Israel on the Brink: ‘Irish MP Humiliates Israeli Ambassador’

By Lasha Darkmoon
May 14, 2021


When will it ever learn? 

“If you’ve been persecuted for 2000 years,
you’re probably doing something wrong.”
— Henry Kissinger, speaking of his fellow Jews

The short video featured at the tail end of this article says it all. An Irish MP makes a rousing speech in the Irish parliament in defence of the Palestinian people. He calls attention to  Israel’s flagrant war crimes, apartheid policies, and double standards. Note that this is an unprecedented public denunciation of Zionism by a national government representative. It has never happened before.

No American or British politician, speaking in public before a vast array of clicking press cameras, would dare to demand the ignominious expulsion of the Israeli ambassador from their country.  Good heavens!—that’s like calling for the mass extermination of 15 million Jews!

Ireland is the first nation in the world with the moral courage to launch such a full-frontal attack on the Jewish land grabbing state.

This was the chilling message sent only a few days ago by the Kuwaiti government to Israel: “GET OUT, YOU CHILD KILLERS!” 

Strong language, no?  Jews bad, Arabs good! Who would have thought it?

One of my site’s highly respected contributors, ‘Commentator Mike’ by name,  reports as follows:

If you go through the comments on the Saker blog under that article, a certain Faisal links another speech by the same Irish MP, Richard Boyd Barrett, but it is longer, about 7 minutes. And just under it, in a brief 1 minute speech, the MP says “the Government must act now to expel the Israeli ambassador and impose sanctions on the rogue State of Israel”.

He goes on to add ruefully:

It’s always been the same since day one of  the establishment of Israel: stealing land, kicking Palestinians out of their homes, killing them. Until Gaza is now a large Warsaw ghetto launching its uprisings against the occupiers. But it’s no reason to be blasé and ignore it. I just wish the global protests were more massive and persistent. Here’s more of Roger Waters:

The latest bout of violence began on Monday, May 10, following days of heated protests by Palestinians over the planned evictions of Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem. This happens to be Palestinian land, owned since time immemorial by the Arabs and handed down to present day Palestinians by their ancestors. These evictions are in open defiance of international law.  Neither America nor Britain, who back Israel to the hilt, are willing to lift a finger to put a stop to Israel’s war crimes.

Savage police crackdowns by Israeli forces saw hundreds injured in the resulting clashes. “Hamas unleashed a flurry of rockets into Israeli cities beginning on Monday night,” RT tells us, “followed by hundreds of IDF airstrikes on Gaza. More than 100 Palestinians have died in the exchange, among them 28 children, in addition to at least six Israelis, including one IDF soldier and one child.”

The carnage continues. The Jews never learn. They complain unceasingly about antisemitism, wondering why they are held in such revulsion by growing numbers of people. Maybe someone really important, possibly Henry Kissinger, will explain to them why they are hated.

Maybe they will listen to one of their own kind.


—   §   —

A  Zionist Jew called Michael Korn has just sent me an alarming  unsolicited email,  defending Israel’s cruelty toward the Palestinians. He is clearly a Jew who does not understand why the Jews are hated. He advises his fellow Jews to step up their violence, getting themselves even more hated than before.

Fanatical Jews like this, hopefully a small minority, bring discredit on all Jews.

Michael Korn claims that the Palestinians are asking for trouble by resisting Israel’s quite legitimate land grabbing efforts. The Holy Land, he seems to think, belongs to the Jews. Every square inch of it.  After all, God gave this land of milk and honey to the Jews in the dawn of history. If the Palestinians don’t recognize this fact, Israel will have to wipe them off the face of the earth. The sooner the better.

Hey, it won’t be Netanyahu’s finger on the nuclear button! It will be God’s finger.

Serve ’em right, the Arab cockroaches!

I posted the following comment on The Times of Israel website [he burbles sanctimoniously, in response to an article by Jonas Alexis on ‘Veterans Today’]. Israel is in great danger because Islam cannot accept an autonomous Jewish entity in the Middle East. If things continue with a hundred thousand [Hamas] rockets threatening Israel, I’m afraid the Israelis will resort to nuclear weapons.

[LD: 100,000 Hamas rockets is surely an exaggeration?]

Jonas Alexis writes on VT in defence of the Palestinians: “It all began when Israel began removing Palestinian families from homes they have owned for generations so that Jewish retirees from New Jersey could live in kleenex box condos near the streets where Jesus was dragged to his death.”

This is a pretty funny comment, but unfortunately the Muslims who infest (sic) the Holy Land don’t believe Jesus was dragged to his death, crucified or died at all. Their unreligion denies the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. So it’s amazing that Catholics like Jonas Alexis automatically take their side in this conflict.

The only reason anyone cares about the Muslims is because it’s painful to watch their humiliation day after day in a slow motion strangulation by the Israelis. But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be booted wholesale out of the Holy Land that they defile with their depraved distortions of biblical truth and Christian history.

Remember: the Jews were allowed to return to the Holy Land as compensation for the Holocaust and to serve as operators and managers of the Holy Land biblical theme park on behalf of global Christendom. The Jews are there to finish off what the Crusaders began but were unable to complete.

The State of Israel was formed as compensation to the Jews for their travail in the Holocaust and to install them as managers and operators of the Holy Land on behalf of global Christendom. If you don’t understand that the Zionists are the tip of the spear for the continuing Christian crusade against Islam, then you don’t understand anything.

His startling conclusion is that if Hamas keeps lobbing a few damp squib firecracker “rockets” into Israel,  almost always  in response to devastating Israeli attacks on Palestinian civilians, then peace-loving Israel will reluctantly have to take drastic remedial action and nuke the entire Palestinian population out of existence.

The ultimate blame for this iniquitous situation lies with the United States and Britain for standing behind Israel and supporting it to the hilt. Both these nations will have to collect their karmas and reap what they have sown. Both countries are now being destroyed internally by the mass immigration policies initiated by the Jews who stalk the corridors of power and pull the hidden strings of White genocide.

However, the tide may have turned recently, with one nation’s valiant attempt to stand up to Jewish intransigence. Ireland has been the first European country to cry out “Enough is enough!” to the Jews.

Good for Ireland!

It’s only a matter of time, I keep hoping,  before the United States and Britain tell Israel: “Your time is up!”

But by that time Israel may have enough nukes to destroy the United States and Britain, along with the rest of the world, destroying itself in the process. It’s known as the Samson Option.

We’ll soon know, I guess . . . or maybe we won’t know.

—   §   —

If I may be permitted to draw attention to one small point that may have escaped the reader’s notice.

Witness the sly subliminal suggestion in the title of the video—“IRISH MP HUMILIATES ISRAELI AMBASSADOR”. This somehow gives the impression that this Irish MP is an antisemitic firebrand who has “humiliated” a good Jew in public, in breach of diplomatic protocols, thereby insulting ALL  Jews worldwide.

By a subtle sleight of hand, the cunningly worded title manages to suggest that he real victim here is the Israeli ambassador. Not the Palestinian people. The Jew has managed yet again  to assume the mantle of the Eternal Victim.

I’m willing to bet that the title of the video was chosen by the people who run YouTube,  not by the plucky Irish politician  Richard Boyd Barrett.

We can be pretty sure that an army of cyber spies is busy right now trying to dig up the dirt on Mr Barrett. And if they can’t find any dirt , they will easily be able to manufacture some.

Mr Barrett’s days are probably numbered.

VIDEO  :  2.47 mins

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      1. It could be your ISP…. Internet Service Provider….. filters ordered by Rothschild.
        Easy for them to do.

      2. You can find that video here:

        However, as you play that video you see that it is from an interparliamentary meeting of 2017.
        But perhaps the words of that Kuwaiti representative are still relevant.

        From the little Arabic that I know, irhab means “terrorism” and his last sentence ya qutilat al-atfal means “oh murderers of childeren” .

        Enjoy (or maybe not).

    1. Kissinger never said that. It’s a misquote. Come on people. Donaldo and his people know that. 🤨

      1. Saying it’s a misquote is no good. After all, YOU ARE A JEW! (A self-admitted Jew). And that’s exactly what you would say to discredit the quote. You need to PROVE it’s a misquote! 🙂

        1. What the hell is a self admitted Jew. Is that a compliment ? Following your logic, the majority of posters here must be self admitted racists. So, whats your point.

          God your stupid

          1. @ Ranlan

            The phrase “self-admitted Jew” is not used as an insult on this site but as a compliment. On a site such as this, where good Jewish commenters are usually attacked and chased away by the many antisemites, it takes some courage for a Jew to enter the site and declare his Jewish ethnicity right away. We therefore describe such an honest Jew, who scorns to hide his Jewishness, as a “self-admitted Jew”. This is clearly a compliment, not an insult.

            1. @ Sister Monica,

              Seems many posters here are also dyslexic. It is Ralan, thank you. Now that we have cleared that up why is it the job of the ” self admitted Jew to
              qualify the quote and not the responsibility of the self admitted racist to provide proof of the quote at the outset. Must be easy to find of Dr Kissinger said such a thing. BtW, not all jews such as myself support Israel. But the answer is not firing rockets at cities either.

              1. Dyslexic Ralan –

                “Must be easy to find of Dr Kissinger said such a thing.”

                You wrote “of”??? 🙂

                1. @ Pat

                  Sure pick on the little things Pat. You know I meant if, so where is the quote ?

                  1. Dyslexic jew, Ralan 🙂 –

                    You sure pick on little things, YOURSELF, dyslexic jew, Ralan!! Such as your calling out Sister Monica for accidentally adding just ONE letter, when you wrote:
                    “Seems many posters here are also dyslexic. It is Ralan, thank you.”

                    “You know I meant” also shows dyslexia!! You left out the word, “what”!! 🙂

                    That quote showed your ass enough for me. You are a bad jew joke!! AND very dyslexic to boot!! 💥 😨

            2. Backing down as soon as challenged? There is no good joo. I am a proud antisemite. Not a racist though. I blame the joo for everything done by any other because they set it in motion.
              Everytime the parasitic joo is attacked it tries to bring other “victims” onto its persecution. There is no truth in the joo. Even talking with a joo is a waste of time.

          2. It’s “God you’re stupid” not “God your stupid.” And yes . . . God you’re stupid!

            1. If Ralan is a “stupid Jew”, this has to be an anomaly. This is because most Jews rank highest in the IQ stakes, with their average IQ being 115. In contrast, the average IQ of the White goyim is 100. Most Jews are highly educated and get to university and their IQs can be as high as 140-150 +

              It’s possible that Ralan is one of the unfortunate “stupid Jews”. But it’s also possible that his spelling and typographical errors (“YOUR” instead of “YOU’RE) is due to the fact that English is his second or third language. Remember there are many foreign Jews in Israel an the U.S. ….. Russians, Poles, Ethiopians etc etc. Their English is not that good because they’re still learning it.

              Just saying.

              1. Madame Butterfly always protecting the jew, in this case Ralan. Of course she does it in a subltle way as jew does when they are in disguise. But you all commenters can be sure she also loves the palestinians and she is also a christian.
                I love those jews. What a joke this site.

                1. @ Erica the lesbian Jewess

                  Compared to your low-brow and spiteful comments, accusing your intellectual superiors of being “jews” when you have no proof whatever of their jewishness, Madame Butterfly is ten times a nicer and more grown-up person than you are. When was the last time your lesbian Jewess girlfriend f***ed you with cucumber?

                  1. You are not adult and smart enough to understand how the jews play the goyim. When you are dealing with jews it’s never straight forward with them. That’s why we are in this mess in this world. Oh those poor jews and/or posing as “christians”.
                    By the way I am/can’t be offended by low iq people who are following the jew bidding or posing as “christians.”
                    By the way do you have solid proof “madame”is not a jew/jewess but a christian, i mean a real goy christian and not a “christian”, Do you understand that with your intelligence. I could help you if necessary. What do you not understand? You know a lot about vegetables.

                    1. Is this the best you can do?
                      If so, I feel sorry for you.
                      You are so incredibly BORING!

