Despair, Depression, and the Inevitable Rise of Trump 2.0

RT via Information Clearing House
January 20, 2021

Glenn Greenwald tells RT his Biden administration predictions.
(See full 29-minute interview at end of article)

America, Joe Biden says, “is back.” Beyond the sloganeering, journalist Glenn Greenwald reckons that means “militarism, imperialism, and corporatism,” he told RT’s Chris Hedges.


Could Biden be setting the scene
for Trump’s return in four years’ time?

Glenn Greenwald is a lawyer who turned to journalism in 2005 to protest the suppression of Americans’ civil liberties under the Bush-Cheney ‘war on terror’. Greenwald came to international fame by breaking the Edward Snowden NSA whistleblower story in 2013. He later co-founded the Intercept, but quit the outlet in October after saying editors there suppressed his coverage of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“I don’t think it’s particularly difficult . . . to know what to expect from the Biden administration,” the acclaimed American journalist told Chris Hedges, host of RT’s On Contact, on Sunday. Biden, Greenwald continued, has enjoyed a five-decade career in Washington and made his policy priorities well known over these years.

Biden is “somebody who has repeatedly supported militarism and imperialism” and “one of the crucial leading advocates of the invasion of Iraq,” he said.

On the domestic front, Biden is “a loyal servant of the credit card and banking industry” and the “architect of the 1994 crime bill,” the latter of which has been blamed for dramatically upping the incarceration rate of black men in the US.

That leftists involved in Black Lives Matter protests rallied around Biden, given his involvement in passing the crime bill (he was one of 61 senators who voted for it) is “ironic,” Greenwald told Hedges, but also serves as an example of how the Democratic Party operates.

“Democrats are very good at creating a brand that is radically different than the reality, but essentially the Democratic party serves militarism, imperialism, and corporatism,” he said. “That’s who funds them, that’s what they believe in. It’s why you see neocons migrating so comfortably back to the Democratic Party, why you see Bush and Cheney operatives cheering for Joe Biden, why Wall Street celebrated when he picked Kamala Harris.”

Biden’s campaign didn’t only draw support from the left – who Biden then spurned by packing his cabinet with Obama administration alumni while giving progressives like Bernie Sanders the cold shoulder. The former vice president was also supported by Republican hawks like Bill Kristol and Max Boot, as well as the much-maligned ‘Lincoln Project’ Republicans, who fundraised $67 million to shoot attack ads against Trump in the runup to November’s election.

The rallying of the establishment – Democrat and Republican alike – behind Biden could have far-reaching consequences, Greenwald warned.

“It’s not a coincidence that after eight years of Obama and Biden, we got Donald Trump,” he said. “Obviously, if you go back and do exactly the same thing that the ‘Obiden’ administration did for 8 years, which is what Biden’s preparing to do, any rational person has to expect the same outcome

The American middle class, Greenwald predicted, will “continue to be destroyed,” while companies “that have no allegiance to the US” will continue to outsource jobs. “Communities will continue to be ravaged with unemployment crises, drug addiction, suicide, depression, all the things that are dominating small American towns.” After what Hedges called a “third term of the Obama administration,” Greenwald warned that Biden could set the stage for a “smarter, more stable version” of Trump to take power.

LD:  This is a remarkable prediction: could Biden be setting the scene for a “smarter, more stable version” of Trump “to take power” at some time in the future? The mind boggles! Are we going to have Trump back in four years’ time, a completely sanitized and rehabilitated Trump? Or could a “smarter, more stable version of Trump” refer to Ivanka Trump? or to a completely different person with toned-down Trump characteristics? The language used by Greenwald is, unfortunately, ambiguous. [LD]

Americans looking for in-depth coverage of the Biden administration will likely be short-changed.

Four years of Donald Trump have birthed left-leaning journalists that cheer on the censorship of conservatives and deplatforming of “dangerous” voices, Greenwald believes.

The left, he said, shows little objection to Biden because they “bought into the overarching narrative that there are only two choices – unite behind the Democratic Party and fight fascism and Hitler, or succumb to fascism.”

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  1. ًWell , about Ivanka Trump , and using the illuminati’s numbers,47,which is an important number like july fourth , 7/4 ,Ivanka could becom the 47th potus in 8 yrs at the age of 47 . she’s now 39 . I believe leaders and athletes are farmed. DJ Trump being a good example .

    1. Darkmooners,
      American politics has slowly evolved into a series of episodes of the “Jerry Springer Show.” Let’s shout “Jerry! Jerry!….children. It’s an endless unveiling of “dirty laundry” directed towards the American herd to distract their infantile minds from the real play of the complex web of geo-economic politics comprising knowledge and concepts which they can’t comprehend. (At least the distraction used to matter when VOTING meant something.) Nowadays, the average Joe- 6-pack is presented with the data of merits or failures of (((politicians))) who have no real power anyway. Tell Donaldo please. Kamala may be a 5-star sword-swallower and Biden an arch-pedo….but do THEY have ANY real power at all? No. Didn’t think so. It’s all smoke-and-mirrors Jerry! The REAL play are the $$$$-boyz in the shadows. AND they are the MOST dangerous. 🤔🤨😎

  2. What happens in the next four years up to the next selection is anybody’s guess, and here are my guesses tongue in cheek.

    Dominion voting machines are installed everywhere that makes sure the correct candidates always win by a landslide, can’t have anymore contested elections that stress out the sheep. From now on the 4 year pretend elections will be happy affairs, as now the big guvment issues mandatory big pharma happy pills. Anyone without a smile is reported to the happy police.

    No need to protest either, as D.C. has become a wall fortress just like in Democratic Israel. Amerika is now free as 66.6 foot high solid concrete walls keep the people from gaining access to our glorious lawmakers, who all now wear big yellow AIPAC badges virtue signalling that they all love Israel. Surrounding the wall are armed Mexican banditoes all wearing badges that say “we don’t need no stinkin’ badges”. Antifa protests the wall, they write in big black letters REVENGE, because of BLM lawlessness new laws are passed making Ai “smart” execution robots killing legal.

    Due to improved Covid PCR tests, 100% of Amerikans now have the Covids and must be permanently locked down. All slaves must wear two masks just to be safe. Amazon robots deliver nano laced foodstuffs with quad drone copters. Tesla is now the biggest corporation ever, Tesla stock is now worth three thousand a share, the Biden administration has made electric cars mandatory in all 49 states, except Texas, which is now it’s own country.

    Amerika will be more free in 2024 as we build back better. I hear that comrade AOC is now the speaker of the house, global warming doubters are now “terrorists”, it’s a green new deal and a new start for Amerika, life has never been better as suicides are up 10,000% percent. Amerika, love it or leave it, or die trying.

    1. Brilliant predictions, Yukon. You should write futuristic novels!

      BTW, your tongue-in-cheek prediction “All slaves must wear two masks just to be safe” is remarkably prescient. Only yesterday, in a mainstream newspaper in the UK , I came across the idea that it would be safer to wear two masks rather than one.

      I saw a dotty old lady on the bus yesterday … she could barely breathe … she was wearing three masks!!! 🙂

      1. So after I wrote that comment I went to my slave job and thought of this: I was out in the woods and found a magic mirror stuck in a hemlock tree, apparently forgotten by one of the local witches or covens, I walk up closer, wow, this ain’t no ordinary mirror cause when I get closer and closer I see the midsts of time, so quickly I thought, I should ask the mirror a question and see into the future, so I said outloud, ‘mirror mirror in the tree, what will be the headlines of 2023?’

        Oh beautiful man, Kamala you see will be teaching young women how to please their men, her new best seller will be How to Get Ahead by Giving Head. I looked straight into the mirror and sure enough I could see that exact book floating in the air above a newsprint which talked of great popularity of this new book, it was all the rave among the collegiate coeds.

      2. So there’s more to the magic mirror story, after I see Kamala Harris’s popular book on how women can self empower themselves in this world these days, I see Kamala Harris face smiling and the words WHORE OF BABYLON, the words fade and the magic mirror says to me ‘Son of the Republic, look and learn.’

        Then my eyes beheld a fearful scene: From Europe, Asia, and Africa arose thick, black clouds that were soon joined into one. Throughout this mass there gleamed a dark red light by which I saw hordes of armed men, who, moving with the cloud, marched by land and sailed by sea to America. Our country was enveloped in this volume of cloud, and I saw these vast armies devastate the whole county and burn the villages, towns and cities that I beheld springing up. As my ears listened to the thundering of the cannon, clashing of sword, and the shouts and cries of millions in mortal combat, I heard again the mysterious voice saying, `Son of the Republic, look and learn.’ When the voice had ceased, the dark shadowy angel placed his trumpet once more to his mouth, and blew a long and fearful blast.

        “Instantly a light as of a thousand suns shone down from above me, and pierced and broke into fragments the dark cloud which enveloped America. At the same moment the angel upon whose head still shone the word Union, and who bore our national flag in one hand and a sword in the other, descended from the heavens attended by legions of white spirits. These immediately joined the inhabitants of America, who I perceived were will nigh overcome, but who immediately taking courage again, closed up their broken ranks and renewed the battle.

