Israel’s Death Squads Run Riot in the Occupied Territories

And no one gives a damn
as they slaughter Palestinians in cold blood . . . 

By Gideon Levy
Haaretz via Information Clearing House
August 2, 2021


Bloodthirsty killers . . . is there no way to stop these psychos?

Israeli terror is at it again: the Israel Defense Forces’ death squads chalked up another successful week: four bodies of innocent Palestinians piled up between the two Fridays.

There doesn’t seem to be a connection between the four incidents in which four sons were killed, but the link cannot be broken.

In all these cases, soldiers chose shooting to kill as the preferred option. In all four cases another way could have been chosen: Arrest them, aim for the legs, don’t do anything or simply don’t be there at all. But the soldiers chose to kill. It’s probably easier for them that way.

They come from different branches of the army with different backgrounds, but they share the incredible ease with which they kill, whether they have to or not.

They kill because they can.

They kill because they’re convinced that this is how they’re expected to act.

They kill because they know that nothing is cheaper than the life of a Palestinian.

They kill because they know that the Israeli media will yawn and not report a thing.

They kill because they know that no harm will come to them, so why not? Why not kill a Palestinian when possible?

They killed a 12-year-old boy and a 41-year-old plumber.

They killed a 17-year-old youth and a 20-year-old young man attending a funeral, all in one week.

An Israeli slogan during the 1948 war went “To arms, every good man,” leading later to the concept of the IDF’s “purity of arms.”

Four in one week! For no reason.  With no hesitation. With no terrorist facing them.

Four executions of young men with dreams, families, plans and loves.

None of the four Palestinian civilians shot dead had endangered the lives of the Israeli soldiers in any way — certainly not in a way that justified lethal fire.

Thirteen bullets sprayed a car driving by innocently, carrying a father home with his three small children.

They shot a plumber holding a wrench, claiming  falsely that he was “moving rapidly toward the soldiers.”

Three bullets entered the stomach of a 17-year-old Palestinian schoolboy who was on his way to meet his younger brother to bring him safely home.

All this can be called terror; there is no other definition.

All this can be called the actions of death squads; there is no other description.

It sounds horrible, but it really is horrific.It could be less horrific if the Israeli media bothered to report on it, possibly shocking Israelis. It could be much less horrific if IDF commanders took the necessary steps given their army’s murderous recklessness.

But most of the media believes that the killing of a child interests no one. Or is unimportant. Or both, so this shocking incident wasn’t reported on.

If the soldiers had shot a dog – also a shocking act, of course – it would have attracted more attention. But a dead Palestinian child? What happened? Why should it interest anyone, why is it important?

“Are you working for the Arabs?” journalist Yinon Magal maliciously tweeted, addressing Haaretz’s Hagar Shezaf, virtually the only journalist who covered the boy’s funeral.

This is the new journalistic ethos: Reporting the truth is tantamount to “working for the Arabs”.


31 thoughts to “Israel’s Death Squads Run Riot in the Occupied Territories”

    1. Yes Pat.
      As bad as the shootings and bombings are in Palestine, nothing rivals the Black on Black killing streets of Chicago and now, even the former some-what safe streets of Seattle and Portland. The other Black run American cities with large Black neighborhoods are but a carbon copy of the killing fields of Southern Africa.

      “They kill because they can.
      They kill because they’re convinced that this is how they’re expected to act.
      They kill because they know that nothing is cheaper than the life of another Negro. (BLM? Ha!)
      They kill because they know that the Jew run fake media will yawn and not hardly report a thing.
      They kill because they know that no harm will come to them, so why not? Why not kill a Black when possible?

      “All this can be called terror; there is no other definition.
      All this can be called the actions of murderous gangs; there is no other description.
      It sounds horrible, but it really is horrific. It could be less horrific if the fake media bothered to (honestly) report on it, shocking the American people. It could be much less horrific if the gang leaders took the necessary steps given their gangs murderous recklessness.”
      But most of the media believes that the killing of a Black child is of little interest. Or is unimportant. Or both, so the killing goes on and on.”

