Hitler’s Duplicity Revealed: A Devout Christian in Public, but the Total Opposite Behind Closed Doors

An addendum to a previous article on ‘Hitler’s Table Talk’
in which Hitler’s Religious Views were discussed 

Edited and Presented by Lasha Darkmoon
May 31, 2021


LD:  The authenticity of Hitler’s Table Talk is proved beyond reasonable dispute here, revealing in the process Hitler’s implacable hatred of Christianity. This is a follow-up article to Hitler’s Religious Views: Excerpts from Hitler’s Table Talk.

The present article consists of two very condensed mini-articles by and about David Irving in connection with Hitler’s Table Talk. The first is a brief response by Irving  to a correspondent on his website. It  validates the Table Talk book and enthuses about its contents. The second mini-article, entitled ‘The Faking of Hitler’s Last Testament’, relates to Irving’s dealings with the Swiss forger Francois Genoud. This is followed by a fascinating 4-minute video which expands on Irving’s dealings with the confidence trickster Genoud. It succeeds in  drawing a sharp line  between the fraudulent material, now identified, and the authentic material, now fully available to Hitler scholars.      

The upshot of these notes is to set the reader’s mind at rest on two important issues:  (1) There is  no longer any reason to doubt the authenticity of Hitler’s Table Talk.  (2) These informal dinner conversations between Hitler and his closest associates, which took place between 1941 and 1944, clearly reveal Hitler’s contempt for Christianity — “an evil invention of the Jews”.

People who continue to believe that Hitler was a devout Christian are in for a crushing disappointment. Hitler was not an atheist, but neither was he the exemplary Christian he pretended to be in his speeches and official pronouncements. All that was an act for public consumption. The image of devout  religiosity Hitler needed to project to the German people was a calculated exercise in duplicity.  (LD)

Eric Yankovich asks on Thursday, January 1, 2004 if it’s worth spending time reading Hitler’s Table Talk

How good is Hitler’s Table Talk?

I PURCHASED a book Hitler’s Table Talk, 1941 to 1944. It is about 1.5 inches thick. It has an introduction by H.R. Trevor-Roper and translated by Norman Cameron and R.H. Stevens.

Can you please tell me if you have read it and what your thoughts are. Assuming Hitler did have these so called “Table Talks”, do you believe that it was faithfully translated?

The reason I ask you is that I do not trust much of anything, especially being burnt by reading Albert Speer’s book. I briefly discussed this with you about four or five years ago during a luncheon you had in Washington D.C.

I read a bit of the Table Talk and I am already turned off because H.R. Trevor Roper engages in an anti-Hitler diatribe in the beginning of the book, so it is difficult for me to trust the translation. H.R. Trevor Roper should have written a book “Why I hate Hitler, even though I never met him!”

I respect your opinion; I read five of your books already. The last one was Dresden, a real crime and tragedy if there ever was one.

Eric Yankovich

David Irving responds:

Hitler’s Table Talk is the product of his lunch- and supper-time conversations in his private circle from 1941 to 1944. The transcripts are genuine. (Ignore the 1945 “transcripts” published by Trevor-Roper in the 1950s as Hitler’s Last Testament — they are fake).

The table talk notes were originally taken by Heinrich Heim, the adjutant of Martin Bormann, who attended these meals at an adjacent table and took notes. (Later Henry Picker took over the job). Afterwards Heim immediately typed up these records, which Bormann signed as accurate.

François Genoud purchased the files of transcripts from Bormann’s widow just after the war, along with the handwritten letters which she and the Reichsleiter had exchanged.

For forty thousand pounds—paid half to Genoud and half to Hitler’s sister Paula—George Weidenfeld, an Austrian Jewish publisher who had emigrated to London, bought the rights and issued an English translation in about 1949.

For forty years or more no German original was published, as Genoud told me that he feared losing the copyright control that he exercised on them. I have seen the original pages, and they are signed by Bormann.

They were expertly, and literately, translated by Norman Cameron and R.H. Stevens, though with a few (a very few) odd interpolations of short sentences which don’t exist in the original — the translator evidently felt justified in such insertions, to make the context plain.

Translation is a difficult chore: I have translated four books, including Nikki Lauda’s memoirs — one can either produce a clinical, wooden, illiterate version, like Richard “Skunky” Evans’ courtroom translations of Third Reich documents, or one can produce a readable, publishable text which properly conveys the sense and language of the original.

Try translating for publication the Joseph Goebbels diaries — written often in a Berlinese vernacular — without running into trouble with the courts! Louis Lochner succeeded in my view magnificently.

Weidenfeld’s translator also took liberties with translating words like Schrecken, which he translated as “rumour” in the sense of “scare-story”. In my own view such translations are acceptable, but they caused a lot of difficulty at the Lipstadt Trial where I found myself accused of manipulating texts and distorting translations (because although I relied on the Weidenfeld translation, I had had access to the original document, and should have known that the actual word was Schrecken).

The Table Talks’ content is more important in my view than Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and possibly even more than his Zweites Buch (1928). It is unadulterated Hitler. He expatiates on virtually every subject under the sun, while his generals and private staff sit patiently and listen, or pretend to listen, to the monologues.

Along with Sir Nevile Henderson’s gripping 1940 book Failure of a Mission, this was one of the first books that I read, as a twelve year old: Table Talk makes for excellent bedtime reading, as each “meal” occupies only two or three pages of print. My original copy, purloined from my twin brother Nicholas, was seized along with the rest of my research library in May 2002.

I have since managed to find a replacement, and I am glad to say that — notwithstanding the perverse judgment of Mr. Justice Gray — Hitler’s Table Talk has recently come back into print, unchanged: Schrecken and all.

First published on David Irving’s site (January 1, 2004)

Further Reading Recommended by Irving

[1] Hitler’s War, by David Irving

[2] Hitler’s Table Talk (1941-1944): His Private Conversations (746 pages)

[3] Hitler’s Table Talk July 24, 1942 (Hitler says he will ship all the Jews to Madagascar after the war)

[4]  Radical’s Diary, re the contract that Lord Weidenfeld signed with Genoud for Hitler’s Table Talk: what he paid Hitler’s sister Paula

[5] Michael Law asks Mr Irving about Genoud and Hitler’s Table Talk, and gets a full reply

[6]  Items on Henry Picker and Table Talk

[7]  Francois Genoud’s role in the composition of the fake 1945 Bunkergespräche (Table Talk,”testament”): The Faking of Hitler’s ‘Last Testament’.

—   §   —


Slightly abridged

Seeking to disprove David Irving’s assertion (1977) that there is no archival evidence that Hitler even knew of the Final Solution of the Jewish Problem, let alone ordered the liquidation of millions of Jews, some critics pointed to a passage in the book edited by Hugh Trevor Roper, Hitler’s Last Testament, allegedly based on a typescript record of Hitler’s informal mealtime remarks in 1945, analogous to the famous Hitler’s Table Talk.

There’s only one problem.

The document, first published in French in 1959 and in English in 1961 as Hitler’s Last Testament,  is a FAKE.

Its owner, Swiss lawyer-activist François Genoud, now dead, first showed it to David Irving at a meeting at the Hotel d’Angleterre in Geneva in 1971. At that time it was about fifty pages of typescript, typed on a small-face non-German typewriter on American-size legal paper. What was very surprising was that Genoud was willing to let German editor Professor Eduard Baumgarten work only from a French text, which he insisted must be retranslated into German.

David Irving continued to press Genoud, expressing to him strong doubts, after discussions with Hitler’s private staff, especially one who stated categorically that he had never seen Hitler’s secretary Martin Bormann taking down such notes in 1945.

There was a further difficulty. Mr Irving had a transcript of the 1945 diary, now in Moscow, of Bormann (pictured); he also had a facsimile of the register of all the guests at Hitler’s February 1945 meals, kept by Hitler’s manservant Heinz Linge. These unquestionably genuine documents showed that Bormann was NOT PRESENT  at several of the meals during which the “testament” showed he had apparently taken notes; SOMETIMES HE WAS NOT EVEN IN BERLIN. (Emphasis added)

In 1979, Genoud phoned Mr Irving at his Paris hotel, and said: “I have a gift for you.” He handed him a package. It contained a copy of the complete typescript of the Testament. The package gift from Genoud raised a new problem. Every page was heavily amended and expanded in somebody else’s hand-writing.

Mr Irving, astonished, asked Genoud whose was the writing.

Genoud then finally admitted it was his own.

Later still, he admitted in conversation with Mr Irving, that the entire typescript was his own confection, saying: “But it is just what Hitler would have said.”

(The unabridged article can be read here)

Watch the fascinating video below in which Irving expands on his meeting with the outrageous Swiss forger Francois Genoud (pictured here).

BITCHUTE  VIDEO  :  4.16 mins

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  1. Links from Lobro providing alternative viewpoints on Hitler’s Table Talk:

    [1] Hitler’s Table Talk: An Update (Richard Carrier, his brief professional bio included)

    [2] Genoud, Heim & Picker’s “Table Talk”: A Study in Academic Fraud & Scandal (Veronica Clark/ CODOH),

    [3] Hitler’s “Table Talk” and Christianity (Jim Walker / Justice For Germans)

    [4] Hitler Table Talk, reviews at Archive.org.

    [5] Finally, this link.

    1. @ADMIN
      There is no need to consider anything coming from Veronica Clark.
      Veronica Clark’s proficiency can clearly be seen in this video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/HAfClTdFx4NF/

      VK Clark literally mistakes the Czech Composer, Josef Berg ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josef_Berg ) to the Nazi member who was also named Josef Berg ( https://ibb.co/tDyTqNf ). This is not some small mistake for a supposed historian to make.

      “The result of all this is that Veronica Clark now says she is leaving NS revisionism. If it turns out that she really does, it will mean that it was never a very deep passion in her to begin with. It will mean that she was just looking for something interesting to do, but now it’s become unrewarding, so she’ll look for something else that’s interesting to do. Let’s hope so, and that we will soon be rid of Veronica Clark. ” — https://carolynyeager.net/setting-record-straight-vk-clark-part-1

      VK Clark is not among serious historians such as David Irving or Richard Weikart or Ian Kershaw etc, Nothing I mean Nothing coming from a person who confuses a Czech composer to a Nazi member, based on such confusion has the audacity to declares Hitler’s 2nd book to fake needs to be considered.

    2. Donaldo, though Jewish, has absolutely no interest in Adolf Hifler. May he RIP. Certainly he’s on the front-line of interest. But let’s let him rest please.

  2. Well-written article, I would also like to share some more evidence of the Nazi’s anti-Christian attitude.
    Which was expressed in a lamenting tone by Pope Pius XII in his letter to the Bishops in Germany.
    I will just quote the important parts here, you can read the full letters from this site: https://archive.ph/WXUbD

    “The letters that come to us in recent months from the German episcopate unfortunately give the impression that the year 1941 threatens to bring new and hard trials in your country to the Catholic Church also. Your account (with enclosures), of which we have taken account while suffering with you, brings out in particular the dangers to which Catholic youth is exposed. It is your and our greatest worry, all the greater as the DECHRISTIANIZATION OF YOUTH goes course ahead with a force and violence such that often the domestic hearth and the Church, though animated by the best intentions, appear almost helpless against them. ”
    ~ LETTER OF PIUS XII TO THE BISHOP OF MÜNSTER(The Vatican, 16 February 1941)

    Also, I am obliged to share this video where Michael E Jones makes it crystal clear what was actually happening in Nazi Germany. which corroborates with the ” dechristianization of youth” which Pope Pius XII talks about in his letter to Bishop Of Münster. (The video also quotes a passage from the official Nazi text material printed for the Hitler Youth’s education)
    Watch this video: https://worldtruthvideos.org/watch/michael-e-jones-speaks-the-truth-about-ns-germany_znIjeedVaN1TZPk.html

    “It is based, if we judge rightly, on the fact that the moral seriousness and the force of his protest have been judged to match up to the INJUSTICE THAT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH HAS HAD TO BEAR IN GERMANY, as also to the OFFENSIVE WAY in which this injustice has been done to her.”
    ~ Letter of Pius XII to the Bishop of Berlin From the Vatican, 30 September 1941 to Bishop of Berlin.

    Some more pastoral letters

    1. Looking forward to reading the texts by Pacelli. It is absolutely amazing that anyone would think Hitler was a friend to Christianity. It literally boggles the mind. What is the contrary evidence?

      Well, let’s see:

      Hitler Youth

      Nazi Rallies like Nuremberg

      Hilter literally sidestepped 1500 years of Christian Germany and the Holy Roman Empire and went back to Vahalla. I suppose he thought that more convenient for his aims than trying to put Northern Protestants and Southern Catholics into one big tent of Christianity.

      For goodness sakes, it appears he tried to make himself God.

  3. The present-day Youth are the future of a country, this holds true for any nation, and I think it is important to take a look at what were the Nazi authorities were educating their youth,
    The young people in Nazi Germany were indoctrinated with Anti-Christian ideas.

    So ward das Reich: https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=30656119144&searchurl=sortby%3D17%26tn%3Dso%2Bward%2Bdas%2Breich&cm_sp=snippet-_-srp1-_-title2

    “The most persistently anti-Christian history textbook surveyed in this research was So Ward Das Reich, published in Frankfurt am Main in 1943 and written principally by Dietrich Klagges, the most influential National Socialist author of historical materials for the Volksschulen. The all-embracing racial interpretation of German history contained in this textbook (prepared for Klasse 6, 7, and 8) directly conflicted with the Christian view, especially in its treatment of the early German tribes in the late Roman and early medieval periods. Under the heading “German Blood and Alien Spirit,” the author described how the Frankish King Chlodwig was introduced to Christianity by his wife. (As in the biblical account, the woman is the bearer of the tainted fruit.) As the “first Germanic king to accept Christianity,” Choldwig sanctioned the systematic persecution of those who persisted in the “worship of Aryan gods,” thereby delivering the stout Germanic folk into the hands of those who would shape their minds in an ALIEN JUDAIC MOLD.

    With the exception of the Jew’s physical presence, So Ward Das Reich portrayed Christianity as the MOST REGRETTABLE ALIEN INFLUENCE to contaminate the hitherto unsullied Germanic spirit. The Teutons’ will to power was thus yoked to the Roman church and diverted to purposes altogether unfitting for the Germans’ racial interests”

    ~ Education in the Third Reich: A Study of Race and History in Nazi Textbooks by Gilmer W. Blackburn

  4. The real NAZIS were the ZIONISTS, who were all about removing Jewish people from Europe to Palestine and having the German military defeated in WW2 with Germany ruined forever…
    Which is exactly how it all turned out… Hitler escaped at the end…
    They were a small contingent of the German machine that had control of it all, much like the general ZOG here now in the USA…
    And just as now the ZIONISTS in control of Palestine run their xenophobic and apartheid SLC on the Nuremberg Laws, which were originally exclusionary racial purity rules from the Talmud, adopted by the ‘NAZIS’ and applied to Germans V Jews, then later governing the Israelis’ immigration policies…
    Of course Hitler hater Christianity…
    Most Jews do… And for good reason… Christianity was rotten to the Jews for centuries…
    The coin in and of itself might not prove much, and of course there are those who will deny it…
    But I have seen combat rifles from the era with the same signage, the Swastika and the Hexagram on the same gun…
    Read Edwin Black’s books on the subject of the pogroms and the NAZI ARAB alliance… Draw your own logical conclusions…

        1. 99.999+% agree with both Nature and joe Fallisi .

          @nature—excellent links, bjerkness is a textbook example of Jew well-poisoner, adam green, his well-intentioned but gullible beast of burden (okay but still green).

          “Bjerknes, after having gained everyone’s trust with factual and legitimate criticism of Jewish power, then begins giving the poison pill, or what is known as the 80% 20% formula. That is to say, 80% truth and 20% disinformation and lies.”

          everybody may want to take note of this (also at renegade tribune):
          Charged and Convicted Carlos (Porter)

          In 1997, Carlos Whitlock Porter, was convicted in absentia in Jew-looted and American-occupied Germany of the “bad thoughts” crime, known as “incitement to racial hatred.” Porter is an American expatriate and linguist living in Belgium.

          Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate Porter’s biography and am unsure if he is still living. Porter is considered to be an enemy of the Jews due to his extensive study of the original and often forged documents presented by the prosecution during the Nuremberg Trials. The murderous mossad army of the “chosen ones” may have tracked him down since it has been free to assassinate with impunity.

          well, if jews hate him, so should the goyim, as per true and tried formula.

          @joe fallisi—a very interesting site (https://groups.io/g/libertari), i think i will apply for membership, might even take trouble to learn sufficient italian in order to read everything.

          1. THANKS, Lobro. You’ll be welcome to libertari group – many articles are in English by the way. As for Carlos Porter, he’s a friend and a comrade and he’s living and still in the battle against the Enemy.
            All the best!


            1. That noise you hear is my chains clanking, one link for every Jew I ever offended in this life, oy veh.
              This is not the first time I have been accused of “dying”. Harold Covington claimed I died (of “acute alcoholism”, no less) on December 16, 1994, as confirmed by all sorts of people; he had a whole list of them (https://www.cwporter.com/letter4.htm).
              I seem to have a bad habit of staying alive. Maybe we can have a drink sometime.


      Here is a passage from The Hitler I Knew by Otto Dietrich, which proves Hitler was not funded by Banker or any big industrialist.

      “Assertions have often been made that Hitler came to power on money from heavy industry. On this question I can contribute the following personal details.

      Up to August 1931 I had been working as an editor in Essen. When I shifted to Munich and became “Chief of the Press Bureau in the National Headquarters of the National Socialist Party,” opposition newspapers wrote that I was the “liaison man of Rhineland heavy industry,” that I had previously negotiated the support and financing of Hitler by the “coal barons,” and had now been called by him to Munich in order to establish even closer links between himself and the industrialists. In reality my only income at that time, as an editor and publishing house employee, was my salary of between 600 and 800 marks a month—and my employers were often in arrears about paying it. I did not even have a bank account, let alone a fortune. I had nothing whatsoever to do with heavy industry. Hitler had contacted me at the suggestion of Hess and I offered to serve the Party without pay if I were able to earn my living in Munich by resuming my former work as a correspondent for foreign newspapers. Hitler would not hear of this arrangement on principle; he asked me to devote all my time to Party work in return for compensation equal to what I had been earning. I mention this unimportant personal matter only because it was the sole financial problem I ever discussed in my life with Hitler.
      The true facts emerge even more clearly from a small incident that took place during the election campaign in Lippe in December 1932. At that time I accompanied Hitler as press reporter to the public meetings and could therefore watch the process by which, from one meeting to the next, he literally scraped up the money to cover his traveling expenses. Just seven weeks before he came to power Hitler was spending the night at the Grevenburg near Detmold when his chief adjutant came to me and in great embarrassment asked whether I could advance him 2,000 marks since Hitler had not got another pfennig and the local Party organization had been unable to pay the rental for the hall where the next day’s demonstration was slated to be held.


      In Berlin Hitler often put up for weeks, with his entire staff, at the Hotel Kaiserhof—which cost sizable sums. Several times he raised the money for the hotel bill only by granting exclusive copyrighted interviews to American news agencies or newspapers, for which he received several thousand dollars.
      Hitler never allowed financial considerations to affect his decisions. THE INDUSTRIAL BARONS DID NOT BUY HIM AND BEND HIM TO THEIR WILL. FAR FROM IT”

  5. Why can’t the obvious be broken down into the so obvious it hurts and save everyone a lot of time and argument and resources and everything else? Ohhhh riiiight, bidness as usual and lots of it.. Never mind.

    But if this non-conundrum was to be broken down to facts so simple they hurt, it might go something like this.

    Hitler is a Sectarian with a capital S.
    Jesus is a NON-sectarian, forever and ever amen.
    And never the twain shall meet.
    End of story.

  6. Okay, let me see if I get this straight. Hitler did not like the Jews’ influence over Germany and wanted it removed. Now we find he did not like the influence the Jews’ corrupted-religion-for-the-goy was having on the German people. The inconsistencies shown by this thinking are – ???

    One more time – Christianity is nothing more than a modification of the Jews’ original Temple religion based on onerous sacrificial tribute. It was invented by Saul/Paul, a Temple Jew who saw the “handwriting on the wall”* for the end of the Temple after Jesus fulfilled the law by committing himself as the final Paschal sacrifice.

    Knowing the end of his career as Temple muscle was rapidly approaching, Saul/Paul cleverly reinvents Temple Judaism by replacing the Temple god YHVH with Jesus, while leaving in place the Temple’s customs and practices for the Jewish followers, e.g. circumcision.

    Recognizing that Jesus had established a rather substantial following among the Temple Jews who wanted to be free of their oppressive sacrificial tribute, Saul/Paul switches religious goats and converts to Jesus’ anti-Temple religion by means of a vision he claims to have on his way to Damascus. “I sees da light! Dear lawd, gawd a’mighty! I sees de light! It’z time for a new religion!”

    As Jesus had previously ended “god’s contract” with the Jews by fulfilling its legal requirement for sacrifice, Saul/Paul begins by emphasizing the need to continue observing Jewish religious customs sans sacrificial tribute. However, Temple Jews, now freed from their sacrificial burdens, see no need of continuing to follow a savior that fulfilled his mission, so it’s time for Jews to move on with a new search for a Messiah that will deliver them from their Roman oppressors.

    Thus, it soon becomes apparent to Saul/Paul that the ranks of his new religion have no hope for attaining any kind of substantial following among Jews. So Saul/Paul incorporates the goyim into the religion, exempting them from the Jewish customs, e.g. circumcision, but insists on maintaining other original Temple customs for his Jewish followers of his new religion.

    Fast forward two millennium to the year 2020 –


    “Hey Maury, remember how ve crucified that mamzer Jesus on the cross and how we screwed up by allowing his sacrifice to fulfill our blood contract vith YHVH? Vell Maury, believe it you will not, but it turns out after two thousand years, our very best lawyers found a loophole that says it ain’t zo! That’s right Maury, our contract vith god is bring reopened! And guess vat, ve are almost ready to reopen the Temple mall for bizness again! Don’t forget to bring your clean shekel tribute to the opening ceremony.”

    In the meantime, Christians frantically call on Jesus only to hear the message – “We’re sorry, but the number to which you have prayed is no longer in service.”

    * Daniel 5

      You got it.
      Also, read this(below link) specific passage from “A requiem for Hitler : and other new perspectives on the German church struggle by Klaus Scholder”.


    2. Have you ever read the Acts of the Apostles, clearly showing the primacy of Peter among the apostles, not Paul?

      Paraphrasing St Augustine who said, “No one denies God who doesn’t have a reason for not wanting Him to exist,” I would say, “No one denies the divinity of Christ who doesn’t have a reason for not wanting Christianity to be true.” It’s like the Darwinian biologist who said he believes in Darwinism despite the lack of transitional forms in the fossil record “because the alternative is unacceptable.”

      “The fool says in his heart [not his mind], “There is no God.” Their deeds are corrupt, depraved.” (Psalm 14)

      The greatest obstacle to belief in Christ — and the church He founded upon His apostles and their successors to teach, govern, and sanctify in His name — is unrepentant sin, usually of a sexual nature. “Impurity’s firstborn offspring is blindness of spirit.” (St Thomas Aquinas)

      [N.B.: The Church Christ founded now exists “underground” where Catholic Tradition in all things has been maintained, since the prophesy of Our Lady of La Salette has been fulfilled: “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist. The Church will be in eclipse. The world will be in dismay.” (1846) This happened at the 1958 papal conclave, which is why the Church went the way of revolution in the 1960s at the same time of the cultural/sexual revolution, both orchestrated by Judeo-Freemasonry in the service of Satan.]

      There are two alternatives in the intellectual life: we either try to conform our behavior to the truth, or we try to conform the truth to our behavior. The second is much easier, but involving spiritual slavery, makes us unhappy, and leads to hell. The first is a challenge, and requires humility, prayer, God’s grace, and effort, but leads to spiritual freedom and relative happiness in this world and to eternal unimaginable happiness after death. It is our intellectual pride that blinds us to the truth. Humility and a pure heart leads to spiritual vision. “Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.” (Matthew 5.8)

      God created man in His own image and likeness, and man has been trying to return the favor ever since.

      1. @DARRELL
        Since you brought up Darwin, I have to tell you that Hitler was a staunch believer in Darwinism. Here are the quotes from his speeches, where he reiterates Darwin’s evolution theory again and again, in one speech Hitler PARAPHRASES Ernst Hackle’s quote (Ernst Haeckel himself a Darwinist).

        1. https://imgur.com/zCuAudh

        2. https://imgur.com/4uC6X7l

        3. https://imgur.com/gdTPkO1 ( In this quote Hitler literally says “if your ancestors had not fought, today YOU WOULD BE ANIMAL”)

        4. https://imgur.com/gENJGaO (In this speech Hitler PARAPHRASES German Darwinist Ernst Haeckel)

        5. https://imgur.com/4RfzUr8 (Memoirs of Christa Schroeder and Otto Wagener confirm that Hitler believed in Darwinism)

        6. https://imgur.com/bII6Gcb

      1. Except that Aesop’s Fables were obviously the product of a very clear-thinking person, someone of great wisdom.

        Excuse me, but this is an extremely serious problem. Nothing can be accomplished by arguing with Christians forever. I don’t care what people think. I care what they do.

  7. The tone of this and the previous article about Hitler’s religious views, and the tone of the comments strikes me as utterly weird. It sounds like panic. Why should Hitler not be anti-Christian? Especially as in the East in Stalin’s Bolshevik Russian Empire churches were actively looted, used in mockery as warehouses, torn down, etc. Roosevelt stated that religious practice was free in Russia, and I don’t think that he was not informed on the anti-religious program of the Reds n Russia. Why is the latter not panic-inducing and not remarkable? Is this hypocritical? In Hitler’s Germany, on the other hand, new churches were built, they were in the style of the time and did not have the appearance of warehouses or secret meeting places. Religious practice was unhindered; use of religious authority for political ends was, however, not well tolerated. This was especially so in the time of war.
    Hitler made frequent appeals to God and Providence in his speeches, SS membership depended on believing in god – as a numinous power, without specifying any particular religion, hence the question ‘do you believe in a godly being?’ of the SS member to enter the order.
    The comments that sound so alarmed, even panicked, seem to be from those who can’t think of God other than the one the Christians believe in. That’s strange.
    Christianity was introduced with violence, coercion and cunning amongst the German peoples and the Church continued to mingle in German affairs throughout the centuries. Hitler’s opinion no doubt was in the line of the conflicts all German kings and rulers had with Papacy in the Middle Ages.


      >”Why should Hitler not be anti-Christian?”
      Hmm lets see
      Hitler deeply admired a man who called

      • Jesus ‘Decadant’
      • Jesus ‘immature’.
      • Wrote ‘Pathetic God of Christian’.
      • Wrote derogatorily about New Testament, said “there is NOTHING in it[New Testament] … honest [….] the instincts of cleanliness are lacking in New Testament, There are only bad instinct in the New Testament…Everything in it[NT] is cowardice… and self-deception”

      *Hitler admired such a man to the point that he even commissioned to build a memorial hall where conference and workshop could be held to promote his Philosophy.

      *Hitler admired such a man so much that he gifted his works with expensive binders as Mussolini’s birthday present.

      *Hitler had such huge admiration and respect for this man that he used to visit his sister, Hitler granted his sister a monthly stipend of 300 marks from HIS PERSONAL FUNDS.

      *Hitler used to quote/paraphrase the words of this Anti-Christian man, whom he admired so much.

      The name of the man is: Friedrich Nietzsche

      > “Especially as in the East in Stalin’s Bolshevik Russian Empire churches were actively looted, used in mockery as warehouses, torn down, ”
      https://i.imgur.com/8JHXWHV.png ( Source : In the service of the Reich The Memoirs of Field-Marshal Keitel
      By David Irving)

      >”The comments that sound so alarmed, even panicked, seem to be from those who can’t think of God other than the one the Christians believe in.”
      Hitler did believe in providence, Léon Degrelle makes it clear in his memoirs

      Léon Degrelle about Hitler: “No one in the world has spoken to me so eloquently about the existence of God. NOT BECAUSE HE [Hitler] WAS BROUGHT UP AS A CHRISTIAN but because his analytical mind bound him to the concept of God.” ~ Léon Degrelle, Hitler Democrat

      1. I don’t quite understand what you are driving at.
        However, since Bolshevism was acting against Christianity, not only in Russia, but wherever it gained a foothold on power (examples: tearing down the Cathedral in Tabasco in Southern Mexico in the 1930s or the outrages against priests and nuns by the Communists and Republicans in the Spanish Civil War), while NS was only critical of the Christian doctrine. That seems to be more dangerous than being programmatically destructive and brutal, as with the Bolshevists. Why else the upset about Hitler’s remarks on Christianity in the rare breaks he had, as recorded in the Table Talks? Hitler was talking about all and sundry, and he had an opinion on religion, its influence and nature as well. That distinguishes him from the empty-headed creatures who become ‘leaders’ in ‘Democracies’ through sheer force of relentless PR. Do these creatures ever express any thought of their own?

      2. My first real summer job was working in a factory in 1965 when I was a teen. I worked there several summers. The plant was owned by a Jew, who started the company in the early 1940s. About half of the people working there were post war arrivals from all over Europe, including Poland, Hungary, and Ukraine. The production manager of the plant had been an officer in the Kriegsmarine, so much for the German-Jew narrative. There were at least 2 Germans in their late 30s early 40s that openly admitted to being in the Hitler Youth. They got along fine with the Poles and Ukrainians. The two that I worked with, basically said that while not compulsory, the parents not sending their kids were suspect. They compared it to what their kids were doing in cub scouts and girl guides. Other than illness or bereavement, the only “acceptable” excuse for not attending was Church related matters, according to them. Other than my father and 5 uncles who had served and thought the entire WWII narrative was BS, it was my first exposure to others bucking the narrative.
        So, was Hitler a “Christian”? Probably not in what was considered “Christian” at the time. That does not necessarily translate into taking hostile actions against Christians. Those “Christians” who were locked up or executed, were the ones that had crossed the line from theology to politics, which Hitler openly declared would not be tolerated. When has the RC Church ever NOT crossed that line?
        Was Mussolini really any different? He bought off the RC Church in a different way making them think they had influence. Of course, none of the above makes Hitler a “swell guy”, but it does not make him the devil incarnate he is portrayed to be.
        Being raised in a Lutheran Church and watching the schism that took place in the 50s and early 60s turned me off “established” religions. All I saw was a power grab. Of course, it did not hurt to have a neighbourhood friend whose father wrote the Foreward to this book: https://www.amazon.com/I-Was-Priest-Lucien-Vinet/dp/B000GY54LU

        1. @ Curmudgeon

          You have had some interesting experiences. 🙂 And you are extremely well-informed, based on your first-hand personal experiences with immigrant German Jews who fled Hitler’s Germany.

          LD’s recent articles on Hitler, incidentally, in no way suggested that Hitler treated Christians badly. On the contrary, he went out of his way to say nice things about Christianity in public, courting popularity among Germany’s vast Christian population. He needed to present an image of himself as a devout Christian. Both Catholic and Protestant Churches at that time had huge influence in Germany, especially the Catholic Church with its vast wealth and landed property. Hitler needed funding, mostly for rearmament and waging war. This money came partly from the wealthy Christian Churches, but also from German industrialists and aristocratic landowners who happened to be from traditional Christian families.

          The thing that has offended Hitler fans on this site is LD’s accurate contention that Hitler himself was NOT a devout Christian but had a scathing contempt for Christianity which he kept carefully under wraps. He revealed this contempt in his Table Talk book at the end of his life: private conversations between 1941-1944, the 3-4 years preceding his suicide in May 1945 in his Berlin bunker.

          The authenticity of ‘Table Talk’ has been universally accepted by ALL reputable historians … including dissident historians of David Irving’s caliber. The number of intensely anti-Christian comments in these private conversations of Hitler’s are far too numerous to be brushed under the carpet.

          Just check out the many anti-Christians quotes here in bold font block quotes:


          Is it such a crime to call Hitler “duplicitous” when his duplicity is proven beyond all doubt by quoting his own words? The nice things he said about Christianity in public were flatly contradicted by the nasty things he said about it in private.

          What is “duplicity” if that isn’t duplicity — saying two opposite and contradictory things for different audiences?

          1. What is duplicity but diplomacy dressed up in its Sunday best? If my aunt gives me a hideous Christmas present and I pretend I like it, is that “duplicity”? If she says “do you like it?”, and I say “no”, most people would consider that simply rude.

        2. When Curmudgeon started his first real job in a factory in 1965, Pat was signing up for military service in the Navy. Darkmooners love to work, love to achieve, Darkmooners certainly aren’t lazy. 1965 was a very busy year for Darkmooners, lol….

    2. Mirror Imager –

      I see great understanding in your comment! 🙂
      Whatever Hitler was, he understood the need for real men to believe in a Supreme Being. One should not fault them for trying to emulate that circumstance. Conventional Christianity often impedes that effort. We are torn between decisions and directions to the point of war – and no one wins.

      1. Thank you. Hitler perhaps felt that a reformed Christianity could have been a religion in harmony with the needs of an awakened national soul. This would have undermined the internationalist goals of the Catholic Church, as well as the universalist long-term goals of the Protestant Church. He knew that a good part of his Germans were affiliated with the Christian Churches, in the South more the Catholic, in the North and East more the Protestant Churches.
        The fact that the German Christians founded their movement in 1931, before Hitler acceded to Chancellorship, indicates that there existed dissatisfaction with a Christianity that preached submissiveness for the needs and aspirations of Germans, but not for those who had just gorged themselves through the hypocritical Treaty of Versailles on the wealth and future of Germany.
        Who wouldn’t start thinking about the nature and purpose of meekness and the fable of St. Martin when being robbed naked at the same time as being preached to by the robbers on the nature of justice and sharing?
        This gave occasion to recognize the ultimate self-destructive nature of a universalist religion such as Christianity.
        It seems that this was on Hitler’s mind in some of his comments as recorded in the Table Talks. To recognize that a beautiful doctrine of universal love is at odds with the practical goals and requirements of real life and its practical implementation not only impossible, but undesirable is something one has to expect from someone in a position of responsibility.

  8. Hitler was not at all ‘two-faced’ with regard to Christianity. His positions on religious matters simply evolved over the years (from Mein Kampf to Table Talk) – as do many honest individuals. Surely, if fate had granted mankind the victory of Germany (of Europe, of the Aryans), in the years after 1945 Hitler and the National Socialists would have, in a progressive, rational and intelligent way, also addressed and regulated the Christian question, as well as the Jewish one from which it came. After all, during the miraculous years of National Socialism, Germany had already gradually but radically begun to rediscover its authentic spiritual origins, linked to blood and soil, prior to and antithetical to the pestiferous Levantine infection. The black Vatican priesthood was well aware of this.

  9. Hitler poses NO threat to the world today! Fauci DOES!!!!
    Drill down on that pervert who funded the Wuhan Laboratory to increase gain of function – to kill people for fun!

  10. “Men of Israel, Jesus the Nazarene you nailed to the cross.” (Acts 2:22-23)

  11. The Vatican and Christianity is almost as evil as Judaism. Pauls’ letters are an abomination as well as most of the NT. Jesus was a Nazarene, a part of the Essenes. He did not eat flesh with blood in it and this is in the OT in Genesis and Leviticus. Mohammed did not eat meat. Both were vegan. The Essene book of Peace is a good read but the Gospel of the Holy 12 is as close to what the Jews write about in their Talmud about the man. The ancient “Jews” during the entire semitic period as well as the Phoenicians were Baal Haddad and El Melech Shaddai worshipers, Lord Haddad the storm god and God, King of Desolation.

    Getting a hold of Mein Kampf that was half way true to the original is very very difficult but the man did know of the Halacha, all oral and written laws and practices of the Jewish faith. I was not aware of the word until I came across the oldest and closest copy to German.

    The NT is entirely Freemasonry/Cathars/Templars which has a home base called the Crown which is the Crown Corporation of the CIty of London sq. mi. https://www.innertemple.org.uk/who-we-are/history/. These and the acts of the British and the US are the sickest nations of any that have ever existed as it has led to the spread of evil around the world through the power of Judaic talmudic law and the Kabbalah as well as the other books of seething hate for all creation, the Pentateuch/Torah/Septuagint.

    When scientific, mathematic and historical papers are found to show the 6million is a kabbalah number against the Russians first (Bolshevik Revolution made in the USA and funded by Zionists around the world), Ukrainians and Holodomor, and Germany in that order since the late 1800s, the undisterbed ground underneath all the garbage of lies that sit on top of it, the lack of the abilities of the facilities for a rather mild by comparison toxin for typhus, Zyklon B, as none of the areas were sealed, most of the construction was AFTER the war, the western allies leadership on the field and presidents/PMs wrote nothing of finding any of it, the fact that the International Red Cross has the numbers broken down into every camp to 283,000 with the latter stages being the worst as food became unavailable, the FACT there were more Jews in population in the Almanacs after the war than before, the FACT that original photos have been found and the doctored ones that are used a a cut and paste lie, the cultural centers, childrens nursury, soccer fields where British POWs, German Soldiers and Jewish held camp workers as the facilities were holding stations to move the population to Rothschild Land which started in 1917 with Marrano Arthur Balfour as stated in the 2 vol Book set with forward by the traitor “History of Zionism 1600-1918” by Nahum Sokolow and that the Protocols were written by the Haskalah which I translated from the Cyrillic Russian and on and on the lies continue such as human skin which was goat skin, and other completely fraudulent props, I have come to the conclusion that the most evil nations on earth at the time were #1 Britain which Winston Churchill wanted to continue to destroy in 1919 and stated again in 1931 that if Germany should ever rise to an economic power again it must be destroyed, or the declaration of war by Judea in papers in 1933, the entire WWI, WWII garbage is just that. Worse, the British and the US not only starved the people of Germany in 1918 and 1919 after the war and Jews took all of their assets leading to a life of despair and mass suicide, prostitution and hunger as the mark was worth nothing and had to pay all reparations in a war started by Serbia agains Austria-Hungary, but the Morganthau/Stallin plan of starving well over 10 million innocent Germans, men women and children which were on the Rhine River valley in many camps where the only place to sleep was the dirt or mud and the most common fluid to drink was their own urine, but the Gulags that the Soviets set up for their own people earlier for mass slaughter also brought and worked to death or outright stripped them naked and pulled their guts out and even worse for the women, I have no faith in any man except those of the indigenous that are the only people left with little exception that will not be bought for their love of money access power and control is unlimited and the sycophants of God, Country and Family are stupid, lying idiots that would rather kill first rather than communicate.

    The war memorials should all be destroyed as the greatest stupidity of man ever. The next are the slaughter houses, and all that pollute the air, water and soil with their chemicals and genome programs which surpass the absolute idiocy of any leader which is done in all academic, business and any other form of institution whose peer review is to keep the status quo, keep the ignorant as lost as possible and for those who are the sycophants of these so called institutions who are willing ignorant, should be considered as guilty of the same crimes against creation. We are talking global omnicide of which we are neck deep in the 6th extinction and the ONLY one created by an animal that depends on a healthy earth that destroyed it themselves with little or no remorse as long as they are amused and have no problem of the wealthy nations and people taking everything from those that have all but nothing.

  12. I believe Hitler’s loathing of Christianity was most likely the result of the Christian churches becoming Judaized and in many ways subject to Jewish influence, especially Jewish finance. “He who pays the piper calls the tune,” and financial survival even in the early 1900s often depended on dealing with the Jews, and dealing with the Jews usually involves compromising Christian principles.

    Even in the 1920s and 1930s Jewish-Communist influence in the churches was taking root. It is known that in the early 1920s Stalin ordered all the Communist parties around the world to recruit young men to enter seminaries and monasteries as foot soldiers in the cause of destroying Christianity, and especially the Catholic Church. Bella Dodd recounts this in her book “School of Darkness,” about which one can learn online or even on youtube, etc.

    The fact that the churches all supported the Allies in WWII, which we now know were in the service of international Judeo-Freemasonry, and opposed the one man who stood up to the International Jew, preventing Communism from overrunning all of Europe, is indicative of the power that Jewish financial power, their control of media, publishing and much else, had over all the Christian churches. So the “Christianity” he opposed was by and large a perverted Christianity, too worldly and cowardly to stand up to and oppose Jewish subversion and power. The last time any church did this publicly with any courage and effect was when In 1890 the Jesuit publication Civilta’ Cattolica, with Pope Leo XIII’s blessing, had a series of articles which studied the evils caused by Judeo-Masonry. catholicapologetics.info/apologetics/judaism/jewrope.htm (The Jesuits were a strong force for good then, especially in education, and didn’t go bad until the mid-1900s, especially after the pseudo-Vatican II Council in the 1960s, itself largely Jewish controlled, and convened by the first in a series of six NWO Globalist anti-pope pawns under the power of the Synagogue of Satan. O tempora! O mores!)

