Joe Biden Seems Destined To Start A Crisis With Russia

Ted Galen Carpenter
Via Antiwar
April 12, 2021

Washington’s relations with Moscow have been deteriorating for more than two decades. The decision by Bill Clinton’s administration to expand NATO, the most powerful military alliance in world history, eastward toward a weakened, demoralized Russia was a fateful, provocative step.

George W. Bush’s attempt to bring Georgia and Ukraine into the Alliance deepened the suspicions of Russia’s leaders. The Obama administration’s meddling in Ukraine’s internal affairs  to help demonstrators overthrow a democratically elected pro-Russia government pushed Moscow over the edge, leading Vladimir Putin to annex Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula. When the United States and its NATO allies responded to the annexation by imposing an array of economic sanctions, a full-fledged new cold war was underway.

Joe Biden’s administration seems determined to make an already bad situation even worse.

Hostility toward Russia pervaded his February speech to the annual Munich Security Conference, but that address barely scratched the surface of his animosity.

In his first conversation with Putin in early February, Biden contended that the United States was done “rolling over” in the face of Russian “aggression.” The notion that Washington has ever rolled over supinely in its relations with the Kremlin was utter nonsense. Despite the pervasive myth, which Biden and other Democrats fostered, that Donald Trump was “Putin’s puppet” and pursued an appeasement policy toward Moscow, the reality was quite different.

The Trump administration’s policy was even more hardline than that of its predecessors and included multiple arms sales to Ukraine, a marked increase in the pace and scope of NATO military exercises, further expansion of NATO’s membership, and active measures to undermine Russia’s client regime in Syria.

Biden’s decision to convey a message to Putin that he intended to make U.S. policy toward Russia even tougher raised tensions to unprecedented levels.

Unfortunately, the administration’s actions have matched the provocative rhetoric. In mid-March, the Commerce Department announced an array of new sanctions in response to the imprisonment of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.  Washington deployed nuclear-capable B-1 bombers to Norway for the first time in NATO’s history. The administration stepped up efforts to prevent the completion of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, and especially heavy-handed initiative to deny Russia revenue from a willing customer.

The new president’s boorish behavior regarding relations with Russia has been breathtaking at times.

When asked in a media interview if he considered Putin “a killer,” Biden did not engage in a verbal evasion—which even a basic sense of diplomacy demanded. Instead, he answered “I do,” adding that he believed the Russian president had “no soul.”

That stance was in marked contrast to a similar incident in 2011 when PBS’s Jim Lehrer asked then-Vice President Biden if he considered Egypt’s president, Hosni Mubarak, a “dictator.” Biden firmly refused to use that term—although it was fully justified. It is striking that he made no similar attempt at diplomatic finesse regarding a much more important foreign leader.

“A  KILLER . . . NO  SOUL.”
— Joe Biden in an interview, speaking of Putin

Biden’s comment was an inflammatory insult to the leader of a powerful country, and it triggered a new crisis in Washington’s relations with Russia. The Kremlin immediately recalled its ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov on March 17.

As of early April, Antonov had not returned to his post, and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov indicated that there were no plans yet for him to do so.  Lavrov added that Biden’s remark had been “appalling,” and that it had forced Russia to fundamentally reassess its ties with the United States. Russia’s relations with the United States and its allies, he concluded, had reached “rock bottom.”

A statement from the Russian government on April 2 raises an especially worrisome possibility. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned that any deployment of NATO troops to Ukraine would force Russia to take “additional measures to ensure its own security.”

It was a somewhat curious comment. Although NATO forces have joined Ukrainian units in joint military exercises on several occasions, there has been no statement from Washington or NATO headquarters indicating an intention to station U.S. or Alliance troops in Ukraine on an ongoing basis. Yet Russia apparently suspects (perhaps from intelligence intercepts?) that there may be plans to do so, and the Kremlin’s warning implies that Russia is prepared to take decisive action in response to any such move.  One hopes that this is merely a false alarm, but given the Biden administration’s other measures, the possibility of such a reckless initiative cannot be dismissed.

