Facing the Facts of War with Russia

The American Consevative
April 12, 2021

The Biden administration appears willing to get us into a fight we’re not ready for.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (left) and US Vice President Joe Biden (2nd right) meet on March 10, 2011 with their delegations in Moscow.

CONFLICT with Russia may be inevitable. Kiev’s strident threats to resolve the crisis in Eastern Ukraine with force of arms, combined with Washington’s refusal to acknowledge that Moscow actually has legitimate national security interests in Eastern Ukraine, makes it so.

Equally troubling, the president sees no particular reason why he should explain to the American people why Washington’s readiness to support Kiev’s use of force against Russia makes strategic sense for America.

In 1937, when the Imperial Japanese government expressed sincere regret for attacking and sinking the U.S.S. Panay, an American gunboat that had been patrolling China’s Yangtze River, U.S. Ambassador to Japan Joseph Grew was not satisfied. He warned the Japanese Foreign Ministry that “Facts mean more than Statements.”

 Grew was right. A Biden-Harris guarantee of support for the Ukrainian government’s plan to reconquer its lost territories, including Luhansk, Donetsk, or Crimea, is about as meaningless as the British government’s 1939 guarantee of assistance to the Poles in the event of a German attack on Poland. 

LD: The author is wrong to suggest that Russia “invaded” Ukraine and “annexed”  the Crimea and N.E. Ukraine. Ukraine and the Crimea had previously belonged to the Russian Empire after the Partition of Poland in the late 18th century under Catherine the Great.   So there’s  no way Putin is going to give up what most Russians regard as their ancestral lands.  He’s not “invading” them or “annexing” the Crimea, as is alleged in the mainstream media; he is reoccupying them. If Biden thinks Putin is going to roll over and let  Ukraine be used as a military base for America and Nato, with nuclear missiles aimed directly at Moscow and other Russian cities, he is sadly mistaken.  [LD]

In 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt decided not to retaliate against the Japanese. FDR knew there was no public support in the United States for a war with Japan or any other great power. FDR also resisted pressure from the U.S. Navy’s admirals to retaliate because he knew America’s armed forces were not ready for a full-scale war. As for our British friends, they were not ready to weaken their fleet in the Atlantic to join a fight against Japan when the threat of war with Germany was growing.

It is easy for presidents to moralize and posture in public about matters thousands of miles from America’s borders when it currently costs nothing in terms of American blood. Unfortunately, this condition won’t last. Fighting in Eastern Ukraine will produce heavy casualties on both sides. Russian and Ukrainian soldiers are courageous, intelligent, and ruthless. None of them are “woke.” All are motivated by patriotism, ingrained discipline, and a strong professional military ethos.

Because the Russian military is larger and better armed, the most likely outcome is a Russian victory. Moscow is then likely to direct its forces to swallow Ukraine’s territory east of the Dnieper River making matters far worse for Kiev. As Angela Merkel observed in 2015, Putin is confident that the battle in Eastern Ukraine is one that he can definitely win.

If Russian military power prevails, President Biden’s promise of support means U.S. or Allied NATO air or ground forces may intervene to rescue the Ukrainians from defeat. In Europe, U.S. Army and Marine ground forces are too weak to intervene 500 miles east of the Polish border, even if reinforced in a timely manner by armored brigades. None of NATO’s ground forces are ready to cope with Russia’s BM-30 SMERCH Rocket Artillery Formations.

Rockets fired from just five of Russia’s BM-30 SMERCH rocket launchers can devastate an area the size of New York City’s Central Park (843 acres, or 3.2 square miles) in minutes.

Thus, if U.S. and allied forces do intervene, they are likely to do so with air assets. How effective Russian integrated air defenses will be is unknown, but it would be ill-advised to underestimate the impact of Russian IADs with phased array radars. Some of the newest air defense systems—like the Russian S-500—are so capable that many U.S. Defense officials privately worry that even warplanes like the F-22, F-35, and the B-2 risk destruction if they attempt to penetrate them.

Since prevailing winds in Eastern Europe would spread nuclear fallout across Russia and Central Asia all the way to Korea, the Russian use of nuclear weapons is very unlikely—unless of course, U.S. forces use so-called “tactical nuclear weapons,” which would trigger Russian escalation to the strategic nuclear level with ominous consequences for planet Earth. However, virtually all U.S. and allied military installations, from Estonia to Spain, will be within range of Russian Kalibr Cruise Missiles carrying 1,000 pound, high explosive, conventional warheads.

