Is Israel Sabotaging Itself?

Ted Snider
April 27, 2021

Israel keeps attacking and sabotaging Iran; Iran keeps showing restraint. Israel is running out of patience to stop the JCPOA, the Iran nuclear deal; Iran keeps showing patience.

In the summer of 2020, Israel sabotaged Iran’s Natanz civilian nuclear enrichment facility. They have bombed Iran’s allies in Lebanon, and they have bombed their allies in Syria. Earlier, at the beginning of 2020, Israel and the U.S. assassinated General Qassem Suleimani, Iran’s top military official. Later, at the end of 2020, General Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the father of Iran’s civilian nuclear program, was assassinated.

Each time Israel provoked, Iran showed patience and restraint.

“The Iranian nation is smarter than falling into the trap,” President Hassan Rouhani calmy stated. “They are thinking to create chaos.”

On April 6, the US did what was unthinkable for Israel: they took the first wary steps toward returning to talking to Iran. Iran had been too smart to fall into the trap, and Israel’s attempts to provoke Iran into destroying its own chances of returning to the international community and to the international nuclear deal had so far failed.

Israeli Provocations; Iranian Patience

So far. So, Israel upped the provocation and made the provocation public to try to force Iran into retaliating and publicly acting against its interest. On April 11, Israel once again sabotaged the Natanz nuclear facility when they detonated an explosion in the facility that shut down the power that runs the centrifuges that enrich the uranium. On April 6, not coincidentally the same day the US tentatively returned to the nuclear talks, Israel attacked an Iranian military vessel in the Red Sea. The ship broke into flames and smoke when a mine that had been attached to it exploded.

Still, Iran did not take the bait, Iran did not retaliate. On April 24, an Iranian oil tanker was attacked off the coast of Syria. The ship was hit by what appears to be a drone that came from Lebanese waters. This time three Syrians, including two crew members, were killed.

Such provocation is not a new Israeli strategy. It goes back a long time.

When a country shows the maturity not to attack, Israel has often turned to provocation to try to purchase the attack. Referring to war with Syria, Moshe Dayan, the head of the Israeli Defence Force, once confessed to a reporter, off the record, that Israel deliberately provoked Syria to attack. He said that Israel would push further and further until Syria responded. Dayan admitted that Israel had started “more than 80 percent” of the skirmishes with Syria. Former Israeli Prime Minister Moshe Sharett once referred in his diary to “the long chain of false incidents and hostilities we have invented, and the many clashes we have provoked.” Sharett called this “the method of provocation and revenge.”

This time, the provocation wasn’t working. Iran was still not taking the bait. Iran’s leaders refused to respond to Israel’s sabotage by engaging in retaliations that would simply sabotage their own efforts at squeezing out from under US sanctions and returning to the nuclear talks and to the international community. Echoing Rouhani’s earlier words, Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif continued to explain that the Israelis “want to take revenge because of our progress in the way to lift sanctions…We will not fall into their trap.”

The Talks Go On

Not only did Iran not respond, but they side stepped the Israeli attempt to sabotage the nuclear talks in Vienna by embarrassing the US, by making them look complicit in Israel’s attacks, or alienating Iran, by provoking them into aggression.

Despite concerns that the Natanz attack would trigger Iran’s temper and cause them to walk out of the nuclear discussions, Iran continued to show patience and kept their seat at the talks. Though a positive result is not a sure thing, the Americans and the Iranians are still talking: at least indirectly. Iranian President Hasan Rouhani has said, to the dismay of Israel, that “The negotiations have achieved 60 to 70 percent progress.” Rouhani says that they could “reach a conclusion in a little time.”

American sanctions continue to be a road block, and though the US disagrees with the percentage of progress, saying “we have more road ahead of us than in the rearview mirror,” their tone has changed, and even the US describes the talks as having been “positive.” Israel has taken note of that tone change. Israeli officials told Israeli journalist Barak Ravid that Israeli national security adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat has accused the US of “not showing sufficient consideration of the Israeli government’s position during its Iran diplomacy.” The US has even recently suggested a willingness to consider lifting sanctions that targeted Iran’s economy, including crucial sanctions on the central bank and oil companies.

A high level Israeli delegation including all of Mossad chief Yossi Cohen, National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat and IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi is heading to the White House with instructions from Netanyahu to focus on convincing the Biden administration of Israel’s objections to the US returning to the Iran nuclear deal. When White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked whether the Israeli delegation would have any effect on the US returning to the nuclear deal, she answered in one word: “No.” As the Israeli acts of sabotage did provoke Iran to retaliate, so they did not sabotage the nuclear talks.

