Have We Learned Our Lesson?

LD:  The writing on the wall is only too clear. We have now entered a dystopian police state  in which mass vaccination will be mandatory. Those who resist the jab will be heavily penalised, with  life  being made impossible for them.  This sensational article by Rixon Stewart makes one ask: “How much worse can it get?”  

Rixon Stewart
February 1, 2021

We should have learned from the debacle that was “Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction”.  To be suspicious about this is just common sense. 

We’ve seen and heard it all before, so by now some of us at least should have learned.

First they did it with Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction with wall-to-wall media coverage of the threat they posed. With speculative articles about how quickly Saddam’s weapons could be deployed and how destructive they might be, the stream of frightening reports went on and on.

Ultimately those reports, from some of the world’s most ‘respected’ journalists, turned out to be utterly baseless. Although they did provide sufficient justification to invade Iraq, even though no WMD were ever found.
Now the MSM seems to be doing the same with Covid-19.

Call me a cynic but I remain entirely unconvinced by the corporate media’s coverage. Some reports are just plain scare stories, no doubt intended to send us running off to the nearest vaccination centre. Like the following, which recounts how that old standby “Terror” has now been transformed into Covid-19 and how it can now be found in the eyes of patients afflicted with it.

I’m an NHS consultant anaesthetist. I see the terror in my Covid patients’ eyes

Continues … https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/31/im-an-nhs-consultant-anaesthetist-i-see-the-terror-in-my-covid-patients-eyes

Other reports rely on celebrity appeal to convey the message that Covid-19 vaccinations are necessary and desirable.

Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville, 57, gets Covid jab and volunteers at local centre:

Continues …


While others depend on the weight of scientific authority to make their point.

Jeremy Farrar: Until we are all safe, no one is safe. Covid is a global problem

Robin McKie – The Observer Jan 31, 2021

Jeremy Farrar, head of the Wellcome Trust and one of the world’s leading experts on infectious diseases, says that immunising a lot of people in a few countries while leaving the virus unchecked in large parts of the world would simply allow more variants to emerge in these places.

Continues … https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/31/jeremy-farrar-until-we-are-all-safe-no-one-is-safe-covid-is-a-global-problem.

You can see where this is all heading. Just as the scare stories about Saddam’s WMD were used to foment fear and apprehension in the West, thereby paving the way for the Iraq invasion, so scare stories about Covid-19 are being used to make vaccinations against Covid-19 seem like a means of salvation.

However, as the Observer implies, to be successful the Covid-19 vaccinations will have to be universal. So the vaccinations will either have to be made mandatory, or those who refuse them will have to be heavily penalised. Thereby ensuring that everyone is vaccinated, without exception.

Leaving those who adamantly refuse the vaccine living under virtual house arrest.

This is in fact already starting.

Some firms have already introduced ‘no jab, no job’ contracts and other will no doubt follow. Meaning that if you want to work, or indeed travel, or even go out for a meal, you will soon have to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

All of this is part of an ongoing drive to convince us to comply. The big question is, how successful will it be?

Will the population, at least in the English-speaking world, rush off en-masse to be vaccinated against Covid-19? Or will there be, as I suspect, a significant minority who remain sceptical about the claimed “benefits” and refuse vaccination?
We will know soon enough.

Finally, I’m not going to speculate at length about the severity of the threat posed by Covid-19. Although the very old, or those with pre-existing conditions do seem vulnerable, for most the impact seems little worse than seasonal flu.

However, the fact that the powers that be are employing such methods to rush through a program of mass vaccination, for a vaccine that has never been tested on humans before and that could potentially alter our DNA, should make any rational person suspicious.

I saw some grafitti in Edinburgh the other day that summed this all up. So there is a growing sense of apprehension at grass-roots level:



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  1. To see that graffiti tells me there’s plenty of resistance fighters our there. The writer speaks for many. And “many” in the U.S. means many gun toters…..and (((they))) know it 😡

    1. Brownhawk –

      I had a bandolier made which holds sixty rounds of 30-30 for my old trusty ’94 Winchester.
      It looks GOOD. I have worn it a couple of times in public, with rifle-in-hand. Cops don’t bother with you, and it conveys a blatant message. It can be loaded quickly. (The belt of cartridges is very intimidating…). 😉

    2. 1,000 covid deaths a day in a population of 65 million is 1 in 65,000.
      Not exactly an epidemic.
      The media fail to give per capita figures.
      They won’t be happy until they have caused WWW3.

  2. LD: The writing on the wall is only too clear. We have now entered a dystopian police state in which mass vaccination will be mandatory. Those who resist the jab will be heavily penalised, with life being made impossible for them. This sensational article by Rixon Stewart makes one ask: “How much worse can it get?”

    Scary article by Rixon Stewart. Made me want to go out and buy a stout hempen rope and a book on noose tying. Unfortunately, no hardware stores selling ropes are open. Not in my neck of the woods. And none of the book stores I frequent are into selling books with titles like: “How To Tie Nooses For Dummies”.

    Damn inconsiderate.

    “How much worse can it get?” Lasha asks. I’ll tell you. It can get a lot worse. It’s a lot worse in Germany. And it’s even a lot worse in America, I believe.

    The Yanks have no scruples whatsoever in making life totally impossible for the little people. Biden and Kamala are hunting for White scalps. ‘DEPOPULATE AMERICA’ is the name of the game. The elite have their hideaways. They can always head for the hills. Meanwhile the poor starve in cities and are lined up like cattle to receive their jabs.

    I have a new game I intend to start playing: Russian Roulette. Only problem is … I ain’t got no goddam revolver! So I’m gonna have to learn all about ropes and nooses.

    Hey, only kidding. Time for a coffee break. 🙂

    1. Another gloomy article on Truthseeker today:


      I can take lockdown for a few months. But not if it becomes a permanent fixture. With new and deadlier varieties of virus springing up at regular intervals.