President Biden’s apparent guarantee of U.S. support to Ukraine’s president suggests he’s also drinking deeply from the poison well of failed American statecraft and generalship, a wellspring of uncreative minds with no appreciation for real warfare. Twenty years of desultory battles against weak opponents (insurgents without armies, air forces, and air defenses) has not elevated much warfighting talent to the senior ranks of the armed forces to cope with a radically changed warfighting environment. 

Equally serious is America’s deteriorating societal cohesion, which was on full display during the summer of 2020. When added to the dramatic spike in illegal human and drug trafficking pouring across the southern border, it seems certain that a major war in Eastern Europe would expose not only serious vulnerabilities in the U.S. armed forces, but the fragility of American society to the whole world. 

It is worth remembering that when the Trump administration’s hawkish advisors and secretaries of State and Defense urged military action that threatened conflict with Iran in 2019, President Trump just said, “No.” Today, it appears that strategy sessions in the White House are little more than a façade behind which wish-based, “woke” ideology dominates discussions. The implication is there is no adult present in the Oval Office capable of just saying “No.”

In 1937, FDR was the adult in the Oval Office who understood that American public opinion exacts obedience. He knew the enormous demands war would place on America’s economy and its armed forces during a Depression. For FDR, these realities made military retaliation against Japan impossible.

Unlike FDR then, now Biden, Harris, and their “woke” advisors are throwing caution to the wind. Whether they realize it or not, they are also playing with the survival of their own administration.

Douglas Macgregor, Col. (ret.) is a senior fellow with The American Conservative, the former advisor to the secretary of Defense in the Trump administration, a decorated combat veteran, and the author of five books.


71 thoughts to “Facing the Facts of War with Russia”

  1. For the moment, let us forget the doggone it argument about FDR . He was as much a puppet, and they have been, all of them. A quick read by His Son in Law Curtis B Dall “Franklin Delano Roosevelt My Exploited Father in Law” would clear the ignorance of how FDR did anything independent of his Zionist Handlers.

    That being the case, let us look at what is happening now. The fact is, the lackadaisical, slow-witted, doe-eyed, unfocused Bidden administration does not give any hope of seizing “The Global Leadership”

    This administration does not want to, and does not know how to operate as such, anyway. The Handlers possibly helped them to the office deliberately for a purpose. And that purpose, I would wager, was the same purpose that Churchill was helped to power by the Zionists.

    That just as Churchill was to oversee the destruction of the mighty British Empire, (Which he did) I would wager, that Bidden was helped to power to “Bring down American” But, unlike Churchill, Bidden may not have to involve America in a war. In fact, it is more likely that he is there, “to do nothing”!

    And why is this significant? Because, the do-nothing Bidden, gives the Zionists Kid On The Block Putin, to do his Putin thing, without fear or any concern about any measures being taken against him by anybody from the West. There is no-body who can take on Putin. He is a Thug and he knows it. In fact, he likes it. He likes showing it off. So, which of these pesky squeaky little ants can hassle Putin?

    So, Putin, will do what Putin does best. And the Putin thing is basically, Muscle around harass all the other local “ Good Fellows” (If you will excuse the Mafia slang) and establish his dominance. So, the issue is not that America is going to war with Russia, but that this time its real “The Russians Are Coming”! together with them are The Chinese! And with them, Communism. You can start singing

    “Don’t cry for me, America”

    1. Administration,
      Donaldo will observe silence.
      Administration has deleted his posts. Oh well. Adios anti-semites. 😘🤠

      1. You didn’t observe silence, did you? 🙂

        We have nothing against free speech on this site, especially from intelligent Jews. Unfortunately, you are hardly a credit to the Jewish people with your rambling, off-topic, sleazy sex, chatroom and locker room comments.

        That is, of course, if you really are a Jew.

        1. Toby,
          Calm down and enjoy a cup of tea please. Don’t judge Donaldo too harshly. He ALREADY abandoned the sleeze-gutter long ago for more intellectual pursuits. Also, Donaldo is quite fond of Toby. He’s intelligent and level-headed. 🤗🤠

          1. We are all under great stress, Donaldo. Remember that. You must also be aware (since you’re above average intelligence) that we don’t hold your “Jewishness” against you. Nor do most other posters on this site.