Washington’s confrontational policy toward a country with several thousand nuclear warheads would be unwise even taken in isolation. But to adopt such a course when U.S. relations with another great power rival, China, are already reaching cold war levels is the essence of folly. 

As Independent Institute scholar Ivan Eland aptly points out, the United States can ill-afford to take on Russia and China simultaneously.

The Biden administration needs to back off from its provocative posture toward Russia before it puts the United States in exactly that untenable position.

Ted Galen Carpenter, a senior fellow in security studies at the Cato Institute, is the author of 12 books and more than 900 articles on international affairs.


64 thoughts to “Joe Biden Seems Destined To Start A Crisis With Russia”

  1. Don’t worry, Poland, you can push the Germans aside, I’ll back you up – Winston Churchill, 1939.

    Don’t worry, Saddam, you can invade Kuwait, I won’t interfere – George H.W. Bush, 1990.

    Don’t worry, Ukraine, you can take Crimea back, I’ll back you up – Joe Biden’s double, 2021.

    1. “NATO. The most powerful military alliance in World history.” Oh really? 😏 NATO taking on Russia militarily is like Donaldo taking his Daisy Powerline 426 .177 caliber air pistol on a grizzly-🐻 hunt. The HUNT probably wouldn’t bear fruit except Donaldo (NATO) firing off a few shots and than fleeing the enraged animal tail tucked between legs. 🙄🤠 Anyway. No ACTUAL military conflict necessary….only the THREAT of one. That’s all that’s needed to keep allowing the global “military industrial complex” to continue milking the CASH COW of American and European tax $$$$. Just Donaldo contemplating. 🤔🤨🤠

      1. YESS!! Fed Res $$$!!

        AND, more to your point, Don – Biden’s Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, calls for global minimum tax on companies to “stop the race to the bottom”(!!)

        The United States is working with G20 nations on a global minimum tax for companies, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Monday. It’s part of President Biden’s corporate tax plan that also includes raising the corporate tax rate in the United States and setting minimum taxes on U.S. companies’ foreign earnings.

        Yellen said reaching an agreement would move the world away from what she called a 30-year race to the bottom.

        “Together we can use a global minimum tax to make sure the global economy thrives based on a more level playing field in the taxation of multinational corporations, and spurs innovation, growth and prosperity,” Yellen said.

    2. You forgot “Don’t Worry Germany, you can invade France. I will not attack” -Britain during World War 1

      1. “By way of deception thou shalt do war” – Mossad’s motto

        Thanks, Bigfoot. You’re also right to use a PERIOD instead of a COMMA. 🙂

  2. It seems that “Biden” (i.e. the jewish collective) is hysterical over the possibility that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline may soon be completed. And it’s been suggested that the purpose of the latest provocations by the Ukrainian “government” is to try to draw Russia directly into a military conflict there, whereupon it would immediately be deemed the “aggressor” by the judenpresse – which would then hopefully tip the scale in favor of political forces in Europe opposed to the pipeline.

  3. There is an amazing prediction of nuclear war with Russia from a time traveler going by John Titor that was posted on the internet around the year 2000. Art Bell covered the story. His description of how time travel works sparked much interest by physicists. My favorite line from all of the posts was:

    “Perhaps I should let you all in on a little secret. No one likes you in the future. This time period is looked at as being full of lazy, self-centered, civically ignorant sheep.”

    John Titor predictions of President Trump – Timeline to year 2036 – John Titor Donald Trump legacy

    In the video, the war with Russia starts after the Presidential election is stolen by hacking of voting machines.

  4. The zionists are behind the Ukraine’s push to war with Russia and the zionists are destroyers of nations and humanity and are full filling their satanic demonic sacrifice to satan by promoting the destruction of the Ukraine.

    This war with Russia will be the zionists forcing the Ukraine to commit national suicide with their zionist puppet pedofile Biden along for the ride.

  5. “Joe Biden Seems Destined To Start A Crisis With Russia”

    Of course!! The Federal Reserve needs any crisis between the US and Russia – the best enemy the Fed Res can BUY today. That has been the case since 1917, when the Fed Res owners took Russia.

