Israel Wins Big in Washington

$1.2 billion more is on its way!

By Philip Giraldi
The Unz Review
June 8, 2021

Israeli soldier protects himself
from dangerous Palestinian terrorist 

Now let me get this straight. A nation bullies and harasses a much smaller neighbor which eventually leads that neighbor to strike back with largely home-made weapons. The larger and more powerful country, armed with state of the art killing machines, attacks its basically unarmed opponent and kills hundreds of civilians, including a large number of children. It also destroys billions of dollars of infrastructure in the poorer and weaker neighbor.

Almost immediately after the fighting stops, senior legislators from a third nation that had nothing to do with the war apart from supplying the larger nation with weapons appeared on the scene and promoted the lie that the larger nation had actually been the victim of an unprovoked attack by the “terrorists” running the small nation. They did so publicly while meeting with and endorsing the actions of the government officials from the large nation, which, it would seem, is about to be investigated by an international body for war crimes.

They were joined by an ex-officio former foreign minister of the third nation who likewise echoed the propaganda being put out by the large nation. Several of them also promised to provide military assistance worth $1 billion so the large nation could rearm itself.

Of course, I am writing about how Republican Senators Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz and Bill Hagerty traveled to Israel over the Memorial Day weekend and bowed and scraped before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and company. During his meeting with Bibi, Graham even held up a sign reading “More for Israel.” They were joined in Jerusalem by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who was in town visiting with his old friend Yossi Cohen, head of the Israeli Intelligence service Mossad, who is retiring soon.

I sometimes wonder what the Founding Fathers would think about senior legislators ignoring their constituent duties so they could instead travel overseas to pander to the corrupt rulers of a foreign nation that exhibits none of the civic virtues that the Constitution of the United States once embraced in establishing a new republic? Cruz, for example, is a particularly ambitious slimeball who clearly sees his future in the tight embrace of the Israel Lobby. He was recently on the receiving end of some bad press when he abandoned his home in Houston, at the time suffering from a prolonged electricity crisis due to storm damage, to take his family to Cancun. Cruz is a senator whose main job is promoting himself.

Cruz used the opportunity provided by his presence besides the exalted Netanyahu to denounce President Joe Biden for his Administration’s failure to help Israel while it was under attack by the terrorist hordes. Before he left for Israel he stated that he intended “to hear and see firsthand what our Israeli allies need to defend themselves, and to show the international community that we stand unequivocally with Israel. Far too many Democrats morally equivocated between Israel and the terrorists attacking them, and fringe progressive Democrats went even further with wild accusations and conspiracy theories.”

After a day spent touring Israel’s Iron Dome rocket-defense system before viewing damage in Ashkelon in Israel from the Gazan rockets, which he commemorated with a weepy self-video demonstrating his empathy for the Israeli dead, he said that Biden’s calls for Israel to seek a cease fire had “emboldened” the “Hamas terrorists.” He elaborated that “The longer Joe Biden shows weakness to Hamas or Hezbollah or Iran, the more you’re going to see terrorist attacks escalating.”

But it was Lindsey Graham who has to be awarded the prize for being completely oleaginous in the presence of Netanyahu, holding up a sign reading “More for Israel” while practically swooning in the presence of the great leader. He said, with a grin, “The eyes and ears of America is Israel. Nobody does more to protect America from radical Islam than our friends in Israel.”

“Nobody does more to protect America  . . . than our friends in Israel.” 

Flattery will apparently get you everywhere you want to be as Graham is surely aware that Israel is a strategic liability for the United States and its brutality is in fact a recruiting tool for radical groups.

Holding up his sign, Graham then asked, “So what can you expect, my friends in Israel, in the next coming days and weeks from Washington? More.”

For the home audience he then elaborated on a tweet what “More” would mean. “Great meeting this morning in Jerusalem with Israeli PM Netanyahu. ‘More for Israel’ to help protect and defend from Hamas rocket attacks.” Graham later reported to Fox News that Israel would be sending Defense Minister Benny Gantz to Washington to negotiate the request for the $1 billion increase in military aid to restore its “deterrent” after the savage bottle rocket attack by Hamas. He elaborated “It will be a good investment for the American people. I will make sure in the Senate that they get the money.”

Since the Senate Committee is packed full of Democratic Party Zionists, Graham knows for sure that his support for giving Israel the money will be approved in committee to go to the House for a final vote where it will be also be approved. And the White House is actually signaling that the Treasury check will be somewhat bigger, to the tune of $1.2 billion. A smiling Netanyahu demonstrated that he knows how to say thanks for the freebee, telling Graham “No one has done more for Israel than you, Senator Lindsey Graham, stalwart champion of our alliance and we have no better friend. You’ve been a tremendous friend and a tremendous ally.”

See video below

One notices immediately the complete lack of any expression of sympathy for the hundreds of Palestinians who were killed by Israel in what was a war that was provoked by the home seizures, armed mobs of settlers in remaining Arab neighborhoods and attacks by soldiers and police on the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

After that, one notes that these clowns pretending to be senators are people who were elected and generously paid by American citizens, not by Israel, yet they seem to believe it is completely appropriate to be spend time in that country meddling in someone else’s war on behalf of a rogue state.

If anyone is worthy of impeachment, it is they, but never mind, neither the Zionist dominated US national media nor the Establishment will make any such demand, quite the contrary. Be that as it may, their behavior is despicable and is symptomatic of the type of corruption that is preceding the decline and fall of what was once a great nation.


Get your sick bag ready
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50 thoughts to “Israel Wins Big in Washington”

    “Nobody does more to protect America . . . than our friends in Israel.”

    That would be expected from a very confused man whose ‘partner’ is a man.

