Israel Cracks the Whip

Netanyahu tells Biden how to deal with Iran

By Philip Giraldi
The Unz Review
February 3, 2021


(the man on the right)

Anyone who persists in believing that the United States is not Israel’s poodle should pay attention to the comedy that is playing out right now . . . 

Joe Biden was president for less than a week when the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu government announced that he would soon be receiving a possibly unwelcome visitor in the form of the Israeli foreign intelligence service Mossad’s chief Yossi Cohen, who will be flying to Washington in February to explain the correct policy when dealing with Iran.

And lest there be any confusion on the issue, the Israel Defense Force chief of staff Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi also announced that any Biden attempt to mend fences with the Islamic Republic will have to meet certain conditions or Israel will exercise other options.

He said “In light of this fundamental analysis, I have instructed the Israel Defense Forces to prepare a number of operational plans, in addition to those already in place. It will be up to the political leadership, of course, to decide on implementation but these plans need to be on the table.” Another government minister clarified that the options would include “an attack” on Iran, though there has been no indication whether or not Israel would possibly contemplate deploying its tactical nuclear weapons to prevent retaliation by Iranian forces.

There is no limit to Israeli hubris.  A leading Rabbi in Israel is predicting that as the United States is in decline it is up to the Jewish state to take over the role of “guiding civilization forward.”

And that kind of thinking shapes how Israel treats the United States with condescension, acting as if it is the knowledgeable elder statesman whose guidance must be respected.

In this case the Zionist solution to the Iran problem will by design be unpalatable for the government in Tehran if it intends to remain sovereign. For Israel the correct policy for dealing with Iran is to effectively disarm it and make it impossible to establish any sphere of influence in the countries adjacent to it, to include Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon.

That would be to concede Israeli dominance over the entire region and if the Iranians do not play ball the next step would be to convince the United States to attack it on some pretext, possibly to include an Israeli “false flag” to start the process going.

The Times of Israel sums up the Israeli official position as:

“Iran must halt the enriching of uranium; stop producing advanced centrifuges; cease supporting terror groups, foremost Lebanon’s Hezbollah; end its military presence in Iraq, Syria and Yemen; stop terror activity against Israeli targets overseas; and grant full access to the IAEA on all aspects of its nuclear program.”

Completing the disarming of Iran would also include requiring Tehran to abandon its ballistic missile program.

The irony is, of course, that it is Israel that has a secret nuclear arsenal that it created by stealing uranium and triggers from the United States and it is also the leading regional supporter of terrorist groups, to include al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Iran’s presence in Syria is due to its lending assistance to the Damascus government’s resistance to the insurgencies supported by Israel and the United States. And Iran has not targeted Israeli citizens and groups overseas, but Israel and the U.S. have assassinated Iranian officials while also bombing both government and civilian targets in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

And all of the kinetics occur in a context where Israel continues its illegal occupation of Palestine and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people replete with both war crimes and crimes against humanity. Iran is also a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which Israel is not, so who is the rogue state?

Biden will likely fold like a cheap suit when confronted by the force majeure of Cohen. The new American president has assembled a national security team for dealing with the Middle East that is nearly all Jewish and all Zionist, an affliction that he himself claims to suffer from. The Biden nominee for secretary of state Tony Blinken said at a confirmation hearing last week that the new administration would “consult with Israel” before any possible return to the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal and he also made clear that there would be additional conditions for Iran.

It was an odd comment for a government official who is supposed to support American interests, but it was predictably what Congress wanted to hear.

As Iran has already indicated that it is unwilling to abandon its defenses and its role in the region, the Biden proposal will be a non-starter in any case, though Israel will be prepared to apply its own veto if anything undertaken by the State Department moves beyond the talking stage.

Currently there is credible speculation that Israeli intelligence has been able to compromise most if not all of the U.S. government’s information systems as well as those of major corporations. As the Jewish state is the most active in spying against the United States, that should surprise no one.

For Israel to interfere in U.S. politics or government blatantly is not exactly new, though it is rare to have anyone in the mainstream media or in government say anything about.

That is because Israel’s ability to wage war against critics is second to none, having at its back nearly unlimited financial resources and easy access to the media as well as active supporters from among the nearly six hundred Jewish organizations that exist in the United States.

Indeed, Israel has been involved in American politics frequently, one might even argue incessantly, even if it is predictably never held accountable.

To cite only one well known example, it has been suggested that Russiagate was really Israelgate based on what actually took place shortly after the 2016 election. The contact with Russia was set up by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was at the time seeking to kill an anti-Israeli vote in the United Nations. He sought to do so by lobbying Donald Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner on the matter shortly after the 2016 election. Netanyahu was particularly close to the Kushner family, having on at least one occasion slept overnight at their mansion in Manhattan.

Prompted by Netanyahu, Kushner dutifully contacted Trump National Security Advisor-designate Michael Flynn and asked him to privately call Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak to lobby Moscow to vote against the bill. There were two phone calls but Kislyak refused to cooperate. It should be noted that while all of this was taking place Barack Obama was still president and his intention to abstain on a vote on Israel’s illegal settlements is what provoked Netanyahu to act, so Netanyahu-Kushner-Flynn were subverting their own elected government and were definitely in the wrong. Flynn was subsequently thrown under the bus by his Jewish friends without any mention in the media of the Israeli role, thereby becoming the first casualty of “Russiagate.” He was subsequently forced to resign from his post in disgrace in February 2017.

