Hate Fantasy Hindu Academic Whips up Hysteria at Ivy League University — ‘Die, Whitey, DIE!’

By Kevin MacDonald
The Occidental ObserverThe Unz Review
June 8, 2021


 Originally published as “Expressions of Anti-White Hatred in High Places: Aruna Khilanani at Yale.”

Note. The above photo of Dr Khilanani has been touched up and prettified to make her look like a sex bombshell. But this is what the Asiatic charmer  really looks like. (LD)


As I noted in Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition, explicit expressions of anti-White hate are one of the most important of the psychological mechanisms that will wake White people up to identify as White and have a sense of White interests (section titled “Expressions of Anti-White Hatred Promote White Ethnocentrism, here). Recently it has come out that a psychiatrist of Pakistani background expressed visceral hatred toward White people in a lecture titled, appropriately enough, “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind.”

You’ve probably read about it, but it’s important to emphasize these things. Get used to it. They are part of the culture now, and emanating from very high places.

The lecture was not held at a local BLM event, but at Yale University and attendees could use it for course credit—it would “fulfill the licensure requirement set forth by the State of Connecticut.” Some of her statements:

This is the cost of talking to white people at all. The cost of your own life, as they suck you dry. There are no good apples out there. White people make my blood boil….

I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step. Like I did the world a f***ing favor….

We are asking a demented, violent predator who thinks that they are a saint or a superhero to accept responsibility.

It ain’t gonna happen. They have five holes in their brain. It’s like banging your head against a brick wall. It’s just, like, sort of not a good idea.

Yale did absolutely nothing about her talk until mainstream conservatives started talking about it. Here’s Tucker Carlson from last night (~40′).



(Note. The video was available only two days ago; the fact that it has been abruptly withdrawn without satisfactory explanation does not bode well for free speech. LD) 

Whatever you think about Tucker, it’s good that he is publicizing this. Exactly the sort of thing that Whites need to hear repeatedly. And in the story on the border disaster, he made it clear once again that it’s all about Democrats getting a permanent majority.

Notice her statement: “We are asking a demented, violent predator who thinks that they are a saint or a superhero to accept responsibility.” Here she is doubtless thinking about virtue-signaling White liberals who think they are saviors to POC. Maybe some liberals will start to rethink their fantasy of a harmonious multicultural future and start thinking about how their children and grandchildren are going to be treated when they try to get into a good university or apply for a job.

In fact, in a later interview, Khilanani said she thinks conservatives are “psychologically healthier.” “They are more in touch with their anger and negative feelings. They can articulate it. They can say it, they’re not covering it up or like ‘Oh my god, I’m amazing, I love all people.’ There’s not all this liberal fluff of goodness.”

Obviously she is steeped in Critical Race Theory which is especially targeting White liberals for not being self-hating enough. Andrew Joyce’s review of Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility:

By far the most entertaining chapter of the book comes within the last 50 pages. Titled “White Women’s Tears,” it’s an indictment of that infamous sight — bawling, wailing, and normally overweight White women clutching themselves in feverish grief over the death of some poor Black gangbanger who just happened to get shot while rushing a police officer.

DiAngelo is probably correct in asserting that this is a self-indulgent demonstrative act designed to heighten status (“I’m moral, good, and empathetic”) and get attention from men of all races (“I’m vulnerable right now, and need attention and resources”).

Some of the anecdotes in this regard, from DiAngelo’s “Whiteness” seminars are priceless, normally involving some weak-minded woman breaking down at the revelation she’s “racist,” and they went some way to compensating me for the purchase price and hideous ideology of the book. Above all, they confirmed to me that what we see unfold before us is both tragedy and farce, and that our situation is no less dangerous for that.

Liberals need to know that their expressions of moral superiority will not appease the White haters.