  2. I have real doubts that the Biden who went to Russia is the real Joe Biden, maybe some hollywood actor in a rubber suit. Actually it doesn’t make any difference, since Biden is only a front man for a Jewish Zionist cabal. Why is Biden wasting his time meeting with Putin, since Russia is strong and Amerika is in a death spiral, why is anyone going to do our bidding, they are more likely laughing their asses off at our predicament.

    Well my thesis is that Biden Admin is a front for Israel Zionists, and they want Russia to stop interferring in Syria, because Russia has stopped the advance of the Greater Israel project. Israel can not expand north when Russia and Iran are in Syria and Iraq. So they need Russia in a war in Ukraine while the Zionists take on Iran and take out Syria’s Assad.

    I read yesterday that Amerika spent 10 trillion in the last 12 months. How much more can they spend on a big war? It is doubtful Amerika has any ability to fight even a regional war, the Iraq wars were the last of what we can do, we are now bankrupt, unable to get it up for war. The glory days are over, Amerika is a nation sleepwalking into an early grave, it has no morals, no rudder, no direction, just a tired old whore who is spent and being cast into the ditch by the pimp Bibi Netanyahu.

  3. LD,
    Let me remind you that according to “Budapest accord” of 1994 singed by Russia, US and UK in regards to territorial integrity of post-Soviet republics that became sovereign countries, Ukraine gave back left over Soviet nukes in exchange for such guarantees!

    “Ukraine had given up its nuclear weapons on the basis of an explicit Russian guarantee of its territorial integrity. By breaching that guarantee, President Putin has provided a rationale for those elsewhere who needed little more than that already furnished by pride or grievance to arm themselves to the teeth.” ~~ S. Harper Canadian PM at Hague hearings.
    S. Lavrov claimed that Russia was not in violation of ‘Budapest accord’ because she did not attack Ukraine with nuclear weapons! And, of course, we can argue about the intentions of said provisions and guarantees but, the fact is that back in 1994 (at the signing ceremony) Ukrainian national flag was flying over Crimea!

    1. @ Kingranch

      Let me remind you that when the U.S. “government” staged a coup in Ukraine which overthrew the legitimate government and installed a puppet ruler, the state known as Ukraine ceased to exist, whereupon the Budapest Memorandum became irrelevant.

      1. That is something “you think you know and wish for” but, the truth is that that in the ‘eyes of the international law’ continuity and obligations of said government never ceased and all prior (to orange revolt) arrangements are binding!

        1. LOL! Seriously?

          First, when in 2013 the government of Belarus challenged U.S. sanctions as violating the Budapest Memorandum, the U.S. “government” took the position that the Budapest Memorandum was “not legally binding.”


          Second, the U.S. is a signatory to the UN Charter (which is legally binding) and U.S. participation in the coup was therefore a blatant violation of the letter and spirit of the charter. Since the coup was illegal under international law, and since there is no provision for a coup in the Ukraine constitution, Russia justifiably took the position that Ukraine ceased to exist at that point. And since there was no more Ukraine, the Budapest Memorandum – whatever obligations it may or may not have created for any of the parties – was defunct.

          I hope this clears things up for you.

          1. HS,
            What you’ve stated above has no practical nor legal relevance to the subject at hand. To impose sanctions, whether be for legitimate or factual reasons, does not constitute an attack on territorial integrity! “I hope this clears things up for you”, HS?

            1. @ Kingranch

              What you’ve cleared up is any questions there may have been regarding your knowledge of the subject matter and your honesty: It’s now abundantly clear that you know nothing about that which you speak, and rather than concede, you resort to a silly strawman argument.

              I didn’t claim that any U.S. sanctions on Belarus (or Ukraine or Kazakhstan for that matter) were violative of its territorial integrity. I cited the statement from the U.S. “government” because the U.S. “government” put in words its position that the Budapest Memorandum” was not legally binding; IOW in the view of the U.S. “government” it is apparently nothing more than an optional “political commitment,” a la the JCPOA agreement with Iran. And since the Budapest Memorandum is not legally binding, your argument is moot for that reason alone.

