Geopolitical Shift: A New Future Dawns in the East

“The imminent break-up of the West will accelerate
the shift of economic and political power to the East.”
— Peter Koenig

By Peter Koenig
Global Research
September 28, 2021 

This article has been slightly abridged

A shift in the world’s power base, alliances and economic strength will undoubtedly happen within the coming years. In fact, it’s already ongoing.

The Saker, in his blog (26 September 2021)  has covered most of the geopolitical transformations that are likely taking place in the foreseeable future.

Consider that the SCO – the Shanghai Cooperation Organization – has just integrated Iran as a new member.

This little-talked-about organization, the SCO,  is an association of eastern countries created by China and Russia on 15 June 2001. It started out with six Central and East-Asian members: Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and  Uzbekistan.

Since then India and Pakistan have joined the club; to which  Iran, as already mentioned,  is also a recent new member. 

LD: The map above is slightly out of date in its colour code, but it’s the best I can find.  At least it shows where the various countries in the region are located.

This powerful alliance of Eastern countries, in terms of economic strength and a huge population base, has now emerged as a serious geopolitical threat to NATO and the Western Alliance headed by the United States.

Europe stands midway between East and West geographically but is heavily dependent on Russia for natural gas imports and on China for basic manufacturing goods; so Europe could break up any day now and NATO collapse in ruins. Germany could certainly forge closer ties with Russia, as in the past; and Macron has already indicated that France could soon be ditching NATO for reasons explained below.) 

Associated members of SCO are Malaysia and Mongolia. Which makes the SCO one of the most powerful, possibly THE most powerful, socioeconomic and defense strategy organization in the world – with more than half the world’s population and about one third of the world’s GDP.

One could undoubtedly ask, what does India have to do in this club?

India is swinging from West to East to West, where ever the crumbs of fortune seem to be larger. Recent photographs of India’s PM Narendra Modi with President Biden, together smiling to the media – speaks for itself.

Well, for sure, there are macro-strategic reasons for keeping Modi’s India in the SCO-Association. The day will come when India will be India again – not just expressed by the will of the people, but also by her leaders.

—     §     —

As well illustrated in The Saker’s essay, the west is destined to break apart and eventually collapse.

It’s reminiscent of the picture of a falling airplane, where the passengers are arguing and thrashing out on each other, while the rapidly descending plane is breaking apart – and soon hitting the ground. And probably goes up in smoke. It’s most likely not going to be that dramatic – but perhaps close.

Indeed, Europe cannot decide whether they belong to the western Anglo-American block that has also captured Australia and New Zealand – or to the much more stable, and much more peaceful and congenial mega-continent – Eurasia.

Just a couple of figures to dwell on: this is an area of  55,000,000 km. (or 21,000,000 square miles), and a population of 5.4 billion as of October 2019 – about two thirds of the world population.

It’s actually a no-brainer.

We will soon see whether Europe, the European Union, eventually will fall apart for not knowing where to belong, or make a last-minute right decision. It’s a pity that the “system” ruling the World Order in the West does not see they are betting on a paper tiger – like NATO – to come to its rescue.


Let’s look at AUKUS now.

AUKUS stands for Australia, UK and the US in a new strategic alliance.  It aims at modernizing the primary beneficiary – Australia – over the coming decades to take up security challenges in the Indo-Pacific [clear speak: Take up offensive positions against China and Russia].

The plan is to give access to cutting edge military technology to Australia by its two partners, including futuristic capabilities like artificial intelligence and quantum technologies. This refers to the recent deal of US/UK built nuclear submarines, canceling the submarine contract Australia had with France.

This, AUKUS deal for unprepared France, annihilated a US$ 66 billion equivalent Australian contract with French majority state-owned Naval Group to provide 12 conventional diesel-electric submarines for Australia.

And imagine, this is just one of the first “deals” of the rather new AUKUS alliance. What may follow, are more such self-centered, immediate-profit-oriented deals that help further breaking apart the once-upon-a-time so powerful western alliance.

The new AUKUS deal will provide Australia with nuclear powered submarines. But the agreement is so new, neither cost nor time frame are so far public knowledge.

France withdrew its ambassadors to the United States and Australia after U.S. President Joe Biden revealed last week a new tripartite alliance including Australia and Britain that would allow Australia to amass a fleet of at least eight nuclear-powered submarines.

Russia Today (RT) sums it up:

It is no surprise, then, that the newly forged Atlantic-Pacific triple alliance between the US, Great Britain, and Australia, known as AUKUS, has caught the eye of Russian leaders and defense chiefs. Announced on 15 September, the pact was presented as targeting China. However, it’s clear its geopolitical implications won’t be felt in Beijing alone.