        “Again, amid the fearful noise of the conflict, I heard the mysterious voice saying, `Son of the Republic, look and learn.’ As the voice ceased, the shadowy angel for the last time dipped water from the ocean and sprinkled it upon America. Instantly the dark cloud rolled back, together with the armies it had brought, leaving the inhabitants of the land victorious!

        Then the mirror said, `Son of the Republic, what you have seen is thus interpreted: A great peril has come upon the Republic. In this great conflict the whole world will unite against America, yet they shall not prevail against her. Let every child of the Republic learn to live for his God, his land and the Union’. With these words the vision vanished, and I stood frozen staring at the mirror which just showed me our near future.

  3. From the article:
    “Americans looking for in-depth coverage of the Biden administration will likely be short-changed.”

    Here is some brief “in-depth coverage” for ya…. and more to come…. since Obama wrote over 250 EOs.

    Contrary to the claims of Mahmoud Ahmed El-Yousseph….. Congress is NOT needed for the President to make orders/MANDATES on his own!! 😨

    Here are Biden’s executive actions from his VERY FIRST SIX HOURS:
    • An executive order requiring that people wear masks and maintain social distancing on federal property.
    • The launch of a “100 Days Masking Challenge” to encourage Americans to wear masks.
    • The reversal of Trump’s decision to remove the U.S. from the World Health Organization. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, will lead the American delegation, CNN reported.
    • An executive order that creates the position of COVID-19 response coordinator and restores the Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense, a team in charge of the pandemic response, within the National Security Council.
    • An executive order to extend eviction and foreclosure moratoriums. The moratorium for evictions will be extended until at least March 31.
    • Extended the existing pause on student loan payments and interest for Americans with federal student loans until at least Sept. 30. “These are emergency measures that will help to make sure that no American is put in the place of having to make the decision to pay their student loan payment or put food on the table in the short term and will help to provide some near-term relief,” Brian Deese, the new director of the White House National Economic Council, told The Washington Post.
    • An “instrument” that will allow the U.S. to rejoin the Paris Agreement on climate change within 30 days. The executive order fulfilled a campaign promise and represented a stark rebuke of Trump’s “America First” approach, the Post reported. Trump officially withdrew the nation from the Paris agreement on Nov. 4.
    An executive order with the aim of “embedding equity across federal policymaking and rooting out systemic racism and other barriers to opportunity from federal programs and institutions.” This order will also disband the Trump administration’s 1776 Commission, which released a report on Monday that historians said distorted the role of slavery in the U.S.
    • An executive order reversing an order that excluded undocumented immigrants from the Census. The order now requires non-citizens to be included in the Census and the apportionment of congressional representatives.
    • A memorandum directing officials to “preserve and fortify” the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The memo strengthens DACA after Trump’s efforts to undo protections for undocumented people who were brought into the country as children.
    • An executive action repealing two proclamations, informally known as the “Muslim ban” that restricted entry into the U.S. from majority-Muslim countries. Biden directed the State Department to restart visa processing for individuals from the affected countries, The New York Times reported. The president also asked the agency to develop ways to address the harm caused to those who were prevented from coming to the United States because of the ban.
    • An executive order revoking Trump’s “harsh and extreme immigration enforcement” and directing agencies to set immigration policies more “in line” with the Biden administration’s “values and priorities.”
    • A proclamation that will pause the construction of the border wall with Mexico and determine how to best divert those funds elsewhere. The order includes an “immediate termination” of the national emergency declaration that allowed the Trump administration to redirect billions of dollars to the wall, the Times reported.
    • A memorandum to extend a designation allowing Liberians who have been in the United States for a long time to remain. The order would block the deportation of Liberians who have been living in the United States.
    • An executive order directing the government to interpret the Civil Rights Act as prohibiting workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, in addition to race, color, religion, sex and national origin.
    • An executive order enacting new ethics rules for government officials. The rules will require executive branch appointees to sign an ethics pledge, barring them from acting in their personal interest.
    • An executive order reversing “regulatory process executive orders” enacted by the Trump administration. Directs OMB director to develop recommendations to modernize regulatory review and reverses Trump’s regulatory approval process.
    Biden is expected to sign more executive orders relating to the coronavirus on Thursday and economic relief on Friday, the Post reported. A “Buy American” action is expected Monday, and an order addressing racial equity issues will follow Tuesday.

    1. This IS designed to help Democrats>>>>>

      An executive order reversing an order that excluded undocumented immigrants from the Census.
      The order now requires non-citizens to be included in the Census and the apportionment of congressional representatives.

    2. Yukon,
      Yep. “How to get ahead by giving head.” Many women seem comfortable with this tactic. Donaldo reflects. 1998…..Marietta, Georgia, USSA. Donaldos bosses had invited him to an “outing” to celebrate the New Year. We ended up in a sleazy strip-club getting plastered with whiskey. Later on, a beautiful 20-something brunette invited Donaldo to an enclosed-booth for 15 minutes of QUALITY time. A price of $200.00 was agreed upon, trousers down and Discover Card handed over before the ORAL SESSION commenced. Donaldo shortly exited the booth a happy camper and began drinking again with his bosses. What a deal! What great service! Afterwards we all went home. The next morning Donaldo swiped the Discover Card to buy a cup of coffee at Quik Trip….. transaction declined…. account overdrawn. Donaldo paid cash for the coffee, went home and on-line checked the transaction history of the Card. The 20-something brunette Goddess had actually charged Donaldo $4500 for her oral service plus a generous $500.00 tip…..AND Discover Card refused to refund the shekels. Anyway. Ancient history. But WHO was to blame? Donaldo of course. His drunkenness had cost him $5000.00! He was a victim of HIMSELF and had purchased the most expensive (perhaps) HEAD in US history. Anyway. On a philosophical note, us folks are in-part only victims of ourselves inadvertently making ourselves VULNERABLE to the whole cast of bad actors (many in government) by way of our vices, empathy, laziness (flojera in Spanish) and simple selfishness. Oh well. Donaldo doesn’t ask for forgiveness nor expects it from the BAD ACTORS. Perhaps a solution would be to modify our own personal behavior as the esteemed Gilbert Huntly once posted long ago. 🤔😛🤠

  4. The Paris climate accords are UN Agenda 2030 and should be read by every thinking America as this is the basis of everything under this fake climate change agenda.

    UN Agenda 2030 is the longer version of the 10 planks of the communist manifesto.

    Bidens administration is communism uncloaked.

  5. “America, Joe Biden says, “is back.” Beyond the sloganeering, journalist Glenn Greenwald reckons that means “militarism, imperialism, and corporatism”.
    Exactly !
    Last night cnn showed a get together where the last three presidents -before trump – were discussing the future of america etc etc
    There was sex maniac bil clinton, there was genocidal maniac and alcoholic george w bush and barack Hussein obama aka ‘salam u aleikum dron obama’ whose specialty was killing afghan children peacefully pasturing their goats over the hills of waziristan …
    It’s gonna get worse ..
    The only country that will see success will be israel and a few others


  6. Great. Biden-Kamala will spend the next 4 years destroying the USA [ what’s left of it ], then Trump comes back as The God Emperor and pardons dozens and dozens of jew and black criminals who made out like bandits because Biden-Kamala destroyed the USA and the jew and black criminals played a big role in helping Biden-Kamala destroy the USA, and God Emperor pardons them and wags his finger at us White Americans and lectures us White Americans about racism and Anti-Semitism and xenophobia against LEGAL third world immigrants.

    The black rappers and jew mobster criminals can vote for him next time. He loves black rappers and jew mobster criminals so much.

    I feel awful I gave Pat and BMan such a hard time during the 2016 presidential campaign. I was blinded by my disgust of Hillary and her Huma Abedin and her whole cabal/ilk. Trump was a little bit better than them, but not much better — and in the end it was obvious his job as president, his responsibility to his JEW tribe, was to be a Judas Goat president leading White Americans to Washington DC so Deep State ANTIFA could take over his “MAGA/Win Back The Steal” march and so the COMMUNISTS could WIN THE STEAL and forever label White American “domestic terrorists”. Trump in his 4 years in Office, quite a few times, implied that White Americans are “domestic terrorists”.

    He was a Judas Goat president for those of us who are White Americans, leading White Americans into the slaughterhouse. He “didn’t know” ANTIFA was going to be in Washington on Jan. 6th.. His march on Jan. 6th was all designed to lead us White Americans into the COMMUNIST slaugtherhouse run by Biden-Kamala for the benefit of the jews. Trump knew EXACTLY what was going to happen the first day he asked his supporters to be in Washington on Jan. 6th. He knew it because he helped plan the whole thing with the “swamp” creatures in the JEW Deep State. His role in the black flag/false flag was integral and instrumental in the success of the Deep State operation.

    Half his family are die-hard Chabad Lubavitchers, the other half are also JEW to-the-core. And Ivanka didn’t “convert” to Judaism. She was born a jew, it’s in her blood/DNA. The “Ivanka converted to Judaism” is a LIE the Trump family tells. She just moved from one type of Judaism [ liberal Judaism ] to another type of Judaism
    [ Chabad Lubavitch Judaism ] . That’s not converting. It’s just changing synagogues.