              But now that you’ve broached the subject with your strawman, I should point out that the Budapest Memorandum was not only about preserving the “territorial integrity” of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, but also about respecting their “independence” “sovereignty” and “political independence.”

              For example, according to the agreement:

              The United States of America, the Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, reaffirm their commitment to (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine), in accordance with the principles of the CSCE Final Act, to refrain from economic coercion designed to subordinate to their own interest the exercise by (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine) of the rights inherent in its sovereignty and thus to secure advantages of any kind.

              This was probably the basis for Belarus’ claim that U.S. sanctions violate the agreement.


              Are we done now or do you have more nonsense you’d like to share?

              1. I do not concede to utter nonsense, HS. You concentrate your ‘efforts’ on US side of the agreement but say next to nothing about Russian part of the deal. The justification for US’s and UK’s inaction (stated as ‘non-bonding’) to said territorial aggression committed by Russian Federation was based on the fact that said memorandum did not specify nor even mention any course of retaliatory action for violating territorial integrity of Ukraine. And that is why S. Lavrov said: “we didn’t do anything wrong or against Budapest Accord because we didn’t use nukes against Ukraine.” I suggest reading what N. Khrushchev said about it back in 1954 and stop polarizing your replies!

                1. @ Harold Smith

                  Pay no attention to this neo-Nazi trash, KingRanch, who doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. He is full of hot air and obscurantist claptrap. What can you expect from a moral coward who doesn’t even have the courage of his convictions by proudly acknowledging his allegiance to Adolf Hitler?

                  If he loves Hitler, why can’t he say so? That’s what a real man would do!

                  1. @ Sardonicus

                    You’re right Sard, and I think I am done wasting time with this troll.

                    1. He’s not the first one, Harold.
                      This site has always been a magnet for trolls.
                      (Apart from padded cell loonies).

                  2. Zhurnalist,
                    Talking about cowardliness…why don’t you tell us something about yourself? You know? For ease of understanding.

                    1. KingRanch

                      I don’t have to tell you anything about myself before I pronounce you a “coward” for your evasiveness over Hitler.

                      A judge who finds a criminal guilty of rape and murder doesn’t have to give the criminal a biography of himself before he sentences the criminal to the electric chair.

                    2. KR –

                      “……tell us something about yourself?”

                      “us”…???? You should have written, ” tell ME something about yourself.”

                      Sard has been here since the beginning. We know Sard. You need to tell everyone about YOURSELF!! NO more “us” sonny boy. 🙂

                2. @ KR

                  I do not concede to utter nonsense, HS. You concentrate your ‘efforts’ on US side of the agreement but say next to nothing about Russian part of the deal.

                  As usual, you’re not making much sense. The text of the Budapest Memorandum is short and I posted a link to it. If you would bother to take a glance at it you’d see that “the Russian part of the deal” was the same as the U.S. part of the “deal.” (Or are you implying that because of “American exceptionalism” the agreement is legally binding on Russia but not on the U.S. “government”)?

                  The justification for US’s and UK’s inaction (stated as ‘non-bonding’)… to said territorial aggression committed by Russian Federation was based on the fact that said memorandum did not specify nor even mention any course of retaliatory action for violating territorial integrity of Ukraine.

                  LOL! What the hell are you blathering about now?

                  And that is why S. Lavrov said: “we didn’t do anything wrong or against Budapest Accord because we didn’t use nukes against Ukraine.”

                  Please cite credible references in support of your claims.

                  I suggest reading what N. Khrushchev said about it back in 1954…

                  At issue is the U.S. government’s blatant violation of the Budapest Memorandum, the UN Charter and the Ukranian constitution (by way of the coup d’etat in Ukraine), vis-a-vis the propriety of Russia’s subsequent annexation of Crimea and support of Russian separatists elsewhere in the territory of the former state of Ukraine. If you believe that something Nikita Khrushchev said in 1954 is somehow relevant to the situation, please provide a link to it, as I’m not your research assistant.

                    1. @ Kingranch

                      please do your own homework before you come here and embarrass yourself again…

                      LOL! So my “homework” is to try to parse your infantile, incomprehensible drivel, looking for nuggets of meaningful truth among the handfuls of crap that you throw at the wall (apparently in the hope that something sticks)?