The New AUKUS nuclear bloc won’t just battle China, it will take the West into confrontation with Russia too, Moscow’s security chief says.

Initially cautious, Moscow’s response has quickly become more critical. Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of Russia’s National Security Council, has denounced AUKUS as the “prototype of an Asian NATO,” set to expand, and directed against both China and Russia.

The essence of AUKUS is not complicated. While it covers various areas, such as cyber and artificial intelligence, its core is the transfer of technology from the USA to Australia.

And not just any technology, but that of nuclear-powered submarines, which, until now, have been in the possession of only six states: China, France, Great Britain, Russia, the USA, and – in a complicated manner dependent on Russia – India. And of course, never to be mentioned: Israel.

In conclusion – Moscow may, accordingly, expand its own nuclear submarine fleet in the Pacific. In such a world, the already existing strategic partnership between China and Russia would only get stronger.

In parallel to this AUKUS treason on France, Biden is hosting a Quad summit (Quad Alliance = Quadrilateral Security Dialogue is a strategic dialogue between the United States, India, Japan and Australia). While the topic is not official news yet, it’s not difficult to guess that the subject is how to “contain” – speak “aggress” Russia and China. And again, strangely, prominent SCO member India plays along.

—     §     —

There is the economic impact such a deal may have, not only in figures of hard money, but also as a precedent. No rules are respected. This is the “free market” of the New Brave World, under which not even traditional allies are respected and secure.

It is difficult to predict how France under Macron will act in response. Macron is certainly no De Gaulle. President Macron —or his aides—have insinuated that in response to the abrogation of the Aussie-French nuclear submarine deal, France may exit NATO. We can easily speculate, that’s what De Gaulle would have done. That would be something to be proud of for France and, in the long run for Europe too. But it is unlikely to happen. Macron is “guided” by darker forces, emanating from the financial establishment.

This socioeconomic and political break-up of the so-called western alliance, will certainly hurt a lot of people, but the world, Mother Earth, will survive, and most of those who have not betrayed their beliefs may too.

It is unfathomable what the onset of covid has destroyed in terms of socioeconomic wealth and, simply, wellbeing.

People in the Global South, about whom hardly any wester politician speaks, are dying, from hunger, despair, disease – and merely from desperation.

According to the World Food Program, close to a billion people are already suffering from famine or are at the verge of seriously suffering from food scarcity.

The imminent break-up of the west will accelerate the shift of economic and political power to the East.

Europe has not much time to decide whether they belong to the Future—to the East—or to the defunct and decaying Past in the West.

Western people need to wake up and take back their governments, now abducted by dark invisible forces. Yes, it’s possible. We can do it.


Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he has worked for over 30 years on water and environment around the world. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for online journals.He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization. He is also is a non-resident Sr. Fellow of the Chongyang Institute of Renmin University, Beijing.

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  1. That “glug… glug… glug!” sound you hear is the US/UK ‘Axis Of ZOG’ being flushed down the toilet…. permanently!

        1. Pity she passed away at such an early age… 😩…

          since, if it had been up to Vicky, women would NEVER had got “the vote”… let alone been elected to any public office! 😊👍

          My kinda gal… as far THAT goes… though a bit on the “dumpling & dowdy” side in the Looks Dept…🤔

          1. @ The Realist

            My kinda gal… as far as THAT goes… though a bit on the “dumpling & dowdy” side in the Looks Dept…🤔

            You miss the point, darling. Most women lose their looks as they grow older, so do men. With age Queen Victoria acquired charisma and gravitas, becoming a symbol for the British Empire in all its power and glory. In her youth, however. Victoria was quite beddable — if not a scorcher.

            YOUNG VICTORIA:



            Flashman wouldn’t have said “No!” 🙂

            1. Flashy “wouldn’t have said No!” to a rotting tree trunk… as long as it was “accessible”! 🤓

  2. The main factor to point out here, is to understand the undercurrents influencing the Global geopolitical reorganization. And that, is the role of Jewish International Central Bankers, New World Order Communism-Capitalism-Financial-International.

    So, what gives? That everybody must recognize who owns, The New World Order. It takes time. But that is what they are working on. To achieve this, the vestiges of the Old systems, and their unwanted Benefactors and promoters must be done away with!

    The reason why there is a high turn-over of social-political and economic systems. The changes have happen cyclically, and in every circle, the recognized inheritors of the New World Order System, become increasingly entrenched, and slowly revealing themselves.