The whole issue of the U.S.-Israel relationship constitutes one of the most formidable “red lines” in American politics as part of its power comes from the fact that the media and political classes pretend that it does not even exist.

Israel’s power was poisonous enough prior to the election of Donald Trump, but Trump, “advised” by a gaggle of orthodox Jews, dramatically shifted the playing field to favor Israel in ways that will define the relationship for years to come.

Biden’s team is little better than Trump’s.

And the new president, Joe Biden,  will be taking his orders from Jerusalem as long as he stays in the White House.

Will it lead to a totally unnecessary and unwinnable war with Iran?  That is what Israel demands above all, and Israel always gets what it wants.



Joe Biden says that Israel is the best 3 billion dollar investment the United States makes, and that if it were not for Israel, the US would have to invent an Israel to protect US interests in the region.

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  1. Anyone who persists in believing that the United States is not Israel’s poodle should pay attention to the comedy that is playing out right now . . .

    Anyone who persists in believing that the United States is Israel’s poodle should retire, pack up and fly down south to join the asylum of The Elders of Florida like “Flat Earth TROJ” and “No Nukes Pat” where he rightfully belongs 🙂

    1. “Anyone who persists in believing that the United States is Israel’s poodle should retire, pack up and fly down south to join the asylum of The Elders of Florida like “Flat Earth TROJ” and “No Nukes Pat” where he rightfully belongs ”

      why then does the u.s. do what Israel needs and desires?
      the u.s. goes even further and does more Zionist things than Jews themselves LIKE KILLING IRANIAN SCIENTISTS AND GENERALS…. while at the same time releases Jew spies.
      why is that if not because its a poodle?
      that’s like saying Putin isn’t behind the imprisonment of heroe Aleksei Navalny or that Putin didn’t slaughter 300 thousand children in Iraq, Chechia and Afghanistan..
      its all relative…

    2. Circ –

      Thanks for the label “No Nukes Pat” and I LUVVITT!!
      Here’s yours from me – “Jew Nukes Circassian”…. SO….. just keep believing the jew lies my boy! 🙂

      1. What about stationary nuclear bombs, Pat, are they possible? A nuclear super-critical explosive chain reaction produced by a plant the size of a city block.

        Thanks in advance!

      2. NBTT –

        “What about stationary nuclear bombs, Pat, are they possible?”

        Thanks for asking.

        I once gave the jew-nuke scientists a pass there, and only made the case for denying mobile nukes because of physical size limitations. I argued the logical SIZE requirements only. The main reason was that most people cannot follow the nuclear physics applications required to understand ‘nuclear buckling’ and other detailed concepts involved in producing man-made nuclear fission.

        **But, beyond that, for years….. no one has collected the reward of €1,000,000 to anybody proving Anders Björkman to be wrong:

        He “does not believe in any atomic bomb information, because he lived and worked in Japan almost five years and found little evidence of atomic bombs, except propaganda (US Presidents and Department of War against Terrorism doesn’t like it because DoWaT loves terror and atomic bombs).”

        You can see for yourself in the VERY INTERESTING and fact filled 200+ pages:
        “My Atomic Bomb Findings – The grand manipulation 1945-2021”

        “An Atomic/A-Bomb is clearly not the only big manipulation since 1945. The space travel manipulations started 1955 and are still alive. Sending tourists to planet Mars 2020 is the latest bullshit. Like the 2001 911 manipulations – Arab terrorists attacking USA. No Arabs attacked USA. It was an inside job. Or the 2020 Covid-19 manipulations. Covid-19 is a mysterious virus killing all of us, if you believe it.”

        >>>>>>>You and a good engineer/scientist might want to prove him wrong and split the reward of €1,000,000 = $1,204,791!! 🙂

      3. AND…. “The hits just keep on coming!!” 🙂

        Increased accuracy of US atomic bombs after 50 years service by Obama

        Ms Madelyn R. Creedon, the US assistant secretary of atomic war for global strategic affairs (whatever that can be? – propaganda?) suggested October 30, 2013 that:
        “a key component of the life extension program is the replacement of an expensive parachute system with a newly designed tail assembly, which will increase the B61’s accuracy. And with increased accuracy comes the ability to decrease the weapon’s yield without reducing its capabilities”.

        See the ‘nice looking’ gadget:

  2. Adnim says; “There is no limit to Israeli hubris”

    It is called, in other words. “Chutzpah” or “Dare” or “ The Devil May Care Audacity ” or “insolence” or “cheek” etc. etc. And in a way, this might help the World in dealing with the perennial problem of “The Jewish Question”

    Current , because of “Chutzpah” , the global geo-political landscape is slowly unravelling the secret hand of Judeo-Fascism that has been influencing the World for the last 400 years, ever since “The English Revolution”
    Israel’s and Jewish “Chutzpah” by extension, is fed , accentuated and guaranteed by the support they enjoy from their patrons who happen to be the owners of Global Credit System which masquerade of “Money” Without it, Israel could as well have been as well known as, say, Nauru republic, or republic of Tuvulu, or republic of San Marino.
    And because of this support, the Judeo-Fascists, have well-nigh taken over the World through Debt. For example, with a 28 Trillion debt owed to the Bankers, even if it were not Bidden who was the president, which U.S President dare rattle the “Golden Boy” and The International Bankers “Apple of The Eye” which is Israel place to the International Bankers?

