Italian Political Dissident Denounces Covid-19 Vaccine—’We Are All Guinea Pigs!’

LD:  A much shorter Italian version of this sensational letter was submitted for publication by its author to his local newspaper in Italy, the Gazetta di Parma. It was apparently rejected. Here is the much longer English version, updated and revised with additional supportive material of my own on the vaccine crisis in Europe. For these later embellishments, consisting of over a thousand words, I bear sole responsibility and must answer for any mistakes made. [LD]  

April 3, 2021

showing Coronavirus hotspots

The letter below by my translator friend Gian Franco is a cri de coeur that will resonate in the hearts of many Italians who have suffered more from this evil scourge during the last twelve months than any other nation in Europe. [LD]

Dear Editor,

After reading the letter to your newspaper by another reader,  dated March 26,  I would now like to present further evidence of how the Covid propaganda movement has spread terror among ordinary people.

By dint of lockdowns and the limitations placed on free movement, together with carnival-like colored areas and exceptionally gloomy economic forecasts, a new religion has suddenly appeared: THE VACCINE that is freely offered to the public, as if it were the Holy Eucharist offered as a sacrament.

Some people are understandably afraid and doubtful about accepting this sacramental panacea and cure-all for the modern plague; whereas others, more trusting,  are only too happy to run to get their injections—is if they had just won the Euro lottery.

It’s a sad picture;  a real form of masochism.

TV networks and newspapers all say the same things, parroting the same propaganda.

During TV talkshows, where the same dubious claims are made ad nauseam,  politicians and opinion-makers are full of pride and happiness when learning that mass vaccination is underway. No serious debate, however, is allowed. No cross-examination of the chief scientists or of the drug companies making these unsubstantiated claims is ever permitted to take place. Does anybody know why?

There is never any opportunity for people to express a different opinion. It doesn’t even matter if the dissenters  are respected scientists,  experts in their own fields, with full medical qualifications. Nor does it seem to matter if nurses, witnessing with their own eyes what is going on in the hospitals where they work, are silenced and told to shut up.

Can you imagine a trial  in which only the prosecution is allowed to speak?  And the lawyers  for the defense  are forced to remain silent by the judge?

The verdict would of course be predictable.

—     §     —

Your correspondent Mr Zinelli dreams of a “Vaccination Passport”.  But in this case people will from now on be divided into two groups: those who are “healthy” and with the right to travel and those who are stigmatized as plague-spreaders. It is hard to understand why vaccinated people should be afraid of the unvaccinated. After all, most unvaccinated people are every bit as healthy as the vaccinated ones think they are.

The last time I checked, most unvaccinated people were not lepers.

Concerning health staff and their obligation to vaccinate themselves and their reluctance to do it, this probably depends on the fact that they are more aware of the medical issues involved, and that these vaccines can actually have bad side effects—side effects that are glossed over and insufficiently well known, if not deliberately concealed from the public.

Why is nobody allowed to listen to these honest dissenters and their doubts? Why are they being ignored and classified as “vaccine deniers”—as if they had committed some shocking crime for speaking up and whistleblowing?

“Vaccine denial” should not be compared, however indirectly, with Holocaust denial. The real Deniers are on the ones on the opposite side of the fence who are doing their best to conceal the truth.

Here is a glaring example of intellectual dishonesty:  People have actually DIED after receiving their jabs—for example, for AstraZeneca and the Pfizer vaccines. TV and newspaper reports have then ridiculously claimed that those deaths were in no way related to the vaccine. It was apparently  pure coincidence they should all die one after the other like flies  soon after receiving their Coronavirus jabs.

Consider the facts. Several of your neighbors take the vaccine. By the end of the week they are all dead. How do you account for this tragedy? Is this cause and effect? Or is it a “coincidence”, as the mainstream media would like you to believe?

In any case, when people suddenly die like this a prolonged post-mortem investigation always needs to take place to establish the cause of death. This could take weeks, if not months. So how is it that that the mass media can make these bizarre claims of “coincidence” within a few hours of the reported deaths?

Do they have the gift of clairvoyance?

—     §     —

AstraZeneca has now cunningly changed its name to “Vaxzevria” . When values in the stock exchange plunge,  it’s obviously a good idea  to stick a new label on the bottle and pretend it’s a different drug.

Last Tuesday, Germany suspended the use of the Oxford AstraZeneca jab for the under-60s, causing outrage in Britain. This was because of a mysterious rise in blood clotting cases associated with the drug. France has now said it will only give the vaccine to the under-55s. Canada did the same this week.  Sweden and Finland are also restricting the use of the drug.  Denmark and Norway continue to ban it completely due to blood clot concerns.

As for Germany, it began to panic after 31 brain blood clot cases suddenly occurred in patients who had all received the AstraZeneca jab. Britain’s reaction? It was contradictory and logically inconsistent. While denying that the AZ jab had necessarily produced the blood clots in the first place—it could be a “coincidence”—it also suggested unhelpfully that 31 cases out of 2.7 million people was a relatively small price to pay for a splendid drug whose “benefits dramatically outweigh the risks”.

So far there have been 44 cases of a rare brain blood clotting condition on the Continent, causing 14 deaths. Not a bad score, you might be tempted to say. That’s not the point. The fact that this vaccine can destroy the brain is surely proof that the drug has been inadequately tested. That more time was needed to carry out further tests.

We do not consent to a vaccine produced in such a hurry.

After all, you don’t put a new car on the road if the gas tank keeps exploding, sending the car up in flames, however rarely such mysterious explosions might occur.

One European nation, Austria, has had enough of this nonsense. It has turned its back on the EU’s botched vaccine scheme and committed the unforgivable  crime of turning to Vladimir Putin’s Russia for help. “Sell us your vaccines please!” Austria’s chancellor Sebastian  Kurtz has begged the Russian president. Putin was happy to oblige. And so one million Russian vaccines are now on their way from Moscow to Vienna.

—     §     —

We were recently told by the EU Medical Regulator that we need to wait for more “data” to be collected as far as side effects of these vaccines are concerned.

Reflect on this: WE ARE THE DATA!