    1. When did U.S. presidents start relying on Presidential Executive Orders so much? I don’t remember hearing alot about Presidential Executive Orders when I was a kid [ I always read the newspapers and news magazines when I was a kid ]. When I was a kid, a million years ago, every once in awhile one heard about a Presidential Executive Order. Every once in awhile, once in the blue moon, NOT every day. Now it seems as if that’s all American presidents do, issue Presidential Execuctive Orders. That’s all they do now. Presidents never go before Congress anymore and present bills they would like to see be Law. Amazing!

      And also Amazing! Everyone acts as if a president who does NOTHING but issue presidential executive orders is normal. No one expects a president to debate anything anymore. Just issue a Presidential Executive Order. It’s not normal — and it wasn’t always this way, presidents who do NOTHING but issue Presidential Executive orders. This is a new thing, or a relatively new thing.

      They need to get rid of Presidential Exectuive Orders. Make it illegal. Add a Constitional Amendment making presidential E.O.’s illegal. They also need to make it illegal for presidents to grant pardons [ we’ll need another amendment to the Constitution ]. They need to get rid of the 5th amendment. One should tell the truh in a court of LAW at all times. If one is guilty then the truth is one is guilty and the guilty one should admit the truth, he should admit his guilt. Expecting the innocent to tell the truth then the guilty one can plead the 5th is just absurd. Especially when everyone knows all those who plead the 5th are as guilty as sin. But they walk away scott-free.

      And they need to pass a law putting AGE RESTRICTIONS on presidential candidates. 70 being the cut off. After 70, one can’t run for president. The way it is now, it’s so ridiculous to have a 78 year old president. And he has dementia no less.

      If one is 70 and wins the presidency, then wins a 2nd term, then he’s 78 when he leaves. That’s IT!!! That’s as old as it should get.

      1. TROJ –

        “When did U.S. presidents start relying on Presidential Executive Orders so much?”

        Lincoln started them and wrote 48 of them
        Teddy Bear Roosenfelt wrote 1081.
        Wilson wrote 1803.
        Coolidge wrote 1203.
        FDR wrote 3721…. the most since he was there forever, as an American Destroyer!!
        Truman wrote 907.
        Ike wrote 484.
        Reagan wrote 381.

  7. Biden is “somebody who has repeatedly supported militarism and imperialism” and “one of the crucial leading advocates of the invasion of Iraq,” he said.

    Indeed, but it’s one thing to support an immoral cause as part of a mob (which is of course bad) and another thing when the commission of the immoral act becomes a direct personal responsibility. So my question is this: Will touchy-feely apparently morally bankrupt hypocrite Joe Biden be willing to accept personal responsibility for giving orders that could result in WW3; or for refusing to take action to reverse something that could cause WW3? Time will tell.

    The American middle class, Greenwald predicted, will “continue to be destroyed,” while companies “that have no allegiance to the US” will continue to outsource jobs. “Communities will continue to be ravaged with unemployment crises, drug addiction, suicide, depression, all the things that are dominating small American towns.” After what Hedges called a “third term of the Obama administration,” Greenwald warned that Biden could set the stage for a “smarter, more stable version” of Trump to take power.

    This statement doesn’t make very much sense IMO. A “‘smarter, more stable version’ of Trump” would still be a morally bankrupt version, and that is the fundamental problem here, so how does Greenwald (or anyone else) see much of a difference? America is self-destructing because it is corrupt, not because of some facile policy differences between a few morally bankrupt rulers. Only a leader who leads by good moral example has a chance to save what’s left of America; pretentious virtue signaling isn’t going to cut it. All these slogans about “healing and national unity blah blah blah” from team Biden are already starting to make me sick.

      1. @ Saki

        Thanks for the link.

        I agree with him that the U.S. “government” has supported Israel for the last 70 years – and that’s not going to change anytime soon – but I believe the character of the president is a factor; e.g., I believe that war with Iran is less likely with zionist Biden in the White House than if militant zionist extremist Trump had been reelected. I hope Biden doesn’t prove me wrong on this.

        BTW although it’s still too early to come to any conclusions, from what I see at it looks like Biden plans to end support for the Saudi war on Yemen and is apparently “seeking” a five year extension of the New START treaty with Russia.

        1. Harold,

          Prepare yourself for some rude shocks ahead.
          Soon, all too soon, I can hear you crying:
          “Come back, Trumpenstein!” 🙂

      2. @ Saki

        Prepare yourself for some rude shocks ahead. Soon, all too soon, I can hear you crying:
        “Come back, Trumpenstein!”

        I think I’d do cyanide first. (Where can I get some?)

        Anyway, I wish Putin would take the gloves off. If the shoe were on the other foot and it was the U.S. that had a 10 year lead over Russia in missile and missile defense technology, electronic warfare, etc., the madmen would be shamelessly pushing their weight around and generally exploiting that technological edge to the fullest possible extent.

        Being that Russia has the edge this time, the Russian government should not be so ready to negotiate ANYTHING with the U.S. “government.” The U.S. “government” loves “preconditions” so Russia should give them some; e.g. no nuclear weapons talks until U.S. troops illegally in Syria are removed, or something like that – while at the same time Russia would start to deploy nuclear-armed intermediate range cruise missiles aimed at all NATO countries in Europe.

        Touchy-feely-sleazy Joe Biden and his sleazy handlers need to be challenged.

        1. Harold,

          Putin is too shrewd to make Hitler’s mistake: to begin a war because he had psyched himself into believing he was invincible. “Ripeness is all,” as Hamlet said. You should only start a war when you are absolutely ready and ripe for it, knowing that the enemy doesn’t stand a hope in hell of prevailing. America remains a formidable foe vis-a-via Russia, especially with the full force of NATO behind it. Whereas Russia would have to be 100% sure of China’s support before it started WW3.

      3. @ Harold Smith

        Anyway, I wish Putin would take the gloves off.

        He will. Just don’t push him in the back – all in due time, and not before that.

        He will be forced to take the gloves off by the very logic of the geopolitical confrontation, which is all but inevitable now: the process that he launched last summer by his open bid to regain sovereignty for the Russian State is in full swing, and – if history is any guide – it cannot be stopped now.

        This is not the first time Russia lost its sovereignty and regained it later. It will happen again. Says so history, not me! Just look how calm, reasonable, content and merry our (if somewhat foxy 🙂 ) president is; he is absolutely convinced that “our cause is just and we shall prevail”.

      4. Q: How many Pat-like blockheads are in the City of Moscow today?
        A: Around 4 000, i.e. roughly 0.03% of 13 million residents. Not excessively many, is it?

        Want proof? Here it is:

        Btw, DW (Deutsche Welle) is a German version of fake news. This is just the beginning of a long shot of the rotten to the core West at utterly stupid bid to oust Vladimir Putin via its favorite, time-honored technique of instigating a color revolution in any country that refuses to toe the line drawn by Ameriqua.

        Keep dreaming, bastards!

      5. HS –

        No hurry…..
        Before taking on the US…. Puny Punk Criminal ‘Put-On’ needs to sell his castles, casinos and planes and cars in order to get enough money for a ‘real’ aircraft carrier.
        The one he has now is actually a modified cruiser!!! 🙂

        “We Now Know Why Russia Never Had an Aircraft Carrier Fleet – Not enough money or enough capacity.”

        Refit work on Russia’s aging aircraft carrier seems to have slowed!!

        As a predominately land power, and one that was low on cash and ship-building capacity, Moscow was never able to field multiple true carriers. Russia did try, and continues to make plans, but it is unlikely it will build more carriers anytime soon.

    1. Biden does the biddin of the Fed Reserve. So did Trump. Yellen is yellin fer more debt… her only product!

  8. FFS!!! JoHo’s been in office just over TWENTY FOUR HOURS and they’re ALEADY talking about Trump 2.0 ???


  9. Holy Cow! All white nationalist, white supremacist, all Republican commenters on this site were right all along about the Biden Administrations. In no specific order, TROJ, MB, Pat, GH, THE REASLISt, SAKI, JACK, Herald Smith, Donaldo, Al (sorry if I could not remember the rest of the names) You guys nailed it!

    All Ten of Biden’s high profile appointees are Jews. That’s right. Every. Single. One.

    1- Sec. of Treasury: Janet Yellen
    2- Attorney General: Marrick Garland
    3- Sec. of Homeland Security A. Mayorkas
    4- Director of National Intelligence: Arvit Haynes
    5- The White House Chief of Staff: Ron Klain
    6- Sec. of State: Antony Blinken
    7- Deputy Sec. of State: Wendy Sherman
    8- Sec. of State for Public Affairs: Victory Nuland
    9- The Office of Science and Technology Policy: Eric Lander
    10- Director of the Central Intelligence Agency: David S. Cohen

    I wonder if we should change the name of the US to the United States of Israel! Any other suggestions for a name change? Perhaps renaming the WH into David House or The House of David. Hey, we already have Camp David! But that was named after President Eisenhower’s grandson David. By the way, the name change was done by Executive order. It was not a law. It was within the President’s authority and does not requires congressional approval.

    @ Shlomo Mo

    Now I will cut cheese and you pour the wine!

    1. Hey MELY – you WANTED Biden… well NOW you’ve got him….. GOOD n HARD!!!!

      And GUESS what? Pres Jo’Ho – who you were so GLAD got “elected” – ain’t even completed his FIRST full day in The Oval Orifice yet!