    Britain is gone, so is France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Russia, South America, amongst many others. So, who is left to shake Israel? China? Duh! China is Israel buddy, and a Creation of International Bankers. See how Kim Jong is still hanging around flexing his fat with no one bothering him. You think this pussy cat is a “Real threat” No. He is ruling his people they way they want to rule everybody! Now, for example the reason why the Militants have now taken Myanmar, is because, and I wager, that these militants have been guaranteed by China, that America will not be a cause of concern. Why? Bidden is their poodle, as he is to Israel. And possibly they have “good on him” He will just whine, and whine, and then keep quiet.

    So, back to “Chutzpah” It is good, because, it bring the enemy out in the open, and it vindicates “Conspiracy Theorists”

    1. @ Bigfoot

      Adnim says; “There is no limit to Israeli hubris”

      Adnim (Admin?) does not say this.
      These are Philip Giraldi’s words.

      1. Just to clarify:

        The blockquotes (often in bold print) are NOT editorial intrusions by ‘Admin’ or the usual editor Lasha Darkmoon. If and when such editorial intrusions occur, this is always made clear by the use of initials in brackets: either [Ed.] or [LD].

        At all other times the blockquotes are written by the original author of the article. They are used either for quotations by other authors or for emphasising important points in the text.

    1. Circ –

      From the article:
      “In 2018, China and Russia held their largest-ever joint military exercises, featuring 300,000 Russian troops.”

      That was over two years ago. It was the last time they had the finances to pull it off. And it was to help direct their forces against their own people who have been revolting since then.

      Pathetic puny punk criminal ‘Put-On’ is in DIRE NEED and BEGS for military help from China to control the Russian “Regions” closer to China than to Moscow!!

      Russia’s regions are in revolt

      While Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrates 20 years in the Kremlin and poses as a powerful world leader, his Russian Federation is showing increasing signs of fracture. Although a Ukraine-type revolution in Moscow to overthrow a corrupt authoritarian regime seems unlikely, a revolt of Russia’s diverse regions against a despised central government is gathering momentum.

      Winston Churchill’s memorable insight about Russia at the outset of World War II – that its actions were “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” – needs updating. Putin’s Russia is a declining state, camouflaged in external aggression to disguise its internal fragility.

      Russia’s economy has been stagnating for several years, living standards continue to decline and poverty is increasing. Demographic statistics reveal a shrinking population with high mortality, low fertility and rising emigration. Russia’s population has dipped from 148 million after the breakup of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s to about 142 million today. This total will fall to around 128 million by 2050 and an increasing percentage will be neither ethnic Russian nor Orthodox Christian.

      1. “PUTIN GET OUT!!” – “PUTIN GET OUT!!” – “PUTIN GET OUT!!”
        This Russian City You’ve Never Heard of Is Revolting Against Putin

        In Khabarovsk, tens of thousands are protesting in response to the arrest of the popular local governor Sergei Furgal. We find out why this remote city on the Chinese border has become a source of outspoken opposition to Putin.

      2. Circ –

        You missed me by miles, sonny boy!! 💥 😜
        You are a real loser.
        You protest too much.
        What a shame.

        No matter what YOU claim…. the puny punk criminal ‘Put-On’ is hated in most of Russia….. as they know he is a liar and a thug.

        Maybe you can help YOUR HERO poison the millions who hate him!!

        Protests Rock Russian Far East With Calls for Putin to Resign!!

        Tens of thousands took to the streets in Russia’s usually somnolent hinterland after the arrest of a popular regional governor.

        MOSCOW — Tens of thousands of people protested in Russia’s Far East on Saturday in a rare display of opposition to President Vladimir V. Putin in the country’s vast hinterland, chanting “Putin Resign” and demanding the release of a regional governor arrested this past week on suspicion of multiple murders.

        The protests in Khabarovsk, a city bordering China, and several other towns were the largest in Russia’s usually somnolent provinces in many years, rivaling or even exceeding in size demonstrations last summer in Moscow, the main center of opposition to the Kremlin.

        Unlike streets protests in Moscow, which the authorities can easily discredit as the work of a privileged metropolitan elite led astray by Russia’s enemies in the West, the outburst of anger against Mr. Putin in a hardscrabble region nearly 4,000 miles east of the capital presented an unusual and potentially more troublesome challenge.

        Young People In Russia Are Rebelling Against Putin’s Rule

        In Russia a new generation is coming of age — one that has grown up entirely during the 20-year reign of President Putin. They have no memories of post-Soviet hardship.

        But these days, a new generation of Russians who grew up under Putin is not so interested in how people lived before they were born. They measure themselves by their peers in Europe or the United States, and they don’t like what they see. A recent poll shows more than half of these young Russians would like to leave their country.

        Young people are starting to rebel against Putin’s rule even in Russia’s conservative heartland.

