Israel’s New Prime Minister: ‘I Have No Problems Killing Arabs’

Benjamin Netanyahu was bad enough during his reign of terror in Occupied Palestine.  Israel’s new Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, looks like he’s going to be far worse.

By Philip Giraldi
Information Clearing House
June 13, 2021

“The Israeli government is changing,
but some things remain the same.” — Philip Giraldi

Israel is undergoing a change of management, with reliably hardline Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu being replaced by extreme nationalist Naftali Bennett. Bennett has at intervals favored the disenfranchisement of non-Jewish Israeli citizens and the ethnic cleansing of all non-Jews from historic Palestine, killing them if necessary. He opposes the creation of any Palestinian state and routinely describes Palestinian protesters as terrorists while stating his belief that they should be shot on sight.

He has also boasted of his shooting Palestinians during his military service, saying at one point “I already killed lots of Arabs in my life, and there is absolutely no problem with that.”

He was heavily involved in “Operation Grapes of Wrath” in Lebanon in the 1980s, where his commando unit killed numerous civilians, and takes pleasure in recounting his participation in Israel’s war crimes.

All of which means that there will be no respite from the brutal Netanyahu reign of terror which has been prevailing on the West Bank, in Gaza and also in Jerusalem itself.

If anything, the pressure on Arabs forcing them to leave will intensify.

Evidence that the recently negotiated cease fire was little more than a pause in the plan to mitigate international pressure before continuing to make the former Palestine free of Palestinians, is already available. Israeli police and army units have been arresting hundreds of Arabs, many of whom are Israeli citizens, not because they have broken any of the “rules” imposed by the Netanyahu government, but as a preventive measure to have them identified, allowing them to be safely locked away when the next round of fighting begins.

Eighteen hundred arrests have been reported since unrest began in April, but the figure is probably much higher than that. An estimated 25% of those who are detained are children and 85% of those children arrested report that they were physically abused.  Also, at least 26 Palestinians have been killed while resisting. It has been claimed that the police, embarrassed by being ridiculed by protesting Palestinians, are “settling scores” and “closing accounts,” frequently using savage beatings during arrests and as collective punishment to break the Arab resistance.

Israeli police have also been active at and around the al-Aqsa mosque, where they have been denying Muslims access to the holy site while promoting sightseeing visits by Israeli Jews. This is a clear violation of the rules established for access to the mosque and it sends a strong signal to Palestinians that there is more to come and the intention is clearly that they will eventually be removed by whatever means necessary from Greater Israel.

The Director for the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel (ADALAH) Hassan Jabareen observed recently how the violence over the past month was deliberately provoked by Israel both to shore up Netanyahu’s electoral prospects while “the massive arrest campaign announced by Israeli police…is a militarized war against Palestinian citizens of Israel. This is a war against Palestinian demonstrators, political activists, and minors, employing massive Israeli police forces to raid the homes of Palestinian citizens.”

The Israelis, who clearly have a sense of humor, called the first phase of the mass arrests “Operation Law and Order.” The raids themselves have been carried out inside Israel itself and on the West Bank. Those Palestinians who are citizens of Israel have what has frequently been described as “second class rights” in the country’s judicial system. Although Israel claims its Arab citizens—roughly 20% of the nation’s population—have equality under the law, even the pro-Israel US State Department has repeatedly accused Israel of practicing “institutional and societal discrimination” toward its Arab citizens.

As a consequence, Palestinians who are arrested are indicted, charged and in some cases detained indefinitely under existing state of emergency and anti-terror legislation. A common charge is “incitement” which requires little or nothing in the way of evidence. Many of the arrested Palestinians have in fact been released after payment of exorbitant bails, averaging about $1,000. One Palestinian activist reportedly paying $7,400 to be set free.

It should be noted that the armed Jewish settlers who rioted in the lead up to last month’s fighting, destroying Palestinian homes and other property, have not been identified and detained by Israeli authorities. Activist Remi Kanazi notes how “Apartheid inside Israel is when Jewish Israeli mobs chant ‘Death to Arabs’ and brutalize Palestinians in their neighborhoods, while the cops do nothing, only for those same cops to conduct mass arrests of Palestinian citizens two weeks later.”

