Is America’s “Greatest” Ally Teaming Up with China to Screw America?

By Pedro de Alvarado
The Occidental Observer
March 5, 2021


America’s greatest ally. Right?

Not so fast.


According to a report by Breaking Defense, Israel refused a recent request by the American government to inspect a new port in the city of Haifa (pictured) that China helped build. SIPG, a Chinese company, will operate this port for the next 25 years.

This move has opened up discussions about Israel’s intriguing relationship with China, which comes at a time when the U.S. is involved in an ever-increasing case of security competition with the East Asian nation.

Since China went from a Maoist disaster and transitioned towards a mixed economy, the country has sought all sorts of trading partners. Israel became one of those partners after China kicked off formal diplomatic relations with the Jewish state in 1992.

China tends to be inclusive in its dealings with Middle Eastern countries. In other words, it tries to be friendly with all states. Even with countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, who are engaged in a proxy conflict of their own, China tries to maintain cordial relations with both countries despite their ongoing conflicts.

The Chinese have also served as mediators between the Israelis and Palestinians in their dispute. From the late 1970s until the 1990s, China and Israel entered a number of arms deals, which caught the U.S.’s attention. Even worse, Israel has a long history of selling U.S. military secrets to China. Yet, there is little talk in national security circles about the Israeli-China partnership that could potentially undermine American interests.

According to Rupert Stone of the Middle East Eye, “By the mid-2000s, military ties had flatlined, and the relationship focused more on economic cooperation” after the U.S. caught wind of Israel’s exploitation of its China ties.

However, the Israeli-China connection has remained intact.

When tensions between former American President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu started to mount and Europe’s economy began to slow down during the Great Recession, Israel began looking to its east. Netanyahu went on a state visit to China in 2013 and two years later joined the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which China dominates. The U.S. did not approve of this move.

To top it off, Netanyahu signed 10 agreements in Beijing.

The U.S. has made somewhat of an effort to address Israel’s questionable ties with China. The China virus compelled the U.S. to take a much harder stance against China and make sure its own allies are not completely under China’s thumb.

If the U.S.’s allies are under substantial Chinese influence, American interests could be substantially undermined in the long-term.

This explains why Secretary of State Mike Pompeo paid a brisk visit to Israel back in May 13, 2020, to discuss China’s growing influence and other issues with Netanyahu’s new government. For instance, Israel seemed to yield to American demands after it did not grant a contract for a desalination plant to a Hong Kong-based company and instead opted to award the contract to a domestic firm. Additionally, Huawei is not being used in Israel’s 5G network tender.

Trade between China and Israel has increased significantly over the years. According to Rupert Stone, Israel’s exports to China grew fourfold. China is Israel’s second-biggest trading partner. Israelis view China in a very positive light. For instance, 66% of Israelis hold China in high esteem.

(See ‘Chinese Kaifeng Jews Seek New Lives in Israel‘)

Various Chinese companies are actively setting up infrastructure projects in Israel.

From the looks of it, the Chinese want to add Israel to its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a connection of land and sea routes that China is spearheading.

Several years ago, Shanghai International Port Group received a contract to operate the Haifa container port, beginning in 2021. Similarly, another Chinese company was awarded a contract to run the Ashdod port. These contracts have generated significant controversy. Take for example, the case of the Haifa terminal. It’s next to an Israeli naval base, where the U.S. Sixth Fleet frequently docks its ships.

As far as technology goes, Chinese companies such as Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent have invested in Israeli’s “Silicon Wadi,” the Israeli version of Silicon Valley, in an effort to put China on the path to being a technological titan through its Made in China 2025 initiative.

According to Stone, Chinese investment in the Israel tech sector increased tenfold from 2015 to 2016.

In 2017, Alibaba set up a research center in Tel Aviv. Allegedly, high-ranking government officials from both countries have forged an innovation partnership. A general fear among cybersecurity experts is that Chinese investment in the Israeli tech sector could make Israel and the U.S. susceptible to Chinese cyberattacks and other forms of espionage. Certain tech stalwarts, such as ZTE—a firm with strong ties to the Chinese Communist Party—have key investments in Israel.

