Innocent Man Locked in Mental Facility, Forcibly Drugged for YEARS Because No One Cared to ID Him

America is now becoming a Kafkaesque country where the cops are throwing innocent people in jail without even bothering to check who they are. 

By Matt Agorist
The Free Thought Project
August 6, 2021

Every time Joshua Spriestersbach (pictured) tried telling the doctors, nurses, and staff at a state hospital in Hawaii that they had the wrong man, no one listened and his protests were answered with drugs. After nearly three years, the blithering idiots running the hospital finally figured out their blunder and instead of fixing their mistake, they covered it up by quietly kicking Spriestersbach out on the street with only 50 cents to his name.

The Hawaii Innocence project is now representing Spriesterbach and this week they asked the court to correct this innocent man’s life. The filing by the Innocence Project explains how the state was looking for a man named Thomas Castleberry and grabbed the first person they saw instead, Spriesterbach.

According to the report, at the time, Spriesterbach was homeless and hungry and was waiting in a food line in 2017 outside of a Honolulu shelter. The line was long and he fell asleep only to be roused awake by a cop who was arresting him. Spriesterbach though he was being arrested for breaking the city’s ordinance of laying down on the sidewalk but he was sorely mistaken.

That officer falsely claimed that Spriesterbach was Thomas Castleberry, who had a warrant out for his arrest for violating probation in a 2006 drug case. Spriesterbach and Castleberry had never met, yet police and every official involved with Spriesterbach’s wrongful kidnapping claimed he was Castleberry.

According to the Innocence Project, the incompetence of the police and hospital officials reached utterly criminal levels as all they needed to do to figure out that Spriesterbach was not Castleberry was to compare fingerprints or photographs — but none of that was done.

They insisted that Mr Spriesterbach (left) was Mr Castleberry (right)
without even bothering to compare their fingerprints or photos.

Instead, officials claimed Spriesterbach was insane for telling the state they had the wrong guy and he was committed to a state mental facility in Hawaii.

“Yet, the more Mr. Spriestersbach vocalized his innocence by asserting that he is not Mr. Castleberry, the more he was declared delusional and psychotic by the H.S.H. staff and doctors and heavily medicated,” the petition said. “It was understandable that Mr. Spriestersbach was in an agitated state when he was being wrongfully incarcerated for Mr. Castleberry’s crime and despite his continual denial of being Mr. Castleberry and providing all of his relevant identification and places where he was located during Mr. Castleberry’s court appearances, no one would believe him or take any meaningful steps to verify his identity and determine that what Mr. Spriestersbach was telling the truth — he was not Mr. Castleberry.”

The incompetence along the way was systemic. Even his public defenders chose to ignore him instead of simply running his fingerprints or looking at a photo.

Luckily, after spending nearly three years being drugged in a cage, Spriesterbach crossed paths with a competent psychiatrist who finally listened to him. According to the Innocence Project, all it took was a simple Google search to verify Spriesterbach’s identity.

The psychiatrist then called a detective to come to the hospital and the detective easily verified Spriesterbach’s fingerprints and photograph to determine the wrong man had been arrested and Spriestersbach spent two years and eight months institutionalized, the petition said. Even more insidious is the fact that at the time police arrested Spriesterbach — claiming he was Castleberry — Castleberry was already in jail, and had been there since 2016.

Instead of apologizing immensely to the man they had forcibly drugged and caged for nearly three years, officials moved secretly to cover up their incompetence. They held a secret meeting and decided to dump Spriesterbach out on the street with nothing to his name, betting on the fact that no one would believe him.

“A secret meeting was held with all of the parties, except Mr. Spriestersbach, present. There is no court record of this meeting or no public court record of this meeting. No entry or order reflects this miscarriage of justice that occurred or a finding that Mr. Spriestersbach is not Thomas Castleberry,” the court document said.

Police, the state public defender’s office, the state attorney general and the hospital “share in the blame for this gross miscarriage of justice,” the petition said.

After the hospital dumped him out on the streets again, Spriesterbach ended up in a homeless shelter who contacted his family.

Spriesterbach now lives with his sister in Vermont and is extremely shaken.

“Part of what they used against him was his own argument: `I’m not Thomas Castleberry. I didn’t commit these crimes. … This isn’t me,”‘ his sister, Vedanta Griffith, told The Associated Press, noting that she had spent nearly two decades searching for her brother. “So they used that as saying he was delusional, as justification for keeping him.”

“And then when light is shown on it, what do they do? They don’t even put it on the record. They don’t make it part of the case,” Griffith said. “And then they don’t come to him and say, `We are so sorry’ or, how about even `Gee, this wasn’t you. You were right all along.”‘

According to Griffith, Spriestersbach now refuses to leave his sister’s 10-acre property.

“He’s so afraid that they’re going to take him again,” she said.

This is not some simple mistake, this is gross incompetence of a callous system, with everyone along the way refusing to do their taxpayer-funded jobs.

Instead of simply running a man’s fingerprints or looking in their system for a photo, they chose to lock him away and forcibly drug him for years. This is not some case of a bad apple framing an innocent man. This was the entire system — that constantly demands our trust and forces us to obey it — who couldn’t have cared less about kidnapping, caging, and drugging an innocent human being before discarding him like a piece of garbage.


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  1. Unfortunately, with this Corvid thing increasingly polarizing the society, with people now being made to fear each other, adding the breakdown of the society, homes, destruction of faiths, such nightmares will slowly continue to be frequent.

    This case came up to the light by accident. who knows how many such cases there are? Who knows the number of people suffering alone in some clammed up dingy in the cities? Who know the number of Old people for example dying alone in their homes?

    Yet, opening up to strangers exposes you to unknown dangers. Shutting up and minding your own business reduces you to a voiceless faceless entity, in a sea of faces in the deafening cities. What as sorry world we are creating!