    The late Professor Antony C. Sutton proves conclusively that the United States financed the economic and military development of the Soviet Union.
    BIDEN WILL GLADLY DO THAT TOO…. for a few $$$BILLION for him & Hunter!!! 💥 😡

    1. Totally agree, since 1913 when America was saddled with the zionist banking kabals privately owned FED and IRS which are 2 planks of the communist manifesto, America became a slave plantation of the zionists, and the only way out of this trap is to abolish the FED and IRS, which are both unconstitutional.

      1. Agree with you and Pat. It is nothing but a PERCEPTION manufactured at the behest of those who stand to profit from war-outfitting. There is a great deal of $$ to be had by all! 🙂

  6. Biden wants Russia to invade Ukraine and after that bleed them the slow death to bankruptcy with gorilla warfare…something along the lines of Afghanistan of 1980s. Meanwhile recruiting and employing Marxist revolutionary operatives in Russia to erode Putin’s base!

        1. Thank Pat, I was getting worried.
          I knew there was “monkey business” involved. 🙂

        2. Actually, two ‘silver backs’ at it!

          BTW…I do not know what I was thinking…and I am not even a senior citizen yet!!! 😉

  7. Another reason to take this threat of war with Russia or China seriously is that the Greater Israel project has stalled, since Russia entered the Levant and stopped US-Israel in Syria during the Obama admin. Putin stop Bibi and his grand plans.

    Caesar Putin Crushing the Dreams of Greater Israhell by Yukon Jack

    Now the Zionists have stolen the US presidential election and they have “green screen” Biden at the helm, the real Biden is senile and his electronic image is acting out the script the Jews have planned for Amerika. Unlike Trump who resisted war, the new president is just an image on your TV screen, not real in any way, and thus now the Zionists can force Amerika to do her bidding.

    Jews have complete control of Amerika and it may be in their interest to put us into war for their own aspirations of building greater israel by crippling Russia, but Russia is led by the impeccable Putin who has outsmarted his opponents time and again.

    The sudden buildup of Russian forces near Ukraine is by design, they want to drag Russia into a war in Ukraine and bog them down so they will not be able to assist Iran in the upcoming war near Israel. US-Israel wants a clear bombing path into Iran with no Russia interference.

    What should you do? Prepare for hardship as the supremacist Jews take the nation down. Prep until both of your hands bleed.

    1. This is a follow up of my assertion that the Biden is not running the show, an electronic image is being used, and now a Senator is questioning whether some doddering old man who is not in charge of his bowel movements is really the president.

      Well of course, old Pedo Joe was picked so the Presidency could be run by the Jews in his administration and managed by a Presidential Team Jewmerika in a bunker in Tel Aviv.

      What this means is that when Tel Aviv orders war on Iran, there will be war on Iran, no more real Presidents saying no. Clinton, Obama, and Trump did not attack Iran, so now we have a fake president, who did not win the vote, attack Iran and maybe Russia.


      ‘Is Biden Really In Charge?’ Asks A Skeptical Sen. Cornyn

      “Texas Senator John Cornyn (R) asked on Monday if Joe Biden is “really in charge,” based on the President’s much lower profile than his predecessors, and obviously scripted appearances.

      In a Twitter thread citing a recent Politico article, Cornyn tweeted: “The president is not doing cable news interviews. Tweets from his account are limited and, when they come, unimaginably conventional. The public comments are largely scripted. Biden has opted for fewer sit down interviews with mainstream outlets and reporters,” adding “Invites the question: is he really in charge?” ”


      @ Plam No plans for a new blog, it is too late to try to change the system, we are in an epic “end times” death spiral, the great culling has begun, and I would not doubt that aliens are behind it. Pesky humans are being scrubbed from the planet’s surface IMO. Everyone should take drastic actions to save their family and loved ones, try to move to a safe area and prep until both hands bleed. It’s all over for us.

      1. I enjoyed your unique writings but if you think it’s too late why post messages here?

        1. Why do you think? Because this is one the few sites that does not censor his messages! How would you read his comments to praise unless you read them here first?

        2. I started writing after 9-11-2001, when most people were still asleep.

          Ruby ridge and the Waco massacre were wake up calls.

          911 was your bed shaking wake up 3 alarm fire bell.

