Is This World Really a Computer Simulation

“The truth is so horrible we can’t admit it; the only real heaven would be non-existence. And if that isn’t the greatest condemnation of the creator God, I don’t know what is.” — Yukon Jack

LASHA  DARKMOON (by way of introduction) :  We are having a brief rest today from the utterly boring political trivia that obsess our minds almost exclusively on this site most days of the week: such as the Covid-19 crisis, Jewish world domination, and the outbreak of nuclear war leading to Armageddon and the end of all human life on earth. We need to put aside such tedious and irrelevant distractions for at least one day of the week, focussing our attention on more important matters. [Irony]

What could be more important than the subject of whether we are real or not?

Are we flickering shadows on Plato’s cave wall? Are we no more than characters in a movie on some giant computer screen in an alternative universe? Are we perhaps characters in a novel ten million, billion, trillion, zillion times longer than War and Peace, a novel written by same weird alien novelist in another universe beyond our conception? And if so, who’s watching us and having a good laugh at all our antics?

I’m not so sure I like the idea of being Someone Else’s figment of imagination. Is this extraterrestrial computer programmer forcing me to write these lines? And are you, my few readers,  forced to read them? How does it feel like being  puppets, helpless puppets dangling on  strings—forced to read the rubbish I am writing because I myself have no choice but to write it?

This article ends with a stimulating video on simulated universes. You may find this amusing or enlightening, according to your tastes. I preface it with two fascinating comments  found this morning on the Darkmoon site.

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You Must Live the Lie . . .  in an Artificial Hell Matrix. You must believe in all the fakery in the fake universe: a holographic torture matrix in which your soul is tortured forever!

I am surrounded by fake people who believe fake things. Like fake theology about a fake god who has fake desires and fake commandments.

God, a super computer, generated a fake universe to torture us!

We are told to love this Evil Thing that created this hell.  We are told this  by fake priests who wear fake clothing, reading passages from a fake holy book. “Fear God and hell,”  these holy fakers say, when it is obvious we are already in hell.

And now we can see all the fake people wearing fake protective masks that do not stop these (fake) viruses – and many do it as virtue signalling. Which is fake, as a truly virtuous person would not have to pretend to be virtuous. And the good news (in this hell) is that these virtuous mask wearing fakers are happy to line up to get a fake vaccine, because they want to believe in the fake things the authority tell them to believe.

It dawned on me today that the reason everything is fake is because our existence is fake, and that all the fakers are cashing in playing God — “God”  who is the Father of all the Fakery to start with. Thus Bill Gates plays a god/devil in hell getting rich on the vaccine scam.

This fakery to get money is because God fooled us with our fake existence.  Those who resist decide to play God and make their own fakery and get rich in the process.

I also deduced a while back that the reason our holy book is called “good news” is because we are in hell . . . if we were in heaven, we would not need to hear good news.

And thus all of our theology is wrong! Because we are all fakes, believing the lies of “salvation”, not admitting the obvious fact that we are in hell with no escape. So we imagine and believe in salvation by miraculous means.

Who needs salvation in heaven? You only need salvation if you are in a desperate situation. Trapped in hell. Without hope of escape.

Thus we give each other hope, by believing this torture of being alive will end some day.  After death we get a new life in heaven we tell ourselves.

The truth is so horrible we can’t admit it; the only real heaven would be non-existence. And if that isn’t the greatest condemnation of the creator God I don’t know what is.

—     §     —


WITTGENSTEIN:  You write: “You Must Live the Lie . . .  in an Artificial Hell Matrix. You must believe in all the fakery in the fake universe: a holographic torture matrix in which your soul is tortured forever! I am surrounded by fake people who believe fake things. Like fake theology about a fake god who has fake desires and fake commandments. God, a super computer, generated a fake universe to torture us . . . blah blah blah blah . . .”

Thank you for this remarkably stupid comment.

I don’t think the word “stupidity” is enough to convey the caliber of your mind. I think “mental derangement” gets a bit closer.

Ad hominem abuse is out of place in this context. It’s a mistake to get angry with a ranting lunatic who, strictly speaking, belongs in a padded cell. So let me explain, purely for the benefit of others here, the logical contradictions that make your world view untenable.

The poster known as ‘Lobro’ could certainly make mincemeat of your arguments if he wished, but that is something I leave to him. Here, meanwhile, are my own views. And I am a qualified professional philosopher in theoretical physics at a major university.

If we are all living in a “fake holographic universe”, created by a supercomputer, none of us are REAL creatures. Understand? We are all FAKE SIMULATIONS. We have the same reality as the characters in a novel or the actors in a movie. All reality is virtual. And it therefore follows that none of us has free will. Everything we say and do is PREDETERMINED. We are no more than helpless puppets and life is a bad dream in which we find ourselves trapped forever.

This is what you have said on your own crazy website, I believe, ever since you lost your marbles a few tears ago. You have gone downhill since then. An angry old man whose only pleasure in life is to tell us how awful life is and how hateful God is for playing torture games with us.

What a nutcase.

Here is the flaw in your logic.

If we are all fake computer-generated simulations without free will, as you keep claiming hysterically, then YOU YOURSELF ARE A FAKE, COMPUTER-GENERATED SIMULATION! Your hysteria itself is therefore unreal. Simulated. Computer-generated.

And so, quite logically:

(1) Why should anyone pay attention to your ravings if they are simply the ravings of a computer-generated simulation? 🙂

(2) Why are you so angry and distressed that you should find yourself in such a “torture matrix” of a universe when your very anger and distress is a FAKE ANGER AND DISTRESS FELT BY A FAKE ENTITY CALLED “Yukon Jack” who doesn’t really exist — except on a GIANT COMPUTER CALLED “GOD”.

This a philosophical paradox, my friend, in which you find yourself caught. It makes total nonsense of everything you say.

You really are a mental case.


VIDEO   :   8.45 mins

86 thoughts to “Is This World Really a Computer Simulation”

  1. A lady I used to know once suggested to me that we might be figments of our own imagination. Now there’s a thought to make your head feel funny!

    1. We are. NOT might be! The head is not the ego TRADUCTEUR and it will be the ego that will reject this idea as very uncomfortable and ridiculous.

  2. WITTGENSTEIN comments that Yukon Jack’s assertions are so stupid that engaging in the fallacy of logic known as the ad hominem, is “out of place in this context.” Then Wittgenstein goes ahead and engages in ad hominem, his Tribe’s favorite deflection against genuine debate.
    Saul Alinksky’s Rules For Radicals” Rule 5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It’s hard to counterattack ridicule, and it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.”
    Then Wittgenstein goes on to engage in: The Appeal to Authority, a commonly used fallacy of Logic.
    For such a highly educated, albeit educated in the deeply infiltrated world of academia, and being such a “qualified professional philosopher in theoretical physics at a major university” Mr. Wittgenstein appears to be ignorant of the basic fallacies of logic.
    But of course the classical method of education and the study of logic, which include the fallacies of logic, was given to humanity by the Europeans via the Trivium, while the Torah or Old Testament was given to us by the ancestors of Mr. Wittenstein, example:
    “However, in the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes.”
    Doesn’t hatred literally ooze out of Wittgenstein’s response to a White, male, non-Jew?
    That is because the religious literature of Hebrews is the instruction manual for world domination and their hatred for non-Hebrews is documented throughout their Torah and their Talmud, and it’s way past time it was called out for being so.
    Wittgenstein is still worshiping the plagiarist Einstein, who lifted the work of previous White, male Goyim. Yet the irony is, the plagiarized theories he stole and did not give credit for, are incorrect, and physics is currently being retarded due to the rigid rules that all assertions in physics must match Einstein’s theories or they are tossed aside. Although increasingly, physicists are speaking out against the failed theories.
    History is well-documented with humans arriving at various explanations for why our world is so insane: the devil (s), demons, space aliens, computer-generated simulations.
    I think the problem for so much unnecessary evil is closer to home. Genetic psychopaths are allowed to control mass behavior. Perhaps we should first start with dismantling the pyramid of Freemasonry. With all the AI research and brain mapping well-funded experimentation, why not isolate & identify the genes responsible for genetic psychopathy, and then develop an effective test for identification? With all the identification and surveillance of the commoners, why not collect a genetic ID of the current world leaders and people in high positions of power, in order to identify any familial connections of DNA?
    Of course, Mr. Wittgenstein, for all his education in “philosophical philosophy in physics” will never engage in the research of the massive amount of documented history which proves his Tribe, or at least his Tribal Leaders, are engaged in creating a malevolent, dystopian future for the world to benefit their own Tribe. Nor will he engage in a genuine discussion regarding the very evil psychopathic “god” of the Torah AKA the Old Testament, nor the malevolence displayed toward the Goyim in their Talmud.
    The Hebrews made organized criminality into a religion and what is good from that book was plagiarized from other ancient cultures.
    So perhaps Mr. Wittgenstein, that is why Yukon Jacks is “… so angry and distressed that he should find himself in such a “torture matrix” of a universe…”. And why you find it so easy to condescend and engage in ridicule to attack people whom are driven to create methods of feeling better in a world your Tribe is helping destroy.

    1. @ bumpercrop

      I regard your longwinded comment with total contempt.

      You have no right to assert that this particular “Wittgenstein” is a Jew and talk of his “tribe” in an attempt to dismiss him as worthless. Have you any proof this poster is a Jew? Has he said so? What makes you think you can get away with such a brazen ad hominem attack on this new poster and then hypocritically claim that Wittgenstein is attacking Yukon Jack in the same ad hominem way?

      Speak less, sir, unless you can indulge in rational and civilized discourse.

      1. Wittgenstein has my full support. Yukon Jack is a known troublemaker whose only agenda on this pro-Christian site is to spit on Christianity and diss Jesus Christ. You want to spit in Christ’s face too? Feel free! Let’s see how long you last on this site if you openly flout its very reasonable rules.