                      In that case I see what you mean; that I would have to do that is somewhat embarrassing. Maybe to avoid embarrassing myself further I’ll stop wasting time responding to your absurd nonsense.

                      BTW the page you’ve linked to says nothing about any relevant statement by Khrushchev. If anything the article supports Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Nice try though.

                      Moreover, [Crimea’s] cultural links with Ukraine were not nearly as strong as with Russia. According to the 1959 census, there were 268,000 Ukrainians but 858,000 ethnic Russians living in Crimea. As for economic “commonalities,” the main industry of Crimea was recreation and tourism which drew its clientele from throughout the USSR.

                  1. “…you’d see that “the Russian part of the deal” was the same as the U.S. part of the “deal.” (Or are you implying that because of “American exceptionalism” the agreement is legally binding on Russia but not on the U.S. “government”)?”

                    What in the seven heaven are you talking about? Which falg is flying over Crimea? Is it American or Russian flag. What was the flag looking like in 1994 when accord was signed? Territorial integrity that is the language of said agreement!!! Not some BS wishing washing you persist on as the truth of a fact!

                    1. Get it through your thick skull: when the U.S. sponsored coup d’etat took place which overthrew the legitimate government of Ukraine, there was no more Ukraine. And if there was/is no more Ukraine, then there was/is no more such thing as the “territorial integrity” of Ukraine.

                    2. What’s with these missing “reply” buttons? That is annoying…almost as annoying as you are HS! Again, this is what you think you know but it is NOT what the legal paper says!

                    3. Being that anyone with internet access can see what the “legal paper” (Budapest Memorandum) says, why do you continue to lie about it? Apparently you’re just delusional.

                    4. O, yeah? Than apply same exact logic you’ve presented us with in regards to Ukraine to what happened here on November 3rd of 2020, HS? A double agent was appointed to the White House and sworn in as POTUS! A blatant coup d’etat by all and any definitions! And what happened? Are we (Fed Gov) free to disobey and ignore our commitments? Did we break the continuity of US government? Do I need to say more?

      2. That’s true, who is the Kiev gang or their U.S. accomplices to call Russia a thief? How would the U.S. like it if Russia engineered an overthrow of the Canadian government and installed their own preferences in Canada?

    2. @ KingRanch

      Your pedantic nitpicking over the “Budapest Accord” is of no practical importance in the world of Realpolitik, especially since you appear to give your full backing to the United States (and therefore Israel) in standing up to “Evil Vlad.”

      America isn’t the good guy here. KR. Doesn’t America flout international law repeatedly? How many UN resolutions has Israel breached with help from America’s veto? In any case, what right does America have to police the Black Sea and stick its big nose into the affairs of other countries in their own back yard? What’s America doing bossing around other countries in the South China seas?

      Ukraine, the Crimea, and the entire Black Sea area is in Putin’s back yard. As LD rightly points out, all this territory once belonged to Russia and Russia has every right — moral if not strictly “legal” — to defend itself against heavy-handed American encroachments. If Biden is spoiling for a fight, Putin will hopefully teach this dementia-stricken puppet president a lesson he won’t forget!

      Biden may forget where he put his keys, but he won’t forget getting his ass kicked!

      1. @ KingRanch

        This comment from Harold Smith has my full backing. Your attempt to refute it is unconvincing:

        HAROLD SMITH: Let me remind you that when the U.S. “government” staged a coup in Ukraine which overthrew the legitimate government and installed a puppet ruler, the state known as Ukraine ceased to exist, whereupon the Budapest Memorandum became irrelevant.

        You stress the “legality” of the Budapest Memorandum, but you conveniently forget that America flouted international law by overthrowing the legitimate ruler of Ukraine and replacing him with a Jewish puppet of their own.

        How can you justify that legally, hm?

        1. I’ve never said anything about “justification” of any of it! In fact, I was always against the idea of Ukraine giving up their share of post Soviet bounty in exchange for said assurances! They should’ve kept the nukes and never scrap any of (30 or so) strategic bombers they were left with! Same with Kazakhstan and Belarus….risking retaliation and embargoes from the west of course! So what? Let the west flex their muscle and negotiate a much better deal at some later date! To entrust US and UK with keeping an eye on territorial integrity of Ukraine!? Different kind of stupidity on their part if you ask me! What if Ukraine has decided to give all ICBMs in their possession to…USA!!!??? Why not and who would stop them? Russia…LOL!!!

