Jerusalem is ready to explode — the world can’t say it wasn’t warned

The Palestinians have been abandoned, neglected and betrayed. Now their fate rests in the streets. It has always been this way.

By David Hearst,
“Information Clearing House” —  ” Middle East Eye”
May 14, 2021

READY . . .   TO . . .   EXPLODE

Barely a month has passed since Jared Kushner, former US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and Middle East envoy, declared the Arab-Israeli conflict over.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Kushner declared that “the political earthquake” unleashed by the latest wave of Arab normalisations with Israel wasn’t over. Indeed, Kushner enthused, more than 130,000 Israelis had already visited Dubai since Trump hosted the signing of the Abraham Accords last September.

New friendly relations were flowering between Jews and Arabs. Just wait for the direct flights between Morocco and Israel. Saudi Arabia would soon be next. “We are witnessing the last vestiges of what has been known as the Arab-Israeli conflict,” Kushner wrote triumphantly.

No US figure has written anything so arrogant and been so wrong since President George W Bush landed on an aircraft carrier after the invasion of Iraq sporting the fateful banner: “Mission Accomplished”. It was a claim Iraqi IEDs made US coalition soldiers swallow for many years thereafter.

Kushner regrets nothing. He knows he is right, because he has God on his side. But even among secular nationalists, Kushner is by no means alone in thinking that the seven-decade old conflict is over bar the shouting.

Minority rule

To be Israeli is to notch up one territorial victory after another – the Golan Heights, East Jerusalem, the settlements around it, the Jordan Valley. Each year the state of Israel expands to inhabit a little bit more of the Land of Israel, the traditional Jewish name for territory that stretches far beyond the 1967 borders.

Israel has long since established itself as the only state between the river and the sea, one increasingly incapable of tolerating any other political identity alongside it. This is their solution to the conflict, where the Jewish minority rules over an Arab majority.

To be Palestinian is to receive one blow after another – America’s acceptance of Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel; a new president in the White House who once said that if Israel did not exist, the US would have to invent it; the headlong rush to invest in, and trade with, Israel – even by Arab countries which have yet to recognise it.

Their own leadership is isolated and hopelessly divided. On Thursday, Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, officially postponed the first elections in 15 years. Israel’s refusal to allow Jerusalemites to vote was the pretext for this. “As soon as Israel agrees [to let Palestinians vote in Jerusalem], we’ll hold the election within a week,” Abbas said in a televised speech. But, as everyone knows, the cause of this indefinite delay resides in the certain blow Abbas would receive if he did go to the polls. His party, Fatah, has split into three lists, of which the list he heads is the least popular. Abbas’s search for a popular mandate is looking increasingly troubled.

So this is what the end of conflict looks like. It’s only a matter of time before the Palestinians see that their best interest lies in giving up, Kushner and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calculate. Besides, the Palestinians already have a state of their own. It’s called Jordan.

In victory, the peril is greatest

All of which is dangerous make-believe. The project to establish Israel as a Jewish state has never been in more peril than it is now, when it thinks it is on the cusp of victory. For the real earthquake rumbling is not the one that signals an end of conflict, nor is it rumbling in the West Bank or Gaza. It is shaking Israel, in Jerusalem and in the territory it took in 1948.

It is between the Palestinians – who are either Israeli citizens or Jerusalemites – and the state itself, and it has Jerusalem at its centre. No wall or checkpoint will protect Israel from its consequences.

The following exchange between a Palestinian protester and a Jewish TV reporter was recorded in front of the Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem recently. “Where was your grandfather born?” asks the Palestinian. “Where my grandfather was born? In Morocco,” replied the Mizrahi presenter. “Not in this land, right? He was not here. And he did not come here before, right?”

“So, what do you mean?” “As for me, my grandfather and his father were born here.” “Do I have to return to Morocco? Is this what you mean?” The Palestinian answered: “This land is not for you… this land is not yours. Jerusalem is ours and it is Islamic.”

The spark for the confrontation was the decision to ban Palestinians from sitting in the courtyard and stairs in front of Damascus Gate, where Palestinians used to sit after prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque. The reason for the continued closure this year was Covid-19, but this provoked outage. “Did they perform the closure when there was Purim and Passover for the Jews? They must open the courtyard and stairs for us,” the demonstrators demanded.

Ethnic cleansing campaign

There are many more serious threats to their way of life, but the attempted closure of this area appeared to be the last straw. Jerusalemites face an organised campaign of ethnic cleansing. They are either being forced to destroy houses built without planning permission, or they face expulsion from their homes. A fresh round of expulsions is set to take place in Sheikh Jarrah on 2 May, which could prove to be another spark for mass protest.

Over on the coast in Jaffa, confrontations between Palestinians and Israelis have another cause: the sale of so-called absentee properties to settlers. These are the properties in Jaffa whose Arab owners fled during the Nakba in 1948 and which are now occupied by Palestinian tenants with lifetime tenancy.