We get injections with an experimental vaccine put together in haste over a few months. In a race against time, so to speak.  With inadequate testing for side effects which always need several years  for sober analysis. You can’t do this by pulling rabbits out of a hat. This is medicine, not magic. We are playing with people’s lives.

The narrative is being shaped in such a way as to make everyone feel under obligation to accept the role of willing guinea pigs in a mass experiment whose consequences remain chillingly unknown.

I learned this morning , much to my amazement, that the Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson,  has recently chosen a British city of 300,000 people in which every citizen is to be regarded as a guinea pig in a giant experiment involving “mass coronavirus testing”. Without being told they were going to be used as guinea pigs.

The article adds matter-of-factly: “The city’s identity was a secret but, with funding and planning understood to be in place, it could be announced in the coming days.” (See here)

How much more Orwellian can you get?

Never in my lifetime have so many people all over the world been so brazenly lied to by their governments. I am at a loss for words. God have mercy on our children.

 “God  have  mercy  on  our  children.”

The world we grew up in has now gone forever.

We now have a new disease called ‘Long Covid’ which, theoretically,  threatens the lives of seven billion people on this planet:  (a) if people don’t takes their vaccines as recommended—jabs we are now expected to take every winter like flu jabs; or (b) if we take our jabs devoutly and they don’t agree with us and actually damage our immune systems.

More than one million people, I learn to my horror, are now suffering from the symptoms of Long Covid in Western countries. Possibly more in other parts of the world.  This was revealed yesterday in a a study by the Office of National Statistics, based on the experiences of 20,000 people whose day-to-day activities are now severely restricted. These broken men and women spend their days constantly coughing, fighting for breath, racked by headaches and muscle pains, and totally exhausted all the time. This is because they cannot even sleep.

We are now living on a planet of hell. But most people don’t know it.

The mass media, mesmerised by Big Pharma or complicit with it, engages in fear porn every day of the week by blaring forth their message of doom: “TAKE YOUR VACCINE OR DIE!”

We are now inhabiting a world in which we dare not kiss our dearest loved ones without risk or shake the hands of our best friends.

— Gian Franco Spotti

GIAN FRANCO SPOTTI is a poet, translator, and political activist who has travelled widely in Europe, speaks several languages, and now lives in retirement with his family in Northern Italy.

83 thoughts to “Italian Political Dissident Denounces Covid-19 Vaccine—’We Are All Guinea Pigs!’”

  1. “We are now living on a planet of hell. But most people don’t know it.”

    Well said, Gian Franco! Or editor and “embellisher” Lasha Moondoom! 🙂

    I’m not sure who said this in the quote from the article given above, but I think the great scientist Thomas Huxley, Darwin’s chief supporter and an out-and-out atheist, had similar thoughts about this earth being a “planet of hell”.

    Not very complimentary to God, but there you are.This the type of thing only an atheist would say.

    I am sorry that Gian Franco (or Moondoom) should have such negative thoughts about God. I expected better of them. After all, this is Easter Saturday and not the time for God bashing.

    1. @ Happy Evangelist

      I’m glad for you that you are so happy, you horrible Easter Bunny, while the rest of the world is suffering from the greatest medical crisis since the Black Death in 1348.

      You should be ashamed of yourself to suggest that Gian Franco and Lasha — whom you refer to uncharitably as Moondoom — ere “God bashers”. I don’t know about Gian Franco, but it’s common knowledge that Lasha believes strongly in God. She has just posted this Easter tribute to Jesus Christ, for God’s sake!

      So how can she be a “God basher’?

      Anyway, Happy Clapper, this excellent article is 100% about the Covid-19 crisis and how it has changed everyone’s life within the last year. It doesn’t mention the word “God” even once. Not once!

      1. In a way, this is one of the best articles I have read on the internet about the Covid-19 pandemic. This is because it’s in the form of a personal letter by Gian Franco, avoiding too much dry academic detail. It’s very emotional and passionate and there lies its merit. It aims at the emotions of ordinary people ‒ at the heart rather than the head.

        Well done, Gian Franco! You have done your country a great honor. I recommend that you translate this brilliant article into Italian, if you have not already done so, and put it on Italian websites. Patriotic Italians need to read this. Your original letter in Italian is much too short, only one-third the length of this updated and revised English version.

        1. @ Happy Evangelist

          You are wrong in all your facts. The evolutionary scientist Thomas Huxley, the atheist who gave Darwin his full support, made no reference to this earth being a “hell planet”. The person who said that this earth resembled hell was ALDOUS Huxley, author of “Brave New World” and the grandson of the Victorian scientist Thomas Huxley.

          And for your information, Aldous Huxley was NOT a “God basher”. He was a very religious person. He believed in the core teachings of ALL the great world religions — including Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity — and he promoted his eclectic views on mysticism for several decades from his base in sunny California.

          1. The primary reason that this planet resembles hell directly links to the dark spirit of “kol nidre”. Human Beings made it so by continuing to emulate Pontius Pilate in washing their hands of the whole sordid affair, and replacing personal responsibility with the scourge known as “absolution, as Jesus knew would happen, hence the need for his “2nd coming”.

            No telling tales out of school for Christians on THAT score.

      2. MB –
        “….suffering from the greatest medical crisis since the Black Death in 1348.”

        There is NO medical crisis!! The officials lie!
        Thanks to Flan O’Brien who gave us the chart… 0.03% of the population = 3 in every 10,000 of the total world population have died…. and the numbers reported are faked at that. The more likely number is less than 1…. not 3. And Black Death was 51%!!!
        Have a look:

        1. @ Pat

          I was speaking IRONICALLY when I referred to “the greatest medical crisis since the Back Death in 1348”. Trust you, you humorless, irony-deficient American for failing to detect my irony. 🙂

          1. Yes, MB, I flunked the noticing of irony in that message. I’m sure others did, too.

            Now – thanks to my irony deficient prompting – everyone knows what you meant…. FOR SURE!! 🙂

    2. God leaves us to our own devices. He doesn’t stifle our stupidity, but rewards us for any wisdom we might have. God is a Gentleman.

  2. It is not surprising that Italy has so suffered in that we learned after the so-called “election” in America in 2020 that Italy was very much a part of the fraud that denied the American people their vote! Sadly, the evil seems to be world-wide; no nation, country or place is safe from this pervasive evil that has so many names and means of making warfare against the godly.

