Here Comes Dystopia: The Looming Doom of the Great Reset Conspiracy

Doom porn? No. This is now a question of Fight or Die.

By Eric van de Beek — Sputnik News

An edited abridgement by Lasha Darkmoon
with additional commentary, pictures and captions.
February 12, 2021


“To create a dystopian world like the one embodied in the Great Reset Conspiracy Theory, no conspiracy is needed.” — Eric van de Beek

Due to the lockdowns, many people around the world are losing their jobs, businesses are going bankrupt and governments are indebting themselves to the hilt. Those who believe that the negative impact of the coronavirus measures are more damaging than the lives being saved have started asking themselves: Is there a hidden agenda behind it all?

Last week marked the 50th annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. For the first time, the forum was held in a virtual setting, with no heads of state, captains of industry and others physically attending. The theme of this year’s sessions: The Great Reset.

The Great Reset has become a buzzword in circles of conspiracy thinkers.

Some think that it refers to global financial elites and world leaders that planned the pandemic, deliberately letting loose a coronavirus to cause conditions that will allow a restructuring of the economy, the financial system, politics and society. They refer to the pandemic as a ‘plandemic’.

Others refrain from any opinion about the cause of the pandemic and merely think the elites are just taking advantage of the virus.

Many believe the main goal of the Great Reset is to take global control by instituting a totalitarian regime, and by extension, a so-called new world order.

Such a regime would abolish personal ownership and property rights, send the military into cities, impose mandatory vaccination, and create isolation camps for people who resist.

Or be thrown into “isolation camps for people who resist.”

[LD]  This is already being done in Germany where “detention camps“—concentration camps in all but name—are being set up for Covid “criminals”.

First-hand reports also come from Canada about forced quarantine in Canada’s coronavirus internment camps.  *

In Britain, the situation rapidly spins out of control.  Here totalitarianism begins to rear its ugly head ominously, with controversial plans being set in motion to fine Covid “cheats” £10,000 ($13,800) and sentence them to TEN YEARS in prison.

“The purpose behind the Government’s invoking of imprisonment,” columnist  Stephen Glover notes in the Daily Mail,  “is to instil fear. Rule by fear is often effective.”  (See “A decade in prison for lying where you travelled? It’s laughable. Some have served less for murder.”)  The former head of the British government’s legal department, Sir Jonathan Jones, tweeted scornfully: “If anyone is ever sentenced to ten years for lying on a form, I’ll eat my mask.” [LD]

*  A respected reader informs us in a comment that the reference made to Canada is unfair and gives false information. There are no such mega-camps in Canada, she points out, adding: “This is a slimy, dishonest move. The man in Canada was placed into a decent HOTEL.” (See comment made by Wyandotte below).

Conspiracy thinking has become a derogatory term. And, in fact, there are many examples of conspiracy theories that are ludicrous. But at the same time, conspiracy theories have often turned out to be conspiracy facts.

And so what to make of The Big Reset Conspiracy Theory?

A hidden agenda

It is understandable that people have started asking themselves why governments have taken such draconian measures to stop the pandemic. The virus may be deadlier than the flu, but it’s not a killer virus like ebola or the Spanish Flu. To many, the cure seems worse than the disease.

Due to coronavirus lockdown measures, many are suffering from severe physical and psychological stress. They have lost jobs or have gone bankrupt. Their governments are indebting themselves to the hilt. The World Food Programme (WFP) executive director, David Beasley, has warned that the world faces “multiple famines of biblical proportions” that could result in 300,000 deaths per day — a “hunger pandemic”. Financial experts have warned we are bringing ourselves to the brink of a financial crisis, one that could be worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s.

To an increasing number of people it seems that the lives that are being destroyed by the coronavirus lockdown measures outweigh the work of saving lives, by far.

Many therefore have started to think there’s a hidden agenda behind it all.

This agenda, to conspiracy theorists, is called The Great Reset, and in their view, it is being masterminded by the global elites via the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Klaus Schwab, 82, who founded the forum 50 years ago and is still leading it, is sometimes depicted on social and alternative media as the character Blofeld from the James Bond films: a bald-headed villain, holding a white cat, who directs the international criminal organisation SPECTRE and aspires world dominance.

KLAUS  SCHWAB, German engineer and economist,
the alleged mastermind behind the Great Reset,
often compared to a James Bond villain.

Schwab co-authored a book published in July 2020 entitled ‘Covid-19: The Great Reset’. I’ve read this book and—to be honest — I didn’t find anything in the book  that substantiates the Great Reset Conspiracy Theory. There’s nothing new or particularly controversial here.

As editor Andrew Stuttaford of the National Review puts it: “COVID-19 is just the latest excuse for Schwab to renew his longstanding campaign to replace free market capitalism with stakeholder capitalism.”

Moreover, many of the ideals expressed by Schwab in his book, coauthored with his wife, are inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN) that were set in 2015 and are intended to be achieved in the year 2030.

The catch phrase “building back better” that was used in Joe Biden’s election campaign and in speeches of Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau and other world leaders does not stem from the WEF’s Great Reset initiative as is often claimed by conspiracy thinkers. It’s been part of the of the UN’s vocabulary for at least 15 years.

And so: Move along, nothing to see here? No conspiracy going on at the WEF in Davos?

LD: Not so. It’s not as simple as that. The world has changed irreparably in the last year.  And all the ideas implicit in the Great Reset have now come to the fore. There’s no going back to “the good old days”. It’s now a one-way street to a world dystopia.  Unless, of course, remedial action is taken without delay. [LD]     

Danger of totalitarianism looming

There isn’t a shred of evidence the coronavirus was brought into the world on purpose. But at the same time it’s a known fact that, with every crisis, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

“The 1,000 richest people on the planet recouped their COVID-19 losses within just nine months,” NGO Oxfam reported last week on the opening day of the WEF. “But it could take more than a decade for the world’s poorest to recover from the economic impacts of the pandemic.”

Did wealthy actors take advantage of the coronavirus by pushing governments into taking draconian measures that would cause a worldwide economic crisis? As far as I know, there’s no supporting evidence for this theory at all.

However, concerns about the development towards authoritarianism or totalitarianism need to be taken very seriously. Western governments have taken a set of freedom-restricting measures that are unprecedented in peacetime. As the Austrian-British economist Friedrich Hayek put it: “Emergencies have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded.”

Governments are always eager to take more control over society—and once they’ve taken it, they will never easily let go of it.

Will governments send the military into the streets to crack down on demonstrations? Will they impose mandatory vaccination and create isolation camps for people who resist?

In some European countries, including the UK and The Netherlands, politicians have already suggested sending in the military to assist the police. In Germany, four federal states declared having plans to detain repeated quarantine breakers in facilities that historically have been either detention or refugee centres.

[LD: See my comment above, beginning with the words, “This is already being done in Germany…”]

To force people into taking a vaccination, governments do not have to make them mandatory. They can simply exclude people that aren’t vaccinated from activities like travel. Such measures are already being prepared. The more people that have been vaccinated, the harder it will become for vaccination refusers to resist.

“To create a dystopian world like the one embodied
in the Reset Conspiracy Theory,
no conspiracy is needed.”

The erosion of freedom in the West started with the lockdown of the Hubei province in China, “leaked” videos from Wuhan of apocalyptic scenes likened to Zombieland and The Walking Dead – and with The World Health Organisation (WHO), imploring the world to “copy China’s response“.

With one country after another following in China’s footsteps, pressure increased on governments that initially responded in a more relaxed or thoughtful manner. No malevolent intentions were needed to get us to where we are now.

