Life Goes On After Death: Carl Gustav Jung interviewed in 1959

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This memorable interview with the great psychologist Carl Jung, over 60 years ago, leaves an indelible impression on the mind. It can be watched again and again for its precious insights. 

Life has a meaning, Jung declares, and death need not be feared—for life goes on and cannot end with the dissolution of the body. 

Jung confides with a wry smile: “I don’t believe this; I know this.”   

VIDEO   :   30.04 mins

57 thoughts to “Life Goes On After Death: Carl Gustav Jung interviewed in 1959”

  1. No one KNOWS, not even Jung. He was a good salesman.

    Our body chemistry makes up our personalities…. our unique chemical combination…. who we are.

    When the pain is so intense as to not allow sleep, and the brain becomes addled from remedies and drugs…. the person becomes who they never were before, or ever could have imagined they ever could be…. a totally different person with that chemical and, obviously, physical change.

    So when those body chemicals are ashes or dirt, or digested by the crabs, returned to the ‘clay’, in the land or sea, there is nothing there to display as anyone. No life.

    (Lasha- There could be a poem in there somewhere, pro or con. 🙂 )

    1. @ PAT

      “No one KNOWS, not even Jung. He was a good salesman.”

      A disappointing fist comment; but not untypical.

      Most people would agree that this is a deeply moving interview of a great psychologist and visionary thinker. To describe this colossus contemptuously as a “good salesman” and to assume airs of moral and intellectual superiority to him, when you yourself have nothing particular to sell that is worth buying, dear Pat, is the mark of an arrogant upstart. 🙂

      I would try, for your own sake, to exercise more restraint in future.

      I can see your next comment coming already, combatant and sneering as usual, and I would therefore urge Admin to stop you and Yukon Jack from trying to undermine the ethos of this site. This is a site intended for Yea Sayers, not Nay Sayers. For constructive thinkers, not demolition fanatics. For life enhancers, not life-defiling nihilists.

      If you want to crucify Christ again, because ONCE is not enough for you and Yukon Jack, I suggest you go to John Kaminski’s site and do it there. He’ll be only too happy to roll out the red carpet for you. 🙂

      This is pro-Christian site, dear Pat. As you know. Not a site for Christ Deniers. Which both you and Yukon Jack are in spades. If you want to disrespect Christ, this is not the site to do it on. So don’t even try.


      Zen Monastery,
      Osaka, Japan

      (Paying Guest, not monk).

      1. Sard –

        I know you meant well in an attempt to toss me on the junk heap, and I don’t mind…..since I believe that to be your style of interrogation. You begged for my reply, because you just wanna know what makes me ‘tick’, HUH??? 🙂

        In your haste to support Jung, you may not have noticed that I never even mentioned Christ, and I would never attempt to compare the teachings of Jung to anything in the bible….as you seem to have done here. Jung’s musings do not stack up there.

        Please keep in mind….
        This was an “interview of a great psychologist and visionary thinker” who said he could not answer the questions posed to him in the video on numerous occasions.

        At 18:49 – Jung, himself, admitted that he could not answer the question, “Was Freud’s standard of proof and experimentation less higher than your own?” He said he was not an historian. He dodged the question. He dodged several more.

        You should know that many “visionary thinkers” have gotten mankind into much trouble over the centuries. They ‘sell’ the public on their own theories and guesses, which they cannot, or will not, answer directly.

        Here is what “history” shows…..
        In every Psychology textbook I used in college, even ‘The Psychology of Vision & Perception’, there were bibliographies in the footnotes showing quotes from Jung and Freud. Both have been acclaimed as ‘Fathers of Psychology’ depending on the thoughts of the authors. The profession of Psychology led to the heinous tortures, called treatments, including physical lobotomies, chemical lobotomies, electric shock therapies, sleep deprivation, starvation and psychotropic medications – antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, stimulants, antipsychotics, and mood enhancers, just to name a few.

        Then, along the way, the AMA stepped in and decriminalized what should have always been kept criminal, by forming the training of medical doctors in the field of Psychology, and the AMA trademarked the new field of Psychiatry. Today, Psychiatrists are the most dangerous professional legal killers in the world! They kill the world with drugs!