    1. @DARRELL
      Darrell, you say that Hitler opposed “perverted Christianity”, it would be nice if you can give a specific period when the perversion began.

      According to Hitler, St.Paul was the one who started perverting Christianity, if we go by Hitler’s logic Christianity would have never reached Europe because it was Paul who was called the Apostle of Gentiles who brought Christianity to the Gentile world.

      Your comment makes it seem like Hitler was fine with REAL Christianity, he was only against perverted Christianity, but the FACTS are

      •Jesus saw Old Testament as something divine, but Hitler hated the Old Testament.

      •Jesus speaks about Abraham in NT in a positive light, Hitler calls Abraham a Pimp in his speech.

      so already we can see Hitler being in contradiction with Jesus himself.

      Also, it is important to specify Hitler’s view of Jesus is totally different from the usual Christian view, Hitler simply did not believe in the divinity of Jesus. Check this comment: https://www.darkmoon.me/2021/hitlers-religious-views-excerpts-from-hitlers-table-talk/#comment-1018809

    2. I should reword the beginning of my comment, “I believe Hitler’s loathing of Christianity….” to “I believe Hitler’s loathing was of Judaized and therefore subversive Christians who could not be trusted to be loyal to their own country.” Hitler didn’t even hate the Jews as such. He said, “I don’t hate the Jews because they’re Jews, but they’re all Communists and therefore I must fight them.” Likewise those who called themselves “Christian” who betrayed Christ like Judas and allied themselves in any way with Jewish Communists deserved to be opposed as well.

      I asked Mike King from http://www.realhistorychan.com (one of my favorite websites) what he thought about the subject and he replied:

      “I have never seen any data suggesting that Hitler loathed Christianity. He absolutely believed in the Creator and his Divine Will, as well the moral principles of Christianity. He viewed the Church as an essential pillar of stability, though he was probably not a Christian believer in the biblical sense.

      “As for the commie infiltrators, like Niemoller and Bonhoeffer — those were wolves in sheep’s clothing that were rightfully ‘persecuted’.”

      King has an article on some of these pseudo-Christians, who prostituted themselves for ideological and financial reasons, feeding at the trough of the Jews who both exploited and despised them.

      By the way, I don’t think it’s coincidence that the two most hated persons in history for the Jews are Jesus Christ and Adolph Hitler.

      1. Correction: The Hitler quote is actually “I have nothing against the Jews as Jews, but they’re all Communists and therefore I must fight them.” Hatred was not mentioned.

        1. An absurd comment for such an intelligent man as you to make. I can produce dozens of Hitler quotes from which hatred of Jews can be INFERRED from what Hitler says about Jews in Mein Kampf AND in Hitler’s Table Talk. The actual words “I HATE ALL JEWS” need not occur to prove Jew hatred.

          You obviously have not read this recent article on the DM site in which JEW HATRED is repeatedly on display. Pease find the time to read it before you you act as an advocate for Hitler by making out that his attitude to Christianity may actually have been positive.

          These are Hitler’s own words for your benefit:


          1. Sis –

            I don’t know anything for sure about Hitler, except he had a mustache and hollered a lot. So I have not commented much here.

            Fauci is the one who IS alive sand dangerous to the world…. TODAY! He should be tried for mass murder.

            Did Hitler ever write that jews were god’s chosen people? That fake line may not have been spread back then.

      2. @DARRELL

        I am sorry Darrel MS King was plainly wrong when he said : “I have never seen any data suggesting that Hitler loathed Christianity.”

        He wants data.

        -Hitler admired anti-Christian philosophers like Nietzsche and Schopenhauer. Goebbels writes in his diaries Hitler loved Nietzsche’s analysis and dissection of Christianity.
        – Hitler had a deep admiration for Julian the Apostate exclusively for his Anti-Christian idealogy, Hitler loved the book Der Scheiterhaufen: Worte großer Ketzer written by an SS soldier named Kurt Eggers, This book contained anti-Christian saying by Julian the Apostate, Nietzsche, etc. He wanted this book to be circulated in millions.
        -The Vatican released an encyclical named “Mit brennender Sorge “, condemning Third Reich for its anti-Christian activities.
        -Numerous memoirs of people (Such as Christa Schroeder, Albert Speer, Heinze Linge, Léon Degrelle, Otto Deitrich, Ernst Von Weizsacker, Traudl” Junge, Leni Riefenstahl, Nicolaus von Below etc) who were close to Hitler, record the FACT that Hitler hated Christianity.
        -Hitler believed in Darwin’s theory, he even re-quoted an Anti-Christian Darwinian Ernst Haeckel’s quote in a speech.
        -He condemned the Old Testament in numerous speeches.
        -He spoke derogatorily about the biblical patriarchs in a speech, where he calls Abraham, Isacc pimps.
        -Christianity was attacked and condemned in numerous publications in Third Reich such as Newspapers e.g. Das Schawrze Korps, Official textbooks printed for Hitler Youth, Magazines, Official Texts printed for SS men.
        – Hostile attitude of the Third Reich towards Christianity was expressed by Pope Pius XII, in his letters.
        – Hitler in a passage in Mein Kampf he regrets the very advent of Christianity and calls it ‘SPIRITUAL TERROR’, Hitler writes in Mein Kampf, the world has been ‘AFFLICTED’ since the advent of Christianity.
        -In Mein Kampf Hitler says Christianity established itself through coercion.
        -In Numerous Speeches, Hitler accuses Christianity, for the downfall of Rome.
        -Hiter refers to multiple gods and goddesses(i.e. Polytheism) in his Mein Kampf.
        -Hitler’s closes associate was Martin Bormann, who was an ardent Anti-Christian, Hitler never cared about Bormann’s anti-Christian attitude, Bormann was trusted by Hitler till the very end, which is odd for a supposed ‘Pro-Christian’ to associate with such an ardent Anti-Christian.
        -Although Table Talks English Version has numerous Anti-Christian quotes, is rejected since it has many discrepancies in the translation, But the original two German Documents ‘Hitlers Tischgespräche im Führerhauptquartier’ and ‘Monologues at Hitler’s headquarters from 1941 to 1944’ are completely authentic, no historian has doubts the authenticity of these two documents, and these two documents have a hell lot of Anti-Christian quotes.
        -Goebbels Diaries documents the fact that Hitler hated Christianity.
        -Hitler, Himmler, and Dietrich Eckart expressed their hatred for St.Paul, Himmler expressed it in a public speech.
        -In one of his speeches, Hitler exclusively said Christianity was NOT THE FOUNDATION of the newly established state(NS Germany) but Volksgemeinschaft is the foundation.
        -Hitler did not allocate space for Churches in his Germania.


        > ” He viewed the Church as an essential pillar of stability”

        I don’t even have to write on how deeply absurd is the above statement made by MS King.

        Léon Degrelle in his memoirs exclusively writes Hitler was expecting the religion to get dissolved on its own without any intervention, this is corroborated with Walter Hewel’s Diaries and Table Talks

        Goebbels writes in his diaries that they [Nazi] want liquidation of Church.

        Nazis regime harassed the Churches to the point where Vatican released an encyclical ‘Mit brennender Sorge’ condemning NS regime for its ANTI-CHRISTIAN attacks.

        Pope Pius XII clearly writes in his letters to Bishops in Germany about the attacks being made on Catholic Church in Nazi regime.

        So tell me Darrell who is right here, are Degrelle, Goebbels, Pope Pius XII, etc are right, or MS King.

        Also, tell me Darrell, would you admire a person who calls Jesus decadent, immature, and writes derogatorily about New Testament?
        Would you commission to build a memorial hall where conference and workshop could be held to promote the philosophy of such a person?

        Anyway this is my last reply.

        1. “Also, tell me Darrell, would you admire a person who calls Jesus decadent, immature, and writes derogatorily about New Testament?
          Would you commission to build a memorial hall where conference and workshop could be held to promote the philosophy of such a person?”

          MY answer: YES, definitely!!! 88.

        2. You bring up very many and strong objections. My knowledge of the period is surely not as extensive as yours, but I still wonder if Hitler considered the Catholic and Protestant leaders traitors to their own country and having more allegiance to the despicable Allies and therefore in effect to Jewish International finance and International Communism than to Germany. Even during WWI the Jewish control of information was so disproportionate that George Bernard Shaw, Hilaire Belloc, G.K. Chesterton, and many other British intellectuals succumbed to the anti-German lies and became propagandists in the anti-German crusade, and it was rare to find anyone of cultural influence who did not denounce the Jewish-controlled Globalist Anglo-Franco-American powers. Henry Ford, Charles Lindburg, and Fr Charles Coughlin were exceptions to the rule. An understanding of WWI and its cruel and devastating effects on Europe and especially on Germany, economically, culturally, and morally is necessary to understand WWII , and I think the best documentary on that is by James Corbett of The Corbett Report: https://www.corbettreport.com/corbett-report-documentaries/ (half way down the page; the other documentaries there are of great importance as well)
          If any readers are not yet familiar with James Corbett, I’m confident you will be glad you are once you listen to and/or read what he says, and it’s all open source so he can’t be accused of espousing any irrational conspiracy theory. Although his main youtube channel has been banned, a wide variety of subjects discussed can still be seen at

          Here are some little known but very important documents worth reading/saving, showing what powers Hitler was up against, which had infiltrated the churches:
          Pinay, The Plot Against the Church: holywar.org/txt/pinay/default.htm

          1. darrell, the holywar link is defective, here is the correct one
            keep fighting b/c the truth will prevail (how can it not—it is the alternate def’n of truth—that which prevails in the end)

            1. “TRUTH” is a pharisee-jew trick!! No one KNOWS another’s truth…. just their own truth….. their guesses at truth.

              1. Why do we bother debating all the time about many different topics if each of us have our own truths and there’s no such thing as “objective truth”?

                1. TRO’G’ ( 🙂 ) –

                  Why ….?? Like I wrote, only you have that ‘true’ answer. It is not up for debate.

                  Joe Fallisi asks waaaaay more questions than I do. I give facts as I see them. I need NO answers. I have them already. So do YOU !!!!

                2. Is that an objectively true statement that there’s no such thing as “objective truth”?

                  In other words, saying there is no objective truth is self-contradictory, involving what (real) philosophers call “self-referential inconsistency.” Ergo there is in fact objective truth, since even attempting to deny it, admits it. Truth is ultimately a Person, a divine Person, Jesus Christ, who said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” It’s just that men tend to make a caricature of Him, as they attempt to do of the moral and social order established by Him.

                  God made man in His Own image and likeness, and man has been trying to return the favor ever since, i.e. ever since the Fall of Adam and Original Sin.

          2. “OWN TRUTH” is a pharisee-jew trick!!
            It goes by another name: “ATHEISM”.

            Devil’s finest trick is to have convinced the world he doesn’t exist.

            Satanism is the world’s oldest religion, Jesus came to warn the world after all the previous efforts were polluted by sacrifice, cruelty and perversion, it was clear that humanity stood no chance against Lucifer’s wiles and intellect—Dr Faust a case in point when someone’s arrogance leads them to think they can handle it on their own—be warned.
            I too was a carefree atheist in spirit even as I paid due lip service to Christianity to keep my family off my back—until I came to totality of conviction of Mephisto at work, 24/7.
            Lucifer is the cause, Christ the reaction—Savior, however much rejected.
            But I don’t preach this to anyone, not because of “Own Truth” meme but because of another meme, “You can take the horse to the water”—and that is the truth I was taught by experience.

            In what seems to me like an encyclopedic effort, Altiyan Childs Exposes Freemasonry (flawed in places but a giant gift anyway), he makes an astute observation, namely that if Satan wasn’t real, his worship would have been just another fad pursued by bored teenagers, stoned around ouija boards, skull tattoos, watching godzilla cartoons.

            But the fact is that Satanism has always been the choice of the power elites predating Torah and Zohar, the burning of live babies in the kilns of Baal, the worship of Baphomet by the Knights Templar (Order of Solomon’s Temple) who ended up as Europe’s greatest banking dynasty, until today’s witchcraft cults infesting Hollywood, Davos, Bilderberger, Epstein island, Planned Parenthood, Washington Beltway, &c, &c, sorcerous incantations and blood soaked rituals—do you know why?

            BECAUSE IT WORKS.
            (People go on, snigger dismissively and Baudelaire loop is closed, trapping what Masons call “The Vulgar”)

            They get the power craved badly enough to greedily trade whatever Lucifer demands in return—why they mocked Jesus that if He was indeed Son of God why not release Himself from the Cross—had He done so, He would have instantly become one of them.
            The Club of Rome, like George Carlin said, it’s a big club and you ain’t in it—be thankful for that.
            But the door is always open and inviting to an atheist (facilis descesus)—as soon as past entrance, the “religion” got you in its claws, no more “own truth”, gotta obey the Law, independent thinking a thing of the past.

            1. Lobro –

              You skipped over the important meme of Christianity…. that God made humans in his image. IF, IF, IF that is true, then each human has the ability to determine ‘truth’ for himself.

              Knowing and writing that we can determine ‘truth’ on our own is actually praising the creator, by acknowledging that gift which is given to all of us. It is certainly NOT “ATHEISM” to do so… as you ‘guess’ it is!

              Your sermon has helped strengthen my opinion in opposition to yours. Thanks for the help there!!

              That’s MY TRUTH!! Independent thought used. Carlin notwithstanding. 🙂

              1. Pat,
                Meme not for me.
                Try this on for size: if God made humans in his image then what need for Own Truth™? Not merely circular but circles-within-circles, e.g., if Own Truth then Own God, the center can’t hold like the poet guy said (Keats?). And Jew once again got us where he wants us, each on our own while their army marches under one banner, Redshield goat of Mendes.
                That meme makes no sense to me, probably mistranslated, misinterpreted, misunderstood. Maybe something that every unit of biological life contains a bit of God in it, God being whatever is greater than sum of all parts, each of us a part (and apart, striving toward unity).
                Something like that—enough raw material to work on.
                Otherwise it is just semantics, which is not my bag, time too short for tail-chasing.
                No more “sermons” nor semantics without nutritional value.

                1. “. . . if Own Truth then Own God, the center can’t hold like the poet guy said (Keats?).”

                  You almost got it. YEATS! Not Keats.

                  — I Adore Hitler,
                  Faithful unto death (like you) to Mein Fuhrer.

  13. Has it dawned on anyone that to break the iron grip Jewry has over the Goyim, that the binding spell needed to be broken.

    Hitler, who clearly stated in Mein Kampf that Jews were to blame, knew the Christian religion was binding German folk to Jewry and needed to be busted. So how could the bust master be a Christian yet appeal to them? Aha, he was a politician like all the rest. The end justifies the means, he says I am a Christian yet know it is a problem for the Reich.

    Hitler came and went, yet the binding force of Gentiles to Jewry is still with us, the song remains the same, the spell on the Goyim minds is just as strong as ever. Why is this? Shouldn’t we examine our beliefs if our beliefs are causing us harm? For instance, the Evangelical Christian belief system is binding them to Israel and causing great harm to the Palestinians. 99% of the Zionists are Christian.

    Christianity has convinced many Gentiles (gentle peoples) that these Hebrews talked to God, became God’s chosen pets, are the keepers of the holy words of God, that the Jewish messiah is the only path to God, the the mother of God was a Jewish woman, that the messiah told us to keep the law (Torah).

    It is pretty clear Jews own Christians. And since people want to get out of hell (life on earth) the wantingness to get to a better place in the next life is a strong force. Regular Christians also love Jews and Israel, maybe not for the same reason as the Israeli firsters. I mean if God was born a Jew, who are we to criticize the Jew? If the Jew Jesus died for all the sins in the world, then who is anyone to question the holy chosen tribe?

    To be a Christian means you name your children after Bible characters like Peter, Paul, Mary, Stephen, Joseph, Mark, Luke, etc. I went to Catholic school for 12 long years and not a classmate was named anything but a name in the Jewish written Bible. Catholic holidays are all centered around what some Jews did 2,000 years ago. I can remember the nuns telling us all about Jew life in Ancient Israel, how God made Jews walk in the desert for 40 years because God didn’t have maps or dash navigation. The nuns explained in excruciating detail how Jesus was nailed to the cross, but never told us about the Palestinians being blown to bits by American funded bombs.

    To be a Christian you celebrate God Jesus being born in Jerusalem, then later crucified on a cross for your sins in Jerusalem. That is a pretty special town for them. And you know God was born of a Jewish virgin, as if that is even possible if you know about Jewish women and sex. So it seems pretty clear Jews own Christians – they own their minds, and their holy persons, their holidays and their calendar, their thinking patterns like turning the other cheek, especially when the Jew swindles you with Jew fiat notes or does harm like 9-11-2001.

    God commands us to forgive, forgive, forgive those who trespass against us, so who are these uppity Palestinian Christians who are not forgiving Jews when they steal their land, their homes, and their lives of their children. Israel is the apple in God’s eye, and you better not go against Israel or you are going against God. Anyone who doesn’t love Israel is in league with the devil I tell ya, and I know the Bible tells me so.

    God loves Israel and Jews, and Christians want in on that relationship, they want in to the special club called afterlife with God in heaven with everything white and pure and singing angels blowing trumpets and no one has to work. So Hitler was no match for the Bible, the Bible won WW2, and Jewry is still in control, wrecking the world, and you know you better forgive them for doing havoc since they are the chosen ones, nation wreckers and all for God. So if the Jews are wrecking your nation, robbing it blind, it was all God’s will, resistance is futile.

    1. @YUKON JACK
      >”Hitler came and went, yet the binding force of Gentiles to Jewry is still with us, the song remains the same”

      To break the binding Hitler writes in his Mein Kampf that “coercion is broken only by coercion and terror only by terror.”.

      Hitler is not wrong though, Christianity DID establish itself in Europe through coercion and terror.

      Read this: https://imgur.com/a/G2VaCNb

      And Watch this too: https://worldtruthvideos.org/watch/hitler-mein-kampf_DLUP4xDLXfTiyrj.html

      1. I agree, Christianity was imposed on the European tribes by force. Their gods and customs were swept away, all that was natural was replaced by the OFF WORLD ABRAHAMIC SPACE ALIEN CARGO CULT. It is very clear (at least to me) that the Jews are the alien proxy on earth, the keepers of the off world inspired “holy” text.

        Put in simple terms, Europe was raped by Yahweh, Yahweh is an amalgamation of Middle East Anunnaki male personalities like Enlil, Marduk etc


        Christianity is a subset of brutal Anunnaki rule, there is no defending it in the name of love. Anyone who thinks being lied to about God, and that Christianity is about Love doesn’t understand that judgment and love are polar opposites. A god is not love if it judges you, thus the Christian theology of needing forgiveness is just an extension of the evil of Yahweh and his brutal judgment.

        No one is a “sinner” in the eyes of god. How can a creator judge it’s creation without judging itself? No one needs to be forgiven for a fable of Adam and Eve eating some fruit many thousands of years ago, you are not born guilty, it is a scam to get political control not good metaphysics. Christianity rests on the bedrock of sin, without sin, no one needs to be saved.


        No one has ever need to be saved by a Jewish messiah, that is an idea cooked up by the Flavians, Titus and Josephus. It is a real laugh that any European ever needed forgiveness or salvation from any Middle Eastern god or Jewish theology writer (lying Rabbis).

        So here we are, Hitler has come and gone, and the Jew and his control over us is still with us. Is it the Jew who is the problem or is it the Gentile who needs to overcome the myth and set himself free of alien mind control?

        We need to graduate from organized religion.

  14. “Ex abusu ad usum non valet consequentia.” The abuse of something in itself good does not negate its legitimate and proper use. Deviation from a lofty ideal does not discredit the ideal. Try reading the life of a saint to see the heights of heroic virtue and miraculous power that can be attained under the influence of supernatural grace.
    Padre Pio (d. 1968) is a good modern example of a saint: http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/PadrePio.pdf
    St Anthony of Padua performed many astounding miracles:
    St Augustine wrote the first and greatest autobiography:

    “And you know God was born of a Jewish virgin, as if that is even possible if you know about Jewish women and sex.”

    Be careful what you say about the most beloved daughter of God the Father, Mother of God the Son Incarnate, and Spouse of the Holy Spirit. Our Lady of Fatima revealed to the visionary Sr Lucia in 1925: “There are so many souls whom the Justice of God condemns for sins committed against me, that I have come to ask reparation: sacrifice yourself for this intention and pray.” Click on my name for the Message of Fatima.

  15. Adolph Hitler, like all giants of historic import, must be judged by his actions. By that criteria, he was spiritually above and beyond all in this Kali Yuga, perhaps in any time cycle. Particularly when compared to the racketeers of organized religion and their dogmatic, sycophantic herds of sheeple. Simply put, it is irrelevant if his thoughts were anti Christian, and whose definition of that faith is being considered anyway? He embarked on a divine mission to set things in accordance with the eternal laws of the cosmogony and nature as was his destiny. Little wonder that the demons who control this realm came after him full throttle. His critics and detractors are not worthy of licking his boots. He was and is, the Ultimate Avatar.

    1. You are right in every point.

      He was extremely well read in all the aspects of Judaism, what had happened to Christianity and was closer to the truth of Christianity as his beliefs are closer to being in line of the Nazarenes, a part of the Essenes who actually were of peace for man and creation. The fact he knew of the Halacha, which is all Oral and Written historical Rabbinical law, much of which is extremely hard to find such as Blood Sacrifice. He tried to eliminate the Freemasons which goes back to 47AD as the Mystic Force and Templars. His concepts of the trades, skills and banking are genius and Ben Bernanke called him a genius as the German goods and services and the work was not possible for inflation and the people were responsible for one another regardless of position. Wealth was closer to what Peter Drucker stated as the guru of modern management with no more than 20:1 of the CEO to the average worker.

  16. In February 1937, Bormann had also instructed party officials to ban clergy from teaching religion classes in the public schools.
    Source: “Schreiben des Stellvertreters des Führers an den Reichserziehungsminister betr. Geistliche als Religionslehrer,“ February 28, 1937, in Dokumente zur Kirchenpolitik des Dritten Reiches, vol. 4: 1937–39, ed. Gertraud Grünzinger and Carsten Nicolaisen (Gütersloh: Christian Kaiser/ Gütersloher Verlagshaus, 2000), 4: 18.


    A few months later(later from February 1937), the Ministry of Education ordered schools to comply with Bormann’s directive.
    Source: Conway, The Nazi Persecution of the Churches, 1933–45,183.
    Hitler was especially zealous about gaining control of the hearts and minds of the young people of Germany, which also put him in conflict with the Catholic Church. He told a gathering of the Hitler Youth on May 1, 1937,
    “There can be but one German Youth Movement, because there is but one way in which German youth can be educated and trained. The handful of people, who perhaps still cherish within themselves the thought that, beginning with the youth, they will be able to divide the German nation again, will be disappointed. This Reich stands, and is building itself up anew, upon its youth. And this Reich will hand over its youth to no one, but will take its education and its formation upon itself.” (Hitler, speech on May 1, 1937) [ Köln, Volkszig; May 3rd, 1937 ]

    Because he wanted the exclusive right to indoctrinate children, Hitler issued a law in 1936 that made the Hitler Youth compulsory. This was a body blow to the Catholic youth organizations, because Baldur von Schirach, head of the Hitler Youth, forbade dual membership in the Hitler Youth and other youth organizations. In March 1939, Hitler promulgated the Youth Service Law, which delivered the coup de grâce to the already weakened Catholic youth organizations by banning them entirely, which was a flagrant violation of the Concordat Hitler had ratified in 1933.
    Source: H. W. Koch, The Hitler Youth: Origins and Development 1922–1945 (New York: Stein and Day, 1976), 111, 219.

  17. Joseph Atwill wrote a book proving who wrote the Gospels and why. Jesus was invented by the Josephus and the Flavian Roman state, Titus as cast as Jesus in code. He proves it, Jesus is a fictional character. If Hitler had access to this book his intuition would have been confirmed.

    You can read it for free online,


    or watch the movie – which explains the salient points,

    CAESAR’S MESSIAH: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus – OFFICIAL VERSION
    1,570,159 views •Sep 15, 2018



    If you want an analogy of what is really going on, imagine if we all had to wear face masks for the past 2,000 years and then it is discovered the reason to do so isn’t true, most people would continue to wear the mask. The same is true for belief in Jesus, it has been found out he didn’t exist and thus belief in him is no longer necessary – but like the mask wearers, they ain’t taking it off because it makes them feel safe.

    If you were raised Christian and your core beliefs are centered around Jesus and salvation, taking off the mask of belief would leave you rudderless and adrift, and be a big challenge to your ego and framework of reality. Thus the easy thing to do is to ignore evidence that unwinds your belief and stay comfortable in the green pastures of salvation.

    You never needed to wear a mask because masks do not stop virus transmission. This has been researched. You never needed to believe in Jesus, because it has also been researched and the truth discovered about the real origin of the faith – as a political manipulation of elite to control the masses. At no time in the past 2,000 years was the church a good thing and it is doubtful any of the popes – who were in the know about the origin of the faith actually believed in it:

    “What profit has not that fable of Christ brought us!” – Pope Leo X

    The church took us into the Dark Ages, which is the age of maximum faith, and the least amount of reason and science. It took hundreds of years for men to get their minds back and start a slow ascent out of rigid beliefs. During those long centuries of superstition and beliefs, popes took nun harems, cardinals and priests did animals, and witches were burned at the stake.

    The power the administrators of the faith got led them into total debauchery, and it continues until today as witnessed by the sex scandals in the churches, both protestant and Catholic. I can remember reading a list of penances for priests in the middle ages, which had a whole column for sex with animals, and I thought, wow it must have been really a common practice.

    Ten Worst Popes of all time


    It is clear (at least to me) those in charge of the faith didn’t really believe in hell even though they taught the concept to the rabble. A modern equivalent of do as I day not as I do is Saint Anthony Fraudci and his mask mandates.


    Now with all that said, you can free yourself from the bondage of guilt by reasoning your way to freedom. Were you really born guilty for what Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden? How is it fair that you are automatically going to hell for being born?

    Self esteem concerning your worth is the first step of recovery from faith. What about sin, is there really “sin” or is that a theological concept used to guilt trip the masses so they elite can drag net tithings and taxes? Does God really judge you when you die? Or is judgment limited to earth by legal priests wearing robes and wigs? What about race, if you are not a Semite, is the Christian religion really a religion meant for European races? Should the tribes of Europe be forced to believe in Middle East desert demons? Should we keep turning the cheek for Jews who are destroying us, that is the question.

    1. No one would ever think of denying the historical existence of Jesus, even among his enemies, until maybe ten years ago or so when some professor thought it a great new idea to propose to get a lot of attention and more money and adulation by the Jews and other sexual libertines like himself who liked the idea of being unburdened by the heavy load of repressed guilt they were continually and painfully finding difficult to keep from returning in unexpected and unpleasant ways. Gays would certainly find the theory attractive since their pool of repressed guilt is probably the greatest, except maybe for that of murderers. Why didn’t the Jews think of this panacea centuries ago? It could have solved so many of their problems. Instead they foolishly admitted His miracles, calling Him a conjurer and receiving His powers from the devil, and having a Roman soldier named Pantera for His father and a Jewish prostitute for His Mother. They sure screwed up when all they had to do is say He never existed. There might have been a problem, though, with so many early writings about Him, including pagan Romans, and all His apostles and many thousands of others being willing to suffer torture and death for a myth. Oh well, that was a long time ago and things were different and our understanding and knowledge evolves, randomly, of course, just like everything else in the universe of obvious and undeniable Darwinian absolutism.

      I looked at the list of bad and unchaste popes and noticed a really important one of the latter missing, one which our Judeo-Masonic overlords prefer us not knowing about since he was a faithful tool in their service, i.e. the homosexual son of a Jewish converso mother, anti-pope Paul VI “the Destroyer” (1963-78). See
      http://www.traditioninaction.org/ProgressivistDoc/A_094_MontiniHomo.html (and 2 other related short articles there)

      And one of the “bad popes” was Innocent IV, who was guilty of authorizing the Inquisition. Didn’t you know the Inquisition was a good, even necessary institution established in order to preserve a highly jeopardized social order? You must be reading the wrong books if you don’t think so. Try William Thomas Walsh’s The Inquisition, and Isabella of Spain, and Phillip II. Being an independent historian, he doesn’t have an axe to grind like most academic historians, and he also doesn’t need to toe an official line like them, one established by our overlords, in order to keep their jobs and put food on their table.

      I need to stop somewhere, but I’ll end with the recommendation — and don’t just dismiss this as foolish superstition because it’s more true than what you see in the mirror — and that is to say a prayer to the Holy Virgin Mary, now exalted by God as Queen of heaven and earth and entrusted by Him with the renewal of both the Church and the world. Much can be learned in the Message of Fatima, the importance of which cannot be exaggerated. Fatima Documentary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxZBxEJz1v8&t=2s (28 min) See also the excellent 1952 movie, “The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima” (1 hr 42 min), nominated for an Oscar even: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrPOIys6SiM (Things were a bit different in Hollywood in 1952.)

    2. A Genesis
      by Brownhawk

      The story goes that the origin of human beings stems from an ancient sibling rivalry, actually a feud would be more like it. Two brothers were the top dogs of the Annunaki that headed a mission to Planet Earth (known as “Tiamet”at the time) for the purpose of mining gold. Apparently they needed the ore to repair what had become a chronic situation concerning the atmosphere on their home planet of Nibiru.
      For many years, Anu miners dug and dug and dug for the precious stuff, and cargo spacecraft would transport it back to Nibiru in an attempt to patch things up over there. Initially they were successful in doing so, but the miners were getting restless and disgruntled over their tedious task and they rebelled. Low wages, long hours, awful working conditions with frequent mineshaft collapses….and no labor unions! Something had to be done, and elder brother Enki had a plan to create a race of slaves to mine the gold. It was a perfect setup. The slaves would all be strong as an ox, and just as dumb, meaning they wouldn’t complain about the drudgery, and best of all – you didn’t have to PAY them!
      The process by which these creations called “hu-man” were made (hu=of the earth, man=manifested) used an in-vitro method which combined the sperm of young Annunaki males with the eggs of female arboreal primates who lived in the jungles of present-day Southern Africa where the mining operation took place. Things were going along just swimmingly. The newly created race of slaves would be literally worked to death, which was not a problem because they would simply be disposed of and replaced via the perfection of the Anu in-vitro system, featuring a prime selection of female monkeys and Anu males to draw on. Yet something big was brewing in the meantime involving Enki’s younger bother Enlil. Something that would have the ultimate of far reaching consequences.

      Enki was a most successful businessman. Cold-hearted and efficient, with a steady eye on the bottom line. Through his idea was created a race of mindless slaves that worked for peanuts (literally) like the virtual robots they were, until their physiological dispensation had run its course (i.e.; when they dropped dead). His younger brother Enlil, however, had a plan of his own that showed a semblance of pity for the poor downtrodden human peons. Instead of his constant overseeing of the in-vitro laboratory operation methodically cranking out replacement humans for the mines, he devised a plan that would put a little fun in their pathetic lives, and who knows, maybe even one-up his brother and improve production in the mines by giving them something to look forward to after a long, hard day deep under the ground. That idea was, wait for it…..SEX! But in order to make the plan work, he first had to create the kind of ambience that would put the first male and female subjects in the proper mood. This didn’t require much effort, seeing that all the surroundings immediately outside the mining area was on big beautiful garden anyway.

      While observing the day to day operation in the mines, Enlil noticed that these humans displayed what he thought was a crude form of flirtation. For example, when a female handmaiden would bend over to say, set down her basket of water rations for the men, a male miner would detect a strange odor emanating from her buttocks area and be prompted to go over and….sniff. At which time, she, having a headache and being in a cranky mood from being tired and overworked, would get wind of what he was, ahem, UP to, and coldcock him with a big piece of rock. Aaaah, thought Enlil, love is in the air! .
      So Enlil set about tending to the garden, which he named….the reader can guess that by now, it’s the one with the snake. He then brought those two crazy kids over to it, and watching from a nearby blind, saw the same kind of thing he observed in the mines. Only here in the garden the female would be up in a tree, and like with her arboreal ancestors, it was a banana tree. Picking up that wild scent again, the male climbed up after her….then over her….then INTO her, which she was OK with, being in a good mood by then…

      Soon thereafter (about nine months to be exact) the first little miracle occurred, much to the delight if the first human parents, and to the satisfaction of their Annunaki benefactor, but not his brother, who was furious when he got the news. Yet by then it was too late. Word had spread throughout the slave encampment, and soon would come the first human orgies.

      Needless to say, things have never been quite the same ever since, what with this new discovery of sex and reproducing themselves and all, whose effect has reached through the many eons of human experience…….so far.

        1. Genesis and Beyond

          Now that the reproduction genie was out of the bottle, Enlil’s fury over what his brother Enki had wrought subsided….somewhat. The business man in him took over, and his thoughts became focused on how to manage this new proliferation of humans to keep the gold mining operation running as smooth as possible. This was his hope, anyway, but little did he know that by discovering they could procreate and have families of their own, the humans developed a sense of independence which enabled them to realize they didn’t need to work in no stinkin’ mines! Instead, over the ensuing centuries they would drift away to other parts of the planet and settle therein.

          Enlil’s anger towards his sibling rival was rekindled, but what could he do about it? It would be back to square one with the original in vitro operation of making human slaves, but this time with a strict monitoring to prevent a recurrence of Enki’s little experiment in the garden. This continued for many more centuries, with the cargo spacecraft shuttling the gold to the Annunaki home planet in what was becoming an increasingly desperate and futile attempt at repairing their failing atmosphere. Eventually, the plight of the Anu culminated in an unmitigated twofold disaster. One occurring almost simultaneously when news from the latest return trip of the shuttlecraft revealed the complete disintegration of Nibiru. OH, THE HUMANI……er, never mind. This coincided with a great cataclysmic flood sweeping over the site of their planetary invasion – Planet Earth. As a result, the Anu were driven deep underground into a vast and hollow darkness from where they would come to realize they were now homeless.

          Meanwhile, new batches of human strains (i.e.; races) had mysteriously emerged after the Great Flood had receded, and they proceeded to settle into the four corners of the World….and the Annunaki were watching. They would become the “watchers”, and from their voluminous underworld regions, Enlil and Enki came to understand the need to declare a truce between them and decide their next move.

          These were the leaders of the Anu, and by now the reader has surmised that their respective lifespans reached a prodigious number, unlike their human creations…..But I digress. The plan would employ a newly devised invention in order to exact a new form of control over their original human spawns, and it involved the vast amounts of mined gold whose original purpose could no longer be utilized. This invention would become known as that pernicious root called……money.


    1. @ Steve

      An excellent comment. Keep them coming!

      These invaluable infographics being sent in by you and one or two others say more (with a single link containing a contemporary quote) than all the turgid and unsourced ravings of the Hitler worshippers.They are proved wrong at every step but completely ignore the fact that they have shown up as hopelessly ill-informed and brainwashed nincompoops.

      One can only hope that William Blake’s famous aphorism from his ‘Proverb’s of Hell’ will apply to these besotted Hitler worshippers: “If the fool will persist in his folly, he will become wise.” 🙂

      1. As usual, Saki, you cut to the chase. The Hitler Fan Club fails to convince. The simple facts prove them wrong. All they do here is emote and have hissy fits. “Oh, how dare you say bad things about Our Adolf! He never killed six million goddamn Jews! — BUT I damn well WISH HE HAD!”

        So they love and adore the man who failed in his mission to make German Judenrein (Jew free).

        A bit stupid, isn’t it? Like singing the praises of a football team when it loses! 🙂

      2. Es muy poco inteligente repetir como loro la historia oficial,
        pregúntale a cualquier persona que piensa de A H y va contestar lo mismo que tú .
        Es tan facil ser un loro

    2. NEW churches were not to be built. And can anyone blame him, since both the Protestant and Catholic leaders had more allegiance to the Allies and international Communism than to their own country?

  18. Well Look, we seem to have no problem concluding that the allies were under the control of the Jews against Germany (German People) back through WW1 and beyond… Though our Zionista fellows here would rather not hear too much of that…
    FDR and Truman were both Jews, as were their helpers…
    General Eisenhower was a Jew, as was his main cadre of assistants…
    It’s obvious now that they were all in on the murder of General Patton, who was no friend of the Jews and who would have become president after WW2… In which case history would be entirely different now…
    The 1918 revolution was nothing more than a Jewish Zionist takeover of Russia, which has been under their control ever since… And has been allied with the ZOG for their Globalist purposes, never mind the Jew media vitriol…
    If every other Russian potentate was Jewish since that, then why not Stalin?
    We’ve all come to understand that the drunk Churchill was a Jew too, who orchestrated the surrender of the British Empire to the Globalists…
    And that the Queen of England, judging from her ceremonial accoutrements, is apparently somehow of the tribe as well, or is of the Egyptian Pharaoh blood, the same ISIS blood that controls Switzerland – SUISSE-ISIS…
    The same Globalists have maintained Germany and England in a debilitated state for decades and are now having Europe and the USA invaded with hordes of foreigners, who will not assimilate…
    Their idea of assimilation is death to whitey, this while the domestic colored populations arm up and organize around that very threat, with the Jew media egging it all on…
    The Catholic Church and the rest of Christianity is obviously complicit with Jewish Zionism, and is obviously some weird cult to begin with, yet the incredibly stupid average American, who sees the immigrant invasion, still supports it and continues to blather the typical media line on all the fake history…
    And Yet for some reason some if us can’t get it through our heads about Hitler being a double agent…
    To me it’s just one more small click, and I wouldn’t say it if his conduct of the German military during WW2 didn’t indict him…
    No Doubt About It, the Jews want Hitler, his image, kept alive AS IS forever…
    He has been serving their cause for decades…
    I suspect those who attempt to glorify him now as authentic to the narrative on the rise and fall of Germany are merely attempting to rescue their icon for the same old reasons…
    It won’t do for the Jews’ narrative, if Hitler turns out to be one of them all along….
    I strongly suspect his glorification now as a genuine anti-communist German Patriot to be only more of the same old tribal hokum…

    1. @
      It seems you did not read the 4 articles which I provided you earlier (https://www.darkmoon.me/2021/hitlers-duplicity-revealed-a-devout-christian-in-public-but-the-total-opposite-behind-closed-doors/#comment-1018999 ) those four articles are packed with official sources, and testimonies COMPLETELY DISPROVING THEORIES ABOUT HITLER BEING AN CONTROLLED OPP.
      And why do you think Hitler committed suicide??
      You can believe in what you want, you can have your opinion, but all the typical accusation such as
      • Hitler being a Jew
      • Hitler establishing Israel
      • Hitler being a secret Communist
      • Hitler being funded by (((Bankers))).
      and many others have been disproved BEYOND ANY DOUBT.
      if you decide to close your eyes and stubbornly refuse to read the articles which I provided earlier, then you can very well continue to have OPINION. Yes, they are mere opinions not facts.

      And Yes Hitler hated (((Christianity))) too.

        The best writer known to me on Hitler as just another Jew is a Frenchman, hexzane527. His contribution in particular is to look at all the odd events of WW, and explain how these are consistent with Hitler working for Jews.
        See https://big-lies.org/hexzane527/index.html
        I’ve done my best to list the files and index them, but of course is a vast subject. In my opinion, this subject is the one that makes Jews squirm most. They really don’t want people to discover it.

        (Hexzane527 does not do much work on Italy; if there are people with equivaent information on Italy, incuding Jews and unification, Jews and WW1, Jews and ‘Fascism’, Jews in Italy in WW2 and beyond, I’d be grateful for links – please email me!)

  19. “…yet for some reason, people can’t get it in their heads that Hitler was a double agent.”

    And for some reason, some people can’t get it in their heads that he WASN’T.

    I’ve indicated a gazillion times here that his conduct regarding the military during the war directly reflected the FACT that German Intel was completely compromised throughout the war. But hey, if that’s gonna fall on deaf ears…. oh well. It’s something that may only be proven when the Sphinx decides to end its silence 🤫

  20. I got it!
    Little Adolf was phedofilically raped by some damn priest.
    Odds are very high

    1. This is hardly a comment worth making. No factual information here whatsoever. Your comment is little better than an eructation (a burp).