Increased Enrichment

The Israeli attacks also did not sabotage Iran’s civilian nuclear program. Far from slowing it down, the attacks have sped it up. As they did in the Obama negotiations, Iran is reversibly increasing their centrifuge capacity as leverage. In response to the Israeli attack on the Natanz civilian nuclear facility, Iran escalated their program in two ways. As promised when the Natanz nuclear facility was attacked, the damaged centrifuges have been replaced with more advanced versions. Though the Israeli sabotage may have temporarily slowed Iranian enrichment, it ultimately accelerated it. On April 21, the International Atomic Energy Agency verified that Iran had installed eight cascades of more advanced centrifuges. One of those cascades is reportedly enriching uranium to 60%: less than needed to produce a bomb but more than enough to make a statement.

America Rebukes Israel

Perhaps the most striking sign that Israel’s acts of sabotage have gone so far that, this time, they may be sabotaging themselves, rather than moving the States against the Iran talks, the attacks provoked the US to issue a rare rebuke of Israel. The US informed Israel that they are displeased with the recent Israeli attacks and with Israel’s public boasting about those attacks, expressing concern that those acts could damage the new negotiations with Iran.

Dropping Demands: Has Israel Conceded Failure?

Israel may be seeing the forecast. Even Israel may be seeing the signs that this time they have sabotaged themselves. Israeli officials have reportedly concluded that they will not be able to pressure the US to significantly strengthen the nuclear agreement. So, they seem to be backing down on their key demands, including expanding the deal to include Iran’s ballistic missile program and support for Iranian allies like Hezbollah. Israel seems now to be restricting their demands to the much weaker – and somewhat redundant – demand for greater International Atomic Energy Agency powers to inspect Iran’s nuclear sites.

Saudi Arabia Calls Iran

And in a sign that others may also be recognizing that Israeli attempts to sabotage the Iran nuclear deal have instead sabotaged Israel’s attempts to sabotage the Iran nuclear deal, there are reports of direct talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran having taken place on April 9 in Iraq. The talks reportedly involved senior officials. The talks are potentially interesting because the last time Iraq mediated possible talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran, in January 2020, the Saudis were motivated, at least in part, by a recognition that they had not succeeded in pushing the US into a war with Iran. Pursuing more peaceful relations with the Iran was plan B. Perhaps the current talks are a version of plan B that comes with the recognition that Israel has failed to push the US to continue to isolate Iran. The talks may indicate that, like Israel, Saudi Arabia is recognizing that, in the Israeli promise to sabotage the Iran deal, Israel has this time sabotaged themselves.

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  1. There was also that missile that struck not far from the Zionist entity’s Dimona nuclear facility. That was a warning, a shot across the bow. The Zios are becoming uneasy. What have I always said? Their days are numbered. Vive la Palestine !

        1. @ KingRanch,

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          I hope the doctors and nurses are supplying you with DEET when they give you your meds which don’t seem to be very effective but at least you got a cot and 3 hots du jour and worse comes to worse the attendants can always put you in a strait jacket, lol.

          How does it feel to have mosquitoes on let’s say on your neck, lol, stinging you and you can’t swat the annoying pesky insects because you’re in a, lol, very constricting strait jacket in Chattahoochee where you got 3 hots and a cot and you got doctors and nurses who care about you they have to care about you that’s what they get paid to do because here at Darkmoon nobody cares about you and nobody listens to anything you have to say but you’re used to talking to the walls in Chattahoochee in a strait jacket and the doctors and nurses know you’re always talking nonsense and gibberish so they don’t listen to anything you have to say, but yes, they do care about you, they have to care about you that’s what they get paid to do, so they give you 3 hots and a cot and some meds even though the meds are not very effective it’s better than nothing, but not so effective that anyone wants to actually listen to anything you have to say so nobody really cares what you have to say no one pays you any mind, LMFAOI!!!!!!

        2. Saki,
          What’s the difference? Gospel of Matthew makes a distinction between “Kingdom of God” and “Kingdom of Heaven” but, frankly, I did not study it thoroughly enough for clarity of understanding so I won’t present you with my comment as to avoid misleading. What I strongly support is the idea of unification of all of Aryan Christendom under one banner and that is the banner of the lamb of God, chasing away occupiers (fake jews) from the promised land, rebuilding The Temple of Salomon in Jerusalem, (Arab nation will understand and agree to such project because, for most part, they’re following the same directives as we do) and, hopefully, The Spirit of God will comeback to reside within it again? Thus, Kingdom of Heaven on earth. BTW, Arab nations will enjoy our utmost respect and protection.