        You will be hard pressed to find a mass shooter in the western world, especially in America, that was not under Psychiatric care and prescription drugs at the time of their shooting rampages.

        Real history should remove ALL psychs from their pedestals. And that has nothing to do with Christ, other than ‘do not do to others what you would not have them do to you’.

        This is how I ‘tick’, without ‘jeering’! 🙂

        1. @ Pat

          Old friend, I am not anxious to make you my enemy again. No way! Rest easy on that score. Anyone who Lasha thinks highly of, as she thinks highly of you, I will defend to the death if necessary.

          I only have to read your brilliant comment above to realize that you belong in a class of your own. Your comments are ten times more valuable to this site, even when they seem a bit “eccentric”, than the comments of most other people here. This is because you have weathered the storms and grown wiser with age, having fought long in the trenches.

          What you say about Jung in your comment above is fair and just. Your critique of Jung is well-balanced. My own view needs revision as a result. The fact is, as Hereticdrummer points out correctly, Jung was working for the Nazi regime in the early 1940s, all during WWII. And he kept silent about Hitler to ensure his own survival — “for pragmatic reasons”, he says in self-justification.

          Unlike Freud, whom Hitler hated (as a Jew) and whose books he burned on the bonfire, Jung was given a cushee job by Hitler. So Jung had to step lightly. But later in 1945, after Hitler’s crushing defeat, Jung could afford to be more candid in his critcisms of Hitler.

          Jung was well aware that his association with the Nazis would later be used as a black mark against him. Hence his sheepish confession in 1945 to a well-known Jewish doctor: “It’s true, I slipped up.”

          Those words of Jung’s are quoted to this day: “I SLIPPED UP.”

          In my humble view, we need to show respect to a man who confesses he “slipped up”. After all, we all slip up. None of us is perfect.

          1. Well said, Sard! I’m glad to see that you and Pat are still friends! Because both of you have lot to offer and are equally sincere in your beliefs.

            All sincere beliefs, however, are not equally to be commended, because the sincerest beliefs can often be delusional. The man who tell you, with total conviction and with tears running down his cheeks, that he is Jesus Christ and that you should stop persecuting him, is to be pitied. Not praised. And you should do your best to make his life easier by tucking him up in bed with a hot water bottle when it’s cold in the psychiatric ward.

            The fact is: Hitler truly believed, with a burning conviction, that he was a “man of Destiny” and that “Providence” had singled him out to be Germany’s Messiah. Obviously his burning conviction was a delusion. Because if it had had any substance, he wouldn’t have had to blow his brains out in his Berlin bunker while Germany lay in ruins all round him.

            1. And to take matters further on out into left field, Holy cow it wasn’t a Christian Messiah Hitler had on his mind nor was it Odin. Rather obvious it was a Hindu Messiah, a Krishna Avatara! Hence the Swastika (top three most auspicious symbols ever) front and center. Lest there be lurking suspicions, errors or even the odd self delusion.

              1. @ Hp

                Holy cow it wasn’t a Christian Messiah Hitler had on his mind nor was it Odin. Rather obvious it was a Hindu Messiah, a Krishna Avatara!

                Homer, you never cease to surprise me! I had no idea Hitler thought he was a reincarnation of Krishna, reborn on earth to be the German Messiah! Can you clarify your fascinating statement a bit further?

                I ask you for this reason:

                All Hitler’s private thoughts on religious matters have been faithfully recorded for posterity in “Hitler’s Table Talk (1941-1945)”. The crucial excerpts can all be found in this article here:


                (Published not only on the Darkmoon site but also on ‘National Vanguard’, the flagship site for all National Socialists and committed Hitler fans. The identical quotes appears on both sites, the only difference being that one is a Hitler site and the other is not).

                Hitler affirms in Table Talk that he is a Man of Destiny, like Napoleon, and that “Providence” has chosen him to be Germany’s Messiah. He specifically rejects the idea, as you rightly point out, that he sees himself as a “Christian” Messiah or as a neo-pagan deity. He makes one scathing reference to WOTAN and says Wotan is totally irrelevant, whereas his contempt for the Christian Messiah is made clear in comment after comment.