      3. Circ –

        All the rebuttals YOU have are silly cartoons.

        You just don’t get it. You are MY enemy. ALL jews are MY enemies.
        I want others to judge me by the enemies I keep! 💥 👍

      4. All the rebuttals YOU have are silly cartoons.
        You just don’t get it. You are MY enemy.

        🙂 🙂 🙂
        Evidently, I have grossly overestimated the digesting abilities of my patient. So let me break the news to him in still simpler, gentler and easier to remember form:

        Precise scientific diagnosis of Pat’s condition by Circassian: A useful fool to be used in full.

        I am sorry, brother, but I cannot reciprocate that strong feeling you harbor for me: a mental patient makes a lousy enemy to anyone, not to mention that I am not just “anyone” – I am your doctor, while you are not just a patient to me – you are my valuable asset.

      5. “jew-nukes circassian” –

        “….a mental patient makes a lousy enemy to anyone….” but you remain my enemy even if you admit that YOU are so VERY MUCH afflicted. 💥 😜

        Your condition stems from pushing the Manhattan Project’s jews’ lies about nuke weapons. Without those jew lies the puny punk criminal ‘Put-On’ would have NO POSITION of power in the world!!! The fake wooden missiles in Cuba in 1961 hammered home the nuke missile lies for Russia. Made the puny punk criminal ‘Put-On’ relevant!!!

        People enjoy scaring others and many enjoy being scared. The jew horror movies are the most popular & profitable.

        The nuclear bomb lies are the real horror…. very popular & profitable for jews!
        See: “My Atomic Bomb Findings – The grand manipulation 1945-2021”

        Prove him wrong and collect the reward of 1,000,000 EUROS!!

  3. “Netanyahu tells Biden how to deal with Iran”
    and “humans drink water” are both ‘statement sentences’
    in other words
    Why would someone say “humans drink water’ when even children realize that?
    the same with “Netanyahu tells Biden how to deal with Iran”…

    1. Sure, Gil, Mossad can do that for you. Then you’ll have to ask Narendra Modi (HP can help you to get in touch with brother Narendra, I suppose) do you a favor and DISPOSE of Kamala Harris. Then you’ll have to ask Italian Mafia do you a favor and DISPOSE of Nancy Pelosi.

      Use your three wishes wisely, bro, for when you find out that none of the above worked out to your satisfaction, and you ran out of wishes, Genie won’t be there and, I am afraid, you’ll have to ask a favor from Mahmoud to get DISPOSED of yourself without much pain.

      1. Circassian’s advice, as usual seasoned with a dash of masochism and pinch of sadism. (aka) waaaay too much salt.
        Gosh, whoever could have predicted that, oh my..

      2. Circassian says I act like teenage girl. I’ll take that as a compliment, seeing that I greatly admire the bravery of Joan D’ Arc. And I’ll guess that Madame Butterfly can cite other teenage girls throughout history who are equally worthy of our admiration. What say you, dear? 😉

      3. Circassian should be very grateful to Uncle Sam , for it was Uncle Sam who gave Stalin’s JEW COMMUNIST Soviet Union so much military aid Stalin was able to defeat the dreaded “evil” Nazis.

      4. Circassian, I honestly wanted to say thank you for the compliment but quite honestly I might only wish.

        Meantime . . . Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me ten times, shame on me.

  4. As usual, President Joe Biden is another ISISraeli faithful bitch and he will be dancing to the ISISraeli music.

    ISISrael is holding America by the throat. Blaming blacks, immigrants, and Muslims for America’s ills is barking up the wrong tree.

    1. Mahmoud :

      Don’t badmouth joe biden [ or kamala ] . biden Kamala like ANTIFA and like BLM just as much as you do, they fully support ANTIFA and BLM just like you fully support ANTIFA and BLM. ANTIFA/BLM you fully support are owned and controlled by JEWS, by the way, u stupid jackass.

      ADMIN: This is why your comments are not being posted, because you are trying to wind people up by inventing bare-faced LIES about them. Have you any proof that Mahmoud “fully supports ANTIFA and BLM”? If so, provide evidence.

  5. Yukon, Gilbert, etc: Islam offers the solution to our Jewish problem and Biden’s admin of “ultra Zionists.”
    If I may quote from the sacred text: Hadith, Bukhari 10316, number 2926:
    The Prophet said “ The hour (of judgement) will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them. It will not come until the Jew hides behind rocks and trees.” ……. The rocks and trees will tell us that “there is a Jew behind me. Come and kill him.”
    Mahmoud El Y is therefore correct when he says, Blaming blacks, Muslims, etc “for America’s ills is barking up the wrong tree.”
    Yes, indeed, there will come a time when Jews are hiding “behind rocks and trees” even on Gilbert’s land. Then the Prophet gives us the direction to seek them out and “kill them.”
    The Quran often refers to the Jews as “pigs” that must be disposed of.
    Just imagine the devil child, George Soros, indicted at a Nuremberg Trial, with a gallows waiting outside and no trees or rocks to hide behind.

