ISRAEL: The Big Lie

Israel is not exercising “the right to defend itself” in the occupied Palestinian territories. It is carrying out mass murder, aided and abetted by the U.S.

By Chris Hedges
@ ScheerPost
May 14, 2021

Nearly all the words and phrases used by the Democrats, Republicans and the talking heads on the media to describe the unrest inside Israel and the heaviest Israeli assault against the Palestinians since the 2014 attacks on Gaza, which lasted 51 days and killed more than 2,200 Palestinians, including 551 children, are a lie.  Israel, by  employing its military machine against an occupied population that does not have mechanized units, an air force, navy, missiles, heavy artillery and command-and-control, not to mention a U.S. commitment to provide a $38 billion defense aid package for Israel over the next decade, is not exercising “the right to defend itself.” It is carrying out mass murder. It is a war crime.

Israel has made it clear it is ready to destroy and kill as wantonly now as it was in 2014. Israel’s defense minister Benny Gantz, who was the chief of staff during the murderous assault on Gaza in 2014, has vowed that if Hamas “does not stop the violence, the strike of 2021 will be harder and more painful than that of 2014.” The current attacks have already targeted several residential high rises including buildings that housed over a dozen local and international press agencies, government buildings, roads, public facilities, agricultural lands, two schools and a mosque.

I spent seven years in the Middle East as a correspondent, four of them as The New York Times Middle East Bureau Chief. I am an Arabic speaker. I lived for weeks at a time in Gaza, the world’s largest open-air prison where over two million Palestinians exist on the edge of starvation, struggle to find clean water and endure constant Israeli terror. I have been in Gaza when it was pounded with Israeli artillery and air strikes. I have watched mothers and fathers, wailing in grief, cradling the bloodied bodies of their sons and daughters. I know the crimes of the occupation—the food shortages caused by the Israeli blockade, the stifling overcrowding, the contaminated water, the lack of health services, the near constant electrical outages due to the Israeli targeting of power plants, the crippling poverty, the endemic unemployment, the fear and the despair. I have witnessed the carnage.

I also have listened from Gaza to the lies emanating from Jerusalem and Washington. Israel’s indiscriminate use of modern, industrial weapons to kill thousands of innocents, wound thousands more and make tens of thousands of families homeless is not a war: It is state-sponsored terror.  And, while I oppose the indiscriminate firing of rockets by Palestinians into Israel, as I oppose suicide bombings, seeing them also as war crimes, I am acutely aware of a huge disparity between the industrial violence carried out by Israel against innocent Palestinians and the minimal acts of violence capable of being waged by groups such as Hamas.

The Israelis have been the principal violators of international law. Israel is in breach of more than 30 U.N. Security Council resolutions. It is in breach of Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention that defines collective punishment of a civilian population as a war crime. It is in violation of Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention for settling over half a million Jewish Israelis on occupied Palestinian land and for the ethnic cleansing of at least 750,000 Palestinians when the Israeli state was founded and another 300,000 after Gaza, East Jerusalem and the West Bank were occupied following the 1967 war. Its annexation of East Jerusalem and the Syrian Golan Heights violates international law, as does its building of a security barrier in the West Bank that annexes Palestinian land into Israel. It is in violation of U.N. General Assembly Resolution 194 that states that Palestinian “refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbors should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date.”

This is the truth.  Any other starting point for the discussion of what is taking place between Israel and the Palestinians is a lie.

Israel’s once vibrant peace movement and political left, which condemned and protested against the Israeli occupation when I lived in Jerusalem, is moribund. The right-wing Netanyahu government, despite its rhetoric about fighting terrorism, has built an alliance with the repressive regime in Saudi Arabia, which also views Iran as an enemy.  Saudi Arabia, a country that  produced 15 of the 19 hijackers in the September 11 attacks, is reputed to be the most prolific sponsor of international Islamist terrorism, allegedly supporting Salafist jihadism, the basis of al-Qaeda, and groups such as the Afghanistan Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and the Al-Nusra Front.

Saudi Arabia and Israel worked closely together to back the 2013 military coup in Egypt, led by General Adbul Fattah el Sisi. Sisi overthrew a democratically elected government. He has imprisoned tens of thousands of government critics, including journalists and human rights defenders, on politically motivated charges.  The Sisi regime collaborates with Israel by keeping its common border with Gaza closed to Palestinians, trapping them in the Gaza strip, one of the most densely populated places on earth. Israel’s cynicism and hypocrisy, especially when it wraps itself in the mantle of protecting democracy and fighting terrorism, is of epic proportions.

Those who are not Jewish in Israel are either second class citizens or live under brutal military occupation. Israel is not, and never has been, the exclusive homeland of the Jewish people.  From the 7th century until 1948, when Jewish colonial settlers used violence and ethnic cleansing to create the state of Israel, Palestine was overwhelmingly Muslim. It was never empty land.  The Jews in Palestine were traditionally a tiny minority. The United States is not an honest broker for peace but has funded, enabled and defended Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people.  Israel is not defending the rule of law.  Israel is not a democracy.  It is an apartheid state.

That the lie of Israel continues to be embraced by the ruling elites–there is no daylight between statements in defense of Israeli war crimes by Nancy Pelosi and Ted Cruz–and used as a foundation for any discussion of Israel is a testament to the corrupting power of money, in this case that of the Israel lobby, and the bankruptcy of a political system of legalized bribery that has surrendered its autonomy and its principles to its major donors. It is also a stunning example of how colonial settler projects, and this is true in the United States, always carry out cultural genocide so they can exist in a suspended state of myth and historical amnesia to legitimize themselves.

The Israel lobby has shamelessly used its immense political clout to demand that Americans take de facto loyalty oaths to Israel. The passage by 35 state legislatures of Israel lobby-backed legislation requiring their workers and contractors, under threat of dismissal, to sign a pro-Israel oath and promise not to support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement is a mockery of our Constitutional right of free speech.

Israel has lobbied the U.S. State Department to redefine anti-Semitism under a three-point test known as the Three Ds: the making of statements that “demonize” Israel; statements that apply “double standards” for Israel; statements that “delegitimize” the state of Israel. This definition of anti-Semitism is being pushed by the Israel lobby in state legislatures and on college campuses. The Israel lobby spies in the United States, often at the direction of Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs, on those who speak up for the rights of Palestinians. It wages public smear campaigns and blacklists defenders of Palestinian rights–including the Jewish historian Norman Finkelstein; U.N. Special Rapporteur for the Occupied Territories, Richard Falk, also Jewish; and university students, many of them Jewish, in organizations such as Students for Justice in Palestine.

The Israel lobby has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to manipulate U.S. elections, far beyond anything alleged to have been carried out by Russia, China or any other country.  The heavy-handed interference by Israel in the American political system, which includes operatives and donors bundling together hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions in every U.S. congressional district to bankroll compliant candidates, is documented in the Al-Jazeera four-part series “The Lobby.” Israel managed to block “The Lobby” from being broadcast. In the film, a pirated copy that is available on the website Electronic Intifada, the leaders of the Israel lobby are repeatedly captured on a reporter’s hidden camera explaining how they, backed by the intelligence services within Israel, attack and silence American critics and use massive cash donations to buy politicians. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu secured the unconstitutional invitation by then-House Speaker John Boehner to address Congress in 2015 to denounce President Barack Obama’s Iranian nuclear agreement.  Netanyahu’s open defiance of Obama and alliance with the Republican Party, however, did not stop Obama in 2014 from authorizing a 10-year $38 billion military aid package to Israel, a sad commentary on how captive American politics is to Israeli interests.

The investment by Israel and is backers is worth it, especially when you consider that the U.S. has also spent over $ 6 trillion during the last 20 years fighting futile wars that Israel and its lobby pushed for in the Middle East.  These wars are the greatest strategic debacle in American history, accelerating the decline of the American empire, bankrupting the nation at a time of economic stagnation and mounting poverty, and turning huge parts of the globe against us. They serve Israel’s interests, not ours.

The longer the mendacious Israeli narrative is embraced, the more empowered become the racists, bigots, conspiracy theorists and far-right hate groups inside and outside Israel.  This steady shift to the far right in Israel has fostered an alliance between Israel and the Christian right, many of whom are anti-Semites. The more Israel and the Israel lobby level the charge of anti-Semitism against those who speak up for Palestinian rights, as they did against British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, the more they embolden the real anti-Semites.