        People have a right to defend their religion from filthy bastards like Yukon Jack. The man is a coward because he wouldn’t dare attack Christianity in a public place in front of people like me. He’d have his ugly face rearranged if he tried it. So the coward does it on sites like this where he knows no one can beat the shit out of him.

        Yukon Jack has already been outed on this site as a sex pervert. Remember that. There are reports that he has been in trouble with the police. He has a criminal record. Why do you think his site has been removed? He deleted it himself to be on the safe side. It gave too much away. It provided evidence against him and would have gotten him 20 years in prison.

        1. I never did like Yukon Jack and his longwinded rants. The man generates bad vibes like a skunk leaving behind a trail of nauseating smells wherever it goes. The sudden disappearance of his blog is highly suspicious. He deleted it himself as a security measure. To be on the safe side, as Sardonicus says.

          I’m willing to bet Yukon Jack wouldn’t have the guts to meet me in a nice quiet place for a serious discussion. I’d bring my two big brothers with me as bodyguards. And I’d bring a good pair of razor sharp scissors!

          Snippety-snip . . . and Yukon Jack would suddenly be transgendered! 🙂

      2. The “real” Wittgenstein had a lot of intelligent things to say which would be beyond the comprehension of the pseudo-philosopher Yukon Jack.

        Here is what Wittgenstein says on the afterlife which could serve as a suitable epigraph for this article:

        The primary question about life after death is not whether it is a fact, but even if it is, what problems that really solves.

      3. Wittgenstein had a remarkable sense of the wonder of the universe that had its roots in Christian mysticism, even though Wittgenstein himself was neither a Christian nor a mystic. Hence his most profound and penetrating observation: “The mystical is not how the world is, but that it is.”

        So remember this. Whether the universe is real or a computer simulation doesn’t really matter. The fact that it exists at all is a wonder. Its very existence, as opposed to its non-existence, is miraculous.

        Yukon Jack can diss Christianity as much as he wants. But one thing he cannot diss is the miracle that there is something here to diss.

      4. Dear Sardonicus,
        Perhaps you should do the most basic of research before you attack information with which you disagree or information which triggers your own preconceptions and or prejudices.
        This is the familial genetic background of Ludwig Wittgenstein 1889-1951, whom the “new poster” chose to use as his moniker.
        “According to a family tree prepared in Jerusalem after World War II, Wittgenstein’s paternal great-great-grandfather was Moses Meier, a Jewish land agent who lived with his wife, Brendel Simon, in Bad Laasphe in the Principality of Wittgenstein, Westphalia. In July 1808, Napoleon issued a decree that everyone, including Jews, must adopt an inheritable family surname, so Meier’s son, also named Moses, took the name of his employers, the Sayn-Wittgensteins, and became Moses Meier Wittgenstein. His son, Hermann Christian Wittgenstein – who took the middle name “Christian” to distance himself from his Jewish background – married Fanny Figdor, also Jewish, who converted to Protestantism (crpytos) just before they married. They had 11 children – among them Wittgenstein’s father. Karl Otto Clemens Wittgenstein (1847–1913) who became an industrial tycoon, and by the late 1880s was one of the richest men in Europe, with an effective monopoly on Austria’s steel cartel.Thanks to forming a monopoly on steel, the Wittgensteins became the second wealthiest family in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, only behind the Rothschilds. Wittgenstein’s mother was Leopoldine Maria Josefa Kalmus, known among friends as Poldi. Her father was a Bohemian Jew and her mother was Austrian-Slovene Catholic – she was Wittgenstein’s only non-Jewish grandparent.
        This from the New York Times:
        “The singular achievement of the controversial early 20th century philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein was to have “discerned” the “true nature” of Western philosophy — what is special about “its problems”, where they come from, how they should and should not be addressed, and what can and cannot be accomplished by grappling with them. Admittedly, few would agree with this “rosy” assessment — certainly not many professional philosophers. Apart from a small and ignored clique of hard-core supporters the usual view these days is that his writing is self-indulgently obscure and that behind the catchy slogans there is little of intellectual value. But this dismissal disguises what is pretty clearly the real cause of Wittgenstein’s unpopularity within departments of philosophy: namely, his thoroughgoing rejection of philosophy as traditionally and currently practiced; his insistence that it can’t give us the kind of knowledge generally regarded as its raison d’être.”
        Sounds like just another Judaic, homosexual, faux intellectual, (and how rare they are!) coming from a self-important family of neurotic depressives whose ancestors made their fortune from forming a steel monopoly cartel, who did his best to subvert and criticize the large body of unique, original, Western accomplishments in the study of philosophy.
        Let’s see now, where might Wittgenstein have gotten the idea of his own self-importance over Western Philosophy, created by the Goyim, as a whole? Oh, I know…another Hebrew.
        “Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews.” John 4:22

        1. @ Bumpercrop

          You completely miss my point, sir.

          I am quite aware that the German philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein was a Jew. So it’s extremely arrogant and foolish of you to tell me to “do your research.” I don’t need to, since I’m already aware of Wittgenstein’s Jewish ancestry.

          Are you so remarkably dimwitted that you think the poster making his first comment on this website, using the pen name “Wittgenstein” as his user name, is the same person as the German philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein who died 70 years ago in 1951? You obviously do!

          I simply cannot believe that anyone could be so incredibly stupid as to mix up Wittgenstein 1 (who died 70 years ago and was Jewish) with Wittgenstein 2 (who is alive and well today and is NOT Jewish and never said he was Jewish!!!) 🙂

          Understand this, sir. You made the mistake of attacking the WRONG MAN for being a Jew! The Wittgenstein you are attacking is NOT a Jew and never claimed to be a Jew! So why are you falsely attacking him for being Jewish? And isn’t that an ad hominem attack?

          Please don’t waste my time any more, Bumpercrop. So far I have liked your comments, even admired them, but you are now getting out of hand by siding with Yukon Jack, a known enemy of this website and all it stands for.

          I will defend Christianity against Christ haters like Yukon Jack. That’s what I’m here for. Yukon Jack will be no match for me. If he attacks Jesus Christ on this pro-Christian site again, I will destroy him.

      5. I find your attacks on yuckon jack too harsh and lacking dialogue; your insults and threats are not the solution in dealing with someone whom you disagree with
        Just saying

        1. @ johanmalkun

          You fight your battles and I’ll fight mine.

          Yukon Jack is in flagrant breach of the rules of this website. By supporting him, you make it clear that you too would like rewrite the rules of this website and insult Lasha Darkmoon and the Administrators of this website. For your information, here is what Admin wants:

          # 12. All anti-Christian comments disrespecting the person of Jesus Christ and mocking the New Testament will be regarded as an attack on the cherished values of our Christian ancestors. All such comments will be deleted at once. If you you happen to be a Satanist, pedophile, potential serial killer, or aficionado of sexual perversion in general , please stay away from our site. Find some other online forum that caters to your degenerate tastes and leave us in peace at the Darkmoon site. If this is “censorship”, so be it.

          I hope you intend to obey the rules of this website rather than join Yukon Jack in disobeying them.

          1. The Darkmoon site is one oasis of relative calm where Christ-hating cranks and sexually perverted Satanists (like Yukon Jack) are not allowed entrance. Let’s keep it like that. These mentally deranged trolls, with huge chips on their shoulders, have dozens of other websites where they can indulge in their anti-Christian HATE SPEECH as much as they want. They don’t have to come to the Darkmoon site to do it.

  3. A split mind serving ones own ego is no computer simulation! Though it is a great excuse for the ego’s projected innocence that is riddled with fear and guilt.

    “If only the loving thoughts of God’s Son are the world’s reality, the real world must be in his mind. His insane thoughts, too, must be in his mind, but an internal conflict of this magnitude he cannot tolerate. A split mind is endangered, and the recognition that it encompasses completely opposed thoughts within itself is intolerable. Therefore the mind projects the split, not the reality. Everything you perceive as the outside world is merely your attempt to maintain your ego identification, for everyone believes that identification is salvation. Yet consider what has happened, for thoughts do have consequences to the thinker. You have become at odds with the world as you perceive it, because you think it is antagonistic to you. This is a necessary consequence of what you have done. You have projected outward what is antagonistic to what is inward, and therefore you would have to perceive it this way. That is why you must realize that your hatred is in your mind and not outside it before you can get rid of it; and why you must get rid of it before you can perceive the world as it really is.”

      (No idea why it went there)

      The New Age book entitled: “A Course in Miracles”, was written by a Jewess named Helen Schucman, who claimed she was channeling Jesus Christ, another Hebrew.
      Helen Schucman was a professor of “medical psychology” at Columbia University, located in NYC, and ground zero for admitting the hard-core communists, and giving them professorships, all Jews, fleeing from Germany in the 1930’s, known as the Frankfort School. Helen Schucman was at Columbia University from 1958-1976.
      Helen Schucman collaborated with Dr. William Thetford to “channel” the Course in Miracles. William Thetford was one of the great manipulators of the infamous MK-Ultra project. In fact, from 1971 to 1978 Thetford, along with David Saunders, headed within the CIA mind control Project MKULTRA, the important Subproject 130 denominated “Personality Theory”.
      From 1965 through 1972 Thetford directly assisted Schucman with the transcription of the first three sections of the work, which was, in fact, a great bulk of the material.
      And just whom might be currently making a mint off selling this malevolent mind control programming to the naive Goyim, the “channeled teachings” of Jesus? Why another Jewess named Maryanne Williamson, majorly promoted by Jewish media, as the darling of the New Agers. (New Age, is also the name of the Freemason magazine) ( &Where did she get such a Goyishe name?)
      Williamson actually campaigned as a Democrat in the 2020 presidential election. She was recorded asking the white members of her audience at an event last July to apologize to black people in attendance for slavery, lynching, police brutality and other issues.
      No mention whatsoever from MS Williamson regarding the fact that Jews ran & heavily profited from the African slave trade. And of course, although she originally claimed she wanted nothing to do with Schuman’s “channeling” because the “wisdom” was supposedly coming from the Christian Jesus, she later relented. Most likely when she discovered the profits to be made.
      I wonder why Shucman or later her apostle Williamson did not find this dictate from the bible’s Jesus religion in need of “channeling”.
      From Peter 1: “Slaves, in reverent fear of God submit yourselves to your masters, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh.”
      And from Paul, the self-admitted Pharisee who promoted & marketed the Judaic Religion Part Two, to the Goyim.
      ‘Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ.” Ephesians 6:5.