Hypothetically speaking, a deterioration in American-Israeli relations could see Israel pivoting towards China for trade and other forms of cooperation at Americans’ expense. There was already a case earlier this month where Shin Bet (Israel’s internal security services) busted a ring of Israeli aerospace engineers who sold advanced Israeli missile technology to China for millions of dollars.

Twenty Israeli nationals were involved in this illegal trade of missiles.

Even more curious, these individuals served in the IDF in intelligence and weapons development roles.  Other members of the criminal ring worked for Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), while some ring members were employed in Israeli companies that produce missiles. One could only imagine what would happen if these missiles were American in origin and ended up being sold to the Chinese.

As mentioned before, Israel is willing to take American tech and sell it to China.

If the U.S. doesn’t review its relationship with both China and Israel, it will continue to be exploited by these countries. China and Israel are host to parasitic cultures and in many regards their cooperation is a match made in heaven. If U.S. leaders were smart, they would completely ban immigration from Israel and China, end all forms of military aid to Israel, and decouple from the China’s economy.

America is not a shopping mall that predatory ethnic groups can freely exploit.

‘Red Elephants’ via The Occidental Observer

26 thoughts to “Is America’s “Greatest” Ally Teaming Up with China to Screw America?”

  1. Natanyahu will stab you in the back with knife you lent him to fight Iran. Jews betray the Goyim? How preposterous! Israel is on the same continent as China, and China is building a superhighway trade route west, Israel would be smart to get on track with that.

    I fully expect Amerika to be a failed state soon, if not already. Israel is in the process of destroying the United States as promised by Bibi the Barbarian:

    This is a quote taken from an audio recording of Netanyahu in Fink’s Bar in Jerusalem in 1990.

    “America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God, and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”


    This has been going on to suck the life through debt to do the dirty work and take the IP and sell it to other countries and after all is done, their will be no reason for the existing entity to support. The US is being dumped after moving assets, IP and using the US military due to it’s debt in war for all but 13 years. The US Dollar which did not belong to the American people but private banking cabal of central banking, is now stated to be dumped as the pivot to Russia and China goes through Israel. There is a reason for the Balfour declaration and Picot agreement.

  3. YES! Israel and China are VERY close. It is nothing new, over the last two decades.

    When China shot down a USAF Jet in spring of 2001 they used Python missiles supplied by Israel. That got very little press coverage, if at all, in the US news media.

    Ehud Barak’s grandparents were from, China.

    Jewish women in Southern California have adopted Chinese girls and this is widespread.

    China and Israel relationship is something that is almost unknown by even informed writers on the subject.

    Here are a few very large aviation transactions I researched 1n 2019. **The jet engines & maintenance operations can be used for military purposes:
    China’s Israel Airplane business and Joint Ventures are going strong.

    Israel Aerospace Industries or IAI is Israel’s major aerospace and aviation manufacturer.
    IAI’s Bedek Aviation group provides under one roof the best-value, comprehensive maintenance services for aircraft.
    Bedek opened a Boeing 767-300 conversion site in Mexico City, which is operated by Mexicana MRO Services.
    Two more conversion sites will open in 2018 in China. The joint venture with Chinese companies focuses on expanding the maintenance services for civilian airplanes and conversion into air freighters, laying the foundations for future joint ventures.

    Feb 09, 2018
    New contract estimated at tens of millions of dollars a year.
    September 26, 2018- IAI’s BEDEK Aviation Group has recently entered an official supplier agreement with HNA Group from China. Under the agreement, BEDEK’s Engine Division will serve as the maintenance and overhaul center for the V2500 engines of HNA Group’s airlines. The engines will be sent to BEDEK by the customers and returned to China following servicing. The signing of the agreement, which is estimated at tens of millions of dollars a year, was held at HNA Group headquarters in Haikou.

    In January 2016, Israel Aerospace Industries(IAI) launched a civil aviation maintenance center in China in collaboration with a Chinese company.
    Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has formed a Joint Venture to cooperate with Lingyun (Yichang) Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd., to establish its first local Chinese maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) enterprise in the Hubei Province.
    This joint venture will be dedicated to expanding civil maintenance services and cargo conversion, as well as laying the groundwork for additional business.