Racism, including anti-Semitism, is dangerous.  It is not only bad for the Jews.  It is bad for everyone.  It empowers the dark forces of ethnic and religious hatred on the extremes.  Netanyahu’s racist government has built alliances with far-right leaders in Hungary, India, and Brazil, and was closely allied with Donald Trump. Racists and ethnic chauvinists, as I saw in the wars in the former Yugoslavia, feed off of each other.  They divide societies into polarized, antagonistic camps that only speak in the language of violence.  The radical jihadists need Israel to justify their violence, just as Israel needs the radical jihadists to justify its violence.  These extremists are ideological twins.

This polarization fosters a fearful, militarized society.  It permits the ruling elites in Israel, as in the United States, to dismantle civil liberties in the name of national security.  Israel runs training programs for militarized police, including from the United States.  It is a global player in the multibillion-dollar drone industry, competing against China and the United States.

It oversees hundreds of cybersurveillance startups whose espionage innovations, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, have been utilized abroad “to locate and detain human rights activists, persecute members of the LGBT community, silence citizens critical of their governments, and even fabricate cases of blasphemy against Islam in Muslim countries that don’t maintain formal relations with Israel.”

Israel, like the United States, has been poisoned by the psychosis of permanent war. One million Israelis, many of them among the most enlightened and educated, have left the country. Its most courageous human rights campaigners, intellectuals and journalists—Israeli and Palestinian—endure constant government surveillance, arbitrary arrests and vicious government-run smear campaigns. Mobs and vigilantes, including thugs from right-wing youth groups such as Im Tirtzu, physically assault dissidents, Palestinians, Israeli Arabs and African immigrants in the slums of Tel Aviv. These Jewish extremists have targeted Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, demanding their expulsion. They are supported by an array of anti-Arab groups including the Otzma Yehudit Party, the ideological descendant of the outlawed Kach party, the Lehava movement, which calls for all Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories to be expelled to surrounding Arab states, and La Familia, far-right soccer hooligans. Lehava in Hebrew means “flame” and is the acronym for “Prevention of Assimilation in the Holy Land.” Mobs of these Jewish fanatics parade through Palestinian neighborhoods, including in occupied East Jerusalem, protected by Israeli police, shouting to the Palestinians who live there “Death to the Arabs,” which is also a popular chant at Israeli soccer matches.

Israel has pushed through a series of discriminatory laws against non-Jews that echo the racist Nuremberg Laws that disenfranchised Jews in Nazi Germany. The Communities Acceptance Law, for example, permits “small, exclusively Jewish towns planted across Israel’s Galilee region to formally reject applicants for residency on the grounds of ‘suitability to the community’s fundamental outlook.” Israel’s educational system, starting in primary school, uses the Holocaust to portray Jews as eternal victims.  This victimhood is an indoctrination machine used to justify racism, Islamophobia, religious chauvinism and the deification of the Israeli military.

There are many parallels between the deformities that grip Israel and the deformities that grip the United States.  The two countries are moving at warp speed towards a 21st century fascism, cloaked in religious language, which will revoke what remains of our civil liberties and snuff out our anemic democracies.  The failure of the United States to stand up for the rule of law, to demand that the Palestinians, powerless and friendless, even in the Arab world, be granted basic human rights mirrors the abandonment of the vulnerable within our own society.  We are headed, I fear, down the road Israel is heading down.  It will be devastating for the Palestinians.  It will be devastating for us. And all resistance, as the Palestinians courageously show us, will only come from the street.


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  1. The greatest evil of our time. I know I’m not saying much with this, but that’s what it is.

  2. From the article

    “Saudi Arabia, a country that produced 15 of the 19 hijackers in the September 11 attacks”

    I wonder if he actually believes that? Chris Hedges like a lot of ‘Leftists’ whiffs when the game is on the line. See also Naomi Klein who believes in the covid scam. I wonder if Hedges has said anything about covid…………..fair to assume nothing too contrary……….these guys seem good until you need them.

  3. I oppose the indiscriminate firing of rockets by Palestinians into Israel, as I oppose suicide bombings

    Can’t agree with this. All methods are legitimate against the Zionist abomination. And all is not lost: despite over 70 years of ethnic cleansing, the Palestinians have not been liquidated and are stronger than ever. I look forward to the day when the Zionist enterprise will be crushed in blood and the Palestinian people will recover their ancestral homeland.

    1. Condemning Palestinian rocket fire against the Israelis is like condemning the struggles of a rape victim against her assailant as he is pummeling her. There is simply ZERO moral equivalence here. On the one hand, you have people driven into a small open air prison where they are under permanent Israeli blockade (and act of war) and on the other you have the most powerful military in the region, fully funded and backed by the zionist controlled government in Washington DC, openly shelling, bombing and sniping the captive population of Gaza. That is it no matter how hard these people try to spin it. This is not war…though it is a war crime.

  4. The Writer concludes, and I agree;

    “We are headed, I fear, down the road Israel is heading down. It will be devastating for the Palestinians. It will be devastating for us. And all resistance, as the Palestinians courageously show us, will only come from the street”

    Why are we headed on this road? The reason is simple. Because of the Jewish Messianic politics, whose malevolent nature expresses itself now , in the violence against Palestinians, as it expressed its malevolence in The Protestant Reformation, The English Revolution, The French Revolution, The Bolshevik Communist Revolution, The First and the Second World War, The Vatican Revolution, the State of Israel, the 9/11, and now, the paralysis of World governments, as Israel, on behalf of the World Jewry, slowly strangulate the Palestinians, and soon everyone to death, as the Jews seek World Government for the Chosen Race”

    They can deny it until the Kingdom come, but that is what is happening! Jews want to recreate “The Greater Israel” as they prepare themselves for “ The Jewish Messiah” and World government, with Jews as the Overseers. That is why the displaced Palestinians are never allowed back! !Its “Good For The Jews” is it not?

    As I said, on another article, the degree to which the World leaders appear paralyzed, unable to do anything for the Palestinians, actually show the degree of the stranglehold the Zionist Deep State have on everyone. Anyone who does not approach the tragedy of the Palestinian crisis from this angle, whether they know it or not, is just playing the “Talking Heads” mind games, making the right noises and appearing concerned, while secretly serving the interests of the Hidden Hand.

    So be it! Let them continue crying “Anti-Semitism” as they salivate for the unfolding “Jewish 21 Century”

    The time to harvest will come, and each will be paid according to what they deserve.

    There are no freebies in this Universe created by e Logical God.


      Dear Editor,

      Israel’s 11-day bombing in Gaza to “Destroy Hamas” has left:

      -232 Palestinians killed, including 65 children and 39 women
      -1,900 people injured
      -120,000 people displaced
      -1,800 homes destroyed
      -66 schools destroyed
      -20+ media offices destroyed.

      After failing miserably, PM Nazinyahu was forced to accept a bilateral and unconditional cease-fire.

      Ofer Cassif, a Jewish member of the Knesset said, ” Netanyahu is only to blame for the Israel war on Gaza.

      He decided to start a little war so he could stay in power and get immuned instead of facing prison for bribery and fraud.” Cassif added Netanyahu is responsible for the Palestinian blood that was spilled as well as the death of 10 Israelis.

      MSM has wrongfully framed the violence as Israel vs Hamas, but the truth is, it is Israel vs the Palestinian resistance. Thanks to Israel, Palestinians are now more united than ever and the resistance has surprised not only Israel but the whole world.

      PM Netanyahu should be arrested and stand trial in The Hague for war crimes against humanity. He is neither “above the law,” nor he different or better than Nazi war criminals. it is time for justice to be served and the rules of law upheld.

      Mahmoud El-Yousseph
      Westerville, Ohio

      1. Excellent summary of the situation, Mahmoud. Hope to hear more from you. Meanwhile Admin sincerely hopes that you will not be driven off this site again by badly behaved Islamophobes.

        @ Islamophobes

        If you can’t be polite to Mahmoud, please try harder to remain silent.

  5. Israel bombing Gaza is like New York bombing Newark. Israel is attacking itself, a war crime, and it is 100% supported by the Evangelicals, who believe the Bible story of giving some land to some Jew way back when. It is a great tragedy caused by religious belief, and those acting it out are not even the original Jews of the text.

    The author of this essay, Chris Hedges, is a Presbyterian minister is not going to tell you that Israhell is being animated by Bible belief, no sir, he is a Christian intellectual who is going to protect his precious beliefs – as his father was also a minister. If you note in Hedges articles he doesn’t talk about Jews as a conspiracy, or how the Neocons are Jews when he covered the Iraq war, he is no truth teller like John Kaminski. Kaminski flat out tells you it is the Jews which Hedges will dare not say.