                      By the way do you have solid proof “madame”is not a jew/jewess but a christian?

                      What about YOU, liebling?
                      Do you have any proof YOU are not a Jew/Jewess? 🙂

              2. Dyslexic jew Ralan must have brain damage, but likes the attention, as jews are show offs! 👅

                1. I am still waiting at the response of Sardonicus. Where Madame is, there is Sardonicus like a tandem. Conincidence? I don’t think so.
                  The jews want the Goyim to believe that the beste advocate for the palestians are the jews. The chutzpah of the jews. They get away with it because they occupy the keypositions. hiding as christians when they mix in a goyim crowd. Of course the fifth column doen’t exist, never existed they are all “christians” so they want the goyim to believe. The goyim is told It’s just “infiltration “of the “catholic church (poor “catholic church”).” they keep selling this myth. Yes, it’s like a “nazi”infiltrating in a synaguogue, do you think that’s possible? Wake up don;t believe the stories of the jews.

                  1. What a joke you are, darling!
                    Get yourself a nice boyfriend.
                    I don’t think cucumbers are very satisfactry, do you? 🙂

              3. More jooish lies. (((They))) have been subverting white countries for centuries. Wherever they go, like termites, the healthy country becomes sick. Nothing in their education is true. It’s opposite.
                And now the justice system is collapsing. Jooish media decides who is guilty and nothing is done about it.
                Ex. St Floyd vs Ashlii Babbitt.
                Another is the open genocide kikes commit while blaming YT for it all.
                Your time is coming joos.

  1. Hamas is a mossad front and fires rockets into empty fields and this gives the IDF the excuse to destroy Palestine and Palestinians and this is the method Israel is going to use to complete the genocide of the Palestinians.

    1. @ DESERT FOX

      Garbage! I’ve never read such crap in my life. Pure Jewish hasbara propaganda filth.

      If Hamas was a “mossad front”, working in cahoots with Israel for the genocide of the Palestinians, how could the leaders of Hamas escape being blinded, disabled, and bombed to smithereens along with the tens of thousands of other Palestinians in Gaza?

      There’s nowhere you can hide in Gaza. Underground bunkers and tunnels are available for ordinary Palestinians too. Apart from which, Hamas leaders are constantly being killed in Israeli assassinations. Israeli prisons are also full of Hamas operatives.

      So your fatuous comment that Hamas is in league with Mossad to bring about “Palestinian genocide” is unmitigated rubbish.

      Only a Jew would make such baseless allegations.

      1. I stand by what I said, Hamas was and is a creation of the mossad, and Ron Paul and David Icke and Steve Pieczenik and others have said hamas is a mossad front, do some research.

        1. DF –

          You are correct! Kandy may not be old enough to have been aware 30 years ago. 🙂

          Further……….. known for decades….. Israeli jews control both sides, to get $$$$USD from USA.

          How Sharon and the Likud Party nurtured the rise of Hamas and benefit from its terrorism!!
          June 5, 2002

          Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has declared Hamas as one of Israel’s greatest threats, but he was one of the architects who encouraged the rise of an Islamic alternative to the Palestine Liberation Organization that gave Hamas its start.

          In the past quarter century, Sharon and his Likud government party midwifed the birth of Hamas and coddled the rise of Islamic extremists through policies that were more concerned with undermining the peace process.

          Sharon’s Likud Bloc party’s extremist policies even provoked party loyalists to acts of violence that in turn pushed Hamas to expand from “armed struggle” against Israel’s military to suicide bombings of civilian targets.

          1. Thanks, not only hamas, but ISIS aka AL CIADA is a creation of Israel and the ZUS and ZBritain and NATO, and Turkey and all offshoots thereof. Syria and Russia are the only ones standing in the way of the greater Israel project.
            The war on terror is a lie, the real terrorists wear suits and operate out of DC, NYC, Tel Aviv and London.

            1. Are you kidding? Russia is ruled by jews over a goyim population as almost 999999,99% of countries in the world.
              It says a lot that so few comments come in about this article. A lot of jew comnenters hide and watch.

            2. Fox and pat are quite correct. Hamas was set up by the humanitarians as a counter to Yasser Arafat leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization. Arafat had some cred with a Nobel Peace Prize (1994) in his back pocket Unlike some recipients of the Peace Prize, of recent vintage, Arafat deserved his. He was a real threat to the designs of the Zionists greater Israel project. He wanted and worked for a Palestine/Israel where Jew, Christian and Muslim could live on the same land in peace. Gee, what a novel idea. Of course, once Arafat was out of the way, Hamas was left to its own devices and became in time the excuse for the great humanitarians to finish off the Palestinians and then in due time, “its on to the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates.”

  2. Overwhelming. A zappy and eloquent introduction by Lasha Darkmoon to a stunning YouTube video that I’m surprised has not been banned yet. But maybe it will be. Give it time.

    1. I am really delighted to have discovered this remarkable site that even publishes the weirdest poetry (by someone called ‘Xanadu’) that I have ever come across on the internet. Beautifully written in the traditional style, but all about lost love and death and life beyond the grave! — with not a word ever about current affairs, war crimes, or the “wickedness of the Jews”.

      Is this an anti-Semitic site, by the way? If so, I’m not going to be a happy bunny posting comments here. I find it strange that the same site that condones a lot of negative criticism about Jews should also publish mystical poems about heaven and life after death.

      It just doesn’t add up if you ask me. Something fishy going on.

      1. True ! Who is Xanadu? What an incredible poet!
        I am constantly waiting for the next work.
        Thank you Xanadu whoever you are !

  3. IMO Bibi Satanyahu is the antichrist – the one who was foretold in the Bible (predictive programming), prophecy manifest is group egregore (higher dimension thoughtform) coming real into the physical realm. I believe we create our own reality, so if hundreds of millions believe in some “end times” scenario then that comes real – but the caveat is that we deny our own creative power and say in deception to ourselves, look the holy book is true, believe, believe. LOL We are doing this to ourselves.

    IMO the entire crisis is being driven by Bibi Netanyahu who is in big political trouble – he was unable to form a government and if he loses his prime ministership his rivals will surely strip him from prosecution immunity.

    Thus this crisis will intensify to the point Netanyahu is able to declare a national emergency keeping himself in power. IMO it is crystal clear that Netanyahu is the antichrist, even his nickname “Satanyahu” should be a clue for the doubters and lovers of Israhell.

    Satan rules Hell.
    Satanyahu rules IsraHell.

    This entire tragedy unfolding in Palestine is the result of the wicked beliefs of the Evangelical community, which has allied itself with the Devil’s playground called Israhell, and the leader who stays in power causing so much harm is named after the devil himself, Satan. Satanyahu the nickname for the beloved Bibi of pastor John Hagee is the manifest Satan in our time, or the antichrist in the flesh. What Bibi does is a polar opposite of that great teacher Jesus, who would have been a Palestinian. DNA studies have proven the real Semites are the ones being genocided by the fake ass Jewish son of that Polish Jewish professor Benzion Mileikowsky:

    What Hagee loves is his god of power and might who smites the enemies of the Jews who dare to live in their ancestral homes in God’s chosen people’s lands, and Hagee believes that if you go against Israel you go against God

    By turning the Dome of the Rock into a crater of glass, all the end times prophecies would be instantly terminated, and men’s minds would be free of the demonic predictive programming found in Revelations.

    The reasons why Satanyahu is the antichrist are woefully described by Evangelist Debra Barclay, Bibi is the first born son of Israel – meaning he is the first prime minister of Israel born in Israel, which she says the Bible says identifies the antichrist (AC). Bibi also fits the famous “headwound” of the AC that so many Christians think is a gunshot wound, but really is his loss of headship of state, Bibi got elected back in the 1990’s then lost his prime minister ship but gained it back. And it is important to note that the probable assassin of Yitzhak Rabin after agreeing to peace with Bill Clinton is Bibi, so says the wife of Rabin. See this documentary:

    Netanyahu at War (full film) | FRONTLINE
    2,215,405 views •Feb 10, 2020

    Bibi and his right wing gang of murderers and assassins want nothing to do with peace, or sharing political power with Arabs, which is why Bibi launched these latest provocations against Palestinians, evicting them from homes, etc which caused so much anger the response was over 1,000 missiles against these evil aggressive racist Jews. The reason why this war happened now is very obvious, but has not been reported, Netanyahu was unable to form the coalition government, his 28 days alloted ran out, and the task was handed to the next election winner Lapid, who was to announce his new government allied with Arabs this past Sunday. But no way in hell was Bibi going to allow that, thus the provacations and war – and this doing is his pattern – as he took power initially by having Rabin offed, then he orchestrated 9-11-2001 and all the other false flags in between.

    If you want to hear her reasoning type “Benjamin Netanyahu is the antichrist debra barclay” in the google youtube search engine.

    The reason why I am the number one proponent on this god forsaken planet that some brave airmen, who are not possessed by the Bible memes, take some B-61s set on maximum yield and drop them on Dimona, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem – the most unholy “holy” city where more men have been butchered and crucified than any other town on this hell planet. Jerusalem is considered to be the most holy town on this planet, but what it is really was the ancient Anunnaki landing port so says Dr. Sasha Lessin and Dr. Zacharia Sitchin, and the real reason why everyone is fighting over that piece of turf is because the Abrahamic religions are really space alien cargo cults – men want to be the god’s pets. Sick to say the least.

    Humanity does not understand their real origin by the “gods” – space aliens – who came here on a mining mission then created humans as a slave labor force – then when they got done using us like toilet paper – tried to wipe us out with the Flood. Humanity has been duped by the Holy Bible, which is a perverted retelling of Sumerian Anunnaki tales. Our creator god is not God, the Bible has confused the two, the gods who created us had sex with our women, we were created not just as worker slaves but as sex slaves. They don’t give a damn about us, and if they came back, they would probably try to wipe us out, because they were jeaolous and threatened by us because afterall, they created us with their sperm. Enki used his sperm to created a viable fertilized egg from Homo Erectus female then implanted it into one the Anunnaki nurses Ninmah, and created the first man Adam. Yahweh(aka Enlil) did not make Adam, Enki did, Yahweh is really Enki’s half brother Enlil, the military commander of the Anunnaki mission to earth.

  4. No one dares attack the Jews who today occupy Palestine like Palestinians do!
    No one!
    Even stupid American politicians have to literally bend over!
    both Trump and Biden are losers and have no dignity, honor, self respect, manhood..
    Zionists In the u.s. are now calling it Anti-Semitic to even utter a word on this new genocide!
    It’s obvious Palestinians really love their country and their resistance really shows they are the true owners because a thieve would’ve left already like Jews soon will!

  5. Thousands Protest in Chicago, New York, and Other Major Cities Across the Globe Against Israel!!

    From New York and London to Karachi and Rabbat, thousands of people have gathered in big cities across the world to protest against Israeli attacks on Gaza.

    Demonstrators on Tuesday also rallied to denounce the ongoing crackdown at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem’s Old City, as well as Israeli plans to forcefully expel Palestinians from their homes in occupied East Jerusalem.

    Some protesters carried banners reading “Free Palestine”, “Israel is a terrorist state”, and “Occupation No More”.

    1. I carried my sign “You Bastards” to the big pre-Iraq War protests just like tens of millions of others in practically every major city in the world. Waaaaay more than now. Those protests dwarfed now and as I’ve said before, in reality those gigantic world-wide millions and millions and millions protesting didn’t mean Squat. Did they.. Not to the Iraqis anyhow.
      Cynical, negative, downer, bummer, truth.

  6. Here are some of my essays where I argue that the current Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is the antichrist:

    (these are jpeg images of the essay that you can save)

    Satanyahu Still On Top of His Game
    On March 23, 2020 By jackyukon

    Satan Laughs at the Downfall of Amerika
    On June 13, 2020 By jackyukon

    The AntiChrist and His Headwound
    On April 8, 2019 By YUKON JACK

    God’s AntiChrist Hellbent on Destroying Amerika
    On May 22, 2020 By jackyukon

    SatanYaJew Flushes Trump Down the Toilet
    On November 15, 2020 By jackyukon

    1. If you click on one of the links I provided it opens in a different format than what was shown on my computer, so to blow it up to full size (so you can read it easily) right click on the image and open it in a new tab then click on the + sign to make it big. It also helps to “hit both control and +” keys to increase in size.