      1. So BUMPERCOP, your point is? Ego(ism) and human selfishness is a Jewish invention to enslave the Goyim world? The ones “making a mint” from the course in miracles is the “foundation for inner peace” who won a major US court case against another American $ectarian entity called Endeavor academy that claimed “Jesus’ words channeled” can not be copyrighted. EA lost several lengthy $$$ court battles and FFIP was awarded all copyrights by American & International law. All those involved had rea$on while blaming each other as opposing cults.
        Malevolent mind control programming? A book that turns the reader’s mind evil because it was written by Jews? I rather see it different! The sole AUTHORITY established from a book turns selfishly profitable and literally opposes all the words written in the book itself. After one (or several) out of body experience(s) or a near death experience it is quite common that “worldly projections and ones own earlier views of life, ones own physical existence and Reality beyond the human body” are questioned if not changed. To collide with all that was learned about life in a controlled and regulated human society will come naturally. When ones own mind changes through an inner experience and from than on “operates” very differently than the majority of the human tribe, certainty will prevail as doubts are abolished naturally in oneself. The words written/used in the ACIM do make great sense. Especially in regards to the “mechanisms” of the split (God/I) human mind – including the greatest burden of man – SELFISHNESS of the mind’s body. The organization beyond the book and the including power struggle of authors, publishers, lawyers and other individuals involved do not make sense and are contradictory to its text itself.
        If one chooses God, how can one be a slave or be afraid Bumper? Investment into Reality truly is an independent investment and not slavery! It has no master. There are many ways leading to God and it matters not how one arrives. Religions might argue very differently: Only “I am” truth! “With only loving thoughts of God’s Son in mind and a heart filled with love, the real world must be in ones mind” (leaving no place for Malevolent mind control, hell or illusion in itself).
        Unless God and his son is an invention of the Jews, right Bumpercop?

  4. Don’t know about life being fake… but what I DO know is that fake tits are the pits.

    Thank You.

    (Disclaimer: I am NOT a Philosopher Of Physics… but I know a good “set” when I see ’em)

  5. @ The Realist

    “Don’t know about life being fake… but what I DO know is that fake tits are the pits.”

    Well, you know the answer.

    If you don’t like fake tits, don’t go near them.

    They won’t bite you if you don’t bite them. 🙂

  6. As for me, I like the thought of floating around on a Heavenly cloud – so I could piss on the lot of you! 😇 Give me Jesus EVERY TIME! (Peter enjoys dangling those keys!) 😈👌

  7. A Course In Miracles was written by a Jew channeling Jesus the Christos?
    Well Hey, Zimmy Dylan went Gospel for a while there…
    So did Johnny Cash….
    Pastor Hagee and dozens of others have been thriving on it for decades…
    If you’re got something to sell, you might want to take it where the crowds are, I guess the more gullible the better…
    Especially when they’ve been trained to cough up when they pass the basket….
    Hard for a Jew too resist, no?

  8. I am a mathematician (PhD) and am heavily involved in Quantum Mechanics and every aspect of known Quantum theory. I have observed the workings of the CERN Hadron Collider, which is really a large, high powered accelerator, which attempts to make conclusions as to what happens when energy particles (protons) collide at speeds nearly as fast as light travels. Some say they have reached the speed of light.
    I have therefore looked into the physical properties of atoms and subatomic particles.
    I have questioned the conclusion that a so called “God Particle” is what gives things MASS.
    I declared, under my real title, that Stephen Hawking’s Black Hole theory “of everything” was rubbish as black holes are far from dead and have living matter inside them. How could Hawking then deduce that there was “no god”?
    People think Quantum research will reveal parallel universes, but this research has so far been proven to be mere charlatanism.
    Anyway, the high speed collision of protons has, as of yet, provided us with nothing.
    The idea that the CERN contraption, costing enough to ease world starvation, would allow us to step into other realities is merely the lunatic thoughts of mad, over paid, drug addicted scientists.
    You might as well get drunk and create a new reality for yourself, where, for a time, you are sexy and courageous and infinitely wise.
    Now the crazy cosmologists are saying they have telescoped to the very ends of the Universe. More hogwash. … And their idea that the whole universe is comprised of only 82 elements is also a lie. They say that they know this by looking at the colour of exploding elements in deep space. I have identified over 500 colours in the space spectrum. And, remember, scientists actually do not view colours as we know them, but utilise rather simple algorithms which try to identify supposed colours.
    In the above I have catered for the simple minds of most readers and have dumbed down my language.
    Let’s get back to tangible reality: Gilbert does that new Winchester have bump stock ability and a magazine? Does it offer automatic fire? Have you already excavated large holes on your property?
    There are already two realities in Western nations – the Jewish one opposed to the 5% of people who see the truth.

      1. Pat, I fully understand why you say their are no nuclear tipped missiles. Since arguing this subject with you, I humbly admit you are correct. Military explosion fission bombs are just another mythical creation to place us under Orwellian like control. No different to that silver paper moon lander that, with primordial, childlike computer calculations was supposed to carry men and equipment onto the moon’s surface, or the fake virus or man made global warming, or Hussein’s WMD’s. Every monkey that has been sent into the Van Allen Belt has died of radiation poisoning.

  9. If we are to believe what Quantum Mechanics has revealed to us, then, it would appear that the Universe could be a simulation of Implicate Order as an Explicate Order (David Bohm) Our Reality too, may be a personal simulation of a Collective Delusion. Let me explain; According to Quantum Mechanics, Matter is reduced into Wave Motion and 99.999% of emptiness. The solidness of objects that we feel with our touch sense, is created by repelling force of the cloud of electron on the object and our hands.

    Now, entanglement of Quantum entities, (such as two particles) has been proved again and again, in many Scientific experiments. One would propose, that just as two particles once entangled and set out in different directions maintain contact non-locally, there is no reason to believe that all atoms and to that extent all Matter is not entangled at Quantum state, even if this reality may not be apparent to us. So, what does this mean? It means that we are all Entangled, even if we are not directly conscious of it. But this Entanglement is itself evident for example in a school of fish, or a swarm of bee, or a herd of Wild Beasts.

    So, picture this, that according to Scientific Enquiry , we are all One, even if we do not know it. And that at a deeper Level, there is an Implicate Order (An Information Based System) out which enfolds the Explicate Order which we call our reality. At the level of the Implicate Order, the connection, the Oneness, the Entanglement and Unity is real. But at the Explicate Order, this has not been achieved. So, to that extent, we are all unfortunately crudely simulating the Implicate Order with our dualistic engagement of the reality, as if we were separated. This misunderstanding is the one that brings disharmony, conflict and suffering.

    But yet, we can only imaging, how the Implicate Order operates. We are unable to simulate with perfection the reality of the Implicate Order on our Explicate Order, because, our perception has always been advised by sense experience of an “Objective World” So, all we have ever known, is what our senses have told us. And they told us that there exists an Objective World. Yet we do not realize that the perception of an Objective World is as a result of Subjective Interpretation. Because of this ignorance we are today, living in a “ Consensus Reality” This is a subjective reality based on a personal simulation of a collective delusion” We are all mad.

  10. If you do a search for “god is a computer programmer” you will get many essays exploring that idea. The first hit using a Bing search engine of that phrase goes to a Christian website essay posted below. Obviously, the idea that god is a computer programmer, like the architect in the movie “The Matrix”, is of great interest to Christians as it challenges long held notions about god.


    The simple explanation for the order of creation is that God is a programmer, the universe (heavens) is like a computer or a program. We, and everything we know, are akin to bits of code. Applications, services, processes, libraries, variables, and functions. The programmer is not subject to the program. ”


    The best rant on the internet that I have found describing our real situation I posted in several essays, like this one, which can still be found and read on the web archive posted below. Well worth a read IMO.


    God is a Computer Programmer Documentary – Author Unknown (but thought to be a UK woman who made the original rant)

    “You never asked to be here, but you are here now, so you sure as hell better conform, that is, play the game, otherwise go to prison, or live on the streets.

    God is a computer programmer, from an advanced civilization. Look around you, now, think of where virtual reality technology is currently at, with the Oculus Rift.

    Now fast forward that technology 500 years or so, and throw in some artificial intelligence algorithms, and you can begin to see how you and I, are very likely artificial intelligence algorithms running on advanced computer hardware, that is so powerful we truly believe we are real, but in actual fact none of us are real, it is all a simulation.

    You are stuck inside a simulation, there is no escape, there is no merciful God, who is going to bring you to be with him in heaven once you die. Stop trying to search for some greater meaning in life, because I have just explained the meaning, you are inside a simulation, you are nothing more than entertainment, and in fact, with billions of characters inside this simulation, you may never even be noticed, by who ever it is that our particular instance of the simulation program is being viewed by.

    Look around you, are people happy? The internet has been part of our reality for 20 years now, and people are more unhappy and less fulfilled than ever. Staring lifelessly at their mobile phone screens, checking for the latest face book update, we are spiritually empty, and guess what, we will always be empty, because no matter what path you take in life, you will never be satisfied.

    We are programmed to always want more. Get the job you wanted, and before long you will want your bosses job. People have children to try and full that empty void, but even that, just brings about a whole new set of questions, about what this reality is. The type of questions that will never be accurately answered, until you wake up and become self aware, and by that I mean, you must come to terms with the fact that you are inside a computer simulation.

    You are entertainment.

    God is not a merciful entity, right now people are being raped and tortured all over the world. Some for many years on end. God is a sick and cruel computer programmer, with a twisted sense of humor, and the joke is on you.