    You should view Chris Hedges as controlled opposition, an in this essay he tells one of the big lies of 911, he says in this article “Saudi Arabia, a country that produced 15 of the 19 hijackers in the September 11 attacks” which is a mainstream talking point and baldfaced lie, and 8 of those supposed hijackers were still alive after the attack.

    Israel did 911, not some Saudi hijackers and it is impossible that Hedges doesn’t know that, so he is lying intentionally to provide cover for the real perps in the CIA and Mossad who flew remote controlled airplanes into the trade towers then did a controlled demolition for dramatic effect.

    Hedges then defends the Jews again “Racism, including anti-Semitism, is dangerous. It is not only bad for the Jews. It is bad for everyone.” You should know how lost he is in his defense of Jewry, he will defend the Jews to his dying breath, as he is a true believer in the Bible and the Jews as the chosen and the sad and pathetic part is because of how he was raised and his boyhood indoctrination, he is lost in a false construct of reality that he was taught. He can not see that his Jewish brothers represent a deadly existential threat to his own DNA.

    Hedges then concludes that we are heading down the road to fascism like Israel, he fails to mention the reason Amerika is going to hell is the giant infestation of Jews, half of world Jewry lives in the states and have taken over all the organs of state, run the media, are running the left wing Biden administration. Amerika is a Jewish colony just like Palestine, and that is the reason why Amerikans are being treated like Palestinians because Jews are evil racist bastards who believe in a prick of god Yahweh, but of course apologist Hedges will never ever tell you the truth about Judeo-Christian warmongering as an animation of tribal exclusionistic ethnocentric text.

    The great success of the Holy Bible is enlisting non-Jews in conquest of the world.

    1. Agree, completely, and they control via their privately owned central banks and in Americas case it is the FED.

  6. BobM comment is most excellent:

    “Condemning Palestinian rocket fire against the Israelis is like condemning the struggles of a rape victim against her assailant as he is pummeling her. ”

    Palestine is being raped to death by Jews, some Jews are doing the raping and others are standing around watching the raping, but all are guilty for the activity of rape because of where they are, in another tribes neighborhood. All are guilty for being in Palestine.

    In the News
    Jews Should Leave Palestine and Return to Europe, Top U.S. Journalist Says

    Israeli Jews should get out of Palestine and go back “home,” to Germany and Poland, senior White House Press Corps member Helen Thomas was taped as saying earlier this week, bringing calls for her resignation by Jewish organization B’nai B’rith.


    All Jews need to leave Palestine, liberal Jews are just as guilty for occupying a land which is not theirs. Just because the hard right wing Likudniks are doing the raping, the liberal ones are also guilty because they have no right to even be in Middle East, when they are from Poland and Russia and the United States.

    All Jews need to get the hell out but that will never happen, so why don’t we just drop the A-bomb and be done with these raging Neanderthals? Well, one reason is the Jews are keeping the Palestinians as hostages and rape victims they like to torture. Jews are driving all Arabs out of the Eratz Israel so why don’t they drive the Palestinians out first? For one good reason, if Israel was all Jews it would become a tempting target and they damn well know it.

  7. Hamas is a Mossad front and fire rockets into empty land in Israel and gives Israel the excuse to bomb the hell out of Palestine and genocide the Palestinian people. 911 was done by Israel and traitors in the ZUS government, the Israeli and ZUS governments are ran by terrorists and criminals, and war for them is the destruction of humanity for their satanic one world government.

    The real terrorists wear suits and operate out of NYC, DC, Tel Aviv and London.

    1. Say something new, you dreadful bore. You remind me of a talking parrot. Next you’ll be regurgitating David Icke’s views on extraterrestrial lizards — “the most intelligent man on the planet”,
      to quote your own silly words. Guess you don’t know Icke is a failed footballer on the payroll of the Jews.

      1. On their payroll, Madame? Let’s see some proof. You know, what’s good for the goose and all that tommyrot

      2. Go to the site and in the banner at the top of the home page click on the name Al Bielek, this in regards to reptilians.
        This if for Madame Butterfly

        1. @ Desert Fox

          Thanks, but the site you recommend ( is not only a crap conspiracy theory site for cranks and crackpots like you but OPENLY ADMITS IT’S A CONSPIRACY THEORY SITE!!! 🙂

          In fact, one of the main articles it publishes is entitled:


          Three of the best conspiracy theory sites it recommends are run by Jews or crypto-Jews: Jeff Rense, Miles Mathis, and Henry Makow.

          Sorry Desert Fox, but you belong in loonie bin all of your own. Totally brainwashed and fucked up mentally. Anyone who buys into your childish balloon juice has to be as lacking in brain cells as you are.

          You’re wasting your time on the Darkmoon site. GO AWAY before they boot you off! 🙂

          1. As I thought, Desert Fox doesn’t have a single original idea. Everything he says has been stolen from this disreputable website:


            One of the articles it publishes sings the praises of LOBSANG RAMPA, the fake Tibetan monk. Anyone who knows anything about anything knows that “Lobsang Rampa” was outed as a total fake over 50 years ago. Far from being a Tibetan monk, as he claimed in his first book ‘The Third Eye’, he was a plumber called “Cyril Hoskin” from a sleepy little town in Devon, England! He hadn’t even set foot in Tibet!

            Lobsang Rampa is the pen name of an author who wrote books with paranormal and occult themes. His best known work is The Third Eye, published in Britain in 1956.

            Following the publication of the book, newspapers reported that Rampa was Cyril Henry Hoskin, a plumber from Plympton in Devon who claimed that his body hosted the spirit of a Tibetan lama going by the name of Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, who is purported to have authored the books.”


            And here is this fake Tibetan monk, a village plumber from England, being praised on this crap conspiracy theory site recommended by ‘Desert Fox’ :

            Editor’s Note: “I’ve taken to the writings of Tuesday Lobsang Rampa like a duck to water. He had claimed from his first book forward that every word he wrote was the truth and I’ve found no reason to doubt him.”


            1. @ Madame Butterfly

              It’s been known for decades that Lobsang Rampa, the alleged Tibetan author of “The Third Eye”, never existed. Published in 1956, his sensational book about the wonders of mystical monks in Tibet made him famous overnight and earned him a small fortune. When English reporters tracked him down to his ramshackle cottage in a sleepy village in Devon, England, expecting to see a Tibetan monk, all they found was this scruffy-looking plumber in his dressing gown and slippers. 🙂

              The conspiracy theory site that promotes this fraud as a genuine monk from mystical Tibet is obviously not to be trusted.

              @ Desert Fox

              What do you have to say for yourself by recommending this disinformation site to us?

      3. For the sake of argument, say he WAS on their payroll. What would that necessarily imply? That he’s in cahoots with them and making it all up? How would THAT be proven?

        1. I’m sorry, Brownhawk, but I have no more time to waste on you.
          If there was a polite way of saying this, I would. Cheers.

          1. Likewise, Madame. My closing words to you are to open your mind and don’t dismiss that which is beyond your understanding. The garnering of Truth is not limited to what you would find in books. Not by a longshot.

    2. @ desertfox,

      Remember this:

      “Every truth passes through three stages before it’s recognized. In the first, it’s ridiculed. In the second, it’s opposed. And in the third, its regarded as self-evident” Arthur Schopenhauer,

      1. @ Bigfoot

        So you believe that “Lobsang Rampa”, outed as a fake Tibetan monk who was really an English plumber pretending to be an Oriental mystic, will one day pass beyond ridicule and receive universal respect? Will it become “self-evident” to all one day (as per Schopenhauer) that this English plumber will be universally recognized as a levitating lama from the Higher Himalayas? 🙂

        Because this is what you are saying in backing Desert Fox whose information all comes from a conspiracy theory site that peddles such disinfo and openly admits it peddles conspiracy theories for the gullible and uneducated masses.

        You are far above average intelligence, so please don’t tell me you approve of this crap website (specializing in toxic disinfo and palpable absurdities) which Desert praises to the skies — this is his “Bible’ :

        No hope for this site if Admin allows it to be taken over by every crank and crackpot on the internet like Desert Fox! 🙂

        1. Was Sitchin, hooked on the OT and incapable/unwilling to expand his mind(research) to accommodate a world beyond the Nile? Well, for more than pilfering purposes anyhow.

          Because he created a new-age sci-fi mythology based upon what else but the very same source material (Vedas) everyone else avails themselves of without hardly so much as a thank-you. I guess it’s because offering a tribute, a bow, a thank you or God forbid a God bless you to an inferior misguided and child-like culture just wouldn’t be Kosher.
          (Mum’s the word)

          P.S. There is also a story in the Vedas about a race that came to earth to mine gold, etc., etc., etc. One tiny tale of an event which occurred a relatively short while ago, by comparison..