          Covid hoax plandemic is a sledgehammer to the brain, if you ain’t awake now then you are brain dead worthless zombie in need of a dirt nap, 6 feet of social distancing underground.

          No need to ring the alarm bell now, we are completely f-cked, and most of us could be dead in the next few years. So what is the point waking people up when they are already dead or scheduled for deletion?

          The only thing to do now is prep because hell is coming to peaceful peoples of these Christian nations, they let the Jews take control and now that hell that was previously unleashed on the brown peoples of the world is now going to be unleashed on all those good Christian white people, the ones that don’t die from the vax will die by other horrible means like starvation, civil war, etc.

          There is another reason I post, and it is for historical record, that some of us were fully aware of what was going on during the entire Amerikan death spiral, that we knew it was the Jews and Israel doing us in all along, and that some of us knew that the religious myths of our age did us in.

          1. Yukon Jack,
            Purify your heart by repulsing and purging all negative and disparaging thoughts, make room, for you must strive to find a way for Wisdom of our Lord, Jesus Christ, to enter and take permanent hold there. Make commitment to ‘make ready’ and without any hesitation to avenge the death of our Lord on The Cross if called upon. Fellow Christians, matters not how ignorant they are, you must protect and teach…if able?! Lastly, don’t worry about the moment when push-come-to-shove comes knocking on your door and you’ve decided do something about it because…”In Christ you’ll find salvation, He can request anything from you and His Truth will commend you to “make judgement” anyway you’ll see fit!”

            Remember that ‘the rules of politeness’ do not apply in rightful response to enemies of Christ and His people!

            1. Belief in Jesus will not save you. I posted on another article how more than one convent of nuns self administered the vax and then they tested positive and some of their nuns died. No god and no jesus told them not to take the vaccine. This has happened at more than one convent. (Note: I have familiarity with convents because one of my own blood sisters is a Catholic nun and I watched her go through he vows to get ordained, so I know how it works.)

              Now think about it, nuns are women who take vows and dedicate their life to Jesus and his church, and if they are not being told by the Jesus god not to kill themselves with the vaccine you ought to come to the conclusion that the Jesus god is a myth. If God won’t save his own dedicated servants then why even believe in that god, or any god? And you might also ask yourself what kind of monster god puts us on a planet in which we are tortured and killed. See this essay:

              Is the Universe the Ultimate Sin? by Yukon jack

              Headlines (that you can google to read):

              ‘Shocked’: Two nuns dead, 28 sick with COVID-19 at Villa Hills monastery

              80% of the nuns in this Kentucky convent got COVID 2 days after vaccine


              1. YJ
                Save you HOW? From WHAT? What exactly CONSTITUTES “saving” in a mortal realm such as this?

                P.S. The TRUE Jesus had/has no church. In essence, Christianity IS “churchianity”

                1. Life experienced in a prohibitive physical realm such as this constitutes its inhabitants having made a free will mistake. Christ is the one who conquered that mistake, and the one who would lead the way in correcting that mistake for the rest of us

                  1. Like I’ve been saying for years, it’s not about “matter”, per se, but when matter is experienced at a level of density which “sets in motion” the soul being subject to reincarnation, thus inferring an inability to make matter work for you, so to speak, by making it malleable. An ability once possessed by “man” within a context of Evolution/Devolution.

                    IMV this reflects what Christ knows, and what the Christian churches aren’t telling us…..given whatever of this IS known by the offices of Christianity.

  8. Sure seems like before too much longer there will be a Ukraine demonstration of the modern weapon systems directly involving U.S / NATO troops (and finally reported on by the M$M). The ungodly accuracy and destructive power meaning huge loss of life and material in a short frenzied surge or two will be shocking to the core.

    These demonstrations have occurred fairly regularly over the last five years, at least, in Syria but are rarely if ever reported on by the M$M unless it’s U.S. propaganda involving flashy Russian aircraft bombing runs. These did do their part but paled in comparison to the real guarantor of victory; Smerch MLRS.

    Russia’s overwhelming annihilation of John McCIA’s moderate terrorist rebel army and other expendables was accomplished in months mainly via Smerch and Co. Here’s one of those demonstrations of the real thing which you’ve likely never seen but might be seeing in the near future if Uncle Tony keeps it up which he very likely will. It literally looks like Hell opening up, because that’s what it is..