    So, expect, all nations which has Nationalistic ideology as their origins, where the Masses claimed credit and identity of nations to be slowly replaced by a new entity in the gab of the old one where the mixed multitude cannot identify themselves with the nations where they have found hospitality, and then, the so-called “Elections” would later be replaced by appointed agents of New World Order, appointed by the incoming Global System. No-one will rise any objection, because there will be no “Citizens” only “Residents” No one will “Own” The Nation State. No one will fight for it, nor die for it.

    So, America, and Europe is headed on the “Nationalism Guillotine” China, being already a Police-State is very likely to be “The New Kid On The Block Superpower, since its agreeable to the dictates of the New World Order system. But, you can bet, that its Nationalism will also later be dealt a merciless blow. Mostly, the Chinese will be let loose especially in the Third World countries as overseers of nations indebted to The World Bank through China. To Control China, is to control all her debtor nations.

    Nations, Religious systems, Cultures, and Economic Block will be thrown in the New World Order “Watching Machine” and every recycling, they will come looking more and more accepting to the New World Order.

    And for those who do not understand the behind-the-scene machinations, they will be left to play the role of “Reality Based Community of Dupe-heads” judiciously studying the manufactured reality, and deluding themselves that there is a way to solve the problem of adjustments to the emerging New World of tyranny.

    1. @ Bigfoot

      An excellent opening comment that summarises the situation in detail.

      What ‘The Realist’ says, in more colourful language, is equally true. The US/UK “axis of evil” has reached its sell-by date. This is because both the US and UK, unlike the SCO nations in the East, are under Jewish rule and marching to a Zionist drum.

      1. How very naive of you to think that jews in the East aren’t in control. The Synagogue Of Satan controls East and West. Actually the whole NWO was always run from the East.

        1. @ Saki,
          Thanks for your continued encouragement……….

          @ HERMES025
          I am not ignorant of the fact that Chinese Communism, is actually of Jewish origin. I am aware that there were Jews who surrounded Mao, the so-called “Mao Jews” And they are the once who implemented the Chinese Policy with their sock-puppet, “Chairman Mao”

          They included men like Sidney Shapiro, Wills Morris, Israel Epstein, Jacob Rosenfeld, Sidney Rittenberg, GrigoryVoitnsky, Edward Isaac Ezra, Mikhail Markovich Borobin, Adolf Abrahamovitch Joffe, Solomon Adler, Harry Dexter White, Morris Cohen, David Dean Barrett, Jacob Borodin, Virginus Frank Coe, Mark Gayne, Nathan Gregory, Silvermaster Manfred Stern, Richard Sorhe, Eva Sandberg, Michael Greenberg, Noel S Jacobs, Mendel Brown, Henry Luce, Charles Jones Soong, Owen Lattimore, and Lauchlin Bernard Currie. (See Maos Jews by Paul Ross Jewish Journal; | Nov 20, 2015)

          What is important to recognize also is that even though the Gentiles received and drunk this toxic Talmudism for the gentiles which is Communism, the Jews behind it had to remain anonymous.

          Very few people especially majority of Chinese do not know that Communism is Jewish. So, the clandestine nature of the Jewish influence in China and the rest of Communist countries, limited the opening up of the Jewish Messianicism for all to recognize and accept.

          Hence the need for the New World Order to make these Communism Countries, go through the “Cleaning up “ process in order to make them accept The New World Order.

          And that is why, they were opened up with Perestroika, and then subjected to the strangulating Death gript of the international Debt, like every other country.

          1. Most of those American Jews around Mao, although communists, were also US military intelligence, OSS, and probably CIA later, and double (GRU) or triple (Chinese intel) agents. Some were suspected by the Chinese of being foreign spies and imprisoned for long periods. They obviously assisted the Chinese communists in every way they could, especially in the propaganda department, but I doubt that they were so highly influential so as to shape Chinese Communist politics. The Chinese created their Communist party before and without the participation of these sympathetic Jewish foreigners, and Mao was much of a self-made ideologue with his own Chinese vision and path to communism.

            1. @ COMMENTATOR MIKE
              Birds of feather fly together. You are forgetting the Camaraderie which existed between the Chinese Communist Party and its Revolutionary Army with the Soviet Bolsheviks, which was essentially a Jewish creation.

              Both were pure Marxists in Ideological leaning. Its instructive to note that the Chinese had a heavy presence in the Bolshevik Army, and they were part of the most vicious torturers. They were latter recruited by Mao.

              You are also forgetting the Mao, was an Illuminati graduate of Yale, through ‘Yale in China.’ And if Yale, you can hence read Council On Foreign Relations, and Secret Societies. ( See )

              The spats between China and Russia which latter emerged and appeared to create distinctions and each to go separate ways was mere Hegelianism like that of Bolsheviks and Mensheviks. Pure theater.