    He claimed, “I know it’s really gonna upset a lot of gay men – I’m sure hundreds of ‘em are gonna be jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge – but I ain’t available. I ain’t gay. Sorry.”

    1. Conservatives Outraged that WH Press Sec Called Lindsey Graham ‘LadyG’

      “LadyG” is the moniker a male escort gave Senator Lindsey Graham, the Washington Post wrote last June. Two months later White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tweeted:
      “Only in 2020 does #LadyG get to push a bunch of debunked conspiracy theories while questioning @SallyQYates (aka an American hero).”

      The White House ‘homos’ are sooo jealous!!! 🙂

      1. The Lord knows I’m NO fan of that ZOGFAG Lindsey “Lick yer nuts for free in Tel Aviv!” Graham….

        … BUT to have some dissembling detestable dear-in-the-headlights demented dingbat like Jen “Circle Back” Psaki castigate the ol’ queen almost tempts me to ride to the rescue!! 😂

        1. Bound to be cleaning toilets down in Dante’s ninth circle right beside his BFF John McCIA, soon enough.
          (fingers crossed)

          And yes her Red hair precedes her at least twice..

  2. Well, at least the good Senator from South Carolina is honest about his religion and what he believes in, he’s a Christian of the Baptist denomination and he’s not at all duplicitous or two-faced about it, in both his private affairs and in public ~ fulfilling his role of August Senatorial Splendor Protecting Our Republic from Danger and Strengthening Our Democracy ~ he’s a good Christian of the Baptist denomination, NOTHING two-faced about the good Senator from South Carolina, unlike THAT THAT, THAT DUPLICITOUS NAZI!!!!!!!

    Lindsey : GOOD Christian!

    Adolf : BAD Christian, bad bad bad!

    1. TROJ –

      ALL the churches are compromised! None are fit to echo what they purport to believe. The stones are gone. The guts have rotted. Korrect Politik is their MO. While we rail about “the jews”, we forget our own brethren who help jews succeed with their plans. Many are, simply, unaware of the danger (as was I), and go on in life without a thought as to the “why” and causes of what is.
      I told my Baptist preacher friend the other day that I won’t come to his services because I feel uneasy about sitting among the stupid “baptist” assholes in his congregation, and hearing them pray for an “Israel” which isn’t the Israel of the Bible. I hear of the sabre-rattling between Russia, Iran, America, and I understand it will come to naught. Meanwhile,
      America’s southern border is being assaulted with impunity, and most folks here are unaware of it. (The churches certainly don’t say anything about it.)
      I was raised Methodist, Episcopal, and Baptist; and I can say the Baptists are the biggest “Zionists”, and the Methodists and Episcopal have become rotten commie/socialist/liberal.

      1. Yep… the fake foreign ‘sabre-rattling’ reports are to keep minds off the border assaults by the thousands every week – sometimes daily!!

        **& Texas may have to defend itself!!

        Democratic Texas border town mayor blasts Biden in Sara Carter exclusive: ‘I’m not going to back down’

  3. Better Senator Graham in Washington than HITLER in Washington!!!!

    [ how jewed-out is the united states. ]


  4. Israel always wins big in the ZUS , as congress is the lower house of the knesset and is under zionist control , as is the entire ZUS gov.

    This control was proven is spades by the Israeli and LBJ and traitors joint attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, and by the Israeli and GWB and traitors attack on the WTC on 911,

    There is nothing new under the sun in the zionist snake pit known as Washington DC.

  5. There will be new stuff, and it’s gonna make what’s happened in the world 🌎 up to now look tame….
    Bolosheviki Zionista genocides in Russia 🇷🇺 and China 🇨🇳 about the only thing to almost compare to the global covid death epidemic…..
    Indications Are…
    I guess I don’t mind Lindsey being gay, as long as he doesn’t try to hose me…
    He’s obviously intelligent, aware….
    But a sycophant on stieny street…
    I would like his explanation, beyond the baloney about protecting us from radical Iranians, on exactly what it is that the SLC does for the 🇺🇸….
    Traitors, yes…
    Every public official who screwed with votes in the last election shoud be arrested and tried for treason….
    I don’t think Lindsey much cares about trump’s loss, as long as Jobama Obiden gives the jews what they want…

  6. Muslim’s in the ME have a schism much less important than that of Catholics/Protestants. Purportedly it is something to do with an inheritance feud after the death of Mohamed.

    Progress will only be made when Muslims forget this minuscule rift and unify against Tribe injustices.
    The UN will not help. Westerners will not help. Foremost it is a regional issue.

    How much do Muslims care that land was stolen and fellow Muslims are treated so badly? What actions are they taking?

    I did have hope that Muslims would lead the charge against sacrilegious ideas such hi-jacking God’s plan through Satanic destruction of human DNA and the setting up of trans-humanism: COVID Jabs. Unfortunately they masked up like the rest of the world and rolled down their arms for AstroZeneca.

    The only religious leader I know of who instructed to keep the sleeve in place was Louis Farrakhan who heads the Nation of Islam. Louis was the reason for hope, but alas all other leaders in Islam and all other religions folded (to my knowledge)

    COVID is a Tribe bankster plan. If Muslims (and the rest of us) can be deceived into a Satanic ritual (The Jab) based on scare stories on the TV, then there is zero hope for creative solutions in the Middle East because Bankster deception is now based on the best AI and Big Data. They know almost with certainty how the next stage will pan out.

    My advice to persons in Palestine is to leave for the sake of their children. Unlike the African variety, they would be true refugees and deserving of total support. If they all applied at once for refugee status, the UN might take note.

  7. Flan O’Brien :

    My advice to Flan O’Brien is to go back to Ireland. Go back to Ireland and live with the newly arrived black African and Muslim “refugees” in Ireland. O’Brien needs to go back to Ireland and go live with the newly arrived “refugee” niggers in Ireland and shut the f*ck up.