Yale did nothing to distance itself from her talk until conservatives started publicizing it. “When Herzog asked about Yale’s response when Khilanani submitted her talk and materials, she said there was none.” And in the immediate aftermath, there was nothing but praise: “Dr. Khilanani noted that her lecture had initially been well received. After she gave it, several attendees praised her comments on the online feed. One woman who identified herself as a Yale psychologist called it “absolutely brilliant.” A man said, “I feel very shook in a good way,” and a Black woman thanked Dr. Khilanani for giving “voice to us as people of color and what we go through all the time.”

Yale is now busy distancing itself from the talk, but it is still available to students and presumably still counts for the licensure requirement. Khilanani is now saying that she was speaking in metaphors:

“My speaking metaphorically about my own anger was a method for people to reflect on negative feelings. To normalize negative feelings. Because if you don’t, it will turn into a violent action.”

Somehow I don’t think that’s quite enough to change the impact of these statements on White people.

And I notice that she conceals her attitudes from White people in her daily life, so it clearly affects her behavior. “She does not talk to white people about these issues in private, which is really easy if you forcibly segregate yourself from your previous white “friends. This is how I talk with other people of color, this is how I talk with my black friends, this is how I talk with my Asian friends. This is how we talk about you” (speaking with a Jewish interviewer, Katie Herzog)—which is likely what set off Bari Weiss, the ultra-Zionist who first reported on the talk.

Jews have been a necessary condition for creating multicultural America, but being thought of as part of the oppressive White elite is definitely not what they had in mind. But I doubt there is much concern about such events among most Jews given that the organized Jewish community is well connected to all the other non-White activist organizations.

It’s no surprise that Khilanani is a textbook example of the influence of the Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory, the forerunner of Critical Race Theory. From Herzog’s interview as posted by Bari Weiss:

My masters is in humanities and the focus is largely on critical theory. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the University of Chicago, but it was very critical theory-heavy when I went. I did pre-med stuff in undergrad and had always been thinking of these issues. I also majored in English Lit and wondered about other ways of thinking. And I was interested in the unconscious for a long time, so it wasn’t that big of a jump for me.

So she was very attracted to psychoanalysis, which was also very useful to the Frankfurt School because it didn’t bother with messy things like getting good data or being falsifiable.

Critical theory is about how you are positioned in the world. Ever since I was a little kid, since I’ve interacted with people who are white, and especially white women, I would notice that things were really off. So what I’ve done by going through psychoanalytic training, which is all about getting in touch with the unconscious, is literally work backwards. I’m like, “Ok, I’ve noticed that white people tend to put me in certain roles. White women will experience me this way, white men will experience me this way.” I’m going to use psychoanalysis to work backwards and treat all of this as a projection to see what I can learn about their mind.


— Dr Aruna Khilanani, an American psychiatrist of Hindu ethnicity, age 41, who clearly needs psychiatric treatment herself  (LD)

Kevin MacDonald concludes:

Don’t get me wrong. I think Khilanani hated White people from a very early age, and she would find some way to express it.

It’s just that these Jewish intellectual movements allowed her to frame it in an academically respectable way.

So she could be invited to give a talk at Yale.


38 thoughts to “Hate Fantasy Hindu Academic Whips up Hysteria at Ivy League University — ‘Die, Whitey, DIE!’”

  1. This is Deep State Global Communism, taking over and using institutions of learning for the purpose of Psychosocial Engineering . Indoctrinating the masses with Cultural Marxism of class wars, as the weapons for mass manipulation.

    From now on, a University education will no longer be for the purpose of enabling individuals to found an independent life, but rather, Universities, and other institutions of learning will be institutions for “Re-education” and indoctrination, and “Ideological remodeling”, Chinese style, so as to make the individual fit in the slot prepared for them, in the Communist Tyranny Global State.

    As of now, “White People” are the new “Bourgeoisie” and “Enemies Of The State” while Blacks, Hispanics, Indians, Chinese and other none whites, are the new “Proletariat” or “Comrades” But….do not get the idea that “White hatred” is something personal. It’s NOT an “Anti-White” crusade. It’s not that they hate white people and love the Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and other non-whites. No. Its merely a strategic move. Its and Anti-Human crusade, passing as at “Anti-White” one. So, it’s useless for white people to feel victimized, or hated by other non-whites, just because the Deep State is funning hatred against them. If they do, they inadvertently help the oppressors.

