Funding Both Sides: How Jewish Money Controls British Politics

By Tobias Langdon
The Occidental Observer
October 4, 2021

Presented by Lasha Darkmoon with brief notes


As in the United States, so in Britain—America’s lapdog vassal state. The only question is: which of the two countries is more under Jewish control? 


British Prime Minister, BORIS JOHNSON (left) and Labour Party Leader, SIR KEIR STARMER (right) having a heated “debate” on Sky News. Both leaders take their orders from the Jews. 

It’s very easy to criticize Boris Johnson, the current prime minister of Britain and leader of the so-called Conservative party. Johnson is dishonest, devious and a dedicated shabbos goy. He serves Jews rather than Whites and Israel rather than Britain.

Sir Keir Starmer, similarly, is a Creature of the Swamp.

But there is one pit of depravity that Johnson has never plumbed and one crime against decency that has never besmirched his soul. He’s not now and never has been a lawyer. His dishonesty is natural, not nurtured, and he did at least try to reform Britain’s lawyer-and-humanities-graduate-infested government bureaucracy. He’s surrendered now and appointed a Jewish swamp-creature called Dan Rosenfeld as his Chief of Staff.

But he did try.

Keir Starmer however, the current Labour leader, will never surrender; because he’ll never fight. He sides automatically with government bureaucracy and slithered easily to the top of it during the previous Labour government.

Toasting the President of Israel

Starmer became head of the Crown Prosecution Service, Britain’s very politically correct overseers of the law, under Tony Blair. In other words, he is a lawyer. And that’s a very bad sign for working-class Whites whom the Labour party was explicitly founded to defend.

Like the lawyer Tony Blair, and the lawyer Barack Obama before him, Starmer heads a party that supposedly champions the downtrodden workers against the greedy bosses. But the Labour and Democratic parties long ago abandoned the workers to side with the bosses.

And that means that they side with Jews against Whites.

Blair and Obama both rose to power on a tide of Jewish money and media support. Starmer hopes to do the same. He’s married to a Jewish woman and has performed the goy grovel enthusiastically at the Jewish Chronicle:

Labour leadership frontrunner Sir Keir Starmer has revealed he participates in Friday-night dinners with his family, at which his proudly Jewish father-in-law says prayers. Speaking to the Jewish Chronicle, Starmer said he felt comfortable attending family and communal “barmitzvahs, weddings, and funerals”.

The married father of two children also said he had “no issue” with standing for the traditional toast to the president of the state of Israel at Jewish weddings.

He told the JC: “I don’t have any issue with that — or with any of the traditions.” (Sir Keir Starmer opens up about his family’s Friday night dinnersThe Jewish Chronicle, 5th March 2020)

Note that Starmer has a knighthood, which is a sure sign that the hostile elite sees him as no threat.

When he spoke to the Jewish Chronicle, Starmer was campaigning to replace Jeremy Corbyn, a politician who will never receive a knighthood because he isn’t interested in Jewish money and has never followed Jewish orders.

Indeed, in a well-regulated world, Corbyn would never have become Labour leader, because he had little support in the party’s pro-Jewish senior ranks. But he was put on the leadership ballot to make it look more diverse and won an easy but unexpected victory, because he was very popular with ordinary Labour members.

The Unwatched Web: how rich Jewish organizations control British politics

When he became Labour leader, Corbyn didn’t end the party’s tradition of working tirelessly against the interests of Whites. But he did end the party’s tradition of working tirelessly for the interests of Jews. And that’s why he was demonized as an “anti-Semite” and finally driven from office.

Starmer isn’t going to make Corbyn’s mistakes.

Not only is he married to a Jew, he has happily accepted money from at least one very rich Jewish businessman.

In April 2020, the Jewish Chronicle reported that Starmer “had been targeted by hard-left activists after it emerged that Sir Trevor Chinn, a Jewish philanthropist, had donated £50,000 to his leadership campaign.” The activists were making the horrific allegation that Starmer would somehow be influenced by the Zionist Chinn simply because Chinn had given him large sums of money and helped him become Labour leader.

Jewish Philanthropist Sir Trevor Chinn (pictured).

As all decent people know, that isn’t how rich Jews operate. They give money to politicians out of pure goodness of heart and with absolutely no expectation of return! Who but a vile anti-Semite would think that Chinn was trying to control or influence Starmer in any way?  