                Yes, true, Hitler sees himself as an “avatar figure”, but the identity of the actual avatar is kept pretty vague. There’s NO MENTION anywhere of Hitler claiming to be a HINDU avatar, let alone an avatar of Krishna! So where on earth do you get this weird idea from of Hitler being Krishna in disguise if Hitler himself never mentioned it? 🙂

                This is a serious question, dear Homer, and I hope you won’t see it as a personal attack on your religious convictions.



                1. Saki, all things except tokens of the ancient Vedic/Hindu dharma are distorted and hidden and suppressed. Firstly because of the time chasms involved and how if Vedic religious mythology/truth was regarded as viable and real as is Judeo-Christian truth/mythology it would reveal just who these mysterious “ancients” “pagans” etc., etc., etc., really were and as T.S. Eliot and a hundred others have hinted, make the current rascals seem like the school children they are by comparison and we sure as Hell can’t have that, now can we!

                  The prevailing taught and advertised histories, science and culture for the last 500 years is a product of Judeo-Christian culture and any correcting will be resisted to the point of death. Current political and societal climates offering fresh evidence with every sunrise.

                  For whatever it’s worth, to me this makes a lot of sense and offers a powerful alternate peek. Perhaps too powerful.

                  P.S. The Professor Durckheim mentioned above among the Zen Buddhists is the same Professor Durkheim here with Srila Prabhupada. Small world innit..

        1. @ Walter Duranty

          Oh grow up! I never said I was a Zen monk. I actually said I wasn’t.

          I am willing to consider ANY alternative that doesn’t lead to a dead end. And the alternative YOU support (Hitlerism) guarantees your total marginalization and classification as a beleagured minority of intellectual outcasts.

          If Hitler himself failed so spectacularly, with all the massive resources of the greatest military power in Europe at his command, how on earth can a few ragbag supporters of Adolf Hitler in these troubled times hope to restore the fortunes of the Third Reich and of Aryan Supremacy all over the world — the vision that was Hitler’s dream?

          There’s no merit in being a delusional martyr, my friend. If Hitler could’t pull it off, how could you and your wretched swastika-obsessed gang planning the Fourth Reich in greasy spoon restaurants! 🙂

          1. @ Walter Duranty (continued)

            I’m not saying White Nationalism is a bad thing, nor am I putting in a good word for non-Whites. I’m just saying what Kevin MacDonald knows damn well, but doesn’t have the guts to admit openly: that the fanatical Hitler Brigade who looms over his website are White Nationalism’s greatest embarrassment. In fact, White Nationalism’s Achilles heel, guaranteeing failure to the White Nationalist cause he sincerely appears to lead.

            How, pray tell, can you bickering neo-Nazi in-fighters hope to get yourself a White Nationalist state in America? and who’s going to allow you to get nukes to defend your putative mini-state if you insist on excluding from it roughly 80-90% of the population of America?

            To be excluded from YOUR NICE ‘WHITES ONLY’ COUNTRY:

            — ALL Jews!
            — ALL MUSLIMS!
            — ALL ASIANS!
            — ALL BLACKS!
            — ALL WHITE AMERICANS WHO ARE CHRISTIAN ZIONISTS (i.e. 100 million plus)!
            — ALL HALF CASTES, MUDS, darkies and dagos!
            — ALL WHITE WOMEN who are “race traitors” and have dared to shack up with a non-White partner.

            God help you lot! If you find a few hundred citizens worth having, it’ll be a darn miracle. Who are you going to “elect” as your first esteemed President if you don’t believe in democracy? 🙂

            Answer that brainteaser!

            1. Re the STATUS OF WOMEN IN “WHITES ONLY” LAND:

              Oh yes, I forgot to mention: in order to qualify for residence in your cloud-cuckoo land of blue-eyed, Blonde Beasts, all White women must meekly submit to inferior status among you, confining their activities henceforth to the kitchen and the vegetable patch.

              Domestic work will be their role in life and “knowing their place” at the bottom of the dungheap, along with the menials and the hired help.

              No hope for the Florence Nightingales, the Marie Curies, the Hildegard de Bingens, and the Mother Teresas in your brave new world in Oregon or Utah!— all women to be seen henceforth as wretched third-class citizens, toiling over the loom and knitting socks while their husbands strut around the back yard like conquering heroes!