              1. Sure there’s that too. But then Jews have their fingers in every pie and all ideological and political movements. Even if you create some completely new movement that could play an important role in shaping society the Jews will find their way to infiltrate and even lead it. So we have to dismiss everything … Because of Jews?

                1. @ COMMENTATOR MIK
                  The reason why Jews have their hands on every pie, and on every ideology, has to be understood from the point of view of Messianic Idea of Judaism, which applies the principle “Creative Destruction” or “Descent For The Purpose Of Ascent”

                  This principle required the deconstruction of the Society, which means corruption of the society and replacement of the social structure of whatever kind, with Jewish inventions. The Secret Behind The Jewish Success In this Corruption Of Nations lies in the privilege they hold, when it comes to easy access of International Credit.

                  When one then reflects upon the Messianic Spirit of Judaism as a Spirit of Revolt, and the use of usurious Debt Money System that has slowly been adopted by the World as essentially a system of management of Credit which is money, created out of thin air and advanced to governments as “Credit”, the connection between Illuminati Central Bankers, the Messianic Judaism, Communism, Zionism, Nazism, and World Revolt including all other crazy ideologies that people have by error embraced to their ruin, the thread that joins them slowly becomes clear.

                  It is the Power of The Purse” alluded to by the Father of Zionism, Theodore Herzl which has hijacked Messianicism of The Son of God, now baptized as “Zionism”. He stated; “When we sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat, the subordinate officers of all revolutionary parties; and at the same time, when we rise, there rises also our terrible power of the purse.”( The Jewish State – Theodore Herzl – 1896 p12 )

                  1. BF –

                    “…the privilege they hold, when it comes to easy access of International Credit.”

                    YESS!! You got it!!

                    John P Morgan admitted EXACTLY THAT to the US Congress in the 1913 Pujo Hearings on the need for the Federal Reserve Act:

                    J P Morgan’s testimony to the sham Pujo Committee is very interesting. He was denying the factors of power and control, lying, but was admitting that credit is based on nothing at all, no collateral needed. In his denial of the major premise, control, he admitted the true nature of credit and debt…..thin air…and CHARACTER!

                    SO…. A broke jew can get as much credit as he wants, if Morgan likes him! (jews are definitely ‘characters’ doncha know? 🙂 )


                    SUBMITTED BY MR. PUJO FEBRUARY 28, 1913


                    (excerpts from pages 136-138)
                    Q. Is not the credit based upon the money?
                    A. No, sir.
                    Q. It has no relation?
                    A. No, sir.
                    Q. None whatever?
                    A. No, sir; none whatever. * * *
                    Q. Commercial credits are based upon the possession of money or property?
                    A. What?
                    Q. Commercial credits?
                    A. Money or property or character.
                    Q. Is not commercial credit based primarily upon money or property?
                    A. No, sir; the first thing is character.
                    Q. Before money or property?
                    A. Before money or anything else. Money can not buy it.
                    Q. So that a man with character, without anything at all behind it can get all the credit he wants, and a man with the property cannot get it??
                    A. That is very often the case.
                    Q. But that is the rule of business?
                    A. That is the rule of business, sir.**

        2. Apparently, not everything is according to plan. Soros, the utter Globalist, is upset with China.

          Forgery or not, the Protocols are usually right – protocol 10, Poison of Liberalism.

          “Liberalism produced Constitutional States, which took the place of what was the only safeguard of the GOYIM, namely, Despotism…”

          Chinas’ nationalistic despotism is clashing with Jewish despotic globalism.

          China recently ousted, by decree, effeminate men from MSM. Oh, God forbid! The Chinese government is homophobic!

          Jews are not omnipotent. Muammar Gaddafi, a mere Third World dictator, challenged (((them))).

          1. NBTT –
            “Jews are not omnipotent. Muammar Gaddafi, a mere Third World dictator, challenged (((them))).”

            Yes…. and he paid dearly for it.

            White Irish Catholic JFK – using dad’s booze cartel money – challenged them also, and he and his brother and son were also taken out early.

            The jews are not omnipotent, no one is…. BUT they are far ahead of those in second place.

            China is a member of the jews’ powerful banking cartel…. the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). They are doing as told. China may replace the US as the jews’ global enforcers one day.

            1. @ Pat
              @ NBTT
              @ Et al

              I think we need to be cautious before we launch the extremist “conspiracy theory” viewpoint that the Jews control every single nation in the world EQUALLY, including China.