    IAI Cooperates with China in the Civil Aviation Sector.
    The agreements were signed in the presence of Science Minister Mr. Ofir Akunis who signed a joint research agreement with his Chinese counterpart, Mr. Shimon Peres Israel’s ninth President, former Science Minister Mr. Yaakov Perry, the Mayor of the city of Haifa Mr. Yona Yahav, and the Technion President Mr. Peretz Lavie. The Chinese counterparts included, among others, the Governor of Guangdong Province Mr. Zhu Xiaodan, the Mayor of Shantou Mr. Zheng Renhao, and Sir Li Ka- Shing, a Hong-Kong business investor, and a powerful figure in Asia.
    Mr. Gadi Cohen, head of IAI’s Civil Aviation Group, who led this initiative with the Chinese partners, said: “the cooperation agreement with the City of Shantou is part of IAI’s strategy to locate additional civil aviation growth drivers worldwide and particularly in China.
    This is another international validation of IAI’s capabilities in this area. We are confident that these and other initiatives will open new business opportunities for us and our Chinese partners.”

    Israel Aerospace Industries contracts for maintenance, overhaul and repair of Auxiliary Power Units for numerous airlines globally, including:
    And… IAI services over 300 APU Per Year for many aircraft types:
    B727, B737, DC9, MD80,B757, B767, A300, A310, B747, B737 NG, A319/320/321, MD90,
    L-100, C-130 L-382, BAC1-11.

  4. I’ll take the one on the left…
    No sure I’d convert to do it though..
    What are we to conclude?
    Isreal schemes with the chicommie to screw the usa…
    And they’re no going to stop until 3/4 of us are dust…
    In fact the so-called democrat party is really the blm/antifa wing of the ccp, terrorists with trained Marxists plotting with the chicoms behind the scenes and their Zionist allies in government here transferring capital in trillions to their apparatchiks throughout the corporate and universtiy power pyramid…
    The big-pharma covid hoax is the master cog on the plot, it excuses the sabotage of the us economy and the deprivation of our constitutional rights, the transfer of money and therefore political power to the saboteurs, and probably the big Deagel dust-off of 300,000,000 or so real Americans…
    The so-called pandemic should cause consternation down on the broken border, but they ignore that logic…
    They really don’t give a miserable shit what you think…
    You can probably either die from the vaxx or die from the disease, whatever it really is the obamas cooked up in the lab in china…
    The china Israeli connection would add up to another reason Trump had to go…
    And another why the POS Biden is now the presidential figure associated with the White House, half wit that he is..
    Looks like he doesn’t even live there, why the dogs had to be moved to the basement in Dela-Where…
    The chins obviously own that dirty mfer…

    1. Kaifeng Jews? Oh really? Donaldo wonders to what lengths the above 🐼 bears had to go to prove their JEWISH ANCESTRY. Proving such ancestry would be biologically impossible thousands of years after the first waves of Jewish merchants arrived in ancient China and began inter-marrying with the natives. So what exactly is the Israeli govs criteria regarding immigration? Good question. Whatever it is, it’s probably not too stringent. Israel is full of Russians of dubious Jewish origin. And now…. 🥁-roll…..the Chinese “Jews” have arrived. Anyone wanting to leave the poverty of rural Russia, China or Ethiopia to suckle the Zio 🥛-cow, through corruption, could provide whatever PROOF of Jewishness that the Israeli gov requires Donaldo is sure. This subject just opens up the old can of worms……. what EXACTLY is a JEW anyway? Oh well. Been a long day. Donaldo just drove his rig through (GILBERTS backyard) West Virginia. Made it out of the mountains. Parked now and gonna get some sleep. Goodnight fellow Darkmooners. 😴🤠