In 1948, the newly formed state of Israel expropriated these properties in Jaffa, which at the time constituted 25 percent of all the real estate in the country. For three years, Amidar, the Israeli state-owned housing company, has offered tenants the right to buy, but at prices they can not afford.

The sale has created an instant flashpoint. For weeks now, Palestinians in Jaffa have been gathering to demonstrate. Graffiti proclaiming “Jaffa is not for sale” has gone up in Arabic and Hebrew. The clear intention is to replace the city’s Arab population with Jewish setters.

Clashes between police, settlers and Jaffa’s Palestinians took place after two Palestinians from the al-Jarbo family, who are facing evictions from a residential building in the al-Ajami neighbourhood, reportedly assaulted the director of a Yeshiva, Rabbi Eliyahu Mali, as he attempted to view the property. Amidar is planning to expel Palestinian residents of the property and sell it to the rabbi, who wants to turn it into a synagogue.

Over in the northern city of Umm al Fahm, and other Arab towns in the Northern Triangle and Galilee, there is yet another cause of protest. Tens of thousands of Palestinians have demonstrated against police inaction over armed gang violence for eight Fridays in a row. In each of these protests, the Palestinian flag has re-emerged. The chants are against the occupation, and yet this is all happening within the 1948 borders of Israel itself.

And so the mass chants go: “Greetings from Umm Al-Fahm to our proud Jerusalem. O Zionist… can you hear? Closing the roads is on the way. Time revolves… and after night there will be day. From beneath the rubbles we rise… from beneath the destruction we are reborn. Paradise, paradise, paradise… remain safe O our homeland. Greetings from Um Al-Fahm to our proud Jerusalem.”

A new generation

The protesters are young, fearless and leaderless. Neither Fatah nor Hamas hold any sway here. All think of themselves not as citizens of Israel, but as Palestinians whose land and rights have been taken over by the Israeli state. They chant national Palestinian slogans.

Meanwhile in the Negev in the south, Israeli bulldozers have achieved something of a record. They have destroyed the same village, al-Araqib, for the 186th time. The tension is a nationwide phenomenon. It is in the north, south, east and west. The epicentre of this spreading revolt is not Umm al Fahm or Jaffa. It is Jerusalem. Every dawn buses bring people from Palestinian towns from within 1948 borders to pray. They are called “Al-Murabitun”, the protectors of Al-Aqsa.

The chant from Shafa Amr: “O Jerusalem do not shake… you are full of Arabism and might.” From Jerusalem: “Forget about peacefulness… we want stones and rockets. O Aqsa we have come… and the police will not deter us.”

These protestors are not uniformly motivated by religion nor are most of them socially conservative. Piece by piece, a national protest movement is forming, just as the First Intifada did, but this time it is not happening in the West Bank or Gaza but within Jerusalem and the 1948 borders of Israel itself.

A new generation is rediscovering the need to take to the streets. And a new axis is being formed. It is not pointing eastwards from Jerusalem to Ramallah, but west from Jerusalem to Jaffa. The security forces in Israel do not know how to react. According to Israeli daily Yedioth Aharonoth, there is dissension between various branches of the security forces on how to react.

Senior officials within the army and the intelligence services, the newspaper reported, have expressed “a professional disappointment in the conduct of the police within Jerusalem during the recent confrontations, for there was no sufficient preparation and dealing with the early events provoked emotions.”

The paper said that the intelligence services warned the police against closing the stairs leading to Bab al-Amoud “because of the explosion it would cause in the region”. The authorities gave way on the closure of the space in front of the Damascus Gate, to wild celebrations.

On the brink

There is fuel in the air. It will not take long before it finds another spark. Jerusalem is on the brink of an explosion.

Are Israel’s international allies going to sit back and await the death and bloodshed that would inevitably accompany a fresh uprising? Joe Biden has embarked on a bid to restore US leadership by staking out a foreign policy allegedly based on support for human rights. His administration is the first in US history to recognise the Armenian genocide.

But if Biden actually wants to make a difference, it is not the past he should be talking about, but what is happening right now in front of his nose. If this new president’s attachment to human rights is genuine and not just a cynical collection of sound bites, he should not be talking about history, he should be making it. Biden should start to deal with the biggest serial abuser of human rights: Israel.

That there is injustice and discrimination that meets the internationally agreed definition of apartheid, there can no longer be any doubt. One human rights organisation after another has produced exhaustive and scholarly reports testifying to its existence. Last month, it was B’Tselem. This month it was Human Rights Watch. Does Biden challenge this evidence? Does he agree with Israel that these reports are fictional?

The weight of evidence can no longer be ignored, the human rights abuses occur daily.

Day by day, the state of Israel, not merely its settlers, or the far right, has become more extreme in enforcing its sovereignty over the people whose lands it has seized. For how long then can Biden defend a regime whose existence depends on the daily use of force over a people that make up 20 percent of its citizens and the majority of the population between the river and the sea?