          1. SAKI, I didn’t see your first reply?
            So, “Black Sea is Putin’s playground” you say? I’d have to strongly disagree with your assumption! If anything, it be the Turks who could make such statement! After all, they have the straits and Sea of Marmara! Without it…it’s just another big lake!

            1. @ KingRanch

              So, “Black Sea is Putin’s playground” you say? I’d have to strongly disagree with your assumption! If anything, it be the Turks who could make such statement! After all, they have the straits and Sea of Marmara! Without it…it’s just another big lake!

              You have a naive view if politics if you think Turkey has a legal right to the Black Sea just because it has “control” over the Sea of Marmara and the straits.

              Can Britain stop ships from other nations entering the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic just because it has control over the Straits of Gibraltar?

              Can Egypt stop ships from the Mediterranean entering the Red Sea just because it owns the Suez Canal?

              These are international waters, KR. And apart from who owns what “legally”, it is military might that finally determines who calls the shots. This is known as the IUS GLADII — “the right of the sword”.

              Putin has far more rights and strategic interests in the Black Sea than America can possibly have. How would you like it if Russian warships patrolled the East coast of America? or if Chinese warships started to sniff around San Francisco Bay? Would you scream, “This is against international law!”

              Know this: international law is there to be trampled on by the armies with the biggest boots! 🙂

              The wolf doesn’t ask the lamb for permission to eat it.

              1. Saki –
                You asked KR:
                “How would you like it if Russian warships patrolled the East coast of America? or if Chinese warships started to sniff around San Francisco Bay? Would you scream, “This is against international law!”

                I broke in because have firsthand experience there. KR might not.

                The various ships ARE there ALL the time. No one tells YOU about them, though.

                I have seen Russian fake ‘trawlers’ with heavy electronics – spy ships – on the coastal waters of US – East Coast, Hawaii and Guam.

                We all shouted for joy when our submarine ran through their ‘fishing’ nets on several occasions off the coast of Virginia. The captain was on the bridge for one instance and said it looked like one was sunk. Our 8,000 tons v their 200 tons was no match at all. They were dragged by the nets by the stern backwards into the ocean….. backing down faster than designed!!

                What international law?? No one would report it. We never did!! What happens on the seas, sinks to the bottom. 🙂

                1. WOW! So it’s already going on, eh? I had no idea!
                  I guess most of the really important news is hidden from us.

                  1. YES!! For decades. That was in 1968 thru 1973.

                    Next to what is happening…. we know zero about the actual events.

                1. @ KingRanch

                  Saki’s arguments make more sense to me than your complacent rejoinders in which you appear to think an air of omniscience (buttressed by exclamation marks) clinches your arguments. They don’t.

                  Such cheap rhetoric doesn’t wash with your intellectual equals or superiors.

                  As as matter of interest, do you belong to the Hitler Fan Club? 🙂

                  1. POLITE REQUEST

                    Admin would appreciate it if all members of the “Hitler Fan Club”
                    should openly acknowledge their devotion to Adolf Hitler,
                    so that we know who they are. We recommend such transparency.

                    1. And what is your affliction with AH, SiMo? Why are you pushing this subject? Enough with this AH garbage! Have some respect for the millions of innocent that perished listening to his evil-drivel!

                  2. MB,
                    I am glad that you agree with and support SAKI’s (mostly imaginary utterance) in regards to international laws and politics.
                    Just as I said before and let me repeat it again…”Budapest Memorandum” is biding for all parties involved and Russian Federation is in violation of said agreement! Second, Turkey is in possession of Dardanelles! In time of war they can legally shut it all down to all shipping…period!
                    Third, I do not know what HFC is! However, I do have a “winking” idea where you’re going with this? So, as to avoid future misunderstandings, let me tell you a quick story:…a man goes to secret police and says: “my talking parrot is missing!”
                    SP officer: “Okay? But you should’ve gone to regular police to report it.”
                    Man: “I know and I will, but, I’m here to tell you that I strongly disagree with whatever she says!”

                    Lastly, I am here to help, MB. Trust me because I used to work for the government!

