Downfall [*POEM*]



Sadly they’re wrong who say, ‘Hearts never break.’
Yes, hearts can break too, like a donkey’s back
When troubled with more pain than they can take.
Under shattering blows all hearts will crack.
Think of your true love’s honeyed words to you
(You’re standing on the top floor balcony):
‘Ah, my beautiful, if you only knew
How much I love!—how much you mean to me!’

He gives your mouth a kiss to make you fly,
Frisking his fingers through your bits and bobs,
Then lifts you off your feet until you cry,
‘STOP! Put me down!’ And then your sweetheart lobs
You over the balcony railing like a ball.
Thus ends the tale. Your heart breaks as you fall.

19 thoughts to “Downfall [*POEM*]”

  1. Surprise ending.


    An entertaining short story with a horrific twist in the tail,
    but written in the form of a classic Shakespearean sonnet.

  2. Obviously this poet has had a very strange love life.
    I disapprove of this poem because of its negative attitude to love.
    We need poems to cheer us up during this time of darkness and doom,
    not poems about throwing your sweetheart over balcony railings.
    The poet has a macabre imagination and needs to be more considerate.

  3. This poem hits home, especially from a man’s point-of-view. How many times has a fickle heart chosen to “throw his love off the balcony”?? Breaking-off a love affair has always been difficult, rendered more so because the man thought HE must be the one to do it. Then, he feels endless guilt for being content with a “new” woman… So he never makes ANYONE happy. Such has been my own experience. I am glad I am now old enough to not be tormented by youthful lusts. YOUTH IS WASTED ON THE YOUNG!


      Ah, what words of wisdom! Of course youth is wasted on the young.
      But sadly, dear Gilbert, it’s also wasted on most of the old! 🙂

      This beautiful French quote says it all:
      “Si jeunesse savait, si vieillesse pouvait.”
      [If youth but knew, if old age but could].

      1. And what, pray tell,
        is Lasha going to do on this Valentines Day,
        this special holiday for lovers…?

  4. I find myself grieving over the loss of my country and my perceptions on what I thought my country represented. I grieve over what is happening to our people.
    Lovers might arrive and then sadly depart, yet one’s own country & culture is the base which keeps one grounded.
    We are all being thrown off the balcony.

  5. There is no ‘twixt and ‘tween like a human embryo in the womb of a “modern woman”, a brief love affair too often and too soon truncated. I say no more about that here.

    ‘Twixt and ‘Tween (an embryonic poem)

    Between black and white, let me be grey.
    Between dawn and dusk, let me be noon.
    Between dusk and dawn, let me sleep in peace.

    Between good and evil, let me be just.
    Between right and wrong, let me choose.
    Between birth and death, let me free to live.

    Between you and me, let us be one.
    Between self and other, let all be one.
    Between GOD and we, let nothing be.

    acd 10-2-2021

  6. Errmm… isn’t that ‘coupling couple’ a bit too in-your-face lascivious for such a sedate site as Darkmoon? 😇

    What next… trans-gendered unicorns prancing in the background? 🤔

    1. @ The Realist

      There’s nothing wrong with the picture which heads Xanadu’s latest thought provoking poem. It’s an appropriate picture for the poem. A beautifully constructed surrealist painting, ideal for this type of Gothic Horror poem. It shows the Grim Reaper with his scythe in the foreground, observing the scene. Only your dirty mind and lowbrow philistine approach to life could see something “lascivious” in this lovely picture. I nominate you as the worst poster on this site — a degenerate troll if ever there was one.

            1. @ Sigrid

              I think you overreact. I believe the Realist is an okay sort of guy and should be encouraged to behave in a responsible and adult manner. He doesn’t deserve such unwarranted abuse as you give him. The sad fact is, “The Realist” is incorrigibly shallow and flippant. Good manners have passed him by. He takes a pride in his coarseness and vulgarity. Which is a pity. I think he deserves our compassion. 🙂

    2. That “lascivious couple” could be Adam and Eve, watched over by the devil. And so human society continued into the future – sex and.manipulation, sex and manipulation, ad nauseam. And the ever popular Sex and the City is being updated and is to be even more raunchy. I hope they have a.balcony.tossing scene.

  7. Madame :

    You’re a fashionista so I ask you, the Grim Reaper’s dress, do you like it? Is that what’s currently in fashion? Is that the latest from Paris? Would the dress win a Project Runway competition do you think? Is orange-ish the latest hot colour?

    Is the Grim Reaper a female skeleton wearing a dress, a male drag queen skeleton wearing a dress, a male->to->female transgender skeleton wearing a dress, or a hermaphrodite skeleton wearing a dress? Thank you, TROJ.

    1. @ TROJ

      There is nothing remotely female / hermaphroditic / or “transgender” about the Grim Reaper. This is clearly a male figure. The garment worn by the Grim Reaper is not a “female dress”, you idiot, but a traditional ROBE or GOWN worn by MEN throughout the Middle Ages, especially by the clergy and the upper classes.

      If you think the Grim Reaper in the painting is a “female” or “transgender freak”, you need your eyes retested! 🙂


        When a man is dateless and desperate like TROJ, everything that he sees that moves are “female.”

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