All it took was a global mass hysteria and  peer pressured governments that overreacted or simply took the wrong measures.

All it took was global mass hysteria
to bring us to point where we are now.

Last but not least, fear struck, paralysing citizens who—without putting up any serious resistance to this erosion of their liberties—allowed themselves to be led like sheep to the slaughterhouse. 

One step at a time.

How many more steps before we reach rockbottom?

Original  source

LD: One final comment from me. By sheer chance I happen to be reading at the present time an acclaimed biography of Adolf Hitler. I came across this fascinating quotation on page 568 of this monumental tome running to 868 pages. It is Hitler addressing the three supreme military leaders of his armed forces, all anxious to avoid unnecessary bloodshed and advising restraint. This secret meeting occurred in the German Chancellery in November 1939, just as World War II in its early stages was gathering momentum. “In struggle I see the fate of all beings,” Hitler declared. “Nobody can avoid fighting if he does not want to go under.” America’s disillusioned political dissidents—I refer in particular to the patriotic militias—need to bear these compelling words in mind. Unless they fight for their country in its hour of looming doom, unless they make a stand before it is too late, they will go under. The choice is theirs: either to fight or perish. [LD]     

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  1. We are indeed, in the “Evil Times” indeed, and it’s almost like the International Bankers Deep State is itching to reveal itself. So, its important to understand the chorology of events to unfold in the near future according to The Protocols and the Freemasons Blue Print as narrated by Albert Pike, o Mazin;

    “We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.“ (See See Also; The Broken Cross The Hidden Hand in the Vatican by Piers Compton))

    I may be wrong, but if I were younger, I would not get married. The Evil Times are with us………….God help us all. Say a prayer.

  2. the only way to stop these demons is to take them out. if the people do not do this they deserve to suffer immensely

      1. The International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) was established as the legal and judicial arm of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and state (ITCCS), with the help of legal experts, judges and survivors of church terror and imperial genocide in more than a dozen countries. ( is a defunct site.)

        The first case in the docket of the ICLCJ commenced on November 6, 2012 and addressed the deliberate genocide of indigenous children in Canada by the Vatican, the Crown of England and other parties.

        In its final verdict of February 25, 2013, the Court and its fifty eight sworn citizen jurors successfully indicted and prosecuted thirty defendants for perpetrating or concealing this genocide. These defendants included then-Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, former Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Elizabeth Windsor “Queen of England”, and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

        ALRIGHTY, THEN!! Kevin Annett, or whoever enforces these decisions….. failed to do so. Or it is a comedy routine led by Kevin. 🙂

    1. SPQR 70 A.D.: that was an awesome year. Too bad it did not end the plague. For 2000 years that plague has been trying to destroy humanity.

  3. The link to the truthseeker article is about a man being interned in Canada after stepping off the plane from US. At the top of the article is a prominent photo of a true internment camp, one being built in China. This is a slimy, dishonest move. The man in Canada was placed into a decent HOTEL. I am not saying this is legal, right or moral. Of course it is not. But by attaching that large, scary photo to the article we are led to believe that this mega-camp exists in Canada right now, and that’s where this man was sent.

    This type of maneuver is what our enemies do. It is not journalism.

    1. @ Wyandotte

      Well not so fast, there are rumors about a Covid internment camp. Randy Hillier is a Member of Parliament for Kingston, Ontario who was gagged and silenced when he rose in the Ontario Legislature last year to ask about the Federal Government requesting proposals to build such camps. It was an obviously awkward moment when his microphone was ordered cut off and the Speaker of the House ordered him to basically shut up about that.

      The video is on the internet I saw it a long time ago, you can hear someone say to shut his mic off. He has given interviews also regarding this situation.

      1. Thanks for replying. I’m familiar with the incident you describe. My problem was with the entire article + photo + headline implying that that one particular man was forced into that camp site. Which he was not. No more, no less.

      2. I am familiar with the events you describe. and thanks for bringing this up. But it has nothing to do with the article which leads us to believe that the giant compound in the photo is where the Canadian was forcibly holed up. It is in China.

    2. Well you have no idea ,about the internment camps built in Canada!!! In the seventies Justin Castro’s pseudo papa constructed many camps under the guise of medium security prisons probably at the behest of Canada’s Benedict Arnold…Maurice Strong. They were hastily constructed due the the contrived FLQ crises ,probably as a noise for the canadian gobernment selling candu reactors to India,Pakistan,and China,because they were so safe and they couldn t be used to make nuclear weapons.. Again more caca des toro. An astute researcher can find them scattered across the country. One is at Bowden Alberta . 32 in all if i remember correctly! Google it. Looks like a stalag. And we have a history of interring Ukranians ,Germans and Japanese ,during both the dust ups. Just ask david suzuki! Small letters for a big commie.they were constructed for trouble makers. Like anti vaxers and ney sayers like me.
      As for the article part. More fear doom porn. Not much is settled with a gun. Although willy gates and his dwarf side kick fraudci could use a retro abortion.
      I wonder how many arm chair posers like pasha can even cock a gun let alone shoot some one. Amazing that the proud boys figured that their leader was FBI. Gotta wonder how deep the FBI and security services are buried in the various groups wanting a government buy, of and for the people. Considering eminent domain position of anything the mericans do or are stationed, Germany,Korea,Japan Iraq,Afghanistan,and nearly everywhere else…they consider the earth theirs alone. I kinda like put_on because he is a leader, moreso than the stumbling ,clinically insane leaders of the western world. Wouldn’t follow put_on into the wood shed though.
      Money and guns, the age old credo might makes right!! USA USA!!! monkeys flinging feces again. (See sister Monica , I can lose the potty mouth).jungle laws by any other name. Truly evolutionary or revolutionary…nah maybe not, just monkeys.

  4. Thank you, Lasha! This IS a great controversial subject.

    “Doom porn? No. This is now a question of Fight or Die.”

    Who would YOU fight??? At whom would YOU throw the first stone??? What is YOUR “remedial action” to be taken???

    I did not see any answers…. because this article IS communist propaganda.

    This was an article in a COMMUNIST rag. “Sputnik News” is the public outlet for Puny Punk Criminal Communist ‘Put-On’ the pathetic dictatorial thug of Russia. He likes LIES!!

    Poe would be envious of these GUESSES by Eric van de Beek: 🙂

    “The Great Reset has become a buzzword in circles of conspiracy thinkers. Some think that it refers to global financial elites and world leaders that planned the pandemic, deliberately letting loose a coronavirus to cause conditions that will allow a restructuring of the economy, the financial system, politics and society. They refer to the pandemic as a ‘plandemic’. Others refrain from any opinion about the cause of the pandemic and merely think the elites are just taking advantage of the virus. Many believe the main goal of the Great Reset is to take global control by instituting a totalitarian regime, and by extension, a so-called new world order. Such a regime would abolish personal ownership and property rights, send the military into cities, impose mandatory vaccination, and create isolation camps for people who resist.”

    1. You make some good points, Pat. But honestly, the views put forward by the Russian author above are all over the internet — including on the Unz Review, Information Clearing House, and Truthseeker. They cannot be censored or ignored because you personally disapprove of them.

      Let’s face it, if you had your way, no mention of nuclear weapons would be allowed — because you believe they don’t exist! 🙂

      Diversity of viewpoints must be encouraged, Pat. A strict ideological uniformity is to be deplored and was in fact a major characteristic of the Soviet Union. Remember that and please try to be more tolerant! 🙂

      1. Sard –

        “Let’s face it, if you had your way, no mention of nuclear weapons would be allowed — because you believe they don’t exist! 🙂 ”

        –You should face that what you wrote is not true at all. I would not do that!!!