    Yes my friend, the joke is on you.”



    What? Yes, we have already lived past lives and our afterlife is now, and where are we now but in hell? So in a very real sense we have already been judged and sent to hell, but don’t know it at a conscious level, but at a subconscious level we do know our fate and thus are attracted to salvation theologies that give us hope while we tread water in hell.

    Read more:


  11. Concrete block dwelling Neo Neanderthals (most of modern man) have devolved, effecting what could be termed a lobotomy of the brain, a unit that really should be directed by the heart – which is the center of spirituality. Since few seem to have a clear definition of spirituality, let me attempt one: it is the organ in which non-egocentric emotion is perceived: awe, mystery, unity, love-at-the basis-of-all, etc.

    Neo Neanderthals have taken over the public spaces of “education” and communication, and thus we are bombarded with theories to replace God (the One) such as simulations, our current subject, or multiverses. Thanks to BIGFOOT for his foray into Quantum Mechanics (QM) I need only add that QM and and Darwinism are the basis for “multiverses” where a theoretical population of universes is postulated, one of which we inhabit due to “blind chance. ” All Neo Neanderthal God replacement theories are based on chaos/randomness, which of course are the basis for simulations.

    I am not sure but I suspect Yukon Jacks’ cosmology does admit the One, especially if he is based in the Yukon.

  12. All the talk of our individual consciousnesses being some computer-generated illusion is just pettifoggery piled on top of trivia on top of cheap quibbles, evading the root issue at all costs, like stuck in a revolving door due to fear of stepping outside—legalistic tricks of atheists/materialists posing as serious truthseekers.
    The previous Trojan hobbyhorse was the multiverse charade.
    They sense that the “solid” ground made up of lifeless rocks and matter is in fact getting shifty, so they throw themselves lifesavers with limited shelf life until the next model hits the stores, Christmas shopping without Christ.
    Take the multiverse construct: if we just happen to be the lucky ones generated by ceaselessly banging rocks as direct result of uncountable (and not merely infinite) number of cosmic possibilities, each potential fulfilled at least once (in fact an uncountable number of times), then the same argument dictates that there must be at least one universe linked to a Creator (okay, maybe not ours). But the uncountability trickster then turns around and says that there must be not just an infinite number of God-possessed universes but an uncountably infinite number of them—and in fact that there must be “AT LEAST ONE” (pardon the paradox because that’s not my fault but fault of metalogic borne of multiverse nonsense—MULTIVERSAL CREATOR OF THEM ALL.
    Back to square one, i.e., without considering anything else, we are inescapably under the umbrella of own Father Who Is In Heaven (Jewish Yahweh notwithstanding, let’s not go there right now, save it for desserts).

    As for the supercomputer housing an AI that creates us as per some MACROSOFT operating system, it is basically the same argument hiding behind a different rock, raising many questions for each fake answer—who programmed the supercomputer—how many parallel programs are running, where, how, why—I mean what’s the ultimate point and if there isn’t any then we are back to the materialist turf, i.e., the magic supercomputer is itself a mere product of idiot chance, “rocks banging together” in order to bring about this amazing intelligence and consciousness—for no reason at all, just because it is what it is (end of discussion🤖).

    Why do I term it utter nonsense? “It” being the idea of complexity arising out of simplicity—and not only because it grossly violates the most fundamental law of cosmos, the one of entropy that says e.g., if you walk through a fully revved jet turbine, the chances that your molecular chunks will be sprayed out the ass-end in such a way that they will reassemble themselves back into your exact copy are rather small—entropy, y’know? (even though no other laws of physics are violated, only this statistical one.)
    Consider the fallacy of Darwin’s evolutionary process (he himself had massive doubt about it, being a smart, open-minded scientist above all).
    The idea is that organisms evolve to ever more complex forms in order to better dig themselves into survivable status and gain upper hand on the cheaper models.
    Well, isn’t it true that the simple ones are more robust, less likely to break down due to sickness, more capable of consuming bio-junk?
    When people end up with cancer and chronic diseases like AIDS, the genetic cures are all based on gene deletion thereby impoverishing the gene pool not enriching it.
    And look at the very first organism posited by the theory—it would have been perfectly situated to rule the planet: almost infinite supply of consumables, no competition, no predators, no parasites—WHY EVOLVE??? (and create deadly hassles for itself and its offspring, even if it could evolve into survivable forms, superior and predatory to its progenitor).

    Enough for one post (too much maybe? Tracking the above argument, posts that are lengthy and complex have poorer odds of surviving Spamblinka)

    1. This is an exceptionally good comment, Lobro, and in my honest opinion deserves to be republished as a separate feature article. The only problem is that the subject matter, quantum physics, is so incredibly esoteric that much of what you say would be incomprehensible to most other readers here. Myself included.

      I think someone once suggested that the number of people who understood quantum theory could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

      Your general message, however, is clear. The whole idea of multiple universes, especially multiple universe that exist only as virtual reality on some giant supercomputer called “GOD”, belongs in the realm of fantasy fiction. There are some things, in other words, that are as false and nonsensical as they are sinister and mind destroying. This is because they attempt to prove that Free Will is an illusion. The result is moral anarchy and despair creation.

      Out of Order, Chaos. Out of Light, Darkness.

      Yukon Jack is one of these depressing cranks, possibly Jewish, who would like to be God so that he could have the exquisite pleasure of committing suicide, taking the entire Universe with him.

      1. I second MADAME BUTTERFLY’s sentiment about Lobro’s post appear as a separate article.
        Lobro’s counter arguments against the God of Randomness I had never seen before.

        Quantum Mechanics is simple to understand. At the microscopic level we cannot measure characteristics perfectly. Characteristics are calculated and the results are randomly distributed (within certain bounds of course). That’s it.

        This inability to predict the exact result of a measurement creates philosophical issues as it goes against our everyday perceptions – there are several “schools of interpretation” of QM. However,there are no mathematical/actual problems. QM calculations facilitate most modern technology.

      2. @Mme,
        at no time did i have quantum mechanics in mind, i just took a whack at these constructs using plain common sense by following up on basic postulates underlying them. And arrived at conclusions surely unsatisfactory to fans of these theories.
        Now as to quantum mech, though at one time i was fairly familiar with the mathematical underpinnings (linear functionals in Hilbert spaces, scattering theory, etc.), today it is peripheral to my sphere.
        Where it ties into my focus is in the area of randomness, because it confirms it massively.
        And (to me at least) the reality of randomness is a very strong validation of God’s presence, mostly as an observer, giving us humans a free rein to exercise our wills as we see fit, free of divine control but not oversight, i.e., the basis of individual responsibility relative to moral compass pointing toward Natural Law.
        Devil wants to deny us this freedom, wants to press gang us into bondage and absolute obedience, i.e., conquer the freedom of choice and thus flatline the randomness into complete predictability based on our biological imperatives and urges, as long as those are satisfied and our neural networks titillated, we will obey.
        Now, I sense that the proponents of these theories as seemingly benign and commonsense alternatives to religious faith, are unaware of the murky bottom beneath them, the Devil’s trap waving the bait of simple materialism (and thus atheism) as a fake Occam razor at us.
        I suggest they take a closer look.

        That said, I hold absolutely no grudge or dislike toward Yukon or Barkingdeer—for the following reasons.
        • They seem like sincere guys who fully believe what they preach—not intentional liars,
        • My belief system is robust, hence I don’t react with rage when challenged (and I suggest that everybody adopt this attitude), antagonism signals system weakness,
        • Without such challenges, beliefs might atrophy into dogmas and lose vitality.

        NB.: Jew reacts wrathfully when challenged—proof that he is fully aware of the lies he is spouting, insupportable by honest evidence, facts and logic, thus he strives to encase his lies and codify them into brutal laws.
        Which is another way of explaining my oft-repeated aversion to ad hominem, shooting the messenger because the message might be indisputable, however unpalatable.

        ++++++In Short+++++++
        God promotes freedom of conscience through principle of randomness—i.e., Life.
        Devil promotes bondage to unjust Laws of YHWH through principle of biological satisfaction—i.e., Death.

        (which is why fake “genius” Einstein so objected to QM (God does not play dice / Oh yes, He does)).

        1. @ Lobro

          I am deeply impressed by everything you say here and above all by your obvious sincerity. This comment of yours helps to clarify many of the complex issues you dealt with in your previous comment. I don’t have the time now to deal with every point you touch on, but hopefully will be able to find time later. Must rush now.

          [LATER] These days of stress and unnatural living under lockdown have taken their toll on me, as it has on the person (‘S’) whom you allude to indirectly who has objected so strongly to the anti-Christian animosity of Yukon Jack and his sidekick Barkingdeer.

          I agree with you 100%, dear Lobro, that these two commenters “seem like sincere guys who fully believe what they preach—not intentional liars.” But here lies the rub: the Jews you hold in such abomination and conflate with the Devil and all his works are also, I believe firmly, in the same category of “sincere guys who fully believe what they preach.” Yet you make no allowances for them, and cut them no slack, because of the deepseated antisemitism that has taken root in you and grown steadily to monstrous proportions over the years. If only you could extend a similar tolerance and kindly detachment toward the Jews as you do to Yukon Jack and Barkingdeer! 🙂

          I say that not in reproach, Lobro, because I have these problems with antisemitism too and you won’t have me praising Ariel Sharon or Alan Dershowitz or Abe Foxman! I really do believe that it is a huge mistake to demonize ALL Jews or even MOST of them, as you do.

          I can honestly tell you, from my personal experiences over the years, that most of the people who have treated me like dog excrement in this life, betrayed me, cheated me, done violence to me, have NOT been Jews but my fellow goyim. My own kind, with their nice White skins, have stuck their dagger in my back on more than one occasion! And this is what my own kind, my own exemplary whiteskinned brethren, smug in their virtues, have done to the Jews also for centuries. If you were a Jew, how would you feel to be at the receiving end of the goyim’s endless ill-treatment?