    1. TROJ, I thought you’d be jumping on Lasha’s latest installment in her long series of love lost poems before stoning poor Flan! I do see one thing there to criticize, however:
      “Progress will only be made when Muslims forget this minuscule rift and unify against Tribe injustices.”
      I as a believer in the one true religion revealed by God Himself, the one source of supernatural grace and the Ark of Salvation, the Roman Catholic Church OF TRADITION (not the “counterfeit church of darkness” — Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich’s description — established after the hijacking of the papacy in 1958) — I believe “progress will only be made” when Muslims abandon their false religion, what St Thomas Aquinas calls “a carnal religion for carnal men,” and come to believe in the Holy Trinity, the Incarnation, the Redemptive Sacrifice of the Cross of Christ and His Resurrection, and all the truths revealed by God and taught infallibly by the Church the Divine Jesus Christ founded upon St Peter, the first pope, and the other apostles, and has continued under the power and authority of their successors, now existing “underground” as a “remnant” faithful to all Catholic tradition and teachings and sacramental rites and worship and practice. The one true faith is encapsulated in this Penny Catechism, which millions of Catholic children used to memorize before the powers of Judeo-Freemasonry in the service of Satan took over the visible structures of the Church:

      “I praise Thee, O Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, for what Thou hast hidden from the wise and learned, Thou hast revealed to little children.” (Matthew 11.25)

      1. Darrell is laying it on thick. I wonder what his ulterior motive is for laying it on so thick.

      2. I’m sure Saint Thomas Aquinas was very intellectual. But I have a problem with him — because he was one of those Christians who tell us that animals don’t have Souls. And immediately after telling us the animals don’t have Souls they go on to tell us that us humans can treat the animals any way we want to, without any consideration whatsoever that animals, like us humans, feel pain. We can be violent and cruel with the animals if we want to, it’s not a sin — because animals don’t have Souls. We can take out our frustrations on the animals all we want to, in any way we want to, they don’t have Souls. It’s so disgusting.

        I personally don’t care if animals have Souls or not. That is between God and His Animal Kingdom. All I know is, and anyone who ever had a dog or any kind of pet, or anyone who spent any time on a farm, animals certainly do have feelings and thoughts and they feel pleasure and they feel pain.

        Anyway, Life is too mysterious for us to say if animals don’t have Souls. We really don’t know if they have Souls or not. It really shouldn’t matter, the animals definitely feel pain if treated violently and cruelly. Whether they have Souls or not, they are living creatures, sentient beings, they deserve better than cruelty and violence. A God who would create animals, sentient animals, who feel pain and then let us humans treat them cruelly and violently just because God didn’t give them Souls, what kind of sick God is this? It’s disgusting. If God wanted us to take out our frustrations on the animals and be violent and cruel to them He would have created them to NOT feel pain. if God had any kind of Love for His Creation.

        Hitler REJECTED this type of pilpul rabbinical biblical legalistic Christian thinking from Christian intellectuals like “Saint” Aquinas. I don’t think Aquinas is a “Saint” to tell you honestly. He really shouldn’t be called a “Saint”. There is NOTHING Saintly about finding all kinds of legalistic biblical bullsh*t reasons to encourage humans to be cruel and violent and sadistic to the animals. It’s disgusting. Hitler didn’t like this type of Aquinas intellectual “Christianity”, GOOD FOR HITLER, IT’S TO HIS CREDIT. Another reason to admire Hitler.

        Maybe Hitler wasn’t a Christian, but when it came to the animals, Hitler was MORE of a Christian than “Saint” Aquinas ever was. Aquinas had a brain and was an intellectual but I don’t think he had much of a Heart. Religion is about the brain and THE HEART working together. In that sense, Hitler had A LOT OF RELIGION. More than Aquinas did. GOOD FOR HITLER, IT’S TO HIS CREDIT.

        1. Totally agree, yo.
          and MY God guarantees animals, even bugs and plants their souls, big or small.
          To say otherwise violates both morality and logic.
          How can animals suffer if they don’t have souls (and they do suffer, no need to belabor that), or are they just like rocks and minerals?
          Easy (facile+facetious) answer: if animals had no souls, why did God stick them into Noah’s Ark?
          If they were same as rocks, why wasn’t the Ark loaded with every type of rock?
          Answer: because the boat of logic would sink.

          But try explaining this to Judeo-Christians who sacrifice animals and unborn children (and sometimes born ones—the last remaining idea in Biden’s head) to cover their nefarious asses.

          The recipe goes like this: Judeo-Christians, mixed with Reform Protestantism and touch of Freemasonry tastes very much like Judaism, so might as well call it Judeo-Judaism and then it is no longer
          Now we see through the looking glass darkly—then, face to face but
          Now we see through the looking glass clearly—there is no “Then”.
          At least Judeo-Judaism minces no words, suffers no confusion and backpedaling.

          This is a big subject TROJ, ¡UGE! Time spent on it will reap lasting dividends.

          Don’t know about Aquinas, I guess saints are human, humans can be wrong and so can the saints. St Peter, the 1st Pope disowned Jesus before the arrest party due to political correctness, so much for papal infallibility—all to say, you got the freedom and responsibility to think on your own—The Chosen Ones don’t, their choice was made and it is to ¡Obey! Judeo-Judean Law at all times.