        “Diversity of viewpoints must be encouraged, Pat. A strict ideological uniformity is to be deplored and was in fact a major characteristic of the Soviet Union. Remember that and please try to be more tolerant! 🙂 ”

        –I am for that very diversity you mentioned. All views are welcomed by me. I AM VERY tolerant. Then I present my views. No hay problemo!! 🙂 🙂

    2. “Want Tyranny? Be Obedient – Want Freedom? Be Disobedient” from ALLAN STEVO :

      ONLY SLAVES, like, but not limited to, MASK-WEARERS, are OBEDIENT: You must decide which is more important, your FREEDOM to LIVE your life, as you please or FEAR of a VIRUS, not-with-standing, there is no proof of its existence . I made my decision, ALWAYS for FREEDOM, from the age of 13

      First it comes in Gentle Raindrops, then in Pouring Rain, finally by RUSHING SWOLLEN RIVERS : Canadian CHRISTOPHER JAMES, (the “WARRIOR CALLS”) Followed by Britisher DAVID ICKE:

      COMMON LAW is FOR the COMMON PEOPLE, OF the COMMON PEOPLE and originally “Passed Down” from BRITAIN, to the DOMINION of “Canada” and the REPUBLIC of “the united STATES” and ALL other COMMON LAW Countries:


      WHEN you appear, unwillingly, and “NOT by Consent”, in a COURT, by FORCE of ARMED ARREST, STATE “I DO NOT CONSENT” and then DEMAND COMMON LAW JURISDICTION and a Jury of your PEERS. SAY or answer to NOTHING ELSE, and DO NOT SWAY from those PRINCIPLES or you may be DEEMED as CONSENTING to a FALSE or NO-JUSTICE Non-Human System, WITHOUT your FULLY INFORMED CONSENT, called “CORPORATE, MARTIAL or MARITIME LAW” (Statutory). YOU, the COMMON MAN, are the OWNER of that Court, NOT the “Judge” or BAR Lawyers, contrary to your FALSE, mostly implied indoctrination.

      THIS has been FORGOTTEN or IGNORED by all Governments: Not-with-standing, the TRICKERY used to obtain ”CONSENT”,such as, but not limited to, “Birth Cerificates”, “ALL MEN DECIDE whether they want to participate in the institutions of men or not. The United States Supreme Court confirmed this when they said: “…every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. he is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowman without his consent.” (Cruden v. Neale, 2 N.C. 338 May term, 1796) THAT all applies to ALL people as well, under COMMON LAW. Further: “Our U.S. Constitution only authorizes “common law courts,” also known as “courts of record.” .

      America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”—Abraham Lincoln

      THAT Corruption called SLAVERY, is being CREATED now, in MOST other Countries on this Planet, disguised as a DISEASE AND in BOTH Canada (Inc.), (which Government, NEVER talks about COMMON LAW and even HIDES or causes to be hidden, the information from Canadians) and the UNITED STATES (Inc.) which at least still allows that TRUTH information to be available to Americans. Governments, under the EXCUSE of a PANDEMIC, are ONLY ORDERING OBEDIENCE. They have NO RIGHT to make LAWS which violate your COMMON LAW RIGHTS. YOU the People who are WILLINGLY AGREEING to those UNLAWFUL ORDERS and WORSE, are DEMANDING that other people OBEY those unlawful orders, simply because YOU believe you need to obey.
      THOSE are FIGHTING WORDS, for ME and millions of others.

      We haven’t even BEGUN to fight YOU and Government. Keep poking this LION and you will find out, the HARD WAY, what a REAL FIGHT is like.
      MY IRISH Family taught the BRITISH a good lesson, after being “Poked” for over 600 years and we have yet, more to teach in the North of OUR Island. You know we have the PATIENCE for the RIGHT MOMENT!

      Take note House of Jacob ROTHSCHILD, House of Windsor, The Vatican et al.

      N.B. ALL COMMON LAW Countries, including those in AFRICA, such as, but not limited to, UGANDA, are also SUBJECT to COMMON LAW JURISDICTION and THUS MUST honour the SAME RIGHTS of all “Humans”.

      1. FS –

        “WHEN you appear…” in person or in writing, voluntarily, you have already given consent to THAT court.
        “WHEN you appear…” in person or in writing, voluntarily, you have already given jurisdiction to THAT court.
        “WHEN you appear…” in person or in writing, voluntarily, you have already lost in THAT court.

        I knew Andrew Melechinsky of Connecticut in the 70s. He would scream – “NO JURISDICTION” – from across the street….. and marshals would drag him, kicking and screaming, into the courtroom.

        Andrew would claim the court had NO jurisdiction.
        The judge would say, “YOU’RE HERE, so I DO!!”

        Jan 17, 1992 – Enfield, Conn

        Tax rebel Andrew Melechinsky has been arrested more than 50 times, claims he is president of the United States and admits he has not paid federal income taxes since 1976.

        Wednesday a new skirmish in his long battle with the government broke out when U.S. marshals forcibly evicted Melechinsky from his Fairfield Road house for failing to pay nearly $700,000 in back taxes and interest. The taxes have accumulated for 20 years, and more than half of the bill covers interest charges, officials said.

        Melechinsky, 68, remained defiant by refusing to walk out of his home. Armed federal marshals then placed him in a wheelchair and rolled him out of the three-bedroom ranch.

  5. Lasha says “Either fight or perish!” How true. If some truly “fight”, it means PHYSICAL violence, not feisty rhetoric. TPTB are counting on you being “law abiding citizens”. Disappoint them! Learn how to kill and WHOM to kill whenever your mind perceives the communist threat. Plan on it. Practice your moves. Keep them in your mind, and resolve to die fighting. The harder we make it on them and ourselves, the quicker the nightmare will end.

    1. Yes, resistance to the NWO’s ” dystopia of the looming doom of the great reset” will originate from The Villages, Florida, the Boomer redoubt from where the Boomers will launch their attack on the NWO and will defeat the NWO. 😀

    2. The outlaw John Wesley Hardin put it this way:

      “True, it is almost as bad to kill as to be killed. It drove my father to an early grave; it almost distracted my mother; it killed my brother Joe and my cousins Tom and William; it left my brother’s widow with two helpless babes; Mrs. Anderson lost her son Ham, and Mrs. Susan Barrickman lost her husband, to say nothing of the grief of countless others. I do say, however, that the man who does not exercise the first law of nature—that of self preservation—is not worthy of living and breathing the breath of life.”

      1. Another proviso being that to “fight”, you need a “leader” — not a cowardly, useless, brainless, mindless, thoughtless, lying, double-crossing non-entity like Trump — a monument to consistent, deliberate, pre-programmed, self-inflicted failure. I say: he’s taken us for a ride long enough.

  6. In the meantime, deepening of insanity in the land of the flea and the home of the knave is taking place at neck-breaking speed.

    ‘Absurd’: DeSantis Pushes Back on Possible Florida Travel Restrictions by Biden Administration

    On a second thought, isolating and locking up in mental institutions some Floridians infected with insanity virus like TROJ and Pat does not seem that ‘absurd’ after all 🙂

    1. @ Circassian

      Comparing Pat with TROJ is ridiculous. Pat is a well-respected commenter who never makes a silly off-topic comment and knows exactly what needs to be said, without wasting words. TROJ is the opposite. 99.9% of his comments are silly, off-topic, and endlessly repetitious. However, TROJ is playing a part here: that of a Licensed Clown, and he is welcomed here because of his entertainment value.