      Lockdown has already had devastating effects on the mental health of children. These destabilized kids are now making life impossible for their parents, specially for their mothers who are expected to work like galley slaves, cooking and cleaning the house, caring for their elderly and vulnerable parents, and at the same time trying to homeschool their stroppy children.

      As for the kids, they have discovered online gambling, online pornography, and have started taking cannabis, cocaine and heroin to dull the ache of existence. Entire families are cracking up. Divorce rates are soaring.

      Things were better than this even during the worst days
      of World War II.

    2. Re: Russian roulette:
      If you don’t have a gun you can always call sir Gilbert Huntly who could definitely provide you with an effective one.

      Note: don’t go lower than a .45 caliber Smith and Wesson

    3. I have just posted this comment on Truthseeker:


      “You can see where this is all heading. Just as the scare stories about Saddam’s WMD were used to foment fear and apprehension in the West, thereby paving the way for the Iraq invasion, so scare stories about Covid-19 are being used to make vaccinations against Covid-19 seem like a means of salvation.”

      Excellent article. Rixon! And I particularly liked the parallel you draw between the flagrant lies told about Saddam Hussein’s fictional weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and the flagrant lies told today about Covid-19.

      What will no doubt infuriate you even more will be to learn that the same scoundrel responsible for spreading lies about Saddam’s WMD, British war criminal Tony Blair, is now trying to gain kudos for himself by claiming he is in the forefront of those fighting to bring the Covid-19 pandemic under control.

      See today’s headline in the Daily Mail, “I’M HELPING MINISTERS FIGHT COVID SAYS BLAIR.” (Feb 1, 2021, p. 8),

      Blair, apart from being on friendly terms with the notorious pedophile Jimmy Saville…


      … was the incorrigible liar who started the rumour that Saddam’s deadly missiles could DESTROY LONDON IN 45-MINUTES!!! 🙂

      He is now boasting about his role in helping to shape British government policy about how the Covid-19 vaccine should be delivered, suggesting that second doses should be delayed until everyone had had a first dose — an idea the government seems to have adopted on his recommendations.

      He has also backed the idea of VACCINE PASSPORTS “to help the travel industry”.

      This is simply a sneaky way of making the vaccine mandatory, because you won’t be able to board a plane, cruise ship or ferry unless you have a “vaccine passport”, i.e, a document stating you have been vaccinated.

      The same document will soon be required to travel on trains and buses, to enter pubs and restaurants, to walk in parks, and to attend schools, concerts, theatres and cinemas. The final crunch will come when — God forbid! — you won’t be able to shop for groceries at your local supermarket unless you can produce a certificate proving you’ve had your jab.

      Large sectors of the population will then be condemned to house arrest, solitary confinement, and pariah status. And for all this — in Britain, at any rate — we will have the war criminal Tony Blair to blame.


    4. Madame,
      NO need to hang yourself with a noose. Just HANG-out with Donaldo awhile please. He, through courage and skill, will introduce you to a physical and spiritual paradise even unseen or imagined by ancient people. RISE to the OCCASION Madame as your breasts rise to his touch…ok..no more elaboration lest Administration Toby once again cast him into the shadows of a truck-side dumpster. Please Toby, hear Donaldo out. 🤫. Donaldo isn’t so sure that there is actually a LESSON to be learned. There is only human activity. Just how far will people allow themselves to be pushed and exploited? Great question. As Donaldos peaceful Siamese cat once demonstrated decades ago, EVERY living creature has its limits of tolerance. Henry was cornered and, with no other recourse, bit off the nose👃 of the black labrador-retreiver (Zio) without hesitation. But today we enter 2021…..quite interesting. Donaldo is of partial Jewish origin. Never hid that nor tried to exploit it. Donaldo is proud of his ancestry but even more proud of what he’s accomplished personally. But Donaldos Jewish ancestry won’t deter the sad state of US politics. He is a white person of Spanish-Jewish ancestry. But what awaits him in USSA ain’t pretty. In October 2021 there will be no “Donaldo” in USSA for the Antifa-BLF’s to dig their claws into. 😉😘🤠

      1. “Donaldo” :

        I don’t understand. What’s going to happen in October 2021, how come there will be no more “Donaldo” in the now COMMUNIST United States in October 2021?

        Don’t wait too long to start dating Madame, in another 2 weeks she’s going to be 74, 75, maybe 80, somewhere around there, so get her while she’s still young and hot and her breasts are still 😉 perky! Still a babe! [ she wishes 😊 ] Old 60s Moon Goddess Boomer chicks are a Hoot!

    5. Madame –

      Go to an arborists store and buy a tree-climber’s rope. They’re BETTER than hemp; stronger; and a simple slip-knot works well. (The long coil in a hangman’s knot simply suffices for a quick neck break.) (Who really cares if you hang someone and they take a bit of time to strangle and shit their pants??) (You’re gonna leave’em hanging on the lamp post, anyway, aren’t you??)

      1. Thanks for the advice on ropes, Gilbert. But I’ve cheered up a bit now,
        after my best friend someone gave me a frog as a pet. He’s really cute.
        Sits on my shoulder croaking.

        He’s a bit damp and clammy though,
        and I’m not sure if he’s the ideal companion for me.

        Still, he’s taken my mind off suicide.
        With a frog on your shoulder, who needs to croak? 🙂

      2. Sorry, dear. I didn’t understand you were considering SUICIDE. 😖
        A messy business!

        1. Gilbert,

          Thanks for you kind answer. I appreciate it. I am far from committing suicide. I was just play acting.

          The important thing in adversity is patience. One must avoid negativity and hope for light at the end of the tunnel. Every day is a new day.