    Be kind to those you meet. You may never know the great good it does them, really.

    1. @ Bigfoot

      “Be kind to those you meet. You may never know the great good it does them, really.”

      That’s for sure. No act of kindness is ever wasted. Plato’s wise words should be borne in mind: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

      1. There is little merit, however, in being kind only to those who love you. Being kind to those who hate you, that’s the real test!
        Few succeed in getting to the top of that tall mountain.

      2. Plato was wise but on the other hand, “no good deed goes unpunished”. Keep that in mind when you’re kind to a stranger. Your kindness may not be reciprocated. You may even get punished for having been kind. I’m not saying I like that. I’m just saying that’s the kind of world we live in. I’m not advising anyone to not be kind. Be kind, just don’t expect to be treated decently just because you’re a kind person. For example, I was kind to everyone when I first came to Darkmoon, friendly, easy-going, polite, courteous, cooperative, very kind to everyone, in return I was treated very shabbily [ to put it mildly ] . In other words I was punished for being kind. So it’s been my experience that “no good deed goes unpunished” is TRUE.

        Fortunately, my Ego is SECURE and the punishments I experience don’t have any impact on my INNER BEING. The low IQ neanderthals who attack me, I feel sorry for them. But I can’t be kind to them for “kind” means being of the same kind and I’m not a Neanderthal like they are, but I do feel sorry for them because they’re so lacking in basic thinking skills. One feels sad for them. One is not heartless, not even after having been punished for years and years by them because Neanderthals don’t have the capacity for civilized behavior and everything is all about emotion. Mostly negative emotions being emotted, on rare occasion a positive emotion is expressed, but very rarely. LOGICAL thinking seems to be foreign to them. They behave in such a way one gets the impression that they actually see LOGIC as being an ENEMY to them. Kindness they punish and LOGICAL thinkers they punish. One can only speculate as to why, their ability to communicate being severely limited, they’re not mentally able to explain why they do things, why they think the way they do, why they have the emotions they have. Their culture, if you wish to call it that, is still in an inchoate stage. One strives to study them objectively. Now I know what the expression “White man’s burden” means. I can understand the expression on a much deeper level now, after so many years at Darkmoon.

        Being at Darkmoon, it’s like being an anthropologist studying a very primitive tribe of cave people in Borneo or the Amazon or the Congo, someplace like that. Personally, I always liked anthropology. It’s a fun subject. 🤓

        1. @ TROJ

          This is exceptionally well written: using a vocabulary, punctuation, and paragraph structure 100% different from the style of TheRealOriginalJoe. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is TROJ on “one of his good days”.

          No, to me this is clear evidence that TROJ is part of a TEAM of writers — a team of Jewish trolls who are taking it IN TURNS to write under the umbrella of the name “TheRealOriginalJoe”. There’s absolutely no way the TROJ of the Spamblinka comments could have written this.

          This is someone else.

          1. Whoever it is – and I would guess it’s TROJ “raising the bar” a little – seems to be describing the likes of MB and her camp-followers – illogical, incohate, emotional etc – to a ‘T’ ! 😂

        2. Troj,
          You’re the ultimate hypocrite. Donaldo countless times invited YOU into his 🏠 with boundless hospitality. His generosity was unparalleled. He even awarded you a luxurious beach ⛱️ home as an amigo. But at the end of the day, you betrayed him spitting in his face without one OUNCE of remorce. So please TROJ, spare us Darkmooners your 🐊 tears. BTW…. Madame and Donaldo have reconciled and are together now. She is a WONDERFUL cook and lover. But most important is here terrifying intellect. She, in a recent post, by means of her international and underworld contacts, has exposed you as the liar, fake, fraud and betrayer which you ARE. Anyway…..BASTA…..enough. Buenas noches. 🌛🌜🤠

      3. @ SISTER MONICA


        @ SAKI
        You say; “Being kind to those who hate you, that’s the real test!”
        I agree. But, being kind to those who hate you is being best to yourself. Hate is a terrible weight to carry around. And since there is so much to be angry about in the world, you really do not want to help your enemies carry the weight of hate. Kindness to those that hate it is vaccinating yourself against the virus of bitterness. Of course its not easy. But try it. You will be amazed at the relief of it all. Its giving back your enemies the weight of hate and telling them, “Thanks……but no, thanks”

    2. Bigfoot, your comment brings to mind a few times I have dared to quote someone other than Miles Mathis (!) and Jim Stone (!) — jus’ kiddin’, folks! DON’T GET ALL RILED UP JUST YET — and made a case for “Love your enemies”, which does not seem too far removed from being kind to whomever you meet. A certain contingent over at Rixon Stewart’s shop (The Truthseeker) and a not-so-silent majority at Josh’s Cutting Through the Fog, a hang-out for sycophants of Miles Mathis, really do not like that saying or its sentiment. The latter seemed stoked to RESIST, an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. AND, if there’s a single individual on this planet who is neither a Jew or nor a crypto-Jew or a “Christian”, it’s Miles!

      Yogi Bhajan, another quotable fellow I like, suggested that one love everyone and trust no one. A Rev. Earl (“I was St. Paul”) Blighton of The Holy Order of MANS authored a book entitled “The Golden Force” in which LOVE is key. Turns out, LOVE is not “the force”, LOVE is the channel through which Power moves.

      My point: We lack an “owner/operator manual” for our vehicle, the physical one in which we got born into this world; the mental one (call it “our use of Mind”, about which virtually all are ignorant and ho-hum [meh]); and the spiritual one, in which, like it not, we appear very likely to go off once we let go and go on, good souls us all, for there is no other kind but good.

      So HUMANKIND — be both!