              “Thou goest to Woman?— Remember thy whip!” (Nietzsche). How you misogynistic Hitlerite gorillas love your Nietzsche! — as you drool over the lovely women you cannot have, EXCEPT BY FORCE!!! — “Women, the recreation of the warrior”, to quote nutty Nietzche again.

              Spare yourself a response sir. I know I won’t get one. At the best, I will get yet another ad hominem sneer from a tired old man who has lost the plot. At the worst, more foul abuse from potty-mouthed pipsqueaks sitting in squalid basements, scratching their sores while planning world domination on cannabis and coffee.

          2. Actually I am a great admired of Zen Buddhism, as was the late great Carl Gustaf Jung. His exploration of Mandelas was truly impressive as was his exploration of the unconscious Aryan archetypes, but I suspect all that jazz is way beyond your comprehension, Zenny Bruce.

            1. @ Walter Duranty

              Your Buddhist bragging doesn’t impress me, sir. Nor does your pseudo-intellectual mumbojumbo. I too could toss around Sanskrit words like “Brahman” and “Parabrahman if my object in life was to win arguments with village idiots.

              1. Sardonicus wins!The Hitler Gang loses! They are full of shit and wind and the smell of rank defeat. Long live sanity! Let the Hitler loonies go the wall!

                Time for the firing squad and the Happy Graveyards groaning with swastika-marked tombstones! 🙂

                Behold, my Messiah comes! And he ain’t got a Charlie Chaplin mustache!

                1. Bolsheviks love the smell of gun powder, neo-Bolsheviks even more so. Then it was called “wet work” now it is called lining up deplorable Patriots in the name of CRT and having the feds do the heavy lifting.

                2. I don’t advocate violence, or firing squads for all dissenters, as you most certainly do, but what sort of hat will your Messiah be wearing so that we eagle-eyed heathens might easily recognize him, or is it a she/he/it?

                  1. Walter,

                    No hard feelings. Your measured response to the attacks made upon you are commendable. Madame Butterfly would agree with me on that.

                    Hitler was certainly one of the most extraordinary men who ever lived, far profounder than Stalin. But to attach almost divine status to Hitler, as you do, is perhaps going one step too far! 🙂

                    I agree with all your positive comments on Jung and all your negative comments on Freud, so we have much in common. Keep up the good work, and don’t let the verbal violence chase you away. Life is a pantomime, anyway, in which we are all playing our assigned parts.

                    This is not a Hitler fan site, as National Vanguard is, but nor is it a narrow minded ‘Let’s All Hate Hitler’ site. One is permitted to put in a good word for the Fuhrer here and to take on the role of the Devil’s Advocate.



      2. Cue another typical, stuck up whining comment from you as per usual,
        I really don’t know what you think you are here,
        that you are a would be” teachers pet” though is obvious
        always running to Admin and telling them what to do, and whom it should be done to,
        I don’t think they take much notice of your bleating’s either.
        who are you exactly, to be telling anyone here what to write, what to say ?
        there are a few too many grandads and granny’s on this site
        and they detract from the useful commenters,
        useful as in, it’s possible to learn things from them,
        unlike the prissy boring screeds that seem to be your forte’.

        1. Thanks for this rare compliment.

          I’m obviously getting under your skin.
          So I must be doing something right! 🙂

    2. Pat:

      Just as “no one can doubt your sincerity” (to borrow a phrase from MB’s “Sanctimonious Cliches. … for EVERY Occasion!” playbook)…

      so, now, no one can doubt – perusing this latest “offering” – that you are totally Full of Sh!t.🤓

      1. @ Pat

        Ignore this pesky gadfly.
        The posters he attacks are doing a good job.
        The posters he praises are trolls — like himself.
        Note: he even attacks ADMIN. Has to be stupid.

    1. An apt quote, Homer.

      Not only did Jung come from a deeply Christian background and reverence the Christian Logos in a way that the Christ-hating Jew Freud never did, he also had a deep knowledge and love for the Vedas and Oriental mysticism in general. He would have empathized equally with the devotes of Krishna and the devotees of Christ. Both are united by the bhakti yoga that underpins both religions.

      Jung’s “Answer to Job” is a profound investigation into the Problem of Pain which lies at the hidden roots of all religions and which no religion has yet solved to everyone’s satisfaction.