  5. The USA and Australia are too far gone down the road of total societal decadence.
    Every institution and source of power and influence is run by rhe elite Commo-Jews and their Masonic henchmen. We whites are their beasts of burden and simple minded lap dogs.
    As I have said repeatedly, most Americans are too fat and too dumb to participate in a fake democracy that pretends to exert the will of the people.
    Instead, you have senile 80 year olds like crazy, leftist, $billionaire Nancy and a Chi-funded sniffer dog who can hardly enunciate a simple sentence, dictating the nature and purpose of your society. Add to these utter morons the laughing hyena, “mattress back” (as Australians call her) and the likes of the stooping, lying Chucky Schumer and a whole cast of insane, money- grabbing, megalomaniac Jews.
    It is already apparent that the former flagship, powerhouse of the West is a total basket case of total corruption – the almost total dystopia. The scotus is totally corrupt.
    This being the case, the smart money (guess who?) is backing in China to control the planet.
    The parasitic Jewish Money Power will simply transfer its allegiance to China and eventually follow its path, as the specially Chosen and superior beings, to slowly take China apart.
    Just history repeating itself via the Chosens’ fun and games and love of evil manipulation!
    Maybe the Annnunaki are enjoying watching their earth bound televisions whilst sitting on their couches on the moon, or even Saturn. Their agents, the Jews, are creating so much utter confusion and chaos that the stupid earthlings are running around in circles, chasing their own tails and eating themselves to death. Give the ar*****s a lethal injection and dispose of the useless eaters.
    As I have said, humans, in the main, are dominated by bottom of the gene pool behaviour. Try having an intelligent conversation with the human dregs that walk among us.
    Those five Chinese women are quite beautiful and hopefully they come without tattoos and piercings, fake boobs and dyed hair. The one second from the left looks very like my new love and wife of our child. Compare her to the sluts of the “Housewives” shows and the sex-driven whores of Starr’s “Sex and the City.”

  6. The looming American dystopia will be total chaos.
    The cities will disintegrate, wild blacks will run around with machetes and gunshots will be heard everywhere, as well as mass raping, torture and murder.
    Small pockets of heavily armed patriots/conservatives will be set up with the inmates thinking they can fight for their freedom.
    But the Chi-coms will hunt out Yankees in the forests and the bushes.
    It will not be like fighting the British Redcoats.
    Patriot guerilla fighters/snipers hiding behind rocks and trees will be easy meat for advanced heat-sensing equipment and drones.
    The Chinese will not be chased “down the Mississippi to the coast of Mexico.”
    All resistance will soon be eradicated and a wild, untamed America will be left with many scrounging, illiterate, dog eat dog yahoos, as its populace.
    American mineral resources will be mined in huge open cut quarries, where former “American” citizens will be the slave workers.
    Their obesity will soon become a thing of the past when forced to live on toxin coated gruel and dirty water.
    Chinese whips will show no mercy. The Jewish politburo will have a good laugh, at a job well done.

  7. The sad part is that the Israelis never ask the Americans for a thing it’s the Americans still begging Israeli to please take take take

  8. The only correct way of understanding the relationship between Israel and China, is to perceive it as being similar to the relationship between The Jewel Wasp And a Cockroach (Pun intended). Anything else is politics.

    Big as it is, China is the epitome of the success of Communist ideal. Communism being what the Jewish International Bankers want for the World, it pays the Jewish International Bankers, through Israel to enhance their relationship with their successful candidate. China will be the Trojan Horse, through which Global Communist Dictatorship will be implemented. The reason China is being given a free hand to spread her wings, all over the World.
    So, China will be used, to “put American and American in their place” And “This Place” is in the hierarchy of Communism. American is at the bottom. So, Tough lessons are on the way, as it is Communized.

  9. from the link

    Li Yuan agreed: “We need to come BACK TO ISRAEL, THIS IS OUR HOME.”

    … and for this a bunch of Palestinians need to be killed, deported, ethnically cleansed, because they are interlopers on land which doesn’t belong to them—it belongs to Chinese Kaifeng Jews, Chosen of Yah-Weh.
    Only a toxic antisemite would dare complain, i.e., someone who hates Semites.
    (what’s sauce for Khazars is sauce for Peking duck)

        1. Thanks Lobro. Only teasing. I didn’t read the article Lasha linked about Kaifeng Jews. (Just the title). This is because the site insisted on my computer allowing “cookies” to get through, which I’m worried about accepting. Pat tells us accepting cookies is not a good idea because it compromises privacy. Unfortunately, more and more sites have cookies nowadays.

      1. how the fortune cookie crumbles, Sis: “Confucious say, You lucky Chosen Kaifeng Jew, You!