      Why it matters that Bibi Netanyahu is the antichrist? Because then you can determine what the probable future is for Israel. Netanyahu is Satan on his throne of Israel. The “seat of the antichrist” is Israel. Thus the center of world evil, as foretold in the Bible, is Israel. So don’t be like those retards that want to go visit Israel.
      How to identify the antichrist: He is lawless, he is the King of Terror, he commands other nations, he is arrogant, cunning, merciless, he is the biggest liar, he is Jewish, he is profane, he is against the principles of Christ (lacks brotherly love), he is vengeful, he is the first born son of Israel (first PM born in Israel), his name adds up to 666 (666 is also a reference to the Star of David), NOT a womanizer (so the AC is definitely not Trump), military commander, hateful and psychopathic – uncaring who he injures, defames, kills.

      The Antichrist is a Zionist Jew, he is the leader of the Jews, he is the one that takes down the whole world with his “War on Terror”. Who is the prophecized deceptive leader who starts a war of terror on the entire world? A Jew. This person is the leader of Jews. This leader must be the prime minister of Israel. So the person that has to be the antichrist also has to be the elected leader of world Jewry and it is none other than Benjamin Netanyahu who is waging a war of terror on the entire world.


      I believe that Netanyahu has “gone for broke” and has initiated this conflict as a ploy to stay as prime minister. Bibi was unable to form a government in his allotted 28 days, then the president of Israel gave Lapid the next 28 days, which he was going to announce the new government on Sunday 09 May but because of the conflict the new coalition fell apart.

      Now all Netanyahu has to do is get this war to escalate another notch, maybe provoke Iran into attacking with rockets also. Bibi needs to push this to the next level, maybe Biden attacks the gold dome with stealth fighters as shown in that end times move I PET GOAT 2 where the empty egg headed character eyes reflects MARKETS CRASH WAR COVERAGE just as might be happening now.

      i pet goat 2 Stock Market Crash | US Destruction 2021-22


      And look at how Trump loves Bibi as do the millions of Amerikan Christians AND SO MANY CHRISTIAN PASTORS!
      Evangelist Debra Barclay has identified Netanyahu as the antichrist, watch these 2 videos:

      Antichrist Revealed: Netanyahu the Antichrist fufills Bible prophecy, Zech.12:10.
      5,804 views •May 4, 2011

      Israel’s PM Netanyahu is the Antichrist. Biblically he and Judas are the Son of Perdition. Why?
      2,701 views •May 11, 2011

      “Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the Antichrist. The number to his name (or when he received his authority) is 666. Netanyahu was voted in as prime minister office on the 6th day, but he wasn’t sworn in until the 6th month, and the year was 1996. Netanyahu had a wound to his headship. He fell from office back in 1999, but his deadly wound to his leadership was healed (Rev. 13:3).”
      More essays where I prove Netanyahu is the antichrist:

      The Antichrist Unveiled Right Before Your Eyes
      On April 4, 2018 By YUKON JACK

      The End Times Beast Revealed
      On August 6, 2019 By YUKON JACK

      Benjamin Netanyahu Fulfills Bible Prophecy as the Antichrist
      On June 3, 2018 By YUKON JACK

  7. Reply to “my globalist friend”
    (letter from your globalist friend circulating anonymously since 1999)
    Your letter is full of arbitrariness and innuendos designed to indicate that your domination over me would finally become a fait accompli. This is reason enough to skip your epistolary efforts with sovereign silence. However, taking into account courtesy requirements and the moderately decent education received, after some reflection I decided to answer all the same in order to dispel the murky illusions accumulated in your mind.
    You pretend to be my friend, although you know very well that you can’t be one, because you evidently fail to fulfill the necessary requirements for me to give you my trust. Since time immemorial, you have been deceiving me more and more skillfully – you know, practice makes perfect. You don’t mind improving your evil craft – you just must comply with your role since the ominous demise of the fallen angels.
    Recently, your various actions have prominently accelerated on many fronts, apparently you have decided that the time is ripe for your final triumph and the last appearances belong invariably to the past. You have no idea how deeply wrong you are. I’ve been following you carefully for a long time, well aware that your main weakness is your complete lack of moderation. I have even thought it would be wise to prudently abstain from publicly revealing your weaknesses due to your supposed omnipotence – an impression you sometimes irresistibly seem to make. After reading my remarks with the appropriate understanding, you could introduce corrections into the process of global manipulation, thus hoping to enhance your evil actions. I have come to the conclusion, however, that – provided you come to fully understand your deplorable situation – you will have to admit that it is in your best interest to instantly switch to the side of good. However, this seems highly improbable, as it would flagrantly contradict with your eternal appointment. Just as the darnkess of night is different from daylight, you must constantly stir the cauldron of malice, putting on display all the advantages of good versus evil – this is your true misfortune. Trust me, despite my sincere feeling of pity for you, I can’t help you, because you are under obligation to follow your sinister vocation.
    My attributes and my vocation are the constant pursuit of good – values beyond your reach due to your ominous conscious choice. Therefore, with all your strength, you will strive to destroy what you neither have yourself, nor can achieve. I admire your maniacal persistence in your effective and conscious pursuit of total destruction. For this purpose you deliberately substitute the original meaning of concepts and ideas, you constantly reverse the meaning of words and provoke cognitive dissonance through your illegitimate monopoly of mass media. Due to our human nature and inborn confidence, we do not expect any monstrous manipulations from any side. You use and abuse mercilessly our good faith, passivity and naivety of working people who are in search of entertainment, if only to counterbalance our daily routine. With the aid of pathetic celebrities you constantly impregnate into our consciousness a world that does not exist beyond the screen. Apparently, with your matrix in place, you decided it was time to put your cards on the table and celebrate the success you have long yearned for. And suddenly an unexpected anticlimax happens: when it seemed that nothing would stop your triumph, the slaves put up a rebellion.
    But in your scenario, the slave has no right to rebel, upon realization of the prohibitive price of forcibly suppressing such an act of desperation. Apparently, despite your supposed infallibility, you have made grave estimation errors. It appears that your supposedly completely subdued slaves failed to reach the expected stage of intoxication. Your subjects – in their incomprehensible arrogance – still make use of the gift of free will, bestowed upon them by the Creator. So you decided to end it once and for all by interfering with creation. In the not so distant future, neuralinks are supposed to eliminate disorders caused by our individual pretences that we can move independently through the thick smog of your disinfo. Voila another of your hopes inevitably doomed to end up in crushing disappointment – yes, like all the previous ones.
    True enough, in historical perspective, you have achieved significant progress accompanied by a series of our defeats, but you are still far from the goal, which is increasingly moving away into a distant future. The reason is that you continue to sell lies disguised as truth. You never accepted the simple fact that we’d rather be free than enslaved. Yes, you managed to draw to your side many puppets – through blackmail, bribery and other vile methods of yours. This, however, does not provide you long-term satisfaction, so in desperation you finally decided to remove the priceless gene of freedom from our DNA. Your debased human mercenaries – highly paid specialists in laboratories – work hard to manipulate the unsurpassed perfection of the creation and assume the role of God. I assure you that these pseudo-medical terror attempts have no chance of success, but in the aftermath there will inevitably be a landscape of desolation – your rumoured and confirmed specialty.
    Your pathological need to serve ritual blood sacrifice at regular intervals makes us constantly witnesses of false flag operations publicised in the media, such as staged traffic accidents or terrorist attacks attributed to lone madmen who conveniently die on the spot. Previously you complied with ease with this diabolical task of bloody butcher. Following the infallible principle of divide et impera – you managed to provoke ridiculous conflicts and major wars, in which you cashed in unimaginable fortunes by financing both sides, providing the belligerent parties with deadly weapons of your making. You have long preferred to amass immeasurable resources, riches and hide them from the light of day in your glotonous belly. Did it ever occur to you that resources can be shared, that there are so many legitimate needs? Well, this is the logical result of your blatant lack of empathy.
    Your priests collected gold coins in the temple of Solomon, removing them from circulation. On April 14, 70 A.D., the Roman legions began the siege of Jerusalem, which fell after 5 months. Unfortunate defenders, witnessing the inevitable fall of the city, swallowed all the gold coins so as not to make them fall prey to the winners. A massacre of victims ensued, hidden coins were retrived from their bloody entrails and served to finance the construction of the Colosseum and the Triumphal Arch of Titus. These monumental objects stand today as mute witnesses of remote events from nearly 2 thousand years ago. But even today your anonymous collegues indulge in the practice of swallowing gold coins. You cherish to stress your anonymity, hoping that it will protect you from the wrath of we the people. You have recurred to an additional line of defense: as blatant aggressor that you are, you create yourself as a victim who demands compensation because of allegedly suffered injustice.
    However, you forget that you are the problem and we are the solution. You have always lived apart, never close to us despite the proximity, unable and unwilling to assimilate. Especially recently, you take special care to dilute our identity and our unique genetic code, while you protect access to your own identity for no apparent and legitimate reason, as if it was worth preserving for future generations of your tribe. You have failed miserably to draw conclusions from history, you were exiled from cities and nations more than a hundred times, recognised as a vile slave of demons fighting against the divine plan of the universe. Your subversion took place despite the fact that residents offered you generous priviledges in good faith. It was believed that as a guest you would willingly integrate in the local community, for the benefit of all. And you, you saw the generous gesture as a weakness to be exploited. You never identified with the generally accepted moral values, preferring to view the inhabitants of the Earth instrumentally as inferior, allegedly doomed to serve you, according to your deranged Talmudic codex.
    Your secret weapon is pornography and utmost demoralization. Your rule is no rules. Your shameful work is conspiracy theory and practice, which you baselessly accuse us of. Your defense is invariably to go into the offensive, no matter right or wrong. Your extraordinary intelligence is at the service of the dark power of Satan. Your truth is hate speech anchored in legislation. Your norm is deep pathology. You have created a system of negative selection of psychopaths at all levels of government. Your obsession with sex stems from the bestial practice of circumcision – since your smart ancestors introduced this bloody rirual, they keep making you feel the pain of rape, leaving you with a traumatic experience for the rest of your miserable life. Now subconsciously you take revenge on those who draw natural satisfaction from intimate loving relationship with a female. And one can meet your young IDF women soldiers over the weekend at Telaviv’s numerous brothels. Your orthodox deranged weirdos torture and subsequently kill children for their criminal sexual pleasure.
    Unlike other religions, your books are teeming with penises, semen, prostitution, and female breasts. No wonder you put on sale your own women at slave fairs. Your Talmud is full of pornography, pedophilia, and tolerance for sexual perversion. In the Holy Land a million visits a month to pleasure houses are registered, where female sex slaves work against their will, captured in or lured from Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Moldova. Among other viruses, you have transmitted the sex virus to our communities. Your undisputed idol Woody Allen said that masturbation is “sex with someone I love”.
    Wherever you are, your presence causes a spiral of moral decline in every community. And you dare claim to control us? That we are in your possession? How many liters of Coca-Cola can you drink per day? You have the same physiological limitations as your so-called slaves. But you are deprived of the precious treasure of humanity they have – it is empathy. You know that you must be wiped off the face of the Earth for the wrongs you have inflicted upon us. Unfortunately, your determination is such that you are ready – if only you could – to drag us into the abyss along with you. With a friend like you, I need no enemies.
    May 3, 2021 – the feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Poland.

    1. The Best. EVER. Copied and stored offline in a Word doc (2-3 minor typos corrected).

      Here is Letter From Your Globalist Friend referred to.

      Note its format, wording and tone, as authentically Judaist as it can possibly get—Jew gloatingly telling to goy’s face the full extent of his evil, his evil plans and their seemingly unstoppable success—while goyim run around in mindless circles searching for plausible deniability in order to avoid the dread “antisemitism” label, much worse than death, his own, family’s, friends’, community’s, nation’s, humanity’s.
      So it will no doubt be relegated to the “forgeries” bin, truth dressed as lie for easy disposal.

