Lockdown Lunacy

28 January 2021

From six feet apart to six feet under


In millions of households around the world, one anguished question gnaws at the back of everyone’s mind. Now that my business has been closed or my job has been lost to Big Pharma’s terrifying attempt to rule the world, will the government keep paying me? For how long? And then, what happens when the payments stop? How will I stay alive?

As suicides mount and murder by injection multiplies with each cynical jab, these thoughts are now running riot throughout the world.

They’ve taken away our jobs, landlords are raising their rents, homeowners can’t make their payments, markets are running out of food! Where are ordinary people supposed to go when their jobs and homes have been taken away? How are children supposed to eat? Is this why we are supposed to support our government? So they can take everything away from us?

How are we supposed to live? Or is that the point of all this bogus hoohah known as the Great Pandemic leading to the Great Reset is really leading to an epidemic of senior citizens suddenly dying of government-recommended flu shots and everybody’s money stolen by the richest people in the world.

This the Bill Gates-Dr. Fauci-Donald Trump version of population control. Fake disease, phony lockdown, starving everyone ’til they take shot and lose their minds for good.

We’ve discovered that the mad doctors who poison our minds with invented diseases and bogus cures have never isolated nor purified their latest pox, meaning the most stunning fact is actually that no one has died from this mysterious COVID disease because no one can prove it actually exists. The CDC has admitted this. The CDC has also admitted their magical vaccine doesn’t cure anything, which makes you wonder why anybody is taking these shots at all.

There is something about those recipients who weren’t immediately killed that resembles more robots than humans. Perhaps that is the purpose of the mRNA vaccine, which is not a vaccine at all.

Before any debate ever takes place these criminals who invented this sham epidemic should all be tried, convicted and executed. There is simply no calculating how many people they have already murdered with their cynical deceptions.

With clear minds, only then can we figure out how to prevent people from being exterminated by our trusted medical authorities.

Lockdowns are death practice

What do children learn when they’re kept at home wearing masks?

They learn their society is insane and they too must act insanely lest they be branded as anti-social and racist.

And so the powers that be, supremely confident that the entire population has been brainwashed down to the level of imbecility, can create an imaginary disease to lock down the world and on the heels of that, stage a landslide election and then promptly reverse the results and observe that hardly anyone even cares that this colossal fraud was hatched and actually succeeded.

This is the depth of the coma.

But when the checks stop coming — or coming attached to various deals with the devil — then we will finally see, for only a brief moment, the teeth of the state as it consumes us.

Children caught in lockdowns and wearing masks are being dosed with misinformation they will never forget. The measures explained to children create the scars of malicious psychological programming with lies that are not medically sound and will last a lifetime.

The rules for handling children are like removing them from the real world. Post-traumatic stress features were 4 times greater in children that had been quarantined compared to children that had not. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7323677/

Not birth control, death control

Lockdown lunacy: Six feet apart equals six feet under. Lockdowns are warping the next generation now, turning them into mind controlled robots permanently suspicious of their neighbors.

The opposite of birth control is death control. We’re seeing it now with a shot guaranteed to kill you the next time you get the flu if not before, according to Dr. Dolores Cahill.

I think of those half million farmers in India who committed suicide because they were forced to plant Monsanto’s seeds which produced crops only one time and could not be re-used. Suicides in India always make me think of Bill Gates and how he murdered a half million young girls there with his poisoned concoctions masquerading as medicine but later described later as population reduction devices.

The same thing is happening now all over the world. Population reduction. Lockdown lunacy: Six feet apart equals six feet under. Killing all small businesses. Ripping families to shreds. Shortening battle-scarred lives with deliberately contraindicated medical mistreatment. Letting our beloved elderly die alone, prevented from seeing their families in their final moments. This is sadistic medicine, one that our doctors are famous for, as they torture the world with their lies.

Stop thinking about the future. All your grand plans have been canceled. By a bogus plague. Verified by public media never known for telling the truth and doctors making money with their shady deals.

Do you have any more questions about whether or not you should take the shot?

The mRNA shot will make the next time you get any kind of flu a fatal encounter, according to a famous Irish doctor.


Trump vs. Biden: this proves that the Deep State can change reality right before our eyes and make it stick, thanks to a bought-off media and the parasitic pimps who get appointed to office. It’s astonishing how many people were in on the election fix and it took 2.5 million imaginary votes to change the future from bright to dark.

The people who control us want it dark. That makes killing easier for them.

Social isolation is the goal. Creates clearer targets.

The lockdown proves they can do anything to you.

This pathetic excuse for a vaccine proves that they will.

