take some time to stop by, hoist a tequila shot or two, and shoot the breeze off lakeside. We live next to the village of Tlachichilco. Always a delight to host a soul of like mind.

                  1. Donaldo,

                    So only the Jews at Darkmoon provide valuable insights? no NON-jews here provide any valuable insights? Mind telling us what some these valuable jew insights are? And what jews provided the valuable insights? Why can’t jews provide valuable info as qua jews? Why do jews always have to pretend to be some kind of “NON jew” before the jew can provide any valuable insights?

                    The only jew who didn’t pretend to be a “Non jew” and also provided valuable insights was MEL. That’s it. He was an exception, very much so. [ You’re a jew and you admit it, but you never provide any valuable insights, so you don’t count, lol . ]

                    As jews pretend to be “Non jews” then provide valuable insights, then how can any NON-jew thank such jews — as they’re pretending to be “Non-jews” ? If we want to thank them we can’t thank them for providing us with valuable JEW insights because they’re pretending to be “NON-jews” and how the f*ck are we to know they’re really jews?

                    If a jew pretending to be a “NON jew” provides some valuable insight and a NON-jew can tell it’s a jew providing the valuable insight and says “Thank you for your valuable JEW insight”, the jew pretending to be a “NON-jew” would have a conniption and act aggrieved and insulted and would start acting like a b*tch, really acting like a ((( b*tch))), but pretending to be a “NON jew” b*tch of course, *yawn*.

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                    1. TROJ,
                      Our friendship, despite it’s ups and downs, has endured over the past several years and Donaldo, despite his faults, remains loyal. BTW….. during your business trip abroad, Donaldo has remodeled your room EXACTLY as you specified. He bought you the king-sized SLEEP-NUMBER 🛏️ you wanted along with the navy-blue silk bed sheets. He also placed an expensive, electric LAZY-BOY chair in the corner of your bedroom balcony overlooking the beach JUST as you asked him to do. Your computer cubicle, however, is still under construction. But Donaldo should finish it by week’s end. Anyway…. please stop drinking the aspartame-laced diet Coke. It’s effecting your already volatile mind. Donaldo isn’t giving you orders TROJ….. just the loving advice of a friend. See ya soon! Safe travels! 🤗🤠

  6. My comment on Truthseeker different thread, concerning data releases and the collapsed condo:

    Yukon Jack on July 1, 2021 at 3:48 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    “One more thing about dead man switches and data releases.

    Don’t be an idiot and wait to release, always spill the beans as soon as you can, anonymously if necessary.

    Use the TOR browser, fly to a far away place and do a data dump on 4chan using a borrowed laptop.

    McAfee waiting to release incriminating data could have cost those Surfside Condo dwellers their lives, if according to a rumor, McAfee owned one of them.

    These knuckleheads withholding information is always the wrong tactic. Let us who study decide what is real or not, so always dump the data on the net immediately.”


    Conspiracy theory links John McAfee to Surfside building collapse: ’31TB of government secrets’

    The alleged tweet from John McAfee’s handle says, ‘If anything ever happens to me, please know that the 31TB of files I have are located on hard drives in my condo near 88th Street and Collins Avenue just north of Miami Beach’

  7. Yes, move the cranes in immediately and start lifting the debris away from the top down…
    That’s if you wanna make the effort to save a few people….
    If you really want no survivors, then keep needle dicking…
    Were there any survivors dug up?
    What about the fire?
    The first thing you do is shut off the gas and electricity…
    I’ve been in multi-story wood buildings in San Francisco with basement parking, where the wooden supports underneath were pretty much all rotted away with insects – powder-post beetles… you could stick a screwdriver right through some of them…
    Concrete doesn’t rot but the rebar does, if it’s getting wet…
    the concrete structure won’t stand without the rebar…
    When you build a footer, the inspectors make sure the rebar won’t be touching the earth anywhere after the concrete is poured… otherwise it will rust out pretty fast…
    a chronic leak somewhere into cracked concrete will do the trick too…
    i doubt these buildings are designed with much for failsafes built in…
    if one floor gets on top of another one – down she goes…
    rusted out rebar will be evident in the rubble…

  8. Barks,

    I do not understand why there is clear evidence of pan-caking. Its as if the main support beams gave in without any resistance pointing to major structural weakness.

    The floor horizontal slabs actually look quite thin from a far And there is that pile of dusty debris, almost as if there was serious issue in regard to the quality of the concrete in the slabs. Then, we have to consider the issue of the foundation, and its proximity to the coastal waters.