      The only thing TROJ and PAT have in common is that both live in Florida. So I believe. Though I could be wrong.

      I have sometimes suspected that TROJ actually lives in Tel Aviv! 🙂

      1. Sard –

        Thanks for the help.

        The ‘jew-nuke’ circassian is grasping for handrails…. being stricken with fear of the loss of attempted world control by Russia…. which has been rendered helpless withe fake nukes…. right before his very eyes. Puny Punk Criminal Communist ‘Put-On’ is going down very soon. Russians hate him!!

        “The problem is Putin”: protesters throng Russia’s streets to support jailed Navalny”

        “For more than a decade, the Kremlin has used every tool at its disposal to keep Russians off the streets, wielding fear and boredom to make protesting against Vladimir Putin seem pointless. And yet in defiant scenes on Saturday in cities across Russia, from St Petersburg to Vladivostok and even in Yakutsk, where protesters braved temperatures below -50C, tens of thousands of Russians sent a message to a Kremlin that has squeezed out all opposition in Russia: enough is enough.”

      2. However, TROJ is playing a part here: that of a Licensed Clown, and he is welcomed here because of his entertainment value.


        Don’t sell Pat short – he has much greater value than TROJ could ever have… at least to me: As far as I am concerned he is a useful fool to be used in full, and he seems to be quite happy with that. So I am fully grateful to him. 🙂

      3. The two retired old Boomers Pat and Gilbert live in The Villages in Florida where everybody deludes themselves they’re still “young and vibrant and with-it and groovy and the cat’s pajamas” and of course, lol “sexy”, don’t forget “sexy”, “very sexy” actually like they’re still 21, that’s how the retired old Boomers are in The Villages of Florida, totally delusional, LMFAO!!!!

      4. TROJ –

        I have never “retired” – just slowed down. AND, FYI, neither Pat, nor I, reside in Florida.

      1. Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) violated their oaths to be impartial jurors by visiting the Trump defense team’s room while on break during the impeachment trial.

        Cruz and Graham pledged undying loyalty to Trump weeks after his failed coup.
        Cruz and Graham lined up to kiss Trump’s a$$ despite the deadly insurrection.
        They are an embarrassment to America and to their own states.

      2. TROJ

        You should know by now that the Darkmoon website has only one clown and it is not Circassian. In addition to being a clown, You’re also a poor speller.

  7. The WEF, UN Agenda 2030, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Fed, The IMF, The World Bank, The BIS, etc., are all behind the so called great reset which is in fact communism and the only way it will be defeated is one American at a time realizing that we are up against the wall and that it is resist or be purged, there is no other choice.

  8. bidenKAMALA are going to Save the good ole USA from the dystopia of the NWO’s reset. I know that’s true because the Jewess governor of Michigan and the American blacks and the foreigner immigrant black Muslims of Dearborn, Michigan have told us so — while they were STEALING The Election thru MASSIVE VOTE FRAUD for the benefit of JEW NWO COMMUNISTS, and disenfranchising White Americans is called “Build Back Better”. The more “Building Back Better” there is, the more third world the United States gets. But you can’t say that, it’s politically incorrect, it hurts the feelings of the NON-Whites.

    1. States with Worst Senators:

      Kentucky (McConnell and Rand Paul)
      Florida (Rubio and Scott)
      Texas (Cornyn and Cruz)
      Missouri ( Josh Hawley)
      Ohio (Bob Portman)

      Those Senators are among other Republicans in Congress, who:
      1) publicly denied the election results
      2) abetted the insurrection on the US Capitol
      3) put their political careers ahead of the US Constitution

      People do not hate Republicans, they hate ignorance and hypocrisy

      1. @ GH

        If you hate me for exercising my right to free speech, I’ll wear this as a badge of honor.

        If all you can do is poke fun of my name, that is sad and pathetic.

      2. Yes, my bad. I know you answer to “MEY” (and I reckon that’s adequate for a weekend warrior like yourself…), though you fumble around with logic so much that “Mawmood” seems more appropriate. (You’re fun to tweek, anyway!) 🙃

  9. This article is more subversive, Jewish manipulation of the subconscious. It is not a “conspiracy,” it is a plan being rolled out right in front of your nose. The plan is to genocide all those deplorable whites living in “flyover country.”

    As the article clearly points out, no Jew was mentioned during the composing. Only Choiman Nahdzees receive dishonorable mention and even they are exonerated in the final analysis. After all, a book was read and nothing sinister was discovered. Obviously, there is nothing to see here, so let’s move along.

    “The choice is theirs: either to fight or perish.”

    It is not time to fight OR die. The time has come time to fight AND die. As I have been writing for some time, one will either die fighting on their feet to a bitter end, or they will die on their knees, begging for mercy from a merciless enemy that delights in torturing people to death. In any event, one must face facts, either way we, that’s you and me kemosabe, are going to die.

    Patton said it, “the idea is not to die fighting for your country, but to make the other son-of-a-bitch die fighting for his.” The white man is now in a curious position that lies somewhere between the American Indian and the Japanese Kamikaze special attack volunteer. For us, it will be one last futile attempt at stopping an alien, Jewish juggernaut long bent on destroying our race, nations and cultures.

    Make your sacrifice count.

  10. To think that the governments of The West – governments that unamimously push abortion, even ‘post birth’ abortion! – give a flying f*ck about “saving lives”…

    is something that only the most irredeemably dense (i.e. 90%+ of Western proles) could possibly believe.

  11. Who better to guide us thru the Great Reset than sleepyjoe who is “defocused” due to his dementia, lol…. In good times and in bad times it’s always best to have a U.S. president who has dementia and who is “defocused” because he has dementia, the more “defocused” and the more out of it the president is due to dementia the better, LMFAO!!!!

  12. What a disappointment; the elephant has just given birth to a mouse. I was very much looking forward to some intelligent, exciting and constructive analysis; instead all I got was a very poor account of the situation from someone who clearly has read very little about the subject.
    The NWO dictatorship has been talked about even on the Fakestream media as early as the 1st Gulf war by Georges H. Bush, and very many other Globalists leaders after him since, and notably his own son, Tony Blair, and even Sarkozy, up until Shawb’s own book and promotional video and brochure. In the latter, the slogans “You’ll own nothing and will be happy” was launched together with “Build back better” simultaneously just after the first lock down on all Globalist controlled media, from the mouths of all the usual Globalist actors.
    It is astonishing to see that Mr van de Beek, cannot seem to connect the dots already laid out for decades by the globalists; between the Corona hoax “Epidemics” ( to call flu type of illness that killed considerably less than any ordinary seasonal flu a Pandemic is preposterous), the Gates plan to inject7 billion human beings with his genetically modifying deadly poison, the long overdue economic collapse, and its replacement called upon by all Globalists ever since the collapse of the USSR, make one think that either the author is being of bad faith, or he hasn’t got a clue of what is going on, or he thinks cyber space is like his employer’s Sputnik, a place where anyone who does not buy the official narrative, must be discredited with the label of “Conspiracy Theorist”, and therefore must shut up, and has no right to speak.
    I suggest Mr van de Beek should read, or re-read properly both Agenda 21, and the updated version Agenda 21, 2030 to see if he’d come to the conclusion that there’s no conspiracy to establish a WORLD DICTATORSHIP by the WORLD ELITE , and if that would use up a lot of his valuable time, he should then read some articles about the same subject written by Rosa Corrie; “UN Agenda 2030 Exposed, or the phenomenal work on this very subject by Mark Widows, God bless both of them.