          1. Damn rogue commas, etc..

            Oh, and I take back the “everyone else avails themselves of without hardly so much as a thank-you” part because the finest Westerners of all time did indeed pay their highest tributes.

            Yes, our heroes!
            Goethe, Hess, Tesla, Twain, Tolstoy, Thoreau, Emerson, Eliot, Hendrix and maybe even a Greek or two..

            1. HP
              Well said. Like all researchers, Sitchin had his shortcomings and by no means would anyone with half a brain think his findings were infallible.

              We just keep workin’ the pieces on a gigantic puzzle board 🗺

            2. World Class Fakers of every shape, color, philosophy, religion and irreligion have known this for a long time. (mum’s the word)

              The Rosetta Stone for this universe is the Gita.
              The demons hate that..

        2. Saki
          Like virtually all like-minded websites, the one you reference has its strong points as well as its absurd content.

          Although I think it’s been down for a couple of years now. The owner used to do yeoman’s work keeping it going, and got burned out, which is certainly understandable.

        3. @ Saki, for clarification, I was supporting Desert Fox argument. He said, and I agree;

          “Hamas is a Mossad front and fire rockets into empty land in Israel and gives Israel the excuse to bomb the hell out of Palestine and genocide the Palestinian people.”

          Of course its very difficult to prove this, but objectivity requires one to entertain any possibility, including that Hamas, is a controlled opposition.

          As Conan Doyle would say;

          “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” ( Conan Doyle, Shylock Holmes, in The Sign Of Four)

  8. The kidnapping and killing of the Israeli teenagers in 2014 which resulted in Israel attacking Gaza very similar to way Israel is now attacking Gaza was a false flag hoax event designed to blame the Palestinians so the Jews would have an excuse to bomb Gaza. I can’t prove my assertion but I don’t care I can’t prove my assertion, I know my assertion is TRUE. The 2014 kidnapping and killing of Israeli teenagers — blamed on the Palestinians– had ALL the earmarks of a JEW false flag hoax event.

  9. The only hope i see for Palestinians is that Israel and Iran go at it after the US shows its true intention in regards to the nuclear deal; the US is not going to lift sanctions.
    Iranians are hoping they can have both: the bomb and no sanctions so that they can go on with their Shia crescent project, but The US and Israel know that.
    The US made a huge mistake removing Saddam because Iran, who filled the vacuum, has proven to be a worse enemy.
    After this last Gaza event the Israelis have realized that if poor, weak Hamas had such firepower Hizbollah must have at least 80 to a 100 thousand missiles. If Hizbollah got so many how many does Iran have and how powerful are they?
    That’s the only hope Palestine has; that Iran, Syria and Hizbollah get tired of the humiliation, feel they have a chance to beat Israel (destroy it) and just proceed with it.
    It will, of course be mutual destruction.

    1. @ Sarita

      So refreshing to read a really intelligent on-topic discussion of the Israel situation like the above comment:

      SARITA: “That’s the only hope Palestine has; that Iran, Syria and Hizbollah get tired of the humiliation, feel they have a chance to beat Israel (destroy it) and just proceed with it. It will, of course be mutual destruction.”

      My thoughts on the above:

      (1) This is an unequal struggle, given that Iran would have little hope against Israel if the U.S. gives Israel its full backing. Only if the U.S. stands on the sidelines — which is unlikely — will Iran and Hizbollah be able to teach Israel a damn good lesson.

      (2) What Iran needs to crush Israel once and for all is the full backing of Russia and China. Putin needs to come to Iran’s rescue. A surprise attack by Russia on Tel Aviv with intercontinental missiles, with carpet bombing of residential areas, would do the trick.

      Would that be a war crime? If so, Churchill already did that on German cities, including Hamburg and Dresden, with America’s full backing. They could hardly scream “War crime!” if they’re done it already to Germany in World War II.

      If Israel wants to commit suicide, let her respond with nukes. The Samson Option would be the Final Solution to the “Jewish Problem”. That’s for sure.

      1. Hi Saki,
        Russia is the most treacherous country there is; The only country Russia won’t betray is Israel because Israel has what any politician in Russia needs, votes and money.
        For that reason Arab countries have recently decided to have the US as their protector, in exchange for oil and investments.
        The U.S. is a better partner than Russia and china because the U S has the guts to interfere for his partners in a dangerous situation, (Al Suleimani’s assasination was a favor to the Arabs in the gulf not to Israel) …Russians and Chinese won’t u reefers when a partner is in trouble … Russians betrayed everyone in the past when there was trouble (Egypt, Iraq, the plo) …and china betrayed Kaddafy, they picked up and left !Both these countries are in those places for the business.
        The biggest mistake Iran made was getting Russia to help them against ISIS, because it was like handing Syria to Israel!
        So forget about Russia bombing Israel! Lol that’s like saying Washington will bomb Israel!
        Arabs got nobody. France, England, Russia, the US, India, Canada are like this 🤞with Israel ..
        That’s why the Persian gulf countries have decided to follow the following pragmatic decision:
        maybe we Arabs will beat Israel in a different way, economics, technology, investments which is what Jews have been doing!”

        They need to understand that assimilation with the Jews is way better than working for Arabs in the gulf; they live in the 4th strongest economy in the world after all. Shamir’s idea.
        The only problem is the ultra right on both sides.
        Time will tell …

        1. TYPO: Russians and Chinese WOULD NEVER INTERFERE when a partner is in trouble …

      2. Russia will never attack Israel! lol that’s like saying the US will attack Tel Aviv ! That’s impossible because both the US and Russia have very important interests of different spheres with the Jews in and outside of Israel !

        The Wasp in America have had neighbours, friends, business partners, brothers in law, family, etc etc etc with the Jews for many many years!

        Why would they switch sides?

        What do (what they see as) “a bunch of ragtag, sandal wearing, camel riding subhumans” have in common with Jews and Wasp who spend their weekends having cocktail parties 🎉 in the hills of San Francisco or in the suburbs of Washington d.c. while a band of negroes play jazz?.
        Russia, the US, Canada, France, England, India are like this🤞with the Jews…Arabs are alone and they know it, that’s why the gulf countries have decided to be pragmatic and just surrender and hope the Jews will be just to their Palestinian cousins..
        Remember what the pope said:
        “Inside every Christian there is a Jew”

        1. @ Sarita

          I find your comments extraordinarily interesting and well-informed and don’t mind at all if you contradict me about Russia. Because maybe you are right and I am wrong to see Putin as ‘The Great Rescuer’. Time will tell. Putin is a dark horse and I’m not sure if idealizing him is a wise thing to do.

          I hope you will be allowed to speak freely here without being attacked by the intellectually frail. The mere fact that you are female is a handicap. Because most of the commenters here are misogynistic males with big chips on their shoulders.

          So where is the “Rescuer” then? Who will lead the world out of darkness and destroy all the “evildoers”? Any idea?

          1. The world is in darkness with or without the Jews because Free-Will was a terrible idea. the Jews don’t have the power to keep you from spending your whole paycheck smoking crack or wasting your kid’s college tuition in a Vegas casino; They can’t make you do it either if they wanted!
            Cain killed Abel and neither was a Jew…
            Evil existed way before the Jew had the bright idea to start mixing it with goodness and turning the resulting chimichanga into a grey, difficult to figure way of life.
            Jesus is supposed to be the saviour but like I said, people like Seinfeld, Sarah Silverman, Adam Sandler, Woody Allen and others less funny people have turned christians and Christianity into a joke to the point that Jesus is probably having thoughts about arriving .. the bad news is that most christians like it that way.
            The last hope is the green little people that Obama is now talking about .. just imagine, people believe in green little people more and more everyday …

      3. @ SAKI

        If Israel wants to commit suicide, let her respond with nukes. The Samson Option would be the Final Solution to the “Jewish Problem”. That’s for sure.

        Whites need to NUKE Israel including jerusalem, Gaza, the West Bank, NUKE IT ALL. NUKE BOTH jews and palestinians and get rid of both of ’em, get rid of All of ’em.

        1. @ TROJ

          A bloodthirsty solution to all the world’s problems.
          Don’t ever become the world’s most powerful Dictator! 🙂

  10. The sight of Jews running rampant and squeaking for cover like the rats that they are is a victory and I am sure the event removed the cynical, sick smile off of Netanyahu’ pale face.
    He won’t be smiling for a long time ….now that he was feeling all comfortable and cocky

    1. @ Sarita

      Apparently Biden has ordered Israel to stop bombing Gaza.
      Netabyahu has laughed in his face and given him the defiant finger.
      So sad to see America under the thumb of a smirking Ashkenazi Jew.