    The area actually looks like a Man-made Island, pointing to a possible hygroscopic nature of the ground. Possibly the reason why they may not want investigation to go to that direction, since it exposes the multi-million real estate in the area.

    In all, the building looks like a Sand Castle brought down by heavy rain

    Just a thought

  9. The Israeli MOSSAD is at the scene of the collapsed condo in Surfside area of Miami in what is an IDF military operation code-name “Operation Patio Furniture”. FACT. The MOSSAD is at the scene of the collapse to recover any patio furniture that wasn’t crushed, the patio furniture that was unscathed and Thank G-d not damaged, and is still in pretty good shape and is still usable — and smuggle the loot “the goods” back to Israel on a Miami-to-Tel Aviv El Al flight so the American “goyim” authorities won’t be able confiscate the loot “the goods”! Because whoever has the most STOLEN Patio Furniture cluttering up one’s backyard IN THE END AFTER ALL IS SAID AND DONE IS THE WINNER IN LIFE! FACT!


  10. “But emails released by Surfside also show that Prieto dismissed concerns over potential damage to the building’s foundation from a nearby construction project just two months after the engineer’s report.”

    “abundant cracking” in concrete columns, beams and walls in a field survey report.

    1. Thank HP For the link.

      I had a hunch, looks like I was not very far………

      “Beyond immediate questions about the cause of the Champlain Towers’ collapse are broader questions of Miami’s long beach-front development, often built on reclaimed land or sensitive barrier islands. Reports have identified parts of north-east Miami Beach where the ground has sunk, though experts stress it is far too early to make any meaningful guesses as to the exact cause of the collapse.”

      Some guys will be looking at BIG loses, as the Dominos fall take effect on the Condos on reclaimed marshland, unless additional brisk Pencil whipping and hand greasing, media suppression, gives way back to “Business as Usual. “

    2. Thanks, Homer!

      “Miami-Dade and Surfside officials have vowed to release all documents relating to Champlain Towers “to get to the bottom of what happened” as fires in the rubble* have hampered efforts to reach possible survivors.”

      *Not only gas…. but Thermite does that in those ‘numerous’ places.

      I wondered how many were roasted and/or asphyxiated as they were pinned in that concrete oven. It was ‘Armageddon’ to them!!

  11. The MOSSAD is there at the collapsed condo, so the building was “pulled”, it was a controlled demolition. Maybe some kind of infighting amongst the top level jews in Washington — and possible also infighting amongst top level jews in Israel. Maybe the building had issues but that’s not why it collapsed. It was a controlled demolition type collapse. But maybe it wasn’t jew infighting.

    Another possibility : Now I find out that John MacAfee owned a condo in the building. Of all the buildings in the USA and all the buildings in Miami John MacAfee happened to own a condo in the very building that was brought down on purpose, by controlled demolition. MacAfee died in Spain, in prison. Probably murdered [ and not a suicide ] . He died in prison in Spain on June 23rd. The very next day on June 24th the building in Surfside area of Miami where he owned a condo is brought down by controlled demolition and jews from Israel are swarming all over the place at the collapse site. A day after he dies in prison, most likely from murder, 99% chance he was murdered ] the building where he owned a condo is intentionally demolished. Very Fishy.

  12. The building was 12 stories. They were building hotels with 12 stories or more for a very very long time, the old hotels 12 stories or a little bit more are still standing [ if they weren’t intentionally razed to make way for more modern type hotels and/or condo buildings. ].

    There’s huge high rises in Miami near the beach and on the mainland of Florida , those buildings are also built on sand, basically. They don’t collapse. Most of Florida is sand. Even inland it is very sandy. Engineers know how to build a sturdy foundation for tall high rises on sand. They’ve been building tall buildings on sand for a long time. I live in Florida 10 miles inland from the ocean and it’s very sandy here. If you want to plant something not indigenous to the area and you want it to actually look good and not wilt and maybe produce flowers you have to buy fertilizer and organic soil to amend the sand and try to turn it into some kind of rich soil. It’s not rich soil in Florida, it’s basically sand.

    They’ve been building hotels in Florida on the beach on sand 12 stories high and some taller since the 1920s at least, some at the turn of the 19th/20th century. NONE of them came down like this recent collapse. NOT ONE. Quite a few are still standing. The ones not standing anymore were intentionally razed/brought down by controlled demolition to make way for more modern type buildings. they did NOT collapse. NOT ONE.