As the Jewish Chroniclepointed out, Chinn is a “philanthropist.” He works for the greater good of humanity, just like the Jewish “property developers” Zak Gertler and Richard Desmond, who have given large sums to the Conservative government.

It’s pure coincidence that Tories “accepted a donation from Richard Desmond shortly after Jenrick approved plans for a £1bn housing development by the property developer.” In his previous incarnation as a pornographer, Desmond also donated large sums to Tony Blair’s Labour government.

LD:  Jewish newspaper magnate, RICHARD DESMOND, with some of his impressive publications. He was frequently entertained at Downing Street by war criminal Tony Blair.

Blair, often referred to contemptuously as “Bliar”, was also on friendly terms with pedophile Jimmy Savile

Blair of course knew that in having tea with Richard Desmond at 10 Downing  Street, he was cosying up to one of Britain’s most notorious Jews who had made his fortune by publishing the filthiest pornographic  magazines in Britain. (LD)

Buying both sides

Desmond’s donations to both Conservatives and Labour are further proof that rich Jews are impartial philanthropists — Desmond obviously ignores politics and gives for the love of giving.

Of course, no one ever accused Jeremy Corbyn of being influenced by Jewish money, for the simple reason  he didn’t accept any money from Jews.

But that’s precisely why he had to be demonized. And driven out of the Labour leadership.

Unless Jewish millionaires like Chinn, Gertler and Desmond are funding both sides of British politics, how can people be made to understand that Jewish money comes with no strings attached?

During the previous Labour government, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were ardent Zionists because they accepted the justice of Israel’s cause, not because Labour’s chief fund-raisers were first the Jew Michael Levy and then the Jew Jonathan Mendelsohn — both now, incidentally,  members of the House of Lords.

And during the current Conservative government, David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson have been ardent Zionists because they too accept the justice of Israel’s cause, not because the Conservatives’ chief fund-raisers have been first the Jew Sir Mick Davis and then the Jew Sir Ehud Sheleg.

“Israel first, Britain second!” —
Picture of Tory Party Treasurer Sir Ehud Sheleg

Despite the importance of his role as Conservative Party Treasurer, the Jewish millionaire Ehud Sheleg is almost unknown to the general public. Few people would even recognize his name. Even fewer know that he is an Israeli citizen, born in Tel Aviv, and has openly stated that Britain takes second place in his affections:

“I was brought up, albeit in Israel, with the sentiment of very strong ties to Britain. In the family of nations, this has to be my favourite one. Second to my homeland, of course.”

But why should anyone be interested in such biographical trivia? Only a vile anti-Semite would suggest that Sheleg might seek to influence government policy for the benefit of Jews and Israel, rather than for the benefit of Whites and Britain.

Keir Starmer certainly isn’t going to raise any uncomfortable questions about Sheleg’s role in the Conservative government.

He would be denounced as an anti-Semite if he did.  But that doesn’t explain Starmer’s silence. He’s silent because he doesn’t see anything wrong in Israel-firsters like Sheleg and Chinn being in control of British politics.

Starmer has a Jewish wife and is funded by Jewish millionaires.

Like Boris Johnson and Tony Blair, he’s a wholly owned subsidiary of Zionism Inc.

I don’t think he will ever become British prime minister, but if he does, we will hear a familiar refrain: “Meet the new boss — same as the old boss!”

Britain’s anti-White and pro-Jewish politics will proceed as before. Gold guides goyim and Jewish money controls British politics. 

Sourced from The Occidental Observer

Sir Keir Starmer with his Jewish wife, Lady Victoria Starmer, described significantly in The Daily Express as her husband’s secret weapon“. 

25 thoughts to “Funding Both Sides: How Jewish Money Controls British Politics”

  1. Another nazi monster going on trial in Germany, 100 year old.
    Yet Greville Janner not fit to stand trial for raping little children due to dementia. Tidy.
    The noses got it covered.

  2. The (((Money Power))) controls both sides of Brit politics… with lickspittle lackeys like Johnson & Starmer? OMG!!! 😱

    (Psst… it’s called ZOGUK for a REASON! 🙄)

  3. Jews funding both sides in politics is – to insiders at least – a well known Jewish strategy.

    Less known is that Jews also fund both sides in wars, and try to prolong them as much as possible in order to gain maximum profit by lending money to the belligerent governments, whether that means millions of dead goyim, they don’t care. The Rothschild bankers funded both sides in the First World War, which threatened to be exposed by a British nurse Edith Cavell, who was subsequently convicted and executed for “spying” due to Jewish intrigue.