        2. TROJ and LOBRO,
          St Thomas in fact said that all living things have souls, for the soul is the source or principle of life in any living thing. Plants have vegetative souls, animals have sentient souls, man has a rational soul. Animals were created by God for man and not for themselves, and man was created for himself and for God. Animals do not have rights, only humans do, but man has the DUTY to treat animals according to right reason. We can kill them for food, but not engage in cruel treatment of them.
          St Thomas was probably the greatest thinker who ever lived. He and St Augustine give complementary expositions on natural and supernatural realities, and both are well worth the time to study, and what they teach is the truth. How do I know? Because the one oracle of truth in the world, the traditional Catholic Church (as opposed to the apostate post-1958 Vatican II “counter-church of darkness” – Blessed Anne Katherine Emmerich) has raised them up as teachers of truth. The buck has to stop somewhere, otherwise it’s every man’s opinion for himself, and no ultimate certainty. But God did not leave us in that condition of uncertainty. He left an infallible (not impeccable) teaching authority so we can know the truth and what to believe. In a nutshell it is here:

      3. “I praise Thee, O Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, for what Thou hast hidden from the wise and learned, Thou hast revealed to little children.” (Matthew 11.25)

        Really! So the Lord in Heaven hides certain knowledge (of himself) from the wise and learned?
        Because they use their intellects?
        And on top of that he reveals hidden truths to little children?
        So the ‘wise and learned’ should stop using their intellect but seek out little children?

        And, these little children naturally believe in the Holy Trinity; they naturally believe in the Incarnation and they naturally believe in the Redemptive Sacrifice of the Cross of Christ and His Resurrection?

        Well I’m 59 years old and I’ve never met these special children, nor have I met anyone else who has and I was raised in an Anglican environment.
        I’ve got news for you, these doctrines have to be repeatedly force-fed into little children because they are NOT natural. You and your ‘saint’ could accuse Muslims of whatever you want but it is your thinking that is not natural and ours that is natural; natural to human nature and the natural world, what the Qur’an calls the ‘Fitra’ the natural state.

        When I was a boy I was exposed to this indoctrination for about 10 years and by God every nerve in my body told me that this ‘trinity’ is not natural. Or, that pure sinless babies are somehow born with sin and the wages of sin is death. And if the wages of sin is death, how did your pure sinless God actually die since he was supposed to be sinless?

        Oh right, he didn’t really die, only his avatar.

        And if he died for the people who believe in him why do they die since he took on their sins and that means they should now be sinless and so they should not die. Why do both die for the same sins?

        And what about the idea that someone else should pay for my wrong actions? How does that ever teach me anything about growth and responsibility?

        Oh, it’s supposed to teach me how God loves me. He has undying or rather ‘dying’ love for me that he has to incarnate and torment himself on a cross…and it has to be the bloodiest sacrifice!

        Is he incapable of simply forgiving?
        No wonder it’s not for the wise and learned but for little children!!!

        Talk about paganism! I am not an intellectual child and this does not work for me and it is not the religion of ‘Isa. There is a reason why the first book actually written in the new testament is the book of James. James and the real disciples did not agree with Paul. They knew ‘Isa, Paul didn’t but of course none of this matters because the ‘light bearer’ came in a flash of light on the way to Damascus.

        I submit you don’t even know his name, much less more important matters. There were 1000s of different groups of Christians in early Christianity. Early Christians killed more competing factions than anyone else.
        Look, I don’t want to offend my Catholic brethren. If you’ve done your best to ascertain the truth with full sincerity so be it, we could agree to disagree and let God be the final judge.

        Makes me wonder how some people peddle that Islam came from Christianity or Judaism. While there are some similarities in broad principles of ethics etc. Islam is naturally universal in scope and it is inclusive and has its own form of democracy unlike those that close God’s hands only for themselves.

        Flan: Tragically the Muslim world stopped thinking after they mostly abandoned the Qur’an for at least 500 years. The religious ones are mostly caught up in their version of orthodoxy and easily played, the Wahabi Sunni vs the Shia paradigm put in place by the same group, same methodology: the Republicans vs the Dem or Liberal vs Conservative – right-hand/left-hand politics.

        Of course there was the original difference but in truth it is the Shia who insists on a divinely appointed representative of God and they make it a theological belief. Sunnis originally believed the leader should be elected by the people. In my opinion the Shia are created by the very ones who assisted in formulating Pauline Christianity.

        In addition to their divinely appointed Pope (Imam), they have 12 Imams (disciples) and also they have a hidden one that will come at the end of the world (sounds familiar). He will be the deliverer (Mahdi) or guided one who will establish justice and rid the world of tyranny. Furthermore they have their forms of saints and bow to their portraits and believe they will prevent harm. They also flagellate themselves much like some of their Christian brethren. None of these beliefs have anything rooted in the Qur’an and they incapacitate the believer, waiting for someone else.

        A couple of days ago I was sent a ‘Halal’ certification from a body in Trinidad for the vaccines. I sent them a long response challenging their claim. It would be good if the ‘mufti’ responds although I don’t think he will.

        Personally I agree with you that the Palestinians should consider leaving. I think that has historical roots from the time of the Prophet himself when the first Muslims migrated from Mecca where they were being killed. At least it should be considered. I know I would probably go mad if I had my family tortured before my eyes. May God help them and us all.

        1. @ SEEB

          “I praise Thee, O Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, for what Thou hast hidden from the wise and learned, Thou hast revealed to little children.” (Matthew 11.25)

          Really! So the Lord in Heaven hides certain knowledge (of himself) from the wise and learned? Why? Because they use their intellects? And on top of that he reveals hidden truths to little children? So the ‘wise and learned’ should stop using their intellect but seek out little children?

          And, these little children naturally believe in the Holy Trinity; they naturally believe in the Incarnation and they naturally believe in the Redemptive Sacrifice of the Cross of Christ and His Resurrection?

