Kill Whitey!—American Universities as Hate Factories Preaching White Genocide

Who’s Miseducating America’s Elites?

By Eric Striker
March 18, 2021
The Unz Review

Presented by Lasha  Darkmoon
with a brief introduction and added graphics


LASHA  DARKMOON  (introduction):  Jews make up a miniscule 2% of America’s population. Yet seven out of eight  of the top Ivy League American universities now have Jewish presidents. Harvard actively discriminates against accepting talented white students, deliberately giving preference to less intelligent Jewish students whose parents offer generous “donations”—bribes by any other name—to the predominantly Jewish admission panel.

Gross nepotism, in many cases impudently admitted as par for the course, now determines not only the makeup of academic staff but also of the student body at the Ivy League universities. A staggering  53%  of Harvard graduate students are now Jewish, all set for fantastically lucrative careers in politics, high finance, the armed forces, the law, medicine, and the mass media: a “hostile elite”, in the words of Kevin MacDonald, with a revengeful streak mostly directed at the indigenous white people of America. This is having catastrophic consequences for future generations of white Americans.

By 2050, it is confidently predicted, any white Americans who survive this “silent holocaust” of hatred, will have morphed into a White Trash minority engaged in menial occupations and servile flunkeydom.

Sexual degeneracy and drug addiction will become the norm for the remnants of the white race. Attractive white women will then have only one way to support their children: prostitution and pornography.

Indeed, we already have a situation where many young white women (and men) think nothing of financing their expensive higher education at universities by wallowing in the sewers of the sex industry. Others are forced to offer sex on demand to their landlords, many of them rich Jews, in exchange for free rent.

Is the government doing anything to stop this? Of course not. Our pseudo-democracies, corrupt to the bone and in cahoots with the raptor classes, are only too happy to engage in chaos creation and the systematic immiseration of their own people. 

It will get worse before it gets better. The laws of karma are inexorable. These heartless evildoers will reap what they sow and inhabit their own hells.

We await our Rescuer. [LD] 

—     §     — 

Eric Striker continues with the grisly details of Jewish corruption and nepotism in American academia:

As American academia finishes transitioning into an even more intellectually repressive nightmare, talented professors are quitting and the value of a college education has plummeted.

Ivy League schools naturally set the tempo for less prestigious colleges. Gender ideology and critical race theory begins to metastasize once the factories churning out tomorrow’s elites institutionally embrace such rubbish.

The broader social ramifications of corrupting higher learning means future FBI agents, law partners, bankers, politicians and media makers learn to hate and discriminate against white people in their professional lives.

Bari Weiss, who quit the New York Times because it wasn’t Jewish enough, released an article earlier in the month that has enjoyed heavy circulation. The piece, titled “The Miseducation of America’s Elites,” details the anti-white racial abuse wealthy parents subject their children to at exclusive private schools in an ends-justify-the-means attempt to get them into Harvard and Yale.

When the choice is the dignity of their children versus promises of money, power and prestige, the bourgeoisie opts for the latter.

But Weiss, who is promoted as a warrior against the Woke, spends a lot of time describing the trappings of the problem without giving satisfying answers as to its origins and standard bearers.

Institutional ideologies are not viruses that emerge from nature. They are ideas, created and imposed by men, who have agendas and motives.

We know, thanks to Weiss, what America’s rich are willing to do to reach the carrot, but who’s wielding the stick?

Cursory research done by National Justice finds a crisis of nepotism at our Ivy League schools. Seven out of eight presidents of these universities are Jewish, despite being a miniscule 2% of the national population.

They are as follows,

Even Dartmouth’s Philip J. Hanlon, who does not appear to be a Jew, was inaugurated as president by a invocation led by the school’s Hillel Rabbi. No other religious figures participated in the event.

The concentration of Jews as gatekeepers means that Jewish values and prejudices end up trickling down into every facet of our lives.

At Harvard, Lawrence Bacow (among others) has led an expensive legal war to resist the Trump administration’s demand that it stop racially discriminating against white and Asian students.

Bacow, who in 2018 became the second Jew named Lawrence to lead Harvard in recent years, claims that racially excluding qualified white students is important for fostering a diverse learning environment. The quotas don’t seem to impact his own group. 53% of Harvard’s Grad students are Jewish.

Peter Salovey of Yale has joined the fray and turned what was one of the best research universities on the planet into a hyper politicized anti-white base of society wrecking conspiracies.

In an announcement last October, Salovey announced that he would put his school’s limitless resources and influence behind things like “The Center For Law and Racial Justice,” which trains students to use the law as an instrument to oppress white people, and a “new program to encourage diversity in Yale’s senior leadership” that apparently excludes the prospect of him resigning and giving his position to a non-white.

At Columbia, Lee Bollinger proclaimed the riots over the summer a “new Civil Rights movement” and announced radical reforms to curriculum and campus life intended to increase pressure on non-Jewish white students. Bollinger has also vowed to decrease and weaken the presence of campus police, even though students attending his university are regularly assaulted, robbed and even murdered by blacks that live in surrounding areas.

All the other presidents have overseen similar changes, revealing the lack of diversity not only of race, but also of thought and educational philosophy in institutes of higher learning.

