Election 2020: How the US Government Turned Its Back on Democracy.

The People no longer decide what happens in America. Americans are now living under the heel of a totalitarian dictatorship thinly disguised as a “democracy”. And Trump played his part in this transference of power from the People to a powerful elite determined to implement their own shadowy agenda.  So argues (or suggests) the Serbian writer below who now works full-time for RT.

By Nebojsa Malic
January 11, 2021 (updated) 

A protester is seen hanging from the balcony in the Senate Chamber
on January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC ©  Win McNamee / Getty Images / AFP

A crowd of protesters stormed Congress protesting a presidential election they claimed had been fraudulent. When this happened in Serbia in 2000, the US called it “democracy”. When it happened in Washington, DC – not so much.

Scenes from the US Capitol on Wednesday, as protesters backing President Donald Trump disrupted the joint session of Congress meeting to certify the election of Democrat Joe Biden, looked very much like Belgrade in October 2000.

The sight was later repeated in Ukraine – twice, in 2004 and 2014 – Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, and several Central Asian former Soviet republics. On every occasion, the US backed the “people power,” because American NGOs and embassies were supporting what became known as “color revolutions.”

Same thing happened in 2011 with the “Arab Spring” that started in Tunisia and then burned its way across North Africa to the Persian Gulf. In some places it “succeeded,” overthrowing decades-old governments. In others it failed, setting off wars in Libya and Syria and leaving blood on the streets of Bahrain. Again, the US cheered this on as democracy – except for Bahrain, which hosts a major naval base.

More recently, the US denounced as illegitimate the presidential elections in Belarus, Bolivia and Venezuela. While Minsk and Caracas managed to resist – and got sanctioned for it – the “democrats” in La Paz were successful for a while, but ended up losing the vote last year.

Now the very same techniques are being used at home.

Way back in 2004, the Guardian wrote approvingly about how the US has created a “slick” operation of “engineering democracy through the ballot box and civil disobedience,” developing since Belgrade a “template for winning other people’s elections.”

Now the same mainstream media that slavishly followed the State Department line in denouncing elections elsewhere as “rigged” and color revolutions as spontaneous “democracy” are clutching their pearls when Americans who believe their election was stolen take to the streets and storm their Capitol.

Ah, but this election wasn’t stolen, they say! – it was pure as driven snow! “Most secure ever.” All the experts who told us for four years the previous one was “hacked by Russia” — they tell us so!

And Joe Biden won the most votes in history while hardly leaving his basement!

Whether you believe this official narrative about the US election or not doesn’t really matter. Partisan myopia simply won’t let people understand the magnitude of what is on display here: utter moral bankruptcy of the entire US political and media establishment. 

Republicans and Democrats alike used “color revolutions” as a political weapon for years, preaching democracy even as their astroturfed coups snuffed out any vestiges of it that might have developed organically. Over the past year, they’ve done so at home as well, using Covid-19 lockdowns to abolish elementary constitutional rights, culminating with changing the electoral rules to better serve “our democracy,” defined as whatever gets them power.

What did they think people would do when all avenues of airing their grievances were closed off? Meekly submit – or take a page out of the same playbook the politicians and the media spent 20 years celebrating?

Don’t go “but Trump,” either.

The supposed Nazi fascist dictator himself ordered the National Guard and police to clear out the protesters who sided with him, and protect the establishment that did not.

He’s a real Hitler, right? 

No matter, expect the media to paint him as such anyway.

Perhaps the US ought to take a long, hard look at its own house before it continues calling out, sanctioning, regime-changing or bombing other countries over their supposed lack of “democracy.”

Maybe actually answer the question Russian President Vladimir Putin asked at the UN back in 2015, addressing the consequences of the ‘Arab Spring’:

“Do you realize now what you have done?”

But we all know that’s not going to happen, don’t we?


54 thoughts to “Election 2020: How the US Government Turned Its Back on Democracy.”

  1. The US government did not turn its back on democracy. In fact, the USG is indeed the world standard for democracy, once you understand that democracy just means unhindered Jewish power.

    Fascism, or even a more mild nationalist authoritarianism, which the high priests of democracy endlessly express their disdain for, is what we should be aiming for. I WISH democracy was dispensed with, because then we’d know we no longer have a Jewish supremacist regime ruling over us.