Outside of Israel proper, other Palestinians, who are citizens of the Palestinian Authority or who have United Nations documentation, have no rights at all under Israeli law and are being detained at will and, in many cases, indefinitely, without any access to legal counsel or to family members. Most of them were not doing anything illegal, even by Israeli standards, when they were arrested.

They were guilty of being Palestinians.

Smirk, smirk

In one example of how the process works, well-known Palestinian activist Iyad Burnat, who had previously been arrested at age 17 and imprisoned for two years for having thrown stones at Israeli soldiers has been targeted. He lives in Bil’in on the West Bank and has had his two sons abducted from their home in recent night invasions by Israeli security forces. Abdul Khaliq, 21 years old, was taken away on May 17th and Mohammed, 19 years old, was abducted on May 24th. They are being held in the Almasqubia detention center in Jerusalem and have been denied any contact either with their parents or legal counsel. The Israeli authorities have provided no explanation of why they were arrested in the first place.

In another recent example of the brutality of the Israeli police, al-Jazeera reports in detail how thirteen-year-old Mohammed Saadi was kidnapped, blindfolded, beaten and threatened with a gun to his head by five policemen working undercover in his hometown of Umm al-Fahem. Saadi was among thousands who gathered for a funeral procession held for Mohammed Kiwan, a 17-year-old boy who had been shot and killed by Israeli police a week earlier.

Activists among the Palestinians observe that the Israeli repression has proven counter-productive. Most Palestinians now understand that the Israelis intend to exterminate them. One observer notes that “The fear barrier has been broken. Israeli forces are up against a people who no longer have anything to lose. The young men in Jerusalem don’t see they have a future to look forward to, due to socioeconomic factors that is either the result of or exacerbated by the occupation policies towards them. These people are defending their right to exist, their homes and their homeland, and had it not been for their resistance, Jewish settlers would have taken control of many places in Jerusalem.”

Clearly, the Joe Biden administration will do nothing even if the Israeli government were to arrest and torture 100,000 Arabs, but there is growing sentiment even in Congress and the Zionist controlled media that “what is wrong is wrong.”

Congresswoman Betty McCollum’s has twice introduced a bill, which is languishing in congressional committee, that calls on the United States to block aid to Israel that can be perceived as being used to arrest, beat and imprison children. Her legislation the Promoting Human Rights for Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act​ H.R. 2407 amends a provision of the Foreign Assistance Act known as the “Leahy Law” to prohibit funding for the military detention of children in any country, including Israel.

McCollum argues that an estimated 10,000 Palestinian children have been detained by Israeli security forces and prosecuted in the Israeli military court system since 2000. These children between the ages of 11 and 15 have sometimes been tortured using chokeholds, beatings, and coercive interrogation. As of September 2020 there were an estimated 157 children still detained in Israeli prisons, a number that has certainly gone up dramatically given the current crackdown by the police and army.

Even though Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will surely block any attempt to let the McCollum bill see light of day one can at least honor the Congresswoman for what she is attempting to do and hope that some day the United States government will finally act honorably and help deliver liberty and justice for the long suffering Palestinians.


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37 thoughts to “Israel’s New Prime Minister: ‘I Have No Problems Killing Arabs’”

  1. It is not easy for one to read the deluge of nauseating reports from this despicable State without feeling sickened. And yet, the prognosis may actually be overall, positive. Looking at it from the logical or rationalistic point of view, bad news from Israel may actually be good news disguised.

    The point is, there are so many, apparently ration people, beholden to this pseudo-state, that they see no evil hear no evil, and speak no evil of the Zionist state. And having strangulated or hijacked the ruling elite of America and Europe, the Zionists are pretty sure that they can run roughshod on Palestinians and virtually everyone, with anybody rising a question. Bad News, is actually good news, because rationalism is not a gift bestowed on the rulers, which Gods has denied the hoi polloi, though the ruling elite refuse to use it.