While some will try to argue that Jews control the Ivy Leagues because of merit, as if merit is even part of our national vocabulary anymore, the actual selection process for presidents is decided by a board of trustees. Trustees are often inactive people who donate a lot of money to influence the schools or have high level political connections.

These trustees are disproportionately Jewish. Discounting ethnocentrism and shared ethnic interests as playing a role in their decisions when a clear pattern is present would be irrational and unscientific.

Conservatives will often excuse the behavior of these administrators by claiming they are “cowards” being “bullied” by leftist student groups, but this is not true. In response to a referendum where 69% of students voted to stop Brown University from funding the Israeli genocide of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, the Jew Christina Paxson wrote an indignant refusal letter, asserting that “Brown’s endowment is not a political instrument!

While all of these schools fought tooth and nail to fight the government’s lawsuit to prevent race discrimination against white students, none of the schools have challenged Trump’s executive order essentially outlawing criticism of Israel on campus. The order is unconstitutional and students have complained that it silences Palestinian advocates, but administrators appear to agree with Trump on this issue.

If America’s power dispensaries are so concerned with diversity and racism, perhaps they should select somebody who isn’t Jewish to lead their operations for a change.

The problem isn’t radical students or liberal self-hatred. The rot corroding our institutions of higher learning, like many other failing American institutions, is Jewish racial dominance.

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54 thoughts to “Kill Whitey!—American Universities as Hate Factories Preaching White Genocide”

    1. Fellow Darkmooners,
      Donaldo is sitting in a Tennessee truckstop after a long day of work. Enjoying his favorite Australian 🍻. Wasn’t gonna post…… just read. But this article started an uncontrollable itch that he just had to scratch. Ok….gulp….draws from VUSE e-cigarette….let’s start:
      1. “Harvard gives preference to less intelligent Jewish students.”
      Answer: Ashkenazi Jewish students (not the MUD Sephardis) are among the most intelligent people on this prison planet.
      2. “Indigenous White Americans must be irradicated.”
      Answer: Let’s ask Brownhawk. Are whites indigenous to America?
      3. “Sexual degeneracy and drug addiction will become the norm for the remnants of the white race.”
      Answer: Drug addiction and sexual degeneracy are even more prevalent among blacks, Hispanics and even Jewish Americans. These vices are truly color-blind.
      4. White men & women finance higher education through porn.
      Answer: Donaldo sees a contradiction. Why bother to do porn for an education that isn’t available. Also. Most porn STARS are incoherent drug-addicts ALREADY unsuitable for academia.
      5. Noel Ingatiev & Tim Wise on erradicating the”white” race.
      Answer: Well. Seems to Donaldo that both these 2 stooges are WHITER than ANY European vacationing on a Mexican beach. Oh well. What do they really want? Sniff, sniff….Donaldo suspects the eradication of ALL of humanity…..themselves included.
      Anyway. Donaldo won’t elaborate further. Just drinking the 🍻 and relaxing. Got his 426 Powerline Daisy air pistol beside him to deter any unsavory PEST which may disturb him during the night. Donaldos Darkmoon itch is scratched. Life is good. Been trying to call his pal TROJ but no answer. What’s this kid up to? Just thinking. 🤨🤔😉🤠

      1. @ Donaldo Colina

        1. “Harvard gives preference to less intelligent Jewish students.”
        Answer: Ashkenazi Jewish students (not the MUD Sephardis) are among the most intelligent people on this prison planet.

        This comment shows your superficial knowledge.

        Yes, it is well known that Ashkenazi Jews are among the most intelligent people on this planet. Their average IQ is 110-115. And the average IQs of Whites in America is only 100. But you are wrong to suggest that the 53% of Jews who are getting into Harvard are doing so on meritocratic grounds, i.e. that they are getting into Harvard because they are smarter and cleverer than the White applicants. This is NOT so!

        Ron Unz, who is a Jew, has exposed this fallacy on the Unz Review. He is an expert on the IQ question.

        To get into Harvard, students need to have a very high IQ. An average IQ won’t do. You need an IQ of over 140 at least. It so happens that the White applicants, who are at least SEVEN times as many as the Jewish applicants, all have far higher IQs (in the 150+ range) than the Jewish applicants.

        So it is a FACT that less intelligent and less gifted Jews are getting into Harvard at the expense of exceptionally gifted Whites. Many of the Whites being rejected are of genius level.

        Ergo, Whites are being discriminated against by Harvard university which is run BY Jews FOR Jews.

    2. When the Jews say that they see White Nationalism as their implacable enemy and will do anything in their power to destroy it, I’m quite sure they do so in order to keep to themselves the identity of an even greater enemy according to their diabolical Talmudic ideology: Christianity, and especially the Catholic Church. But since they have through infiltration, bribery, blackmail, and other means, including murder, taken almost complete control over all the Christian denominations, and if they publicized the fact that Christianity, and especially the Catholic Church were in fact their principal enemy, they would not get as much support from the brainwashed and blind Christian Zionists who donate many millions of dollars every year to support “God’s Chosen People” in Israel and “Holocaust Survivors” and other sinister Jewish causes.