    1. “Democracy is now currently defined in Europe as a country run by Jews” — Ezra Pound

    2. TNA,
      “Democracy” was just a code-name for letting the MSM (power-elites) decide the outcome of elections. It was simple. Positive press for THEIR choice of candidates and negative press….or none at all….for true patriots. Donaldo asks, whatever happened to Tulsi? She is a military veteran and patriot. Donaldo remembers driving his rig along I85 in South Carolina and seeing her on interstate billboards as a 2020 presidential candidate. And then……silence. Never heard from again. Perhaps she wasn’t willing to WHORE herself to the DEEP-STATE and was therefore neutralized. Obviously so. Anyway. It just goes to show the TOTALITARIAN power of MSM which was able to manipulate the minds of the HERD into voting for a particular candidate based on whatever information or mis-information IT chose to provide. Think about it. DEMOCRACY allowed anyone to vote regardless of their education or understanding of the issues or political process in general. That meant that illiterate DARKIES living in the slums of Atlanta or Pittsburgh had the same voting power as a wealthy judge or lawyer. This is where the problems began. The success of DEMOCRACY. Donaldo has always believed that voting isn’t a right but a privilege which should be earned. In the USA colonial era only land-owners were allowed to vote and it still should have been to erect a standard as to WHO should have been allowed to vote. Donaldo would have suggested a standardised test required to be passed by any potential voter before being eligible. Anyway. Just Donaldos thoughts. ALL of Donaldos above post is written in past-tense and for good reason. It appears that DEMOCRACY in USSA has been abandoned. This could have been a blessing if the ruling elite had the interests of the American people in mind. But they DON’T. And this is the CURSE. Donaldo just predicts that the future ain’t bright. October 2021 will be Donaldos last month in USSA. Gonna retire to the beaches of Latin America. But will probably cotinueto post now-and- then on the very ADDICTIVE DM website. 🤔🤨🤠

      1. Señor,

        In English we have what’s called “paragraph structure”. If I said it in Spanish would you understand what I’m talking about? In Spanish it’s called “estructura de párrafo”. Now do you comprende? 😊

      2. The right to vote was originally reserved for people of substance…. it’s fine with me if we go back to that standard..
        Look what’s happening otherwise. The dems deliberately repress their main demographic – crime-ridden uneducated welfare buggers of one kind or another and now hordes of immigrant invaders…

  2. @ Nebojsa Malic of RT :

    What are you talking about, the U.S. government turned its back on democracy, in just 9 days from today the U.S. government is going to be giving us kwans Our Fweedumb! lol….

    1. Bark,
      I feel ya man. Your great.
      Always pretending to be a 🤡…..but….in fact….. very intelligent and educated. Donaldo KNEW. At times we learn more from 🎪 circus acts than from philosophers. 😉😎🤗

      1. Thank you, Señor. With my high school Spanish and Google translate to fill-in where I forgot some of my high school Spanish lessons — high school was a million years ago for me so I forget things because I’m
        *viejo* now — I can hold my own in a Spanish conversation. As long as the Spaniards don’t speak TOO fast I can keep up. 😊

  3. From the article:
    “Perhaps the US ought to take a long, hard look at its own house before it continues calling out, sanctioning, regime-changing or bombing other countries over their supposed lack of “democracy.”

    I have seen the London jew bankers took a “long hard look” all along and decided to make the US their enforcer of ALL the rules of global suffering.

    From the article:
    “Maybe actually answer the question Russian President Vladimir Putin asked at the UN back in 2015, addressing the consequences of the ‘Arab Spring’:”

    VERY BAD EXAMPLE !!! That puny punk criminal, ‘Put-On’…. answered his own question by changing the Constitution of the Russian Federation, last year, so he can remain President – actually Head Of State, and not part of the Russian Government – until 2036!!

    ‘Put-On’ would be a PERFECT example of how a criminal thug dictator used Electronic Voting Machines to steal an election:

    Ballot Fraud Gave Russia’s Putin 22 Million Extra Votes!!

    Russian election expert Sergei Shpilkin, who has examined claims of fraud in previous ballots, has cast doubt on the results, in findings that have been reported in Russian-language media outlets such as Meduza and Real Time TV.

    Shpilkin said that the number of “yes” votes in some precincts approaching 100 percent raised alarm bells. Other signs of fraudulent voting, in his view, included a higher proportion of “yes” votes in polling stations with a higher turnout and results in certain areas being listed in increments of 5 percent.

    Examining 88 million votes, he shared graphs of his findings on Facebook, telling Forbes Russia he believed abnormalities suggested that up to 22 million votes may have been fraudulently cast in favor of the changes Putin had backed.

    “There has been no manipulation of votes in Russian elections on this scale in the recent past. In absolute terms, this is unprecedented,” he told the publication.

  4. Darkmoon is featuring more and more of RussiaToday. I would say that this is a natural and highly welcome development: one cannot go wrong by inspecting a thing under study from all angels.

    In the meantime there is some more encouraging news from Florida:


    It looks like ‘they’ have decided that Florida – which is known as a state for non-Zion elders like Pat, TROJ and John Kaminski – is the right place to start killing the least useful to the society members of the human community.