      But one doesn’t even need to read the globalist friend‘s letter to appreciate the eternal truth of Ryszard’s reply.
      It is an updated addendum to the gospels of Christ—who as ever increasing majority of materialists and atheists claim to have Himself been a forgery, the greater the truth, the louder the “Forgery!!!” shrieks.
      Because forgery™ is the Crown of Thorns that the truth must wear on this Via Dolorosa, mandatory facemasks and distancing among the witnesses—ever increasing social distancing while social networks cull any vestiges of truth until no more society left.
      And that’s the truth.

  8. It shouldn’t be too long now before ZOG-UK – the best boot-licker ISISrael ever had – starts stirring up the sh!t in Ireland… especially in the BritZOG occupied North.

      1. Thank you Sr Monica…. though I must admit, scrolling down and seeing your name before I’d read the text, I felt a slight shiver – a preternatural foreboding – that I was about to get the verbal equivalent of a wrap on the knuckles… with the sharp end of a ruler! 😂

        Oh btw, I’ve noticed that some of Darkmoon,s “old dependables” like Mahmoud & MB don’t appear to be around so much… was Mdm barred again or did she pehaps run off with Erica ? tia

        1. @ The Realist

          Understand this, dear boy. Sister Monica is too intelligent and wise to nurse a grudge against you. She praises when praise is called for, and she scolds when a scolding is due.

          Mahmoud is no longer posting here because he’s been driven away by the Islamophobes. Too many vicious attacks have undermined his health and self confidence. And he was basically a good guy with a deep love for his fellow Palestinians.

          It was ever thus, darling: the bad drive out the good, leaving only the worst of the worst behind. People with bad breath,
          it seems, only feel comfortable in an elevator where everyone else is suffering from halitosis.

          1. Absolutely thrilled to see you’re “still with us” Mdm… and haven’t, as I feared, run off to enlist in some lesbian biker gang!

            You see, in your absence I’ve been doing my best to “wind up” some of your more devoted acolytes… but to no avail… they just don’t seem to have the same quick-witted viper-tongued biting invective that you so admirably display!

            Anyway, that’s all for now – mustn’t get off-topic too much! – but definitely looking forward to future insults! 😊

            p.s. Give my regards to Mahmoud if you happen to bump into him at the local kebab… and don’t forget to “dig deep” and leave a tip!

            1. Tut tut, you’re slipping! You’re actually beginning to sound like a nice guy. What’s come over you? 🙂

              Though I could do without such back-handed compliments as “viper-tongued biting invective” … and “run off to enlist in some lesbian biker gang.” That’s not a nice way to address a patrician lady of the landed aristocracy.

  9. The Yids have a death lock on the Jewnited States of Scumerica. The only thing that will stop its unlimited support of “Its-a-lie” is a complete collapse, implosion, and disintegration. That process is well under way. Simply put, it (what’s left of it) will simply be unable to send the Demiurge’s kids any more cheddar, weapons, and supplies as the demented and mongrelized populace will be slaughtering and eating each other in the streets. How ironic that the demise of this crumbling house of cards is being caused by the very same Chozen Pipple. Oy Veh, you can’t make dis up!

  10. Bibi Netanyahu is a madman who is in serious political trouble, he has been unable to form a government and is facing political corruption charges. So what is this crazy man to do, now that the President of Israel has handed the task to Yair Lapid to form a government? Go on the offensive, go for broke, start killing like a madman high on meth.

    Attack! Bibi’s latest strategy is to go on the offensive, he called up the reservists, sent the Mekava tanks to the Gaza border, he has provoked the situation to where Hamas sent over a thousand rockets and suicide drones into different towns, Hamas even targeted Ben Gurion airport.

    Now Israel is telling their masked Jewish sheep to stay in their bomb shelters until further notice. Biden is recalling all ambassadors, civilians, army personel from Israel. Turkey’s Erdogan met with Putin, they want to intervene to stop the slaughter of civilians. Bibi has his forces take out the communication towers in Gaza, so that there can be no reporting of the war crimes to come. It is pretty obvious that the situation is going to get so bad the world is going to have to intervene and stop this ethnic cleansing.

    Headline: Biden Pulls ALL US TROOPS From Israel – Exposing Ally to Jihadists and Regime in Tehran

    BTW to stop Israel is very easy, all the USA has to do is cut off all aid, recall it’s military hardware on loan, and Israel would fold immediately. But of course that won’t happen because Jews completely control USA.

    So what is Satanyahu going to do next? He is going to stair step this conflict until he remains firmly in power, he is going to ramp up the war and atrocities so that the typical Israeli is so scared they will fall in line behind his madness. The Israeli intelligence forces are going to stage false flags making Jews feel very unsafe. Bibi’s political opposition could meet untimely deaths like his shrink who said he was a psychopath. Yair Lapid could soon find himself in an unfortunate auto accident.

    The grand finale in this latest chapter of Yahweh’s madness could very well be the Dome of the Rock turning in a dome of rubble, this will send hoardes of crazed Muslims into religious fervor jihad, just what Bibi wants, to use the latest weapons and smite the Semites (Arabs). Like Eustace Mullins says, the “plan” is to completely kill off the Muslim population occupying all the lands from the Euphrates to the Nile.

    If humans were sane, Netanyahu would be declared a terrorist then droned, saving many Israeli Jews from an early grave. It is easy to remove Netanyahu from the political scene, invite him to D.C, then capture him and send him to Gitmo but with so many Neocons and AIPAC right wingers everywhere, it can not be done. Thus the task to take out Netanyahu will fall to Erdogan, Putin, or Iran.

    So what we are going to see next is war Biblical style, the Heebs are on the move, ethnic cleansing every goy in their way to total world domination for the glory of God of Israel.

    1. Yukon,
      Can you explain what EXACTLY is a suicide drone? Donaldo wasn’t aware that drones were living, breathing organisms. Donaldo and TROJ are drinking 🍻 and grilling steaks once more. When his friend comes back from the bathroom Donaldo will ask for his imput. 😀😉🤔🤠

  11. Truth must b told:
    A lot of Jews in America are against what’s happening, not only this time, but always in Palestine ..
    Whatever it’s worth

    1. It’s worth a lot. It takes some courage, on a site like this, to point out the obvious: that there are many good Jews around. Not all Jews are irredeemably wicked. I’d go so far as to say that the superior Jew is every bit the equal of the superior non-Jew, if not slightly more superior because of centuries of exile and suffering.

      1. Errmm…. Saki The Sanctimonious…. do you know any race or nationality that HASN’T suffered???

    2. Sarita –

      It’s not worth much to me because…… jews chant kol nidre… ‘All Vows’!!


      Ya never know when they are lying……

      ALL VOWS and OATHS taken over the last year are null and void by Jews after chanting kol nidre on Yom Kippur, which means…. Jews should not be allowed to hold ANY public offices.

      Kol nidre is not just a chant or wish… it IS a legal document..!!

      Joseph Malovany(born in 1941 in Tel Aviv) is an Israeli-born American tenor soloist. A world-famous cantor, serving as Hazzan of New York’s Fifth Avenue Synagogue since 1973, and a Distinguished Professor of Liturgical Music at Philip and Sarah Belz School of Jewish Music, Yeshiva University.

      Joseph Malovany claims that kol nidre is a legal document sung by the “cult” at 6:58 of this video:

      ‘Huffy’ says so also:
      Yom Kippur, though, is unique. It begins with Kol Nidre, a legal document that is hauntingly chanted and emotionally charged. The Book of Jonah is read during the afternoon prayer service on Yom Kippur day.

      1. @ Pat
        @ Lobro et al

        I write this as a non-Jew who has never had a close relationship with a Jew or set foot in synagogue.


        [TO PAT] You have not understood the Kol Nidre prayer properly, but you are welcome to go on entertaining your absurd belief that all Jews are hopelessly wicked because once a year they solemnly ask God for forgiveness for all the sins they intend to commit in the new year ‒ forgiveness which they then obtain in the form of a legal document which gives them “licence to sin.”

        This is a misconception. For two reasons:

        (1) Firstly, because the oaths and promises are simply the oaths and promises a man makes to himself in the privacy of his soul, like good resolutions he intends to keep, and it does NOT apply to his business dealings with OTHER PEOPLE.

        (2) Secondly, the Jew sincerely INTENDS TO KEEP THE PROMISES HE HAS MADE TO HIMSELF, but he is forgiven in advance by a merciful God if he fails to keep his good resolutions out of weakness of will or through change of circumstances.


        1. This quote from Jewish sources will help you to understand better, but I fully expect a hostile response from you in which you persist with your false view. Basically, because the false view gives you more satisfaction as a hardened antisemite.

          Rabbis have always pointed out that the dispensation from vows in Kol Nidrei refers only to those an individual voluntarily assumes for himself alone and in which no other persons or their interests are involved. The first verse ends with a qualifier for all the forms of pledges and vows being annulled—עַל נַפְשָׁתָֽנָא—”regarding ourselves”—by which this formula is limited to annulling only those vows that would affect only ourselves but not vows that would affect any other person.[72] The formula is restricted to those vows between man and God alone; they have no effect on vows made between one man and another. No vow, promise, or oath that concerns another person, a court of justice, or a community is implied in Kol Nidrei. It does not matter if a vow was made to one or more non-Jews, such a vow cannot be annulled.[73] According to Jewish doctrine, the sole purpose of this prayer is to give protection from divine punishment in case of violation of the vow.[74]

          With reference to the annulment of vows described in Numbers 30, as well as to Kol Nidre, the then Chief Rabbi of the British Empire, Joseph Hertz wrote:[75]

          “… Not all vows or oaths could be absolved. A vow or oath that was made to another person, even be that person a child or a heathen, could not be annulled except in the presence of that person and with his consent; while an oath which a man had taken in a court of justice could not be absolved by any other authority in the world.”

          As pointed out above, many rabbis state that the vows referred to are applicable only to the individual, and not interpersonally. Moreover, the Biblical verse quoted at the end clearly refers to vows that were unintentionally unkept, not premeditatedly broken. It refers only to vows between the person making them and God, such as “I swear that if I pass this test, I’ll pray every day for the next 6 months!” or simply “I swear that I will stop smoking this year!”

          I don’t expect you (or Lobro) to change your mind about the intrinsic “hatefulness of the Jew”, based on your total failure to understand that the Kol Nidre prayer is a noble and spiritually uplifting aspiration that even a good Christian might make.

          I am here to convince other people more amenable to reason and less prone to pathological hatred.



            1. Pat
              I forgot this post of yours before I posted my latest “red injun” poem. In it, the line, “kol nidre prayers hold no account” should read, “kol nidre CHANTS….”

          1. Saki
            I’ve written an article titled, “The Devil is in the Dogma”. I’m posting an excerpt from the beginning of it which contains passages from the Gospels. What I’d like you to do after reading it is tell me if these passages reflect the words spoken by the man whom all Christian’s know is the one h
            olding the highest moral authority:

            To God: Forgive us our trespasses as we would forgive those who trespass against us.

            From Jesus: For if you forgive others for their trespasses your father will also forgive you. But if you DON’T forgive them for their trespasses neither will your father forgive YOUR trespasses.

            These conveyances are essentially the same in every extant version of the Gospels. This is how it has always read and continues to read. But what exactly is being said?

            To entreaty another (“God”) to forgive our trespasses absolves US from fully engaging our conscience to demonstrate the personal accountability that PREVENTS us from trespassing. To forgive OTHERS for trespassing against us absolves THEM from doing the same. The Scriptural wording then conveys Jesus to be showing support for others to not be held accountable for their actions, and then has him putting fear of God into those who don’t honor this.