    Everybody can discern what is good and evil. The fact is, that the World ruling elite have been muzzled by the Hidden Hand of the Secret Government which is the protector of Israel. This is a fact that most people deny, and others dismiss as “Conspiracy Theory” And this is a fact that will be plainer to everybody, the more brazen, evil, arrogant and violent Israel becomes. This is the good news hidden in the bad news.

    Unless these Zionists give themselves more rope, and do what they plan to do, this plain fact will continue to be hidden to the masses. So, its best for them to use more of the Chutzpah, so that everybody may recognize that “We Have A Problem”

    So, painful as it will be (especially to Palestinians) the best message to these Zionists was given 2000 years ago, and it will be good for the world! ‘What you are going to do, do quickly.’

    1. BF –
      You wrote:
      “The fact is, that the World ruling elite have been muzzled by the Hidden Hand of the Secret Government which is the protector of Israel.”

      If the “Secret Government” is “Secret”…… how do you know what you wrote is a “fact” and not an opinion….. not a guess?

      1. @ PAT.

        I Thought that I explained it when I said;
        ” there are so many, apparently ration people, beholden to this pseudo-state, that they see no evil hear no evil, and speak no evil of the Zionist state”
        Is this not plain enough for it to be accepted as a fact?

        1. BF –

          You wrote:
          “Is this not plain enough for it to be accepted as a fact?”

          NO! Not for me.

          Who is the leader, and who are in the administration, and what is the style of that “Secret Government” you have found? How did you find it if it is “Secret” in the first place, but known only to you?

  2. There’s something very strange & sinister looking – “demonic” springs to mind – about this “Bennett” character.

    Oh yeah… don’t you just LUVVV the way these interlopers purloin Anglicised names?… as if he’s passing himself off as the village Vicar in a Thomas Hardy novel… when he’s more likely a direct descendant of Lazar Kaganovich!

  3. One thing for sure. The organized and paid for junket tours to Jew-land, made up of US public officials, police chiefs, sheriffs, Christian Zionist pastors and other assorted Jew worshipers, are carefully guided affairs. Only by accident will these “tourists” see or hear anything about what is going on with the Palestinians in Israel and on the sliver of lands the rest are allowed to live on.
    Even though the US treatment of prisoners is not as pervasive (yet) as to what is going on and has been going on in the United State’s 51st state, there are reports that some of those arrested in the weeks following the Jan.6 2021 event at the US Capital have been mistreated, big time. The Jan. 6 Trumpian protests at the US Capital was a garden party compared to the Marxist/Commie FANTIA/BLM Bolsheviks allowed to run rampant non stop through the streets of certain Major US cities since the Summer of 2020.

    As a final note, a hiring executive of some big US oil companies has been alerted that she will need to hire many new employees in 2-3 years. Now, don’t forget to get your Covid kill shots.

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          TOBY: That won’t work. Your first three posts could be the worst of the bunch. Besides. I’m not sitting at my computer 24/7 waiting in suspense for each post of yours to trickle in. Sometimes I only enter Spamblinka late in the day when you’re already sent in 20 long comments. So what am I expected to do? Read them all? You’re asking a lot, aren’t you? You also forget we’re in different time zones which complicates matters.

        2. uncle :

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    2. Addendum: It is coming out that the FBI used the Jan. 6 Trumpian protests as a means of infiltration to cast the Trump supporters as terrorists. And what will be done about it? Nothing!
      Now don’t forget to get your Covid kill shot to participate in the great democide prepared with loving care for us peons.

  4. The zionists have no problem killing Americans either, as was proven by the joint Israeli and ZUS attack on the USS Liberty and the joint Israeli and ZUS attack on the WTC on 911.

    1. One of your comments recently ended up in Spam. I’ve no idea why it went there. Anyway, I approved it.

  5. Mr giraldi,
    lets see what happens during these people’s tenure.
    Below is a Gaza attacks timeline, most of these during Netanyahu’s.