      This was their aim, in their own words, in 1936: (both audio and text)

      And as I’ve mentioned before, they finally succeeded in taking over the visible structures of their principal foe, the Catholic Church at the vitiated papal conclave of 1958: (overview) and — this is several long interviews but the short 3 min. 41 sec. segment there is itself enough to astound anyone, Catholic or not. Articles on the subject are at

      Many readers will dismiss all this as irrelevant, but I can assure you that when you die — but hopefully before — you will find out that there is no subject more important than what is covered in this material.

    3. Sister, “White Nationalism” is a Communist code word for “The Bourgeoisie Intellectuals” The Communists find it easier to tag their fights against “The Bourgeoisie Intellectuals” as a fight against “White Supremacism” If they made it plain, the non-white “Bourgeoisie Intellectuals” (Read; The Wealthy Propertied ) might realize that they are also targeted.

      But if they merely claim that they are targeting “White Supremacists” the rest of the stupid non-white will just gleefully cheer the Communists, without realizing that, once the Communists are done with the “The White Bourgeoisie Intellectuals” the rest of non-White “The Bourgeoisie Intellectuals” and propertied will have their heads on the Block. But now, in order to have a free hand in this sadistic strategy, they camouflage their attack, as a fight against “White Nationalism”

      This funs hatred all round, and the Jews have a free day. If creates “Victim mentality” in the whites, and they develop an animus against the Jews and their privileged None-Whites Sayanims , which in turn is reflected back by none-white as an evidence that the Jews were right about “White Supremacism” And this in turn feeds more hatred, division, anger, violence and death.

      But the clueless masses do not realized that it only required a spark of claim of “White Supremacism” in order for the society full of Rational individuals (Allegedly) to degenerate into a a mass psychosis, of a people fixated on destroying one another.

  1. I say the white race in the US is not worth saving.

    80% of whites here hate white people and look forward to their genocide. even on immigration the fake suicidal right is not against the browning of the country by illegals. they just want it to happen thru legal immigration.

    If 30 million afreakans came here legally they would not say a word. Biden has heard them loud and clear so he will make all the illegals now legal, giving the coward right what they want.

    For 35 years I tried to warn them of the coming storm and they made me the bad guy.

    For decades the coward right cheered on bombing little girls into protoplasm, starving, sanctioning, invading, bombing half the world. they got off on cops getting tanks, machine guns, grenade launchers. I told them the manufactured war on terror would be turned onto them by the white hating communists. they will be hunted down, harassed, financially ruined — just like the Palestinians are by those heroes of the right — the Israelis.

    I will take a personal interest in seeing them suffer.

    1. Well said, SPQR70AD! Your eloquent sincerity and sad disillusionment is clear for all to see. I think you can be described as a pragmatist and hardheaded realist.

      But don’t give up! The tide can still turn. We never know what’s round the corner. As LD says in the concluding words of her moving introduction:

      It will get worse before it gets better. The laws of karma are inexorable. These heartless evildoers will reap what they sow and inhabit their own hells.

      We await our Rescuer.

      America awaits its Napoleonic Messiah.

      1. Many placed their hopes in Trump, proclaiming prematurely, “Here’s our Messiah!” They were to be cruelly disappointed.
        Let’s not hold that against them. Wishful thinking is part of the fabric of human nature. Who hasn’t trusted someone implicitly and then been let down? Trust and betrayal form the basis of most marriages. The glow of the honeymoon seldom lasts and the wine in the glass grows bitter.

      2. America’s Messiah is out there right now and even he doesn’t know who he is…because what is coming is the inevitable backlash from White men, many millions of whom are not going to go quietly to their deaths. Our Messiah will be a man who is swept along by this inevitable tide more so than leading it. So don’t fret that we do not know when or from where our Messiah will arrive, the historians will sort all of that out after the war! We all know what must be done…all that is left is the doing.

  2. “Attractive white women will then have only one way to support their children: prostitution and pornography.”

    That’s if they survive The Vaccine, which apparently is either dangerous to women who are already pregnant; and is associated with infertility (also in men). The media is tripping all over itself saying that this is absolutely not true, that there’s no threat to fertility. Now, when is the last time the media told you the truth about anything?

    There’s some kind of message here, folks, as regards the universe’s (God’s) view of white people. He wants us out of the picture, it seems. Maybe so the nonwhite races can revert to a stone age or the neolithic way of life which quite a few of them enjoyed not too long ago? What’s your interpretation of these events? Everything happens for a reason. Everything.

    Happy Palm Sunday, anyway.

    1. Wyandotte,

      Maybe God has a few surprises up his sleeve.
      If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be God.
      He is the God of Surprises.
      Always has been, always will be.

      1. Well, I hope so! And I hope those surprises don’t make me think, “Oh, please, let’s go back to the way it was. I promise I’ll stop complaining!” In the Orient (Japan, I think), long ago, their astrology spoke about “a fist coming out of the darkness.”

      2. If we believe God created us, you may be ASSURED the tide will change. His intent for separation has proved, for millennia, that the “white man” is dominant. We mustn’t be lazy or cowardly – just always cognizant and alert. “They” (the darkies, etc.) can’t “make the trains run on time” – much less maintain a viable civilization. If they kill us all, they will self-destruct.