          1. @ KingRanch

            Thanks for your polite response to my question.

            Just wondering, are you American or Canadian? If Canadian, are you located in French-speaking eastern Canada (Montreal, Quebec) or are you based in the English-speaking side like some of our other commenters here?

            If you think I’m prying, no need to answer! 🙂 However, I simply ask out of curiosity because of your easy use of French…

            1. I’ve got nothing to hide Saki and I do not have any meaningful proficiency in French language, however, my PC does! LOL! I live in Barrington, Illinois and in around Evansville, Indiana.

              1. Thanks, KR. Your candor is much appreciated. You are far closer to all these momentous events of the last year than I am. I try and remain detached but view events very much through the glass of a goldfish bowl. “Through a glass darkly,” as someone far wiser than me once said. 🙂

                1. Corinthians. Some years ago I’ve asked myself this (strictly hypothetical) question; “what if our Lord, Jesus Christ wasn’t there to show us the way?” How would we know what to do? Will it be even possible for us to discern “The Message” as clearly as, say, Noah did? What other prophets of old will you entrust in guidance and protection? Will my vision be cloudy or clear as I can possibly attain it? So many questions! So little time! Thanks for your reply, SAKI.

                  And…as far as ‘the events’ I’ve been concentrating my attention on Arizona recount that has been going for a few days now. that and my work! :0

  2. Does this Snider guy know who he is talking about or is he a Crypto?

    In one moment he correctly states;

    “Moshe Dayan, the head of the Israeli Defence Force, once confessed to a reporter, off the record, that Israel deliberately provoked Syria to attack. He said that Israel would push further and further until Syria responded.”

    Then he says; Oh, “Even Israel may be seeing the signs that this time they have sabotaged themselves. Israeli officials have reportedly concluded that they will not be able to pressure the US to significantly strengthen the nuclear agreement. Blah, blah, blah. .”

    Seriously? These were the guys that were involved in the Liberty Affair, the Levlon affair, and other multiple “affairs” which they deliberately provoked. And nobody did anything about them. And now this guy is talking of Israel having “sabotaged themselves”??

    These are the guys who flaunt Chutzpah, the dare which is backed by knowledge that nothing will happen to them, whatever they do, precisely because their benefactors control the Global Credit System.

    So, its more likely that Israel is toying with Iran, than that “they will not be able to pressure the US” This is basics and it is quite obvious from a serious Historian.

    1. Israel’s “benefactors” controlling the World credit system would throw them to the wolves if it were to suit their purposes. Talk about having a false sense of security!

      There is no honor amongst thieves

      1. Brownhawk, you bet!!

        Its all Kabbalistic Mysticism “Unknowable” to the uninitiated. And that includes majority of “The Chosen” Remember “The Voyage Of The Damned: The Fate Of SS St. Louis”?

    2. Not to mention the oh how quickly it was relegated to a fake historical footnote, Beirut Port Humongous Blast / Explosion / Bombing which was no doubt no small feat to pull off but Ming specializes in cruel and unusual feats, uh-huh. Pay no attention to the Arab nations lining up to sign on the dotted line within days and weeks of the (is it official yet) “Blast.”

      No small thing that very recent ‘historical incident’ to be so easily stepped over on the way to the M$M cafeteria, the Haaaavard podium, the wherever. Gosh, it’s already as though it darn near never happened..

      Psycho-Techno mesmerism for decades now and the results are beyond even baby, maybe even Jr. A.I’s wildest forecasts, lol. Kinda like Trump..

      1. Oh, and how will we the peons ever forget Covid (aka) a really big dash of Pharmacopoeia..

  3. Since Iran has operated the much bragged about S-300 (S-400 on the way?) since 2016, how is it their most secret, valuable and guarded sites not only in Iran but in Syria and Lebanon as well are continually assaulted by not only cyber-war technology but also directly by missiles and bombs when the S-300 is supposed to detect and destroy aircraft and missiles with an almost supernatural accuracy? Iran’s nuclear (and other) secret facilities are being photographed by undetected F-35.