              Though Jewish influence may be “strong” in China, it doesn’t follow that the Jews “control” Chana to the extent of being OMNIPOTENT in China. It’s a question of degree. A man may be controlled by both his wife and his mistress, but when push come to shove, one controls him more than the other.

              It’s clear that China is on a collision course with the Jew-controlled US and with the equally Jew-controlled UK. Nothing could be more self-evident. Why else all the US bases in the Far East and the incessant sabre-rattling and demonisation of China in the Western media? This is hardly compatible with China being under TOTAL JEWISH CONTROL.

              No, China is NOT under total Jewish control. Far from it. Influence is one thing, control is another.

              If WWIII broke out over Iran, with Russia and China squaring up to the Western Alliance, i.e. to the US, the UK, and the NATO countries, you can be damned sure which side Israel would be on! Israel would be on the side of America, its Zionist sugardaddy. It would have no option but to back America. given that 40% of the world’s Jews are living in America!

              Please exercise some common sense! If Israel dared to switch its allegiance to China, America would have 6-10 million Jews as HOSTAGES. All those Jews would immediately become POWs — prisoners of war — just as the Japanese became POWs in America when WWII broke out.

              Here is the truth: one of the first casualties of WWIII would be Israel. It would be nuked out of existence in under six minutes. This is one of the reasons Israel is so damn nervous. It knows it’s living on borrowed time, as Kissinger remarked many years ago.

              Trouble is, if Israel goes up in smoke, so could the rest of the world. You’ve all heard of the Samson Option.

              1. An absolutely brilliant exposition.
                You put things with such devastating clarity.
                Don’t let the trolls and the village idiots chase you away! 🙂

              2. Saki –
                You wrote:
                “I think we need to be cautious before we launch the extremist “conspiracy theory” viewpoint that the Jews control every single nation in the world EQUALLY, including China.

                “Trouble is, if Israel goes up in smoke, so could the rest of the world. You’ve all heard of the Samson Option. ”

                I KNOW that YOU should be cautious before YOU launch the extremist “conspiracy theory” viewpoint that there is a “Sampson Option”…. which was fabricated by jews to ward off military attacks!!

                Follow the $$$$, my dear, as much as China does.

                This is not a fabrication:

                China wants to own a major Reserve Currency. That will require MUCH COOPERATION on their part…. NOT PHYSICAL CONFLICTS. They begged for years to be a part of the R/C system…. and were recognized in 2016. Since then, the RENMINBI has doubled, from 1% to 2% R/C in 2020.

                The BIS and BCBS have allowed China to participate.

                The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is an international financial institution owned by central banks that “fosters international monetary and financial cooperation and serves as a bank for central banks”.

                Sixty-three (63) central banks and monetary authorities are currently members of the BIS and have rights of voting and representation at general meetings. The number of countries represented in each continent are: 35 in Europe, 15 in Asia, 5 in South America, 3 in North America, 2 in Oceania, and 3 in Africa.

                China is a member:

                The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) is a committee of banking supervisory authorities that has 45 members from 28 Jurisdictions, consisting of Central Banks and authorities with responsibility of banking regulation.

                –Member countries–
                Currently, committee members come from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, *CHINA, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, *RUSSIA, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The Committee’s Secretariat is located at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland.

                1. Bloomberg’s jews lay out the rules…. for China!! China will gladly follow the $$$!!

                  China Minsheng Bank Adopts Bloomberg’s Data Solutions for FRTB Implementation
                  August 5, 2021

                  Beijing – Bloomberg today announced that China Minsheng Bank, a leading commercial bank in China, has adopted Bloomberg’s solution for FRTB Standardized Approach (SA) bucketing as the bank accelerates the implementation of the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB). FRTB, issued by the Basel Committee for Banking Supervision (BCBS) to revamp how banks across the globe approach market risk capital across their various trading lines of business, is one of the most significant proposed regulatory changes to come from post-financial crisis reforms known as Basel III.

                  Banks need to start reporting the risk and capital measures required under FRTB by January 1, 2023.

                2. @ Pat

                  Thank you for you input. I am not maintaining I am right and that you, if you choose to adopt a contrary position, are in the wrong. You must try harder not to be so persistently adversarial and keen to score points and win arguments. Please make an effort to be less condescending and so needlessly aggressive in your tone to me. If you are right, I will praise you and willingly renounce my own mistaken views and become your loyal disciple.