    1. Very true, Max. However, Mahmoud gives Muslims a bad name by his incessant left-wing alliances and proclamations. A true Muslim is certainly someone to respect, and I am 100% for them – if they leave ME and MY country alone!
      Can’t say I blame them for being pissed-off by American interference on behalf of Jews, though. Don’t know what to do about it except but defend my own…


        You speak with a forked tongue.
        I give Muslims bad names? Are nuts?
        What does “if they leave ME and MY country alone!”?
        The only time I will ever meet you is on the day when the sun rises from the west.
        As far as “leave my country,” is a concern, there are 329,484,123 million people who call America home and I happened to be one of them, dumb ass.

        Wake up, Gilbert, you live in America!

  6. Further: Do not be fooled by current attempts by fiendish Jewish revisionists to infer there is now a “brotherhood” existing between Muslims and Jews, meaning they are on the same page.
    My copy of the sacred Quran exhibits many examples as to how TRUE Islamists should treat the earth-scourging, demonic Jews. As I quoted above- they should be put down. Yes, the Rothschilds should be put down for the good of the planet. Find them “hiding behind rocks and trees and kill them.”
    The above revisionists are attempting to brainwash Muslim westerners into contradicting the sacred words of the great Prophet.
    They want to buddy up with Muslims so that they can eradicate Christians, when, in actual fact, Islam accepts Christ as the future peacemaker and tolerates Christians living in their societies. Eg. 19th century Palestine.
    Okay, there are extant Jewish communities in most ME countries, but, as far as I know, they are not in the money grabbing, satanic, Rothschild-Soros mould.
    Zionist-Communist Jewish entrepreneurs are the devil’s children and Rabbinical Judaism is synonymous with its ancestral heritage, the devilish priesthood of the “den of thieves.” I.e. The second temple.

    You may post it again under your original name.

    1. @ YUKON JACK

      REMINDER: Commenters are not allowed to use sock puppets on this website or change their names whenever they feel like it. They must ask permission first. Permission is always granted provided the name change is reasonable and meets with our approval. For example, you can’t choose a name like “FUCKU ADMIN” or “JACK WANKER”. We have standards and we are determined to maintain them! 🙂

      Your new name (“JACK JEWHAMMER”) is NOT acceptable to us for the simple reason that it would deter Jews from posting on this site, apart from the fact that it would give Google and WordPress a perfectly valid reason to shut down our website as flagrantly

      We are not going to take this risk just to accommodate you.

      1. Can only have one handle, unless you want to usurp the name “Joe” and use “Joe” as a handle in addition to your usual handle this way the first Joe around here has to change his name from “Joe” to “TheRealOriginalJoe” which he still to this day finds to be a YUGE hassle but has no choice but to accept the situation –because ADMIN sided with the usurper who wanted 2 handles and the 2nd handle “had to be” “Joe” just to annoy me to no end.

        Permission to usurp my name “Joe” was granted to the usurper. I guess ADMIN finds usurpation of a name, my name, to be “reasonable” . Usurping my original name “Joe” meets with ADMIN’s “approval” so in a very legalistic jew/jesuitical sort of way usurping my name is “Ethical” so naturally it’s “Legal” because it’s “Ethical”. Maybe Monte went to Jesuit-Jew Fordham Law School in Jew Jerk Shitty, who knows. Certainly sounds like it, 😀.

        ADMIN TOBY: I look forward to the day when you succeed in making a concise and ON-TOPIC comment. Your interminably long and abusive rants agains Mahmoud are unpublishable, so you are wasting your time writing them. Mahmoud is NOT the subject we are all discussing here. Mahmoud is strictly OFF-TOPIC! Can’t you understand that?

        1. @ ADMIN

          Mahmoud is NOT the subject we are all discussing here. Mahmoud is strictly OFF-TOPIC! Can’t you understand that?

          With all due respect, Toby, TROJ does not understand the difference between an ON-TOPIC comment and an OFF-TOPIC one. As far as he’s concerned, EVERYTHING is “on topic” that he wants to talk about. If he wants to talk about his toenails, that’s “on topic” and interests him far more than the Decline and Fall of the American Empire.

          In his above comment, he thinks the subject of universal interest that everyone is here to talk about is his name “Joe”. As far as “Israel” and its “cracking the whip” is concerned, he really does believe that this is of secondary importance. He thinks we are all here to discuss his name and maybe his toenails.

          Loonies like this were once locked up and forced to work in chain gangs. Now they are free to sit around in their wards, tapping away on their keyboards while the nurses and warders bring them cups of cocoa and tuna sandwiches to keep them going. 🙂

          This is America, my friends. Or maybe it’s Israel. We’ll never know where TROJ is actually posting from. He could be writing from a loonie bin in Tel Aviv.

  8. How true Gilbert: If it wasn’t for their oil we would leave Islam alone.
    And, of course, there is the violence and genocide undertaken by the Jews, as they try to establish their Greater Israel. Israel is attacking the sovereign state of Syria on almost a daily basis and joining with the USA in stealing their oil.
    Who are we to try and change their cultural constructs?
    They have their own Laws based on Sharia principles. If this means Lady Gaga is refused entry to Muslim Indonesia because, as they said, they do not want a woman “wandering around stage in her brief underwear”, then so be it.
    And if the main floor of the mosque is reserved for men only to worship, then so be it.
    If they have decided to enclose womenfolk in burqas and hijabs then so be it.
    If they want to search for Jews behind rocks and trees then so be it.
    I agree with you and see Mahmoud as one of the new breed of westernised, leftist muslims. Hence your apparent dislike for much of what he says.
    But when they come to the West they must respect our laws and governances.
    Mind you, I would join in their Jew hunt and check out every rock, bush and tree.