      And there’s a lot more comin’ where that came from… so you’d better grease up and BOHICA!
      HAHAHA!!! 😂😂😂

      1. Hey Shit List,

        What does this ” you wanted Biden—- so you’d better grease up and BOHICA!” supposed to mean?

        You are such a filthy animal! This kind of trash talk does not belong on a respectable site like Darkmoon.

        If you don’t like the way I voted, tough shit! And If you did not like that I voted for Biden, you can suck my middle finger.

        My advice, you have to learn manners before you post here, dumb a$$!

        PS: I just stumbled into this nasty a$$ comment.

    2. And another thing… why the hell is MB in that list…
      when she’s done NOTHING but bitch & moan about Trump and ” white supremacists” since what seems like time immemorial???
      Not to mention her sophormoric swooning EVERY time Bidens name cropped up this past six months!!!😡

      MELY: Are you outta your freakin mind???

      1. @ THE REALIST

        Give it a rest, sunshine! I’ve never had a good word to say about Biden and Kamala, though I’ve had my fair share of Trump bashing comments. No more than Harold Smith who is one of the best commenters on this site.

        If you can find a single comment of mine putting in a good word for Bidden, let’s have it.

        When I read Mahmoud’s latest news that 10 Jews had been promoted to high office by Biden, includinng a whole bunch of trannies and limp-wristed “merchant bankers”, I almost sent in a comment saying “COME BACK TRUMPENSTEIN!”

        So there! 🙂

    3. You forgot, Anne Neuberger, National Security Agency cybersecurity director. Thanks for the list.

  10. According to supposed “Military Intelligence” conduit the populations of USSA & ZOGUK will both be “reduced” by 75% – Yes Virginia, that’s THREE QUARTERS!!! – by 2025…

    …so something tells me you MIGHT have BIGGER fish to fry than worrying about Trump 2.0!

  11. Well Mahmed,
    you need to make up your mind, either you are a muslim or a retired usaf general.. if you are both you need to hide one of them lest you be looked at as a moron.
    You can’t go around bragging about being part of the u.s. army and being proud
    you joined those who slaughter your keen at weddings, mosques (50 mosques destroyed by the u.s. england and the shia coalition in faluyah alone!) Schools and hospitals …
    Do you suffer from split personality? squizophrenia?
    You can’t preach that Islam is a religion of peace while at the same time condoning what the u.s. army does to poor innocent civilians all over the muslim world …
    You sound like christian zionists who betray jesus in order to satisfy those who killed him …
    It’s an oxymoron, a paradox …
    In other words …


    1. …or in Mamoods case, he can’t have his falafel and eat it!

      @MB: I’ve noticed that when you’re on the defensive – and GUILTY!- you ALWAYS drag some other personage into the debate – in this case HS – as a foil to hide behind… too “cute” for words.. but it dont work on me. THANK YOU!

      1. @ The Realist

        Do you really think your opinion matters to me? Your failure to recognize my effortless superiority to you, both culturally and in the moral sphere, is the best compliment I could receive. THANK YOU! 🙂

        1. @ THE REALIST

          You are no match for Madame.
          Why don’t you shut up and stop bullying her.
          She is infinitely your superior, you pathetic wanker.

          1. Manfred,

            You don’t need to defend me.
            I can swat flies on my own. 🙂
            (But thanks all the same).

            1. Actually, I think you have misjudged ‘The Realist’.
              He’s not a bad egg. He’s simply indulging in horseplay.
              He has many redeeming features, including a sense of humor.

    2. @(((GET REAL)))

      Hey Bible-Shortener, If you want me b.s. comments, first learn how to spell my name, dip shit.

      You’re an instigator and a distraction on this site. Your goal is to spread division and promote ISISraeli propaganda.

      Why not stick to one name rather than using a half dozen names on this site.
      Make up your mind, bitch!

    3. Quit being a hypocrite, Beagle-Head!
      Last week you were bashing Trump
      Today you’re in bed white nationalist.
      It is your people who called Jesus a homo and his mother is a slut

      Now you have the nerve to come to his defense?!
      Your people are very deceptive and not trustworthy.
      Your book said it is okay to steal from non-Jews.

      You have Palestinian blood on your hands!
      Get the fuck out of here. Zionist troll!

      1. MEY,
        “Get Real” called Jesu-Cristo a “homo”. Ok. But let’s “get real” and analytical shall we? Donaldo, though of Jewish ancestry, is practical and not an enemy of Christianity. Religion and scripture, in Donaldos mind, are but systems of control. But that’s another subject. Donaldo views the historical Jesus Christ (if HE ever existed) as a great mortal. He, after all, is still remembered after 2000 years. Much greater then the humble Donaldo or any other Darkmooner whom will all be RIP in cemeteries within the next 50 years. But the historical Jesus supposedly lived into his 30’s. Throughout his lifetime, did he feel no sexual urges? Donaldo assumes that he was indeed endowed with a penis. Did he feel no sexual attraction towards the ladies? Especially the lady who washed his feet with her tears and hair? If a lady had gotten on her knees and done such to Donaldo she would have been the mother of a kicking-screaming 9-pound baby boy 8 months later. Anyway. No blashemy intended. Full respect for the historical Jesus figure. But the sexuality of Jesus IS a question that begs to be answered. If Donaldos logic is wrong, may any Darkmooner tell him so and state their position. 🤔🤠

  12. You offended white nationalist who saw hope in donald trump, maybe he fooled them maybe he didn’t maybe he run out of time. They saw hope in him because they are tired of the status quo, of seeing their country being used by the leeches.

    WHAT GOT TRUMP WAS THE COVID; he had an approval rate of 60% a year ago exactly, he was doing fine; he was ill advised and told to downplay the virus for the sake of the economy that he had boosted, don’t scare the people, he was told!
    He tripped in an event that has no precedent! He just didn’t know what to do !
    And it cost him -and america- dearly.
    White nationalists are decent people and nationalism is a norm in every race! Blacks, natives, arabs, Jews, Russians are all proud of their heritage, why wouldnt whites be proud ?
    Many of them hate war and that’s why they defended trump because that’s what he promised….
    So you are against someone who doesn’t want to kill your people but have fistfights over those who do?
    Go figger


    1. Don’t be TOO hard on Mahmood. At least he ADMITS to his JoHo mistake! I just heard on Fox News that an Arizona congressman is proposing “2nd Amendment Sanctuary” status for his state. (That declaration has already been made by many counties, but really has no bite-of-law, yet – although the intent is obvious.). My own, Virginia County is one such, and the sheriff has guaranteed he will NOT enforce any federal gun laws. JoHo has, already, declared anti-gun intent. Take a lesson from Solzenitsyn, and oppose it at any cost! (You’ll wish you had, in the end…)

      1. Gilbert,

        So what is the general feeling in Virginia among your close associates to the new Biden administration? Do you think things are are going to get much worse? I hear Bidden has promised $ 1 TRILLION (!!!) to be distributed among struggling families. Big handouts on the way, it seems. Unless of course all this money makes its way into the wrong hands…

      2. Madame –

        Many of my neighbors are still finding it incredible that Biden is now called “President”. We resent that scum residing in our White House, and are feeling quite put upon. Seriously, though, I’m not betting on many of my acquaintances to be brave enough to actually stand-up to the swarms of agents sent forth to loot us, so I can only suppose there will be unsung, isolated incidences of mortal opposition – and then only misconstrued by the popular “news” broadcast. Each man must decide for himself, and determine to never surrender our guns or our land. Reconcile oneself to an honorable death. 🙃

        1. GILBERT,

          I am truly grieved to hear you say this. Maybe the time wasn’t ripe for an uprising on 20 Jan. But the Biden camp knows damn well that half the country does not accept it. And that should rein it in and make them think twice about taking too many liberties. These prescient words of LD’s, made two days before the Inauguration, are perhaps worth remembering and ought to offer some comfort to outraged patriots like yourself:


          THOSE JITTERY WHITE NATIONALISTS who expect Biden and Kamala to start throwing their weight around and behaving like tinpot dictators, are, I feel sure, worrying themselves needlessly.

          Biden is more likely to be a lame duck president.

          This is because he has a narrow margin in the House and will have to depend on his Vice President Kamala’s casting vote in a 50-50 Senate. He is also hampered in his movements by a conservative Supreme Court. In other words, he’s weak. Kamala may shoot her mouth off, but she won’t have the power to start shooting from the hip. It’ll be all mouth and no trousers.

          There’s a strong likelihood that any violence on Wednesday will be sporadic and muted. Anyone who is expecting something big—on the scale of a new French or Bolshevik Revolution—is, I think, going to be sadly disappointed. If forced to stick my neck out and predict what will happen on Wednesday, my guess would be that all this tohubohu will fizzle out after some token violence—a violence whose only objective will be to “save face” and give Trump the opportunity to hightail it to Mar-a-Lago, muttering darkly: “Watch it, America! I’ll be back!”

          And maybe he will . . .

      3. @ GH

        I would not trust that Shlomo Mo if I am you.

        What is wrong with you, it is his tribe who called Christians “Goy” – an insulting and demeaning term – lower than an animal, not the Arabas or the Muslims.