          I will leave you with this aphoristic “Darwinian” sentiment of Lasha Darkmoon’s to consider. They are the concluding words of her essay “DARKMOON UPON AMERICA, BY ISRAEL SHAMIR: A Debate between Israel Shamir and Lasha Darkmoon”, written exactly 10 years ago (2011) and republished on numerous websites:

          “Life is too short and precious to waste it on “anti-Semitism”. One has to move beyond this puerile response to Jewish world supremacy. Perhaps the role of the Jew in human affairs is to be the beast of prey that teaches the rest of us to run a bit faster.”

          More later! . . . Thanks for this opportunity for much-needed civilized dialogue. 🙂

      3. btw, dear Mme Butterfly, on rereading my last post, it may be erroneously interpreted as an entirely unwarranted and unintended criticism, however indirect.
        Let me state clearly that it is anything but—in fact your comment is properly appreciated.

        And for the record, though I may go for the jugular of the topic or opinion, it is never aimed at the author.
        NEVER. (except in a jocular way, e.g., Pat is the favored target due to his alligator skin and ability to bite back.)

      4. Mme Butterfly (continuing a legitimate discourse).
        The definition of Jew has purposely been made as slippery as trying to pick up a blob of mercury with chopsticks, always another escape bolthole for the diabolical fox.

        I have cut it short for my purposes:
        a Jew is someone who besides born and bred into Judaic environment, has also voluntarily subscribed to the Yahweh (Devil’s) doctrine of unremitting evil directed at the non-Jews, i.e., the Gentiles.
        It hinges on strict adherence to LAWS as expressed in the true, original Torah, the Mishnah and Talmud, not to mention the observance of Kol Nidre and vindictive celebrations of genocides over the Amalek, the Persians, Egyptians, Ammonites, Jebusites, Canaanites, Germans, Russians, Palestinians, Greeks, on and on—which firmly establish their infernal allegiance. Need I go on, e.g., high-fiving the murder of children, organ harvest, warmongering …. universal support of shelling of Gaza by the world Jewry (survey showing over 85% STRONG support and a separate category for those who thought it was insufficient).

        And those who genuinely opted out (a tricky proposition due to their mendacity and willingness to go into deep infiltration as crypto-Jews and sayanim), I am perfectly willing to accept back into the fold, e.g., Yossi Gurvitz, Ron Unz, Roger Dommergue, Benjamin Freedman, 108Morris108, Ariel Toaff and quite a few others—they are Jews no more—UNjewed!
        Whatever personal peccadilloes they retain is neither here nor there—maybe Ellie is one of those or Melvin Polatnick—I am not bothered because they are only damaging themselves (I looked at Polatnick’s web page and he seems like a harmless type, even kind, though somewhat unhygienic in habits).
        Hope the nature of my “Antisemitism” is made clear.

        Additionally but briefly: it is my conviction that the Jews-proper and their shabbo wannabes like Freemasons owe their existence to Satan’s blueprint for wholesale plunder of spiritual material attached to Earth—precisely as taught by Jesus Christ—He hammered them on it ceaselessly, in order to bring it home not only to Jews but to the rest of us—to street-proof us against Devil.
        I happen to take His message seriously because at some point my eyes have opened to this eschatological reality—if anyone calls me an antisemite on that score, it is a label that doesn’t chafe too much. I could go on in depth and at length on this but this is neither the time nor place for it.
        Suffice it to say by way of warning that any affection for the so-called Old Testament is pernicious in the extreme, don’t go there all starry-eyed thinking it is a Good Book—give me a 1,000 word-space and I will dispel it. There is one and only Testament and it is the Gospels of the Savior—no other.

        As for personal troubles with Jews, I haven’t really had any because I kept myself socially distanced at all times, except strictly professionally. Members of my family, including wife were more inclusive and paid the requisite price of misplaced trust. What blows I took were due to the goyim (just as in your case)—but these are individual and private issues with no bearing to the big scene.

      5. Lobro –

        I have stated here many times that Kol Nidre is sickening. It is so absurd, it is almost farcical.
        Most non-jews have never heard the chant/wailing disavowing all oaths, obligations and contracts for a year…. every Yom Kippur.

        Perry Como – Kol Nidre:

        Al Jolson – Kol Nidrei 19-12-1947:

        Remove obligations for US jews online Yom Kippur 💥 🤢

  13. My humble opinion…
    There’s no such thing as creation, because, after all, who or what would have created the creator?
    Also, there is no end to the Universe, it is infinite…
    We can be sure the Universe has that god-like distinction…
    The Universe is a physical reality…
    If there is no physical end to it, it’s not too hard to jump to the next conclusion, that it had no beginning…
    If you worship the Universe, maybe you can leave out the politics…
    Religion isn’t so bad in and of itself, but it goes bad where politics gets into the game…
    Yet, religion has to have a live affect on the world…
    The ultimate religious ideal would be a cause everyone would agree on…
    If everyone agrees on something, it’s apolitical…
    So maybe the question is – what’s the purest motive available?
    Probably saving the Planet by returning it to its natural ecological state, which would certainly include reducing the human population…
    When humanity is united in that cause, as those steps are taken, conflict will reduce…

  14. Sardonicus, Your original reply to my comment was,
    “You have no right to assert that this particular “Wittgenstein” is a Jew and talk of his “tribe” in an attempt to dismiss him as worthless. Have you any proof this poster is a Jew? Has he said so?
    The new commenter used a photo and name of a Jew from a family who gained their fortune from stealing from a monopoly cartel on steel in Austria. a supposed philosopher, who spent his life attempting to destroy Western philosophy.
    The “new commenter” used not only the name of Wittgenstein, he also used the photograph of Ludwig Wittenstein, indeed the same Wittengenstein who died 70 years ago.
    I think your true motivation for attack, is your dislike of a fellow commenter, Yukon Jack, and any other commenter who dares to disagree with your devotion to the Judaic religion of Christianity.

    1. @ Bumpercrop

      Sardonicus is completely in the right and you are completely in the wrong for defaming me as a “Jew” when I am NOT a Jew. You concluded this falsely on inadequate evidence. Your spurious reasoning being this: (1) I chose the name “Wittgenstein”, knowing it to be Jewish. (2) I posted a photo of the actual Wittgenstein who was definitely Jewish. Ergo, I have to be Jewish and therefore a scoundrel who backs the state of Israel, reads the Talmud in my spare time, and probably had a hand in planning 9//11.

      Let me cut the ground away from under your feet, Mr Bumpercrop, by giving you the simple facts.

      (1) I am NOT a Jew because just I chose the name “Wittgenstein” as my online moniker. I was thinking about choosing the name “Bertrand Russell” OR Wittgenstein and opted for Wittgenstein only because it was shorter. I was totally unaware that Wittgenstein was Jewish and simply regarded Wittgenstein as a German philosopher. There is nothing whatever in his philosophical writings that suggested to me that he was Jewish. No one told me he was “Jewish” when I studied his “Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus” at university. In what way would his ethnicity have been relevant to our discussions?

      (2) I was NOT responsible for the photo of Wittgenstein that appeared in the article beside my republished comment. I am only responsible for my original comment. This had NO PHOTO. See here:

      February 21, 2021 at 1:51 pm

      The photo of Wittgenstein was simply added later on by Admin or LD, which Admin or LD have a right to do by way of pictorial enhancement. Anyone who is stupid enough to conclude that I must BE Wittgenstein (!!!) or look exactly like him in real life (!!!) just because this photo was chosen for me has to be particularly dimwitted. You are that person, Mr Bumpercrop. Not very bright, completely devoid of common sense and logic.

      Furthermore, no one in his right mind would actually believe that the photo attached to Yukon Jack’s comment is an ACTUAL REPRESENTATON of the writer known as “Yukon Jack”. He has borrowed or stolen the photo as well as the name “Yukon Jack”, which is actually the name of an American whiskey liqueur. Are you aware of that?

      So you see, Mr Bumpercrop, you have made a complete ass of yourself. I am a non-Jew who is critical of the Holocaust, highly critical of the Talmud, and a staunch defender of Palestinian rights.

      I don’t want your apology, Mr Bumpercrop, because I know it would break your heart to humble yourself and say “Sorry.” But Admin will perhaps back me up to conform that it was Admin, not me, who posted the photo of Wittgenstein.

      1. @ Wittgenstein

        Yes, we confirm that. You had nothing to do with the choice of that picture. If it misled Bumpercrop into jumping to the false conclusion that you were a Jew, that is most unfortunate. We do not apologize for making use of the picture. This is common practice.

        It is also true that the photo of Yukon Jack bears no resemblance to the actual man hiding behind the name “Yukon Jack”. He has found the picture somewhere on Google Images and decided to take the picture as his avatar. This is not an authentic photo of him — any more than the photo of Wittgenstein is an actual picture of the new poster known as “Wittgenstein”. Both picture are avatars, which is standard practice and requires no apology.

        Sardonicus is our oldest poster and has been with us since we started this website. He is the only person here who has met Lasha Darkmoon personally, but that was a long time ago (2001) when she was an art student in Florence and Sardonicus was there delivering a course of lectures in Renaissance art. We can vouch for his honesty and sincerity, though we naturally disapprove of the violence of his language when he gets carried away. He needs to exercise more restraint.