            In effect, the wording contained in these Biblical passages makes it a clone of kol nidre by deferring responsibility for our actions to a phantom, whereby we are “atoned”, and in so doing relinquishing the primary moral component of our personal sovereignty. Here and in subsequent passages forming the core principles of “Judeo-Christianity” INDICTS it with this supporting document, whose wording is ascribed to Jesus, the one who EXEMPLIFIES personal accountability and understanding. Why would he say that which contradicts this? He wouldn’t have formulated a prayer that endorses irresponsibility and instills fear.

            The subliminal effects on the human psyche imbued by the literal formation in this doctrine is “spellbinding”, making it sacrosanct. We “take it as Gospel” without applying a hard scrutiny to what’s been written.

            “Thanks to words, we have been able to rise above the brutes, and thanks to words we have often sunk to the level of the demons” – Aldous Huxley

            Jesus taught that Creation is love manifested, whose Grace dwells in the heart of man and is sanctioned autonomously without doctrine that claims to represent its truth by presenting a false posture of authority. He taught that manifestation springs from the ineffable font of Divine Imagination, and that individual man is the untarnished caretaker of its Providence. We are not complicit in its vitiation. It was not our INTENT to fall from Grace, only our folly….

            1. Thank you, Brownhawk. You have done some fascinating research. Keep up the good work.

        2. Saki –
          Thanks for allowing me to have an opinion different from yours, which shows you are hopelessly confused, at best. I never wrote that it gave them “license to sin” at all. You invented that. I wrote it gave them license to lie. And it is not a sin for a jew to lie to goyim!

          Your arguments are with Chabadist teachers, priests and rabbis…. not with me….. as you can see here:

          What Is Kol Nidre?

          Kol Nidrei, the prayer which ushers in the holy day of Yom Kippur, is perhaps the most famous one in our liturgy. Ironically, it is not really a prayer at all, but rather a statement. A statement that deals with promises, vows and other sorts of verbal commitments commonly made in the course of the year.

          Kol Nidre, which means “all vows”, nullifies the binding nature of such promises in advance. One declares all future vows and promises invalid, by declaring that all vows are “absolved, remitted, cancelled, declared null and void, not in force of in effect.”


          1. @ Pat

            Saki – Thanks for allowing me to have an opinion different from yours, which shows you are hopelessly confused, at best. I neve wrote that it gave them “license to sin” at all. You invented that. I wrote it gave them license to lie. And it is not a sin for a jew to lie to goyim!

            I fully expected a hostile response from you and I’m not surprised to see my prediction was correct. The fact remains that you are using the Kol Nidre prayer as a stick to beat the Jew’s back with. Whereas I am using the Kol Nidre prayer to exonerate the Jew completely.

            Your pettifogging distinction between “LICENCE TO SIN” (which you say you did not mean) and “LICENCE TO LIE” (which you say you did mean) is of no intrinsic importance. It’s just a semantic quibble. The fact is that the “licence to lie” which you so disapprove of is absolutely permissible even to the good Christian, provided the lie is not intended to defraud the Christian or anyone else.

            And how CAN it be a licence to defraud or cheat other people, especially non-Jews, when it has been painstakingly explained to you that the Kol Nidre prayer applies ONLY TO PROMISES MADE TO ONESELF and has no application whatever to OTHER PEOPLE?

            1. Listen, a Jew is ENTITLED TO LIE to save the lives of his wife and children, just as a Christian is. Wouldn’t YOU lie to ave your wife’s life? The Marranos in Spain were threatened with expulsion, imprisonment and torture unless they converted to Christianity. Under such circumstances, wouldn’t YOU lie? I certainly would, and with on easy conscience. It is permissible to lie for self preservation and to preserve the lives of one’s family. It is not only permissible to lie in war, it is essential! 🙂

              White lies are permissible. Lies are permissible out of charity and kindness. I would have no hesitation lying about a colleague at work in order to get him out of trouble if he was a good guy who had slipped up just once. Would’t you lie to save your best friend from being sacked from his job and made homeless?

              Lies are permissible, dear Pat. Especially lies made out of kindness and compassion.

              1. Anyway, pax. No offence meant! You are certainly one of the best commenters on this site. A fact I must reluctantly admit! 🙂

              2. Errmm.. Saki… for someone who claims to have “never set foot in a synagogue” you certainly seem to have an in-depth knowledge – almost “rabbinical” in its extent – of the nuances of “Kol Nidre”….

                Was this something you just happened to “pick up on” perusing People Magazine at the check-out.. or was it perhaps part of a 12-year crash-course in “Judaic Apologetics”… 🤔

        3. Since you keep mentioning maligning me in my absence, here is from the mouth of a Jewish defector, once a powerful insider who became Christian, Benjamin Freedman, friend of JFK (may want to read the entire linked chapter):

          Kol Nidre: Evidence of Disloyalty

          Do you know what Jews do on the Day of Atonement, that you think is so sacred to them?

          I WAS ONE OF THEM. This is not hearsay. I’m not here to be a rabble-rouser. I’m here to give you facts.

          When, on the Day of Atonement, you walk into a synagogue, you stand up for the very first prayer that you recite. It is the only prayer for which you stand.
          You repeat three times a short prayer called the Kol Nidre. In that prayer, you enter into an agreement with God Almighty that any oath, vow, or pledge that you may make during the next twelve months shall be null and void. The oath shall not be an oath; the vow shall not be a vow; the pledge shall not be a pledge. They shall have no force or effect.

          And further, the Talmud teaches that whenever you take an oath, vow, or pledge, you are to remember the Kol Nidre prayer that you recited on the Day of Atonement, and you are exempted from fulfilling them.

          How much can you depend on their loyalty? You can depend upon their loyalty as much as the Germans depended upon it in 1916.

          We are going to suffer the same fate as Germany suffered, and for the same reason.

          You are welcome to call him liar, clueless, ignorant, spouting antisemitic canards, etc.
          Okay by me.

          1. Oh, yeah! He is not credible…. No, not much. HA!! 🙂

            You and I have been writing the warning that jews are liars here for years. Not much sinks in to some.

            From the article you posted:

            “These Khazars, these pagans, these Asiatics, these Turko-Finns, were a Mongoloid race who were forced out of Asia into eastern Europe. Because their king took the Talmudic faith, they had no choice in the matter. Just the same as in Spain: If the king was Catholic, everybody had to be a Catholic. If not, you had to get out of Spain. So the Khazars became what we call today Jews. Now imagine how silly it was for the great Christian countries of the world to say, “We’re going to use our power and prestige to repatriate God’s Chosen People to their ancestral homeland, their Promised Land.” Could there be a bigger lie than that? Because they control the newspapers, the magazines, the radio, the television, the book publishing business, and because they have the ministers in the pulpit and the politicians on the soapboxes talking the same language, it is not too surprising that you believe that lie. You’d believe black is white if you heard it often enough. You wouldn’t call black black anymore—you’d start to call black white. And nobody could blame you.

            “That is one of the great lies of history. It is the foundation of all the misery that has befallen the world.”

            Oh, the chosen!!!! 🤢

            1. Cognitive dissonance / psychosis on full display on the world-stage UN some years ago when Netanyahoo proclaimed with faux tears and heartless emotion to the assembled World Bureaucrat Royalty how moved he was the first time he saw, with his own lying eyes, his family name carved into Holy Land stone…

              MILEIKOWSKY, errrrr, I mean NETANYAHOO

              And the neurotic cherry on top was of course the robustly insane standing ovation (one of dozens) he received from the UN phony baloney $hakedown artists big and small. All poorly disguised as our peerless leaders and such.

          2. You and I have been writing the warning that jews are liars here for years.
            Add the man called Redeemer, who also said a while ago:

            When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

            Wonder who was He referring to, probably some antisemitic canard … no doubt Twitter, FB, Instagram, Spotify, Youtube, and a host of factcheckers would instantly censor Him, put Him on moderation or banish Him outright … for violation of community standards.
            Not much sinks in to some.
            But it sinks in enough for me that I don’t want to be part of community, prefer my standards.

            1. LOBRO:

              “But it sinks in enough for me that I don’t want to be part of community, prefer my standards.”

              You have no “standards”. Neither do you have the slightest credibility. Blowing your own trumpet does not increase your standing on this website — except among the intellectual riffraff who think like you and parrot your puerile conspiracy theory views. Saki’s defence of the Kol Nidre prayer is a welcome change from the tedious rantings about the evil “Khazars”, issuing from the pen of the pseudo-Jew Benjamin Freedland. A fake Jew, if ever there was one.

              @ Admin

              Don’t let this obnoxious old age pensioner from Toronto attack Saki with ad hominem abuse and then whine that he is himself being targeted with ad hominem abuse. He never returns to this site except to throw tantrums and blow his own trumpet. Not content with raping Lasha Darkmoon verbally on her own website, not once but several times, this neo-Nazi skinhead is now using Saki as his new rape victim.

              1. After reading the disjointed posts of the ranting skinhead “Lobro”, always padded out with long blockquotes he has pilfered from internet conspiracy theory sites , reading the beautifully crafted prose of Saki is like a breath of fresh air. I do hope the administrators of this site will take steps to ensure that Saki is not driven off this site by the Nasties. We don’t want good minds like Saki’s to fall silent under the bludgeoning blows of the obnoxious skinhead brigade.

                1. SAKI: A highly intelligent and original poster who is now being mauled to death here by a gang of feral skinheads.

                  SAKI’S DETRACTORS: A bunch of Old School Antisemites, totally lacking in cognitive ability, regurgitating all the played-out conspiracy theories of the past. All of them emotionally stunted disgruntled old men without a spark of originality — all adepts of the copy-and-paste job accompanied by personal abuse.

                  Not much to be proud of here. This site is being destroyed by the ageing neo-Nazi White Supremacists who have taken it over.

                  1. Sir,
                    None of what you wrote above is on topic but ad hominem.
                    Quote the man and challenge him instead of attacking him like that! Bring in info that clarifies what you think is wrong and beat him at that.
                    Nobody here is a skinhead but honourable men who are worried about the future of their grandchildren at the hands of evil monsters who are provoking 2 billion Muslims into destroying whatever is left of this stupid planet that the supremacist Jews and their servants, traitors to their own messed up for materialist wishes

                    Stay on topic, mister whatever your name is

              2. Sardonicus
                I wonder what your take is on what is happening to Palestinians at the hands of this human garbage, this pale faced sick worm, thieve and psycopath called netanyahu..
                Has lobro killed any children today?
                Well, those cockroaches have and they do it on purpose ..they provoked those people celebrating Ramadan in order to start all this shit !!

                Don’t you get it? The Jews in Palestine are very sick people, they love paranoia, they can’t stay quiet, they need to kill children, they love to stir shit up!
                And all you do is come in and attack a guy you don’t like?.
                stay on topic..
                What’s your take?

                1. @ Sarita

                  Let me deal with your above comment, sentence by sentence. If you had been on this site for over seven years, as I have been, instead of 2-3 weeks like yourself, you would not rush to judgement so quickly. Here are the true facts:

                  SARITA: “Sardonicus: I wonder what your take is on what is happening to Palestinians at the hands of this human garbage, this pale faced sick worm, thieve and psycopath called netanyahu..”

                  ME: I hate Netanyahu as much as you do, Sarita, and I deplore as much as you what this psychopath is doing to the Palestinians.

                  SARITA: “Has lobro killed any children today?”

                  ME: Not that I know of, Sarita. Nor have I killed any children today. Since you clearly mean PALESTINIAN children, let me tell you that Lobro is a thousand times more likely to condone the killing of Palestinian children than I am. I have always been a staunch supporter of the Palestinians, since my wife is Palestinian and my children are half Palestinian.

                  I dislike Lobro precisely because I see him as a potential child-killing psychopath, especially a killer of Palestinian children.

                  If you knew Lobro’s history on this site, you would think twice before backing him. He sold the Palestinians down the river by backing the Zionist puppet Donald Trump when Trump gave the Golan Heights to Israel, when he moved the American embassy to Jerusalem, and when he handed Netanyahu the gold keys to the White House. EVERYTHING Donald Trump did to humiliate and damage the heroic Palestinian people received the 100% backing of the treacherous Lobro — the Darkmoon site’ Judas Iscariot, betrayer of the Palestinians. Lobro tried to justify Trump’s treachery, making lame excuses for him. He failed to convince anyone but himself.