    The goal posts will keep changing, as other definitions of “Bourgeoisie” or “Enemies Of The State” and Proletariat or “Comrades” is rolled out from the Party Headquarters. All this hatred and divisive movements are carefully crafted instrument to wear down the Masses as stated in the “discredited forgery” document, (Meaning that there was an original?) “The Protocols Of Zion”. The March towards the reign by “The Despot Of Zion” continues.

    Colour, and race, just as nationalism will be used to fan hatred. So will wealth, and power. We as people need to see through the fog of the divisive tactics and epidemic of social mayhem which will now continue to be manifested by the Deep State agents, if we are to survive through the Hell they want the World to be.

  2. @ Bigfoot

    We as people need to see through the fog of the divisive tactics and epidemic of social mayhem which will now continue to be manifested by the Deep State agents, if we are to survive through the Hell they want the World to be.

    I’m glad you made the first comment. I couldn’t agree with you more. But tell me, is there no hope for the White race? I mean, a chance of resurgence under a charismatic White leader?

    Or are we doomed to go the way of the dodo?

    I think the Covid pandemic has sharpened perceptions and the penny is now beginning to drop that these racial minorities, previously subservient to us, are now in the driver’s seat. We are suffering serious discrimination in the workplace, if not downright oppression and persecution.

    No White woman is safe from the prowling rapist . . . I know that from personal experience.

    1. @ Saki,
      Thanks for your response. In regard to your question; “Is there no hope for the White Race”?
      Well, I think the issue here, is not whether White Race can be saved, and hence there is hope. Asking the right question will help us understand our problem. The Chinese General Sun Tzu on the Art of War stated; “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

      I believe the question should be; “Does The White Race Desire To Be Saved?” Does the White Man know himself? Does the White Man know his enemy? Does the White Man understand his problem? These are the basic questions which need to be addressed.

      First, let us ask ourselves. “Why and how do people develop into “Races”? If we understand Race dynamics, then it would be possible to explore the dangers facing the “White Race” and how to overcome them. I submit, that Races are formed on the foundation of self-interests, not because individuals amongst different ethnic and racial identities “love one another” While the white man may be exposes to dangers specifically targeting ”white race” its not automatic that the white race will collectively address this danger and seek to eliminate it.
      Since Race is founded on self-interests, when interests differ, or individuals in race group is threatened, what replaces them is self-preservation. And this self-preservation is more self-centred than it is centred on the race group. The dynamics of self-interests keep changing, the ways of lives keep changing, so does culture, and therefore so does races.

      Its important to note, that while the White Man may be concerned about the dilution of white race, this dilution is not targeted on the white race per-se. Modernism, Cosmopolitanism, and internationalism is attacking every race, culture, and tradition. The White Man faces the loss of the same values which may be lost by other races because of Internationalism, Modernism and International Communism being throated on everyone.

      Besides, let’s be realistic and practical. The White Man is not an innocent victim in the dilution of his race identity. He deliberately exposes himself to these dangers! While one may sympathize with the White Man and the possibility that the White Race might face extinction, the flipside does not support the White Man’s argument, that he is interested in preserving his race.
      When the White Man sails to New Zeeland and takes it from the Maoris, what does he expect the Maori to do? When he sails to Australia and takes it from the Aborigines, and make them extinct, exactly what does he expect the aborigines to do? When he goes to Canada and takes it from the Red Indians and massacre its children, brain wash others, and confine the Red Indians into “Reserves” what does he expect the Red Indian to do? Sympathize with him? When he sails to Americas and does the same to American Indians, sails to Africa and does the same to Africans, does he really expect these people to sympathize with him and his desire to preserve the “White Race” Seriously?

      Still, I really do sympathize with the Europeans who now have to deal with hoards of immigrants from all over Africa Asia and Middle East. But, bitter as it is, …….who started this migration?