    Another case of similar Jewish behavior came to my attention by a family member who for business reasons got acquainted with the Jews of Curacao and learned how they became so rich. They used to fund both sides in the numerous internal political conflicts that plagued Latin American countries. Thus they lent an X amount of money to both parties, governments and revolutionary movements, under condition that they would repay three times as much if they won the conflict. Thus, whichever side won, they always made a profit. They got repaid for their loan to the winning side, got compensation for the loss to the losing side, plus gained a profit. Guaranteed a win-win game, but of course highly immoral.

    Finally, on a humorous note, for those of our readers who still have difficulty of becoming full fledged anti-Semites (an absolute requirement in these critical times!), I advise to look intensely, if only for 5 minutes, into the portrait of that great British Jewish pornographer and political financier-behind-the-scenes, mentioned in this article, RICHARD DESMOND:


      Excellent comment. You show a lot of background knowledge. I am baffled by one aspect regarding the fabulous wealth of the Jews. Perhaps you can shed some light on this question?

      The Jews obviously use their vast wealth as a weapon. They don’t fight with swords; they fight with moneybags. They have always been moneylenders.They say this is because they were forbidden to enter other professions; so they had no choice but to become moneylenders, justifying their rapacity in this way. They made their profits by charging enormous rates of interest.

      The question is: how did they get their money in the first place?

      If they were denied work as agricultural workers, doctors and lawyers, how did they acquire the capital to become moneylenders on such a vast scale to the rulers of Europe? We all know how the Rothschilds became rich: by apparently betting on the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo (1815). But what about all these other Jewish billionairs. Soros, Adelson etc? How come they own all those casinos in Vegas? And such enormous amounts of land and property as investments? They are the ultimate rentiers,

      Other ethnicities also deal in moneylending, e.g. the Lombards, the Indian (Hindu) moneylenders who battened on the Indian peasantry and virtually enslaved them. But the Jews are always in the forefront. From moneylending it was one step to banking and controlling of stock markets. I find it hard to understand why really intelligent and unscrupulous White goyim can’t copy the Jews and heap up obscene fortunes in the same way too. Why do the Jews always seem to have a monopoly on money making?

      I wonder if Kevin MacDonald explains this propensity of Jews toward professions like moneylending and “financing both sides”. Even in Ancient Rome, there were Jewish moneylenders financing the wars of the Caesars. Why can’t the goyim do this? In short, why are we always among the wretched borrowers rather than among the filthy rich lenders?

      Can you explain this?

      1. Saki –

        One way is where the jews offered this scheme to many kings and bankers over the centuries and the kings and bankers agreed with the deals…. putting jews in charge, since they understood the complex mechanics.

        This is a description of the system of personal debt obligation with private property as collateral. It goes back to the 12th century, at least. This is where Pharisee-style usury was brought to European Banking in London
        The Common Law Mortgage and the Conditional Bond – Penn Law

        (Page 194 – Summary)

        “The conditional conveyance by way of security had been in use by the Jews for a long time prior to their settlement in England, and was used by them in England in their transactions with Christians. The technical device by which the conditional conveyance was effected was, in every detail, identical with the classical English mortgage in its original form, namely, two separate instruments were used and a third party was employed as a depositary. A device similar in conception and design to the conditional conveyance was used by the Jews during the middle ages in England and elsewhere for the purpose of effecting conditional obligations. This device was in every respect identical with the common law conditional bond in the earlier stage of its development. Both of these devices were developed by the Jews for the purpose of evading a certain rule of Hebrew law which is similar to the rule against penalties in English law.

        “The Jews introduced the business of money-lending on a large scale in England, and with it the means by which this business was carried on. When Englishmen learned the business of money-lending from the Jew they adopted his methods and devices, outstanding examples of which are the conditional conveyance by way of security and the conditional bond which have survived to our own day.”

        1. The above was written by Jacob J. Rabinowitz, a jew lawyer, in 1943….. who also mentioned the Talmud’s rules on p. 184:

          “These are the main cases, dealing with “asmakhta,” which are men-tioned in the Talmud. Among post-Talmudic Hebrew authorities two major trends of thought are discernible with regard to this doctrine.