    “Big as it is, China is the epitome of the success of Communist ideal. Communism being what the Jewish International Bankers want for the World, it pays the Jewish International Bankers, through Israel to enhance their relationship with their successful candidate.”
    Yes the Jew banksters invented communism in the first place, the bolshevik revolution that got rid of the Romanovs, brought to Russia by way of the Rockefellers and New York City, Jew communist capital of the world… The same people who gave you 9-11…
    The covid mass murder of the 13,000 old folks in NY has their fingerprint all over it, and it’s laid out in advance in the Rockefeller files…
    The rest of the corporate elite came down with the central bankers’ communist plot eventually…
    It’s really just a bigger and better system to control the workers and the flows of money…
    Big Pharma is all over the covid machination, because it means trillions for them, that will further enable their political control over the masses… The trillion dollar aid packages are funding for their supporters…
    Reports of Cuomo’s sexual indiscretions are a front to fill the bandwidth, take control over his affairs and keep the public away from the real crime, which is the mass murder of nursing home residents using covid as the excuse…
    Now, flooding Western countries with toxic immigrants is the globalist banksters’ obvious method of social sabotage, which up to now the SLC has not suffered….
    Does the influx of Chins into Israel now indicate the beginning of a sea change i that policy, even there?
    Probably not but rumor has it that Israel is slated to be destroyed too…

    1. Thanks, Barkingdeer

      Unfortunately, I do not think that any leader will dare tell the truth about Covid-19, because I believe they will easily be Covided, of JKFed. It’s time we realized that Freedom, Human Rights, Security, Privacy, etc., has vanished. Anybody who thinks that things will change for the better is very deluded. Unless we change the Global Monetary System, unless Credit Creation is taken over by the government, we are done. And the government cannot take over this role, because “The State” does not actually exist. What we see, is the Mask Of Illuminati Zorro. Here comes the Jungle.

  11. What is the strategy here, the Master Plan? Golem 1 (USA) needs an opponent to the last fight and this opponent is CHINA. Nixon and Kissinger have arranged the political kick start to China’s industrialization. Like sports we tend to believe one of them will leave the ring as the ultimate champion. However we have to look at the power behind the scene, in reality both countries have been used only as tools.

    In case of military conflict both countries are going to be destroyed, no Golem is destined to win this fight. Supposedly, China is going to have only a Pyrrhic victory. Maybe Israel is also only a tool in the grand game. That way the Old World Order is completely destroyed. Hard to tell who or what will play the rising phoenix in the end.

    The winning nation (what is left of that concept) might have a similar role the USA has played in WWII. Russia is a nation that comes to mind, after all the “Russian” Caucasus is (((their))) historical land and Putin might be (((their))) King.

    1. The Tribe’s Modus Operandi is getting old and boring. Instead of a direct challenge on the Alfa-dog disposable proxies have been used, many of them if needed. This technique works in the MACRO (Nations, Corporations…) level and also works in the MICRO (community) level.

      The preferred proxy on the community level used to be the “proletariat.” Not anymore, nowadays these are the proxies used to wear out the Alfa-dog (white heterosexual male): women, blacks, homosexuals, migrants, etc. Using make-believe propaganda these naive proxies think they are being empowered – nothing could be further from the truth – proxies are used for a purpose, to dethrone the Alfa-dog. Another line of propaganda is to present the targeted Alfa-dog, for the naive proxies, as the greatest evil on earth. The Jew can pull the plug on each one of these proxies anytime, he has made them. For his frustration he CANNOT pull the plug on the Alfa-dog.

      These days if one covets world domination, naturally, one has to look at America. The process of empowerment of China has happened for one reason only – to dethrone Alfa-dog America.

  12. No need for nukes or World Wars….. Israel’s Frutarom flavors most of the foods in the world, including foods in CHINA!

    Very few of us are safe from being poisoned daily by Israel. They can cause memory loss and other debilitating conditions through their numerous popular fruit flavorings, for example.

    Frutarom’s some 20,000 products are sold to more than 10,000 customers, in 120 countries around the world. The Frutarom Group has 1,900 employees worldwide.

    The Frutarom Group is a flavor and ingredients company based in Haifa, Israel. The company develop, manufacture and market an extensive variety of flavors and ingredients catered to customers in a range of industries: food, beverage, flavor, fragrance, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food additive, and cosmetic.