    How the U.S. / NATO / Russia big wigs will react to reports of “shots fired” is everyone’s guess. One thing is pretty certain though, ever since Kosovo and Iraq, even massive world-wide Public Demonstrations against ‘the Wars’ don’t mean Squat.

  9. DONLDO has it right, Good Buddies..
    It’s all about the contracts and the flows of money going where they’re always gone…
    The sabres with Russia are about Biden giving that wing its cut, compared to the big bai-outs elsewhere…
    Heck, he might even give em another war somewhere,,,
    I wonder what the Woke will have to say about that…

    1. I don’t think that Russia is ready for a major conflict. I don’t think that Putin is willing to sacrifice Donbass or her people. We’re getting a prelude of things to come if Putin is not careful in Armenia as we speak. Turks and Azerbaijan, under US influence and support attempting to murder Christians again! Putin had a very good opportunity in Syria to give the cabal a nose-bleed…but he didn’t do it!? Instead, he said that it was an honest mistake when he has lost 20 of Russian air force soldiers and a surveillance plane 3 yeas ago. Besides, he lets Israel and US bomb Syria at will! Globalist cabal is out for blood, no doubt about that! Only a handful of countries that openly oppose them remaining! What will he do? What I’d do if I were him? He must wait for people of US to rise up and eliminate ZOG of USA! It all originate in Washington DC!

      1. KR –

        I agree the puny punk criminal thug ‘Put-On’ the ‘paper bear’ may squeal but not come close to biting the US or NATO. HIS CENTRAL BANK IS A MEMBER OF THE BIS!! He takes orders from the same jew bankers who wrote Russia’s Constitution in 1992. 😕

        Military conflicts are mostly attempts to bring countries into the BIS for direct monetary control..

      2. @ KingRanch

        “I don’t think that Russia is ready for a major conflict.”

        You’re right, KR. I think Putin needs a bit more time to build up strength before he faces down the U.S. and NATO.

        At the end of his career, when Hitler was on his last legs, he confided that if only he’d had 20 years to build up German strength — instead of the 6 years he’d had from 1933 when he rose to power — that would have been enough to inflict a crushing defeat on the U.S. and its Allies.

        Putin is now in a similar position of relative weakness, of “not being quite ready for a major confrontation”.

        He’s built up Russian strength considerably since he leapt to power in 1999, but the U.S. and NATO still have the edge on him. Think of all those American bases surrounding Russia! And Israel, too, is armed to he teeth with over 200 nukes to come to American support.

        1. This could be argued of course, given that:

          (1) Putin has had over 20 years to consolidate;

          (2) Russia has fantastic new weapons, especially deadly nuclear-armed submarines; and

          (3) America and the UK are now at their lowest level economically and morale-wise since WWII, owing entirely to the unexpected Covid-19 catastrophe.

          1. Nobody is going to blow-up the world. There’d be no one left to pay the debt! The “nukes” have served their purpose by arousing fear – and, apparently, are still doing so! 😱

            1. But keep in mind that this wasn’t the case in the past (to blow up the world that is)! CCCP did put together that autonomous ship laden with all the nuke-power needed to destroy the world (Samson Option)…just in case of a major defeat!

            1. “The problem is they are in frozen ports most of the year.”

              That is why they call them submarines!

              1. KR –


                Food stores and repair technicians from support facilities do not magically appear while submerged. 🙂 🙂 🙂

                During Nam, I served over 7 years in nuclear powered submarines as a nuclear engineer/reactor operator on two different boats.

                Most don’t realize that each one spends between 3-4 months of the year in port. Some are ported much more if major repairs are needed. I spent over two years in the shipyards at Newport News while converting the missiles from Polaris to Poseidon….. The reactor core was also changed and took the longest time to complete and check. We checked and test-fired the missiles at Cape Kennedy. That took another 3 months. We checked sonar & baffles at St Croix for 2 months more. St Croix has a very deep drop-off closest to its shores for good SUBMERGED sonar testing. In 1970, the subs were required to be in 100 fathoms(600 feet) of water in order to submerge.