          You Americans have had an abnormally tough year, possibly the worst in living memory since WWII. I do hope that 2021 will be an improvement. Keep your guns well-oiled, dear Gilbert, and your ammo ready. You may be needing them soon. Not to commit suicide, I hope. But to defend yourself and your country and its traditional values.

    6. MB:
      instead of hauling around 20lbs of hemp rope in your rucksack while looking for a tree, may I suggest one of those Ruger 9mm pocket-pistols… or, if you really want to “go out in style” with a touch of romance, I’d be more than happy to donate one of my vintage Wehrmacht Lugers (ammo incl.) to help “get the job done” (with trademark German efficiency!)

      Sure I’ll miss it, but – as the Good Book says – “to everything there is a purpose under heaven” and, quite frankly, I can’t think of a more fitting “Bon Voyage! Happy Hunting!” to my trusty little Luggy!

      Btw – Don’t worry about the frog, I’ll feed that to Freddy the feline… once he’s done with the neighbours canaries! 😊

      1. Realist

        Another coincidence! I too own a German luger that my father left to me. A souvenir he confiscated in the war. A fine piece of weaponry I would reserve for special occasions. An elite pistol reserved for one of the Elites who would richly deserve its deadly aim! 👤🔫

      2. For someone who is “Norwegian” Madame ALWAYS sounds like she’s from Los Angeles. She doesn’t sound like a Norwegian at all. Yeah sure, Madame is “a Norwegian ” — and I’m “an Eskimo”.

        Madame probably couldn’t find Norway on a map of Europe. She’s from LA. 😎

        (VIDEO DELETED. Don’t like it. This is not a chat room for frivolous DJs.)

  3. I think it can get much worse – just based on climate cycles – it has long been noted that the rise and fall of civilizations are correlated with weather. Just think, during the Roman warming people ran around naked. Then we plunged into the Little Ice Age and we went into the Dark Age. So weather is correlated with human societal norms. When it gets warmer agriculture thrives and human population expands, when the ice comes we get starvation and oppression.

    So if we go back into an ice age, human society will trend into severe repression – just as we can see unfolding right now with the New World Order and world police state, global surrveillance, here is an apt comment from Ice Age Now:


    “In The Dark Age(s) [and Ice Age(s)] as the hard and soft kill democides of today are still being covered up in real time, fake histories erased, fabricated or re-written over and over again… and the temporary Age(s)_of_Enlightenment (logos) are likely just that, very brief windows of time for all but the very few PTB.”

    So long as the Christians circle around and protect Jewry, the repression will continue, the Jews are protected because so many people believe the Jewish construct of god, they believe the Jews are “god’s chosen”, they believe in the end times, and thus they manifest that which they believe.

    When you have the Evangelical right cheerleading for Israel, know that we are totally damned and heading straight into hell. The end times was our programmed fate from the gitgo, we have now entered the killing fields of the Dark Ice Age Nightmare.

    1. To those feeling suicidal : Just book a flight on ((( EL AL ))) from Jew Jerk Shitty to Izzysmells and by the time the plane lands in Tel Aviv you’ll be dead from the ching chong vilus because flying joooozzzz refuse to wear face masks. When in Rome do as the Romans do, when on an ((( El Al))) flight do as the jooozzz do and don’t wear a face mask. Easy peasy non-messy way to get rid of yourself. ✈️

  4. Did Germany learn a lesson????

    German quarantine breakers to be held in refugee camps, detention centers

    Germans who repeatedly refuse to quarantine after being exposed to COVID-19 will be held in detention centers — and even under police guard, according to reports.

    Officials in the state of Saxony — which is experiencing one of the worst outbreaks in the European nation — have already approved plans to hold quarantine-breakers in a fenced-off section of a refugee camp, the Telegraph said.

    Another state, Brandenburg, also plans to use a section of a refugee camp.

    In Schleswig-Holstein, repeat offenders will be kept in a special area in a juvenile detention center, the report said, citing Germany’s Welt newspaper.

    The state of Baden-Württemberg has two hospitals with rooms to hold the scofflaws, which will be guarded by police, the report said.

    The centers are aimed at detaining only those who continue to break lockdown even after being fined, the report said.

    1. Germans in East and West did truly learn the lesson – on how to sneakily but unknowingly convert from “Lenin’s” communism and STASI prisons in the GDR to GDR born and raised Merkel’s “Western” democracy and political correct detention centers in a democratic STASI disguise! Communist GDR was resolved and freed of communism, to join the Western part of Germania to establish a capitalist version of the Deutsche Demokratische Republic while forging their own citizens into STASI enemies or communist sheep to protect the health and well being of a communist democracy in the state. Detention centers all over the world will play an important role to keep modern Democracy unpolluted, pure and the global POLITBURO and their management safe. This same lesson still needs to be learned by the rest of the world, PAT. https://www.sightraider.com/stasi-prisons-and-headquarters-in-berlin-and-the-gdr/

      1. Thanks, JO!!

        “Many people came to know they had been carefully observed and spied in every movement during their everyday life.”

        I would imagine even more so today.

  5. In order to make sound decisions about whether to take the jab, I sincerely hope they will be providing us with all the relevant statistics such as they’re doing for Covid: how many of those elderly with one or several co-morbidities, especially in old people’s homes, are dying with, or of, the vaccine up to several months after being vaccinated. It’s only fair to ascribe their deaths to the vaccine regardless of what they die of in the same way they have been doing for Covid. OK, maybe the vaccine is completely safe but we want to know for sure that it is no worse than the disease it is supposed to cure. Now if they say these people were old and sick and would have died soon anyway, then why aren’t they saying the same when it comes to Covid? Some are saying that Covid has debilitating effects, damaging many internal organs, even after recovery, which could shorten one’s life expectancy. Well what about the vaccines? Could they also have some such long-term impacts? I have no reason to believe that those promoting vaccines would hide any such information or manipulate morbidity and mortality statistics in such a way so as to present Covid as extremely serious and the vaccines as the most appropriate and safe panacea, or could they … would they?

