I was an expert witness against a teacher who taught students to question the Holocaust

How a Holocaust denying teacher was stopped
from teaching his pupils to question the Holocaust

By Jo Adetunji
The Conversation
via the David Irving site

Six million Jews dies in gas chambers during WWII; this is an article of faith that must on no account be doubted. When history teacher Mr Ali tried to get his pupils to  question this orthodoxy and consider an alternative viewpoint, sparks began to fly and a Jewish expert on the Holocaust  was called  in by the school district authorities to launch an investigation.

When I first set out to research how the Holocaust was being depicted in textbooks in New Jersey’s public schools, my hope was to see what students were being taught about the systematic state-sponsored killing of 6 million Jewish men, women and and children.

I never imagined that my work would lead me to serve as a witness against a history teacher who encouraged his students to question whether the Holocaust had ever taken place at all.

The case – known as Jason Mostafa Ali v. Woodbridge Township School District – represents a rare look inside the mind of what I see as a modern day Holocaust denier. In some ways, the case is reminiscent of Irving v. Penguin and Lipstadt – a Holocaust denial case famously portrayed in the 2016 movie “Denial” and written about in a book of the same name.

In that case, Emory University history professor Deborah Lipstadt was sued for libel in a London court by author David Irving, a well-known writer about WWII. Irving filed the libel suit after Lipstadt wrote a book called “Denying the Holocaust,” in which she called Irving “one of the most dangerous spokespersons for Holocaust denial.


A British court ultimately tossed out Irving’s suit, finding that he had “persistently and deliberately misrepresented and manipulated historical evidence” in order to portray Hitler in “unwarrantedly favourable light.”

Author David Irving claimed that Deborah Lipstadt, professor of modern Jewish history and Holocaust studies at Emory University in Atlanta, had alleged in a 1994 book that he denied the Holocaust.  Now here I was some two decades later, being called upon to serve as a witness against a schoolteacher trying to get his job back after being fired for doing essentially the same thing.

My grandparents were Holocaust survivors. I have also spent the past four years interviewing children and other grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. My work shows how deeply members of the second and third generations feel the impact of the Holocaust in their lives. Many often feel like they carry the trauma that parents and grandparents experienced. I had to work to keep my emotions in check and focus on the business at hand.

Denial makes news

My involvement in the case against Mr. Ali began in November 2017 when I got a phone call from a lawyer who was representing the Woodbridge Township School District. I had sent an email earlier in the year to the district about my study of how textbooks portray the Holocaust and officials there remembered my note.

“All I know is that when it comes to what Mr. Ali either let or encouraged his students to believe when it comes to Hitler and the Holocaust, his lessons weren’t just wrong, they were dangerous.”

Woodbridge officials had fired Mr. Ali, who was teaching students to question the Holocaust and who was also pushing 9/11 conspiracy theories. Mr. Ali was now suing the district for illegally firing him over his race and religion.

Mr. Ali had first made headlines in September 2016 after a news station discovered several 9/11 conspiracy links on his school webpage.

After speaking with the Woodbridge district lawyer, I was sent several hundred pages of depositions, student work and lesson plans to review. I was also asked if I would serve as an expert witness in the case.

One particularly memorable student paper in the documents was called “A Gas Chamber Full of Lies.”

“We have all been taught that the Holocaust was a time of hate, and that Hitler used the gifts he possessed for absolute evil, but is that really the case? … Is the death of the Jews completely justified? No, because nobody deserves to die, regardless what they’ve done. But are their deaths really completely unjustified either?” read an excerpt.

Another student stated that the Jews imprisoned in concentration camps “had a much easier and more enjoyable life in the camps” and that “even though they were not at home, they felt like they were.”

A picture taken just after the liberation by the Soviet army in January 1945 shows a group of children wearing concentration camp uniforms behind barbed wire fencing in the Oswiecim (Auschwitz) Nazi concentration camp. AP
Mr. Ali’s pedagogical folly was not limited to the Holocaust. He also shared links to stories that asserted that 9/11 was a conspiracy between the CIA and Mossad. The stories had headlines like “The Jews are like a cancer, woe to the world if they become strong.”

Confronted with this evidence, I decided to serve as an expert witness in the case.

Taking on a ‘content specialist’

In a report to the court, I pointed out how – during a deposition – Mr. Ali made numerous factual errors and had a lack of knowledge about the Second World War and the Holocaust.