                Russian subs have an iced-port problem even though they can poke holes in the North Pole ice caps using the fairwater planes…… nuclear submarines ARE NOT ICE-BREAKERS!! 🙂

                1. I am no stranger to nuclear power applications and operation myself…however, distinct for civilian markets. Any modern sub will go through 3 feet of ice, in horizontal plane, with ease. Russian made, cold weather reinforced, will do 9 feet! An icebreaker, by the way its bow and forward part of the hull was designed, will lift itself on the top of ice sheet and push it down crashing and breaking it a part using the weight and forward momentum. Subs will do an exact same thing but in opposite direction (in relation to ice) with the help of buoyancy.

                  1. KR –

                    “Russian made, cold weather reinforced, will do 9 feet!”

                    “Subs will do an exact same thing but in opposite direction (in relation to ice) with the help of buoyancy.”

                    Have you done that or seen that done in 9 ft ice, yourself?

                    What system did you use or see used for buoyancy? Emergency blow, or HP blower or trim tanks or a combination while moving forward!

                    1. Pump-jet propulsion and trim tanks to keep it submerged just enough. Cold water subs don’t get the rubber plating treatment for obvious reasons. Look up “Borei” class subs. I, myself, like to seek reference on variety of military things that interests me on ‘military dot com’.

              2. @ KingRanch

                “That is why they call them SUBMARINES!”

                A brilliant riposte! 🙂

                After all, What do you expect submarines to do when they’re in port? Keep their heads above water when they’re “resting”? 🙂

      3. @ Kingranch

        I don’t think that Russia is ready for a major conflict.

        As I see it, Russia is ready enough to inflict massive losses on the evil empire if it is forced into a war (especially in its back yard), but not as ready as it would like to be if the conflict were to become a nuclear war. (Apparently the deployment of the new S-500 air-defense system will begin this year but full deployment will take several years).

        I don’t think that Putin is willing to sacrifice Donbass or her people.

        Yep he can’t, as that would be political suicide for one thing.

        What will he do? What I’d do if I were him? He must wait for people of US to rise up and eliminate ZOG of USA! It all originate in Washington DC!

        He probably realizes by now that he can’t depend on anything like that. Even if some kind of uprising in the U.S. seems inevitable, the demon-possessed madmen running things would probably start a war first; in their desperation they might even launch a nuclear first strike.

      4. RUSSIA is a War Nation,
        Russia is ready for the take over of America with all forms of Invasion of America ! WE THE PEOPLE OF America MUST AND should prepare our Mental Health of the Adjustment of the Russian takeover of America ! I KNOW THE REAL AMERICA : I live with facts, truths, and reality of my Birthland, my Homeland. Russian Invasion of America is Logical and Rational about War : AMERICA IS A HORROR MOVIE ! PLANET EARTH IS A WARRIOR PLANET WITH CEMETERY LAND EMPIRES OF DEAD BODIES . Russia is ready for War. THE HOST OF CELESTIAL HEAVEN: THE SUN, THE MOON, THE PLANETS , STARS , RULE PLANET EARTH. ALL I CAN DO MAKE MY ADJUSTMENTS TO THE REAL WORLD OF WAR ON THIS PLANET OF WAR : EARTH

        1. VP –

          I doubt it!

          Russia, with 500,000+ troops and big guns, barely Finland, which is not across any ocean from them, but a tiny nation on their border.

          Puny punk criminal ‘Put-On’ the mafia thug would do better to try to whip Germany or Poland first. 💥 😜

          We’ll see how he does with Ukraine.

        2. @ Virginia Padgett :

          Putin might send the Russian military into the Ukraine. The Ukraine is NOT part of the United States. The Ukraine is about 5,000 miles from the East Coast of the USA. If Putin does invade the Ukraine that is NOT invading the United States. The Ukraine is 5,000 miles from the United States and is NOT part of the United States. The Crimea is also about 5,000 miles from the United States and is NOT part of the United States either. Get a grip, honey.