    January 2006

    The Palestinian Islamic militant group Hamas wins an overwhelming victory in parliamentary elections, sparking a struggle for primacy with its rival, the Fatah movement of Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

    June 2006

    Hamas militants capture Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit in a cross-border raid, triggering heavy fighting with Israel. Schalit is released five years later following a lopsided prisoner exchange.

    June 2007

    Hamas ousts Fatah forces from the Gaza Strip and solidifies its control of the territory. Israel and Egypt tighten their blockade of Gaza, which will devastate Gaza’s economy over the next decade. Two rival governments emerge, Hamas in Gaza and the Abbas’ Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

    December 2008

    Israel launches a major three-week offensive. After a 22-day war that kills 1,200 Palestinians and 1 Israeli (lol), the two sides announce a cease-fire.

    November 2012

    Israel targets and kills Hamas military chief Ahmad Jabari, sparking eight days of militant rocket fire and an Israeli air campaign. Egyptian ‘mediators’ secure a cease-fire after some 150 Palestinians and six Israelis are killed.

    July-August 2014

    Following the kidnapping and killing of three Israelis by Hamas members, Israel conducts a sweep against Hamas in the West Bank, prompting rocket attacks from Gaza and Israeli air raids in response. The seven-week conflict that ensues results in more than 2,200 Palestinian deaths in Gaza, most of them civilians. In so called Israel, 6 soldiers and 6 civilians are killed. Israel comes under heavy international criticism for its use of what the United Nations calls disproportionate force.

    November 2018:

    Violence flares up after a botched Israeli undercover raid into Gaza that killed seven Palestinian militants and a senior Israeli army officer, marking the most serious escalation since the war in 2014. Gaza militants fire hundreds of rockets at Israel in response, killing a laborer in southern Israel. At least seven Palestinians, among them five militants, are killed in Gaza.
    And there is of course this last one
    With 309 Palestinians dead (66 children)…

    Will this new regime beat Netanyahu at killing gentile children?
    It looks like any future flare up will be more and more dangerous ..
    They are predictable so
    The Jews won’t stop because they got the upper hand and just love seeing those buildings go down; it’s like eating ice cream for them.
    Let’s wait and see

  6. Jews killing Arabs and Muslims killing Jews, what could be better than that? Perhaps the Neanderthals and the Troglodykes will kill each other off and thus we will be able to live in peace in a world freed of these rivals and pervs. Think of the hairy Jew porn actor Ron Jeremy as a descendent of Esau, who prefers smooth white skinned women.

    This rivalry reminds me of the Bible story of first born hairy Esau vs. smooth skin Jacob. I believe it to be allegorical story, I do not think infertile Rebekah bore twins, one hairy, and one not, joined at the heel. I do not think that is even possible. The Bible story should not be taken literal, it means the hairy Neanderthal came first, it was on earth before modern man, yet modern man is “joined by the heel” because he was a hybrid cross of Anunnaki and Neanderthal – and thus the never ending rivalry.


    Jacob and Esau: The Rival Twins – Bible Stories – See U in History


    Where We All Came From

    “The Annunaki took us from a raw form (Neanderthals) and mixed some of their genes with ours. They fused our genetic code so that we eventually aged. Over time, more of our kind were created as the Annunaki perfected their skills in gene pools. They made us so that we could speak and take commands. They taught us to farm and grow food. They taught us how to build amazing structures and use the stars as ways to decipher events. They taught us how to write and read. They were our parents like it or not.”


    possible timeline of human ancestry:

    Bigfoot/Homo Naledi –> Neanderthal –> Adamic race –> modern humans


    DNA of the Gods Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Chapter 3 THE GENETIC ENGINEERING OF THE ADAMIC HUMANITY THE THIRD LEAP IN EVOLUTION AND THE EXIT OF EDIN