          Well I’m 59 years old and I’ve never met these special children, nor have I met anyone else who has and I was raised in an Anglican environment. I’ve got news for you, these doctrines have to be repeatedly force-fed into little children because they are NOT natural. You and your ‘saint’ could accuse Muslims of whatever you want but it is your thinking that is not natural and ours that is natural; natural to human nature and the natural world, what the Qur’an calls the ‘Fitra’ the natural state.

          @ SEEB

          Your comment is most disappointing. It shows you in a new light as an intolerant and narrow-minded Muslim lacking in humility. Neither Allah nor Mohammed would approve of your comment. Why do I say this?

          Because you are now engaged in open hostility to our Christian religion, on a pro-Christian site that has given you total freedom of speech to praise Islam and the Qur’an. You have DISTORTED the meaning of Christ’s sacred words and given them a NEGATIVE SPIN. You have failed to understand what Christ is saying when he said this:

          “I praise Thee, O Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, for what Thou hast hidden from the wise and learned, Thou hast revealed to little children.” (Matthew 11.25).

          I have read these words 10,000 times and NEVER ONCE have I seen in them the evil meaning you give them. The evil comes entirely from you. It does not lie in the words.

          You fail to understand the nuances of the English phrasing, its hidden irony, perhaps because English is not your first language and because the Qur’an never employs irony. What Christ is saying is this:

          God has concealed his hidden secrets from those who are wise and learned in their own perceptions: i.e., IN THER OWN EYES AND IN THE EYES OF THE WORLD. He has concealed his secrets from the INTELLECTUALS, the erudite intelligentsia, the bookish academics, the doctors of philosophy. And he has revealed his secrets to “little children”, i.e., to “simple souls”, peasant women, the uneducated, the illiterate.

          The Christian God does not love the educated upper classes more than he loves the uneducated working classes. He is not a cultural snob. To find favour with God, you don’t need a university degree.

          Do you have a problem with that?

          When Our Lady of Lourdes and Our Lady of Fatima came in separate visions to give their secrets to the world, they did not show themselves to Popes and Cardinals and University Professors or Learned Doctors of the Church! The Virgin Mary chose SIMPLE, UNEDUCATED PEASANT CHILDREN.

          God does not give preferential treatment to university professors; he shows equal kindness to their cleaning ladies.

          When Allah dictated the Quran, did he choose a learned Muslim who could read and write? No, he did not! Mohammed was an uneducated man. He was not famed for his literacy.

          Why do you say bad things about Christianity and distort our scriptures?

          As a Muslim, you show yourself in a very poor light by sneering at my religion and Lasha Darkmoon’s religion. Do WE sneer at Islam? No, we don’t! We respect Islam! Do we not support Palestine? Do we not say nice things about your Qur’an? So why do you come here to our pro-Christian site and start finding fault with our religion?

          You are not going to win any converts to Islam by telling us how superior Islam is to Christianity. With your permission, dear sir, I will go on loving Jesus Christ despite your attempt to denigrate him.

          1. Thank you, Monica, for your input there. As faithful Christians, which means being faithful TRADITIONAL Catholics (not of the apostate Novus Ordo sect), we must follow traditional — and authoritative — Catholic teaching, and that includes not succumbing to religious syncretism or to the modern religious indifferentism which goes by the name of “ecumenism,” something condemned by all pre-Vatican II popes. So uncharitable as it may seem to modern non-dogmatic and “big tent” religious thinking, it is erroneous to say “When Allah dictated the Quran…” if by “Allah” one means God. Because God, the One Holy Trinity in which Christians believe, did not dictate the Quran. It may have been dictated by a demon or come from the imagination of Muhammed, but God does not contradict Himself. Christianity and Islam are mutually exclusive, one is true in all things since it is based on God’s revelation. The other is largely a patchwork of Jewish and Nestorian (heretical) Christian teaching. Muhammed didn’t die for our sins, nor anyone else but Jesus Christ, true God and true Man. It amazes me how very few perceive and embrace these fundamental realities. But then again, paraphrasing St Augustine, Those who deny traditional Catholic Christianity have reasons for not wanting it to be true, almost always moral reasons, and those almost always sexual reasons. Slaves to their own disordered passions have psychological reasons for not wanting the traditional Catholic Church to be the infallible teacher of mankind and the one true Ark of Salvation. It’s for a good reason that both Jesus and His apostles began their preaching with the words, “Repent, and believe in the gospel” (i.e. “good news” of salvation, forgiveness of sin). Repenting comes first. If we are unwilling to repent, we will not receive the clarity of intellectual vision to believe what God has revealed.

            1. @ Monica and Darrell :

              There’s quite a few things in Catholic teaching, in the Penny Catechism if you will, that Catholic Lasha rejects. She has said so herself. She told everyone at Darkmoon she does not believe everything about Catholic teaching and that she reserves the right to believe whatever she wants to believe and she’s still a Catholic even though she rejects many things about Catholic teaching/dogma and believes a lot of things that are not at all Catholic in nature and some of things Lasha believes in are religious beliefs that greatly clash with Catholic beliefs and some of Lasha’s religious beliefs are actually ANTI-Catholic in nature.

              My question is : How come neither Monica nor Darrell ever lectured “Catholic” Lasha about the importance of adhering to Church dogma/Church teaching/Church theology? Why does Lasha get a free pass to reject whatever she feels like rejecting in Catholicism and that’s okay, she’s still a “good Catholic” — even though she has religious beliefs which greatly clash with Catholic teaching.

              Lasha has quite a few NON-Catholic religious beliefs which can not be reconciled to Catholic theology/dogma/teaching/to the Penny Catechism. No body gets on her case about it.

              1. @ TROJ

                Even if what you say is true, so what?

                This doesn’t make Lasha a NON-CATHOLIC. At the most, it makes her a bad Catholic: an heretical, nonconformist Catholic.