      1. @ ALAN DONELSON

        Yogi Bhajan is right. I used to have issues with the Biblical exhortation of “Love” which I mistook to also mean “Trust”

        The Bible actually warns against trusting ANY man. In the Old Testament, the Scriptures warn; “Yahweh says this; “A curse on any man who puts his trust in man, who relies on things of flesh, whose heart turns away from Yahweh. He is like a dry shrub in the wasteland, if good comes, he has no eyes for it. He settles in patched places in the wilderness, a salt land, uninhabited” Jeremiah 17: 5-6

        Then in the New Testament, we read;

        “But Jesus would not entrust himself to them, for he knew all Men: John 2;24

        So, evidently, Trust, and Love are totally different. Trust, is surrender. It is surrendering your dignity, integrity, intelligence, resources, etc, to people who are Fallible, and then, when they make mistakes, you are surprised! Trust at your own risk!
        However, love is extending grace. You can afford to extend grace even if it is not accepted, or appreciated. Kindness is extending grace. But surrendering yourself to men, is stupid. The Motto is;

        “Love everybody. Trust No one”! And that includes, your governments

      2. @ Alan Donelson

        Re Miles Matheson and Jim Stone

        Please understand that this site has no objections whatever to any mention by you of Miles Matheson and Jim stone. Feel free to sing their praises whenever and as often as you wish! Since we do not censor posts praising Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Genghis Khan, why on earth would we object to someone praising Miles Matheson and Jim Stone? 🙂

        1. Sister Monica, unless you have secret input from MI6, the CIA, or other occult source, I do believe the man goes by Miles Williams Mathis. A link for your fact checker: Thank you, and GOD bless!

          Also, let me take this meta-opportunity to give my regards to Lucy Skipping! Penultimately, she lambasted me over at The Truthseeker (UK). I saw her back in action there the other day defending the honor of BOTH Lasha and Rixon! Busy lady.

          Good to see you have your pitbull(s) on guard, despite what I understand judgments about “silly” commenters and contributors. No offense! And, no offense taken.

          1. @ Alan Donelson

            Not sure what you are saying, Alan, except to point out that Lucy Skipping is not part of Admin and her views do not necessarily coincide with the views of her sister Lasha. Still less with my views or the views of Sister Monica. She speaks as an independent operator, often without Lasha’s prior knowledge or approval. In fact, she can be an embarrassment!

            Unlike Lasha, who is aloof and distant, Lucy can be a bit strident and in-your-face. She is young and hotblooded and needs to put a curb on her tongue. In short, a bit of a firebrand. In this (*SIGH*), she takes after her Uncle Toby. 🙂

            I can only repeat, Alan, that you are quite welcome to put in a good word for Miles Matheson and Jim Stone on this website, since you think so highly of them. Our current attitude to both these men is strictly neutral (50/50), neither for nor against. Hope this clarifies matters and settles any past misunderstandings. Cheers!

  2. Florida does this all the time. I know several who have been “Baker Acted” over the last few decades.


    The Florida Mental Health Act of 1971 (Florida Statute 394.451-394.47891[1] [2009 rev.]), commonly known as the “Baker Act,” allows the involuntary institutionalization and examination of an individual.

    The Baker Act allows for involuntary examination (what some call emergency or involuntary commitment), which can be initiated by judges, law enforcement officials, physicians, or mental health professionals. There must be evidence that the person:

    –possibly has a mental illness.
    –is in danger of becoming a harm to self, harm to others, or is self neglectful.

    Both of these are defined in the Baker Act.

    Examinations may last up to 72 hours after a person is deemed medically stable and occur in over 100 Florida Department of Children and Families-designated receiving facilities statewide.

    There are many possible outcomes following examination of the patient. These include the release of the individual to the community (or other community placement), a petition for involuntary inpatient placement (often called civil commitment), involuntary outpatient placement (what some call outpatient commitment or assisted treatment orders), or voluntary treatment (if the person is competent to consent to voluntary treatment and consents to voluntary treatment).

    The involuntary outpatient placement language in the Baker Act took effect as part of the Baker Act reform in 2005.


    The burning question: Did this happen to TROJ??? 🙂

    1. No. TROJ is at Chatahoochee for special observation. The nut house in Millegeville, Georgia had all they could stand, so he was evicted from there. He wandered down south, and was found dumpster diving behind a Kentucky Fried Chicken, where he was making a racket trying to call-up the dead roosters.

    2. Nice “cut ‘n paste” job Pat…

      However… any chance of just going back to providing links to save us having to scroll through the clutter? 🙄

      1. I enjoy reading Pat’s comments. They are most informative. Always lively and interesting, giving much food for thought.

        I’m surprised you don’t appreciate Pat’s genius more. But then, I guess it’s a question of pearls before swine.

        TIA! 🙂

      2. “Erruuuum”…. Thanks, R!!!

        Thanks for the free advertisement once AGAIN… STILL!!!.

        WOW!!! You need more study on VERY VERY basic computer terminology. 💥😜 Your IGNORANCE is GLARING!! I ‘copy and paste’….. I “CUT” nothing.

        My ‘copy and paste’ pales in comparison to your hero…. Yukon Jack. You always praise his 500+ word comments when they contain numerous links, sometimes 10 or more. You are a hypocrite!!

        Bottom line…… You are losing in your attempts to change my style here. But, you keep me very relevant. THANKS!!

        GOOD JOB!! 💥 👍 👍

        BTW – Can you add anyting to the topic???? HMMM?? 😎

        1. Congratulations Pat – you caught it!

          You see, I PURPOSELY left that little tidbit on the plate for you… fully expecting you’d make a meal out of it!