    “When Anu and Enlil voted in favor of the genetic engineering of earthborn hominids, it was with the aim of creating slave workers, lulus. In the mind of Enlil, there was only one purpose for the lulus: to toil in place of the Nibirians, first in the gold mines and then in Sumer as servants. Enlil had one of the most extreme Anunnaki profiles: violent and prone to anger, indignant, jealous, and highly self-centered. He had minimal scientific or technological skills and little reflective capacity. For Enki–the chief scientist who had, in contrast, a powerful mind and astounding reflective capacities–it was immediately evident that such workers had to be intelligent enough to understand their tasks and that they should have the capacity to proliferate so that they were in good supply.
    For Ninmah too it did not make sense to keep cloning males (a task demanding huge attention, effort, and time) when nature has solved the problem of both durability and multiplication of a species by sexual reproduction. But, as I understand it from studying the texts, this seems to be only the baseline of Enki’s and Ninmah’s multilayered thinking: the official one in accordance with the assembly’s decision to fashion workers but nevertheless anticipating future needs. Yet there’s much more to Ninmah’s and Enki’s overall purpose, because, if they had only this aim in mind, they would have given the ability to procreate to the earthlings, but not such an open and deep intelligence that they could entrust their science to them.

    This is why they kept perfecting the earthlings until Adamu and Tiamat were endowed with self-awareness and the capacity to procreate. What is interesting is that Adamu and Tiamat, as well as the first batch of male clones of Adamu and female clones of Tiamat, had sexual organs, but they were not able to procreate until Ningishzidda performed the genetic adjustments when they were already adult. This is where, according to Zecharia Sitchin in his The Lost Book of Enki, the infamous rib comes into play. Ningishzidda first administered anesthesia to the four bodies of Ninmah, Enki, Adamu, and Tiamat. Then he extracted the life essence (DNA) of Enki from his rib’s bone marrow and grafted it in the rib of Adamu.

    Similarly, he extracted the DNA of Ninmah from her rib’s bone marrow and grafted it into the rib of Tiamat. The genome (the Tree of Life) of the first couple was thus optimized: this is the third leap in evolution. Says Sitchin, “To their Tree of Life, two branches have been added.” And this is when Tiamat and Adamu start having a sense of self and self-reflective capacities. They are now conscious of their sexuality and adorn (not “cover”) their loins. When Enlil, by accident, sees this, he becomes furious and expels them from Edin, despite the fact that they were in the land of Enki, nearby his city of Eridu. Sitchin says about this event:

    Anunnaki DNA

    Unbeknownst to Enlil, and with the connivance of Sud [Ninmah], Enki contrived to give the creature one more genetic twist: granting to the hybrid beings . . . the ability to have offspring, the sexual “Knowing” for having children. The event is echoed in the biblical tale of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and although the original Sumerian text of the tale has not yet been found, a number of Sumerian depictions of the event were indeed discovered. They show different aspects of the tale: the Tree of Life; the offering of the forbidden fruit; the angry encounter that ensued between the “Lord God” and the “Serpent.” Yet another shows Eve girdled in a garment around her loins while Adam is still naked, another detail related in the Book. Sumerian god Enki

    In this tablet Sitchin is referring to, next to the representation of Enki is written “god who solves secrets” or “god of the Deep Mines”–and in the original Hebrew text of Genesis, the “tempter” is called Nahash, which means “serpent” but also “He who solves secrets,” as well as “he who knows metals.” Thus the serpent in Sumerian texts is just a symbol of knowledge and wisdom–Enki being sometimes called “The one who knows all.” In the same way, Anu is called “Bull of Heaven,” and later King Richard I will get the epithet “The Lion Heart” to signify his bravery during the Third Crusade. We see here how an epithet representing a quality (serpent = knowledge and wisdom) is later translated into a negative quality (serpent = the tempter, the insidious scheming Satan). Yet the translation of “god who solves secrets” into the Hebrew was perfectly correct.

    Lyn Bechtel noted in her 1993 text Rethinking: The completely negative symbolism of the snake in the traditional [“sin and Fall”] interpretations is incompatible with snake symbolism in the ancient Near East and in Israel during the monarchy. Most scholars agree that this negative snake symbolism was introduced in the second or third century BCE.

    The serpent as the Knower is the emblem of Enki and of two of his sons, Ningishzidda and Marduk. The Sumerian representations of Ningishzidda show already what will become his Greek emblem as Hermes’ caduceus (we will study these symbols in depth farther on). As for Marduk, he is called by Enlil “the great Serpent” in the second Pyramid War.