The Abraham Accords Israel signed with two Arab states were a delusion. Netanyahu calculated that opening relations with Arab states was the means by which he could bypass a Palestinian state and ignore Palestinian rights. He was gravely wrong on both counts.

For Palestinians, it no longer matters how Biden or the rest of the world reacts. Abandoned by the international community, neglected by the media, betrayed by most Arab states, ignored by a leadership that has become irrelevant to their needs, their fate now rests in their hands alone. It rests in the streets. It always has been this way.

But don’t pretend you were not warned when conflict in Jerusalem explodes.


David Hearst is co-founder and editor-in-chief of Middle East Eye. He is a commentator and speaker on the region and analyst on Saudi Arabia. He was The Guardian’s foreign leader writer, and was correspondent in Russia, Europe, and Belfast. He joined the Guardian from The Scotsman, where he was education correspondent.


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  1. Israel is conducting a genocide of the Palestinian people and this is going to be a complete holocaust of the Palestinian people and the ZUS is supporting this genocide. The real terrorists wear suits and operate out of NYC, DC., Tel Aviv and the Tavistock Institute and London.

  2. the final battle of the world will take place under Armagedeon in Israel … how do you think … before everyone will get a nano-chip vaccine from aborted epstein-gates transhumanism

  3. “Palestinian Holocaust” brought to you by ISISrael, Planet Earth’s PREMIER Terrorist State

    And YET, on DM, you’ll still get apologists for the Terrorist State Of ISISrael like Sanctimonious SAKI – who assures us he’s NEVER “set foot in a synagogue” – waxing lyrical about how his beloved brethren are so hard done by!

    1. @ THE REALIST

      Saki has always been most eloquent in his denunciation of Israel. He/She has defended the Palestinians at every opportunity. In fact, far more than you have. What Israel is doing to the Palestinians right now fills Saki with absolute revulsion. He/She has never made a single comment on this site in support of Israel. If you can find such a comment, let me have it.

  4. Jeruselum belongs to all faiths and therefore I propose having the city run by Disney. It would be clean, well managed and kept and thats that. Disney can sell passes for Jews, Muslims and Christians. Obviously all faith passes would be available if you want to visit everything.

        1. You are a clever jew/jewess by making this comment, “touche”. It gives you credibility of not being a jew, doesn’t? But I don’t buy it.

      1. @ PAT

        Here for your entertainment. This site has been mine for quite sometime and turnabout is fairplay. The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round

        1. Dyslectic jew Ralan –
          You are entertaining yourself going round and round on the jew carousel of lies and faked stories, permitted by kol nidre..!! 😜

          1. @ PAT

            Your anger amuses me. Typical of an alcoholic drunk biggot who has nothing better to do than blame his pathetic life on others. Go google something. You might figure out that we actually landed on the moon. That should keep you busy for a bit. Hope you have another bottle. And don’t take it out on your dog you swamp rat.

            1. Dyslectic jew Ralan –

              Now I got you seething mad!! 👅
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              1. @ Pat

                Thanks for the laugh. Nite Nite. And the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round round and round, oh the wheels on the bus…………….


  5. If one could peruse conservative Christian publications and web-sites from all around the United States of Zion, one would find near 100 percent support for Israel in the present dust up. As long as the Israelis have this 60 million strong Christian-Zionist support in their back pocket, the so-called Jews will keep doing what they have been doing since Palestine was invaded by the Khazarian Eastern European Jews under the UN Mandate with the blessings of the United States and Soviet Russia.

    1. Agree, the so called christian churches that support zionism are an abomination and not fit to be representative of Jesus Christ, they represent satanist zionism.

      Rick Wiles and Doc and Edward and Matt are true Christians, see

    2. Agree. I see many posts on conservative sites that say “Israel should finish it and be done with these Palestinian terrorists”. Meaning wipe Gaza clean.

      Amazingly effective brainwashing by the Juden. The Zionists are “manufacturing their consent” to eventually do what their “special relationship” friends are bidding them to do.

      1. @ Ramm Stein

        Sad but true. Maybe the worm will turn one day.

        Many a sugar daddy has turned against the whore he once supported; this is when the whore goes one step too far and begins to lose her charms.

        The day will come soon, hopefully, when Israel is no longer seen as an asset to America but as a liability.

        1. Saki, it takes three to Hora.
          New York – London – Tel Aviv
          (the Yehuda Triangle)

  6. Jerusalem ready to explode! More death in Jerusalem! The most holy city of the planet is also the most contested piece of real estate on planet earth, where more men have been butchered, sliced, chopped up, stabbed, crucified, speared, stoned, crushed, smashed. It is the best location for Jews to do animal sacrifice, burning Betsy the Cow for God because, ya know, Yahweh loves the smell of burning flesh!