      Please clarify: are you being sarcastic?

      Because if you are, I would advise against this rhetorical technique on the Darkmoon site. Why? Because most of the commenters here (uncultured Americans) lack the intellectual acumen to detect irony. They are what are known as “irony deficient”.

      If you say to them, tongue in cheek, laying on the sarcasm: “I really admire Hitler, if only for his fantastic Charlie Chaplin mustache. That mustache of his really turns me on! WOW, what a man he must have been!” — if you say that on this site, 80-90% of the commenters here won’t know you’re kidding. They’ll take you literally. They’ll think you’re paying their beloved Fuhrer a big compliment! 🙂

      So you have to be careful using irony on this site. They just don’t get it.

      1. Dear Saki,
        It’s positive irony, dark sarcasm born out of frustration.
        I am trying to figure out why would a Christian hate Christianity.
        What other possible reasons could there be?
        I’ve tried to find the answer but some comments are so long, tangled up and riddled that if my short inquiry sounds like a burp then those feel like a silent fart.
        we already know why he hated Jews which was obvious by his actions in the camps …
        …but ..
        What are the negative actions he took on Christianity that prove he hated it?
        and here comes the driver behind my possible rape theory: what did Christianity do AGAINST him hat he would hate it ?

        1. @ Sarita

          An excellent comment, Sarita. You ask all the right questions. I’ve just spent an hour responding to your various concerns and lost it all. These computer glitches can be most annoying.

      2. the chosenites produce such accomplished liars..
        why cant the inversion switcheroo apply where Herr Hitler is concerned ?

  21. While the world is on the fast-track to TOTAL OBLIVION… why the hell is Darkmoon FIXATED on Hitler???

    It’s enough to make ANYONE with two firing synapses think that “some folk” (cough! cough!) are throwing up a smokescreen to deflect attention AWAY from the on-going “escapades” of THE USUAL SUSPECTS!

    YES Virginia! Methinks something is amiss… and Darkmoon doth protest The Fuhrer too much!!!

    1. @ The Realist

      Let me explain something to you, my friend. You make a good point: why fixate on Hitler and past historical events when more important things, live the Covid-19 pandemic, is on everyone’s mind? We should be concentrating on the BIG ISSUES, you are saying. Like the Covid catastrophe. Not on Hitler and his theological views which are of no relevance to most people nowadays.

      Are you right to point this out? Yes, of course you are! But try and explain this:

      Recently Lasha sent the Truthseeker site this article for publication: “Hitler’s Religious Views: ‘Excerpts from ‘Hitler’s Table Talk'” :


      She expected a tepid response from the commenters. Editor Rixon had published 10 other articles the same day on far more more exciting events, notably on the bombing of Gaza by the criminal Israeli government and the ongoing Covid crisis that was the “Big Topic”. Imagine therefore Lasha’s surprise when her “irrelevant” article about Hitler’s religious views took a record number of comments (41). All the other articles published that day came nowhere near it. Few of the other articles got over 10 comments, which is a “good score” on Truthseeker. Some articles only got 3-4 comments.

      How do you explain this unusual interest in Hitler, Mr Truthseeker? And why the relatively lukewarm interest in Covid-19?

      Lasha’s hypothesis is twofold: (1) Hitler in of perennial interest and will continue to fascinate and obsess people long after Covid-19 is forgotten. (2) People are now getting sick to death of hearing about nothing but Covid. The subject has been flogged to death! People want a change. They want some variety. And so they turn with relief to an article about Hitler. Which, when you come to think about it, touches on “perennial” matters of eternal interest: the politics of power, of war and peace, of life and death, of salvation and redemption. In comparison, Mr Truthseeker, the subject of Covid-19 is small beer. Of transitory interest. Here today, gone tomorrow.

      The same pattern of interest was repeated on Truthseeker the following week when Lasha sent the site yet another “irrelevant” Hitler article, not expecting much of a response.The article was called: “Hitler’s Duplicity Revealed: A Devout Christian in Public, but the Total Opposite behind Closed Doors”:


      Again there was an astonishing response: 38 comments to date and with most of the comments being long and heated diatribes with absolutely no agreement whatever among the many agitated commenters. And what about the other articles published on the site that same day? Far fewer comments. Mostly under 10 comments per article. And most of the comments short, tepid and passionless.

      Apologies for the length of this comment.

      1. Curiously enough, more books have been written about Hitler than about Stalin, Churchill, Napoleon, or any other leader in history. Hitler memorabilia are far more in demand than Stalin memorabilia or Napoleon memorabilia. A single authenticated tooth of Adolf Hitler’s, or a few hairs from his famous mustache, would fetch over $20 million in a few years’ time. An investment!

        1. And Hitler’s movement is growing and growing more than anything else, so as news it beats Covid which will soon be in the past.

  22. NATURE
    Thanks for the info…
    I’ll make an effort to peruse it if I get time…
    But I’ve probably heard it all before…
    I would ask you how you explain a few things about the story…
    Why did hitler throw 😳 the whole war by allowing the British army , roughly 350,000 troops to escape at Dunkirk?
    Why did he ignore the advice if his generals and help create the jewish state?
    Why did he ignore them again with the basic invasion of Russia and then the useless siege of stalingrad?
    And why did some of his own people try to hill him?
    We all have our impressions bssed on what information we have been able to glean…
    We have to trust our noses on what we find…
    I read in a research work the initial news flash was that hitler escaped, but stalin immediately ordered a revision -, that he committed suicide…
    Hitter is pretty much on the same level of infamy, notoriety, fame whatever as Jesus….
    But I doubt the public know the half of the real truth on either one of them…
    Because that’s the nature of the media beast….
    My first reaction at this point is to discount whatever is the official narrative….
    I consider that prudent….
    And not only do I have no stake in these characters, I consider those myths a drag on the enlightenment process and a hindrance to our evolution…
    Large reservoirs of ignorance, not good….
    No Offense….

    1. >”Why did hitler throw 😳 the whole war by allowing the British army , roughly 350,000 troops to escape at Dunkirk?”

      Hitler always admired British Empire, even in Mein Kampf he writes he wants to secure peace with British Empire, which he did in reality he sent peace offer after peace offers.
      The answer to your question is: Hitler thought the British people were Germanic Saxons thus they are brothers/cousins to him, Somewhere Hitler told even a drop of English blood should not be wasted.
      In one of the interviews of Ace Adolf Galland, Galland says Hitler had deep admiration of British people, Hitler thought British people were very similar to Germans.
      So the short answer, British are overwhelming Saxons and Normans both are Germanic stock, this prevented Hitler from destroying them in Dunkirk,

      >”Why did he ignore the advice if his generals and help create the jewish state?”
      This is addressed in the articles which I provided earlier.

      >”And why did some of his own people try to hill him?”
      A very minuscule portion of people exclusively the old aristocrats wanted to kill him, The whole Bombing campaign against Germany was to make the German public to go against Hitler and topple the Nazi Regime, that was the main primary goal, and guess what German people despite being bombed day and night NEVER went against Hitler and his government.

  23. Did you know it is against the law to name one’s son Adolph in Germany, and I believe Austria too and maybe a few other countries? Can you imagine? What could be more absurd? And people accept this? How about “Adolphus,” which used to be a relatively common name? Is that too close to “Adolph”? There’s the actor Dolph Lundgren. I wonder if he’s been at least advised to change his name or offered money by the Jews to do so. Maybe he said he’d do it but demanded more than the Jews were willing to pay so they merely blackballed him from Hollywood.

    The Jews always overplay their hand and later suffer the consequences. The reason they do this is they have rejected Christ their Redeemer, they who among all people should recognize Him since He fulfilled so many Old Testament prophesies. In rejecting Christ they consequently reject the Christian moral and social order, which is by and large the natural moral and social order, divinely established and able to be perceived by an unsullied human conscience. They believe they can create their own reality, employing performative speech, usurping unto themselves the attributes of God whom they persistently rebel against. They think they are gods, able to decide what is good and what is evil. If Satan could experience love he would love them dearly.

  24. For those who still have doubts that Hitler was a “Controlled Opposition” there are some points that one need to consider

    After hundreds of expulsion throughout Europe, Judaism metamorphosed into a religion of deception. This deception is exemplified by Jewish Aggressive Mimicry which is a form of deception.

    “Aggressive mimicry is a form of mimicry in which predators, parasites or parasitoids share similar signals, using a harmless model, allowing them to avoid being correctly identified by their prey or host.”
    How do Jews achieve this aggressive mimicry? Its called “The Marrano Strategy” where “The Messiah dons the gowns of a marrano, and walks un noticed even by his tribes men.
    By pretending to be more gentiles than gentiles themselves, hence pretending to be the worst anti-Semites! We see this mimicry all over, and it’s the same mimicry which was pointed out by another senior Jew, Disraeli.

    “An insurrection takes place against tradition and aristocracy, against religion and property. Destruction of the Semitic principle, extirpation of the Jewish religion, whether in the Mosaic or in the Christian form, the natural equality of man, and the abrogation of property, are proclaimed by the secret societies who form provisional governments, and men of Jewish race are found at the head of every one of them. The people of God cooperate with atheists; the most skilful accumulators of property ally themselves with communists; the peculiar and chosen race touch the hand of all the scum and low castes of Europe! And all this because they wish to destroy that ungrateful Christendom which owes to them even its name, and whose tyranny they can no longer endure” (Benjamin Disraeli Lord George Bentinck A Political Biography)

    You would have thought that Disraeli could not expose this, and still to root for his tribesmen. You would think he hated them. But think again! Remember who enabled the Rothschilds to extend Loan to Britain for the purchase of the Suez Canal loan by Britain? Disraeli!

    “Lionel Nathan de Rothschild (1808-1879) was the eldest son and main business heir of Nathan Mayer Rothschild. Lionel is remembered in business for his assistance to the British Government in 1875, helping his friend, Disraeli, secure the necessary sum to procure the Khedive of Egypt’s share in the Suez Canal. The business is analysed in detail in You Have It, Madam’: the purchase, in 1875, of Suez Canal shares by Disraeli and Baron Lionel de Rothschild, by Victor, 3rd Lord Rothschild (London: privately printed, 1980). Available in the Reading Room. https://guide-to-the-archive.rothschildarchive.org/the-london-banking-house/depts/loans-business/suez-canal-purchase-loan)

    And you think it was mere “business Investments” for this Globalist?

    Another example, let’s remember that it was Karl Marx, a Jew, who was the Father of Communism ( Which pretended to attack the Capitalists) who wrote a scathing Anti-Semitic diatribe against the Jew “A World Without Jews” And who financed Karl Marx? Rothschilds and his friends.

    Unless one bothers to research and understand Kabbala Judaism and its relationship to Communism, Zionism, Anarchism, Fascism, Hegelian Dialectics, Frankfurt School etc., its not easy to understand how extreme radicals such as Hitler could actually be working for the Jewish New World Order.

    The point is, anytime you find that the Jews are the principal beneficiaries from the policies by any World leader, that is in itself evidence that this leader is “Good For The Jews” and therefore under their control. And Hitler was “Good for the Jews”

    Being duped as to think that Hitler had anybody’s interest at heart except the Interests of his hidden master is not stupid. But to remain duped rises fundamental questions about one’s logic,

  25. Fast forward to the year 2525 – Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, nazi, nazi, nazi, Holocost, Hitler, nazi, Hitler, nazi, Hitler, Holocost, nazi, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Holocost, nazi, nazi, nazi, nazi, nazi, nazi, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, ad infinitum…………………………………………………………….…

    Pavlov eat your heart out..

    1. @ Hp

      Here’s a comment addressed to ‘The Realist’ by Sister Monica. It applies to you also. You appear to think that Hitler is an inappropriate subject for discussion right now, when so many more important things are going on. And yet, ironically enough, it is never an inappropriate time for you to praise Swami Prabhupada and evangelze for the glories of Vedanta on this site! 🙂

      Please consider extending the same tolerance and freedom of speech to those who take a dim view of Hitler as you would extend to those who think highly of Hitler. Their rational and well-informed comments would not be published here by Admin if they were cognitively substandard.

      Here is Sister Monica addressing “The Realist”. These words, as I say, apply equally to you and to the Hitler Fan Club:


      Let me explain something to you, my friend. You make a good point: why fixate on Hitler and past historical events when more important things, live the Covid-19 pandemic, is on everyone’s mind? We should be concentrating on the BIG ISSUES, you are saying. Like the Covid catastrophe. Not on Hitler and his theological views which are of no relevance to most people nowadays.

      Are you right to point this out? Yes, of course you are! But try and explain this:

      Recently Lasha sent the Truthseeker site this article for publication: “Hitler’s Religious Views: ‘Excerpts from ‘Hitler’s Table Talk’” :


      She expected a tepid response from the commenters. Editor Rixon had published 10 other articles the same day on far more more exciting events, notably on the bombing of Gaza by the criminal Israeli government and the ongoing Covid crisis that was the “Big Topic”. Imagine therefore Lasha’s surprise when her “irrelevant” article about Hitler’s religious views took a record number of comments (41). All the other articles published that day came nowhere near it. Few of the other articles got over 10 comments, which is a “good score” on Truthseeker. Some articles only got 3-4 comments.

      How do you explain this unusual interest in Hitler, Mr Realist? And why the relatively lukewarm interest in Covid-19?

      Lasha’s hypothesis is twofold: (1) Hitler in of perennial interest and will continue to fascinate and obsess people long after Covid-19 is forgotten. (2) People are now getting sick to death of hearing about nothing but Covid. The subject has been flogged to death! People want a change. They want some variety. And so they turn with relief to an article about Hitler. Which, when you come to think about it, touches on “perennial” matters of eternal interest: the politics of power, of war and peace, of life and death, of salvation and redemption. In comparison, Mr Realist, the subject of Covid-19 is small beer. Of transitory interest. Here today, gone tomorrow.

      The same pattern of interest was repeated on Truthseeker the following week when Lasha sent the site yet another “irrelevant” Hitler article, not expecting much of a response.The article was called: “Hitler’s Duplicity Revealed: A Devout Christian in Public, but the Total Opposite behind Closed Doors”:


      Again there was an astonishing response: 38 comments to date and with most of the comments being long and heated diatribes with absolutely no agreement whatever among the many agitated commenters. And what about the other articles published on the site that same day? Far fewer comments. Mostly under 10 comments per article. And most of the comments short, tepid and passionless.

      Apologies for the length of this comment.

      1. Saki, to be honest I didn’t even read your comment beyond the second sentence which had you already telling me what I think and say, and the (to me) unavoidable and agonizing peripheral glimpse of what was to come, oh my..

          1. I am disappointed in Homer. The least I would have expected from a devotee of Krishna is good manners.

            1. Homer is not a problem. He is entitled to his beliefs. And I don’t think he said anything offensive in the first place. As for his occasional comments on Oriental mysticism and Krishna, they make a refreshing change on this website and they are more than welcome.

              Please remember that my initial comment quoted by Saki was not addressed to Homer. It was meant exclusively for another poster called ‘The Realist’.

        1. Don’t be too dismayed, Homer. Saki has always written as if she were paying the bills here. 🙂

          1. Pat,

            Trump thinks he’s going to be reinstated as the POTUS by August. Do you mind giving us your opinion about this? What is your opinion about this? Or, you’re way TOO busy having way TOO much fun playing the role of “Joe Fallisi” to just be yourself and give us your opinion.

            If you ever get bored with playing the role of “Joe Fallisi” [ though it looks like you really LERV the role and are not going to get bored playing “Joe Fallisi” any time soon ] maybe you can let us know what you think about Trump thinking he’s going to be reinstated as POTUS by August, because you’re a political expert, in addition to being a great actor, thx [ you’re doing a great job as “Joe Fallisi” keep up the good work , I mean it. How do they say in show business, “break a leg!”] lol….

            “Fallisi”, is that your Italian Sicilian wife’s maiden name? lol…

          2. Pat, water off a hoi polloi’s back! Saki knows I like … Saki (and MB), and that I respect their higher education, training (and lack of) but most of all their humanity.
            If not I wouldn’t listen or talk to them..

            (Sard’s cruisin’ for a bruisin’)

            1. @ Hp

              (Sard’s cruisin’ for a bruisin’)

              *SIGH*. My intervention in this heated debate was wrong and stupid and I apologize sincerely to you for the silly one-liner I fired off in your direction. In contrast, your response to me was the response of a true gentleman. As the poet said: “You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din.”

              I mean that, Homer. I’m not just saying it because of Sister Monica’s praise for you, which I happen to agree with. Lasha (I know for a fact) holds you in the highest regard and would be pained beyond measure if you were turn against her and become an implacable enemy, as your friend Lobro clearly has. She would be most upset if you were to abandon this website because you found her views unpalatable.

              So hang on there and don’t, whatever you do, be scared away by your detractors.

              Regard the caustic one-liner I shot off in your direction as no more than a Hamas missile, a damp firecracker that has landed in waste ground and done you no harm whatsoever.

              Anyway, cheers! 🙂

              Krishna still lives and is totally above the fray.

              1. The fact is, Homer, Lasha is no longer what she was in the old days on Xymphora where she got to know you and Lobro. She has undergone a radical ideological and spiritual makeover in the last three years as a result of a catastrophic event in her personal life which is reflected now in her poetry. She is now more interested in poetry (seen as psychotherapy for PTSD) than in manufacturing endless Jew-bashing articles.

                Bashing the Jews, as you know, is what most of the commentariat here expect and want. This is what brings them here: the need for their “daily fix” of Jew hatred. The problem is that Lasha can no longer supply this intoxicant as freely as before. She feels the need to understand the Jews, not hate them. Whatever faults the Jews may have as a group she is more than ready to admit, but with this one big proviso: she believes passionately that the goyim are just as bad as the Jews collectively, if not far worse. For her to go on railing at the Jews, she now believes, would be a bit like the pot calling the kettle black.

                As Christ famously said: “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.”

                Lasha can no longer play the role of an antisemitic Joan of Arc. She now prefers the role of Florence Nightingale, which is more suited to her new character: a kindly Christian nurse helping the wounded rather than a fierce warrior in the killing fields.

                1. Not only does the journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step, so too a change of direction.

                  Rumor has it the path to Home Sweet Home is also the goal.

                    1. @ Swanson
                      @ Alvin
                      @ Anyone else who has had a good comment lost accidentally

                      Send in your excellent comments again please.
                      Somehow they got lost as I was about to post them.

  26. Man was born a slave and still is a slave. If we had a real liberator, man would be taught by a messiah with great wisdom to be free. So it is obvious that Jesus is not the messiah, because Jesus taught us to obey the law, which is exactly what the slave masters want.

    Christianity is a slave religion, the apologists who come to it’s defense are not interested in your liberation, they are interested in defending the faith to keep the rigid system of control in place.

    Thus no freedom revolution can be fought by the Christian, Christians are under the mind spell of the slave system, and they need to first liberate their own minds before they can liberate others.

    1. @ YUKON JACK

      Everything in the Universe including you, IS LAW. So, the only way you can be free, is to understand yourself as Law. Jesus knew that, because, He is the one who created The Universe, including you.

      And knowing that, and desiring you to be free, he has set Two Laws: The Law of Freedom, and The Law of Slavery.
      The Law of Freedom is Love. The Law of slavery, is refusal to obey The Law of Love. So, we are all required to sort ourselves from that predicate.

      1. BF
        I dont see Jesus as being the one who created me. The true “me” of spirit, that is. I see him as one who conquered the reality of being bound in matter. A conquering open to all who would desire that.

        1. @ BROWNHAWK,

          He not only created you, He is not done yet! But of course, that is difficult to understand especially if you have not yet gotten the Big Picture in focus. How can we proof this?

          1. Jesus claims that God is Spirit. He too, in both flesh and Spirit, disappeared into the World of The Spirit after Resurrection.

          2. Science of Quantum Mechanics has proved that there is no such a thing as “Matter” What we have is excitation of Energy by Law, and this manifest what we refer erroneously as “Matter” So, all that we call “Matter” is pure Spiritual, just as Jesus claimed. The mechanistic view of Objective reality is slowly disappearing as the Truth of The Spiritual nature of reality becomes self-evident.

          3. Everything in the Universe originates from Light (Energy) And Jesus claimed that He is Light. “Matter is made of Light” according to Einstein’s colleague David Bohm.

          4. We think that at the end of our time here on earth, our life come to an end. But it has been found, (By Near Death Experiences) that Consciousness does not stop, nor come to an end after physical death. Consciousness continues at another plane. Since Jesus resurrected and disappeared while He was still alive, that in itself proves that wherever he is, He is alive, and life continues as His continues.

          5. Scientists are more and more getting convinced about the fundamentals of Reality, namely
          (i) Consciousness
          (ii) Law
          (iii) Information

           ( See The Universe as a freely generated Information System M. A. HEATHER & B. N. ROSSITER University of Northumbria at Newcastle NE1 8ST, UK, [email protected], [email protected] http://www.computing.unn.ac.uk/staff/CGNR1/)
           ( See the Universe as a Conscious Holographic Information Processor http://blog.world-mysteries.com/science/universe-as-a-conscious-holographic-information-processor/ Attention, Intention, and the Universe as a Conscious Holographic Information Processor: Part 1 – by Brendan D. Murphy).
           ( See Topological Geometrodynamics (TGD) UNIVERSE AS A CONSCIOUS HOLOGRAM Matti Pitkanen)
           ( See The Universe as a Cyclic Organized Information System: John Wheeler’s World Revisited Dirk K. F. Meijer)

          All this (Consciousness, Law & Information) stands for the Trinity who is God who says;
          “I am The Way (Law) The Truth (Information) AND Life (Consciousness)
          It is true that because of Religion and lies by some of those who call themselves “Christians” a lot of Bible insights have been fudged , corrupted, and the message tainted. But the Gem still remains. The Bible will eventually be proves True………….where will you be?

      2. BF
        I know all of what you’re saying, essentially. What I’m taking issue over has to do with the rhetoric in saying another being “created” us, or “created” the universe.

        To me, this smacks too much of a false narrative suggestive of an external authoritativeness responsible for our individual existence, one that aligns with a misrepresentation reflected from the Christian Bible in many instances, and contained in both the old and new testaments.

        But that aside, and in keeping with the revelations pertaining to the truth of spiritual nature as you alluded to, our personal resurrection to Divine Light does boil down to our choosing that Light. Yet even here it must be said that there are many “spiritual tricksters” that would con you into RETURNING to a mortal realm after you’ve expired from this world. This is why its incumbent on a person to be fully aware of what their true desires are when faced with this choice.

        Be careful what you wish for

        1. @ BROWNHAWK

          I know that saying that “Another being “created” us, or “created” the universe” does not sound convincing. But it would be better to reflect on the apparent paradoxes which even baffle our greater minds- the Scientists.

          Ask yourself, why is it so easy to accept the paradox of reality as revealed by Scientific enquiry and yet it becomes difficult to even explore the possibility that the same paradoxes we find in our reality are inherent in us too, as part of this paradoxical reality?

          Reflecting on the Wave Particle Duality, Entanglement & Super-Positioning Einstein said, “ I know the moon is there even when am not looking at it” And yet Quantum Mechanics tell us, “If you are not looking at reality……it does not exists!” So, are our own eyes deceiving us?

          Then, there is the question of Consciousness and Matter. Is “Mind” or “Consciousness” which makes the observation of a delocalized matter, a product of “Matter” which is essentially in a delocalized state, or is material “Matter” a product of immaterial “Mind”

          If matter were something real, and material, how then, can something so material as mater, arise from something so immaterial as these waves of probabilities?

          And on the other hand, if Mind is a product of Matter, how could something so unconscious as mater, give rise to something so conscious as we sentient human beings that apprehend reality?
          These, amongst other paradoxes need to provoke our mind, to wonder about “The Creator” and The Created” Our credulity which is always seduced by ignorance has always entertained the notion of objective reality. But when we dug deeper, we found NOTHING! And we are part of this nothingness.

          The fact that we are “Creation” is self-evident. But whose “Creation” are we? Our own? I know I did not create a single object in the natural world, which has always existed even before I was born.
          Then again, the fact that we are “Creators” is also self-evident, because we surround ourselves with our own creation.

          So, how is it possible that this fact is so commonsensical and yet we find it difficult, to entertain the possibility that the roles are swapped “On the other side” after we die? That just as we are creations becoming creators, we hereinafter become Creator with our own Creation? This logical proposition actually fits the paradox of reality as we have figured it this far.

          Just a thought

    2. uncle :

      An excellent post of mine that got lost. Thanks for being concerned about lost comments and wanting to make sure to get the lost posts featured on the commentary board . You’re the best uncle anybody could possibly dream of having for an uncle, aren’t you wonderful, lol…. :

      I can just imagine if Hitler had ordered his Luftwaffe to intentionally bomb the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan with the deliberate purpose of destroying Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”. OMG! Everybody today would know about it. There would be at least one Hollywood movie about it, there would books about it, jews in the mainstream media would still be talking about it, Discovery Channel would feature a documentary about it and play it like every 2 or 3 times a year. There would be TV interviews of art historians crying because Hitler tried to destroy the great masterpiece.

      Every year, on the anniversary date of the Nazi bombing of Santa Maria delle Grazie there would be solemn reminders from the talking heads on TV and in the newspapers and magazines of how ANTI-Christian the NAZIS were and what monsters the Germans were to want to destroy “The Last Supper”. The jews wouldn’t let anyone forget that Hitler/Germans tried to destroy Da Vinci’s masterpiece “The Last Supper” . But the Allies are the ones who bombed Santa Maria delle Grazie with the deliberate purpose of destroying Da Vinci’s The Last Supper so hardly anyone knows about the bombing raid.

      The Allies deliberately tried to destroy Da Vinci’s great masterpiece “The Last Supper”, NOT Hitler. NOT the Nazis, NOT the German people, BUT THE ALLIES.

      1. All the “Catholics” in “Catholic” Darkmoon’s “Catholic” ADMIN :

        My posts about the Allied INTENTIONAL bombing of the CATHOLIC convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, where Da Vinci painted “The Last Supper” mural on the wall behind The CATHOLIC altar [ The traditional CATHOLIC altar contains The Blessed Sacrament. Doesn’t hold true in novus ordo churches, long story ], the goal of the Allies was to destroy Da Vinci’s CATHOLIC Masterpiece, the CATHOLIC altar, the CATHOLIC Blessed Sacrament hosts, destroy EVERYTHING CATHOLIC IN THE CATHOLIC convent and CATHOLIC chapel of the CATHOLIC convent. “ANTI-Catholic/ANTI-Christian” Hitler didn’t do this, the PRO-Catholic/PRO-Christian Allies did. My posts about this don’t seem to be going over too well up there in “Catholic” ADMIN executive offices. Gee, I wonder why. Let me know why and then I won’t have to wonder about it anymore! Deliver me from my ignorance, Amen. *grin*

        By the way, did Pacelli issue any type of “mit brennender sorge” type ANTI-ALLIED encyclical because of the INTENTIONAL bombing of Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” and the destruction of a CATHOLIC CONVENT AND CATHOLIC CHAPEL in the Allied crazed jewed-out quest to destroy a CATHOLIC work of art? If not, why not? When did the ALLIES bomb the convent chapel in Milan hoping to destroy The Last Supper, on Maundy Thursday of Holy Week ? I wouldn’t be surprised. Hitler didn’t do it, the Allies did.

        1. The Allies also intentionally bombed Monte Cassino, the Benedictine Monastery founded by St Benedict. And they intentionally chose Hiroshima and Nagasaki to nuke because 95% of all the Catholics in Japan lived there. A great miracle occurred in both places, however. The 2 religious houses of Franciscans and Jesuits, even though everything around them was obliterated and everyone dead, were undamaged and none of the priests and brothers suffered any harm at all. Both religious houses were very devoted to the Rosary and the Message of Our Lady of Fatima.

          Re- Pius XII, he was surrounded by converso Jews and Freemasons and the intelligence he received was skewed in favor of the evil Allies and against Germany. His Secretary of State, Cardinal Augustin Bea was a converso/crypto Jew and Freemason, his personal secretary, Msgr. Montini, the future anti-pope Paul VI, was a crypto Jew (his mother was an insincere converso Jew), a Freemason, and an active homosexual, but Pius XII only saw him as a diligent worker until he learned that Montini had given over to the Italian Communist Tardini the names of bishops and priests secretly sent across the Iron Curtain to administer to the persecuted Catholic faithful. They were all apprehended at the border and either shot or met their death in the Gulag. Pius XII was devastated and his health deteriorated from the experience. He wanted to send Montini at least to a monastery for the rest of his life but alien forces within the Vatican that had already planned to have Montini do his destructive work on the Church when elected anti-pope after their first tool, John XXIII had taken the first steps toward that, and Pius was pressured (we know not exactly how) into sending Montini to Milan as Archbishop with the mere “punishment” of not making him a cardinal, which would normally be the case for that archdiocese. Some punishment for causing the murder of scores of priests and bishops! This traumatic experience, and the growing realization that he was surrounded by a growing number of enemies of Christ and of His Church, led Pius XII to make very few appointments from 1954, when he learned of the horrendous crime committed by Montini, and his own death, most likely by poisoning from his Masonic and crooked physician, Riccardo Galeazzi-Lisi, who was finally dismissed after causing Pius XII’s body to explode after an almost assuredly intentionally botched embalming. Like they say, you just can’t make this stuff up. And there’s much more, I assure you.

          1. @DARRELL
            Pope Pius XII himself was a Jew and the Nazis knew it well and they attacked him in their Das Schwaze Korps(the official newspaper of the Schutzstaffel) and Das Reich(weekly newspaper founded by Joseph Goebbels).
            Das Schwarze Korps: https://i.imgur.com/gTrjdVE.png
            Das Reich: The Nazi journal Das Reich wrote: “Pius XI was a half-Jew, for his mother was a Dutch Jewess; but Cardinal Pacelli is a full Jew.”


            Not only that, but Pope Pius XII was also working on a plan to DEPOSE Hitler.

  27. Of course Hitler is not a Christian. He believed in God but not organised religion or Christianity. Among the most interesting aspects of the NSDP regime was its connection to India and Hinduism.Hitler was reportedly fascinated by Hinduism and ancient Indian culture and had read the Bhagavad Gita, among other classic Indian texts.CHRISTIANITY AND CHRIST hould never be confused. Christ is totally different from Christianity so whenever you want to understand Christ, go directly and immediately — not via Rome; then you will never understand Christ .Christ or Krishna cannot be organized: they are so vast that no organization can do justice to them. Only small things can be organized. Politics can be organized, not religion.Whatsoever you have been hearing about Jesus is not about Jesus, the real man; it is about the Jesus that Christians have invented, decorated to be sold in the market. The Christian Jesus is a commodity to be sold; Christ himself is a revolution. You will have to be transformed through him; he is the baptism of fire. You can be a Christian conveniently… but you can never be a REAL Christian conveniently. If you are REALLY following Jesus, there is bound to be trouble.

    He himself ended on the cross; you cannot end on the throne, But if you follow Christianity there is no trouble. It is a very convenient way to adjust Christ to yourself rather than adjusting yourself to Jesus If you adjust YOURSELF TO CHRIST, there will be a transformation; if you adjust Christ TO YOURSELF, there can be none. Then Christ himself becomes part of the decoration of your imprisonment, part of your furniture — your car, your house; a convenience at the most — but you are not related to him at all.
    If you cling too much to Christianity, you will not be able to understand Christ. Christ is beyond all churches. Christ is the very principle of religion. In Christ all the aspirations of humanity are fulfilled. He is a rare synthesis. Ordinarily a human being lives in agony, anguish, anxiety, pain and misery. If you look at Krishna, he has moved to the other polarity: he lives in ecstasy.The Church is always anti-Christ, anti religious. Once you try to organize a rebellion, the rebellion has to be subsided. You cannot organize a storm — how can you organize a rebellion? A rebellion is true and alive only when it is a chaos. With Jesus, a chaos entered into human consciousness.

  28. I have seen many Hitler lovers trying to cope by saying all the memoirs of people who were close with Hitler were subjected to Jewish censorship, in other words, these Hitler lovers are implying that the memoirs of the people who were in Hitler’s inner circle should not be considered as proof rather only the words from the speeches and Mein Kampf, should be considered as legitimate.
    Well, I have extremely bad news for such people because even in speeches and Mein Kampf Hitler does make negative comments about Christianity.
    The logic of these people is just plainly absurd and foolish to the core, according to these people, the Jews would do make everything possible to make Hitler look anti-Christian, if what these people claim is true, then we should not find any Pro-Christian quotes in Mein Kampf and Speeches right? Oh, the logic disappears here or it can be said the logic disappears because the quotes being Pro-Christain are FAVORABLE to them so their Logic of Jews censorship need not be applied.
    The whole Hitler being a Christian or favorable to Christianity is destroyed in one historical document called ‘Mit brennender Sorge’, this encyclical was not a POST WW2 document, of course, these people(I mean the Hitler lovers) being so stupid and devoid of all the senses would also call this document as being forged, but I don’t understand did the Jew go back in time to 1937 to forge this document?

    Also how come these Hitler lovers are going to cop with the fact that Hitler’s fascination with Nietzsche, Hitler quotes Nietzsche quotes in his speeches. Hitler’s fascination with Nietzsche is alone pretty much a nail in the coffin for these people.

    These hypocrites who make up some reason to brush off the evidence will accept the evidence if it is FAVORABLE to them, it is not a matter of IF, they are already doing it when they embrace Hitler speeches and Mein Kampf since it is favorable to them, and they don’t apply the same logic which they conjure up.
    If we bring forward Anti-Christian quotes from Speech again they will dismiss with some reason. And Yes there speeches, where Hitler blames Christianity for the downfall of the Roman Empire and in Mein Kampf Hitler clearly, implies Christianity to be a SPIRITUAL TERROR, regret the very appearance, and asserts it is FACT. In Mein Kampf Hitler says Science will always win over religion.

    Hitler LIED to appease the Christian crowd and the Church.
    I will just prove here,
    Hitler said: “But we will never wage this battle as a battle against Christianity or even against one of the two confessions”.
    Did Hitler do that? NO. The proof is ‘Mit brennender Sorge’.

    Hitler said: “We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks THE IDEA OF Christianity”
    But Hitler himself attacked Old Testament, called the Biblical Patriarchs as Pimps, compared Joseph(Biblical in Egypt) to Walther Rathenau. As for being not tolerant towards people who attack Christianity, Hitler was COMPLETELY OKAY when Himmler literally called Christianity as 2000-year-old Bolshevism, attacked St, Paul in his speech and most of all Hitler was also COMPLETELY OKAY with the Great Anti-Christian Martin Bormann, as a matter of fact, Bormann had enormous power in the regime. So it clearly means Hitler plainly LIED when he said “We tolerate no one who attacks Christianity” also it is seriously laughable considering Hitler fascination with the greatest Anti-Christian Philosopher Neitzsche, shouldn’t Hitler being a ‘CHRISTIAN’ burnt Neitzsche books when Nazi’s burnt the books, on the contrary, Hitler gave an expensively bound copy of Nietzsche to Mussolini on his birthday.

    The Hitler-loving crowd, who staunchly believe as Hitler being a Christian or having a favorable opinion about Christain, Hitler himself would laugh at these people, which I have already demonstrated in my above paragraphs. where Hitler did not put into practice what he claimed, and he claimed such things to appease the Christian crowd.

    So I have clearly demonstrated that it is the SPEECH which is unreliable source when looking into Hitler’s faith, since he went back on everything he said in his speech which I demonstrated above, whereas his Table Talks and Memoirs of people who were close to him are totally CONSISTENT with how he treated/harassed the Catholic Church, which made the Vatican condemn Nazi State with an encyclical, Hitler visitation to Nietzsche archive, Hitler paying pension to Nietzsche’s sister out of his own pocket, Hitler’s being fine with Himmler calling Christianity as 2000-Year-old Bolshevism, etc. Hitler’s association of Anti-Christain Bormann etc.
    So Hitler lovers cope harder, Hitler hated Christianity GET OVER IT.

    1. @ Swanson

      Brilliant! Outstanding! Yet another hard-hitting, fact-filled comment that puts the Hitler Fan Club to shame!

      These are the comments which the Hitler Fan Club would like to suppress and censor. They’re not going to be allowed to take over this website. Admin is not going to let this site to become a forum for compulsory Hitler worship.

      Thank God for that! Long may free speech flourish!

  29. 1. The official NS newspaper published articles honoring Nietzsche, and they “applauded Nietzsche’s ‘battle against Christianity.’”
    Source: David B. Dennis, Inhumanities: Nazi Interpretations of Western Culture (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012), 250–51, 260; quote at 258.

    2. In his 1936 speech to the NS Party Congress, the party ideologist, Rosenberg, identified Nietzsche as one of three major forerunners of National Socialist.
    Source: Rosenberg, diary entries for September 17, 1936, and December 26, 1936, in Alfred Rosenberg Diary, 69, 133–35


    3. Heinrich Härtle published Nietzsche und der Nationalsozialismus (Nietzsche and National Socialism) with the OFFICAL NS publishing house. He admitted that some of Nietzsche’s political perspectives were problematic from a NS standpoint, but his final verdict was that Nietzsche was an important FORERUNNER of NS.



    4. When the National Socialists placed three books in the Tannenberg Memorial, they chose
    •Hitler’s Mein Kampf,
    •Rosenberg’s Myth of the Twentieth Century, and
    • Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra.
    Clearly, the view from inside the Third Reich was that Nietzsche and NS were largely compatible.

    1. @ Marcus

      Absolutely correct. Just make the connection between these two well-documented facts and you have all proof you need that Hitler hated Christianity:

      FACT ONE: Nietzsche was Nazi Germany’s most popular philosopher as well as Hitler’s favourite philosopher: almost a guru figure for Hitler who did everything to publicize and promote Nietzsche’s work in schools and universities throughout Nazi Germany. (Note. Nietzsche belonged to the previous generation and was already dead when Hitler as a young student in Vienna discovered his works and read him obsessively).

      FACT TWO: Nietzsche was known above all for his book “ANTICHRIST” in which he poured the most obscene and blasphemous abuse on Christ and his teachings.

      So what do you conclude from this about Hitler’s attitude to Christ? There can only be one conclusion: he hated Christ as much as Nietzsche did.

        (No idea why so many comments are ending up in Spam — NOT our doing.)

        You are right.
        Goebbels Diaries and Table Talks exclusively goes on to tell it was Nietzsche’s stance against Christianity that made Hitler admire Nietzsche.
        Of course, Hitler lovers being the ULTRA HYPOCRITES that they are they will say both the Table Talks and Goebbels Diaries as fake.
        Yes, they are HYPOCRITES because Hitler Lover’s approach is to take their OPINION(NOT FACT) as Hitler being Christian as TRUE and only take all the quotes and sources which favors their opinion as TRUTH and turning down all the evidence which points the other way as being FAKE.
        if Goebbels Diaries and Table Talks depict Hitler as being a devout Christian, these Hitler lovers will be the first to claim the authenticity.

        But anyone with the slightest common sense can easily see what is said in Goebbels Diaries, Table Talk corroborate with reality like SAKI points out.
        •Hitler DID quote Nietzsche’s words in his SPEECHES.
        •Hitler DID commission for building the memorial hall for Nietzsche.
        •Hitler DID present a SPECIAL EDITION of Nietzsche’s work to Mussolini on his birthday.
        •Hitler DID grant Nietzsche’s sister a stipend of 300 marks from his personal funds.

        There was another Nazi named ‘Alfred Baeumler’ who also was a great fan of Nietzsche The Nazi regime signaled their support for Nietzschean philosophy by appointing Bäumler to a prestigious professorship at the University of Berlin in May 1933, and Bäumler worked closely with the regime in trying to Nazify the German universities.

        // According to Max Whyte, “For many intellectuals in the Third Reich, Nietzsche provided not merely the decorative furnishing of National Socialism, but its core ideology.” (Max Whyte, “The Uses and Abuses of Nietzsche in the Third Reich: Alfred Baeumler’s ‘Heroic Realism,’” Journal of Contemporary History 43 (2008): 171–94; quote at 193; another work discussing the Nazi reception of Nietzsche is Yvonne Sherratt, Hitler’s Philosophers (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2013), ch. 3.) //

        There was a SS officer named ‘Kurt Egger’.
        Kurt Egger wrote a book titled ‘Der Scheiterhaufen: Worte grosser Ketzer’ (Burned at the Stake: Words of Great Heretics).
        This book contained anti-Christian sayings by prominent anticlerical writers, including Julian, Frederick the Great, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Goethe, Lagarde, and others.
        Hitler talks about this book in his Table Talks.
        “It was a shame”, Hitler said, “that after so many clear-sighted “heretics,” Germany was not further along in its religious development.”