                  Now that Trump is out of power, much to Lobro’s grief, our Canadian snake-in-the-grass has begun to shed crocodile tears for the Palestinians, knowing this is very trendy and will help him to score a few points. If you back this sanctimonious traitor, Sarita, you are making a big mistake. Lobro would gladly have seen my own Palestinian children blinded, maimed, and murdered than change his mind about worshipping the Zionist puppet Donald Trump.

                  SARITA: “Well, those cockroaches have and they do it on purpose ..they provoked those people celebrating Ramadan in order to start all this shit !!”

                  ME: Well said, Sarita! I agree with you. I hate those Zionist cockroaches, those child killers, as much as you do.

                  SARITA: “Don’t you get it? The Jews in Palestine are very sick people, they love paranoia, they can’t stay quiet, they need to kill children, they love to stir shit up!”

                  ME: Yes, Sarita. I get it! And I agree with every word you say! The person who has betrayed the children of Palestine is Lobro. NOT ME. By backing Trump all the way, Lobro was also indirectly backing Netanyahu. As for me, how could I betray the children of Palestine when my own children are Palestinians?

                  SARITA: “And all you do is come in and attack a guy you don’t like?”

                  ME: Now you know why you WHY I don’t like him, Sarita. I have given you good reasons for my dislike. The man you appear to admire is a nasty piece of work. And Admin, as well as Lasha Darkmoon, totally agree with me. They regard Lobro as a mentally unhinged person in need of medical treatment.

                  Zen Monastery,
                  Osaka, Japan

                2. Sarita,
                  you are on the right track.
                  But to no avail, because AD HOMINEM IS THE ONLY THING HE KNOWS. Period.
                  He does not understand the word “Topic“, only slagging, smearing, dumping and spraying his diseased excrement every time he squats here, which is often enough.
                  And furthermore, it goes like this: when he voids his putrid contents, his teammates follow in a conga line, all Claiming (I don’t know the truth nor care much) to be in tight with the owners and administrators of the site and conveying their wishes and sympathies through these horrid posts.

                  When I say something that someone disagrees with, I stand on my record and am willing to enter into a debate.

                  WITH ANYBODY.

                  SO LONG AS IT IS ON THE TOPIC RATHER THAN PERSONAL AD -HOMINEM, which I consider the lowest form of human communication, actually SUBHUMAN.
                  Totally typical and appropriate to Talmudists, they invented it and the weakest goy minds picked up on it happily because it disburses them of any responsibility for quality of content.

                  Yes, I can debate Trump, for instance, and how is it that all of a sudden with his departure due to masonic coup, “things are suddenly improved” (LOL).
                  Why Mahmoud no longer posts, nor Harold Smith (could it be that they woke up to some reality and are too decent and honorable to keep screeching about Trump now that the truth is coming out—how much better Palestinians are off now that Trump is gone—not that Sardonicus gives a sh!t so long as he can continue spewing venom, his great Zen achievement after more than dozen years squatting in that temple, wow, how lucky those monks to be near him).
                  And watch what happens: after Team Sardonicus has had its fill slandering me, I will be shut out from further speech so they can have the field to themselves—who needs stuff like subject, topic, message, arguments based on facts, evidence, logic, “such a sweet old-fashioned notion” (to borrow Tina Turner’s phrase)—all things that Jew hates—Kol Nidre rules, Sardonicus rules too, shameless hypocrisy the flavor of the times.

                  1. @ Lobro

                    Garbage in, garbage out. 🙂

                    Point 1: You are the main exponent of the AD HOMINEM attack on this site. Proof? Witness the above post. It is an outright ad hominem attack on Saki, Sardonicus, and anyone else who disagrees with you and shows you up as the incorrigible bully that you are. A low-brown conspiracy theorist and neo-Nazi thug. All most unattractive traits!

                    (BTW, don’t try and bully ME like you did with Emma Kirby, your misogynistic thug! It’s not going to work!) 🙂

                    Point 2: You are INCAPABLE OF CIVILIZED DEBATE with anyone who disagrees with you emphatically and refuses to massage your monumental ego. You can only have a civilized “debate” with people who flatter you and humor you and are willing to compromise with your extremist antisemitic fanaticism.

                    Point 3: Admin would infinitely prefer Saki and Sardonicus to post their comments here, in a calm and civilized atmosphere, than to have you barge in here constantly with your non-stop disruptions and angry rants. Proof? Ask Admin if you have Admin’s support in driving Saki (and Sardonicus) off this site. That is a challenge!

                    Ask Admin if Saki’s views are anathema to them! And then ask Admin if YOUR crackpot views are preferable! 🙂

                    1. Well said, Ruth! The more people here who happen to agree that Lobro is an emotionally retarded pest are characterized by the paranoid lobro — you will notice in his above comment — as a sinister gang of Jewish trolls who are out to destroy his impeccable reputation as an expert on all things Jewish. Sadly, he is not an expert on the Jews; he is simply a cauldron of seething hatred spewing out every single antisemitic meme he can lay his hands on.

                      That’s a factual statement, not an ad hominem attack.

                      It’s a form of pest control.

                    2. Give Lobro a break.
                      He can’t help being himself.
                      He sees the seascape through a different porthole.
                      That’s OK with me. 🙂

                  2. @ruth
                    the age old pattern re-appears, the one I clearly foresaw, the lead shot by sardonicus followed by loyal stablemates like yourself and lesser ones like hieronymus, background observer (though they smell to me like reheated leftovers of Silent Reader, Emma Kirby, Dr Parker, Bradley Arnold and their likes, exactly the same tone and vocabulary).

                    Point 1: You are the main exponent of the AD HOMINEM attack on this site. Proof? Witness the above post. It is an outright ad hominem attack on Saki, Sardonicus,

                    I don’t expect you to double check because I don’t expect you to stray anywhere near truth and facts, however easily accessible (all one needs to do is scroll up).
                    But as to your Point 1—NO!!!
                    Saki mentioned me in a pejorative way and I answered NOT by way of ad hominem but by way of fact (unknown concept to you, sorry), namely quoted Benjamin Freedman on Kol Nidre to set Saki straight. I didn’t call her(?) liar, only pointed out mistake—like previous mistakes as well, quite glaring but I am perfectly willing to accept them as unintentional because I am a goy, i.e., gentile.
                    And I repeat: anybody wants to challenge me on any of my statements of fact, please do so, be my guest, lets have a free and open discussion—without ad hominem, the pure Jewish construct, you as Jungian shrink as well as Jewess (yes or no?) should know as a Jewish archetype of some sort.
                    here comes the interesting part(s).
                    Sardonicus said (among other toxic spillage):

                    pseudo-Jew Benjamin Freedland. A fake Jew, if ever there was one.

                    Now I want everyone at this site to take brief note and 100% proof that Sardonicus is a particularly vicious liar (no mistake, 100% intentional).
                    Just do online search for Benjamin H Freedman.
                    Dozens of links appear attesting to his authenticity, whether (alt/”nazi”) ones like National Vanguard or “respectable mainstream” like wikipedia (“Benjamin Harrison Freedman was an American businessman, Holocaust denier, and vocal anti-Zionist. Born in a Jewish family, he converted from Judaism to Roman Catholicism.”)

                    Do you see?
                    Does everyone see?

                    This is all the credibility Sardonicus deserves, ever did, ever will.
                    Trust him an inch and risk contamination with malice and lies, whatever the topic (always 100% ad hominem, before this it was to hound Brownhawk off the site, same procedure, same actors).

                    Just re-read his “oh my poor Palestinian children, murdered by Lobro“, in light of the foregoing—credible?

                    Consider: suddenly after almost a decade, he’s got a bunch of Palestinian children, courtesy of a Palestinian wife.

                    All I know is what he said previously, that his wife took off and he headed for this Zen monastery in Japan to soak his head and get over it. Never mentioned that she was Palestinian—why did she leave, considering what a fantastic guy Sardonicus is (watch this brief video of his operating principle, different model but the same brand and manufacturer, same principle).

                    And where are the Palestinian children so I can go and kill them, in UK or Palestine or maybe he took them along to the Zen temple in Osaka?

                    • If they are not in Palestine, Gaza to be precise, then he is crying croc tears because the present massacre is in Gaza and the children are perfectly safe elsewhere—just piling on emotive tearjerking bullsh1t.

                    • If they are in Palestine, then as a good father he should be with them to protect them in every way possible—but no, he’s busy drooling vitriol over keyboard.
                    And what normal father would allow his children to remain in Gaza if he can get them out, even if into Perfidious Albion!?
                    Think about that, Dr. Ruth Bernstein … ahem, to employ Sardonius’ method, are you a Jew, an ex-Jew or a “fake Jew if there ever was one”?

                    Honestly, I don’t care, you are at most nothing to me after all this, but maybe just to clear the air.

                    Tell the forum the tale of leonine woe, how you came to lose your Chabad-husband to a hungry lion
                    Before: In like Lion-of-Judah,
                    After: like Judah-out-of-Lion (or
                    Garbage in, garbage out. 🙂
                    to borrow your wonderful phrase)

                    NB: I never held any of these ludicrous girlie tricks against any of youze, never.
                    But so much fungus and mold has grown over you that I shrink back from my previous sympathy.
                    There is more but let some of it remain in shadow.
                    Just leave me alone and I promise to do the same.

                    1. @ Lobro

                      AD HOMINEM ATTACK . . . NO PUNCHES PULLED.

                      I could dissect your entire comment and tear it apart piecemeal, sentence by sentence. But it would be a complete waste of time in your case. Because I see you as no more than as a semi-retarded, attention-seeking time waster.

                      You who say you deplore the ad hominem approach are lying. Even in this comment above you cannot resist referring to me as “Dr Ruth Bernstein”. A cheap way of scoring points over me, no? Making out I could be a Jew.

                      Is your real name “Lobro”? No, it is not! Nor is my name “Ruth Bernstein”. It is neither “Ruth” nor is it “Bernstein”. Get it? Does that penetrate your thick skill, Mr Lobro van Helsing, Transylvanian wanker? No, it sure doesn’t!

                      Understand this, “Dr van Helsing” aka “Lobro”. I use the ad hominem attack on you for several good reasons. Valid reasons. The chief reason being that rational argument is wasted on you.

                      The ad hominem attack is the last resort. The only way to deal with a rattlesnake or scorpion is to squash it underfoot. You don’t “reason” with it. 🙂

                      The ad hominem attack, moreover, is not forbidden on this website. It is not TABOO! (As you seem to assume). It is in fact encouraged among posters, though posters are forbidden to use it against contributing writers for legal reasons. No harm done to YOU, after all, if someone calls you a “wanker”. Because, as an anonymous creep hiding behind your pen name, you have no reputation to lose! No one knows who the f**k you are! And no one cares. For the simple reason that you are a total nonentity. Mr Zero!

                      Find that too hard to understand?

                      See here, Item # 10.

                    2. @ Lobro
                      (ad hominem attack continued…)

                      Attacking a published writer like Israel Shamir, simply because he is a Jew, is not allowed here because Shamir has a reputation to lose — unlike you, sir. When Shamir was attacked on this site by a female poster some years ago (I forget her name), you backed the female poster against Shamir. The whole article by Shamir was deleted because of all the ad hominem attacks against him — YOUR OWN ATTACKS INCLUDED!

                      It seems to me, you filthy piece of human dog shit, that you only object to ad hominem comments directed at YOU personally. You have no objection to ad hominem comments directed at OTHER people! Particularly at Pat, Sardonicus, Saki, Madame Butterfly, Emma Kirby, etc., etc., and anyone else who has dared to stand up to your esteemed Wankership.