      Let us then, address the issue of the practicality of seeking to save the White Man. Its not practical, since its not just the white Man that needs to be saved. Actually, is everybody, that is, except the International Bankers, the Jews, the rich, Freemasons Rosicrucians, the Kabbalists, and other members of secret International Fraternities in cohorts with the Secret Government.

      We need to understand our problem first, before we can solve it. Our Problem is our fraudulent Money System. And we are all in it! This is the primary issue. Race politics is secondary, really. And , its diversionary and therefore distracting. Colour is skin deep after all.

  3. Can you imagine this POS street shit ter coming from the most backward country in the world to a modern country built by whites and puking out hatred for whites? If whites dont become hardcore racists and go medieval on non-whites they will be erased from the earth. some killed the rest thru mixed breeding. when I go down south to the heart of the confederacy EVERY negro is with a white girl.

    1. You are not lying. I live in Huntsville, Alabama and the majority of those (8-9s) very beautiful White women I see when I go out have black boyfriends…and what makes it incongruent-looking even further is that every one of the black guys are ugly and ghetto looking.

  4. At one time medicine was taught at Yale. Today, hating whites is taught there… by a Hindu.

    I thought Hindus were above hate and bigotry.

    But jews need not worry. More and more are claiming they are not white. Alan Dershowitz did so recently. He knows!!

    1. Darkmooners,
      This Zio scheme has been in the making for decades indeed. As a child, little Donaldo would pass the evenings watching the hit TV series PLANET OF THE APES written and produced by….. 🥁-roll…..(((Arthur Jacobs))). A young, handsome, muscular and tanned Charlton Heston with no shirt would roam the wilderness accompanied by beautiful, distressed, scantily-clad white women with chimps on 🐎-back in hot pursuit. Aaaahhh yes. Donaldo remembers vividly. It was a premonition of thing to come indeed. On one episode, Heston asked the female doctor chimp for a 😘 and she, with disgust, reluctantly complied. Anyway….back to the present. Ms. Khilanani is just a modern-day PLANET OF THE APES chimp masquerading as an academic. What will the future bring and how will WHITES react? Good question. As Bigfoot’s excellent post suggests, WHITES (an abstract) won’t react based on ethnocentric ideals. They will react, perhaps violently, out of the basic desire to defend their very lives and possessions. 🤔🤨🤠

      Post note:
      Donaldo heard on the radio while driving his rig today that Bibi 😂 was thrown into the trash bin of history and is no longer PM of Israel. Could any Darkmooner verify this please? Gracias.

    2. Joos and Hinjoos are variants of the same money worshipping species. You can call the latter brown maggots. If you do not know the venomous deep-seated hatred of Hinjoos for the Western World, Christianity and Islam, and how low they will go down to worship their Jooish Gods, you don’t know ANYthing about Hinjoos. Given that Hinjoos are two-faced hypocrites which have masked their hideous selves to thrive in Western societies, there needs to be an awareness about it. Notice how every Gas Station, every Subway franchise and every Hotel / Motel is owned by them. The Joos are fully aware that when SHTF, there Hinjoo cousins will be on their side. Which is why the media makes no comment on them, the way it does Mexicans, Latinos and Others.

  5. Aruna would make a good jew… as she does their bidding against whites. She is a stalking horse pushing jews’ MO for them:

    Dr. Aruna Khilanani claims she was using “provocation as a tool for real engagement.”

    Khilanani was slammed online over the weekend for her April 6 remarks at the Yale School of Medicine’s Child Study Center, where she revealed her dream of “unloading a revolver into the head of any white person” who dared to get in her way.

    During the lecture, titled “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind,” Khilanani, who is not affiliated with Yale, said she cut off most of her former white friends five years ago, adding there were “no good apples out there.”

  6. Does she see jews as whites? Might be interesting to find out. So often this has rebounded on the jews throughout history. They always go too far. They cannot help themselves.