  5. You can rest assured of this; that the only country that is holding the Globalcrats is the United States. Not that they have not been controlling it for the last 200 years, but America is a “Problem Child” for these demagogues. They make a lot of noise, and they have guns! Especially the guns. So, These schemers have been maneuvering America ever so slowly over the years, taking advantage of their very effective Dumbing Down of the minds of Americans, and successful generation which is totally careless of its future. Once America is gone, the rest of the world will fall on their open hands, as they say, “like an overripe fruit”

    1. They make a lot of noise, and they have guns! Especially the guns.

      This is true! Especially the noise. But that is not enough, brother. Making a lot of noise and having guns is like having big foot but small brains. It won’t help much.

      Americans do not make a nation in the true meaning of that word, i.e. a community of people ready to die in defense of their homeland.

      America is a dehumanized and totally dumb folded conglomerate of individuals with nothing to unite them. Americans are totally confused and have no freaking idea what is going on in the world and in their own country; they don’t know what to do and how to do it.

      That’s where the problem is, brother.

      1. It may not be readily apparent and you would never know it from the msm but real Americans are held together by their understanding of the Bill of Rights, and united more and more every day by the fact of their common enemy, which is the msm and the ccp/dem party..
        Your scorn is applied with too broad a brush…
        Not everyone in this country is a total dolt.
        I think the lack of participation, certainly regrettable, against the special interest faction in control is largely accountable to the fact that the standard of living is still quite high here, especially for the industrious types, who are btw generally busy from dawn to dark every day taking care of business…
        Tell me something please CIRC, what are the gun rights like in Russia?

      2. Bark –

        I was interested and looked it up……. US has 3 times the population of Russia, but over 10 times the number of privately owned guns!! Big problem at UN!!

        Russian citizens can own firearms for hunting, sport-shooting, pest-control, self-defense and collecting. Currently, the firearms that are legal in Russia include handguns, and any rifle that is not a military-style assault rifle, such as AK-47s, AR-15s or FN-FALs.

        While no license is required to purchase a firearm, first-time buyers must pass through a background check, and attend firearms safety classes. Firearms are also required to be registered with the Russian National Federal Police. A Public Carry Permit is required to carry firearms in public.

        Sport-shooting and hunting are two very popular activities in Russia. Out of a population of approximately 110,000,000 people, there are 35,340,900 registered firearms, and 4,041,000 Public Carry permits according to a 2015 estimate. Russia ranks one of the highest gun-owning nations in Eastern Europe, Asia (and even North America), joining Yugoslavia and Bulgaria as it is a common part of Slavic heritage to own firearms.

        The main gun-rights organization in Russia are the Motherland Rifle Coalition and the Russian National Shooters Organization. Other popular organization include the Smoothbore Federation and the Hunters and Fishers Association.

  6. RT is of course, wrong:
    here is what a great erudite writes in Wikipedia which is, by the way the largest library in our dear planet, a contribution from Israel, a light unto the world.
    “According to American political scientist Larry Diamond, (jewish by the way) democracy consists of four key elements: a political system for choosing and replacing the government through free and fair elections; the active participation of the people, as citizens, in politics and civic life; protection of the human rights of all citizens; and a rule of law, in which the laws and procedures apply equally to all citizens.”
    he also writes:
    “The term appeared in the 5th century BC to denote the political systems then existing in Greek city-states, notably Athens, to mean “rule of the people”, in contrast to aristocracy (ἀριστοκρατία, aristokratía), meaning “rule of an elite”. ”
    iran doesnt have a democracy.
    the picture in my avatar shows a great friend of israel in one of his many visits to erEtz israel, he is russian of circassian background.

    avi, The Avatar

    1. “Rule by the people” sounds good but as ideals go it’s eidolon, really pretty impossible and probably not a great idea in many cases anyway…
      Ideals are ideals, because they generally don’t work in reality…
      There will always be a ruling elite, if things are to run smoothly..
      The Greeks knew that, even in peacetime…
      At war – forget about it…
      Democracy attempts to make the ruling elite somewhat accountable…
      But it will never work until the government no longer operates in secret, and therefore remains conspiratorial…..
      The Greeks also pegged commerce hopefully as the alternative to invasions as the peaceful means of acquiring wealth…
      The ruling elite at this point is not really elite because it is owned and operate by the corporate hierarchy, among some otheres, the real elite…
      The public would be better served voting on who is who in the primary corporate world, the corporatoracy, rather than the stand-ins we get in government now…
      Corporate policies count, and consumer protection is the key to the elimination of exploitation and having social progress….