          “One, represented by Rav Hai Gaon ‘” and Maimonides,’ 8 is that the flaw of “asmakhta” consists in the futurity of the conveyance or of the emergence of the obligation. According to these authorities a conveyance or an obligation in order to be valid must take effect immediately upon the performance of the act in law which is to give rise to it. If a conveyance is made or an obligation assumed to take effect in the future upon the happening of a contingency which is to occur after the act in law is performed, the conveyance or the obligation is not valid. In other words, a conditional transaction is valid only when the condition is subsequent, and not when it is precedent.”


          The jew strikes again with Talmud supported lies:
          I see “asmakhta,” is akin to kol nidre….
          “In Jewish law, an asmachta, or asmakhta, is a conditional commitment or promise that a person makes, but actually has no intention of keeping. The agreement is not considered binding, and the commitment is considered null and void.”

      2. @ SAKI
        You asked; The question is: how did they get their money in the first place?

        The art of lending both sides is a perfect strategy of applying Hegelian Dialectics. It fits the deconstructionist ideology of Frankfurt School. It fits the Messianic Idea Of Judaism of “Tikun Olam” “Descent For The Purpose Of Ascent” It fits the Communism Ideology of destruction of Gentile Bourgeoisie and their replacement with Jewish subordinate officers of the revolutionary party.
        The strategy ensures that they are always in control of the outcome.

        How did they get money in the first place? Through the crime of Conversion. Jewish Money lenders converted the gold they held in trust. People took their Gold and Silver to the Jewish Gold Merchants to keep for them. The Gold Merchants gave them receipts which confirmed that the Gold Merchants were in possession of their Gold and Silver. People found that using these receipts was much easier than using the God and Silver. So, they hardly came to collect their Gold unless it was very necessary.

        The Gold merchants noticed this. So, they started using the God they held in trust to lend out at an interest to people. But instead of giving out real Gold, they would issue receipts which people would use to transact business. That means that they used the Gold they held in trust and lent it out as their own, by issue of “Bank Receipts. These Bank Receipts later became “Bank Certificates” which later became “Bank Notes” And these “Bank Notes” are today Fiat Money.

        So, instead of Money being commodity money, it slowly became Credit Management, Double Entry Book Keeping. And because they knew what they had done was criminal, they decided to transform the Global Society so that they may enslave everybody. That is the shortest explanation. A longer one will require you to read The History of Money. (

      3. Proverbs 22
        7The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender. 8He who sows injustice will reap disaster, and the rod of his fury will be destroyed.…
        Proverbs 1:…13We will find all manner of precious goods; we will fill our houses with plunder. 14Throw in your lot with us; let us all share one purse”—
        Deut 15:6 When the LORD your God blesses you as He has promised, you will lend to many nations but borrow from none; you will rule over many nations but be ruled by none.
        Deut 23:20 You may charge a foreigner interest, but not your brother, so that the LORD your God may bless you in everything to which you put your hand in the land that you are entering to possess. 21If you make a vow to the LORD your God, do not be slow to keep it, because He will surely require it of you, and you will be guilty of sin.…
        This is their Law of the Land Ha Eretz. In your country you should reverse it but sadly you reject that Law as a guide to your secular state. Adlof Hitler was a target because he gave workers interest free ten year housing loans. Written off as per number of children. 25% for one child was removed from loan and 100% if you had four children. Time magazines 1938 man of the year. Manu Indian Law giver, Moses, Islam, Catholic Church at times, China ancient, Protestants resisted, Hamurabis code all forgave or did not allow the practice of usury. Hamurabi had a 7 yr remission on debts. The Christian church is so divided that it has no policy today on interest bearing loans. Jewish kids going to university were offered sometime back interest free loans.. truly the lenders are slaves to the borrowers. The bible was right. This is exactly why the Jews ask in your country is it Good for Israel. The Law was the knowledge of Good and Evil. In your domain they practice this evil the reversal of good. Still the church is blind to this theocratic state that taxes you on Khosher food directly to the Rabbis. Give me the right to issue a nations currency and I care not what puppet sits on the throne. Control of money supply is the power or was the power of the State or Kings. Today they own the means of capital creation and thus loans, debt and interest. Very soon a rebellion will come into our sphere and you will see great suffering but hopefully we will know the bible and reverse this curse of the Jews money lending scam.