    With the genetic upgrading that took place in Edin, we learn that we humans have in us the DNA of both Enki and Ninmah as well as Ningishzidda/Hermes. Could it be that, in choosing the picture of the double-helix of the DNA as an emblem for himself and Ningishzidda, Enki was signaling to all later generations of the Adamic humanity from which gods precisely we had inherited our own DNA?

    Bio: Chris H. Hardy, Ph.D., a former researcher at Princeton’s Psychophysical Research Laboratories, has spent many years investigating psi capacities, altered states of consciousness, and the mind at large. She has authored 17 published books, including Networks of Meaning. She lives in France.


    Thus, Israel is the final battle ground for the genetically related rivals, the Arabs and Jews, these Semite early breeds, who are more closely related to Neanderthal than more refined white breeds, are duking it out. The Zionist project, to conquer all those from the Nile to the Euphrates, want to eradicate all the Arabs according to Eustace Mullins. Jews want ALL Arabs dead, yet the hairy Jews are the most related breed to the hairy Arabs. Nenaderthal remnant rivals.

    This fight to the death is the delight to the Anunnaki gods, who made us, and set us free after they got done using us as worker bees and sex slaves. Our fathers in heaven, are without a doubt, space alien devils. We humans, are the product of Elohim (read Anunnaki) lust and genetic engineering. Earth is literally the planet of the damned. (That is why I don’t whoreship God on my knees in church, I now understand what is really going down)

    Thus do not be surprised that Jew killing of Arabs will stop with the deposed psychopath Netanyahu. Not a chance, the Tanak Torah Rabbis are going to keep egging the politicians to kill, kill, kill. Have you seen this famous cartoon video “Never Forget”?

    1. Brilliant comment as usual YK… and one that’s sure to have the usual cadre of DM “Thought Police” reaching for the smelling-salts! 😂

      Great links – thanks!

      1. @ THE REALIST

        If it’s a question of who is in the right — “the DM thought police” as you disparagingly call them — and the neo-Nazi stormtroopers led by loonie Lobrp and the equally hate-crazed anti-Christian ranter Yukon Jack, give me the sane and moderate scholars any day of the week. I think sanity and moderation, coupled with impeccable mainstream documentation, is infinitely preferable to the raving lunacies of the jackbooted Stormtroopers. 🙂

        1. What do like so much about Yukon Jack? Is it his advocacy of the Anunnaki or his belief in extraterrestrial aliens taking over the earth for sex oorgies with female earthlings? 🙂 🙂

          1. Well waddya know… Saki & Madame B – the two PRIME suspects I had in mind! – popping up like mushrooms from the undergrowth on a damp morning! 😂

            As for your fascination with Jack-booted Nazis and s*x orgies… well, being of a chivalrous nature and far from being qualified to “cast the first stone” at any woman “caught in sin”, I’ll just say “Each to their own” and leave it at that… at least for the time being! 😂

        2. quoting Saki “neo-Nazi stormtroopers led by loonie Lobrp and the equally hate-crazed anti-Christian ranter Yukon Jack”

          I am not hated-crazed but I am anti-Jew Bible. Just because a thinking mind doesn’t cowtow to religious mind spells doesn’t make me a hater, yet Christians like to cast anyone who is critical of their religion as a hater, because it upsets them when someone casts doubt on their beliefs.

          The point I am making with that long comment is this Zionist Jewish killing spree (which is real hate) goes way back in time to human creation by the gods, the Elohim or Anunnaki, these space humans who came here and made us in the most roughshod way leaving different factions and breeds in eternal conflict.

          And, as I like to point out, God gave the keys to the earthly kingdom to the Jews, his special chosen ones, who hate the rest of mankind with a deadly passion, and I ask why do you white Christians want to worship a God who must really hate you to appoint haters who control you and want you dead? What kind of crazy planet do we live on in which the worst tribe is put in charge of the rest of mankind?