        “Seine Auseinandersetzung mit den christlichen Kirchen führte Hitler nach dem Vorbild des Römerkaisers Julian” (Hitler led his dispute with the Christian churches on the model of the Roman emperor Julian) ~ Henry Picker , Hitlers Tischgespräche im Führerhauptquartier.

        It is amusing to see how Hitler lovers act as if they know more than David Irving who attests to the authenticity of Table Talks.

  30. Sorry I am a bit late to commenting here but have been out of pocket on a fishing trip.

    I would like to add this link to a well written article on this very subject. Contains some very interesting direct quotes from principles in the German NS hierarchy as well as good discussion. Article ends with this warning —

    “I would not trust anything that has been written in the names of National Socialists since the end of the War, even if those names are MARTIN BORMANN or Albert Speer. The Allied victory in the War ushered in an age of Jewish Supremacism, and practically everything printed in the mainstream since then has been purposely fashioned to subject to Jewish interests.”

    Link to article —



    1. >”I would not trust anything that has been written in the names of National Socialists since the end of the War, even if those names are MARTIN BORMANN”

      Who cares if William Finck trusts Martin Borman or not, ALL IT MATTERS IT ADOLF HITLER DEEPLY TRUSTED Martin Bormann.
      The following quote from Heinrich Hoffmann memoirs: https://ibb.co/0sjZ2HH

      Now if some Hitler lover claims that Heinrich Hoffmann’s memoirs were written after WW2 so it need not be considered, it is EXTREME SPECIAL AND SHAMEFUL PLEADING, it also means Hitler lovers are HYPOCRITES, who will brush of all the evidence which goes against them, which is nothing but TOTAL DISHONEST AND COMPLETE DISPLAY OF COWARDICE.

      Anyway, it is not just Heinrich Hoffmann memoirs, even Christa Schroeder’s memoirs tell Bormann was a LOYAL man: https://ibb.co/t2msJqY

      As Saki said ( https://www.darkmoon.me/2021/hitlers-duplicity-revealed-a-devout-christian-in-public-but-the-total-opposite-behind-closed-doors/#comment-1019128 )all you need is to connect the dots, Bormann was close to Hitler till the end,
      Hitler named Martin Bormann as his last will’s executor. he was one of the witnesses for Hitler’s Political Testament, the others were Joseph Goebbels, General Wilhelm Burgdorf, and General Hans Krebs. Not only that Hitler had such deep trust in Martin Borman that he named him Party Minister (Parteiminister) in his Testament.
      Heinrich Hoffmann & Christa Schroeder write how much influence did Bormann have and how deeply loyal he was to Hitler.
      Even in the very video attached to this article, David Irving attests to the fact that Bormann was the ‘ACTUAL DICTATOR’, Why on earth did Hitler allow a Rabid Anti-Christian such as Bormann to get into such high powerful position???

      As I said before Hitler lovers can only hold on to their position ONLY if they call all the EVIDENCE which goes against them FAKE.
      If there is anything that is fake it is Hitler’s words and his speech to the public which is FAKE, because as I said before he went against every single thing which he said in his speech about religion. I will just copy-paste here.
      Hitler said: “But we will never wage this battle … against ONE OF THE TWO CONFESSIONS”.
      Hitler clearly did not do that the proof is ‘Mit brennender Sorge’,

      Hitler said: “We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks THE IDEA OF Christianity”
      Hitler himself attacked and spoke about BIBLICAL PATRIARCHS such as Abraham and Issac as Pimps.
      Hitler was fine with Himmler and Bormann for their ANTI-CHRISTIAN views.

      BTW William Finck being a CI/British Israelite, whose whole theory depends on Old Testament I have very bad news for him, Hitler & Co deeply hated Old Testament.
      Old Testament was openly criticized in Public Speeches and Newspapers.

      “The BIBLE. I AM NOT CLAIMING THAT ALL ITS CONTENTS ARE NECESSARILY TRUE, as we know that JEWRY WAS VERY LIBERAL IN WRITING IT. One thing, however, is certain: it has not been written by an antisemite. It is very important because no antisemite would have been able to write a more terrible indictment against the Jewish race than the BIBLE, the OLD TESTAMENT. “~ Adolf Hitler, Friday 15 August 1920, Hofbräuhaus

      “Peoples desire not to perish on the battlefield just so that this rootless, internationalist race can profit financially from this war and thereby gratify its lust for vengeance derived FROM THE OLD TESTAMENT.” ~ Adolf Hitler – address to the Reichstag Berlin, January 30, 1939

      Here is an NS article where Biblical Patriarchs are criticized: https://ibb.co/sbcjG7G

      Here is a front page of the Newspaper Der Stürmer: https://i.imgur.com/dAg3IFZ.png

      And there are tons of other OFFICIAL Nazi sources where the Old Testament was attacked.

      Even the encyclical ‘MIT BRENNENDER SORGE’ mentions Nazi hatred of the Old Testament.

      So Hitler lovers go and live in your imaginary LA-LA land, by brushing off all the evidence which goes against your stance.

      Hitler lovers who insist Hitler was a Christian are nothing but a TOTAL LAUGHING STOCK.

    2. @RAMM STEIN
      Oh, a link from Christogena??? Which is a Christian Identity / British Israelite site??

      Here is a real kicker.
      The CI/British Israelite theory existed in Germany during Hitler’s time too and Hitler also was aware of the existence of this theory.

      There was a person named Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels’, who had the same exact theories as CI/British Israelites, this person also had contacts with Hitler, but Hitler having nothing but contempt for Old Testament never believed in such theory.

      Here is a description(the important parts has been captilized) of Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels:
      //Lanz claimed that Moses who—if interpreted in the proper mystical sense—taught Aryans how to triumph in the racial struggle through conscious racial selection. Lanz maintained that the Jews had succeeded historically despite their inferiority because they had appropriated the BIBLICAL WISDOM THAT WAS REALLY INTENDED FOR ARYANS. ARYANS SHOULD EMBRACE THE BIBLE, INCLUDING THE OLD TESTAMENT, “AS THE HARD, RACIALLY PROUD AND RACIALLY CONSCIOUS BOOK, WHICH PROCLAIMS DEATH AND EXTERMINATION TO THE INFERIOR AND WORLD DOMINATION TO THE SUPERIOR (HOCHWERTIGEN).” Elsewhere, Lanz elaborated that the kind of neighborly love and compassion that most people equated with Christianity, and which appeared in the Bible, was based on a misinterpretation hypocritically taught by the inferior races, the so-called “ape-people.” The word “neighbor” in the Old Testament really meant, he assured his fellow Aryan racists, one’s racial comrade. Thus the command to love our neighbor really “means that we only have to love our racial comrades, thus those who stand closest to our kind and our race.” In a 1907 issue of Ostara, he warned his fellow Aryans that they were committing race suicide by extending generosity to those of inferior races. Rather, they should always discriminate racially in their charitable giving. (Apparently, Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan meant nothing to Lanz—or to Hitler.) Ominously, Lanz compared racially inferior people to weeds needing to be pulled. A major theme in this pamphlet and many others was the need to introduce eugenics measures to improve the race.//

      Hitler got tired of Lanz’s theory and later banned all his publications, Hitler would do the same for CI/British Israelites.

    3. @RAMM STEIN
      I have no clue how come you think that ” this link to a well written article on this very subject.”

      The article literally tries to extrapolate and misinterpret Goebbel’s heathen speech.
      Goebbels literally says in his speech he IS NOT WORRIED ABOUT AFTERLIFE, BUT ONLY THE EARTHLY LIFE.
      Goebbels explicitly says “thanks for a Christianity did the OPPOSITE”, opposite of what? opposite of all the good deeds(according to Goebbels) did by the Nazi regime such as
      – “to organize a winter relief ”
      – “to thereby feed millions of people”
      – “to give a people its inner peace back”
      – “to help one’s poor brother and neighbor”
      – “to restore the ethic of the family”
      – “give the worker a purpose in life ”
      – “to rebuild a State on moral principles”
      – “to drive out atheism, to cleanse theater and film of the contamination and poison of Jewish-Liberal Marxism”

      The sarcasm part is Goebbels thanking Christanity for NOT DOING THESE THINGS( “Christianity that did the OPPOSITE” ) because it was not Christianity which did all those things it was Nazi regime which did those good deeds according to Goebbels, the point is if for doing the good deeds if Nazi is going to be called Pagan, then Goebbels is happy to be called a Pagan.


      Also, Goebbels explicitly demands the Churchs to submit to Nazi regime. “we’d like churches to be politically National Socialist”.
      In other words, Goebbels would be happy if the two denominations disappear and adopt the Nazi concept of Christianity.
      And Nazi concept of Christianity is not Chrisantiaty at all.
      Hitler did not believe in the divinity of Jesus.
      A report of his speech relayed his position: “The work, which Christ had begun, BUT COULD NOT FINISH, he—Hitler—would complete.”

      >From this speech it is clear that Hitler thought JESUS HAD FAILED, UNABLE TO FULFILL HIS MISSION. Not to fear, however—Hitler was coming to the rescue to finish the task that JESUS COULD NOT.

      >From this speech Hitler, it is clear Hitler did not see Jesus’s death as COMPLETING His work of salvation, Hitler apparently thought Jesus’s parting words—“It is finished” [ John 19:30 ]—merely meant that His life was over.

      Source: 18. Dezember 1926 Dok. 59
      Rede auf NSDAP-Vers amm lung in München (Im Hofbräukeller, nach 19.00 Uhr. Die “Weihnachtsfeier” war von der NSDAP-Sektion Haidhausen organisiert worden. Vgl. Vorankündigung im VB vom 15.12.1926, “Aus der Bewegung” .)
      Lagebericht N/Nr. 54 der Polizeidirektion München vom 4.2. 1927; StA München, Polizeidirektion München
      ;Hitler, speech on December 18, 1926, in Aufstieg der NSDAP in Augenzeugenberichten, 266.

      ” Das Werk, welches Christus angefangen habe, aber nicht beenden konnte, werde er (Hitler) zu Ende führen. “

      Hitler and many other party members such as Himmler, Dietrich Eckart, etc HATED St.Paul.
      All most of all the Nazis HATED the OLD TESTAMENT and saw it in extreme negative light.

  31. Pat,

    Trump thinks he’s going to be reinstated as the POTUS by August. Do you mind giving us your opinion about this? What is your opinion about this? Or, you’re way TOO busy having way TOO much fun playing the role of “Joe Fallisi” to just be yourself and give us your opinion.

    If you ever get bored with playing the role of “Joe Fallisi” [ though it looks like you really LERV the role and are not going to get bored playing “Joe Fallisi” any time soon ] maybe you can let us know what you think about Trump thinking he’s going to be reinstated as POTUS by August, because you’re a political expert, in addition to being a great actor, thx [ you’re doing a great job as “Joe Fallisi” keep up the good work , I mean it. How do they say in show business, “break a leg!”] lol….

    “Fallisi”, is that your Italian Sicilian wife’s maiden name? lol…

    1. TROJ,

      But the MSM loudly declares that Trump can’t be reinstated. But I do hope Pat will comment on it.

    2. TRO’G’ ( 🙂 ) –
      Dmitry –

      Trump was (S)elected out of the picture. He did his job for the designers. He allowed the vaccine to be used WITHOUT BEING TESTED for FIVE years!!! That was the most devastating action he took during his term….. and the most profitable for his handlers!!

      Now he can play golf every day, get fatter and sell off holdings. 🙂

      Trump Organization makes a second attempt to sell its Washington, DC, hotel lease

  32. I consider this website and those that put up the hit job on the death of the German people, Ukrainian people, Russian people and the indigenous around the planet nothing more than a mouthpiece of malevolence. There is no English that has translated correctly from any of the genocides or revolutions of the last 400 years that has ANY truth. They are a mouthpiece for the Freemasons, the total hatred of the Jews for all of any other life and those that are willfully ignorant of history. There is no institution that has any legitimacy anymore. May this and other sites like it, working like counter intelligence, rot in hell.


      Speaking of genocide.

      Source: Die Schutzstaffel als antibolschewistische Kampforganisation, Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler, 1937 Zentralverlag der NSDAP., Franz Eher Nachf., München
      Wieviele solcher Tragödien – vollendet oder unvollendet – auf dieser Erde stattgefunden haben, können wir nicht einwandfrei klären. Wir können in vielen Fällen nur ahnen, daß hier unser aller ewiger Feind, der Jude, in irgendeinem Mantel oder durch irgendeine seiner Organisationen seine blutige Hand im Spiel hatte. Wir sehen im Ablauf der Zeiten das nimmermüde Henkersschwert von Canstatt und von Verden blitzen. Wir sehen wie die Scheiterhaufen auflohen, auf denen nach ungezählten Zehntausenden die zermarterten und zerfetzten Leiber der Mütter und Mädchen unseres Volkes im Hexenprozeß zu Asche brannten. Wir sehen vor unserem geistigen Auge die Richterstühle der Inquisition, die Spanien menschenleer machten, genau so wie der Krieg von 30 Jahren, der in einem Menschenalter aus unserem blühenden deutschen Volk von 24 Millionen den halbverhungerten Rest von vier Millionen hinterließ.
      How many such tragedies – completed or unfinished – have taken place on this earth, we can not clarify with absolute certainty. In many cases we can only suspect that our eternal enemy, the Jew, in some coat or through some of his organizations, had a bloody hand in it. In the course of time we see the tireless executioner’s sword flashing from Canstatt and from VERDEN. WE SEE THE PYRE FLARE UP ON WHICH, AFTER COUNTLESS TENS OF THOUSANDS, THE TORTURED AND TORN BODIES OF THE MOTHERS AND GIRLS OF OUR PEOPLE BURNED TO ASHES IN THE WITCH TRIAL. IN OUR MINDS ‘EYE WE SEE THE JUDGES’ SEATS OF THE INQUISITION, WHICH MADE SPAIN DESERTED, JUST LIKE THE WAR OF 30 YEARS, WHICH IN ONE GENERATION LEFT THE HALF-STARVED REMAINDER OF FOUR MILLION FROM OUR FLOURISHING GERMAN PEOPLE OF 24 MILLION.

      1. ist es nicht prophetisch , wieso man in die Vergangenheit so klar und deutlich die Wahrheit ersieht , sondern der Gegenwart verblendet ist..

        1. “Es ist nicht prophetisch” Paul. It is the reality of a never ending human ignorance and the denial of the current moment and TO BE in the now during the human condition/lifetime. Reality instead is projected as deranged humanoid fiction built by a past through tricksters and has been rewritten over and over again to suit the endless circle of dying in the now and being reborn again in the same state of confusion. Humanity is too occupied with and by experts that have hardly understood the substance of oneself and/or life itself. Any species that willfully does not accept or understand who they are and what they are doing is really not qualified for LIFE itself. This dying planet is the right place for its lifeless outcasts in the flesh celebrating death and extinction like there is no tomorrow no matter what opinionated projection, faith or religion/belief has been accepted as personalized truth.

  33. Loved this great, heated debate showing the two sides of the coin; not on religious matters but in general. It is very long but good and reflective of the respective positions.

    Bloodsports Debate: Christopher Jon Bjerknes (Author: Adolf Hitler Bolshevik and Zionist) vs. Dennis Wise (The Greatest Story Never Told)

  34. As long as this website allows free and open commentary it’s pretty hard to accuse it of some kind of duplicity…
    No Doubt the people holding it forth have their own convictions about things, others might even call them prejudices, but as long as we can all speak freely with everyone free to consider the thoughts expressed, then I see no reason to cast aspersions, and I would advise we all do our best to participate…

  35. Hitler attacks the crucified image of Christ calling it “pain-wracked”,
    which means that Hitler views this version(which is the official version) of Christ as weak, in other words, Hitler thought Christianity to be a religion of weak, (Note: This is the exact opinion of Nietzsche, Nietzsche writes New Testament is full of COWARDICE, SELF DECEPTION) similar opinions were expressed by Hitler in Table Talks corroborated by Speer’s memoirs, Christa Schroeder’s memoirs where Hitler says Islam would be more compatible to Germans than Christianity since Islam is aggressive so if Germans had become Muslims they could have ruled the world.
    Himmler too had a similar line of thoughts,

  36. “At the peak of anti-Christmas propaganda, the Nazis attempted to replace the message of the “coming of Christ” with that of the “coming of Hitler.” There were campaigns to change the lyrics of popular Christmas carols with the Nazi versions of these songs, taking away any reference to religion, God, or Jesus.
    School children under the Nazi regime were taught this version of the song ‘Silent Night’:”

    “The Nazis were out to transform Christmas from a Christian holiday to a celebration of the family in a National Socialist context. The job was made easier since the German word for Christmas (Weihnacht) avoids a specific mention of Jesus Christ. This page has parts of a 64-page pamphlet for Advent, released in 1943. THERE IS NOT A SINGLE MENTION OF CHRIST in the pamphlet.”

    ” There is no hint whatsoever of the Christian nature of the holiday, made somewhat easier by the German word for Christmas: Weihnacht. ”

    ” It suggests that holidays such as Christmas can be given new content, turning them into Nazi holidays rather than religous ones. ”

    “The Nazis put significant efforts into de-Christianizing Christmas, focusing instead on the winter solstice. ”

    “This is the translation of a Nazi Christmas story from a booklet published for the Advent season in 1943. Nazi propaganda intended to remove as much of the Christian content of Christmas as possible, turning it into a family festival with German racial overtones. This story parallels the biblical Christmas story in many ways, though there is no mention of Jesus Christ and no hint of Christianity. ”

    1. @ Alvin

      Thank you for these invaluable links. Hopefully we will makes use of this material at some time in the foreseeable future.

    2. If you’re going to have a Christmas without Christ better to have Christmas be a celebration of the family than have the type of Christmas we have here in America where Christmas is without Christ and doesn’t mean much of anything except spending money at big box stores buying sh*t that no body really needs and enriching the Jews and the Chinese and the Walton family.

      Our Christmas celebrations here in America leave out Christ and ALSO are not about celebrating the family. At least Hitler wanted Christmas to be about something positive. Our Christmas, the way we celebrate Christmas, is totally meaningless. It’s without Christ and it doesn’t strengthen family ties or encourage loyalty to family or anything like that. It’s all about ME ME ME, materialism, and running up debt so the Jew bankers can get even richer than they already are from all the interest everyone has to pay going into debt to buy sh*t no body really needs and a lot of gifts get tossed in the basement and forgotten about the day after Christmas. [ I only buy Christmas gifts for my whoodle doodle, lol ]

      Maybe Hitler didn’t want Christ in Christmas but at least he wanted Family to be the meaning of Christmas, because here in America Christmas is about NEITHER. It’s only about MONEY. The Christmas season in America is very cold, and I’m not talking about the weather. The Christmas songs are awful, most of the Christmas songs. blacks and jews singing awful Christmas songs *jingles* in every box store of America every day starting in October. It’s just horrible.

      The day after Christmas in the United States and no one is any happier than they were before Christmas. It’s like Christmas never even happened. Actually, a lot of people are more miserable after Christmas than they were before Christmas — and that’s saying a lot. Because hardly anyone is happy in the run-up to Christmas
      [ Advent ] . Not even Christians. And hardly anyone seems to be happy the day after Christmas either.

      Hitler’s vision for Christmas, even though maybe it was without Christ, is still a Higher vision than the vision Americans have for Christmas. Because the American vision of Christian is just AWFUL. It’s totally MEANINGLESS. At least Hitler’s celebration of Christmas had some MEANING.

      I’ll take Hitler’s way of celebrating Christmas over the American way of “celebrating” Christmas any day of the week.

    3. This is bunkum. Germans sang Silent Night, Holy Night just as it had been set by Mohr in its original form. There was no funny monkeying around with the text. Church attendance was unhindered, common and normal.
      You can look at Christmas in many ways, but it always comes down to a feast of light: Be it that a Savior is born in deepest darkness to bring back light and hope, be it that the eternal sun is returning from the lowest place of its orbit to drive away, cold, darkness, death of winter, it is a celebration of life and hope, of light and eternally returning youth, victory of light over darkness , of life over death. Christians and pagans feel about it alike.
      The Catholic missionaries were intelligently joining Christ’s birth with Germanic solstice celebrations, as both are mythically appealing to light and warmth, and overcoming darkness and death. This positive spirit makes it of course a family holiday.
      This is what is special about Christmas, and it comes much more to mind in the German word Weihnacht, which perhaps is well translated as ‘holy night’, a night in which a spirit of holiness is present.
      There is a song composed and set by Hans Baumann, ‘Hohe Nacht der klaren Sterne’ which, although not mentioning god or providence, carries the spirit of Christmas, of Weihnacht, of the solstice -Sonnenwende in German-that one feels as if being in the cathedral of Nature when listening to or singing it.

        You said: “This is bunkum. Germans sang Silent Night, Holy Night just as it had been set by Mohr in its original form. There was no funny monkeying around with the text. ”

        //”Attempts to revise lyrics to traditional carols met with stiff resistance from Christian clergy. “For some contemporaries, even the good old German Christmas songs are no longer German enough,” wrote an anonymous critic in the Katholisches Wochenblatt (Catholic Weekly) in 1937. The author cited a number of insulting NEW LYRICS for classic carols such as “Silent Night” and “From Heaven Above to Earth I Come.”//
        — Christmas in Germany: A Cultural History, Joe Perry, p.221

        Booklets like ‘The SS Family’ by Fritz Weitzel were printed by the official Schutzstaffel press instructing the SS member on how to celebrate in PRE-CHRISTIAN ways. The booklet does not contain the words ‘Savior’, ‘Christ’, ‘Jesus’.
        I will just quote few excerpts from the book.
        The Jul Wheel:
        The Jul Wheel or Sun Wheel with its deep rooted Germanic religious meaning is utilised as the base for the SS tree

        […] It is important that the wooden wheel has replaced the MEANINGLESS CAST IRON CHRISTMAS TREE STAND, WHICH HAS NO PLACE IN AN SS HOME. The same goes for electric tree lights and the horrible glass decorations for the tree.

        Wotan’s Day And The Jul Plate:

        The christian church couldn’t suppress these yearly visits of this white bearded, one eyed leader of the good Spirits.
        So they put one of its assumed saints, St. Nikolaus, in his place….

        >>> “This is bunkum.”

        //In December 1936, in a typical exchange, Superintendent von Scheven of the Protestant Church District of Pomerania wrote to the district gauleiter’s office to complain about the 𝑫𝑬-𝑪𝑯𝑹𝑰𝑺𝑻𝑰𝑨𝑵𝑰𝒁𝑬𝑫 carols sung at official Nazi celebrations. Von Scheven cited several revised carols, including “Silent Night” and “From Heaven Above,” which he claimed only began to represent the numerous examples sent to his office by concerned parishioners. The enclosed lyrics were not overtly political, but, as von Scheven carefully explained, they “𝒅𝒊𝒔𝒄𝒂𝒓𝒅𝒆𝒅 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒐𝒓𝒊𝒈𝒊𝒏𝒂𝒍 𝑪𝒉𝒓𝒊𝒔𝒕𝒊𝒂𝒏 𝒄𝒐𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒏𝒕.” References to candlelight, the winter solstice, and victory over darkness — 𝑾𝑰𝑻𝑯𝑶𝑼𝑻 𝑨𝑵𝒀 𝑴𝑬𝑵𝑻𝑰𝑶𝑵 𝑶𝑭 𝑱𝑬𝑺𝑼𝑺 𝑶𝑹 𝑮𝑶𝑫 — caused “irritation among christlich empfindenden Volksgenossen” (people’s comrades sympathetic to Christianity). //
        — Christmas in Germany: A Cultural History, Joe Perry, p.219
        ( Superintendent von Scheven, Provinzialkirchenausschluß für die Kirchenprovinz Pommern to Gauleitung Pommern der NSDAP, 19 December 1936, EZA 7/2272. This was not an isolated example. Another report in this file complained that similar songs were sung at NSV celebrations in Mecklenburg.)

        So MIRROR IMAGER measure your words.

        1. My mother was a church-going, Catholic girl in those years, and she knows nothing of weird text substitutions, interference with the office of the priest in her parish, or with Catholic observances.
          I believe you that such new song texts were written, but they were not popular, much less accepted.

  37. Many fans of Hitler point to the following passage in Mein Kampf:
    “Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.”(Mein Kampf, Chapter 2, Ralph Manheim transl)

    To prove that Hitler was referring to the Christian God of the Bible(Old & New Testament), but Hitle fans omit the preceding passage.
    “ETERNAL NATURE inexorably avenges the infringement of her commands.”(Mein Kampf, Chapter 2, Ralph Manheim transl)
    First of all, Hitler personified nature in this passage, ascribing to it characteristics that would normally be associated with God.

    Here, Hitler called nature ETERNAL. If he thought nature existed FOREVER, as this statement indicated, then the God he believed in could not have created nature sometime in the past, as it is written in the BIBLE in Genesis.
    Thus Hitler’s God was not even a deistic( A religious belief holding that God created the universe), since according to Hitler Nature is Eternal, existed forever.

    The “Almighty Creator” he mentioned in the following sentence could not have created nature, making it highly probable that Hitler’s “Creator” was nature. Third, Hitler believed that nature’s commands defined morality since he claimed nature issues commands.

    Also, Hitler hated the Old Testament, but Jesus LITERALLY READ FROM THE Book of Isaiah from the OLD TESTAMENT(Luke 4:17-21) and saw the Old Testament as divine revelation and word of God.

    So we can be more than sure that Hitler was not referring to the Christian/Biblical God.

    1. NY Times: “Historicizing Evil. A Critical Edition of Mein Kampf.”
      “Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ Gets New French Edition, With Each Lie Annotated”

      “The new translation contextualizes the Nazi leader’s hate-filled text with critical commentary by historians. Proceeds from sales will go to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation.”

      M.S. King’s “The Anti-New York Times” analyzes the new edition with his usual satirical style:

      “The recently-released French version of the 1924 classic comes heavily ‘annotated’ with ‘expert’ guidance from ‘more than a dozen’ Fake Historians whose diversionary cheap shots exceed Hitler’s word-count by twice as much!”

      Their Message: “Don’t be fooled by Hitler’s facts, logic, compelling presentation and striking parallels to today’s sad situation. Your instincts are wrong.” Instead, the esteemed circle-jerk “historians” will “debunk” ™ Mein Kampf for you.”

      More commentary and pics at https://www.realhistorychan.com/anyt-06042021.html

      “Culturally, the Jew contaminates art, literature, the theater, makes a mockery of natural feeling, overthrows all concepts of beauty and sublimity, of the noble and the good, and instead drags men down into the sphere of his own base nature. Religion is ridiculed, ethics and morality represented as outmoded, until the last props of a nation in its struggle for existence in this world have fallen.” — Adolphus Rex 😉

      1. @DARRELL
        First of all thanks for responding.
        I take that this reply of yours to my comment (https://www.darkmoon.me/2021/hitlers-duplicity-revealed-a-devout-christian-in-public-but-the-total-opposite-behind-closed-doors/#comment-1019215) is that the VERSION of Mein Kampf (from which I quoted) I am referring is a wrong one or to put it precisely it is a not accurate one.

        The problem is DARRELL, I have three versions.
        – The original German version.
        – The Stalag version (which is the only official translation published by the Nazi press themselves)
        – Ralph Manheim versions.

        Now I will quote from all the three versions,

        1. From original German.
        // Die ewige Natur rächt unerbittlich die Übertretung ihrer Gebote.
        So glaube ich heute im Sinne des allmächtigen Schöpfers zu handeln: Indem ich mich des Juden erwehre, kämpfe ich für das Werk des Herrn //
        Translation of the above German text using Google Translator.
        //Eternal nature relentlessly avenges the violation of its commandments.
        So today I believe I am acting in the spirit of the almighty Creator: By defending myself against the Jew, I fight for the work of the Lord//

        2. Stalag Version.
        // Nature, the eternal, takes merciless vengeance on those who defy her laws.
        Therefore, I believe to-day that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In resisting the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord. //

        3. Ralph Manheim Version
        // ETERNAL NATURE inexorably avenges the infringement of her commands.
        Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord. //

        As you can see in all the versions Hitler calls Nature ETERNAL, If he thought nature existed FOREVER, as this statement indicated, then the God he believed in could not have created nature sometime in the past, as it is written in the BIBLE in Genesis.
        Thus Hitler’s God was not even a deistic( A religious belief holding that God created the universe), since according to Hitler Nature is Eternal, existed forever.

        The “Almighty Creator” he mentioned in the following sentence could not have created nature, making it highly probable that Hitler’s “Creator” was nature. Third, Hitler believed that nature’s commands defined morality since he claimed nature issues commands.

        Also, Hitler hated the Old Testament(refer to this comment: https://www.darkmoon.me/2021/hitlers-duplicity-revealed-a-devout-christian-in-public-but-the-total-opposite-behind-closed-doors/#comment-1019135 ), but Jesus LITERALLY READ FROM THE Book of Isaiah from the OLD TESTAMENT(Luke 4:17-21) and saw the Old Testament as divine revelation and word of God.

        So we can be more than sure that Hitler was not referring to the Christian/Biblical God.

      2. Mein Kampf is in the first place a quite interesting autobiography, coupled with thoughts and insights about organisational problems for an effective mass movement in the face of a powerful opposition of half-insane radicals (such as the radical Bolsheviks and a government that was defeatist towards the ‘Peace Treaty’. Remarks about the Jews are also quite rare – and they do not deserve the moniker ‘hate filled’. That’s what the people who don’t want the book that is so important for the foundation of the modern-world mythology (which could be titled ‘The poor, unavenged Jews!’) to be read want everybody to believe as a knee-jerk reaction.
        The book starts out with Hitler’s description of his home, goes through his years at Vienna and how he slowly started to realize how power is wielded by people who have no mandate for it, and as such he identified mainly Jews and their system, the distracting and dilating gab in the Houses of Representatives, and their speaking organ, the Press.
        The fact that a book cannot be allowed to be read on its own terms but needs an apparatus of footnotes twice as long as the book itself says it all.
        Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf is certainly not ‘full of evil’. What idiotic claptrap.
        If it really were then it wouldn’t be plastered with pre-cut morsels of ‘how to read’.-
        I recommend everyone to just get a faithful translation -Thomas Dalton is working on a new one into English, which I think will be very competent, neither manipulatively abridged, nor distortingly worded, nor given a general, barely noticeable nasty undertone. Footnotes will likely be rare and reserved for words not in use anymore or with a meaning difficult to translate. Translation is very difficult in the first place, and in reality not possible, each language has developed its own spirit of understanding and imbued its vocabulary and phraseology with it. The result is that direct translations are impossible (i.e., ‘word by word’), one can aim at the spirit and the mood, which a competent and language sensitive individual can accomplish to a high degree.

        1. @MIRROR IMAGER

          I don’t think there is the use of translation anymore(Not intended to be an offense to Thomas Dalton), there are literally numerous translation versions available,
          the one authorized by the Nazis themselves is the ‘stalag edition’.
          Also if people are doubtful about anything they can always use numerous Online translators to see what the original German text says, which I did[Google Translator] for my comment: https://www.darkmoon.me/2021/hitlers-duplicity-revealed-a-devout-christian-in-public-but-the-total-opposite-behind-closed-doors/#comment-1019238

          where I asserted that Hitler was not referring to Christian God or Biblical God when he was talking in his Mein Kampf.

          I will add Ford’s translation and Reynal And Hitchcock’s translation here.
          // ETERNAL NATURE takes revenge for violation of her commandments.
          I believe I am acting today in the spirit of the Almighty Creator. By standing guard against the Jew, I am defending the work of the Lord.// ~ Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Ford’s translation.

          //ETERNAL NATURE inexorably revenges the transgressions of her laws.
          Therefore, I believe today that I am acting in the sense of the Almighty Creator: By warding off the Jews I am fighting for the Lord’s work.//
          ~ Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Reynal And Hitchcock

          As you can see I already produced four different translations, the meaning doesn’t at all.
          In all the versions Hitler calls Nature ‘ETERNAL’, If he thought nature existed FOREVER, as this statement indicated, then the God he believed in could not have created nature sometime in the past, as it is written in the BIBLE in Genesis.
          Thus Hitler’s God was not even a deistic( A religious belief holding that God created the universe), since according to Hitler Nature is Eternal, existed forever.

          The “Almighty Creator” he mentioned in the following sentence could not have created nature, making it highly probable that Hitler’s “Creator” was nature. Third, Hitler believed that nature’s commands defined morality since he claimed nature issues commands.

          And to put an end to the controversy I will quote few speeches.

          In his public speeches, Hitler also occasionally conflated nature with Providence or God. During one speech to the Nazi Women’s Organization in September 1934, he used the terms nature and Providence interchangeably:

          //That, of course, is the wonderful thing about NATURE AND PROVIDENCE. No conflict is possible in the relations between the two sexes as long as each fulfills the task assigned to it BY Nature. . . . After this revolt [women’s liberation] a shift took place which was not in accordance with NATURE’S DESIGN, and it prevailed until both sexes returned to what an eternally wise PROVIDENCE assigned to them//
          [Note: In Mein Kampf Hitler explicitly call Nature as Eternal, so in the above quote when he says ‘eternally wise PROVIDENCE’ it is Nature]

          “Nature knows no political boundaries. First, 𝐒𝐇𝐄 𝐏𝐔𝐓𝐒 living creatures on this globe and watches the free play of forces. She then confers the master’s right on her favorite child, the strongest in courage and industry.” ~ Mein Kampf

          For 𝐈𝐓 𝐈𝐒 𝐍𝐀𝐓𝐔𝐑𝐄 which places man on this earth and leaves it to him. […] 𝐏𝐑𝐎𝐕𝐈𝐃𝐄𝐍𝐂𝐄 𝐎𝐑 𝐍𝐀𝐓𝐔𝐑𝐄 has placed man on this earth.” ~ Adolf Hitler, speech on December 18, 1940

          “For we all are beings of nature, which—as far as we can survey—only knows one hard law; . . . We humans cannot extract ourselves from this law. If someone naively tries to evade the laws of nature by saying, ‘I mean well,’ 𝐍𝐀𝐓𝐔𝐑𝐄 𝐎𝐑 𝐏𝐑𝐎𝐕𝐈𝐃𝐄𝐍𝐂𝐄 does not ask about your intentions or your desires,” ~ Adolf Hitler, (“Hitler vor Offizieren und Offiziersanwärtern am 15. Februar 1942,” in Hitler, “Es spricht der Führer”: 7 exemplarische Hitler-Reden, ed. Hildegard von Kotze and Helmut Krausnick (Gütersloh: Sigbert Mohn Verlag, 1966), 306–8.)

          For Adolf Hitler, Nature = God/Providence.

  38. If Administrator is agreeable, since we’re apparently getting toward the end of this provocative and lengthy thread on Hitler and his attitude toward Christianity and/or Christians (not necessarily the same thing), I think it a splendid idea to invite readers who like to write poetry to submit poems on this most controversial of figures, whether serious or humorous, with this requirement, that the poem rhymes, and/or any other requirement that Administrator deems appropriate. Maybe they could all be grouped at the bottom of the thread. My (first) humble contribution is this:

    For those who choose to dis Adolphus Rex,
    They bring upon themselves a Jewish hex,
    For they assist in spreading Jewish lies
    Which only helps to make their power rise.

    He briefly saved his people from the horde
    Of evil men who hate our Blessed Lord,
    And serve the devil in their vicious deeds —
    I think a Christian Hitler mankind needs.

    1. @DARRELL

      “For those who choose to diss Adolphus Rex,
      They bring upon themselves a Jewish hex”

      What about Nietzsche? Nietzsche disses Jesus by calling him a ‘decadent’, ‘immature’, a ‘political criminal … died for his own sins’. And your Hitler who was a great fan of Nietzsche’s, taking almost all his anti-Christian ideas from Nietzsche.

      When Hitler accused St.Paul [of inventing Christianity], this was not Hitler’s original idea nor that of the other Nazi leaders; it was borrowed straight from Nietzsche.

      Nietzsche literally calls St.Paul a ‘counterfeiter’ in his Anti-Christ. In regard therefore to Christianity, Hitler’s thought process was heavily influenced by Nietzsche.

      But seeing your comment I think you are totally okay when Jesus is dissed. Hitler doesn’t even believe in Transubstantiation and mocks the whole concept in his Table Talks. So how could he have been a good Catholic?


      1. I don’t think Hitler was a good Catholic, or even a Christian. He might very well have retained his Christian identity if he had had true Christian role models to emulate when growing up and especially during and after the Jewish-led WWI destruction of Germany, morally, socially, culturally, and economically. But he did heroically and indefatigably oppose and fight against the diabolical evil of Jewish Communism, which would have overrun all of Europe if it weren’t for him. Remember, the 1945 “transcripts” of the “Table Talk” published by Trevor-Roper in the 1950s as “Hitler’s Last Testament” are fake. And any admiration he had for Nietzsche I’m sure was conditioned upon what he experienced as a debased, corrupt, cowardly, unpatriotic, and Judaized version of Christianity in Germany. I’m sure, however, that he would have admired the authentic Christianity and outspoken courage and steadfastness under Communist persecution of Cardinals Mindszenty and Stepinac.

        When I say in my poem, “I think a Christian Hitler mankind needs,” I don’t mean that he was Christian, but that we need someone who IS a Christian, and more specifically a traditional Catholic, who will seek to restore the social reign of Christ the King, with the courage that Hitler had to stand up and oppose the diabolical Judeo-Masonic powers that rule over us, and have taken over the churches as well.

  39. >>> This church building stands just outside the old city walls of Munich. It is a relatively modern replacement for an earlier St Matthews Church built in 1833, the first Protestant church to be built in Catholic Munich. That church survived until 1938 when it was 𝐃𝐄𝐌𝐎𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐇𝐄𝐃 to make way for a road widening program, or, depending on which source you consult, to facilitate the construction of the U-Bahn. Sources seem to suggest that it might have been a victim of Hitler’s indifference. In his book “The Word in Stone: The Role of Architecture in the National Socialist Ideology”, Robert R Taylor explains that, “… Although Hitler had a special interest in theatres, he had none in churches. Hostile to the Christian Church, he rarely considered church buildings as “community” architecture, and to a great extent neither did his followers. …. Indeed, in most Nazi planning, churches were to play a small role.[My note: In Hitler’s Germania space for the church was not allocated] … Few churches were 𝐃𝐄𝐋𝐈𝐁𝐄𝐑𝐀𝐓𝐄𝐋𝐘 destroyed by the new government (versus synagogues), but there were plans for tearing down certain ones. The Protestant St Matthew Church was 𝐃𝐄𝐌𝐎𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐇𝐄𝐃 when work on Munich’s subway began, and in replanning the city many others were to be destroyed and not replaced….” <<<<


    1. The Allies obliterated A LOT more churches in Germany than Hitler ever did, A LOT MORE.

      1. That’s not the point, dimwit. The fact that Hitler obliterated a lot of Christian churches in Germany, even when he was not at war, is sufficient to prove that he was anti-Christian. After all, if he had been an exemplary Christian as some of his fanatical pro-Christian supporters maintain, why would he have destroyed a lot of Cristian churches to make room for other secular buildings?

        The fact that the Allies destroyed MORE Christian churches in their bombing raids is neither here nor there. It’s totally irrelevant to the issue.Such collateral damage of church buildings is unavoidable when entire cities like Dresden are being firebombed.

        I sometimes think you must have the IQ of a gnat.

        1. We don’t need so stinkin’ Hitler to save the West, we got Cardinal Dolan of joo jerk sh*tty who is going to save the West! We got francis! We got Pachamama! We got moronica! We got cousin Monte up there on top of The Mount of Christ watching over us! LMFAO!!!!