    1. @ MAX BILNEY

      Thanks for your input, mate!

      ISISrae is not only attacking the sovereign state of Syria on an almost daily basis but it is the only country in the world that attacks all its neighbors.

      You’re dead right about the US and Israel attacking and invading Muslim countries in order to steal their resources. Then you have people bitching and complaining about why Muslim refugees are fleeing and invading western nations.

      You have once Ann Coulter, the rightwing syndicated columnist who suggested, ” We should invade Muslim countries, kill their men and convert their women and children.”

      Thanks for the laugh about Lady Gaga. I have heard about her being denied entry into Indonesia. That does not surprise me. She is a bad influence and a weirdo.

  9. Okay, okay, the wife just reminded me that Apostle Paul said that women should wear “head scarves” and that they “must not teach.”
    A bit like some female Jews who have to wear cover up wigs when out of the home.
    My Muslim mate, Naim, makes his two wives wear hijabs and summer-weight, cheese cloth burqas when out in public.
    I am privileged, as I go to his house and see his two beautiful, raven-haired wives, in full makeup and modern, western clothing. They always remind me of the cooking queen, Nigella Lawson.

    1. @ MAX BILNEY

      Is polygamy legal in Australia?

      I heard about German women who held protests after ww2 demanding polygamy be made legal bc many men lost their lives in the war.

      Take the US population today. I heard the ratio of men vs women is 1-7. That means, for every man in America there are 7 women. What do you think will happen to those all unwed women?

      That is one reason why Islam permitted polygamy in the first place. Plus, the woman’s rights in terms of inheritance would be protected and she is entitled to live under a separate roof from the other wife. The husband has to be fair to all wives in terms of providing clothing and food. Meaning you can not feed one wife a hot dog and the other one NY strip steak. and if the husband can not treat them fairly. He should not marry more than one.

    2. @ MAX BILNEY

      Is polygamy legal in Australia?

      ” It is interesting to note that in an international youth conference held in Munich in 1948 the problem of the highly unbalanced sex ratio in Germany was discussed. When it became clear that no solution could be agreed upon, some participants suggested polygamy. The initial reaction of the gathering was a mixture of shock and disgust. However, after a careful study of the proposal, the participants agreed that it was the only possible solution. Consequently, polygamy was included among the conference final recommendations.”
      I even heard about German women held protests after ww2 demanding polygamy be legal bc many of their men were killed in the war. In fact, this is one of the reasons why Islam allowed polygamy.

      Take for example the US today. The ratio of men to women is 1-7. That means for every 7 women there is only one man. What do you think would happen?

      1. Take for example the US today. The ratio of men to women is 1-7. That means for every 7 women there is only one man.

        This seemingly bizarre statement by my Muslim brother Mahmoud is not perhaps that far from the truth if we do not count as real men those grown Americans whose reasoning skills remain at the level of 5 years old kids (TROJ, Pat, John Kaminski, Yukon Jackass + millions more) and those grown Americans who behave like touchy teenage girls (Brownhawk, HP, Harold Smith + millions more).

        See if you can abstain from getting mad at me, folks, I’m just stating the truth. That’s all what I do.

      2. MEY –

        You are very wrong AGAIN! 🙂 🙂

        US 2010 Census shows:
        Male – 151,781,326
        Female – 156,964,212


        “jew nukes circassian” –

        You have presented no “truth”.
        These are TRUTHS:

        YOUR aberrant condition stems from pushing the Manhattan Project’s jews’ lies about nuke weapons.

        Without those jew lies the puny punk criminal ‘Put-On’ would have NO POSITION of power in the world!!!

        The fake wooden missiles in Cuba in 1961 hammered home the nuke missile lies for Russia. That keeps the puny punk criminal ‘Put-On’ relevant even today!!!

        See: “My Atomic Bomb Findings – The grand manipulation 1945-2021”

        Prove him wrong and collect the reward of 1,000,000 EUROS!! You won’t need the $1400 stimulus from Biden.

  10. if you voted for biden, you voted for increased application of the zion policies in the middle east….
    you threw iran on the fire…
    trump only went so far with their aggression, held it in check…
    i guess some people figured bidens immigration policies were worth the trade-off…
    since him, a good anti-nationalist globalist stooge, will allow millions more immigrants from all over the world to come here…
    notice how biden’s zionista bosses don’t mind muslims coming to the usa in hordes…
    jesuits are all over it too… no difference between the rulers at the top…
    and does anybody really think they’re coming here to become americans, support the us constitution?
    man i doubt that… especially the parts about freedom of religion, separation of church and state and freedom of speech… that’s not what islam is about… and don’t tell me about the moderate muslims… the moderate muslim holds you down, while the radical muslim cuts your throat… yes there is wisdom in the koran, the bible too… but it doesn’t seem to ever get through far enough…
    The Zion is the main culprit, yes, and it isn’t that we blame blacks and immigrants for our problems, at least not in the generic sense…
    But we can see clearly these people are killing us as a free and prosperous society…
    we can’t have anymore blm rioters and looters, and the insidious politicians who support them, with their defund the police schedule… we have way too much crime now… in fact we need martial law now, just the opposite, where the police are given much broader powers…
    we can only shell out so much money to support welfare for immigrants…. no?
    it isn’t as if there are lots and lots of factory jobs for them to go to…
    so what’s massive immigration all about?
    and we understand muslims especially will do to us exactly what they’ve done to 40 or 50 other countries in the world in the last 1400 years…
    as soon as they get the chance they’ll rub us all out of the way and take over…
    and it won’t be nice…