      2. “I was thinking about choosing the name “Bertrand Russell” OR Wittgenstein and opted for Wittgenstein only because it was shorter.”
        Bertrand Russell, was Ludvig Wittgenstein’s teacher.
        Here are some excerpts from Bertrand Russell’s book, “The Impact of Science on Society”.
        Take note this book was published in 1953. Do any of Bertrand Russell’s avocations seem to be
        in place?
        Simon and Schuster, New York, 1953

        On Education, Page 30:

        “It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the State with money and equipment.
        This subject will make great strides when it is taken up by scientists under a scientific dictatorship. Anaxagoras maintained that snow is black, but no one believed him. The social psychologists of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black. Various results will soon be arrived at. First, that the influence of home is obstructive. Second, that not much can be done unless indoctrination begins before the age of ten. Third, that verses set to music and repeatedly intoned are very effective. Fourth, that the opinion that snow is white must be held to show a morbid taste for eccentricity. . . . It is for future scientists to make these maxims precise and discover exactly how much it costs per head to make children believe that snow is black, and how much less it would cost to make them believe it is dark gray.”
        “In like manner, the scientific rulers will provide one kind of education for ordinary men and women, and another for those who are to become holders of scientific power. Ordinary men and women will be expected to be docile, industrious, punctual, thoughtless, and contented. Of these qualities, probably contentment will be considered the most important. In order to produce it, all the researches of psycho-analysis, behaviourism, and biochemistry will be brought into play…. All the boys and girls will learn from an early age to be what is called ‘co-operative,’ i.e., to do exactly what everybody is doing. Initiative will be discouraged in these children, and insubordination, without being punished, will be scientifically trained out of them.”

        “It is to be expected that advances in physiology and psychology will give governments much more control over individual mentality than they now have even in totalitarian countries. Fichte laid it down that education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished.” – p61

        On biological weapons as a means of population control:

        “War, as I remarked a moment ago, has hitherto been disappointing in this respect, but perhaps bacteriological war may prove effective. If a Black Death could spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full. There would be nothing in this to offend the conscience of the devout or to restrain the ambition of nationalists. The state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it? Really high-minded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other people’s.” – p116..p117

        Page 51:

        Children will, as in Plato’s Republic, be taken from their mothers and reared by professional nurses. Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.
        Page 41 On Social Engineering
        “The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.”

        “The completeness of the resulting control over opinion depends in various ways upon scientific technique. Where all children go to school, and all schools are controlled by the government, the authorities can close the minds of the young to everything contrary to official orthodoxy. Printing is impossible without paper, and all paper belongs to the State. Broadcasting and the cinema are equally public monopolies.” – p57

        “All this is not imaginary, it is daily and hourly reality. Nor, given oligarchy, is there the slightest reason to expect anything else.”

        On diet and vaccinations page 62.
        ( according to the Center for Disease Control, 2020, one in 34 male children and one in 144 girls living in the U.S. are now born on the autism spectrum)

        “Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.” –

        On selective breeding

        “Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton. (The Aztecs kept a domesticated alien tribe for the purposes of cannibalism. Their regime was totalitarian)” – p63

        Ironically, now that I have refreshed myself on the writings of Bertrand Russell, I can very well see how Yukon Jack might arrive at the idea that we are living in a fake, controlled existence, a sort of computerized simulation or hologram, an imitation of real life.

  15. I like yukon jack, it says nothing else that would not be in the bible … the bible describes the harvest, the end of the world ruled by the archon demiurge .. maybe the black hole ends the simulation and a new one is created .. and at the end of the cycle there is a harvest of souls ..

  16. Jo, You replied to my comment regarding the book, The Course in Miracles. as follows,
    “So BUMPERCOP, your point is? Ego(ism) and human selfishness is a Jewish invention to enslave the Goyim world?
    The Course in Miracles was written by a Jewish female, that was a professor at Columbia University, the same university which sponsored & funded the infamous Frankfort School, which were the main people who created Critical Theory, the onslaught of criticism against all Western values and the beginning of infiltration into American academia by Cultural Marxism. Are you familiar with the Frankfort School?
    Helen Shucman, a professor at Columbia University, stated that she “channeled” Jesus, and wrote down a book on those channeled messages. The book was co-authored by her fellow professor, William Thetford, a CIA operative heavily involved with the horrendous MK Ultra mind control programming that helped usher in the social engineering of the 1960’s. it was never revealed if Professor Thetford was also visited by Jesus to obtain the material for the Course in Miracles. Are you familiar with MK Ultra mind control experiments? Read the United States Senate Hearings held on the subject on MK Ultra, at the very least.
    And I have read the Course in Miracles as I myself got caught up in the New Age movement when I was younger. These are some excerpts from the book sometimes referred to as the bible of the New Age Movement., can you not see how this belief system can set people up for serious trouble & harm and thus affect the community as a whole?
    The “Course” teaches that: everything you see around you is an illusion,(lesson #14 and throughout) that bad behaviors and guilt are not real but, “solely an invention in your own mind”(lesson #70) that, you can neither hurt others, nor be hurt (text pg. 96 and throughout)… that “you can and should deny any belief that error can hurt you”… the false promise that: if you see your neighbor as sinless, “you will be released entirely from all effects of sin” (text pg. 474) that “the reality of everything is total harmlessness”.
    The New Age movement also teaches people that if one thinks about an issue, for example how Jewish organized attempts to control the planet, one then gives the issue “power”. So one should avoid all things “negative”. In other words if one wants to “manifest” more good for self, and the focus in New Age religion is on one gaining good for self, then one needs to avoid anything distasteful. There is a lot of emphasis placed on “prosperity” and if one wants more prosperity, one should keep any negative thoughts from one’s mind.

    1. BUMPERCROP, I am not familiar with MK Ultra mind control experiments, but Yes, I can see how “this belief system ACIM” can set people up for serious trouble in a man made society, especially through guidance of an authority that will reverse all that is written and/or desired through censorship of right and wrongs and profit oriented rule. ACIM was very familiar to me even before I read it but I also believe that a “relationship with God” was/is a very personal matter/affair. I even went as far as Europe to teach/read from the course in small groups and left when a horde of Americans “students from the Endeavor Academy in US” came to organize ITSELF and establish a suitable academy bought from donations of na(t)ive European students that were interested in studying/reading the book. Like all in a human life everything goes both ways Bumpercrop. One writes a book of Mother Teresa as a Saint. Another writes one of the opposite – just to gain a little fame, controversy and coin. Reality or truth will always carry conflict to a “REALIST’S” mind. Illusion is another such example. When the body dies the soul lives on. What is illusion than? Being a mortal man that denies eternal life or an everlasting formless entity that reverses mortality through eternity? Have your pick and argue as you can but truth can plainly be found in both – to some extent! I rather stick to that my heart tells me with certainty and without a word, as I know from personal experience how treacherous and narcissistic a (egoistic) mind can be to save or destroy itself and really do not need to bring any extra Jews in at all – for help with my own demise. I have met people talking in spirit or writing about “stuff they could not normally know” and Truth was simply felt deep inside the heart when all words melted into LOVE projecting Truth itself. What a waste to disallow or censor ANYTHING or ONE that has the gift “to act as a medium/receiver” for truth. BIGFOOT’s comment above: “Our Reality too, may be a personal simulation of a Collective Delusion…..” and all that follows has wrapped it up nicely! We are all mad!

  17. I want to apologize to darkmoon and the poster that goes by the name of sardonicus for butting in when said poster was complaining about yukon’s attack on Jesus Christ.
    One thing is to be an atheist and another is to curse and disrespect another person’s religion.
    This reminds me of the Charlie hebdo affair.

    1. @ JohanMalkum

      I am sure your apology is accepted. Your modesty and kindness are certainly appreciated.

      Yukon Jack would like to break into churches and cut off the heads of old ladies saying their prayers. The man is a cruel sadist who doesn’t how to hold his tongue and behave like a well-balanced adult. The man is also a coward who would never dream of disrespecting the Prophet Mohammad in a mosque for fear of bring disembowelled on the spot. But he thinks he can walk into Christian churches and scream abuse at everyone in the pews.

      The sonofabitch would like to spit in the face of my old Christian mother and trample on the bones of my Christian children.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if this pathological sadist comes straight from the back streets of Tel Aviv. There is not the slightest proof that he is a White American. The picture he posts of himself is a fake picture. It’s an avatar, no more. This man radiates pure evil and needs to be shunned like a poisonous serpent.

      1. New Word:
        Disembowelment: or evisceration, is the removal of some or all of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

  18. If asking the right question is part of the solution, then asking the wrong one is, perhaps, part of the problem.

    1. Extremely well put. You could be right. So please go ahead and ask the right question. Begin with this book title:


      Comment on the subtitle and tell us what you think of it. Is there a parallel universe in which Hitler won World War II and Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt lost?

      1. Appreciate your praise, uncle.

        Why do we say: “The right question is half of the solution?” Simple: The right question (asked in the context of trying to solve a difficult problem) always narrows down, often dramatically, the set of candidates for a solution – which [i.e. the set] could otherwise be virtually infinite – thereby directing the search for a solution in a few well-defined directions, one of which happens to lead to the solution. That’s all.

        Regarding the subject at hand, I would suggest the following question as a good one:

        While yearning for wisdom and helpful insight into the difficult question of “what the universe around us is and what it is not?”, is Yukon Jack’s head – or, more generally, the heads of non-Native Americans of today – a right place to look for a solution?

        Having studded heads of non-Native Americans of today – such as TROJ’s Pat’s and Yukon Jack’s – for a prolonged period of time, my answer to that question would be a profound “Nyet”. But the utility of my question does not end there, for it is pregnant with a follow up question: If non-Native Americans of today are not the right source for an answer, how about the Native Americans of long gone?

        Now, pursuing this new direction of search, one – if persistent enough – may arrive at the following:

        TROJs, Pats and Yukon Jacks could learn a lot from these “primitive” people … except that they can’t.

        Perhaps, you can, dear reader.

  19. Lobro wrote:

    “….Pat is the favored target due to his alligator skin and ability to bite back.:

    That IS funny!! 😜 Great ‘standup’ material!!

    I have never actually bitten off any fingers or toes…. but, as you well know, I have severed numerous ideas in my day.

    AND…I try to NOT let my alligator mouth overload my hummingbird ass!! 🙂

    1. Pat an “alligator”? Yep, Lobro’s right there!
      The times Pat’s bitten me and got away with it . . . ouch! 🙂

  20. Sadly, very little discussion on the premise of the article that we are in a hell simulation, or as trapped souls. Apparently, most are satisfied with the status quo.