28 thoughts to “Lockdown Lunacy”

  1. “This is sadistic”

    Yes. Make no mistake. An imaginary “virus” has been used to instigate maximum stealth evil almost worldwide. There will be no letting up. The World Bank/IMF bribery contract to loan funny money to 130 treasonous parliaments worldwide runs for 5 years.

    By 2030, unemployment, depression, poverty, starvation, lack of medicines (supply chains destroyed) will take out a significant chunk of the global population. What remains will be dumb GMO humans apart from a few pockets in already pacified Third World oases/ nature parks – even Controllers need a holiday/playground.

    So you need to move somewhere similar to where MAX BILNEY lives and blend in with the self-sufficiency expert natives.

    (Kaminsky’s article is tremendous once again).

  2. In this time of virus and talk of pandemic and death : Today, January 31, 2021, is Septuagesima Sunday on the liturgical calendar of the traditional Catholic Church. Pretty soon, in 3 weeks, it will be Ash Wednesday and Lent. Death comes to us all, coronavirus or not, start thinking about The Last Four Things, for life is brief :

    ~ Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away ~ James 4 : 14


  3. Mating signals defeated by Coronamask

    “So by wearing this mask because of what the television programming (electronic mind control device) says, human females are covering up their lips, and thus defeating their primary mating signal to potential suitors. Thus anyone foolish enough to wear a mask is voluntarily limiting correct mating data.”

    The primary way humans mate is through visual facial signals. A man can not determine a woman’s readiness to mate if her lips are covered up, any woman who foolishly wears a mask in public is not transmitting facial mating data to males, and thus has regulated herself out of the gene pool – by her own fear and tv brainwashing.

    This being a Christian site, I will not get into the details of why woman use red lipstick.









    It should be obvious to you that compliance with the mask is you marching lockstep to your death.


    Compliance with the mask is agreeing to your own death, agreeing to stay six apart is telling Nature you would rather live in fear than mate. Where I live there are many homeless that don’t bathe, social distance, they share wine and whiskey bottles, they share pot using the same roach, they hang out next to each other. Not one of them got sick this winter. The whole thing is a damn hoax and the homeless degeneracy proved it.

    1. Face covering isn’t stopping Muslims from mating, and they’ve always reproduced far more than those who don’t cover their face. And grinding poverty and uncertainty about the future hasn’t stopped those in the Third World from procreating at rates far greater than those in affluent countries.

  4. This is a zionist driven genocide agenda, phony phantom virus and genocide vaccinations to cull the planet of what the zionist/globalists call useless eaters.

    This is the Jim Jones kool aid project on steroids gone world wide, a draconian, demonic, diabolical human harvesting machine run by the one world government satanists.

    1. The US is getting a taste of the ‘lockdown’ that’s been in effect for the last 13 years in the Gaza Strip. That means there are 2 million people starving there under illegal and inhumane siege from air, sea, and ground.

      I asked one of my contacts in Gaza about what life under lockdown has been like. I get this answer:

      There is a lack of basic necessities to survive such as food, water, fuel, and medicine.
      Electricity is available 4 hours a day.
      The unemployment is over more than 70%.
      Protesting peacefully can get you shot by IDF with life ammunition.
      Over 51% of the population is under the age of 15.
      Many people are unaware that nearly 3,000 Christian Palestinians live in Gaza.
      There is no grass or animal feeds left in Gaza.
      Parents and children alike are dying daily because they are unable to get medical attention inside or outside Gaza due to the blockade.

      If you are frustrated by the lockdown in America, you should thank God that you do not live in Gaza!

      1. This is our future here in America if we do not wake up, under UN Agenda 2030 and their covid-19 scam and psyop, the zionists and the globalists intend to cull the herd ie we Americans, these are satanists who are running the ZUS.

        What Palestine is today , we will be tomorrow , unless there is an awaking across this land.

      2. The hypocritical devotion of the U.S. government to “human rights” is enormous when considering Gaza. Condemnation of the Israhell regime is a logical consequence – but then one is considered “anti-Semitic”. 🙁

        1. I don’t think you’re too bothered about being considered “anti-Semitic”, Gilbert. You regard it as a badge of honor! 🙂 Anti-Semitism has always been pretty normal throughout history. Even intelligent Jews have admitted they can be a pain in the ass.

  5. Mahmoud :

    biden-KAMALA and the Democrats promised us Americans $ 2,000. if biden-Kamala won the election. biden-Kamala won the election [ thru massive thievery ]. So where’s the money? How come your biden-KAMALA you love so much and told us we can trust them are reneging on their promise to give us Americans $2,000.?

    1. Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews ignore Covid lockdown rules in Israel to pack onto the streets of Jerusalem for the funeral of a prominent Rabbi.