          As an added bonus, it even enticed MB to scurry out of the skirting-board – Surprise! Surprise! – to join in the feeding-frenzy! 😄

          To use a phrase you might be familiar with: Mission Accomplished! 😎

  3. A bureaucrat anomaly. As horrid as the county jails and prisons can be and are here in America, this incident is comparable to the ‘people starving in America’ meme which although true in a minuscule number of incidents almost always perpetrated by mentally ill individuals upon family members, usually children, there are no ‘people starving right here in America’ due to bureaucrat maliciousness or lack of food. If there were you can bet CNN and Co. would be there recording right up to the starving person’s last breath and this for propaganda reasons alone. When was the last time anyone saw skin and bones Ethiopian types wasting away with flies swarming right here in America? Yeah, never.

    Not saying of course cruel and unusually sadistic acts do not occur as SOP within the Bureaucrat Plague pseudo-justice system because they routinely do. Not only in America but pretty much everywhere else. Solitary Confinement and most especially Extended Solitary Confinement springs to mind. Torture by any other name. So too uninformed medical experiments and the psychiatric mish-mash systems of diagnosis and treatments.

    This incident, though obviously devastating to the man involved and a testament to the sometime failures inherent in an overwhelming bureaucracy is not the norm or anything even close to it. It is though the epitome of sensationalism poorly disguised as journalism.

    Man bites dog stuff more akin to the National Enquirer than Kafka..

    1. Involuntary incarcerations for mental heath reasons are happening more than you might guess, HP….. even to innocent children!!

      The number of children who are taken for involuntary psychiatric evaluations in Florida increases every year. This tells….. how the state’s Baker Act affects children!!

      Each day in Florida, about 100 kids are involuntarily committed for psychiatric exams under the state’s Baker Act.

      The law was not designed for children, yet over the past few years, the number of minors taken for mental health evaluations has increased.

      The issue is drawing more scrutiny from child advocates and lawmakers. But solutions to the problem aren’t easy. The reasons why children are committed are often complex. What happens when the state decides to commit a child?

      —36,000 Florida Kids Baker Acted—

      Each year in Florida, 36,000 children are committed under the Baker Act. Many are taken away in the back of police cars. Parents get little say in what happens to their child, though they’re supposed to under state law. And in many cases, the experience does more harm than good. The Baker Act doesn’t distinguish between kids and adults and it wasn’t designed with children in mind. Yet, they make up the fastest growing group of people sent for involuntary psychiatric evaluation, and their numbers have doubled since the state first started tracking commitments under the Baker Act in 1997.

      1. Pat, the initial key is the 72 hours. Those held for months or even years are by comparison relatively rare and overwhelmingly cases where seemingly extreme measures are merited. These days the average bear is more or less borderline neurotic/psychotic, ready to act-out or flip-out or chimp-out on a moments notice or no notice at all over even relatively minor ‘events’ whether real or imagined. Even the highly educated above average in intelligence commenters here often offer such examples. Sometimes I wonder if they were to meet face to face would weapons be drawn!
        Such are the egg shell times..

        I’ve known this 72 hour confinement to happen to more than one person who was confined for observation within this time frame and even beyond due to alcohol/drug induced episodes. Bona fide neuroses and even the not so rare anymore violent psychosis. But even the most extreme cases (suicide attempts/aggravated assault) did not involve cruel and unusual lengths of time in confinement and at least to my mind seemed case by case appropriate.

        You do bring up a truly serious matter with the children though. The least among us always seem to bear the brunt of the worst of the bureaucrat plague’s good and bad intentions. Even as children today are in reality not the same as when we were children. Many are disturbed far beyond their years. Horrible happenstances of our cruel and unusual cat and dog societies of cheaters and cheated.

        Extended solitary confinement though is a whole nother ball game. Thirty days in the hole is enough to drive a person mad or madder, relative speaking.

        “Shaking it here boss”

        1. “Cool Hand”…… and me too!

          I acted up so much in grade school, being bored after attending Catholic first grade, and having already learned most of the subjects, I would have been thrown UNDER the asylum!! 🙂

          Back then…. what is today’s ADD/ADHD…. was just boys being boys who were bored with inside classes, sitting in uncomfortable desks. We all got whipped when we were really bad. I got whippings by the dozens. 🙂

          1. Pat, having three older brothers some of my earliest memories are the broken wooden spoons flying across the floor as my mother laid down the law and then some. Luckily, being #4 she was fairly whipped out when my time rolled around, lol. Pretty much the norm for pretty much everyone back then. I can’t remember a time I got a whipping when I didn’t have it coming and it was never a brutal beating (aka) child abuse. More of an exclamation point!

            I also spent many school hours staring out the window at the woods and RR tracks dreaming of swinging on those vines, swimming in the creek and fishing, stuffing myself on berries or testing the ice in the winter to see if it was ready for skating. Never a dull day.

            Then again, though there were a few rednecks, hobos and tramps around we didn’t have the miscreant, cretin and goblin hordes to contend with like the kids do now.

  4. This is awful! In this Plandemic we are seeing the climax of this up-side-down policy where a mere psychiatrist, or physician, has the supreme authority to overrun citizens’ rights.

    A psychiatrist using subjective evaluation declares the man “crazy,” and that’s it, you are done. It’s practically a life sentence worse than in a prison facility because the individual is drugged without consent. Even if he is a sane person the “medical” treatment can drive him mad. Unbelievable shortcut in the “Justice” system!

    What is the first thing a physician, in a hospital, does with its patient in a moderate condition? They put him to sleep with intravenous drugs. The patient is at the mercy of these mercenary mass murderers. Under the present situation I’m being polite to call them MASS MURDERERs.

    Spriesterbach was lucky to get out of it because, without a family in the outside to fight for him, it’s life in prison without a trial or appeal.

    BTW, psychiatry is another pseudo-science. They just dope their patients, nothing else. Psychology is WAY better; they make you change yourself from within with a good conversation.