      The Sermon on the Mount was better understood by Gandhi than it was by the pseudo-Christian impreliast Winston Churchill who tried to diss Gandhi by his condescending comments:


      1. Well said, Saki!

        No wonder the God Haters on this site have already done their best to pour scorn on God, especially the psychoneurotic Yukon Jack, a compulsive onanist if ever there was one. I notice his long drooling comment, bragging about his own crapulous ideas, has been deleted. Good. Administrative quality control has set in at last!

        There is obviously a limit to what garbage this site is willing to publish.

        Jung represents all that these pathetic losers cannot stand: a life-enhancing belief in a loving God:

        “I find that all my thoughts circle around God like the planets around the sun, and are as irresistibly attracted by Him. I would feel it to be the grossest sin if I were to oppose any resistance to this force.

  2. Did you notice the one (very brief) passing reference to Hitler in the interview? Jung had spent a lot of his time psychoanalysing Hitler. He says Hitler had no belief in God or the afterlife. He was in fact a deracinated nihilist.

    So all Hitler’s public pronouncements about caring for Christianity, which were directly contradicted in “Hitler’s Table Talk” by his own recorded words, reveals his open contempt for Christianity, and this is now confirmed by Jung in this interview.

    How can a man who doesn’t believe in God or the afterlife pretend to be a “good Christian” to the gullible German masses?

      1. Hitler was the last true leader of the Free World. Antisemitism is a “demon” only for Semites, for all others it rings the bell of truth. Truth with a capital T, that is.

    1. Trump played the “good Christian” much better than Biden and Harris combined. Only Carter walked the walk.

  3. This is a poem I wrote and posted here before . Here it is again ,



    Why Laugh My Heart?

    I reflectively waded through memories past,

    And remembered a friend

    Who once appeared in the horizon

    Of my wearied life,

    Shortly to disappear like a passing dream.

    He built a lustrous temple in my heart,

    Illumined it with candles of loyalty, love, charm,

    And artistic beauty.

    He saturated it with the perfume of his goodness:

    A perfume that permeated every nook of my heart.

    Such is my sad lot in life!

    Whenever joy visits me,

    It is inevitably rebuffed by sorrow.

    My heart aches even in the peak of gladness,

    Fully knowing it is short-lived, soon to vanish.

    What is joy but sorrow temporarily lulled?

    Surely, this sorrow will eventually cease,

    But only when I am no more!

    How can you laugh, my heart,

    When someday you and I will disintegrate in the grave?

    Not too long ago we were in the prime of youth,

    Joyously singing, while flitting from one branch to another:

    Exuding dreams, love, and bliss.

    Now, nothing left to reap save disquietude.

    Unwillingly, my heart, you departed the homeland(Palestine),

    And still removing the painful thorns of misery.

    O, what a life!

    I am too embarrassed to recount.

    A brief description should suffice.

    I am hopeless, tired of this life,

    Pessimistic about this world.

    I have never been wrong about its nature,

    Nor its delusive nature will ever change

  4. Of course PAT is 100% right, when he says “nobody knows, not even CJ”…
    So he begins with the truth…
    Ye Good Christians might want to put down your Axes for a minute, give him a little credit for that much anyway…
    I know what a good Captain thinks, which is basically good Christian philosophy –
    that there is some good in everybody, and it’s his job to find it and use it…
    The afterlife is a matter of Faith, and will never be anything else…
    It’s not a matter of Science…
    if Science can’t prove it, it’s Religion…
    Or, more accurately, Faith…
    Faith is good…
    But Religion tends to draw attachments, become politicized, exploited by all kind of people…
    People want to believe in something bigger than death, understandably enough…
    The difficulty I think is in believing in some sort of disembodied existence, without time or substance of any kind, as though it were something a person could prefer to life as we know it, or even want…
    It’s kinda like – it doesn’t work if you ask too many questions…
    But I think I can be satisfied with the idea that it’s better if we don’t know…
    We’re only people… Let’s not forget that…
    And I think that’s supposed to be the basic wisdom of the first amendment….
    Certainly, religion should be kept out of government…
    So how did we get this then ?