                Ever heard of the good Catholic monk Martin Luther? 🙂

                1. Many exemplary Catholics hold non-Catholic beliefs and are not excommunicated for them. For example, Lasha sees nothing wrong about believing in the Hindu-Buddhist doctrine of reincarnation. No Catholic priest has ever told her she desetves to burn in hellfire for believing in the possibility of reincarnation — similar to the Pythagorean doctrine of the transmigration of souls.

                  Moreover, Lasha believes in VOLUNTARY EUTHANASIA aka “mercy killing”. Thousands of other Catholics believe in this also. Would you have her burnt at the stake for this “heretical” belief?

                  1. Sister Monica,

                    What are you telling me for? How come you’re not telling Darrell? He’s the time who thinks all Catholics need to believe everything in the Penny Catechism and everything The Church teaches. I didn’t say it Darrell said it. I hope you two aren’t tag teaming me.

            2. To Sister Monica :

              What is your opinion of “Positive Christianity” of Nationalist Socialist Germany? Please explain in detail why you like it, or why you don’t like it. Thank you and as is our Catholic custom, Oremus Pro Invicem, TROJ.

              To Darrell :

              What is your opinion of “Positive Christianity” of Nationalist Socialist Germany? Please explain in detail why you like it, or why you don’t like it. Thank you and as is our Catholic custom, Oremus Pro Invicem, TROJ.

              1. I’ve never even heard of the “Positive Christianity” of Nationalist Socialist Germany. But I do believe that almost all the Christian churches were bribed, blackmailed, seduced and/or deceived into thinking Nazi Germany, which prevented most or all of Europe from being taken over by communism, needed to be opposed and the evil Allies under international Jewry needed to be supported.

                I was under the impression that Lasha was returning to her traditional Catholic faith, which must be held in toto. In matters of revealed truth the principle applies: “Bonum ex integra causa. Malum ex quocumque defectu.” Disbelieving in one article of faith or in one moral teaching means we believe in what God has revealed except where our own preferred ideas differ, which means we no longer possess the supernatural virtue of faith, nor of hope, nor of charity. It’s a package deal. Can you imagine asking someone like Padre Pio or the Cure’ of Ars if one can be a Catholic and believe in reincarnation?
                “Enter by the narrow gate, for wide is the gate, and difficult the way that leads to damnation, and many there are who go there….” Or as the G.K. Chesterton said in his great work, Orthodoxy, “There are an infinite number of angles at which one will fall, only one at which he can stand.” Disbelieving in one thing that the Penny Catechism teaches leads to damnation. I think if Lasha believes in reincarnation, it is most likely because there is something weighing on her conscience that she has not yet revealed in the sacrament of confession, but then again, i’m not infallible like the popes before John XXIII were.

                1. Correction: “Enter by the narrow gate, for wide is the gate, and EASY the way that leads to damnation, and many there are who enter there….”

                2. I didn’t say Lasha “believes” in reincarnation. If I did, I gave the wrong impression.

                  Let’s just say she has an “open mind” about reincarnation and cannot believe that God would pack someone off to purgatory for believing in the transmigration of souls! 🙂

                  If God is such a bigot, Heaven must be empty!

                  1. An open mind, like an open mouth, is meant to bite down on something solid, in this case infallible revealed truth. Belief in the mere possibility of the transmigration of souls to anywhere but heaven, hell, or purgatory is contrary to Catholic faith, which is infallible, and will pack one off not to purgatory but to hell. And even conjecturing about God being a bigot if such were the case reveals that you have lost the faith and only believe what you want to believe. You are a cafeteria Catholic, and that means “My friend, you are damned,” as the Cure’ of Ars would say to those who spoke like you. Pray the rosary daily and hopefully you’ll receive the grace to accept ALL of Catholic teaching, not just what you find not excessively burdensome. And it is a given that you must live a completely chaste life, which I hope you already know.

                    The consensus among the Church Fathers and saints is that a majority of adult Catholics go to hell, and even more, understandably, among non-Catholics. And I’m sure you recall Our Lady of Fatima’s words, “More souls go to hell on account of sins of the flesh than for any other reason.” She also said this: “There are so many souls whom the justice of God condemns for sins committed against me, that I have come to ask reparation: sacrifice yourself for this intention and pray.”

  8. Wins big in Washington, perhaps, but not in Palestine. There, the writing is on the wall. Nil desperandum!

  9. Here is a quote from Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf wherein he predicted what the Jews really wanted Israel for:

    “It doesn’t even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organization for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks.”

  10. Speaking of Israel, Biden, and the next false flag (for Israel and the NWO) I had a most interesting dream this morning. Our glorious president was in a guard house threatening to shoot a woman, I said “Mr. President you’re crazy, stop!” then I woke up and knew Biden was going to blow up Los Angeles.

    Analysis: First of all I was disgusted the dream was not about some beautiful model I was making love with, no, my dream was about these idiots we have in charge, who are whores of Israel, who are so eager to serve their demonic Jewish masterminds and be willing parties to their evil deeds. The woman in the dream was symbolic of Lady Liberty who Pedo Joe was planning on executing – with his false flag.

    I do not know how prescience this dream may be since I saw the news yesterday that Biden had gone to Europe (to get his orders and fill in that idiot clown Borish Johnson and Putin), and no doubt Jew Sec. of State Blinken is tight with the Israelis and Bibi, who is on his way out (hopefully soon). Anyways, my dream could be legit or just wishful thinking at some deep level in my tortured soul which has to bear existence on some throwaway ice age planet.