  10. Keep in mind that the nukes are strictly an offensive weapon, and, of course, highly unpredictable platform by its very design! Geopolitics have changed since 1945 dramatically and there are a lot more than two of those things in existence! Can Putin put together anti-globalist coalition of the willing to offset unjust oppressiveness toward Russian people? No! Not to the extend that is necessary to attain (at least) equilibrium! He knows one thing for a fact and that is that cabal is restless and meticulous in their resolve. A 150 years in the works and they’re not giving up now!

    1. Darkmoon started off with the intention of teaching everybody how to be Jew-Wise. Then somehow Darkmoon turned into a website about American submarines versus Russian submarines and who has better submarines. I’d much prefer to have Mel back and get rid of BOTH Pat and King Ranch. One learns NOTHING about how to be Jew-Wise with Pat and King Ranch, NOTHING. One learned A LOT about how to be Jew Wise with Mel. So of course uncle gets rid of Mel. At a website that’s supposed to be teaching us how to be Jew-Wise uncle gets rid of the one who was the most Jew-Wise and taught us the most about being Jew-Wise, way to go uncle! Real smart! lol….

      ADMIN: Thanks for your input, Joe. The only reason we let you post on this site is because no one here takes you seriously. You’re a laughing without a shred of credibility. If you say Pat and KingRanch should be booted ff this website, they’re probably doing a darn job! 🙂

      As for your hero worship of Mel (Melvin Polatnik), we all know why you admire him so much: he is a self-confessed Jew who specializes in sexual deviancy — as you often do in your unpublished posts — though Mel sometimes makes pity political comments that are worth reading.

      FYI, we haven’t “banned” Mel from this site. We ban very few people. As everyone here knows, the same bad guys keep coming back like drug addicts for their old fix. If we accept them back, it’s because we feel sorry for them.

      1. If John Kaminski had sent in the post about Hitler ~ “Hitler Predicted The Jews Would Sell The USA Down The River To China & Everything Hitler Said About The Jews Turned Out To Be Right” ~ the post would be featured and ADMIN and everybody else would be like, ” Oh, John Kaminski, he’s a great truth teller!”. But I sent the post in so it gets IGNORED, it gets CENSORED. I don’t know why, it’s a good post, a truthful post, a truth-telling post. What’s “the problem” with the post, uncle?

        1. What’s “the problem” with the post, uncle?

          It’s a question of quality control, Joe. Someone in the kitchen must check the food before it’s dished up the public. To make sure it’s fit for human consumption. 🙂

  11. It’s not about money that’s too simplistic. What kind of “money” are we talking about, fiduciary money? Out of thin air money? Agree about imposing a Jewish Central Bank on the sovereign country but that is politics. They rearrange and take control of the country’s economy. If the country was for sale they would just buy it with “money” out of thin air. The only problem a globalist central banker has is related with things money CANNOT buy.

    MIC contractors don’t need a war to get BIG money, the POTUS simply wrights them a BIG check anytime. Oliver Stone has pumped this myth in one of his movies. The Vietnam War did much more than fill up the pockets of some fascist corporations. Between 1965 and 1975 America was victim of a cultural, political and economic (Jewish) revolution, that’s pretty much MORE than just “$$$”. Little fishes might make some money in the process and have it as their main motivation but sharks are doing politics.

    Globalist Central Bankers cannot print minerals, oil, food or land; they buy it using fascist corporations closely related to the Money Power. If you don’t want to trade tangible goods for ‘Monopoly’ money be aware the big stick is coming whether in the shape of war or regime change. And that’s not all, one has to accept the dictated price. What is the settled price of a given commodity? Whatever comes out from an electronic panel in the NY Exchange? They are building a global Soviet-planned Judeo-communist economy. Prices are not discovered by market forces (micro-management) they are PRACTICALLY dictated by central planners.

    What is the irony (or tragedy) of all this? Society as a whole has never needed a Central Bank to have a prosperous economy. A Central Bank is a Judeo-communist creation, a MONSTER.

    1. NBTT –
      “What kind of “money” are we talking about, fiduciary money?”

      Certainly so. Fiduciary money includes banknotes. ‘Federal Reserve Notes’….. ARE banknotes.

      “MIC contractors don’t need a war to get BIG money, the POTUS simply wrights them a BIG check anytime.”