  7. You’ve all heard it, but it’s worth repeating:
    (America was designed as a “democratic REPUBLIC”.)

    1. Exactly Gilbert.America is not, as many Americans believe, a democracy but, rather, a republic.Many Americans labor under the mistaken belief that the majority should always prevail, a logical concept on its face, but ultimately unworkable. A direct democracy is viable only in those countries in which the population thereof is comprised of one race that shares a common tongue, history and value system. As we know, this does not describe the diverse, multi-cultural, polyglot nation of America, a land comprised of peoples who harken to their own native customs and traditions…a nation comprised of people from diverse backgrounds and diverse systems of government.

      1. Republics can have any form of government their leaders want to establish….. some with the consent of the people, and some without their consent. Some have constitutions, and some do not. Some are dictatorships.

        Cuba is a Republic.
        North Korea is a Democratic People’s Republic
        Iran is an Islamic republic.
        China is a People’s republic.
        Taiwan is the Republic of China.

        The list of the world’s hundreds of republics:

        1. ADMIN: This comment was found in our Spam folder and is now approved for publication. Why did it go into Spam? NO IDEA! If this happens again, don’t blame us. We are NOT responsible for this “technical anomaly” (if that’s what it is).

          Jews believe in Democracy and Free Speech – for themselves. A modern Democracy is a Jewish run nation full of Jewish directed filth, like porn on every corner, homosexuality on every Jewish made television show, abortion on demand, wars for Israel. In a Jewish Democracy every form of degeneracy is promoted for the Goyim, and the Jews partake in it with great fanfare. How many transexuals are Jewish? Many Jewish women have bragged to me about their abortions. How many Jews smoke pot? Nearly all of them, I do not know of a Jew who does not! How many Jews in Israel take welfare? Probably a high percentage.

          The free speech in a Jewish Democracy is free speech for them and anyone who dares criticize the endless Jewish filth being broadcast is a anti-Semite. It is free speech for them and no speech for you. Jews feel very righteous canceling your right to express your viewpoint. They believe they have the right to rule over all others, and any other viewpoint but their own is an affront to their God chosen divinity. And this includes these crazy false narratives like Global Warming or Climate Change, which is not based on science but Jewish money grubbing for a green future – a world Jewish dictatorship based on false environmental science.

          Democracy is thus, Jewish totalitarianism, so the current trend to censor any opposing voice to the Jewish (false and destructive, perverted, pro-Zionist) narrative is just Jewish Democracy in action. Any nation that opposes these Jewish Democracies are viciously attacked and denounced, especially Hitler’s Germany which is still vigorously attacked even today nearly a century later. In Amerika, a popular television show is Hogan’s Heroes where the Germans are made to look like fools. Imagine if the Goyim made a show making Jews look like dummies how the ADL would howl.

          The great success of the Jews comes from their holy books which enlisted the non-Jews in their Yahweh crusade to take over the world. The Christian world has adopted Jewish gods as their gods, the Christian zeal to spread the Gospel is really spreading Jewish Democracy and control to every part of the world. The complete and utter arrogance of the missionaries in pushing the boundaries outward of the empire is case in point, the belief in the Lord is a supremacist viewpoint.

          Natives are not “saved” but converted into more Jewish Goyim Borg then enslaved under a Rothschild bank. Natives who lived free with building permits or taxes now wake up and go to a job they hate. I have witnessed this first hand and it is the greatest of tragedies when the modern world swallows up the Pacific Islander heavenly paradises. In Kona Hawaii, the missionaries planted a nasty thorn tree (kiawe) to get the natives to wear shoes. The missionaries could not accept bare feet in a tropical paradise. Now most Hawaiians worship Yahweh and love Israel and the Jews. Obama was their favorite son.

          1. Maybe Yukon is a “marked man” and Google is doing this to him. After all, didn’t they trash his website? Maybe that’s why he’s having a problem posting his comments here. They go into Spam, because maybe that’s where Google WANT them to go.

  8. People who broke into the Capitol on Wednesday are now learning they are on the No-Fly lists until further notice.

    They are not happy about this!

    Now the white supremacists know howl does it feel like to be on Trump’s Muslim travel ban.

    Hey, what goes around, comes around!

      1. GH

        As a Palestinian myself , I do not suffer from any darky syndrome.They call me Mr. C , SHORT FOR COCCONUT .
        I’m brown on the outside , white on the inside . lol

        1. Relax, Al! White people all over the world are bending over backwards to get a nice tan so as to look brown. That’s why they spend so much time sunning themselves on beaches, going to tanning parlors, and spraying artificial tanning lotions onto their skins.

          It’s to STOP looking pasty white and unhealthily anaemic! They prefer a golden tan, shading into darker shades of brown. I’ve seen ‘White” people on Florida beaches who look NUTBROWN or mahogany brown like CHESTNUTS!

          So you’re in good company, Al! 🙂

          1. I could do with a nice tan myself. I haven’t see the sun in ages because of this damn lockdown. (I live in a cold European country). In Greece right now it’s 75 degrees F. Lucky Greeks! But air travel is now no longer so easy where I live in the Eurozone. Too many restrictions, too much hassle.