  11. Hitler’s Quotes might have been Right On, but his Conduct of Germany’s military was Nonsense…
    That’s why some of his generals tried to kill him, including Rommel, and it cost him his life…
    Jews ran the Nuremberg Tribunals afterwards…
    The whole thing was scripted, lots of trials are… Judges like it that way…
    The Yid Eichmann testified in a Sound Proof Booth, wtf?
    Air Marshal Goering Committed Suicide in the middle of the trial, somebody slipped him a cyanide pill, right?
    Nobody ever found Hitler’s body… They didn’t have photoshop in those days, like now with Bin Laden…
    When’s the last time we had a real leader in the White House?
    Fake leaders are the way the Rothschilds and Rockefellers run the world…
    Nobody gets ‘elected’ without the approval of the corporate media, There Is No Corporate Media Journalism… Not if it’s Limited by the owners, the reporters not free to publish what they think is worthy…
    Corporate Media is Totally Controlled, they own that too….
    Free Press doesn’t mean much on TV if the owners censor whatever they want…
    It’s about their Narrative…

    1. You are right, Hitler did not die in Berlin. Read the book of Robin de Ruiter, Adolf Hitler n’est pas mort a Berlin, 2014. This book is of course suppressed. Read the real testimonies and the real background of Hitler.

      Adolf Hitler est l’un des personnages historiques les plus médiatisés au monde. Sa vie continue de donner lieu à d’innombrables livres, dossiers et films. Mais ces documents reprennent trop souvent les mêmes images et les mêmes sujets et apportent au fond peu d’éléments nouveaux. L’auteur de ce livre présente des faits et des rapports de guerre inédits. Ils proviennent notamment des archives de l’Office of Strategic Services (OSS, Bureau américain des services stratégiques, remplacé plus tard par la CIA), de la Stasi et du KGB. Hitler ne s’est pas suicidé ! Le lecteur trouvera ici une restitution aussi détaillée et fidèle que possible de la façon dont Hitler réussit à évacuer son bunker et fuir Berlin le 30 avril 1945. Des documents issus de différents services secrets, des rapports de guerre confidentiels et des témoignages recueillis par l’auteur en Allemagne et en Espagne, notamment auprès de deux collaborateurs très proches d’Hitler qui vécurent les derniers jours du Troisième Reich aux côtés du Führer, dans son bunker, montrent clairement comment Hitler a pu s’enfuir grâce à l’aide des services secrets britanniques. Outre la reconstitution des événements autour de la mort d’Hitler, l’auteur livre des preuves de sa véritable origine. Il présente aussi les résultats d’une recherche minutieuse sur les bailleurs de fonds étrangers d’Hitler. Les familles Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg et Bush firent preuve à cet égard d’une grande générosité. S’appuyant sur des sources d’information inédites, l’auteur révèle pour la première fois comment Hitler se prépara à son rôle de futur dictateur. De février à novembre 1912, ce dernier suivit une formation à l’École militaire britannique d’opérations psychologiques de guerre, contrôlée par les Rothschild, en Angleterre (comté du Devon) et en Irlande. Plusieurs scientifiques de renommée ont travaillé durant des années avec l’auteur, explorant des milliers de documents pour trouver des indices et établir des liens. D’autre part, d’importants scientifiques et historiens ont grandement contribué à ce livre par leurs conseils.

      Hitler a very good jewish actor.

      1. DOH! You read it in a book, so it MUST be real. I saw it on TV so it MUST be real… why didn’t I think of that? 😝

      2. Hitler a very good jewish actor.

        Garbage! Good actor, yes; Jew, no. 🙂
        And he certainly didn’t die in Argentina.
        (Or at the South Pole… or in the hollow centre of the Earth).

        He died in his Berlin bunker with Eva Braun
        (and Goebbels and his wife shared their fate).

        1. Hi, Saki, I have been following your comments and you seem to know a lot. You always demand of the posters on this site evidence, proof, isn’t that right? So can you provide me with solid evidence, proof, that Hitler and his wife Eva really died in Berlin? Thank you in advance.

          1. I won’t waste my time on you, you pathetic little piece of intellectual trash. The onus is on YOU to provide evidence that Hitler did NOT die in his Berlin bunker and to offer irrefutable evidence of the exact location where he died providing DNA evidence. All you will be able to provide is GARbAGE regurgitated from conspiracy theory sites. Not a single medical certificate. Or coroner’s report. Or dental records. ZERO. Zilch. Nada.

            On the other hand, there are literally TENS of THOUSANDS of biographies, memoirs, articles, academic theses, newspaper reports, TV documentaries, all agreeing over the basic details of Hitler’s death in his Berlin bunker. By all means say ‘THEY ARE ALL LYING!” That in itself would mark you out as the perfect candidate for a loonie bin.

            More perhaps later — if I have time to waste.

      3. I have read and understood the French. As I thought, it is WORTHLESS trash from a conspiracy theory site that happens to be IN FRENCH rather than in English. The fact that this is CRAP A LA FRANCAISE (French-style crap) doesn’t make it any more convincing. At no point does it mention the names of the high-powered “historians” or “official documents” it claims tell us how Hitler escaped death in his bunker.

        It wiggles out of giving ANY info of value by telling us the names are all “TOP SECRET” and have been “SUPPRESSED” and so she cannot spill the beans! “Trust me, I’m a (((doctor)))!”

        NOR ONE SINGLE LINK!!!!!!!!!! Unmitigated GARBAGE. The mere fact that this person “Ella” tells us “Hitler was a very good JEWISH actor” tells us all we need to know about her bogus credentials. Here you have Tel Aviv or Brooklyn Jew speaking! 🙂

  12. And Ella is speaking French to us even though this is an English speaking website and Ella doesn’t bother to translate what’s she saying into English even though Ella speaks English fluently , but she insists on speaking French anyway even though most of us don’t speak French and Ella knows it and Ella could have very easily said what she said in English so everyone would understand because everyone at Darkmoon speaks English but NOT everyone speaks French and Ella knows that. Ella is being pretentious showing off her French to the “sans culottes” “the rubes” the “unwashed” “kwans” of America because?