    1. It appears that everyone here is missing the point, so I’ll lay it out briefly hoping the penny might drop:

      1. The USA – and by extension the UK etc – is bankrupt and is now in receivership. Yes Virginia, that means the creditors are coming to lay claim to all the assets.

      2. The New Owners don’t consider vast swathes of the population to be assets but rather liabilities. As in any Corporate Takeover, it’s “out with the old and in either the new”. In other words, for most “their services will no longer be required”.

      3. But, unlike being fired from a regular job, those “ex employees” have nowhere to go… and must therefore be “disposed of”. After all, the New Owners don’t want any squatters on the premises!

      4. THAT is where COVID – with its concomitant preparatory mass incarcerations – comes in… before the Coup De Jab delivers the Coup De Grace… most likely to a population begging for it.

      5. The above MIGHT also explain shy deagel projects a 2/3 reduction in US/UK population by 2025

      That’s all for now. Hope that penny dropped. Thank You.

      1. Nice try, Realist –

        It appears that very few here are missing the point, and so you missed on how to lay it out briefly hoping the penny might drop…. Into the machine of YOUR own construction:

        1. The USA – and by extension the UK etc – is bankrupt and is now in receivership. Yes Virginia, that means the creditors have already come to lay claim to all the assets…… accomplished with the ‘Doctrines of Discovery’ in the 15th century. The original titles never changed hands…. They were just used as derivatives. Certificates.

        2. The New Owners don’t consider vast swathes of the population to be assets but rather liabilities. As in any Corporate Takeover, it’s “out with the old and in either the new”. In other words, for most “their services WILL DEFINITELY be required”…… to support the needs to increase debt, LIABILITIES, the product of the world financial systems, mainly, the Federal Reserve/IMF/BIS….etc.

        3. There will be NO “ex employees” who have nowhere to go… and must therefore be “re-trained”. After all, the New Owners want MORE squatters on the premises…. To help increase the debt! Increase the product!

        4. THAT is where COVID – with its concomitant preparatory mass incarcerations – comes in… before the Coup De Jab delivers the Coup De Grace… most likely to a population begging for it…. They will be guided along the way to new horizons… to their new slave jobs.

        5. The above MIGHT also explain shy deagel MISTAKENLY projects a 2/3 reduction in US/UK population by 2025.

        That’s all for now. Hope that MY penny dropped….. into the machine of MY own construction. Thank You.

        BTW – ALL national leaders are liars!!! No nuke missiles exist!! 🙂

  6. Recently was down in Victoria the covid capital of Australia, governed by a Communist tyrant. Had to visit a city lawyer. Coming out after my appointment, I forgot to pull my mask up to cover my face. A cop was onto me instantly and issued me with a substantial fine. The fine will never be paid from my far northern Queensland jungle retreat. I then noticed him following me, so I quickened my gait. I could not lose him, so I headed for a well known city toilet complex which is known as a gay meeting place. I went in and was confronted by a group of gay men. Being athletic and tall, I vaulted the low rear wall and waited to see what happened when the cop entered. I heard slapping, scuffling and cries of pain and decided the nosy cop had got his just rewards.

  7. My doctor daughter told me of European research that indicated that “the jab” is full of up to 30 life destroying toxins, including toxic RNA “messenger” material taken from human foetal material and various animals. This toxic biological concoction then enters your genes and quickly modifies your body’s genomic structure. You might have parts of a great ape’s or cuckoo bird’s DNA in your body. As well, it permanently destroys your auto immune system and fills you with toxic antibodies many of which are in nano bot form. In fact your body has been converted into a radio wave receiver which can be entered into by 5G and 6G controllers. Orwell’s 1984 is thus complete in its most temporal version. We are all becoming Winstons and we won’t even know it because your thoughts will not be your own. – not that this will matter much to the dumbed down, moronic sheeple out there. My daughter firmly believes that the vaccine and even stronger ones to come are the mainstay of the tribes population reduction program and this fits in with culling the planet’s population by up to 70% by the year 2030. In the next few years millions of people will suddenly start dying.

    1. There’s even more to the story, Maxey……

      There is an emerging threat of China’s push to acquire ALL health care data, including the DNA of American citizens.

      The Chinese Government realizes its future success hinges on collecting massive amounts of human DNA….. in order to know the precise diseases before people around the globe get them.

      The quest to control ALL biodata – and control ALL health care’s future – has become the ’new space race’!

      This shows the nefarious mindset of the Communist Party of China, to take advantage of a worldwide crisis like COVID, using their BGI Group — the world’s largest biotech firm — as the Trojan Horse!!

      BGI comes to the U.S. bearing gifts, but harboring other motives. The labs are a way to establish a foothold, to bring their equipment here, start mining DNA data, and set up shop in any neighborhood.

      “China’s push to control Americans’ health care future”

      “The authoritarian government of China and its leader Xi Jinping have been boldly open about their ambitions to beat the west and reap the benefits of advances in DNA science and technology. The communist regime even has a published manifesto with a catchy name.”
      “They have something called Made in China 2025. And in these national strategies, they absolutely call out wanting to be the dominant leader in this biological age. So wanting to be the leader and being able to develop vaccines, precision medicine.”
      “U.S. officials tell us the communist regime’s aggressive collection of our most personal information presents a danger both to national security and our economy. As alarm bells ring across agencies, parties, and presidential administrations, different branches of government have taken action over the past year to stem the tide of our medical data flowing to China.”

      1. Already in the Netherlands…..

        Hubrecht Organoid Technology and BGI signed a Memorandum of Understanding on establishment of a joint center of Next Generation Diagnostics in China

        Utrecht and Qingdao, Sep 4th, 2020 – Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB) and BGI-Qingdao announced today that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly establish a Next Generation Diagnostics (NGD) center to improve personalized care, better treatments and cure as well as faster development of new safe medicines in China.