  5. HP
    I’ve never seen anybody starving to death anywhere in the USA, though hunger was massive in the great depression pre-ww2… Some of the guys I grew up with in the 50s were pretty hungry too, and may have starved if it were not for fruit trees, nuts and berries… But that was because their fathers were big drunks, who’s paychecks generally went to cover the whiskey bill…
    However, I do see time and time again drug casualty people of all kinds continuously…
    Recently I saw one young woman sitting on a sidewalk in a small shopping center literally tearing her hair out….
    She was a young woman but her face looked like she’d been dragged through knotholes…
    I saw another young guy talking to himself, joking, looking suddenly shocked in front of my laundry mat, completely out of his mind….
    He wasn’t going in and out of reality – he was going further in and out of unreality without ever coming back to reality….
    You’re probably right, if these people were starving to death, there would be a media uproar… At least we think so…
    But the same media pays no attention to the destruction caused by drug addiction and mental illness….
    The political machine, which steadfastly refuses to deal with the hard drug problem, is just as guilty anyway….
    And it could hardly be more obvious that organized crime somehow controls the democrat politics of open borders and drug addiction…
    I have to wonder though why Mr. Spriesterbach didn’t call a real lawyer…
    Was he really never allowed to access a telephone, was he really too swacked out all the time to think of that?
    The part about the Public Pretenders not helping him seems a little thin too…
    All any of them had to do was demand to compare the fingerprints, whereas not to would have to constitute gross incompetence…
    Actually, the first thing I thought of reading the article was that this guy was a white man in Hawaii, a Haoli….
    And that’s probably 50% of the reason he was treated this way…

  6. Bark , all those things have only gotten worse and the point about being white is an idea (revenge) whose time it seems has come. The increase in mentally disturbed people has grown waaay out of proportion not only in the degree of mental imbalance but also the numbers of the population.

    My life was a lower middle class life of working stiffs and many if not most of us had gardens, hunted, fished, foraged, canned all the vegetables, fruits, relishes, sauces and even made our own horseradish sauce, sauerkraut, beer and wine as a matter of fact part of life and living.. We played a lot of ball too. Football, baseball, basketball, apple battle, tomato battle, snow ball battle and rolled and tumbled in the dirt. But we didn’t maim and kill each other or want to. We all had cousins, and aunts and uncles and grand parents near by. In my case Grandma and Pappy were right next door. Someone in the family always lived at the original homestead the farm where we’d have our 50 people Thanksgiving dinners and 4th of July fun.

    The fringe benefits of all that exercise, sunshine, sweat and blisters, rain and snow and dirt and creek water swallowed are still paying off to this day. Shucks, we even went to Church on Sunday and Mennonite Bible school in the summer. I read and read and daydreamed under the proverbial apple tree all my young life. Being poor was awesome!

    1. HP,

      “Shucks”, “Pappy”, “foraged”, “original homestead”, “daydreaming under the proverbial apple tree”. You’re over acting. You’re over dong it, so much so it’s not believable. Sorry, but it doesn’t sound believable. Your post sounds like you lifted it from a Willa Cather novel. I know you didn’t lift it from a Willa Cather novel, but your post sounds TOO Willa Cather-ish to be believable. And where did you spend your childhood? Nebraska? In the 1880s? lol….

      Or, am I mistaken and you’re not trying to sound like Willa Cather but like Samuel Clemens ? LMFAO!!!!!

      1. Joe, that’s just for starters. Hopping trains and bumper skiing behind cars in the winter, hot rods, the girls and sleeping out in the summer and sneaking those muggy summer night kisses, Friday night dances, the trips to the big woods in Canada, the shore lunches, pet magpies and a whole lot more were just everyday ordinary facets from growing up in the 50s and 60s.

        I don’t want to talk about the tragedies, losses, heartache and requisite buckets of tears which were no doubt part and parcel of life as well, but suffice it to say there was more than enough of that too..

        Did I mention Sharon Stone (she lived for a few years 4 houses up from me). She had a big crush on me, lol.

        Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer, The Jungle Book, Last of the Mohicans, etc, etc. were just honest wonderful coincidences. Some of the best friends I never had and they still are..

        1. Happy days, Homer!
          Do I detect a note of sad nostalgia?
          As the poet said:

          “We look before and after,
          And pine for what is not:
          Our sincerest laughter
          With some pain is fraught;
          Our sweetest songs are those
          that tell of saddest thought.”

          — PB Shelley, ‘To a Skylark’

        2. HP

          daughter of lilith Sharon Stone thinks jew pope francis is the best thing since sliced bread, because he promotes the JEW NWO agenda of sexual dystopia. So she’s obviously an air-head Hollywood bimbo. A vacuous empty-headed Hollywood air-head once had a big crush on HP. Like is attracted to like. *grin*

            1. Joe, P.S. But Townes Van Zandt was another whole nother story. I really did pull his hair! But hey, he had me in a headlock, what’s a boy to do, lol..

    2. I have never been “poor”; but, nonetheless, I have always been very industrious. One of the pursuits I included in my life was the interesting occupation of bail bondsman. The local sheriff told me he was tired of chasing and locking up every miscreant, and there was lots of money to be made bail bonding. I was young – about 25. All I had to do was put-up a quarter million $$ in property or cash, and I could insure court appearances. That is a bail bond. An insurance policy for the court.
      Whenever I was in town, I would answer calls from the jail. Sometimes, the inmates were being expedited from other jurisdictions, so it happened that I heard all about those other places. Sometimes, I saw then. There are some horrific lock-up joints in these united States. Some of the worst are in South Carolina, where a single light bulb hangs from a cord in the rafters, and dimly illuminates the dirt floor and the piss pot the inmate is allowed for a lavatory. He is fed a bologna sandwich on white bread, daily, and provided a bucket of water with a ladel. A blanket on the floor is his bed.
      One inmate I brought back to Virginia told me it was the worst experience of his life, and he’d rather die than go back. I thought THIS must be the kinds of places that make “hardened criminals”, who’d rather shoot than submit. (I know I would!)