    I live in Florida. Got any questions about Florida ask whiddlejoew in Florida!

  13. In Jim Stone’s latest report [ see ], he claims to have unraveled the “Miami building collapse mystery”. The Miami Herald, GOOGLE, and others figure in his CONs’ Piracy theory.

    My bet: An insurance scam, a rif on the Oklahoma City destruction of the Murrah Building, supposedly replete with a daycare center; Sandy Hook (no kids died there, either); and 9-11. Only this time, evidence brought forward already by Jim Stone, what’s been left at the scene of this crime, busts the Miami “false flag” quicker than most. Nobody died! Anyone “missing” went mi$$ing for a rea$on.

    Just my opinion, of course. All the competent forensic engineers I once could call colleagues SAY they still believe 19 Arabs with box cutters flew two planes into the WTC complex and brought down three towers. Who do you turn to in such times of dire need?

    1. @ Alan Donelson

      Don’t you ever think for yourself?
      Or are you Jim Stone’s parrot?
      Or Miles Mathis’ s parrot!

      I’d love to know which of these two brainboxes
      you would regard as the more omniscient? 🙂

      1. It seems Mr Donelson is totally incapable of independent thought. If you run through all his comments, you’ll find he has never made a comment without prefacing it by the immortal words: “As Miles Mathis says … As Jim Stone reports…”

        We are expected to be bowled over by these laudatory references to Mathis & Stone Ltd… WOW! If Miles Mathis said it, it’s gotta be true! … As for Jim Stone, he was never once wrong, was he.? The smartest cookie to come out of the oven! 🙂

        So sad. The criterion of truth is whether Mathis and Stone Ltd said it or not. If Mathis says Hitler is a “crypto-Jew”, bingo! Now we know why Adolf adored bagels and gefilte fish and wore a kippa in bed! 🙂

        (Courtesy of Miles Mathis who thinks Adolf is a CRYPTO-JEW) 🙂

        1. Edward Snowden would have much to say about the total imbecility of a paranoid schizophrenic like Miles Mathis who once analysed Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and came to the conclusion that Einstein was a Jewish conman who didn’t have a clue about physics. Mathis ended by boating that his own grasp of physics was far superior to Einstein’s. If this had not been generally recognized, it was because there had been a massive — you guessed it! — “conspiracy” against Mathis in which his equations had been stolen by Mossad. 🙂

          1. Snowden is interesting on the “taxonomy” (or classification) of conspiracy theories. He argues that conspiracy theories are deliberately invented by paid operatives for whom the manufacture of conspiracy theories is a full-time job. It’s obviously a full-time job for the likes of “Mathis & Stone Ltd”, to quote Madame Butterfly. 🙂

            1. In a recent article, Snowden gives us a neat classification of conspiracy theories. He begins by stating that the concept of an “enemy” is fundamental to all conspiracy theory thinking. The following categories would apply:

              (1) “Enemy Outside,” which pertains to conspiracy theories perpetrated by or based on actors scheming against a given identity-community from outside of it.

              (2) “Enemy Within,” which pertains to conspiracy theories perpetrated by or based on actors scheming against a given identity-community from inside of it.

              (3) “Enemy Above,” which pertains to conspiracy theories perpetrated by or based on actors manipulating events from within the circles of power (government, military, the intelligence community, etc.).

              (4) “Enemy Below,” which pertains to conspiracy theories perpetrated by or based on actors from historically disenfranchised communities seeking to overturn the social order.

              (5) “Benevolent Conspiracies,” which pertains to extra-terrestrial, supernatural, or religious forces dedicated to controlling the world for humanity’s benefit (similar forces from Beyond who work to the detriment of humanity Walker might categorize under “Enemy Above”).


          2. That’s nothing, Madame. Pat claims his scientific knowledge of NUCLEAR physics is FAR SUPERIOR to Dimitri Kahelov’s knowledge of nuclear physics. In fact, Pat says Khalezov doesn’t know anything about Nuclear physics. NADA does Dimitri Khalezov know about Nuclear physics or any other kind of physics. Pat knows everything about Nuclear physics, astrophysics, you-name-it-physics Pat knows every type of physics inside and out — and he also knows EVERYTHING else there is to know about EVERYTHING!