    1. uncle ,

      Keep lookng in the Spam folder, uncle, maybe you’ll find some of my millions of “lost” posts, maybe one or two, maybe. We won’t know unless We look, 🙄



        Poor Madame,
        who looks like Ann Margaret in her prime,
        in her hey day!
        What a Babe!

        She’s hindered from migrating South for the winter,
        unable to fly because LOCKDOWN rules!
        Unable to fly South to The Fontainbleau
        as she’s accustomed to,
        to gather and flock and schmooze
        in annual religious ritual with her fellow joos,
        while tanning her behind around the pool,
        looking somewhat like a, lol,
        turkey in a oven, roasting roasting! 🙂

        Yes! our gal is really something!
        every once in awhile
        sitting up under the Sun,
        to sip her margarita so refreshing, so cool!
        Though a bit chagrined, well truth be told,
        she’s bitterly disappointed, and angry too,
        because finding her dream man
        wealthy gambling man Mr.Arnstein
        she sees now is a total pipe dream.

        ALL of the Miami men prefer, lol,
        onanism to GETTING IT ON with Our in-house
        HOT HOT HOT Show Business Ann Margaret Hot Babe!
        And ain’t that a shame
        so actually she’s not missing anything after all,
        unable to fly to Miami
        because COVID rules! *grin* 🙂

    2. I always knew Trump was very jewed-out, but even as jewed-out as Trump is, he never wanted a ludicrous JEW tranny to be the Health Secretary of the United States. But “Jew-Wise Anti-Jew” Biden who is not jewed-out [ as per koranimalcrackers ] wants a JEW tranny to be the Health Secretary of the United States. So does “Jew-Wise Anti-Jew” Kamala want same bizarre JEW tranny to be the Health Secretary of the United States. But Biden-Kamala aren’t jewed-out. Biden-Kamala are going to save us from the joozzz!!! [ as per koranimalcrackers ]. Every one has heard of animal crackers. Palestinian Muslim Mahmoud is koranimalcrackers, 😀.

      “Obese jewish Tranny Is Biden’s New Assistant Health Secretary” “koranimalcrackers”, LMFAO!!]


      1. @ TheReal0r1g1nalJ0e

        I don’t trust Renegade Tribune. Not one inch. A crap website that specializes in anti-Christian black propaganda and pushes neo-paganism and the cult of Wotan. You want to worship Wotan?!? LOL 🙂

        Well then, go to Kyle Hunt at Renegade Tribune and he’ll sell you the latest pagan herbs and blue dyes (woad) used by the Druids! Maybe he’ll even sell you a nice Viking axe, made in China. (Only the best cutting-edge techno plastic!)

        Your gullibility in trusting crap site Renegade Tribune as a reliable source of information is typical of you. Grow up and get a brain of your own, you pathetic wanker in a padded cell.

  9. America has been under zionist control since 1913 when the zionist banking kabal fastened their privately owned FED and IRS on the people , which are both unconstitutional and with this came the debt and wars all to the profit of the zionist ruling kabal.

    The central bank aka the FED and the IRS are two of the 10 planks of the communist manifesto, we are under a zionist / communist government.

    Voting for potus is a joke on the American people by our zionist overlords.

  10. Madame Butterfly

    Where were you when I had my tanning business? You would’ve loved my high pressure tanning beds. alas,after 10 yrs. corporate competition killed the business.By the way the vast majority of my customers were whites . lol .
    believe it or not , I had some Mexican tanning customers .

  11. @ Al

    Happy to see one of your posts here get to be framed.

    I too have to deal with racism in the past. But it was not too bad.
    I have once my commender call me Alphabets. He could not say either my first or last name.

    Hell, you have people here like the Realist who still doesn’t know how to spell my first name,
    I’ll bet you he does not know his alphabets in order, let alone tell us how many letters there are in the alphabets.

    At least TROJ knows how to spell my name and that makes up the difference.

    1. Br. Mahmoud

      peace be upon you
      I laughed sooo hard when I read you were called alphabet . I swear by Allah my math teacher here in college days used to call me that because he couldn’t pronounce my first name , which means servant of the giver , wahhab. That is why my American wife called me AL and it stuck with me , she said , you’re not gonna meet my mom with a long name like that . lol .

  12. Three of GOP Arizona Representative Paul Gosar’s siblings are calling for his removal from Congress following the events of the deadly Capitol mob riot.

    Congressman Paul Gosar was one of the Republican Congressman who objected to the electoral vote certification when Congress reconvened after the riot Wednesday night.

    That is what I call patriotism! Putting the country first.

  13. First and foremost, our form of government is a REPUBLIC. Not a democracy. A republic protects against Democracy.

    Ben Franklin: “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!”