    Concerning my avatar:

    “It is also true that the photo of Yukon Jack bears no resemblance to the actual man hiding behind the name “Yukon Jack”. He has found the picture somewhere on Google Images and decided to take the picture as his avatar. This is not an authentic photo of him …”

    For the record, I chose the name “Yukon Jack” while sitting in a Starbucks in Kona, Hawaii laughing my ass off when I penned my first essay for Veterans Today. My friend who goes by “Papaya Man” (because he eats so many of the damn things he literally turned orange) suggested the name as it was the farthest from my actual location. The reason I was laughing is that I just completed the essay “Guess Who Killed America? Hal Lindsey! Say it Isn’t So!” and was getting ready to submit for publication to VT and needed a name, because I was sure as hell not going to use my real name when submitting an essay to an intelligence website. Hal Lindsey is an evangelical lunatic just like Pastor John Hagee, I exposed both of these frauds in numerous essays.


    As far as how I look just think of a dashing blond surfer dude ladies man. And how I really look doesn’t matter does it? As I am trying to engage in the field of ideas, not win a popularity contest. Now the avatar is not some random image either, it is the actor movie maker Terrance Hill who made the great spaghetti westerns as the gun slinger Trinity … and trinity is a nickname for a bomb and the lord.

    “Terence Hill was born as Mario Girotti on March 29, 1939 in Venice, Italy to a chemist. His mother was German, and as a child the family lived near Dresden, Saxony, Germany where they survived the Allied bombings of World War II”

    So his mother and him are survivors of the Dresden Holocaust, and I am their revenge. If you read my extensive writings hammering the Jews you will see that it true.

    About VT – it has gone downhill into liberal la la land and endorsing both global warming, and the covid virus hoax. I have no idea of what is going on with G.D. , but they have completely discredited themselves promoting two of the biggest modern hoaxes.

  21. Heaven is a place on earth, you have to create it for yourself… Intelligence and creativeness might be all that’s required. Only you can make it happen…

    If karma was a law, how could the same ruling familes escape it for centuries. Ditch the fairy tales… All of them.
    Believe nothing you see or hear, especially if it’s meant to manipulate.

    Believe in yourself…

    Coming from an ex-christian who studied the Bible for 50+ years. BTW character assassination is very unchristian. Then again our famous church fathers went much further and burned people alive…

    Wake up!

    1. @ Polaris Vega

      How wise you are, sir, with your impressive sounding name! Are you an interplanetary visitor? 🙂

      I stand in awe of your “wisdom”, the fruit of personal disillusionment, bad logic, and wishful thinking.

      Has it ever occurred to you that the fools you so pity and condescendingly patronize for their Faith, which you equate falsely with blind belief and gullibility. could be one up on you?

      You have psyched yourself up into DISBELIEF because it suits you; just as the believers you despise may have psyched themselves up into BELIEF, because that suits them too.

      Being a nihilist like you is just an excuse for a selfish life of unprincipled hedonism. It is precisely the philosophy of the “crime families” you mention. The philosophy of the Beast of Prey.

      1. Hi Madam Butterfly, nice to hear from you. Someone once hinted that I am an outsider to the human race. another labelled me as Mr. Spock, so you could be right on your first point. There is no way to know for sure. The rest of your assumptions about me is incorrect, I’m afraid. The impressive name is just a “handle,” nothing more. I once scored 100 percent for a logic test (electronics) at Burroughs computers.

        I am actually a very humble person and I care much for humanity. I like Christians very much BTW, I was one for most of my life, also my whole family and nation are Christian, with few exceptions. Most Christians hardly open their bibles, let alone study it. That is why most remain Christians. Religion=Strong Delusion. Enough said.

        Your screeching attack on me, are you scared that someone might burst your bubble?
        I’m guessing you are very beautiful, inside and out, I don’t know why.

        1. @ Polaris Vega

          Hmm . . . interesting. You are definitely an improvement on Yukon Jack, another poster here. He resembles you superficially in being a disillusioned Christian, a cradle Catholic who was mistreated by priests in his first Catholic school (according to him) and thereby evolved into a virulent Christ hater.

          You’re not like that, I am relieved to see, in that you seem to have a tolerant laissez-faire attitude to Christians you meet socially. You don’t go out of your way to tell them to their faces, like Yukon Jack, how evil and stupid they are. This guy comes on this site to preach Christ hatred openly even though he has been told this is a pro-Christian site.

          It is however, as you will discover if you tarry here long enough, a Christian site with a difference. Calls itself “neo-Christian” and is accused of “syncretism”, i.e. showing too much tolerance toward other religions such as Buddhism and Vedantic Hinduism which it sees as compatible with “core Christianity”. What is core Christianity? you may wonder. It is the basic law of kindness and compassion to all living creatures which you find underlying all the world’s great religions.

          So it all depends where you stand on this, Polaris. Are you for kindness and compassion? Or are you a believer in “Nature red in tooth and claw” and the Survival of the Fittest?

          “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of these, the least of my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” That’s Christ for you. If that stirs something deep within you, then maybe you are a Christian without knowing it. Or a Buddhist. Or a potential admirer of the Vedas. It is easy to reverence Jesus Christ if you see him as a Symbol incorporated in a man, as the Word (Logos) made flesh.

      2. As Polaris Vega stated, “I was a former Christian who studied the bible for 50 years.”
        The key word being “studied” the bible, not just reading the scripture & verse that one likes, or reading books about the bible, that one finds comforting.
        A person who is able to remove their rose-colored glasses, will clearly be able to discover the contradictions, historical errors, ridiculous & dangerous premises, and especially what has always bothered me since childhood: the blatant, malevolent, extreme cruelty and psychopathic, dictates of the Abrahamic god. I’m sorry if that comment disturbs you, Madame Butterfly, but not all of us are fans of the bible.

        Why does it bother you so much if people disagree with you on this issue?
        If one is certain and strong in their own belief system, they will invite inquiry, the truth does not fear debate, as long as it is respectful debate.

        1. @ Bumpercrop

          A person who is able to remove their rose-colored glasses, will clearly be able to discover the contradictions, historical errors, ridiculous & dangerous premises, and especially what has always bothered me since childhood: the blatant, malevolent, extreme cruelty and psychopathic, dictates of the Abrahamic god. I’m sorry if that comment disturbs you, Madame Butterfly, but not all of us are fans of the bible.

          You’re like a wind-up automaton. It’s almost embarrassing having to read your ranting drivel. 🙂

          You know something? The very virulence of your language indicates you are working yourself up into an hysterical rage, like someone approaching an orgasm of hatred.

          Give it a rest, sir. You’re just indulging in verbal masturbation.

          I’m willing to be you have been an ardent masturbator all your life. Maybe that’s your problem. Too much masturbation is incompatible with belief in God. This is been pointed out repeatedly by psychologists, including by the Christian dissident Dr E. Michael Jones. “Masturbation is totally incompatible with a prayer life,” he tells is. “You can’t do both. You have to choose.”

          So that’s your basic problem. Bumpercrop. Too much masturbation over the years has destroyed your capacity for having a fruitful relationship with God. Your rage against religion is basically a rage against yourself for not being able to stop damaging yourself through self-abuse.

          Believe me, I don’t hate you. I feel profoundly sorry for you. Feel free to go on hating the God-centered life. It won’t do you any good. You will just stew in your own juice eternally. So sad.

    2. to all the yukon jack haters !
      the first what all enlightened hindu gurus did to their potencial disciples : TEARING
      good+bad, beautiful+ugly. i dont want say that yukon jack is a guru but i think he
      does it the ZEN way : TEARING DOWN OLD DOUBTFUL BELIEVES . a Zen master
      destroyes his former disciple and reshapes him in to his former innocence before
      he was born because parents, priests, holy books, teachers of state, politics, society
      had robbed his innocence, forced him to live their way and not his way . so, YUKON
      JACK keep on, even when i dont trust this jewish sitchin-nibiru stuff !

      1. @ antisemit (sic)

        Hey, your comment is remarkably stupid! Did you know that? It’s fine to tear down all preconceived beliefs, as in Zen Buddhism, in preparation for introducing extraordinary new ideas. But it’s NOT fine if the “extraordinary new ideas” are TOTAL CRAP FROM THE SKIES!!!

        Yukon Jack’s ideas are not original. He has stolen all his “sensational” ideas from a Russian Jew living in Israel. The name of this fraudulent Russian Jew is Zacharia Sitchin. (This is all to be found on Wikipedia. Read the comment above by Franklin Ryckaert.)

        You have to be stupid to admire the work of an Israeli Jew and call yourself an “antisemite” at the same time. 🙂

  22. Madam Butterfly, I’m delighted to hear from you again. Sorry I was not aware that this was a pro Christian site. However facts remain facts. Regarding Jesus, I just love what he stood for, while I disregard the fantasy built up around him.

    I have to disagree with you again on previous points made by you towards Bumpercrop. He presented you with sober facts and you reacted with character assination. People should be entitled to have an opinion and we should all defend those rights. My suggestion for this fine site is to be different than the rest. To show love towards all.

    Masturbation is good and healthy, because we are also animais with hormones after all. Embrace it rather than mis-labelling it as evil and harmful.

    Apologies for my english as it is not my mother tongue.

    1. @ Polaris Vega

      “Regarding Jesus, I just love what he stood for, while I disregard the fantasy built up around him.”

      Sounds good, but you lie. Or wander in darkness. I too disregard the “fantasy” element in the New Testament (miracles etc.) , but I know better what Jesus “stands for” than you appear to do.

      You utterly fail to understand the ascetic and renunciatory element in Christ’s teachings, as implicit in these two core teachings of Christ: (1) “Whoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart.” And (2) “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your father in heaven is perfect.”

      You don’t belong in the same universe as Christ when you say this:

      “Masturbation is good and healthy, because we are also animals with hormones after all. Embrace it rather than mis-labelling it as evil and harmful.”