      3. Sister, who can read this Psalm and not recognize this as the unfolding scene?

        “ Why this uproar among the nations, this impotent muttering of the peoples?
        Kings of the earth take up position, princes plot together against Yahweh and his anointed,
        ‘Now let us break their fetters! Now let us throw off their bonds!’
        He who is enthroned in the heavens laughs, Yahweh makes a mockery of them,
        then in his anger rebukes them, in his rage he strikes them with terror.
        ‘I myself have anointed my king on Zion my holy mountain.’” Psalms 2:1-6

        He who is Enthroned on High laughs at the stupidity of New World Order “Master Race”

  3. “We overcome the gentiles with subterfuge.” “Gentiles are not Adam.” It isn’t just whites that are the target; it is all of us gentiles, whatever the skin color. Look up the Seven Noahide Laws, starting with Sanhedrin 57a of the Babylonian Talmud to get some idea what awaits..
    Since jews are gentiles like all homo sapiens (Koestler, Drs. Paul Wexler, Schlomo Sand Erian al Haik, et al), Jews are endangered, as well. [look up the results of the lockdown in Israel.]
    All the propaganda is for “Divide and Rule”, as usual.

  4. This is what comes from zionist control, the zionists are out to destroy America and everything they do is a spear aimed at the heart of America, from the covid-19 scam and psyop, covid-19 has never been isolated and therefore does not exist, to the vaccines that are not vaccines but an operating platform designed to destroy the immunes system, to the zionist controlled universities which are spreading hate the white race culture, to the endless wars against the middle east, the FED which is zionist owned and is part of the destruction of America, zionists are destroyers of nations and humanity, it is what they do, it is in their DNA.

    If interested read the Protcols of Zion and the book The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed and the book The Committee of 300 by John Coleman.

  5. Jews are fundamental liars. They lie mercilessly even to themselves. Jews lie about everything. Meaning by everything literally “every single thing”. You can’t have a simple truth from a Jew. Even or the most insignificant thing. I guess there must be some psychiatric, anthropological and sociological explanations for that lying compulsive behavior. There’s no more racist and disgusting slogan than “the chosen people.” It looks like derived from that slogan, they are taught and trained in the synagogues not to try and do anything but oppress peoples. For that purpose they lie again and again. Jews give God a bad name.

    Even St. Paul said that Jews give God a bad name. Romans 2:24 (NIV): “As it is written: “God’s name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you (the Jews).

    1. Jack –
      “Jews are fundamental liars. They lie mercilessly even to themselves. Jews lie about everything. Meaning by everything literally “every single thing”. You can’t have a simple truth from a Jew.”

      YES!! Their cult teaches THAT!!!

      The jews can lie and disavow oaths and contracts and promises with kol nidre (“All Vows”) chants, every year at yom kippur.

      “In the tribunal of heaven and the tribunal of earth, by the permission of God—blessed be He—and by the permission of this holy congregation, we hold it lawful to pray with the transgressors.”

      Thereupon the cantor chants the Aramaic prayer beginning with the words “Kol Nidre,” with its marvelously plaintive and touching melody, and, gradually increasing in volume from pianissimo to fortissimo, repeats three times the following words:

      “All vows, obligations, oaths, and anathemas, whether called ‘ḳonam,’ ‘ḳonas,’ or by any other name, which we may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby we may be bound, from this Day of Atonement until the next (whose happy coming we await), we do repent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, and void, and made of no effect; they shall not bind us nor have power over us. The vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be obligatory; nor the oaths be oaths.”

      The leader and the congregation then say together:
      (Num. xv. 26).

      “And it shall be forgiven all the congregation of the children of Israel, and the stranger that sojourneth among them, seeing all the people were in ignorance”

      This also is repeated three times. The ḥazzan then closes with the benediction, : “Blessed art thou, O Lord our God, King of the Universe, who hast preserved us and hast brought us to enjoy this season.” In many congregations Num. xiv. 19-20 is recited before this benediction. After it the Torah-scrolls are replaced, and the customary evening service begins.


    I don’t understand:
    one thread says that whites specially the wasp, are the main perpetrators, warmongers and genocidal maniacs all over the planet but here in this thread whites are the victims.
    Anyway, if that bearded bastard up there really said what it says up there that he said why aren’t whites rioting and starting the American version of the Palestinian intifada or the Arab spring?
    Look at Myanmar today, young girls are dying defending democracy ..what are Americans doing to defend the democracy they so much boast about besides killing hadjees and mazzlems on Jew made video games?
    What’s the difference between Myanmar people and white Americans? Well, white Americans don’t believe in the afterworld, martyrdom, sacrifice for a cause or the well-being of future generations. They only believe in materialism; me myself and I.
    Americans are starting to really suck and the influence of this deterioration will destroy the planet.