          I, for one, am not going to spend one second worshipping some crazy god who chose Jews, or demands sacrifice and appeasement, or threatens me with eternal punishment. I say it is absolutely crazy for anyone to do so. I am not in fear of the Lord or these insane Jews who want to take over the planet. But I do understand this rivalry is based on bloodlines of who got engineered first by the Anunnaki geneticists, thus I posted the material above. A sloppy job by our progenitors is the reason why the world is in flames.

          And, now that the powers that be have pulled this Covid stunt and are trying to get everyone to get the vaxx jab, it is much to late for much of the western white world and all others, as the jab is a pre-calculated human genocide plan. A human resource executive told the world this week that she has been ordered to start working on replacing all her vaccinated staff in the oil and gas industry:

          The Higher Up’s Know What’s Coming EXECS REPLACING VACCINATED STAFF!!!

          So, in the next 12-36 months it appears a huge swath of humanity is going to die. Where is God? Where is Jesus? Where is the justice and God’s kingdom on earth? Our myths have failed us. God did not save us, we humans are just like any other specie that has a big die off, like those fish who wash up on shore after a big storm.

          I give God (with a big G) the finger. And I also posted that Evangelical Christians are upset their antichrist Bibi Netanyahu has been deposed. How tragic, the biggest psychopathic mass murdering lunatic has been removed from power.Screw all these Abrahamic hell religions.

          We are the planet of the damned, and I am sorry if you think otherwise, you are wrong.

    2. YJ –

      The fourwinds10 site is run by George Green… aka HATONN!!

      Green’s sock-puppet, Commander Hatonn, is said to be in a spaceship from the planet Pleiades circling earth. WHEW!!! 🙂 Green told me that on the phone in the late 1980s…. as I spoke with him numerous times about his silly claims and plagiarism in his Phoenix Journals. His ‘Rape of The Constitution’ is mostly taken from Eustace Mullins’s ‘Rape of Justice’.

      So, every time I asked him pointed questions he would tell me he had to take an emergency call from HATONN…. ON THE LAND LINE PHONE from his spaceship!!!!! 🙂

      See the ravings of Green:
      MESSAGE FROM HATONN ~~~I AM ATON~~~ MAY 20, 2021

      “You ones mispronounce My label and it matters not but I suggest you be a bit attentive while we sort out some of the rubbish from the worthy content of beliefs. I am not tripping around on your physical habitat and “Dharma” does not proclaim to be anything except what she is–MY SECRETARY. I am not a “MAN” calling Myself some wishful thinking guru–I will, however, conclude who will and who will not be acceptable into My places and My guidelines are few and succinct–intention is the name of the ticket receiving. YOU HAVE NO POWER ON EARTH CAPABLE OF CAUSING IT TO BE OTHERWISE, FOR IN THIS, I AM THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY ON OR OFF YOUR PLACE OF EXPERIENCE–YOUR ENEMY KNOWS IT AND THAT IS WHY SUCH EFFORT IS MADE TO KEEP YOU BLINDED AND HELPLESS. THE LIES WILL INCREASE AND BECOME HORRENDOUS–AS YOU MOVE INTO CONJURED DEPRESSION, OPPRESSION AND WAR. REMEMBER, CHELAS, I WIN! SO, WHO IS YOUR ENEMY AND WHO MIGHT JUST BE YOUR ONLY WAY OFF YOUR PLACE OR SECURITY WITHIN YOUR PLACE? IT IS TIME YOU PAY QUITE CAREFUL ATTENTION TO POSSIBILITIES.”