  5. Hitler is an Avatar, the most spiritual man of this Kali Yuga. He revered the Aryan, Solar Christ, spoken of so eloquently by the incomparable Miguel Serrano, not the effete, Judaic, “Love thy nigger” variety that the pseudo Christians bray about like jackasses in a pepper patch. I have great respect for the brilliance of C.G. Jung but he is out of his league commenting on the spiritual proclivities of a man whose boots he is not fit to shine. I recall that Jung initially had the highest praise for Hitler until the satanic post war era when those murderous, Jew led bastions of, “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity” , the USSA & the USSR prevailed and it was hazardous to life to engage in such sentiments, ergo Jung adroitly backtracked. It is well worth noting that Jung was a 33rd degree Freemason, and Freemasonry is Judaism for the Goyim.

    1. HD: re “…Jew led bastions… …. the USSA & the USSR”

      Any particular reason you didn’t include Arch Warmonger ZOGUK in that list? 🤔

    2. @ Hereticdrummer

      And who are YOU, dear sir? And what are YOUR spectacular achievements that you can speak from your lofty perch with such disdain about Carl Jung, whose boots you are unfit to shine?

      In spewing your hatred for one of the greatest psychologists of the 20th century just because he refuses to join you in burning candles at the altar of your homicidal demigod Adolf Hitler, you simply reveal yourself for what you are: just another neo-Nazi White Supremacist of the skinhead mentality. In short, a typical Hitler fanatic posting your fatuous comments on a site that has made it 100% clear that THIS IS NOT A HITLER FAN SITE!

      By all means continue to chant hymns to Saint Adolf on this site. Admin isn’t going to stop you. But Admin isn’t going to stop ME either. The free speech that you are given here to make a fool of yourself is given to me also. You are free to scream, “HEIL HITLER!”, with the love froth dribbling down your chin and your jacbboots doing the goosestep. But I am equally free to mock you as a brainwashed neo-Nazi skinhead.

      You don’t have a monopoly of opinion on this site.

      This site isn’t run by Goebbels and the Brownshirts. 🙂

      1. If Jung once had the highest praise for Hitler and then turned against him, he was not unique in this. Thousands of the best men who had once tolerated Hitler and been taken in by his spellbinding charisma, ceased to support him and bitterly regretted their folly once the scales had fallen from their eyes.

        Every day of the week people are taken in by plausible con men; even highly intelligent people are suckered on a daily basis. You’d be 100% correct to assert that over 95% of the German masses were totally besotted with Hitler and regarded him as a demigod. A Christlike figure. But there’s no way any reasonable person can go on hero-worshipping a GOD THAT FAILED: a megalomaniac who made it clear — in the final 2-3 years of his life when defeat for Germany became inevitable — that he didn’t give a reckless damn for his beloved nation and was willing to sacrifice the lives of millions of good Germans on the altar of his colossal ego.

        Jung happened to WAKE UP in time. Good for him! He finally saw through Hitler as fundamentally delusional, as believing in his own invincibility. That’s why you attack Jung here. Because you are still hooked on the heroin of Hitler adoration. No harsh word on your iconic Hero Idol can be tolerated.

        1. Heretic Drummer

          Hey man, what’s your problem exactly?

          You must be a bit hate-crazed to attack Jung for what he said about Hitler in this video interview. Cos Jung barely mentioned Hitler! A single passing reference to Hitler that was not even negative!

          All Jung did here was make one brief factual statement about Hitler’s religious ideas. He pointed out that Hitler had no belief in a God or in an afterlife, let alone in Christianity. That Hitler was basically a nihilist.

          This is confirmed by every single statement made by Hitler in private conversations, as recorded in ‘Hitler’s Table Talk” (1941-1944). This is a document whose authenticity has been universally accepted not only by mainstream historians but by dissident historians like David Irving and also by Hitler’s most ardent admirers.

          So what’s your problem, HD? Why are you attacking Jung over this totally innocuous video in which his focus is entirely on God and the possibility of an afterlife?

          Got the Hitler virus, have you? Too bad! Lotsa viruses floating round nowadays!

          1. Jung didn’t like NAZISM. Yet the jews label him a NAZI. Might as well be a NAZI, for the jews are going to label you a NAZI no matter what.

            1. All who fail to bow in godly reverence towards Freud and his Jewish cabal are anti-Semitic haters fit only for the “firing squad” to borrow a phrase coined here. Hence Jung’s soiled memory.