        2. You all need to ask your cousin Monte the Wizard of Oz to give you brains, none of you seem to have any,

          ADMIN: Well done, Troj! you’ve had more comments posted today than anyone else! I like the video.Though off-topic, it’s very refreshing and helps to ease my Weltschmerz

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        3. MANFRED, as per a reply to what SARDONICUS posted later than you (I surmise) sent by ADMIN, from whom I received a note, I have replied to ADMIN in full (not “in fool”) to ADMIN. Let me know if you would like to read it.

          Maybe ADMIN would like to post it for me!

          1. I welcome your comments, Alan, which are usually very intelligent. But I certainly don’t have to share your admiration for Jim Stone and Miles Mathis. Is that OK with you? 🙂

            1. Let’s not go off-topic, Alan. We are not here to discuss two minor celebrities of the Conspiracy Theory fringe movement! 🙂 We are here to discuss the Condo collapse in Miami. So let’s keep our eye on the ball.

              1. Leave it, Alan. This is not the time to pick a fight with this guy.
                There’s nothing wrong with respect for Jim Stone and Miles Mathis.
                They add to the color and variety of life.

      2. My reply — from ADMIN’s e-mail directly to me, though not identifying SARDONICUS as source — I sent to ADMIN. Let me know if you, SARDONICUS, would like to read it, too!

  14. Maybe thermite can bring down a 12 story building but it took a lot more than thermite to bring down the WTC Twin Towers. As in 9/11 in NYC was a NUCLEAR EVENT. World leading physicists know 9/11 in NYC was a NUCLEAR EVENT. The NYC metropolitan area still has high levels of Radiation from 9/11 when the level of radiation in NYC and NYC area skyrocketed. Thermite doesn’t cause a YUGE increase in Radiation but NUKES do.

    Does thermite, when thermite is used to bring down a building, does thermite produce any radiation at all, Pat?

    Traces of thermite found in the ruins of the WTF Twin Towers [ if it’s true thermite was found at the WTC ruins and it’s not B.S. ] does NOT mean NUKES weren’t used. BOTH thermite and NUKES could have been used, but NUKES were used, DEFINITELY, 100% 9/11 in NYC was a NUCLEAR EVENT.

    The expression “Ground Zero” is a military expression meaning ” the place of a NUCLEAR explosion, the place where a NUKE was exploded. A place where a NUKE or NUKES were detonated” . You know that, Pat. You know A LOT about the military, you know what “Ground Zero” means, what it signifies. Stop playing games. You can’t say you’re a career military man high in rank and also claim you don’t know what the military expression “Ground Zero” means/signifies. Videre Licet.

    And speaking of Videre Licet, devout Catholic Ann Barnhardt who has a lot of Sensus Fidelium says we’re living in what is called :

    “The Precipice of The Eschaton”.

    1. “…does thermite produce any radiation at all, Pat?”

      All molten metals produce radiation, of course, mostly infrared in the form of heat…. and the visual spectrum, ROYGBIV. 🙂

      There are no significant amounts of IONIZING radiation from molten thermite that I know of.

      1. Pat,

        There was a huge spike in NUCLEAR RADIATON in NYC and the NYC metropolitan area on the very morning of 9/11. The Nuclear Radiation levels in the NYC metro area are still higher than is normal, HIGHER than the Nuclear Radiation levels in the NYC area BEFORE 9/11. It wasn’t thermite that caused the huge spike in Nuclear radiation ~ “there are no significant amounts of IONIZING radiation from molten thermite” ~ so then it was NUKES detonated to bring down the WTC Twin Towers. There is NOTHING else that can explain the huge spike in NUCLEAR RADIATION [ IONIZATION ] in NYC and the New York City area the very morning the Twin Towers imploded on 9/11.

        Also : About the military expression “Ground Zero” which means the place/the location/ the site where a NUCLEAR detonation took place. It’s a military expression, It was the military who gave the MSM permission to use the expression. The MSM didn’t make the expression up from thin air. In fact it was the military who told the MSM to use the military expression Ground Zero the site of a NUCLEAR detonation. The MSM would NOT be using the expression without the permission of the U.S. military.

        Which leads us to the question : If Nukes were NOT used in NYC at the WTC , then why would the military, the government, want to make people suspicious that NUKES were used to bring down the Twin Towers if Nukes were not used?

        Why would the government want to give the people the impression Nukes were used in NYC on 9/11 by using the military expression for the location of a NUCLEAR detonation if Nukes were NOT used? Why would the government want to plant thoughts in the minds of people, esp. Americans, that Nukes were used if Nukes were NOT used? Especially as there’s a good number of Americans who don’t believe the government narrative about 9/11 and never did.