    Thomas Jefferson agreed: “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.”

    • Thomas Paine: “The greatest tyrannies are always perpetuated in the name of the noblest causes.”

    • John Adams: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

    Let’s get away from this claim of “democracy” and back to what the framers had in mind.

    1. a better video of assault in congress when babbit killed.
      just in case i’m not the last to view.
      strange the cops just standing in front of doors. fellow assaulting door
      glass with fists then helmet. cops in front. cops to the side. agitators in middle.
      lady dead.

      Totally strange happenings in video by JadenX on Jan 6.


      1. 5DS
        Here’s a good one I heard:

        Trump and Intel people he can trust are the ones behind the alleged Antifah types responsible for all the mayhem on the Capitol. The plan being to use them as cover for Special Forces units to confiscate things like Pelosi’s computer and the like.

        You can’t make this stuff up…….or maybe you can. Either way, at this rate I’m gonna have to invest in a new popcorn making machine! 😆

      2. BH
        Lots of stories out. Hard to say what’s true.
        If anything confiscated, better be used soon.
        Time waits for no man and might even be rigged by the election thieves.
        Jan 20th, Hellfire missiles come in pairs from many drones.
        Inauguration crowd surprised as body pieces unceremoniously mixed.

        Have plenty of popcorn.

        JadenX/others video still strange the cops just standing then move aside.

        Definitely, to me, a set up against Trump and middle America.

        Not usually so wordy. Don’t know when next find a computer.

  14. I always have been a Trump supporter. He in NO WAY turned this country over to the Democrats. The problem always with Trump was that he had blind spots and he didn’t see this coming. I frankly did not see this coming and I live in California that is already under a soft totalitarain one Party rule. The scale of the election fraud, the stopping of the votes in the middle of the night, the truly brilliant mathematicians and tech guys that proved that something like 300,000 mail in votes never went through the mail. That doesn’t include thousands of dead people voting, thousands of out-of-state people voting, and it goes on and on. There were probably even algorithms fixed to change the vote. You could see it on TV. Trump did not do this to the country. Blame George Soros, blame Justice Chief Roberts above all who shut down the Supreme court, Blame Mike Pence (poncius pence) for not turning the electors back to the state legislature when they were begging for him to do it. Blame Nancy Polosi for being a slobbering drug addict on top of a drunk, and of course, blame the obvious vengeful and unnamable ethnic group that set Trump up because he was stupid and blind to them. Now the word is the “Ukraine.” Is it China or the “Ukraine? ” I say Ukraine. Now our whole country is lost and we will have one party rule like California. We won’t stop fighting, though. They get so lazy and they are so cheap that eventually blackmail will be what rules not laws. When the highest law of the land abdicates responsibility then there are no laws and that’s the way it will be.

    1. KAP
      I can see the J-Factor in full affect on Newsmax now, but they’re still pretty good, better than Fox…
      i heard a good point on Nwsmax this morning, from a New York Rep, female, some Greek name I can’t remember now, Tilliamokos or something like that.. No friend of Cuomo and De Blasio….
      She said – now that the dems will have full control of everything, they’ll have to be responsible, won’t be able to simply hate Trump and blame the other guys for everything…
      That’s what’s up with Cuomo now as he’s changed his position on reopening NYC, wants to do it right now without waiting for the vaxxine…
      The vaxxine’s as big a hoax as the virus, my bet… Only maybe worse, if it’s really some kind of genetic screwball… They’ll never be able to make the program work anyway… It’s already not working…
      Too many chiselers, typical state-medical program, insider bureaucrats.. And the Big-Pharma connectees have probably already been paid to make it…
      Of Course NYC will be bailed out under the dems… And every other totally deficit dem controlled civic entity…
      And there will be a torrent now of freebie money, every kind of aid package you can imagine, paid out to every organization in position to help the dems maintain control, like they did with PBS and the Kennedy Center…
      People will be paid fed money too to help ruin as many Trump supporters as they can…
      The question is – will anybody ever make mention of the national debt, at what point does repayment become unfeasible?
      Will these people ever get that?
      Answer – NO… this is going to be the most ravenous feeding frenzy the world has ever seen…
      You’re going to start hearing the word ‘quadrillion’ cast about more often…
      The National Debt is going to the Quadrillions, and beyond infinity…
      They’re going to totally bankrupt the USA under its fiat system, well beyond the point of paying it back…
      I say it’s already bankrupt, we should declare bankruptcy, like the doctors and lawyers do, kill the fiat bank for good and go back to intrinsic value currency, honest banking…
      Leaving the fiat bank behind is probably the plan anyway, but it will be part of the shift to the completely worthless crypto currency… The only private deals after that will be bartered…
      The connected state elite, Bilderbergers, whatever, will get their free bitcoin influx as long as they all work together, like Google and Twitter do now, to keep the new elite in power…
      Unless somehow the Rothen are not exactly in charge of that, won’t benefit from it, like they do now with their fiat banks… I doubt that…

  15. The best form of govt. is fascism. The word “fascism,” as it’s used today, has been stripped of much of its specificity.A simple definition of fascism remains challenging even today. Fascist leaders convinced their early followers that their nation had descended from a glorious heritage, hijacked and destroyed by a corrupt elite.
    Unfortunately, Fascism has an undeserved bad reputation. Regardless of this
    reputation, Fascism is a very sensible economic and social ideology. There
    are a few different “flavors” of Fascism, but basically they all come down
    to the following.