    1. Fred B on April 3, 2021 at 7:10 pm

      @ GIAN FRANCO / Lasha Darkmoon

      “TV networks and newspapers all say the same things, parroting the same propaganda.

      During TV talkshows, where the same dubious claims are made ad nauseam, politicians and opinion-makers are full of pride and happiness when learning that mass vaccination is underway. No serious debate, however, is allowed. No cross-examination of the chief scientists or of the drug companies making these unsubstantiated claims is ever permitted to take place. Does anybody know why?

      There is never any opportunity for people to express a different opinion. It doesn’t even matter if the dissenters are respected scientists, experts in their own fields, with full medical qualifications. Nor does it seem to matter if nurses, witnessing with their own eyes what is going on in the hospitals where they work, are silenced and told to shut up.”

      The identical, orchestrated, top-down controls are being imposed everywhere.

      Like David Icke says the authorities in unison are following prepared scripts and could care less about their obvious lies, disinformation, suppression of the facts, and contradictions, in their long-planned pandemic intended to lock us down permanently in their centralized controls, while they selectively cull us as their long-term plans reveal.

      They first took away our industries and jobs, drained our markets with cheap goods from China, and deliberately turned our nations in two decades from creditor nations to debtor nations.

      They deliberately made huge numbers of our people soft with living beyond their means and dependent on their governments in welfare states.

      They stripped away God and the sacred, substituting the profane in all of their mass media and entertainment networks.

      They have systematically destroyed the desire and ability of hundreds of millions of people to have children, and then released on us their planned pandemic to nullify all of our basic rights, freedoms and real hopes.

      They, the international banking cartel, behind the pandemic in their massive filching of wealth and power over the decades, have usurped not only our basic rights and freedoms, but our right to govern ourselves. The lock-step obedience of our governments to these monsters and the abuses and denials of all of the powers entrusted to them by us intended to serve us, means only one thing – that our governments are traitors to their own peoples, and that they must be replaced – and not by their fake and rigged election systems – but by whatever means and powers we can evoke to replace them and form our own governments.

  3. Great presentation of the vaccines for the COVID-19 hoax. Being a media questioner, a vaccine denier, and a Holocaust Truther, I disagree that ““Vaccine denial” should not be compared, however indirectly, with Holocaust denial.”
    In the USA, the New World Order is using COVID-19 to advance control of the world, just as they do with the Holocaust gas chamber deaths of 6 million, later reduced to 1 million and today total proof of zero. COVID-19 deaths are about equal to most flu deaths in the past, and gas chamber deaths killed only lice to prevent typhus.

    The problem appears to be hoaxing the masses. The educated people either do not believe the hoax or are responsible for the hoax. Those responsible for the hoax are those that support the New World Order and convince the masses through control of the media.

  4. Covid-19 does not exist, it has never been isolated, and the vaccines are a genocide agenda of the globalist satanists to depopulate the world, see

  5. Have you looked up the symptoms of Long Covid? Then ask yourself if you haven’t had it long before you heard of Covid.

    1. I have never had all these symptoms in combination. By themselves, one or two at a time, yes. But not all together. And they usually clear up after a few days.

      Apart from which, you forget one thing: this is known as “Long Covid” for a good reason. The symptoms do not clear up and go away after a few days or even after a week, like a bad cold or flu. They persist. They go on and on! They last a LONG time!

      Hence the name of the disease: LONG Covid! 🙂

      1. @ Commentator Mike
        @ Saki

        This comment from Truthseeker might interest you both:

        Thomas Faber on April 3, 2021 at 5:14 pm

        The “long Covid” is, in my best estimate, a form of Nocebo-induced reaction – a psychosomatic illness, created by anxiety, stress, fear, exhaustion, and wrong ideas.

        In the long run, bad, stressful thoughts undermine the immune system. Firmly held beliefs in disease will increase likelihood of disease. Mind and body are connected.

        Take time off to relax, and think of positive things. We are spiritual beings, and the more we realize this, the healthier we will be.

        Many psychosomatic diseases are caused by the “nocebo effect” — the opposite of the “placebo effect”. Fear and dread can do dreadful things to the body. They are an extreme form of stress. Like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

      2. It is not clear how many of those symptoms one needs to have in combination to be diagnosed with Covid, short or long. But there could be the possibility of misdiagnosis due to other chronic illnesses, like chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. And as Sister Monica points out many of these symptoms could have psychosomatic causes.

      3. My friends have had nothing but ‘brief COVID’, aka flu, and I have had no COVID for 30 years or more. I take peppermint oil regularly. It is the best defense from any bugs. I put it on my toothbrush. Very refreshing. Aids digestion also.

        1. @ Pat

          You need to give us some tips on how to avoid regular coughs, colds, flu etc. every winter. I know this is off-topic but Admin has no objections to useful and relevant advice like this.

          Maybe you inherit a very robust constitution. Could that account for your good immune system?

          Tell me, have you done your best to avoid allopathic medicine and prescription drugs? Have you always been into natural remedies? What do you think of acupuncture and homeopathy? And what would you do to cope if you experienced some major tragedy and were diagnosed with deep clinical depression? Would you take the antidepressants your doctor prescribed for you or would you find some other measures to cope with depression and despair?

          And what about painkillers? How can anyone suffering from chronic pain do without painkillers? Including addictive opioids?

          1. Madame, allow me to jump in here.

            The best virus fighter of them all is vitamin C. It helps form the collagen (glue) between cells, which helps prevent viruses from piercing cell walls. Viruses can multiply only after they’ve entered a cell. An Esterfied form is best because it’s specially buffered so it helps your stomach.