  4. Boris Johnson can’t even keep his hair under control. To get a decent haircut and keep your hair combed is a simple thing, really. He can’t even do that.

  5. The zionists control every country in the world via their privately owned central banks, the FED, the Bank of England, etc., and the IMF the World Bank, the Exim Bank, etc., and this was proven in spades by their roll out of the covid-19 scam and psyop world wide and their use of their communist UN to help with the roll out.

    The only way out of this zionist prison planet is to abolish the zionist owned central banks.

  6. So how did the Jews, a tiny minority capture the entire world? Adam Greene of Know More News compiled what Jews and Rabbis say how they did it:

    1. Jews Explain How Christianity Conquered the Gentiles | Know More News LIVE w/ Adam Green

    2. Joseph Atwill and Ryan Gilmore ~ Time Monk Radio Interviews Present: — TMRN 0076 ~ 2014 02 ~ 14

    Joe Atwill raised in a Jesuit Military school in Japan was drilled in the Gospels and figured out that the Gospels are the encoded military campaign of Titus Flavian

    3. God’s Chosen People (Documentary Banned from YouTube)

    Now that the Jews control the Left and the Right, the up and the down on the tube, they are now wiping out all of their enemies with the death jab. Jews want us all dead, except for a small contingent of 2,200 slaves per holy Jew, and white people need not apply.

    Once you understand all of this, ask yourself, how do Jews get away lecturing us about hate when they want to kill and subjugate all others?

  7. “Funding Both Sides” by jews has evolved into FUNDING ALL SIDES, as jew bankers win AGAIN!!

    “World leaders reach landmark deal on a global corporate tax rate”

    *The breakthrough comes after some changes were made to the original text.

    *Notably that the rate of 15% will not be increased at a later date, and that small businesses will not be hit with the new rates.

    *This helped Ireland — a longtime opponent of raising corporate tax rates — to get on board with the plan.

    The group of developed nations agreed to a global minimum corporate tax rate of 15%. This marks a huge shift for smaller economies, such as the Republic of Ireland, which have attracted international firms — to a large extent — via a lower tax rate.

    “The landmark deal, agreed by 136 countries and jurisdictions representing more than 90% of global GDP, will also reallocate more than USD 125 billion of profits from around 100 of the world’s largest and most profitable MNEs to countries worldwide, ensuring that these firms pay a fair share of tax wherever they operate and generate profits,” the OECD said in a statement Friday.

    1. All should know…. corporations never pay taxes…. they raise the cost of goods sold to recoup all taxes paid…. so the consumers pay all taxes!!

      This tax increase on corporations is a tax increase on the public consumers.

      The jew bankers grab the tax money when deposited and…. win again!!

  8. This Marine Colonel Sheller protesting the ‘mismanagement’ occurring at the highest levels of the US government is a national hero… ‘Mismanagement’ is too weak a work to describe the treason… The whole Biden party is working primarily for the globalists, who are bent on de-nationalizing the USA, mainly by filling it up with non-white foreigners…
    I’d bet anything there’s no Jew blood in Colonel Scheller…
    There have actually been more of these kinds of guys than you would think…
    Colonel Sabow comes to mind…

    The fact is there are unscrupulous people aplenty in the higher positions in the US military…
    And the intel communities -forget about it…
    So far the Jewish banking and warmongering power structure hasn’t figured out how to screen out the occasional brave and patriotic ones, who take their constitutional oath seriously and will not cooperate with the organized crime and the factional abuse… indeed now, treason…
    Back in WW2 Captain Ramsay was one such homeboy who remained loyal his country, got involved in politics and pointed out the Jewish control of the British state…
    He went to jail too…
    I had to try three search engine before i could open the Wikipedia page on Captain Ramsay…
    It’s very unfortunate, but the US Marine Corps is largely an extension of the criminal cabal at the CIA…
    Sometimes they get nailed for smaller stuff, though you would have to wonder how many of these charges are fake… Whatever, you won’t hear anything about these people on mainstream media…

      1. The Medal of Honor, the highest and most prestigious ZUS military decoration, is in fact an upside down pentagram, sans goat head; but otherwise it’s Baphomet.

  9. since unarmed i cannot do anything for my stupid
    fellow sheeple i let this world to the jew parasites
    they always wanted that power over this world
    since over 2000 years . may they enjoy their 500
    milion slaves organtransplant providers and blood
    sucking for adrenom from their kybernetic soldiers .

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