Mr. Ali did not know basic facts, such as the name of General Erwin Rommel, one of the most prominent German generals of the war. He also was ignorant of Elie Wiesel or Wiesel’s classic book “Night,” perhaps the best-known account of the Holocaust by an Auschwitz survivor.

These giant gaps in basic factual knowledge, I told the court, came along with what I described as a “worrisome awareness of arcane, conspiracy-related details, a classic case of losing the forest for the trees in historical terms.”

“By allowing his students to investigate assertions, myths, and logical fallacies as if they are real, Mr. Ali created the space for denial to grow,” I wrote in my report. “This allows the idea of ‘maybe there is more to this than I was told’ to bloom.”

Where free speech stops

In Mr. Ali’s case, he alleged – among other things – that he had a First Amendment right to share materials that he saw fit.

When he was asked whether he taught his students to “question the facts as to whether Hitler chose to brutally abuse, take advantage, starve and murder Jews for absolutely no reason at all,” Mr. Ali responded that he taught his students to “question everything.” And when he was asked if he encouraged his students to “come to different views than the traditional understanding of what World War II and the Holocaust and Hitler were about,” he stated: “Yeah, it’s called debate.”

But United States District Judge Madeline Cox Arleo disagreed. She ruled that the school district, not the classroom teacher, “has the ultimate right to decide what will be taught in the classroom.” Except for a procedural matter unrelated to his teaching, she tossed out the various claims in Mr. Ali’s lawsuit, saying that he failed to show he was fired for anything other than the reasons given by the school district – not his race or his religion like he claimed.

Mr. Ali is not done with this fight. Even though a judge tossed out his lawsuit, on May 28 he filed an appeal, court records show.

The Conversation reached out to Mr. Ali and his attorney, Nicholas Pompelio, but did not get a response.

I don’t doubt that Mr. Ali has a story to tell. I can’t speak to his claims that he was subjected to an “anti-Muslim attitude” at work, or that the school district didn’t seem to have a problem with his 9/11 conspiracy theory lessons until a TV station started reporting about it.

All I know is that when it comes to what Mr. Ali either let or encouraged his students to believe when it comes to Hitler and the Holocaust, his lessons weren’t just wrong, they were dangerous.




22 thoughts to “I was an expert witness against a teacher who taught students to question the Holocaust”

  1. A typical Jewish free speech for me but not for thee case.
    Yes, the truth about the Holocaust and 9/11 are “dangerous” for the Jewish psychological grip on humanity. They don’t want any debate, they want obedient indoctrination.
    We have seen this before in the Jewish dominated Soviet Union. Ultimately, this will lead to the gulags, literally or metaphorically.

  2. “Mr. Ali did not know basic facts, such as the name of General Erwin Rommel, one of the most prominent German generals of the war.”

    That did it!! Kill him!! That DEFINITELY proved that Ali knew nothing at all about the physical impossibility of BURNING 6,000,000 jews…. in bread baking ovens…. which, even if possible, would have taken more than 20 years to accomplish…. and wasted great amounts of fuel which was in short supply….. to get the ovens to 3,000 degrees.

    I’ll bet Ali saw the pictures of piles of jews’ bodies being tossed into the deep burial pits, and mused, “I thought they were baked to ashes in a few bread ovens?”


    1. @ Pat

      Well said, Pat! The Jew who penned this article is obviously not a very smart cookie. 🙂

      Remember he could be making it up about Ali never having heard of Rommel. As he could be making it up that Ali had never heard of Elie Wiesel. He could be fabricating this.

      If these allegations are true, however, Ali is bringing Holocaust revisionism into disrepute by showing his enormous ignorance. I mean, if Ali hasn’t heard of Elie Wiesel, what the hell does he know? He’s not even fit to write comments on this website! 🙂

      Is he really fit to rank among the great revisionist thinkers like Robert Faurisson?

  3. The Chosenite Lilliputians are still at it again, busy tying Gulliver down. Now with Holocaustianity. Never learned anything from History. Hence making their history always to repeat itself.

    Always doing the same thing over and over again. Harassing Gulliver and getting a whammy and a double whammy, and then a Triple whammy. Yet learning Nothing !!

    Lesson learned, if you care: “Never take a fight with Logos” He will make you a joke. Watch this space.

  4. “The ovens.” An image springs to mind. Me as a young boy asking my father exactly that. What about those ovens dad? Did you see ‘the ovens’ with burned bodies and and bones and ashes!? Fifty-some years later that image and the message remains the same. Those unforgettable precision green eyes forever an anchor to the past. When he looked at you a certain way as a boy it was difficult to even stammer the truth much less any baloney. Yes, those green eyes..