        2. I have in front of me a chapter from ‘Der Grosse Wendig’, Volume 3, p.546 (published in 2008), titled ‘Kirchenbau und Kirchenliquidierung vor siebzig Jahren und heute’ (Construction of churches and removal of churches seventy years ago and now’. There it shows pictures of churches built in the years of Adolf Hitler’s chancellorship; e.g., Benedictine Abbey St. Salvator in Münsterschwarzach (built 1938); Church of the Savior in Bamberg (built 1934); Memorial Reformation Church in Nuremberg-Maxfeld (built 1938); Church of the Holy Cross in Dülmen (built 1939). These picttures are from the book Neue Dome by Holger Brülls (1994). In the same article a Prof. Winfried Nerdinger is cited saying in a radio interview: “It has been said that in the thirties (referring to the thirties in Germany) barely any sacred buildings had been erected. Yet, the exact opposite is true. In the sector of sacred buildings much, much more has happened than in the twenties.”
          The same article also states that during the third Reich 1200 churches and chapels of both confessions had been destroyed, but exclusively through Anglo-American bombs; heavily damaged were 2300, lightly damaged 8500 churches.
          The article leaves apparently the demolition of the St. Matthews Church out, pointed out by Fantastic in the first article of this thread. However, this one church that was demolished because of city building requirements is not a good example of anti-religious policies, besides, that: This was a decision by the municipality of Munich, not of the Reich government. I would find it hard, very hard to believe that the Reich government was involved in street building in Munich, the church in question was barely 100 years old and therefore not of much historical significance. It is also likely that the Protestant diocese of Munich was financially compensated.

          Anyway: Better examples, good examples to buttress your position, please!

          It appears that the scandal sheet about the church demolishing Hitler some have attempted to start has to be scrapped. Hitler might not have been a promoter of Christianity, and he might have wanted to diminish the influence and power of the churches in Germany. perhaps eventually completely abolish them, but he did not act on such ideas during the short time he was Chancellor. This in contrast to the Ally SU where churches were degraded by turning them into barns, sties, haylofts and warehouses, and where pursuing religious observance could mean Siberia.
          You, Madame Butterfly, do not produce evidence for the statement that “Hitler obliterated a lot of churches in Germany even when not a war”.

          TheOriginalJoe is quite correct in his statement.

  40. Goebbels even confided in his diary in April 1937 that the regime’s new community halls would become “the churches of the future.” [ (Elke Fröhlich, ed., Die Tagebücher von Joseph Goebbels, vol. 4 (Munich: K. G. Saur, 1993), 99. ]

    And corroborating to the Goebbels Diaries,

    // 𝐈𝐍𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐀𝐃 𝐎𝐅 𝐀 𝐂𝐇𝐔𝐑𝐂𝐇 or town hall, the “Village Model Settlement” [ Mascherode settlement was a massive “community house” on the main square designed by Speer and Schulte-Frohlinde] Mascherode was literally built around a community house 𝑻𝑯𝑨𝑻 𝑬𝑴𝑩𝑶𝑫𝑰𝑬𝑫 𝑻𝑯𝑬 𝑷𝑨𝑹𝑻𝒀 𝑨𝑵𝑫 𝑰𝑻𝑺 𝑽𝑰𝑺𝑰𝑶𝑵 of a race-based national community //

    —Building Nazi Germany Place, Space, Architecture, and Ideology by Joshua Hagen, Robert C. Ostergren (Cohrs, “Gemeinschaftssiedlung Mascherode,” 10)

    Churches were built till 1939, not because Nazis had any love for Churches because during the early years they were under economic rejuvenation, hence any building or renovating project was helpful and contributing to the nation’s economy, the important point to notice is Nazi avoided building a church in the settlements which were built with the Nazi world view eg.Mascherode settlement because all the main top Nazis were lovers of Nature or Pantheist, Hitler exclusively says He hoped to build an observatory-planetarium complex in Linz that would serve as a 𝐑𝐄𝐋𝐈𝐆𝐈𝐎𝐔𝐒 𝐏𝐈𝐋𝐆𝐑𝐈𝐌𝐀𝐆𝐄 site to dazzle Germans with the wonders of the cosmos. and corroborating with Table Talks Himmler also issued an order to build observatory centers.

    [ Himmler’s ] NS 19/3165, Adjutant of RFSS, 17 January 1943: https://ibb.co/3vh52bw

    // The regime’s early years saw a rather unexpected spurt of church construction, reflecting pent-up 𝘿𝙀𝙈𝘼𝙉𝘿 𝘼𝙎 𝙏𝙃𝙀 𝙀𝘾𝙊𝙉𝙊𝙈𝙔 𝙍𝙀𝘾𝙊𝙑𝙀𝙍𝙀𝘿 following years of war, inflation, and depression. //

    —Building Nazi Germany Place, Space, Architecture, and Ideology by Joshua Hagen, Robert C. Ostergren, p.254

    // …as Speer noted, Bormann had pointedly instructed that churches 𝑾𝑶𝑼𝑳𝑫 𝑵𝑶𝑻 𝑩𝑬 afforded space to rebuild within designated redesign districts.//

    —Building Nazi Germany Place, Space, Architecture, and Ideology by Joshua Hagen, Robert C. Ostergren, p.259
    Also as this comment: https://www.darkmoon.me/2021/hitlers-duplicity-revealed-a-devout-christian-in-public-but-the-total-opposite-behind-closed-doors/#comment-1019051

    pointed out earlier Hitler did not consider building a church in his Germania.

    Hitler’s speech: https://ibb.co/ZWkHR1Q

  41. I will never understand why some Christian love Hitler despite, the fact that Hitler admired a man, who called New Testament ‘FILTH’.
    “..one had better put on gloves before reading the New Testament. The presence of so much 𝐅𝐈𝐋𝐓𝐇 makes it very advisable.” ~ Fredrick Nietzsche, The Anti-Christian

    It is like this.
    Nietzsche: NT is 𝐅𝐈𝐋𝐓𝐇, Jesus is 𝐈𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐓𝐔𝐑𝐄, 𝐃𝐄𝐂𝐀𝐃𝐄𝐍𝐓, and a 𝐏𝐎𝐋𝐈𝐓𝐈𝐂𝐀𝐋 𝐂𝐑𝐈𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐀𝐋 who died for his own sins. Paul is a 𝐅𝐑𝐀𝐔𝐃𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐑.
    Hitler to Nietzsche: Oh You are a great thinker, You prove in detail the absurdity of Christianity. [Goebbels Diaries]
    Hitler fans who claim themselves to be ‘Christians’: Wow Hitler was a great man.
    Me: Seriously, Nietzsche denies the divinity of Jesus, slanders St.Paul who was an apostle of Gentiles and Hitler agrees with Nietzsche, respects him, and promoted his Anti-Christian works, you still love Hitler?
    Jesus: It is finished
    Hitler: No it is not finished, I am going to complete it.

    Jesus: Abraham was a man of God.
    Hitler: Abraham and all his descendants were 𝐏𝐈𝐌𝐏𝐒.
    Jesus: Old Testament is the divine word of God, nothing in it should be changed, I have not come to abolish the law.
    Hitler: NO, there is no divinity in the Old Testament it contains the stories of PIMPS[speech], lust for vengeance is derived from Old Testament[speech], there is greed in the Old Testament[speech], Mosaic religion/Old Testament laws is just for preserving the Jewish race[Mein Kampf]. there is nothing DIVINE in the promise YVWH made to Israelite [Otto Wagener memoirs].
    Conclusion: You can be either a Hitler fan or Jesus fan, you can’t be both at the same time, if you claim to be doing both, then you are not true to either of them.

    1. @ Conversation

      Beautifully put. Your logic is irrefutable. Hitler could not have possibly been a good Christian for the simple reason he gave his 100% support to Nietzsche, the man who had said: “CHRISTIANITY IS FILTH! . . . you need to put on gloves before you read the New Testament!”

      Admiring Hitler however is perfectly logical and understandable if you share his hatred and contempt for Christianity, as vast numbers of White Nationalists do. (Such as Dr William Pierce, Dr Thomas Dalton, and most of the commenters and writers on the Occidental Observer, e.g. Hadding Scott, Carolyn Yeager, etc. etc. None of these people are Jews. They are all Hitler fans of White ethnicity who share Hitler’s pathological hatred of the Jews as “vermin”.

      You are right to point out. however, that “You can be either a Hitler fan or Jesus fan, you can’t be both at the same time.”

      Nietzsche was the Ultimate Christ-hating AntiChrist. And Hitler was behind Nietzsche 100% — and more. The conclusion is therfore blindingly obvious: Hitler could not possibly have been an exemplary Christian. And this conclusion is confirmed by reading all Hitler’s anti-Christian diatribes in “Hitler’s Table Talk (1941-1945) — a document whose authenticity has been accepted by ALL mainstream historians as well as by the well-respected ANTI-MANSTREAM historian David Irving.


    2. “Conclusion: You can be either a Hitler fan or Jesus fan, you can’t be both at the same time, if you claim to be doing both, then you are not true to either of them.”

      I definitely agree, and in fact, I do LOVE (I’m not a “fan” of anybody) Adolf Hitler and national socialism.

      Joe Fallisi

  42. Sorry, I’m late. Sorry, I didn’t check any link provided by fellow commenters. I’m going to give my shot with what I have about the subject.

    First, let’s take a look at the Tribe’s Modus Operandi. How Jews control every relevant political organization since the not so great “French” Revolution? They have the expertise to worm in Trojan horses in every organization, they highjack every movement from top to bottom. The Judenpresse is fundamental in their plans, since pamphlets to digital media, it presents the Trojan horse as the perfect man for the job, and the Goyim buy it every time! By now you know where I’m heading, dear reader, don’t read it anymore if it hurts yours feelings.

    We have to separate the German people from Adolf Hitler. Germans are wonderful people! The incompetent dictator? Not so great. Actually, Hitler is quite competent if you see him as a traitor. Why should I, or anyone else, worship a guy who is whether incompetent or a traitor. I’m not only worth of licking his boots I’m worth of spitting on his boots, spitting on his face!

    No Hitler, no Israel. Deal with it!

    No Barbarossa, no destruction of the once great German people. And no, it wasn’t a defensive operation as the official “alternative” history wants you to believe. All Western Europe is enough land for Lebensraum.

    The entire ENIGMA thing is pretty enigmatic. Two logical options left: someone was sending messages to the Allies from the German high command or a gay mathematician cracked the uncrackable code using a super analogical computer. The same computer the Zionist Prime Minister, enigmatically, ordered to destroy after the war.

    Hitler LERVED the British people, that’s why he saved the British Expeditionary Force from total disaster. He wants to make peace with Winston “unconditional surrender of Germany” Churchill. He LERVED them so much he tried to invade England few weeks later, and when the RAF was about to crack the incompetent dictator ordered the invasion to stop! Oh, before that he ordered the invasion of Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Luxemburg, etc. I know, it’s all for the greater good, for the [Jewish] cause.

    It’s true, the only system that seems to work co-existing with Freud’s plague is National Socialism, or Fascism. Communist economy simply doesn’t work. Democracy doesn’t exist when the Judenpresse is free to operate, in fact, it is the preferred regime for the ‘Elites’ where they decapitate (literally) any organic leader to put “the right man for the job” on his place. However, we don’t have to be nostalgic about it, we can visit China to experience the wonders of National Socialism.

    1. NBTT, to make peace with the evil Kingdom and its “glorious heart” the COL, will be quite an impossible task without submitting to the almighty rules of kosher money changing and dependency – for any nation on Earth. This “mindset of English/British subjects” and their celebrated history of global piracy, looting of foreign nations is deeply embedded in honor within:
      “When Britain first, at Heaven’s command
      Arose from out the azure main;
      This was the charter of the land,
      And guardian angels sang this strain:
      “Rule, Britannia! rule the waves:
      “Britons never will be slaves.”
      and not much has changed until today:
      “One of the interesting things about the successful Allied raids on Dresden between February 13th and 15th 1945 was the discovery that under fire-storm conditions temperatures on the ground were so high that Jerries were going around spontaneously igniting. The Jerries in question weren’t particularly happy bunnies of course. Since Jerry wasn’t in the habit of sending met reports to Bomber Command HQ in Naphill (near High Wycombe) nobody at Bomber Command knew that conditions on the ground favored a fire-storm. The extra dead Jerries were a bonus.” M. Shrimpton – VT

    2. NBTT –

      NO UN, NO Israel!! It was formed by Alger Hiss for that purpose, and others.

      1. Correct as usual, Pat. 🙂 Before that they tried the same trick with the creation of the League of Nation, after WWI, but America stood in their way. Back then America wasn’t ready to give away her sovereignty for free.

  43. How much hatred did the Nazis have for Old Testament???
    The booklet, Why Are We Fighting? ( Wofür kämpfen wir? ,Berlin: Heerespersonalamt, 1944), which Hitler personally endorsed as an instructional tool to inculcate the National Socialist worldview into German soldiers.

    The preface of this work reproduced Hitler’s January 8, 1944, decree(check the above-given link) directed to all military officers, in which he wrote,

    “I command therefore, that the worldview contained in this book be instilled convincingly and emphatically in the soldiers in regular instruction.”~ Adolf Hitler.

    Hitler made clear in this decree that he personally endorsed the ideology expressed in this booklet.
    Excerpts from Why Are We Fighting? (Wofür kämpfen wir? ,Berlin: Heerespersonalamt, 1944)
    The striving for world domination was prescribed by religious laws in the Old Testament.
    A leitmotif of the Old Testament appears again and again and still applies today: The doctrine of the “chosen people of God”, of the domination of all peoples “in the name of God”, of the “filiation of God”.
    The very idea of ​​being God’s called people always had to give Judaism great impetus. In any case, the form of religious and political faith laid down in the Law of Moses [My Note: When the Nazis attack Moses, they attack Jesus too, because Jesus viewed Moses as a man of God—John 5:33–47 ] in the whole of the Old Testament … to allow Judaism to resist a whole world for millennia, to make it almost imperishable.
    We know that the belief in the vocation to world domination is deeply anchored in the Jew and that the laws of life and religion are meticulously observed by the faithful to this day. The essential thing, however, is that, out of his faith in calling, he always and everywhere went over to attack with his ideas with the aim of making the promise of his God, Yahweh, a reality. But he always did this as a master of lies and camouflage. “His language is used to hide his true thoughts” (Adolf Hitler).
    When the Israelites returned from exile and some of them immediately emigrated to the diaspora, they were incapable of any kind of warlike action. Their lust for power and world domination were spiritually transformed into the grandiose idea of ​​a cosmic final judgment on non-Jewish humanity – through Yahweh and into the Messiah’s hope, according to which Yahweh would create a paradise on earth for the Jews with all material pleasures, in which they live forever, but the other peoples should be their slaves. […] This hatred was the great unifying bond of all Jews, wherever in the world they might be, and not least it was he who constantly developed the instrument in the Jewish generations that would one day keep the promises of Yahweh. In bringing up its own youth, Judaism has repeatedly proceeded with the sharpest exclusivity and intolerance and documented before the world a racial consciousness that was in fact unparalleled.
    Europe stands in the force field of various imperialist world powers: England, USA and the Soviet Union. It is threatened by dangers like never before.If we ask again what this imperialist striving for world domination is based on, then we will find the same driving force everywhere: Judaism, which under the mask of puritanical-liberalist England, des democratic-liberal America or under the mask of Bolshevik world happiness wants to realize its Old Testament promises.
    Bolshevism is the instrument of world Jewry through which it wants to fulfill the Old Testament promise of world domination of the Jews in association with the Jewish-liberalist, English-American plutocracy.
    The Old Testament is bursting with glorifications of wealth and earthly goods, combined with the call to exploit all non-Jews!

  44. On this site and over at truthseeker parallel site there seems to be big confusion as to who or what god is. The religious types want and insist you “obey” god, or be obedient to his laws (or commandments). I do not know, like everyone else, but here are my ideas about what god is.

    There are human races more advanced than us that may appear to be gods because of their advanced technology, and one or more of these alien races may be our creators. These are the lesser gods. Archons or negative forces farming our energies are most definitely not our highest god. The New Age writers often say God is our Highest Aspiration. God is the Creative Force. God is Love. God is the highest vibration. God is Light.

    Thus (which is very clear to me but not many who profess Jesus) that God killing his son on a cross is not a very high vibration. God judging us is very low vibration (think of Netanyahu as the monster judgmental Yahweh archetype). God needing something is another low vibration. Just think of it in terms of your own personal associations, how do you feel around a needy person? Well, I wouldn’t think that “God” would need anything from me if it is of the highest level. Only a prick needs you to do something, like beg, or pay taxes, or defend yourself, or you to worship it, get on your knees, etc. Love needs nothing, love does not judge, love doesn’t issue commandments, or care if you follow them. Thus the highest God we can imagine is a non-judgmental Love entity, and the Bible god is not that.

    Then there is the observation that this is a (fractal) holographic simulation. Lots of evidence like the double slit experiment, when you observe an electron your observation affects it’s location. That is pretty damn amazing when you think about it. Our minds (it appears) are organizing energies, and energies are vibrations, when slowed down energies become matter. Thus the hypothesis that (our) souls created the universe has some real scientific backing.

    So, the movies The Matrix introduces God as The Architect. An ancient alien civilization, millions of years more advanced than ours, designs an artificial intelligent super computer that does all the calculations to create a universe that appears real. That is what we are in, our souls are the intelligent energies injected into the matrix where we live out endless lives in endless incarnations. Our reality (these scifi writers say) imagined our current reality, matter, planets, suns et al.

    For us right now, it really doesn’t matter, for we are in a hell realm, and on a planet with malevolent Jews who have all the money and power, who control the media and big pharma making money off of us being slowly poisoned and killed. The one man who came along and actually did something to stop these Jewish monsters is vilified for not being a blind believer in Jesus, a Jewish messiah.

    Christians have this problem understanding that killing Jews is a very high vibration and maybe even a spiritual calling. If you stop a rapist, is that not good? If you stop theft, are you not acting in a higher vibration than the thief? Likewise if a parasite infests your nation bringing it to total ruin, is it not the higher love to extricate the parasite and kill it? What kind of fool allows a mosquito to suck it’s blood without swatting it? What I am saying the highest good or love is doing something to save your race, and that is what Hitler did, although he failed. Now it is our turn, learn, try again.

    Rejoice, rejoice we have a choice shall we all just roll over and die or act positively and destroy the parasite?

    Related truth seeker essay:


    This is where the Bhagavad Gita is better spiritual instruction than the Holy Bible. Krishna informs Arjuna he must kill his evil relatives who are destroying society for life to exist. We need to understand this teaching in our relationship with Jews, if Jews do us evil we must end them for us to exist. It is our choice, and no god is going to punish us even though the Jews might call it mass murder. The parasite will scream as you yank it from the host, but that is to be expected. God doesn’t care one way or another what we do, and God does not care if the Jews wipe us out. We must understand this, God is not to be feared or obeyed, we must simply act in our interest if our cause is just.

    The problem with Christianity should be clear, it castrates the believer from taking strong action. If you fear the Lord, then can you act in your defense? Even worse, many evangelicals love the destroyer Israel, and read this Jerusalem Post article which proves it:


    “For Evangelicals, is Benjamin Netanyahu the fallen messiah? – analysis

    The majority of the estimated 60 million American Evangelicals who have supported the prime minister, comparing him to Moses and King David, are watching quietly from the sidelines.

    Netanyahu is the Israeli premier that the Christians know and love. He is also the man who, in 2017 at a Christians United for Israel (CUFI) conference, told them they were Israel’s best friends in the world.

    “When I say we have no greater friends than Christian supporters of Israel, I know you’ve always stood with us,” Netanyahu said in a video address. “You stand with us because you stand with yourselves because we represent that common heritage of freedom that goes back thousands of years.”

    “America has no better friend than Israel and Israel has no better friend than America,” Netanyahu continued. “And Israel has no better friend in America than you.”

    Evangelicals overwhelmingly supported the direction that Netanyahu’s policies were taking Israel, whether it be his unwavering war on terror, his pro-settlement agenda that kept the biblical heartland in Jewish hands or his hardline stance against Iran.

    1. Krishna never says Arjuna must kill his relatives. Never once. He wants Arjuna to fight for not only dharma and honour but also because the battle has already been fought and He wants Arjuna to shine, not succumb to emotion like a lesser man.

      Which leads to one of the main points/instructions in the Gita. What Krishna says to Arjuna at the end, after answering every question, explaining the facts of Man and God and Law to satisfy Arjuna completely. Krishna then says (to paraphrase) “Now you choose”

      Without freedom to make that choice (and surrender to Krishna/God) we’d all just be robots and puppets like so many are.

      1. The entire Gita is about Arjuna making this choice to kill his relatives, which he is hesitant to do because of his fears and compassion for them, but in the end he is convinced he is only killing physical bodies not their souls.


        “Arjuna was reluctant to kill his own relatives. Being unable to take any resolute decision, he surrendered unto Krishna, accepted Him as his spiritual master and sought His learned guidance. Krishna instructed him to kill all his friends and relatives, who were on the opposite side.”

    2. “God is Light.”

      The Sun is the highest source of light on this planet. Sun worship started religions.

    3. As far as I know the right commandment is “you shalt not MURDER,” to kill in self-defense isn’t murder except in Marxist (actually that comes from the Tavistock Institute) legislations where the thug is the victim.

      I have been hearing this “kill all the Jews” talk lately, Yukon, that’s normal reaction under desperate times. However, to kill all Jews is amoral, unethical, cruel, unjust, brutal, satanic, bizarre and finally, UNEFECTIVE. As I’ve stated in a previous comment about nature of evil it exercise top down control, therefore we don’t have to put pressure on the bottom of the pyramid of power, we have to put pressure on its tip. Minimum blood shed maximum efficacy.

      The Founding Fathers have foreseen this very moment and gave the American people the legal right to form armed militias. Americans, Germans, Russians, Brits have proved they have enough balls and guts to face a nasty fight; the only thing missing is the WILL to fight.

      The Tribe’s side has been doing political assassinations for a long time but our side has been playing by the rules. The scoreboard is like 1000 x 0. Our REAL political representatives have been slaughtered without mercy.

      The militias have to put themselves in a [secret] state of WAR. When citizens begin to drop dead in droves because of Gates’ shots I believe that would be the correct time for attack (((THEIR))) kingpins. I have been wet dreaming with something in the molds of the January, 1968, Tet Offensive.

      The thing about demagogic politicians, as the courageous Philip Giraldi exposed in his recent article, is they tend to pack together with the winning side, which presently is the Tribe’s side. As soon as the militias start to score, some politicians will flock with them and God know the tide will change.

      Disclaimer: hypothetically, of course.

      1. quote “I have been hearing this “kill all the Jews” talk lately, Yukon, that’s normal reaction under desperate times. However, to kill all Jews is amoral, unethical, cruel, unjust, brutal, satanic, bizarre and finally, UNEFECTIVE.”

        I disagree, the most moral thing you can do is kill all Jews. Killing them all would be highly effective, as I have said a million times nuking New York City, Tel Aviv, and London would rid the planet of most Jews. That might seem extreme to someone who doesn’t understand how much misery the Jews in those 3 cities are putting the rest of mankind through. Another method, is to identify all the perps, arrest them, and outlaw their religion and organizations.

        Does humanity have the right to live unmolested by this one group of money manipulators and torturers? How many of us must die in world wars until we find it within ourselves to kill them first? Are we to be slaughtered forever and ever? Should we not conjure up an new Hitler and be done with them?

        Anyone playing this mind game of claiming to be superior to all others, and takes on the identity of being part of the group, the Jews, has cast their lot in with that group. No person who is born a Jew needs to stay a Jew, just as no Catholic has to continue to be a Catholic once they become conscious of what kind of organization the Catholic Church has been.

  45. What was the dialectic of Germany but a Jew ONE. Jews were communist who hated the Zionist Jews. Zionist Jews were saved by Hilter more than Her Schindler. He saved the Zionistas. Why does no one see that this house divided by Jews was a Jew idea and controlled to the outcome. Por babies choosing a Jewish controled thesis and antithesis was the proposed desired outcome. Germany need not look further than the Coins minted for the Havarah agreement. Swastika on one side and a star of david on the other. Jews hate it when you know they played tweedle dee and tweedel dumb with Germans. We must become one and destroy by BDS Israel and its ZIO /Commie Hegelian dialectic or the realities will remain as they [email protected]#

  46. Does anyone doubt that humanity is in an existential crisis caused by this one group who call themselves Jews? Isn’t it clear that Hitler never goes away because the crisis of Jewish treachery is still with us? Why is Mein Kampf banned in so many places, who cares about the rantings of some “mad” man 90 years ago?

    But what is also true, the crisis is not severe enough for men to act, so the current situation of being abused by Jewish control (like the mask mandate) will fester and stew until the crisis becomes such a problem in which we are forced to act, which was the case of the collapse of Weimar Germany and the rise of Hitler.

    Thus the strategy of our eternal enemy will be to eliminate and subjugate us before we can act, and thus the forced vaccinations at “warp speed” that eliminates most of us before we can act. They are doing everything they can to hold off the inevitable crash with monetary intervention. Normally the government forces us to pay taxes, if they are suddenly sending us checks in the mail that reeks of desperation on their part.

  47. 25 points comprising Programme of the NSDAP, 24 February 1920

    24. We demand freedom for all religious denominations in the State, provided they do not threaten its existence not offend the moral feelings of the German race.

    THE PARTY, AS SUCH, STANDS FOR POSITIVE CHRISTIANITY, but does not commit itself to any particular denomination. It combats the Jewish-materialistic spirit within and without us, and is convinced that our nation can achieve permanent health only from within on the basis of the principle: The common interest before self-interest.

    Of note is also the following footnoted clarification, eight years later, meaning that the erstwhile program stood unaltered throughout:

    On April 13, 1928, Adolf Hitler clarified section seventeen in the programme in order to stop political mischaracterizations:

    “Because of the mendacious interpretations on the part of our opponents of Point 17 of the programme of the NSDAP, the following explanation is necessary.: Since the NSDAP is fundamentally based on the principle of private property, it is obvious that the expression “confiscation without compensation” refers merely to the creation of possible legal means of confiscating when necessary, land illegally acquired, or not administered in accordance with the national welfare. It is therefore directed in the first instance against the Jewish companies which speculate in land.

    Observation: all of this was proclaimed loud and clear for the German folk and the world to hear, not some shifty Under The Table Talk reportedly reported by long dead bystanders and salivated over by professional respected mainstream pundits and political gossip columnists whose livelihood depends on such juicy hearsay.

    Moreover (even Jew wikipedia admits this):

    The term “Nazi” was in use before the rise of the NSDAP as a colloquial and derogatory word for a backwards farmer or peasant, characterizing an awkward and clumsy person. In this sense, the word Nazi was a hypocorism of the German male name Ignatz (itself a variation of the name Ignatius)—Ignatz being a common name at the time in Bavaria, the area from which the NSDAP emerged.
    In the 1920s, political opponents of the NSDAP in the German labour movement seized on this and—using the earlier abbreviated term “Sozi” for Sozialist (English: Socialist) as an example —shortened NSDAP’s name, Nationalsozialistische, to the dismissive “Nazi”, in order to associate them with the derogatory use of the term mentioned above.

    In other words, anyone using the term “Nazi” is automatically a Zionist shill, Antifa sympathizer and enemy of German people, the foremost representatives of European race.
    Note that Jews were ALWAYS at war with Germans regardless of Hitler and had he not been on the scene, the war (“tob shebe goyyim harog“) would have continued unabated:
    Judea Declares War On Germany (1933)—not “War On Hitler”,
    Germany Must Perish!—not “Hitler must perish”.
    Morgenthau Plan of ethnic cleansing of Germans dovetailed Kaufman’s book, praised by the New York Times.
    So what fate awaited Germany without Hitler and NSDAP?
    Look at Hitler-less Germany today, ask Barbara Lerner Spectre what’s cooking in her Seder kitchen.

    1. @LOBRO
      Sorry, your whole comment is false.
      Your very tone of comment is condescending, and a rant.

      First of all the term, ‘Nazi’ was first used by Joseph Goebbels even before Konrad Heiden published his first book.
      “Der Nazi-Sozi” was penned by Joseph Goebbels was published in 1926.

      Whereas Konard Heiden released his first book only around 1932.
      Also, Hitler himself uses the word ‘Nazi’ in his speeches.
      So this in itself shows you got your education on this subject from online memes.

      And you like to show point 24 of the NSDAP program, but for some reason, you fail to recognize the condition added in that point.
      Point 24 insists: “provided they do not threaten its existence not offend the moral feelings of the German race.”

      Nazis clearly felt “threatened” that they harassed the Catholic Church to such a extend the Vatican released an encyclical condemning the Nazi regime, the name of the encyclical was called ‘Mit brennender Sorge’.

      I will just quote a small passage from the encyclical:
      “…it is the absolute right of youths as well as of parents to see to it that this organization[Nazi] is purged of all manifestations HOSTILE TO THE CHURCH AND CHRISTIANITY.” ~ MIT BRENNENDER SORGE

      Also, do you even know what ‘Positive Christianity’ even means?
      I will list a few facts after reading that you can decide for yourself if the Nazi conception of Christianity(i.e Positive Christianity) is anywhere remotely similar to the denominational (Protestant and Catholic) Christianity.
      • Nazis hated St.Paul.
      • Nazis had nothing but contempt for the Old Testament to such a extend that Hitler called Abraham a ‘PIMP’ in his speech.
      • Hitler had the audacity to say that Jesus’s work was incomplete when Jesus himself says “It is finished” [John 19:30]
      • Nazis tried to remove ALL the authority of the Churches and get the Churches completely under the control of the state.
      “We were accused of being against the Church, bad Christians or no Christians at all. If we only understand denomination by Christianity, WE ARE BAD CHRISTIANS.” ~ Adolf Hitler Speech 24 May, 1927

      >”all of this was proclaimed loud and clear for the German folk and the world to hear”
      I don’t know what you trying to prove, if you want to call the Table Talks ‘fake’ to continue to live in your false imagination, you can call it straightly instead of being a coward.
      Even if you call Table Talks fake there are memoirs, pastoral letters[during WW2], letters from Pope[during WW2], which are corroborating to the Table Talks and his opinion. So denying the authenticity of the table is equal to being a supporter of Flat Earth.

      Hitler Youth[who were supposed to be the future bearers of the Reich] was educated with Anti-Christian themes.
      Here is an excerpt from official text material of Hitler Youth:

      //Even today, National Socialism’s racial thinking has implacable opponents. Freemasonry, Marxism, and the Christian churches make common cause in this matter.
      The Christian church, above all the Roman Catholic Church, rejects racial thinking by claiming that “All men are equal before God.” All who are of the Christian faith, be they Jew, a Negro from the jungle, or white, are better and more valuable to it than a German who is not a Christian. Saving faith is the only bond.

      Proof that the Roman Catholic Church is acting against its better knowledge in rejecting racial thinking is clear from the following facts. […]
      Why do we find the nonsense about human equality in Freemasonry, Marxism, and the Christian church? All three are more or less striving for world power. They therefore have to be “international.” //
      The source: Fritz Bennecke (ed.), Vom deutschen Volk und seinem Lebensraum. Handbuch für die Schulung in der HJ (Munich: Franz Eher, 1937)

      So your whole premise is false.

      1. @ WINTER

        You have made an excellent comment. Keep up the good work! 🙂

        Your knowledge of Nazi Germany puts you into a league of your own.

        1. Though your question is addressed to Winter, I will answer on his behalf in case he doesn’t see your question and respond to it. Lobro’s basic premise is that if Hitler said something for public consumption, either in a speech or written manifesto, he must be taken at face value and believed. For example, Lobro believes, FALSELY, that Hitler was a devout Christian because of what Hitler himself said in quote after quote for public consumption.

          This is what Hitler said to project a false impression of his religiosity:


          Lobro’s FALSE PREMISE is to believe the above statement is true because these are Hitler’s own words in October 1928. Even if it were true in 1928 (which it wasn’t, it was false even then), he said the very OPPOSITE in his “Table Talk” (1941-1944).

          Here is Hitler again:


          Why does Lobro believe this? Because he wants to. Hitler never had any “boundless love for Christianity.” This was a lie for public consumption to improve his image as the charismatic Christian Messiah. In “Table Talk” (private conversations in later life) Hitler showed a boundless HATE for Christianity.

          All politicians make election promises. Only a fool believes those promises. Lobro’s “false premise” is to believe everything nice Hitler said about Christianity in his early days, totally ignoring all the NASTY things Hitler said about Christianity in “Hitler’s Table Talk” (1941-1944).

          1. What LOBRO wrote in his comment above is quite reasonable. What you are adding as background or history was unfortunately neither clear from LOBRO’s words nor from Winter’s reply. Thank you for the clarification.
            It is quite clear that Hitler believed in a supreme being, that this being would not have been the god of the Jews, the raging Yahwe as described in some parts of the Old Testament is also quite clear. Whether Yahwe is the god of the Christians is also doubtful, then this would necessitate an explanation for this transformation from a vengeful, violent being to the figure of a god of love, a father in heaven.
            What is, however, clear is that freedom of religion was a reality in Hitler’s Germany; no one was kept from attending church (or any other temple of worship). This in stark contrast to Stalin’s active emtying of churches, misusing them as stables and storehouses, even razing them. The arch hypocrite Roosevelt stated that ‘freedom of religion’ was a reality in the SU, and I think that he can’t have been ignorant of this Bolshevik attitude and actions towards religion, while Roosevelt also told the naive churchgoers in his country the “nazis” wanted to abolish all religions. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
            Whatever Hitler’s attitude towards Christianity might have been, he did not interfere with something as important as spiritual matters of his people. The Wehrmacht and SS had their chaplains and priests in uniform.

            1. Mirror Imager

              What LOBRO wrote in his comment above is quite reasonable. What you are adding as background or history was unfortunately neither clear from LOBRO’s words nor from Winter’s reply. Thank you for the clarification.

              No, I beg to differ. Nothing Lobro has said here is even remotely “reasonable”. He has made totally irrelevant blockquotes without offering a single link to a reputable source. Roughly 90% of his comments are hate-filled rants shrieking at Sardonicus and trying to get Lasha to set up a fight/duel between him and Sardonicus in which he (Lobro) says he will beat the shit out of Sardonicus. You call that “reasonable” behavior?

              No one is disputing that Hitler believed in some sort of “God” because of his belief in “Providence”. But that is NOT the issue here. You are muddying the waters if you think that is the issue. What we are discussing here is Hitler’s attitude to Christianity and to Christianity alone. And it is now 100% clear that Hitler hated Christianity and despised Christ and his teachings. That has been conclusively proved by the documentary evidence.

              You are making a big mistake by cuddling up to Lobro. He has no standing on his site. The man can hardly open his mouth without having a hissy fit.

              1. 1. Nothing Lobro has said here is even remotely “reasonable”. — ON THE CONTRARY, POINT TO ONE THING THAT IS “UNREASONABLE”, I.E., DEFIES RULES OF LOGIC.
                2. He has made totally irrelevant blockquotes without offering a single link to a reputable source. — ON THE CONTRARY, EVERY SINGLE PAIR OF MY BLOCKQUOTES HAD A PROPER LINK (whenever unclear, ask, as for “reputable”, I challenge you to provide an objectively invariant definition that an AI could follow, e.g., “reputable” is whatever Jew Kehilah endorses, fine, so long as you are clear on it).
                spew your adoration for Joseph Stalin and SUCK DONALD TRUMP’S DICK IN PUBLIC . (Note mysterious entity Mark’s supportive comment, once and never again, how convenient), I WELCOME THE OPPORTUNITY TO SETTLE THIS LIKE MEN AND NOT A CLUTCH OF SCREECHING PREMENOPAUSAL BITCHES.

                Do you see?
                Does everyone see how the local powers-that-be operate?
                In a short post you excreted 4 blatant lies, count them, 1 lie, 2 lies, 3 lies, 4 lies lined up in a row with nothing in between.
                Why do you do this? Did I ask to communicate with you?
                Why are you allowed to get away with this? You and certain others—jump in, open your bowels over an unsuspecting victim and walk away proudly wiping your hands all over the thread.
                Is it a mystery or can one indulge in a bit of conspiracy theorizing.
                Each of my posts requires at least 24 hours marinating in spam while you, Joe, Sardonicus and a few others can unload torrents of septic verbiage on whoever you want, never in your sorry lives to have even tried to come up with an original, creative, insightful observation.
                Shame on you Ruth, I wouldn’t accept your karma for the ownership of the world, bad bargain.
                Looks like you took a reputable downhill road—the easiest.

                1. @ Lobro

                  I feel really sorry for you, you sad little girly man. Why don’t you try posting your pro-Hitler and pro-Stalin rants on Niqnaq? and see whether the guy who own Niqnaq is prepared to put up with your disjointed drivel and hysterical temper tantrums?

                2. Just as expected, you did not defend a single one of your accusations leveled at me that I specifically challenged, instead swung to the tried and true SAD LITTLE MAN routine that women resort to when cornered in an intellectually challenging situation—weaving and dodging the issue, spraying squid ink while crying that they’ve been violated somehow (6 million dead wimmin crying for justice and compensation). Need I add that the exact same phrase (SLM) was previously used by Silent Reader, Emma Darcy, Emma Kirby, Miss Gombrich and whoever else, always the exact wording, tone, Brit dialect—maybe I am the only one who finds it curious.

                  As for your contempt for my tinyhood, no doubt a woman of your experience and feminine intuition can tell even across 7 time zones, 10,000 km—Ruth knows, she got nose! In which case one is justified to ask, what size man would please our Ruth into happy silence? Maybe we can ask Avatar … yes, he should know after a wild week in New York (funny convergence, you and Big Man Avatar, Sardonicus and Little Man Lobro to take respective measures🤔). And as to what became of Avatar, what shape did he shift into thereafter … and thereafter—not important.

                  Will you ask me how can I remember such distant events … the answer is simple, Ruthie.
                  Because I speak the truth and nothing but the truth, my memory drawers are free to accumulate all kinds of curiosities unrelated to my life, when I say something about myself, it is what it is and I don’t need to remember what I said to whom and how it matches everything else I said, BECAUSE TRUTH REMEMBERS ITSELF.

                  (I must say that I find your inchoate rage entertaining, big tits furiously rising and falling—if our NY pairing gets mixed up and Sard takes it out on Avatar, what about us? *LOL*)

                  1. @ Lobro

                    Just as expected, you did not defend a single one of your accusations leveled at me that I specifically challenged, instead swung to the tried and true SAD LITTLE MAN routine that women resort to when cornered in an intellectually challenging situation—weaving and dodging the issue, spraying squid ink while crying that they’ve been violated somehow (6 million dead wimmin crying for justice and compensation). Need I add that the exact same phrase (SLM) was previously used by Silent Reader, Emma Darcy, Emma Kirby, Miss Gombrich and whoever else, always the exact wording, tone, Brit dialect—maybe I am the only one who finds it curious.

                    Listen, you uneducated asshole! I don’t have time to waste on a village idiot who thinks the phrase “SAD LITLE MAN”, as used here by several different posters, is a proof that that they are all sock puppets for ONE person of “British” origin. The phrase “sad little man” happens to be a VERY COMMON CATCHPHRASE widely used on BOTH sides of the Atlantic! Here, take a look, dunderhead!


                    So much for your paranoid conspiracy theory that you are being picked on by ONE person you are too cowardly to name. Nothing but malevolent innuendoes from you, you toxic little rattlesnake! Lots of suspicion, NO PROOF!!! 🙂

                    1. The phrase “sad little man” was common in our household when I was growing up in Tennessee. My Mom used to use it affectionately to my father. Whenever he came home in the evening, she’s say: “Come and give me a kiss, you sad little man!” It would always cheer him up and he’s give her a peck on the cheek. The phrase may have been of British origin. So what? Lots of American catchphrases come from English. This man Lobro only proves how out of touch he is.

                    2. @ Lobro (continued…)

                      All the people who attack you have only one thing in common, Lobro. They write correct standard English. All the articles in Wikipedia or the New York Times are written in the same standard English. Only a paranoid conspiracy theorist would jump to the bizarre conclusion they are all the same person, using an infinite number of sock puppets.

                      I have come to the conclusion, like so many others here, that you are suffering from autism or Asperges or some other mental defect you try to cover up by constantly referring to your so-called “DYSLEXIA”. An excuse for your constant bad manners. No, you are NOT “dyslexic”. You are just a clueless cultural philistine.

                      You are of course too orthographically uneducated to notice that your assorted “enemies” cannot all be ONE person for the simple reason that some use American spelling and others use British spelling. As a Canadian, you should be aware that Canadian spelling and American spelling are often different. These are things I happen to know because of my training in stylistic forensics, a training you lack.

                      The proof that you are pretty clueless about spelling and nuances of style was shown only 2-3 days ago in a longwinded rant of yours. You wrote this, quoting me:

                      “Lobro would gladly have seen my own Palestinian children blinded, maimed, and murdered than change his mind about worshipping (sic) the Zionist puppet.”

                      Why did you put that word “sic” after my word “worshipping”? Can you explain, Lobro? I’ll tell you why. Because you thought I was too ignorant to spell the word correctly. You thought, being a Canadian, that I should have spelt it “WORSHIPING” (With 1 ‘p’ instead of 2).