    1. McLupo –

      “I suggest Mr van de Beek should read, or re-read properly both Agenda 21, and the updated version Agenda 21, 2030 to see if he’d come to the conclusion that there’s no conspiracy to establish a WORLD DICTATORSHIP by the WORLD ELITE….”

      YESS!! YESS!! Definitely!!

      Then READ ICLEI – where the rubber meets the road:

      ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability

      “ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability is a global network of more than 1,750 local and regional governments committed to sustainable urban development. Active in 100+ countries, we influence sustainability policy and drive local action for low emission, nature-based, equitable, resilient and circular development. Our Members and team of experts work together through peer exchange, partnerships and capacity building to create systemic change for urban sustainability.”

      1. Indeed, it is all about completely emptying rural areas, concentrating all the cattle that we are, or what would be left of us after the global genocide, (according to these Eugenicists) in highly controlled and surveilled crowded urban centres, where every aspect of our lives would be 100% controlled by all means possible.
        People like Mr van de Beek, either pretend not to see what is really going on, or he was bribed to trumpet the Globalist agenda just like his Globalist prime Minister Rutte. “Conspiracy thinkers” is not an English phrase, it is actually a literal translation from the Dutch language of the English “Conspiracy theorist”.
        Mr van de Beek cites a lot of incorrect and misleading information; he says that there’s no evidence that big businesses have benefited from the lock-downs, whereas the opposite is the plain truth. What he says is infuriatingly false and fake news, this guy is so dishonest, and has the cheek to propagate lies unchallenged, it’s unbelievable, I am so disgusted that I do not want to spend any more of my energy on dishonest people such as Mr van de Beek. who should go and tell those lies to the thousands of small businesses going bust in the Netherlands every week, and see if he comes out in on piece.
        He should check his facts about how rich all the BIG businesses like Amazon, all the Big Pharma, Big Tech, and the rest of the Multi-nationals have become filthy rich in the last 10 months.
        I am sorry to have to use strong language, because clearly this guy is trying very hard to please the Dutch traitorous and corrupt establishment to be invited to become part of it. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t seem to know the Globalists mentality that well; he doesn’t realise that he’d be dumped just like a used up condom once they’ve used him.

        1. Well said, Mclupo! Your language, as you say, is indeed strong! 🙂

          But you are quite right to pick holes in this article which has moved you to such indignation. Truth above all. That’s what we’re here for. To winnow the truth from the lies.

    2. MCLUPO. I had the exact same thoughts about Beek but could not summon the energy to post. Thanks that you did. The neon lighting of the word Conspiracy indicates that an article may safely be skipped.

      1. @ Flan O’Brien

        “The neon lighting of the word Conspiracy indicates that an article may safely be skipped.”

        You have misunderstood the title. It doesn’t say “Conspiracy THEORY”, which is what you take it to mean and hence dismiss with contempt. There is a huge difference between a “CONSPIRACY” and a “CONSPIRACY THEORY” and both you and Mclupo have failed to see that.

        What it means is this: The Deep State is out to GET you, to make you a slave, to force you into taking the vaccine. Bill Gates is part of this movement. So are the rich elite, including organized Jewry. In other words, this is the “conspiracy” being practiced against you and me. Bill Gates is one of the conspirators. The Deep State are engaged in a “conspiracy” against you and me. Can’t you see that?

        If you can’t admit this, that OK with me. You don’t like admitting you are wrong about anything, I notice.. That’s why I do not value your comments. You overestimate your own intelligence and omniscience. Try being a bit more modest and humble.

        Get some common sense into your head and understand that you have confused the word “conspiracy” (which is what this IS) with the pejorative phrase “CONSPIRACY THEORY” (which is what it IS NOT).

        1. Quite right, Background Observer. Though I tell you this in advance. The last thing you will get out of Flan O’Brien is a humble acknowledgement that he has confused a “conspiracy” with a “conspiracy theory”. Self-important people like Flan O’Brien don’t do humility.

          1. I thought it should be obvious to everyone that the Deep State and the Jew-controlled governments of the world are trying to pull a fast one on us. To con us. To deceive us. To lead us up the garden path. Why is that Flan O’Brien finds it so hard to see that this attempt to hoodwink the public is the “conspiracy”?

      2. My pleasure, I wish I’d skipped it, now I’m really wind up with all the blatant lies it contains.
        By the way, to talk about nicer things; I used to go to an Irish pub across the road from where I lived in Paris called the Flan O’Brian, those were nice memories from another time lost for ever…Cheers anyway.

  13. This article paints a dark picture of what’s coming up next.

    Lash put it very eloquently at the end, when she said, ” Unless they fight for their country in its hour of looming doom, unless they make a stand before it is too late, they will go under. The choice is theirs: either to fight or perish.”

    Freedom isn’t free!

    1. Sardonicus is garbage and belongs in a garbage dumpster so it can be hauled off to the garbage dump and gotten rid of for good. That’s what you you do to garbage — you get rid of it, if you have any brains you get rid of it — and you get rid of it as ASAP. It’s about time to send it off to the garbage dump, it’s starting to fester and rot.

  14. There may be two ways to fight these dystopian making monsters: stealth and exhaustion. The first is through stealth. Don’t fight openly because this is what they want–witness what happened to the million people who marched on Washington to protest the stolen election. If there is a way to steal the pearl from the dragon’s mouth while asleep: do it. After all these are people who live on the demonic side of the occult and they don’t want exposure so if possible expose.

    The other way to fight them is by never giving up–work harder than they work, which isn’t difficult because they are lazy, drunken, party animals. That is why they are always laughing like crazies in their photos because those photos were taken at their debauched parties. Maybe we can’t win directly but they can’t lock down everyone forever, and they can’t arrest everyone. Maybe we can exhaust them.

    1. FS –

      Thanks for the encouragement! I usually get arguments.

      I have taken numerous courses in common law. George Gordon’s School of Common Law in the 70s was one and ‘Freedom With Writs’ by Rudy D J Botty was also among them.

      I have ‘Bouvier’s Law Dictionary'(1856) and Black’s 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Editions here in my library. ‘The Common Law and Other Writings’ by Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr is also within my reach.

      ‘Handbook of Common Law Pleading’ – Joseph H. Koffler, Alison Reppy is among my numerous favorites.
      See p42 for: “Finally, in 1938, came the long awaited New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure…” which made the most drastic changes at the federal level…. prompted by Erie Railroad Co. v. Tompkins, 304 U.S. 64 (1938), the landmark decision by the Supreme Court of the United States in which the Court held that federal courts did not have the judicial power to create general federal common law when hearing state law claims under diversity jurisdiction. In reaching this holding, the Court overturned almost a century of federal civil procedure case law, and established the foundation of what remains the modern law of diversity jurisdiction as it applies to United States federal courts.

      I have too many others to report them here. So, I have caught a clue. 🙂

      1. The powers of Congress have been drastically eroded over the the centuries. Mainly by SCOTUS!

        For a very import point for clarity on p 42 – “Finally, in 1938, came the long awaited New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, FRCP, which sought to and did place the Regulation of Pleading and Practice in the Federal Courts and in the District of Columbia in the hands of the Supreme Court of the United States, as opposed to Congress.”