                  “Hail, Guru!” I will greet you! And scatter rose petals at your feet! 🙂

                  This is the difference between you and me Pat. I am NOT interested in scoring points and winning arguments with anyone here. I see the search for truth as a cooperative effort, not a competition or race to see who wins the “debate”. In any case, dear Pat, I notice your inability to engage in polite discourse by this open attack of yours on me when I am merely stating my point of view politely:

                  PAT: I KNOW that YOU should be cautious before YOU launch the extremist “conspiracy theory” viewpoint that there is a “Sampson Option”…. which was fabricated by jews to ward off military attacks!!

                  This comment of yours about ME being a source of “conspiracy theories” by invoking the “Samson Option” is fine and dandy if it came from someone who is known for his moderation and refusal to go anywhere near conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, you are the last person to scold others for promoting “conspiracy theories”! For YOU to accuse ME of promoting conspiracy theories is not only the pot calling the kettle black but is laughably absurd, given that you are the fount and origin of just about EVERY conspiracy theory on this website! 🙂 🙂

                  I refer in particular to your bizarre conspiracy theory, rejected by 99% of the best commenters on this site — from Franklin Ryckaert and Harold Smith to anyone else here with a grain of common sense! — that NO NUKES EXIST and that NO ATOMIC BOMBS were used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

                  The Samson Option, dear Pat, is almost universally accepted as plausible. It’s hardly a far-fetched idea.

                  Whereas the idea that “NO NUKES EXIST” is not only HIGHLY IMPROBABLE but borders on the inconceivable — it has more holes in it than the proverbial sieve.

                  No offence meant. You are welcome to your eccentric views if they give you pleasure.



                  1. Saki –

                    “You must try harder not to be so persistently adversarial and keen to score points and win arguments.”

                    YOU addressed ME by name… so I responded. You argued with me. My feelings were not hurt when YOU named me. There are no points to be scored here. Take what you will from what I wrote…. it was meant to be informative.

                    I see China on a ‘collusion course’, rather than a “collision course” as you claimed. The US has given them the bulk of their technology & banking services ever since Kissinger’s secret trip in 1971.

                    No offense meant. I have my views. You are welcome to your views.


                    1. You are deeply offensive. Stop bullying Saki! Your whole tone is disgusting. He has put you in your place, you big show-of. Nothing he said was unreasonable. So why jump down his throat? You have no fucking self-control.

                    2. @ Saki

                      Maybe it’s best not to address Pat in future by name. He doesn’t accept criticism of any kind, only compliments. Contradicting his viewpoint makes him freak out. I have never know him to accept a correction gracefully. Not once.

                    3. Having said that, however, I still think that Pat remains one of the most outstanding posters on his site. His intellectual integrity and sincerity cannot be doubted for a moment. He is also a repository of the most useful information and has a phenomenal memory.

                    4. @ Ruth

                      Well said, Ruth. I agree with you absolutely that Pat’s comments are among the best here. Though I disagree with Pat on minor issues, I can think of few commenters here whose comments I like reading more.

            You said; “China recently ousted, by decree, effeminate men from MSM. Oh, God forbid! The Chinese government is homophobic!”

            That’s why they will be taken to the “Cleaners” You heard what Jorge Mario Bergoglio said of homos sometimes back? “Who am I to Judge?” And he is allegedly, a “Catholic Pope” If they can do that to the Pope, the Chinese are piece of cake.

            1. Indeed, intense tribal loyalty versus the hive mind mentality of submissive conformity. A real “slam dunk” to paraphrase Paul “Wolfie” Wolfiwitz, or was it “The Prince of Darkness” whose name strangely escapes my memory after tasting that freshly poured Kool-Aid yesterday.

      2. Yes, the expiration date is clearly visible. The two Jewish Federal Reserve Bank officers who “resigned” recently will be followed by many more.

  3. You can expect Israel to divorce the old Amerikan hag and start getting intimate with new girl on the block, China. Israel has just about used up it’s fading old whore and now will align itself with the rising power. No doubt all that US technology transferred to Gina was a pre-wedding gift.

    “Gina, Gina, Gina, that’s all Israel talks about anymore!” — disposed President Trump

    1. Yes, a dowry, to gain favor with the young Miss China needing guidance and advice from an older, more experienced lover.

  4. The jew bankers keep trying!!

    Remember, in 2015, BRICS was an association between Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa…. with the same goals… IT FAILED in its goals!!