    1. I can see why your comments are going straight into Spam. You sound hopelessly mixed up and confused. Can you tell me what the situation in Myanmar has to do with the Jewish takeover of Harvard University? 🙂

      1. I was comparing the mentality of people in two parts of the globe and their influence on their affairs as a society. People who are free or fight for their freedom and democracy to the death and others who claim are free but sadly aren’t.
        1- Spam doesn’t know when a comment is “confused or hopeless”…
        2- I was comparing people exactly the same way I would compare you to other posters i.e. the realist
        (Tongue in check)

  7. “…The goal of abolishing the Jewish people is on its face, so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed Jewish supremacists.
    Make no, mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead Jewish males, and the live ones and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the Jewish people’ is destroyed…”

    Professor Aunty C. Might
    (pronounce his name loudly in order to understand who that is).

    1. Funny that. Just reading it in my mind didn’t work. As you said, I didn’t get it until I read it out loud. Thanks for the white pill of the day.

  8. There’s at least a million of my posts languishing in SPAM and no one in ADMIN can ever find even one of my million lost posts. Supposedly “lost”. My posts never get censored, lol, Oh NO, my posts inexplicably “get lost” and “WE can’t find ’em and ain’t that TOO bad”.

    1. @ TROJ

      If even ONE of your recent Spam comments was publishable, I’d publish it just to keep you happy. Fact is, we’ve had enough silly comments about women with “hairy legs” who don’t know how to shave properly. You want me to publish a crappy 20-line poem going on about women who don’t shave their legs? That’s “censorship, is it? LOL.

      Comments such as yours are read by least by ONE person, Joe. By me. Worse luck! I accept this as punishment for my sins and as a foretaste of purgatory. You could at least ease my pain by making your comments a bit shorter.

  9. The big reason why Jews hate whites has not been mentioned, and that is whites are superior and a threat to Jewry. But there is another reason, an even bigger reason, and that is whites are a product of selective breeding by Enki. Not my idea, mind you, that is what I read in Sitchin’s books, and those stories in the Bible, like the one of King David getting with Bathsheba is actually a story about Enki and Batenash.

    The story goes like this: Anunnaki come to earth to mine gold and save their home planet, they got here about 450,000 years ago, and about 250,000 years ago they decide to make a slave race, by modifying the existing bipedal hominids they captured in Africa. So after many years they finally are succesful, first they tried mating with our ancestors, but the females wouldn’t get pregnant, so finally they did invitro fertilization.


    “Enki and Ningishzidda serviced Erectus women but failed to impregnate them. So they gathered their own seed, and, in test tubes, fertilized Erectus ova to create zygotes. Then they planted the zygotes in Erectus women. The first babies born of the Erectus women lacked vision, hand dexterity or internal functioning.”
    Eventually they took an erectus egg and Anunnaki sperm and made the first viable human they called Adamu (Adam of the Bible). Then the made some females, and then they had to get some DNA from a rib to make them breedable, and that is how humans got their start according to the Ancient Alien theory.

    But there’s more. Enki kept breeding with these offspring, each time humans got upgraded, and white people were the final product. Whites have the most Anunnaki DNA and thus white people are hated by the off-white Jews and those with more Neanderthal blood. The downside is that whites are the farthest from natural hominid, whites have the least body hair, best brains, thinest bones etc. White people (according to this tale) are the most like the Anunnaki parent race. So now can you understand why blacks excel at sports and why white people law and math is racist?

    The war on whites is simply a war of jealousy. The Jews are not the chosen ones because according to Dr. Sasha Lessin and Dr, Zacharia Sitchin (both Jews), white people were the coveted ones by the Anunnaki breeding team. It says in the Sumerian text, Enki bred Noah and then saved him from the Anunnaki created flood. Noah had white hair and blue eyes, he was the favorite son of Enki.

    There’s more … because whites are so like the illegal interventionists from a more advanced civilization, whites are better at building civilization, organizing themselves for technological advance. White people literally pulled the entire earth into the space age, and this wantingness to go into space is because we are from space. Building a space rocket for Mars is what Elon Musk does naturally, while the blacks raging like chimps is what they do naturally. Blacks don’t fit into white society because they are not us, they do not have our DNA, and I am saying that objectively without any prejudice.

    Now back to the Jews who want to kill whitey off the planet. If Jews are the remnant of Neanderthals, they do not want whites because they want to preserve their genes, which have far less Anunnaki. So with this theory now we know why the Neanderthal/Jews are obsessed with the mother’s DNA. And this also means whites should not breed with the other races as that would be an offense to the progenitor gods. But if the other races breed with whites they get more Anunnaki DNA and upgrade their line.

  10. Disgusting left-wing BIGOT Sen. Mazie Hirono – – calls for total ban on white people in Biden’s cabinet… a sitting Senator openly admits to judging people by the color of their skin!

    Sens. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) and Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) are refusing to cooperate with any further Biden regime cabinet appointments unless the candidates are non-white.

    These two racist women, both of whom are non-white Asians, say that there needs to be more “diversity” in the White House – meaning more people who look like them and have similar body parts.

    There are already far too many white people in Joe Biden’s cabinet, they say, and white people are not “diverse.” The only people who are diverse are people with dark skin.

    “I am a ‘no’ vote on the floor on all non-diversity nominees,” Duckworth told reporters during a recent interview. “I will vote for racial minorities and LGBTQ, but anybody else I’m not voting for.”