  7. One lousy Hinjew commie shrink from Yale tosses a harpoon and the mighty white whale is reduced to a blubbering boohoohoohoohoo, poor us, how dare she! How dare they! Ohhhhhh the injustice, ohhhhhh the cruelty, ohhhhh the exploitation and reduction of our humanity, etc., etc., etc.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh riiiiiiiiight, it’s that damn Hindu K word again, innit..
    Never mind..

      1. Pat, a keen eye might spot that dorsal fin from 86.9 miles

        But like Frank Zappa, (the other musical genius) would ask, lol . . .
        What’s the ugliest part of her body?

    “This is Deep State Global Communism, taking over and using institutions of learning for the purpose of Psychosocial Engineering . Indoctrinating the masses with Cultural Marxism of class wars, as the weapons for mass manipulation.”
    Yes, and Mass Murder of the occupants of the target country is part of the Cultural Marxist Agenda…
    Whomever doesn’t blend – “must perish in the revolutionary holocaust”…
    Though the Jew Marx’ writings included non-white primitive-by-comparison, backward aboriginals under this doomed category as well… Those ignorant and illiterate people would never be on the same level as the Cultural Marxists at the Frankfurt school…
    Originally, ‘academic’ discussions of the communist plot were called Critical Communist or Critical Marxist Theory… That was eventually shortened to Critical Theory, not to be too alarming…
    Now they’re blatantly telling you they want you all shot to death…
    Critical Racial Theory is part of the same original Critical Marxist Theory, and includes all the genocidal implications unleashed in Russia and China…
    This commie bitch is one of thousands placed in academia to conduct the Marxist Revolution in the USA… It’s really about Race War…
    It’s not just about ‘one harpoon’ either… Thousands have already been killed, the old and weak..
    Covid is a major tactic in the plot, and her murderous statement expresses the underlying warfare mentality behind the extermination of the thousands of seniors in the care homes, who were put to death on ventilators at any signs of upper respiratory infection, if that…
    Big-Pharma and plenty of other imperious corporate entities would rather the citizenry be under the same kind of control as the peasants are in China now, no rights before the Corporate Communist Super-Surveillance Bankster State… Pretty Soon you won’t be able to function in society unless you can produce your Shot Card…
    The unvaxxed are the future Enemies of the Globalist State… Globalism is all about disarmament and merging the West with Chinese Communist Control of the individual…
    Yale University, home of Skull and Bones… The Clintons and Bushes know it well…
    The higher standard of living white countries enjoy is the White Culture these invaders hate… A lot of blacks had it right back in the fifties, where they were actually attempting to merge respectfully with the white culture… Now the higher standard of living, due to industry and hard work, is being ruined by hateful invaders and spoiled domestics…
    You would think it all came about through nothing but robbery, like white people are nothing but predators, who never had one good idea or made one real contribution to the world at all, while on the other hand all colored cultures are absolutely impeccable from the beginning of time…
    I’m wondering how much coercion takes place in those black on white relationships down South now…
    It’s starting to look like Charlie Manson was right, whoever he really was…
    The race war is coming, at some point white people are going to finally have had enough….

    1. Yeah, vile Hindus harpooning the hell out of everyone for only the gods know how long.. Hundreds of years they’ve been stealing, raping, demeaning, slandering and otherwise tormenting us dearies. Maybe even for thousands of years, the bastards! If only the merciless Hindus would just leave everyone alone..

      I agree with you. And the following quotes, are instructive of the chaos planned in these “Class Wars” now being instigated with the help of these Ivy League so-called “Dr” Communism advocates nihilism, and genocide of races!
      “Three World Wars Albert Pike “
      “The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. http://usa-the-republic.com/illuminati/Albert_Pike/Albert_Pike's_Plan_for_Three_World_Wars.pdf
      ” The classes and the races too weak to master the new conditions of life must give way…. They must perish in the revolutionary holocaust. –Karl Marx’!, Marx People’s Paper, April 16, 1856, Journal˛ˇ of the History of Idea, 1981, [22]
      “The chief mission of all other races and peoples, large and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust.” Karl Marx, in Die Neue Rheinische Zeitung NZR January 1849. Quoted from; “If We Must Die – (2010) Claude McKay http://bachlund.org/If_We_Must_Die.htm)

  9. Wait a minute! The Judenpresse usually bury these kind of reports, blind spots and media blackouts are the norm. So what’s going on? The Judenpresse is agitating peasant against peasant, that’s all.