            When I’m feeling under the weather I’ll take as many as 10-12 500 mg lozenges a day. What the body doesnt use it expels. Vitamin C and about 25mg of zinc lozenges a day are a great combo. 🙂

          2. Madame Butterfly –

            MB – You need to give us some tips on how to avoid regular coughs, colds, flu etc. every winter.
            A – Humans and all animals are living germ pots. Those – “regular coughs, colds, flu etc.” – are normal responses by the immune system and should be welcomed and not harshly suppressed. The severity can be lessened – even never appear – by avoiding meat, especially all pork and white meat of all fowl. Also avoid a high intake of dairy products, especially cheese….. the casein(glue source) causes phlegm and breathing problems! One pound of cheese contains 10 pounds of milk. Avoid alcohol, except small amounts of cheap red wines. SURELY avoid processed food. THEN increase green leafy veggies. Fish is excellent. Good multi-vitamins and minerals should be added to give your body what is missing in the diet.
            Most of the Western diets are lacking much, while folks are grossly over-eating. Georgian, Indian and Tibetan diets are good.
            You now KNOW – how many folks test positive for ailments without any symptoms. They eat what is good for them. Many are too poor to afford too much meat and cheese.

            MB – Maybe you inherit a very robust constitution. Could that account for your good immune system?
            A – That is an unknown for me. Some died early of chronic diseases and lifestyle diseases. Some lived into their 90s.

            MB – Tell me, have you done your best to avoid allopathic medicine and prescription drugs?
            A – ALWAYS!!! I take No Rx medicines even today in my 8th decade.

            MB – Have you always been into natural remedies?
            A – YES!! Since my teens.

            MB – What do you think of acupuncture and homeopathy?
            A – They work for millions around the world. I never use them, but should likely do so.

            MB – And what would you do to cope if you experienced some major tragedy and were diagnosed with deep clinical depression?
            A – I would try to see them as life experiences, not tragedies. I would exercise more to stimulate endorphins. I would learn yoga and stretching exercises and eliminate drinking alcohol. I have had major tragedies all throughout my life and, since I could not change the facts…… I used them as learning experiences….. about what not to do. I need no therapeutics…. I am selfish that way.

            MB – Would you take the antidepressants your doctor prescribed for you or would you find some other measures to cope with depression and despair?
            A – HELL NO to antidepressants and limit ALL Rx drugs!! It is really hard to know what to recommend since I am not depressed.

            MB – And what about painkillers?
            A – Avoid them if at all possible. I try to live with some of the pain.

            MB – How can anyone suffering from chronic pain do without painkillers? Including addictive opioids?
            A – I have no good answer there. Everyone and every circumstance is different. If the pain were too intense I would likely seek acupuncture, chiropractic and/or KENALOG injections, which have helped my hip, shoulder and spine locally.

            I do not see medical doctors regularly. I have not seen my primary care physician for over 5 years; disregarded my ophthalmologist for 2 years.
            I DO use med docs and dentists for emergencies and specific occurrences. I have them safely contained in a compartment. 🙂

            MY WAY is not for everyone.

            1. Pat,
              YOUR WAY is for me.
              we have much more in common lifestyle-wise than politics-wise🤠.

              Moreover, the policies you describe go hand in hand with philosophical structures, reinforcing each other.
              Conversely, i suspect that emotional issues like depression and chronic pain run in parallel with wobbly lifestyle choices, including diet, sleep and grand belief systems, all part of the body+soul farm.
              One must be a caring and conscientious farmer to look after the project properly—don’t let Monsanto tell you what do do.

            2. @ Pat

              Thanks for this honest answer. I really value your input.

              You belong in the same ranks as the Roman Stoics, like the Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

              However, the Stoics (like Seneca) favored the idea of suicide if life became undignified and unbearable. No Stoics would object to voluntary enthanasia. And so my final question: would you accept mercy killing for yourself and your wife, including a suicide pact, if both of you had reached the end of your tether and could go on no more?

              Thanks for your thoughts on this tricky subject.

              1. MB –


                “…would you accept mercy killing for yourself and your wife, including a suicide pact, if both of you had reached the end of your tether and could go on no more?”

                We, both, have agreed – yes. Even though she is Catholic…. no need to burden others with pain and expense. We are going one day anyway. Only bad stewards intentionally burden others needlessly.

                Even now…..
                We are spending their inheritances. 🙂

                1. Thanks for this honest answer, Pat. I hope for your own sakes that you and your wife never feel the need to go this far. May you both die peacefully in your sleep, with a smile on your lips. I can think of no greater blessing.

            3. Pat, you’re right about that colds and flus are in fact healing/cleansing of the body.

              I eat mostly meat but strictly no pork and occasionally birds (don’t like the taste). Low carbs life style.

              I never have flus or colds.

              I do intermittent fasting, I call it “Easy Flu” or nowadays “Easy Covid”. It has the same effects like flu only it’s not as intensive and disturbing.

    1. Now they repeat the WW2 strategy by sacrificing (or pretending) their own to deceive the world.

  6. Lose gracefully?
    Love our enemies?
    Be good and faithful servants?

    Or commit suicide by fighting back against insurmountable odds?

    Please note that the American militias, armed to the teeth with 10 trillion guns, didn’t lift a finger to give Donald Trump the backing he needed to get a second term in the White House. They all chickened out when the chips were down. They were “all mouth and no trousers”.

    How can you fight a war with such cowardly poltroons? They care more for their pizzas than for high principles. Shame on these lily-livered rats!

  7. Not to be impolite or anything but you’ve got it all wrong MB. Trump didn’t win because he was full of hot air and naïve enough to entrust Hazbara operatives in his reelection efforts…not realizing that it doesn’t matter how close you’ll get to Zionist elite, how many of your Christian daughters you give away to said sons of the devil…you’d never be one of them nor accepted as equal! I don’t quite know what militias are you referring to but Conservative Christians of America are not falling for Orange Monkey and his mockery of The Covenant!

    (No idea why it went in there)


    We are eternal souls – sparks of One Divine Creator, of many names.

    The different religions are built on the experience of soul consciousness by their founders, fitted for the times and climes they lived in. The ultimate aim of every soul is to realize soul-consciousness itself, at which point it will be freed from the cycles of reincarnation.

    Earth time moves in 26.000-year rhythmical cycles, rising and falling through 4 ages, from a material age at the bottom of the cycle, to a spiritual age at the top of the cycle. The cycling of the ages is connected to celestial movements, and the 26.000-year cycle through the signs of the Zodiac. The low point of the current cycle was in year 500 AD, and we are currently on track to higher vibrations.