    It is a great tragedy of what is going down in Jerusalem, the holy land. But is it really holy, did Jesus really die for our sins in Jerusalem? I was taught that theology and now I think differently, now I have a much better understanding of these religions which claim that town as their own. Jerusalem is where the Abrahamic religions will battle it out for supremacy, because the God of the Bible loves violence, especially for him.

    The claim that Jerusalem is holy is not true, it is the center of violence on the planet and we would all be better off if a big Tzar nuke was dropped on the Dome of the Rock vaporizing the temple mount and thus ending the evil spell of the Abrahamic religious madness consuming this god forsaken planet. It is the height of sanity to nuke Jerusalem because then humanity would be freed from the spell and for all time – and freed from the treachery of the Jew.
    How dare you Yukon call the Bible a “spell” on men’s minds, you are outrageous Yukon, you are going to hell for sacriledge!

    Oh yeah? Bible ain’t a spell?

    ◄ John 1:1 ► (New International Version)
    “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

    What does it mean the verse “the word WAS god”? The word is the “real” god, the writer John is telling you the word is the god of the Gospel. The New Testament is a god spell, that is what John 1:1 is telling you, and the early writers new that, they new they were casting a spell with the words they were writing down. Spells are cast by reading the words out loud, the preacher casts the spell on his audience when he stands at the podium and reads from the book. The sound waves from one human program another. That is how it is done, and only humans, with their big brains are susceptible to these spells. For instance reading a book to a deer will not convince the dear to pray to god, or go to war, or give money to the priest. Humans are an odd specie, they can talk to each other with words and use words to fool other humans.

    Do you think Jerusalem is a holy city? Then you might want to consider that your mind is under a spell, and since that spell creates violence and death, it is actually a black magic spell. We should undo the spell, by doing something that breaks the force of the spell on men’s minds, by blowing the holy Jew town back to hell. Just my opinion, am I right or jest mad? Depends on your state of mind, and mine isn’t possessed by the spell any longer, but when I was younger and a good Catholic, I would have thought nuking Jerusalem was crazy.
    Here are some hard hitting essays where I overturn the false religious narratives we were spoon fed and made us dupes of the Bible. I was raised Catholic and had to overcome my indoctrination, and here is my reasoning on what is really going on. Not for the faint of heart.

    How to End the Apocalypse – Nuke Jerusalem
    On April 10, 2018 By YUKON JACK

    Gospel Logic is Demonic
    On 4 Oct 2019 By jackyukon

    1. YJ
      The true Jesus would agree with you on most counts. Therein lies the rub – understanding FULLY the true man.

    2. The (greek) word unfortunately translated as “Word” in John 1 is actually logos. The idea of logos has much more imbedded in it than the spoken word. More like our word reason. E. Michael Jones has done years of study on this and has recently written a book about it. Jones, as always, is erudite in his research. Check it out.

      As far as “The Word was God”, the idea from the context of this verse would be “The Word was God (in the beginning)

  7. The 6,000,000 $ Myth is at the heart of the Christian ✝️ Zionist mental slavery… Little Israel, the proud and brave stalwart state standing strong against the Muslim ☪️ horde of fanatical bullies , and since 6,000,000 innocent jews were murdered by the German Nazis, the jewish ✡ people, the victims, have every right to return their god given homeland unto themselves so it can’t happen again….
    The 6,000,000 Jewish Media Myth is most potently impactful among the ewes of the flock, who somehow think it points up their generally precarious position in the world 🌎 of cats 🐈 and dogs 🐕, them being the cats… I guess…
    In any case, religion as we know it with its almighty god is at the root of geopolitical difficulty all over the world…
    Which is a real shame 😳 since most of it is made up junk😕 …
    That brings us to the Catholics, who are every bit as Comfortably Dumb as Pastor Hagge’s blindered crowd of willfull ignoramusi, refusing to see, much less react to the Vatican’s 🇻🇦 massive push for the death of the Constitutional Republic by glut of illegal 🚫 immigration and the big new shift into Chinese Corporate Communism in the USA 🇺🇸….
    That’s all being funded now, cultivated by the dems endless activity at the fiat printing press, with financial verifications channeled to the supporters and the new rules of the upcoming big-pharma police state worked into place out of the covid hoax…

  8. So, who is going to play the arbiter? America?

    Well, well, well, lets look at America’s involvement in this crises……..courtesy of Yahoo….

    (Biden administration approved $735 million arms sale to Israel – sources;

    And we are not supposed to read anything to the contrary that America “values the lives of Palestinians, as much as it values the lives of the Jews, and Israel’s right to Self-Determination and Self-Defense” no?

    Give me a break! Who is really fighting the Palestinians?

    1. “What does it mean the verse “the word WAS god”?”

      “Kṛṣṇa is Absolute. Therefore, there is no difference between Him and His name. There is no difference between Him and His form. There is no difference between Him and His picture. There is no difference between Him and His topics. Anything about Kṛṣṇa is Kṛṣṇa. This is called absolute knowledge. So either you chant the Kṛṣṇa’s name or you worship Kṛṣṇa’s form—everything is Kṛṣṇa.”