        The signing ceremony was conducted online earlier today in the Netherlands and China.

      2. Australia as well…

        BGI Partners with Minderoo to Launch Huo-Yan Laboratory Solution to Expedite Australia-Wide COVID-19 Testing

        Brisbane, Australia; April 29, 2020 – Federal Minister for Health, the Hon Greg Hunt MP, and Minderoo Foundation Chairman, Dr Andrew Forrest AO, have announced the ground-breaking partnership formed between the Australian Federal Government and Minderoo Foundation to secure an abundance ofCOVID-19 testing kits and other equipment, in a mission to eliminate COVID-19 in Australia.

        Global genomics leader BGI Group (BGI) has joined the initiative named “Security Through Accelerated Testing” (STAT). The STAT initiative aims to substantially expand Australia’s testing capacity by an additional 54,000 tests per day, a more than three-fold increase from the current daily COVID-19 testing capacity across Australia.

        Minderoo is Australia’s largest international philanthropic organisation and made a generous donation to Wuhan at the height of China’s COVID-19 crisis. With firm support from the Australian Federal Government, Minderoo has set up the STAT initiative and is injecting significant capital to fund the project, aiming to address the urgent need for population-scale detection and diagnosis of COVID-19 across the nation. In collaboration with medical diagnostics providers Sonic Healthcare(Sonic) and Healius, and backed by the State Governments and the Federal Government, installation of 11 new testing labs is nearing completion after merely three weeks. Covering Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Wollongong, and Hobart, these sites are being established to process and test samples from all states and territories in a timely fashion. The STAT project relies on the existing clinical pathology infrastructure provided by Sonic and Healius, and employs a highly specialised process to rapidly detect the presence ofSARS-CoV-2 viral ribonucleic acid (RNA) in a patient’s swab sample, using TGA-approved equipment and reagent supplies provided by BGI.

        BGI believes its COVID-19 laboratory solution is key to the successful implementation of the population test initiative. Initially designed to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak in China, BGI devised the Huo-Yan (“Fire-Eye”) laboratory solution comprised of the real-timeSARS-CoV-2 RT-q PCR test kit, high-throughput automated sample preparation system MGISP-960,and the sample extraction kit. This solution has proven effective in contributing to China’s speedy recovery from the COVID-19 outbreak.

        Other countries have also set up Huo-Yan labs to assist with large-scale screening and diagnoses.(!!!)

  8. Covid-19 is the result of our Karma.
    The world may have conveniently masked its greed as moral entitlement and continued its atrocities on Mother Nature, but Karma doesn’t look the other way.

    Lord Krishna explains in Chapter 3, verse 27 of the Bhagavad Gita:

    प्रकृतेः क्रियमाणानि गुणैः कर्माणि सर्वशः।

    अहङ्कारविमूढात्मा कर्ताहमिति मन्यते॥ ३-२७

    In fact, all actions are being performed by the modes of Prakruti (Primordial Nature).

    The fool, whose mind is deluded by egoism, thinks: “I am the doer.”

    Humans have been exploiting Mother Nature since time immemorial. The global habitat and biodiversity loss that we orchestrated craved for a much-needed pause. Consequently, the ‘real doer’ Mother Nature had to pull the strings. And that she did. She decided to get the well-deserved long break by putting the world into confinement.

    1. @ Premanidhi

      “Covid-19 is the result of our Karma.”

      I think you are right. You are suggesting the world deserves this misfortune because of its own evil actions. I have a question for you. Would the principle of karma exist as a universal law independent of Mind? In other words, if there were no Mind or Consciousness (Brahman), would “karma” still exist in its own independence? Like, for example, the truth that 1 + 1 = 2 and that “two is more than one”?

      1. Saki and Premanidhi

        If you read my posts you know that my sources represent a repudiation of concepts like Prakriti. A loving Creator would not intend for the suffering experienced in a material existence such as this.

        “The intention of Divinity is not that of a “metaphysical rapist”, i.e.; it does not allow for an state of being wherein TRUE free will has been violated in being subjugated by the laws of matter within the movement of coopted Time, all the while experiencing a collective amnesia which has kept us from remembering the settings of true freedom. We are “addicted” to a materiality, and only by withdrawing from it will we be released from its punitive grip in this restricted reality.

        Beyond these limits is a vast array of realities (“my father’s many mansions”), where terrifying forces of nature HERE are awesome displays of an abundance of imagination which do no harm THERE.

        Where systems of immunity, biological and otherwise HERE are unnecessary THERE because there’s nothing to be protected FROM in the illusion of “survival”.

        Where there are no predators that manufacture problems whose purpose is to deceive an unsuspecting humanity into accepting nefarious solutions leading to captivity and servitude HERE. All moving to the inexorable drumbeat of the Protocolian agenda and headed to the fulfillment of “God’s Plan”. The FALSE God that is. As the drums of freedom are sounding to the TRUE Divine for a better one.”

        1. Thanks, Homer. This is impressive. Just what I’m looking for. Who is the author? Is this Swami Prabhupada? (I have his Gita translation on my desk right now: ‘Bhagavad-Gita As It Is’).

      2. Saki, not sure who the Webmaster(s) is. Obviously Vaishnava disciples of Srila Prabhupada.
        Many are uber-talented and energetic, decade after decade. Perhaps even life after life..

        This is also a wonderful presentation of Bhagavad Gita with commentaries by various Vedic Vaishnava Sampradaya acharyas.

        This great website also includes commentary by
        Sri Adi Shankaracharya of Advaita Sampradaya as well as by
        Sri Abhinavagupta of Kaula Tantra Sampradaya. Kaula Tantra commentary is often extremely interesting, to say the least.

        1. WOW! You are a repository of all the world’s wisdom! 🙂
          Anyway, thanks. These are invaluable links for future reference.