    The Earth came out of a material age, a Kali Yuga, in year 1750, and with a 200-year chaotic change period, it was finally exited in 1950 – and we are currently in an ascending Dwapara Yuga, with a different vibrational pattern – love and creativity are connected to it. It seems worthwhile to think of cymatics when considering these ages, and the periods in between them. See, e.g. 2 minutes –

    The cycle of ages is explained by the sage Sri Yukteswar, Paramahansa Yoganandas guru, in his book “The Holy Science” (available on PDF).

    The “elites” are trying to build a system on the old Kali Yuga template, and they are basically flying blind. Their ideas of economy are wrong, and their ideas of human nature are wrong. The whole Corona- and vaccine-push are based on behavioural theory, which does not include free will, God, love, or inspiration. Their ideas of technology are wrong, too, and their vaunted “Singularity” is never going to happen. Computers have the level of consciousness of the silicon chips they are built on – the same as rocks – and they will never be self-conscious, intelligent, or have a will of their own. Therefore, whatever else happens, the plans of the “elite” are not going to turn out as they think.

    There used to be a world-wide, high-level civilization, at the peak of the last cycle of ages, and it was degraded as the ages descended again, and it’s knowledge lost. Some of it was kept in e.g. mythology, and in Qabbalistical writings, and in lineages of great yogis in India, but much of it has been degraded and gravely misunderstood. One can see remnants of this high-level civilization all over the world – here is a very good video on it, full of photographic evidence – 1 hours, 25 minutes:

    When looking at religions, it is highly worthwhile to consider in what age they were expressed – for example, the outward religious experience for a descending Dwapara Yuga is vastly different from that of an ascending Dwapara Yuga – although the Eternal Wisdom they are based on does not change. Keeping this in mind goes a long way towards explaining e.g. why Judaism (founded in ca. 3000 BC, at the beginning of the last descending Dwapara Yuga) is based on strict precepts on what should *not* be done. As the ages descend, people become increasingly foolish. As they ascend, the opposite is true. Jesus lived 500 years before the low point of the cycle, year 500 AD, a bit over half-way into the last descending Kali Yuga. In year 500 AD, the last ascending Kali Yuga, that ended recently, began.

    The nuts-and-bolts-basics of spiritual practice are thoroughly and clearly explained in Swami Vivekanandas “Raja Yoga” (available on PDF). For a contemporary perspective on spirituality and the world, specifically America, I cannot recommend Les Visible highly enough – his latest blog can be found at:

    The more spiritual light we can shine into the world, the quicker the dark dealings of the foolish elites can be countered and dissolved. We are currently on track to higher vibrations – the next high point is in ca. 12.000 years.

    Good luck, and Godspeed!


    Straight to Spam, eh?
    If you don’t agree that Jews are the chosen and Palestine never existed your comments will go straight to Spam ..
    How kosher is that, eh?
    (I am The avatar, a Palestinian who defends his identity against those who want to slide stuff into the gullibles minds)…

    1. @ Johanmalkum
      (aka ‘The Avatar’)

      I am glad you have finally outed yourself as the ‘AVATAR’, a fake Palestinian Muslim who was kicked off Mark Glenn’s site for trying to damage his site’s reputation by screaming for the “MASS EXTERMINATION OF THE JEWS” openly, like a hate-crazed jihadist.

      You tried the same thing on our site and gave yourself away as a fake Palestinian by misquoting the Qur’an and repeatedly misspelling the words “Deir Yassin” in different ways.

      Good try! How much are you paid per post by your Troll Masters in Tel Aviv?


        From JohanMalkum / aka ‘THE AVATAR’ / aka any other personas:

        No need to get paid when you have Jews like Franklin Richaert who do it for free whom you call “an erudite” for denying the existence of Palestine yet claiming you support it by playing both sides of the scheme..

        If anyone is wondering why this site hasn’t been shut down like Infowars is because they are blind to the fact that this is a Jew site who plays the National Socialist movement just like they did every other white movement ….but I played you..

        Snort some more

        The Avatar



        It was the Rabbi who wrote the article who asked “What Palestine?” At no point did Franklin Ryckaert deny the existence of Palestine. He simply pointed out that he agreed with the Rabbi’s views on Coronavirus (= “Stay away from this dangerous vaccine.”).

        The Rabbi’s hostility toward the Palestinians, according to Ryckaert, did not necessarily make him a liar over Coronavirus, i.e., the Rabbi was right to list all the dangers of the Covid-19 vaccine. The fact that the Rabbi questions the existence of Palestine has no relevance to the vaccine issue. As for this site being “anti-Palestinian”, no site on the internet has been more consistently pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist than the Darkmoon site.)

  10. O boy!!! Now, we are in some deep doodoo!!! It almost sounds as if we have some sort of unlucky problem without resolution on our hands!? Mr. T Faber, Sir, the proverbial “deep end” is not where you’d want to go anyway in your never ending quest to find your solace! Let me remind you that “The Spark” was given to you the very moment of your conception and all you have to do is to embrace it. You were chosen…remember? Tetragrammaton will never fail you! That’s His Covenant!

    Just an FYI….because none of us can really be sure of our bloodline and if it is in “proper”* order, all you have to do is to follow His Son’s gospel…and you’ll be lead right to Him!

    (proper)*“ YHWH, Father of INRI, made The Covenant only with Aryan Israelites in line with Moses, Avram and Isaac and His 12 sons……no other peoples! How can you be 100% sure that you’re directly related to them? Well? You cannot! Hence, Jesus made it possible for you…just follow the gospel!

    1. Blood is not that important – character and spirit is what counts.

      But everyone has to make up their own mind, of course 🙂

      1. TF,
        Sorry but I haven’t seen your comment at first hence my delayed reply! Intriguing statement but quite irrational on your part! First and foremost, The BLOOD (now a days we can call it proper DNA sequence) is the most important part of the creation! Second, The Covenant with Creator itself! Character and spirit has nothing to do with anything…especially with the white race! Nobody is ‘white” or can claim such origin without The Covenant!!! Only obedience and adherence to Torah is what matters! There is a very good reason why Noah figured it all out by creating the 7 laws of Noah (Noahide code) but said nothing about His laws were to substitute the 10 (613 in total) Commandments! Why is that? You may ask? Because there were only five pure-blooded people on the Ark, Noah, His wife and their 3 sons. Sons wives were, all 3 of them “unclean”…hence Noah made a different set of laws just for their offspring!