    Hirono feels much the same. She scoffed during a recent MSNBC interview about the Biden regime not catering enough to “minorities,” expressing similar sentiments about how she plans to respond.

  11. “There’s some kind of message here, folks, as regards the universe’s (God’s) view of white people. He wants us out of the picture, it seems. … Everything happens for a reason. Everything.”

    The One (universe/God) is not anthropomorphically infatuated. He has fixed physical and spiritual laws (effectively just one: “don’t steal”) according to which, life unfolds. He is not a control freak.

    Clearly Goyim globally are losers materialistically and culturally speaking. Tribe members dominate the world in money, wealth and power/cultural influence.

    It seems to me that both Tribe and Goyim will suffer disaster, the former being the necessary agent of destruction of the latter. Goyim strayed from the path by allowing central governing power to rule over them. Only reform in this area could reverse the trend.

    The White skin label is a nonsense but is heavily marketed in Asia. “white makes you win.”

    The highest cultural practice is art and science – something that was perfected in modern times by people of Persian, Indian and European descent. It is these values that need preserving, not skin colour. It is these VALUES that the Tribe wish to eradicate.

  12. These Jews who want to kill white people are going against our father gods in heaven. Want proof? Here is the translation of the Sumerian 9th tablet:

    Youtube title “Enki Sumerian Tablet Translation Ch.9 3of 5”

    Ziusudra (Bible Noah) is the first born son of the white race:

    “White as the snow his skin was, the colour of wool was his hair: like the skies were his eyes, in a brilliance were his eyes shining,”

    That description comes from a translated Sumerian text and pre-dates the Bible,

    “Chapter 9.3 – Bathsheba becomes pregnant and has a child. The first white bodied, blond haired, blue eyed earthling. Born in the one hundredth and tenth shar, or 396,000 earth years after the arrival of the Anunnaki. ”

    That means blue eyed, white hair, white skin Noah was born 450,000-396,000=54,000 years ago. So the Bible tale of Noah is much older than we are taught. The purpose of the flood was to wipe out all humans, but Noah was saved by Enki. Humans were an illegal slave race, and when the Anunnaki got done with their earth mission, they wanted to wipe out all the evidence of their illegal activities.

  13. I gotta say – I’m not so sure I buy that bit about the jews being only 2% of the population in the USA and other Western countries…
    That would be roughly 6,000,000 to 7,000,000 mazaltavers in the whole USA, right?
    I think there has to be that many in New York and Florida alone….
    I wonder how Tammy and Mazzy feel about voting for the Zion, who are, after all, robbing and killing the non-white Palestinians?
    Apparently there is significant anti-Zionist sentiment as well on these campuses, BDS…
    Interesting… That makes it a bit complicated for somebody…
    I have the impression that anti-Israeli sentiment is the rule too among ANTIFA and BLM…
    At what point do those woke groups wake all the way up and turn on the Jewish Masters, start burning down Ivy League universities?
    Do these white-hating professors have any opinion on the jews’ occupation of Palestine, or the fact that the Jews control the US government, which is supposed to be so evil, and the commercial media, that keeps it in place?

    1. Bark –

      It is obvious to me that Tammy and Mazzy are paid agents of chaos. jew bankers need chaos to prosper.

      “At what point do those woke groups wake all the way up and turn on the Jewish Masters, start burning down Ivy League universities?”

      Could be in a decade or so. The vast majority don’t know that the jews by birth are admittedly NOT white, even though their skin is chalky…… especially Sephardics. After their expulsion from Spain in 1492, Sephardic jews mostly settled in Amsterdam, North Africa and the Middle East.

      I agree that 2% is a bullshit number…… but allowed to be pushed under the KOL NIDRE practices of lies are good for the jew to use every day.

    2. Even though few in numbers, the jews will have all of the Vatican’s wealth one day, if not already done.

      According to the European Jewish Congress:
      “There are approximately 28,400 Jews in Italy today. They are concentrated in Rome (13,000) and Milan (8,000), with smaller communities situated in Turin (900), Florence (1,000), Venice (600) and Leghorn (Livorno, 600). Other Jewish communities numbering a few hundred members in each city can be found in Bologna, Genoa, Triste, with even smaller enclaves in Ancona, Naples Padua, Pisa, Modena, Siena, Parma, Verona and other areas.”

      “The community’s umbrella organization, the Unione delle Comunita Ebraiche Italiane (Union of Italian Jewish Communities), provides religious, cultural, and educational services to Italy’s Jewish population and represents community on the national-political level. While individual Jewish communities and associations operate independently, they maintain strong cooperative links with the Rome-based Union.