      1. Pass out the ammo! 😈
        Blacks enjoy hideous pastimes. I had one named “Lightfoot” (like the mayor) who was caught screwing chickens to death. His sister caught him. Her chickens. When he called me from jail to come bond him out, his sister (who resembled a Hot ‘n Tot – like the mayor) cussed and spat and told me to “leave the mutha in jail!”
        The judge got a good laugh at the preliminary hearing! 😂

    2. Pat,
      It’s a simple case of “wag the 🐕.” Donaldo is a trucker of course and can testify accordingly to DOT (Department of Transportation) stastistics that approximately 300- 400 people die on USSA highways per State per annum. Ok. Simple math. 400×50=20,000. Twenty thousand corpses sent to the morgue every year! Ok. But when a few Palis are killed, the MSM goes beserk. BTW how many Israeli Jews died of a ❤️-attack in 2021? Quite a few Donaldo thinks. Anyway. The MSM is obviously bias and quite frankly boring. Anyway. Donaldo will discontinue to post for several days. He and his new lover Sarita are going to enjoy the beaches of Colombia for a while. 🤔🤨😘🤠

      1. Sarita? Uugh??

        But Senor Donaldo…. I always thought Mdm. Butterfly was ‘numero uno’…. the diva of your dreams?? 🤔

        1. The Realist,

          Don’t be confused, Colina is what’s called a CUOMOSEXUAL. Once you know that about Donaldo then his behavior with the women he comes across makes sense. 😊

          1. Thanks for the “heads up” TROJ…

            Hmmm… yes, now it makes perfect sense that our resident “Latin Lothario” would confuse “romance” with grabbing the nearest “piece of a$$” within groping distance.

            I shudder to think what must’ve been going thru Sarita’s mind to fall for the blandishments of that braggadocious bore! At least Mdm. Butterfly had, as far as we know, the good sense not be “beguiled” by the come-on from that Cuomo’esque con-man!

            1. Good point, Realist! But maybe Donaldo is just trying to make Madame Butterfly jealous by chatting up Sarita. You can never tell. Maybe Madame is hitting the bottle right now, pining for her lost Latin lover! 🙂

              Seymour Zak
              (Confirmed misogynist, though happily married)

              1. Dear Darkmooners,
                OFF topic but SERIOUS!
                Recently, after attempted conquest for many years, Donaldo FINALLY met Madame in his 🏠-state of Georgia, USSA. After dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse, we bought a couple bottles of 🍷 and checked into a hotel. To make a long story short….Donaldo SCORED that night. But something wasn’t right. Despite Madame’s beauty, he sensed her mental bi-polar instability but his survival instinct told him to stay silent. A couple days later he paid an UBER to take her to the Atlanta international airport to return to London. In her luggage he discreetly slipped a 🧤-written note explaining that the brief relationship should come to an end. The very next day he boarded Delta Airlines for Colombia to meet his new 💕 Sarita. We’ve been together for 3 days now and what should have been bliss has evolved into a nightmare! Donaldos phone # had to be changed to silence Madame’s threatening messages! Donaldos neighbors in Georgia have also notified him that his 🏠 has been vandalized and his car 🚗 tires punctured! Darkmooners! Jilted lover Madame has become a stalker! Donaldo fears for his life and will remain in Colombia until he devises a strategy. Beware please! Madame is more dangerous than Gate’s vaccines and Donaldo doesn’t want to wind up in a bodybag. Darkmooners….take care….Donaldo will keep administration informed. 😢😭🤪

                1. Donaldo

                  One day, hopefully, you will say something ON-TOPIC. We can but hope that you will one day realize that this is not a chatroom for truck drivers. Please surprise us by posting a relevant comment soon that shows you have actually read the article. THANK YOU! 🙂

  1. Pat,

    Do you think ZOG USrael is going to go to war against Iran for the Iranian kamikaze drone attack on the cargo ship “Mercer” owned by some Jew in Israel ? Supposedly, it was the Iranians and not a false flag attack.

    1. TROJ –

      I doubt it. No need for it.

      Unlike Qaddafi’s Libya, the jew bankers control the Iranian finances & economy already.

      For more than 50 years, International exhibitions are held in Tehran.