  11. Pat said ” It is the best defense from any bugs.”

    Bugs keep us all alive. Below is a video by the US NIH program that proves the aforementioned statement. It is from this document that I have been quoting 3.4 trillion microbes underpin all biological systems within the human body, providing 99% of of the DNA that our bodies are based on.

    “The mammalian virome in genetic analysis of health and disease pathogenesis”

    In 2016 the Measles virus theory was declared to have no valid scientific evidence by the supreme court of Germany.

    By extrapolation, if the well commercially exploited Measles virus theory is bunkum, it is certain that the “covid virus” , cobbled together by Chinese computer game (simulation) players using 13 base pairs, guessing the rest ( 30 000 -13), is doubly bunkum.

    Traditional Hindu and Chinese medical systems have no concept of contagion. It is in the West that germ theory got started by fraud Lous Pasteur around 1890.

    For a gentle read on the subject of terrain theory (essentially diet+toxins) of disease and the new understanding of exosomes (see the NIH link above) please read “The Contagion Myth | Book by Thomas S. Cowan or check out his videos, if you can find them.

    The germ theory lie is propelling the world into the worst dystopia possible.

    1. You are correct, Flan. I did not want to clarify that path as you did.


      More to the point…..
      “Traditional Hindu and Chinese medical systems have no concept of contagion. It is in the West that germ theory got started by fraud Lous Pasteur around 1890.”

          1. Pat, I’ve always been more of a
            Mr. Haney fan, lol.

            Pretty sure he even lived just down the road, once upon a time. And I have a funny feeling he’ll be baaaaaack..

          2. Sorry Boss, I’m following off topic a bit…
            As I understand it, the Zen, the mucus build-up problem etc. Is not specifically because it’s dairy…
            It’s because the dairy is acidic (YIN), extremely so, only for YANG babies…
            The excess acidity also causes all kinds of inflammation, definitely including hroids…
            They all say cancer, inflammation gone viral, thrives in a high acid low oxygen environment…
            I DON’T DOUBT IT…
            An over acidified system taxes the ph regulating process and eventually breaks it down…
            At that point the soul begins to separate from the body, you will see the signs, skin problems, wrinkles, rashes, itching, flaking and more…
            Every doctor I’ve ever talked to knows not one gd thing about any of that…

            1. Yes, Bark, there is much more to the physiological & biochemical stories of our bodies than is known or told.

              Dairy is lactic acid and actually causes osteoporosis in most cases, rather than helping as med pros claim!!

              Different bodies elicit different reactions to various chemicals.

              1. Pat, here’s a good article about nebulization with hydrogen peroxide. I don’t have a nebulizer but might get one. I do use lots of H2O2, generally for the mouth /throat and wounds but I think this approach sounds like a great idea. Especially for something so relatively cheap, easy and time friendly.

                I’ll still be dabbing my nostrils and ears with thieves oil though, if just for old time’s sake..

                1. Thanks, my friend! Great info. Some was new to me. I may get a nebulizer, also.

                  I did not mention it earlier due to space & time, but should have done so because it is so cheap and effective. (Sorry, MB. 🙂 )

                  I ALSO use lots of the 3% (brown bottle) H2O2, generally for the mouth /throat and wounds(just yesterday & no redness today). I gargle it daily.

                  People look at me funny when I tell them the body produces H2O2 and it is necessary for proper immune system & healing responses.

                  Harvard Medical School knows, but the butt-heads keep it under the radar: (Too cheap & cannot be patented!! NO $$$ for pharmas.)

                  I talked about it so much in the 80s that my nickname on talk radio in Tampa was ‘Mr Peroxide’ dubbed by ‘Lionel’ on WFLA where he started in talk radio.

                  1. Ditto that. Hydrogen peroxide is great stuff. And the nebulizer is a good practical idea.That way you won’t have to gargle, where you can end up swallowing too much of it if not careful. Not that you WOULD, mind you, unless you were to just slug it down!🤪

                    1. I intentionally swallow some. Although uncomfortable, I sniff it out of the cup of my hand if I get clogged sinuses(rarely).

  12. “During TV talkshows, where the same dubious claims are made ad nauseam, politicians and opinion-makers are full of pride and happiness when learning that mass vaccination is underway. No serious debate, however, is allowed. No cross-examination of the chief scientists or of the drug companies making these unsubstantiated claims is ever permitted to take place. Does anybody know why?”
    Yes, it’s called fascism…
    Corporate rule is really no better, sooner or later, than communism…
    “In the long run, bad, stressful thoughts undermine the immune system. Firmly held beliefs in disease will increase likelihood of disease. Mind and body are connected.”
    And the commercial media never lets you forget it, all about the DI$A$TER$…
    More likely than the power of suggestions though, the gene gun is loaded with some self-replicating nano-bot…
    We’re all just like your computers, right Mr Gates?
    Now we’ll have to have an endless series of ”anti-virus’ updates…

  13. went to Easter Mass no mask—no problem, fabulously tropical, warm humid air overpowering floral smells, happy midgets singing in oldtime disney cartoon voices, 2 other expats, a hardbitten Irish ex-mercenary with regimental tattoos, a massive African, my height, twice the weight, not understanding the language makes it even better, this is religion i cannot get back home in The Windswept House, this is the meaning of true diversity under one roof of common decency. Life is good.

    And mysterium conjunctionis of the day is, what’s behind yesterday’s Holy Saturday’s Christ’s descent, the Harrowing of Hell?
    Darrell? Anybody?
    Why, He couldn’t have been just slumming, so what was the purpose, a survey of some sort?
    Gift of hope to those previously told to abandon hope, ye who enter here?
    John Milton

    The dismal Situation waste and wilde,
    A Dungeon horrible, on all sides round
    As one great Furnace flam’d, yet from those flames
    No light, but rather darkness visible
    Serv’d onely to discover sights of woe,
    Regions of sorrow, doleful shades, where peace
    And rest can never dwell, hope never comes
    That comes to all; but torture without end
    Still urges, and a fiery Deluge, fed
    With ever-burning Sulphur unconsum’d:
    Such place Eternal Justice had prepar’d
    For those rebellious, here their prison ordained
    In utter darkness, and their portion set
    As far remov’d from God and light of Heav’n
    As from the Center thrice to th’ utmost Pole.

