Hitler’s Religious Views: Excerpts from ‘Hitler’s Table Talk’


Introduced by Lasha Darkmoon

Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)

We publish this important 5000-word article purely for reference purposes, not because we believe in Hitler’s religious ideas or wish to promote them.

It must be understood clearly that we are  sympathetic to Christianity and the traditional moral values of our ancestors. This we are not ashamed to admit, though it is trendy nowadays to find Christianity out of date, if not repugnant, and to look for salvation in other directions.  It follows from this  that Hitler’s fascinating anti-Christian rants as set out below, though of immense interest to us psychologically, do not in any way reflect our own views or elicit our uncritical admiration.

Hitler’s religious views are uniquely his own and he is welcome to them.

Hitler’s religious ideas are revealed in his private conversations, not in his speeches which are meant for public consumption. Here he is speaking strictly for the public, as any politician would—to win popularity and shore up support—not because  he actually believes in what  he says.  Anyone who believes that Hitler was a pious Christian, based on his public pronouncements, is barking up the wrong tree. What Hitler said in public and what he believed in private are two entirely different things. Among his closest friends and associates, especially in his recorded after-dinner conversations, Hitler reveals his true attitude to religion and especially to Christianity: one of scathing  contempt.

The quotations below are all taken from Hitler’s Table Talk, a series of private conversations between Hitler and his close associates, as recorded by Martin Bormann. These informal conversations took place mostly during the early stages of World War II, especially 1941-1942, when Germany was  still doing quite well militarily against the Allies.  They took place at the dinner table in the late evening hours  and often went on until the crack of dawn. Mostly long monologues by Hitler, with his interlocutors doing their best to stifle their yawns and stay awake, the conversations  were  taken down in shorthand by his secretaries and typed out later. The typescript  was then edited meticulously by Bormann, one of Hitler’s closest friends and confidants, who had no reason whatever to distort or misrepresent the views of his admired Führer.

After  retiring to bed as the cock was crowing and the servants were rising to face the new day,  Hitler would be up again in a few hours, propped up on pillows and enjoying an austere vegetarian breakfast in bed.  A dynamo of uncanny energy, the  Führer needed no more than 3-4 hours of sleep a night.    

Renowned British historian Hugh Trevor-Roper as well as his controversial opponent David Irving both had no doubts that in  Table Talk the  authentic voice of Adolf Hitler could be heard ringing out loud and clear. Indeed, no reputable historian has ever questioned the book’s authenticity.      

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I think the man who contemplates the universe with his eyes wide open is the man with the greatest amount of natural piety: not in the religious sense, but in the sense of an intimate harmony with things.

At the end of the last century the progress of science and technics led liberalism astray into proclaiming man’s mastery of nature, and announcing that he would soon have dominion over space. But a simple storm is enough — and everything collapses like a pack of cards!

In any case, we shall learn to become familiar with the laws by which life is governed, and acquaintance with the laws of nature will guide us on the path of progress. As for the ‘why’ of these laws, we shall never know anything about it. A thing is so, and our understanding cannot conceive of other schemes.

Man has discovered in nature the wonderful notion of that almighty being whose law he worships.

Fundamentally in everyone there is the feeling for this almighty, which we call ‘God’ (that is to say, the dominion of natural laws throughout the whole universe). The priests, who have always succeeded in exploiting this feeling, threaten punishments for the man who refuses to accept the creed they impose.

When one provokes in a child a fear of the dark, one awakens in him a feeling of atavistic dread. Thus this child will be ruled all his life by this dread, whereas another child, who has been intelligently brought up, will be free of it.

It is said that every man needs a refuge where he can find consolation and help in unhappiness. I do not believe it! If humanity follows that path, it is solely a matter of tradition and habit. That is a lesson, by the way, that can be drawn from the Bolshevik front. The Russians have no God, and that does not prevent them from being able to face death.

We do not want to educate anyone in atheism.

* * *

The heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was the coming of Christianity. Bolshevism is Christianity’s illegitimate child. Both are inventions of the Jew. The deliberate lie in the matter of religion was introduced into the world by Christianity.

Bolshevism practices a lie of the same nature, when it claims to bring liberty to men, whereas in reality it seeks only to enslave them. In the ancient world, the relations between men and gods were founded on an instinctive respect. It was a world enlightened by the idea of tolerance.

Christianity was the first creed in the world to exterminate its adversaries in the name of love. Its keynote is intolerance.

Christianity is a rebellion against natural law, a protest against nature. Taken to its logical extreme, Christianity would mean the systematic cultivation of human failure.

* * *

The Earth continues to go around, whether it’s the man who kills the tiger or the tiger who eats the man. The stronger asserts his will, it’s the law of nature. The world doesn’t change; its laws are eternal.

There are some who say the world is evil, and that they wish to depart from this life. For my part, I like the world! Unless the desire to die is due to a lover’s quarrel, I advise the desperate man to have patience for a year. The consolations will come. But if a human being has any other reason to wish to die than this, then let him die, I’m not stopping him. I merely call attention to the fact that one cannot escape this world entirely. The elements of which our body is made belong to the cycle of nature; and as for our soul, it’s possible that it might return to limbo, until it gets an opportunity to reincarnate itself. But it would vex me if everybody wanted to have done with life.

To make death easier for people, the Church holds out to them the bait of a better world. We, for our part, confine ourselves to asking man to fashion his life worthily. For this, it is sufficient for him to conform to the laws of nature. Let’s seek inspiration in these principles, and in the long run we’ll triumph over religion.

But there will never be any possibility of National Socialism’s setting out to ape religion by establishing a form of worship. Its one ambition must be scientifically to construct a doctrine that is nothing more than a homage to reason.

Our duty is to teach men to see whatever is lovely and truly wonderful in life, and not to become prematurely ill tempered and spiteful. We wish fully to enjoy what is beautiful, to cling to it — and to avoid, as far as possible, anything that might do harm to people like ourselves.

If today you do harm to the Russians, it is so as to avoid giving them the opportunity of doing harm to us.

God does not act differently. He suddenly hurls the masses of humanity on to the Earth, and he leaves it to each one to work out his own salvation. Men dispossess one another, and one perceives that, at the end of it all, it is always the stronger who triumphs. Is that not the most reasonable order of things?

If it were otherwise, nothing good would ever have existed. If we did not respect the laws of nature, imposing our will by the right of the stronger, a day would come when the wild animals would once again devour us — then the insects would eat the wild animals, and finally nothing would exist on Earth but the microbes.

* * *

Trying to take a long view of things, is it conceivable that one could found anything durable on falsehood? When I think of our Folk’s future, I must look further than immediate advantages, even if these advantages were to last three hundred, five hundred years or more. I’m convinced that any pact with the Church can offer only a provisional benefit, for sooner or later the scientific spirit will disclose the harmful character of such a compromise. Thus the State will have based its existence on a foundation that one day will collapse.

An educated man retains the sense of the mysteries of nature and bows before the unknowable. An uneducated man, on the other hand, runs the risk of going over to atheism (which is a return to the state of the animal) as soon as he perceives that the State, in sheer opportunism, is making use of false ideas in the matter of religion, whilst in other fields it bases everything on pure science.

That’s why I’ve always kept the Party aloof from religious questions. I’ve thus prevented my Catholic and Protestant supporters from forming groups against one another, and inadvertently knocking each other out with the bible and the sprinkler. So we never became involved with these churches’ forms of worship. And if that has momentarily made my task a little more difficult, at least I’ve never run the risk of carrying grist to my opponents’ mill. The help we would have provisionally obtained from a concordat [with the churches] would have quickly become a burden on us. In any case, the main thing is to be clever in this matter and not to look for a struggle where it can be avoided.

Being weighed down by a superstitious past, men are afraid of things that can’t, or can’t yet, be explained — that is to say, of the unknown. If anyone has needs of a metaphysical nature, I can’t satisfy them with the Party’s Program. Time will go by until the moment when science can answer all the questions.

So it’s not opportune to hurl ourselves now into a struggle with the churches. The best thing is to let Christianity die a natural death. A slow death has something comforting about it. The dogma of Christianity gets worn away before the advances of science. Religion will have to make more and more concessions. Gradually the myths crumble.

All that’s left is to prove that in nature there is no frontier between the organic and the inorganic. When understanding of the universe has become widespread, when the majority of men know that the stars are not sources of light but worlds, perhaps inhabited worlds like ours, then the Christian doctrine will be convicted of absurdity.

Originally, religion was merely a prop for human communities. It was a means, not an end in itself. It’s only gradually that it became transformed in this direction, with the object of maintaining the rule of the priests, who can live only to the detriment of society collectively.

The instructions of a hygienic nature that most religions gave, contributed to the foundation of organized communities. The precepts ordering people to wash, to avoid certain drinks, to fast at appointed dates, to take exercise, to rise with the sun, to climb to the top of the minaret — all these were obligations invented by intelligent people. The exhortation to fight courageously is also self-explanatory. Observe, by the way, that, as a corollary, the Moslem was promised a paradise peopled with sensual girls, where wine flowed in streams — a real earthly paradise. The Christians, on the other hand, declare themselves satisfied if after their death they are allowed to sing hallelujahs! All these elements contributed to form human communities. It is to these private customs that Folks owe their present characters.

Christianity, of course, has reached the peak of absurdity in this respect. And that’s why one day its structure will collapse. Science has already impregnated humanity. Consequently, the more Christianity clings to its dogmas, the quicker it will decline.

But one must continue to pay attention to another aspect of the problem. It’s possible to satisfy the needs of the inner life by an intimate communion with nature, or by knowledge of the past. Only a minority, however, at the present stage of the mind’s development, can feel the respect inspired by the unknown, and thus satisfy the metaphysical needs of the soul. The average human being has the same needs, but can satisfy them only by elementary means. That’s particularly true of women, as also of peasants who impotently watch the destruction of their crops. The person whose life tends to simplification is thirsty for belief, and he dimly clings to it with all his strength.

Nobody has the right to deprive simple people of their childish certainties until they’ve acquired others that are more reasonable. Indeed, it’s most important that the higher belief should be well established in them before the lower belief has been removed. We must finally achieve this. But it would serve no purpose to replace an old belief by a new one that would merely fill the place left vacant by its predecessor.

It seems to me that nothing would be more foolish than to reestablish the worship of Wotan. Our old mythology had ceased to be viable when Christianity implanted itself. Nothing dies unless it is moribund. At that period the ancient world was divided between the systems of philosophy and the worship of idols. It’s not desirable that the whole of humanity should be stultified — and the only way of getting rid of Christianity is to allow it to die little by little.

A Movement like ours mustn’t let itself be drawn into metaphysical digressions. It must stick to the spirit of exact science. It’s not the Party’s function to be a counterfeit for religion.

If, in the course of a thousand or two thousand years, science arrives at the necessity of renewing its points of view, that will not mean that science is a liar.

Science cannot lie, for it’s always striving, according to the momentary state of knowledge, to deduce what is true. When it makes a mistake, it does so in good faith. It’s Christianity that’s the liar. It’s in perpetual conflict with itself.

One may ask whether the disappearance of Christianity would entail the disappearance of belief in God. That’s not to be desired. The notion of divinity gives most men the opportunity to concretize the feeling they have of supernatural realities. Why should we destroy this wonderful power they have of incarnating the feeling for the divine that is within them?

The man who lives in communion with nature necessarily finds himself in opposition to the Churches. And that’s why they’re heading for ruin — for science is bound to win.

I especially wouldn’t want our Movement to acquire a religious character and institute a form of worship. It would be appalling for me, and I would wish I’d never lived, if I were to end up in the skin of a Buddha!

If at this moment we were to eliminate the religions by force, the people would unanimously beseech us for a new form of worship. You can imagine our District Leaders giving up their pranks to play at being saints! As for our Minister For Religion, according to his own co-religionists, God himself would turn away from his family!

I envisage the future, therefore, as follows: First of all, to each man his private creed. Superstition shall not lose its rights. The Party is sheltered from the danger of competing with the religions. These latter must simply be forbidden from interfering in future with temporal matters. From the tenderest age, education will be imparted in such a way that each child will know all that is important to the maintenance of the State. As for the men close to me, who, like me, have escaped from the clutches of dogma, I’ve no reason to fear that the Church will get its hooks on them.

We’ll see to it that the churches cannot spread abroad teachings in conflict with the interests of the State. We shall continue to preach the doctrine of National Socialism, and the young will no longer be taught anything but the truth.

* * *

On the whole Earth there’s no being, no substance, and probably no human institution that doesn’t end by growing old. But it’s in the logic of things that every human institution should be convinced of its everlastingness — unless it already carries the seed of its downfall. The hardest steel grows weary. Just as it is certain that one day the Earth will disappear, so it is certain that the works of men will be overthrown.

All these manifestations are cyclical. Religion is in perpetual conflict with the spirit of free research. The Church’s opposition to science was sometimes so violent that it struck off sparks. The Church, with a clear awareness of her interests, has made a strategic retreat, with the result that science has lost some of its aggressiveness.

The present system of teaching in schools permits the following absurdity: at 10 a.m. the pupils attend a lesson on the catechism, at which the creation of the world is presented to them in accordance with the teachings of the Bible; and at 11 a.m. they attend a lesson in natural science, at which they are taught the theory of evolution. Yet the two doctrines are in complete contradiction! As a child, I suffered from this contradiction, and ran my head against a wall. Often I complained to one or another of my teachers against what I had been taught an hour before — and I remember that I drove them to despair.

The Christian religion tries to get out of it by explaining that one must attach a symbolic value to the images of Holy Writ. Any man who made the same claim four hundred years ago would have ended his career at the stake, with an accompaniment of Hosannas. By joining in the game of tolerance, religion has won back ground by comparison with bygone centuries.

Religion draws all the profit that can be drawn from the fact that science postulates the search for, and not the certain knowledge of, the truth. Let’s compare science to a ladder. On every rung, one beholds a wider landscape. But science does not claim to know the essence of things. When science finds that it has to revise one or another notion that it had believed to be definitive, at once religion gloats and declares: We told you so! To say that is to forget that it’s in the nature of science to behave itself thus. For if it decided to assume a dogmatic air, it would itself become a church.

When one says that God provokes the lightning, that’s true in a sense; but what is certain is that God does not direct the thunderbolt, as the Church claims. The Church’s explanation of natural phenomena is an abuse, for the Church has ulterior interests. True piety is the characteristic of the being who is aware of his weakness and ignorance. Whoever sees God only in an oak or in a tabernacle, instead of seeing Him everywhere, is not truly pious. He remains attached to appearances — and when the sky thunders and the lightning strikes, he trembles simply from fear of being struck as a punishment for the sin he’s just committed.

* * *

I know nothing of the Other World, and I have the honesty to admit it. Other people know more about it than I do, and I’m incapable of proving that they’re mistaken. I don’t dream of imposing my philosophy on a village girl. Although religion does not aim at seeking for the truth, it is a kind of philosophy which can satisfy simple minds, and that does no harm to anyone. Everything is finally a matter of the feeling man has of his own impotence. In itself, this philosophy has nothing pernicious about it. The essential thing, really, is that man should know that salvation consists in the effort that each person makes to understand Providence and accept the laws of nature.

Since all violent upheavals are a calamity, I would prefer the adaptation to be made without shocks. What could be longest left undisturbed are women’s convents. The sense of the inner life brings people great enrichment. What we must do, then, is to extract from religions the poison they contain. In this respect, great progress has been made during recent centuries.

* * *

When I was younger, I thought it was necessary to set about matters with dynamite. I’ve since realized that there’s room for a little subtlety. The rotten branch falls of itself. The final state must be: in St. Peter’s Chair, a senile officiant; facing him, a few sinister old women, as gaga and as poor in spirit as anyone could wish. The young and healthy are on our side.

Against a Church that identifies itself with the State, as in England, I have nothing to say. But, even so, it’s impossible eternally to hold humanity in bondage with lies. After all, it was only between the sixth and eighth centuries that Christianity was imposed on our Folks by princes who had an alliance of interests with the shavelings [priesthood]. Our Folks had previously succeeded in living all right without this religion. I have six Divisions of SS composed of men absolutely indifferent in matters of religion. It doesn’t prevent them from going to their deaths with serenity in their souls.

* * *

What is this God who takes pleasure only in seeing men grovel before him? Try to picture to yourselves the meaning of the following, quite simple story: God creates the conditions for sin. Later on he succeeds, with the help of the Devil, in causing man to sin. Then he employs a virgin to bring into the world a son who, by his death, will redeem humanity!

I can imagine people being enthusiastic about the paradise of Mohammed, but as for the insipid paradise of the Christians! In your lifetime, you used to hear the music of Richard Wagner. After your death, it will be nothing but hallelujahs, the waving of palms, children of an age for the feeding bottle, and hoary old men.

The man of the isles pays homage to the forces of nature. But Christianity is an invention of sick brains: one could imagine nothing more senseless, nor any more indecent way of turning the idea of the Godhead into a mockery. A nigger with his taboos is crushingly superior to the human being who seriously believes in transubstantiation.

I begin to lose all respect for humanity when I think that some people on our side, ministers or generals, are capable of believing that we cannot triumph without the blessing of the Church. Such a notion is excusable in little children who have learned nothing else.

For thirty years [i.e. 1618-1648] the Germans tore each other to pieces simply in order to know whether or not they should take communion in both kinds. There’s nothing lower than religious notions like that. From that point of view, one can envy the Japanese. They have a religion which is very simple and brings them into contact with nature. They’ve succeeded even in taking Christianity and turning it into a religion that’s less shocking to the intellect.

By what would you have me replace the Christians’ picture of the Beyond? What comes naturally to mankind is the sense of eternity, and that sense is at the bottom of every man. The soul and the mind migrate, just as the body returns to nature. Thus life is eternally reborn from life. As for the ‘why’ of all that, I feel no need to rack my brains on the subject. The soul is unplumbable.

If there is a God, at the same time as he gives man life he gives him intelligence. By regulating my life according to the understanding that is granted me, I may be mistaken, but I act in good faith.

Man judges everything in relation to himself. What is bigger than himself is big, what is smaller is small. Only one thing is certain, that one is part of the spectacle. Everyone finds his own role. Joy exists for everybody. I dream of a state of affairs in which every man would know that he lives and dies for the preservation of the species. It’s our duty to encourage that idea: let the man who distinguishes himself in the service of the species be thought worthy of the highest honors.

* * *

What a happy inspiration, to have kept the clergy out of the Party! On the 21st March, 1933, at Potsdam, the question was raised: with the Church, or without the Church? I conquered the State despite the malediction pronounced on us by both creeds. On that day, we went directly to the tomb of the kings whilst the others were visiting religious services. Supposing that at that period I’d made a pact with the Churches, I’d today be sharing the lot of The Duce [Mussolini].

By nature The Duce is a freethinker, but he decided to choose the path of concessions. For my part, in his place I’d have taken the path of revolution. I’d have entered the Vatican and thrown everybody out — reserving the right to apologize later: ‘Excuse me, it was a mistake!’