    3. HP…

      did Norman Rockwell ever pop around to visit… and, by any chance, do you know if his famous Thanksgiving Day portrait – the one with that mouth-watering roast turkey being carved – was based on you and your extended 5-generation family? tia

      1. The Thanksgivings were always a big deal. Very special. We would have all game. Two or three wild turkeys, goose, duck, grouse, pheasant, venison, walleye, perch and my uncle would make his specialty everyone waited all year for; barbecued beaver tail!
        A real Pennsylvania feast! Huckleberry, blackberry, apple and peach pies and Grandma’s specialty; upside down rhubarb cake!

          1. Yes Madame and even better ones now that I eat the Lord’s prasadam! No more animals but bring on the upside down rhubarb cake and potato pancakes!

            1. Are you vegan, Homer? Or do you allow yourself dairy products? And what about eggs, the best protein available? Have you noticed any improvement in your health since giving up meat? Has your blood pressure gone down?

              1. Saki –

                FYI…. following the science from the National Center for Biotechnology Information at US National Library of Medicine:

                Men who consumed 2.5 or more eggs per week had an 81% increased risk of lethal prostate cancer compared to men who consumed less than 0.5 eggs per week (HR: 1.81; 95% confidence interval (CI): 1.13, 2.89; p-trend: 0.01).

                1. Many thanks, Pat. Have you heard of Charles Saatchi’s 9-eggs a day weight-loss diet? This guy ate nothing except NINE EGGS A DAY (!!!) and kept it up for about a year: 3 eggs for breakfast, three eggs for lunch, and three eggs for dinner. I think he lost about 60-70 lbs in the process, but at what cost to his general health I don’t know. I think he’s still alive.


              2. Saki, no eggs but not a vegan. As I’ve said before, in all seriousness . . .
                Krishna wants His milk!

                I’ve always been healthy. Growing up as described previously, my mother always called me a ‘wild indian’ which I took as a compliment! Except for the occasional Flu or cold thrust upon me I’m never ill. And even with Flu I never go to the doctor/hospital. Way too risky! The last time I went to the doctor for an illness I was 12 years old and had strep throat. The other few times were not for illness rather the occasional broken bone or stitches.

                When I turned 65 and got my free medicare entry exam I hadn’t been to the doctor for more than 50 years. I told the doctor to consider this me coming in for a free pizza because I want everything (every test) on it. Lungs, liver, kidneys, all the blood tests, etc. If only for inquiring minds want to know! The doctor was very amenable because he was truly interested in the general health of someone who was basically the opposite of the average patient.

                Short story is I got all the tests, came back two weeks later and the doctor said, to paraphrase, “holy mackerel you have zero defects, keep up the good work and I’ll see you next year.” Needless to say when I left his office I was walking on air, officially reinforced, lol.

                Every day when I wake up and open my eyes and every night when i close them I say “thank you Lord, I don’t know why you like me so much but I really do appreciate it.” Then I chant my mantras to begin the day and end it and hopefully (Lord willing) this will continue forever, in one form or another. Yes I am an odd egg, this I also admit.

                P.S. Thanks for asking. If anything my vegetarian diet very much aids and abets my mental health above all. You’re a veritable vacuum cleaner of historic, scientific, spiritual and anecdotal data! Good for you.

  7. Gilbert, it was and still is always a good idea to steer clear of the cops no matter where you live. They’re always ready to dish out some punishment (aka) street justice to ‘poor people’ as a matter of fact. I think this attitude and practice started around 44 BC. or thereabouts. The ‘if you can’t do the time’ meme is carved into the criminal psyche if not DNA but even that doesn’t stop the natural born or the hard luck/bad luck types from performing. Conditioning and circumstances can be terrible things as you well know having been a bail bondsman. Release the bounty hunters!
    Ohhhh riiight. Never mind, lol..

    P.S. In the Real World Dictionary, above the caption “jail lunch”
    is a photo of a fried baloney sandwich. (with jelly on a good day)

    1. HP –

      Now that we’re thinking about it, I want to tell you that in Prince William County lock-up (Va.),
      they serve what is called “jail loaf”. Jail loaf consists of yesterday’s leftovers from somewhere else (maybe high school, or hospital) and is ground-up and jellyfied, to be cut in chunks and served on the plate. It could be corn, potatoe salad, green beans, sausage, ham, eggs, cheese, or any variety of single servings. Salt & pepper are probably added, but I have known inmates who didn’t eat for a whole week before I went up and got them released. Then, I’d drive them straight to MacDonald’s for a Big Mac meal – or whatever tickled thei fancy on the menu.
      I was usually kind to my bonded boys and girls, even when I had to play bounty hunter. NO ONE wants to go back to jail. I’ve only had to shoot ONE, and the others usually succumbed to kind persuasion and a hickory stick. I had a good reputation among the downtrodden and less fortunate, for many years. It was good for business.

      1. GH…
        ever thought of writing a sorta semi-autobiographical movie script?

        I was thinking of something like a cross between Deliverance, Midnight Run and, say, Death Wish or Dirty Harry… with maybe a cameo-appearance, shoe-horned in, of Sylvester Stallone crawling through a snake-infested swamp…. 🤔

  8. What this dude went through will seem like a trip to Disneyland…

    when Vaxxx Refuseniks -and anyone else considered a “problem” for ZOG – start being served with one-way tickets to Camp FEMA

  9. “But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them. Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. Do to others as you would have them do to you.

    “If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them. And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do that. And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners, expecting to be repaid in full. But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.”