    1. Yes, Bark! Congress & locals have been pushing BLM & Antifa agenda for years, using Trump as their excuse.

      Turning Black Lives Matter Protests Into Policy

      A bipartisan group of public officials, called the 20/20 Club, is working to translate the energy of the movement into meaningful legislation on law enforcement and criminal justice.
      *Alan Greenblatt – May 2016

      The Black Lives Matter movement isn’t giving up on street protests, but it’s starting to press its demands within political and policy circles as well.

      More recently:
      What Congress can do to implement Black Lives Matter protesters’ demands
      June 15, 2020

      DEFUNDING POLICE (“big mistake” – said Arnie)
      On and all over the internet and news, the call to defund police has become a center of the national conversation.

      Proponents of defunding or abolishing police believe that police budgets are used to deploy overwhelming force upon civilians, and that they take away from other social services such as mental health counseling and poverty relief. Police budgets have increased over the last 40 years while funding for other services have declined.

      Additionally, they argue that there is evidence that more policing doesn’t actually reduce crime, and that spending that money providing better access to education, health care, and other social services would be more effective.

      This year:
      Congressional supporters of the “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act” are expected to reintroduce it this term.
      Jan. 27, 2021

      The “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act”, which passed the House last year but stalled in the Senate along with related bills introduced by senators from both parties.

      Written by the House Congressional Black Caucus under the leadership of Rep. Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles), with an identical version introduced in the Senate by Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and then-Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), the Floyd bill addressed decades of racial inequity in policing, but its basic reforms should be demanded by all Americans for their own protection.

      Supporters of the proposal are expected to reintroduce it this term.

      1. Half-Black former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick and jew Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream have partnered to push BLM wishes for quite a while and NOW…… as cherry on top…. gave a ‘DEFUND POLICE’ ad/mural for the Super Bowl this Sunday!! (Pun intended.)

        Ben & Jerry’s gives Tampa a Colin Kaepernick mural ahead of Super Bowl

        The artwork is meant to honor Kapernick for his “courageous fight against police violence and systemic racism,” the (jew)company said.

      1. Gladly! 🙂

        More males are born, but they are more reckless, have dangerous jobs and get tossed on their heads more than gals. They fight and drink more and join the military more too.

    (See comment from Sister Moncica above).

    (the man on the right)”

    The same as the old president.

  13. Me, I don’t want to live in some gd nutty religious dictatorship, where all these lunatic fanatics running it think they have it all straight on the word of god, and they think that gives them the extra juice to do whatever they think best…
    You witches better Pay Attention…
    And to be fair, jews were prett big on getting the witch trials stopped, put into normal court, whereupon as soon as logic was introduced that BS was soon over…
    Otherwise it’s Religious services, prayers and whatever else they want the public brainwashed with being piped through speakers and blasted all over town all day long… fk u…

  14. Fox News cancels Lou Dobbs’ show and is expected to part ways with the pro-Trump host.
    He remains under contract with Fox but won’t be back on the air again.

    Goodbye and good riddance, Lou Dobb!

    1. Mahmoud the “All-American Lover of The Bill of Rights” doesn’t want Freedom of Speech. ALL news should come from a central government source and NO deviation from the official government news bureau should be allowed. How JEW COMMUNIST.

      Mahmoud who claims to love diversity does NOT want any diversity in the news. ALL news should come the government and always adhere to the government version of the news, always promote the party line in other words. He’s “Jew Wise and he’s Anti-Jew” , he knows the central source of government news is what the JEWS decide is what everyone should know [ or not know ] , he supports that ; JEW CENSORSHIP passing itself off as “news” Mahmoud the “Lover of Freedom and The Bill of Rights, the Jew Wise ANTI-Jew” supports news given to us ONLY by the JEWS in THE GOVERNMENT and NO other source of news allowed. ONLY JEW APPROVED NEWS ALLOWED as per Mahmoud. Take a hike and get lost, Mahmoud.

      1. Jewy Jo, Could you please say it in English, Arabic, or German because I don’t know gibberish!

        Plus, quit going around in circles when you are writing?

      2. TROJ

        Could you please say it in English, Arabic, or German because I don’t know gibberish!

        Plus, would you please quit going around in circles when you are writing?

  15. I’d love to see them fire Hannity, Carlson, Ingraham, Pirro — all of them. Then shut down Fox News altogether and turn each of those buildings into COVID vaccination centers.

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly

        Your childish abuse of Mahmoud earns my contempt.
        You are not a man, sir, and your guns are no substitute
        for your your miserably limp and impotent penis.