But the result would have been, they’d have been outside!

When all is said, we have no reason to wish that the Italians and Spaniards should free themselves from the drug of Christianity. Let’s be the only Folk who are immunized against the disease.

* * *

Kerrl, with the noblest of intentions, wanted to attempt a synthesis between National Socialism and Christianity. I don’t believe the thing’s possible, and I see the obstacle in Christianity itself.

I think I could have come to an understanding with the popes of the Renaissance. Obviously, their Christianity was a danger on the practical level — and, on the propaganda level, it continued to be a lie.

But a pope, even a criminal one, who protects great artists and spreads beauty around him, is nevertheless more sympathetic to me than the protestant minister who drinks from the poisoned spring.

Pure Christianity — the Christianity of the catacombs — is concerned with translating the Christian doctrine into facts. It leads quite simply to the annihilation of mankind. It is merely whole hearted Bolshevism, under a tinsel of metaphysics.

* * *

Man has been given his brain to think with. But if he has the misfortune to make use of it, he finds a swarm of black bugs [i.e. priests] on his heels. The mind is doomed to the auto-da-fé.

The observatory I’ll have built at Linz, on the Pöstlingberg, I can see it in my mind … In future, thousands of excursionists will make a pilgrimage there every Sunday. They’ll thus have access to the greatness of our universe. The pediment will bear this motto: ‘The heavens proclaim the glory of the everlasting.’ It will be our way of giving men a religious spirit, of teaching them humility — but without the priests.

Man seizes hold, here and there, of a few scraps of truth, but he couldn’t rule nature. He must know that, on the contrary, he is dependent on Creation. And this attitude leads further than the superstitions maintained by the Church.

Christianity is the worst of the regressions that mankind can ever have undergone, and it’s the Jew who, thanks to this diabolic invention, has thrown him back 15 centuries.

The only thing that would be still worse would be victory for the Jew through Bolshevism. If Bolshevism triumphed, mankind would lose the gift of laughter and joy. It would become merely a shapeless mass, doomed to grayness and despair.

The priests of antiquity were closer to nature, and they sought modestly for the meaning of things. Instead of that, Christianity promulgates its inconsistent dogmas and imposes them by force. Such a religion carries within it intolerance and persecution. It’s the bloodiest conceivable …

For Ptolemy, the Earth was the center of the world. That changed with Copernicus. Today we know that our solar system is merely a solar system amongst many others. What could we do better than allow the greatest possible number of people like us to become aware of these marvels?

In any case, we can be grateful to Providence, which causes us to live today rather than 300 years ago. At every street corner, in those days, there was a blazing stake. What a debt we owe to the men who had the courage — the first to do so — to rebel against lies and intolerance. The admirable thing is that amongst them were Jesuit Fathers.

In their fight against the Church, the Russians are purely negative. We, on the other hand, should practise the cult of the heroes who enabled humanity to pull itself out of the rut of error. Kepler lived at Linz, and that’s why I chose Linz as the place for our observatory. His mother was accused of witchcraft and was tortured several times by the Inquisition.

To open the eyes of simple people, there’s no better method of instruction than the picture. Put a small telescope in a village, and you destroy a world of superstitions. One must destroy the priest’s argument that science is changeable because faith does not change, since, when presented in this form, the statement is dishonest.

* * *

The book that contains the reflections of the Emperor Julian should be circulated in millions. What wonderful intelligence! What discernment, all the wisdom of antiquity! It’s extraordinary!

* * *

It is a great pity that this tendency towards religious thought can find no better outlet than the Jewish pettifoggery of the Old Testament, for a religious Folk who, in the solitude of winter, continually seek ultimate light on their religious problems with the assistance of the Bible, must eventually become spiritually deformed. The wretched Folk strive to extract truths from these Jewish chicaneries, where in fact no truths exist. As a result they become embedded in some rut of thought or other and, unless they possess an exceptionally commonsense mind, degenerate into religious maniacs.

It is deplorable that the Bible should have been translated into German, and that the whole of the German Folk should have thus become exposed to the whole of this Jewish mumbo jumbo. So long as the wisdom, particularly of the Old Testament, remained exclusively in the Latin of the Church, there was little danger that sensible people would become the victims of illusions as the result of studying the Bible. But since the Bible became common property, a whole heap of people have found opened to them lines of religious thought which — particularly in conjunction with the German characteristic of persistent and somewhat melancholy meditation — as often as not turned them into religious maniacs. When one recollects further that the Catholic Church has elevated to the status of Saints a whole number of madmen, one realizes why movements such as that of the Flagellants came inevitably into existence in the Middle Ages in Germany.

* * *

The Ten Commandments are a code of living to which there’s no refutation. These precepts correspond to irrefragable needs of the human soul; they’re inspired by the best religious spirit; and the Churches here support themselves on a solid foundation.

* * *

Is there a single religion that can exist without a dogma? No, for in that case it would belong to the order of science. Science cannot explain why natural objects are what they are. And that’s where religion comes in, with its comforting certainties. When incarnated in the Churches, religion always finds itself in opposition to life. So the Churches would be heading for disaster, and they know it, if they didn’t cling to a rigid truth.

What is contrary to the visible truth must change or disappear — that’s the law of life.

* * *

Research must remain free and unfettered by any State restriction. The facts which it establishes represent Truth, and Truth is never evil.

* * *

I shall never believe that what is founded on lies can endure for ever. I believe in Truth. I’m sure that, in the long run, Truth must be victorious.

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      — Genoud, Heim & Picker’s “Table Talk”: A Study in Academic Fraud & Scandal (Veronica Clark/ CODOH),

      — Hitler’s “Table Talk” and Christianity (Jim Walker / Justice For Germans),

      — Hitler Table Talk, reviews at Archive.org.

      — Finally, this link, which I in my oft-dyslexic fashion mistakenly attributed to David Irving due to the footnote: Remarkable fact: The Historians, Journalists and “Scholars” who have recklessly used this document as a “source” are the same people who accuse British writer David Irving of manipulating evidence and facts (and call for his imprisonment!).

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          Desert Fox

          Given that Lasha Darkmoon has nothing to do with the Comments Section, and is not even aware of your alleged ill-treatment at the hands of other posters here, she is unlikely to apologize to you for something she hasn’t done. She doesn’t even know who you are.

          Go in peace, Desert Fox, and may you find another website on which to post your brilliant comments. One day, with any luck, you will win the Nobel Prize for Conspiracy Theories. 🙂

          1. You are welcome to continue posting here, provided you agree to obey the rules of this website:

            (1) Feel free to say what you want and accept negative criticism from other posters — who are equally free to speak their minds.

            (2) Expect to have your comments monitored if you cause trouble.

            (3) Submit to the authority of Admin if and when your comments are deleted. This is what we are here for: to keep order and ensure quality control.

  2. Hitler, may have been an evil monster however when it comes to religion he may be correct. If it matters not what one does in this world as there is no heaven or hell then chaos will reign. Religion was created to control man. The entire Judeo Christian foundation along with Islam and the rest are simply stories passed down through the ages to control the population. Science is the only answer to the questions of the universe and each day we get closer and closer to understanding the laws of nature. Where Hitler was wrong was not recognizing the uniqueness of the various cultures of different peoples which is our only tie to the past and should be preserved and cherished. I dont buy whats in the talmud, the torah, the bible or the Koran. They are all the same, a patchwork of clever written stories to give the hopeless hope.

  3. Hitler was a genius and christianity was invented by the jews to help take Rome down. the jews god in the old testament is the devil. for 1500 years the popes did fight the jews but then the jews took over their red headed stepchild christianity took over the vatican and turned the evan-genitals into a death cult and servants of israel. imagine a jew moses coming off a mountain and telling people..thou shall not steal and covet their neighbors goods. hahahah jews have been looting and killing for 3000 years

  4. People need to read my recent post addressed to Saki in which I indict Christianity for the wording alleged to be attributed to Jesus in the Gospels. Doctrine that is incompatible with the man we call the Christ.

    I challenge anyone to read those Scriptures I allude to and tell me I’m wrong.

  5. There has been huge progress since Hitler’s time in the field of Bible research and the origin of Christianity. Those who study comparative mythology have informed us that Christ’s birthday on December 25th was a common birthdate for many sun gods back in the ancient world. Why that date? Astro-theology. Want an explanation why the Church chose Dec 25th as the date for their savior? Watch this:

    Zeitgeist – The Movie

    In the northern hemisphere, the sun reaches it lowest point in the sky on Dec. 21, then hangs there for three days, then on Dec. 25 the priest can observe the sun has moved back up half of a degree – thus the celebration of the rising of the sun, or the sun comes back to life, or the birth of the sun. This was important to primitive man who depended on the sun for his crops.

    Thus the sun became the son of god. Jesus, you see, is the personification of sun worship. When you read in the N.T. that Jesus could walk on water, should you take that literal? IMO if you do you have committed intellectual suicide. But is there another meaning, sunlight being reflected off the water when the sun is low in the sky mystified early man, the sun was god and his rays of light bouncing off the ripples in the water was god walking on water. That myth became Jesus walking on water, thus as modern man we should not take it literal that a man actually walked on water – especially when we know from physics and direct observation that no man can do so.

    If Hitler had only known what we now know. The man was brilliant and dangerous, as his table talk comments prove, he was onto Christianity as a destructive force to modern man. As a boy, I was forced to attend Catholic mass thousands of times, I was raised very strict Catholic by my German father and my Irish mother. I have a very good reasoning mind and stood out from my classmates as a thinker, everyone would freeze when I spoke in class, and I can tell you all at no time was I ever instructed by my lay an nun teachers that Christ’s birthdate was chosen because of the winter solstice. They left that key information out of my indoctrination.

    That is a mortal sin in my view of the world, how can our teachers be so callous as to teach utter bullshit as truth and leave out such critical information, what kind of world is this? Well, later on in life, I found out as my mind expanded, earth is hell, earth is a hell planet being run over by crazed Abrahamic religions who are always at war with each other over their utter bullshit theology which they literally believe. You know, Hitler could also see that thus he being independent minded AND willing to voice his opinion said in different ways that religion is the veneration of the sterile.
    Proof that Hitler had a very good understanding of the failure of Christianity in the modern world. According to this essay, Hitler said:

    “Christianity was the first creed in the world to exterminate its adversaries in the name of love.”

    “The heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was the coming of Christianity. Bolshevism is Christianity’s illegitimate child. Both are inventions of the Jew.”

    “The best thing is to let Christianity die a natural death. A slow death has something comforting about it. The dogma of Christianity gets worn away before the advances of science. Religion will have to make more and more concessions. Gradually the myths crumble.”
    No man can walk on water, no man is ever born a virgin, no man can raise the dead. You can not believe those things literal and be sane, yet billions do, and there is little you can do to change their minds and I will tell you the exact reason why. Humans, with their big brains, are scared to death of living and dying, and thus myth is comfort to their terrified souls. Belief in a savior god makes man feel safe and loved on a brutal prison planet.

    BTW what does virgin birth mean to the myth writers? When a new god is birthed on paper, the writer lets his fellow writers know that he is creating a new god, a virgin birth of a new god on paper. This was common esoteric knowledge back when men wrote myth as their favorite pastime, it should not be taken literal.

    If Hitler had only read “Caesar’s Messiah” by Joe Atwill as you can right now! Wake up sheep, wake up! We have the information to free your mind who wrote the Gospels and why. Rome wrote the myth, the target audience was the messianic Jews causing trouble for the empire, and the Gospels were written AFTER 70 A.D., and Titus was cast as Christ and fulfillment of Jewish prophecy.
    CAESAR’S MESSIAH: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus – OFFICIAL VERSION
    1,556,052 views • Sep 15, 2018

    http://caesarsmessiahdoc.com OFFICIAL VERSION

    “Seven of today’s most controversial Bible scholars reveal their shocking conclusions about the origins of Christianity. Based on the best-selling religious studies book by Joseph Atwill, this documentary shows that Jesus is not a historical figure, the events of Jesus’ life were based on a Roman military campaign, his supposed second coming refers to a historical event that already occurred, the teachings of Christ came from the ancient pagan mystery schools, and the Gospels were written by a family of Caesars and their supporters, who left us documents to prove it.

    Dissecting the history and literature of this time, the scholars show that the Gospels are a sophisticated pro-Roman multi-layered allegorical text that could not have been written by simple Jewish fishermen. Noting that the history officially provided by the Church does not hold up to rigorous scrutiny, the scholars agree that Christianity was used as a political tool to control the masses of the day, and is still being used this way today.”

    It is time to break the spell of the Gospels. There is no judging god, there is no such thing as sin in the real world except as a theological construct used to guilt trip and control the sheep and the gullible, no one needs to be saved. We are not guilty for being born, Adam and Eve eating forbidden fruit is a story that helps explain how man just suddenly appeared on earth. And if Adam’s sin is myth, no one needs Jesus, as no one is going to hell.

    Myth is used to explain things that men find unexplainable. My uneducated German grandmother would tell me “God made it that way” to any question I had about the natural world. If I asked, Grandma, why is the grass green or the sky blue, she would always say God made it that way. God – as a memetic idea – was her explanation. She was not learned in science, thus in her mind God was the answer to all things.

    So why and how did men get on earth? Well the Bible is sorta right. The gods put us here as slaves, and they gave us myths to comfort our souls so we would be good little worker bees and do so without complaint as we focused our horrible drudgery lives on the next life. For the slave, heaven is the great retirement plan for being obedient to the slave master, and because eternity in heaven is such a great reward, the slave dutifully performed. Thus the reason for myth is to pacify the slaves – and Hitler understood that.

  6. >>> ” Hitler’s religious ideas are revealed in his private conversations, not in his speeches which are meant for public consumption.”

    Hitler did reveal his religious ideas in few speeches.

    I will just quote few passages from such public speeches.
    “Their [Jews] OLD TESTAMENT thirst for revenge thought to see in the U.S.A. an instrument for preparing a second “Purim” for the European nations which were becoming increasingly anti-Semetic. The full diabolical meanness of Jewry rallied round this man, and he stretched out his hands.” ~ Adolf Hitler: Speech (December 11, 1941)
    “…. The Bible. I am not claiming that all its contents are necessarily true, as we know that Jewry was very liberal in writing it. One thing, however, is certain: it has not been written by an antisemite. It is very important because no antisemite would have been able to write a more terrible indictment against the Jewish race than the Bible, the Old Testament. ” ~ Adolf Hitler’s 1920 speech(Why We Are Antisemites) at the Hofbräuhaus
    ” However, this intimate family life did not prevent Grandfather Abraham [Biblical Patriarch Abraham] from pimping off his own wife to the Pharaoh of Egypt in order to be able to do business. As was the grandfather, so was the father and so were the sons who never neglected their business. ” ~ Adolf Hitler’s 1920 speech(Why We Are Antisemites) at the Hofbräuhaus
    “…The nations are no longer willing to die on the battlefield so that this unstable international race may profiteer from a war or satisfy its Old Testament vengeance.” ~ Speech by Adolf Hitler, January 30, 1939
    “The unity of the Germans must be guaranteed by a new worldview, since Christianity in its present form is no longer equal to the demands being placed on the bearers of national unity.” ~ Adolf Hitler, party meeting on 27 August 1933, (Hitler, The Speeches of Adolf Hitler, 377.)
    “It was only the disintegrating effect of Christianity, and the symptoms of age which appear in every country, which caused ancient Rome to succumb to the onslaught of the Germans.” ~ Adolf Hitler’s meeting with the Heads of the Armed Services on November 5, 1937
    “We know that the Jew used Christianity, […] because he knew that this new religion questioned all earthly power and so it became an axe at the root of the Roman state, the state which was built on the authority of the public servant.” ~ Adolf Hitler’s 1920 speech(Why We Are Antisemites) at the Hofbräuhaus
    “Today a new state is being established, the unique feature of which is that it sees its foundation not in Christianity and not in a concept of state; rather, it places its primary emphasis on the self-contained Volksgemeinschaft.” ~ Adolf Hitler – speech at the Ordensburg Sonthofen ,Allgäu, November 22, 1937
    I would also add a passage from Mein Kampf.
    “The great leaders of Jewry are confident that the day is near at hand when the promise given in the Old Testament will be fulfilled and the Jews will rule the other nations of the earth.” ~ Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf.
    “Christianity was, not content with erecting an altar of its own. It had first to destroy the pagan altars. […] It may be objected here that in these phenomena which we find throughout the history of the world we have to recognise mostly a specifically Jewish mode of thought and that such fanaticism and intolerance are TYPICAL symptoms of the Jewish mentality.
    This may be true a thousand times over and we may regret that it is so and note with a feeling of uneasiness that this phenomenon has hitherto been unknown in the history of mankind—but the hard fact remains that such is the situation to-day.
    Each one of us today may regret the fact that the advent of Christianity was the first occasion on which SPIRITUAL TERROR was introduced into the much freer ancient world, but the fact cannot be denied that ever since then, the world has been pervaded and dominated by this kind of coercion and that violence is broken only by violence and terrorism by terrorism.”~ Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf.
    Also, I would like to add Hitler loved Anti-Christian Philosopher such as Nietzsche, Schopenhauer.

    1. @ Something

      You completely fail to understand what Lasha Darkmoon has pointed out correctly and that every single reputable historian has confirmed. I will repeat what she said for your benefit and hopefully you will get it this time:

      Hitler’s religious ideas are revealed in his private conversations, not in his speeches which are meant for public consumption. Here he is speaking strictly for the public, as any politician would — to win popularity and shore up support — not because he actually believes in what he says. Anyone who believes that Hitler was a pious Christian, based on his public pronouncements, is barking up the wrong tree. What Hitler said in public and what he believed in private are two entirely different things. Among his closest friends and associates, especially in his recorded after-dinner conversations, Hitler reveals his true attitude to religion and especially to Christianity: one of scathing contempt.

      Lasha stands by that comment. She did NOT say that Hitler made no reference to religion in his public statements. She said that Hitler made NO NEGATIVE REFERENCES TO CHRISTIANITY IN PUBLIC. Not a single comment from Hitler that you quote attacks Christianity openly. All are attacks on the JEWS and JUDAISM. His antisemitic comments in Mein Kampf and in his speeches were all part of his repertoire and helped to cement his popularity among the German public. The Germans hated the Jews anyway, blaming them for the loss of World War I and for the “stab in the back” delivered by the humiliating Versailles treaty. Hitler rose to power on that tidal wave of antisemitism. It was the secret of his popularity. No one did antisemitism better than Hitler. That’s precisely why he is loved so passionately by the antisemites on this site, who adore Hitler because he supplies them with the opium of Jew hatred.

      You will note that there is NO ATTACK ON CHRISTIANITY, only on JEWS and their “evil ways”, in the numerous quotes you give from Hitler’s public statements. He kept his hatred of Christianity under wraps, revealing his contempt for Christianity only in private conversations.