  11. Off Topic.

    Pretty soon if little cock-boy has his way, Canada will follow Big Brother China in the following and Canadians may not be able to access DM if DM will last at all:

    Canadian Government plans to censor internet in Bill C-10.

    Trudeau outlined his plans to regulate social media in Canada in a Jan. 15 “mandate letter” to Public Safety Minister Bill Blair.
    Trudeau mandated Blair to “take action on combating hate groups and online hate and harassment, ideologically motivated violent extremism, and terrorist organizations…”

    And, according to a briefing note, the Liberal government will use a “comprehensive approach…that will apply to the various platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).”
    “Social media platforms,” the briefing note continues, “can … be used to threaten, intimidate, bully and harass people, or used to promote racist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, misogynistic and homophobic views that target communities, put people’s safety at risk and undermine Canada’s social cohesion or democracy.”

    “Social cohesion or democracy”???……. one message: one thought. Okay, Big Brother.

    Canadians may consider this:

  12. To me the most interesting twist on this is how the left media are no longer totally down with the jews as they always were before…
    Is it possible that getting rid of Netanyahu could crack open the door to real progress on the issue?
    You get the feeling there’s a ton of energy built up, with the anti Israeli sentiment a lot greater now than ever…
    They don’t come right out and say it but him being on the scene for so long now, maybe it’s in the offing…
    Netanyahu is identified with Trump about 1000%….
    Whatever else Trump might have been right about, his position on the Zionist State was even worse than business as usual…
    No Doubt About It, the whole decent world has had enough of the festering pustule, images like the one above are the new Vietnam mind-fk fare…
    It puts the stupidity stamp on every gd dumb politician at the national level, where nobody but nobody seems to have the freaking answer…
    And by now the whole world understands the ZUSA just can’t figure it out about what to do to solve the problem, the message being – the USA doesn’t work as a world leader, can’t take the necessary steps to fix the problem, and really has nothing to be proud about, is far short of exemplary in its so-called ‘alliance’ with Israel…

  13. Pat,

    What was the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin all about? Who wanted him dead and why did they want him dead? Do you think Netanyahu had anything to do with the assassination of Rabin? What do you know about Rabin’s assassination? I’m sure you know a lot about Rabin’s assassination. You always know a lot more about everything than everyone else put together, good for you!

  14. Desert fox ..
    So that you understand that HAMAS isn’t like you said, a Mossad front..
    Go to presstv the Iranian website and read all the articles about how Iran’s supreme leader congratulated HAMAS and swore continuous support to HAMAS….
    Why is that?
    Do you think Iranians are stupid?
    Don’t you think the Iranian inteligence services WOULD know that what you say is true and refuse to support HAMAS?
    Khamenei has even received Ismail Haniyeh many times in Teherán !!

    Go visit press tv and stop being an old man with jungle hair in your deaf ears ..
    Oh, and get your ass vaccinated !

  15. Why, throughout recorded history has the jew been hated? Should jews be idolized for their GR8 (great) ability to control or their GR8 ability to lie? People need to read the documented speeches by Hitler and his truthful treatment of the jews. Hitler was anti-Semitic, but only wanted the controlling jews out of Europe (especially Germany). The documentation is there on 3rd Reich’s treatment of the jew, only today the media will not allow the truth.

    I see a comment at the bottom of page “Gaza is better than Auschwitz”. I have talked face/face with people from both. Auschwitz was much better until Jan, 1945.

  16. America’s “Conservative leadership” takes to the knees for Israel while proudly waving the American rag and throwing puff balls at the Covid/vaccination program. Apparently the other side requires no examination. With leadership like this, who needs Jews?


    Dear Friend,

    Dr. Rand Paul Joins Resolution to Support Israel, Condemns Hamas Terrorists

    Every sovereign nation should be allowed to defend themselves.

    We know that Hamas was firing rockets into Israel, generally at civilians, and Israel had every right to defend its citizens.

    Having visited Israel, I know they do live in fear, fear of daily attacks, and I’m glad they have agreed to a cease-fire.

    Yesterday, I proudly co-sponsored Senate Resolution 226 (S.Res. 226), condemning the attacks against Israel by Hamas terrorists, and reaffirming the United States’ commitment to our ally Israel.

    This legislation was introduced by Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) and is also cosponsored by 30 other Senators.
    You can read S.Res. 226 HERE.

    Dr. Rand Paul Meets with Kentucky National Guard Stationed in Washington D.C.

    This week, I was honored to speak with members of the Kentucky National Guard stationed here in our nation’s Capitol. I am proud to represent such an outstanding group of men and women dedicated to protecting the freedoms we enjoy everyday.

    I thank those who have chosen to serve for their commitment to this nation. I will always stand up in support of those who keep our country safe and I wish them safe travels on their trip back to the Commonwealth in the coming week.

    Dr. Rand Paul Introduces Amendment Banning Funding for Gain-of-Function Research in China

    Last week, during a Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pension (HELP) Committee hearing on May 11, I asked Dr. Anthony Fauci about the funding of gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and the potential link between the COVID-19 outbreak and the lab itself.

    Gain-of-function research essentially involves juicing up naturally-occurring animal viruses to infect humans.

    Dr. Fauci claimed that the NIH “has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

    Despite Dr. Fauci’s denial, there is ample evidence and backing by the scientific community that the NIH and the NIAID, under his direction, funded gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. A multitude of scientists have reviewed this research and said it meets the definition for gain-of-function. Many of these scientists have also discussed the inherent dangers of conducting gain-of-function research and the risks it poses to the human population.

    For years, Dr. Ralph Baric, a virologist in the U.S. has been collaborating with Dr. Shi Zhengli of the Wuhan Virology Institute, sharing his discoveries about how to create super viruses. During their research, Dr. Baric and Dr. Shi worked together to insert bat virus spike protein into the backbone of the deadly SARS virus and then used the man-made super virus to infect human airway cells.

    Much of the research they were doing was funded through Dr. Fauci’s NIH and NIAID.

    This is why I introduced Senate Amendment 1707 which bans the National Institutes of Health and any other U.S. agency from funding any gain-of-function research in China.

    We don’t know whether the pandemic started in a lab in Wuhan or evolved naturally. While Washington bureaucrats, like Dr. Fauci, deny funding gain-of-function research in Wuhan, experts believe otherwise. My amendment will ensure that this never happens in the future.

    You can read my amendment HERE.

    Dr. Rand Paul Highlights Holland Foundation for Sight Restoration in Edgewood, Kentucky

    I am always proud of Kentuckians’ commitment to helping those around them and excited to see examples of how our neighbors are leading the way.

    Recently I learned of a groundbreaking treatment performed by Dr. Edward Holland at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Edgewood. Dr. Holland and his team have developed a new method of Ocular Surface Stem Cell Transplantation that is showing great success where traditional treatments have failed.

    One particularly moving story of Dr. Holland’s success is David Payton, a Marine Corps veteran and father of 8. Staff Sgt. Payton was injured in a rocket-propelled grenade attack in Iraq in 2005 that left him with only one severely-damaged eye. Standard corneal transplant surgeries failed and it seemed all hope was lost. However, through his wife’s persistence in seeking new treatment options, and the advanced techniques developed by Dr. Holland, I am proud to report Staff Sgt. Payton can now see 20/40 in his working eye!

    This revolutionary treatment is giving patients around the world a chance to see again and holds great promise to help tens of thousands of other patients throughout the country with ocular surface diseases and injuries.

    As a fellow eye surgeon, I am deeply impressed by the work of Dr. Holland and his team and I look forward to hearing more of their success stories!

    Media Wrap-Up

    This week, I joined The Story with Martha MacCallum on Fox News, Spicer & Co. on Newsmax, Cavuto Coast to Coast with Jackie DeAngelis on Fox Business, In Focus with Stephanie Hamill on OANN, and Univision News.

    Also this week, I joined Brian Thomas with WKRC and Greg Dunker with WKYX.

    I joined several Kentucky T.V. stations as well including WDRB, WSIL, WBKO, and WKRC.
    Have an Issue or Concern?

    If you are a Kentucky resident and need assistance with a federal agency or with navigating the federal response and ongoing community needs related to COVID-19, please feel free to contact my Bowling Green office at 270-782-8303.

    One of my staff members will be more than happy to assist you.

    Kentucky has also set up a COVID-19 Hotline at 1-800-722-5725.

    Stay in Touch with Dr. Paul

    You can stay up to date on my latest news and activities by visiting my Senate website,, or my official Facebook and Twitter pages.