                      WRONG! . . . “Worshipping” with 2 p’s is perfectly correct. So there was no need for your snotty little ‘Sic’!!! 🙂

                      Check it out:


                    3. All this, however, is mere smoke and mirrors on your part. Distraction and deflection. My object in writing to you was not to discuss semantics. It was to challenge you to a fight in Central Park. This was not, if you remember, a challenge of my own initiation. You challenged me first. You said you would pay my air fares from Japan to Thailand. You challenged me to a duel, suggesting you would like to beat the shit out of me. I accepted your challenge.

                      The ball is now in your court. I accepted your challenge, moving the location from Bangkok to New York. I said I would pay your return fares, all expenses paid for a week. By me.

                      So what do you say, Lobro? YES or NO? Do we fight or not? It was YOUR suggestion!

                      You can still chicken out if you want.

                    4. (OFF-TOPIC)

                      Speaking of Central Park, Manhattan : I was in Central Park Manhattan one day and I was walking along enjoying the park and up ahead about 200 feet a woman fell, she had her back to me, I didn’t see her face, just her back, She fell, she tripped on something. I ran to her and asked her if she was okay and she said “yes”, She wasn’t hurt just embarrassed . I helped her get up. I saw the face very clearly when I helped her get up. It was, can anybody guess who it was? You’ll never guess who it was. It was JACKIE! That’s THE TRUTH, I am NOT lying. It took place during her Madison Ave publishing house editor job years.

                      In all fairness, she was very polite to me. She thanked me. She was very nice. I did NOT say anything to her other than “are you okay?” and when she said “yes” I said “let me help you up”. She nodded her head “yes”. I did NOT accuse her of anything nefarious. I did NOT say anything about JFK, or any Kennedy, her pink outfit THAT DAY, or Onassis, or Maria Callas, or about her JEW boyfriend Tempelsman, or anything. So Monte can rest easy, lol. And I didn’t say, “I don’t care for editors, not at all” so Lasha can rest easy, *grin*.

              2. I was referring to LOBRO’s comment of June 10 at 10:48.
                If there is a history of heated controversy, I am not familiar with it, I made merely a remark regarding the comment mentioned. There is nothing wrong with the Block Quotes you are referring to in this comment of his.
                It is not important for my understanding whether Hitler was a Christian or a pagan, and if he had critical, even cynical opinions about the logical end of a naive concept of Christianity, he would only be in a long line of eminent people who thought similarly.

                1. @ Mirror Imager

                  I was referring to LOBRO’s comment of June 10 at 10:48. (***) There is nothing wrong with the Block Quotes you are referring to in this comment of his.

                  I beg to differ. And you completely fail to understand my point. There was nothing wrong with Lobro’s blockquotes IN ISOLATION, if considered by their subject matter alone.

                  Hpwever, his blockquotes were completely irrelevant and off-topic in the context in which they occurred, since the subject matter being discussed between Lobro and Sardonicus was a DUEL — a fight fight in Central Park. This was the business being discussed. NOT, I repeat, Hitler’s political and religious ideas.

                  Lobro’s comment was therefore simply an attempt to EVADE THE ISSUE under discussion: the terms of the duel. Surely you are smart enough to see this?

                  1. I am in full agreement with you, Ruth. Engaging in debate with this pugnacious, ill-informed, emotionally disturbed neo-Nazi thug is a complete waste of time. Don’t bother.

      2. Winter,
        I’d be happy to debate your points one at a time based on facts and logic—and nothing else, especially not ad hominem labels, premature judgments and cheerleaders conga line all spraying the same juice: “Winter, a historic genius, Lobro, an ignorant rapist moron” (and in fact, these are some of the kindest things I have been called at times—w/o me ever resorting to profanity).

        As for your explanation of POSITIVE CHRISTIANITY, I thank you. Because in the years past in these very threads I argued many times in favor of the same substance, namely Positive Christianity—an excellent term because it posits its inverse, i.e., NEGATIVE CHRISTIANITY, so when crazy-glued into a Siamese chimera it becomes JUDEO-CHRISTIANITY.
        A shit sandwich by another name, pardon the apt expression.

        I briefly explored that theme in this post, just an initial stab at it but it is maybe the world’s most important yet most avoided theme.
        I wonder why.

        I consider it important enough to be opened wide for free and unrestricted debate to be compelled to start my own online journal where I could not be silenced, suspended and deplatformed—I don’t care who reads it as long as I say it publicly.
        Judeo-Christians, among whom NSDAP and Hitler don’t count themselves any more than I do, embrace Torah as the veritable word of God, every word true, precious and to be cherished.
        Like Sarah Palin, trashed by another Sarah, Bernhardt:

        Now you got Uncle Women, like Sarah Palin, who jumps on the s–t and points her fingers at other women. Turncoat b—h!

        Don’t you f–kin’ reference Old Testament, bitch! You stay with your new Goyish crappy shiksa funky bulls–t! Don’t you touch my Old Testament, you b—h! Because we have left it open for interpre-ta-tion! It is no longer taken literally! You whore in your f–kin’ cheap New Vision cheap-ass plastic glasses and your [sneering voice] hair up. A Tina Fey-Megan Mullally brokedown bulls–t moment.

        Know something? Bernhardt is right and I agree with her—because Torah encompasses the NEGATIVE CHRISTIANITY while the Gospels represent the POSITIVE CHRISTIANITY.
        Sarah Palin, the Turncoat b—h! is a shining example of Negative Christian.
        If someone applauds the destruction of Amalek, joyously celebrated at Yom Kippur (show me one Halachic, i.e., based on Torah-Old Testament holiday not rooted in massacres of the goyim, and I will learn something new, thank you), then they are NEGATIVE CHRISTIANS.
        And if I were to come to incontrovertible conclusion that Jesus Christ equally appreciates the destruction of the Amalek, approves the divine curse upon the King Saul for daring to temporarily spare even one captured Amalek from immediate execution, I would disown Jesus on the spot. Done and done.

        Like I said, this is one enormously profound and troubling topic begging for informed discussion.

        But please, no blethering sidelines chorus of rabid supporters either way unless they contribute facts and reason. This is indeed the favored stink bomb of Jews and Negative Christians who pack the campus audiences at talks given by presenters who dare speak any truth against Jews, Judaism and Israel, shouting and screaming obscenities and pre-arranged screaming points, waving placards and 70-decibel sloganeering—Antifa, in short.

        If for whatever reason we cannot have such an exchange, I’d rather close it here and now, supply of time is inversely proportional to topics of substance to be looked at (sort of like writing a difficult final exam).

        Quick aside: Hitler was baptized Catholic.
        Was he ever excommunicated?
        And the term “Nazi” PREDATES rise of NSDAP, used disparagingly against Bavarian (Catholic) peasantry by Bolshevik urban “working class”, same ones as in the French Revolution.
        Therefore as I said, “Nazi” belongs in the same class of socio-ethnic pejoratives as “kike” or “nigger”.
        Except the former is widely encouraged while the latter are ”OMG, no-no-and NO!!!”
        (“OMG” also recently pushed into prominent usage by the godless in order to debase it by attrition, like Jews clipping gold coins)

  48. Here is an excerpt from a school Biology textbook of Nazis. Here you can see Old Testament is attacked.
    First published in Lehrbuch der Biologie für Oberschulen und Gymnasien, Fifth-Grade Edition (Leipzig: Quelle Und Meyer, 1942), 3:32.
    The psychological qualities of the Jewish soul. The features of Near East Asian and Oriental races that are so repulsive to us as Germans have increased substantially among the Jewish population. This is the result of miscegenation, on the one hand, but on the other hand, the result of the fact that the Jew has incorporated stringent laws for breeding and natural selection as components of his religion. These vainglorious people, who call themselves the “chosen ones,” are audacious enough to openly admit to their hatred of all things non-Jewish and their religious intolerance. That’s why the Jew is the “world public enemy” and why he is pitted against National Socialist Germany in particular, because National Socialist Germany is what called to life the potent racial forces of the Nordic peoples so that they became manifest in their successful achievements. The Jews’ antagonistic relationship with all other peoples will never change. The history of the Jews demonstrates that they serve no purpose in the building of a nation, for they are incapable of voluntarily subordinating themselves as individuals to the interests of the whole. Their most potent weapon is their cold, soberly calculating intellect. This is what turns them into clever traders and merchants who have mastered the fine art of availing themselves of every auspicious opportunity with absolutely no regard or consideration for their fellow humans or human decency; because according to their laws, any means necessary may be employed in dealings with non-Jews. This is how they were able to exploit the works of others to amass great wealth and power, even though they are completely devoid of any capacity for creative achievement of their own. The spirit of their thought is critical, corrupt, and corrosive, never constructive. The heroic ideal has never found a place in the ranks of Jews. THERE IS SCARCELY A BLATANTLY HEROIC DEED TO BE FOUND IN OLD TESTAMENT TALES OF JEWISH HISTORY—BUT THERE IS PLENTY OF MURDER, TREACHERY, COWARDLY BETRAYAL, AND BOUNDLESS CRUELTY. So it is no wonder that the Jews have always been the number one criminals in all times and amongst all peoples.

  49. //”So stark ist die Beeinflussung dieser Erde durch das Weltjudentum bereits geworden, daß es nicht nur selbst den Traum der Väter von einer kommenden Weltherrschaft sich verwirklichen sieht, sondern in zynischer Niedertracht die zum Untergange bestimmten Völker darauf geradezu vorbereitet. “Ernste Bibelforscher” 2 wandeln als die Vorläufer des ewigen Juden durch die einzelnen Völker und Länder und verkünden das Herannahen des 1000-jährigen Reiches, den möglichen Widerstand dagegen durch den gerissenen Hinweis auf göttliche Prophezeiungen von vorneherein unterbindend.” ~ Adolf Hitler, 17. September 1925, VB-Sondernummer (Nr. 144a) vom September 1925 1 : “Sondernummer gegen die jüdisch-marxistische Pressekanaille!”.
    (VB is ‘Völkischer Beobachter’ which was the newspaper of the Nazi Party)

    (Translated using Google Translator)
    “The influence of world Jewry on this earth has already become so strong that it not only sees the dream of the fathers of a coming world domination come true, but also prepares the peoples destined for destruction with cynical baseness. “SERIOUS BIBLE STUDENTS” WALK AS THE FORERUNNERS OF THE ETERNAL JEW THROUGH THE INDIVIDUAL PEOPLES AND COUNTRIES AND ANNOUNCE THE APPROACH OF THE 1000-YEAR KINGDOM, PREVENTING POSSIBLE RESISTANCE FROM THE OUTSET BY CUNNINGLY REFERRING TO DIVINE PROPHECIES.”//

  50. Maybe La Popessa could issue an ANTI-Lasha “mit brennender sorge” type encyclical — as Lasha has many Un-Catholic type beliefs , many of her religious beliefs greatly clash with Catholic teaching and that causes a burning concern within Us, right Darrell? Right, Oh La Popessa of Catholic Darkmoon? WE have a burning concern over Lasha’s rejection of lot of Catholic teachings and her taking up of Buddhism/Hinduism and also her being a daughter of lilith and not really caring very much about Catholicism , about her not caring about Catholicism at all to tell you honestly, lol….


    From Romania came a letter expressing the fear that the papal encyclical[MIT BRENNENDER SORGE] would unite the enemies of the Church; Hitler was revered by the 800,000 Germans in that country. On April 30, 1937, Pacelli responded, via the nuncio, in a rare tone of tartness, not only his but also that of Pius XI:

    “The August Pontiff was profoundly sorrowed to learn that the German population in Romania, including the Catholics, admire Herr Hitler as a hero, despite his HATRED FOR THE CHURCH….”

    That letter was written shortly after Pacelli had received a dispatch from Amleto Cicognani, the nuncio at Vienna, who reported, on April 24, that the Austrian minister of the interior (and Nazi sympathizer) Glaise-Horstmann had asked Hitler why he was waging war against the Church.

    The Führer exploded in anger. Violent in gesture and tone, he ranted against the encyclical [MIT BRENNENDER SORGE] and threatened:

    “I will heap disgrace and shame on the Catholic Church, opening unknown monastic archives and having the filth contained in them published!”

    It was wrong, concluded Cicognani, to suppose that hatred of the Church was limited to Hitler’s entourage, not his person. Pacelli responded, on April 28, with diplomatic measure: “To tell the truth, the feelings of violent hostility toward the Church on the part of the present CHANCELLOR OF THE GERMAN REICH [Adolf Hitler] have been well known here for a long time.”

    — Peter Godman, Hitler and The Vatican, p.149

    ( Archivio Segreto Vaticano, Affari Ecclesiastici Straordinari, Germania 1936-38, Pos. 719, fasc. 321, 29,34.
    ASV, AES, Germania 1937-38, Pos. 720, fasc. 329, 40, 43. )

    See this video from Michael E Jones: https://worldtruthvideos.org/watch/michael-e-jones-speaks-the-truth-about-ns-germany_znIjeedVaN1TZPk.html

    1. Excellent comment, Craig. This is what we need on this website: solid documentary evidence to prove that Hitler detested Christianity and the Catholic Church long before “Hitler’s Table Talk (1941-1945)” proved this beyond all possible dispute.

      Hitler fanatics on this website, led by deluded dimwits and dunderheads in sore need of psychiatric treatment, need to SHUT UP and stop wasting everyone’s time here with their raving lunacies. I refer in particular to Lasha Darkmoon’s implacable personal enemy, the hate-filled ranter known as “LOBRO”, who has been conducting a deadly feud with her for the last 2-3 years.

      I could kill this sick bastard if I ever bumped into him in a dark alley. No chance of that! The coward knows how to hide his ugly face in the far-flung cities of South East Asia. 🙂

      1. come and get me, lying faggot, C.V. (in his own words):
        “Paying guest” at Zen monastery in Osaka for the past 7-8 years, because wife dumped him (what normal woman would ever do such a thing),
        ask yourself why would the monastery put up with this character for so long, never learned an iota of humility, kindness or patience, never joined Buddhism—so what is it you like there, group showers?
        Suddenly claims to have a bunch of PALESTINIAN children and that I am murdering them (undoubtedly stuffing body parts in freezer for later consumption).

        Tell you what, faggot: your implacable friend LD (you have said a dozen times that she is the brain and you the mouth—every word of yours bearing stamp of approval) can put us in touch, I will pay your airfare from Japan to Bangkok and we’ll set up a little chat in one of the local muay thai arenas—the Thai love to bet on fights, should be a learning experience to all.
        Walk the walk, you talked enough, and you know that I will put my money where my mouth is and cover your airfare.
        Let’s do this.

        1. @ Lobro

          Tell you what, faggot: your implacable friend LD (you have said a dozen times that she is the brain and you the mouth—every word of yours bearing stamp of approval) can put us in touch, I will pay your airfare from Japan to Bangkok and we’ll set up a little chat in one of the local muay thai arenas—the Thai love to bet on fights, should be a learning experience to all.
          Walk the walk, you talked enough, and you know that I will put my money where my mouth is and cover your airfare.
          Let’s do this.

          You have a distorted perception of reality if you think Lasha Darkmoon is the “brain” and Sardonicus the “mouth” for whatever Sardonicis has to say. Lasha and Sardonicus have not corresponded for over THREE YEARS and have had NO PERSONAL CONTACT WHATSOEVER except over 20 years ago in Florence, Italy.

          If it weren’t for Lasha, you wouldn’t be posting on this site at all. No one here in Admin appreciates your ranting paranoia. Your glib assumption that Lasha Darkmoon OWES you something and needs to intervene on your behalf, championing your views and defending you from attack, borders on the ridiculous. Why should Lasha play the role of your compliant tail-wagging poodle? Give me one good reason why Lasha is under obligation to dance attendance on you and do your bidding!

          Understand this. Lasha has a crippling work load. She barely has time to breathe. And yet, knowing all this, you have been selfish and inconsiderate in the extreme by bombarding her with unsolicited emails over the last 10 years, ranting and raving and making unreasonable demands on her time. She tells me you are the ONLY commenter in the last 10 years to have the chutzpah to send her emails requesting she change your TYPOS!!! “)

          How nauseatingly selfish and inconsiderate can you get? Have you NO SHAME?!? Do you get your “girlfriends” in Thailand (if you have any) to fetch your slippers for you? to tie your shoelaces for you? to cut your toenails for you? 🙂

          And now you expect Lasha to act as your “go-between” in helping you to set up a silly meeting between you and Sardonicus! It beggars belief! — your narcissistic self-importance is truly staggering, Lobro. The answer is NO! Lasha is not going to do your bidding any longer. She is NOT going to correct your rotten typos any longer! She doesn’t even have time to read your turgid rants, so why should she correct your typographical errors? Other people here don’t expect this sort of maidservice, so what makes you so special? God, you really are a disgustingly selfish and self-centred man. No decent woman could live with you. Only doormats.

          You really must be out of touch with reality if you think Lasha is going to arrange a meeting between you and Sardonicus so that you can thrash the living daylights out of him in the Far East somewhere! 🙂 Others on this website have said you have to be mentally deranged. I am now beginning to believe it could be true.

          Tell me truthfully, Lobro: do your regard yourself as “normal”? When did you last have a normal relationship with a woman? Do you have to pay for sex in Thai brothels? Ae you on medication? Do you take mind-altering drugs? I sometimes wonder about you. I won’t say you give me the creeps, Lobro — that would be putting it too strongly — but I do feel a mixture of compassion and revulsion for you.

          As an experienced counsellor, I would strongly advise you to pull yourself together and do something about your increasing paranoia and persecution complex.

          Lasha is quite happy to see you continue posting your comments here as a form of psychotherapy. But there are limits to how far you can go. We are a responsible website. We are not a psychiatric hospital for mentally disturbed retired Canadians in search of God. We doubt that God can be found by offering incense to Hitler and Stalin and to every other psychopathic dictator you happen to fancy! 🙂

          Your bad habits are catching up with you, Lobro. You were once a nice guy. What became of you? Why have you let yourself go to pieces? Please try a little harder to think of other people and show them some kindness and consideration.


          Sister Monica

          1. Did you mention the word shame, Monica?
            Let’s go a couple of recent steps down that memory lane, ok?
            Do you have a SINGLE instance when I commented on Sardonicus, who is free to void his steamy bowels on me whenever he feels and in whichever way he wants—e.g., daydreaming of KILLING ME as he did just now, while never failing to invoke Lasha as his approving benefactor?
            Care to comment, S. Monica?
            Sardonicus expresses his dearest wish to murder me and you smile indulgently … never a single word of admonition, neither you nor anyone else.
            All I do when commenting is stick to the substance of the historical argument.
            Show me where I am wrong, that you once told him to keep away, the rabid beast created in some biowarfare lab for sole purpose of ad-hominem, Jew’s finest weapon.

            Take a look here:
            and follow how it develops, as always, he attacks me without a tiniest provocation from me. NEVER in my life did I initiate any contact with him. Yet here he comes slobbering in rage with offerings like these

            Not content with raping Lasha Darkmoon verbally on her own website, not once but several times, this neo-Nazi skinhead is now using Saki as his new rape victim.

            and you dare call me sick??? He has vented these weird rape fantasies at least half a dozen times—what did I do to deserve this?
            Will you take this into consideration?
            I have never attacked Lasha in person. NEVER. I may be horribly disappointed in that people very close to her or at least so they claim, e.g., Sardonicus knows her personally, Grammar fiend was introduced as friend of the family, go on totally unprovoked gang-attacks on me while claiming special relationship with Lasha, her family and the administration—never denied by you in over 4 years, after literally hundred times—so what could be my conclusion?
            Look at this

            I dislike Lobro precisely because I see him as a potential child-killing psychopath, especially a killer of Palestinian children.

            Lobro would gladly have seen my own Palestinian children blinded, maimed, and murdered than change his mind about worshipping (sic) the Zionist puppet Donald Trump.

            And Admin, as well as Lasha Darkmoon, totally agree with me. They regard Lobro as a mentally unhinged person in need of medical treatment.

            The last line, Monica, please pay attention:

            First: you never uttered a word of disapproval or rejection of this statement. And yet you say, Lasha and Sardonicus have not corresponded for over THREE YEARS and have had NO PERSONAL CONTACT WHATSOEVER except over 20 years ago in Florence, Italy.

            What would be your reaction if I assaulted everyone making the same claims that you and Toby and Darkmoon sisters and Montecristo are 100% behind me and that their silence meant full approval. Can I do it and do it repeatedly for the next 4 years, without ever being addressed first by the victims? Tell me.

            The reason I do comment here has absolutely nothing to do with Lasha—understand that.
            Once we were friends but that’s water under the bridge, times change.
            But there are certain readers-posters here who may be keeping a low profile due to this incessant barrage of Jew-inspired hateful smears by people unable to contribute anything else. It is to them that I address my comments, always dealing with some impersonal, general, political or philosophical issue.

            Do you or Toby have what it takes to tell Sardonicus and his conga line, Ruth, Grammar Fiend, Hieronymus, Joe and other entities which never contribute anything but ad-hominem in perfect unison to back off?
            Random example:
            Do you see the pattern of ad hominem, well over dozen attacks on me by these same people (I assume they are people, maybe being too charitable)?
            And again, unfailing refrain,

            All I know is this: I have Admin’s full support, and you do not.

            What gave him this idea if he hasn’t corresponded with you in years, where does he get the confidence?
            When are you finally going to tell him to STFU and mind his own business if he has nothing to contribute to discussion?
            But no, you tell me that I have no shame.
            Btw, even days without me posting anything, Sardonicus will slag me behind my back, calling me a meth-head and what not—*you* got no problem with that, never will, I am quite sure. Maybe I can borrow some shame from him, since he is so blessed with it.

            Go on, ban me openly for the whole world to see and hear, raise Sardonicus’ hand in victory because regardless of what you say, he seems to own this blog and NO ONE can ever stand in his way—there is no vulgarity and obscenity that is over the top, e.g., calling me a c**ksucker on multiple occasions—what was your reaction? “Lobro, have you no shame?”
            Thanks, Christian sister, regardless of whether you read this “rant” or not.

            And all I wanted was to take issue with posts taking cheap, unfair and unchallenged shots at Hitler and KRAUTNAZI-Must-Perish!, by countering them with source evidence—even if they are right in the end, at this point it is very far from being a sure thing, why not see where the evidence leads, down that rabbit hole.
            And that’s all I ever want to do—but to certain unbalanced minds, this constitutes a rape and child murder—sounds to me like a pornography affliction—what do you say, Sister Councilor?
            kill this sick bastard“!? (meaning, me)
            Like I said, if he really wants to kill me, let him do it face-to-face, not in some “dark alley” of his fantasies (all the years at that monastery … lodge+board well spent).

    2. We can go on about this and these matters forever and while they are interesting, for me they don’t tip the balance of my personal quest.
      Look at this for example: Ecclesiastical Freemasonry (Pacelli’s de facto Papacy)

      The fact that Pius XI’s anti-Marx encyclical Divini Redemptoris appeared just five days after Pacelli’s anti-German Mit Brennender Sorge gives one the impression that once more Pope and Secretary were carrying on two separate battles quite out of tune with each other.

      Aware of the fact that Pius wanted to receive Adolf Hitler in audience on a forthcoming state visit to Italy, he whisked the aged Pope off to Castel Gandolfo. Then, finding that the German Chancellor had expressed a particular wish to see the greatest Michaelangelo frescoes, he locked the Sistine Chapel. There was acute embarrassment on the part of Italian authorities when, without warning, the escorting party was confronted with a sign, “closed for repairs”.

      In March 1938, when German troops entered Austria, Cardinal Innitzer of Vienna was caught up in the all-night celebration along the Ringstrasse and wound up giving his blessing to the ecstatic throngs. As soon as word reached the Vatican, Cardinal Pacelli is said to have expressed “real bitterness”. He promptly called Innitzer to Rome and ordered him to make a public retraction and, although the order came, not from the Pope but only the Secretary of State, the Austrian complied. In that year, 1938, unnoticed by all but an intellectual elite, Civiltá Cattólica, the Jesuit review considered to be the semi-official voice of the Vatican, suddenly left off its warnings about the danger to the Church of Freemasonry, particularly in its declared program to create what it called a “NEW WORLD ORDER”.
      … topping off the tour as a guest of President Roosevelt at Hyde Park. The two were reported to have “hit it off splendidly”, Roosevelt going on in subsequent exchange of correspondence to address Pope Pacelli as “my old and good friend”. In New York the future Pius XII was the house guest of Myron C. Taylor who, despite the fact that attainment of the Thirty-Third Degree in Freemasonry was well known, was to be welcomed as Washington’s Special Envoy to the Vatican during the war years.

      Pacelli was a long-reigning Pope, 1939-1958 and ruled Vatican during those crucial years, inveterate antagonist of National Socialists and a lifelong friend—if not a member—of Freemasonry.
      Definitely not a POSITIVE CHRISTIAN—what was Hitler to do, prostrate himself to such a stealth satanist, no less than today’s Pope Francis?

      Like I said, we can go on forever about these things but in the end I don’t really care because the NSDAP program makes all kinds of human sense in its attitude toward the nation as well as toward the image of Christ purified and fumigated of the stink of Torah.
      And those who love Torah so much, the Pentateuch, Deuteronomy, Leviticus, Judges, Numbers, &c., go on, enjoy, what do I care—applaud mass murder, past and present of the Amalek (Palestinians), while weeping over the mass murder of Palestinians (Amalek).
      At least Jew suffers no confusion on that score—tob shebbe goyyim harog—kill ALL goyim while they stand scratching their heads trying to figure it out.

      Here, have fun with this too while at it: Secret 1918 Vatican Archive Document Reveals Freemasonic Plot to Destroy [German] Throne and Altar

      Just in 1917, Maximilian Kolbe, one of the greatest saints of the 20th century, witnessed a Masonic procession in Rome, carrying banners with the slogan “Satan must reign in the Vatican. The Pope will be His slave.”

      Check that box …

      1. “And those who love Torah so much, the Pentateuch, Deuteronomy, Leviticus, Judges, Numbers, &c., go on, enjoy, what do I care”

        Jesus himself loved the Torah, he even read from it[Book of Isaiah] (Luke 4:17-21).
        Jesus also spoke positively about Biblical Patriarch Abraham, Hitler called him PIMP, not only Abraham, Hitler slandered all the descendants of Abraham as pimps.

        Jesus about Torah:https://www.blueletterbible.org/Comm/stewart_don/faq/bible-authoritative-word/question17-jesus-view-of-the-old-testament.cfm

        Take what you want, Jesus Completely Trusted the Teachings of the Old Testament, Nazis spat on the Old Testament.
        You can concoct your own version of Jesus if you want, and that is exactly what you are doing when you deny and disrespect the Old Testament.

        1. https://www.nytimes.com/1933/04/07/archives/nazis-demand-ban-on-old-testament-suggest-that-german-sagas-and.html
        2. https://demstuermer.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/10-oct-1936-02.jpg

      2. Jesus Completely Trusted the Teachings of the Old Testament, Nazis spat on the Old Testament

        Okay Mills, have it your way—whatever you say is Nothing But The Truth, thinking beyond that point is a grievous offense in the eyes of Lord, we were born to obey His word to the letter and Jesus came to enforce this commandment.

        Therefore, Jesus was in full and unquestioning compliance and trust of the following couple examples (but there are many more, I can easily give you 100, blockquotes omitted to save space)

        Deuteronomy 20:16-20-17. “But of the cities of these peoples which the LORD your God gives you as an inheritance, you shall let nothing that breathes remain alive, but you shall utterly destroy them: the Hittite and the Amorite and the Canaanite and the Perizzite and the Hivite and the Jebusite, just as the LORD your God has commanded you, …”
        According to you, Mills, Jesus was four-square behind it, “Yea Father, just and merciful, if I was there I would have lent a hand in torture, rape, murder of every man, woman and child—because it is good”.

        Want more? (we are only on case #2, 98 to go)
        1 Samuel 15:3. Now go and attack Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and do not spare them. But kill both man and woman, INFANT and NURSING CHILD, ox and sheep, camel and donkey
        Your Jesus drooled at the prospect, “Yea Lord, I am down with that, especially infants, nursing children and donkeys, burnt offerings smell good.”
        Know what, the sublime virtue and goodness of Old Testament is so pronounced, so unvarying that I find it boring, yes, this is my mortal sin for which I will be sent to Hell (and you to Heaven for defending the mighty Word, so that we shall never meet—an added bonus, what)
        Just this, for the final bit of clarity:
        Micah 4:5. For all the peoples walk, Each in the name of its god—and we, We walk in the Name of our God YHWH, For all time and forever.
        Do you see? I said, “Do you see, Mills”? And all of you meek and utterly obedient, unless attacking me, Noahides.

        YOUR Jesus says very clearly, no equivocation, that His Father and therefore your God is by no means the only one, He is not God but merely a god, get it? Don’t freak on me Mills, a child prodigy you may have been but by swallowing Pentateuch whole you missed the giant truth in plain sight.
        Which is that I have equal right to MY god in whose name I walk and if he happens to share the name and family name with yours, big deal—maybe there is more than one John Stuart Mills, and some of them prefer logic instead of blind obsequience, whaddayasay?

        I walk with National Socialists of NSDAP, with Hitler and with POSITIVE Christianity, have no fear or qualms in admitting it and yes, I will defend the Amalek-Palestinians from the “righteous” wrath of your lord aiming to torture, rape, kill, mutilate their every woman and child and donkey, turn them into burnt offerings and eat the leftovers—so be it. In fact, I will even defend Jewesses from their own fathers (Judges 11:30-39) like Jephthah sacrificed daughter in thanks of tiny god yhwh’s helping him carry out yet another genocide of the goyim (“he smote them , …, even twenty cities, and unto the plain of the vineyards, with a very great slaughter“). But the Jewess daughter was very upset that she must die a virgin (“let me alone two months, that I may go up and down upon the mountains, and bewail my virginity“). Indeed, no Jewess should die a virgin, every Jewess deserves to get laid … whereas MY Savior’s Mother lived and died a Virgin … seems like differences are piling up between Positive and Negative Christianities.

        And if the foregoing offends the upper management and they feel sexually violated, why don’t we split the difference and call it tough love?
        Because even your very own Christ admitted that he is not the only possible Christ and lobro has a right to his own (Micah is my friend, whereas Abraham, Moses, every Jew a pimp, every Jewess slut, jawohl!)

        I love statements against interest, they are MY burnt offerings—I will not raise this issue again unless challenged to defend my stand—contrary to popular belief, I do not rape women … nor children or donkeys, be they AmalekitePalestinian or otherwise, not even Cornish hens (I find them cute actually).

        1. Please allow me to interrupt, Lobro. I think you do have a point and you’ve refined, a little bit, the article’s argument.

          In few words:

          (a) If Hitler have bad-mouthed the NT, CASE CLOSED!
          (b) If Hitler have bad-mouthed the OT only – case needs further investigation.

          1. @ TROJ

            COMMENT DELETED.

            ADMIN: Sorry, we can’t post videos we are not allowed to view first.

            >”If Hitler have bad-mouthed the NT, CASE CLOSED!”

            Hitler and other Nazis bad-mouthed St.Paul.
            Hatred against St.Paul was prevalent in Third Reich. check this –> https://imgur.com/a/TXhzmVg
            Now St.Paul contributed to NT.
            So I think the attack on St.Paul is indeed an attack on NT, either way when OT was attacked it automatically means NT is also attacked because NT makes reference to OT on numerous occasions.

            Heinrich Himmler in his speech attacks Paul –> https://imgur.com/uIQOMZT

            Alfred Rosenberg also hated St.Paul, about whom he criticized in his writings.

            Am official Nazi Magazine called ‘Rassenpolitik’ also attacked St.Paul.
            Here are the quotes from ‘Rassenpolitik’.
            “The Christian Church taught the quality of humanity from the beginning, and realized it in the areas it dominated. The JEW PAUL was above all responsible for the idea, despite his pride in his pure Jewish ancestry. He won the inhabitants of the Roman Empire for the new faith.
            The Jews were behind the teachings of equality by the Church, Liberalism and Marxism. They were the first and most fanatic proponents of the idea. The JEW PAUL spread the Christian doctrine of equality. ”
            — Der Reichsführer SS/SS-Hauptamt, Rassenpolitik (Berlin, 1943).

            Robert Ley also attacked St.Paul.
            “The Jew Paul, born Saul, also called Schaul, transformed the honest, noble and elevated goals […] into its very opposite, making them serve Jewish purposes.” ~ Robert Ley, Pesthauch der Welt (Dresden: Franz Müller Verlag, 1944).

            “We do not want to forget the First International. The First International was founded by the Jew Saul, baptized Paul, and was that Jewish universalism that fought over centuries and millennia against the national German people. Everything German was the deadly enemy of this internationalism. The great German emperors held high the banner of the Holy German Reich over the centuries, and defended this German Reich against the First International, Pauline universalism.”

            ~ Robert Ley, Internationaler Völkerbrei oder Vereinigte National-Staaten Europas? (Berlin: Verlag der Deutschen Arbeitsfront, 1941).

            Hitler’s mentor Deitrich Eckart too hated St.Paul.

            “Though Eckart honored Jesus for focusing on the spiritual world and rejecting Jewish materialism, he did not think that Christianity had followed his spiritual teachings. Eckart spurned many of the central tenets of Christianity, including the physical resurrection of Jesus, and blamed Paul for corrupting Jesus’s pure, spiritual doctrines.” [Dietrich Eckart, “Das Judentum in und ausser uns” (1919), in Dietrich Eckart: ein Vermächtnis, 3rd ed. (Munich: F. Eher Nachf., 1935), 203.]

            And finally, Hitler also displays his opinion/hatred for St.Paul in his table talks.
            What it means is the Nazi leaders had similar ideologies and worldviews.

            1. Quote:
              “So I think the attack on St.Paul is indeed an attack on NT”

              These are stormy waters you are navigating, Robert Graves. Careful in your journey and good luck! 🙂

        2. The most important issue isn’t Hitler, he was incompetent at minimum, traitorous at worst. Thanks for the Darkmoon site for the clever idea of confronting these two subjects: Hitler x Christianity.

          The remarkable issue here is the intrinsic contradiction of Christianity, as Lobro pointed out. What do we supposed to do as Christians, to have mercy on enemies when they are defeated? To spare women and children? Or do we suppose to kill them all? Do you know why the Amalekites were extinct? They were genocided, that’s why. Jesus wasn’t a genocider, that’s for sure. If one believes Jesus have never existed think about it as Philosophy. Can you do Philosophy, non-believer?

          Some parts of the OT cannot be reconciled with the New Message. If Jesus was SO ok with the OT, why did they kill him? Jesus was a spiritual revolutionary, the old stays behind the new. We are in the year of 2021 but Jews are in the year of 5781.

          Now let me tell you about Tribe’s Modus Operandi. This police language is required because we are dealing with Organized Crime. First, they murder their enemy. Then, they put some crocodile tears out. After few years, adding insult to injury, they end up being best friends; says the MURDERER.

          Finally, if one really believes can reconcile two contradictory ideas, think again! The only places this is possible is the fantastic world of Jew-science, Quantum “Physics” & Relativism, and Alice’s Wonderland. Ask Shakespeare – to be or not to be? You cannot BE and NOT TO BE, simultaneously. He would have been stunned with today’s stupidity.

          Yahweh (the dark side) – murder, theft, lies, hate, degradation, concentration of power…

          Jesus (light) – compassion, love, truth, brotherhood, solidarity, diffusiveness…

          1. NBTT, you nailed it twice, stripped it to essentials.
            Why and how are these people able to thrive in such wishy-washy moral marshland is beyond me because things do boil down to stark black+white, I don’t care about Manichean labels just as I don’t care much for any label at the end of the day, even Christianity (Catholicism, don’t know much about the other streams nor interested at the moment).
            Or even Christ for that matter, though Son of God, He is still a label for a moral system.
            So it comes down to one’s choice of the moral system, as simple as that, a bunch of paired opposites:
            compassion / cruelty,
            truth / lie,
            justice / injustice,
            honesty / deceit
            symmetry / asymmetry,
            balance / imbalance,
            peace / violence,
            spiritual clarity / debauched perversion,
            soulful beauty / soulless chaos,
            tranquility / disturbance,
            kindness / malice,
            generosity / avarice,
            equanimity / envy,
            and so on, down the list, I am sure I overlooked some very important ones.
            NT / OT .
            Now you look through the words of Jesus in NT and tell me where He veers onto the OT side or where OT does the opposite (and if so, I will check against the true unadulterated Torah from Chabad Lubavitch site because incredible deceitful translations to butter up goy brains exist).
            If Jesus truly worships OT then so be it, He becomes “he” in my world, no longer “He”.
            This version of Jesus MUST follow the LAW of YHWH to the letter and what YHWH wants is zero independent thinking and choosing, he insists on absolute observance of his LAW, no more, no less.
            Amalek are a particularly clear example. This Jesus accepts unquestioningly that ALL Amalek must be killed without hesitation—am I wrong, does he rebel against YHWH’s command?
            Amalek are Palestinians, different denomination, same people.
            Therefore, what Jews are doing to Palestinians is simply carrying out God’s wishes and direct commands, Jesus would do the exact same, even to Christian Palestinians or even more, b/c Christians are idolaters, any representation of Crucifixion would warrant instant death, Jesus would have no qualms bludgeoning them like St. Lawrence annual seal hunt.

            Furthermore, the only PURE Christians are the Reform Protestants, Calvinists of the most apeshit crazy sort, the Israel Noahides of Hagee stripe, because they cheer whenever white phosphorus rains over Palestinians, rapture come.

            At least they are honest, their choice is clear, not “mealy mouthed, mushy brained”, as I stood accused, tarred and feathered very publicly (and sure seemed to me, with DM’s lineup’s indulgence) on June 18, 2017, 4 years to date.

            You can choose whatever you want, after I spoke my bit, did my human duty to warn of pitfall that I see clearly, you do what you want—maybe there truly is no pitfall, all in my head.
            In which case I would take kindly if someone were to explain it to me:

            “Lobro, why can’t you see that by blessing the genocide of the Amalek, babies included, Jesus is clearly expressing His infinite mercy, compassion for the oppressed, Agnus Dei, miserere nobis to the hilt”.

            C’mon, I am waiting—lift me out of my ignorance.
            And if no one steps up to the plate, I will continue with my happily truncated Jesus free of the Torah millstone around His neck, my friend, companion and brother in arms.

            See, NBTT’s moniker is aptly chosen and binds him to pursuit of truth at all cost.
            It is the only way to live in this world and keep one’s head above the water, follow the truth wherever it leads, even if some apparition calling itself Jesus an gets in the way—how do you know it is real?
            Well, if it is plugging OT, you will know it is false, nothing but Lucifer leering behind the mask.

            1. @ Lobro


              Your comments get worse and worse by the day. You are an embarrassment to this site with your long turgid rants and shrieking fits.

              In regard to your homicidal fantasies of beating the shit out of me, with your lordly offer to pay my air fares from Japan to Thailand — so that we can sort out our differences like noble warriors — my answer is this. I don’t need you to pay my air fares. I could buy and sell you easily, you pathetic old age pensioner from darkest Toronto! Keep your wretched pension savings for settling your gambling debts with sharper wits than yours — with the likes of Circassian.

              The loss of $500 to that Russian fox must have cleaned out your piggy bank that week, making all sorts of retrenchments necessary! Fewer fancy cigars maybe? And who knows … fewer visits to the ladyboy brothels in the seedy red-light district of Bangkok. 🙂

              Anyway, to cut a long story short. I will pay your return-flight air fares from Bangkok to New York, where I happen to be residing right now. The janitor of my apartment block will put you up in his spare bedroom in the Bronx if I ask him nicely. You will have a week there at my expense. We can then meet up at your convenience in Central Park, the exact location to be fixed later.

              No weapons allowed. We fight with bare hands. I will bring my friend Luigi to act as referee to ensure fair play. I believe you are a champion boxer. That’s okay with me, provided you don’t use knuckle dusters. I have martial arts skills, having lived in Japan for 20 years and acquired considerable expertise in karate.

              The problem for me is that, as a professional karateka, the last thing I want to do is to injure you seriously, which I could easily do in under two minutes. This is if I used all the skills available to me, such as open-hand techniques like knife-hands and palm-heel strikes, not excluding kick boxing which can have unfortunate consequences if aimed at testicles. That’s why I will fight with a handicap. With one arm strapped behind my back, so that if anything happens to you (God forbid!) I will be able to claim I was doing my best to fight defensively and responsibly against a cantankerous old age pensioner from Canada who was spoiling for a fight and asking for trouble.