        Why would the govt. want to make the skeptical Americans even more suspicious and even more mistrusting of the government by using a military expression meaning the site of a NUCLEAR detonation if Nukes weren’t used on 9/11? That doesn’t benefit the government any.

        The military expression for the location of a NUCLEAR DETONATION took place is used to describe where the World Trade Center once stood. We call where the WTC once stood GROUND ZERO. Does that not pique your scientific curiosity and/or military-minded curiosity at all, Pat? And if the answer is NO then could you be kind enough to explain why your answer is NO. Thank you, TROJ.

        1. “There was a huge spike in NUCLEAR RADIATON in NYC and the NYC metropolitan area on the very morning of 9/11.”

          Explain what monitoring device you used to detect that “spike” and the time of day that YOU were there. *grin*

          ” Does that not pique your scientific curiosity and/or military-minded curiosity at all, Pat?”

          NO!!! Nuke conversations are held by amateurs. They never even heard of keff!! 🙂

          1. Pat,

            Yeah well, Dimitri Khalezov has heard of “keff” — and knows all about “keff’. For more information about what Dimitri Khalezov knows about Nuclear IONIZTION Radiation , use Search Term :

            ” Dimitri Khalezov 9/11 Nuclear Event”

            The Search Term can be used at Youtube also. A few years ago there were more ” Dimitri Khalezov 911 A Nuclear Event” videos at Youtube, a lot of them have been taken down, but there’re still some up and available. They’re worth watching. Very important and valuable information in the videos about 9/11 we will never anything about from the MSM. At Bitchute use Search Term :

            “9/11 Nuclear Event”

            I will be going to World Truth Videos this evening. I will let Darkmoon know what I find there concerning “911 Nuclear Event” — and I will try real hard not to go OFF-TOPIC as I have the bad habit of doing and send Darkmoon > The Die Fahne Hoch Song by Horst Wessel < music video of Adolf and his brownshirts beating up "innocent" pedestrians they don't particularly care for, for various reasons. God, give me the strength to refrain from going OFF TOPIC. AMUN. *grin*

  15. Sardonicus from the tribe of you know who always gets perturbed bothered and bewildered and greatly annoyed and sometimes downright angry when anyone questions a media “narrative” from the tribe of you know who about whatever event/topic under discussion.

    I don’t know about Miles Mathis, but I do know that Jim Stone has a LONG history of being right. Doesn’t mean Jim Stone is always 100% of the time right. Doesn’t mean he’s “omniscient”. NO ONE said Jim Stone is “omniscient”, Sardonicus. And no one said Miles Mathis is “omniscient” either. That’s a straw man argument and you know it .

    Jim Stone is NOT “omniscient” but he is right MOST OF THE TIME — he’s right most of the time , but still, it’s absurd to say , or imply, that those who read Jim Stone see him as being “omniscient God”. Those of us who appreciate Jim Stone read his website because he is RIGHT MOST OF THE TIME. He has an excellent record of being RIGHT MOST OF THE TIME. Though NO, he is NOT “omniscient” and NO ONE HERE AT DARKMOON or any where else online ever said he’s right all time, NO ONE ever said he’s “omniscient” , NO ONE ever said or implied even in the slightest that Jim Stone is “GOD” is “omniscient” [ same for Miles Mathis NO ONE here at Darkmoon and no one anywhere online claims Miles Mathis is “God” is “omniscient ] :

    Take a hike, Sardonucus, and take your strawman along with you on your hike away from here — this way you can have the kind of company you like best, a brainless strawman. Remember The Wizard of Oz? The strawman doesn’t have a brain. And your strawman doesn’t have a brain either. Take your brainless strawman friend and take a hike and get lost, you and your brainless strawman both.

  16. You know, I know, everyone in ADMIN knows, everyone knows :

    If it was the NAZIS who bombed Santa Maria delle Grazie Catholic church in Milan with the goal of bombing to rubble the great Catholic masterpiece of art by Leonardo Da Vinci “The Last Supper” and destroyed a Catholic church and a Catholic convent in the process — perhaps even killing Catholic nuns and/or Catholic priests in the process of trying to destroy “The Last Supper” mural by Leonardo Da Vinci, if the NAZIS had done this OMG!! I could just imagine. Lasha would have at least 100 feature articles about it here at Darkmoon. ANTI-Nazis here at DM would bring the NAZI bombing of “The Last Supper” subject up A LOT — to prove how evil Hitler and the Nazis were.