    Rage!! To arms comrades! Assault on the nearer Pakistani neighborhood!! And they say women are emotional. Women are so emotional, they can’t run business. They are completely and absolutely emotional. Yeah, I can see that.

    Then, next time you have this in-your-face provocation, don’t fall for it, don’t fall for provocateurs. Keep the eyes on the big fat ball of Big Jewry and their lackeys. They don’t choose the battlefield you do.

    My two cents

  10. ‘Fred B’ on Truthseeker:

    The division and unrest are clearly planned and orchestrated to take the attention off the real elephant in the room, which is the Covd psyop. They are to prevent the people from unifying, and to precipitate more and more control measures for what the establishment will deem as “necessary” measures to control the violence, just like with the lockdowns and the masks imposed with the Covid psyop. All of this seems obvious, but perhaps there is even something far more insidious diabolic going on here, than playing the race card the wrong way to create division and impose more controls.

    What of the vaccines? Why are not the Blacks more concerned about being targeted by the Whitey cabal? Look at the history of cabal eugenics. Look at Planned Parenthood and how it targeted for decades Black and underclass communities. Look at the efforts of the Gates Foundation in Africa. Look at the video last year of Malinda Gates in Texas ensuring that the Blacks and the poor would be the first to get the precious vaccines when they came out. Look at all of the facts which do not fit into the orchestrated racial division being created. What if those deemed inferior and unwanted by a racist cabal running things, were all of a sudden to die off in droves with the next US bioweapon to be unleashed on us simply because they have received a different kind of vaccine than those most favored and deemed useful by the ruling elites? What then? If those deemed chosen and useful were divided and protected from those deemed unwanted and useless who were suddenly dying off in droves, there would be no unity of the people to threaten the ruling cabal or their plans.

    This is classic Tribe Chaos at work. They know the covid psyop is breaking down, especially now that sickness and death is showing itself prematurely, well before a majority have been Jabbed,. Last time I looked this site had the world Jab rate at 5%.

    Once again I say ‘White’ as a rallying call is dumb as a rock stupid.

  11. A white man drove over a Muslim family of four (Indians or Pakistani) in Canada 2 days ago … killing them all ..

    The two daughters were so pretty…


  12. Like police shootings, which happen every day, there’s an endless supply of antagonistic history on sub-standard treatment of humans one race against the other, though officially it’s only ever allowed to be about white on black historical injustice, slavery, apartheid, whatever exploitation…
    Blacks now believe they can’t be racist, prejudice – that’s only for white people…
    While every video we see of another black attacking some defenseless innocent bystander with hammers, cement blocks, suckerpunches, whatever fuels the racial divide right alongside each revealed chapter in the white supremacy history book…
    Hyped racial animosity continues to separate the working class from itself, while the owners connive and plot the blueprints on the upcoming technical apartheid by which whomever is left alive as the servant class after the big population reduction shall be kept in a permanent state of civic retardation…

  13. What we have here is a dangerous concoction of one hideous maggot-gagging butt-ugly “woman of color” in an explosive mixture with envy, jealousy, spite, derangement, hysteria & bloodlust…

    … her white “sisters” – even less than average-looking ones! – being a constant reminder of Mother Nature having hit her in her ugly mug with a baseball-bat…. with the resulting rage being projected, across the board, onto the fairest of races.

    It’s as simple as that… and as good a reason as any – and better than most! – why the races should not – and cannot! – be mixed… unless, of course, you’re looking for total annihilation…. which even a not insignificant number of whites are complicit in… albeit aided, abetted & cajoled by the “usual suspects”

  14. NY Shrink Dr. KhilaWhiteMan: A Made-in-America Monster

    “Khilanani is a proud product of America: She has emerged from an educational system that has approved of her at every step of the way. ”



    What is the truth?