      (Srila Prabhupada)

  9. YUKON
    “What does it mean the verse “the word WAS god”?”
    I think what that might mean is that everything is made of sound, or is an energetic vibration, with the first perfect OMMMMMM sound the pure original…
    What we call the Matter of the Universe is the residue of vibrations… And it’s all much more space than solid…
    All speech is Prayer, in that the intentional spoken word-vibrational has an affect on the way things reside on this plane…
    And we all have the power to manipulate the material world, which is really a series of eve-vents…
    From Jesus Christ Superstar, when the crowd was praissing Jesus and tellin him how powerful he was, he said the Jesus said, roughly – “you have no idea how much power there is’… It’s all withing you, if you can get your head straight enough…
    “It is a great tragedy of what is going down in Jerusalem, the holy land. But is it really holy, did Jesus really die for our sins in Jerusalem?
    The word ‘holy’ originally meant ‘whole’… IT’S ALL ONE…
    Establishment religion quaffed up the natural spirituality, built itself up out of those genuine concepts…
    The Pantheist doesn’t believe there are any especially holy places, he’ not real crazy about sacrificing people and animals either…
    And this –

    Allow me;
    ‘Holy’ means, Unity, Undivided Whole, Without Contradictions, Pure, etc. It brings to mind, David Bohm idea of “Wholeness And Implicate Order” The Universe, as “The Mind Of God.”

    “The Word Was God” means the same thing. God and His Word is United, Whole, Undivided, United. Its this Unity that The Christ speaks of when He states; “The Father loves the Son and has entrusted everything to his hands”. Joh 3:35 Joh “Everything the Father has is mine; that is why I said: all he reveals to you will be taken from what is mine”. 16:15 “The Father and I are one.” Joh 10:30

    Jesus, is The Word Of God, The Word From God, and The Word who is God. He is the Physical embodiment of God. And being purely Flesh and purely Spirit, He could easily assume any of these states.
    He is now Spirit, just as He was Flesh. Isaiah 55:10-15. The Word of God, does not return to Him empty handed, without accomplishing what The Word was sent to do. So, Jesus, as The Word from God, returned to God, hence His Resurrection. God is The Living God. So, Jesus could not return to God, when dead. He resurrected, because He was pure, just Like God, in order to return to God. He resurrected, because He remained sinless, even unto death. He never disobeyed God. He did not contradict God. God is Love. And Jesus loved Gods creation, even the evil people. That’s why he had to surrender to death, manifested by Man, in order to defeat it, for God and Man. Man had to be reconciled with God, because Man too, was The Word of God. God said; “Let Us make Man”
    Man, was The Word of God which had not returned to God. Instead of returning to God, Man died. So, Jesus, was God as the Son, The Third Person Of The Most Holy Trinity, who came to reconcile God with His Creation, and I order to succeed in this roll, Jesus had to Redeem Man, who was also The Word of God. Man was the sinners, who invented evil, death, and human suffering.

    And by this very act, ( Of redeeming Man) The Christ, reconciled God, with His creation, including us…meaning everybody. And He left us with One Law, demanded for everybody “Love One Another, just as I have loved you” This is the Love, that reconciled God with His Creation through The Christ! It’s the Holiness of God, expressed by The Christ on The Cross.

    So, the contradiction which we perceive in the World is because of our “Ignorance about The Father” That’s why, in Jerusalem, an ignorant group of people are persecuting their fellow spiritual siblings because they claimed that “God has Chosen them” that “Palestine belongs to the Jews from eternity to eternity”
    Makes you wonder, if they are indeed, “The Chosen Race” why did God give them such a low deal? A very peculiar gift, this inheritance for “The Chosen Race” which drives them to murder, plunder, and torture. ,A postage stamp sized piece of real estate, no larger than Taiwan, or Vancouver Island. An area, no more than 8300 Square Miles, or 20,770 km2. Packing with, the Negev desert, the wilderness of Jordan, a Dead Sea, 4 Million descendants of the Philistines, and Six Million Jews?

    Ask yourself; why did not Lord Yahweh factors in increase in population? If God chose them, why did he give them a desert? Precisely because, it was not an inheritance forever. The Hebrew broke the Covenant, and Lord Yahweh terminated His contract, together with the gift of land. The land was a part of the Covenant. And these people, in Jerusalem, are misguided gentile converts to the outrageous religion of Judeo-Talmudism, which pursues humanistic Messianicism of Kabbalah Judaism.