    Frutarom now has subsidiaries in Israel, the United States, the UK, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey – CHINA – Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Peru and Germany, plus marketing offices in France, Romania, India, and Hong Kong.

    Frutarom USA Inc.
    Frutarom USA Inc. recently (2005) introduced new flavors with distinctive characteristics for beverage, baking and savory products. Green Tea Flavor is made with natural green tea and is suitable for healthy beverage concepts. Other flavors include a lemon taste at very low usage with Natural Lemonade Flavor to enhance carbonated and still beverages; Natural Fresh Juicy Peach Flavor; Natural Red Cranberry Type Flavor; and Natural Ripe Apricot Type Flavor, suited to a wide range of beverage, bakery and sweet applications, including bakery and confectionery fillings.

    For bakery applications, Frutarom offers Natural and Artificial Milk Chocolate Flavor; Natural and Artificial Blueberry Flavor; Artificial Fresh Apple (which offers great stability, even at high temperatures); Artificial Grape Jelly; Corn Type Flavor; and Artificial Butter Vanilla Flavor. These work well in fillings for bakery and confectionery items.

    For savory notes, Artificial Turkey Flavor replicates roasted turkey pan drippings; and buttery potato notes are achieved with Artificial Mashed Potato Flavor, which performs well in low-fat potato snacks as well as in a range of potato products. Frutarom also offers Artificial Fried Chicken Flavor and Artificial Steamed Clam. Finally, Natural Protein Soy Masking Flavor has been developed to cover strong protein and soy characteristics in product formulations with high soy and protein content.

  13. it is the oldest can game, by the ones who invented con games. America ia like the guy who owns a prosperous bar in NYcity. A cool guy comes in an makes friends with the owner. He becomes his best coolest friend. (israel)
    Then Some thugs (Russia and China) come around and threaten the bar owner (USA) . The bar owner tells his best coolest friend. The friend says, I’m in the Mob (russia/china/isreal same communist/mob) I will fix this for you. As long as I am your friend You have no worries. Then before you know it, the coolest best friend has the guy(usa) into drugs, porn, call girls, gambling, every rotten mob money makers, draining him but also making money for him and its so fun. Finally the bar becomes a cesspit of depravity making money for the mob. If the guy/owner does not like it, they will just kill him and replace him with one of their own just like they did JFK. And if his girlfriend wants to tell the world about it (Marilyn Monroe) they will off her too. They will make your wife Jackie, pull the trigger in the limo and then Marry her (Onassis) Then they will start the con all over again on the new owner(Biden) because they have videos of his son doing strange things.

  14. The EU countries have more to worry about from China than the US does. The Chinese already have trains going there!! Boxcars full of troops may be coming!!

    Number of China-Europe freight trains via Alataw Pass surpasses 1,000

    More than 1,000 China-Europe freight trains have traveled through the Alataw Pass, a major land port in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region this year.

    The Alataw Pass, which borders Kazakhstan, bested other railway ports in 2020 with a total of 5,027 freight trains passing through, surging 41.8 percent over 2019.

    A China-Europe freight train service was launched on the Alataw Pass in 2011. At present, 22 lines run through the pass, reaching 13 countries including Germany and Poland.

    The imported goods carried by the trains include automobiles and parts, and timber and cotton yarn, while exported goods include home appliances and daily necessities.

  15. The Jewish Rotting Of China By Arnold Spencer Leese.

    Joseph Sassoon settled in the city of Aleppo (modern day Syria) where he established a merchant house. Later on, his business interests spread to Alexandria, Thessaloniki, and Athens. The business empire included a shipping company and a money exchange house. His five sons later branched out in different directions.

    But it was David — who led the community’s exodus to Bombay (now known as Mumbai, India) — that established the branch of the Sassoon Family which was to rank among the wealthiest and most respected and influential dynasties in the world. David Sassoon and his eight sons profited handsomely from several different types of businesses. They made a fortune in textiles; but the trade which really raked in the shekels for the new “Indians” later dubbed “the Rothschilds of the East” was in selling opium, aka narcotics, aka “dope” in China.

    Communist China was created by the Jews and serves their interests.

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