    Warm Regards,


    And it’z getting warmer all the time for white people. That’s our Rand corporation.

    My comment to the letter:

    Last time I looked, Israel had hundreds of nuclear weapons. In fact various Jews have bragged about Israel being the third, or maybe even second, largest nuclear power on the planet. So then who is the real threat in the Near East? You might try asking the Palestinians that question. Hamas, like Iran, has no nuclear weapons, yet Americans must spend their time, effort and money defending Israel? As for those “men and women dedicated to protecting the freedoms we enjoy everyday.” Freedoms? Been out in public lately? Say, what planet do you live on anyway?

    Oh by the way, did I mention America is doomed?

    Wait a minute, this just in – The world is doomed.

  17. Why this fighting over Jerusalem and the Holy Land you might ask. Why is the holy land the worst place on the planet, shouldn’t God’s designated area be the best place? Well, there is an answer to these questions, and the clues are in Genesis, Book of Enoch, Zacharia Sitchin’s Lost Book of Enki, and the ancient alien theory.

    With the Pentacon getting ready to spring a fake alien invasion on us, via Project Bluebeam, shouldn’t we bone up on ancient alien theory? How did humans come to be, how did the Bible put us in a deep mythological trance, how we need to unspell our minds and get clear about how we humans got on the god damned planet?


    First clue: Nephilim in the Bible are space humans who come to earth and take human wives.

    4The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and afterward as well—when the sons of God had relations with the daughters of men. And they bore them children who became the mighty men of old, men of renown.

    5Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great upon the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was altogether evil all the time. 6And the LORD regretted that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart. 7So the LORD said, “I will blot out man, whom I have created, from the face of the earth—every man and beast and crawling creature and bird of the air—for I am grieved that I have made them.”

    Noah’s Favor with God

    8Noah, however, found favor in the eyes of the LORD.


    Clue: The Bible is about the Anunnaki, see “The Grandest Deception” by Dr. Jack Pruett

    “The Bible is not a story about God or the Supreme Being. The Bible is a story about the Annunaki. That my friend is the grandest deception and has far-reaching implications”

    Humans and alien humans are having sex and making giant babies who gone bad, so God decides to wipe the slate clean, kill ’em all and save Noah. Who is this God? He is Anu the King of the Anunnaki or Yahweh. The Old Testament are tales of Anunnaki enlisting humans in their wars.

    Clue: Book of Enoch is kept out of Biblical cannon so you don’t understand the Bible is about aliens coming down from the heavens. This book describes how God is upset that his angels are screwing earth chicks and making mayhem, and the Flood is the tool to wipe the slate clean:


    The Book of Enoch. Chapter 10.

    CHAPTER 10

    1 And then the Most High, the Great and Holy One, spoke and sent Arsyalalyur to the son of Lamech, and said to him:

    2 “Say to him in my name; hide yourself! And reveal to him the end, which is coming, because the whole earth will be destroyed. A deluge is about to come on all the earth; and all that is in it will be destroyed.
    (Genesis 6:8), (Ben Sira 44:17-18), (Genesis 6:17), (Genesis 7:6-24), (2 Peter 3:6), (Luke 17:27), (Hebrews 11:7), (Ben Sira 40:9-10)

    3 And now teach him so that he may escape and his offspring may survive for the whole Earth.”
    (Ben Sira 44:17-18), (Proverbs 10:16), (Proverbs 11:19), (Proverbs 14:27), (Genesis 7:1, 6-7, 13), (Genesis 9:1), (Genesis 9:7), (Genesis 9:18-19), (Genesis 10:1, 32), (Wisdom 14:6)

    4 And further the Lord said to Raphael: “Bind Azazel by his hands and his feet and throw him into the darkness. And split open the desert, which is in Dudael, and throw him there.

    5 And throw on him jagged and sharp stones and cover him with darkness. And let him stay there forever. And cover his face so that he may not see the light.

    6 And so that, on the Great Day of Judgment, he may be hurled into the fire.
    (Isaiah 24:21-22), (2 Peter 2:4), (Jude 1:6), (Revelation 20:1-3)

    7 And restore the Earth which the Angels have ruined. And announce the restoration of the Earth. For I shall restore the Earth so that not all the sons of men shall be destroyed because of the knowledge which the Watchers made known and taught to their sons.
    (Joel 2:22)

    8 And the whole Earth has been ruined by the teaching of the works of Azazel; and against him write: ALL SIN.”
    (Genesis 6:5-7), (Genesis 6:12)

    9 And the Lord said to Gabriel: “Proceed against the bastards, and the reprobates, and against the sons of the fornicators. And destroy the sons of the fornicators, and the sons of the Watchers, from amongst men. And send them out, and send them against one another, and let them destroy themselves in battle; for they will not have length of days.
    (Baruch 3:24-28), (Wisdom 14:6)

    10 And they will petition you, but the petitioners will gain nothing in respect of them, for they hope for eternal life, and that each of them will live life for five hundred years.”

    11 And the Lord said to Michael: “Go, inform Semyaza, and the others with him, who have associated with the women to corrupt themselves with them in all their uncleanness.


    IMO modern Christian viewpoint of God, his angels, the fallen ones, man, etc is completely skewed into myth, the believer is left spellbound and blind when it is plain as day obvious that God sending angels to earth are Anunnaki sending their military mission to earth.

    We were created and manipulated by them. We foolishly worship these abusing extra-terrestrials as God when they are just a technologically superior race, and get this since we can interbreed with them, we are them. We are LITERALLY the children of the gods.

    And thus despelling the NT myth, humans are the progeny of the gods, thus

    John 10:34

    You, who are a man, declare Yourself to be God.” 34 Jesus replied, “Is it not written in your Law: ‘I have said you are gods’?


    So who is the remnant of the Watchers x humans ? Who are the fornicators?

    “And the Lord said to Gabriel: “Proceed against the bastards, and the reprobates, and against the sons of the fornicators. And destroy the sons of the fornicators, and the sons of the Watchers, from amongst men.”

    God orders Gabriel to destroy the Nephilim with a downright chilling passage, telling Gabriel to go to the bastards, to the half breeds, to the sons of miscegenation, and destroy the sons of The Watchers.


    Conclusion: Humans are fighting over the landing port of the gods Jerusalem. The Abrahamic religions are Anunnaki cargo cults, humans lost the real meaning of the holy texts with time, and became deeply spelled in mythos of angels, God, and demons when all three are one in the same race of beings that came here and manipulated us. The Anunnaki were not angels, they were space pirates.

    So in Palestine today we have the Neanderthal Netanyahu and his band of Likudniks crazies killing the Semites in the holy land as so many want to be the teacher’s pet, or god’s chosen ones. God – Anu – the Anunnaki king – choose Noah – who is really Ziusudra – who was born with blond hair and blue eyes – so neither the Palestinians nor the modern Ashkenazi Jews could possibly be the genetic descendents of who God choose back then when he decided to wipe out the human hybrids gone bad.

    What a damn laugh this all is!

  18. The title of this essay is ISRAEL: The Big Lie.

    I will tell you that the name ISRAEL is one of the biggest lies pulled over the eyes of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic faithful who think their belief system is original. Sorry NOT! It is of Egyptian origin:


    All three of these “Abrahamic” faiths then say “Amen, Amen” at the end of their prayers, which is the positive affirmation of Amenhotep, the Egyptian pharoah! Did you know that pilgrim? Did you know you are praying to Egyptian gods? Thus Abraham is NOT the father of your faith, it is some pharoah from some lost Egyptian dynasty!

    And it gets better folks, as Obama and Michelle are spitting images of Ahkenaten (who is Amenhotep after he changed his name) and his wife Nefertiti. Yep. They might be clones created by scraping DNA from some ancient tomb corpse.

    And what about those Freemason Christians whose lodges are all laid out in Egyptian motifs? A possible clue as to who resurrected the Pharoah as Obama.

    And that’s not all. LOLROFL This entire obsession with death cult that started in Egypt and was transferred to the Abrahamic cults is based on the soul, which science says doesn’t exist. Apologists said they could measure the weight of soul when it left the body, but that was disproven, and now there is no evidence of the soul. Thus all this human effort to beat death and go on may have been the biggest waste of money, time, and resources ever.

    Then we get to the computer age, and now scientists agree there is a strong possibility that we are in a holographic virtual computed reality – and that is backed up by mountains of quantum evidence that our consciousness interacts with this virtual reality, eg double slit experiment. Thus what is the soul in an animation? Well Virginia, what animates the character in a video game when you play it, and call up a character from the mother board. The computer animates the character, it seems real, then when it dies it “goes back” to where it originated as computer code in a file.