                      You have gone so far as to use the ad hominem attack on Lasha Darkmoon, a widely published writer, accusing her falsely of intellectual dishonesty over Stalin. You have attacked her several time on this website personally. Ask Admin if you don’t believe me! Ask Lasha herself! You won’t have the guts to do that, for the simple reason you wouldn’t be able to accept their verdict that you’e a filthy swine who attacks other people when it suits you. Sanctimoniously pretending meanwhile to be a noble Christian, squeaky clean, mild and moderate and always making your points with logical and fact-based consistency. Utterly false!

                      Your only “fact-based arguments” are long blockquotes stolen from conspiracy theory sites. Junk sites run by junk brains for the junk intelligentsia. Meaning low-down wankers like you.

                      You claim that you have never stooped so low as to attack anyone here with ad hominem comments except IN RETALIATION. If they attack you first, then you attack them back. False! False! False!

                      You attacked Kevin MacDonald openly and scatologically on this site, referring to him as a “turd swimming round in a toilet bowl.” (Or “swilling” or “swishing round” like a turd in a toilet bowl). That was the vivid image you used. Congratulations, a vivid image indeed! You used the word “TURD” about a man who has written several widely acclaimed books and published over 35 articles penned by Lasha Darkmoon. And you did this, brainlessly and witlessly and viciously, on LASHA OWN SITE!!!

                      Did Kevin Mac attack you first? No, he didn’t! Because he hasn’t even heard of you, you pus-filled pimple on the face of the universe.

                      What do you say to that, Wanker?

                      I’m not allowed to call you a “wanker”, right? But you’re allowed to call Kevin MacDonald a “turd” in a toilet bowl?

                    3. @ Lobro
                      (ad hominem attack continued)

                      BTW, I saw your vicious comment there, as did several others, because it remained undeleted for several hours. Maybe even overnight. It was then, I believe, deleted by Lasha herself out of respect for her respected Editor on the Occidental Observer.

                      (I won’t speculate why you had it in for KMD all those years ago. But I can guess why. Sheer pique because he probably deleted your crappy comments on his site. You are too stupid to realize that KMD, unlike you, has no time like you for bogus documents like the ‘Protocols of Zion’ … and still less for mass murderers like Stalin. In other words, you wouldn’t be able to pull the same tricks on the Occidental Observer as you pull here. You take advantage of this site’s extremely tolerant attitude to your arrogance, mendacity, and out-of-control ranting and raving.

                      The next time you post irresponsibly on this site, expect further attacks from me.

                      Anyone who backs you on this site has no idea how sick you are.

                      One thing I know for sure. Admin is not going to protect you, nor is Lasha, if you continue in the same vein. Because they hate everything you stand for: vicious little bastard that you are, playing the role of a goody-goody sanctimonious Christian, when you are anything but. After all, what true “Christian” refers to his fellow Christians as you do — if they happen to be black ‒ as “N1GGERS” and “BABOONS”?

                      Go on sucking Trump’s cock, you betrayer of the helpless Palestinians! If anyone screwed the Palestinians, it was Trump. And you went on sucking Trump’s cock while he was screwing the Palestinians and cuddling up shamelessly to Netanyahu. Dog shit is too nice a word for you.

                      So. Go on sucking Stalin’s cock! The psychopathic killer who wiped out over 20 million Christians! — including monks, priests and nuns in countless numbers! You’re going to run out of cocks to suck, the way you’re going, aren’t you?

                      Truly sir, you belong in nuthouse.

                      If you run out of cocks to suck, you’ll always be able to find more in the ladyboy strip clubs and brothels of Bangkok. Good luck to you!

                    4. @ ADMIN

                      If you disapprove of these ad hominem attacks on Lobro, delete them. Otherwise, let them stand.

  12. What does the Holy Bible say about how the Jews are treating the Palestinians?
    1948 Palestinian exodus (Nakba) Wikipedia

    “The 1948 Palestinian exodus occurred when more than 700,000 Palestinian Arabs – about half of prewar Palestine’s Arab population – fled or were expelled from their homes, during the 1948 Palestine war.[1] The exodus was a central component of the fracturing, dispossession and displacement of Palestinian society, known as the Nakba (Arabic: النكبة‎, al-Nakbah, literally “disaster”, “catastrophe”, or “cataclysm”),[2][3] in which between 400 and 600 Palestinian villages were destroyed and Palestinian history erased,[4] and also refers to the wider period of war itself and the subsequent oppression up to the present day.[5] ”
    Joshua 11 (

    6Then the LORD said to Joshua, “Do not be afraid of them, for by this time tomorrow I will deliver all of them slain before Israel. You are to hamstring their horses and burn up their chariots.”

    7So by the waters of Merom, Joshua and his whole army came upon them suddenly and attacked them, 8and the LORD delivered them into the hand of Israel, who struck them down and pursued them all the way to Greater Sidon and Misrephoth-maim, and eastward as far as the Valley of Mizpeh. They struck them down, leaving no survivors. 9Joshua treated them as the LORD had told him; he hamstrung their horses and burned up their chariots.

    10At that time Joshua turned back and captured Hazor and put its king to the sword, because Hazor was formerly the head of all these kingdoms. 11The Israelites put everyone in Hazor to the sword, devoting them to destruction.c Nothing that breathed remained, and Joshua burned down Hazor itself.

    12Joshua captured all these kings and their cities and put them to the sword. He devoted them to destruction, as Moses the LORD’s servant had commanded. 13Yet Israel did not burn any of the cities built on their mounds, except Hazor, which Joshua burned.

    14The Israelites took for themselves all the plunder and livestock of these cities, but they put all the people to the sword until they had completely destroyed them, not sparing anyone who breathed. 15As the LORD had commanded His servant Moses, so Moses commanded Joshua. That is what Joshua did, leaving nothing undone of all that the LORD had commanded Moses.

    Joshua Takes the Whole Land

    16So Joshua took this entire region: the hill country, all the Negev, all the land of Goshen, the western foothills, the Arabah, and the mountains of Israel and their foothills, 17from Mount Halak, which rises toward Seir, as far as Baal-gad in the Valley of Lebanon at the foot of Mount Hermon. He captured all their kings and struck them down, putting them to death.

    18Joshua waged war against all these kings for a long period of time. 19No city made peace with the Israelites except the Hivites living in Gibeon; all others were taken in battle. 20For it was of the LORD to hardend their hearts to engage Israel in battle, so that they would be set apart for destruction and would receive no mercy, being annihilated as the LORD had commanded Moses.

    21At that time Joshua proceeded to eliminate the Anakim from the hill country of Hebron, Debir, and Anab, and from all the hill country of Judah and of Israel. Joshua devoted them to destruction, along with their cities. 22No Anakim were left in the land of the Israelites; only in Gaza, Gath, and Ashdod did any survive.

    23So Joshua took the entire land, in keeping with all that the LORD had spoken to Moses. And Joshua gave it as an inheritance to Israel according to the allotments to their tribes. Then the land had rest from war.
    Why do Christians support Israel over the ethnic cleansing of the natives?

    John Hagee (San Antonia megachurch pastor and founder of Christians United for Israel CUFI, Prominent and outspoken Christian Pastor who became a Zionist after visiting Israel, and frequent highlighted speaker at AIPAC, personal friend of the antichrist Bibi Netanyahu)

    Israel: The Apple of God’s Eye

    “We give thanks to God our Father for your generosity that allows us to support global initiatives for the kingdom of Heaven. One of those—Israel—holds a place of significance in our hearts. Everything in the Bible points to Jerusalem as the epicenter of eternity. As believers we can’t say that we love God and be filled with hatred for Israel and the Jewish people.

    In June of 1978, I went to Israel a tourist and came home a Zionist! Personally, and as a pastor, I believe I received a divine appointment from God during my first visit to the Western Wall so many years ago. I felt a very special presence that changed my life forever when I realized that Christians and Jews were spiritual brothers that had much more in common than what kept us apart. My heart was charged with a commission to do all that I could possibly do to bring Christians and Jews together in an atmosphere of mutual esteem and unconditional love.

    Why should Christians support Israel?

    Israel is the only nation on earth created by a sovereign act of God—a royal land grant from God Himself! Jerusalem is where Messiah will return to establish a Kingdom that will never end. Jerusalem is, and always shall be, the eternal capital of the Jewish people, the city of God and the heartbeat of Israel. There, God has placed His Name (2 Chronicles 6:6).

    As Christians, we owe a debt of gratitude to the Jewish people! Jesus proclaimed that “salvation is of the Jews” (John 4:22). In Romans 15:27, Paul tells us that Gentiles have benefited from Jewish spiritual things, and it is our duty to minister to them in material things.

    Every word of the Bible was penned by Jewish hands—the patriarchs, the prophets, the poets, and the apostles. Christianity owes its existence to the rich history of the Jewish people. Jesus, our Jewish Savior, came to “seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10).

    Israel is the shoreline of eternity! Because we have been commanded to stand up and speak up for Israel’s sake, we will not hold our peace (Isaiah 62:1). We urge you to link arms with us as we stand with the Jewish people around the globe. God has promised blessings to those who bless the Jewish people.

    As a ministry, we have determined to unapologetically support Israel with our words, actions and resources. We have rejoiced to relocate some back to Israel, while also providing humanitarian assistance to those in need, from the elderly to the young orphans. To date Hagee Ministries and our partners have been able to donate over $100 million to Jewish causes in the State of Israel through food distribution, medical care, and building schools and hospitals. We will continue to be true and loyal to our Jewish friends and pray that you choose to partner with us in our efforts.”

    What is my conclusion about all of this? Faith and belief in the Holy Bible, as the words of God Almighty, is the force driving the bloodshed in the Middle East. Jews BELIEVE God gave them Jerusalem and the surrounding area. But Jews are this tiny minority being supported by a massive block of Christians, who are the real backbone supporters for the Jewish only state of Israel. These pitiful human beings (who lack self esteem and respect for their fellow man, who are in awe of God and his words) have sided with the devil and the demonic Jews and their bloodthirsty terrorism. Thus belief is the source of the misery, the bloodshed, the madness and a rational person like myself says faith is the great evil destroying our modern world. The real problem is belief. Belief is killing the Palestinians.

    Thus, my logic says belief (in this case) is the real evil consuming mankind. Over the years I wrote some essays trying to explain my point of view. I think people should seriously examine what I have to say in this world gone mad. Tribal ethnic cleansing based on word’s in an ancient holy book are running headfirst into modern sensibilities and the rule of law, consciousness is expanding exponentially dooming Israel to an early grave.

    Faith Caused Death Spiral
    On 30 Dec 2019 By jackyukon

    The Wounded Beast Netanyahu
    On 12 Nov 2019 By jackyukon

  13. Y Jack
    “Jerusalem is where Messiah will return to establish a Kingdom that will never end”
    Says Hagee

    Here is where the main contradiction is….”Jesus will ‘return'” Hagee says ..but his Jew buddies say that that one was a sorcerer and a liar ..and that the true one ‘will eventually come’ !.did they discuss this during his visit?
    Anyway, most Jews are atheists, hell, they enforced it though communism and they laugh at these evangelist idiots that paid false prophet Hagee fools everyday .. Hagee knows the truth …but he gets paid ..
    So it all boils down to $$$$$$
    Through banking they have access to a lot of money and power and here is Hagee saying that he wants poor Evangelist rednecks to please help Israel with the few dollars they get through their pension .. 😂 and they do, they place their last pennies on that basket .. they don’t know who Lord Rothschild is!
    So Arabs don’t know how to use their money and Americans are fools
    WHY WOULDN’T THE JEWS TAKE ADVANTAGE of such miserable competition?
    I mean Trump, Bush and Clinton daughters’ aren’t exactly married to Arabs, are they ? ..
    And regarding the KOLE NIDRE stuff .. do you think the likes of Sarah Silverman, netanyahu, Jeffrey Epstein or Bernie Madoff believe in that shi t ??.
    they laugh at it and the old testament and the talmud! .do you think corrupt netanyahu gives a crap about it?
    Do you think people like Mohammed bin Salman really care about praying 5 times a day?
    Pat and Saki you both believe in that stuff more than Jews actually do!
    Only a few, harmless Jews believe in that stuff. The kind that died the other day in that accident in Jerusalem…
    So KOLE NIDRE is not the reason or the excuse to be a supremacist, it’s the power of the purse that Jews where forced to acquire since the day Christianity blamed them for the murder of Jesus Christ….only through money the weak could manage the mayority.. and it is imperative they maintain control of it in order to survive and avoid suffering again.
    It’s their hate to mankind that they feel oppresed them for 2000 years that turned them into these heartless monsters.
    But like I said, some Jews ( in race not in religion) have said “its enough”.