      Shocking images showed the funeral procession for Rabbi Meshulam Soloveitchik, who died at age 99 and had recently suffered from Covid-19, wending its way through the streets of Jerusalem in the latest display of ultra-Orthodox Israelis’ refusal to honor coronavirus restrictions.

      Last week, dozens of ultra-Orthodox passengers refused to wear face masks throughout a United Airlines flight from New York to Israel, ignoring repeated requests by fellow passengers and flight attendants.

      Haredi passengers refuse to wear masks on a flight from New York to Israel | The Times of Israel

    2. TROJ,

      Be patient, Jewy Joe! If you’re qualified, you should get your $1,400 stimulus check before the end of next month. Remember, it took 10 months for the second stinking $600 stimulus check to arrive.

  6. Great article!

    “Six feet apart equals six feet under.”…. without any worn-out nuke myths.

  7. “There is simply no calculating how many people they have already murdered with their cynical deceptions.”
    Actually that’s probably a pretty easy calculation in New York, if not the rest of the world…
    Most likely all the old folks who died under DeBlasio and Cuomo’s manipulation of the covid plot were murdered on ventilators…
    Maybe this young firebrand will arrange the congressional investigation…
    And maybe this Senator will get together with her…
    Maybe they both understand how corrupt the whole thing is, and that from forest fires to covid major congressional investigations are now appropriate, and QAnon’s messages should be considered …
    Medical care is about corporate profits in the USA… It’s sad but it’s true…
    Doctors don’t really run hospitals anymore…
    Death is a common occurrence in hospitals, an alternative often instigated by the staff…
    then there’s the whole organ sales thing…
    And who’s to say the Davos Apparatchiks have not infiltrated corporate for-profit insurance-medicine the same way they have the universities? it is in fact likely….
    What would we have to expect if these looney professors had political power, if they were running hospitals?
    Abuse of the elderly in care homes is common…
    Lot’s of people involved want the old folks dead anyway…
    In New York thousands of older semi-invalids were immediately quarantined and isolated from their families, if they had any…
    All the apparatchiks had to do then was get them on the ventilators, checks in the mail…
    Communists kill people, that’s what they do… They’re starting with the weak and helpless…
    Let’s see the tally of exactly how much money was paid out to medial facilities of one kind or another over covid deaths, ye ‘journalists’…
    Then you had the big trillion dollar aid packages that went out to grease the globalist base, PBS, the Kennedy Arts Center got hundreds of millions… Covid Relief – yeah…
    Corporations were elitized with the 9-11 machination, their hierarchy are considered part of the security structure, definitely not subject to normal law…
    After all, the CIA isn’t subject to the law… And that’s who they work for…
    They are each other now…
    The democrat wing of the corporate control structure we call government is handling the covid reset for the new and improved corporo-fascist global control state…
    The plandemic enabled the theft of the election, because there just weren’t enough real republicans left to do anything about it… Most are sold out to the big nation-anihilating globalist reset-shift…. And they’ll get their payoff in the process big-time….
    Since that, now that there’s no resistance, the nuevo globalist fascism is rapidly squashing free speech and next it will be free thought… We’re entering the Davos Dystopia…
    And the covid crisis is never going away….
    You’ll all be wearing masks from here on out, or at least until the general public turns to the antifa-blm tactics and starts its own revolution, burning cop cars, setting fire to media outlets and state buildings…
    “What do children learn when they’re kept at home wearing masks?”
    Thy learn to obey their devices…
    “I think of those half million farmers in India who committed suicide because they were forced to plant Monsanto’s seeds which produced crops only one time and could not be re-used.”
    There’s gotta be more to that episode than has met the eye so far…
    They chose Mass Suicide, really?
    I’ve heard the IQ is lower there, but, if you were gong to die anyway, why not take some of your enemies with you?

    1. Bark –

      Too bad they don’t expose what is posted online and connect a few dots liike this:

      Once the Primary Dealers’ places – the brokers – are seen, folks can see the game very easily.

      By law…. the Brokers/Primary Dealers buy US Treasuries and sell to the Federal Reserve WITH INTEREST attached and the Fed Reserve issues orders to distribute USD….. and also orders Printing & Engraving to print a few.

    2. If health care has truly turned into a mass murder industry then is there any hope? Would going full Pol Pot on all the doctors, intellectuals, academics be any solution? To bring all these criminals to trial something fundamental has to change and where will this come from given the societal circumstances?

  8. According to REUTERS NEWS, Alexei Navalny, the World Health Organization, and Greta Thunberg were nominated for the Novel Peace Prize. The laureate will be announced in October

    Wow, Greta Thunberg Trumped Trump!
    Thankfully, he will not be able to bitch about it on Twitter.