      Your final sentence is the only bit that makes sense and that Lasha would agree with 100 percent: “Also, I would like to add Hitler loved Anti-Christian Philosopher(s) such as Nietzsche, Schopenhauer (etc.)”

      Glad you said that! Lasha would agree 100%. Nietzsche in particular, author of “ANTICHRIST”, taught Hitler his Christ hatred and his Aryan White Supremacy doctrine involving the glorification of the Ubermensch, the Blond Beast Superman. That’s the whole point of this article: to show that Hitler was a confirmed Christ hater and NOT a goody-goody Christian and exemplary Catholic, as Lobro and other Hitler fans here would like us to believe! 🙂

      Conclusion: Hitler hated Christianity. “Table Talk” proves it. There can be no further doubts on that question.

      1. I dispute that he hated Christ. How, exactly, when it was Hitler who emulated Jesus when he rejected the ways of the Pharisees and demonstrated that in no uncertain terms?

        But by the same token I’m not a fan of the Ubermensch concept either…it’s complicated

        1. “I dispute that he [Hitler] hated Christ.” (Brownhawk)

          Pshaw! He certainly hated Christianity and Christians in general! As almost every single quote in the above article demonstrates. If you’re trying to suggest that Hitler actually *loved* Chris and venerated all Christ stood for, the onus is on you to prove it. Produce a single quotation from “Table Talk” in which Hitler actually claims to think highly of Christ and his teachings.

          Hitler actually says the whole Christian religion, from top to bottom, is a Jewish scam.

          1. Let’s stay on point. Nothing in what I said suggested that he loved Christ and venerated all he stood for. I gave one example regarding his emulating Jesus in the temple with his severe chastisement of the pharisees, that’s all.

            1. I’m not sure what you mean by your comment: “I gave one example regarding his emulating Jesus in the temple with his severe chastisement of the pharisees, that’s all.”

              Well, such praiseworthy behaviour is for “public consumption”, is it not? It’s a public relations stunt. Hitler knew all about public relations, thanks to his propagada minister Goebbels. Many American politicians shakes hands in public like crazy and hug babies for the photographers. It doesn’t prove they’re good guys! It just improves their image.

              1. I have seen many Christians quote the April 12, 1922 speech of Hitler as proof, that Hitler was a devout Christian(which he was not), but they leave out the important info such as to whom this specific speech was directed against, Hitler was addressing the ACCUSATION of NS party being non-Christian.
                In this speech, Hitler WAS RESPONDING to a comment by one of his political opponents, a leader in the Catholic Bavarian People’s Party. This man [Count Lerchenfeld] had claimed that his Christian feeling kept him from embracing anti-Semitism. Indignantly, Hitler retorted that Jesus was a pugnacious anti-Semite, so Christians should join Hitler and his party in combating the Jewish threat. Hitler’s comments supporting Christianity, therefore, were INTENDED TO COUNTER HIS POLITICAL RIVALS, who were telling Christians that they should line up behind a Catholic political party rather than the National Socialist Party.

                In the very same Speech, Hitler speaks positively about Frederick the Great, now Frederick the Great did not have any good opinion about Christianity,

                //”Christianity is an old metaphysical fiction, stuffed with fables, contradictions and absurdities: it was spawned in the fevered imagination of the Orientals, and then spread to our Europe, where some fanatics espoused it, where some intriguers pretended to be convinced by it and where some imbeciles actually believed it.”—-Frederick The Great//

                >”Hitler knew all about public relations, thanks to his propagada minister Goebbels.”

                Since you brought up Goebbels, Goebbels himself recorded in his Diaries that Hitler hated Christianity.
                “The Führer is deeply religious, though completely anti-Christian. He views Christianity as a symptom of decay. Rightly so. It is a branch of the Jewish race. This can be seen in the similarity of their religious rites. Both (Judaism and Christianity) have no point of contact to the animal element, and thus, in the end they will be destroyed. The Führer is a convinced vegetarian on principle.”

                — Goebbels Diaries, 29 December 1939


                1. @ Context and Atmosphere

                  Thank you for these fascinating revelations. Your quote from Goebbels is a great help and simply confirms the main thrust of the article and LD’s thesis: that Hitler hated Christianity because he saw it as a symptom of decay that sprang from the toxic soil of Judaism. The book “Hitler’s Table Talk” merely confirms everything Goebbels says. There is absolutely no reason for Goebbels to lie about this in his private diary.

                  1. Re HITLER’S RELIGIOSITY:

                    One final point: was Hitler, as Goebbels claims, “religious”? The answer is an emphatic “YES”, as LD is only too well aware and is ready to admit.

                    This religiosity of Hitler’s is indeed apparent in “Table Talk” when Hitler speaks of “Providence”.

                    Those who have delved into the secrets of Hitler’s private life and thought processes, as LD has over the years, can state with certainty that the word “Providence” — a concept that implies Intelligent Design — is a word that crops up constantly in Hitler’s vocabulary. Hitler believed passionately that, like Napoleon, he was chosen by God to do whatever he did . He saw himself as “a Man of Destiny”. Predestined by God (an indefinable Deity) for great things. The idea of “Providence” and “Predestination” are closely linked. LD believes as I do, that Hitler was some kind of Calvinist.

                    If Calvin can be described as “deeply religious”, then Hitler was deeply religious in the same sense. What we have here, however, is a totally offbeat and unorthodox religiosity which the Catholic Church would describe as “heretical”. Many of Hitler’s views are praised by the practitioners of Gnosticism.

                  2. (RESCUED FROM SPAM)

                    You are welcome.
                    >”Your quote from Goebbels is a great help and simply confirms the main thrust of the article and LD’s thesis”

                    Not just Goebbel’s Diaries which confirms LD’s thesis, there are a lot of memoirs of people who had close contact with Hitler which confirm the same. I would recommend you watch this video, it lists a few memoir and quotes from it.


              2. It doesnt DISPROVE either. So there you are. You’ve apparently convinced yourself that there was nothing genuine about Hitler. That everything amounted to elaborate PR stunts. All kabuki theatrics.

                  1. @ Sister Monica

                    Don’t let this sub-intelligent Native American halfwit give you any further insolence. Ban him. Pronto. He’s every bit as toxic as that halfwit wanker Lobro who has serious mental problems apart from severe cognitive limitations.

                1. When It came to Christianity Hitler DID LIE, or to put it mildly he was trying to please the Christian Crowd.

                  After all, Hitler admired a man named Nietzsche who had called Jesus “immature and describe him as the “pathetic God of Christianity”. Hitler admired Nietzsche so much, author of ‘AntiChrist’, tat he even commissioned the building of a memorial hall where conferences and workshops could be held to promote Nietzsche’s anti-Christian philosophy.


                  //Führer Headquarters, July 30, 1943

                  The Führer has sent the Duce, through Field Marshal Kesselring, the collected works of Nietzsche in a beautiful special edition with a heartfelt dedication, as a personal present on his sixtieth birthday.//

                  Deutsches Nachrichtenbüro (German News Bureau) [Hitler:Speeches and Proclamations 1932-1945, by Max Domarus]

                  1. Of course Hitler lied! He lied to every single Christian in Germany, telling them in public how much he loved Christianity. For God’s sake, that’s the whole point of this article, which even sourced this picture PROVING Hitler lied to his vast Christian population:


                    There he is, lying to every Christian in Germany, telling them how Germany was a Christian nation when secretly he hated Christianity!

                    And what do see in Hitler’s The Table Talk, behind closed doors? The very opposite! He shows his naked hatred of Christianity! Not just in one quote, but in almost EVERY quote!!!

                    Are you guys so dumb that you can’t see what is in front of your very eyes? 🙂

                    As for Premanidhi and the other Hitler fans on this website, singing the praises of Hitler and telling us how evil and rotten Christianity is, they are simly repeating what Hitler said — like SQUAWKING PARROTS!!! How are these morons in any way being “original” by echoing all Hitler’s views? Can you tell me that? They are no more than brainwashed neo-Nazi stooges. They are no more than intellectual neo-Nazi skinheads! 🙂

                    So the question is: how can these skinheads expect to be welcome on a pro-Christian website that has no time for Hitler and his antisemitic ravings? Can you answer that, Sister Monica?

                    1. @ SAKI

                      So the question is: how can these skinheads expect to be welcome on a pro-Christian website that has no time for Hitler and his antisemitic ravings? Can you answer that, Sister Monica?

                      Yes, quite easily. We DON’T welcome them here! But here they are, having gatecrashed our site. Nor do we have any intention of evicting them. They are welcome to parade their sores before our eyes. We are giving them all the rope they need to hang themselves with!

                      So, welcome, Hitler skinheads! Feel free to stalk with your jackboots through our cleanly swept corridors! But please try not to vomit on the furniture or defecate on our carpets! 🙂 🙂 🙂

            2. Fellow Darkmooners,
              ALL religions are like cans of 🍻. They come in different appealing colors and brands each designed to attract the consumer (believer) to make the purchase (practice) that he believes is right for HIM. He then consumes the beverage (whatever creed it may be) and becomes intoxicated with his own self-righteousness, superiority and importance. In his drunken-espiritual state his behavior, at times, becomes irrational and unpredictable causing pain and suffering to others. Human beings are mutilated, raped and murdered just to prove HIS brand is better and HE is SUPREME. But at the end of the day of binge-drinking, the religious fanatic pi*ses his consumption in the toilet, collapses on the floor, and is judged by his family and friends (history) the next morning. When all is said and done, the BEVERAGE…..religion….has caused much more detriment than good. In a nutshell, Donaldo agrees with Adolfo. Religion basically sucks. 🤔🤨🤠

              Post note:
              Donaldo, though being openly Jewish, means no disrespect to people of ALL scripture. May each person please 🙏 find his own path. 🙂

            3. >”he…. venerated all he stood for”

              Simply Not True,
              Jesus saw the Old Testament as something divine, spoke about the OT in a very positive light.
              While Hitler & Co attacked Old Testament on numerous occasions, Hitler attacked Abraham [Biblical Patriarch] in his speech.
              Hitler had nothing but contempt for Old Testament.
              So your claim is simply false.


        Thanks for approving my comment and responding to it.

        >”She did NOT say that Hitler made no reference to religion in his public statements. She said that Hitler made NO NEGATIVE REFERENCES TO CHRISTIANITY IN PUBLIC. Not a single comment from Hitler that you quote attacks Christianity openly.”

        I respectfully disagree with you, I will explain in the following paragraph.

        •Abraham is considered as an important Biblical Patriarch, all the Christians in the world consider him to be holy, when I say ALL, it literally means ALL, since even Jesus speaks about Abraham in a positive light in New Testament, but you can see from the speech I quoted where Hitler literally calls Abraham a Pimp, which is definitely an anti-Christian remark.

        •All Christians consider Old Testament to be holy, again in numerous speeches (which I quoted above) Hitler speaks about the Old Testament in a very negative light.

        •Hitler also blames Christianity to be the cause for the dissolution of the Roman Empire, you see from the speech I quoted above.

        •Hitler in Mein Kampf, literally says Christianity introduced the ‘Spiritual Terror’ in the world and he even regrets the very advent of Christianity.

        I will also recommend you to please watch the following informative and educational videos, it would help you to understand more on this subject.
        1. https://worldtruthvideos.org/watch/hitler-mein-kampf_DLUP4xDLXfTiyrj.html
        2. https://worldtruthvideos.org/watch/michael-e-jones-speaks-the-truth-about-ns-germany_znIjeedVaN1TZPk.html
        3. https://www.bitchute.com/video/kXy43n9IYz83/
        4. https://www.bitchute.com/video/NV2mFnDxYkFh/

        Thank You

  7. I posted a comment on The Truthseeker (UK) which re-posted Darkmoon’s “Hitler’s Religious Views: Excerpts from ‘Hitler’s Table Talk’”. In pondering Hitler’s privately expressed, anti-Christian attitude, I referenced the paper by Miles W. Mathis that addressed Hilter’s “Jewishness”. One striking finding in passing: The seemingly paradoxical number of Jewish officers in his [Ashke]Nazi ranks. [http://mileswmathis.com/hiller.pdf]

    Succinctly here, I focus on “nature”, both its relation to and its contrasting with both religion and science. Trained a scientist standing apart from Nature for study and research, I discarded any and all residuals of Descartes. I capture one major milestone along my subsequent way as a chant attributed to Yogananda:

    Spirit and Nature dancing together
    Victory to Spirit and victory to Nature
    Rahde radhe rahde Govinda jai!

    I note in passing that dicta carved into the Georgia Guidestones (in several languages, including Hebrew) begin and end with mention of “nature”.
    1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
    10. Be not a cancer on the Earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

    In the article occasioning this comment, numerous instances of “nature” occur. A simple search will locate all in sequence. I quote three for immediate context.
    (AH) “At the end of the last century the progress of science and technics led liberalism astray into proclaiming man’s mastery of nature, and announcing that he would soon have dominion over space. But a simple storm is enough — and everything collapses like a pack of cards!”
    (AH) “In any case, we shall learn to become familiar with the laws by which life is governed, and acquaintance with the laws of nature will guide us on the path of progress.”
    (AH) “Fundamentally in everyone there is the feeling for this almighty, which we call ‘God’ (that is to say, the dominion of natural laws throughout the whole universe).”

    Remarkably, I find in statements attributed to Hitler some of the philosophy of Miles Williams Mathis as he explicated in an essay “The Epistemology of Science”, published 1-20-2021 (palindrome!) [http://milesmathis.com/nescience.pdf]. The paper there for reading in its entirety, I embed a couple of extended quotes only.
    (MWM) “…epistemology is not a theory, it is a relationship….Good ideas come when you develop a proper attitude toward and relationship with the world around you, and by that world I mean not academia, but Nature with a capital N. There is a real world, Nature, and you are but a tiny part of it, though connected to it in every possible way….You may think it is a religion, but it is just as much an epistemology, since it explains where good ideas come from and why they are true.They aren’t true because some stuffed shirt sitting in some chair has verified them, they are true because Nature has verified them.”
    (MWM) “You will say I am giving Nature agency, though, by making it look like she can refuse participation because you didn’t love her. Well, I am not giving Nature agency, she is giving me agency, so again you are upside down. But I think it is likely that the channels are usually closed from our end, not hers. In other words, your lack of belief in Nature and in all these connections closes them from your end….It isn’t only a failure of specific theories or interpretations or rules or equations. It is a failure of the Modern person, and his understanding of his place in the world. It is a purposeful disconnect between man and Nature, which has short-circuited any possibility of good ideas or theories.”

  8. I bet you 5 pesos that Christianity killed more people than Hitler did.
    Manipulated Christianity i might call it, for the sake of clarity.
    Let’s count the dead:
    When Christianity came to this continent it did right around the same time Cortez etc came here in horses, horses that where brought in the same ships that brought the priests… And Cortez.
    The priests taught the natives to forgive, to love, to forget.
    Meanwhile the same christians that came with priests that waved the crosses as they went from village to village raped, looted, burnt, destroyed.
    well, English, Portuguese and Spaniards killed around 110 million natives …a lot of them from ghonorrea, shyphilis and God knows what other diseases aside of course from the massacres.
    When Christianity attacked Jerusalem and other places there were a few million dead too .. yep the 8 crusades were a feast of “Wilding” and don’t forget the war between Protestants and Catholics.
    They say, they say, i am not sure of this that when the British and the Portuguese were hauling (hauling, boy what a word!) Negroes from Africa by the millions the priests -LISTEN TO THIS- would tell the drunken scavenging pirates (they are called independent contractors nowadays) that the victims deserved it because .. ready? THEIR SKIN COLOR WAS THE MARK OF CAIN !!!!

    That’s why here in South America (and other places as far as Europe) the masses are bringing down the statues of those monsters who hurt so many people !.
    We know jack about him and don’t care about all the stories about him….he never hurt anyone’s grandpa that I know.
    The British, Portuguese and Spanish kings and the clerics that surrounded them were way worse than this man who was defending his country!
    Again, Hitler didn’t get in no ships and went looting etc, There was no evil greed in his actions.
    Happy thanksgiving.

    1. @ Sarita

      I bet you 5 pesos that Christianity killed more people than Hitler did.
      Manipulated Christianity i might call it, for the sake of clarity.

      Very clever of you. But this in no way proves that Lasha Darkmoon is a genocidal maniac and a Village Idiot to give her full support to the Christian religion, as you seem to be implying. If this is what you are suggesting have the courage to say so at once. You are also implying that it would be far better if she switched over from being a genocidal Christian to a Jew-hating Hitler fan like yourself. That way, you suggest, she would be killing far fewer people than nice peaceful individuals like the late Adolf Hitler. 🙂

      Lasha supports core Christianity, the traditional teachings of the New Testament, the Logos. She does not support Churchianity. She is not personally responible for the Spanish Inquisition or the tortures of Torquemada. She does not give her backing to the Evil Borgia popes. She was not responsible for burning millions of “witches” to death in the Middle Ages and later. Nor is she responsible for the endless religious wars waged in the name of Christianity from the Crusades onward.

      Nor for that matter was Mother Teresa responsible for any of these crimes committed in the name of Christianity.

      I don’t either Lasha or Mother Theresa would have done better, as you seem to be suggesting, by switching their allegiance to Adolf Hitler.

      By all means lick Hitler’s feet if you want. But you’re not going to get Lasha Darkmoon to join you in the licking feast. She prefers the veneration of Jesus Christ to your morbid fascination with Adolf Hitler, a mass murdering psychopath.

      Lasha has my full backing for the common sense, moderation, and good taste she displays.

      1. Hey mr sardonicus,
        There you are, I have been asking around and a few Palestinians here where I live tell me it’s very difficult that a Palestinian family would concede the hand of their daughter to a budist monk, but I still believe you when you say that there are Palestinian children running around your gardens, good for you ..
        Regarding your question (hold on let me scroll up and see exactly what is it you ask)…

        Ok I am back ..

        “What are you doing on this website, may I ask? Are you here to attack and undermine Lasha Darkmoon and her work? Are you an enemy or a friend? Speak freely.”

        Kind of tough, aren’t ya big guy?
        Manners please!

        No, i am not an enemy of the mysterious lady that goes by the name of Lasha Darkmoon nor am i against Christianity, the real one, not the manipulated one.
        Did you not understand what i meant by “manipulated”?
        Ok It means that some people, many actually, priests included, manipulated, used, managed Christianity for their own materialistic interests to the point that it got really complicated and many, many people died including my ancestors.
        So no, i am not implying anything, i was clear in what i said.
        ☮️ Lasha Darkmoon
        ☮️ Sardonicus
        ☮️ sister Monica
        ☮️ Lobro

        1. @ Sarita

          Your comment leaves me cold. But I will spare you the lash of my tongue this time. Because I feel genuinely sorry for you that you feel the need to attack my Palestinian wife and children in order to score cheap points.

          However, if you are honest, you will admit that this article upsets you because you perceive it as an attack on Hitler. Which of course it is. This would make you a natural enemy of Lasha Darkmoon. You love Hitler; she doesn’t. That’s why you hate her, because she does not share your love for the Great Führer.