    Throughout the whole Noosphere alt media there would be a lot feature articles about it. In the jew mainstream media, the jew MSM would never let anyone forget that the evil NAZIS wanted to bomb into rubble Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” how barbaric! The NAZIS didn’t like ART!!!! The Nazis were ANTI-ART!!! There would be books about it. There would be TV documentaries about it. There would be at least one JEW hollywood movie about it. And TCM would show it once a month.

    BUT the Allies bombed a Catholic church and a Catholic convent — possibly killing and/or seriously injuring Catholic nuns and/or Catholic priests in the Allied quest to bomb “The Last Supper” into rubble — so NO ONE talks about it — because the Allies ~ Our Side ~ did it, NOT the “evil” Nazis. But if had been the Nazis who did it, we would never hear the end of what they did and how “evil” there were doing it.

    But the Allies did it, so we will never hear about it, certainly we’ll never hear about it in the JEW MSM media, and not even here in the Noosphere alt. media we will ever hear about it not even here at Darkmoon – – here in the so-called “alternative” to the JEW MSM media we will never hear about it — here in the “alt” media including here at Darkmoon, where TRUTH is so appreciated and so cherished and truth telling is so highly encouraged we will NEVER hear about the Allied bombing raid Mission : turn Catholic Art Masterpiece “The Last Supper” into rubble, even if it means bombing/ severely injuring/ killing Catholic nuns and/or priests.

    Why don’t you all go jump in a swamp and go f*ck yourselves silly in a fetid swamp with the alligators and your brothers your blessed Sisters your aunts your uncles, your goombahs, your cousins the crocodiles crying crocodile tears in some sewer swamp , go tell “the truth” to the alligators, see how they react to your “truth telling”. jackasses.

    1. uncle :

      I knew if I used potty language you would feature the post, that’s why I used bad language. My strategy worked, *grin*.

  17. Robert Manley
    That’s a great comment, very explanatory …
    There is though, one thing that really makes this issue very …”strange” …
    The fake Jews who -amongst many others before- today occupy Palestine
    Brought their asses quickly to Miami, almost without permission.
    But…Robert ..
    Do they have experience digging people out?
    How many buildings have gone down in so called “Israel” since it’s inception in 1948?
    How many earthquakes in Tel Aviv? (Even though about 4 billion people wish it happens everyday)?

    The U.S. could’ve called people from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Gaza, Mexico
    Or maybe even from Oklahoma or California who have gone through this kind of tragedies before.
    The only answer to this I see here is that the Khazarian tribe came running because there are about 100 of them under the rubble and you know, well, they got to help their kind.
    That’s something Arab traitors like Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Bahrain, Morroco and Sudan dont do every time Gaza is destroyed..
    The Arab traitors actually make money out of such tragedies!
    So, Arab traitors are similar to White American traitors (politicians, i mean) who kiss that stinky, skinny Jew ass in order to buy a bigger boat and bigger house in the hills so that their cynical wives can have long island, margarita and sex in the beach cocktails and snort good ol Colombian coke in the living room…
    The children of Gaza and the hills of Kentucky and Montana?
    “They will be ok”
    The Jew whispers ….
    So yes, great comment but analyse that

  18. i remember the cops and the firemen punching each other in the face when they started getting to the bottom of the wtc rubble pile… cops wanted to throw all the fireman off the premises… wonder why?
    the firemen didn’t take it too well…
    I don’t know about thermite but I have used dynamite and I can tell you it’s toxic as hell…
    The first few times you use it you’ll get a splitting headache…
    delay always works for the defendant, which will be whatever gang of developers put up this structure…
    and all the others in the neighborhood are scrambling now to get clear of liability, sell out somehow before the next one collapses…
    florida taking a big pr hit on this one…
    maybe that’s what desantis gets for screwing with the jews in world communism, er, zionism central hq – nyc…
    texas took a pretty big hit on that freezing storm last winter too…
    if there is no more natural weather, well then wtf?
    i remember the massive rainstorms that quelled the last uprising in haiti a few years back…
    the longer it takes to get to the bottom of the rubble, the less likely those responsible will have to pay…
    all these missing persons presumed to be buried there, the lawsuits will be piling up for decades to come…
    one thing i don’t get though – how can this terrible thing be blamed on ‘white supremacists’ and racists, donald trump or global warming? there’s gotta be a way…
    i’ll give odds right now that somebody out there in koo-koo media will find a way to pin this collapse on one of the above, or something similar….