  15. I think the great reset started when Christianity was destroyed … It was the first step in order to establish the opposite: mayhem, corruption, inmorality.
    I think it is time
    comes back
    Its enough

  16. Pastor Chuck Baldwin (the ONLY pastor I know who is worth a shit) has an excellent article that truthseeker should post:

    The Top Ten Most Evil People In 2020

    By Chuck Baldwin

    1. Bill Gates
    2. Anthony Fauci
    3. Big Tech CEOs

    8. Trump

    read more:

    Unfortunately Pastor Baldwin doesn’t understand the real evil that needs to be at the top of the list, and it is not Satan the Devil, it is the Jews and their holy books, but since the “good” pastor doesn’t understand that the Holy Bible is the most evil book ever written, he is still duped to the real problem of Jews and their evil.

    Why do I say the Bible is the #1 evil of all time? Because it establishes in the mind of the host, the idea of God, a mind parasite. So long as people believe in some god above them, who runs the show, they will not lift a finger to do something about their situation. The gods be damned, we are in hell people, just look around and smell the napalm and BLM stench.

    The belief in God has paralyzed the entire human race, the Jews have used the god meme to paralyze their host (Goyim/Gentiles/marks/non-Jews) so that they can rule be every means of deceit and vile and get away with it. Parasites are allowed in Nature, and here is a short Youtube video of a wasp and how it paralyzes the host so it’s offspring can feed on it while it is still alive.


    Note: it is called a JEWell wasp, in our case the venom is “antisemitism” and the Holohoax which have paralyzed freedom loving people from dealing with Jew predation:

    Like I always say, men will never be free until the last Christian Identity Pastor is strangled with the entrails of the last Rabbi.

    There is no room in freedom for authoritarian gods who have commandments for us, either we are free or we are slaves. If you think the Bible is good, or you are inspired by it, you are not actually for freedom (even if you think you are), as the Bible is a slave manual, and if you can’t see that, especially after I point it out, you are clueless as they come, and helping the enemy Jew. Real freedom means you are free of lords, gods, slave masters, doctrines, Jewisms (like Communism/Socialism), etc.

    1. “so long as people believe in some god above them, who runs the show, they will not lift a finger to do something about their situation. ”

      YUKON JACK. Agreed. This is the key problem with organised religions – the con of “pie in the sky” / “pension in heaven” in return for paralysing any form of action for the good.

      I also agree with you about the God constructs of organised religions.

      But that does not mean that a supreme intelligence / Creator does not permeate the show. Great minds have pondered this, even the lifetime darling of atheism Anthony Flew, and concluded such.

      Love of the Creator and Creation are preconditions for a true Reset on Earth. Unfortunately those plotting a Downfall (aka “Great Reset”) are all lobotomised in heart and mind.

      I have pondered a version of “going into infinity without flinching” (Max Egan term, see the that does not involve fighting….

      When Order Followers knock to inject/arrest, calmly sit down in public with your family and some dangerous kitchen implements and oblige the order followers to disperse or carry out your execution. Make sure neighbours/friends are invited to video it and post it on social media. Of course if the order followers rush forward, do what comes naturally.

      This strategy is based on the presumption that there will be no uprising of the 90% asleep or frightened masses.

      Armed with a gun, the order followers will simply shoot. A gunfight with several order followers will not have mass impact, but a cold execution put on social media might. Hint: not on youtube.

      1. @ Flan O’Brien

        (Regrets saying it and offers sincere apologies).

      2. Yes I understand that the real Creator is not what religions say.

        But …

        There is a new theory …

        The Universe is a Simulation and God is a Computer.

        And before my blog was shut down I penned many essays on how this computer is farming our energy, as the natural order (which is the Creation) is based on predator – prey relationships. and in this natural order predators stalk and kill prey and feed on their bodies. This food chain is really an energy chain, and I wrote again and again that at the top of this food/energy chain is God which exists as a creation for it’s own gain.

        This theory is backed up by direct observation of the natural food chain. Now to get around this horrible observation and conclusion about the real nature of God, the theists have to create a middle man to explain away all the evil, pain, and suffering in the world. Thus the whole theology of sin must be created to explain away why we suffer – we are told it is our fault, not the design itself.

        If humans behave badly, who is ultimately at fault but the creator, but the religious apologist will have none of that, they claim it is us who are faulty, and thus get God off the hook for his faulty creation of man. Man has free will and wills to sin. But that is nonsense, man has senses and desires and carries out his program.

        And … I also claim that once we realize that we are being farmed, the matrix will reset, as illustrated in The Matrix movies, when Neo (the one) meets the architect. Thus our prophecy of the end times, when God pulls the plug on our simulation because we self realize what God is really up to – no good at all. And I also have pointed out time and again that is why God chose the Jews to do his bidding, he choose the Jewish parasites who hate mankind to work us over – the Jews are the closest to his heart. God is using the Jews to destroy us – that is why they keep winning – and why the are very successful because they have divine help and guidance.

        Now I understand no one wants to hear any of this because it is mighty disturbing, but it is the truth nonetheless. God is the greatest sinner of them all because it chose to create a Universe full of suffering beings, and considering that there are infinite universes of infinite life forms – and all of them suffering, god has intentionally created infinite suffering.

  17. Another thing about this “reset” and covid crisis is how a vaccine would be used to cull the population. No one anywhere (that I know of) is talking about how a vaccine would be designed to cull the population.

    If the vaccine were 100% lethal, and anyone getting pricked falls over dead, people would become alarmed and stop, and the vaccination plan would fail.

    If the vaccine had no lethality, then no one would die and that would be a fail for the global depopulation plan.

    So the vaccine must be lethal, but not to lethal, so the pop doesn’t get alarmed and stop the application process. Thus what is needed is a “wartime” efficiency in the application (Trump’s warp speed) and a delayed reaction.

    Of course some will croak right away, but that can be explained away. And do you remember CNN said that when vaccinations start don’t be surprised if old people die? They know the lethality, they know that the weakest will die first, so they divert attention from the real agenda.

    David Icke came out and is calling the vaccination plan murder, which it is. It is mass murder, and intentional genocide, and the first targeted are the old on the dole, so the plan is to cull those who can’t work and get checks. Gotta save money. So expect those on welfare to be told in order to get their checks they must be vaccinated.

    “Tenpenny warns that those who have taken the vaccine will begin to become sick and many will die within 3-6 months.”


    Darwinian fitness is in effect, it is always in effect, those who foolishly believe the television and get in line to get jabbed will be the first eliminated from the gene pool.

    Those young woman who cover their faces with the mask, preventing visual mating signals are choosing to be non-breeders.

    Those who wear 2 or more masks are choosing suffocation.

    Those children who obey their parents and wear the mask are being eliminated. Only the child who rebels has a chance of survival.

    Only those who have the wild spirit, or higher awareness, are being selected to continue the human race.

    So one good thing I see is all the liberals and Jews in my town are being eliminated by their own choices. Any idiot who still believes the lies from the Jewtube is out of the gene pool.


    Fight or die? If you really want to fight go for the jugular – take out the Federal Reserve computers. The entire system is financed by a few computers that buy bonds which allows the Federal government to spend money it doesn’t have to pay for the army and cops. This specific action of Federal Reserve bond purchases is the critical component that drives the entire system of exploitation, the government would immediately fail without the Fed buying Treasury Bonds. The entire war machine fails if you can’t pay the troops.

    The Achille’s Heel is the financial system and it’s transmission which takes electricity – and the electrical grid is very vulnerable as the high voltage lines must be routed to substations which are completely unprotected, and this takes transformers which have cooling fins. Any damage to any cooling system will make the device inoperable (2nd law of thermo). If the cooling fan on your computer goes out then the computer will overheat, if your car radiator goes out then the engine will seize up and be completely ruined. You get the idea. These huge transformers, if damaged, take months to be built and replaced.