    Darkness visible, it reminds me of a paragraph from Malachi Martin’s “Hostage to the Devil” narrating one case (Carl V), excerpt (my highlight):

    There was much light, but, he says, a dark light.
    Yet, that darkness was so brilliant that no detail escaped him
    . He was not looking at
    something or at a landscape; he was participating in it, so clear was every detail
    shown and conveyed to him. What he saw was dimensionless: no “over there,” no
    “up” or “down” or “large” or “small.”

    From Symbolorum Apostolorum (i find that saying it in Latin forces me to visualize the meaning rather than go by empty rote):
    … crucifixus, mortuis et sepultus. Descendit ad infernos. Tertia die … inde venturus est iudicare vivos et mortuos.”

    Was He collecting judicial evidence—visiting the crime scene?

    So many riddles, so little time waiting in this Dr Fausti’s antechamber, cannot waste it idly perusing old magazines laid out for the patients.

    1. Lobro
      All I care to say today on Easter Sunday is a simple message on the ultimate meaning of “sin”.

      We all “live in sin”, which simply means living in this mortal condition. To be “resurrected” means to be no longer subjected to the “laws” of matter.

      It can’t be put any more succinctly than that.

        1. Pat
          Interpreting various doctrine is a tricky thing, needless to say. For instance, “he who is without sin, cast the first stone” would sound redundant given that “sin” means “without”. Broken down to “he who is without, cast the first stone” puts it in a whole different slant. To most listeners it would sound incomplete, and prompt the thought, “without WHAT?” Yet if “without” stands on it’s own…..whither “without?”

          Sorry for all the rambling. Etymology is a favorite pastime of mine, as I think it is for you as well. 😁

          1. BHawk –

            That’s what happens when you didn’t write the original texts. Lotsa guesses…. 🙂

        2. I didn’t know that, but it often means “debt”, as in forgive us our “debt”. If you can find any material left on the internet from Winston Shrout, he spoke of it. This is one of the hangovers we inherited from our financial masters, the Rothschilds. You need to be well read on the internet from quality trusted sites to explain the truth about how we got here. They do exist, you have to want to educate yourself. Many don’t which is why they will line up for what will turn out to be a lethal injection at some juncture.

        3. There were but four (4) ancient languages. Hebrew for the prayer, Greek for the science, philosophy and art, Aramaic for everyday talk and Latin for war! First “sin” came down on us from the satan himself! Satan means “adversary”, a person or entity that transgressed The Divined Laws of The Creator! So, PAT, to say “without” to describe something that is unnatural in its essence is quite….abstract?

      1. B-hawk,
        My comment was referencing Saturday, the day between the Crucifixion and Resurrection when Christ lay dead in the crypt and His spirit went to Hell.

        Far from simple to me.
        And oftentimes, the simplest things are the ones most difficult to comprehend fully, why wisdom is unavailable and unreachable to mere intelligence.

        1. Lobro
          I see the period between crucifixion and resurrection aligning to the chakra energy located within the human body. The accounting of it as seen in print that you referenced is metaphorical, and it denotes the “lower astral” regions corresponding to the most dense aspects of the material world.

          Think of the emblem seen on ambulances showing a snake coiling up a pole. The pole signifies the human spinal cord. The snak’s tail is positioned at the base of the spine, located at the lowest astral point. The snake winds up from the lower to the higher astral point of the heart chakra.

          The “snake” is kundali energy, and what this phony manufactured “pandemic” with its vaccines represents is the attempt to stifle the energy in human beings from “ascending” towards the higher astral regions in signifying a “2nd coming” of the Christ Consciousness.

  14. This news is off-topic, but I think will be of interest for this website:

    Alison Chabloz has been jailed for 18 weeks for making anti-Semitic remarks.

    “…A Derbyshire woman who called for some Jewish people to be deported and accused Jews of turning their children into “psychopathic maniacs” has been jailed.

    Alison Chabloz also said Jews had been persecuted in Nazi Germany because they “had been behaving in a certain fashion, as we’re seeing again today” and claimed “anything that’s worth controlling will have Jews controlling it”.

    Source: Derby Telegraph, 4 april 2021: Derbyshire woman jailed for saying ‘Jews invented the Holocaust for profit’.


      NUMBER03 on April 4, 2021 at 11:36 am

      I live in Italy and what that guy stated is TOTALLY TRUE, here is my summary:

      1. Psychological Warfare and conditioning of the human mind, how? TV, Social Media , News Everything everywhere – They constantly bombard you with “There is no other option apart from taking the vaccine to survive!” This is Pure Fear Mongering to condition people that there is no alternative that you will DIE without… Very pathetic.

      2. Doctors – Fear Mongering and not providing any form of information and furthermore pushing the vaccines on various patients in a very aggressive form as if everyone MUST take it… Why? If you are healthy many virologists have even stated that if you are not a person at “risk” really you just don’t need a vaccine. A Doc paid a home visit to my friend’s mom not cause he was called but to PROMOTE the vaccine to try and force her to do it. This vaccine is still experimental – Even Bill Gates which backed it all up stated that it would probably take TWO YEARS to see all possible side effects in an Interview this information isn’t hidden yet not Questioned – wake up people.

      3. This country – Italy has become a military state, you can no longer move around from one town to the one NEXT Door – Total lock down, arrests and Fines.

      4. Within this last week Italy introduced a Law to FORCE All Medical Practitioners and ANYONE working as a Health Care worker or for the State has to get the vaccine – HAS TO or will be fined and most probably lose their jobs – This is Totally Illegal Look up the Nuremberg Code – This Law has been put to ONE SIDE!

      5. Total Censorship – Any Doctors who say ANYTHING Against any of these vaccines has basically been blacklisted, you are NOT ALLOWED TO QUESTION THEM BUT YOU ARE ALLOWED TO TAKE IT WITHOUT QUESTION! This is all Totally illegal and just some of the aspects we are living in Italy . What worries me the most is that ALL THESE PEOPLE HAVE DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

      – The reason you can well see. When the new Italian state was formed, one smart guy said, “We formed Italy, now we must form the Italians.” In other words, people are extremely selfish here. They don’t care for others. It’s all about personal survival for your average Italian.