  16. @ EMMA KIRBY

    You glow, Emma! May I print a brotherly kiss on your forehead as a sign of gratitude?

    You really hit him right between the eyes.

    This hate-monger spent a whole week doing the opposite research on me and the only “dirt” he could come up with that I work as a cook in the Air Force.


  17. Are any of you people real? This site is entertaining sometimes, but isn’t it just an endless carousel of comments written into a never ending play by a single author?

    1. Your theory of one author being behind all the comments is fascinating but ultimately untenable. For two reasons:

      (1) The styles of the different writers are totally different, with American spelling being interspersed with English spelling, and with some comments being well-written and erudite whereas others are ungrammatical and substandard.

      (2) One writer could possibly do this — write all the comments — but only if the number of comments was relatively small. Say, 10-20 comments per thread. But not if the articles are sometimes receiving 300-400 comments, as they were in the past. Nowadays some articles receive 100-200 comments. One person could not churn out hundreds of comments for every article. It’s not only physically impossible, it’s psychologically implausible. What would be the point?

      1. @ Grammar Fiend

        I disagree with you. ONE person is certainly capable of writing ALL the comments. His name is TROJ. 🙂

        TROJ (= ‘TheReal0r1g1nalJ0e’) also has the perfect alibi. He is kept permanently in Spamblinka. So who would suspect TROJ (of all people) for being the mastermind behind every single comment?

  18. ADMIN TOBY: Excellent comment by TROJ, though slightly off-topic as usual. Still, it comes as a huge relief to me to hear that TROJ denies he is the author of all the comments on this website. This is good news! 🙂

    Well, it’s true, I do have A LOT of free time on my hands, I’m almost always in Spamblinka, so theoretically I do have the time to write all the comments — but that doesn’t mean I do write all the comments.

    At my advanced age plus the sheer boredom of prison I take a lot of naps. The naps take up most of my time during the day. When I’m not napping by day/ sleeping by night I’m tired because I’m old and I have limited energy. I’m not 21 anymore.

    Plus, one would have to be very intelligent to write all the comments and to play all the various sundry roles all at the same time. If I have any intelligence I don’t have the kind of intelligence it takes to play every character in the show plus I’m old and tired and who the hell has the energy to write each and every comment, my God. I do NOT have the type of psychic energy it would take to play each and every character.

    I have very limited patience for bullsh*t, Sardonicus. You should know that about me by now. Cut the crap, Sardonicus.

  19. @ TROJ

    Hey, you misunderstood SARD. He was praising you. SARD is a gracious man.

    Since you have a lot of free time on your hands, perhaps you can volunteer at the local library. They are always looking for tutors, especially for math and science. That’s if you’re good at it.

    If your local library is closed, you could volunteer at the soup kitchen. That way you can make new friends and who knows, you may get the hook-up. You never know!

    1. Mahmoud :

      What is your opinion of Hitler? We know you like COMMUNISM A LOT so you probably don’t like Hitler, right? Which leads to the next question : How come you’re such a COMMIE?

      Your fellow Palestinian Walid Shoebat is very very concerned because maybe the Germans might turn into NAZIS again. There might be a Revival of NAZISM in Germany, that thought, that possibilty, deeply disturbs your fellow Palestinian. He’s deeply concerned because he’s a Christian. Most Christians, unfortunately, don’t like Nazism. But you’re not a Christian you’re a Muslim and you’re also deeply concerned about a revival of NAZISM in Germany and that’s because? Because you’re a COMMIE? amirite? So what is it about JEW COMMUNISM you like so much? How can you claim to be “ANTI-Jew” while simultaneously you’re a COMMIE and COMMUNISM comes from the JEW TALMUD but you know that already u COMMIE TROLL u.

  20. Before you run your big mouth about Walid Shoebat (who is not my friend), you should have told Darkmooners that Walid Shoebat is a former Palestinian terrorist and Christian convert who became a U.S. citizen.

    This man (your icon) has no credibility as far as I am concern. If he confessed to having lied about his past, then he should have citizenship revoked and kicked out of the country. Plain and simple.

    Walid Shoebat is self-confessed “ex-terrorist” who is walking freely in the United States, simply because he has converted to Christianity and supports the US policies towards Israel. Calls to the FBI and DHW to investigate the claim regarding Shoebat’s violent past and to see whether he disclosed this information when applying for his citizenship were ignored.

    In spite of his usual anti-Muslim bigotry, Shoebat believes the 2016 Brussels attacks were deserved due to people in the city criticizing Donald Trump for calling the city a hellhole. He also refused to condemn the Charlie Hebdo attacks due to Charlie Hebdo insulting the Virgin Mary and he praised ‘the Muslim world’ for both attacks. Because violent extremism is okay when it’s on your side of an issue.
    Walid believes the Zika virus is God’s punishment for promiscuity.

    This man has made numerous false claims that have been disputed by major Canadian and US news organizations. Even the Jerusalem Post was able to track down Walid’s uncle in Beit Sahur, who said that his nephew was never a Muslim radical, much less a terrorist bomber. I have no idea why this man is still in this country, let alone enjoy the privileges of being a US citizen.

    Walid ShoeBat did not earn his citizenship as I did; he only lied to get it.

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