    1. Surely Julian Assange deserves the Nobel Peace Prize more than any of these. I hope somebody nominates him. He needs all the support he can get.

  9. Obama won The Nobel Peace prize [ 2009 ] and after winning it went on [ with Killary ] to bankroll and empower and enable and supply with weaponry JEW ZOG’s ISIS and started the war in Syria [ March 2011 ] to try to overthrow Bashar al-Assad in Syria for the benefit of the JEWS and their JEW Oded Yinon plan and Obama didn’t care at all how much death and destruction and misery and pain he [ and Killary ] inflicted on the Muslims of Syria and on the Christians of Syria.

    Obama [ and Killary ] supposedly love Democracy so much and supposedly love the will of the people, yet Bashar al-Assad is greatly liked by the Syrian people and they voted for him by a large margin. That didn’t mean anything to the “Democracy lovers” [ Killary ] and Obama.

    The Nobel Peace Prize is meaningless.

      1. Mahmoud,

        Yes, it was indeed a pleasure to read your letter to The Ugly Truth. You actually sound like you have a mind of your own and don’t sound like a Democratic Party brain dead low level apparatchik working out of Nancy Pelosi’s office sending out memos to the press — which is what you usually sound like. So yes, it was a pleasure to read your letter to The Ugly Truth you wrote about 9 years ago. My, how much can change in 9 years time. It’s a shame.

  10. The way i got it the fed prints the dollars and gives them to goldman sachs, who then sells them essentialy to the under banks…
    In any case the whole thing is a giant fix-is-in for a certain class of people on that level…. banksters….
    Also, every year the usa gives approx 4,000,000,000 straight across to the slc in the form of foreign aid…. the longterm total probably approaches 100,000,000,000 since the 70s…. the slc then uses the sum to buy 30 year savings bonds full, whereupon it cashes in the mature ones on hand from 30 years ago… i think it buys the bonds through goldman sachs, which gets another cut.. so it collects not just the 4 bil every year but the whole sum of notes on the 30 year bond, constantly…
    Dump The Fed Bank…

  11. “After being locked down for several days, many locals complained that they barely have enough food because they stopped getting deliveries, or the amount of food they got was not enough. Regarding the food shortage problem, Lin said, “There is no shortage in food resources. Instead, the management is chaotic.” He believes that those who really don’t have food are young migrant workers, low income groups, the unemployed, the handicapped, and the elderly whose children are not around to help them.”
    “The political management” in Australia is chaotic too, but very profitable for a few Non Australians in the Come On Wealth abroad. ”PM Morrison says vaccinating 26 million Australians by the end of the year will be one of the nation’s largest-ever logistical exercises. He will announce an extra $1.9 billion – taking the vaccine program to $6.3 billion – for the workforce involved in the roll-out of the jabs through GPs, pharmacies and thousands of other approved centres”
    “You can’t run the Australian economy on taxpayers’ money forever,’’ the PM will tell the National Press Club on Monday. Australia has $ecured over 140 million doses, enough to cover the Australian population several times over.

  12. JO
    It’s about the dough…

    now, some people may think covid deniers are totally FOS paranoid conspiracy theorist idiots, people who don’t know anything, but the doctor doing this video is highly intelligent, educated an experienced… there are many others like her out there too… please listen to what she has to say, and ask yourself – why would someone not believe her and believe a bunch of paid talking heads on corporate media or slimy politicians instead?

    1. Bark, to fix a simple pot hole on any hwy in the colony there are at least 6 – 8 traffic controllers for “work safety” 5 – 6 heavy trucks, 1 or 2 excavators, 2 Bobcats, 1 compacting roller, 4 – 6 worker on foot, 5 – 6 machine operators, 1 or 2 supervisors and the “project managers” talking to the Government officials in charge. To fix 2sqm of road surface a full day “work” is needed – when lucky. Bigger jobs will take ages. The Chinese would wet themselves laughing just watching the down under show of FIXING things.
      Back to 140 Millions doses of vacz for 26 Million Aussies.
      What an opportunity to arrange a “well paid distribution crew”, have accidents like fridges breaking down, politicians in charge becoming “confused” or having lost count in general distribution and mismatched destinations. Some health official mates in higher circles will surely gold plate their Aussie toilet seats just as some high ranking officials of the Come On Wealth Authority and last but not least some selected “honored” members of parliament. And as in other nations, many old boomers and other welfare recipients just will fade away from their “overpaid” pensions after the shots, bringing a little relief to the over heated money printing machines of the Crown Corp LTD. Over all it will be a great succe$$ to squeeze the last breath out of a foreign owned and bankrupt and locked down colony.

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