      2. It’s true, HereticDrummer doesn’t have a monoply of opinion on Darkmoon. Madame Butterfly has the monoply of opinion on Darkmoon and 🌑 MOON GODDESS forbid you have an opinion that is not acceptable to Her Highness Miss Butterfly Darkmoon’s Royal Princess 👸🏼, next in line to The Throne after Queen 👑 Lasha kicks-the-bucket. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!!!!! 😀

  6. Just negligence born of haste, Realist. Next time I’ll be sure to include the United Kikedom, a.k.a. “Little Britain”.

  7. You are too dense to have noticed I praised Jung for his brilliance. Further, that Jung himself praised Hitler to the skies until post W.W. 2 (War for Jew Communist/Capitalist Global Control) when it became hazardous to do so. Jung was a genius but his genius paled in comparison to Adolph Hitler’s. Concomitantly, Hitler was a warrior and man of action who never hesitated to put his own ass on the line, regardless of the odds. He was a, “Man Against Time” but I don’t expect a dullard like you to comprehend what that means. This puts him light years above Jung or any armchair intellectual, or anyone period. Who am I? I’m your worst nightmare, a hard core Esoteric Hitlerist and National Socialist, the zeitgeist be damned. Come Ragnarok you and all of your degenerate ilk will be dealt with appropriately. In the meantime, keep crawling on your belly before your Jew gods and their goyim sycophants, Nancy-Boy.

    1. @ Neo-Nazi Skinhead “Heretic Drummer”

      You can’t see the wood for the trees. You miss my two main points, blockhead. Which are these:

      (1) Jung did not discuss Hitler in this video interview. He made ONE passing reference to Hitler which was in no way negative or bearing on Hitler’s politics: a simple factual statement about Hitler’s religious ideas: that Hitler was a nihilistic atheist with no belief in an after life.

      For you to make this harmless video posting a platform for your hysterical praise of Hitler as a “super-genius”, and Jung as a lesser sub-genius “who wasn’t fit to shine Hitler’s boots” — roughly your own words — shows how mentally unhinged you are.

      “Who am I?” you bluster, like a mad bull going berserk in a children’s playground. “I’m your worst nightmare, a hard core Esoteric Hitlerist and National Socialist….Blah blah blah blah blah…..!”

      You don’t impress me at all, wanker! If you’re anything “hardcore” a all, it’s (probably) a hardcore porn aficionado! 🙂

      You call me a “nancy-boy”, totally oblivious to the fact that the top echelons of the Nazi party were overrun with homosexuals; and that Hitler, while straight himself, not only knew about their sleazy behavior but turned a blind eye to their deviant sexual activities so long as these Aryan faggots were sucking his pencil! 🙂

      (2) You also forget that this is NOT A HITLER FAN SITE and that you don’t have a MONOPOLY OF OPINION here. You are too retarded to understand that you belong on a different site entirely, National Vanguard, a full-fledged breeding ground for “your degenerate ilk”, to quote your own words.

      National Vanguard, which is your spiritual home, is the Neo-Nazi flagship where Hitler Worship is compulsory and where no comment is allowed criticizing your deranged demigod Adolf Hitler.

      So what you doing here on the Darkmoon site, which is NOT a Hitler fan site, you compulsive neo-nazi wanker? — instead of hitching a lift to National Vanguard where you rightly belong?

      You’re in the wrong jam jar, dung fly! 🙂

      1. Sar-Dunce-icus: My comments on Jung with relation to Hitler transcend that brief video and are germane to the topic. Hitler was not a nihilistic, atheist with no beliefs in an afterlife, albeit his views on such were far beyond your capacity to understand them. It would be like attempting to teach Euclidean geometry to a baboon. If Jung truly believed that about Hitler, he was wrong, his brilliance notwithstanding. I repeat, in the cosmic overview of things, Jung, who cowardly backtracked, (Hitler never would) is not fit to shine Hitler’s boots as you’re not fit to clean Jung’s bathroom. It is apparent that you are the porn obsessed, probably got that way from your mother. Hilarious the way you parrot the Jewish fables about rampant homosexuality in the 3rd Reich. It was Hitler and his National Socialists who smashed and wiped out the sexual perversions that plagued Germany under the Communist/Kike Wiemar Republic. I never said this was a Hitler fan site nor did I claim a monopoly of opinion. You are getting hysterical here, Nancy-Boy, just like a little girl. I’m familiar with National Vanguard and “Hitler Worship” is not compulsory there, that is not only a lie but also an imbecilic statement. It is obvious that you are one of the “Chozen Pipple”, my guess is you are typing your vitriol from a Talmudic academy or a Synagogue. I do not let moronic, hysterical “Sleeves” tell me where I belong. Tis obvious you belong in a Yiddish romper room.