          Why can’t you admit it?

          1. I don’t love Hitler, i love Jesus !!!!!
            God help me with this man !
            I love Jesus but I hate that his beautiful name was used by many evil people who craftily infiltrated the church and temples and manipulated people.
            It’s like the article says “it is trendy nowadays to find Christianity out of date”.

            They provoked that! They gave way to the trends that today destroy Christianity, rap, drugs, homosexuality, corruption, hate and like i said, wars and destruction for the sake of material wishes and power.
            Teachers starve while a bitch that shakes her behind on you tube makes millions!
            They will kill you for a telephone here in Bogota! Literally kill you !
            Jesus wasn’t for that, obviously ..
            So what happened?
            Not my fault and not Hitler’s fault either !
            Again, i have no reason to support Hitler because 1- I am not of European descent, 2- I don’t follow politics. 3-he was no angel either…
            Understand ?
            WHO DO YOU THINK IS WORSE, SOMEONE LIKE HITLER WHO OPENLY ADMITS TO HIS plans or a priest who pretends is an angel but is in actuality a demon

            1. @ Sarita

              I don’t love Hitler, i love Jesus !!!!!
              God help me with this man !
              I love Jesus but I hate that his beautiful name was used by many evil people who craftily infiltrated the church and temples and manipulated people.

              Your comment, dear Sarita, bears the stamp of total sincerity. I apologize for misunderstanding you. I genuinely got it into my head somehow that you were a Christ-hating Hitler supporter.

              I think I must have got you mixed up with another poster called “ERICA”. I recently outed “Erica” as a crypto-Jew who kept accusing me and Saki of being “Jews” and then claiming that the whole site was run by a bunch of Jews. I outed her as a Jewess when Admin revealed that her email address contained her name and that her name was “Erica BLOOM”. I checked on the internet and discovered that anyone called “Bloom” was bound to be Jewish as this is a typical Yiddish German name.

              My sincere apologies for mixing you up with this other woman. I’ll have to be more careful in future. I’m now getting a bit worried that this long Covid-19 lockdown may have killed off few billion neurons in my brain. The number of suicides and broken marriages hasve also increased rapidly during the pandemic due to increased stress.

              Anyway, not to worry. Full apologies again. I will leave you to comment in peace from now on. And I will even come to your support if someone else attacks you.

              Zen Monastery
              Osaka, Japan
              (Paying guest, not monk)

            2. Los Judios se aprovecharon de Jesucristo.
              Sarita preguntele a ese senor, si Juan 8: 44 lo escribieron los Judios.

  9. I like how Sarita knows the rules of capitalization and adheres to the rules, she’s consistent. She capitalizes everything except “sister”, and that’s correct, for to capitalize “sister” would be wrong, as Monica is NOT a nun. A nun is called “Sister” so it gets capitalized.

    Sarita knows the rules for capitalization, I like that.

    And Sarita and Monica aren’t sisters, so Sarita didn’t have to say “sister” at all. She’s just being sarcastic, and Monica deserves it for expecting all of us to address her as if she’s a nun when it is clear she is NOT a nun. Monica is a real pain in the arse with the “I’m an ex-nun but you all are to address me as if I’m still a nun, you must call me “Sister” and of course it must be capitalized as per the English rules of capitalization. My children, you all are to treat me with the utmost respect as I am your Sister Mother Superior nun, “Sister” “Mother” and “Superior” ALL get capitalized damn it you kids better listen to me damn it!!!!” lol…

    1. @ TROJ

      If I allow this silly comment, it’s because it contains this significant giveaway line:

      “Monica is a real pain in the arse…”

      I like the way you write “ARSE” instead of “ASS”. Only an Englishman would use the spelling “arse”. No American would do so, not in a million years.And this is the SECOND time you have used that same spelling.

      My conclusion: you cannot be American, an American from Florida, as you claim. You are clearly English. So why this charade? And why this endless posting of comments which you know in advance will not even be published. ANSWER: You don’t expect publication. You are indifferent to it. You are here simply to monitor the site. Yu are probably working for GCHQ, the English Security Service. Maybe you’re a retired English spook.As for as your zany razinessm maybe that all just a put-on act to disarm suspicion.

      Heck, you cold even be working for Mossad! An English Jew who has relocated to Israel after retirement, as many Jews tend to do.

      1. Moronica,

        Why did you leave the convent and quit being a nun? What was it that made you quit being a nun? You didn’t really leave the convent on your own accord, right, they kicked you out because you’re were a total pain in the arse because you’re always a total pain in the arse, right? They said “don’t go away mad just go away — and don’t let the door slam your butt on your way out”, right? LMFAO!!!!

          1. Maybe Monica in a past life lived in medieval Catholic Europe and she was a pain-in-the-arse and everybody got real tired of her because she was bitchy and didn’t want to hear her big mouth anymore so her family threw her in a convent and they forced her to be a nun and the Mother Superior of the convent forced her to take a Vow of Silence and then the Mother Superior threw her into a cell and locked the door and it was impossible for her to escape so she was a lowly nun her whole life, practically imprisoned. A good Mother Superior knows how to keep her girls QUIET. That’s why we call them “Superior”, lol.

            To give some balance to her dharma or whatever you call it, her Cosmic Journey thru Space and Time, when Monica Re-incarnated into her present life she decided to be a nun but this time be a Mother Superior nun so she could be THE BOSS and keep the bitches QUIET. lol….

      2. @Sister Monica

        TROJ does indeed use the English form “arse” instead of the American “ass”, but on the other hand he uses the typical American form “capitalization” instead of the English “capitalisation”. So the matter of his true identity remains undecided. Perhaps he is simply a better educated American.

  10. Alan, it’s not real complicated. Hitler thought he was The Kshatriya / Warrior incarnation of Krishna’s Gita. Invincible dharmic Kali-yuga warrior even he wallowed in rajas guna uber-passion uber alles. The bigger the passion, the bigger the loss. Nature’s perfect laws and all.

    One thing though. The Swastika is oddly missing here. Hitler’s (and others) personal symbol, flag, philosophy and even religion, so to speak.

    1. Complicated? Complex? Obfuscated? Hidden? ‘Twixt and ‘tween misdirection, malinformation, and outright lying, who are we to know? Nonetheless, we be intrepid sleuths in Mind, carrying on and on and on.

      Consider (or not) Michael Hoffman’s “Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People” (2019). As I recall, Hoffman concludes that Hitler, under occult influences, sent his troops into Russia on a mission any rational, sober leader who imbibed a modicum of historical knowledge would have known, ultimately, suicidal and SELF-DEFEATING! Advertly, others mention deleterious mental effects of methamphetamine, the stimulant of choice for Axis powers; the Allied team preferred d-amphetamine sulfate.

      Your thesis, if not a perfect dovetail, certainly seems congruent with Hoffman’s. Nietzsche alone does not seem capable of doing that to one’s brain. Others rumor, too, that Jesus spent his “disappeared years” in India, tutored by rishis. Perhaps the final answers do reside on Himalayan mountain tops.

      Suppose Hitler deliberately did send young Germans to die in Russia, with full knowledge. Suppose Hitler was an agent of The Power$ That Be (then and still), a consummate actor (and gay, as surmised by Miles Mathis), and — let’s take to the end zone: Lived out his life after a faked suicide in Argentina. Much of the post about his religious views makes sense, then.

      1. Alan, I remember when Miles shot to prominence. Hard to not notice him what with his subject matter being such big time celebrities and top shelf historical figures. A helluva range of them too..

        I wrote Miles a note thanking him for his honesty while in shredding the many Theosophists/Swamis/Gurus/Mystics/New-Age(cia) etc., he actually said by name he had nothing on Srila Prabhupada. Gosh what a shocker! lol

        Not being overly enamoured with the East as you might imagine, this came as an especially pleasant surprise for me. Twas a real boon. Uber-discrimination is wanted for sure.

        P.S. You might like these observations of Nietzsche. There’s some pretty dynamic thinking going on here too.

        1. @hp — Thank you very much, quite a gift for one looking for uplifting thoughts!

          A niece once told me she had a love-hate relationship with Nietzsche during college, which I had not. I happened to have two old, smallish volumes of Nietzsche’s writings (first editions, Modern Library), Thus Spake Zarathustra and Beyond Good and Evil. (Then and right now, “no accidents in the Universe”, my self-chosen epitaph). So I read both volumes. I have to concur with this excerpt from the link you provided:

          “Using Sanskrit terms in this next aphorism, Nietzsche admits he is trying to be hard to understand, though the fact that he says his soul “flows like the Ganges” is a big clue:
          “It is hard to be understood, especially when one thinks and lives gangasrotagati [as the current of the Ganges flows] among men who think and live differently – namely, kurmagati [as the tortoise moves], or at best ‘the way frogs walk,’ mandukagati. (I obviously do everything to be ‘hard to understand’ my self!) – and one should be cordially grateful for the good will to some subtlety of interpretation. (Beyond Good and Evil #27)

          Miles Mathis was not so kind in judgment when, in brief correspondence with me, I queried him about his practice of yoga and the proximal enclave of Yogi Bhajan in Taos, New Mexico. I have found YB’s work much more approachable and useful (e.g., “The Mind”) than most others charged with carrying wisdom of the East to the West. Miles did comment that he thought YB had “mellowed” over the years. 🙂

  11. Adolf Hitler’s religious beliefs have been a matter of debate. His opinions regarding religious matters changed considerably over time. During the beginning of his political life, Hitler publicly expressed some favorable opinions towards Christianity.Some historians describe his later posture as being “anti-Christian”.He also criticized atheism.In his book Mein Kampf and in public speeches prior to and in the early years of his rule, Hitler expressed himself as a Christian. Hitler and the NSDAP party promoted “Positive Christianity”,a movement which rejected most traditional Christian doctrines such as the divinity of Jesus, as well as Jewish elements such as the Old Testament. In one widely quoted remark, he described Jesus as an “Aryan fighter” who struggled against “the power and pretensions of the corrupt Pharisees”and Jewish materialism.In his private diaries, Goebbels wrote in April 1941 that though Hitler was “a fierce opponent” of the Vatican and Christianity,not Jesus’s teachings.

    Despite how often Christian apologists try to argue that Adolf Hitler is an example of the evil caused by atheism and secularism, the truth is that Hitler often proclaimed his own Christianity, how much he valued Christianity, how important Christianity was to his life, and even how much he was personally inspired by Jesus – his “Lord and Savior.” There is plenty of evidence that he was critical of Christian churches for seeking independence from the state, but his vision of “Positive Christianity” was significant to him.

    “We demand freedom for all religious confessions in the state, insofar as they do not endanger its existence or conflict with the customs and moral sentiments of the Germanic race. The party as such represents the standpoint of a positive Christianity, without owing itself to a particular confession….”
    – Article 20 of the program of the German Workers’ Party (later named the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, NSDAP)

    Hitler was against the Institution of Christianity but not against the teaching of Jesus.

    The cross is the symbol of death. It is okay as an emblem of the grave, but it is dangerous to accept it as a symbol of life. But many so-called religious people have treated human life and body as no more than a grave, and it is going to result in a disaster.

    A man bearing a crucifix on his breast declares that life is not acceptable to him; he is worshipping death really. For him life is a curse, not a blessing. Christianity – I don’t mean Jesus – believes that man is born in sin, that life is the original sin. According to them, what we think of as life is not God’s gift, but a form of punishment inflicted on man.
    This kind of thinking is essentially masochistic, pessimistic, morbid. Standing near a rosebush a pessimist takes note of every thorn, but he ignores the flowers altogether. Looking at day and night, a pessimist sees two dark nights sandwiching a short day instead of seeing two bright days enclosing a brief dark night. Such a mind gathers together all the hurt and pain of life and completely forgets its delights and pleasures.

    In fact, paying too much attention to the miseries of life is the sign of a diseased mind, a neurotic and deranged mind. Of course a philosophy of life that affirms and emphasizes sorrow and suffering is bound to be negative and nihilistic. And this is what the cross represents.

    Had he not been crucified, Jesus would have never made such a powerful impact on the world. In all probability the world would have forgotten him. His crucifixion became the foundation of Christianity.Today nearly a billion people all over the world are within the fold of Christianity. I don’t take this to be the triumph of Christ, it is undoubtedly the victory of the cross. Jesus hanging on the cross became a great attraction for our miserable and diseased minds. Our lives are virtually on the cross; we are ridden with anxiety, sorrow and suffering. We are a people who collect only hurt and pain, as some people collect used stamps. We all have our stockpiles of miseries; we don’t have any remembrance of having any happy moments in life.A whole milieu of unhappiness and misery was created around the cross. I don’t say it was created around Jesus, because Jesus is not necessarily connected with the cross; he could very well do without the cross. The fact is, that Christianity was created not by Jesus, but by the people who crucified him.

    I always say Christianity was not founded by Jesus; its real founders were those Jewish theologians and priests who crucified him. Christianity comes from the cross, not Christ. Poor Jesus was simply hanged on the cross – so he is secondary. First comes the cross in relation to the religion founded after his name. In fact, it should be called “crossianity,” not Christianity. It is the cross that occupies the place of honor in the hearts and minds of people whose life is every day on the cross.

    Man as he is, is in suffering; he is perpetually on the cross. It is not much different whether it is the cross of the family or of relationships, of friendships or of enmities, of religions or of nationalities. For man, life is a cross that he has to carry on his shoulders from the cradle to the grave. For him, life is really a curse, a sin, not a blessing. And the cross became increasingly important to him, and he clung to it. In fact, Christianity is a worldwide conglomeration of all such pessimistic and miserable people.

    1. Premanidhi

      An outstanding comment. Christians everywhere should take note of it.

      1. On the contrary! Premanidhi’s comment is regurgitated pro-Hitler propaganda. Hysterical ravings all in scare CAPITAL letters to impress Hitler halfwits like you. He is a known plagiarist who copies and pastes other people’s articles here as his own comments — without any acknowledgement of his pilfered sources.

        1. H –
          “He is a known plagiarist who copies and pastes other people’s articles…”

          Prove it, if you can.

          From which article???

          I saw NO “…scare CAPITAL letters…”

          You use badly stated arguments waaaaay more than using facts!! 🙂 🙂

          1. Thank you Sir . Unlike some here, I appreciate the grammatical interventions.

    2. I very much agree, christianity is hijacked by churches etc, it’s not at all the movement that it was at the start. But people cannot neglect the fact that it is still with us, and i am convinced messiah will descend from His throne in the near future to bring His judgment to this earth, wading knee-deep in the blood of His enemies as it states in the word of YHWH, a book that somehow still empowers millions all over this earth, even though it has been corrupted and attacked all this time by the enemies of messiah. Many people are misguided and misinformed and conclude christianity is just like any other belief, but there are only 2 beliefs, that in the almighty Creator or that in the imposter that currently roams this earth destroying all that he can. However darkness can never conquer light. All we need is to ask the Creator to open our eyes and we will start seeing the real game that is being played out, with mankind as the prize.
      About christianity in the 3rd reich, maybe this helps: https://archive.org/details/positive-christianity-in-the-third-reich-by-cajus-fabricius_201906/mode/2up

  12. I would like to apologize to everyone about my views, I am not trying to disparage anyone on this site or the admin, or LD. But for some reason, this site draws me to comment, and I comment on many other sites with different aliases as I like to remain anonymous for the simple reason that I understand how ruthless the power structure is. If they are willing to take down my blogs, which is an act of violence against an individual for sharing their opinion on the internet, what else are they willing to do. Gang stalking, harassment, murder.

    The thing about the internet and free speech is you are NOT forced to read anything, and you can choose to read anything, so why do they censor? If you do not like what I say, well, just click into some other website. How much stuff on the web do I detest, but I do not complain to the webmaster or make an issue out of it, but the Jews and the radical left do.

    Now over at the truthseeker site, concerning the same article comment section this drew my attention:
    zard on May 23, 2021 at 1:54 pm

    “No one would know about Christianity if pastors had not crammed it down his throat in his childhood.”
    This has been one of my arguments against religion for some time, I said would you know about God if you were not taught God? I also say that about sin, hell, devil, heaven, etc. All of those concepts are not readily learnable in the natural world. As a boy, if I was not indoctrinated into Catholicism, would I know about God, Jesus, redemption, or even prayer? Nope. I am quite sure that during my childhood none of those concepts would have presented themselves to my consciousness unless I was told them by another human or read them in a holy book.

    Another argument I use is why do you think God talks to us from a book? The reason I ask is because God is described as omnipotent and omnipresent. So if God is everywhere and all powerful, as the theists insist He is, then why the book? For me, I say, if God is real then he can contact me anytime He wants, but so far He has not, so I will remain an unbeliever in your god.

    So I have a good story to tell about the all powerful God and his witnesses. Around 1997 I was living in a cabin I built in North Idaho, I cooked on a woodstove the game I harvested, life was idyllic. The the Jehovah Witnesses started showing up, and since I love to argue about religion, they came back again and again until I decided I had to find a way to politely dismiss them so they wouldn’t return.

    So sure enough a whole gaggle of young and older JW’s came to my door one day, and I asked them politely if I could ask them the questions this time and they politely said yes, and I did, and my first question was do you believe God is all powerful, they all nodded in affirmation and said yes. Then I asked is God everywhere and can this God talk directly to me if he chooses. They took a couple of seconds and the oldest said Yes. Then I said, well as soon as God wants to contact me then I will wait, so I didn’t need any outside help, and with that they went away and never returned.

    If God was real He could contact us any damn time He wants, so you do not need the Bible to know or talk to God if He is real. Later in life I read Richard Dawkins and Susan Blackmore about memes and memetics, and the big aha moment for me, now I understood how the god meme propagates in society.


    How do religious memes transfer from one mind to another? By talking and reading. If memes are powerful enough where they take up residence in one’s mind and cause harm, you might call that a black magic spell, as a spell are words read outloud like when the preacher reads from the Holy Bible and casts a spell causing guilt in a sheeple who then feels the need to repent to the Lord for their sins.

    So I am not saying that God is not real, but for me I do not have any data to confirm His existence, but I do have much data that people who do believe in God do so because they were told about God and indoctrinated to press this information on others.

    1. Always an enjoyable read Yukon.

      Regarding this:

      “but for me I do not have any data to confirm His existence”

      This is a Dawkins type cerebral piece of excrutiationism. The heart is a centre of love, wisdom and therefore God awareness. The cerebrum can easily suppress this faculty if one is a member of a concrete block dwelling beehive that has never, for example, visited the Yukon.

      Having YK as a moniker I think you should own up to being touched by the awesome Creation.

    2. @ YOKON,
      You say;

      “No one would know about Christianity if pastors had not crammed it down his throat in his childhood.”

      Then you add;

      “I said would you know about God if you were not taught God? “

      Then you add;

      “I am quite sure that during my childhood none of those concepts would have presented themselves to my consciousness unless I was told them by another human or read them in a holy book.”