    This horribly ugly Jewish looking monster woman is intensely jealous of white beauty.

    You all know that joke about double coyote ugly?

  15. Extremely important finding on the culling projected in the Deagel report, a mathematical analysis of the data shows that the UK is the epicenter of the culling, and that the % of culling per nation is directly related to the distance from the UK, see this link:


    “The distance from the epicenter (United Kingdom) is inversely related to the degree of culling for all European nations”.


    The fugly mudbrid Dr Khilanani is simply a “PhD” stooge of the elite who are planning to genocide the world’s white population, the extreme rhetoric is pre-genocidal language of what is to come, the purposeful decrease of whites. She is nothing, just a face thrown up on your television screen to hate, a lackey of the real Jewish power.

    1. The last table in the linked article does not include Russia but it does include Belarus. Those two countries appear to be allies. President Lukashenko appears to be disobedient to Western demands and policies. The absence of Russia in that table is understandable, but the presence of Belarus is puzzling. How would the elite implement depopulation measures in Belarus?

  16. It looks like we have the same problem with a street defecator here in the UK called Priyamvada Gopal who is a professor at Cambridge University who thinks White lives don’t matter because of our colonial past. Maybe this so-called expert should educate herself about who really controlled the British Empire in the first place and direct her hatred there, but again if she did she’d be out of a job within minutes of criticizing the hand that feeds this lovely English rose.

    1. Thanks a lot for that link… NOT!

      I almost wretched my guts up in disgust looking at that hideous hag who looks like she just crawled out of a sewer in Calcutta!

      Totally fcked up my day! 😡

      1. I’m amazed by your revulsion for this beautiful lady. Speaking for myself, she really turns me on. She’s hot. She’s got what it takes.

        1. Judging by what you’re “used to”, your being besotted by this beast doesn’t surprise me in the least… though I would’ve thought her proboscis might be a bit too prominent – even for your taste! 😂😂

      2. She could of crawled out of the British government as it’s full of them under Johnston, subservient greedy people helping to build back better without any Indigenous White Britons in the Talmudic future of this land. Noahide Laws and a Chinese style communist power structure is very much on the menu for the cattle from now on, using the Cov-yid 1984 to kick it off.

        Cheers mate.

  17. Does anyone know where INCOG MAN went to?
    Now here was a man who called a SPADE a SPADE and exposed the SCUM of the earth!
    Google and see can you find him!

    1. Incog man is awesome as is Scotty Spencer, aka Smoloko, the greatest graphic artist of our time.

      Both have been 86ed.

  18. I can just hear Stevie Wonder singing “Isn’t She Lovely” to these pretties from the turd world gene pool.
    Do you suppose that it has ever dawned on these Marxist harpies living in the lap of luxury in Western White Civilization that if it were not for European colonialism they would still be living on dirt floors while their man are out humping the boys? The White man’s folly, indeed.

    (No idea why your comment ended up in Spam).

    Presidente Joe Biden is meeting the Russian dictator in a few days. Biden is the only president in the world who stood up to the Russian killer.
    Putin is the no. 3 genocidal maniac in the world list right now after George W. Bush. Number 4 could go to Bashar Assad or Khamenei of Iran who finished Bush work by getting rid of the remaining Sunni resistance in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. 1 Million a hundred thousand killed.
    So it goes like this: in the last hundred years we have 4 winners: 1- Adolf Hitler 2- George W. Bush 3- Vladimir Putin 4- Khamenei (or Assad) ..
    Benjamin Netanyahu was trying hard to get in the list with 4 gaza masacres in 14 years but got his ass thrown earlier.
    so I hope he confronts the Russian murderer of children in Aleppo and puts him in his place.
    America is back 🇺🇸

    1. Ermmm… Sarita… are you off your fcking rocker???

      Keep taking the meds FFS!!!

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