      “The continual presence of a Jewish community in Rome for more than two millennia has produced a distinctive tradition of prayer known as ’Nusach Italki’ (Italian version), which is comparable to yet different from standard Sephardi or Ashkenazi versions. A number of synagogues in Rome, including the Great Synagogue, conduct their services following this tradition. The customs and religious rituals of the Italian Jews are viewed as a ’bridge’ between the Ashkenazi and Sephardi traditions, with similarities to both, yet closer still to the customs of the native Greek Jews, the Romaniots. It is often claimed that the Italian prayer book contains the last remnants of the Judean-Galilean Jewish tradition, while both the Sephardi and Ashkenazi versions reflect the Babylonian tradition. Pope John Paul II’s visit to the Great Synagogue of Rome in 1986 marked the warming of relations between the Jews and the Vatican. Until Israel and the Vatican secured a diplomatic accord in December 1993, the Unione was a critical link between the Catholic Church, Israel and World Jewry.

      “Israel and Italy enjoy full diplomatic relations with the Israel’s Embassy located in Rome. Since 1948, more than four thousand Italian Jews have emigrated to Israel.”


      Pope Francis, Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, has Jewish connections

      Francis has worked with the Latin American Jewish Congress and held meetings with Jewish youth who participate in its New Generations program.

      “The Latin American Jewish Congress has had a close relationship with Jorge Bergoglio for several years,” Claudio Epelman, executive director of the Latin American Jewish Congress, told JTA. “We know his values and strengths. We have no doubt he will do a great job leading the Catholic Church.”

      “In his visit to the Buenos Aires synagogue, according to the Catholic Zenit news agency, Bergoglio told the congregation that he was there to examine his heart “like a pilgrim, together with you, my elder brothers.”

      1. Pat, this should answer your question of whether the Jews have total control of Vatican Treasury.

        “Meanwhile the Nationalist and Reactionary parties in France desired to counterbalance the “Semitic” influence of the Rothschilds by establishing a banking concern which should be essentially Catholic. Accordingly in 1876 the Union Générale was founded with a capital of 4,000,000 francs, increased to 25,000, 000 francs in 1878 under the direction of a certain Bontoux.

        After various vicissitudes, graphically described by Zola in his novel “L’Argent,” the Union failed, ( which I add; vicissitudes; You can read; intrigues) and brought many of the Catholic nobility of France to ruin, leaving the Rothschilds still more absolutely the undisputed leaders of French finance, but leaving also a legacy of hatred which had much influence on the growth of the anti-Semitic movement in France.

        Something analogous occurred in England when the century-long competition of the Barings and the Rothschilds culminated in the failure of the former in 1893; but in this case the Rothschilds came to the rescue of their rivals and prevented a universal financial catastrophe. It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the Rothschilds that at the present time the latter are the guardians of the papal treasure”. (The Jewish Encyclopaedia (Vol. 2, p. 497)

        “guardians of the papal treasure” Guardians!!! ???

        1. Thanks!

          A bit more recent interesting turn of events**….

          Fabio Gasperini, a well-known manager who worked for Ernst & Young, (alrighty, then) was appointed the secretary of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (APSA).
          **Gasperini is the first layperson in the position!

          Pope appoints Secretary of Administration of the Patrimony of the Holy See
          15 June 2020

          Pope Francis appoints the distinguished Dr. Fabio Gasperini as secretary of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See.

  14. Whites are already a minority in America and have been for some time now. A female librarian I was acquainted with years ago told me in the early 90s, at librarian conferences she did attend, was that one of the topics for discussion was the minority status of the white race in the U.S. (and of course by extension, the world). I don’t know the year it commenced but white deaths exceed white births. Though most of them have white skin (skin color being the least significant racial disparity), Jews are not white, they are Asiatic. Hence their psychopathic hatred of whites (and all other races for that matter). They are the Demiurge’s kids, the lesser god who created the inferior realm of dense, base matter we are currently prisoners of. This is the Yid’s turf, and that is why they have been whipping our asses to parade rest. Ragnarok is our only hope and salvation.

  15. That slimy Harvard Jew is delusional if he thinks his fellow slimeballs are immune to any genocide-related activity. The real Annunaki overlords don’t discriminate as far as that goes. 👽

    1. Another story has it that Enki’s older brother Enlil was furious with him for giving the new slave race the ability to procreate. Enlil wanted only “burner slaves” to be used and then discarded like so many disposable phones. Apparently this was all part and parcel of an ongoing feud they were having, and which continues to this day through their badass descendants. (Or maybe still them as “immortals”. Who knows?)

      This is in keeping with info I’ve provided regarding the two primary factions vying for world supremacy, and who use elite Jews and gentiles alike as their “boots on the ground”. All playing off the nefarious Protocols.

    1. so what>?
      a million people took it and are ok.
      this guy probably was happy he got vaccinated went out smoked some pure crack and had a heart attack, does that count, smoking crack out of a bong?

  16. I have been sent here to KICK A$$!
    You’re welcome. Glad to be of assistance.
    Thank me later… or not. 😎

  17. It is important to recognize, that as the New World Order Communism continue to perversely influence our every day lives, we should expect those who control the narratives and tenets that guide our social intercourse, be they in the Media, the governments, and especially the institutions of learning, to desire to remodel, reinvent, and reconstruct all the vital institutions, and the contents of information in order to realign them with New World Order vision.