        Remember the saying, ” don’t fish in dirty water.”
        You’ll never know what you going to get.

        Besides, he is a self-confessed Israeli spy. His main goal is to sabotage the Darkmoon website.

  13. Hey Slomo Mo, What’s up with Israeli tourists visiting the United Arab Emirates (UAE) stealing items from hotel rooms in Dubai and anything they could carry? I asked you about it last month but you ignore it.

    Now I hear Israeli tourists are also stealing items from Dubia Air and Emiratis Air, such as toiletries and even life jackets.

    Can’t go any lower.
    I guess once a thief is always a thief.

  14. No way in hell should there ever be Trump 2.0. Trump is a traitor through and through, and the proof is his last group of pardons, one for Pollard’s handler Aviem Sella:

    “Sella was an Israeli Air Force officer and Mossad operative who recruited and handled Jonathan Pollard, an American naval intelligence analyst who spied for Israel. Shortly before Pollard was arrested, Sella fled the U.S. He was indicted for espionage in 1987, but was never extradited to stand trial. The Trump White House said that Sella’s petition for a pardon was requested by the Israel government and supported by Miriam Adelson, the wife of conservative mega-donor Sheldon Adelson.[87]”


    Another reason Trump should be dropped like a lead balloon, is his thieving actions concerning Israel, giving away the Golan Heights. Trump also pardoned several war criminals convicted of murdering natives – convicted by courts martial. Trump is ok with our guys murdering innocents in Afghanistan and Iraq, just read his pardons.

    Trump talked up the rule of law, well Trump doesn’t believe in it at all, not when it comes to his Jew buddies like Ronen Nahmani, Conspiracy to distribute synthetic drugs. Trump pardoned an Israeli drug dealer.

    “Nahmani, an Israel-born Florida resident, was convicted in 2015 of conspiracy to distribute synthetic drugs acquired from China, and was sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment”


    Someone who is actually patriotic needs to write a book about Trump so there is never a 2.0 of this horrible lying thieving Israeli loving murderer. And I see Iran seeks to have him arrested and stand trial for Soleimani murder. We should send Trump to Iran one way and be rid of him. Trump has sympathy for thieves, read up on Judith Negron or Philip Esformes who bilked taxpayers for hundreds of million. Trump went bankrupt 6 times, by declaring bankruptcy he used the courts to get out of paying what he owed his clients. That is the real Trump, thief, liar, murderer.

    “In his final day in office, outgoing President Donald Trump has pardoned many prominent Jews convicted of a myriad of crimes. ”

    Weiss was convicted of bilking $125 million from the National Heritage Life Insurance Co. and its elderly policy holders. He fled the United States and was sentenced in absentia in 2000 to 845 years in prison, but he was eventually extradited from Austria.

    Weinstein was sentenced to a 24-years in prison for real estate investment fraud that cost investors $200 million in losses in the form of a Ponzi scheme, which included targeting members of the Orthodox Jewish community.

    Let us hope to God Trump goes away and the Trumptards finally wake up about their savior which betrayed them in the end.

    1. I’m looking forward to the deaths of Donald Trump THE BETRAYER , Joe Biden, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Kissinger. They’re all getting up there in age. I’m not advocating violence against them, never that! God forbid! May they all die a natural death — very soon, the sooner the better.

  15. I remember the good old days not so long ago when the Liberals, Progressives and Democrats of the day actually believed they were fighting “the good fight.” None of them would piss on the FBI(cia) if they were on fire.

    Just a few short decades later, nowadays, it’s nothing less than kiss, kiss, smooch, smooch all day and all of the night. With the M$M fifth column singing backup. Yeah, a helluva combo..

    1. Yep, Homer. This is just one of hundreds of reasons why there are no needs for all out military wars or major destructive forces using major bombs in the USA. No Armageddon needed.

  16. With the demented Joebama/Obiden in the Out House signing ex. orders that he never reads, all prepared months ago,(the fix was already in), sleeper Joebama/Obiden is paving the way, in a few years, for a vaccine injured autistic to be nominated by the US Communist Party USCP, (formally known as the Democratic party) and to enter the Out House. In that 50% of all children will be vaccine injured autistic in 25 years, under Marxist laws of justice and equality it would be only right for a autistic to become President of the Idiocracy. After all lockdown nation is already 90% there.

    1. Correct TJ! As I told Homer. This is just another of hundreds of reasons why there are no needs for all out military wars or major destructive forces using major bombs in the USA. No Armageddon needed. China has time and patience. The US is a big part of their 50 year plan.

      1. While contemplating HP’s quite curious medical condition – which is, btw, totally different from TROJ’s, Brownhawk’s, Pat’s, and Yukon Jackass’s – a natural question has popped up in my mind:

        What makes a man born and raised in one culture to be obsessed to the point of madness – quite literally, in HP’s case – with a totally different culture? As I see it, the answer to this question is generally speaking threefold:

        (1) Something is terribly wrong with the culture to which the person was born and raised;
        (2) Something is disturbingly wrong with the person;
        (3) Both of the above.

        It appears that the correct answer in the case of HP is (3). Wouldn’t you agree, folks?

      2. Circassian, you mundane mudslinger you, perhaps if you had (lol) contemplated a bit harder, further, deeper, cleaner, you might have gotten lucky! Three times now I’ve ridden to your rescue when you were drowning in a sea of inanity but that’s just the kind of fellow I am. I can’t help it if I was born that way..

        (#4) My last life I was a monk, say the Jyotish Shastris. The barbarians killed me but as I was progressing in spiritual realization I was (once again) compelled and impelled onward, accommodated with a top notch body (Yantra). Both a blessing and a curse to no doubt test me and not so subtly keep me honest in that at the least I may recognize the same.

        Now was that so hard to contemplate?
        (shaking off the mundane mud).

      3. Three times now I’ve ridden to your rescue when you were drowning in a sea of inanity

        In your head, brother, in your head! Confusing what’s in one’s head with reality – a state of mind, which you demonstrate so vividly and in so many ways, – is called mind projection fallacy:

        … but that’s just the kind of fellow I am. I can’t help it if I was born that way.

        I know, brother, and I condole with you – that’s just the kind of fellow I am.

        Any more questions to HP or about HP, folks? I have no more questions for this “Jyotish Shastris” with a top notch “Yantra” body oxymoron. Go in peace, brother: the last thing I would want to do is to rattle that fragile worldview – or shall I say, illusory safety cage – you find in a foreign religion as the last refuge in your “forth life”.

        However, I’ll tell you the following, although it is entirely doubtful that you can make use of it. You are traveling in the direction opposite to that of MB, brother: She started off as an ugly caterpillar, worked hard to build a cocoon around herself, and then transformed to a beautiful butterfly, while you started off as a normal – I presume – human baby but in your “progressing in spiritual realization” ended up in a zoo cage for an involuntarily loling, monkeying monk, if you pardon the pun… and the image. That’s a shame!

      4. Circassian, last chance to be all the Circassian you can be.
        Don’t screw it up! Please at least try to fake a little flexibility..

        (#5) I am not at all well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

  17. I didn’t have the stomach to watch the video, Chris Hedges got to my gag reflex right off the bat…
    Chris Hedges seems rather a hopeless case, with his constant racial dog-whistling and general Trump- Derangement Syndromic insult of every voter who saw something reasonable in choosing Trump…
    As if every American, 100,000,000 at least, who wants secure borders, is merely some kind of ignorant bigot, and Donald Trump was nothing more than a race-baiting demagogue….
    It’s not our fault the country is being invaded and overrun by colored people…
    At this point a journalist Chris Hedges is definitely not…
    And he’ll make a fine cheerleader for the shift now into Big-Tech Fascism, where anybody voicing opinions contrary to the dem-state line will be cast off the internet media. and who knows what after that…
    As Trump departs Glen Greenwald now steps up as perhaps the next enigma…
    He seems genuinely reasonable and truthful, which is so rare now…
    You see him making sense on Fox Jews News…
    But so far he’s not straying too far beyond the lefty-com perimeter…
    He’s playing it fairly circumspect, reasonable, insightful, knowledgeable, with a good grasp of the characters…
    Somebody the scene is desperate for, contributes to the situation without throwing feces, alienating anybody…
    I wonder if Glen Greenwald is being discussed backstage as a coming candidate for the presidency in 2025….

    1. Headlines on CCN BBC MSNBC NYT et al

      “White rabid right-wing racist & MAGA-collared attack-dog foiled in homicide attempt on Black “raising money for charity” pan-handler….”

      (And if that headline is not enough to launch MB into a supernova of self-righteous anti-White slander, then nothing will be!!! )

  18. @Lobro

    I presume you are aware that Joe Biden has been inaugurated as the next POTUS a couple of days ago, which effectively means that Donald Trump will not be inaugurated as POTUS during the month of Jan 2021. Therefore I would like you to honor the deal and pay the $500 you owe me now.

    PayPal tells me that all the information you need to transfer the money to my account is my email address, which is associated with the account; here it is: arthur.baraov (at) If you encounter any problems transferring the money, just drop me a note at the same email address.


    My understanding is that Lobro is not banned and he is free to comment here anytime he pleases to do so. Please confirm.