      Top Iran Events

      U.S. Lifts Some Iran Sanctions

      1. And the connection is ? WTF Patty Boy do trade shows have to do with Jews controlling the finances of IRAN. Please enlighten us.

        1. Amaurotic idiocy afflicted dyslexic jew, Ralan –

          Your whiny low IQ, due to – amaurotic idiocy, affecting mostly jews – rears its ugly head again… actually…. STILL!! 🙂

          BUT – Thanks for bringing the attention!! 💥💥 😜 😜 😜

      2. Pat:
        I was wondering if – from your “geopolitical perch” informed by the best “inside intel” that only an ex Naval Commander would have access to – you could share with us where we presently are on the the trajectory to Armageddon?

        I recognise, of course, that you wouldn’t want to compromise your “intel” sources.. and, perhaps more importantly, jeopardise your Military Pension by even hinting at the date of our demise

        1. @ the realist

          The only submarine that Patty boy commanded is the one he plays with in his tub at the home. Fire away there Patty boy, there is a giant duck attacking 🙂

        2. R –
          You wrote:
          “– you could share with us where we presently(sic ) are on the the trajectory to Armageddon?”

          I believe you actually meant to write “at present” and not “presently’!! 🙂

          So, I shall answer with “at present” in mind…. OK??

          Thanks for asking me to show my wares HERE!! I HAVE trained you well, at least for that….. 🙂

          I had already answered your question this way years ago:

          Never A Megiddo
          The troops were forced to never tell
          For reasons no one could show.
          The battle was fierce, and many fell.
          Most knew they had faced Megiddo.

          Families knew their fate and would die,
          Believing the prophets did know—
          All trusted the sages would never lie.
          The fallen had just seen Meggido.

          With burning flesh and gnashing teeth
          Thousands went fast, thousands slow.
          No mercy was given, and no relief.
          But this was still not Megiddo.

          Being misled in death’s last breath,
          The truth was not theirs to know
          As they were taken in violent death.
          It was still not known as Megiddo.

          A lie was planted in a fearful quatrain.
          Out of control it began to grow.
          That fear in the mind must now remain
          For the powerful to push those below.

          The lie was invented for total control
          And if ever completed, it will go—
          The people would sound their victory toll.
          There can never, never be a Megiddo!!

          1. @ Pat

            WOW! I never knew you were an accomplished poet on the sly! You have “hidden your light under a bushel”! 🙂

            1. Thanks, Saki –
              Accomplished?? Naahhh…. Not so much.
              Armageddon has come many, many times to unknowing souls, even though mistakenly so….

              A few weeks back…. update from Surfside, Florida:

              Many were crushed as the building fell
              To the ground in their Surfside condo.
              A few may have feared, locked in pure hell,
              That this surely must have been Megiddo!!

              Lights OUT… permanently!!

  2. Those whom are unfamiliar with IDF (Israel attack DOG Forces) tactics might find odd the article’s main picture. There is only one Palestinian in that picture, the unarmed guy. Israel’s attack DOGs camouflage as Palestinians, that’s Standard Operating Procedure for the children of hell.

    Yes, Israel does war crimes as SOP. If an enemy soldier is caught wearing his opponent’s uniform (or costume) he is considered a spy and can be executed on site in a firing squad, according to Geneva’s Convention.

    Israel is a rogue State populated by barbarous people with no civility towards non-Jews, that they see as animals. Guess what? We gentiles are not the animals here, they are! Barbarous, destructive, treasonous animals incapable to create anything, except mayhem.

    All the things they have today come from the verb TO GET, Harold Wallace Rosenthal told me so, and they murdered him for that. Harold wasn’t a crusader, he did the interview for money. Some Jews have a big Chutzpah mouth, they tell you everything you need to know.

    On the other hand sincere dissident Jews, pejoratively called self-hating Jews, have my full support and admiration. Dissenters against all odds on a society that has zero tolerance towards non-conformity. There are some red lines even Jews cannot cross, or else…

    1. @ Nothing

      You neglect to mention the handgun the second Palestinian is holding. Just level setting is all.