  7. Human blood sacrificing ritual was annexed in the Christianity from it’s inception by crucifying Jesus. Till date Christianity holding that in their all sorts of life, though the conception of Islam and Qur’an boldly mentioned prophet ISA ibne Maryam wasn’t killed and he’s alive till now. The man to whom Christians crucified wasn’t prophet ISA but there were few similarities in his appearance. But till date Christianity failed to acknowledge this truth because intention of Christianity build up on the base of blood thirst. Since their sinful attempt involved to kill their own prophet but the Almighty saved the life of the prophet by own divine dignity. So to hold on the base of blood ritual practice world wide war mongering policy of them Christianity murdered mostly people and made the world as their blood ritual butchering filed. While except two European whole Christinity provided unconditional support to the Kabbalah luciferin cult worshipper current Talmudic Israelites, since Talmud wasn’t the sky religious book of ancient Israelites and they aren’t descendants of sky religious book Tora worshipper ancient bani israeli tribe, Talmud was the worshipping cult of Nimrod empire. Their actual ancestral root was muslim, whose egostic anger bounded them to exile from Islam in 657 AD from SIFFIN battle field, Syria by assassin Hazrat Ali (peace be upon him) the fourth caliph of Islam and joined in jew religion in 740 AD. So till now world wide they’re infamous for assassination crime. Whereas western Christianity certified that Palestinians killing is Israel’s right of self defense, because westerners reared them as their filed mercenary to kill muslims. Harm watch harm catch. Appeared from islamic records that many of muslim ancestors Khazarian mafia were Jews before Islam but they joined in Islam later and exiled from islam & returned to their origin home further but abandoned Tora due to a reasonable cause. While initially they were Jews so jerusalem disaster of 70 AD by roman christian they hadn’t forgotten and definitely they will retaliate.

  8. There is much more anti-israeli sentiment out there than you would ever guess from watching any of the establishment media…
    The old power structure can not survive the alternative media…
    The City of London, the Queen and the Pope, the Hollywood Moguls, the Czars of Facebook and Twitter will not be able to stifle the growing awareness, try as they might…
    As law and order dies and the rot festers in the dem cities the breakout into armed civil conflict draws nearer…
    And It is coming to a major head between the decent people of the world, who identify with the Palestinians and who have had enough of the ZOG, and the bosses and owners, who have managed the conflict and profited upon the chaos systemically…
    Since that’s how it has always worked…
    If the real republicans can straighten out the election process in the USA, the ZOG will lose its grip on political power and their merger alliance with the corporate chicommicrats to confiscate freedom in the USA will fail..
    And eventually good leadership will restore employment, cure homelessness and the drug problems in our cities…
    In the meantime the Palestinians are the sacrificial victims, and the glare focuses more intensely on the Zion…

    1. Bark –

      You wrote:
      “If the real republicans can straighten out the election process in the USA, the ZOG will lose its grip on political power…”

      Please tell me What/Who is a “real republican” you mentioned.

      Remember the Republican Party is an IRC 527 tax exempt private corporation.

      AND, technically, almost all political committees, including state, local, and federal candidate committees, traditional political action committees (PACs), “Super PACs”, and political parties are “527s”.

      1. Besides, who’s to say that all these POTUS (s)elections aren’t being successfully rigged every 4 years to the point where whoever’s doing the rigging has got it down cold by now. Trump had it stolen from him, and before that it was stolen from the Hil-debeast
        And so on and so on going back who knows how far?

  9. There’s real Republicans around on the grass roots level [ law abiding working class White Americans ] . But unfortunately Ron DeSantis is the closest the grass roots real Republicans are going to get to having a real Republican president, for example. And DeSantis, like Trump, is more concerned about the well being of Israel and of the Jews than White Americans.

    If DeSantis runs for the presidency I’m not going to vote for him. He’ll just be another Trump. Eventually he’ll sell-out White Americans. He loves the Jews A LOT and the Jews will pressure him to sell out White Americans and he will – he will NEVER go up against the Jews, NEVER. DeSantis , if he becomes the president, he will betray White Americans just like Trump betrayed White Americans. In the world of politics DeSantis is the closest thing to a real Republican, but that doesn’t help the grass roots real Republicans [ read : law abiding working class White Americans ].

  10. That’s what it’s supposed to mean…
    They’re the original conservationist too.
    It’s a pretty good stretch now though from conscientious environmentalism to traditional republican values….
    Got separated 😕 long ago with the antiwar hippie movement, ecology identified with communism.
    I think the link could be made though..
    Trouble is too much influence from alchemical dead zones like NYC….
    NYC has no environment….

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