    BRICS take aim at the dollar with call for global monetary revamp!!
    SANYA, China (Reuters) – The five BRICS nations took another step toward cementing their global influence on Thursday, calling for a broad-based international reserve currency system “providing stability and certainty.”
    In a statement released at a summit on the southern island of Hainan, the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa said the recent financial crisis had exposed the inadequacies and deficiencies of the current monetary order, which has the dollar as its linchpin.
    “The era demands that the BRICS countries strengthen dialogue and cooperation,” Chinese President Hu Jintao said.
    The BRICS are worried about the long-term fate of the dollar because of America’s large trade and budget deficits. They also begrudge the privileges that come with being the leading reserve currency — hence the call for a revamped system that is more stable.
    In another dig at the dollar, the development banks of the five BRICS nations agreed in principle to establish mutual credit lines denominated in their local currencies, not the U.S. currency.

    BUT….. this month…..

    LONDON, Sept 2 (Reuters) – The New Development Bank (NDB) set up by the BRICS group of nations said on Thursday it had admitted the United Arab Emirates, Uruguay and Bangladesh as members in its first expansion push.

    Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – a group of major emerging economies known as BRICS – launched the bank in 2015 and started formal talks with potential new members last year.

    The jew bankers keep turning over the rocks to try to find what will bring in the most $$$!! I’m expecting a ‘MEGA-association’ of NGOs to be formed…. if they can just AGREE on who gets the MOST $$$! 🙂

  5. The big omen about the decline of the USAmerika is the sudden and disorderly withdrawal from the graveyard of empires, Afghanistan. The Soviet Union fell apart shortly after they left. They say we blew 21 trillion since 911 on defense contracts. The US spent 21,000 BILLION Dollars for what? To wage a fake war on terror.

    A whole lot of people got filthy rich selling unproductive goods to the Pentacon, and in the meantime our infrastructure rots, Amtrak derails in Montana and no one even cares. Amerika is a joke. Other nations have high speed rail, we have low speed trains that can’t even stay on the damn track. So would you ride Amtrak? I sure as hell wouldn’t.

    Plus we have this vaccinate mandate madness – why are they so damn desperate (on the cusp of madness) to get everyone vaccinated? Biden keeps raising the bar, his latest speech he wants 97-98% vaccination rate. He will never get there as the line has already been drawn in the sand, those that are not ain’t going to budge no matter what the threat because the data coming is the vaccine is damn dangerous.

    More evidence that we are in the very late stages of the nation state is the current fake president O’Biden who is often seen with a rubber face mask. Nothing new, I dug this one up, way back in GHW Bush presidency, a CIA operative took off her mask while in a briefing with the president:

    That was decades ago, imagine what they have now. Biden has also been caught green screening when his hand went through a virtual microphone. So if the nation was strong, there is no need for all the fakery. I am not sure the real Joe Biden is even alive at this point. The office of the presidency is currently being staged managed by these prime suspects: CIA, Mossad, Israel, Zionists, radical left like Upchucking Schumer and Pelousi.

    You can bet the rest of the world sees what is going on and is going to re-align itself and forget about the tired old whore being tossed in the ditch by the Zionist pimps. Amerika is like the fading British empire, well on it’s way to a second rate nation state. I don’t know how this ends, if it even ends, as it could be a long 100 year decline, a slow fading from previous glory. When Rome collapsed, people went on with their business, Italians still got up and did what they always did and Amerikans will do the same.

    My best guess at this point is that the stock and real estate bubbles start a 10-40 year decline. 40 years from now white people will be in a minority, the nation will live through deflation, stagflation, the normalcy of cryptos, survive the upcoming wars in the middle east, including the complete destruction of the current Israeli state. Speeches will be made, AOC might become the speaker of the house, Democrats become full Marxists, Republicans become Socialists, Elon Musk takes off his mask and is revealed as an alien from Orion. Who the hell knows. But it sure will be interesting. I plan on fishing through it all. To hell with organized society and “civliization” which is anything but civilized.

  6. You know how radio commenters are saying things are getting worse by the decade, then they now say worse by each presidency, and worse by the year, month, and day? Yes things are getting worse by the day. Each day is worse than the previous, this is because the United States is in a financial death spiral – which is being acted out Kabuki Theater style as mad vaxx jab program.

    The financial death spiral is the impetus to kill us all with a death jab on a contrived corona virus emergency. All fake, and those that fall for this hoax are going to have much shorter lives (which solves the social security funding problem for them).

    On stage we have a fake Joe Biden, with hairy arms like one of those Mooslim Jihadists, getting his booster shot. Well how did Biden all of a sudden get so damn hairy? Because it ain’t Joe Biden. In fact we have no idea if the real pedo Joe is even alive, he might very well be in a shallow grave out in the white house garden area. In the meantime ‘fake’ Joe is getting a fake jab on a white house set. Don’t believe me? Ha!