    Is that not an apt description of the Akashic Hall of Records that Edgar Cayce told us about? Your soul could be a sentient program collecting data for the matrix. You think you matter, but buster, that is only your ego (another program running inside of you), you are an illusion.

    I have thought about this much and have concluded that I am nothing but an illusion of self being animated in a hellverse (a negative universe program) where life eats itself to stay alive. In our universe the food chain is really an energy chain, and who might you think is at the top of this food/energy pyramid but God, the ultra villain programmer!

    I matter not, but I think I matter, because without that belief I would whither and die. The worst part is that we are trapped in the matrix, there is no way out as we are code on a disk in some alien supercomputer. We are only freed when the animators decide to scrap the program.

    Reality is stranger than fiction, it is stranger than we can even imagine. We humans live out our lives, we act out our programs, which are self programs by which we choose to believe. We are easily fooled by others, by the matrix itself, to live, work, thrive and send energy back to the mainframe. Sin and karma are religious ideas that keep us confused. There is no salvation from hell, you are in hell right now, there is no respite, hell is not some afterlife choice, you are being forced to bear the pure evil of the Jewish state and how it treats others, and soon it will be our turn to suffer, as we are far too cowardly to nuke Israel out of existence before it is too late!

    1. YJ
      The Annunaki are the chief agents of the Demiurges, and the Demiurges are those that made this mortal reality of (potentially ) endless cycles of reincarnation possible, so as to toy with us for however how long they would. Yet in our free will sojourns it was US who walked into its trap and were then subsequently made “hu-man” (defined as man bound in matter). Made by our Annunaki “makers”. Prior to this we are MAN; Beings of Spirit, and to that status we WILL return.

      Curiosity killed the cats
      Satisfaction brought ’em back

    2. And it gets better folks, as Obama and Michelle are spitting images of Ahkenaten (who is Amenhotep after he changed his name) and his wife Nefertiti. Yep. They might be clones created by scraping DNA from some ancient tomb corpse…..

      Talking about Obama and Michelle and changing names. Are you talking about Big Mikey?

      Sorry, I just had to throw that in there. My laugh for the day. Hah.

  19. Rand Paul…
    Another Zionist plant, here by way of the beenie hat wall, working the controlled opposition against the virus, making it all about a personal beef with Fauchi, rather than calling out the entire corporate scam and big for profit mass murder of the old folks on Trump and Cuomo’s ventilators…
    He’s been all over the wrong side of the border problem too, pushing the Jew/Catholic line about our new as-yet undocumented friends and fellow citizens…
    How much is his BS about the Central Bank worth?
    He seems like he’s against that too…
    Seems Like…

  20. I note in passing that a commenter “Madame Butterfly” [May 21, 2021 at 9:51 pm] had occasion to mention one Miles Williams Mathis:
    Three of the best conspiracy theory sites it recommends are run by Jews or crypto-Jews: Jeff Rense, Miles Mathis, and Henry Makow.

    I do not put much weight on the assertion about MWM being a “Jew” or a “crypto-Jew”. I myself have had commentators level at me similar “accusations” — not hardly accolades, I suppose — not only here on Darkmoon but also on a gathering site for seeming sycophants of Miles Mathis himself. Thus, I relish bringing to the attention of denizens here a very recent essay by one who associates closely with Miles Mathis: The Isra-Bluff by Josh G, admittedly of Jewish persuasion, who lives in Israel, administrator/moderator of “Cutting Through The Fog” [].

    Josh addresses the fakery of the rocket exchanges, the lack of efficacy of the “Iron Dome”, and obviously controlled demolitions of large building in Gaza. For fans of 9-11, the last mentioned topic alone should entice! Josh also mentions some names to remember for future reference!

    Now, with this contribution, I hope that Josh will lift his ban on my posting over at “Cutting Through the Fog”! I promise never to diss Miles Williams Mathis — directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously, wittingly or unwittingly — ever again!! As an accused “spook” or, at best, a dupe of the Phoenician Navy born also in the birth year (1947) of the (gasp!) CIA, I promise too never to “push” psychedelics or even mention the subject! Cross my heart and hope to die. 😉

    1. I noticed the controlled demo which takes a lot of time to load!! Faked wars prevail globally… with real damages.

  21. I would like to make another topic about Israel being the big lie, and how Amerika was subverted and delivered into the Zionist cuck hold by the evangelical preachers, especially the most famous preacher of all time Billy Graham. There is a show on PBS, American Experience, the Billy Graham documentary, it is worth a watch if you wish to understand how Amerika became a Zio whorehouse.

    I have often written that these evangelical preachers have delivered the nation into the clutches of Jewish power, and now we are completely doomed fighting their wars based on their staged false flags and we are to timid to even admit Jews did it because of our beliefs in the Bible and the Jews as god’s chosen. Our nation is bankrupt and is being run into the ground by Jews who have taken complete control of the state.

    Every reader on this site knows all of this, but what about Billy Graham and his faith? Well Billy believed the Bible to be literally true, like the part that God created everything in 6 days he takes that literal. This was a supreme intellectual error on his part, but regardless, he became a household word and international recognized man and met with every President starting with Truman until he passed away. His son Franklin Graham took over his church and on Monday told the worldwide evangelical flock to get the covid shot.

    So how wrong are these evangelicals? Franklin Graham is so clueless (or corrupt) that he is pushing the death jab for his flock. There is no excuse as many Christians love Trump and Q and are on to the jab, but stupid is as stupid does. I had this elderly gentleman tell me over and over and over that religion makes people gullible. Well he was right, firm belief in the Bible and authority makes people NOT question authority, thus the flaw on a pyramidal system of power where the church is integral to control.

    Now you might think I am exaggerating, but I am telling you the truth, as a decade ago, after 911, my Baptist preacher neighbor got a free trip to Honolulu with his wife, and he was trained by FEMA to teach Romans 13. He had enlisted me in taking care his farm animals while he was gone, thus I was able to learn about this blatant treason, state funded church subversion and against our Constitution, but I digress.

    Back to Billy (goat) Graham and his faith. In the documentary, Billy Graham was best of friends with Richard Nixon, a fellow conservative Protestant. Nixon got busted by Watergate sending Graham into an existential faith crisis. Graham believed with all his heart and soul, plus his trust in Jesus, that Richard Nixon was a good moral man. But Billy was wrong, his faith CAUSED his to be deceived by a smooth political operator Tricky Dick. Likewise these foolish Evangelicals are clueless as to how Israel and Satanyahu are deceiving them now, as faith makes for gullible people.

    Satan’s Billy Goat
    On March 6, 2019 By YUKON JACK

    Now back to my Baptist preacher neighbor, after GW Bush was elected the second time he swung by my place to brag how he got his entire church, to the parishoner, to vote for GW Bush twice. He knew I didn’t like Bush because everyone in the neighborhood knew that I believed 911 was an inside job and GWB was in on it.



    1. If these retards took the Bible literally, or even seriously, they wouldn’t be worshipping Israel and God’s “Chosen”.

      These Chosen don’t come off too well in the Old or New Testament.

      My point being, you can take the Bible “literal” and still not worship the Chosen.

      If God wanted to create the Universe in 6 Days who is to question it? Is He like Sisyphus? A laborer who struggles to push the stone up the mountain on a daily basis?

      1. If God was omnipotent, as claimed, why did he need 6 days? Why not do it in one millisecond or instantly? The answer? It is a story, a story primitive minds came up to explain the universe, which back then was a few miles of land where they lived and a bunch of shiny lights above. They had absolutely no idea what a star was or how the earth came to be, so they invented a story about a powerful being that did it.

        The ancient Hebrews thought the water was above the clouds. They had no idea of the hydrological cycle, or that the stars and the sun were the same thing, or that the moon was close compared to the sun, and the stars were light years away. You can not take the Bible literal, that is intellectual suicide. Each and every scientific understanding of our universe took decades or centuries to figure out, like how the sun creates energy, as recently as 1860, the leading theory as to sun output was that the sun was a planet made of coal on fire.

        Another good example that bears mentioning, is that as late as 1960, the idea that the earth was hit by asteroids was sacrilege, the reigning idea was that earth was being protected by God, and even though we could see thousands of meteorite impacts on the moon, no one thought it could be happening to earth also. Once the first meteorite impact in Arizona was confirmed by soil tests, many craters previously assumed to be from volcanic activity had to be reclassified.