              More later … as I figure out how this can be done without causing serious legal repercussions.

              Until then, cheers! 🙂

              1. Sardonicus :

                You can’t hurt lobro if you kick him in the groin,
                Ruth says he has NO testicles, lol.

            2. @Sardonicus: no longer “Sardonicus
              Zen Monastery
              Osaka, Japan
              (Paying guest, not monk)”
              !? May 24, 2021. I guess you saved the June rent.
              But on the opposite side of the globe, precisely the spot I would avoid at all cost, NYC, NY, USA … well, imagine that.

              What do I care about your Shaolin kill-bill magic.
              I don’t pick fights due to sure win but because the other guy deserves a broken nose regardless of whether I end up in the morgue—God takes care of me and my job is to take care of the other guy—simple math, Sard.

              I was sick and tired of your eternally malignant vulgarity for which
              neither you nor Ruth, nor Dr JOE Parker, nor Emma Kirby, nor Emma Darcy, nor Silent Reader, nor any one of these real or fake entities that crop up with the sole existential job of AD HOMINEM, in the endless conga line of the spiritually dead goblins. This is an instructive video of how I see you all, gloomy, sinister, tunelessly raucous, numb and vacant faces stoned on satanic jungle beat—just look at them, at Jew’s mastery of how he markets ugliness to masses, the high kicking skank, arms and legs idiotically akimbo.
              Take note and if you can learn, LEARN.

              And no, I am not going anywhere near that accursed land, especially not near NYC. I hated it when I was kid, not even knowing precisely why although my mom loved the Jew shows (“Yor Arms Too Short To Box Wif God”, “Equus” and such soulless trash), even though back then we could cross the border at Niagara Falls without any id, no one cared). Besides, you are a fast moving target, by the time I clear the immigration, you could be waving from the porthole of a departing submarine on the way to Buenos Aires.
              No, when so disposed, you come here, hotels are good and cheap and so are the hospitals, even the American ones.
              Or don’t, what do I care.
              As for my age, what better proof of Jew disease than rubbishing the elderly—GOY elderly, NOT Learned Elders of Zion—back in the day, they were society’s precious treasure, how was God represented in the Sistine Chapel, or Jupiter or Zeus? Wasted effort to try and explain to the conga line demented.

              Finally, a correct depiction of the principles that currently dominate this blog.

              You were miraculously omniscient enough to catch onto Lasha’s drift even though you weren’t in contact for 3 years, Florence of Nightingale ministering to unjustly-persecuted Jews and then *she-who-cannot-be-named* clarified it further by stating that a proper Christian is a Reform Judaist, no more, no less—NT a new age OT smoothed over for a few excesses (I am sure Jesus explained what those excesses were, in which case he couldn’t have fully endorsed the real macho OT, could he?)
              Good to know for exiting Socialists.
              My gift to the remaining stalwarts is this cheat sheet to keep them out of trouble:

              • Trump, Hitler, Stalin—BAD
              • OT—GOOD (never ask whether Talmud is a legitimate exegesis, exploding heads are dangerous as we have seen in these threads)

              • Protocols (even though prophetically, unerringly true)—FAKE
              • Hitler’s Table Talks (even though sourced IN FRENCH from a proven swindler and forgerer and at odds with Hitler’s public record)—TRUE

              While at it, ask any random Jew to pronounce his opinion on any of the foregoing and I guarantee that he will get them 100% correct—what’s not to like about this matrix, it is your roadmap to (certain kind of) eternal blessing.

              Meanwhile I will lock tankard holding arms mit mein Führer wherever he is and down a double pint of Pauliner—each to his own.
              And who knows, maybe some Stolichnaya with Steely Josif and we’ll figure out what went wrong to make sure such mistakes don’t repeat in future.

              1. @ Lobro


                Hitler’s Table Talks, even though sourced IN FRENCH from a proven swindler and forgerer (SIC) and at odds with Hitler’s public record…”

                Two historians in the video attached to this article explicitly say that there were 2 ORIGINAL GERMAN manuscripts. The atheist Historian Richard Carrier (who wanted to prove Hitler was not an athiest), also completely accepts the authenticity of the German manuscripts.

                One of the German manuscripts, Henry Picker’s “Hitlers Tischgespräche im Führerhauptquartier 1941–1942”, NEVER fell into the hands of François Genoud. Also, the Table Talks is 100% consistent with the memoirs of people who were in Hitler’s inner circle. It is also consistent with Goebbels’ Diaries.

                The authenticity of Table Talks in the German Manuscripts is simply indisputable. David Irving said it well, in Table Talks we see “the unadulterated Hitler”.

                Moreover, considering again the educational materials of the SS, Hitler Youth (etc. etc.) which had extensive anti-Christian contents, there is no doubt whatever that Hitler hated Christianity and just wanted to see it disappear — but slowly and unobtrusively through “education”, i.e. through Nazi indoctrination of the German people.

                Here is quote from Das Schawazre Korps, official newspaper of the Schutzstaffel:

                “Since our fatherland became INFECTED with Christianity the innate sense of honor and morality of our race has been overshadowed by ALIEN THEORIES and become FALSIFIED AND STAINED” ~ Das Schwarze Korps, June 8th, 1939

                CONCLUSION: That Hitler hated Christianity is beyond dispute from extensive documentary evidence from original German documents, including Nazi documentation. Hitler’s Table Talk (1941-1945) has been confirmed as 100% authentic by ALL reputable historians, including NON-MAINSTREAM hisorians like Davd Irving. Moreover, the two original GERMAN versions of “Table Talk” NEVER FELL INTO GENOUD’s HANDS, so he could have “forged” Hitler’s numerous anti-Christian statements in these after-dinner conversations.

              2. @LOBRO

                “Talmud is a legitimate exegesis, exploding heads are dangerous.”

                I don’t know if you are aware of the fact that Jesus’s teaching was nothing but the ORAL LAW of Talmud, which is at least 500 years older than the New Testament.

                Check this site: https://archive.ph/Svvgj

                Check this LINK too:

        3. @ Mills

          Thank you for your excellent comment. You are correct in stating that Jesus was a Torah Jew. There are literally hundreds of quotes and allusions in the New Testament to passages in the Old Testament. The NT can almost be described as an echo chamber of the OT.

          If you reject the Old Testament, you are forced to reject the New Testament also. OT and NT are joined at the hip. Christianity is simply Reformed Judaism, Judaism refined and purified of its excesses. The Catholic Church would cease to exist without its liturgy. Seven times a day the Holy Offices are chanted in Latin (Gregorian Chant). This liturgy is based on the 150 Psalms of David. King David and his 150 Psalms lie at the heart of the Old Testament. King David, King of the Jews, is the distant ancestor of Jesus Christ. So it says in Chapter 1 of Gospel of St Matthew.

          Jesus’s last words on the Cross, “ELI ELI LAMA SABACHTHANI” (Lord, Lord, why hast thou forsaken me?”) is a quote from the Old Testament. They are the opening words of Psalm 22.

          Straight out of the Old Testament.

          Reject the Torah (and the Old Testament) by all means, as the evil product of the Jewish mind. But if you do that, you have to dump the New Testament into the trash can also. And with it, all reverence for Christ and belief in his Divinity, Christ being the quintessential Jew. The Jew made perfect.

          Hitler hated all Jews, without exception. So not in a million years could Hitler have venerated Jesus qua Jew. Christ was a Jew, remember, a distant descendant of King David. He taught in the synagogue, which only Jews were allowed to do. So it follows logically that Hitler hated Christ and all he stood for, Christ being a Jew, as Hitler points out repeatedly in “Table Talk”.

          The Vatican, too, was thoroughly aware of Hitler’s hostility to the Catholic Church. For that we have more than enough documentary evidence.(See Craig’s comments above).

          I rest my case.

          Hitler hated Christianity. So if you’re a Hitler fan, you have no option but to join Hitler in hating and despising Jesus Christ and the Christian ethos.

          @ Admin

          I wish to have no abuse from, or any further contact with, the Darkmoon’s site hate-crazed ranter. Please see to it and grant my request.

            1. Oh thank you thank you thank you Oh Mater of Perpetual Indulgences for Her children, you’re THE BEST mommy in the whole wide world! I link to this video to make your day Oh indulgent Mother of Darkmoon Oh how much you deserve happiness — so hence the video, lol :



              1. @ Troj

                Thank you, dear boy! That was a most uplifting experience! It brought tears to my eyes, watching all those lovely children sing their hearts out.

                Hate Christianity as much as you want, you pathetic Christ-hating Hitler fanatics. You will never destroy Christianity, no matter how hard you try. Christ and what he stands for remains indestructible.

          1. There are reasons entirely distinct from “hatred of the Jews” (to use your words) to reject Christian doctrine as it has developed. At the present time it is hostile to white people and teaches them to just go away by self-disbanding. Can this be God’s will for his creatures? I don’t think so. Hence, if someone notes a serious flaw in a doctrine – be it a religion or a secular ideology- this shows merely a superior intellect and an ability to think for himself (in case of a female, ‘herself’, of course, if I follow the current intellectual development of willfully misunderstanding and literalism). Can it be concluded in reverse that you, Saki, “love the Jews”?
            A number of commenters on this thread evince the same tone of voice: One gets the feeling that it is the fear that God will punish them if they don’t rush to his defense unconditionally.

            In addition, the inflationary use of the word “hatred” is to be objected to.

            Whatever Hitler’s personal attitude towards Christianity may have been, to my knowledge no church was closed based on an anti-Christian impetus (as opposed to the SU). A church that was demolished for reasons of city development doesn’t count, and it is certain that the denomination whose property this church building was was financially compensated for the loss). And you will have to admit Hitler to have his personal opinion on religion as well. He was no churchgoer, as so many others then and now, yet he remained a life-long member of the Catholic Church and paid his annual church taxes.
            I don’t know what to really say about this: Does it really matter that much whether Hitler would be considered a good Christian or a real person with realistic opinions on an institution like the Churches or the Christian doctrine, and that in the light of the lack of any action to hinder the Christian Churches?

            1. @ Mirror Imager

              Whatever Hitler’s personal attitude towards Christianity may have been, to my knowledge no church was closed based on an anti-Christian impetus (as opposed to the SU). A church that was demolished for reasons of city development doesn’t count.

              You completely fail to understand. No one here has ever said that Hitler shut down churches. So why do you bring this up as proof that Hitler must have been sympathetic to Christianity because he let the churches stay open? We already know that Hitler was unlike Stalin in this respect. Stalin demolished thousands of Christian churches and killed and tortured thousands of Christian clergy. HITLER DID NOT DO THIS!

              So what’s your problem? Why do you jump to the bizarre conclusion that letting the churches remain open is a sure sign Hitler must have loved Christianity? This is a logical non sequitur. Hitler left the churches open because the German people were good Christians and he needed to maintain his popularity among his people, projecting the image of a devout Christian. Pro-Christian statements were constantly made by Hitler for propaganda purposes. It was all for public consumption. A public relations stunt. That point has been made repeatedly on this site in recent articles.

              When Hitler said this (see BELOW), he was being duplicitous — he actually believed the opposite, as he made clear in dozens of ANTI-Christian statements in “Table Talk”:


              Now take a look at this:


              And now this:


              Confused? I hope so! Hitler was a master of duplicity. From his privately recorded conversations we know for a fact that he held Christianity in completely loathing, though he had to pretend to love it in order to retain his popularity among his vast Christian population.

              1. Please!
                I said nothing of the sort that letting the churches open (or, in reverse, not closing them) showed any love of Hitler for Christianity. I also didn’t make any point about Hitler being a good Christian, or even a Christian beyond his maintained membership of the Catholic Church. The only slightly confusing statement in the links you provide is that of one Ahmed Huber, apparently a Mohammedan. I have never heard of him and an enthusiastic man might well say something like that attributed to Hitler, when carried off on the wings of excitement in a discussion. Don’t try to plumb it out beyond just noting it as a curious statement which you hear through the agency of the author of the book about this Ahmed Huber.

                If you go up this thread to June 4, you’ll find the comment of Fantastic who is trying to weave “Hitler closed down churches” cloth with the one church he could find, demolished in 1937 in Munich for a major street project. For some, this is a major objection to Hitler although there was a lot of church building in the years of Hitler’s Chancellorship. (A good source of information is the Grosse Wendig, Volume 3).
                I have no desire to make a good Christian out of Hitler, but I also don’t want him represented as a big demolisher of Christianity. He did not act like one, even if he might have privately held major, and serious objections against this faith. He was head of state and his opinions in private don’t necessarily reflect policy. Do you think a US President could be a vegetarian and still would, or had to, promote the interests of the cattle industry in his function as a public official? (As an example of private vs. official stance).

          2. Saki
            I’m sorry, but there’s no way I’m going to let you get away with the statement which says that those who are a fan of Hitler’s are automatically Christ haters. I for one am a fan of his regarding his intention to destroy that Zionist hotbed – the Soviet Union. I couldn’t care less about anything else.

            For you to come up with your oversimplified equation is an unfair characterization

          3. This is exactly why we should get rid of christianity as christianity protects and has always protected the jews. The irony is that the Hitler fans have never understood this when these fans claim erroneously that by adhering to christianity they are fighting for “the white race”. Oh vey irony.

            1. Rick,
              Up until the early 20th Century the Catholic Church held to the principle articulated by Pope Gregory the Great (d. 604) called “Sicut Iudeis non,” which called for no harm to be done to the Jews, while forbidding, under law, Jews from subverting the faith and morals of Christians and of undermining the political and social order. Even in 1890 the semi-official Vatican publication Civilta’ Cattolica, with Leo XIII’s blessing, did a 3 part series on “The jewish Question in Europe,” which condemned Judeo-Masonc moral and social revolutionary activity, especially from the time of the French Revolution:

              For an excellent history of Christian-Jewish relations from the time of Christ to the present sorry state of Jewish dominance over almost everything, see E Michael Jones, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History at http://www.culturewars.com

              What passes for “Christianity” today is an abomination in the sight of God, ]the “salt has lost its savor” and is therefore justly “trampled underfoot by men,” but there still exists the one true Church founded by Christ, non-allied with apostate Rome, maintaining all doctrine, tradition, worship, sacraments, etc. as was faithfully maintained until the Judeo-Masonic takeover of the papacy and visible structures of the Catholic Church in 1958. http://www.whitesmoke1958.com

              “Ab abusu ad usum non valet consequentia.”

  52. In February 11, 1929, Mussolini and the Vatican signed the Lateran accords. Since this agreement the Vatican is, officially, an independent and sovereign State inside the borders of Italy. No free meal, remember? Why would Mussolini give away such important territory under his jurisdiction?

    I pass.

    1. @ NBTT

      Don’t pass! Let’s have your conclusions (however briefly stated) about Mussolini’s relationship with the Vatican. Given the understanding that Mussolini was joined at the hip with Hitler, Hitler’s staunch and somewhat subservient ally.

      My own view, for what it is worth, is that Mussolini would have done better to give Hitler the cold shoulder and not get caught up in the Nazi mangling machine.

      Mussolini’s subservience to Hitler cost him his life in the mot ignominious circumstances. I feel sorry for the idealistic Benito for falling under the spell of this Austrian upstart who rose to become the most powerful man in Europe by 1939-1941, against all the odds.

      1. I feel sorry for Hitler, because being allies with Mussolini did NOT help the NAZI war effort, being allied to Mussolini’s Italy only slowed down the German military and caused a lot of problems for the German military. The Italians made things worse for the Germans, especially in Greece and in Russia. It wasn’t difficult enough, the Italians had to make it more difficult. Mussolini was a clown and there’s no reason for anyone to feel bad about what happened to him, he was a dolt and a dipstick.

        He was a puppet for very wealthy jews in Italy and in England. He mistress for 20 years was a JEW, the JEWESS Margherita Sarfatti. It was her JEW Sarfatti family who bankrolled Italian Fascism and the ones who put their puppet Mussolini into power. He was, basically, an ass-wipe for the JEWS. He was a pompous jackass.

      2. Thanks for the input, Saki. Without the truth I’m nothing! 🙂 Sad to say I have no opinion on the subject yet, perhaps Pat…

  53. This below passage is from Osservatore Romano of September 14, 1937:

    “Proofs of this hidden and open war against the Church and against the rights guaranteed to the Church by the solemn concordat, are the continuous campaigns on the part of the immoderate and, to say the least, indecorous press, and the recent ordinances tending to take religious teachings out of the hands of competent authorities — that is to say, the clergy — or demanding that the clergy reform the catechism in the National Socialist sense, which implies a NEGATION OF THE FUNDAMENTAL TRUTHS OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH. […] Formerly the Holy See received repeated assurances in writing, and orally, that Rosenberg’s works were his private affairs, for which the Reich Government assumed no responsibility. But the official propaganda of Rosenberg’s ideology is assuming even greater proportions. HIS IDEAS HAVE BECOME THE BASIS OF ALL COURSES FOR TEACHERS DEPENDING ON THE STATE AND THE NAZI PARTY, AND HAVE ENTERED THE SCHOOLS, with the result that the German Government’s declarations and assurances have LOST THEIR VALUE.”

    1. Excellent! The erroneous idea that Hitler was an exemplary Christian, furthering the interests of the Catholic Church, become harder and harder to maintain under the weight of historical facts.

  54. “Die Geschichte zeigt uns eine Anzahl von Beispielen, die im ersten Augenblick kaum verständlich sind. Ich könnte zurückgehen auf die Entstehung des Christentums, auf Tatsachen, wonach eine Idee sich der Menschheit zu bemächtigen vermag, bis endlich Staaten daran zerbrechen. Näher liegt uns ein Blick auf die Entwicklung des Marxismus in Deutschland.”
    ~Adolf Hitler, Rede auf NSDAP-Reichsparteitag in Nürnberg , 4. August 1929
    (Translation of the above quote)
    “History shows us a number of examples which are hardly understandable at the first moment. I could go back to the EMERGENCE OF CHRISTIANITY, to facts, according to which an idea is able to take hold of mankind, until finally states BREAK UP BECAUSE OF IT. Closer to us is a look at the development of Marxism in Germany.”
    ~ Adolf Hitler, Speech at the NSDAP party rally in Nuremberg, 4 August 1929

    “… a Weltanschauung has conquered a State and, starting from there, will slowly SHATTER the whole world and bring about its COLLAPSE. Bolshevism will, if its advance is not halted, expose the world to a transformation as complete AS THE ONE CHRISTIANITY ONCE EFFECTED.” ~ Adolf Hitler, addressed the Industry Club in Düsseldorf January 27, 1932

    ” It was only the DISINTEGRATING EFFECT OF CHRISTIANITY, [….] caused ancient Rome to succumb to the …” ~ Adolf Hitler, Reich Chancellery, Berlin, November 5, 1937

    ” Jew used Christianity, […] because he knew that this new religion questioned all earthly power and so it became an AXE AT THE ROOT OF THE ROMAN STATE, the state which was built on the authority of the public servant. And he[Jews] became its[Christianity] chief bearer and propagator” ~ Adolf Hitler, Speech at Great Hall of the Hofbräuhaus Friday 31 August 1920


    “Auch das Christentum konnte sich nicht damit begnügen, seinen eigenen Altar aufzubauen, sondern mußte zwangs-läufig zur Zerstörung der heidnischen Altäre schreiten.
    bei derartigen Erscheinungen in der Weltgeschichte meist um solche spezifisch jüdischer Denkart handelt; ja, daß diese Art von Unduldsamkeit und Fanatismus geradezu jüdische Wesensart verkörpere. Dies mag tausendmal richtig sein, und man kann diese Tatsache wohl tief bedauern und mit nur allzu berechtigtem Unbehagen ihr Erscheinen in der Geschichte der Menschheit als etwas feststellen, was dieser bis dahin fremd gewesen wardoch ändert dies nichts daran, daß dieser Zustand heute eben da ist.
    Der einzelne mag heute schmerzlich feststellen, daß in die viel freiere antike Welt mit dem Erscheinen des Chri-stentums der erste geistige Terror gekommen ist, er wird die Tatsache aber nicht bestreiten können, daß die Welt seitdem von diesem Zwange bedrängt und beherrscht wird, und daß man Zwang nur wieder durch Zwang bricht und Terror nur mit Terror. Erst dann kann aufbauend ein neuer Zustand geschaffen werden.”
    ~ Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Weltanschauung und Organisation

    (Translation of the above text)

    Even Christianity could not be satisfied with building its own altar, but inevitably had to go to the destruction of the pagan altars.
    such phenomena[Destruction of Pagan Altars] in world history are mostly of a specifically JEWISH WAY OF THINKING; yes, that this kind of intolerance and fanaticism embodied DOWNRIGHT JEWISH NATURE. This may be correct A THOUSAND TIMES, and one can deeply REGRET this FACT and see with all too JUSTIFIED DISCOMFORT ITS APPEARANCE IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND AS SOMETHING THAT WAS HITHERTO ALIEN TO IT,
    Today the individual may painfully discover that the first SPIRITUAL TERROR came into the much freer ancient world with the APPEARANCE OF CHRISTIANITY, but he will not be able to deny the FACT that the world has since[the appearance of Christianity] been OPPRESSED AND RULED BY THIS COMPULSION, and that COMPULSION can only be broken again with compulsion and terror only with terror. Only then can a new condition be created.

    1. @ Augustus

      Thanks, Augustus. This is just what we need. These excellent source references confound and put to shame all those ill-informed ignoramuses who still maintain, contrary to all the evidence, that Hitler was a good Christian. These anti-Christian quotes come from Hitler’s own RECORDED PUBLIC PRONOUNCEMENTS. They are of course reinforced by similar anti-Christian quotes to be found scattered all over his recorded after-dinner private conversations in Hitler’s Table Talk (1941-1945).

      1. So what if Hitler was against christianity? What is christianity doing for the people? Nothing just
        an excuse to resign in passivity to ‘ their older brothers’.

    2. These quotes from Hitler’s speeches show that he had a penetrating understanding of history.
      However, contrary to those who are so outraged about these insightful statements of Hitler, is not even the Church acknowledging, triumphantly, that Christianity overcame the ancient world and its gods? I don’t understand the upset this causes if Hitler states the same, just not with satisfaction but regret and when he sees the potential to use such power towards political and destructive ends.

          1. Not so fast, Mirror Imager. Christ’s universal brotherhood of men is as truthful as it can be and it has nothing to do with pseudo-egalitarianism of Commies.

            Extirpate The Destroyers (whoever they might be) out of the equation and watch miracles happening in real time, naturally. Moses Mordecai Levi (“Karl Marx” – yeah, right) took Christ’s sound principle and weaponized it as bate only. If one takes that bate one ends up inside a cage, physical and mental.

            Curious that in Tribe’s egalitarianism they always end up as slave masters. Weird, no?

      1. I am astonished at your bewilderment that not everyone shares your passion for Adolf Hitler. Reverence for this psychopathic megalomaniac, I assure you, is not the norm. It is a minority aberration.

  55. At a cabinet meeting in 1937, Hitler commented,
    “I know that my un-Christian Germanic SS units with their general non-denominational belief in God can grasp their duty for their people (Volk) more clearly than those other soldiers who have been made stupid through the catechism.” — Adolf Hitler

    Hans Frank, Im Angesicht des Galgens: Deutung Hitlers und seiner Zeit auf Grund eigener Erlebnisse und Erkenntnisse (Munich-Gräfelfing: Friedrich Alfred Beck Verlag, 1953), 204.

  56. “In January 1937, Kerrl[Hanns Kerrl] butted heads with Hitler by criticizing the Gauleiter Roever for banning crucifixes from schools in his district. Hitler dismissed Kerrl’s objections, noting that every battle had a few tactical mistakes, and he did not think Roever’s misstep was all that tragic. Hitler promised to continue the struggle to gain absolute state control of the churches. Tactics might have to be adjusted to the circumstances, he admitted, but he was firm in his commitment to suppress the churches.”


    “During the Nazi era , there were violent protests in Germany against attempts by the Nazi regime to remove crosses and crucifixes from public institutions. In 1936, in particular in the Oldenburger Münsterland , as a reaction to the previously issued crucifixion, the so-called Kreuzkampf came about , in the course of which the then Bishop of Münster , Clemens August Graf von Galen , the believers in pastoral letters to oppose the removal of crosses and crucifixes the agents of the Gauleiter Carl Röverprompted. Ultimately, the Christian symbols remained in public space. In 1938 the Thuringian Gauleiter Fritz Sauckel had the cross on the keep of the Wartburg replaced with a swastika . However, protests from the population meant that it was removed again after a month and the Christian cross was put back in its place. The fight of Bavarian Catholics in 1941 against an order by Gauleiter Adolf Wagner to remove crucifixes from Bavarian classrooms and replace them with “contemporary wall decorations” was similarly successful .”

    Hitler did not take ANY ACTION against these Gauleiters . Why would he? Because the Gauleiters were just doing what they were instructed to do.
    Even Reinhard Heydrich expresses this.

  57. “Many other clergy were harassed or imprisoned by Nazi authorities. One example was a Catholic priest in Berlin, Bernhard Lichtenberg, arrested on October 23, 1941, for praying for Jews and for those in concentration camps. Under interrogation, Lichtenberg boldly outlined multiple complaints against the Nazi government, including their ELIMINATION OF RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTION FROM SCHOOLS, the ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE CRUCIFIX FROM SCHOOLS, the killing of disabled people, and the persecution of Jews. He stated, “NATIONAL SOCIALIST IDEOLOGY IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH THE TEACHING AND COMMANDS OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.” After serving his two-year sentence, he was rearrested (just as Niemöller had been earlier) and died in November 1943 while awaiting transfer to Dachau.”

    Source: Kevin Spicer, Resisting the Third Reich: The Catholic Clergy in Hitler’s Berlin (DeKalb: Northern Illinois University Press, 2004), 3, 178–81.


  58. //Würde Deutschland jährlich eine Million Kinder bekommen und 700. 000 – 800. 000 der schwächsten beseitigen, dann würde am Ende das Ergebnis vielleicht sogar eine Kräftesteigerung sein. Das Gefährliche ist, daß wir selbst den natürlichen Ausleseprozeß abschneiden und dadurch langsam uns der Möglichkeit berauben, Köpfe zu bekommen. Nicht die Erstgeborenen sind die Talente oder die kraftvollen Menschen.

    Der klarste Rassenstaat der Geschichte, Sparta, hat diese Rassengesetze planmäßig durchgeführt. Bei uns geschieht planmäßig das Gegenteil. Durch unsere moderne Humanitätsduselei bemühen wir uns, das Schwache auf Kosten des Gesünderen zu bewahren. Das geht soweit, daß sich eine sozial nennende Nächstenliebe um Einrichtungen bemüht, selbst Kretins noch Fortpflanzungsmöglichkeiten zu verschaffen, während Gesündere darauf verzichten müssen. Das alles wird als selbstverständlich angesehen. Verbrecher haben die Möglichkeit, sich fortzupflanzen. Degenerierte werden künstlich mühsam aufgepäppelt. So züchten wir langsam die Schwachen groß und bringen die Starken um.//

    (Translation of the above quote)

    //If Germany were to have a million children a year and eliminate 700,000 to 800,000 of the weakest, the result might even be an increase in strength in the end. The dangerous thing is that we ourselves cut off the natural selection process and thereby slowly deprive ourselves of the possibility of getting heads. The talents or the powerful people are not the firstborn.

    The clearest racial state in history, Sparta, implemented these racial laws on schedule. With us, the opposite happens according to plan. THROUGH OUR MODERN HUMILITY, WE STRIVE TO PRESERVE THE WEAK AT THE EXPENSE OF THE HEALTHIER. THIS GOES SO FAR THAT A SOCIAL CHARITY TRIES TO FIND FACILITIES TO PROVIDE EVEN CRETINS WITH REPRODUCTIVE POSSIBILITIES, WHILE HEALTHIER ONES HAVE TO DO WITHOUT THEM. All of this is taken for granted. Criminals have the ability to reproduce. Degenerate people are artificially and laboriously nursed up. So we slowly raise the weak and kill the strong.//
    — Adolf Hitler, 4, August 1929.
    Rede auf NSDAP-Reichsparteitag in Nürnberg
    Masch. Aufzeichnung mit hs. Korrekturen, o. D . ; BA, NL Streicher 126




  59. WHEW!! Over 250 comments!!!! Nobody can PROVE that they know any more about Hitler’s real thoughts and reasoning than before this article appeared.

    The ‘Dead Horse’ never even flinched!! 🙂 🙂


    BTW – Where is the very entertaining Harold ‘Armageddon’ Smith and his nukes deze daze???

    1. Pat, just to cheer you up some! An off-topic but worthy lol.

      One Cheshire cat smile and one smile that launched a thousand jokes!

      (and yes I know about karma, but some things are bigger than that)

      1. Yep!

        They both smile ‘biggly’ as they hold back belly-laughs, while stealing $BILLIONS from their people.

        A totally disgusting pair of thugs!!

    2. Pat
      Poor Harold lost all his best material when Orange man clown slipped into the background, which reminds me, I wonder if Netanyahoo plays golf?🏌️‍♂️😆

        1. Pat,

          We know where Incogman is , he’s at “gab” — which basically means , lol, he has one foot in the grave, lol. Your friend BMan has disappeared, we don’t know where he is. Is he okay? What is he doing these days? Do you think he will ever have a website again? He quit blogging because? Because he opened up a marijuana retail store in Denver? Or, he found religion and , lol, started a tax exempt Old Testament kanev bosem church in Los Angeles? Thanks, TROJ.

  60. Hitler’s God was not biblical God.

    “The folkish worldview [i.e., Hitler’s own position] finds the importance of mankind in its basic racial elements. In the state it sees in principle only a means to an end and construes its end as the preservation of the racial existence of man. Thus, it by no means believes in an equality of the races, but along with their difference it recognizes their higher or lesser value and feels itself obligated, through this knowledge, to promote the victory of the better and stronger, and demand the subordination of the inferior and weaker in accordance with the ETERNAL WILL that dominates this universe. Thus, in principle, it serves the basic ARISTOCRATIC IDEA OF NATURE and believes in the validity of this law down to the last individual.” (Mein Kampf)
    In this passage, Hitler hinted at his pantheism by equating the “eternal will that dominates the universe” with the “aristocratic idea of Nature.”

    “ETERNAL NATURE inexorably avenges the infringement of her commands.” (Mein Kampf)
    In an essay he wrote in January 1923, Hitler castigated those who were vacillating between bravery and cowardice, claiming they would ultimately fail because “[E]TERNAL NATURE denies them strength in the struggle for existence.”( Adolf Hitler, “Zum Parteitag 1923,” January 27, 1923, in Hitler: Sämtliche Aufzeichnungen, 1905–1924, ed. Eberhard Jäckel (Stuttgart: Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, 1980), 800)

    In Mein Kampf, Hitler repeatedly described nature and natural laws as ETERNAL. He derided those who “fall into the lunacy of believing that he has really risen to be lord and master of Nature.” Rather, he asserted, nature’s rules are eternal and thus inescapable.
    In a monologue in 1941, he mentioned that humans are powerless against the “ETERNAL LAW OF NATURE.”(Adolf Hitler, monologue on November 11, 1941, in Monologe im Führerhauptquartier 1941–1944: Die Aufzeichnungen Heinrich Heims, ed. Werner Jochmann (Hamburg: Albrecht Knaus, 1980), 135.)
    Twice he called natural laws ETERNAL in a speech in early 1942. (“Hitler vor Offizieren und Offiziersanwärtern am 15. Februar 1942,” in Hitler, “Es spricht der Führer”: 7 exemplarische Hitler-Reden, ed. Hildegard von Kotze and Helmut Krausnick (Gütersloh: Sigbert Mohn Verlag, 1966), 307–8.)

    Another early twentieth-century figure who shared many affinities with Hitler’s religious views was Hans F. K. Günther, whom Hitler admired for his writings on Nordic racism. Hitler was so enthusiastic about Günther’s work that he pressed Wilhelm Frick to appoint him to a professorship in social anthropology at the University of Jena in 1930, and Hitler attended his inaugural lecture. When Hitler instituted a Nazi Party Prize for Art and Science at the 1935 Nuremberg Party Rally, he bestowed the first prize for science on Günther. In 1934, Günther discussed Nordic religion in his book Piety of a Nordic Kind. (This book was owned by the Adolf Hitler School, an elite Nazi educational institution, so, clearly the Nazis approved of this work.) In this book, Günther examined the religiosity of the Indo-Germanic people, not the specific content of their religions, yet he admitted that PANTHEISM or some kind of mysticism is more compatible with Nordic religious inclinations than theism is. Like Hitler, he believed that the WORLD IS ETERNAL, and he dismissed as an “Eastern” invention the idea that God created the world (“Eastern” likely meant Jewish in this context—it clearly was not referring to South or East Asian religions.) He also denied body-soul dualism, the need for redemption, and the existence of an afterlife, claiming instead that true religion should focus on this world. He insisted that authentic Indo-German religiosity should pursue some form of “natural religion” rather than theistic religion. Though Günther did not make clear what his own view of God was, he clearly rejected theism and deism, while sympathizing with pantheism. Further, many of his beliefs, such as focusing on this world rather than a supernatural realm and rejection of a personal afterlife, are congruent with Hitler’s religious perspective.
    (Der Parteitag der Freiheit vom 10.-16. September 1935: Offizieller Bericht über den Verlauf des Reichsparteitages mit sämtlichen Kongressreden. 2nd ed. (Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP, Franz Eher Nachf., 1935), 54.

    Hans F. K. Günther, Frömmigkeit nordlicher Artung, 3rd ed. (Jena, E. Diederichs, 1936), 14–16, 25, 27, 31–33, 41.)

    Conclusion: Given his rather frequent reference to nature and its laws as eternal, it seems that Hitler did not believe they were created by some being outside nature.

    1. This belief in eternal Nature is very sound. Perhaps it lies in the Nordic soul as a foundation of being.
      Since there are so many religions in the world, if Hitler’s god he referred to on occasion, was not the one of the Bible, that shouldn’t be so scandalous. Should we become hot under the collar because the Chinese or Hindus worship God’s of their own? Would that make them bad? I also think that the ‘God of the Bible” might be several, at least two, gods, it is not comprehensible how the raging, vengeful ultra-nationalist Yahwe could have become the heavenly father, God of love, giver of eternal life according to newer theological thought. Does anyone have thoughts on that?

    2. Could you make a comment on the book about 7 exemplary speeches by Hitler?

  61. Hitler the man of science.

    •“National Socialism is a cool and highly-reasoned approach to reality based upon the greatest of SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE” Adolf Hitler, speech on September 6, 1938

    •“Führer is an enthusiastic adherent of pure science” ~ Joseph Goebbels, Goebbels, diary entry for May 12, 1943, in Die Tagebücher von Joseph Goebbels, ed. Elke Fröhlich, part II: Diktate 1941-1945, vol. 8: April-Juni 1943 (Munich K. G. Saur, 1993), 281.

    •”In this conflict[Science vs Religion], victory will nearly always be on the side of science” — Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf.

    •”What was impressive, on the contrary, was his[Adolf Hitler] idea of the future of religions.
    In his [Adolf Hitler] eyes, it had become useless to combat them, persecute them: the discoveries of science, dissipating the mysteries — essential for the influence of the Churches — and the progress of comfort — chasing away a misery which, for two thousand years, brought to the Church so many unfortunate beings — would, in his opinion, increasingly reduce the influence of religions. ” ~ Léon Degrelle, Hitler for a Thousand Years

    •Now parallel to the above quote from Léon Degrelle’s writing we find another quote from David Irving’s Hitler’s War and The War Path.
    “On June 12, 1941, Hewel[Walther Hewel] noted yet another conversation with Hitler about religion. ‘One ought not to combat religion but to let it die of its own accord.’ ”
    — Hitler’s War and The War Path, David Irving

    •“It’s not opportune to hurl ourselves now into a struggle with the Churches. The best thing is to let Christianity die a natural death. A slow death has something comforting about it. The dogma of Christianity gets worn away before the advances of science.” — Adolf Hitler, Table Talk.]

    •After coming to power, Hitler continued to prioritize science over religion. When meeting with Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber, Hitler reminded him that the world was changing, and he thought the Catholic Church should change with it. He reminded the cardinal of the Church’s past conflicts with science over its belief in a six-day creation and the geocentric theory of the solar system. Then he told Faulhaber that the Church must abandon its opposition to Nazi racial and eugenics legislation, because such policies “rest on absolute scientific research.” Strange as it may seem to us today, Hitler saw his racial and eugenics agenda as scientific and all opposition to it as the product of benighted, outmoded religion.
    (Cardinal Michael Faulhaber, “Bericht Faulhabers über eine Unterredung mit Hitler,” November 4 –5, 1936, in Akten Kardinal Michael von Faulhabers, 1917–1945, vol. 2: 1935–1945, ed. Ludwig Volk (Mainz: Matthias-Grünewald, 1978), 2:187.)

    1. Hitler was correct there again. (Christian) religion has been continuously withdrawing since faced with science and that’s why it had in the advanced countries lost so much in influence. However, since a scientific concept of reality and life in conjunction with crass individualism, that what the ‘West’ has been turned into through the primitive minds of the “Democratic” victor gang, is an unbearably grey, drab, meaningless passage of time, an attitude with signs of religiosity is returning. That so many people are falling so easily prey to the covid propaganda, follow the BLM antics, don’t object to the engineered mass invasion of third world people and so readily fall prey to atrocity propaganda is evidence of a need for something to believe in that is not accessible to reason. What we have now is an uncivilised form of a meaningless faith-based hodgepodge of beliefs in a made up morality, equality, human rights, interventionism and what have you.
      The “democracies” were an are only good at destroying something, they have never built anything, and we are in the phase of decline, when the damage and destructions add up to a general breakdown.

  62. It is quite simply irrational to expect 100% agreement all the time.
    Leave that to the Jewish Bolsheviks.

  63. In an order issued on 15 October 1934, priests and pastors were required to leave the SS; the order was extended to students of theology in March 1935[1]. By 14 November 1935 SS members were not allowed to be active in religious organizations, and on 11 November 1937, they were ordered not to participate in church activities except in civilians attire [2]. Beginning in 1936, the party began insisting on its sole right to use the swastika, and on 21 December 1937 Himmler prohibited the use of the swastika from the altars and from church publications, which aroused no small degree of anger from church officials [3]. On 9 February 1937 theologians, priests, and ministers were banned from future NS party membership, and on 12 Mat 1937 ministers who were not members of the NSDAP were urged to leave the SA [4]. On 1 June 1938 Martin Bormann forbade party leaders from holding leadership positions in religious organizations, whether Christian or Teutonic (such as the Ludendorff group), an order that was only randomly enforced, and then on the local level [5].
    [1] National Archives, Records of the Reich Leader SS and Chief of German Police, T-175/roll 97/frame 2617770.
    [2] Cf. Friedrich Zipfel, Kirchenkampf in Deutschland 1933-1945, Berlin 1965, 106; 1935 order from Hess in Berlin Document Center, Vervielfältigung; 1937 order from Bormann in Berlin Document Center, Anordnung des Stellvertreters des Fuhrers, Rundschreiben Nr.151/37
    [3] Cf. Ernst Christian Helmreich, The German Churches Under Hitler: Background Struggle, and Epilogue, Detroit 1979, 221. Several protests from Church officals are found in Bundesarchiv Koblenz, R 43 II/150
    [4] Cf. Zipel, Kirchenkampf (Note 4), 110; Anweisung des Chefs des Gerichts- und Rechtsamts der OSAF and die SS-Gruppenfuhrer, Berlin Document Center. Zipfel, Kirchenkampf, 109; Hess order in Berlin Document Center, Anordnung Nr. 24/37 des Stellvertresters des Fuhrers.
    [5] Cf. Zipfel, Kirchenkampf (note 4), 449-50 see the discussion in Helmreich, The German Churches (note 5), 219-20.

  64. The order excluding theologians from membership in the NSDAP States:
    “Ausgeschlossen: Juden, Arier mit jüdischen Ehefrauen […] Professor (Dozenten), Theologiestudenten”?. [1]
    “Excluded: Jews, Aryans with Jewish wives […] professors (lecturers), theology students “?
    The order lumps together Christian theologians with Jews. Far from an accident, that language mirrors one of the central elements of National Socialist’s anti-Christian polemics, the rejection of Christianity as a “Jewish” religion, and it reinforced the theologians’ anxiety to distinguish Christianity from Judaism.
    [1] Richtlinien für die Parteiaufnahme von Volksgenossen, Punkt 11.

