Life Inside Gaza After Nearly Two Weeks of Bombings — Must See Video

Find graphic details of Israel’s latest atrocities in Occupied Palestine in the 18-minute video below. And Israel’s new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is likely to be even worse than the previous PM Benjamin Netanyahu. “I’ve killed lots of Arabs in my life,” Bennett  boasts, “and there’s no problem with that.”

After 11 days of Israeli bombardment, bomb disposal teams are still working to remove missiles from residential areas. VICE News spends time with the victims of Gaza, including members of the Al Kolak family who lost 22 relatives in the bombing.

VIDEO   :   18.08 mins

8 thoughts to “Life Inside Gaza After Nearly Two Weeks of Bombings — Must See Video”

  1. What the zionists have done and are doing in Gaza and Palestine is what they are going to do to us in the ZUS, if they ever get our guns, they are not going to be satisfied until they have destroyed every nation on earth.

    1. They’ll never get all the guns, Fox. No way, no how. This isn’t Russia after the Bolshevik takeover. Say what you will about the State audacity of claiming the authority to grant “rights”, Americans have always reserved for themselves a sense of freedom and independence from government dictates, the 2nd Amendment notwithstanding. If anything, Americans are possessing even MORE guns, including the homemade variety requiring the manufacturing of weaponry and their suitable ammo, which will probably prove to be an important factor in any upcoming belligerent actions.

      I’m sure my buddy Gil can elaborate on this.

      1. BH, this is the sci-fi 21st century. The days of Swamp Fox and sneaking across the Delaware at night are over. Can you say a million drones armed with sensors that can locate a needle in a haystack and zap said needle with a laser with 99% accuracy..

        Just the tip of the droneberg.

        1. hp
          I’ll always run with the swamp foxes of this world, brother. And I couldn’t care less about no stinkin drones, come what come may 😄

          1. BH, (<;) I'm also convinced beyond a shadow had I come over here to the Land of the Immortals with the Pilgrims and Co., by the end of Day 2 I'd already done swum the river and surrendered to the locals.

            And if I had my way I'd still be swimming buck-naked over on the other side of the river with them.
            Ohhhhh riiiight. Never mind..

  2. bush jr. baby is outraged because of the Derek Chauvin White “racist” cop/Black Race Saint George Floyd incident because bush jr. baby is deeply opposed to racism against NON-whites but bush jr. baby is not the least bothered by jews killing NON-White Palestinians in cold blood all the time. bush jr, baby is also not the least bothered by black criminals killing White Americans in cold blood all the time. Same is true for most politicians and lawmakers and VIPs in Washington and all over the country.

    Big disconnect, be horrified about racist violence against NON-whites in America, even if you have to make up fake stories about white “racism” in order to virtue signal to the world how NON-racist you are, how deeply deeply opposed you are to White Supremacism, but fully support the Jews VERY UNFAIRLY killing NON-white Palestinians in cold blood all the time — the killing based on Jew Supremacism.

    And when black street criminals kill White Americans, not outrage whatsoever by our lawmakers. Our lawmakers support Black Supremacism Jew Supremacism and many types of other NON-white Supremacism, but if one White person anywhere says one little good thing about his/her White Race the lawmakers get morally outraged and want to have that White arrested and thrown in prison.

    But jews killing NON-white Palestinians in cold blood , that’s okay, and blacks killing White Americans in cold blood, that’s okay.

    Our lawmakers, and I’m talking about the NON-jew lawmakers, have a VERY jewish mentality. VERY jewish mentality. I think , I have the feeling, that a good number of them had a jewish mentality before they became lawmakers, before the bribes, before the shekels, before the “benjamins”. Before all that.

  3. What is to be done?

    Because something MUST be done – and WE have to do the “doing” – before we’re ALL “done in”… right ?

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