    Maybe they’re playing possum. Just holding off and showing patience while Israel picks apart their advancements one by one. Yeah, that’s the ticket. They’re playing possum. Heeeey, wait a second. Do people know that possums play possum because they have no other choice but to play possum? Do they even know what a possum is? Or an F-35?

    “Sources quoted in Al-Jarida stated that two stealth fighters flew over Syrian and Iraqi airspace to reach Iran, and even targeted locations in the Iranian cities Bandar Abbas, Esfahan and Shiraz.”

    And no I’m not pro Israeli / pro Ming the Merciless, I’m just following H.L. Mencken’s philosophy. “I believe that it is better to tell the truth than a lie. I believe it is better to be free than to be a slave. And I believe it is better to know than to be ignorant.”

      1. Homer –

        Pogo was a ‘possum who sadly pointed out, “We have met the enemy, and…. the enemy is U.S.” 🙂

        1. And here I thought old Al was just gonna flat out say the U.S. carny Congress did it..
          (he’d have my vote)

    1. HP,
      Them Russian made missiles are deadly! Yes, indeed! A specially in the hands of Iranian mullahs targeting civilian airliners taking off from Tehran!

      1. These guys? I remember training with them, among others. I liked them. Good looking, outgoing, friendly and personable. I was one of few Americans who talked with them. Healthy young Iranians. I learned a lot about them and their families ergo their general demeanor, which was (1978) top notch. Here’s a hint. They’re pretty much exactly like everyone else and I know you know what I mean. So were my Cuban pals, lol.

      2. KR, the more I ponder the Iranian airliner, the more I wonder not if but how the nefarious electronic warfare shenanigans were accomplished. Because I believe that’s what happened. Merciless trickery..

        1. HP,
          I was actually thinking about that Ukrainian jet with 176 souls on board. They’ve admitted to their mistake and took full responsibility for it.

          1. Yes, a bit too close to home to not ‘take full responsibility’ (aka) by far the softer of two hard places.

            Flight 800 springs to mind being pretty much the exact opposite. Where the FIB(cia) / M$M relieves the U.S. Navy from having even a little bit of responsibility thrust upon them.
            Helluva contrast, innit..

  4. I think it’s time Iran run a nuclear test; enough of that ….”we can’t do it, the leader issued a fatwa prohibiting nukes” lol

  5. Obviously Russia, Iran, Syria need to stop acting with restraint and put missiles on Israel. If an Iranian oil tanker is hit then an Israel ship needs to sink. The attack on the Iranian centrifuges should have resulted in the leveling of Dimona. Cowering in front of a bully only invites more attacks.

    Eventually the world must come to it’s senses and end Israel.

    If Amerikans had any sense Israel would be bombed off the map for 911.

    IMO the best way to end the Abrahamic religions is to nuke Jerusalem, turn the Dome of the Rock into a crater of glass. One missile or bomb on this most unholy place would instantly end the insanity of those who follow Yahweh because such an event would violate their prophecy and thus end the trance.

    People are so enraptured with Jerusalem as a holy city when in fact more people have been hacked, gutted, crucified in that town than any other. Jesus (a fictional character in a sun god story) was not the only one put on a cross, during the siege of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. the Romans lined the roads with humans on crosses.

    But the worst part of of this entire tragedy – and not understood or generally known – is that the Jewish Second Temple was the first “central” bank. Using superstition and myth, the Rabbinic priests were able to live high on the hog, demanding the best animals for the sacrifice (and thus eating pleasure). The priest is a con man, doing no useful work, convinced the rabble of his holiness and closeness to god and thus lived the life of Riley just as modern judges and central bankers do today.

    The big joke on the Jewtube are these flamboyent televangelists begging their audience for more money so they can buy their next twin engine jet. These modern Cohens priests use the Bible to con the rabble out of their coin, just as they did back in the time of ancient Jerusalem. If you want to get rich in corrupt Amerika, just get a King James Bible and whack it on the podium and yell at the audience that the only way through the pearly gates is by belief in Jesus. The rabble eat that theological slop up. Deeds do not matter, heaven is by belief only is the greatest con game ever invented and it all started in the Second Temple.