      The truth of the matter is, you would know nothing if it were not taught to you! And this teaching, is not necessarily confined to human teachers. Teaching is a basic attributes of conscious life, whether human or not. Even animals teach their young.
      No one likes to be taught, especially if the lesson is hard! Hell, I hated Mathematics, even though I passed it. I hated school. But I was taught that it was necessary. I hated History. But now, I love it. And even into my adulthood, I though that what I was taught, was all there was to learn about History. Then I found lies, damned lies, and outrages! Still, it was a process of learning.

      Even about God, I wasn’t some much into Him, especially, because I asked, probably like you, “Why shroud this knowledge of God in a cloak of Divine Mystery?” But wonder, is what we do. And even in our own rebellion, we are in the process of learning. Will I ever quit? No way. We are here to learn. And the greatest lesson to learn about Life, is to learn about God. Because, to know God, is to know yourself! You are His Image and likeness. So, if you want to fully know yourself, you better learn about God.

      In the mean time, it’s okay for you to say; I say, “if God is real then he can contact me anytime He wants, but so far He has not, so I will remain an unbeliever in your god.”

      But I tell you, “Be careful what you wish for……….be very careful!”

      1. A story I read some time back: : An Inuit hunter asked a local missionary priest, if I do not know about God and Sin, would I go to Hell?
        No, said the priest, not if you did not know.
        Then why – asked the Inuit earnestly – did you tell me….?

      2. I am not in fear of God and thus do not care what it thinks about me. Telling me to be careful just makes me laugh, as it is you who is in fear of the great invisible thing that remains hidden because of what it has done. Obviously, it is God that fears us because it prefers to remain hidden and only talks to the apologists, not the critics. I even wrote an essay on it:

        God’s Latest Apologist: Neale Donald Walsch
        On September 16, 2017 By YUKON JACK

        Life on earth is completely unnacceptable, at least to me, and I have called God on his demented evil creation. Now be sure to realize I do not think God is what the Judeo hellions say it is, I think God is a meme in our brain transferred by vectoring from one mind to another, in other words god is only a cultural belief like Santa Claus.

        I do think it is highly probable that we are in a hell simulation, a computed reality, and god, the arch villain, is a computer, and we are program code animated into life believing ourselves to be real and important. We are literally the Sims come to life in a very sophisticated program, one with free will and nerve endings that feel pain. Suffering is the great goal of the machine, as is most likely is feeding off of our negative emotions.

        It is my great misfortune to have been taught the Jewish God of the Bible, and to add to that insult to my integrity, I was taught this childish rage monster of the Old Testament loved even as it judges us. What baffles me is how the nonsense of the Bible text lasted so long, even till today where very immature Zionist Jews fight over the holy land hell hole so that they can be the favorite chosen one’s of the desert demon Yahweh.

        The point I was making was that the Bible God and his son is not knowable from Nature, those concepts are cultural memes being passed from one generation to the next by word of mouth and text. You can not detect Yahweh while meditating in the woods or canoeing along a scenic river. The hell God is only detectable if you make the mistake of going to church, or being unfortunately raised in a religious family.

        Here is a story that illustrates what may be happening to those who follow the Lord and those who don’t:

        Once upon a time a peaceful hippie chick had a boy child she raised in the woods of Oregon. This boy grew up with wild animal pets, helped out in the organic garden, sung songs around the campfire, and was very peaceful and centered like his hippie mother.

        Then one day Jehovah Witnesses came to the hippie retreat to save the young boy, they sincerely believed that if you didn’t hear about Christ Jesus he would be condemned in the next life, thus felt they must save the boy’s soul from never ending torture in the fires of hell.

        So they cornered the boy and told him he had “sin” on his “soul” and if he did not get “forgiven”, he would certainly go to “hell” when he died. Now many had been saved by JW’s arguments, but the force was strong in the hippie boy, he had spent his formative years in the wilds of Nature, and was not easily convinced of uptight these outsiders, who wore funny white shirts and ties and carried King James Bibles. The boy had never seen people with clothes which were tight around their neck, their threads seem really uncomfortable to his eyes.

        The boy just stared at these weird religious people and the off vibes made him uncomfortable, so he skipped away into the woods, calling for his dog to follow, and the Lord’s servants were unable to convert the boy, and left feeling great regret. The mother told them not to return, as they were upsetting the harmony and balance of their sacred space.

        The years passed and the Jehovah’s Witnesses prayed for the hippie family to come to Christ before it was too late, then the Covid pandemic hit. Being good Christians, all the JW’s who trusted the Lord, got their Covid vaccinations, but back in the deep woods where the hippies lived, who did not have electricity or television, they did not get any vaccinations, in fact they didn’t even know about the pandemic being so cut off from Yahweh’s Jewish controlled civilization.

        Shortly thereafter 90% of the world perished from the vaccination which turned out to be a pre-planned depopulation plan by the world’s elites. None of the hippies died, and they survived having learned the skills of living off the grid, and living in makeshift shelters, they continued on singing happy songs by the campfire.

  13. Whether “Hitler’s Table Talks” were genuine or not, me think that the best we can do for ourselves about Hitler is to forget him………….just as we are forgetting George W, even if he is still alive.

    His existence was one of those nasty things that might happen to your life, and you do not want to remember them, because you might relive them.

    Let the horrible guy just go.

  14. If you somehow still think Hitler was a bad person, then you are brainwashed by Jewish lies. It’s that simple.
    Adolf Hitler is by far the most lied about man of all time. Even those who believe half of what we are told about him know this to be true, because if they were to believe the other half, the lies would begin to contradict themselves and cancel each other out.There are a great many reasons for these lies – many of which should be painfully obvious to anybody who even has a rudimentary understanding of what is happening to the world at this point. Considering the source of many of the claims made about him should also give one a few hints as to why he is as viciously attacked as he is, even now, 70 years after his death.There’s a good chance he may have justly earned the title of “most lied about man of all time” even while still alive. His opponents couldn’t argue against his positions with logic so they had to resort to smear tactics, just as our enemies do today. That is how the left operates, and it’s certainly how the Jews operate.


      For a guy who knows how to twist history to agree his own very subjective perceptions, a guy who believes that “ Christianity was not founded by Jesus; its real founders were those Jewish theologians and priests who crucified him” my, oh my… I am not suppressed by your views of Hitler………Not at all. And you are welcome to disagree with me….politely of course.

    2. @ Premanidhi

      What you say is spot on and during this epic downfall of the American empire the sheeple are desperate for the new Hitler, and unfortunately they are rallying around this fake Hitleresque personality of Trump – who is an arch Zionist vaudeville actor.

      Amerika desperately needs a personality which unifies the patriot movement into drastic action to save the republic and white people, as the Jews are obviously planning Bolshevik purge 2.0.

      I see that Ammon Bundy filed of Idaho governor and that 5 more Oregon counties voted to join greater Idaho project.

      1. @ Yukon Jack

        Garbage. You were booted off Veterans Today (VT) for a good reason. I’m told they had no option but to dispense with your services as they had never had such a bad writer. The numerous complaints about your articles in VT’s Comments section about your substandard work was bringing VT into disrepute. I don’t think you ever tried your tricks bashing Christianity on VT or singing the praises of Adolf Hitler. You do that now in the Comments section of Truthseeker, Darkmoon, and any other fringe sites that are largely unmonitored.

        I don’t believe for a moment that your site was “taken down” by Mossad or Google or WordPress. You’re too small a fish for them to even notice. Who went on your site? Hardly anyone. You were the only commenter and 3-4 other regular “disciples” who sounded just like you. Probably your sock puppets.

        1. Actually the real reason I was kicked off VT is because the last essay I wrote for them, the 34th, I said that the Huffington Post was a Jew rag and that set the admin off because apparently they are sympathetic to Jews. Now if I had not been relieved I would of quit because VT went full retard endorsing the Covid hoax and the Global Warming hoax, which means they will also probably endorse the alien invasion hoax which is scheduled next.

          VT is supposed to be a conspiracy research site, so it is impossible for them not to know that CO2 as a driver of temperatures is false, and it is also impossible for them not to know that Covid is a plandemic, and that the death stats were inflated on purpose for political agenda, which primarily is to stampede the sheeple to get the death jab.

          VT has pumped the fake Covid death stats daily, which means they are endorsing the complete lie that the official dead are from the fake Covid molecule when we all know they are re-classifying influenza and pneumonia deaths to get a big number.

          BTW My assertion that HuffPo was a Jew rag was vindicated after they refused to cover the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile story, and kept endorsing him even when outed, and this is a big joke for these female libtards who claim to champion of women’s rights. The HuffPo, just as World Net Daily, are twin left-right Jewish Zionist propaganda sites causing extreme harm to the Amerikan Republic which is in an epic downfall.

          As far as the popularity of my essays on VT, 2 or more were in the top 50 week after week, and on wordpress I was clocking tens of thousands of views, and it was most certainly the ADL censors that took down my site. But I do feel for you and your frustration with my writings, as they, like Smoloko, very hard hitting with effective memes that exposed Jews and Christian Evangelical pastors as the frauds they are, I am especially am proud how I lampooned that fat pig John Hagee and the demon pig Netanyahu.

          1. YK
            Years ago I began pondering the word “sin”. I found the Sanskrit root of it meaning “to be”. This led me to eventually concluding that it has to do with our be-ing in this particular state of matter, in keeping with the idea of the Annunaki being our “maker”, which could be re-phrased to say “re-made” when going on the premise of our existing in spirit form BEFORE falling into their clutches.

            The processes of thought are amazing when you contemplate on the journey you’re taken on. Further pondering on the origin of certain words led me to the word “coil” seen as being a derivative of the ancient Gaelic “goy” (with the letter “y” appearing as seen in a mirror). Hear* is where I pictured what may have been the actual process by which the Annunaki fashioned us out of matter in seeing the coil as the DNA spiral. They “goyed” us. (the word “goy” to mean “man” becoming “hu-man”, and having nothing to do with distinguishing between “jew” and “gentile”)

            We’re living in an extraordinary time. Are these thoughts of mine and many others tapping into ancient memories since time immemorial? Certain key words have to be offering clues about the truth of existence, don’t they? First there were no words, then language was invented and the babbling of tongues ensued. So it becomes a matter of rummaging through the detritus to find the gems.

            I contemplate therefore I don’t know
            I remember and then I do

            *No hard feelings, Grammar Fiend. This whole Hitler business is maddening. I for one am sick of talking about it. We need to focus on finding common ground 🙂

  15. Read, “The Holy Reich” by Richard Steigmann-Gall. Going on internal documents delineating private conversations on the matter among the hierarchy of the National Socialist government, they clearly believed in a positive, Aryan racialist Christianity, which it originally was before the Jews deracinated and perverted it. I’ve also read a quote by Hitler declaring Christ was an Aryan and he said, “By defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.” Hitler was against Judaic “churchianity” with its disgusting, love thy nigger and fagot doctrines which spell a death knoll for the Aryan race. The scriptural quote, “and none dare spoke his name for fear of the Jews” is equally applicable to Adolph Hitler as it was to Jesus Christ. The evidence of this overwhelms us today as we sink into the Talmudic mire of oblivion.


      If you read “To Eliminate The Opiate” by Rabbi and Rabbi Antelman or Clifford Shack; https://archive.org/details/TheSabbatean-frankistMessianicConspiracyPartiallyExposed, you will learn that Hitler was a Sabbatean Frankist Cabbalist Jew. Hitler, was no good guy. Not to the Germans, or the Aryan race. His pursuit for World leadership by the Aryan Super Race was just another smokescreen hiding the Judaic Messianicism, which usually piggybacks on other radical revolutionary movements. Rabbi Maurice Samuel shows this piggybacking of Messianic Judaism on the gentile revolutionary movements when he says;
      “Your socialists and internationalists are not serious. The charm of these movements, the attraction, such as it is, which they exercise, is only in their struggle: it is the fight which draws your gentile radicals. And indeed, it is only as long as there is an element of adventure in being a radical that the radical movement retains any individuality. And it is only in the fierce period of early combat that you welcome us Jews— as allies. You are deluded in this— so are we. You go into the movement boldly, adventurously; we, darkly, tacitly. You make it a game; we do it because we cannot help ourselves. And sure enough, in the end, the split comes again.” ( Maurice Samuel You Gentiles pp 144-155)

      So, Hitler was neither for the Aryan, nor for Christians. He was not even a leader as such. He was a willing pawn for the Zionists, who themselves are Sabbatean Frankists

      Sabbatean Frankist is a cult, within the World Jewry, more hidden than the Freemasons the Rosicrucian, the Communists, and the Zionists. These Sabbatean Frankist don the garments of a Marrano, pretending to be anything which for the moment hides their true identity as they go about their nasty business of corrupting everyone following the Cabbalist principle of “Descent For The Purpose Of Ascent” as revealed by Theodore Herzl
      “ When we sink, (Descent) we become a revolutionary proletariat, the subordinate officers of all revolutionary parties; and at the same time, when we rise, (Ascent) there rises also our terrible power of the purse.”( The Jewish State – Theodore Herzl – 1896 p12 )

      Hitler, an Austrian, and therefore a stranger, could never have risen to the Chancellor without help from the “terrible power of the purse.” And he who pays the piper, calls the tune. Hitler was made Leader to destroy Germany again, just as Churchill was selected to dismantle the British Empire, and pave was for Communism/Zionism!

      I am surprised that 76 years now gone and still there are people who believe that Hitler was one of the “Good guys”

      Shows how “The Terrible Power Of The Purse” has muzzled the press.

    2. Spot on and those that love to bash Hitler because he “hated” Christianity are forgetting that Europeans were forced converted to the Jew religion when Rome invaded. All the pagan gods were ruthlessly stamped out for the one true Jew god – and that is what Hitler understood and railed against.

      Germany, during Hitler’s time as now, is under the rule of alien gods, gods that do not resonate with strength and racial unity, and thus white European nations are being mudified and degraded by outside importation of inferior subhuman genetics. If Hitler could see modern Germany racial mix he would be rolling in his grave, and he would be heart broken that his people are psychically castrated by Judeo-Christianity. But you have to admit, Hitler was way ahead of his time concerning the racial crisis in relation to the religious situation. It is up to us to take those concepts to the next level, clarify the problem and address it with positive solutions.

      So the great irony on this site defends racial purity of whites, and the right of Europeans to self determination, yet continues to hold on to and defend Christianity, which will have to be resolved one way or another. Christianity has so taken over the minds of the white race they are unable to defend and preserve their homeland culture and genetics, and this is true of all races, as the religion of Rome was crafted by the melting pot of the Roman empire. Are their any pure Italians left? The fatal flaw of empires is that they import the foreigners.

      BTW Dr. David Duke has this same flaw, rails against Jews and promotes the white race YET still endorsed Christianity probably because he sees it as a unifier of his people. I am of Irish/German descent, so what does the semite religion have to do with me? NOT A DAMN THING!

      IMO two things need to be immediately dumped for white man to save himself:

      1. Christianity should be abandoned and put on the shelf for scholars to argue about.

      2. Donald Trumpenstein total dumped and forgotten about because he is a proven Ziowhore in love with Israel, which is the mortal enemy of white people.

      Unfortunately neither will probably happen so there will be great tragedies in white man’s future because white man is extremely confused as to his identity and how to keep it. So because this crisis will not be resolved any time soon, I believe the smart thing to do is save thyself, which might include leaving the United States for a less Jew infested area.

    3. Steigmann-Gall accepts Max Domarus’s suggestion that Hitler abandoned his childhood faith in 1937. The direct piece of evidence for this is Hitler’s own statement in October 1937 to his propaganda leaders that he had recently overcome his childhood religious conceptions. Hitler said, “Now I feel as fresh as a colt in the pasture.” This is admittedly a significant piece of testimony since it comes from Hitler himself. Steigmann-Gall thinks that 1937 became the breaking point for Hitler because opposition from the Catholic Church and the Protestant Confessing Church heated up in 1937, turning him against the remnants of Christianity still in his worldview.

      Conference in the Reich Chancellery., November 5, 1937

      In October 1937, Hitler commented: “I have been freed, after an intense inner struggle, from the still living and childish imaginings of religion… I now feel as free as a colt in the pasture.”‘

      – The Holy Reich, Richard Steigmann-Gall, p.402

      > “I’ve also read a quote by Hitler declaring Christ was an Aryan and he said, “By defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.”

      This has been already explained in by the commentor ‘CONTEXT AND ATMOSPHERE…’, I will just copy-paste.
      “I have seen many Christians quote the April 12, 1922 speech of Hitler as proof, that Hitler was a devout Christian(which he was not), but they leave out the important info such as to whom this specific speech was directed against, Hitler was addressing the ACCUSATION of NS party being non-Christian.
      In this speech, Hitler WAS RESPONDING to a comment by one of his political opponents, a leader in the Catholic Bavarian People’s Party. This man [Count Lerchenfeld] had claimed that his Christian feeling kept him from embracing anti-Semitism. Indignantly, Hitler retorted that Jesus was a pugnacious anti-Semite, so Christians should join Hitler and his party in combating the Jewish threat. Hitler’s comments supporting Christianity, therefore, were INTENDED TO COUNTER HIS POLITICAL RIVALS, who were telling Christians that they should line up behind a Catholic political party rather than the National Socialist Party.

      In the very same Speech, Hitler speaks positively about Frederick the Great, now Frederick the Great did not have any good opinion about Christianity,

      //”Christianity is an old metaphysical fiction, stuffed with fables, contradictions and absurdities: it was spawned in the fevered imagination of the Orientals, and then spread to our Europe, where some fanatics espoused it, where some intriguers pretended to be convinced by it and where some imbeciles actually believed it.”—-Frederick The Great//”

      1. Frederick the Great had a very benign attitude toward the Jews. Hardly surprising as he was a high level Freemason and freemasonry is just Judaism for the goyim. He was also favorably predisposed toward Islam. It has been posited by certain scholars that the Jews created Islam to use as a battering ram against Christians, Close examination reveals a commonality between Judaism and Islam, the rancor and hatred of Jews toward Arabs notwithstanding. I reiterate, the Christianity that Hitler was disdainful of is actually churchianity which is just Judaized Christianity. That is a faith most unworthy of Aryans.

  16. So the greatest Aryan of this time cycle, the ultimate avatar, and unyielding foe of the Demiurge’s kids, the Jews, was actually a Jew himself? Gosh, I’ll be damned, I never knew that! Thank you for that priceless bit of information and wisdom you have imparted to we who dwell in dark ignorance, Bigfoot. Please thank your rabbi as well and when you get a chance, let me know what drugs you’re taking. I sure as Hell want to try them. They must make LSD seem like Bayer aspirin.

    1. Yeah HERETICDRUMMER…. I heard them call it “deductive logic”

      You can check it in your local neighborhood Pharmacies. Good Luck

  17. “Deductive logic” sans evidence or proof? Conceptually you’re breaking new ground, Bigfoot. You probably believe the Jew lie that Hitler only had one testicle as well. “Pay no heed to Jewish fables” – Book of Titus. I seriously doubt I can score those drugs from my local pharmacy without a rabbi’s prescription and that ain’t happening.