    If electricity is cut, then the television will fail and then the Jew will not have electronic access to the Goyim mind. The entire Covid hoax is a black magic spell cast via the TV.


    When did we lose? With Trump? Not a chance. We lost when the European tribes were forcefully converted to Judaism, when Rome brought Christianity men were shackled with guilt and myths of a Jewish savior. That is when we lost, and now we are in the final extermination phase. Some will fight and some will flee, and most will line up and get jabbed.

    The myth to stand down in the face of existential threats was our doom, when we got to believe that God was in charge, we lost our will to survive. So long as you believe God is metering out justice in the next life will you allow evil to thrive in this life. The Bible teaches this rubbish of only God being the arbiter of justice. Well look at our world, do you see a divine hand at work?

    What does the Bhagavata Gita say? Good must destroy evil for life to exist. If we humans want to exist we must destroy evil and that means smashing Israel to nothing, and eliminating Jews and their synagogues.

    1. YJ –

      “No one anywhere (that I know of) is talking about how a vaccine would be designed to cull the population.”

      WOW!!!! You must be in a very small circle!!

      I get dozens of messages and phone calls on this subject every week….. even from people in other countries.

      1. I was talking about the lethality of the virus, no one is talking about how the virus must be designed in order to kill us without us getting alarmed.

        “No one anywhere is talking about how a vaccine would be designed”

        Then I discuss how to pull this off, he vaccine can not be made extremely lethal as it would alarm the population and how the propaganda organ of the state – CNN (Zionist Israel) would deflect criticism with pre-made claims not to worry.

        So what do we see unfolding? Exactly as I described – a lightly lethal virus initially, and then I quote expert Sherri Tenpenny who says wait 3-6 months for the death toll to mount.

        And I might add, those precious holy chosen ones in Israel will get a different dose (or maybe not) and survive – thus proving god chose them. That is to be expected based on this theory that the vaccine is for reducing Goyim population in relation to Jew.

        Thus, what we are seeing so far is exactly what we would expect in a vaccine culling operation

        And I point out the Trump is in on it with his “operation warp speed” – the necessity of getting as many people vaccinated as possible before the first death wave hits and alarms the population. Then this spring and summer, with millions of sick and dying they go to their next phase of hauling off the resistance to camps. At that point armed resistance will surely start.

      2. Pat,
        Hola. What is your take on the Russian Sputnik V vaccine? It’s been used in Russia, Europe and even exported for sale in Latin America. Supposedly it’s safer than the other vaccines. Donaldo read and tried to digest (with his tequila and cigars) all the scientific information which read like a college-level chemistry course but it was like reading Mandarin. Anyway. Could you give us Darkmooners a little info? Gracias.

  18. The scumbag billionaire oligarchs, who run this planet at the behest of their demonic, archon overlords, have been very vocal about radically reducing the world’s population. Therefore, if there really was a killer virus on the loose, they would just let it run wild and decimate humanity because that is what they want. That alone proves the entire Covid story with its accompanying Jew despotism is a monstrous lie. It is a facade and an artifice, for what will really destroy the majority of featherless bipeds on Terra Firma, is their satanic vaccines which contain 72 antigens in them. For those that don’t know, antigens are poisons. I’m deeply moved that “they” care so much about us. Excellent quote by The Great One, Dear Lasha.

    1. HD,
      But the SCUMBAG OLIGARCHS thirst for $$$$$ above all else. Dead people aren’t a great investment. They need SICK people and that’s a precarious balance. Even THEY aren’t really sure of the outcome of their nefarious plans but they still march foreward. 🤔🤨🤠

  19. “Convict Trump” banner flies over Mar-a-Lago during Senate impeachment trial.

    I bet the neighbors paid for it!
    America is still the “home of the brave.”

    1. Mahmoud :

      The whole Establishment is AGAINST Donald Trump. Fying a “Convict Trump” banner by Mar-a-Lago is NOT an act of bravery as it’s NOT going up against The Establishment. It takes NO bravery to go along with The Establishment and to think the way The Establishment wants us to think. The whole Establishment of the United States wants to convict Trump so flying a “Convict Trump” banner by Mar-a-Lago is NOT an act of bravery.

      1. TROJ

        How about flying a “Convict Trump” banner by Mar-a-Lago is an act of Free Speech and reflects the consensus of Americans who were sick and tired of Trump for the last four years.

  20. Joe Biden just told Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to address him as either “President” or “President Biden” and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told Joe Biden to, lol, to “F*ck” himself. That’s an act of bravery here in the “home of the brave”. 😊

  21. Friday’s news:
    “Trump impeachment trial will be paused on Jewish Sabbath
    The impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump will be paused if it runs into the Sabbath, in order to accommodate a request from one of his lawyers, who is an observant Jew.

    Trump impeachment attorney David Schoen asked that the trial — which begins Tuesday — be placed on temporary hold from sundown Friday through Saturday.

    “I apologize for the inconvenience my request that impeachment proceedings not be conducted during the Jewish Sabbath undoubtedly will cause other people involved in the proceedings,” Schoen wrote in a letter to Senate leaders last week.

    “The practices and prohibitions are mandatory for me, however; so, respectfully, I have no choice but to make this request.”

    Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Sunday said the Senate would grant Schoen’s request.

    “We respect their request and of course will accommodate it. Conversations with the relevant parties about the structure of the trial continue,” said Schumer spokesman Angelo Roefaro.”

  22. I don’t doubt the ‘great reset’ is the plan and that the virus was spliced up in a lab somewhere to facilitate it…
    One big step was the theft of the presidential election…
    Say what you want, but I’m not at all certain Trump would have been no different that Obiden in that regard…
    This virus thing has more legs than 100 centipedes, and you can bet the globalists will push it as far as possible…
    Right now we’re at the point where the free thinking men are being separated from the sheepule….
    I was in a grocery store the other day, where the mask has been voluntary, up to you, no hassle…
    When i went in a guy was on duty inside the door, with masks, asked me to put one on..
    I asked if it was mandatory… Ne said no, so i refused the mask and went on inside…
    Pretty soon a store woman comes up with a mask and asks me f I’d like to wear it…
    I said No.. Are you going to kick me out if I don’t?
    She said no but she’d like me to wear it, she had a friend who just died from it…
    I told her the virus is a hoax,
    I was about to tell her friend most likely had some other flu or cold and was murdered in the hospital by the doctors who put her on the ventilator, for the money…
    And at that point a guy with a mask on came up close to me and raised his voice about it…
    I pulled my fist back and told him to get out of my face, and gave him a couple heartfelt FUs…
    Clearly, there are people who would have you exterminated in case you don’t play along…
    Anyway, I write it down for these kinds of suckers and hand it to them –
    So, to me these up-and-coming communist are a lot of losers, who never put anything together in the world, have no property, no money, no plan other than to find a way to mooch from the state…
    I know several of them… They all play the virus for their own purposes – mooching…
    Here’s some technical info on how the vaxx is designed… It’s kinda hard to follow but worth the effort….
    Main thing is – It’s not a vaccine…
    Kudos to the Host… She was forced out of her City Council position for questioning the lies….


    Senate acquits Donald Trump! No Impeachment charges! Senate acquits Donald Trump! BAD NEWS for the COMMUNISTS! GOOD NEWS for everyone else! Senate votes to acquit Donald Trump! EVERYBODY’S HAPPY EXCEPT THE COMMUNISTS WHO CAN GO F*CK THEMSELVES! GOOD NEWS! 😊

    1. Great news indeed!
      Congratulations, white nationalist brothers!
      This is only the beginning !

    2. TROJ

      Hey, did you change your mind about Trump?
      If so, where did you put the diaper?