    The Rabbinic priests had hoarded the gold coin, and thus caused a money shortage for the common folk. During the siege when Jerusalem fell, those holed up inside filled their bellies with gold coins and made a run for it, the Roman soldiers caught these Jews and gutted them after the figured out what was going on. The Romans took the temple gold back to Rome and built the Colosseum and Arch of Titus, and thus the hoarded coin was put back into circulation. This is what Amerika needs to do, take the illegally confiscated hoarded gold at Fort Knox and make it legal tender again. FDR was a Jew who stole the gold coin from the common folk – just as the Jews did back in ancient Palestine.

    wiki “The siege of the city began on 14 April 70 CE, three days before the beginning of Passover that year.[3][4] The siege lasted for about five months; it ended in August 70 CE on Tisha B’Av with the burning and destruction of the Second Temple.[5] The Romans then entered and sacked the Lower City. The Arch of Titus, celebrating the Roman sack of Jerusalem and the Temple, still stands in Rome. The conquest of the city was complete on approximately 8 September 70 CE. “

    1. YJ
      The true Jesus was/is real. The Avatar. The one we would aspire to be. The fictional sun god representation of Jesus is an imposture, another one of those “cloaks” that earmarks a Kabbalistic deception.

      In this physical world is an all-encompassing material deception that superimposes spiritual reality. Use my aforementioned analogy of water as an example of this, demonstrated by the idea of ice being a punishment inflicted on water for acting so free.

    1. My computer warns me not to accept your link.
      (It involves accepting cookies, i.e., invasion of privacy.)

  6. “…in the Israeli promise to sabotage the Iran deal, Israel has this time sabotaged themselves.”
    Here we have the classic rope-a-dope invented by the famous US boxer Muhammad Ali. Out of this corner comes out puncher Israeli landing blows to the midsection and below the belt to the opponent Iranian who is riding against the ropes and defensively fending off the blows The Referee, Uncle Sap, who feigns impartiality and sometimes not, “rebukes” and admonishes Israeli for the low blows. Like the famous Ali, Iranian may be waiting for Israeli to punch himself out. Patience indeed.
    Setting ringside are some from Iranian’s homeland who have lived there since the time of some ancient captivity* who wish that Israeli would lay off the low blows. They are quite happy in Iranian’s homeland even if some of their people are only too happy to root for Israeli.
    * It seems that Israeli’s old timey historians were always complaining about being captive here and being captive there. Maybe Iranian’s old timey people also had a hand in all this captivity business. After all, it’s said that it’s all part of God’s plan. Isn’t It? After all, there are other contenders wanting in the ring.

  7. YUKON
    “This is what Amerika needs to do, take the illegally confiscated hoarded gold at Fort Knox and make it legal tender again. FDR was a Jew who stole the gold coin from the common folk – just as the Jews did back in ancient Palestine.”
    I doubt there’s any gold in Fort Knox… I think somebody stole that a long time ago…
    But if not, it would put the USA in good stead, in case all this crypto currency becoming the money of the future thing, when the current central banking system finally does go bust forever, turns out to be a big smokescreen and by some miracle the USA Does Not Resuscitate, lets the fed bank die and makes the US Treasury the National Bank, with Constitutional Currency backed by the PM…
    ” The priest is a con man, ”
    I’ll bet the intel plant, not Bob but John (CON-MAN) Forbstein Kerry (real name – COHEN) might know what’s in store for the ME… This latest flap over him giving secrets to the Iranians is the clue on what’s coming up next, if anybody can figure it out……
    Meanwhile, the sad truth is that neither the Islamic Republican Gangster State not the SLC is doing the world a lot of good and the USA would be better off if both shut up and went away…

  8. This is off topic but is a heads up.
    As Israel is going off the deep end in regards to Iran the whole world is going off the deep end into an alternate really.
    Bodies are piling up in India. Cars and trucks can’t seem to stay on the road in the US. And reports are coming in that the covid injected are shedding something that can make the non injected sick.
    Example. A biz associate came in feeling dizzy. I ask him and he said that he had taken two doses of the covid injection. While setting down he almost went to sleep. When he left he ask for and gave him a bottle of water.
    He said he would get some sleep at a rest stop on the freeway. He was not well. I hope he made it to catch his flight back to the East Coast. This is serious shit folks. The whole thing is like from a dystopian novel. Bill Gates wet dream of population reduction?

  9. Israel knows that the ZUS has it’s back no matter how many times Israel attacks Iran or Syria, or for that matter attacks America as in the case of the USS Liberty and the Israeli and zionist joint attack on the WTC on 911, Israel is immune to blame, they are backed by the full might of the ZUS military , which they control, lock, stock and gun barrel.

    Israel is a rogue criminal nation just like the ZUS.

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