    These people murdering others, and chasing them away from their ancestral land, they are utterly misguided. The God they worship, and who they claim gave them that piece of Land, is not the God of Old Testament. It’s their own creation. It is the Messianic Politics, which embrace the reading into the scriptures their own distorted interpretation, and then passing them as “The Message Form God” It is, “The Jewish people becoming their own Messiah” without God, but claiming that God, endorses their Humanistic Messianicism! They have their own Kosher Messiah, which is a sin they will pursue to its maturity.
    This misguided Religio-politics of Messianicism is the one that they use to justify, every kind of abomination, and claiming that God has endorsed it. Golda Meir said; “This country exists as the fulfillment of a promise made by God Himself. It would be ridiculous to ask it to account for its legitimacy.’ (Prime Minister Golda Meir See, Bob Klingenberg Is God with America? pp 289) Really?

    In regard to “The Holy Land” there is no particular place on earth which is “Holier” than another. The Earth, all of it, belongs to God. To that extent, every inch of the Earth is Holy, because it belongs to a “Holy God” The treatment of Palestine as if it were Holier than the rest of the world, is mere Messianic Zionism politics. It emphasized their alleged “Choosiness” and their exclusivity, their entitlement to “Messianic New World Order” That, is what is a Spell, which has been cast upon this people by the Cabbalist Magicians

  11. Arab chiefs no care Palestine
    Just golden calf and copper mines
    Them say Jews steal sacred ground
    that resonates a hollow sound
    To them a land of milk and honey
    counterfeit of how much money
    Make deal with West in acts supine
    whose only wont is I got mine
    while angry children throwing rocks
    at perpetrated lifes hard knocks
    in land where wandered man of peace
    ask will hateful carnage cease
    A vaunted temple on the mount
    Kol nidre prayers hold no account
    of plaintive cries absolving them
    from end of days……Jerusalem

    1. Welcome back, Big Chief! Thought we’d lost you! 🙂
      Your Red Injun poems make a refreshing change
      from the anguished prose of the many other truthseekers here.

      1. Yes, I have always thought highly of Brownhawk’s Red Injun verse. And I’m glad to see he hasn’t been driven from this site by anything I may have said about him in the heat of the moment. Welcome back, Big Chief, and long may you continue to brandish your trusty tomahawk on this site! 🙂 The site wouldn’t be e same without you.

        1. Madame and Sard
          Thanks for your kind words. Just know that sometimes my fury gets the better of me, and I fully acknowledge my mistake in saying lasha was parroting Finian Cunningham in what I thought was an insufficient article.

          I think I understand lasha enough to say that her response to my misplaced criticism would be, “don’t worry about it”. A classy lady indeed 😀

              1. Magnificent and talented, to boot. A multilingual parrot….who knew? 😆

          1. @ Lobro

            This is all the credibility Sardonicus deserves, ever did, ever will. Trust him an inch and risk contamination with malice and lies, whatever the topic (always 100% ad hominem, before this it was to hound Brownhawk off the site… (Emphasis added).

            Come again? 🙂

            Sardonicus is falsely accused here by the confused Lobro of “HOUNDING BROWNHAWK OFF THIS SITE”. And yet Brownhawk is not only back with a brilliant little Red Injun poem but saying nice things about Sardonicus: “Madame and Sard, thanks for your kind words.” 🙂

            And the villainous Sardonicus, who has allegedly driven Brownhawk off this site, according to Lobro, has these highly complimentary words to say to Brownhawk:

            Yes, I have always thought highly of Brownhawk’s Red Injun verse. And I’m glad to see he hasn’t been driven from this site by anything I may have said about him in the heat of the moment. Welcome back, Big Chief, and long may you continue to brandish your trusty tomahawk on this site! 🙂 The site wouldn’t be e same without you.

            Tell me Lobro … seriously … is there something seriously wrong with you?

              1. If Lobro wishes, I will pass on his email address to the 30-40 posters (if I can find them all) who have referred to him in scathing terms. He he can deal with them all individually in private emails. That is, if they agree to have their email addresses revealed to him in a round-robin email. It would be preferable if this site were reserved in future for serious on-topic discussion of the important issues of the day.

                1. yeah, give me his email address and he can come stay with me in alaska. i got a spare room in me basement u see and he’s welcome to crash out there as a paying guest if he can help me out with my problemos. yeah, maybe we can go see the same shrink together, dr silverstein, the one whose treating me for PTSD after my alien abduction rape trauma kerfuffle. trouble is my shrink is jewish and it won’t do if this lobro character has a big issue against jews, he’s gotta like ’em, or pretend to, see, or it’s no deal. the only reason i invite him is cos i dig he’s a hitler fan like me so we got lots in common like. i got these swastika tatoos all over me legs and loads of hitler memrorobillia in the basement, so he’ll feel at home here i guess. anyways its up to him. i’m always willin to meet freindly new faces, tho bierds not welcome in my house. cos my last raper on the cigar shaped space thingee had a goddam fu manchu chinee stile bierd would u beleive it.

                  (space abductee)

                  1. dorinda

                    lerve ya spellin!
                    ya aint no skoolmarm, thass fo’ shore!