                    1. HFC??????

                      Hell, everyone knows that is “Hawaiian Fried Chicken”…. famously brushed with pineapple sauce. 🙂

                    2. @ KingRanch

                      You evaded my question. Well done! 🙂

                      I’ll ask you the question again:
                      Are you FOR Hitler or AGAINST him?
                      If you’re FOR him, you belong to the Hitler Fan Club (HFC).

                  3. “You evaded my question. Well done! 🙂

                    I’ll ask you the question again:
                    Are you FOR Hitler or AGAINST him?
                    If you’re FOR him, you belong to the Hitler Fan Club (HFC).
                    I am sorry, MB, but your last reply to my last reply is missing the blue “reply” button for me to click on so, I’m using one of your previous replies for my reply to your last Q. No! Of course not? If this wasn’t clear enough…let me repeat it again: It is a definite maybe!

              2. All the many two faced leaders and legal pretenders have been faking it at least since Cicero told it like it was all those years ago. Instead of reams of legal gobbledygook poorly disguised as laws and pretense of altruist intent and common good, the actual rotten truth is easy to known in five simple words.

                “Inter arma enim silent leges.” aka) “In times of war, the law falls silent.”
                And we’ve always been at war with (fill in blank).

                1. “Inter arma enim silent leges.” aka) “In times of war, the law falls silent.”

                  I couldn’t agree more, HP. But, just because of who we are and what we stand for, we can never take our eyes off the truth behind any and all armed conflicts and that is that….wars (99 out of 100) don’t prove who is right, only who is stronger!

                  1. KR –

                    The “truth” is known only by the original actor(s). All else are guesses. Ya hadda been there! 🙂

                    1. Hey PAT!
                      I am using one of your other posts to reply to your last comment because your last one doesn’t have the reply button on it? Must be some kind of reply limit or something?

                      Anyway, firstly, I’d appreciate if you stand up straight when you talking to me, Second, your comment about Zhurnalist (you call him Sard?) and that he has “been on here from the beginning” just took a big chunk (the size of Crimea Russia stole from Ukis) of credibility away from this forum! How could the good people of this board allow this to happen? Didn’t they see Marxist cancer creeping in with every post Zhurnalist has made on here or were they sleeping at the wheel again?

                    2. HEY, KR –

                      I was leaning over to get on your level…. in an attempt to see the sad & confused look on your face while you were on all fours!

                      You need to learn how to use this forum better….. if you want to ‘troll’ for fish here, sonny boy. 🙂

                    3. More like down on your knees PAT begging…”please no! No more KR, please! But hey! It is a start and I appreciate your humor! Not bad! Not bad at all.

                      Aaah! I didn’t see your edit at the end….so, I suppose, will it be wrong if I ask an “old” fishermen such as yourself for some advice? 😉

                  2. @ KingRanch

                    It amuses me that you should get so annoyed — which you do by referring to my “affliction with AH” — and refuse to answer a simple and straightforward question put to you by Madame Butterly: “Are you FOR Hitler of AGAINST him?” You certainly cannot be both!

                    Relax, I won’t ask for “transparency” again. Please note I didn’t address you personally. I addressed the commentariat in general. There was no need for you respond to my “POLITE REQUEST” at all. You could have taken refuge in silence. Instead, you shot back with a rude and aggressive response.

                    Ironically, your reply tells me all I need to know! 🙂

                    Many thanks for your candor.

                    1. @ “Sister” “Mother” moronica :

                      I’m a member of the “Hitler Fan Club”. I like Hitler A LOT.

                      ADMIN (Sr. Monica): Thank you for your candid confession, Joe. It’s ironical that a permanent member of Spamblinka, noted for his love of bestiality porn in numerous comments on this site, should be the first person here to proudly admit that he belongs to the “Hitler Fan Club.”

                    2. My apologies to you, SM, for not talking necessary precautions in my reply to you. It wasn’t my intention to cause you any discomfort. Again, please do not hold it against me.

  4. YJ,
    The Greater Israel Project is nothing but a wet-dream of a few hardcore Zionists out there that nobody is listening to anymore. Globalist cabal took over and they want your everything and won’t settle for just the Middle East! One could say that Stalinists were relatively cool by comparison….but Trotskites eventually came back around and took over. The old argument in between “political Zionism” vs “agricultural” variety come to mind!
    Now, Putin! Puzzling character, indeed! His compassion for the Lubavitcher cabal, kosherising Kremlin’s kitchens, lighting of menorah candles? But when he went to visit Israel he, as customary, did the mandatory “Wailing Wall” thing yet asked to go to Jordan river the next day!? “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer” doesn’t quite cut it anymore? Does it?