    1. @ Sarita


      Thanks for this famous passage from the Sermon on the Mount. Even at the time, these words were shockingly original. There’s no doubt it. No one had ever spoken like this before. Jesus was the first great jihadist, the ultimate revolutionary “terrorist”. No wonder he had to be killed.

    2. Turn the other cheek??? 🤔

      He obviously never made it to the South Bronx on a Saturday night… ’cause, with an attitude like that, he’d never have made it out. 🙄

      1. I will come back to the south Bronx escene to you, but hold on ..
        There are things Christians from Palestine (who are actually the only Christians fighting side by side with Muslims, since they are both Semite and Arabs, fighting against the Jews) …..there are things they know about Jesus that not even the Pope knows.
        Palestinians consider themselves direct bloodline with Jesus so there are stories, anecdotal stuff and gossip even, that no one knows about Jesuschrist outside the holyland.
        That’s all kept in Bethlehem and nearby Christian villages. these stories sometimes make the local priests upset because some of the anecdotes just exaggerate and that’s not needed. What’s in the bible cannot be changed, they repeat over and over.
        Even Muslims say that Jesus spoke when he was only three months old. That’s not in the bible.

        There is the story that says that 4 men were standing on a hill after doing farming work when they saw a strange, pretty, blue and white light the size of a man in the distance; it was still day but the sun was going down so they light was very visible. The light was only about a mile away so they decided to walk over and check it out. When they arrived the light dimmed and suddenly disappeared and transformed instead into a man dressed in very humble clothing. He was standing there all soft and quite feeding the animals.
        But what was most surprising and strange and really had them tripping was that there were hen, foxes, hogs, wild cats, dogs, pigeons and even donkeys all eating in peace and none of them was bothering the other and they would just come close to him begging for a carees from this man and they just moaned and leaked his hands over and over …
        The men, who were in deep shock stood there in amazement and left about an hour later and when they met others at the small village they were told who this man was.

        The Bronx
        I Guarantee you that if Jesuschrist wanders into the Bronx, (I don’t know where you got the idea) the “brothers” over there will twick and whine like little kittens after feeling his presence and love. What are they after all, if not a bunch of mistreated, street hardened, fatherless, drug addicts and criminals just like the one they crucified next to HIM and who asked for mercy with genuine tears on his eyes?
        …(We are all dust in the wind)..

        1. Has it EVER occurred to you that “turning the other cheek” and “loving you enemy” is precisely WHY Europe -with its misplaced sentimentality via its vestigial Christianity in that regard – is being overrun with 3rd word invaders… more often than not hysterically welcomed by “Christian” silly women – even the Bible warns about “silly women” making rules! – and will soon be NO MORE?

          Not to mention that Pope Apostate & Catholic “Charities” – and, of course, the even dumber protestant spin-offs that are more concerned about installing queer bishops – are probably the very worst offenders in that regard and -in collusion with ZOG – bear the heaviest responsibllity for conning Whites into accepting their own for extinction!!

          1. “Europe -with its misplaced sentimentality via its vestigial Christianity in that regard – is being overrun with 3rd word invaders…”

            I guess you now know how natives here felt. The corrupt clergy also accompanied the pirates who invaded America ..
            And what a great progress has been accomplished only 200 years later, (🤔)?
            What a success!
            Fires all over the place, drought, oil spills, species dissappearing, icebergs melting, immorality and pedophilia all over, private islands where the highest authorities rape little girls then later come on tv running their mouths about democracy freedom and liberty …yet Americans go in the streets “usa, usa, usa!” And when there is a war: “Yes! Kill kill kill!”
            What a disgrace!
            Look at Cuomo ! Lol 😂
            He had to step down for immorality while his book is coming out (2 million dollars profit) 😂
            Collin Powell lied his ass off about Iraq, 250 thousand kids killed, wrote books, got richer.
            Genocidal maniac George w. Bush, killed a million wrote a book made more money than he already has ..
            Obama the same, his wife too, lol!
            Clinton the biggest pedophile 😂 the same.
            3 million People are about to go homeless while buildings and apartments are empty….buildings and apartments that belong to the banksters ..
            People killing each other over stupid stuff, greed, hate …
            Indian prophecy (my mom taught me this one).
            “and the waters will turn dark”..
            And Jesus was bad ?

            1. Sarita,

              Your passionate eloquence is completely wasted on this degenerate scoundrel. You are casting your pearls before swine. The Realist’s self-appointed role on this website is to be a gadfly, buzzing around the best posters here and stinging them.

              What the man needs is not logic, it’s a fly swatter! 🙂

    3. NO.. He DIDNT “get in trouble for saying that”!

      Sounds like “someone” – or “some two” ! – needs a refresher-course in the New Testament… paying particular attention to the charges that the Pharisees brought before Pilate! 🙄

    4. @ Sarita,

      Now you should know why everybody should be worried about “Communism” “Socialism” which is being now slowly implemented. It was started by the students of the same guys who put the Lord to death, for preaching what they claim “Communism” “Socialism” is all about.

      If Communism/Socialism is all about “brotherhood” ” Communal love” “progress” and everything preached by the Sermon on the Mount, why then did they kill Him?

      1. “….why then did they kill Him?”

        Even in the forms of allegory and myths…. the messages demonstrate their hate for all that is good.

        They enjoy making ‘scary movies’ to this day.