    1. @ Circassian

      You are correct. Lobro has NOT been banned from this website but is probably under the mistaken impression that he has been banned. Like 50% of other posters here (including yourself) his comments are monitored. This is enough to enrage him and make him feel he is being unfairly treated, i.e. effectively banned. So whether he reads and responds to your comment is debatable.

      If it’s any consolation to you, Lasha tells me that “Lobro is a man of honor who wouldn’t dream of welching on his debts.” She has known him long enough, she says, to give him a good character reference in this regard.

      1. And last but not least:
        That you would have the impertinence to use a Arts/Literary Site such as this for a common street-hustle must have Mdm Butterfly grasping for the smelling-salts…
        and The Lord only knows what Sister Monica must think! 😩

        1. @ THE REALIST

          No need to bring my name into this. This is a private dispute and you have no right to stick your nose into an affair that concerns only Lobro and Circassian.

          Having weighed in the balance what you state correctly, however, that Lobro would have won the bet if the vote hadn’t been rigged, I can only advise that the best thing in the circumstances is for Circassian to behave nobly and concede that Lobro was cheated out of his victory by the fact that the Election was stolen. This being the case, Circassian should cancel the debit. He will gain more morally by this generous gesture than by insisting, like Shylock, on his pound of flesh (i.e. $500).

          Who agrees with me?

          1. I agree absolutely. Both parties will thus be vindicated.
            In the circumstances, neither party deserves to lose.

      2. @ Circassian

        You will find a comment addressed to from Lobro if you scroll above.

        January 22, 2021 at 3:22 am

        Note that this was written to you at 3.22 am, several hours before your own comment to Lobro at 9.50 am. Unfortunately, Lobro’s comment to you was only seen and approved by me within the last hour. Hence the delay in publication.

        This matter now seems to be satisfactorily resolved.

      3. @ Admin Toby

        This matter is satisfactorily resolved now.

        Lasha is absolutely correct – “Lobro is a man of honor.”

        1. I never doubted Lobro’s integrity.
          I deeply regret things had to end like this.
          God bless Lobro and give him peace.

    2. @CicumcisedAsian

      I, quite frankly, see NO reason why Lobro should give you ANYTHING other than a brown paper-bag with a hot steaming t*rd in it.

      “B…B..BBB….BUT WHY???” you gasp. Glad you asked… here goes:

      1. If this was a serious wager – and you knew ANYTHING about “betting etiquette” – both parties should have agreed to deposit the wagered-funds into an 3rd-party escrow account, prior ro the event, for future disbursement to the eventual winner of the bet.

      2. How does Lobro know that you would have paid him if the outcome was in his favor? Short answer: He DOESN’T! But I know: You WOULDN’T! (Refer to Item 1 above re. “serious bets”)

      3. Airing one’s “dirty laundry” on a public forum – when a subtle “Mano a Mano” hint (plus email address) would’ve sufficed – not only impugns the absent defendant but, more importantly, show the accuser in his “true colors”

      4. In short, this type of wager – which you now press to collect – is known as the “3-card Monte Bet” for a reason…. it’s the oldest scam in the book… where you welch if you lose and cry havoc if you win but don’t collect

      5. Finally anyone who would attempt to collect on a rigged outcome says a lot more about their character – none of it good – than that of the putative disappearee!

      Thank You!

      1. Actually, Madame makes an excellent point. The election was STOLEN so that nullifies the bet. The bet was based on the results of a FAIR and LEGAL outcome, not the outcome of an ILLEGAL STOLEN election. Biden is NOT really the real president. There was MASSIVE vote fraud on the part of the Democrats. The right thing for Circassian to do is to annul the bet.

        Madame has The Correct View.

      2. TROJ –

        You are correct. Every election from JFK forward has been a stolen fraud. Starting in 1990 VNS – Voter News Service & their reporting ‘exit polls’ was the culprit back then until Peter Jennings and Dan Rather screwed it up. Then came National Election Pool – NEP in 2000. BUT NOW….. they use the Electronic Voting Machines & computer chips!!!

        ALL presidential elections are fixed. TPTB already KNOW the winners in 2024 and beyond!!

        (and every country where their machines are used)

        ES&S has remote access to electronic voting machines!!

        How it IS DONE……
        Vote Fraud – Diebold Whistleblower, Chris Hood, Speaks Out on The 2002 Election In Maryland And More

        Main points:
        1-Malicious co-workers can insert unauthorized software into voting machines.
        2-Thousands of votes were lost when tabulation cards were ‘erased’ and never recovered.
        3-Problems with machines are kept away from press.
        4-People with no experience are temporarily hired as technicians for election day.
        5-Diebold workers took the jobs that state workers should have done.


        Diebold was sold to ES&S in 2009:
        (SOURCE: Diebold, Incorporated Press Release)
        Diebold Sells U.S. Elections Systems Business to ES&S
        03 September 2009
        NORTH CANTON, Ohio, Sept. 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD) announced today that it has sold its U.S. election systems business, primarily consisting of its Allen, Texas-based subsidiary, Premier Election Solutions, Inc., to Election Systems & Software, Inc. (ES&S), a leading company in the election systems industry.

        Voter News Service (VNS), former American data collection and analysis service intended to aid in the reporting of exit-poll numbers during national elections. The consortium was created in 1990 by media companies ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, NBC, and the Associated Press under the direction of political scientist Murray Edelman.

        After the 2000 election the VNS again attempted to serve the media during the 2002 midterm elections. Because of a computer glitch, the VNS did not deliver results from their data until 10 months after the election. In January 2003 the VNS was disbanded after the media partners determined that it provided inaccurate information. The service was replaced by the National Election Pool (NEP).

      3. Thank You!

        Anytime, bro. Glad you have enjoyed it. Don’t be shy to come back for more.

      4. i see that some are upset with Circassian for having collected the prize.

        let me clear it up: at the time the bet was made, we both knew perfectly well that the election was stolen yet i accepted the terms on my own recognizance and risk—if my attitude was dumb and hubristic, that is my issue, not Circassian’s.

        I have no problem paying for all of MY mistakes, whether or not i learn anything from them.

        1. @ Lobro

          I commend you for your patience. You have acquitted yourself
          with grace and dignity, as befitting a man of honor.

          1. I can’t help feeling that $500 is a lot of money to lose on a bet like this.

            When converted into roubles, this must be a small fortune to the average Russian. I’m not too conversant with the standard of living in Russia, bit I imagine US$500 will buy HUGE amounts of food in a Russian supermarket.

            US$500 = 37,600 roubles! 🙂

    1. This is a test!

      I am having trouble posting here.

      @ GH

      Solomon Mo is the self-confessed Zionist troll who goes by the aliens Get Rea, Jalisco, Avocado, Abu, HoSane. His mission is to sabotage this site . The same what he did at the Ugly Truth when he posted a message pretending to be a Palestinian who enjoyed watching Israeli children being blown to smithereens.

      1. (TYPO in USER NAME)

        Thank you, Mahmoud. For some reason, though, I cannot recall reading any of those names/aliases on this thread. (Maybe the comments weren’t worthy of consideration…?)

      2. MEY –
        Thanks for his comedy routine & failed guesses about me!! 💥 😜

        He wrote:
        “if you go to Alexa you will see how they (Darkmoon) are number three million in the webworld . ..”

        WOW!!! With over 1.5 BILLION web sites globally… that shows DM IS FANTASTICALLY POPULAR!!! 💥 👍

        The very popular “News With Views” gave DM a ‘PINGBACK’ just 2 days ago – including the comment section!!

        Pingback: Joe Biden is a Sore Loser – News With Views

        “This means, according to the article at the “Darkmoon” website, that when wholesale fraud and corruption and criminality are employed to steal the presidential election, the victor automatically becomes the other presidential nominee with the greatest number of electoral votes. “Hence,” it states, “the prematurely and illegitimately declared Biden victory is now null and void under the law.”

    2. Pat ,

      Thank you for the information, Pat. Yes. you’re right. Presidential elections are rigged. If the presidential elections are rigged, which they are, then most likely other elections are also rigged. If the computers of TPTB can steal a presidential election then their Diebold/Dominion computers can also steal all the other type of elections.

      1. Gladly, TROJ.

        Vote fraud IS/HAS BEEN every where.
        I personally witnessed vote stealing by hand in a mayor’s election in 1964. The Jaycees tossed my dad’s ballots in the garbage. He lost that one. Billy’s uncle Raymond was always part of the bad boys.

  19. Italy Opens Thousands of Restaurants in Protest Against Tighter Lockdowns

    Though much of Italy remains under strict coronavirus restrictions, restaurants and bars have opened their doors in protest. Customers drank, ate, sang, and in one viral video, apparently booted the police back out the door.
    Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte extended the country’s three-tier coronavirus restrictions on Friday, imposing a nationwide 10pm to 5am curfew until March and forbidding travel between Italy’s 20 regions until February 15. These measures were originally implemented in November, and were set to expire on Friday.


    Thanks for the update.

    I forget to mention that we also have Pete Buttigieg, the first fag Sec. of Transportation, thus making the good old USA under the full control of Jews and Gays.
    America turns into a total jewfag country under Biden

    I knew for sure that the US embassy in Moscow flew the Rain Bow flag last year. The info is available online.