  8. Jung was a pain in the arse, a different way of being a pain in the arse than the jew Sigmund Fraud who was a pain in the arse. I bet Hitler didn’t like Jung, which is to Hitler’s credit. Jung worked for the OSS “agent 488”. I bet Hitler and the Nazi High Command knew Jung was working as an undercover agent for the ALL-LIES Stalin, Churchill, FDR the 3 WAR CRIMINALS. The jew Fraud was a CUNT — and the NON-jew Jung was also a fraud so ipso facto a CUNT.

  9. The “nobody knows” camp is out in force, yet posted on this site several times is the evidence. As far as I am aware only Sister Monica actually examined the links provided.

    That a pop star / trick- cyclist without a shred of evidence garners more interest is the modern way.

    As a preamble we must recognise that perceptions do not have to be mediated by microscope or machine. Knowledge is codified perception and scientific knowledge has the added attribute of independent collaborated assertions.

    Scientific knowledge, especially biological knowledge was provided for about 30 years, from 70’s onward by Gopi Krishna – not a saint, not a guru, not a ‘prophet; just a lowly Indian civil servant who was without warning graced by God with higher perception after decades of sunrise hour meditation. The 30 or so books attracted high level interest for their astonishing integration of modern science, mystic literature search, case studies and biological information.

    In a nutshell, Nature has provided a biological mechanism for elevated consciousness, religion and genius and this hypothesis is eminently testable. Despite a half a dozen of world class scientific advocates for this theory of Krishna, his work has been quasi ignored by mainstream science and the “spiritual” crowd sects. Sects clearly are more interested in good-time feelings than scientific knowledge and we know mainstream science is filled with anti-science materialists.

    Having such a theory confirmed by brain scan, spinal fluid, nervous system and dna analyses would take the wind out of the sails of established religions too. However Krishna’s key experiment, never performed due to expense, was to take 100 persons, train them and harvest new scientific knowledge from the estimated one or two that might make the break-through within 5 years.

    Search “ Gopi Krishna” and the past links should appear.

    Great poem AL

  10. Carl Gustaf Jung’s theories of unconscious archetypes were at least 6 million times more scientific than Freuds anal retention law of psycho physics.

  11. “Life goes on after death” is the headline.
    “Life has a meaning, Jung declares, and death need not be feared—for life goes on and cannot end with the dissolution of the body.”
    “Jung confides with a wry smile: ‘I don’t believe this; I know this.'”

    The world of Nature (aka “natural world”), if not the domain of angels and others, evidences this truth. How could one reasonably take issue with Jung’s declaration?

    In our small, modest enclave, two people passed on within the past week or so, the second yesterday afternoon, an extraordinarily quiet Sunday afternoon. Dead quiet, you might describe this departure from the usual. Both of the now deceased lived a literal stone’s throw from where wife and I live. Both were elderly and gravely ill.

    And life goes on, does it not? For thee and me, for the time remaining to us.

  12. hitler had no chance against the jewish kabale of jew FD ROOSEVELT surrounded
    by jews and jew W CHURCHILL alcoholic pedofil jew surrounded by jewish advisers.
    H made several offers to the west to get them on his side against stalins kommunists
    because he did not want war with brothernations of the west. but the jewish cabale
    ignored his offers luring him in an insidious political chessgame using the polish
    fanatic fashists which rejoysed in killing german civilians on polish territory what
    was german territory before the Versailer diktat . they already had made a deal with
    stalin (jewish connection) and stalin was ready high armed to surprise attack germany.
    H prevented it by better spy info. after the war churchill conceded : that they could
    have stoped the war but did not want as their main aim was to destroy the german

  13. The truth is Nobody Knows…

    But for most of us –


    I think it’s better this way…

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