    Fascism is an economic system in which a nation’s government plays a central
    role in monitoring all banking, trade, production, and labor activity which
    takes place within the nation. Such monitoring is done for the sole purpose
    of safeguarding & advancing the nation and its people. Under Fascism, the
    government will not approve of any business activity unless that business
    has a positive impact on the nation as a whole and the people of the
    nation – this is the axiom which determines everything under Fascism.

    In other words, the government asks, “Is XYZ Enterprises good for our nation
    and our people?” If yes, it’s approved. If no, it’s not approved. When they
    ask, “Is it good?”, they mean, “Is XYZ Enterprises good for the workers, do
    they pay a fair wage, do they produce a product or provide a service which
    advances our nation & our people technologically, morally, spiritually,
    health-wise, etc???” For example, a pornography company would not be allowed
    because pornography corrupts people generally and exploits & degrades women
    particularly. Also, “free” trade agreements (such as what the U.S. has with
    China) would never be allowed because such trade agreements result in
    companies sending jobs overseas (where labor is dirt cheap). Such an
    activity, of course, would undermine a nation’s labor class. This is
    entirely unacceptable and thus not allowed under a Fascist economic model.

    Fascism is based on free enterprise – but with constraints (the primary
    constraint being, “Is the particular economic activity in question good for
    our nation?”). Also, a businessman can become wealthy in a Fascist country,
    and the government has no objection to this (this is in stark contrast to
    Communism). Fascism also encourages private ownership of property (again, in
    stark contrast to Communism where private property is not allowed).

    In a nutshell, Fascism basically tells entrepreneurs, “Go ahead and start a
    business, earn a lot of money, be successful, but don’t produce any products
    or services which damage our nation and our nation’s people… and make sure
    you treat your workers fair and pay them a living wage. If you don’t do
    these things, we’ll shut you down.”With regard to banking, usury is not
    allowed under Fascism. The government tightly controls all aspects of
    monetary policy, including terms of lending. The government issues/prints
    money and lends it interest free, as needed, to grow the economy and
    ultimately serve the citizens.

    The above is the economic aspect of Fascism. There is also a cultural/social
    aspect to Fascism as well. Under Fascism, government plays a key role in
    monitoring: film, theatre, art, literature, music, education, etc in order
    to maintain a high moral standard, keep things clean and respectable,
    promote a strong sense of patriotism and honor, and prevent the
    dissemination of depraved filth which corrupts society.

    With regard to political legislation introduced by a Fascist government, the
    same criteria is applied – “Will this proposed law benefit the nation as a
    whole and the people of our nation?”A few other things to mention. Fascism
    encourages respect for the environment as Fascists understand that nature is
    the giver of life and thus must be preserved. Contrast this environmental
    philosophy with that of Capitalism which too often takes the short term view
    with regard to natural resources and foolishly believes that pollution is a
    necessary byproduct of profit. Also, and somewhat related to environmental
    issues, Fascism holds very progressive views with regard to animal rights.

    Also, under Fascism, if a person doesn’t like things, he/she can leave the
    country. Contrast this with Communism where if you don’t like things, you
    better keep your mouth shut. And, of course, there is no option to leave the
    country. You will submit or else be sent to a re-education camp where you’ll
    be brainwashed to accept the Communist system. And if you still resist,
    you’ll probably be killed. Again, there is no leaving. Submit or suffer the

    Further, Fascism holds women in very high regard. Women are the carriers of
    new life. They are expected to be educated, worldly, and well read. Women
    are encouraged to pursue their interests and have a career but only if a
    career won’t interfere with their family’s needs; family comes first,
    always. Women are encouraged to be strong yet feminine. Consistent with
    these ideas, Fascist art often portrays women as heroic and even

    In short, Fascism is a form of government & social system which
    authentically serves the interests of the people and nation as a whole. The
    word “Fascism” comes from the Italian word “fascio” meaning “the group” or
    more specifically, “in consideration of the group.” Fascism is rooted in the
    notion that people must stay true to two mental concepts throughout their
    lives: 1) the individual’s needs (themselves) and, 2) the group’s needs
    (their nation)… always evaluating how their individual actions affect the
    group. Thus Fascism rejects the self-centered “me me me” mentality so common
    under Capitalism. For example, in a Fascist nation each person is expected
    to maintain a healthy diet & lifestyle. For if not, they may become
    seriously ill and thus require expensive health care; this would negatively
    impact the group (i.e., they’d become a financial burden on the nation).