  5. Breakfast bg
    Ponzi scheme Bernie seen walking with Epstein and gesturing at tel Aviv beach…

    1. Elvis was with them. 🙂

      BM DIED today in prison and immediately showed up in Tel Aviv…. WOW!! I wanna go to Waikiki Beach or Makaha Beach when I die.

      Bernie Madoff, mastermind of the nation’s biggest investment fraud, dies at 82.

      Madoff died apparently from natural causes, the AP reported earlier, citing an unidentified person familiar with the matter. He would have turned 83 on April 29.

  6. Some geo-political analysts in the alternative media label the government of the Ukraine a “NAZI” government, which leaves the impression that the Ukrainian government is similar to the government of Hitler’s Nationalist Socialist Germany ; but the government of the Ukraine is allied with JEW Israel and JEW USA ZOG and EVERYTHING about the government of the Ukraine is ALL ABOUT JEWS. So to say the government of the Ukraine is a “NAZI” government as if it’s the same type of government of National Socialist Germany is patently false, so it’s very misleading to say the government of the Ukraine is a “NAZI” government.

    I have no idea why the geo-political analysts in the alt media refer to the Ukrainian government as a “NAZI” government when it’s very obviously a JEW COMMUNIST government deeply connected to the government of JEW Communist Israel and JEW Communist Uncle Sam Washington D.C..

    1. Let me state the obvious: Ukrainian politics as well as her government is completely and unequivocally dominated by Ashke-NAZI element! Hence the reason for the “alternative media” you’ve mentioned calling it, rightfully so, as it is! 😉

      1. Yes, Pat, of course you’re right Pat, you’re always right, Pat. Even your hydra-heads are always right, Pat lol… Yes, KR, of course you’re right KR, you’re always right, KR. [ even the hydra-heads have YUGE EGOS ] LMFAO!!!!

        1. Keep laughing your FAO – “FATAssOff”, Joe!! 💥 😜 😜 ….. since there’s not much room for exercise down in da-blinkas with Mel!! 🙂

  7. Great article by the man who should be U.S. Secretary of Defense for life. But no, he was cut off at the knees when Trump even tried to appoint him as Ambassador to Germany. Reason — MacGregor was truthful about Israel in military and foreign policy discussions.

  8. speaking of jews, nikita had a hand in the crimea too…


    are we gonna see global nuclear holocaust over this?
    not a chance…

    1. Of course he had!
      “Decree of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet transferring Crimea Province from the Russian Republic to the Ukraine Republic, taking into account the integral character of the economy, the territorial proximity and the close economic ties between Crimea Province and the Ukraine Republic, and approving the joint presentation of the Presidium of the Russian Republic Supreme Soviet and the Presidium of the Ukraine Republic Supreme Soviet on the transfer of Crimea Province from the Russian Republic to the Ukraine Republic.” ~~ N. Krushchev, 1954

      And that’s the whole point! What has changed in therms of territorial integrity of both republics mentioned above ever since 1954? Not a single thing! Because, on paper, Soviet Union was nothing but a coalition of the willing…and, frankly, said willingness didn’t last too long! Cry me a river!

  9. The zionists are the perpatraitors behind the wars and destruction, this is what they do, it is in their DNA to destroy nations and humanity, they are satanists.

  10. Ok, but what about trump and putin’s casinos in Crimea, no?
    Was that just a rumor?
    Ain’t they both partners with some tycoon named Sheldon Adleson?
    What’s their angle?
    Who else is involved besides the usual MIC suspects?
    Toxic Clown…

  11. Well,
    Weak Biden who almost fell off AIR FORCE ONE stairs got two well placed COJONES
    I reckon

  12. I think biden’s overseers zapped his leg bracelet when he took off running up the airplane ladder…
    I heard of a serious crime suspect who insisted upon being his own lawyer..
    The judge said ok but he’ll havev to wear a tazer shock belt…
    The deputy hit the shock button during the trial, by mistake…
    Sounds like good plot for an episode of The Good Wife…

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