      Correct. The wars help sway the public…. to agree to the spending. The wars abroad promote FEAR at home!!! Shakespeare wrote (paraphrasing) – “Busy giddy minds with foreign quarrels(wars)… and you can do want you want at home!”

      “Therefore, my Harry, make it your policy to focus the distracted minds of the people with foreign wars. Military actions abroad will make people forget about troubling matters in the past.”

      1. Very well, Pat. The red pill has come for me, or my Jew-awareness, with a persistent attempt to answer the following difficult question: WHY WAR?

        1. Why War? War is revolutionary. And Revolution is the road to power…………Total Power, over everybody, and everything.
          Listen to one of the insiders; “ Every sincere Communist imitating his idol Lenin and the greatest revolutionary strategists must always wish for war. Nothing is so effective in bringing nearer , the victory of revolution as war”( See Red Symphony By Josif Maksimovitch Landowsky Translated by George Knupffer London : The Plain-Speaker Publishing Company © 1968 Original pagination preserved)

          Those who conjure money out of thin air and led it to governments cannot stop at wealth, or money, precisely because they are tricksters. They know they are liars. They know the money is a fraud, and it is a scam that will ultimately deliver all global wealth into their hands.

          Therefore, before the clueless Masses wake up, they must hurry and ensure that by the time people wake up, they will “legitimately” taken over the Global Wealth, in exchange for the Debt the nations will have (as they have planned) failed to repay. I put “legitimately” in quotes, because, a very thorough and “on the table legalistic” method will have been used to “negotiate” “Terms” and “Conditions” of “Regularizing” the “Credit”
          For now, Nations are using their natural resources as “Collateral” for Loans. When a number of Loans are not repaid, The Banker will come to “Repossess the Collateral” Quite legal, and natural………no? Then, a precedence will have been set. and like the Camel and the Arab, the Bankers will take over Nations.

          So that is why they are now dishing “Covid Relief Loans” like popsicles on Sunday.

          Why War………War is road to power, which means Global Tyranny

        2. NBTT –

          “WHY WAR?”

          JUST ONE WORD explains it, along with most human actions, no matter how primitive and poor or sophisticated and wealthy.

          That word is FEAR!!

          You could have asked, “WHY LIVE?” and the answer would be the same word. Self defense and survival – the need for POWER – are rooted in “FEAR!!”

          No need for an essay….. All animals are driven by “FEAR!!”

  12. Money in the wrong hands is nothing but a tool of oppression! Money, to eliminate competition. Money, to subdue or undermine economies. Money, to induce inflation. Money, to corrupt one’s soul! As the good book say…”Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth…but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven… and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” ~~ Gospel of Matthew

  13. Hey, hollow man with no brain, MAN. Be careful you a call a real man you say no soul. Mr. real man of the ancient people of the steppes of the Iceman Inheritance, has ice in his veins who will push the button if pushed to the brink.

  14. Russia is in “YUGE” trouble if $23Billion moves the needle!! 🙂

    Biden to bar U.S. banks from buying Russian government rouble debt in primary markets

    The sovereign debt action, which will specifically cite the Russian central bank, national wealth fund, and finance ministry, extends a step the United States took in 2019, when it barred U.S. financial institutions from buying non-rouble-denominated debt directly from Russia in the primary market.

    Neither move, however, affects Russian sovereign debt traded in the secondary market, meaning that U.S. persons can continue to buy and sell such bonds there.

    The first U.S. official said the Russian rouble-denominated sovereign debt market was valued at about $185 billion, about a quarter of which is held by foreign investors. U.S. investors make up about half of the foreign holdings, he said.
    (½ of ¼ = 1/8 X about $185Billion = about $23Billion)

    “Judging from history, removing U.S. investors as buyers in this market will likely cause a chilling effect that raises Russia’s borrowing cost, along with capital flight and a weaker currency – all of which leads to slower growth and higher inflation,” said this official.

    Dan Fried, a retired U.S. diplomat now at the Atlantic Council think tank, described the step outlined by the U.S. officials as “significant” and markedly stronger than former U.S. President Donald Trump’s actions.

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