  18. HAWK
    Oh Yeah, he was int instilling confidence alright, and channeling all that dough from banks all over the world to finance Germany’s rearmament during the 30s…
    “So the greatest Aryan of this time cycle, the ultimate avatar, and unyielding foe of the Demiurge’s kids, the Jews, was actually a Jew himself?”
    At least half of what we think we know, what we’ve been told, the official narrative, is not true…
    There never was any real person named Jesus; he’s a literary personification created out of Astrotheological Concepts and Natural Reverence…
    Pearl Harbor was not a sneak attack…
    General Patton wasn’t killed by accident in a car wreck…
    Oswald didn’t kill Kennedy…
    Either nobody’s ever been on the moon or we were already there before JFK made the famous speech…
    19 arabs didn’t do 9-11… Dick Cheney did…
    The Eagles didn’t really ‘win’ the Super Bowl, it was thrown…
    The COVID Virus doesn’t exist as any major threat, not unless it’s been engineered…
    But MASKS DON’T WORK in any case…
    And Biden didn’t win the last election…
    So-called government is a Security State Pyramid Power Structure kept in place by Big Religion and the Jew media, that the owners use to keep the public under control, with War being the Big Power Play Trump Card…
    The Pyramid doesn’t work for control purposes if everybody has the real information…
    And we We Don’t Have it…
    But now we do have the internet media…
    You Got It… Very well said… I’ve been saying it for years…
    Hitler was a Jew alright, with a Jewish Doctor, a Jewish lawyer and a Jewish Cook…
    Hitler was a Double Agent, who destroyed Germany and advanced the State of Israel…
    If he were not, Germany would have taken control of Europe at least and held it…
    That’s what the concentration camps were all about, moving Jews to Palestine, killing the non-Zionist majority…
    Historians all agree, when he allowed the British Army to escape at Dunkirk, the war was lost for Germany…
    And the suicidal invasion into Russia hammered the coffin shut…
    my Guess, whatever credence or praise he might have had for the Jesus and so-called Christianity was all about keeping the Messiah Idea Alive, so that he could step into the role as the German people all had their big Shiloh Moment…
    Look People – until somebody steps up and institutes a Global Peace Conference, with World Peace as the Common Goal, where all the world leaders are invited and show up and all the media is there, including the alternative, and everything everybody says about how we’re going to get to world Peace is open to the public, then it’s all just Fake News…

  19. YUKON
    “This has been one of my arguments against religion for some time, I said would you know about God if you were not taught God? I also say that about sin, hell, devil, heaven, etc. All of those concepts are not readily learnable in the natural world. As a boy, if I was not indoctrinated into Catholicism, would I know about God, Jesus, redemption, or even prayer? Nope. I am quite sure that during my childhood none of those concepts would have presented themselves to my consciousness unless I was told them by another human or read them in a holy book.”
    That’s very interesting statement…
    And it is true that religion as we know it would die out in a couple of generations, if children were not inculcated…
    I think you knew all about God when you were born, your God, whatever it is for you…
    The problem is hanging on to your basic identity as a godly being..
    Everybody’s out to get the children…
    I think that instead of indoctrinating them, humanity would be better off listening to what they think, since they come here pure…
    And don’t they say the darndest things? Funny too…

  20. It seems my understanding of Hitler coincides more with PREMANIDHI than others here. Indeed the truth about Hitler is buried under mountains of lies. But then, we know why. Or should know.

    There was a video on YouTube for many years titled “This Is National Socialism”. But alas, it was purged this past year as were most of the videos of NS Germany and Hitler that contained truth. I thought of this video when reading the posts here. But alas, I found it on another platform. I encourage you to watch it. The quote below is from a speech in the video. Is this “Positive Christianity … ?” You decide.

    “A new community is being built in Germany. And it is our most beautiful goal and aim. Those who can’t even see past their own nose deserve our pity more than anything else. It is the good fortune to help, which rewards those who commits themselves to this socialist state. And this commitment must happen each new winter. Our social welfare system is so much more than just charity. Because we do not say to the rich people: ‘Please give something to the poor.’ Instead we say, ‘German people, help yourself !’ Everyone must help, whether you are rich or poor ! Everyone must have the belief that there is always someone who is in a much worse situation than I am, and this person I want to help as a comrade. If one should say: ‘Yes, but do I have to sacrifice a lot ?’ That is the glory of giving ! When you sacrifice for your community, then you can walk with your head held up high. Our belief in Germany is unshakeable. And our will is overwhelming. And when will and belief combine so ardently then not even the heavens will deny you. And I expect from every German with a sense of character and decency to march with us.”


  21. PAT
    Zion jews probably hate the German people worse than anybody, the competition or whatever…
    How’s your whiplash on the crypto market?

    1. Bark –
      In THETA at $0.05 in Sept. Now at $6.40. Projected to be $300 in 3 years.

      I Put in $1,000 = $128,000 if sold today.

      SONY is going to be its biggest user for its gaming platforms.

  22. mmm…
    This is what I got so far:
    Some say that ..
    Hitler was a Jew who killed 6 million Jews but his supporters deny he killed 6 million Jews because after the war there were more Jews than before the war so it is impossible he killed 6 Million Jews not because a Jew wouldn’t kill 6 million Jews but because there were more of them after the war than before ..
    It’s confusing and all I see is a lot of 6’s

    1. Brilliant! This short trenchant comment says it all.
      This lady has more than satirical wit; she has common sense.

  23. The existence of God is a matter of common sense and can also be proven philosophically, i.e. in metaphysics. St Thomas’s famous “Five Ways” can be seen here: Summa P. 1, Q. 2: newadvent.org/summa/1002.htm#article3

    Religion is different than philosophy, however. Jesus said in the parable of the rich man Dives and the poor beggar Lazarus, “If they will not listen to Moses (i.e. God’s moral law) and the Prophets (i.e., the need to repent), they will not believe even if one were to rise from the dead.” The corrupted human will can refuse to believe even what the intellect perceives to be undeniably true. The mysterium iniquitatis is operative in self-blinded minds as that of Dawkins and other atheists. Did you read in The God Delusion where he attempts to discredit the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima in 1917, foretold to happen on Oct. 13 at noon, even though it was witnessed by over 70,000 people, many of them unbelievers who came to debunk it and left as believing Catholics? He reminds me of the Darwinian biologist who when asked why he believed in Darwinism despite the lack of transitional forms in the fossil record, replied: “Because the alternative is unacceptable.”

    “No one denies God unless he has some reason for wanting Him not to exist.” – St. Augustine

    You are an atheist most likely because your intellect has been blinded by your unrepentant sins, which for most people involves a sexually disordered life. We either seek to conform (not without difficulty) our behavior to the truth, or seek (much more easily) to conform the truth to our immoral behavior. Once we repent of our sins and humbly ask God to help us, the scales will fall from the eyes of our mind and we will be surprised what we will then see, and also experience in our heart. Conversely, as Our Lady of Fatima revealed, “More souls go to hell on account of sins of the flesh than for any other reason.” People tend to rationalize their sexually disordered lives and not repent of it.

    The strongest argument against God’s existence is the presence of evil in the world, but as St Augustine said, “God thought it better to bring good out of evil than not to allow evil to exist.” The gift of free will, in both angels and man, makes sin and any rebellion against God’s holy will and divinely established order possible, but it is the only thing that allows the return of God’s love possible, in humble submission and obedience to His holy but sometimes inscrutable will and His commandments. The quip, “God made man in His own image and likeness, and man has been returning the favor ever since” is true, but there will always be those who love and seek God with all their hearts. “The fool says in his heart [not in his mind], There is no God. Their deeds are corrupt, depraved….” (Psalm 14.1; 53.1) Atheism is a choice, an act of the will, not a rational conclusion in the face of evidence and human experience. And there is a direct connection between unrepentant sin and both atheism and agnosticism. Even Wilhelm Reich discovered that getting young people to be sexually active was the best way to make the idea of God “evaporate from their minds.” The mystery of God and also the mystery and meaning of human existence find their answer in the towering personality found in the Gospels, Jesus of Nazareth, who proved His divinity, but to understand the meaning of it all, our own private interpretation of what is beyond our limited understanding is not sufficient, hence we see 30,000 different churches with different beliefs based on the Bible alone. We need to go back to the teaching of the apostles, guided by the Holy Spirit and handed on to their successors and taught by the ancient Church Fathers and still taught by the traditional Catholic Church (now existing “underground” since the Judeo-Masonic powers took over the papacy in 1958). See, e.g., The Best of Pascal and/or The Church Fathers According to Topic. On the takeover of the papacy, and by extension the visible structures of the Catholic Church by nuclear threat, see “Grave Reasons of State.”

    1. I quoted St Augustine twice above. No one should go through life without reading his “Confessions,” the first and also the most famous autobiography ever written. In it, Augustine, widely considered to be the greatest of the Church Fathers and one of the most brilliant thinkers of all time, traces the evolution of his mind and thought from his infancy through skepticism, neo-Platonism and Manicheism (all the while being a slave to the disordered lust of the flesh) to his conversion to Christianity and more, including memorable events and persons in his life, especially his mother, St Monica, and the great St Ambrose. Here is a profound and thought-provoking reflection of his on the human mind and will, and how the disordered will affects the mind:

      “Why does truth provoke hatred? Why is Your servant treated as an enemy by those to whom he preaches the truth, if happiness is loved, which is simply joy in truth? Simply because truth is loved in such a way that those who love some other thing want it to be the truth, and precisely because they do not wish to be deceived, are unwilling to be convinced that they are deceived….They love truth when it enlightens them, they hate truth when it accuses them. Because they do not wish to be deceived and do wish to deceive, they love truth when it reveals itself, and hate it when it reveals them. Thus truth shall reward them as they deserve: those who do not wish to be revealed by truth, truth will unmask against their will, but it will not reveal itself to them. Thus…does the human mind, blind and inert, vile and ill-behaved, desire to keep itself concealed, yet it desires that nothing should be concealed from itself. But the contrary happens to it – it cannot lie hidden from truth, but truth will remain hidden from it.”

      This quote is from what I think is the best translation of this literary and spiritual treasure, “Confessions: A New Translation” (2017).

  24. Now for the next truth bomb that will rock your world, or it will get you to scream “yukon you are crazy”. Well I am not crazy, I am a good thinker and I have a big data drop for your mind to stew over – and if it makes you mad, just remember I am not the one that invented you.

    We can debate Hitler, religion, and Christianity and try to make sense of National Socialism vs. Jewish religion and that is just fine and dandy. BUT THAT IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE BIG QUESTION. Why in the hell do we have religion at all? I think I know and it involves genetic engineering, the big brain human who has self consciousness, alien invaders called the Anunnaki or the Nephilim, God actually being the “gods”, and the need to pacify and control the artificial specie called Homo Sapiens.

    First, consider these important observations to set the argument:

    why does Lloyd Pye insist we didn’t evolve from apes.

    Why do humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes while all other primates have 24 pair? Next consider the complete impossibility that any 23 mutation could breed with the existing 24 pair hominids, and what happened to all the 24 pairs, shouldn’t they be still in the gene pool?

    Why do humans sunburn, and why in the hell are they nearly hairless when all of human evolution occurred during a frickin ice age? (The ice age – which we are still in and global warming is total bullshit – started 2.6 million years ago) NO FUR MEANS YOU FREEZE TO DEATH ON THE FIRST COLD NIGHT.

    Why are we so weak compared to a chimp, animals get more adapted with time, not less, getting weaker equals extinction. A male chimp can rip a man’s head right off but Arnold can not. The strongest human male is not nearly as strong as a male chimp. And go to the zoo and check out a male gorilla then cry in shame how god cheated you and made you a pathetic wimp.

    Why do humans curse God a billion times a day? The answer is easy, we are not fit. A fit creature is completely integrated into the environment, and thus is not constantly frustrated by being alive, but a human is an artificial construct, we are unfit, we do not fit into Nature, and thus we must earn money and curse the tax collector, the landlord, the food store prices, the corrupt state officials – but the animals have none of these problems because they are fit and thus do not need to buy a house or a car or have a bank account.

    So why do we believe in religion, we are the only specie out of millions that prays and begs God, we even are so desperate we live in so much fear, we spend much time looking forward to the next life, because we can not bear this life. We hate ourselves, millions of us commit suicide just to get the hell out of this existence. No other animal does this, why?

    Well, those that engineered us gave us big brains and the ability to speak (which monkeys and apes can not – and no explanation in science can explain how we got this ability,) so that we could communicate with our slave masters and so that we could take orders.

    Do you doubt this, then drum roll, we are the only specie that can be ordered to dig a ditch, you can not train an ape to use a shovel, but a human is easily trained. So it is obvious our big brain was given to us to make us slaves, and this big brain has a downside, we are self aware and want to know why we exist – and thus the need for myth and religion to pacify our curiousity and fear.

    Humans are the only animal with religion because:

    1. they are self aware

    2. they are unnatural, unfit, chimera abominations that the Creator God did NOT create, but another space faring race (what we call the lesser gods) did, and they did so illegally, because they interfered with the hominid evolution on earth – a violation of the prime directive, and these “space pirates” used their own DNA to create lesser versions of themselves – the ultimate creation crime.

    Conclusion: Religion exists because man is an illegal abomination, a domesticated specie, unable to cope with his existence. Thus, so long as man exists, he will be unfit and cry out to the gods for relief and redemption. Plus we can postulate that earth is under quarantine while the owner decide what to do with us, which very well could be our elimination by a vax jab. No race in the heavens above wants the insane ape-man to escape.

    1. YK
      Years ago I began pondering the word “sin”. I found the Sanskrit root of it meaning “to be”. This led me to eventually concluding that it has to do with our be-ing in this particular state of matter, in keeping with the idea of the Annunaki being our “maker”, which could be re-phrased to say “re-made” when going on the premise of our existing in spirit form BEFORE falling into their clutches.

      The processes of thought are amazing when you contemplate on the journey you’re taken on. Further pondering on the origin of certain words led me to the word “coil” seen as being a derivative of the ancient Gaelic “goy” (with the letter “y” appearing as seen in a mirror). Hear* is where I pictured what may have been the actual process by which the Annunaki fashioned us out of matter in seeing the coil as the DNA spiral. They “goyed” us. (the word “goy” to mean “man” becoming “hu-man”, and having nothing to do with distinguishing between “jew” and “gentile”)

      We’re living in an extraordinary time. Are these thoughts of mine and many others tapping into ancient memories since time immemorial? Certain key words have to be offering clues about the truth of existence, don’t they? First there were no words, then language was invented and the babbling of tongues ensued. So it becomes a matter of rummaging through the detritus to find the gems.

      I contemplate therefore I don’t know
      I remember and then I do

      *No hard feelings, Grammar Fiend. This whole Hitler business is maddening. I for one am sick of talking about it. We need to focus on finding common ground 🙂

      1. ADMIN: Here is the madhatter who was recently outed on our site as a Jewish troll. (She’s back again after being banned).Her name is “Erica BLOOM”, as given in her email address. We revealed that “Bloom” is a typically Jewish name that comes from the Yiddish. (Look it up on the internet). “Bloom” is as common a Jewish name as “Cohen” or “Goldstein”.

        Yes, Hitler was a jew a double agent for the ‘ british’ jews to destroy Germany. By destroying
        the structure kf Germany they got control of Europe. Yes, Jesus was and is a jewish invention.
        Believe me if jesus was for real they would not have sold him to the goyim and kept jesus for themselves!!! But the jews have an interest to keep the jesus myth intact so they can brainwash the goyim forever. Stupid goyim ‘ christians’. And the jews laugh.. Nietzsche was right.

        1. Anyone who subscribes to what this toxic Jewess preaches on this website is either a Jew or a Useful Idiot for the Jews. This is exactly what the many neo-Nazi skinheads — all goyim Village Idiots to a man — happen to believe. I feel so sorry for this uneducated White Trash underclass who have been caught on the hook of these Jewish inventions.

  25. Whatever Hitler said about Christianity, was spot on. He was against all organized religions without any exception, for the simple reason that truth cannot be organized, love cannot be organized .Organized religions enslave the individual, for political and economic purposes. It is not coincidence that people accept, without any shame, that Jesus says he is the shepherd. For two thousand years nobody has said this is humiliating, a degradation of human beings into sheep. On the contrary, people have really liked the idea of being sheep. It feels very cosy. And it feels as if one is no longer responsible – the whole responsibility is on the shoulders of the saviour, the messiah, the incarnation of god, the prophet, the messenger.

    But the moment you give your responsibility to someone, without your knowing you have also given your freedom. Responsibility and freedom are two sides of the same coin. Either you have to accept both or you can deny both. Up to now man has denied both, and this is the foundation of his slavery.

    The God Consciousness approach is not to condemn human beings into sheep, but to help them discover their beauty of aloneness, their glamour of being a lion.But organized religion is a totally different affair, authentic religion is always individual. The moment truth is organized, it dies; it becomes a doctrine, a theology, a philosophy — but it is no longer experienced, because the crowd cannot experience. Experience happens only to individuals — separately. It is almost like love. You cannot have organizations of love — so that you need not bother; the organization will take care, the priest will love on your behalf. But that’s what has happened to religion. Each time a man discovers the truth, immediately one of the most cunning parts of humanity, the priests, surround him. They start compiling his words; they start interpreting his words; and they start making it clear to people that if you want to know truth, you have to go via them — they are agents of God. They may call themselves prophets, they may call themselves messengers; they may choose any name, but the reality is, they are self-appointed agents of God. They don’t know God, but in the name of God, they exploit humanity.

    Organized religion is another form of politics. Just as I have always condemned politics as the lowest activity of human beings, the same is my attitude about organized religions. You can see it: the priests and the politicians have always been in conspiracy against humanity. They have been supporting each other. They have divided things between themselves so that your worldly life belongs to the politician, he is the ruler there, and your inner life belongs to the priest, he is the ruler there.One sometimes feels so amazed… it seems unbelievable, that even in the twentieth century the pope could declare, a few months ago, that to communicate with God directly is a sin. You should go through the priest, the right channel — because if people start going directly to God, confessing to God, praying to God, the millions of priests will be unemployed. They don’t do anything; their whole function is to deceive you. Because you don’t understand the language of God, and you are not so evolved, just for some fee — a donation to their church or to their temple — they will do the job for you.

    Organized religions don’t have any future. They should drop their disguise and come truly out in front as politicians, and be part of the political world so that we can find the authentic religious individual — who will be very rare.

    1. And let’s not forget:
      Sheep end up in the abbatoir… after there’s no more “shearing” left in ’em.

    2. >”Whatever Hitler said about Christianity, was spot on. ”

      So when Hitler attacked St.Paul, he was spot on???