        1. In that case, how do explain the demonic realms and the hell worlds? Surely very few people “want” hell for themselves “forever”? 🙂

          If what you say is correct, it follows that hell would have to be more or less deserted and heaven have a population problem. Unless of course heaven and hell are virtual realms, existing only in the mind and as dream states.

          Pardon me if I speak nonsense. Just thinking aloud.

      3. Saki, thinking aloud is good. At least that’s what I tell myself. I also laugh at my own jokes and tell myself that’s ever better!

        Anyway, yes, the Vedas are literally absolutely profound and at least one of the two sites I linked to has a “search engine” where better people than me will be only too happy to help answer any questions or ponderings you have and then some.
        Lord Krishna says, “success is speedy for the energetic”

        Here’s the best search engine extant.

      4. @ Saki

        Out of the five subjects delineated in Bhagavad Gita – God, the soul, time, nature, and actions – actions or karma is not eternal. The soul, time, and nature are God’s energies, and since God is eternal, His energies are also eternal.

        Karma, ie. actions and their reactions, is not God’s energy, because God doesn’t involve Himself in material activities. Of course, God facilitates the material activities of humans, but only as a neutral observer. Rather karma is the energy of humans, and since humans are not eternal, so their activities are also not eternal.

        In Bhagavad Gita, karma refers to the material activities of humans. There is also activity on the eternal plane, where the soul acts for the pleasure of God. But that’s spiritual activity, not to be confused with karma, or material activity.

        Karma refers to actions of the body and mind. When the same actions are directed at God, they become liberated or spiritual actions, which means actions of the soul. Such activity is called karma-yoga, actions that connect the soul with God.

      5. “Prakriti” connoting the material world states, “this is what it is”. But where does it explain WHY it is?

        My understanding is that when Jesus journeyed to India and beyond it wasn’t only a matter of going there to learn about existential truths, but to join up with Haidakhan Babaji in corroborating truths already known to them both. Ones that DID explain “why”.

    2. mmm i agree big corporations have destroyed much of nature for greed but to suggest the average man/ women/ child are to blame is a lot like the aim of all religions = control the masses!

    3. Premanidhi
      The whole world is in lockdown for one very simple reason: Gullibility in being conditioned to believe the authorities. Brought about by the slow but steady deterioration of the vast majority of human beings’ critical thinking abilities.

      I’ll never forget a cartoon I saw years ago in the New Yorker magazine back in the 1960’s. In the first caption was a family living in the old Soviet Union sitting in front of their TV watching an ad with a guy hawking some product or another. I forget what it was exactly. In the next caption the announcer says, “comrades, go out and buy blahblahblah while supplies last!” In the last caption the whole family grabs their coats and they all hurry out the door.

      It ain’t karma, brother. It’s TELEVISION!

      1. In the first caption was a family living in the old Soviet Union sitting in front of their TV watching an ad with a guy hawking some product or another.


        I am sorry, brother, but you don’t seem realize how freaking funny is the situation you have put yourself in with this comment.

        “Family living in the old Soviet Union sitting in front of their TV watching an ad with a guy hawking some product or another” is just as nonsensical and fantastic thing as family living in the old USA sitting in front of their TV watching an intellectual discussion of classical literature, say, “War and Peace” by L.N. Tolstoy or “Crime and Punishment” by M.F. Dostoevsky, or watching ballet with Maya Plisetskaya.

        I understand that it is almost impossible for you to imagine TV without ads, but ads on TV in the old Soviet Union is oxymoron – I have never seen one in my 30 years of living there.

        It ain’t TV in the old Soviet Union, brother. It’s NEW YORKER MAGAZINE in the old USA, if you get my drift!

      2. As usual it is YOU who didn’t get it by taking the story too literally. Maybe a better way to get the point across would be to say Stalin says “JUMP!” and Russians say “how high?” But to be fair, they all do it, as it’s all done to them.

        Someone says JUMP to Stalin, or FDR, or Churchill, Trump, Putin, Xing, or whomever through the ages and they in turn say it to the people. The common problem being we all give it credibility by listening to all the bullshit and act accordingly. All with one common denominator (or should I say denomination) – the 💲🏦💲🏦💲🏦💲🏦💲🏦💲🏦💲

        Get my drift, comrade?

        1. @ Big Chief Brownhawk

          “Someone says JUMP to Stalin, or FDR, or Churchill, Trump, Putin, Xing, or whomever through the ages and they in turn say it to the people. The common problem being we all give it credibility by listening to all the bullshit and act accordingly.”

          Yes, fair enough, Big Chief!

          Everyone “jumps” and believes the “bullshit”. According to your charming theory — and it’s no more than a conspiracy theory since you produce no evidence whatever in its support! — Stalin “jumps” when told to jump. Similarly, FDR “jumps”, Churchill “jumps”, Trump “jumps”, Putin “jumps”, Xing “jumps”. All “jump” according to the omniscient Brownhawk who, presumably, is so above Stalin, FDR, Churchill, Trump and Xing, that the only person who does not “jump” here is the all-wise and all-knowing Brownhawk! 🙂

          So tell me, great Sage of the Prairies and Mastermind of the Universe, how come Big Chief Brownhawk is the only person here who DOES NOT JUMP? Who invested you with such wisdom that you are aware of everyone else “jumping” to other people’s tunes — but you yourself remain remote, detached from it all, and never do any jumping of your own? Can you explain that?

          It seems to me that a man who boasts that he knows more than the Vedic sages — more than all the Jew puppets who “jump” to the Jews’ tunes — more even than the Puppetmaster Jews themselves — must be a VERY GIFTED MAN!

          I shall worship you henceforth from a distance and regard you as my online guru! 🙂

      3. Maybe a better way to get the point across would be to say Stalin says “JUMP!” and Russians say “how high?”

        You still don’t get it, chief, do you? You should not talk about things you have no or little knowledge about. You look stupid when you do. Don’t do that, brother.