    (the arm is hairy like that Semite Gitmo detainee Khalid Shaikh Mohammed)

    The Kabuki Theater Over Fiscal Policy

    By John Persinos • September 29, 2021 • Stock Market Investing

    “Think of the fight on Capitol Hill over the federal debt ceiling as kabuki theater.

    Tracing its origins to the 17th century, kabuki is the stylized Japanese drama in which performers wear elaborate make-up and costumes. Actions aren’t literal but metaphorical, conveyed through singing, dancing and mime.

    On Monday, every single Republican senator refused to vote in favor of raising the debt ceiling. Why should you, as an investor, care? If lawmakers remain deadlocked on raising the ceiling, the government would soon default and not be able to pay its bills. Vast swaths of the government would shut down, probably triggering a global financial crisis and stock market meltdown.”
    Trump, of course, is just another clown on the Kabuki stage – who is working with Biden to bring down the house. Trump the avid Zionist is working with Biden, the avid Zionist, and these two Kabuki clowns are tag teaming the idiot Goyim who take one or other seriously. Trump still has a hard core loyalist base, who still wear the cap, fly the flag, still have their big Trump-Pence bumper stickers. Biden supporters believe in the green new deal, thinking some old establishment tool is going to usher in some new green economy. What fools they all are to believe anything coming out of D.C!
    Are Trump & Biden the Same “Kabuki Theater”?

    “and Trump was the one who set the precedent that government has the right and authority to “shut down the economy” and remand private citizens to house arrest in the name of a government declared “emergency “.

    We may disagree about length of lockdowns and severity … Democrat Governors go all in, R Governors are more circumspect, ALL (except two) are in consensus it is right and proper to suspend liberty at central government executive discretion .

    And ultimately the first one to do so, who got us all to accept it – was Donald John Trump.”
    Thus, how much longer do we have as a nation state? How long until interest rates spike due to default risk? How much longer until the stock market tanks and all the shenanigans exposed like in 2009? And real estate is now up in the stratosphere like stocks. All that is needed is a small pin to pop this bubble, and the deflating will be epic.

  7. If by “break apart and collapse” this means a seismic shift back to the future as in neo-Luddite, then count me in! But mercy me tis merely more wishful conspiracy ciphering..

    P.S. Golem, errrrr I mean Google A.I. knows I’m just kidding! (lol)

  8. China can have it….
    And we don’t want their Corporate Communist Control and Super Surveillance State…
    Make America Really Great Again….
    Close the borders to the USA…
    Build the wall….
    Mace and rubber bullets for anybody getting close, summary execution for dope, weapons and people smugglers….
    You really will need the wall when the USA becomes the happy capital country of the world….
    Stop all imports….
    Manufcture everything we need right here…
    Quality products only, no more planned obsolescence…
    Make that a crime….
    Bust open the Patent Office…
    There will be no unemployment and homelessness….
    International trade is all about exploitation and smuggling…
    Become fully independent and reform the methodology to increase the quality of life for all citizens….
    Basically get rid of the employment contract in corporate owned businesses, let everybody be a stake partner, with a limited spread between in the take-home between the lowest and highest compensated…
    Market Socialism….
    Give the public National Healthcare from the new Department of Medical Care…
    Any medical or social problems caused by ciggs and alcohol, any addictive and destructive drugs, let the state take compensation from Seagrams and Marlboro….
    People who don’t get sick are paid bonuses….
    Until the profit is taken out of disease it will drive its own market, like war.
    Outlaw offshoring of capital for tax avoidance….
    You’ll find there are tons of money around, your taxes will go to nothing….
    The reason they keep the workers drained is so they won’t have time for it….
    Operate only on the balanced budget….
    Let the bloodsucking parasites die….
    No more foreign aid, it’s a huge insider give away….
    Law and Order Starts at the Border….
    Anybody threatening deadly force in the commission of a crime gets the death penalty….
    Triple the penalties for petty crime….
    Petty crime fosters lawlessness….
    Put landlords back in charge of their own property,
    No written Rental agreement, no current rent receipt – then GTF OFF THE PROPERTY….
    Put the lawyers back in their cages….
    No more civil lawsuits without equal liability, bonded…
    Crooked Cops get the firing squad…..

  9. If you want a future you have to work for it. The Far East seems poised to turn their slave workforce into a class that will be able to accumulate. At least for a little while. Too many Americans are fat and lazy and seem to lack ambition in just about everything whether it be work or any kind of hobby or recreational activity.

    Observation of a bad situation and complaining do not count towards getting anything done. Hard work and positive activity that engages other people is what matters. Because you can’t legislate morality and you certainly cannot legislate intelligence into people.

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