  22. Miles Mathis recent post may be of interest to the Hamas debaters:

    “But of course the biggest bluff of the past few weeks is Hamas as the stubborn
    enemy of Israel. It is openly admitted that the Mossad was instrumental in
    creating Hamas, as in this article from The Intercept:


    Don’t dismiss the alien origin theories of of Yukon Jack. Not being particularly interested in this subject I was curious enough to watch Black Pigeon’s piece on the subject – because he always argues rationally based on evidence.

    Here it is:

    “Humans are a Genetically ENGINEERED SPECIES”

    According to our understanding of science, Pigeon’s presentation is incontrovertible.

    In a nutshell, all our relatively intelligent simian relatives all have 48 chromosomes but we have 46 due to the fusing of chromosomes 2 and 3.

    Each chromosome has two end sections called telomeres and a central section called centromere, both of which are instrumental in cell division. In the human fused chromosome the telomeres and centromere that no longer find themselves in the usual place due to fusing have been DEACTIVATED.

    Such massive editing by any blind process (Darwini) is a mathematical impossibility. Ergo – it has intelligent driving force.

    This is reminiscent of the question of how an eye could develop by Darwinian process. Rupert Sheldrake, a devout Christian, has his theory of Morphic Resonance – the tuning into the higher realms of form. IMO this is more likely than aliens as an explanation.

    1. You know if science ever got the courage to admit the obvious that humans are an engineered being, not an evolved specie from an ape ancestor, the truth bomb would be dropped on these raging Jewish Neanderthal lunatics who believe God gave them a Levant real estate parcel based on ancient text.

      Once you dethrone the Creator God as Anunnaki space pirates, the Jews would be fully exposed as the biggest bunch of religiously duped sacred text junkies. They think God is a spirit when it is a man, a mere mortal. They are fools to the nth degree, they have been duped by their own holy book, not realizing it was written before man became tech savy and could understand what the gods are, an advanced civilization.

      They say Jews are smart. Got news for all of you, they ain’t, they are some of the dumbest cretins on the planet because they have this fatal flaw with their thinking, because of their egos and supremacy mindset, they do not see that they are the primitives being played by the gods as fools.

      Think of it this way, imagine if the army air corp lands in the Melansian Islands and tells the natives they are their gods, which is an easy sell because they are already making stick airplanes and chanting for the gods to bring them more chocolate and Spam. These WW2 era cargo cultists could be easily duped into worshipping a Lietenant in uniform as a god. That is what the stupid Jews are doing, they are worshipping Yahweh as a God when Yahweh was just some malevolent Anunnaki military prick who is using them like toilet paper. Read Dr. Sasha Lessin’s website enkispeaks.

      It is obvious what is going on, religion is unique to humans because humans are NOT a natural specie, humans are an engineered specie that went feral (and stupid) on the planet’s surface. Humans are like dogs when the owners disappear, dogs form packs to survive – that is what the Jews are, a tribal pack of growling hybrid Neanderthal experimental prototypes, who were used and disgarded when Enki upgraded his human flock by breeding with – which is told in the stupid Hebrew Bible as King David (who never existed according to Israeli archeology) and Bathsheba which is actually a much older Sumerian tale of Enki breeding with Batenash.

      Get this Enki bred with his own genetic creations again and again to get to white people, that is what Sitchin details in the Lost Book of Enki. The first white man was Noah, born with blond hair and blue eyes, and Noah was chosen by God to survive when God sent the Flood. In the Sumerian tale Noah is Ziusudra, the God who saves him is Enki, who disobeys the high Anunnaki council that wanted to wipe out all humans – because they are all ILLEGAL hybrid abominations.

    2. Flan,
      I enjoyed your link there on Robertsonian translocation.
      There is so much to modern thought that actually has roots in Islamic thought but for political reasons we will not go into, it is usually not acknowledged.

      The basic understanding of evolution has long been explained not just by Muslim thinkers but by the Qur’an itself.

      For example, nearly 500 years before Darwin, Ibn Khaldun wrote in his Muqaddimah:
      “One should then look at the world of creation. It started out as minerals and then progressed, in an ingenious gradual manner, to plants and animals. The animal world then widens, its species becomes numerous, and in a gradual process of creation, it finally leads to man, who is able to think and reflect. The higher stage of man is reached from the world of monkeys.”

      Of course Ibn Khaldun is not the earliest source, the Qur’an itself, in a general sense elaborates this process. This is why some like Dr. Maurice Bucaille [Maurice Bucaille was a French medical doctor and author. He was the senior surgeon in French study on mummy of Pharaoh. In 1973.] adopted the Qur’anic understanding of the world.
      American Physics professor (Turkish decent) Dr. Serkan Zorba notes, the Quran lends support to this theory. Qur’an 71:13 “What is the matter with you that you don’t attribute to God grandeur, when He has created you in stages.”

      The verb of ‘atwaran’ (in stages), “tawwar” means to evolve and the noun “tatawwur” means development or evolution.

      Additionally the Qur’an instructs man on the methodology of proving it: “Say: Travel through the Earth and observe how he began creation. Then God will produce the subsequent creation. Surely God is over all things, competent.” Quran 29:19-20.
      And Darwin did just that on the HMS Beagle.

      The majority of Muslims however still hold the idea that God created man with his hands and blew into him his spirit. I would argue that there are more verses in favor of the gradual evolutionary process than the literal. The language of the Qur’an is remarkable in the way it can be interpreted in a classical way – so that the immediate audience is not instantly turned off – but also in the way it prods you forward to investigate and prove a new deeper understanding.

      The holographic nature of the world may be glimpsed by the language itself. The first verse of the Qur’an says, “Gratitude and reverence is for God, the “Rabbul ‘aalameen”. The word rabb is usually translated Lord but its root is in upbringing, developing, nurturing, supporting, etc.. ‘Aalameen’ translates as Worlds or Universe.

      ‘Alam in Arabic and Hebrew means world. Note however its roots, ‘ain lam meem’; it is the same with knowledge (‘ilm). The world is a projection of the knowledge from God and each creature is ‘coded’ in a way that it interprets parts of that master code. There are parts of the code that confines us and parts that don’t. For example, some creatures are coded to see colours and some not. So, does it really exist?
      It is for this reason the Arabic word for real, ‘haqiqa’ comes from ‘haqqa’ which is a name of God: “The Truth or The Real”. All else, in a deeper sense is not truly real.

  23. HAWK
    Yeah, and who made them?
    The answer is – nobody made anybody…
    Not Exactly…
    It’s all been here forever and always will be, and so have you in one form or another…
    Bottom Line – there is no such thing as a Creator, nor is there any Creation…
    Right now you’re put together as a human being, and the question is – what is your potential, how do you get it?
    My Guess – you reach your full potential through cooperation with the Universe…
    The process is advanced by you accepting with gratitude the gifts it sends you daily as agreements…
    The Universe is eternal and infinite, it has no boundaries, no beginning and no end…
    We can’t understand all that, but it’s better that way…
    These are the attributes establishment religion ascribes to its personalized version of the deity…
    OK Fine… As long as they mean well…

    1. Bark
      You’re speaking in broad terms. What I’m referring to is a particular “event” of having devolved into this state of matter which can be characterized as being prohibitive. This is not to denigrate matter in and of itself, but only in the sense that in this dense LEVEL of matter we are thereby restricted in being subject to a mortal reality.

      The best way to explain this puts it in the form of questions: Are you OK with the fact that your dying implies that you have no control of the “movement” of your Being? And if YOU aren’t the one in control, then who or what IS? Is it your INTENTION to have your experience of life disrupted?

  24. I think we die ourselves on purpose 😔….
    It’s part of the plan…
    We need the mystery….
    No Doubt About That….

  25. Barkingdeer and Brownhawk — Far be it from me to intervene in your metaphysical musings. Your exchanges bring to mind one of my favorite songs (Dear Old Battlefield, The Incredible String Band). Lyrics:

    Just another rusty brother
    Seeing his old role replayed
    Looking in the world like a broken mirror
    Seeing his old face displayed

    They come and go, come and go
    Why do you advertise goodbye
    Living a lie will lay you low
    What can I tell you, what can I sell you
    But the truth will make you high

    Death is unreal, that’s the way I feel
    There’s more to be revealed
    Lovers and friends meet again and again
    On the dear old battlefield

    I will see my memory lightly let me go
    I know that we will always be
    But time pass fast and slow

    Agelong cradlesong almost had me sleeping for good
    If not for the plan of the magic man
    Who finally helped me out of the wood

    On the dear old battlefield

    A lovely rendition on TISB’s album Liquid Acrobat as Regards the Air.

  26. You helped me so much as a writer’s conference newbie with the same advice you just wrote. And when I was a college journalism major, our prof told us the same for newspaper writing. Thanks!

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