  65. From: David Irving’s Hitler’s War and The War Path.

    //Hitler often talked about religion. Anneliese Schmundt would write in her diary on June 8, 1941, ‘Long conversations in the evening on religion and Christianity: cultural retrogression since Greek and Roman art.’ Hewel wrote a much lengthier note that evening:

    Over dinner this evening, a wonderful talk on the Roman Empire and its displacement by Christianity. . . . CHRISTIANITY HAS BEEN ONE LONG ACT OF DECEIT AND SELF-CONTRADICTION. It preaches goodness, humility, and love-thy-neighbour, but under this slogan it has burned and butchered millions to the accompaniment of pious proverbs. The ancients openly admitted that they killed for self-protection, in revenge, or as a punishment. The Christians do so only out of love! . . . Only Christianity has created a vengeful God, one who commits man to Hell the moment he starts using the brains that God gave him.
    The Classical was an age of enlightenment. With the onset of Christianity scientific research was halted and there began instead a research into the visions of saints, instead of the things that God gave us. Research into nature became a sin.
    The tragedy is that to this very day there are thousands of ‘educated’ people running around believing in all this claptrap – they deny that NATURE IS ALL-POWERFUL, they glorify the weak, the sick, the crippled, and the simpleminded. In the ideal world of [Pastor Friedrich von] Bodelschwingh the healthy find everlasting life only if they have devoted their lives to the weak, to the idiot and suchlike; the sick are there so that we can do Good Deeds. If this goes on much longer, there will soon be more sick than sound. Today there are already a thousand million of them.
    As for cruelty, Christianity holds all world records. CHRISTIANITY IS THE REVENGE OF THE WANDERING JEW. Where would we be today if only we had not had Christianity – we would have the same brains, but we would have avoided a hiatus of one-and-a-half thousand years. . . . The terrible thing is that millions of people believe, or act as though they believe, all this: they feign belief in it all. If we had all been Mohammedans, today the world would have been ours.//

    1. Is this not a realistic assessment of the trace of Christianity through the ages? Let Christianity refrain from violence, from deceit, from the use of state power to gain power, let it also renounce violence.
      It will therefore have to renounce its influence and a right to self-defense for adherents of the Faith.
      Christianity was brought with the sword and, conniving and cutting political deals to the unwilling Germans. They didn’t want to give up their own way of being. Hence, they were violated in body and soul.
      This is not struck from memory and Christianity has always been on uncertain grounds there.
      In any case, there is no obligation to be a Christian, and the history of Christianity does not inspire admiration. Only in the minds of the Germanics did it rise to a religion of comfort and high inspiration, of sublime beauty. They gave it an aristocratic spirit which gave us Christmas and Easter as we know it, it gave us superb music and art, it gave us also superb scholarship and venture into modes of thinking to attain a detailled understanding of reality.
      A Christmas in August and an Easter in October would be something quite different. It was the identification with the Germanic feast of Solstice and the Germanic celebration of renewed life at Easter that suffused Christianity within Nature religion that made it so strong and so sincere at some time in the past.
      That is all gone, now. Christianity has renounced its debt to the Germanic north and is returning to its origin in the desert.
      Under Hitler to profess to Christianity was unhindered. This is in opposition to Stalin’s Soviet Union. Have your thoughts about that as well.

  66. Schopenhauer also has played a huge role in Hitler’s worldview and his hatred for Christianity.

    https://imgur.com/NcSI8f0 ( Animal Rights in Third Reich MAY HAVE been derived from Schopenhauers idea since Hitler EXPLICITLY says in his speech, he extensively read Schopenhauer, and we find in Goebbels Diaries that Hitler’s hatred for Christianity is mainly because of its attitude towards the animal world, which was the exact idea expressed by Schopenhaur)

    1. @ Heinrich Floris

      Yes, I agree with you that Hitler was influenced by Schopenhauer, who hated Christianity, but he was influenced even more by Nietzsche who walked in Schopenhauer’s footsteps and whose anti-Christian animosity (as in “AntiChrist”) was far more extreme than Schopenhauer’s anti-Christian animosity.

      Bear in mind that Schopenhauer was a most virulent misogynist. He had nothing good to say about women. In this he bore no resemblance to Hitler who was quite fond of women. After all, Hitler dearly loved his half-niece Geli Raubal (who he wanted to marry and who committed suicide) and he went on to marry Evan Braun in the Berlin bunker on the last day of his life before committing suicide with her. Hardly the way a misogynist a la Schopenhauer would behave!

      Can you explain this comment of yours as I find it hard to understand:

      “Animal Rights in Third Reich MAY HAVE been derived from Schopenhauer’s idea since Hitler EXPLICITLY says in his speech, he extensively read Schopenhauer, and we find in Goebbels Diaries that Hitler’s hatred for Christianity is mainly because of its attitude towards the animal world, which was the exact idea expressed by Schopenhaur.”

      You need to clarify your meaning here. You seem to imply that Christianity is cruel to animals, which is why the animal-loving Hitler hated Christianity. This is nonsense. No Christians I know have a hostile attitude to animals. They simply regard the animal creation as inferior to human beings. Even if Christianity teaches that animals have no souls, unlike Human beings, this would hardly give Hitler the right to regard Christianity as a “hateful” religion.

      If I were to say to you, “Look, I don’t think mosquitoes have ‘souls’, you might wish to disagree with me. But you would hardly have me stoned to death for saying that! 🙂 And yet you imply that Hitler would have HATED me, as a Christian, for daring to doubt that mosquitoes had souls. Isn’t this attitude a bit loopy?

      This is all such dreadful nonsense.

      The world is full of Christians who simply adore their dogs and cats and horses, spending huge sums of money on vets. They love their pets even more than they love their fellow human beings. I know dozens of good Christians who would refuse to go to heaven unless their pets were let in with them! 🙂

      Believe me, every Christian dog lover I know believes in a “doggie heaven”. Hitler would have had nothing but a withering scorn for such an idea.

        (No idea why it went in there.
        Possibly caused by including excessive number of links.)

        Thanks for approving my comment and responding.
        Yes, I agree with you on the aspect that Hitler was influenced by Nietzsche MORE THAN Schopenhauer, which is a fact, as Hitler himself called Nietzsche the ‘Great German Philosopher’ in his speech.

        “But I have preserved this boundless faith, in my person as well, that nothing, no matter what would ever be able to throw me out of the saddle, would shake me up anymore. Whoever thinks he can frighten me somehow or surprise me is wrong. I have always taken to heart the words of A GREAT GERMAN PHILOSOPHER: ‘A blow that does not knock a strong man over, only makes him stronger!’”
        ~ Adolf Hitler, speech on January 30, 1942

        And Hitler gifted Nietzsche’s work in an expensive bound edition to Mussolini on his Sixteenth Birthday, and Goebbels Diaries also confirm that Hitler praised Nietzsche for proving the supposed absurdity of Christianity.

        >” In this he bore no resemblance to Hitler who was quite fond of women.”
        I have to strongly disagree, Hitler and ALL the NS leaders were totally MISGOGYNIST.

        In a speech, Hitler himself brought up the accusation made by other Western powers against Nazi policies towards women, the accusation was about NS Germany’s treatment of women in Germany, which was in stark contrast to the progressive policies towards women in other countries, Hitler DID NOT REFUSE NOR DID HE BACKED DOWN while addressing the accusation put forward by the other countries, on the contrary, Hitler accepted the accusations, and said: “What you see as a yoke others see as a blessing. What is heaven to one is hell for another.”
        Here you can read the full quote: https://i.imgur.com/SLdMOGo.png

        I am not saying Hitler despised women, which is false, But Hitler wanted German women ONLY to be mothers.
        Hitler did not want German women to pursue any careers.
        In this below speech, Hitler EXPLICITLY says when he sees two women, among which one is accomplished in her career and another gave birth to many German babies, He WILL ALWAYS prefer the one who has given birth to many babies.
        “If I have a female lawyer in front of me these days and it doesn’t matter how much she has achieved and next to her is a mother of five, six, seven children […] then I have to say: From the eternal point of view of the eternal value of our people – The woman – who is able to have Children, has Children and raised them and thereby gave our people the ability to live in the future – HAS ACHIEVED MORE.”

        Here is one more quote from his speech: https://i.imgur.com/TO6dkko.png

        In this quote he wanted Man to HEAD the family and he thought it is what Nature assigned: https://i.imgur.com/dADAnKL.png

        When Nazis came to power they removed all the women occupying higher positions in institutions.
        Here is a summary of the Nazi policy towards women: https://imgur.com/1KmvkRK
        (Of course, they changed after the War became intense since they needed labor, but Nazi’s original policy towards women can be found in their policy before the War began)

        Here is a quote from Gottfried Feder: https://i.imgur.com/vp0FjYe.png

        Hitler didn’t even believe in the Women’s suffrage movement: https://i.imgur.com/rX7OSpx.png

        Hitler proudly boasted that the Nazi movement was a male-dominated movement: https://i.imgur.com/BH5UvCb.png

        Hitler did not believe in Gender equality(He clearly thought Men are superior to women on all levels be it mental or physical), according to him it was a Marxist idealogy: “in reality, the granting of so-called equal rights to women, AS DEMANDED BY MARXISM..” ~ Adolf Hitler, Speech, Völkischer Beobachter, September 15, 1935.

        Here are quotes from historians who researched on this subject
        1) https://imgur.com/a/cHTNHe7
        2) https://i.imgur.com/pNY5BtQ.png
        3) https://i.imgur.com/HFK3aLP.jpeg
        4) https://imgur.com/a/KrCtJnC

      2. @SAKI

        According to this site (https://www.dictionary.com/) the definition of a ‘misogynist’ is: “a person whose views are shaped by ingrained and institutionalized prejudice against women”

        So, according to this definition, Hitler was a ‘misogynist.
        All Hitler excepted of all the German women is to be mothers, and to give birth to as many babies as possible.
        Note: When he expects women to give birth to as many babies as possible, it obviously means that women’s time would be entirely spent to take care of their kids, which clearly implies they would be held up in household activities, in other words, the expectation of Hitler towards women which is to be mothers to as many kids as possible obviously puts the women dependent on men, since her hands are full in taking care of kids/household activities, so it clearly removes the women’s choice to be FINANCIALLY independent but it implicity ENFORCES women to be depended on men, since with so many kids to take care how can the women go for a job to earn?

        Hitler didn’t even believe in Gender Equality.
        He openly expressed his misogynistic attitude in his speeches.
        Nazis policies towards women were obviously misogynistic.


        1. “I AM NO FRIEND OF FEMALE SUFFRAGE. I am opposed to universal, equal and secret voting rights. WHAT NONSENSE-EQUAL VOTING RIGHTS FOR THE PROFESSOR AND THE DAIRY MAID!” ~ Adolf Hitler(Edouard Calic, ed. Secret Conversations With Hitler: The Two Newly-Discovered 1931 Interviews (New York: The John Day Company) 40.)

        2. Everything you say about Hitler’s views on the role of women in 100% correct. But you are MISUSING the word “misogynist” to describe his attitude. From the modern point of view, Hitler’s attitude can be described as “ANTI-FEMINIST”. He was unashamedly anti-feminist, but this does not make him a “woman hater”.

          I am an anti-feminist. An anti-feminist is NOT against females. An anti-feminist is against the FEMINIST MOVEMENT! There is nothing shameful about staying at home and spending one’s days in the extremely important role of CHILD REARING.

          Women in Nazi Germany were among Hitler’s most fanatical followers. They hero worshipped him. Would they have done that if they perceived him as a WOMAN HATER?!? Of course not! The German woman took pride in being the Perfect Mother and Domestic Goddess. She kept house for her husband, cooked, cleaned, taught her children to read and write and gave them their moral values. She didn’t WANT to go out to work and earn a salary! What for? To hire a nanny to babysit her children? To pay a cleaner to clean her house?

          Feminism! Pshaw! What’s so “noble” about burning your bra and flashing your tits to get attention? These feminist whores need a damn good thrashing! Madam Strop needs putting in her place! 🙂

          If I were a woman who flashed my tits to make a point and punished my husband by saying ‘NO SEX TONIGHT, YOU BASTARD!’ I’d be thoroughly ashamed of myself. That’s what these stroppy feminists do! They are the bane of civilization!

          There is no higher role in life for a woman than to be the Perfect Housewife and the Perfect Mother.

          Let her husband be the breadwinner. She is not “dependent” on him. He is dependent on her! She give him a happy home and happy children and she gives him her love and the pleasure of her body. What more can a man want?

          If more women were housewives, there would be more jobs for men!

          1. I am not an admirer of Hitler, but I see nothing wrong about his opposition to the Marxist-inspired feminist movement, specially designed to drive a wedge between Man and Woman and emasculate men. Hitler was openly contemptuously of democracy, which naturally meant he had no time for democratic elections.

            In a dictatorship, NO ONE VOTES! Or the votes are rigged.

            I don’t think the world would be a worse place if most people, myself included, were banned from voting. Only a small handful of the wisest and best should rule. Then we’d have REAL progress!

            I don’t think Hitler was the Perfect Ruler. Wrong man for the job! You see the result: the total destruction of Germany and 100 million dead bodies!

            If God chose Hitler, then God help God! 🙂

          2. @SAKI
            I agree that Hitler did not hate women, I never said anything remotely as such.

            But what is your opinion about Naiz’s policy of reducing the chances/making it difficult for women to any higher education other than the ones related to household maintenance?


            • Female doctors were no longer allowed to practice; also dissolved was the Association of Medical Women, which was absorbed into its male counterpart.
            • In 1936, a law was passed banning certain high-level positions in the judicial system to women (notably judge and prosecutor, through Hitler’s personal intervention.)

            “Women in Nazi Germany were among Hitler’s most fanatical followers. They hero worshipped him. ”
            Yes, this was paradoxical to many historians dealing with this subject. The Nazis openly said women should stay in-home, and openly expressed that women’s place is her home, not higher education or something of that sort, but the women of the Nazi regime loved it.

            “Hitler never concealed his thoughts on what he thought of women referred to them as individuals WHO WERE NOT EQUAL TO MEN and HAD NO PLACE IN THE PUBLIC SPHERE. MANY WOMEN ACCEPTED THIS MISOGYNISTIC VIEW AND FULLY EMBRACED THEIR ROLES IN SOCIETY AS THE ‘MOTHERS OF THE NATIONS’. ” ~ Samantha Schuring, Lake Forest College, Mothers of the Nation: The Ambiguous Role of Nazi Women in Third Reich

            “DESPITE PROPAGANDA about “MORE FEMININE WOMEN”, the new priorities made it clear that DOCILITY was the only trait that counted in women.” ~ Claudia Knooz, Mothers in the Fatherland (New York: St Martin’s Press, 1987), 179.

            “Hitler and other leaders like Goebbels surely did believe that the MAN WAS GREATER THAN THE WOMAN and that the WOMEN SHOULD DO EVERYTHING IN HER POWER TO SERVE THE MAN.” ~ Women in Nazi Propaganda, Jonathan Moch, Western Oregon University

            1. @ Спасибо

              @SAKI: I agree that Hitler did not hate women, I never said anything remotely as such.

              Yes, you did! You said Hitler hated women when you called him a “MISOGYNIST”. Because anyone who is a “misogynist” is by definition a “woman hater”. The words “misogynist” and “woman hater” are synonymous. In case you don’t know what “synonymous” means, it means that the words have exactly the same meaning.

              MISOGYNIST – “WOMAN HATER”
              The two words are literally and etymologically identical.

              These are your own words where you are describing Hitler as a “misogynist”:

              According to this site (https://www.dictionary.com/) the definition of a ‘misogynist’ is: “a person whose views are shaped by ingrained and institutionalized prejudice against women”

              So, according to this definition, Hitler was a ‘misogynist’. (…) Hitler didn’t even believe in Gender Equality. He openly expressed his misogynistic attitude in his speeches. Nazis policies towards women were obviously misogynistic.

              Are you not calling Hitler a “misogynist”? And are you not saying “Nazi policies toward women were obviously misogynistic”? Are you not then aware that in calling Hitler a “misogynist” you are calling him a “woman hater” since the words mean exactly the same thing?

              Here, read this: the etymological meaning of “misogynist”, coming from two Greek words: MISOS = hatred; GYNE = Woman

              misogyny (n.)

              “hatred of women,” 1650s, from Modern Latin misogynia, from Greek misogynia, abstract noun from misogynēs “woman-hater,” from miso- “hatred” (see miso-) + gynē “woman” (from PIE root *gwen- “woman”). Its opposite is philogyny (1620s).


              1. @ Спасибо

                Are you a fool? Or are just an uneducated foreigner who doesn’t the know the meaning of simple words? You are making me angry and you making Saki angry by saying that you never said Hitler hated women!

                YES! YES! YES! YOU DID! YOU DID! YOU DID!

                You called Hitler a “misogynist” several times. And the word “misogynist” means “Woman hater“.

                You f***ing idiot!!!!!!!!!!

                1. @ Спасибо

                  You are wrong. And Saki is right. Because you called Hitler a “misogynist”, without being aware that a misogynist is a woman hater. The words “misogynist” and “woman hater” mean exactly the same thing. If you call me a “misogynist”, you are telling me that I hate women and everything about them! Understand? 🙂

                  The (Etymological) Roots of Misogyny

                  Misogyny refers specifically to a hatred of women. The word is formed from the Greek roots misein (“to hate”) and gynē (“woman”). Each of these roots can be found in other English words, both common and obscure.21 Jun 2021


                  1. @ Spasibo :

                    Say “thanks” to everybody for trying to teach you English. lol….

                2. @MADAME BUTTERFLY
                  -> “YES! YES! YES! YOU DID! YOU DID! YOU DID! […] You f***ing idiot!!!!!!!!!!”
                  Such an immature comment, I have no clue how such childish comments are approved here.
                  Yes, I did, and I am not alone in doing it.
                  The historian Samantha Schuring does it too.
                  “Hitler never concealed his thoughts on what he thought of women referred to them as individuals who were not equal to men and had no place in the public sphere. Many women accepted this misogynistic view … ”
                  ~ Samantha Schuring, Lake Forest College, Mothers of the Nation: The Ambiguous Role of Nazi Women in Third Reich

                  The reason is although the original etymological meaning for the word ‘misogynistic’ means ‘women hater’, but in the course of time, the definition also encompassed ‘discrimination of women’ also to mean ‘misogynistic’.
                  misogynist: “a person who .. discriminates against women” (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/misogynist)

                  The Third Reich policies were discriminating women, so it is apt to call such policies misogynistic.

                3. >”Are you a fool? Or are just an UNEDUCATED foreigner ”

                  All the SCHOLARS who studied the subject of Women in the Third Reich unanimously agree that Nazis were ‘misogynist’ as well their policies.
                  I already provided few examples such as
                  •Samantha Schuring’s Mothers of the Nation: The Ambiguous Role of Nazi Women in Third Reich
                  • Claudia Knooz’s Mothers in the Fatherland

                  Keep clinging to the etymological meaning of the word ‘misogynist’, when in reality the word evolved to also mean a “person who discriminates against women”(https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/misogynist)

                  So it is very clear that you are one who is uneducated on this subject.

                  1. @ SAKI
                    @ Madame Butterfly
                    @ Alice Payne

                    You are quite correct in stating that the PRIMARY meaning of “MISOGYNIST” is “WOMAN HATER”. The word may have developed a SECONDARY meaning in the course of time, as one commenter here argues, but this commenter is WRONG to assert that the secondary meaning replaced and nullified the primary meaning and that the primary meaning is no longer valid.

                    This is done by the mistaken commenter who keeps attacking his opponents for saying the obvious: that you CANNOT call someone a “misogynist” and at the same time say, “I never said he hated women — I just said he was a misogynist!” This wrong-headed commenter implies, most foolishly, that a man can actually LOVE women and be a “misogynist” (or woman hater) at the same time!

                    I’m sorry, if you hate women you cannot love them also! 🙂

                    The next comment sent in by this infuriatingly mulish trouble maker will be deleted unless it contains an apology. We have no time for such attention-seeking timewasters. The only commenters we admire and respect are the ones who are capable of apologizing when they are wrong.

                    1. @ ADMIN

                      re Спасибо…

                      Thank you for your support, Admin. Anyone who enters into argument with this attention-seeking bore with the funny name is wasting precious time. If this is a member of the male sex, I can well imagine him being a woman hater. This is because no woman would wish to enter into a relationship with such a mentally disturbed man. He has all the characteristics of an angry old man in a dirty raincoat, sitting in some seedy room picking at his purulent sores.

                    2. Anyone who says, as this hafwit”Спасибо” says, “I never said Hitler hated women — not once! — all I said was that Hitler was a misogynist!” is simply not worth arguing with. He belongs in a mental institution.

                      Even TROJ, a certified loonie, would never say a thing like that.

                      Even TROJ is a genius in comparison. 🙂

                    3. I put this down to “brainfog” caused by medication.
                      I reckon this guy is a victim of prescription drugs.
                      He needs to come off whatever medication he is on.
                      It’s either an opiod or an antidepressant of some kind.
                      These drugs really do f**k up your brain.

                    4. Admin Toby wrote: This is done by the mistaken commenter who keeps attacking his opponents for saying the obvious: that you CANNOT call someone a “misogynist” and at the same time say, “I never said he hated women — I just said he was a misogynist!” This wrong-headed commenter implies, most foolishly, that a man can actually LOVE women and be a “misogynist” (or woman hater) at the same time!

                      It is sad when a man makes sweeping judgments using neo-speak with subterfuge. It makes me think that his relationships with women (if he can find them) are of a nature, “I love me and I want you!” This is the shallowest form of love, narcissism that no woman should ever face. He’s had his 3rd shot, I say “bozo-bin” him.

              2. >”Are you not calling Hitler a “misogynist”?”

                I am still calling Hitler a ‘misogynist’.
                The reason is although the original etymological meaning for the word ‘misogynistic’ means ‘women hater’, but in the course of time, the definition also encompassed ‘discrimination of women’ also to mean ‘misogynistic’.
                misogynist: “a person who .. discriminates against women” (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/misogynist)

                The Third Reich policies were discriminating women, so it is apt to call such policies misogynistic.

                The historian ‘Claudia Koonz’ in her book ‘Mothers in the Fatherland Women, the Family, and Nazi Politics.
                More than once she uses the word ‘misogynistic’ to describe Nazi policies.
                And She is not the only one in doing so.

                Hitler openly in public speech repudiated the ‘GENDER EQUALITY’ and on more than occasion, he explicitly said women’s place is her home. So in the home, she is the ruler?? No Hitler nullifies such ideas by saying “Nature has ordained MAN to HEAD the family”(Not verbatim).

                So Nazi policies openly eliminated[Goebbels openly said: “we ELIMINATE women from every realm of public life,” ] women from the public sphere, and made it look like the best place for women in her home, and again in the home, she is subservient to her husband [Hitler: “MEN HEAD the family” ].

                1. A woman having grown up in an environment awash with feminist believes will of course call the National Socialist view of womanhood ‘misogynistic’. Did the majority of women think so in those days? Women apparently loved Hitler and their role in the NS state. What counts more in real life: The theoretic brain exsudations of a bunch of barren women in a womens studies department seeking with increasing desperation, as their time is seeping into the eternal void, meaning in their life or the spontaneous gratitude of millions of women who see that they are taken seriously as women – and not as voting cattle to heave some politician with a catchy program into a high place.
                  Women had possibilities in NS Germany which perhaps were not open to them anywhere else in the world at the time.
                  NS wanted women to be able to be women. Feminism and its armed branch, the state nowadays, wants to make men out of women by urging them with envious breathlessness to be like men in a career, on the battlefield, even in bodybuilding.
                  This is pathetic.

      3. @SAKI

        //Those abroad may say … But your women cannot be optimistic. They are OPPRESSED and DOMINATED and ENSLAVED. You give them NO FREEDOM OF EQUALITY.” We answer: ‘What you see as a yoke others see as a blessing. What is heaven to one is hell for another.’ //
        ~ Adolf Hitler Speech to the German Women’s League at the 1936 Nuremberg Rally

        The above quote was actually Hitler’s response to the criticism of his regime [made] by other countries against his blatant Mysognist policies.
        Notice something, Hitler unlike when dealing with Christianity when he lied in his speech to counter his opponent’s accusation of him being an anti-Christian when it came to this women issue he openly said “What you see as a yoke others see as a blessing. What is heaven to one is hell for another”.

        Here are few quotes from Historians who studied and researched this subject.
        All these people[Historians] agree Nazi Policies were misogynist in nature.

      4. @SAKI
        >”Bear in mind that Schopenhauer was a most virulent misogynist. ”
        So was Nietzsche
        ‘Woman was God’s second mistake’ ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

  67. I think Hitler would have preferred the dogs go to Heaven than the popes of The Church [ at least since ratti ] who always side with jews — the jews Jesus railed against. Hitler had withering scorn for the idea that the popes go to heaven [ so did Dante ] . I don’t think Hitler would have been appalled at the thought of dogs going to heaven.

    1. ‘Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.’ (Mark Twain)

  68. Cnacngo or whatever the hell his name is upset because Hitler didn’t like jews and didn’t like JEW COMMUNISM. That’s THE REAL REASON whatever the hell his name is doesn’t like Hitler.

    1. Who ever said that Nationl Socialists were Christians? In the same vain, who ever said that “Democrats” were Christians? There were of course some people who were Christians, others were not. Do you think that Churchill was a Christian or Roosevelt? Or even Stalin?
      What kind of mindless claptrap is that to add to all of the venom directed at National Socialism “but they were not Christians”. So what if they were as a whole not Christian? As long as it is not a point of discussion that Stalin and the arch hypocrite Roosevelt were having no problem with actively acting against Christians such an objection (meant as a smear) is quite pointless. (To be sure, Roosevelt was playing the kindly Christian uncle Frankie in the US, but he saw nothing wrong with Stalin’s destroying and abusing churches and persecuting Christians , as is evident from his statement that the exercise of religion was free in the Soviet Union. Do you think that this is the hallmark of a Christian as you are viewing yourself?).

  69. “I have nothing against celebrating Christmas. I even give high marks to the clever thinking of the Roman Church fathers, who did not abolish the most solemn holiday of the Nordic world, the day when the sun is at its lowest point and from that moment on begins to rise on the horizon. Instead, they moved the birth of Christ to this day, turning a nature festival of the Old Germanic people into Christ’s day. By the way, this shows us that a high percentage of Germanic tribes were part of Roman Christendom and that Rome found it necessary to win them over in particular by using this device.

    “Now, why shouldn’t our young people be led back to nature? After all, in nature, this turning point is a day that presents a truly momentous event: the vanquishing of the night, which has grown ever longer and darker, by the rebirth of daylight, awakening new hope, new life, new strength! And since today’s elementary schools already teach the motion of the planets and the causes of summer and winter, the midnight sun and the yuletide festival are cosmic concepts already familiar to young people. BUT NO ONE CAN SAY WITH CERTAINTY WHETHER CHRIST WAS OR WAS NOT BORN ON THIS PARTICULAR DAY. AT LEAST, THERE IS NO MENTION IN THE BIBLE OF WHEN AND IF HE CELEBRATED HIS BIRTHDAY. AND IT IS CERTAIN THAT HE KNEW NOTHING OF THIS CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY.

    “But we do not want to rob the church of its holy days. The mere fact that schools are closed on such days gives children much pleasure. But this does not prevent us from leading children, NOT INTO CHURCHES fragrant with incense, BUT INTO THE GREAT OUTDOORS, to show them the powerful workings of divine creation and make vivid to them the eternal rotation of the earth and the world and life, where the struggle against the powers of darkness is constantly repeated, culminating in the victory of the forces of light, which are creative, awakening a budding spring from frosty winter, bringing new joy in life, new life, and renewed creative forces.

    — Adolf Hitler, Hitler: Memoirs Of A Confidant by Otto Wagener, Henry Ashby Turner Jr. (editor)

    1. While Hitler was saying that about Christmas Stalin in the JEW COMMUNIST Soviet Union was killing millions of Christians — just because they were Christians. Stalin was raised a Russian Orthodox Christian, he even went to a Russian Orthodox seminary [ then later became an atheist ]. I never heard you rail against Stalin because Stalin was raised a Russian Orthodox Christian, went to a Russian Orthodox seminary, then turned against his fellow Christians and KILLED Russian Christians en-masse. That seems a lot worse to me than what Hitler said about Christmas. Don’t you think that’s worse than what Hitler said about Christmas?

      If you don’t think that’s worse than what Hitler said about Christmas, if you think what Hilter said about Christmas is worse than Russian Orthodox Christian Stalin turning against the Christian religion he was born into , turning against his own people and culture, and then KILLING millions of Christians just because they were Christians, please explain in detail why exactly what Hitler said about Christmas is worse than formerly Christian Stalin turning against his Christian own people and PERSECUTING and KILLING millions of Christians just because they were Christians. Thx you for sharing. You’re so illuminating.

      1. Just like you in this post, I’ve pointed in earlier in this string towards the Stalin attitude as well: -i.e., to do away with the Christians , plunder and re-use closed-down churches as warehouses, stables and the like. I have also reminded of Roosevelt’s statement that there is freedom of religion in the Soviet Union of Stalin.
        Yet this was not taken up as food for thought. Instead it is repeated in a manner reminding of a dumb machine that “Hitler was anti-Christian”.

        So, Stalin destroys churches, mockingly has them used for profane purposes, murders Christians, has a practical system for persecution of Christians and a powerful ally across the Seas to tell the world that all of this is not happening, and the anti-Hitler faithful choose to not take note of all of this. Instead they look for statements made by Hitler about his opinion and long-term plans for diminishing the influence of the christian churches in Germany. All the while, new churches were built in Germany during the Hitler time. People could pursue their faith unhindered, and there were military clergy, even in the SS. Did the Red Army have orthodox clergy in their ranks?
        If Hitler was not a Christian, what is so upsetting about it?

          1. What is your opinion on Stalin’s persecution of Christians in his Empire and the hearty assent such Christians as Roosevelt and Churchill gave to the brutal, degrading and often fatal consequences of Stalin’s measures. officially, there was “freedom of religion”, and people like Roosevelt repeated this official pronouncement of the Supreme Soviet and the article in the Soviet Union’s constitution. Was that duplicitous? If Hitler was not well disposed towards Christianity, particular the Churches, but did not hinder people’s religious exercise, even provided military chaplains, how does that translate into an attitude of high-minded indignancy, while Soviet real persecution and Democratic benevolence towards such persecution is a matter of indifference?
            I am writing that regardless of what is breathlessly quoted and said about the “un-Christian” Nazis.

  70. ADMIN: Excellent comment rescued from Spam

    Consider this quote from Hitler’s speech.

    “We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the idea of Christianity. Our movement is Christian”
    Did Hitler do what he said in the above quote?
    Let us examine.
    Hitler said in his speech (to appease the accusation of the NS party not being Christian or anti-Christian) that “We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the idea of Christianity “
    But Hitler himself ATTACKED the “Idea of Christianity” in his SPEECHES.
    It is indisputable fact that Christians around the world revere the Old Testament, consider it as divine revelation, the New Testament makes more than a dozen of references to the Old Testament and FINALLY, Jesus himself spoke very highly and positively about Old Testament, Jesus even read from the Old Testament.
    So, to consider the Old Testament as the word of God and the important characters such as Abraham as a man of God is INDEED A “the idea of Christianity”.
    So let us see what Herr Hitler said about Abraham.
    “Intimate family life did not prevent Grandfather Abraham from pimping off his own wife to the Pharaoh of Egypt in order to be able to do business. As was the grandfather, so was the father and so were the sons who never neglected their business. And you can be sure that they are not neglecting the business even as we speak. […] For him, there is no spiritual sensitivity, and just as his forefather Abraham was selling his wife, he finds nothing special about the fact that today he sells girls”
    —Adolf Hitler, Speech at Hofbräuhaus Hall, 13, August 1920.
    In New Testament, Jesus spoke very positively about Abraham, but Hitler calls him a ‘PIMP’.
    So, we see here Hitler himself did the very opposite of what he claimed(lied) in his speeches. He did attacked the very “idea of Christianity”.
    It doesn’t stop there we have to look into what was Hitler’s opinion on Old Testament as a whole, the same Old Testament which Jesus considered as divine, and spoke very highly about it.
    “The great leaders of Jewry are confident that the day is near at hand when the promise given in the Old Testament will be fulfilled and the Jews will rule the other nations of the earth.”
    — Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf (Stalag), Chapter XIII: The German Policy of Alliances
    As you can see in the above quote from ‘Mein Kampf’ Hitler CONSIDERS the Old Testament as the BLUEPRINT FOR JEWS to “rule the earth”.
    Here is another quote from Mein Kampf regarding Mosaic Law which is also an integral part of Old Testament.
    “The Mosaic Law [Old Testament] is really nothing else than the doctrine of the preservation of the Jewish race…”
    — Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf(Stalag): Chapter IV:Munich
    Here are two quotes from two different speeches where Hitler compares Biblical Joseph [of Egypt] with Walther Rathenau, he speaks about Biblical Joseph in a negative light.
    “Had Marxism remained honest, it would have had to see to it that the living conditions of the people would have become more bearable and that the German worker, in particular, could live more comfortably. This not only requires an increase in production but also participate in this increase.
    For example, Italy today has too little wheat to feed its people, so it can distribute its head consumption but not increase it. Judaism has robbed the peoples of their understanding of soil and the increase in production. Walther Rathenau, the hundredfold supervisory board, has also distributed the production goods, similar to his ancestor “Joseph from Egypt”, through compulsory management, but he did not increase them If the compulsory management had not been imposed on the people, then production would certainly have been increased; but production has only been ‘postponed’.”
    — Adolf Hitler, October 23, 1928 speech at the NSDAP meeting in Augsburg.
    “And, for the breaking of physical strength, he has excellent means at hand. First of all, he has the trade that should be nothing more than distribution of foodstuffs and other necessary items for daily use. He uses it to withdraw these articles of daily life, when necessary, in order to raise the price on the one hand, but also to withdraw in order to create the conditions for physical weakening which have always worked best: hunger.
    Thus, we see them brilliantly organize, from a Joseph in Egypt up to a Rathenau today. Everywhere, what we see behind these organizations is not the desire to make a shining organization for food supply, but through them gradually to create hunger.”
    — Adolf Hitler, Speech at Hofbräuhaus Hall, 13, August 1920

    Again, Christians consider Joseph in Egypt as a man of God, who was able to interpret the dreams of Parahoah. But it is evident from Hitler’s speeches he doesn’t respect such characters in Bible.
    Enough on Hitler’s negative view about Old Testament [which Jesus himself considers as divine] and its Characters, although there are some more quotes from his speeches where Hitler speaks about OT in a negative light (e.g., Declaration of War on USA speech).
    Now let us come to the other part of his quote which is: “Our movement is Christian”.
    So here Hitler claims (to appease the accusation of the NS party not being Christian or anti-Christian) that the NS movement is Christian.
    But in another speech, Hitler EXPLICITLY SAID NS movement is NOT Christian.
    “Today a new state [National Socialist state] is being established, the unique feature of which is that it sees its foundation not in Christianity….”
    — Adolf Hitler – speech at the Ordensburg Sonthofen, Allgäu, November 22, 1937
    Not only that he also said, but the NS movement is also based on SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE.
    “National Socialism is a cool and highly-reasoned approach to reality based upon the greatest of scientific knowledge”
    — Adolf Hitler – speech at the Culture Convention Nuremberg, September 6, 1938
    In Mein Kampf Hitler asserts that in the battle between religion and Science, Science would be the winner.
    “In this [Science vs Religion] conflict, victory will nearly always be on the side of science”
    It doesn’t stop there, Hitler also implied the morality of the Third Reich is not based on Christianity, but he EXPLICITLY stated that morality is based on “reason and knowledge OF Man”.
    “Today’s German People’s State knows no social prejudices. He, therefore, knows no social special morality. He only knows the laws of life and necessities conceived by reason and knowledge of man.”
    — Adolf Hitler Speech, January 30, 1939

    Now lets us come to the other portion of his speech “We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the idea of Christianity”
    So, was Hitler INTOLERANT towards the officials in his ranks who ATTACKED the Idea of Christianity?
    Given the FACT that Hitler himself “attacked the idea of Christianity”, by attacking the Old Testament and its Characters, the idea of Christianity is Jesus fulfilling the prophecies in the Old Testament.
    So already it makes it clear that Hitler was BLATANTLY LYING in his speech when he said “We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the idea of Christianity. Our movement is Christian”.
    But let us examine what was Hitler’s attitude towards the NS officials who attacked the idea of Christianity.
    Hitler had very high deep regard for Martin Bormann, Bormann was with Hitler till the very end. Even in Hitler’s final testament, Hitler mentions Bormann was a loyal comrade. And in his [Hitler] final will, Martin Bormann was nominated as the will’s executor.
    In his Last Testament, Martin Bormann was appointed as Party Minister (Parteiminister).
    Also, there are numerous testimonies from the people (recorded in memoirs) who were with Hitler that Bormann was a very loyal dedicated comrade for Hitler.
    Historian David Irving says: “Martin Bormann was the real dictator”
    This itself begs the question of why Hitler contrary to his claim in his speech not only tolerated but gave enormous power to a Rabid Anti-Christian such as Martin Bormann, which again clearly illustrates that Hitler was blatantly lying.
    It was not only by work was Martin Bormann close to Hitler, but as fellow National Socialist Hitler viewed Bormann as a very close companion, which is evident from the words in Hitler’s Final Will and Political Testament, where he says even after his[Hitler] death, he will remain close to his associates, among whom Martin Bormann is one.
    “By their [Bormann, Goebbels, etc.] work and loyal companionship they will remain as close to me after my death as I hope my spirit will continue to dwell among them and accompany them always.”
    —Adolf Hitler’s Final Will and Political Testament.
    So, it is beyond any doubt that Martin Bormann was close to Hitler and Hitler deeply trusted Bormann, Martin Bormann was huge an anti-Christian, but Hitler never cared about it, on the contrary, Otto Dietrich says this in his memoir: “He [Adolf Hitler] did not hold back the hotheads in the Party, Himmler and especially Bormann, who incessantly attacked the churches. On the contrary, he supported them and encouraged them by his private, violently antichurch remarks.”
    And another NS OFFICAL who attacked Christianity OPENLY in SPEECHES was Henrich Himmler.
    Himmler LITERALLY said in his speech that Christianity is a 2000-year-old Bolsveshim.
    “The entire substance of the priesthood and of the whole of Christianity is, I am firmly convinced, an erotic union of men (Männerbund) for the erection and maintenance of this 2000-year-old Bolshevism. I reach that conclusion because I know very well the history of Christianity in Rome. I am of the conviction that the Roman emperors, who eradicated (ausrotteten) the first Christians, did exactly the same thing that we are doing with the communists.”
    — Heinrich Himmler – Speech to the SS Group Leaders on 18.02.1937
    In the same speech Himmler attacked St. Paul, now Paul is a very important figure in Christianity, so attacking Paul is indeed an attack on “the idea of Christianity”.
    “Paul and the very first apostles who derogate the woman as something sinful and permit or recommend marriage as merely a legal way out of prostitution – that is in the Bible -and derogate the procreation of children as a necessary evil.”
    — Heinrich Himmler – Speech to the SS Group Leaders on 18.02.1937
    So again, we see contrary to what Hitler said(lied) in his speeches “We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the idea of Christianity”
    Hitler was completely okay with his high-ranking party members to make speech attacking Christianity.
    So, it is abundantly clear that Hitler was lying in his speech when was talking about Christianity.
    And we do have a piece of first-hand evidence that Hitler was planning to lie in his speech about Church and religion, from a letter written by Hitler’s close associate Rudolf Hess, to his wife Ilse Pröhl.
    In 1924, when Hitler was interned in Landsberg Prison after his failed Beer Hall Putsch, his fellow prisoner and confidante Rudolf Hess talked with other Nazis about religion. Hitler did not join the conversation; afterward, he told Hess that he dared not divulge his true feelings about religion publicly. Hitler confessed that, even though he found it distasteful, “for reasons of political expediency he had to play the hypocrite toward his church.”[ Rudolf Hess to Ilse Pröhl, August 20, 1924, in Rudolf Hess Briefe 1908–1933, ed. Wolf Rüdiger Hess (Munich: Langen Müller, 1987) ]From the early days of his political activity, Hitler recognized that being a religious hypocrite had its political advantages.

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