      Just a reminder, here are recent quotes by TROJ:

      1- “I’m sure Donald Trump’s children are just as disgusting and as untrustworthy and as two-faced as he is.”

      2- “Trump sold his supporters down the river to JEW and Chinese COMMUNISTS.”

      3- “Trump did NOTHING about THE STEAL, almost as if he himself was in on it.”

      4- “He double screwed White Americans. First, by not doing anything substantial to try to save the election from the JEW COMMUNISTS who stole the election and Second, on the last day, the day of the Electoral College vote in Congress, by setting it up so that White Americans would forever more be labeled as “domestic terrorists” in the United States.”

      5- ” Trump’s behavior and actions towards the end was the behavior and the actions of someone on the same side of the JEW COMMUNISTS and on the same side of the Chinese COMMUNISTS.”

      6- ” Trump played his JEW role in the COMMUNIST COUP VICTORY over the United States very well. Maybe the JEWS will give him an Oscar for his JEW vaudeville performance..”

      I have a question for you: What shoe can’t make up its mind?
      Answer: Flip flops

      1. TROJ changes his mind constantly.
        On Monday, Trump is the Evil Satan.
        On Tuesday, he is America’s Messiah!

        The only consistency you will find in TROJ
        is his ardent belief in the Flat Earth theory.
        Never once has TROJ changed his “mind”
        about the Earth being flat! 🙂

      2. MEY,
        Don’t worry about TROJ. He’s currently plastered along with Donaldo. We’ve been hitting the tequila hard for 3 days straight. Please forgive his on-line transgressions and wait for him to sober-up before judging him please. Thanks.

  24. Malichinsky allowed himself to be conned.

    If you do not co-operate in any way, shape or form ,, including and ESPECIALLY not admitting to your name, especially the name they read to you.Without that, the Judge and his court have no Jurisdiction. It cannot TRY someone whose name they do not know.

    “I am a living breathing Human Being” and that is all. Since the court can only deal with CORPORATIONS they cannot and will not deal with you. They cannot LAWFULLY force you to give your name. If he responded in the past to the name they presented to him, his goose is cooked’ 🙂

    That doesn’t mean they wont put you in a cage. Judges are notorious for breaking real LAW-Common Law. They can never find, GUILTY, a person with no name, so eventually they must let you go FREE. If you have friends on the outside who can summon rational honest media without revealing your name, all the better.

    You need true Courage and the Strength to withstand imprisonment, when you know you have the RIGHT to be TRIED under Common Law. Most people allow the so-called Judge to manipulate and frighten them into CONSENTING without knowing they have Consented.

    COURAGE and STRENGTH are a must or don’t even try to fight them,under your Common Law RIGHTS

    1. FS –

      I understand completely. I studied those points decades ago. I decided prison was not for me. I had friends who went to jail on purpose to prove their points.

      You may find this study to be very interesting. I studied this one also:

      “The Dark Side of Common Law”
      by Randy Lee

      The following article is based on the maxim of law, ‘optimus interpres rerum usus’ or ‘usage is the best interpreter of things.’

      From the commentary in Broom’s Legal Maxims, (1845) page 262, on this maxim of law, we find the following:
      “The law merchant, it has been observed, forms a branch of the law of England, and those customs which have been universally and notoriously prevalent amongst merchants, and have been found by experience to be of public use, have been adopted as a part of it, upon a principal of convenience, and for the benefit of trade and commerce; and, when so adopted, it is unnecessary to plead and prove them….where the words used by parties have, by the known usages of trade, by any local custom, or amongst particular classes, acquired a peculiar sense, distinct from the popular sense of the same words, their meaning may be ascertained by reference to that usage or custom.”

      There are two very important observations to be made on this commentary. First, it states that the law merchant or lex mercatoria, is part of the common law of England, as will be further evidenced in this article. Second, the choice of words one uses when dealing with the current courts or Imperial powers, can either, (1) by a poor choice of words, bring you under the law merchant, and thereby, you become regulated by that law, or, (2) by a wise choice of words, you retain your Christian Liberty under God.

      1. I wouldn’t go to Prison to PROVE ANYTHING.

        THEY MUST PUT me in PRISON against my WILL and RIGHTS. Big DIFF. and THEY KNOW the Difference but just won’t openly admit it, until the day of Reckoning.

        It is only up to me to last until they release me……AND they will.

  25. Here Comes Johnny!

    The 57-43 vote was short of the two-thirds necessary for conviction. Trump gets off the hook. He is a lucky dog!

    Seven Republican senators joined Democrats in voting the former president as guilty.

    The seven Republican senators were:

    Richard Burr of North Carolina
    Bill Cassidy of Louisiana
    Susan Collins of Maine
    Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
    Mitt Romney of Utah
    Ben Sasse of Nebraska
    Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania

    GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy explained why he voted to convict Trump. “Our Constitution and our country are more important than any one person,” he says. “I voted to convict President Trump because he is guilty.”


      Please, be nice to Real Original Joe. He does suffer from amnesia. Plus he’s almost as old as President Biden. That’s the reason why he forgets a lot and keeps repeating himself many times over in his posts.

      I do agree with you on one thing, the Real Original Joe changes his mind quite frequently, but he is at least consistent in his ignorance.

  26. There was never any chance trump would be ‘convicted’… and the required majority wasn’t there anyway, even after the election theft. Which should tell you something about who’s who here..
    you have to file charges first to convict someoneof a CRIME….
    Then you you have to have an actual trial, where the Defendant hears the formal charges read by a real court and gets a chance to defend himself…
    This wasn’t a TRIAL, it was a dog and pony show…
    The constitution says the CJSC has to preside over an impeachment, and it can only be done in order to REMOVE a sitting president..
    Patrick Leahy isn’t even on the Supreme Court…
    The whole episode was about as big a farcical travesty as the biden presidency itself….
    And it demonstrates the insidiously subversive attitude the dems have with regard to procedures, this while they’re claiming to care so much about the constitution..
    They will do as much and whatever they can to wreck our society and bring on the CHICOM State…
    Maybe because they’re all a bunch of pedophiles, thieves and murderers, stooge plants from the gitgo. who do the central bankers’ and the deep state warmongers’ bidding because they have no choice….

    1. Bark –

      Impeachment was/is the distraction to keep Biden’s Executive Orders under the radar. Biden had signed more executive orders in two days than Trump had in two months and is setting a record pace.

      Biden once said, “Excessive reliance on executive orders, ignoring the Legislature, is dictatorial!!”
      BUT….. in 2021, Joe Biden published 30 executive orders (from EO 13985 through EO 14014).


  27. jews drawing swastikas on synagogues….
    they never tire of that one…
    it’s not inappropriate though, considering the zion were in it up to their necks with hitler…

  28. to pat+ yukon jack
    they pull it through the nose. its kriminal because (invented by johns hopkins)
    it hurts the nose cavern-brain barrier. on the cotton-wool of the stick there are
    dozens of nanochip claws in form of a little fist (JOHN HOPKINS looked it up from Hookworm). the claws have virus residious in it, are surrounded by wax. when the
    stick touches the brain barrier the wachs melts and the little nanochip claw opens
    and claws in the brainbarrier releasing the poison directly into the brain.

    1. Alarmist codswallop!
      How do you know all this?
      Any proof for your paranoid ideas?

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