  10. He got in trouble because he upset the apple cart..
    Not by violence, but he upset it just the same…
    Doesn’t matter why or how to the ptb….
    They will kill you all rather than lose control…
    That’s one reason we don’t get the technological breakthroughs….
    Only after the George Guidestones postulations have come true might the human race move into the next paradigm…

  11. I’ve read that Muslims also say the Angel Gabriel slit open Mohamad’s chest with his hand and took out his heart, then dumped into the heart a bag of white powder that made Mohamad a lot sharper… He then put the heart back in and fused everything shut….
    I don’t know if there’s an Angel Gabriel or not…
    It’s ok with me if there is…
    But the rest of that story sounds like it was made up by some clerics…
    There’s a lot of baloney in religion…
    Here’s Camp Covid Commie —

  12. On Friday, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed Executive Order 83, which authorizes
    National Guard and State Guard troops to break into peoples’ homes, kidnap them
    at gunpoint, and take them to covid internment camps, all without any due
    process or respect for civil rights. Individuals can be targeted for this
    medical kidnapping by armed troops via “telephone assessments,” and the medical
    kidnapping of American citizens is being labeled “involuntary commitment” to
    “temporary quarantine and isolation facilities.”

    The Tennessee EO is on top of the CDC’s announcement that covid camps will be
    set up on a nationwide basis, with people being medically kidnapped and taken to
    “humanitarian settings” where they will be forced into labor pools,

    As per the article, it seems USA is leading they way to systematic kidnappings of non-communists based on Plandemic lies and telephone calls.


  13. ADMIN, I apologize for obliterating the off-topic ramblings record.
    I’ll try to behave better, here on in.
    Thanks for your patience..

    1. @ Hp

      No need to apologize, Homer. This is not only the end of a thread, where we have no objections to off-topic comments of general interest, but this happens to be a subject of special importance to LD, given that she plans to do an article on diet, exercise and longevity at some future date. So please do fire ahead and talk freely about this topic if you wish. Cheers! 🙂

  14. Sorry about my bogus link…
    I meant to send the same one FLAN did…
    Better yet, here’s the link to the full text of Tennessee Executive Order 83….
    I’m not sure it’s as ominous as the Health Ranger suggests…
    Here are the the relative areas of conjecture…
    8. Discretion to utilize National Guard and State Guard members in connection with certain health care and emergency services operations. This Paragraph 8 is issued for the limited purpose of authorizing personnel recognized under Tennessee Code Annotated, Sections 58-1-203, 58-1-204, and 58-1-402 (collectively, “Personnel”), to serve in certain health care and emergency services roles to reduce system capacity strain resulting from COVID-19. Namely, Personnel may: (1) perform authorized diagnostic testing for COVID-19 in health care settings, including but not to limited to hospitals, emergency departments, and alternate care sites (collectively, “Facilities”); (2) perform authorized nursing and other functions in Facilities; and (3) operate public or privately owned, permitted ambulance service vehicles with a licensed service. Accordingly, the following provisions are hereby suspended to the extent necessary to facilitate this Paragraph 8: Tennessee Code Annotated, Titles 63 and Title 68, and related rules, with respect to licensure, continuing education, and other requirements for Personnel or Facilities utilizing Personnel; Title 68, Chapter 140, Part 3, with respect to Personnel and licensed ambulance services utilizing Personnel; and any other state or local law, order, rule, or regulation that would limit the application of this Paragraph 8 is hereby suspended to the extent necessary to facilitate this Paragraph 8. This Paragraph 8 is subject to the following conditions:

    14. Telephone assessments for involuntary commitment cases are permitted. The provisions of Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 33-4-108, are hereby suspended to the extent necessary to allow the issuance ofa certificate ofneed under Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 33-6-404, for the emergency involuntary commitment of a person with a mental illness or serious emotional disturbance based upon a telephone assessment of such person by a mandatory pre-screening agent designated pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, Sections 33-6-104 and 33-6- 427, if the following conditions are met:
    a. The mandatory pre-screening agent is not reasonably able to conduct an evaluation in-person or via readily available telehealth services; and
    b. The mandatory pre-screening agent determines in the agent’s professional judgment that conducting the assessment via telephone with the person is clinically appropriate.

    18. Temporary quarantine and isolation facilities may b constructed I. The provisions of Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 68-11-202(c)( 1)-(8), are hereby suspended to allow for the construction of temporary structures, the plans for which would otherwise be subject to review for new construction, additions, or substantial alterations, as directed by the Commissioner of Health and the Director of TEMA in response to COVID-19; provided, that there shall be inspections of such structures to ensure safety, as necessary.


      Health Ranger does often present issues in a dramatic fashion, but on reflection his position is arguable.

      Within the text you quoted we find: ” involuntary commitment of a person with a mental illness or serious emotional disturbance based upon ”

      This effectively means anyone who objects to the Jab. I have read of such cases ( Australia/NZ) . Talk on the phone about experimental vaccines or fake virus and there will be a knock on the door on the basis of “mental health”.

      1. On January 10th, 1963, a document titled Current Communist Goals was presented to the US Congress and was added to the Congressional record “under unanimous consent”.

        38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].

        39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.

  15. I hope Donaldo is not drinking himself into oblivion because of the take down of the world’s leading CUOMOSEXUAL in Jew York State, north of the border in the JEW USSA. A big set back for cuomosexuals everywhere so it’s understandable our in-house cuomosexual Donaldo would be down in the dumps, things aren’t looking TOO for cuomosexuals these days and ain’t that a shame. *grin*

  16. Pat,

    What’s THE REAL REASON why the pharisees/the jews don’t want Andrew Cuomo to be the governor of New York State anymore? The sexual harassment charges being something very concerted and staged — like the women who are accusing Cuomo are puppets getting their puppet strings pulled. It seems like a puppet show the jews are putting on, to cover up THE REAL REASON why they want Andrew Cuomo OUT. It’s not because of sexual issues/sexual misconduct. So what is THE REAL REASON the jews got rid of Cuomo? Thank you for your time and consideration, TROJ. TIA transient ischemic attack Ooops, I mean TIA thanks in advance! I really mean it! *grin*

    1. The real reason is, having murdered thousands of seniors in NY nursing homes with his “COVID” policy, he now is too hot to handle.

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