    Still, youth being unrelenting I’d press on with my questions and interrogations numb to my selfishness, numb to anything but curiosity and innate need to know. Hindsight is also a second cousin to the subconscious and is also a terrible thing. But back to the story and the moral.

    My father said yes there were ovens. Yes there were burnt bodies and bones and ashes in those camps. The same thing you’d expect to find at any medical facility anywhere in the world, war or peace, with a need for disposal of diseased and contaminated materials by burning and yes that means dead bodies. Common sense, Home. That’s what he said,
    I believed him then and I believe him now.
    (among other things)

    1. Homer, my good friend, you should know, since more educated today, that the KITCHENS (messes) in the camps in WWII were NOT akin to “any medical facility anywhere in the world, war or peace…”

      Germany was in a “fuel emergency” then, and burials consumed only ‘elbow grease’ of the workers. And it would have taken many complete forests to burn 6 million bodies in ‘bread’ ovens, if wood were the fuel. The cold camps were EVEN burning the wood from their housing structures just to stay warm in the winter due to wood shortage.

      Also…. Oil and coal could not be wasted on bodies:
      “Germany could not import oil from overseas in wartime due to the threat of blockade, while accumulating large stockpiles was impossible because of its shortage of foreign exchange. The Third Reich based its oil supply on petroleum synthesized from coal, limited domestic crude oil production, and imports from Romania.”

      The Future Strategy report predicted “Germany’s oil stocks might be exhausted–and Germany’s situation disastrous–by June 1941.


      1. Pat, I wasn’t referring to kitchens or any mass disposals rather the actual medical facilities which all camps had. Where during war or peace hospitals and other medical facilities disposed of diseased contaminated material. Gas ovens were used routinely. When no gas or gasoline or coal then come the bonfires, pits, lye, etc. This shows ovens used for bona fide medical reasons. He said there were usually a couple at the smaller facilities and he also once saw six or eight lined up at a larger camp. When they were last used due to shortages and duress is unknown but they were there and yes they did see remains in some of them.

        At the end everything was a mess and most all the skilled able people were gone. The combat soldiers at that time (intelligence aside) weren’t yet conditioned with gas chambers, Zykclon, ovens, Hollocost blarney but had seen and were still seeing death, misery and destruction. They weren’t actually looking for the unbelievable. Mostly just looking out for their hides..

        1. I understand , Homer.

          More to the point: Burning 6 million bodies…. producing a HOLOCAUST in bread ovens…. would have taken decades…. and used too much fuel. We both know that dissolving them in tons of lye or lime would not produce any ‘holocaust’ at all. Shortages in all items were prevalent.

  5. I do not know best the “Jews” came out of the Holocaust, why they have to burn a red heifer in the 3rd Jewish temple …

    Humanity is in the grip of a cruel Satanic cult whose power is so great that it can wage a secret war against humanity unnoticed. Even when their plot is exposed, they can convince everyone that believing in it is racist, bigoted, and in bad taste.
    Western society is morally bankrupt. This extensive cult network controls politics, information and culture. Most leaders are naïve or traitors. Intelligence has been bribed while the audience is dispersed and lives in a fool’s paradise.
    Like most nations and religions, the Jews have been subversive from within. The Zionists are pawns of the Sabbateans who used the “holocaust” to design the creation of Israel. Millions of Jews were “sacrificed” to create Sabatean Homeland, the “burnt offering” to Satan, the capital of their New World Order.
    God gave man Life: A miracle full of inborn Beauty and Meaning. He has given us everything we need to develop according to his Plan.
    But people who believe that unlimited power and wealth are better than infinite love have kidnapped humanity. They want to prevent our Divine Meeting and instead bury us in permanent infantilism. This is the true meaning of our politics and our time”
    henry makov

  6. (ADMIN: Comment rescued from Spam.)

    Been lurking here for a long while now, and my favorite topic popped up once again.

    I would have made a number of comments in the past, but fear I am wallowing in the mires of intellectual mediocrity as compared to 90% of the people commenting here. Please be nice to me. My grammar sucks, as does my punctuation. I get it. Beat me up if you must.

    I believe there is only one truth, and all else as far as history is concerned, is revisionism. Therefore I believe the holocaust is history revisionism, not the denial of it.

    I’ve read the most tragic part of the holocaust is, that it didn’t happen. Considering what is going on today, and knowing exactly (((who))) is behind every degenerate and destructive act or laws that are destroying western civilization as we know it, I would have to agree with that assertion.