    Continuing this line of thought, under Fascism all people of one’s ethnicity
    are considered the greater family of that person. Hence, a Fascist nation is
    thought of as one giant family of several million people. Therefore, just as
    one mustn’t do anything to hurt their brother or sister in their immediate
    family, under Fascism one mustn’t do anything which would hurt the
    nation/group (i.e., the greater family). This is the essence of Fascism – a
    strong consideration of the group balanced with individualism.In Germany,
    the former NSDAP followed the above described Fascist

    Although the economic aspect of Fascism is free-market based, Fascism
    is NOT Capitalism. Many on the political left wrongly equate Fascism with
    Capitalism. Again, Fascism is NOT Capitalism. Allow me to briefly explain:
    the primary goal of Capitalism is profit. On the other hand, the primary
    goal of Fascism is the well being of a nation’s citizens and well being of
    the nation as a whole. In a purist-type Capitalist country (i.e.,
    Super-Capitalism) almost nothing can interfere with maximizing profits – not
    workers, not the environment… almost nothing. Even when a Capitalist
    country starts out with tight government regulations, it invariably moves
    towards Laissez-faire economics (i.e., Super-Capitalism) by way of less and
    less government regulation. Human greed drives this transformation and
    ultimately the working class suffer via lower wages or loss of employment
    altogether if their job is, say, transferred overseas (e.g., to China) where
    labor is dirt cheap. Capitalists believe that immense wealth at the top will
    “trickle down” to the masses i.e., that everything will magically work
    itself out. A certain amount of wealth does “trickle down” but, too often,
    the worker and environment suffer. As just one example, tens of millions of
    American manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas during the past two
    decades (Capitalist so-called “free” trade policies have allowed for such
    outsourcing of jobs). Of course then, just as Fascists reject Communism,
    they also reject Capitalism.

    1. Excellent commen!!

      You wrote:
      “A simple definition of fascism remains challenging even today.”

      I learned this handy one in the 1950s:
      Fascism is private ownership with government controls.

      Communism is government ownership with government controls.
      Capitalism is private ownership with private controls.

      Pure capitalism cannot exist today with all of the government regulations and controls.

      BTW – Two fasces are located on either side of the Speaker’s platform in the US House of Representatives. They must be ‘fascists’ there!! 🙂

      The original Roman fasces consisted of an axe within a bundle of rods, bound together by a red strap.

      The bronze fasces, representing a classical Roman symbol of civic authority, are located on both sides of the U.S. flag. The original Roman fasces consisted of an axe within a bundle of rods, bound together by a red strap. Over time, the fasces came to represent the ideal of American democracy: like the thin rods bound together, the small individual state achieve their strength and stability though their union under the federal government.

      1. Pure capitalism cannot exist today with all of the government regulations and controls.

        Pat, my best stepping stone for making points of paramount importance here, makes an excellent comment right there: “Pure capitalism cannot exist (therefore, does not exist! – Circassian) today”.

        Now, the natural question to ask for any intelligent American would be: Then what does exist in the USA? Is it pure capitalism? No, “pure capitalism cannot exist today”. Is it communism? Obviously not, for – as Pat informs us quite correctly again – “communism is government ownership with government controls”, which – if applied to today’s USA – would be pure nonsense.

        So, what does exist in the USA? Pure and simple: “private ownership with government controls”, i.e. fascism!

        So, pure blockheads like Premanidhi and Pat – who seem to long for a fascist state – do not even recognize that they already live (and have been living for quite some time) in one!


      2. Circ –

        I have claimed for decades that the US is a fascist system. I felt no need to repeat the obvious. The fasces are even in the US House for all to see!!

        But, as you are my favorite stepping stone, I’m glad you helped some see it more clearly.

        BTW – “Blockhead” is a term of endearment for me. It was a term used by jews….. to denigrate pure Germanic people during WWII and the following decades as the holocaust lies appeared. You are in your favorite company along with puny punk criminal ‘Put-On’…!!! 🙂

    2. Hi Kapoore,

      You may be right in everything you say about Trump and your views are more than welcome.

      Please note that this website cannot be held responsible for the views of every writer it publishes, given that no two writers we publish hold identical view about ANYTHING! — let alone about Donald Trump and his unpredictable ways! 🙂

      Some writers are for Donald, some against him, and some try to sit on the fence and remain neutral.

      You may find our most recent article on Trump more sympathetic to Trump and in line with your own feelings:


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