    1. When they get rid of dementiajoe which will be sooner than later and install the Hindu Kali Kamala as the president she’s going to get rid of the fags and the jews in the administration and !Save! Amerikwa, in the name of Allah shes going to wipe out sexual immorality and jew perfidy in the good ole US of A! Sure Mahmoud, anything you say , Mahmoud. 😉

    2. It’s only fitting that Petey Buttplug should be in charge of TRANS-“sport”…. wouldn’t you say Mahmoud? 🤔

  21. 2 days and Mahmoud is already getting antsy to get rid of dementiajoe and replace with hindooJu KaliKamala.

  22. News Flash: Good news for Trump’s fans
    Twitter on Friday suspended an account of Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s office after it posted a photomontage of former US President Donald Trump playing golf under the shadow of a warplane alongside a pledge to avenge a deadly 2020 drone strike he ordered.
    The post on the @khamenei_site Twitter account late Thursday warned there was no escape from payback for the US strike outside Baghdad airport which killed Iran’s foreign military operations chief General Qassem Soleimani and his Iraqi lieutenant.

    “Revenge is inevitable. Soleimani’s killer and the man who gave the orders must face vengeance,” it said. (The Times of Israel, Jan. 22, 2021)

    That should be good news for Trump’s fans

  23. @MB re ” No need to bring my name into this. This is a private dispute and you have no right to stick your nose into an affair that concerns only Lobro and Circassian.”

    OK… if this is a PRIVATE matter then WHY is it on a PUBLIC forum? See ITEM 3 on my previous post!

    I also mention YOUR name, to bring to your attention the SOAP OPERA that you starred in not so long ago with your OWN version of this street hustle. You didn’t mind eveyone clogging up the bandwidth with that sordid little melodrama … DID YOU???

    Oh dear…. just when I thought you might be starting to “get a grip”… 🙄🙄🙄

  24. Breaking News: FBI Attempted to Interrogate Muslim at His Home

    Last night, CAIR received a call from a Muslim man who had FBI agents at his door insisting that they be let in and that he answer all of their questions. But this Muslim knew what to do. He called CAIR as FBI agents stood outside his home. And he got expert advice.

    Instead of handling the situation yourself, bring a lawyer on your side to help you navigate the situation. CAIR’s attorneys say, it never makes sense to agree to an FBI interrogation without a lawyer present.

    Sadly this took place yesterday on January 21, during Biden’s first day in office.
    Whether you’re a Muslim or not, if you are in a similar situation, do not lie to an FBI agent!

      1. @ TROJ

        I have no idea what the FBI wanted to talk to this man about. All that I know, the FBI’s job is to collect information. Some may lie or trick you into talking to them. But there are professional FBI officers who go by the book.

        The main issue, this happened during the first 24 hours of Binden in office. Two things to get out of that:
        1- You do not have to answer questions without your lawyer presence
        2- Do not lie to the FBI

  25. When 45 attacked Bashar Assad’s chemical/ biological weapons because Bashar Assad and genocidal Maniac Vladimir Putin had killed hundreds of children, we sane people of the world applauded because it was the right thing to do; the left called it an extension of Obama’s war but it wasn’t, it was just the right thing to do as the superpower who won world war two; enough of Hitler’s stuff and no, Donald Trump doesn’t have a big picture of the fuhrer at mar-a-lago.
    He then got Al bagdadi, but people have a short memory.
    and finally he got innocent Sunni people killer and genocidal maniac wannabe Al suleimani who killed no less than a 100 thousand Sunni youngster in Iraq so that the Iranian project could expand.
    here is a picture of 3 people who get 2nd 3rd 4t AFTER Hitler

    his majesty
    the difference between the first two and the latter is that the latter didn’t kill innocent Muslim children.

    1. Admin
      please delete the comment above my daughter hit the ‘post comment’ key by error, thanks

  26. So the leftists are upset that president (yes, president, damn it) Trump pardoned a few guys who were accused of commiting murder overseas…
    what would al Qaeda and ISIS have done if its soldiers had killed a few Americans?
    turn them over to La Hage?
    When President Donald Trump (yes, president, damn it) Attacked Bashar Assad’s chemical/ biological weapons because Bashar Assad and genocidal Maniac Vladimir Putin had killed hundreds of children in Syria, we sane people of the world applauded because it was the right thing to do; the left called it an extension of Obama’s war but it wasn’t, it was just the right thing to do as the superpower who won world war two; enough of Hitler’s stuff and no, Donald Trump doesn’t have a big picture of the Fuhrer at mar-a-lago.

    this is what Donald Trump said on the attack:
    he said that It was an “affront to humanity”, adding: “When you kill innocent children, innocent babies, little babies… that crosses… many lines.”
    He then got Al Baghdadi, right? but people have a short memory.
    And finally he got innocent Sunni people killer and genocidal maniac wannabe Al suleimani who killed no less than a 100 thousand Sunni youngster in Iraq so that the Iranian project could expand.
    Gosh! Iran did more damage to the middle east in 10 years than Israel in a 100!

    He did approve the throwing of a bomb called THE MOTHER OF ALL BOMBS in Afghanistan but that was about it.

    thankyou Donald Trump, come back soon, don’t stop the hype, get your followers to defend America’s dignity, its honour, its heritage.
    America is the big milking cow; People from all over the world built homes, buildings, businesses, hospitals, schools in their home countries from money they made in America.
    My four cousins,
    Muhammad Ahmed
    (Muhammad Ahmed is adopted)
    own a huge hotel enterprise in Tel Aviv, New York, Moscow and Malta all thanks to money they made in America selling falafel, hummus, pork chops and knishes! (Ephraim hit a 5 million jackpot too).
    If you don’t make it in America you won’t make it nowhere!

    The Avatar
    (heading to the casino)

    1. quote,

      I agree . I truly question the holiness of the Iranian revolution , seeing the pyramid-shaped parliment with 33 windows , the emodiment symbolism of free masonry . Iran to the USA is what the devil to the preacher : they both need each other and if one goes , so goes the other.

  27. In Australia, we hear that the USA is a Constitutional Republic. But that is now a lie, as the highest court in the USA vilolated the constitution by not ruling upon the constitutional illegality of various states’ non-Legislatures submitting elector votes. Under the C only state Legislatures are permitted to send in their states’ electoral votes. So the USA Is no longer abiding by its Contitution. It is now rule of the jungle. Hunter Biden and the Biden criminal clan will now get away with their $million dollar scams, just like Hillary and the rest of them. The rule of Law has been defiled and broken. Trump or Biden? It makes no different as they are both Judas Goats who are organised by the Zionists-Communists and the idiotic Judeo – Christians. Gilbert, you now have full-blown Communism in your failed state. Soon they will take your guns away, just as the Communist-Bolsheviks did in Australia. Just wait for the knock on your door.

    1. Max – we hear a lot of things in Australia and not much of that is true. All that finger pointing at US will disappear once it becomes clear that the real capitalism is Bolshevism in disguise. UK, US and the rest of the Come On Wealth fake colonies are quite close to become the new USSR. The “best country in the world” is one of the best examples for successful Bolshevism and is ahead of its time compared to the American factory of fake dreams.
      It’s quite interesting to see how some words mutate over time and loose their original meaning into the opposite. The world is under the rule of the jungle. That is where the national holidays come from. Better put a shrimp on the barby.

    2. Max –

      You’re DEFINITELY RIGHT about the failure of the Supreme Court! Yes, our “constitutional republic” doesn’t mean jack schitt, anymore. As for our private firearms, I do believe their confiscation will be more difficult than (((they))) imagine – but may happen all-the-same. I DO know that some will die when they come after mine, and maybe a few million others. Anyhow, it will help contribute to the prophesied 75% population reduction. 👌

        no confiscation of firearms necessary . They cannot possibly do that . What they will do , I believe , is to create a crisis or two like food shortages , sit back and watch angry armed citizens turn on each other .And unlike homogeneous societies like Japan , America is a bowl of salad , not a melting pot ,and thus it’s very easy to blame others who are different from them . Consider what happened after the Fukushima accident in Japan , people got out of their homes and set up tables offering food and drinks to whom ever wanted it .Do you think a country boy will look kindly at a Mexican whom he thinks came to America illegally stealing his food ?