  19. Perhaps over the life of the building, remodeling was done involving a few key, structural load bearing or sheer bearing (you know, restrains sideways movement of the floor above) walls or combination of the both were removed here and there to join condo units together into a larger, more luxurious, spacious condo unit. In order to save shekels and time, perhaps a design structural engineer was not consulted, or inadequately consulted (limited scope)?

    And after all the debris is sufficiently removed, what if the majority of those 90+ occupants are not found? I don’t say this is the case, but worth inquiring, discounting the “wokeness” of the situation.

    Perhaps this is another instance of, create a need (problem), eliminate the competition, then engineer/market a solution?

  20. Those equipped to do so must track the Jews in the building to see how many were there. Just like the Space shuttle we probably will find many are still alive. One thing is for sure no military in Israel will have a corp for this type of work. All military is about destruction not clean up. So something stinks the closer you get to Jewish involvement. Why are the Mexicans there? Are Americans not apt to do such work. Hey no masks on those Israeli butchers did you see.

    1. “Why are the Mexicans there?”

      They work cheaper as they have 10 or MORE families sharing just one apartment…. or basement…. as in NYC! (NO basements in Miami!!)

      “…..But this household is different from most in Manhattan. For one thing, there are 27 people in it—all Mexicans, most of them undocumented.”

      “According to a recent City Planning Department study, two-thirds of all Mexicans in New York live in overcrowded conditions, the highest percentage of any immigrant group in the city.

      “Twenty people in a Staten Island house built for six, eight in a Queens studio apartment, five in four narrow beds on Broadway just south of Columbia University. Clothes squeezed into liquor-store boxes, the toilet always occupied, the air rank with the smell of too many bodies in one place.”

      1. Pat quoted NYMag: “According to a recent City Planning Department study, two-thirds of all Mexicans in New York live in overcrowded conditions, the highest percentage of any immigrant group in the city. Twenty people in a Staten Island house built for six, eight in a Queens studio apartment, five in four narrow beds on Broadway just south of Columbia University. Clothes squeezed into liquor-store boxes, the toilet always occupied, the air rank with the smell of too many bodies in one place.”

        Malcom-X (Little) recognized the problem of NYC poverty created by these 13th tribe housing and business owners, was very vocal, and was murdered in 1965 as a result.

        1. To paraphrase Malcom X . . .
          “Stick a knife in my back nine inches, pull it out six inches and call it compromise”

      2. Pat, they’re also generally smaller, wiry and tough as hell.
        As you no doubt know. (me too) BTW, where’s the German shepherds and other dogs on scene? Have you spotted any?
        Just wondering because they sure can hear and sniff good..

        1. Yes, Homer…..

          I have traveled much of Mexico. I get along with the people great. They brought me their lunches to share when I was their supervisor on the shop floor in Houston, at Gulf Electroquip, rebuilding 500 to 5,000 HP motors, catering to work boats and offshore drilling, especially Zapata, POPPY’s rigs. 🙂 Also, I have used Mexican contractors here quite a bit over the last year, with very good results.

          I saw no dogs. Good point!
          The powers want NO WITNESSES to the planned demolition.

          BTW – Tough??? No doubt about it! See six-time world champion in three weight divisions, and for several years he was considered one of the best pound-for-pound boxers in the world….. Julio Cesar Chavez, who also has the longest undefeated streak in boxing history, 13 years. His record was 89-0-1

          1. Pat, I had five Mexicans on my maint. Team and they were outstanding workers, team players even as they were complete individuals. Often we’d throw the beisbol at lunch. They sure do love them some beisbol! Whenever I’d say ‘mitt’ instead of glove they’d all lol. So obviously I kept it up. My main man and amigo Rodrigo would bring in homemade tamales, empanadas, gorditas, etc. and that was also mucho appreciated by all!

            P.S. I saw Richard Steele stop that Chavez bout with Meldrick Taylor with 2 seconds left. Bummed me out.
            And Benny the Jet was pretty damn feisty too.
            Really liked him too.

            1. I rarely missed a fight years ago.
              Steele always said, “Last and final round!” How redundant!! Hilarious!! 🙂
              Others would say, “Twelfth and final round!”

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