  3. As long as the Jews remain in control of the US government and the commercial media the Israelis will continue to expand their territory in Palestine…
    Nobody knows where their borders are…
    They have probably had the Sampson Option Nukes in place in the USA for decades…
    but you don’t have to vote for them or any of their junk politicians like Biden…
    And you can work to make sure the voting process is legit…
    The first question you should have for any political candidate is – Are you Jewish?
    Next is – Are you a Mason?
    They’re both the same thing…
    The next question can be asked but it’s generally a foregone conclusion – Are you a Zionist?
    The jews put a lot of time into cultivating candidates for political office….
    And they will gang up on any who are not primarily Zionist….
    I have knows a few jews who were not zionists, but they’re rare…
    Maybe not as rare as you would think from commercial media, which keeps them hidden…
    If a person is a Mormon, he’s sayanimy…
    And anybody who still supports the Catholic church is subversive, not a real American…
    Don’t vote for em…
    Get em outta here…

    1. Agree, and the FED and the iRS , the 2 zionist privately owned control mechanisms by which the zionists control America need to be abolished, they were put in place in 1913 and since then America became a zionist prison.


      So, the Jews, Catholics & Mormons outta here and thats it. You willing to let the chinks, wetbacks & black mo fo’s stay ? You are one generous racist there sir 🙂

  4. I can assure you that there is NO such a thing as “post traumatic stress disorder” or PTSD
    in the life of the IOF(Israeli Offense Force) members.unlike other soldiers from any other nationality .simply because killing a goy is like killing an animal .

  5. The United States could instantly stop the Palestinian killing fields by withholding funds to Israel. Nothing will change Jew behavior quicker than if you deny Shekelbucks to a greedy Jew. But the US of Israel will not because it is the whore of Israel, and the whore will do whatever the pimp says including handing over her paycheck from services rendered. The God Lobby is in full support of Israel, no politician dares go against God and his lover Israel. God loves your nation when you love Israel, the Bible says so I think.

    1. that’s what makes me laugh Joe!
      presumably the very people disenfranchised by the stolen US election are mostly of
      the same 70 million or so fundamentalist Christian “zionists” and trump supporters
      that worship israhell !
      and have been largely responsible for the bank rolling of these twats for the past 70 odd years.
      they have now been robbed of their vote by the democrats at the behest of the very same twats that they “worship”
      I do try where possible to point out to jew worshipping Christians,
      that in the jew talmud
      amongst the other outrageous bollocks to be found therein regarding the goy
      is to be found the section were Jesus is said to be boiling in hot human shit for eternity
      for crossing (no pun intended) them.

  6. Probably what is most irksome is the way so many apparently non-jewish media people lick spit for the SOBs…
    All paid lackies….
    They will rUn on and on daily about the deterioration of our society… and they’ll blame it on the dems…
    But for them there’s no conjecture whatsoever on the ZOG…. as if the jews had no power at all, rather than most of it…. like the jews haven’t been playing the blacks and everybody else for suckers for decades….
    You might think the FCC, maybe a congressional committee, would look into the matter of dead journalism in the USA….
    I’ve never had sex with an animal myself….
    Maybe a few female toss-ups..
    But it’s quite common all over the world….
    I guess goats are a pretty 😍 good bet…
    It’s gotta be a form of mayhem….
    I wonder how a guy gets the idea to fk his first chicken?
    Somebody probably taught him….
    And you’d have to be a sadistic SOB to screw one to death, considering the noises they’d be making, the blood….
    Speaking of which – the price of pork is going up in California, because pork producers will be required to provide more humane conditions at the CAFOs..
    I quit eating pigs a long time ago..
    Most of the CAFO stuff stinks
    And it’s all way too cruel.
    Of course the extra expenses could come out of the corp officers and shareholders compensation packages, rather than passed on to the consumers…
    Thats one of the big reforms that will be required to fix the world…..
    More equitable distribution of profits, made according to limits on the take-away ratio between execs and shareholders and employees…
    Retail prices should be kept in line too… according to a scale…
    That’s kinda what income tax was supposed to do, redistribute…
    Anyway, California has finally done something right…
    Half right anyway.
    It’s a step in the right direction…

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