  13. oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hitler made some not nicey nice comments about Christianity to his closest advisors and confidantes in private but in Public hitler said nicey nice things about Christianity oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo

    1. So what’s your problem if this is what Hitler did? It proves his DUPLICITY, doesn’t it?

      Saying one thing in public to con the German people into thinking he was a saintly Christian … and then saying the opposite to his big buddies in private after-dinner conversations.

      Feel free to worship this sanctimonious hypocrite with the Charlie Chaplin mustache! No one’s stopping you. But don’t expect everyone else to jump on your bandwagon and start throwing rose petals at Adolf! 🙂

  14. Hitler’s another “Religious Figure”… The whole WW2 tale, the Holocaust, his supposed suicide, the “Russian” Communism – that’s the scripture…. People believe it because they choose to, and, like covid, because they’re invested in it somehow…
    I’d like to know what you said ELLA…
    Can you please give us that in English?
    Thank You…

  15. Sister Monica:
    I agree with most of your answer to Seeb, but I disagree when you say “The Christian God “.
    I believe there is no such thing as a Christian God because it implies a polytheistic context.
    Personally I don’t believe there is a God for every religion and that therefore he has different names.
    Allah, Krishna, Buda, Yahvee, Jehovah, Elohim are all men invented names.
    Why would God allow this confusion of several religions contradicting one another?
    Will all these people kill each other when the end of time comes?
    What’s God gonna do besides blaming himself for all the mayhem he caused?
    The only answer I find to the above questions is that yes, THERE IS A CREATOR but none of the above names and the religions they represent are true, it’s all a business.
    The most productive business to get money from the naive and the sick and needy people suffering from this life’s circumstances.
    Funny how each of the Abrahamic religions say “only us will enter heaven”.. the biggest losers are those Christians who say that the ‘Jews will all enter heaven AND A FEW OF US EVANGELISTS WILL FOLLOW THEM’ in what they call the rupture or rapture …in other words they beg Jews to ‘please let us follow you as we lick your feet’! They believe what their bribed priests tell them.
    The priests of all religions are scumbags.

    1. @ Sarita

      Sister Monica:
      I agree with most of your answer to Seeb, but I disagree when you say “The Christian God “.
      I believe there is no such thing as a Christian God because it implies a polytheistic context.
      Personally I don’t believe there is a God for every religion and that therefore he has different names.

      Yes, dear. I agree with you. So relax! Maybe I shouldn’t have said “The Christian God”, because this ill-chosen phrase implies that there are many other gods and that we exist in a polytheistic universe. What I meant by “the Christian God” was simply the One True God as seen through Christian eyes. Most Christians, you understand, can only see God through Christian eyes, not through the eyes of a Hindu or Muslim or a Siberian shaman. You can only see God through your own eyes, Sarita, not through he eyes of your neighbour across the street.

      I have to disagree with your childish exaggeration: “The priests of all religions are scumbags.” This does not do you credit. Most of the priests, monks and nuns I have known in my life have been good, sincere people. Not one of them has been wicked. Organized religion, often known as ‘Churchianity”, must be distinguished from core Christianity.

      The Hindu religion, as Homer (Hp) here will tell you, is a fine religion based on the Vedas. It suits the Hindu temperament. But the priests of Hinduism who later on invented temple prostitution and made money out of selling sex were no better than pimps. As the Buddha said, all religions are subject to decay and corruption. In the time of Martin Luther, the Catholic Church was selling “Indulgences”, documents that let you off so many hundreds or thousands of years in purgatory.

      That was the Catholic Church at its worst. But what did Jesus Christ have to do with this? Nothing! Jesus was against corruption. He chased the moneychangers out of the Temple wih knotted cords. It was Jesus who said: “BE PERFECT!” Doesn’t the world become perfect if everyone strives for perfection and achieves it? Then (and then only) we get Utopia and the Golden Age.

      Just my two cents, Sarita. Cheers! 🙂

      1. Sister Monica
        Yes, I went too far.
        Thanks for the ‘Churchianity’ concept. It maybe should be expanded into ‘religionanity’ because the corruption is in all religions, but you’re right, there are good apples.

  16. LEONARD COHEN sings about his tribe’s plans

    It is lonely here ║ there is no one left to torture …
    I’m the little jew ║ who wrote the bible

    1972, i split up with a g/f in Ottawa, i suspect my main motivation was her infatuation with this deathworm, she thought him irresistibly romantic balladeer and i was just “jealous”🤢.

    I came to understand much later that many women are just like that—easily misled, yet always on the lookout for the next “winner” to lead them, give them comfort and security of perceived superior strength for which they will readily ditch the previous man, ditch the home and culture in exchange for the mind dope of fame and bling—no price high enough to pay.

    Now I understand the mechanics, however regretfully.
    Jüw understood it much earlier, a social engineer par excellence, where to place the strategic detonator to set off the avalanche rolling downhill and obliterating goy communities.

    One of the gigantic land mines that the sappers of judaism ignited to destroy the world, just like Jew Cohen sings in his bubonic triumph, another was Protestantism, even though maybe started with clear-minded goal by Luther, but hijacked, harnessed and converted to Kabbalist sorcery: virus shedding post-Spanish expulsion into Holland, thence “Reconquista” of Merrie England and multi-pronged assault onto the Third World, colonialist asset stripping, destruction, slavery … Covid-19 … can’t wait for the next lovely surprise of the Great Reset.

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