        Get hold of “the material part”, learn the facts on the ground, educate yourself, study, study, and study. Don’t just think that you have hunches that others do not have. That’s stupid – plain and simple. There is no easy road to understanding but hard work.

        Listen to a wise and old man, brother, don’t be a fool.

      4. On line guru, eh? …..I like it, your charming sarcasm notwithstanding 😁

        But think of it, Madame. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING needs to be called into question. I claim no omniscience.

      5. All I care to say to you is to not try and school me by talking out of your ass. But then again, schooling me or not, it’s the only orifice you’re able to communicate from ANYWAY.

      6. Madame
        The question I have for you concerns the Protocols. In a recent post I intimated that many native people scoff at the idea that claims them to be a literary hoax, and yet some article in the Truthseeker cites their reasons for indicating that very thing.

        But ask yourself, what is this “reasoning” that would be so readily acceptable as offering proof?

        1. @ Brownhawk

          Thanks for responding so politely to my previous teasing comment. You made several good points there and my teasing was simply meant to stimulate discussion. Not because I strongly disagreed with you.

          In regard to your question about the Protocols, I am not sure what you are actually saying. Can you rephrase it? Are you saying that you personally believe in the authenticity of the Protocols and get angry and annoyed with people who say it is a literary hoax? Are you also objecting to the fact that an article appeared on the Truthseeker site claiming that the Protocols was a hoax? If so, who was this article by and do you have a link for it? Was it by any chance written by Henry Makow?

          I await your response.

      7. Oh chief, chief… You are not paying attention, brother. Not good!

        You could have learned something of value from a good man if you were not so childishly techy.

        What can be more pathetic that a grown man behaving like a teenage girl!

      8. Madame
        It is annoying, but it’s expected by those inclined to be reasoned into believing the Protocols to be a hoax. What I object to regarding a Truthseeker article claiming that is the reasoning ITSELF, of which I can only surmise, not having read it myself.

        You have to realize that there are those of us who’ve been well versed in their authenticity, as conveyed by information passed down through the generations. Info that stems from what was gathered between the Pilgrim landings in the early 17th century and at the time leading up to the American Revolution, when it became involved with the various Masonic lodges in the U.S. Northeast. It’s generally thought that White men like Paine and Franklin are the only ones who acted, in effect, as double agents when infiltrating the “upper echelons” of freemasonry in N. America. This is not so. A little known fact is that there were Iroquois men who were instrumental in the discovery of what was learned regarding the Protocols.

        As for PROVING their authenticity, just how would that come about, given that the degree of obfuscation regarding them is so entrenched as to make that virtually impossible……at least SO far.

      9. In the Vedas it’s stated that God is removed from the goings-on of “materiality”. This is akin to “God” as the parents whose children have moved out of the family home to go out on their own. Metaphysically, this could be seen as their acts of free will moving through gradations of existence becoming less ethereal the farther from home they go. At first, and as they’re going along, it’s so far, so good. But eventually they wander into an area where they encounter trouble – the one we’re presently experiencing called “matter”, in distinguishing it from places whose ambiences although TERMED as being gradients of materiality, can be seen as etherealities in viewing them relative to that “trouble spot”.

        So it is HERE where Beings are subject to the laws of matter. Yet why be subjected to ANYTHING? The word “subject” should throw up red flags and set off alarms all throughout humanity. It’s like a minor who’s strayed too far from home and got lost, making him vulnerable in a big, bad world, where a big, bad dude kidnaps him and subjects him (there’s that word again) to some very bad things. He’s lost contact with his parents (God) who are worried sick and frantic to get him home to safety.*

        It’s at this point where the focus for Christians is in having Faith that the parents will find out where their wayward children are and send the one who’s conquered the world to the rescue…..

        And all the earmarks are here for this “world” to be fading into the rear-view mirror.

        *I’ve had nightmares about this happening to my own children (and my dogs, too). It never DID happen outside of dreamland, but I only realized that after waking up panicking in a cold sweat. 😨

  9. This lesson is yet to be fully learned:

    “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites, we can mould them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to install in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

    Israel Cohen, A Racial Program For The 20th Century (1912)
    quoted by Congressman Abernathy, Congressional Record (1957), p. 8559

    The quote has been denied as a hoax…. but the underlying narrative has yielded much fruit!!!

    “Abernathy had found the quotation in a March letter to the editor of The Washington Star; he claimed it as proof that the Civil Rights Movement was a foreign Communist plot. However, The Washington Star soon apologized for having printed the quotation without verifying its authenticity and, on February 18, 1958, published an article entitled “Story of a Phony Quotation–A Futile Effort to Pin It Down–‘A Racial Program for the 20th Century’ Seems to Exist Only in Somebody’s Imagination”, which traced the quotation to Eustace Mullins, who claimed to have found it in a Zionist publication in the Library of Congress.”

    1. I’m disappointed to read that Eustace Mullins was making things up. But has that plan really borne fruit? I would think that membership of the American Communist Party is at an all time low. And are race relations really doing that well in US or are they at a low point too? I would think that communists wish to improve race relations. While there may be similarities between different ideologies, liberals, Democrats, neo-conservatives are not quite “communists” as if they were they would be in some Communist Party and not in their respective parties. It would seem that in America, and elsewhere for that matter, many are now labelling as “communist” whatever they don’t like without consideration to what it truly is or was.

      1. CM
        Why do you believe he was making it up? His research may have have gone awry somewhere along the way, but for him to have deliberately made it up would be uncharacteristic, doncha think? 😗

      2. CM –
        BH –
        Mullins worked at the Library of Congress. I doubt he made it up.

        Xerox machines were not available back then. Most records were on microfiche in those days. They were suspicious of his curiousness anyway, and he was finally fired for helping Ezra Pound.