  26. I hear, that after Jesus resurrected Lazarus, they killed him too…proving that God was right.

    They would listen to neither Moses the Prophets or Lazarus from the dead.

    1. We don’t know if the Jews actually killed Lazarus, but the gospel says, “So the chief priests planned to put Lazarus also to death, because on account of him [being raised from the dead by Jesus (John 11)] many of the Jews were going away and believing in Jesus.” (John 12.10-11) Jesus told the parable of Dives and Lazarus before that, and that Lazarus was a poor beggar, and Lazarus of Bethany, the brother of Martha and Mary, all three close friends of Jesus, was not poor.

  27. Kudos to Darkmoon for putting up a piece that quotes Hitler directly. Most (!) people today has decided he is worse than the devil and will not even consider quoting him, but just use him to irrationally describe whatever they do not like.

    A next step now could be to discuss whether the sources are genuin (as is done to some extent above), and also to explain why you chose to quote these paragraphs and not others.

    I do believe Hitler will have a greater influence on the future of mankind than any other having lived the last 500 years. One of the reasons being that the tribe controlling the media (and the inside of most heads) are absolutely obsessed by demonising the man and hence unintentionally keeps the myths of the man alive.

    Paula Hitler’s letter to the German mass media in 1957 contains more truth than most people like to admit. You can disagree on her assessment of the man, but she is near the mark when she describes what she thinks is going to be his legacy.

    1. @ BjornThorsonn

      Kudos to Darkmoon for putting up a piece that quotes Hitler directly. Most (!) people today have decided he is worse than the devil and will not even consider quoting him, but just use him to irrationally describe whatever they do not like.

      Many thanks for your kind words. It does indeed take some courage to quote Hitler directly, as Lasha Darkmoon was to discovver several years ago when she submitted a new article for publication to well-known AltRight anti-Zionist website. In order to clinch an argument pointing out how bad Israel was, she quoted these famous words from Hitler’s Mein Kampf:

      “It doesn’t even enter their heads [JEWS] to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organisation for their international world swindler, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks.”

      Lasha’s essay was accepted and published to acclaim; but the powerful Hitler quote, to her surprise, was deleted.

      She was given to understand that quoting Hitler to clinch an argument was just not done — it only brought disrepute on the article.

      Strange, no? 🙂

      1. @ BjornThorsonn

        “A next step now could be to discuss whether the sources are genuine (as is done to some extent above), and also to explain why you chose to quote these paragraphs and not others […] Paula Hitler’s letter to the German mass media in 1957 contains more truth than most people like to admit.”

        Good points. A follow-up essay, discussing the sources of Hitler’s Table Talk and assessing the book’s authenticity, will be published in a few days’ time. The essay will contain lots and lots of links, both for and against the book. Paula Hitler is mentioned in the article.

        1. > ” follow-up essay, discussing the sources of Hitler’s Table Talk and assessing the book’s authenticity, will be published in a few days’ time. ”

          while assessing the authenticity of Hitler’s Talk Talk, please consider this video, it has testimony from two different historians, namely Richard Weikart and David Irving, the video’s description also contains testimony from the Historian Ian Kershaw.

          The Table Talks are totally authentic.

    2. This is Paula Hitler’s letter to the Judeo-German press, 1957 —

      “Gentlemen, never forget this; your names will be forgotten even before your bodies have rotted away in the earth, but the name Adolf Hitler will still be a light in the darkness. You cannot murder him by drowning his memory in your sick buckets, and you cannot strangle him with your filthy, ink stained fingers.

      His name exists forever in hundreds of thousands of souls. You are far too insignificant to even touch him. He loved Germany. He fretted over Germany, and when he fought for honor and respect, he fought for German honor and respect for Germany. And when there was nothing left, he gave his life for Germany.

      What have you given so far? Which one of you would give his life for Germany? The only things you care about are riches, power, and never ending luxurious living. When you think of Germany, you think of without responsibility or care.

      Trust me on this: the Fuhrer’s utter unselfishness in word and deed alone guarantees his immortality. The fact that the bitter fight for Germany’s greatness wasn’t crowned by success like Cromwell’s in Britain, for example, has a lot to do with the mentality of the people involved. On the one hand the Englishman’s character is essentially unfair, ruled by jealousy, self-importance, and lack of consideration. But he never forgets he is an Englishman, loyal to his crown. On the other hand, you with your need for recognition are never first and foremost a German. Therefore it doesn’t matter to you, you insignificant beings, if you destroy the entire nation. Your only guiding thought will always be me first, me second, me third. In your worthlessness you will never think of the welfare of the nation, and with that pitiful philosophy you wish to prevent the immortality of a giant?”

      ~Paula Hitler, Berchtesgaden, May 1, 1957

      1. Hitler makes Trump look like the pile of jew sh*t Trump is. Imagine Trump and Hitler standing next to one another on a stage and taking turns making speeches. We would very clearly see what a filthy detestable JEW Trump is.

        Hitler was right about everything he said about the jews — and trump is maybe one the most deceitful two-faced jews on the scene today — and that’s saying A LOT. But standing next to Hitler trump wouldn’t be able to hide his true snake nature and it would be very clear that trump is really a JEW. That story about The Snake he told on the campaign trail was about him. And he knew he was talking about himself.

        The jews stole the election so they could give us a president with dementia/alzheimer’s. And the jew snake trump didn’t do much of anything to contest the election, He just let his jew tribe steal the election from him
        [ it’s called collusion] . His supporters are more upset the election was stolen from trump than trump himself.

        Hitler was right about everything he said about the jews. We now got a president who can hardly speak English he has such severe dementia. How usurped is this country? VERY usurped.

        I want Hitler to be the president. I don’t give a sh*t if Hitler likes Christianity or doesn’t like Christianity or is not sure if HE likes Christianity or not, or he likes some things about Christianity but not everything about Christianity. I DON’T CARE. I want Hitler to be the president of the United States — whatever his religious beliefs may be or may not be.

        1. Eloquently put, TroJ! All I’m worried about is YOU becoming president one day! Ye Gods, heads would roll! 🙂 Who would you have as your Vice President? Bet you’d have Ivanka Trump! Quite a looker, Ivanka, just up your street! 🙂

      2. Are you sure, proof, it was Paula Hitler, who used to work in a jewish restaurant, who sent this letter? Is it credible to send such a ‘ letter’ if your name is Hitler and it would be wiser to live anonymously? I don’t believe she sent it. Must be sent by jews or a secret service. No other way as the jews must continue to sell the myth of Hitler being an Austrian ‘ arian’ instead of a jewish double agent.

        1. Outed Jewess (((Erica))) speaks.
          (Outed by Admin as well as by me).
          Her surname, “Bloom”, comes from the Yiddish.
          Why can’t she admit being Jewish?

  28. Maybe “Cudos” is the way they spell “Kudos” in the U.K. or Norway, or both, who knows. I am an American and I live in the United States [ Florida ]. In the United States we spell it “Kudos”. “Cudos” sounds like it could be the Spanish word for “cooties”, lol.

    [Admin corrected ‘Cudos’ to ‘Kudos’)

    Though overall, Bjorn Thorsonn’s post is commendable. It makes sense.

    [Admin: That’s true.]

    1. Thank you for your etymological exegesis and autobiographical detail. 😴💤…💤..

  29. Saki, et al
    Without referring to Hitler anymore (I’m done with the obvious impasse the topic invokes), all I want to say in closing concerns my aforementioned observation of incompatibility regarding Christian doctrine and the man all true Christians love and venerate.

    I appreciate your reply the other day in which you complimented me on my research. But I feel as though it doesn’t take any deep digging to understand what this incompatible wording conveys.

    Although some would chastise me for “daring” to rewrite Scripture, I would simply ask “why SHOULDN’T we?” if we are to take seriously what written words are saying within their given context.

  30. Fellow Darkmooners,
    ALL religions are like cans of 🍻. They come in different appealing colors and brands each designed to attract the consumer (believer) to make the purchase (practice) that he believes is right for HIM. He then consumes the beverage (whatever creed it may be) and becomes intoxicated with his own self-righteousness, superiority and importance. In his drunken-espiritual state his behavior, at times, becomes irrational and unpredictable causing pain and suffering to others. Human beings are mutilated, raped and murdered just to prove HIS brand is better and HE is SUPREME. But at the end of the day of binge-drinking, the religious fanatic pi*ses his consumption in the toilet, collapses on the floor, and is judged by his family and friends (history) the next morning. When all is said and done, the BEVERAGE…..religion….has caused much more detriment than good. In a nutshell, Donaldo agrees with Adolfo. Religion basically sucks. 🤔🤨🤠

    Post note:
    Donaldo, though being openly Jewish, means no disrespect to people of ALL scripture. May each person please 🙏 find his own path. 🙂

  31. I happened to be in the Germantown section of Manhattan a while back during the Steuben Day parade – massive German festival in NY – and found myself quaffing steins of Spaten in a hostelry called the Bavarian Inn… while a brass band blasted out, what I took to be, Wehrmacht Military Marching songs in the background

    Anyway, being of classic Nordic features & build, I was immediately mistaken for one of the “Master Race”… something I did nothing to dissuade the adoring frauelines – albeit with NY accents – from believing… especially since they were also ponying-up for the beer!

    But it was only after one of the older denizens – who wouldn’t have looked out of place on Bnai Brith’s “Most Wanted” list! – slipped a swaztika armband over my sleeve that I truly got into the “spirit” of things… imaging myself repulsing the dumb Yanks & thick Brits off the beaches of Normandy before they they had a chance of imposing their ZOG Imperium on The Fatherland!

    As for The Fuhrer’s “table talk”, I’ll leave that to the “ladies” here and the usual bloviators to “virtue signal” and get hot & bothered about.

    Ich bin Der Realist. Danke!

  32. I sure hope DESERT FOX doesn’t stay gone….
    I didn’t see anything from her/him to deserve banishment…

    1. How many people have been “banned” from this website who have constantly shown up again after a few weeks or a few months? No one is banned from this website, it seems, because every single poster who does a disappearing trick shows up again sooner or later. People are “banned” from this website like God bans the sun regularly every night.And then, lo and behold, the sun shows up again in the morning — forcing people to go to work and face another miserable day! 🙂

      1. Those who never come back are probably dead. Or they have found another site they prefer to post on.

        1. I’d rather have a NON-Catholic ADMIN, even an ANTI-Catholic outright NAZI ADMIN, who do NOT censor my posts like a Catholic ADMIN who CENSOR 95-98% of my posts, some days 100% of my posts.

          1. Well, if ya talkin’ about them horses all zer time.
            I kan unnerstand zer censorship! 🙂

  33. Read ,Hitlers War by David Irving

    This work pulls you in more than any work of fiction in the way events unfold at rapid pace and with a multitude of insightful details. It’s the story you never heard because you weren’t supposed to. It sets so much against the “standard” Hitler narrative but remaining an objective voice, so that you can appreciate the facts for what they are and make the huge implications. Impressive would be a huge understatement for this masterful work by a truly great historian who put himself out there to face ridicule for telling the truth.

  34. Hitler was spot on with his analysis of Christianity. The morality that Christianity preaches is always motivated, and wherever there is motivation, there is no morality.

    The church says that a righteous man can judge others because he is without sin. Who is the righteous man? If you look you will not find a single person who is without sin, because everything that is joyful and that is pleasant, that you love, is called sin.The righteous person is one who has never committed any sin, who has never looked at a woman with loving eyes, who has never lied — and the whole church is lying. Even the pope is lying. Who is righteous? You will not find anyone.
    So all the religions — particularly Christianity — force everybody to be hypocrites, to pretend. No taste, no love, no appreciation of your own body and its wisdom. Your body is doing a tremendous service for you for seventy, eighty, or a hundred years — and you are not even grateful. All the religions treat the body as the enemy, so torture it. Torturing is virtue.

    But every religion wants to castrate you, and particularly Christianity castrates people.

    What are they doing in Mount Athos, where no kind of woman is allowed? A hen, a dog, a female horse, a female baby six months old — nobody is allowed.

    One American woman tried to break the one-thousand-year-old rule of the Mount Athos monastery and enter. She dressed like a man, she cut her hair and arranged everything perfectly. But she was caught red-handed, because women walk differently from men, so just at the gate she was caught.

    A woman cannot walk like a man, and the reason for it is the womb. Man has no womb.

    That womb makes a difference in your walk. She had not thought about it. She had done everything, but she had not thought about the walk, and those people are watching continually that no woman ever enters.

    The monastery is guarded; it has its own government, it has its own police. It is a sovereign nation. When the woman was caught she was jailed for six months. It is their law that if any woman tries to enter and is caught she will have to be punished.

    Now, after that woman’s effort, everybody who wants to go into Athos, man or woman, first has to enter into the office outside the monastery and has to be stripped naked, to be looked at from every side, to see whether he is man or woman — and nobody will say that those who are looking at naked people are voyeurs, homosexuals, enjoying the naked bodies of other men. Of course no woman has dared since then, but now it has become a rule that anybody who enters Mount Athos first has to be inspected naked by the guards.Christianity is the most out-of-date religion. All its assumptions are absurd.

      1. Agreed. “Pub philosopher”, incidentally, is how Hitler is often described. He would spend his time ranting and raving about the Jews in the beer cellars of Munich when he was a homeless, jobless vagrant in his early twenties.

  35. ADMIN: You have already used the name ‘Maitreya’ to post a comment. Now you are using the name ‘Nitro’. This is breach of the rules of our website. Only ONE user name is permissible. Sock puppets are banned.

    Well, I admit, that Cellular or molecular Biology is well above me, and beyond my paygrade. And even I am basically not well knowledgeable in Computer Science, though I touched in a little in my Course.
    But then again, whether its biochemical signalling or Computer programing, everything is at the end, Logic. So, here we are. We are being told, that these guys who are now enriching themselves at our cost, that they are using the Covid’s “mRNA to code for the spike, using cellular machinery to produce the spike protein” I hope I gt that one right.
    In other words, they are inserting a separate biochemical programs, from a foreign organism, to develop their alleged “harmless Spike Protein” which will help the body to generate the appropriate anti-bodies to fight the actual Covid Virus. Now, and this is simply layman’s argument. In Cellular Biology, the Human Gene, naturally comes with an error proof Quantum Genetics algorithms which take care of process initiation, process management, process optimization mechanism, and Sequence alignment mechanism, process stoppage, and automation of repeat procedures of Gene translation and transcription. In computer Science, we have pretty much borrow from the natural Biochemical marvel of engineering, even though we keep stupidly doubting that there isn Intelligence behind it. We know of Program Branching, Program initiation Commands Subroutines, Loops etc.
    Now, we come back to the Vaccine. Since evidently the Vaccine is a biochemical “Subroutine” program, does it have all the requirements of a Sub-Routine program? I say this, because Common-sense tells me, that these “Side-Effect” are as a result of a Subroutine gone haywire! A Subroutine that initiate development of “Spike Protein” but has not Stop Command! The mRNA may be instructing the Cell to code and produce spike protein indefinitely. They may claim as they are, that mRNA is destroyed by the Cell automatically, but, are we sure of that?
    Secondly, The Spike Protein, is itself a foreign body. It is either a foreign body, or the Cell must be instructed not to harm it. If the Cell is instructed “not to harm Spike Protein” the Spike Protein, is hence forth treated by the Cells as part of the body. Then the question is this; when the Covid Virus invades the person, and it is actually full of Spike Protein, how will the Cell recognize it as a “Foreign Body” and fight it, yet, it has been instructed to treats everything with “Spike” as part of the body? If on the other hand it is treated as a foreign body and destroyed by the Anti-bodied,
    (1) What if the Spike Protein develops immunity to anti-body attack? Will it not be like opening the Door to Covid?
    (2) What if the Covid changes, (Variants as they are being called) and developed different spike proteins ?

    I submit, that these are questions of concern, grave concern, because, it points to a possibility of future, where it will be possible to program people to die, and do it with a “harmless” vaccine.

    You seem to be well convinced of the existence sir…
    Will you please give us your definition of God then?
    “First there were no words, then language was invented and the babbling of tongues ensued. So it becomes a matter of rummaging through the detritus to find the gems.”
    Yes… The story of man’s advent upon the earth is in the basic language sounds…
    All the alterations and additions are covering it up…
    Don’t worry about the spellngs too much, concentrate on the sounds and keep your mind open to the meaning connections…
    For example – ‘Jesus was a Carpenter’…
    The C is a K sound and an S…
    Therefore, Jesus was a Sarpenter…
    A Reptilian, in other words a Spaceman…
    Just another one of many…
    But not only that – did man develop language or did language develop man?

    1. Bark
      My understanding is that prior to the Annunaki “making” us, or say “making us over” to become hu-man, we are simply “man”. Once this “makeover” occurred, however, is when language and the “babbling of tongues” commenced. Because of this “event”, distinguishing between lies and truth has become a difficult thing, to say the very least 🙃

  37. Hitler did not believe in the divinity of Jesus,
    A report of his speech relayed his position: “The work, which Christ had begun, but could not finish, he—Hitler—would complete.”

    >From this speech it is clear that Hitler thought Jesus had failed, unable to fulfill His mission. Not to fear, however—Hitler was coming to the rescue to finish the task that Jesus could not.

    >From this speech Hitler, it is clear Hitler did not see Jesus’s death as completing His work of salvation, Hitler apparently thought Jesus’s parting words—“It is finished” [ John 19:30 ]—merely meant that His life was over.

    Source: 18. Dezember 1926 Dok. 59
    Rede auf NSDAP-Vers amm lung in München (Im Hofbräukeller, nach 19.00 Uhr. Die “Weihnachtsfeier” war von der NSDAP-Sektion Haidhausen organisiert worden. Vgl. Vorankündigung im VB vom 15.12.1926, “Aus der Bewegung” .)
    Lagebericht N/Nr. 54 der Polizeidirektion München vom 4.2. 1927; StA München, Polizeidirektion München
    ;Hitler, speech on December 18, 1926, in Aufstieg der NSDAP in Augenzeugenberichten, 266.

    ” Das Werk, welches Christus angefangen habe, aber nicht beenden konnte, werde er (Hitler) zu Ende führen. “

  38. I came across a testimony from Rudolf Hess, which you would further strengthen LD’s thesis.

    “He [Rudolf Hess] discussed religion at length – said that he himself was more religious than most, but said that GERMANY INTENDED TO DO AWAY WITH CHRISTIANITY AS BEING ONLY A JEWISH FABLE AND REPLACE IT BY A NEW GERMAN RELIGION. He did not admit that Roman Catholicism was on the increase in Germany.
    From Communism the Deputy Führer turned easily to the subject of Christianity. Both he and Hitler were more religious than most, but Christianity was, he argued – echoing words he had so often heard Hitler himself use – alien to the racial understanding of the German people. ‘I believe in a Hereafter,’ he said, ‘but not in a heaven including a God resembling an old man with a beard.’ He talked again of HITLER’S DETERMINATION TO REPLACE CHRISTIANITY WITH A NEW RELIGION, TO BE DEVISED BY SOME MAN WHO HAD YET TO COME FORWARD. Man as such was not satisfied with abstractions, but ‘externals and rituals’ were necessary and would have to be devised.”
    ~ Hess The Missing Years 1941–1945, David Irving
    p.158, 160-1


    1. Thank you for this excellent comment. I think Hitler’s hostility to Christianity is now beyond dispute. The fact that he took an entirely different line in public, praising Christians and Christianity in his speeches and official pronouncements, reveals the full extent of his duplicity.