    Points to ponder;

    Eisenhower, DeGaulle and Churchill collectively wrote over 7,000 pages of memoirs, dossiers and diaries about WWII, and not a single word about the wholesale massacre of jews. Not one word. These 3 were credible sources no?

    The Britts at Bletchley Park cracked the Enigma code early in the war, again, not a single intercept of the wholesale slaughter of jews. Not one word. If there were intercepts of such, they would still be front page news on the rags that dare to call themselves “Newspapers”.
    (Swindlers List anyone?)

    The advancing (on Berlin) Allies liberated a mere dozen so called death camps and again, not a single homicidal gas chamber was found by the allies. In fact, every single “Death Camp” with a “homicidal gas chamber”, (even if it had to be constructed after the war), was liberated by the advancing Bolshevik (((jew))) Red army. Funny that.

    We keep hearing of Joseph Goebbels, but what about Ilya Ehrenburg? What this psychopath murderer jew did, made Goebbels look like a boy scout. I won’t bother listing the heinous atrocities he advocated. Look it up if you have the stomach for that sort of thing.

    The Bolshevik Revolution was a jew d’ etat, not a Russian uprising.
    Out of 545 top civil servant positions, 477 were jews.
    Out of the top 131 political positions, 90 were jews.

    Considering jews barely accounted for 4.5% of the Russian population, I would not have a hard time believing it was a coup d’etat (jew d’etat). These murderous jews went on to slaughter 65 million Russians and Christians without a shred of remorse. As Solzhenitsyn said; “The fact that the world is uncaring or totally ignorant of these facts, is proof that global media is in the hands of the perpetrators”. (so …go get vaxxed ASAP)

    I also believe this is why they fabricated the holocaust, to hide their own atrocities. The age old “Blame your crimes on your victims first” thing that jews are so good at.

    I’ll wrap up my rant with a final note.

    During the 1983/4 trial of Ernst Zundel in Toronto, Canada, a Star witness for the jews got his lies (and his a$$) shredded by Zundel’s lawyer. In fact, he was so discredited (to put it nicely) that he refused to take part in the 1987 trial of Zundel.

    But he did comment; “There was no budget, no planning or any organization, written or otherwise (for the holocaust by Germans/Hitler) but the Germans DID communicate these plans telepathically to each other”.

    I’m Bill Needle, good nite!

    1. @ KURVAZSIDO.
      I agree with much of what you opine. There is ABSOLUTELY no reason to muzzle voices of dissent on the subject of the so-called holocaust, unless there is a more sinister agenda yet to be executed.

      If they succeed muzzling the masses on the subject of holocaust( just as they have on the subject of 9/11) they will use the same power to throttle and choke the world into total silence which means total tyranny!

      You state that “I also believe this is why they fabricated the holocaust, to hide their own atrocities.” It is the truth. Evidence is on the fact that Communist /Zionism/ Messianic Idea Of Judaism which was responsible for World War1 & 2, has for the last 100 years killed hundreds of millions.

      But even today, Communism is idealized as still an authentic and considerably better alternative ideology for “ A Better World” Can you imagine that?!

  7. If ovens were used to burn six million Jews , then how come leaders like Dwight EIsenhower , CHARLES DE GAULLE, AND WINSTON CHURCHILL , never talked about that in their memoirs ? Or did they .

  8. “Elie Wiesel or Wiesel’s classic book “Night,” perhaps the best-known account of the Holocaust by an Auschwitz survivor.”

    For both enlightenment and entertainment on “Bullschwitz” (the writer has a witty style), see

    “Mr. Ali created the space for denial to grow,” I wrote in my report. “This allows the idea of ‘maybe there is more to this than I was told’ to bloom.”

    Heaven forbid there could ever be anything more than what we are told about not only WWII, but anything! That’s scary! And it sounds like an anti-semitic conspiracy!

    “The Jew cries out in pain while he is striking you.” (Old Polish Proverb)

  9. Technically speaking Herr Hitler beat Her Schindler. The Havarah agreement saw Hitlers Party immigrated wilfully 700000 Jews. Why is He not praised by Zionists at Yad Vashem? Everyone knows Jews in Germany were in two camps: Zionist who wanted to migrate and Communist Jews who liked living in the promise land. History that cannot be reviewed is no longer history but dogma. So Sorry. Holomoor or Holdomoor is open for all free thinkers. Lets ask who was behind Holomoor. 10 000 000 died or was that 12000000. bkkr Tov.

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