                    1. Madame,
                      You’re always on the war-path. Relax please. Donaldo enthusiastically gives Madame a hug and 😘. There…..fine lady…….feel better now?

                2. “it would be preferable”, what a joke, how namby pamby! Someone in ADMIN needs to take the bull by the horns and save Darkmoon, toby doesn’t have what it takes. “It would be preferable”, LMFAO!!!!! Yeah,
                  that’s real authoritative and everyone respects that and everyone is going to abide by that! *wink* *wink* LMFAO!!!!!

                3. uncle,

                  What does the .me in stand for? mental? As in “mental retards”, “mental cases”? Where is ADMIN located? Chattahochee? LMFAO!!!!!

                  1. I am not privy to all these details, Joe. I’m just a humble moderator. All I can tell you is that the suffix “me” in stands for Montenegro.

                    1. BTW, the recent posts between Lobro and Ruth
                      will be deleted if Lobro requests their deletion.
                      I think the vitriol is needlessly strong.

                  2. fine by me, Toby.

                    Find me 1 (ONE) single instance when I went after someone in-person without direct provocation.
                    Not only is it neither my style nor habit but it fills me with big revulsion, and I’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of street sh!tters in India without getting all worked up about it.

                    Consider what a great analogy it is Toby: everyone does it daily (hopefully) in privacy in the name of regularity and digestive housekeeping, no social crime there.

                    But to do it in a street is quite another matter, innit.
                    If Ruth hates my guts, she is welcome to it, whatever the reason, I would defend her right to hate me.

                    IN PRIVACY.

                    But she and Sardonicus (especially) like to do it in the street.

                    Me, all I ever WANT to do is deal with the content, the message and the topic.

                    Are people really so stupid not to understand the difference!?
                    You tell me.

                    Women and men with female-like brains in particular have great trouble distinguishing between the two.
                    Just like they have trouble with male-dominated pursuit requiring spatial orientation, geometry, chess, military and political strategy and I guess here we hit another analogy or set of parallels.

                    Is that why they hate me so much, like shooting someone who beats them at chess? It sure seems that way to me.

                    All I did was to point out how Saki’s view of Kol Nidre was very misinformed and used the famous Jewish defector’s words to that end.
                    And being misinformed about Kol Nidre is just about the biggest mistake goyim can ever make, like petting that cute looking cobra coiled and hissing under the rock—so sweet♥

                    Like saying what IDF Jews are doing in Gaza is spraying it against Covid-19 virus.

                    Yes, delete, AFAIAC.
                    (And warn them all, singly or as a group, not to deviate from content—maybe there should be a website dedicated entirely to ad hominem, a fight club where they can get their negative yayas out)

            1. Alice,
              When I say something, I can back it up with evidence—can you?
              Start reading the sub-thread starting here:

              Then come these non-entities whose entire existence is predicated on ad-hominem in service of the powers that be, e.g., Sally Pankhurst (show me a single instance where she addressed the topic of the article—she is simply not wired for that—e.g.,
              ”Instead of attacking women … for your erectile deficiencies, maybe you ought to try viagra!”),
              followed by the SAME, ubiquitous stalwarts of ad-hominem like Background Observer
              (”Do you understand simple English, you boring little moron … @ ADMIN
              It’s high time you did something to get this tedious bore off your site. His endless whining and attention seeking antics are taxing everyone’s patience here. THANK YOU!”

              I think they have these simplified keyboards with 5-6 keys each corresponding to a typical cookie cutter ad hominem and they pound these keyboards chimpanzee-like all day, pointless trying to steer them towards the actual subject matter.

              I am beginning to liken these posters to PRIONS, misfolded proteins able to cause life threatening diseases of the ugliest sort. In appearance they resemble normal proteins, chemically identical but with a twisted spatial shape and the worst is that like a wall of domino pieces, they can affect others and force them into the same deviancy, eventually crashing the biological host into a horrific neurodegenerative collapse and painful death (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, read up on it).

              If I was Admin, I would permit each poster one initial, unprovoked ad-hominem, where no one previously insulted them personally.
              They would be warned not to start personal fights in future or face permanent consequences.

              Now, if in the ENTIRE DM HISTORY, you can find a single instance where I, lobro, attacked someone in this manner, no prior provocation, without addressing the topic, show it here, display the link.
              And I solemnly guarantee to depart the site forever—shame me publicly all you want if I fail to hold to it.

              When a real man, a HE-man challenges me, I will respond readily and agree to a head-to-head meeting, regardless of who he is.

              HP (Homer Paul) or maybe even Xanadu (not sure if she was around at Xymphora at that time ~2007) can testify to it, that this crazy Canuck neighbor of mine while I lived in Toronto and I were all set to go at it at some parking lot in Hamilton, Ontario but he sensibly called it off the day before—and I was equally relieved because it did sound like he would have gotten the better of me, younger, bigger hockey goon.