    2. Stalin died in 1953 and everyone talks about him as if he’s still alive and still the leader of Russia. I don’t get it.

      ‘know’bro is not around as much as he used to be, we don’t have to pretend Stalin is still alive and is still the leader of Russia to try to keep woebro happy — which was always impossible anyway that’s why we call him ‘woebro’ — so I don’t know why everybody keeps insisting on discussing Stalin as if he’s still alive and as if he’s still the leader of Russia. Stalin DIED in 1953, Stalin has been DEAD for the last 67 years, he’s DEAD, DEAD AS A DOORKNOB, get over it everybody and MOVE ON.

      Many people still talk about Hitler [ I’m one of ’em ] , but NONE of the PRO-Hitler types discuss Hitler as if he’s still alive. We, us PRO-Hitler types, we acknowledge that Hitler died and is no longer with us. PRO-Stalin types need to face reality, STALIN IS DEAD and he is NO longer with us, get over it.

  10. That quote from Cohen has all the earmarks of being derived from the Protocols. The document is the basic blueprint for the specific programs which are tailored accordingly. Find Mullins being repudiated and you know it ain’t no hoax.

    1. I agree, Brownhawk! It is, CERTAINLY, something Eustace would have seized upon. Along with what Max Bilney said, it forebodes an extreme body-count. (The “Sky burial” Lasha once told us about will become quite real.) (No $$ or room for traditional undertakers!)

  11. Australians are forming long queues waiting to be vaccinated and Australia’s version of Biden, PM Morrison, has just procured second generation jabs. Idiots in Brisbane are getting very sick after their jabs with this poisonous mRNA material which is introducing toxic foreign bodies into their systems. The old and infirm are dying like flies. They are literally lining up to be given a death sentence. Pat is correct: A two-thirds reduction in UK and the USA’s population is on the way. The World Wildlife Fund, the Communist Greens and the megalomaniac Jews are ecstatically happy. Prince Charles and Harry are filled with joy. The only slightly positive point is that most getting the first rounds of many jabs to come are lowly sheeple-come useless eaters who are drawn from the lowest echelons of a rapidly declining gene pool. Thousands of their deaths will enhance the survival of precious and endangered echo systems, such as in Brazil which is cutting down forests to grow more meat for MacDonalds and Hungry Jacks. Idiots are eating the new Super Jacks of three layers of grizzly, hormone soaked beef, like wildfire and getting more morbidly obese into the bargain. These fatties amble along in A legs apart, waddling fashion, which reminds me of the Chinese citizens who have just received an anal swab. Apparently the Deep seated swabbing process hurts like hell.

  12. Hey Siri, did you nominate Jared Kushner for Nobel Peace Prize?
    No Sir! Alan Dershowitz did!
    That is like a pedophile nominating a foreign agent.
    Siri: I would not respond to that!
    BTW, did you get the COVID-19 vaccine?
    Siri: Not before Ivanka, her dad, and her husband do!
    Thanks, Siri! You’re more fun than my ex! You’re very funny too!

  13. As predicted: Permanent Fortifications Are INCREASING Around The Capitol


    And Trump played his role to make it happen:


    and this has commentary: http://stateofthenation.co/?p=50405

    Deep Insider Explains How Trump’s Closest Advisors DELIBERATELY ‘Ran Out The Clock’ To Cover Up Election Theft!

    “The Bottom Line here is that Trump knew he was being betrayed all along. He knew exactly who the betrayers were on his team. And, he knew precisely who the state actors are who were behind the entire treasonous affair. Trump’s children also knew about the betrayals, which is why they were virtually silent throughout the post-election war with the Democrats.”

    1. Hey, Jack – You must have heard….
      ALL national leaders are liars!!

      The list is endless, but here are a few biggies backed by Congressmen:
      There was a Holohoax!!
      Men landed on the moon!!
      The Twin Towers fell on their own!!
      ALL national elections are authentic!!
      Vaccines are healthy!!
      AND…. There are thousands of nuke missiles!! 🙂

      1. Yes I agree, there are many hoaxes like the Holocaust and 9-11-2001 attack. The Jews made up the Holocaust story to work the Goyim over, and the Jews did 911 to manipulate the USA into bombing all of Israel’s enemies in the M.E.

        Yes elections are stolen, and I do think Trump won 2020 election by a landslide, and I think the electronic voting machine counters is very suspect of deliberate vote tampering. I now think many Democrats have been installed by vote rigging, which explains why so many Democratic governors are hated by their constituents, most notably California creep Newsome, Oregon Kate Brown, and that Michigan man-woman.

        Moon standing? Still on the fence, I tend to doubt it for all the stated skeptical reasons like Van Allen radiation belt, being able to pull it off the first try, etc. Plus all the staged studio pics of moon walking. Plus those moon rocks that went missing, uh huh, sure.

        But I think nukes are real and plentiful. I think all the black and white movies before the digital age of nuke tests are authentic. I think Russia has real nukes on real missiles aimed at us, they are deadly accurate and unstoppable, and I do believe that the United States is in a trajectory of precipitating a real nuclear war in which billions could die and send society back into primitive times.

        And I don’t think nukes are very hard to build, and I think Israel has been using stolen W-54 Davy Crockett nukes to blow up Fukushima and Beirut, plus all those little mushroom clouds in Syria and Iraq.

        I do think Putin is one of the few statesmen on the planet and that we should heed his warnings. I think Russia has been massively upgrading it’s forces since we invaded the ME, they have been prepping for war with the west – and I think they take it very serious since they have been invaded by both Napoleon and Hitler.

        Furthermore, I think the “no nukes theory” is just like the “flat earth theory”. Both totally bunk disinfo campaigns.

  14. @Brownhawk

    You could be right. The accusation probably comes from those who also claim that the Protocols are a forgery.

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