      In approving of masturbation, and presumably of pornography, you reveal yourself as an extremely foolish man in implying at the same time that Christ would be an enthusiastic supporter of masturbation and recommend the use of pornography to his disciples. The injunction “Be ye therefore perfect” makes complete nonsense of your materialistic worldview that man is no more than a lustful goat who should jerk off whenever he wants and feel proud of himself.

      You have all the casuistry and duplicity of another degenerate Jew defenestrated from this site for his sleazy comments: Melvin Polatnick.

      Go in peace, sir, and do your best to acquire the rudiments of decency.

      Wanking and dignity do not go together.

      1. Madame Butterfly, hold your horses. No I do not approve of pornography at all. It’s also a great pity that today’s youth are exposed to it from a very young age. However, you don’t have to commit adultery in your heart to masturbate. It is furthermore perfectly normal for boys to masturbate and a necessary component in their development. I also strongly suspect that older men who don’t have regular sex are more prone to certain cancers. Those organs were designed to be used to keep them healthy. What happens when you stop using your muscles, it withers away until you are so weak that you cant support your own weight. Common sense if you ask me.
        Then I also need to mention that you are projecting a lot. Almost every point you make on this thread is a reflection on yourself. No, the majority of the people commenting here are perfectly decent people, myself included. Read through your comments with a healthy eye, you may realize that your accusations are more applicable to yourself than those whom you wish to annihilate.
        You insinuate that I am trying to drag Jesus down to my perverted level, but where is your love and respect for people. What happened to “thou shall not judge.” Pull yourself together for God’s sake. It is actually you who are dragging the image of Christ down. You don’t have to ban me, I am banning myself.

        1. @ Polaris Vega

          Your holier-than-thou attempt at virtue signalling is more amusing to me than disgusting. As to certain “cancers” being caused by NOT wanking, you may believe that medical garbage as much as you want. Also the trendy slogan: “An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.” There you have propaganda for the Masturbation Lobby, sir.

          In the old days. it was commonly believed that too much masturbation gave men prostate cancer. Now the opposite view is promoted by the quacks, at the instigation of Big Pharma. Masturbation induces depression and anxiety in those who are addicted to it, which in turn leads to a surge in prescription drugs for antidepressants. Who profits? Big Pharma. They make people sick in order to get them on “remedial” drugs. They’d like to medicate the entire population.

          It’s well known that masturbation, if persisted in long enough, can lead to all sorts of genito-urinary disorders.Compulsive masturbation to pornography over many years can also cause brain damage by the slow and insidious destruction of the frontal lobes.

          I have done research on this. Ascetics who practice sexual continence live well into their nineties, in the best of robust health. No sex for them! Bernard Shaw was married but he never had sex with his wife and kept his wits about him into old age.

          By all means masturbate if you feel like it, Polaris, but please don’t kid yourself into thinking that you ought to be admired and respected for doing so. Wankers have never been respected or honoured, and never will be, despite the heroic efforts of the fraudulent sex researcher and compulsive masturbator Alfred Kinsey.

  23. Madame Butterfly, This is your response to a well-reasoned comment, based on the scriptures themselves.

    “You’re like a wind-up automaton. It’s almost embarrassing having to read your ranting drivel.”

    Madame Butterfly you appear incapable of responding in a non-defensive, aggressive manner, to any commenters you deem beneath your own opinions.

    Your level of reasoning reminds me of the bible itself.

    The Judaic God known as Yahweh, was solidified as the God over all the Gods, after the King of Persia released the Hebrews from Babylon, (Iraq). Yahweh, whom Jesus completely acknowledged as the Hebrew God over all the other Hebrew Gods of Elohim or Israel’s polytheistic past, as the only son of Yahweh.

    “However, in the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes.” Deuteronomy 20:16

    From David, supposedly the royal bloodline of Jesus: upon being released from Babylon by the Persians, already plotting revenge, never taking any responsibility whatsoever over why they had been in captivity in the first place.

    “Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.” Psalm 137:9

    As Gentiles we are taught as children to view the decidedly smarmy characters of the bible as somehow admirable, starting with Abraham who pimped out his own wife to get tribal feet into Egypt.
    “As Abram and his company approached Egypt, he said to Sarai, “I realize that you’re a beautiful woman. When the Egyptians see you, they will say, ‘This is his wife,’ and they will kill me but keep you alive. So please, say that you are my sister, so everything will be well with us and they will spare my life.” (Gen. 12:11-13)

    What about all the grandiose promises of Yahweh to Moses regarding his protection as he “entered the lands he was given by Yahweh”?

    When Abram arrived in Egypt, the Egyptians did find Sarai beautiful. The princes mentioned her to Pharaoh, and Pharaoh himself took her into his house. Pharaoh then gave Abram sheep, and oxen, and donkeys, and slaves, and camels, and much wealth in exchange for his “sister”. (Gen. 12:14-16)

    Isn’t Sarai, later called Sarah, the barren woman who told Abraham to have intercourse with her Egyptian slave, Hagar?
    And why didn’t the God above all other Gods know that slavery was inherently wrong?
    Why didn’t Sarah, instruct Abraham to impregnate another Jewish woman? Is it because having sex with a gentile dog is not really a sin? Is that why so many Eastern Europeans females serve as prostitutes in Israel today?
    Abrahams’ supposed offspring with Hagar, considered one of the most highly revered woman in Islam, was Ismael. Ishmael is regarded as a prophet and an ancestor pf Muhammad, the founder and prophet of Islam, or Judaic Relgion #3.

    Jesus was an insurrectionist against Rome, that becomes obvious once one reads the scriptures in an objective manner, one amongst possibly hundreds in the first century, he only turned on the Pharisees after they refused to support him in his claims to be the Judaic Messiah.
    “I (Jesus) came to send fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled! Luke 12:49

    “The teachers of the law (Talmudic Halacha) and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat.
    So you must be careful to do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach.” Matthew 23:2

    How is it, that the Gods of Abraham, never understood that slavery was and is inherently wrong?
    Yahweh speaking to his Tribe.
    “‘Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves.”
    Leviticus 25:44
    “The people of Israel are my servants, whom I brought out of the land of Egypt, so they must never be sold as slaves.” Veviticus 25:42
    The Jews were never slaves in Egypt, they were forced to leave, as they attempted to enslave Egyptians.
    Pharaoh said to Joseph, “Tell your brothers, ‘Do this: Load your animals and return to the land of Canaan, and bring your father and your families back to me. I will give you the best of the land of Egypt and you can enjoy the fat of the land.’ Genesis 45:18 They are still spinning the truth to this very day.

    And these are just a few, of the scriptures and verse as they are recorded in the bible, which made me suspicious, even as a child, of accepting Jesus, as my Judaic Savior and Lord, although it was accepted as true by the adults surrounding me.
    “Love your enemies.” Matthew 5:44

    But, “hate your family”.
    “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters–yes, even their own life–such a person cannot be my disciple”. Luke 14:26
    Matthew 10:34-36
    “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.

    For I have come to set a man against his father,
    and a daughter against her mother,
    and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law;
    and one’s foes will be members of one’s own household.

    Spoken like a true insurrectionist of the time.
    It was Saul, a Hebrew Pharisee and a Roman citizen who formerly hunted the sect of Judaism, known as Christians, never having even met Jesus who wrote most of the New Testament.
    That is why Jesus’ disciples were very reluctant to allow Gentiles into the religion as is documented by scripture.
    It was only after the new Judaic sect of Christianity failed to win over enough Hebrews, especially the Pharisees and their money and power, that Saul, now calling himself Paul, promoted Christianity to the Gentiles.

    These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions: “Do not go among the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans. Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel.: Matthew 10:5-6

    Besides the psychopathic level of ordained violence & criminality by Yahweh in the Torah, or Old Testament,there are many statements made by Jesus as recorded in the official bible, wherein I arrived at my current conclusions. But I guess the scripture wherein Jesus compared a Gentile woman, to a dog, was what made me realize just how Jewish Jesus truly was.

    Matthew 15:22-28 Then Jesus went thence, and departed into the coasts of Tyre and Sidon. 22And, behold, a woman of Canaan came out of the same coasts, and cried unto him, saying, Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou Son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil.

    23But he answered her not a word. And his disciples came and besought him, saying, Send her away; for she crieth after us.
    24 But he answered and said, “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”

    The woman came and knelt before him. “Lord, help me!” she said.

    He (Jesus) then replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to their dogs.”

    “Yes, Lord,” she said, “but even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters’ table.” Then Jesus answered, “Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted.” And her daughter was healed from that very hour.
    So after the Goyim grovels and begs and allows herself to be humiliated by her betters, her “demon possessed” daughter is instantly healed. So the magic of the Greek and Roman gods are myth, but the Hebrew god’s magic is real?

    How many sincere and devoted, Christians throughout time, have been literally tormented by this command by Jesus.
    And the Lord said, “If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamine tree, Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea; and it should obey you.” Luke 17:6
    “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20

    “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” Mark 11:24


    We are not here to listen to your angry diatribes about the Bible or how much you hate Christianity. If you wish to continue with your off-topic rantings on the limitations of Christianity, do so on a good Jewish website.

    — Admin Toby

  25. the basis of the structure of matter is light, everything is made of light, energy … we exist in a hologram of illusion … after all, nothing seems real … after death, nothing seems real … the black hole is to end the simulation … a new earth will arise …

  26. to all the yukon jack haters !
    the first what all enlightened hindu gurus did to their potencial disciples : TEARING
    good+bad, beautiful+ugly. i dont want say that yukon jack is a guru but i think he
    does it the ZEN way : TEARING DOWN OLD DOUBTFUL BELIEVES . a Zen master
    destroyes his former disciple and reshapes him in to his former innocence before
    he was born because parents, priests, holy books, teachers of state, politics, society
    had robbed his innocence, forced him to live their way and not his way . so, YUKON
    JACK keep on, even when i dont trust this jewish sitchin-nibiru stuff !

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