              But I would not have backed down and even had he crippled me, he would have ended with a broken nose at least.
              And if guys like Background Observer were anywhere near Thailand, I’d be equally happy to meet him at the field of MALE honor, not chicken-cage squawking at safe distance—how things used to be settled before Jew-apes and their women-bots conquered the planet—universal alpha-into-beta male shift occurred, greased by Monsanto hormone altering substances, I guess.

              But I guess that “male” is the new existential crime, the father of criminality begetting “nazis”, “antisemites”, “racists”, “RAPISTS” (I will never stop laughing about this, when “lobro rapes lasha” meme got wornout, suddenly here I am raping Saki, who until a day before I thought was a man😬), “killers of Palestinian newborns”, …, make up some more, i can handle it thanks to my “toxic masculinity”, hah.

  12. For those who can appreciate the difference, see
    here, hit the translate but even without words it should be obvious.

    Why I am a fugitive from the inane never-stopping malignancy that rules Mordor-like West, where inflicting wanton injury is the 🕎prescription opiate to mask one’s own abject, unrecognized and inadmissible pain of miserable, pointless, frightening existence—the empty hell-hole gawping and grinning behind, forward and underneath the League Of The Lost, the votaries of relativism, “if I can ensure that someone hurts worse than me, I am okay”.

    This (SA Asia, Theravada) is the world of charity, empathy, kindness for its own sake,that nourishes the soul, provides its own satisfaction and spiritual health, no need for outside and fake praise and recognition, the difference between true dignity and false pride, between honor and vanity, between absolute, eternal and relative, temporal.

    NB, i actually know this monk by sight and have probably met or seen some of these people on my dawn ride to the river. A ritual I don’t think I can go without anywhere else, though I also loved the muezzin calls in Bosnia, something similar, even greeting pairs of nuns walking about, grocery shopping … in a 95% Muslim town❗️ Can you see❓
    I could spend all day lecturing these people about ad-hominem and they would still be clueless.
    Why … well, you know the adage: “Antisemitism Ad hominem is a disease that you catch from Jews”.

  13. I guess most people don’t believe their commentary on these matters means anything or has any chance of changing anything, which is why we always slip into these personal griping sessions, with people offering their evaluations of each other, like that’s what we’re here for…
    To get back to the subject – I notice Netanyahu and al lot of others like to claim Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, and that the arabs lives are much better in Israel than they are anywhere else in that part of the world.. The second part of that might even be almost true… I wouldn’t want to be accused of a crime in Egypt or Saudi Arabia, especially a political one… even if it is true, it isn’t saying much….
    The part about Israel being a democracy is total BS though… And it doesn’t even make any sense…
    I think in a democracy every human being has an equal vote at least, even though they all be governed by a ruling elite…
    But generally, when you have small minority that invades a country and takes it over by force, in this case in 1948 causing hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to run for their lives, and when the invaders do not have a large majority afterwards, it’s a fair bet that the victimized majority of natives will soon vote the invaders out of power, if it is a democracy… And this is exactly the plan the globalists have for all the white countries left in the world, whereas they are rapidly losing control of their own countries to malignant invaders, because they’re making the mistake of maintaining democracy…. Not to mention abandoning their own border…
    Speaking of which – does Israel even have borders?
    Of course the Zionist invaders of Palestine can’t share the power like that, so they impose an apartheid control system over the natives and keep it in place with the iron fist, and plenty of technical assistance from the superpower USA…
    And BiBi gets standing ovations in the US Congress, when he makes the claims above…
    Because of the contracts…

    1. Bark –

      ALL governments are Monopolistic-Capitalistic-Oligarchies!!

      There are no true Democracies; never have been, nor ever can be!

  14. Question for all you brainiacs. Is this idea of Holy = unity, the bases of Marxist-socialist-collectivism?
    In Acts of the New Testament there’s a lot of Holy Spiriting. In Acts 3:44 “And all the believers met together constantly and shared everything with each other, 3:45; selling their possessions and dividing with those in need.” in Acts 4:32 we read: “All the believes were of one heart and mind, and no one felt that what he owned was his own; everyone was sharing….and there was…among all the believers … no poverty–for all who owned land or houses sold them and brought the money to the apostles to give to others in need. ”
    A Ponzi scheme by any definition. Without property the only income would be from those who sold their property and gave it to the apostles to give out to others…
    In Acts 5 Ananias and wife Sapphira met their untimely demise by lying to the Unity-Collective- Spirit , selling only part of their property and giving over just part of the money. 5:11 “Terror gripped the entire church and all others who heard what had happened”
    In Acts 6:2 “…’We should spend our time preaching, not administering a feeding program” Evidently the Ponzi was not working out to well so they selected seven men full of the collective “Spirit” to take “charge of this business”. This is so that the “Twelve” could spend their time praying, preaching and teaching. This must of set the pattern of Christian Ministers-Preachers ever since.


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