      Then we complain after the shit hits the fan when ALL COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED – VERGOGNA POPOLO ITALIANO!


        As an Italian, can you comment on the bold print passages above (Numbers 3-5), alleging that Italy is now a police state where people live in constant fear?

        Is this person who wrote the scary comment above exaggerating? is it really this bad?

        1. Yes Saki,
          both point 3 and 5 are true but I would say that, as far as point 3 is concerned, we have police controls on the roads, in towns and cities. For the time being, generally speaking, controls are not so tight. Of course it depends on the “quality” of the mind of the patrol you meet. In some cases they’re really stupid, in some cases they exaggerate and in some other cases they are polite and understand. The problem is that all the bills or acts issued by the government regarding the lockdown details are unlawful and unconstitutional because these decisions are not “laws” approved through the Parliament but they are simply “administrative regulations”. To lockdown people is against the Italian Constitution. You can do it only under judicial proceedings.
          Many people in Italy got fined by police at checkpoints because they broke the “lockdown rules” but they made class actions and they won because the judge in charge declared these bills “unconstitutional and unlawful” but nothing happened at government level. They simply go on this way and people follow like a flock of sheep
          I share what Sister Monica said.

          1. Thanks for your thoughts on this subject, Gian.
            I agree with all you say. We are losing our basic freedoms.

    2. next:
      A woman went to jail for saying that a woman went to jail for telling truth about Jews“.
      Jew’s main occupation and line of business is oppression and degradation of (white) goyim, joyful destruction of humanity, profit is just a scorecard.

      I repeat Franklin, a Jew who does not live by this foundational precept is not a Jew.
      Kehilah will catch up to him, confront and examine him harshly and if he fails the test, he will be lucky to escape with mere excommunication and ostracism, most certainly all the perks and prerogatives that make his life one of smooth comfort and safety will be withdrawn—for him and his family and any remaining friends—think about the international business of sanctions—just a synonym for “anything that’s worth controlling will have Jews controlling it“.

  15. HAWK
    I don’t believe in sin, or nothing, not the zero either…
    If the expanding universe was formed by a big bang, it means everything is happening as a chain reaction, including your behavior…
    Whether you know 😏 it or not…
    Whether it’s God’s Work or not…
    That would indicate why the sage advocated forgiveness “seventy times seven, and then forgive him again”…
    Because nobody is really at fault, the sin is built in…
    So maybe the only one without sin would be God, who can throw all the rocks he wants to, and does…

    1. Bark
      It’s not a question of “belief”. Try to disassociate the word “sin” from what’s conveyed through the churches. I’m not suggesting a denouncement of the material world, but only to see it in a certain perspective. Through “Indian eyes”, so to speak.

      Think of the beauty found in nature as being “one step removed” from its essence in spirit form, which SURPASSES beauty’s expression in matter. (“My father has many mansions”)

      Here’s something I wrote:

      “…a stark clue indicating an incongruity of matter’s illusory state involves water, when juxtaposed with earth. When watching waves as they lap up against the more contained nature of rocks*, you see water with it’s free-flowing movement being less removed from its spiritual essence of expression. Legend has it that freezing it is a form of “corporeal” punishment for acting so free. It’s been ‘zinged’.”

      * The true Creation power doesn’t “throw rocks”. Only the false imposter claiming to be of the true Divinity does that.

  16. Wow! That is really a very impressive letter. Very well-argued and passionate too. Thank you, GIAN FRANCO SPOTTY.and Miss Lasha. Anything Lasha touches becomes a big hit.

    After reading the letter, I made up my mind and I will not take the vaccine. So, no vaccine 4 me. I will take the chance. Better alife than 6 ft underground.

    I was truly saddened yesterday by what happened to a Catholic mother in a Dallas church.
    I even shared it on Twitter. I stand by this Christian mother and the priest and usher should be fired immediately. That was very insulting and humiliating for the woman and her family.

  17. HAWK
    I guess you saw the movie – ‘What The Bleep’ where the structure of water becomes more symmetrical, harmonious, sacredly geometrical with the attachment of beneficial concepts written on the containers…
    Water is more affectable by thought and intention than rocks…
    And it is closer to the dna ‘intentional spiral’ …
    Spiral is Spirit, as I’m sure you known…

  18. I told you so, I told you so, I told you so! The positive cases of Covid mean nothing, the entire lockdown is a complete sham, and now it is admitted by the World Health Organization.


    The WHO Confirms that the Covid-19 PCR Test is Flawed: Estimates of “Positive Cases” are Meaningless. The Lockdown Has No Scientific Basis

    “The Real Time Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (rRT-PCR) test was adopted by the WHO on January 23, 2020 as a means to detecting the SARS-COV-2 virus, following the recommendations of a Virology research group (based at Charité University Hospital, Berlin), supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. (For Further details see the Drosten Study)

    Exactly one year later on January 20th, 2021, the WHO retracts. They don’t say “We Made a Mistake”. The retraction is carefully formulated.

    While the WHO does not deny the validity of their misleading January 2020 guidelines, they nonetheless recommend “Re-testing” (which everybody knows is an impossibility).

    The contentious issue pertains to the number of amplification threshold cycles (Ct). According to Pieter Borger, et al

    The number of amplification cycles [should be] less than 35; preferably 25-30 cycles. In case of virus detection, >35 cycles only detects signals which do not correlate with infectious virus as determined by isolation in cell culture…(Critique of Drosten Study)

    The World Health Organization (WHO) tacitly admits one year later that ALL PCR tests conducted at a 35 cycle amplification threshold (Ct) or higher are INVALID. But that is what they recommended in January 2020, in consultation with the virology team at Charité Hospital in Berlin.

    If the test is conducted at a 35 Ct threshold or above (which was recommended by the WHO), segments of the SARS-CoV-2 virus cannot be detected, which means that ALL the so-called confirmed “positive cases” tabulated in the course of the last 14 months are invalid. ”








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