    1. Sarita –

      “And regarding the KOLE NIDRE stuff….”
      “Only a few, harmless Jews believe in that stuff.”

      You make wild guesses because you are clueless!!! 🙂

      Just one synagogue can have millions perform kol nidre in just one on line service performed using credit card payments today.

      2014 example……………..
      U.S. Congregation Plans World’s Largest Online Kol Nidre Service!!
      Organizers Rabbi Rabbi Naomi Levy and her Nashuva organization expect over 100,000 people to participate in the virtual Yom Kippur service.

      Yom kippur is the biggest payday of the year for rabbis…..

      Shul Cloud, the biggest name in online Jewish worship, admits mistakes after system failed to deliver online prayer services for synagogues on ‘biggest day of year’.

      JTA — Minutes before Rabbi Howard Jaffe was due to start streaming Yom Kippur services to his Reform congregation in suburban Boston on Sunday evening, he received an urgent phone call from the synagogue’s associate rabbi. The synagogue website, which housed links that synagogue members would use to access the stream of Kol Nidre services, was down.

      1. Pat
        I understand, what you are saying is that KOLE NIDRE is the Jewish version of certain Koran verses followed by manipulated Islamic jihadists.
        But what i am trying to say is that naive Jewish believers are managed the same way obscure forces manipulate the jihadists.
        The same with Hagee christian followers, he is a servant of the manipulators who uses versicles to serve a purpose.
        So Yukon Jack is right, religion sucks !

        1. Sarita –

          I am not trying to say anything. I wrote that kol nidre is a license for jews to lie. Millions do that online in today’s world.

          I agree that religions are bad. For years I was called an atheist here for writing that. I was even called a jew many dozens of times. For a long time, Harold Smith called me a jew troll!! 🙂

      2. Yukon,
        Can you explain what EXACTLY is a suicide drone? Donaldo wasn’t aware that drones were living, breathing organisms. Donaldo and TROJ are drinking 🍻 and grilling steaks once more. When his friend comes back from the bathroom Donaldo will ask for his imput. 😀😉🤔🤠

      3. Pat,
        Can you imagine the craziness of using a credit card to pay for an online Kol Nidre service? It’s insane. It’s just a shining example of the stupidity of the flocks both Jewish and goy. People don’t need a license to lie… comes naturally to most. Donaldo, himself (though of Jewish origin) lies when he has to. Why? Because he lives on a prison-planet full of liars and thieves…. mostly goy. Lies deserve more lies. But anyway. Donaldo remains a staunch supporter of Pat’s investigatory prowess. 🤠

  14. Who remembers the Christians of Palestine?
    (Partially abridged machine translation from original Portuguese article)

    What is happening in Palestine is ignominy. An absolute ignominy that has lasted too long and must end once and for all. Where is the international community? Where are all those great “humanists” who want to teach us about the holocaust, but who simultaneously ignore the authentic genocide that is taking place in occupied Palestine?

    About 20% of Palestinians are Christians. Of this 20%, only a small minority live in Gaza , and they will not even reach a community of a thousand people in total. Today, which happens to be Sunday, it would be interesting to know how many self-proclaimed “patriots” who claim to be Christians and walk around in “ventures” to defend Israel in an “unambiguous” way , will remember the Christians of Palestine, who they are being massacred, brutalized, humiliated, bombed and martyred at the hands of the Zionist state on a daily basis.

    No Christian, in good conscience, can defend the State of Israel and continue to be a Christian. I have said.

    Original article posted at:

    1. @ Anonimo

      No Christian, in good conscience, can defend the State of Israel and continue to be a Christian. I have said.

      Thank you. Beautifully put! You speak for all of us here. The truth is: even good non-Christians, and of course good Jews, cannot but sympathise with the Palestinian cause.

    2. Anónimo –

      I remember all the horror stories. My Lutheran pastor, Dr Edwin Moll, was there when the sieges took place in the late 1940s and early 1950s. More than once his church was blown up while he was holding services. The jews dumped dead Christians in the wells. The jews defected and urinated in the wells also. (He died of stomach cancer in 1958. He smoked and drank beer.)

      The devastation and slaughter of Christians and buildings by jews were horrific!!! 😨

      Dr. Moll, the first representative of the Lutheran World Federation in Jerusalem, was already on the ground when the war broke out on May 15, 1948. He was sent to Jerusalem a few years earlier, initially by the National Lutheran Council in New York, to extend help to the German mission congregations who, as a result of the Second World War, were separated from the German mother church and trying to stay alive. Pastor Daoud Haddad, the first bishop of the ELCJHL, was one of the many local pastors that Dr. Moll worked with in the late 1940s in re-establishing the Lutheran, Arabic-speaking Palestinian parishes in Beit Jala, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and elsewhere.

      But when the war broke out in 1948, the attention of Dr. Moll and the LWF shifted to the larger Palestinian refugee population and the urgent need for humanitarian assistance. The distribution of clothing, milk, food, and other necessities helped thousands of refugees survive the first winters after the war. By 1949 the LWF formally established a presence in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and began working with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to convert Augusta Victoria into a hospital for refugees.

      At the time of the partition of Jerusalem there were no hospitals in East Jerusalem. The existing 18 hospitals in Jerusalem were all located in West Jerusalem in territory occupied by Israel. The UNRWA asked the LWF to administer the 450-bed Augusta Victoria Hospital, and, with major support from UNRWA, AVH became the largest hospital in the area and played a key role in the provision of primary and secondary healthcare to Palestinian refugees.

      Fearing that the property would be confiscated by Israel, the German owner, the Kaiserin Augusta Victoria Foundation (KAVF), transferred the Augusta Victoria Hospital and the surrounding 46 acres in 1950 to the trusteeship of the LWF and the LWF was registered as the owner. By the end of 1951, the LWF Middle East Program, with over 400 employees, was one of the largest employers in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, behind only UNRWA and the government itself.

  15. MARCUS
    “I find it strange that the same site that condones a lot of negative criticism about Jews should also publish mystical poems about heaven and life after death.”
    I’m guessing you find it strange because you think the people who run this site, who publish the poetry, are intelligent and sensitive, while at the same time their criticism of Jews is senseless and mere bigotry…
    Nobody’s criticizing Jews because of their ethnic characteristics or religious beliefs…
    They’re criticized because of their of their politics, namely Zionism and the theft of Palestine…
    And because of the way they have taken control of the United States government, which is a slave to Israel in its foreign policy, this while the theft of Palestine and the gradual extermination of the Palestinians continues…
    “But what i am trying to say is that naive Jewish believers are managed the same way obscure forces manipulate the jihadists.”
    With the Jews it’s really about acquiring the property without paying for it..
    There’s not much more to it than that…

  16. I live in Ireland and that video of Richard Boyd Barrett is from several years ago also. It seems in the article it is implied that his speech had to do with the present moment. Though it hardly matters this ‘moving the lawn’ in Gaza happens every few years anyway.

    About Barrett though……………the way I see him he is a loud mouth Leftist. And though I agree with all he has to say about Israel’s behavior seeing him in action here in Ireland is not inspiring. For example in regards to the ‘pandemic’ (really plandemic) he is a ‘true believer’ and is always wanting the Government here to do even more restriction to ‘battle covid’. It shows most people are slaves to their own ideology and Barrett certainly is one. Reflexive Leftist posturing on every issue at least the way I see it

  17. Lobro’s:
    “And further, the Talmud teaches that whenever you take an oath, vow, or pledge, you are to remember the Kol Nidre prayer that you recited on the Day of Atonement, and you are exempted from fulfilling them.”
    Oh boy!
    Someone needs to show this to the Palestinians who have been signing accords for the last, what? Forty years ? And every time the Jews renege !
    To Renege:
    1 : to go back on a promise or commitment. 2 : revoke. 3 obsolete : to make a denial.
    There were the camp David accords
    Then there were the Oslo accords
    (the Oslo I Accord, signed in Washington, D.C., in 1993; and the Oslo II Accord, signed in Taba, Egypt, in 1995.)
    Before that there was the Declaration of Principles and now there is the Abraham peace accord which is about to go to hell too !

  18. The Chabad are not some small insignificant fringe group. Whatever the original intent of the Kol Nidre is not material.

    While it may be true that simple sincere religious Jews use it for personal vows involving themselves and God alone, it DOES matter how the Chabad apply it today.

    And, to think they’re insignificant is missing the mark – it is not by accident they’re closely connected to Trump and Putin…..of course those lovely gentlemen are playing 4-D Chess!

  19. The Chabad are not some small insignificant fringe group. Whatever the original intent of the Kol Nidre is not material.

    While it may be true that simple sincere religious Jews use it for personal vows involving themselves and God alone, it DOES matter how the Chabad apply it today.

    And, to think they’re insignificant is missing the mark by a long shot.

    It is not by accident they’re closely connected to Satanyahu, Trump, Putin…..of course those lovely gentlemen are playing 4-D Chess!

    The Chabad is an ultra-Zionist, religious, political and messianic arm.

    They primarily recruit politicians but they also have a massive world-wide Jewish cult; the Jewish equivalent of the Zionist christian evangelicals – brothers in arms –

    They recruit and groom politicians all over the world for the messianic purpose.

    Here is one from Brazil:
    In the year 2018, Brazil was in the midst of a hotly-contested presidential election. Among the candidates was conservative Jair Bolsonaro, a Brazilian politician known as the “Trump of Brazil”.

    A Roman Catholic, he ran under the campaign slogan “Brazil above everything and God above everyone.” Bolsonaro was stridently anti-leftist, anti-socialist, and anti-liberal. Like his North American counterpart, Bolsonaro was a strong supporter of Israel and the Jews.

  20. What i was saying is that there are Jews in America who disagree with all that’s happening in Palestine..
    this is what he said that made me control my thoughts and impulsiveness from then on:

    ‘They never tell you there WERE people there’
    Seth Rogen stirs hornet’s nest after saying Israel ‘makes no sense’..
    How can you hate a guy like that!?

    1. To make him credible as most listerners are goyim. Have you thought about that? Pace and lead, nlp tactics. Probably not.

      1. Steven,

        It would really help if you could write clear and simple English to make your point.

        I don’t have a clue what you are saying.

  21. Increase in Israel’s belligerence and violence against Palestinians, has a direct relationship with the increase in the Hidden Hand (which is its benefactor) continued stranglehold of World Governments. That why only very few individual politicians can have the Kahunas to stand against the Jewish shameless Chutzpa of land grabbing of ancestral Palestinians land as it pursued “The Greater Israel” project.

    To the extent that no government in the World can stand against Israel violence, there is only one conclusion. We are all Palestinians, and it’s only a matter of time before this sad scenario becomes self-evident. There is only one good thing in the final analysis; The Jewish question, is only now a question for the Palestinians. But before long, it will be everybody’s question! Then we can have it settled.

  22. This Kol Nidre character everyone’s going on about… anyone know if she’s related to Nicole Kidman (who I used to have a crush on before she got hitched to that preening little fggot Tom Cruise) ? tia

  23. Saki,
    We’ve been through a lot. Our race has endured a lotta BS and we’ve survived through all the chaos. Donaldo would love a solution to the present Pali conflict but has no solution. Donaldo will only say that the Federal Reserve sent thousands of shekels to EVERY goy in USA to the amount of $2000.00 dollars. This $$$$$ could have just as easily bought the Palis an airline ticket and a new home abroad in their country of choice. Donaldo says deport he Palis, not kill them. Anyway. Just the opinion of a Jewish-Mexican trucker. 🤠

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