  39. Hitler had a lot to deal with. Trying to convince the Germans to scrap Christianity would have taken up too much energy and effort and time and would have been very divisive. He needed to UNITE the German people and build up Germany again. To ask the German people to stop being Catholics and stop being Lutherans would have greatly divided the German people — and at a time when the German people needed to be UNITED.

    Our politicians in the USA are very duplicitous when it comes to Christianity. Their duplicity is about serving the jew. If Hitler wasn’t honest about his religious feelings at least he kept his viewpoint about religion private — in order not to cause division in the Germany. At the time Hitler came to power the last thing Germany needed was turmoil and division over whether they should scrap Christianity or not. If Hitler was duplicitous it was in service to the German people, not in service to the jews like Our American politicians.

    Anyway, his duplicity — if he really was duplicitous as he’s being charged, his duplicity didn’t harm the German people at all. NOT at all. In contrast to our American politicians who pretend to be Christians but are really jews in spirit and their duplicity about Christianity brings harm to us Americans, it’s especially harmful to those of us who are White Americans.

    Trump, when he was campaigning in 2016, was A LOT MORE duplicitous about Christianity than Hitler ever was, if Hitler really was duplicitous.

  40. I have come across few comments questioning the authenticity of Table Talks, I will demonstrate the authenticity of the Table Talks.

    The below quote is from Léon Degrelle’s memoir ‘Hitler for a Thousand Years’.
    “What was impressive, on the contrary, was his [Adolf Hitler] idea of the future of religions.

    In his [Adolf Hitler] eyes, it had become useless to combat them, persecute them: the discoveries of science, dissipating the mysteries — essential for the influence of the Churches — and the progress of comfort — chasing away a misery which, for two thousand years, brought to the Church so many unfortunate beings — would, in his opinion, increasingly reduce the influence of religions. ”

    ~ Léon Degrelle, Hitler for a Thousand Years

    Now parallel to the above quote from Léon Degrelle’s writing we find another quote from David Irving’s Hitler’s War and The War Path.

    “On June 12, 1941, Hewel noted yet another conversation with Hitler about religion. ‘One ought not to combat religion but to let it die of its own accord.’ ”
    ~ Hitler’s War and The War Path, David Irving

    Now we already have quotes from two different sources, where Hitler expresses a similar opinion.

    Now we find the exact opinion being expressed again in Table Talk.

    “It’s not opportune to hurl ourselves now into a struggle with the Churches. The best thing is to let Christianity die a natural death. A slow death has something comforting about it. The dogma of Christianity gets worn away before the advances of science.”

    ~ Adolf Hitler, Table Talk.

    The fact that the quote from Table Talk is corroborating with the two different sources, unequivocally means the Table Talk is completely authentic.

    1. @ Authenticity


      Thanks for these quotes.There are far too many of these quotes from widely different sources showing that Hitler had a low opinion of Christianity, a view put even more forcefully in Table Talk. The 1953 version of Table Talk edited by Trevor-Roper has some inaccurate translations and so was regarded by purists as “unreliable”. It was therefore denounced as a “fake” by those nitpickers who were unhappy to see that their hero was not the exemplary Christian they liked to think he was.

      What these people fail to understand is this. Even if the 1953 Trevor-Roper book is acknowledged as unreliable, it is not a work of fiction in which every quote has been fabricated or invented. Only that would make it a total “fake”. The flaw with the Trevor-Roper version simply consists of a few mistranslations, minor inaccuracies, and the insertion of explanatory bits by the translator that were not found in the original German.

      There was no German version of Table Talk until, I think, the 1980s. There are two German editions. And it’s these German editions that are 100% accurate and NOBODY questions their authenticity — unlike the 1953 Trevor-Roper edition. Irving himself makes this point in a must-watch BitChute video:


      It turns out that the fully authenticated German versions of Table Talk, now translated into English, contain AS MANY ANTI-CHRISTIAN COMMENTS by Hitler as the so-called “fake” version by Trevor-Roper. This is revealed in a BitChute video in which Irving gives evidence. The same anti-Christian comments are found in ALL editions. In not a single comment did Hitler say anything nice or positive about Christianity — EXCEPT of course in speeches for public consumption where we now know he was lying. His duplicity is stunning: one thing for the German public and another totally different thing for his cronies behind closed doors.

      One final point.

      Th fact that Hitler hated Christianity doesn’t bother the Hitler supporters who share his distaste for Christianity. They love him all the more for being a Christ-hater. Hitler’s anti-Christian views are only a problem for those who feel the need to love Hitler AND Christianity. Fact is, you can’t love Hitler AND Christianity at the same time. They are mutually exclusive. How can you be a Christian, after all, and love a man who hates Christianity? You can’t do this! It’s impossible.

      1. @SAKI
        >”EXCEPT of course in speeches for public consumption”

        Even in few Speeches, Hitler gave out his opinion about Christianity where he blames Christianity for the decline of the Roman Empire.
        Here are the quotes from SPEECHES where he puts the blame on Christianity for the decline of the Roman Empire.
        1. https://imgur.com/oeUDxDN
        2. https://imgur.com/a/XzMNDrz
        3. https://imgur.com/5Hlomh5

        The idea that Christianity was responsible for the decline of Rome was not just held by Hitler, but also by other NS members such as Heinrich Himmler, Robert Ley.
        1. https://imgur.com/u8jsQTk
        (In the above quote you might have read that Himmler compares Christianity with Bolshevism and calls it ‘2000 year Bolshevism’, this view was held by Hitler too, in Table Talks, Hitler also calls Christianity as Bolshevism. [ https://imgur.com/c8OvcHV ].
        Also in a speech, Hitler compares Christianity with Bolshveishm. [ https://imgur.com/JhO5i4r ] )

        2. https://imgur.com/8AnoO9i
        (In the above quote you can see that Robert Ley says it was right for the Roman Emperors to persecute the Christian, and Nero did not burn down Rome, the exact opinion was also shared by Hitler, which we can find in Table Talk [ https://imgur.com/EW5ztfG ], it just means that all NS leaders shared this idea. )

        Also, there is enough evidence to come to the conclusion that NS leaders shared similar ideas about St.Paul.
        1. Heinrich Himmler in his speech attacks Paul [ https://imgur.com/uIQOMZT ]
        2. A official Nazi Magazine called ‘Rassenpolitik’ also attacked St.Paul [https://research.calvin.edu/german-propaganda-archive/rassenpo.htm] (Search for the keyword ‘Paul’)
        Now Hitler attacks St.Paul in his Table Talks.
        This again means that the hatred of St.Paul was prevalent among the NS leaders.

        For people who are still arguing Hitler was a Christain leader, it makes no sense, because even a mild Christian would feel offended if someone attacks and speaks derogatorily about the apostles such as St.Paul in speech, attacks Christianity as the 2000 year Bolshevism in speech, all these things happened, Himmler attacked Christianity and St.Paul in his public speech, Hitler never cared nor did he criticize Himmler for such speech on the contrary Hitler expressed a similar opinion in his table talks.

        Also what kind of Christian leader would associate himself with a Rabid Anti-Christian who fanatically hates Christianity, Hitler did, Hitler’s closes associate with Martin Bormann was a fanatical anti-Christian, Hitler never minded Martin Borman’s deep hatred towards Christianity, because Hitler held the same view/opinion as Martin Bormann, haven’t you heard “Birds of same feather flock together”.
        If Hitler was that good Christian he would have removed Martin Bormann, Himmler from the party, which he did not, because he held the same opinion as his inner circle members did.

        Hitler had huge regards for Martin Bormann, he trusted Bormann to such an extent that he named Martin Bormann as his last will’s executor. Also, Martin Bormann was with Hitler TILL THE VERY END, he was one of the witnesses for Hitler’s Political Testament, the others were Joseph Goebbels, General Wilhelm Burgdorf, and General Hans Krebs. Not only that Hitler had such deep trust in Martin Borman that he named him Party Minister (Parteiminister) in his Testament.

        Also, the Hitler Youth were also indoctrinated with Anti-Christian ideas.
        Here is text material from the official NS publication printed for Hitler Youth.
        https://research.calvin.edu/german-propaganda-archive/hjhandbuch.htm (Search for the keyword ‘Christian’)

        But still, despite this overwhelming indisputable evidence, there are people who insist Hitler was Christian not just a Christian but a devout Christian.

          The hatred against St.Paul was so prevalent during the Third Reich.
          Here is a sermon from Bishop Buchberger of Regensburg, which highlights the attack against

          Himmler hated St.Paul.
          Rosenberg hated St.Paul.
          Hitler’s mentor Deitrich Eckart too hated St.Paul.
          And finally, Hitler himself hated St.Paul.
          “Though Eckart honored Jesus for focusing on the spiritual world and rejecting Jewish materialism, he did not think that Christianity had followed his spiritual teachings. Eckart spurned many of the central tenets of Christianity, including the physical resurrection of Jesus, and blamed Paul for corrupting Jesus’s pure, spiritual doctrines.” [Dietrich Eckart, “Das Judentum in und ausser uns” (1919), in Dietrich Eckart: ein Vermächtnis, 3rd ed. (Munich: F. Eher Nachf., 1935), 203.]

  41. Christianity has always protected the jews as it is a jewish invention. The doctrine of ‘ christianity’ is keep the goyim poor, dumb and brainwash them to belief in a non Greek/european irrational thinking process to rule over them by the jews.Let them have many children as slaves for the jews and to maintain poverty.
    There is this myth that jews were not permitted to do the jobs goyim christians were allowed to do. According this absurd christian logic ‘ christianity’ allowed the jews to profit by their right to borrow gold and loans to the goyim. Question who gave these jews this gold and money has never investigated. According this absurd christian logic the jews had always the intellectual jobs and the shops and the goyim died of poverty as slaves by the feudal system. According this absurd ‘ christian’ logic the jews played music with their pianos etc and the goyim were dying from hunger ( praying to ‘ jesus’ of course) while the jewish elite hidden by the mask of ‘ christians’ had and still have a good life.
    ‘ christianity’ has always protected their ‘ older brothers’ the jews. They destroyed the roman empire with these influx of oriental slaves to Italy who became brainwashed by this maleficent jewish brainwash tool. And you still think it was in the interest of the real ‘ romans’ to have a ‘ christian’ populace? Where was the place the jews went when they were in Italy? Yes exactly in Rome. Where does the ‘ catholic church’ reside in Italy! Exactly In rome! The jews have always lied!
    ‘ christianity’ is judaism light adapted for the goyim populace as brainwash tool. Of course the jews could have made the goyim all jews but considering their supremacy thinking being jewish is special only for them. Why do you think it is so difficult to become a jew instead of a ‘ christian’??? Judaism is being elite that is what the jews think and must think according the talmud.

  42. People lose sight of what continues to be at stake. As far as I’m concerned, Hitler’s views on Christianity are irrelevant to how he saw his mission, which was in a matter of speaking, to turn back the hands of time by avenging the German defeat in 1918. This meant eliminating the Zionist scourge the Bolsheviks had wrought by defeating the Soviet military ON THE BATTLEFIELD. To nip it in the bud. What exactly is religion in the equation, when the cold, hard facts in this temporal reality we all inhabit demanded that?

    I say this obviously in total rejection of what I see to be the spurious lies stating that Hitler was a “psychopathic mass murderer”, which only echoes the liars perpetrating them.

    The bottom line, whose opportunity has come and gone, is that victory on the physical field of battle WOULD have made for a serious setback of the Zionist agenda by putting a major chink in what served as its military might at the time.

    This is the kind of world we all live in, folks. And whether or not you care to look at it square in the eye with as realistic a gaze possible, as Hitler did, a German victory would have done the whole world a favor.

    P.S. “Skinheads” is a word that could be equated to the Brownshirts of the 1920’s and 30’s only, those who served as temporary “political fodder” for the NS cause. To give them anything close to resembling top billing of what this cause was all about in reflecting current supporters of its essential meaning is disproportionate to their degree of importance

  43. Hitler wasn’t a Christian but the leaders of the Allied countries were Christians, yeah sure. That’s why the “Christian” leaders of the Allies tried real hard to totally destroy the German people after World War One. Maybe Hitler didn’t like Christianity because of the cruelty and viciousness of the Allied “Christian” leaders , how malevolent they were towards the German people.

    To bash Hitler for not being a Christian and [ supposedly ] being duplicitous while ALL the leaders of ALL the Allied countries weren’t Christians either, or Christian in name only, and being EXTREMELY EXTREMELY duplicitous in regards to Christianity , A LOT MORE duplicitous than Hitler ever was, if he really was duplicitous — it’s BULLSHIT to point one’s finger at Hitler and single him out for not being a Christian when none of the other Western leaders were Christian or Christian in name only and none of the Allied leaders gave a damn about Christianity.

    Except for maybe Pius X, I don’t think any of the popes of the 20th century gave a damn about Christianity, speaking of duplicity which of course is unacceptable to us as we clutch our pearls in disapproval of the one leader in the West who tried to over turn the tables of the money changers [ what Jesus encouraged Christians to do ].

    Maybe Hitler wasn’t a Christian but he sure was acting VERY CHRISTIAN when he struggled so hard to over turn the tables of the money changers [ that’s what Jesus did, Jesus over turned the tables of the money changers, read the New Testament ] . In his attempt to over turn the tables of the money changers he was A LOT MORE Christian-like than ALL the other leaders in the West, including the damn popes of The Church, put together.

    Hitler : In his mind Christianity didn’t mean being namby pamby nicey nice and handing one’s homeland and nation over to JEW COMMUNISTS on a silver platter so the jews could destroy his country and genocide his people — in his mind Christianity meant overturning the tables of the money changers and fighting to save his nation, his people from destruction. Unfortunately, Hitler was surrounded by Allied “Christian” leaders who thought Christianity meant advancing mass murdering horrific atheistic GODLESS JEW COMMUNISM. I prefer the way Hitler defined Christianity, “Positive Christianity”.

    In Christianity, in Catholicism and most of the Protestant denominations, there is a thing called “Just War”. “Just War” means war can be morally acceptable and actually a good thing or necessary thing, if justifiable. I can’t think of a more justifiable reason to go to war than to protect your country from destruction and protect your people, your nation, from Genocide — which is what the jews had planned for the Germans — and the jews planned that for the Germans long before Hitler showed up on the scene.

    The first and foremost responsibility of a government, any government, is to protect the country from invasion and take-over by foreigners.

    1. Paul or Saul as he changed his name as the “christians” was and is told never existed like “jesus”, Also invented by the jews. Read the book of Hermann Detering, The fabricated Paul, early christianity in the twilight.

      Summary: In theology and church Paul is regarded as the most important and most reliable historical witness to Jesus and early Christianity. This book nevertheless contradicts the common conception and shows that all the Pauline letters are in fact skillful falsifications from the second century. The author solves the numerous unresolved questions that surround the figure and the writings of Paul until today in convincing and scholarly original ways. At the same time, the reader accompanies him on his breath-taking trip through the mysterious world of Gnosticism and the early Christianities.Numerous individual observations which have not been considered by theologians until now are brought together to produce an entirely new picture of early Christianity. At the end of the book the puzzle of Paul finds a solution that is as amazing as it is illuminating.
      This exciting history of the spuriousness of all the Pauline writings allows the time of earliest Christianity to appear in an entirely new light and invites a critical consideration and new evaluation of presumably certain facts of Christian history.

      Paul another jewish fraud.

      1. @ (((Erica)))

        These Jew-manufactured conspiracy theories are all over the internet. Ten of thousands of non-Jews, born as Christians, have been duped into hating Christianity due to toxic Jews like you helping to circulating these old chestnuts. St Paul, formerly Saul, gets the Big Stick. He is the evil scheming Jew who almost singlehandedly helped to create the poisonous brew known as Christianity.

        How astonishing that this evil religion should deceive the most brilliant minds of the ages — including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Newton, Pascal, Mozart, Beethoven, Mendel, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky — and yet supergeniuses like (((Erica Bloom))) with her Yiddish surname have somehow figured out that Christianity is fake religion invented by her own ancestors (!!!) to lead the stupid goyim astray.

        What a joke.

        Admin doesn’t even bother to delete your comment, knowing it can do no harm, like a lump of spit on the sidewalk.

  44. This is a weird article. I do not understand why it is stuffed with apologies about publishing it. What’s offensive about Hitler’s ideas about religion? Everyone has some. I would suggest n o t to write on a topic one has a secret, frightened alarm about. Stalin had surely his own ideas about religion also, and he was practical about them by closing churches and giving them new uses to make his point of disdain of religion. Would it be possible to write about Stalin’s religious ideas or attitude towards religion without repeated apologies? I do think so. BTW, I believe that around a thousand new churches were built and opened during the time of 1933 -1945 in Germany. That would indicate that Hitler, even if he had his own, apparently quite critical, view of Christianity was not visibly interfering with people’s religious adherence.

  45. Nazis did not believe in the original sin.
    Source: SS Culture – Volume Three: SS Faith
    How do we Germans view the world?

    When a German strolls across a field on a bright summer day or on a white winter night, he looks in reverence at the beauty of the world: Overhead the sky’s blue and the sun’s light, or the army of ever shining stars, or the clouds of dark hunt; all around the ripening fields and wide meadows full of stalks and blooms, or the glistening sea, or the light snowflakes of snow. And when in autumn nights he experiences the whipping sound of rainfall, as the forest struggles with the force of storms or the dunes on the coast with the waves of the sea, he may understand that the world, a place of beauty, is at the same time a field of eternal struggle. The strong man affirms the world as it is.

    Never would be bore in a German heart the idea that the world is nothing by an “earthly valley of woe”. The divine creative force, according to our faith, is too sublime and too rich to create an “earthly valley of woe”.

    The German man who talks a spring walk along forest paths and listens to the pious song of a bird that has built its nest in a tree, in which five young now dream toward life, could never produce the idea the young birds hatched from their eggs burdened with ORIGINAL SIN. However, when listening to the light bird song he feels the joy of nature that proclaims that conception and birth are fulfillment of divine law. Does not a mother of our folk also fulfill the divine law of existence, when she gives the folk children? Never could German parents believe that the joy of fatherhood or motherhood is bound to a curse or a sin. Never could German children enter the world with ORIGINAL SIN!

    1. You need to give proper sources from your quotes.
      No point quoting things and forgetting to include links.

        1. Thanks, but can’t you use ONE user name and stick to it?
          (That is, if you are using multiple pen names).
          No point doing this and it’s against our Rules.

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