    The Jews as the gatekeepers in Finance, and Information play a critical role in this unfolding reconstruction of the Global Mind. That is why they are being repositioned into the Key places in Key institutions, because they have already been prepared for this role by the Kabbalistic Messianic Idea of Judaism, which is Global Communism. They will only allow the “politically correct” information to flow into the society. And they will only allow Credit to those perceived as friendly to Communism. This unfortunately is a game which becomes unbearable to many intellectuals. Education has a tendency to expand the mind of an individual. While communism goal, is to suppress intellectual consciousness, and turn an individuals into an uncritical robot. That is why Communists all over the world, are known to hate intellectuals, and the first victims of communism in Russian, China, Vietnam, were those who were perceived as “Leaders” or “Intellectuals” It is obvious that the reason why Communists hate intellectuals, is because the ability to have a critical appreciation of what Communist offers, enables the intellectuals to see through the lies of communism. Therefore, Communists cannot allow institutions which attract the crème de la crème of the society to “corrupt” the minds of the youth with intellectual insights, which is critical of Communism.

    So, in as much as we appreciate that the “Whites” are taking a heavy blow from these Communist tactics, it is more likely that it is not just an “Anti-White” campaign. It is a strategy to reconstruct these Ivy League schools for Communist New World Order, one step at a time, so that they can start churning out batches of Communist Officers, who are basically, intellectuals who have been totally brainwashed, so that they can pass on the brainwashing to the global youth.

    That “Whites” constitute majority of high-end intellectuals places them at a rather precarious position. (Read; Seating Ducks)

  18. The jews at the pharmas are still pushing vaccines while making $$BILLIONS!! Many whites beg for it!

    Fauci applauds new trials which would have been done if the proper testing time were given. 😨

    With tears YESTERDAY, Biden’s newly appointed CDC Director Warns of ‘Impending Doom’ as Covid Cases Rise

  19. Track & control “Whitey” too…..

    New York Launches Nation’s First ‘Vaccine Passports.’ Others Are Working on Similar Ideas.

    The first-in-the-nation vaccine certification, called the Excelsior Pass, will enable New Yorkers to pull up a code on their cell phone or a printout to prove they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19 or recently tested negative for Covid. In addition to use at large-scale venues like Madison Square Garden, the app will enable people to have large wedding parties and other catered events.

    Governor Cuomo supports the $2.5-million app, paid for by state taxes, but is free to anyone with vaccination records or test results in New York.

    Amy Fairchild, dean of Ohio State University and a historian and ethicist, said the biggest challenges with such certifications will be cultural not technological. Requiring vaccination “is not something we have done before within this country outside of school systems and hospitals,” she said. Such efforts have typically fallen apart because of resistance to the idea of being required to do things.

  20. The genetic psychopath Noel Ignatiev, died in 2019, literally packed with shit.
    The closer to death, the more rat-like he appeared.

    This is the good news: from the Home School Learning Defense Fund (HSLD)
    This is an excellent website for parents looking into home schooling their children.


  21. Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, Ida Roland of the same clan (and a few others) with their plan for “Pan-European Union”…an idea of “populace void of identity”, an idea of “grey masses’ ruled over by the super rich and powerful, brought to you and the American soil by their descendants and proteges. In reality it is been over 2,000 years in the making (persecution of Christians that is)….what’s new, you may ask?

  22. I read a lot of good comments and attempts of generalization to describe Commie ideology in your replies.
    For me and to make it more user friendly to digest….Communism is a “wet-dream” for every hardcore capitalist.
    A capitalist that desire nothing more than an ultimate monopoly on everything giving him power to extinguish all competition! In other words…”Communism is nothing but capitalism for far fewer people!” ~~ Don’t recall who actually said that at this moment.

  23. Kirkland, Washington…. a LONG WAY from Mexico:
    Foster family told to vacate Renton home to make room for migrant children

    The Friends of Youth, a non-profit organization that provides housing for foster children and services for homeless youth, kicked two foster parents and four minors out of the house it owns. One of the teens ran away after hearing about the impending eviction. The Friends of Youth is repurposing the house to accommodate “unaccompanied children” from the US-Mexico border.

    The illegal Mexican kids will get schooled with government funds…. while US kids are locked-down!

    This report indicates that the Friends of Youth may be receiving funding from the federal Refugee Resettlement program. Research from the Center for Immigration Studies released in 2020 found that American taxpayers are billed up to $133,000 per refugee resettled in America….. and schooled for free.

    Federal Reserve’s jew bankers want more debt…. more product to use/sell globally. Biden has numerous $$TRILLION PLANS to help the Federal Reserve do just that!!

  24. Pat,

    You’re an International Geo-Political expert, what’s going on in the Ukraine? Do you think there’s going to be a war between the Ukraine and Russia? And if so, do you think the USA will get involved in the war on the side of the Ukraine against Russia?

    1. Sorry, Joe. I have been working outside too much to follow those events now. They are just a bunch of damned stinky jews anyway in both countries.

  25. Just look at who the president of Ukraine is and his background? That should tell you everything you’d want to know! Khazars being of Turk bloodline are cunning people. Sneaky and vindictive! Hate Russians and Christianity…Greek Orthodox variety in particular. What’s the war gonna be like for USA? Like many others in the past it’ll be a proxy war using Ukrainian Christians to do their dirty deeds.

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