  28. There are plenty more like this murderer out there…
    They’ll be left out of jail asap now…
    “According to the mainstream media, having white skin is wrong. So, committing a wrong (e.g. murder) upon one who is in the wrong (i.e.. white) is a form of social justice. Hence, “wrong against wrong is right.” This is how you end white supremacy and systematic racism, Joe.”
    Subject: Re: Man said to have shot man walking his dog released from jail 2 weeks prior

    Race is always big in the manipulation of demographics… I’ve read the marxists preferred not to use that term in their theory, not communism either… they rather called it ‘critical theory’, a more sanitary term.. notice now they talk of ‘critical racial theory’…. that’s all about applying racial prejudices politically in order to hasten the breakdown of western society and move in with the CCP agenda…. the biden group is totally compromised as paid-off CCP apparatchiks…. the loss of cash money will be a huge step in the super surveillance direction…. super surveillance equals no freedom… and colored people generally accept the premise that their troubles are all the work of white people, especially when there’s a payoff attached… the Nuevo marxist operatives in government positions, like the judges who reduced this thug’s bail and governors like newsom credit these kinds of murderers with status as ‘activists’ in the struggle for social justice… government as we know it now will not address the problem… our solutions will have to come from outside it… too many white people, like you and me, are not ready yet to involve themselves for keeps in the curative process…. we’ve worked hard all our lives to set ourselves up with a comfortable retirement and so far our lives have not been impacted adversely enough that we’re ready to chuck everything and start shooting…. noteworthy though is the fact that if some soldier had eliminated the judge responsible for putting this racist killer back on the streets, the innocent white guy out walking his do would still be alive, not shot to death….. one relief valve is the option people have of relocating away from steadily declining social circumstances, like what’s happening with California and NYC…. The upcoming influx of non-white immigrants in tens of millions will degenerate the situation significantly however… with the continued release of dangerous criminals, no prosecutions, more crime and riots you’ll see more and more of these types of crime accounts as society becomes more lawless… that is unless the big-tech internet communications czars are able to achieve their commiecrat goal of total control of all information…. the commercial media is under their jewish-zionist control 98% already… and non-white on white crimes are covered up as much as possible… the ‘stand your ground rule’ should be made law in states where good citizens migrate to escape the chaos.

  29. Biden Sends More Troops To Syria!!
    January 23, 2021

    Within 24 hours of his swearing-in ceremony, Joe Biden invaded Syria with a convoy of US troops and choppers carrying soldiers.

    Just Like the Good Old Days: Joe Biden Invades Syria with Convoy of US Troops and Choppers on First Full Day as President!! There will be more coming soon!! 💥 😨

  30. Here is a good summary of how Trump conned Amerika, and note Trump was not resistance to the current fascist order, he was the key facilitator.

    Guest Post: “King Con”

    A thoughtful and self-objective take by reader Chris.

    Interesting that this goes viral *after* the thing has run its course and the permanent damage is done. It’s almost as though someone wanted us to know what they’d gotten away with:

    ‘Q-Anon’ Bears Striking Resemblance to Bolshevik Psy-Op From 1920s Known As ‘Operation Trust’

    The thing is, whoever the point man in Q was, he was definitely close to the President. There were cell phone pics from AF1, inside information, very specific predictions that proved accurate (offset by reams of hopium fantasy), and many unique “proofs” — like the Wag the Dog-esque scene with POTUS shoe-horning the term “tippy top” into an Easter presser after someone on 4Chan challenged Q to make POTUS say it. And then there was MAGA martyr Michael Flynn, the lifelong Democrat/sudden Republican, pledging his eternal allegiance to QAnon on video in July. This was definitely more than a LARP. By all appearances, it was a well-designed, Soviet-inspired pacification operation with cooperation at the highest-levels.

    And really, when you look back on the last four years with clear eyes, it’s painfully obvious that for many of us, our first instincts about Donald Trump were accurate. The entire Trump presidency was one continuous pacification operation. Just off the top of my head, here are some MAGA-era highlights:

    * A string of terrible hires and appointments, from the Bolshevik “Mad Dog” Mattis to Christopher Wray to William Barr to the loathsome Dr. Fauci.

    * Terrible advisors and confidants, from swinger and “Republicans for Choice” founder Roger Stone to lifelong Democrat/sudden Republican Michael Cohen to the aforementioned lifelong Democrat/sudden Republican Michael Flynn.

    * Keeping Fauci on as he torpedoed the US economy and the Trump presidency.

    * Three weak SCOTUS appointments, two of whom were practically unopposed by the Democrats.

    * Signed emergency order that funded state lockdowns, and never revoked it.

    * Signed the CARES Act, an insidious bill that incentivized COVID+ “cases”/deaths, and encouraged low-wage unemployment.

    * Signed a second disastrous stimulus/budget bill after threatening a veto, without getting a single concession.

    * Support for “red flag” laws that give the FBI the power to strip individual 2A rights at their sole discretion, without trial (get ready for that one).

    * Support for a bump-stock ban, which allows the ATF to arbitrarily classify accessories and gun parts as banned weapons (this has already been extended to AR-15 pistols under his administration).

    * The bumbling, utterly incompetent effort to fight and expose the most ridiculously blatant election heist in US history.

    * The non-existent effort to stop said election theft before it happened, in spite of a published and widely publicized blueprint detailing EXACTLY how it would be done (see the Transition Integrity Project).

    * The non-existent effort to stop the EXACT SAME THING from happening in two Senate runoff races in Georgia, with control of the Senate in the balance.

    * Never once raising the issue of high-cycle PCR tests, even after China effectively eliminated the “pandemic” through proper testing standards.

    * No DOJ investigation of the Great Nursing Home Massacre of 2020, and barely any mention of it at all.

    * Operation: Warp Speed and the relentless promotion of untested injections posing as vaccines.

    * Spiritual Advisor to the President, Paula White.

    * Increased funding for Planned Parenthood in every year of his presidency (without any budget battles or threatened shutdowns over it).

    * The disingenuous defunding of the WHO, then redirecting that precise amount to the Gates/WHO sponsored GAVI Alliance.

    * No pardon for Julian Assange, without whom there is no Trump White House.

    * No arrests, no indictments, no “swamp drainage”. Literally everybody got away with literally everything.

    * A legacy of short-lived Executive Orders, all of which have been or will be wiped away with the stroke of Joe Biden’s autopen.

    Again, this is off the top of my head. A comprehensive list would take hours to research and compile, and it would fill several single-spaced pages. But this one makes the point. And it has led to one very disturbing question: Why did President Trump call for a mass gathering of his supporters in DC on January 6th? What he was demanding from Mike Pence was impossible and illegal. The idea that the VP had the power to “do the right thing” and declare Trump the winner was always a fiction. So what hypothetical good was going to come from that rally on that day? What was the point?

    I know what I think. I think it was a setup for the staged “insurrection” that will be used in the days and years ahead to criminalize opposition to the leftist fundamental transformation of the United States. That last part really isn’t any kind of prediction, since it’s technically already begun.

    For me, the inescapable conclusion is that we were conned from Day One by a master con artisan. How good was he? So good that he was able to make millions of people betray their instincts and line up behind him, myself included. I was once banned from a prominent conservative forum in 2016 for shouting from the rooftops at the top of my lungs that Donald Trump was a globalist mole out to finish off the Republican Party for good. His 2011 conversion from liberal NYC celebrity socialite to fire-breathing birther was as transparent as glass. The man supported partial birth abortion, socialized medicine, and the nationalization of banks all recently enough that you can find high-definition 1080P video of him saying so on YouTube. Only after the 2010 midterms did he break ground on his next construction project: building himself up as the conservative savior. It was obvious he was setting the stage for a disruptive run for the White House (I underestimated how disruptive… I thought it would end in a third-party candidacy). I knew who he was, I knew what he was doing all along…

    And yet, I went on to vote for him twice anyway. I donated to his campaign, attended two rallies in support of him, I organized a Rosary for his re-election at my parish (and not just one mystery… all three + a Divine Mercy Chaplet), and permanently alienated family members in his defense. As I type this, I have a red Make America Great Again coffee mug sitting on my desk, a Trump hat hanging from my dart board, and a Trump flag in my garage (it’s rolled up now). I’ll keep these things around to remind myself that I bear as much responsibility for the fall of the republic as any non-binary flag-burning leftist tweaker misfit or the most die-hard, MAGA flag-waving, Lee Greenwood-blasting-from-his-pickup deplorable out there. We all did this. The republic fell because we — all of us, with very few exceptions — couldn’t keep it. That’s just the ugly truth of the thing.

    I do take a modicum of comfort in one thing: It wasn’t just any garden-variety con that brought the United States to its knees. This con was the stuff Trojan Horse legends are made of. It was big, brash, and loud, entertaining as hell at times, maddening as hell at others, and always riveting. And the ratings were off-the-charts. It achieved the impossible and put both CNN and MSNBC in the black. It rescued Stephen Colbert from Thicke of the Night oblivion. It packed stadiums and speedways and airfields like a Led Zeppelin reunion tour. It was a spectacle. A tour-de-force. A con to end all cons.

    When you really think about it, they couldn’t have found a more perfect man to play the lead.

    All hail the King Con, Donald J. Trump.

  31. Note: Warp speed Trump played his role as resistance to the virus, then became the biggest facilitator of the virus. Trump kept Fauci on as Fauci completely destroyed his presidency with the lockdown. Try to figure that one out. The only logical answer to the Trump riddle is that Trump was hired to play a role, and usher in the total fascist state without any opposition while it was rolled out. People trusted Trump and “the plan”. But there was no plan for Trump to drain the swamp or arrest the traitors, the real plan was to fool us and get us to stand down by fronting a con man who played populist, and QAnon to get us to stand down until it was too late.


    The true purpose of the Covid hoax explained in two minutes:

    COVID SCAM EXPLAINED in the simplest terms possible.- 1:39


    Associate of Dr. David Duke, Mark Collett, has an excellent Bitchute channel:

    Q: Disinformation, Lies and Subversion


    QAnon psyop explained perfectly clear:

    The Biggest Psy-Op in 100 Years Just Happened in Broad Daylight!


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